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Ethiopia: The Hostile Leader and his Destructive Policies



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Ethiopia: The Hostile Leader and his Destructive Policies

Ethiopia: The Hostile Leader and his Destructive Policies

By Bereket Kiros

It is probably way past due to examine and investigate the motives of PM Meles and Co. In every action he took and continues to baffle many Ethiopians. By now it has become clear to, whether to continue with wonderment; the stakes are too high for us to stand aloof. We have to stop and see what went on and what is awaiting the Ethiopian people. We have been apparently sleeping and bickering for irrelevant issues in the face of this rising threat. We are nearing the end point of his destructive tasks that being the end of Ethiopia in as far as his missions make it clear.

Meles cannot legislate by decree like absolute monarch and can be made to account for his actions. He cannot have sole responsibility of determining the fate our country. It became a sad affair to see the regime attempts to mask truth from the Ethiopian public. The Ethiopian people have not informed and their say was not addressed many of the issues that adversely affect the viable of Ethiopia. Therefore, I am compelled to question not just the motive of the Ethiopian PM leadership but even his capacity to analyze concrete problems when dealing with the current issues with Eritrea and to Ethiopia integrity. It is no surprise to see that time honored techniques of a political leadership to allow the shift of policies to address new realities are undermined and forgotten.
The EPRDF leadership as always lacks the wisdom to recognize the fundamental imperatives of the needs and aspirations of the Ethiopian people to assert their future in terms of relations with Eritrea. It is not unrealistic to conclude that the Ethiopian leadership is governing on behalf of the interests of the leadership in Asmara. From this regime, one should not expect the consideration of reality and courage to consider the many mistakes made in dealing with Eritrea.

We Ethiopians are now accustomed to hear gruesome and graphic images of abuse and torture Ethiopians in home and aboard. Furthermore, many of us thought the issue between Ethiopia and Eritrea were complicated by personal political views within both leaderships, but we are naïve to reconcile with our thoughts; it is time to recognize that Eritrea is represented by two leaderships in Ethiopia and Eritrea. I believe our politicians with clear and loud voice repeatedly entertain us about Eritrea. By now, it has become clear the bad policy that dashes our hope is advocated by the Prime minister of Ethiopia, Eritrea being represented by two leaders at the expense of poor Ethiopians. Lives lost due to unjustified war and many innocent civilian lives shattered both societies torn apart to such an extent that it will take time for life to return to normal existence.

In 1991 PM Meles repeatedly defended his acceptance of Eritrean independence by asserting that a “military option” was not a realistic solution after 30 years of struggle by EPLF. Mr. Zenawi addressed a number of press conferences declaring that war with Eritrea would carry too high a political and economic risk. In 1993 a referendum on the future of Eritrea, the Eritrean people were given an option of a vote under the banner of Freedom vs. Slavery (bondage) if they remained with Ethiopia. From the onset, it was not difficult to decipher the intent of the present day autocrat when he wrote a manuscript entitled, “The Struggle of the Eritrean People from Where to Where? (Tigrigna).This reflected his goal and intent of siding with Eritrea rather the Ethiopian people in general and the Tigreans in particular. In his book, he attempted to undermine Ethiopia’s thousands of years of history as a “fairy tale”. In his book, with his twisted logic, he declared: “The fact is that at the very moment i.e. 1890 Ethiopia emerged as a state, Eritrea, which was not part of Ethiopia, was also created as a state by Italian colonialism.” The EPLF’s acclaimed success of defeating Ethiopia by the sacrifices’ of Tigrean Ethiopians. History will remember the TPLF leadership dug in trenches in a desperate attempt to defend its Sahel base during the Dreg’s Red Star Campaign. Our brothers and sister paid their own lives to Eritrea under the leadership of Meles.

Unlike other African country’s colonial experience, Ethiopia and Eritrea have a unique historical relationship that is intertwined as one entity. ” The General Assembly decided on December 2, 1952 to confederate Ethiopia and Eritrea. The arrangement gave Eritrea a considerable self-government and autonomy, with its own legislation, police and taxation powers. The Co-federal government controlled only foreign affairs, defense and the ports. As the United Nations made it clear, the new federal arrangement represented a compromise between the wishes and welfare of the inhabitants of Eritrea, the interest of peace and security in East Africa, and the rights and claims of Ethiopia, in particular Ethiopia’s legitimate need for adequate access to the Sea ”(Source: Herman Cohen Intervening in Africa) After forty years, this declaration was obliterated by the present PM of Ethiopia the Red Sea coast and many peripheral territories were handed over to Eritrea. This has not only angered the Ethiopian people, but has surprised the world community at large.

