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Ethiopia: The Pitfalls of TPLF and EPLF leadership: A Retrospective Analysis



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Ethiopia: The Pitfalls of TPLF and EPLF leadership: A Retrospective Analysis

The Pitfalls of TPLF and EPLF leadership: A Retrospective Analysis

By Zerihun Abebe

When they demolished the Derg-regime in the early 1990s, through a collation of ethnic-based movements, the TPLF (Tigray Liberation Front) and EPLF (Eritrean Liberation Front) leaders had the impetuous dream of establishing peaceful and friendly countries through two short and long term plans. The short term plan was driven by the impulse to let Eritrea secede from Ethiopia while trying to make it legitimate in any way possible. This was expressed through a) the characterisation of Eritrean question as colonialism against the existing academic consensus, and b) the immediate recognition of the Eritrean independence despite the fact that TPLF was not an elected or legitimate Ethiopian government at the time.

The long term but furtive plan was the obstinate desire to control, for some years to come, state power in Ethiopia and Eritrea using Ethnicity and nationalism as legitimating ideologies. Eritreans felling into the clutches of the EPLF can only be explained by the promotion of a nation-state style nationalist ideology by the EPLF in which ordinary Eritreans are told how they are different if not unique from other peoples in the horn, especially from their former co-citizens, Ethiopians. TPLF in its turn legitimised its state control in Ethiopia by presenting itself as champions of the so called supressed ‘nation, nationalities and peoples’. It institutionalised what many commentators characterise as pseudo-federal state system by promoting ethno-nationalism through a process of encadrement in which elites of the various ethnic groups in the country (which are now nation, nationalities and peoples) are accorded access to state power and resources in as much as they are not subversive to the monopoly of power by ruling elites.

To the dismay of some of the leaders as well as the majority ardent followers of the two parties, after almost 20 years of Eritrean independency and control of state power in Ethiopia and Eritrea, there is still no friendly or plausible relationship between the two. There are a number of developments that demonstrates this. The bloody war that broke out in 1998-2000, despite the fact that when TPLF and EPLF came to power, they arrogated to themselves the wisdom of establishing peaceful political orders, is major evidence. Not only the war claimed the lives of many human beings from both sides but also there is still a continued and erratic military raid and other incidents that show no avail.

For a neutral and critical observer the leadership of the two parties avoid accountability by pointing finger on each other. The EPLF-led Eritrean leaders blame their TPLF-led Ethiopian counterparts for the latter failed to enforce the Algiers Agreement and the Boundary Commission ruling. The Ethiopian leaders in their part refused to allow this insisting that there should be further talks before any enforcement of the ruling of the Commission. Such dispute doesn’t deal with the very basis of the conflict in the first place. It rather eschews those structural questions that should have been dealt, from the very outset, by responsible and rational political leaders who have a vision of democracy and rule of law rather than controlling and justifying their control of state power.
One shouldn’t therefore wonder why after a long history of ethnic-based resistance movement and coalition, the TPLF and EPLF “liberators” failed to create a lasting peace and stability in the region? The real aim was in fact controlling state power and achieving their eccentric objectives. This objective had varied nature that could be personal and collective appealing to individual and group motives. In the mean time a number of unforeseen circumstances had in fact emerged and today’s situation needs a more wide analytical framework than stipulated here. Nevertheless, there is ample and clear indication that both TPLF and EPLF leadership had only pursued their respective interest against what is common to all Ethiopians or both Ethiopians and Eritreans.

Referring to the Eritrean situation, a recent BBC statement states that “The unresolved border issue compounds other pressing problems. These include Eritrea's inability to provide enough food; two thirds of the population receives food aid. Moreover, economic progress is hampered by the proportion of Eritreans who are in the army rather than the workforce.” Such a statement clearly implies that the very fundamental question is whether Eritrea is a viable state to feed its citizens without any good and friendly political and economic relations with its immediate neighbour, Ethiopia.

On the other hand the TPLF-led Ethiopian government now seems to have the firm stand that the only solution regarding Eritrea is negotiations which I suspect set to redefine any lingering issues and possible nature of future political and economic relationship between the two. In its weekly publication A Week in the Horn, the Ministry of Ethiopian Foreign Affairs publish a briefing entitled “Talking, not shooting is the only choice for Eritrea” seems to imply this position by noting that “the Ethiopian Government still upholds its determination that the problems between Eritrea and Ethiopia can only be resolved through negotiations and dialogue”.

