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Ethiopia: The Legacy of Atse Yohannes IV



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Ethiopia: The Legacy of Atse Yohannes IV

Ethiopia: The Legacy of Atse Yohannes IV

By Bereket Kiros

Although the full history of Atse Yohannes IV has yet to be written, a hundred and twenty years have passed since one of the greatest Ethiopian leaders sacrificed his life (on the 10, March 1889) to safeguard Ethiopia’s independence against local enemies and outside invaders that threatened to undermine Ethiopia’s sovereignty and existence.

The role of Atse Yohannes IV as a pioneer in the creation of Ethiopia is undeniably clear and not contested. The collective historical consciousness of Ethiopians demands honoring a great leader, like others before and after him.
Attempts to have a proper monument for Ethiopia's greatest defender and protector of Ethiopia’s freedom has, for the most part, been thwarted by fanatic followers of Islam in present day Ethiopia financed by foreign forces and in collaboration with the current Ethiopian regime that has opted to believe that the history of Ethiopia is only one hundred years old. What is being witnessed so far is a movement of endless political deception and a one-sided reading of Ethiopian history skewed to fit the interests of a regime.

Remembering our past history and the sacrifices made by our ancestors and making it part of our social fabric today should enable us to deal with the latest waves of insidious attacks made to one of the greatest uncompromising patriot, defender, and protector of Ethiopian sovereignty during the nineteenth century.

We categorically denounce the latest provocation in Mekelle by surrogates of the regime who are responsible for the destruction of a memorial foundation for Yohannes IV after 120 years of silence. This is the second time that the Atse Yohannes IV first stone foundation monument to honor the value and dedication of the fallen warrior in Mekelle is destroyed under the watchful eyes of the leadership in Mekelle. A commercial bank named after the great warrior and defender of Ethiopia named Atse Yohannes IV Bank was also forced to change its name or close its doors.
Memorializing Atse Yohannes IV has been a charged issue for a few minority groups who put their loyalty to their faith more than their country. It is not difficult to surmise the influence exerted by powerful individuals close to the regime who have made a pledge to derail a cause at heart to the Ethiopian people. The institutional silence following the vandalization of the foundation for Atse Yohannes IV monument is a case in point.

A marriage of convenience has given birth to many pseudo-analysts and self-made-experts that are willing to lie and distort facts. Now the time has come to take a fresh approach to defend the national interest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Donald N. Levine, one of the scholars of Ethiopian history, in the book “Greater Ethiopia: The Evolution of a Multiethnic Society , “If Yohannes is often remembered for his policy of pressuring Muslim leaders in Wollo to convert to Christianity ---a policy grounded on desperately important national political reasons---he should also be remembered for having many Muslims in his entourage and assigning Muslims to position in his court, as he is fondly remembered by some of the Muslims of Northern Tigray today. That he was not such religious fanatic as he has often been portrayed is shown by his willingness to propose an alliance with the Sudanese Mahdists against England”.

Atse Yohannes’s opponents took advantage of the incursion of Egyptians and Mahdists and embark on spreading Islamization. Almost all negative comments about Emperor Yohannes come from some religious fanatics with an axe to grind. Sven Rubenson professor of history, describes the following sentiment of Ethiopians in that era “To the vast majority of the Ethiopians this was a religious war, a battle against the decedents of Hagar, the Ismailities ….who had come from across the sea to destroy God’s people.” It was an era of great hostility and mistrust during which the two religions threatened each other to influence their respected faith.

It would be naïve and unpatriotic to reduce his love of country and faith about Ethiopian unity. Did Emperor Yohannes exert influence, yes he did, for unity of Ethiopia and had a positive lasting outcome. He was a defender of the Christian faith and integrity of Ethiopia like other defenders of his time. He was more concerned with the renegades who choose their faith to assist followers of the same faith to spread Islam. As noted by the great historian Professor Richard Pankhurst in his book, “The Peoples of Africa the Ethiopians A history” page 168, “At Boru Meda, Yohannes also decided to take action against Muslims of Wollo, whose leaders had assumed the militant religious title of Imam. They were reported to be actively propagating Islam among animist populations on the empire periphery. The emperor feared that such determined protagonist of Islam might win over to the Egyptian cause”. The Emperor’s suspicion was confirmed as per the report in January 1869 to the French government and as documented by Richard Pankhurst “The Egyptians policy may modify itself or cease its activity, but it never changes. A catholic Abyssinia, with a disciplined administration and army, a friend of the European powers, is a danger for Egypt. Therefore she must either take Abyssinia and Islamize it or retain it in anarchy and misery.” The Survival of Ethiopian independence page 290. This did not give Atse Yohannes much choice.