During the war with Eritrea in (1998), the Prime Minister sabotaged Ethiopia’s war against the Eritrean unprovoked invasion from the beginning to the end when the war was called off abruptly with our troops progressing ahead and ready to capture Asmara. Meles signed the Algiers Agreement with Eritrea (aggressing Party) to hand over undisputed sovereign territories without the consent of the Ethiopian people.
In 1991 when EPLF seized power it undertook on ethnic cleansing to eradicate Ethiopians and any street name or pro Ethiopian sentiments by expelling and confiscating their property of thousands of Ethiopians living in Eritrea. The callousness of the way they were expelled was a shocking act to say the least. The EPLF dictator’s answer when he was confronted about the tragedy was: “they were thieves and liars”. The EPLF had taken precautions to conceal this deadly act from international organizations and the news media. Today, many Ethiopians are unable to recover from EPLF’s nightmare. The PM administration neither officially complained nor retaliated this ethnic cleansing and inhuman atrocity.

When the EPRDF came to power, the hope was not only a matter of destroying the Derg, but also a matter of changing the socioeconomic, peace, and stability, of Ethiopia and its citizens. The PM’s political stance, which is blindly imposed on the Ethiopian people, is crippling the security of the nation by rogue regimes like Eritrea. Many innocent Tigreans are being smuggled across the border to human bondage in Eritrea to work as laborers for free in many sectors of Eritrean economy. From our reliable source accounts, they have documented over 800 innocent Ethiopians who are abdicated in the watch of the highest leadership of the Ethiopian regime. This kind of smuggling has been going on for a long time and the number may be much higher. Our fellow Ethiopians for how long do they have to endure human tragedy being a predator to feed Eritrean immense appetite of human labor and subjected to dehumanization? For how long EPLF will get away with mayhem, physical abuse, torture, verbal insult and beating, for how long will they go on the campaign to drain our Ethiopian spirit and determination? Almost over thirty years, the PM has spent on the road to nowhere dealing with Eritrea.

Due to political and economic crisis many able bodied young youth are leaving Eritrea. They are being replaced by the abduction of innocent Tigrean snatched from their land and family. No good will ever come by feeling guilty or being compassionate, we have to act now so that our fellow Ethiopians who are abdicated at gun point against their will escape the horror of slaughter. Our passive stance encourages genocide. The Eritrean regime holds very little regard for the life of Tigreans. In doing so, I urge fellow Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, Humanitarian organizations; Senators in your respected states write the chilling gruesome human trafficking as modern slavery. On the other hand, the dictator has extended an olive branch to Eritrean refuges by providing them over 600 scholarships to study at our higher institutions at the expense of Ethiopians.

The PM had introduced new approaches to loot Ethiopian wealth by Eritreans, “Agreements of Friendship and Cooperation” between two countries in conflict. Of great significance was the agreement on the elimination of all trade barriers between the two countries. Harmonization of Trade polices the use by Ethiopia Port of Assab and Massawa as free ports and the use of Ethiopian Birr as a common currency until Eritrea issue own money. Equally agreement was the protocol agreement on the free movement of the people and the establishment of residence as well as defense pact. The contents of the agreements were not provided to the public and used as confidence building tools. (The Ethiopian Eritrean Conflict Zenebeworke Tadesse) He introduced unfair economic and trade negotiations without tariff to Eritreans. Eritrea overnight became a major coffee exporting country. The black market run by Eritreans attempted to undermine the Ethiopian currency and plunder Ethiopian wealth was given a blind eye by his regime. The PM signed several unequal economic and military treaties with Eritrea, including the “Asab Agreement” free access to the utilization of the Port of Asab, billions in loans from the National Bank of Ethiopia and a co-signer on behalf of Eritrea that violated international norms that exists between two states.