Whether the two leaderships will come to a table and began to sort out and discuss their issues to reach a rational and legal consensus regarding not only the border case, but also other vital matters that have greater implications to the lives of ordinary Ethiopians and Eritreans is not clear, at least to the near future. However, we now know for sure that the negotiation and dialogue, the TPLF-led EPRDF is now insisting should have been desired and pursued 20 years ago in good time and condition. Rather than rushing into the business of facilitating Eritrean independence and the control of state power, at least the TPLF-leadership, who claimed a self-proclaimed moral and legal authority of “liberating Ethiopian peoples”, could have addressed the following questions with EPLF.
First, was Hailsaelassie’s annexation of Eritrea in 1962 and the subsequent union with Ethiopia colonialism? What is the consensus or suggested points regarding this by the existing majority academics? Second, how can we legally and politically maintain the interest of the two peoples, in situation of session, in a way that doesn’t favour one at the expense of the other? Third, how can we incorporate the voices of the two peoples in such processes? Fourth, does EPRDF have a legitimacy of power to facilitate and officially recognise an independent Eritrea? Howe does that relate to the question of Ethiopian sovereignty? Neither TPLF nor EPLF had rational and scientifically supported explanations for such questions.

But we now know for sure that when they organised themselves based on ethnic or nationalist ideology and finally were able to succeed (because of in fact different factors) in removing the Derg-regime in the early 1990s, the TPLF and EPLF-leadership either didn’t have the competence or the will to consider the ramification of their agenda and practice on the various peoples of the region. In another language, had the elites of the two parties were visionary, competent, responsible and transparent, they could have raised and discussed these issues with the respective stake holders, from the very outset, and therefore possibly avoided the war and other un-desirable current situations. In fact we could have seen a different reality than what we are witnessing now. Generally, what we are witnessing now between Eritrea and Ethiopia is the unforeseen and embarrassing pitfalls of the elites of TPLF and EPLF leadership.

The writer is a Research Fellow, University of Bergen, Norway and could be reached at


Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

Not bad analysis but sounds not deep.You touched some of the facts.Keep on Zerihun Abebe!!!

03/22/12 @ 22:09
Comment from: elena [Visitor]

We the young generation can’t wait to see this chimapazee rats go to their graves…shameful bandas!
ethiopians and eritreans will live in harmony for generations to come..with no hostilities but loveeeeeeeeeeee and respect.
we can’t wait …please Devil take them home one by one…the sooner they leave the better for all.
we will have the last lough on this…even those who are no longer around will be loughing from their graves,,the day each one of them taken by Devil himself…for eternity.
can’t wait
can’t wait

03/22/12 @ 22:31
Comment from: mohamed [Visitor]

ሞት ለትግራይ ሌቦች!

mot le tigray leboch!

03/22/12 @ 23:07
Comment from: taye [Visitor]

Once these two leaders were not visinay about the prosperity and growth for the country they want to govern they hand one big ambition that was to have power over the people and in the name of democracy to fulfill their grid on what do u expect for the devils who instead of feedind their people spend millions dollar on wepons and kill their on people in the name of democracy!

03/22/12 @ 23:28
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]

The dogs bark & the camel carries on his journey.


03/23/12 @ 00:09
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Thanks for your respective analysis but you failed to mention how EPLF failed vision from the beggining to the end such us fake nationalizim, endless lies,missleading the world based on assumtion.

03/23/12 @ 00:26
Comment from: Gebrehiwot Gebremichael [Visitor]
Gebrehiwot Gebremichael

I think these two countries should be proposed to be united through public referendum of both countries’ peoples, just peacefully.If they are growing this time, they would have been growing more if they were united or if they they suffer to grow, they would have been less to suffer if they were one. They are heart and lungs, both important to keep the body alive. Just like the West and East Germany.

03/23/12 @ 01:36
Comment from: Misraq [Visitor]

Thank you
This is a very good analysis and adds upto the general understanding that weyane and shabiya are the enemy of the people in that region.

TPLF, from the very start had no any pro-ethiopian agenda. It is a mafiya group- We neeed to fight it.

03/23/12 @ 01:44
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

The last two weeks or so, we read of unexpected developments in the political reality concerning Ethiopia and Eritrea. The news was filled with the sudden incursion into Eritrea by Ethiopian armed forces and the look warm response by shabia, Qatari officials roaming Addis with the aim to restore diplomatic ties, the news that Qatar is to own Assab and then rent it to Ethiopia, and the even vague rumor that an underground discussion is taking place between Ethiopia and Eritrea for better relations.

The ordinary observer finds it difficult to understand the weird nature of the rapprochement between the two countries. While one of them is taking punitive military measures against the other, thus humiliating it and showing its strong muscles, we are told that Ethiopia and Eritrea are discussing with the help of Israel and Qatar to improve their relations. Is it possible that the mercurial and narcissist dictator IA will ever accept to come to the negotiating table under the impression that he is the weaker of the two parts? One might also ask why not, if he can get the most out of the negotiations and this becomes a face saving move for him and he can say to his people that finally he has won Badme for Eritrea. IA is getting old, weak and he is losing his luster, both within and outside Eritrea. The myth of being a special and invincible people has deflated beyond repair for the small nation of 4m, and IA is ready to put up with less achievements. He is ready to take whatever he gets, as long as the other party is ready to give.