Dr. Ghelawdewos Araia article titled The Martyred King of Kings: Emperor Yohannes IV of Ethiopia on his concluding remarks puts eloquently “some writers could have a misperception of the times and misconception of Yohannes and his policy in running political affairs. Some, for instance, argue that Yohannes was anti-Moslem and he even declared Ethiopia a solely Christian nation. As I have argued in my book, Ethiopia: The Political Economy of Transition (1995)7 there is no doubt that Yohannes was in favor of one Christian religion and this is certainly wrong….. Yohannes did not order the conversion of Moslems without reason. Long before Metema, Gura’e and Gundet, Khedive Ismael ordered the conversion of Christians in the Habab, Bogos, Mensa’e and Massawa areas. And the dervish, in effect, wrought a Jihad war against Ethiopia. The only way to end the distractive pattern is to embark in defense of Ethiopian territory. In 1526 Ahmad ibn Ibrahim (Gran) raid and embark a total distraction used scorched-earth tactics, destroying churches and burned crops and massacring villagers. He declares Jihad a holy war against Ethiopia. Conversion of “the unbeliever” was an essential part of Muslim duty. Jihad movement has served to spread Islam. Thanks to the Portuguese and Atse Lebne-Dengel managed to save Ethiopia from the jaws of defeat and mayhem. Those historical lessons played active role in shaping the present Ethiopia.

The oral unfounded history is based on myth and personal dislike of Atse Yohannes. Some are heaping personal insults and unfounded criticisms of his legacy. Such sinister motive doesn’t have any moral, political, or educational value to us, but only creates doubt about their own person and intentions. It is a futile attempt at nullifying Ethiopian national pride and history. We must encourage and support his thankless toil. Professor Tecola Hagos on his article titled Emperors Tewodros II, Yohannes IV, Menilik II, and the Myth of Colonialism “There is no question that next to Emperor Zra Yacob, Emperor Yohannes was the most devoted and faithful servant of the Church of Ethiopia. He established great holdings and churches throughout his reign. Even at a time he was a struggling contender with limited means he devoted almost all of his personal fortune to buy land and built a church and sanctuary for Ethiopian pilgrims who traveled to the Holy City of Jerusalem. It is his foundational holding that Ethiopian pilgrims visit when they travel to Jerusalem to this day. His fear of God, humility, and sense of justice, and above all his sense of duty is unmatched by any Ethiopian Emperor or leader ever.” We have to appreciate the Emperor’s wisdom to his wisdom to be able to unite Ethiopia that remained intact until 1993.

As it was clearly described in one of the Khalifa’s letter to Yohannes: And later we have written you the same as the Mahdi had written to you and told you that if you do not act according to our command [i.e. adopt Islam] there will be no alternative to the entrance of the armies of the Islam into your territories, their fighting you and their killing of your men. Ras Alula and the scramble for Africa page 128. Despite the absences of historical investigation few relayed on rumors to minimize the degree to which the Khalifa’s were at the core of the aggression. Emperor Yohannes, he had to ensure the security and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. It is perhaps difficult for many of us to capture the feeling of the time when religion war and religious foreign policy was intertwined. Such a threat by Khalifa should be taken seriously to analyze why Emperor Yohannes forced to march to Metema. The war was forced upon him and he has to defend Ethiopia. His nation was threatened with immediate danger and a danger that cannot avoided.

We should learn from the past to insure justice and human dignity to all Ethiopians; and Ethiopian territory and unity that must be preserved at any cost. History is the reflection of our past failures and successes, weaknesses and strengths. Nevertheless, a handful of figures attempt to twist the truth to fit their agenda and continue to impede the sacrifices and the efforts of our people and deserving leaders.