Meles “considered Ethiopia as the last colonizer (colonial power) If this bizarre definition of colonialism is accepted, then Eritrea has to negotiate its territorial entity with Ethiopia within the framework of the OAU charter. Since Ethiopia administrated Assab as an indisputable part of its territory, and Assab population was almost exclusively Ethiopian, OAU charter will do little justice to Eritrean claim of this port and its hinterland. In the same fashion, the colonial treaties will be of little help should Ethiopia advance its claim to Debre Bizen and its dependencies on the basis of Italian colonial treaties of 1900s”. (Haile Mariam, Larebo Colonial Treaties in the Context of the Current Ethio-Eritrean Border Dispute and Settlement). The Ethiopian people have never had any say about Assab and the Afar people fate.

In my opinion the real threat to stability in Ethiopia comes not from Eritrea but from the ill-conceived support of the PM of Ethiopia. Obviously, the view within Ethiopian people and intellectuals which lack tolerance to the opposition parties, land reform and Eritrean policy is creating a wider rift and shaking the foundation of the leadership. Any peace and democratic platform must be built on the conviction of Ethiopia’s interest for today, tomorrow and the future.

The Eritrean agent, with his cliques in power will continue to create havoc and destruction. Ethiopians in the diaspora should co-ordinate their struggle with their fellow Ethiopians worldwide to save the country from falling prey. Our own history and that of other societies teaches again and again that it is only when people organize strong campaigns on the streets and in workplace, that real changes can be won. Let’s not hope by simply sitting idle so that we can avert the PM disastrous path, so that a regime that lacks accountability will value the lives of Ethiopians in Eritrea. The tragedy is apocalyptic in its dimension and yet EPLF will not stir from its stance of apathy. We have to unite to reclaim our future.

©May 5, 2012
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Comment from: agemgem [Visitor]

ohhhhhhhhh! just onother ‘agame chatter’!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

05/06/12 @ 04:37
Comment from: Y. [Visitor]

Emotional analysis and biased overtures are core characteristics of many Ethiopians when it comes to the issue of Eritrea. It is something to disagree with certain facts, but to go to the extent of finding bizarre logic to justify an overly emotional argument is quite ignorant. Grow up man.

05/06/12 @ 08:26
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

This article is as truthful as it gets! The writer deserves unreserved appreciation & respect, first, for NOT blindly sucked into supporting the looter regime by default and secondly for taking his time, compiling such factual information & explaining true colors of this half-breed midget Eritrean Banda Legesse Zenawi as an insider. I also ask people to listen to the ex TPLF finance Minster’s chilling interviews from Australia exposing the evil nature of Zenawi & CO. Most Ethiopians know pretty much everything Mr Bereket Kiros outlined above with the exception of Kidnappings of the Tigray people to work as laborers/contemporary slaves in Eritrea. I never heard of that, but if in fact, that is happening, it is very embarrassing for Zenawi & Co to say the least.

… “Enkuan Ke Tigray Hizb Teweledin” says the part Eritrean, Part Amhara and part Tigray clown of a leader. :)) Yet he lets Tigray people get kidnapped by his peers to be enslaved in his other half; Artera? Maferia is NOT just Meles but those Tigrays who worship him thinking he is Tigray man. He is playing those trumpets like a ball. It is total lack of true IDENTITY, that stripes Zenawi off his self esteem, confidence & makes him feel inferior to Amharas, Oromos, and pretty much every Ethiopians, he even feels inferior to Areterans! Ayyyyiii Tigray. Tebale?

05/06/12 @ 09:05
Comment from: Amanuel [Visitor]  

You sound sad pathetic and defeated. You article has no value and it is degrading Ethiopians. The fact that you have inferiority issue against Eritreans has nothin to do between eri and Ethiopia. Try to think peace,freedom and prosperity and write about those. We have a lot of good things happening as well. By the way you need psych evaluation.

05/06/12 @ 09:59
Comment from: angry man [Visitor]  
angry man

good english but bullshit content. The eritrean people had been struggled for more than 30 years.No body gave them the freedom they deserved

angry man

05/06/12 @ 10:56
Comment from: belay [Visitor]

mr bereket if u are an ethiopian u can write about ethiopian poletics.why u donot forget about eritrea.u are rikus agame.leave eritreans alone.

05/06/12 @ 16:02
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Wow! Is the man on drags? LOL
This poor man and his likes still believe that the Ethiopians are gullible as before and he is trying to twist his lies right and left with no any substance. He has no clue of what he is talking about.