Political expediency has triggered the authoring of flimsy and rubbish ideas aimed at provoking and getting emotional appeal to distract people from seeking factual answers to legitimate rational questions. Instead of coming up with prudent political program some of us continued to engage our readers in a vindictive agenda of looking to gather sympathizers. Such activity is one of the great tragedies hindering our development to advance our causes in the future. Some of our brothers are paralyzed by religion and faith.

When we do move out of such inertia we engage ourselves in making lofty generalizations to outsmart fellow Ethiopians. It is ironic that some of us have chosen not to act when sad and unpleasant situation unfolds in front of our eyes. The only way we love our Ethiopia is when we defend her legacy. Let us stop all the bickering and think for a moment and cast a glance back on history. Our people are proud having lived independently and tolerate the source to each other in the midst of common enemy that was our source of our cultural wealth. Atse Tewodros, Atse Yohannes and Atse Menilek responded in heroic measures and unified our Ethiopia as well as guaranteed the preservation of her independence.

Bereket Kiros


Ghelawdewos Araia Ph.D. The Martyred King of Kings: Emperor Yohannes IV of Ethiopia (July 3 2006) retrieved March, 14, 2012 from

Sven Rubensen (1991). The Survival of Ethiopian Independence. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Kuraz publication Agency.
Tecola Hagos Emperors Tewodros II, Yohannes IV, Menilik II, and the Myth of Colonialism (October 15 2004) retrieved March, 14, 2012 from

Donald N. Levine (1974) Greater Ethiopia 2nd edition, the Evolution of a Multiethnic Society. Chicago & London, The University of Chicago Press.

Richard Pankhurst (1998) The people of Africa The Ethiopians a History. USA, Australia and Germany, Blackwell publishing.


Comment from: Mebratu [Visitor]

Since Woyane’s assention of power, denigrating Atsie Menilik and Atsie Teodros has become a fashion while glorifying the Tigrean born Atsie.
Mind you I, like anyone who grow up during the Atsie Haile Selassie’s time have the utmost respect for Yohannes, who the Woyane ‘gujelies’ call ‘atse’ and not ‘atsie’.

Why all of a sudden Atse Yohannes’s story became so important?
BTW, I don’t buy the Mequelle story.

03/19/12 @ 02:23
Comment from: Gragn [Visitor]

The writer of this article must be crazy and do not know the history of Ethiopia. yohanes is the 19th century murder and butcher of human being. One day we will collect his bone and going to burn it in the hell. The writer of this article you have stone heart and you are one of those committed attrocity in Ethiopia. I am sure that you are wanted in Haag tribunal.

03/19/12 @ 04:04
Comment from: Eri-Bekentu [Visitor]

To be honest I don’t even know much about Yohanes and I couldn’t care less much about his ethnic background but I was rather amused by the fact that I expected some sort of divisive comments and there he/she was Mebratu an Eritrean without even making any effort to conceal his identity. It is amazing how people who have fought 5 decades to rid themselves off Ethiopia have still remained 100% committed to Ethiopia..It seems the fact that their first phase of their struggle for a new identity came with no bread earn means they have now embarked on a second phase struggle to slaughter and eat Ethiopia..but the trouble is time has caught up with them and Ethiopians are no longer as the cow they sow when they came back from their 50 years colonial servitude and things may not be as easy as they were up-until 20 years ago…an Ethiopian dog can smell a Shabian comment from a distance and I knew mebratu’s comment would be there before I even got to the comment section. that is how predictable Eritreans have become that expecting a genuine debate on the net has become a thing of a jock..but at least it is a pleasure to sea frustration and enjoy it while it lasts..

03/19/12 @ 04:51
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Let the TPLF thugs vomite their usual lies .Whatever they said they
are not able to hide the Truth of their Taliban King who comitted Genocide in Wello and Godjam ,who had
been agent of British Colonialists first by helping them to assassinate
Emperor Theodros and finally giving for them his life by being behaded by
their worst enemy at that period “Mahadi” .Today Shiftaw Yohanes is reincarnated by their leba master who is desmanteling the unity and sovereignty of the country .

03/19/12 @ 05:36
Comment from: Mohamed [Visitor]

Yohannes IV of Tigray

From encyclopedia

Yohannes of Tigray was a sworn enemy of Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia, Yohaness gave logistical support to the British forces who arrived to defeat Emperor Tewodros in 1868.