The following points are the worst part of this liers nonesense.

Ethiopians in Eritrea as slaves????
Is there any Ethiopian enslaving in Eritrea now? LOL

Eritrea as coffee exporter????
When? Where? How? LOL

Ethiopians in Eritrea are suffering??? Our fellow Ethiopians for how long do they have to endure human tragedy being a predator to feed Eritrean immense appetite of human labor and subjected to dehumanization??????
OH! Whats all these???

TPLF dug trenches in sahel????
What trenches??? and what for?? HA HA HA

Oh God! This guy is belittling Ethiopians intelligence.Damn!
Are Ethiopians such idiots?
I guess not, this guy must be a twisted heart woyane, he still believe that Eritreans and Ethiopians has problems. But for sure Ethiopians and Eritreans are well aware that they can live peacefully side by side if the cancer of our zone woyane is demolished completely :):):)

05/06/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: Abel [Visitor]

Dear Mr. Kiros,
I found your analysis outdated and based on cherry picking. Facts:
1. Eritrea is now an independent country with Assab and Massawa its ports.
2. Ethiopia occupies territories that are awarded to Eritrea by a court of arbitration.
3. Both Eritrea and Ethiopia expelled Ethiopians and Eritreans from their respective countries
4. As some sources explain people from Tigrai come to Eritrea to join the Tigrai opposition group call Demhit. Eritrean government expels tigrians and does not want them to come to Eritrea.
5. Thieves in Ethiopians(including government officials) sold property that belongs to Eritreans on the day light. How come a thief steals a multi story building and sell it to other people in a country where it claimed to have a government.
6. I think you are using Eritrea to attack meless although meless is number one enemy of Eritrea.
7. Why are you bringing things that have been settled 20 years ago? What is you hidden agenda?

Finally I like to remind you that the Ethiopian government is number one enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans. It occupies their land, worked to get the country sanctioned by using AU position as a bargaining chip and it tried hard to get Eritrea economic sanction. No I think you want Meles to invade Eritrea. By the way he already did.

05/06/12 @ 17:17
Comment from: yefet [Visitor]

Ethiopia is progessing fine everyday, Eritrea is being destroyed daily. So saying Melese is destructive shows the author to be either naive or nonsense. Many Eritreans wishh their leaders had a 1% inteligence of Melese.

05/06/12 @ 18:41
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]  

I don’t know until when will Berket Kiros & others like him dream of what’s not theirs.


05/06/12 @ 20:52
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Fighting poverty building insructure and make GBT 10% plus progress every year will contradict your statement please withdraw your garbage comment this will make you humilation to your carreyer.

05/06/12 @ 21:16
Comment from: Kahsai [Visitor]

@Bereket Kiros

The last time I read about your article your first name was Tewodrose, Just to remind you. Your writing style and ideology all sounds like a shefafa man. Please take off your own mask and be real. Your issues and agendas no matter how many times you change your name won’t help, we can smell you!!

Just to clarify your issues the Tigrigna speaking people are under two different guidance and governance as we have a fundamental historical differences as you said the PM of Ethiopia explained initially, and that is the choice of the people. Democracy and prerogative!
These being said there is no love lost between the people, but the governments surely. They both host opposition groups.

05/06/12 @ 21:47
Comment from: yeshimebet [Visitor]

bereket kiros:
it is just crocodile tears and lies you are feeding our people.
All the history of Ethiopian and Eritrean in 1952 is only what our last emperor wanted.
Let us do what we have to do now not crying over spilled milk.
Eritrea is a free country doing its business without us and let us swallow the bitter pills and move on.
Let us mind our own problems. The two leaders are NOT relatives or friends. They are BITTER enemies.
So please if you have something concrete news or new idea, let us hear us, if not just stop preaching the same old story.
We need a strong government and good administrations, not “ዳቦ በሬድዮ!!!".

05/06/12 @ 22:18
Comment from: Mulu [Visitor]

Mr. beeket, you are not asking to reclaim your future but more your past which is not that impressive. stop draggng the next generation in to another 50 year of missery while the rest of the world is marching forward. The Ethiopiayou got today has every thing you need. Focus on it and make the best you can instead of trying to grab someone elses land and resources.

05/06/12 @ 22:43
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

What makes a leader hostile and destructive..? does building infrastructures, buildings, roads, schools universities, hydroelectric dams make a leader hostile and destructive..? I wonder why people label Ethiopia’s PM. For those who enjoy the darkness may be he is, but for the vast majority of Ethiopians who want to see a developed and strong Ethiopia Meles is their hero. Meles has transformed Ethiopian economy, as we speak now the country is the third fastest economy in the world. recently Ethiopia’s economy has become the biggest economy in East Africa, Ethiopia is the 5th biggest economy in Subsaharan Africa.

The EPRDF has brought stability, economic development and freedom to our nation. All this has been achieved by obliterating the kings of darkness during the 17 years civil war. Those who ruled Ethiopia in darkness are now angry when they see changes under the EPRDF. Leftovers of the past regime and Eritrean sponsored morons will continue to cry loud as Ethiopia progress.

An economically strong Ethiopia is seen as a threat by hostile individuals like Bereket, he knows what that means to Ethiopia. Economically strong Ethiopia will have a strong army in the region, an army capable of eliminating all military threats in an efficient and cost effective manner. There will be no hiding place for our enemies in the region, Ethiopia will have the capacity to hunt down all the shaebiya sponsored rebels as and when required. The recent attack of Ethiopia against Eritrean camps is a clear sign to that.

Let the dogs bark while the camel marches, dogs barking wont halt the camels marching

05/07/12 @ 05:38
Comment from: Welayta [Visitor]

My welayta people died to save woyane from Eritrean progressive attacks during Badme war. Many gullible Oromo, Beshangul and Gambela died to save the tgray region. I am sad for all those who lost their lives and never got formal funeral by their families. Their skeletts are still spread everywhere. But no tgrayan was sent to the war at the time. We all who been to the war know very well what happened in Badme and environs. Eritreans are not easy people to win. But woyane played his ugly genocide sending all Ethiopians except his own Adwa people. But no Ethiopian is no more to go to war with either Sudan/Eritrea/Somalia nomore! Not to serve tgray people. Every region in Ethiopia should be ADMINISTERED; USED; GUARDED by the people of origin like that of tgray. No woyane gang has the right to decide what is good for Ethiopia or every region.Enough is Enough!!!

05/07/12 @ 11:27
Comment from: Mary [Visitor]  

Dear Nazret
I don’t really get this articol and I don’t get the person wrote this creppy Arti…how can you alllow to publish something semilar mockery of History… usual from tigrain

05/07/12 @ 11:49
Comment from: Getachew [Visitor]

He is just funny guy.
By the way, where did he get all this trash unrealistic information??

MR. Bereket Kiros is living in his own different world which is full of fantasy.

My massage is “Just wake-up".

05/07/12 @ 12:22
Comment from: Bereket [Visitor]

The issue of honest history is especially very important, since the teaching of selected false, chauvinist history was the main vehicle for spreading hypernatinalism. I brought an issue to discuss in civilized manner, because this is crucial period for Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopia is marginalized and her geo-security reached at low point. There is a good reason to be skeptic about the conduct of PM Meles. Meles deals with Eritrea in the past have done much to evoke widespread cynicism and pessimism regarding Ethiopia’s future. It is our right to examine in our capacity to foresee our country into the next century. The issue of Afar people is boxed into zero sum conflict. No one will impose peace at gun point, the Ethiopian people must give their voice, if they have to pay their lives to defend Ethiopia because of Meles mistakes.

05/07/12 @ 20:34
Comment from: Bereket [Visitor]