In gratitude, the British gave Yohannes of Tigray, a large number of modern firearms as they withdrew following their victory at Magdala.

This helped him to control the province of Tigray.

Why did the Amhara & Oromo elites hide this important events in the history?????

03/19/12 @ 05:58
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

Legacy of Bezbiz kassa
1. forcing wellos muslims to become orthodox christians

2. impossing heavy tax on non-orthodox citizens (that is why people called him"bezbiz")

03/19/12 @ 06:32
Comment from: Atakilti [Visitor]

Yohannes invaded Sudan to fight Islam.

Meles Zenawi invaded Somalia and Eritrea to fight Islam.

Tigrayans are the best Christian Ethiopians. We do whatever it takes for our belief.
Same as the Tibet people.

03/19/12 @ 08:09
Comment from: Reality Really [Visitor]
Reality Really

Its sickening and mind boggling to find some one in 21 century sill glorifies the killing of 100s of thousands of fellow citizens just because they follow a different belief. This line of thinking is beyond fascism. It is bottomless hate. What we see here more of hate for Muslim Ethiopians than lover for the Yohannes.

03/19/12 @ 08:19
Comment from: teketel [Visitor]

Atse Yohannes’ “the Butcher” head should be donated to Ethiopian premier league to be kicked around.

03/19/12 @ 09:03
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

why is it now days every article, history etc. written about our beloved country ETHIOPIA and our great past leaders has to be associated with ethnicity and dirty politics? .
Time will come where Ethiopia’s enemies from within and without will vanish through the tin air and even be so embarrassed to be identified as the enemies of this great ancient land and the cradle of humanity ETHIOPIA.

03/19/12 @ 10:12
Comment from: Ras Mitat [Visitor]
Ras Mitat

Leba Woyane re-writing history…

Atse Yohannes betrayed Emperor Tewodros by giving safe passage to Queen Victoria’s troops headed by Sir Napier who attacked Mekdella.

Sir Napier gave Atse Yohannes weapons as gratitude.

03/19/12 @ 11:29
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Atsie Bereket Kiros,
Nazret: How come you let us read this?
I’ve a doubt if you are a true Ethiopian of this century? If so why don’t believe in true history. Hitler was evil and genocidor for the whole world specially for Jews so was your king Yohannes for northern moslems specially for Wollos (100% moslems as that time). Do not insult them by your one sided biased, unfounded distorted history.
Your king was not king of contemporary Ethiopia which was established in 1887. This is fact on the ground and can not deny it by any means. You can fool fanatics, haters, extremist followers of your religion and not us.
Ethiopia certainly will be a free country and will be a secular in the future. Feudals way of rule is in black hole and we don’t praise it but curse it and we fight it not to come back.
I praise Menlik for that matter for bringing us together and he was not genocidor like your king. He was like Gragn Ahmed fanatic so called the newly formed country as christian country which is not. I don’t blame him for that. He was not secular. He was confined to his environment and see the world in one eye.
Imam (Gragn)Ahmed said those northern Abyssinians people worship idols so burned the coptic churches and that was his reason. You accept this kind of reason and worst ones for your king of your tribe.
We had our kings in the east, west, ans south of comtomporary Ethiopia. Have you ever heard if our kings mascared your religion followers? None. Read about pure Ethiopian moslems fate in the north in the past. It was horrible and scary to live there if you were moslems. Please read 100% true Ethiopian history written by Dr Lapiso and Ato Ahmed Jebel.
If you have blood and flesh connection to the Ethiopians who do not believe in your religion but your tribe and suffered for thousand years because they were minority and moslems. Would it be humane to write this article on those dead people who went tough time in that millenium. Imagine if moslems of your tribe did to their brothers coptics. Will it be fair a moslem Ethiopian write an article of the above. I bet you that will drive you crazy and will curse all moslems on this earth may be on other planet. Be rational my brother and read a true history and then condemn your king for his barbaric act on his own people. This is only history and let us not revisit horrible events again.
Gragn ruled Eritrea,Djibouti,current Ethioia and Somalia and there is justification if you said he was your king for the above captioned reasons.

03/19/12 @ 11:31
Comment from: pec [Visitor]

Well, it seems when a leader from Tigray region is expected to rule as Atse Yohannes, they have become the anti thesis of Yohaness. How ironic. Today under TPLF whom most are from Tigray, Ethiopia’s Orthodox is in jeopardy. Her unity is in jeopardy, anything what Yohannes stood for the TPLF regime that came out from the same womb as Yohannes ended up doing the opposite of Yohannes. What a shame.

03/19/12 @ 14:19
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Can Bereket write a similar story about Gragn Ahmed? I doubt it. For me Atse Yohannes is one of the most unintelligent, cruel, barbaric, fanatic and savage leader of all time. How can one force one’s religion. Not only that how can he kill them for simple reason that they refused to convert to christianity?

If we have to take out any leader from history books he is one of it along with Menelik and Haileselasie.

Gragn Ahmed never forced any christian to convert and never killed any civilian for refusing to follow his order.

Atse Yohanes killed women even children. He must be coward.

03/19/12 @ 15:08
Comment from: MASRESHA [Visitor]

Aste Yohanes was the great leader of our beloved country and DEFENDER OF ETHIOPICAN ORTHODOX TEWAHEDO CHURCH!!! We need a leader just like him at this horrible time for our people and our church. For all of you out there who are insulting our king time will tell. Ethiopian need a devoted EOT Christian and loves his country and respectful for his people.

03/20/12 @ 02:08
Comment from: [Member]

Emperor Yohannes ruled Ethiopia and he was an Emperor. Emperor Yohannes’s coronation took place in Akusm St. Mary of Tsion. Yohannes used the english to claim the crown. Yohannes was figthing against Emperor Theodros. Young Yohannes, then Dejazmatch Kassa, was imprisoned by Emperor Theodros and he managed to flee. Yohannes rebelled and organized an army, which controlled parts of South Tigray (Raya & Azebo areas). Yohannes was married to a muslim afari girl, which was converted to Orthodox Christianity. After he was crowned the Emperor of Ethiopia, Yohannes understand the dangers coming from Egypt. Yohannes forced the muslim population in Wello region to convert into Orthodox Christianity. Yohannes made the muslim chieftains of Wollo to become kings and members of the Royal Family. Mohammed Ali became Ras Michael (the father of Lij Iyassu). Thus the christianization of Ethiopia was to strengthen Ethiopia, to make it more homogenous in terms of culture. Emperor Yohannes fought against Italy, Egypt and Mahdists. He was one of the rulers of Ethiopia which needs respect and recognition. without Yoahannes, the victory at Adwa would have been impossible. Menelik followed the footsteps of Twederos and Yohannes.

Yohannes did not betray Tewedros. There was a power struggle between young Yohannes and Tewedros. Yohannes used the British Army to overthrow Emperor Yohannes. Emperor Tewedros is also a tigrean. Thus the fight between Twedros and Yohannes has been about the Ethiopian Crown. Yohannes was in rebellion when the British Army was marching to Magdala.

Some people from amahara region, claim Emeror Tewedros as if he is an amhara king. But Tewedros is born to a Tigrean Father and an Amhara (Agew) woman.

Amonument for Yohaness is long over due. In fact we should errect monument for all kings and Emperors of Ethiopia, that played an important role in our history. A monument for kings Ezana, Kaleb, Fasil, Tewedros II, Yohannes IV, Menelik II, Haile Selassie I etc should be errected in the our Nation’s Capital and in other cities and towns.

03/20/12 @ 03:42
Comment from: [Member]

To muslims of Ethiopia and Somalia!

Some of the comments you are psoting are very emotional. We should assess history as it happened. Gragn Ahmed killed many chidren, women and old people. He was forcing people to convert to Islam. But Ethiopians refused to convert to Islam because it does fit into their core values. Gragn ahmed destroyed many beautiful Churches and libraries. Many monastries were burned. The coward muslim army of Gragn ahmed finally was destroyed. Somalians should accept this fact. There is amonument errected to Ahmed Gragn in Somalia . This monument should be demolished because Ahmed Gragn, the Muslim, was a looser. Somalian and Ethiopian muslims should focus on co-operation with Ethiopian christians. Every one is free to worship a religion of choice. We should see religion as something private.