Ayte Mulu, just to clear your veil and articulate your idea clearly, if it interest you about my past, I will be glad to present it, due you have a post or you are one of those simply still swimming in pile of garbage.
The problem with our Ethiopia today is typical people like you who are blind followers with little intellect to analyze things in perspective. The truth is history presents new problems in the guise of the old. The Ethio- Eritrean crisis has been the product of imperfectly negotiated settlement at the expense of Ethiopia. I am not one of you to say the least that is bolting an historical chariot in a hyperactive attempt to reconstruct Eritrea’s history. The false justification that was advance by the PM and his cohorts had made this foolish reconstruction of history. The search for the solutions depends by examining the conflict and previous negotiations with the analyze of PM Meles blind Eritrean support. Well, having said that my friend, PM Meles goal must be to develop the senses of guarded optimism that is required to safe guard Ethiopia’s interest. The issue of Assab and Afar is intertwined. I disagree with the PM the issue of Assab as commodity. The issue of honest history is especially very important, since the teaching of selected false, chauvinist history was the main vehicle for spreading hypernatinalism. I brought an issue to discuss in civilized manner, because this is crucial period for Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopia is marginalized and her geo-security reached at low point. There is a good reason to be skeptic about the conduct of PM Meles. Meles deals with Eritrea in the past have done much to evoke widespread cynicism and pessimism regarding Ethiopia’s future. It is our right to examine in our capacity to foresee our country into the next century. The issue of Afar people is boxed into zero sum conflict. No one will impose peace at gun point, the Ethiopian people must give their voice, if they have to pay their lives to defend Ethiopia because of Meles mistakes.

05/07/12 @ 21:15
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Bereket said,

“Since Ethiopia administrated Assab as an indisputable part of its territory, and Assab population was almost exclusively Ethiopian”

During Haileselassie era (Raya/Korem hunger) manpower from wolo and tgray been deployed to unload the vessels of RedCross LEFTOVERS for Ethiopians. The settlers have overstayed until Derg era and have made devastating crimes upon Eritreans. The scar still remain alive but the sneaky (HIV transmitters) neighbors left the country in a stealthy manner for their unforgivable crimes.

Originally Assab is owned not by Ethiopians but by the Eritrean swordsman Afar(the nightmare of Ethiopians).

You cannot rewrite the story or reconstruct the map of Eritrea by your gibberish statement.

05/08/12 @ 02:59
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Very good point writer.

Absolute force doesn’t always translate into absolute power and control. It will be absolute loose of power. The key is to cut the lose and act soon before it is tooooooo late.

According to Meles and Woyanes they are rushing to finish up their destructive tasks 1 year before the next deceitful one man election starts. Most of the destructive mission has is already completed. For example, 99 years of land ownership by foreigners that is too long and not easy to get rid off.

The two years before the one-man election is giving Meles a window of opportunity to:

- transfer the loot out of Ethiopia.
- leave Ethiopia land and resources in the hands of Arabs and foreigners.
- leave Ethiopians in total shock, poverty, without a country and in total slavery

Meles has proven his inability and his disinterest to stand for Ethiopia.
He is blind siding and brainwashing Tigray’s people by telling them to support him inorder to take advantage of their struggle against the Derg regime and making them feel strange to other Ethiopians. Tigray people as much as they hate Eritrea they will be in shock when they realize that they are controlled by Eretria and Meles’s engraved interest to serve Eritrea over their shoulder.

Other Ethiopians are weary of his deceits and disinterest in Ethiopia.. We see some extreme measures taken place. Soon it is inevitable to see some thing powerful coming out of Ethiopian people.

05/08/12 @ 13:23
Comment from: Afework Melese [Visitor]  
Afework Melese

Dear Readers,
I was astonished by number of people of Eritrean citizens (Ethiopian Nationals) still highly interested in the affairs of Ethiopians and what is in their mind. The articles above are clear indication of the Eritreans’ obsessions and passions on Ethiopian political and social affairs whether it concerns or not Eritrea in any direct or indirect forms. I personally feel that there is interwoven relationship that no time and political events will wipe out that existed for centuries before the current events. It may be hard to swallow the truth and accept the fact that the people of the East Africa have such common problems and mutual benefits that over shadow the political wrestlings between the two leaders and may be their followers. People have been done wrong and there is antagonism that are spread to societies that we have no means to slow them down or combat them. It is the nature of political differences that have nothing to do with the reality of socio-economic conditions in which all people are entangled that one without the other would be able to solve. Thus, we swim in these politcal lakes and seas perhaps until some drown in and until new generation evolve to see the madness of the past - we the generation of the present. It is very hard to examine these self destructive mentality as one who has lost his sanity would not be able to self examine and to alleviate his/her problem. We have to last in that condition and that is the ubfortunate World we are all in. I have read some, may be all the comments. I find it one prisoner shouting or blasting the other considering his/her condition better than the other in the other fence. It may look as though free people are discussing their problems, but that is not really the sign that the others from outside the fences of the two prisons would see. Those who enjoy the freedom in Eritrea are equal to those who enjoy freedom in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, those who decry oppressions in Eritrea are equal to those who also decry oppressions and lack of freedom in Ethiopia. Now, how is it possible to create a common value that all worship and accept in the absence of common understanding or mutual interests. The World we live in such a mess and the way we are or the way the political leaders created us, we are destined to butcher each other to death.