03/20/12 @ 03:51
Comment from: denden [Visitor]

Mr Kiros,
History is not selective, it must be told as it is not pick and choose! Have you forgotten what Yohanns was a shifta who was looting and destroyong the lands of hamasien, galla and other ethnics, so please if you want history to remeber yohannes whether he was great or a looter who los t his mind to deal with issues.

03/20/12 @ 03:58
Comment from: [Member]

In as much as history had witnessed the late Yohanes IV to be a traitor and opportunist against his own countrymen hence letting the Brits get to the great Emperor Theowdros, he later got his “head on a platter” by the Mahdis in Khartoum. The modern day “king from Adwa” seems to follow the path of Yohanes for he belittled all the former great leaders of Ethiopia.
Soon we shall all witness the day when Aste meles’s head will be on a pole parading in Addis.

03/20/12 @ 12:24
Comment from: Bereket Kiros [Visitor]
Bereket Kiros

Some of you are paralyzed with your own ignorance; you are victims of your own making. I have read the comments some of them are childish and silly. We live in an environment with abandoned research papers, books and scholarly articles. Your hate and prejudice doesn’t produce an iota of truth simply you will regurgitated you own ignorance. I challenge each of you to produce a document with its source that you are heaping to one of the greatest Emperor who shaped Ethiopia. Few of you are obsessed that Emperor Yohannes collaborated with British against Atse Tewodros. Atse Tewodros killed Atse Yohannes’s uncle. Unlike Atse Menelik collaborated with Italians for power, while the Mahdists were slaughtering innocent Ethiopians. Yohannes saw the treat by Mahdists a danger for survival of Ethiopia. After Yohannes death Atse Menelik marginalized Ras Alula as it was demanded by Italians.

03/20/12 @ 18:30
Comment from: [Member]

Emperor Yohannes co-operated with the British Army to overthrow Emperor Twedros. Emperor Twedros committed suicide, which is a crime in the Ethiopian Law and the Bible. Emperor Tewedros was defeated and is not a hero. Somebody who kills himself should not be called a hero. Tewdeld have died in battle and saved Ethiopia from humuliation. Tewedros should sent his son t a far away place and not make him prison of the British. Emperor Yohannes is the only legitimate king of the Solomonic Dynast. Emperor Yohanes’s coronation took place at the St. Mary Zion Church, whereas the other kings crowned themselves locally. Menelik II was crowned naybe in Ankober (God knows where. Haile Selasie was crowned in Addis Abeba against the advice of the Bishops of Aksum. Haile Selassie was told to be crowned in Aksum, but he ignored and crowned himself in Addis Abeba.

Emperor Yohannes overthrew Emperor Tewedros. The Amharas have been propogating the false information that Yohannes betrayed Tewedros. The fact is Yohannes found the opportunity to overthrow Tewedros. Tewedros never fought against the foreign invaders like Egypt. He did confronted the Ottomans as a young soldier and was wounded. After he became a king, Tewedros did wage any campains against foreign powers. Yohannes did at least 4 or more battles against Egypt, Italy and Mahdists. Yohannes was the real patriot and nationalist. He is the hero. Some Amhara elites are exagerating Tewedros’s role in Ethiopian history. This should stop ! Yohannes would have shot tewedros dead and vice versa. The two were vying for the Ethiopian Crown. We should see them as two ethiopians fighting for power

03/20/12 @ 19:31
Comment from: EWUNETyashenefal [Visitor]

Mr.Kiro I have one question for you. why are you preaching to the quire your false doctrine? every true ethiopian knows their history very well. we all know who the best leaders were. we all know who the treaters were and are. so what is the motive of such selective ethnic based writing?

03/20/12 @ 23:35
Comment from: EWUNETyashenefal [Visitor]

It seems to me that all the Hagoses,Tekles,Gebremedhines,and all the other Wodi Shermutas [jungle bunnies] have a diffrent version of ethiopian history. the selectively want to give more credit to leaders from Tigray while disregarding the roles of the greatest leaders we had and the roles they played in unifying ethiopia. Yohanes was a teater period. take that false doctrine of yours and share it among your fellow jungle bunnies cause no true ethiopian will buy such a garbage. Aste Tedros is the undisputed champion of all. althou he was distructive in some ways; AT LEAST HE VALUED UNITY AND DID NOT LICK THE ASS OF THE ENEMY UNLIKE YOHANES AND MELES!

03/21/12 @ 00:00
Comment from: Progressive [Visitor]

There is no excuse for Killing thousands of fellow citizens just because they have different belief system. you don’t kill your spouse to “save your marriage". Its just hate filled genocide. Denying Boru Meda genocide or giving any sort of excuse for that barbaric act is a crime. We should have laws criminalizing this genocide. Above all we must have a memorial day and place to commemorate the innocent people who were slayed by this cold blooded hate filled butcher.

03/21/12 @ 00:45
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

This is very interesting, detailed, well written, well argued/supported article. No doubt that Atse Yohannes was a charismatic, brave, devout defender of his faith & country. It would be hypocritical, dishonest of me to focus on his shortcomings & ignore how great, visionary he was, the fact that his actions in many ways had changed, shaped the Ethiopia we call our country today.

Yohannes IV sacrificed his life for his country, fellow Ethiopians and every sane Ethiopian, who can reason with 21st century mindset should be grateful for that. I would be more than honoured to read a well written book re Emperor Yohannes, which is based on solid research, well balanced, factual accounts. We know some Islamic fanatics like (Gragn House Nigger Somali) are against all our brave Emperors for the simple fact that these heroic, way ahead of their time, visionary past rulers refused to make Ethiopia Arab pissing ground, hand Ethiopia’s religion, identity, alphabets etc on a silver platter to Arab pigs who hijack other nation’s identity in the name of Islam. Some 21st century Islamic clowns resent our emperors simply because they were devout Christians who wiped out their murderess, dysfunctional, destructive, Arab, Turkish Trojan Islamic clowns aka (The Somalian Ahmed Gurey/Gragn)from the face of the earth.

… Having said that, what I would like to ask Mr Bereket Kiros is that:

1 - Where was he when the dictators of Ethiopia and their lame cadres were out in full force, openly bashing, degrading, disregarding the other equally priceless, brave, defenders of Ethiopia for God knows how long?

2- Why did he fail to address this burning issue on this article if he was for all for Ethiopia’s defenders?

It would have given more substance to this article, validated his arguments further & had more people on-board had he spoke of Zenawi & Co’s evil trend of disrespecting/discrediting Emperor Tewodros II, Emperor Minilik II, Emperor Haile Selassie etc.

Obviously, when Zenawi & Co started their hate campaign against anything and everything Amhara, they opted for disrespecting Ethiopia’s history, historical figures assuming that they are degrading, discrediting the Amhara Tribe! They fail very short-sited as to what the impacts of such fallacies, distorted accounts of historical events, self acclaimed revisionism would have on Tigray people, past Tigray rulers/Kingdom & history! That Mr Kiros, has left many to dig the negatives on Emperor Yohannes as counter response, which seems to have triggered you to write this article. No negatives on Yohannes or Axum kingdom etc were ever mentioned, pushed forth prior to Weyane & Co. Ethiopians had nothing but respected, honour, high regarded to Emperor Yohannes IV, named their children, Schools, Streets, businesses etc after Northern Empires/rulers.

By the way, I would very much love to read what that fairy-tell specialist (Dej Aba Nefso) has to say on this issue since he is the main culprit of negative revisionism.

03/21/12 @ 12:20
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Of all the Kings, Gragn would need not only a statue it will be a big tower no one has ever seen on top of Menelik, Yohannes, Tewodros. Other wise, it will be meaningless to erect Yohannes statue. We need statue for King Negash, for the Muslim converts Kings, Ras Ali, and other Kings of the South Ali Mira, Aba Jifar, Salahadin, Sebredin the great, Ras Ali the Great, and many many Muslim braves who fought for our country against christian Europe, who were forced to convert at amny places in the name of christianity.
Time is over due for Gragn Ahmed who fought against European intruders who used christianity to colonize our beloved Greater Habesha.

We need a leader who can protect my Mosque which is in great danger at this time from fanatic orthodox and Ah bash their proxy Islam.

03/21/12 @ 20:12



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