Isaias is as butcher as the other dictators, Meles and Mengistu. However, I personally like Isaias and to some extent Mengistu because they seem to like their country better than Meles. It looks to me Meles has problems to like either Ethiopia or Eritrea. What he does and has done to Ethiopia, it is hardly possible to imagine that he is an Ethiopian or even a leader of an African country. He has created so many problems to the people of Ethiopia and even Eritrea that would lead to frictions and chaos throughout the region. People are admiring the buildings that are built as a sign of Meles’ leadership and thoughtful plans. They forgot that people of a country have their own natural incentives to advance and progress. The signs are natural phenomenon. The national and regional projects have been means to bring in foreign currencies from which most have been stashed away for personal gains. One can ask the hard question where Meles got the money that he had in foreign banks as reported by those who have access to this info? So, the arguments that the regime built roads and buildings is a must to partially show how the billions dollar grants are used. It is hard to accept these facts and accusations when in line with the regime as direct or indirect beneficiaries. The Ethiopian and even the Eritrean people would have been able to astonish the World first Africa by achieving unimagined progresses together as a federated democratic nation or states. But, this arrangement is anti-neocolonial agenda and as I read the responses to the article, I find that we also have been conditioned to be opposed to the very approach that make the people a giant society that we need to be and have capacity to be one in Africa!
I think the debate however unhealthy or healthy must go on until the Almighty clears all the debacles from our lives and minds.
Peace out!

05/08/12 @ 17:31
Comment from: Dereje [Visitor]

When the situation is not going well in Ethiopia it is common practice for Ethiopian rulers to point a finger on Eritrea. It worked very well because most Ethiopians think they do not accept Eritreans to be seen as different people from Ethiopians. Such belief is not based on haltered but the need to be together. However that mind set has been exploited by successive Ethiopian rulers as an excuse to their failure. Regardless what Ethiopians think Eritreans have chosen to be a separate country. They voted 99.8% for independence and they are recognized by the UN, AU and even by the Ethiopian government. If that is the case why is Ato Bereket Kiros taking us 20 years back and bringing issues that have been closed long time ago? I do not think Mr. Bereket cares about Eritrea any more. His intention is although the case is closed to exploit the mindset that Ethiopians have not given up on Eritrea. That tells you to whom Mr, Bereket belongs to. He belongs to the current ruling party. His objective is to see us dueling on such dead issue and forget the current problems in Ethiopia. The religious tension, the out rooting of Ethiopians from their villages, the inflation, the spiraling debt, the growing opposition group almost from every ethnic group and the simmering tension between Egypt and Ethiopia. As Ethiopians those are the issues that we need to be concerned about. The case between Ethiopia and Eritrea is closed and I am sure when the current leadership changes there will be a fertile ground for both people to reconnect. Let us not fall to Ato Bereket’s trap.

05/08/12 @ 19:22
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

@ Afwerk Melese

You said….
I personally feel that there is interwoven relationship that no time and political events will wipe out that existed for centuries before the current events….

As your nick is the witness you are some confused creature, who do not know where you belong.

As for Eritreans, yes we always dream to see civilised, calm and matured Ethiopia who act heartedly for mutual interest.
But our bad luck is that the leaders of Ethiopia have always been heartless, who always tried to manipulate the people’s brain by their false pride and greed.
Eritreans have suffered for 50 years and at last free ourselves from the hardship. You may claim that young Eritreans still flee to Ethiopia. Eritreans have all the right to decide their destiny just as Ethiopians and Somalis who flee their country end up in seas and shores of the west.
But I would like to advice you all Ethios when discussing your insider frustration, leave Eritrean’s issue apart from yours.
The reason why we Eritreans discuss the above message is because the above message is the salad bawl of everything. The writer inorder to hide his agenda play you Ethios to run circles to catch your tail, like a crazy dog:)

05/09/12 @ 13:30



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