Qatar has gained nothing by befriending Eritrea. Most Gulf States including Saudi Arabia, Emeretes and others are investing in Ethiopia for their food security and other businesses, acknowledging the role Ethiopia would be playing in the region in the future. Qatari dollars can be invested in Ethiopia to the advantage of both countries. A bottomless pit like the economy of Eritrea is not sustainable for long, and the government of Qatar knows by now that it has made the wrong choice by siding Eritrea against Ethiopia. Even then, Qatar is not abandoning IA completely. In fact, it is working on behalf of IA, and Ethiopians should be aware of this.

The rumor that Qatar would rent the port of Assab from Eritrea and Ethiopia in turn from Qatar is the most weird and childish of all. I really do not understand what they are trying to say by this. MZ cannot cheat the people of Ethiopia in general and the people of Tigray in particular, as if they are children, by saying that he has gained a seaport for Ethiopia, while at the same time he hands over Badme and its environs and he is ready to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for port services, money that will end up in IA’s and shabia’s pockets. This would be manna from the sky for IA and of course, another big betrayal for MZ, the maitre in selling Ethiopia’s interest to its enemies. This agreement would save IA and his shabia group from collapse and it would lengthen the plight of the people of Eritrea, and IA would simply continue to plot against Ethiopia as always. Ethiopians should be very naïve if they ever expect love from IA and shabia, the deadly enemies of the people of Eritrea, and of course, that of Ethiopia.

Trusting MZ on issues concerning Ethiopia and Eritrea is a Faustian deal, which will always be to the determent of Ethiopia, and Ethiopians should always know this fact. The people of Tigray should listen to the heartbeat of the people of Badme and its environs. If they feel and want to be Ethiopians, it is their God-given right, and it should be respected. MZ and his group never cared about the people of the region during the Alger’s agreement, and that was the main reason why they presented lame and defunct colonial maps and agreements to the Ethio-Eritrean boarder committee. Therefore, Ethiopians should be very vigilant about things that are going to unfold in the immediate future. If there is going to be any rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea, it should not be under an IA/shabia government, but under a different government that understands the past true history and the future destiny of these peoples of the horn.

03/23/12 @ 03:46
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Mr. Zerihun
“the TPLF-led EPRDF” hahaha what do not you simply say EPRDF instead? tihanam..

03/23/12 @ 04:15
Comment from: ewnet [Visitor]

There is absolutely no doubt about the conclusion you made.

03/23/12 @ 05:15
Comment from: Mulugeta [Visitor]

Dear Zerihun,

Thank you for such critical and balanced analysis. Your argument is free of subjective feeling or biased attitude towards one or another group. I apreciate your academic integrity.

I agree with you that When they came to power weyane and shabiya had their own plan that didn’t center the interest of the ethiopian people.

If in fact they had good intention to the ethiopian people, the TPLF leaders would have consulted Ethiopian people, and they wouldn’t side with a group that aim to separate. They wouldn’t also define eritrean annexation as colonialism. Who controlled most buisness and high quality jobs in ethiopia during hailselassie and derg regime…not the Oromos, not the welayitas, not the ethiopian somalians….it was the Eritreans and other major groups like Amara and tigre to some extent GUrage…how on earth one say there was colonialism by ethiopia in eritrea??? But as you said it was a strategy to control state power.

Pls share us ur thought frequaltly


03/23/12 @ 05:45
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]

Wither they admit it or not it is another issue, but Eritrea viability without one way or the other being parasitically connected to a colonizer or sort has disproved..Yet there are still Eritreans who genuinely feel and brag how Ethiopians can not live without Eritrea because we keep refreshing their already exaggerated sense of self importance by giving them the attention they don’t really deserve.
The fact of the matter is, Eritrea is the one that can not sustain it’s 5 million people that it’s people are dodging shoot to kill policy and flocking to ethiopia by their thousands. yet not a single Ethiopian despite the fact that they are free to leave their country contemplate immigrating to the Godforsaken Eritrea. Even Eritreans Diasporas don’t seem to see their much cherished Eritrea worthwhile to visit that they have made a country they have once ridiculed(Ethiopia)their choice of destination(although some with sinister agenda). on the contrary I have never come across a single Ethiopian who contemplates to even visit Eritrea except those of us with some family connection, and it has given us a chance to see the real truth about “free and independent” Eritrea. From my recent visit alone I have have come to the conclusion that Eritrea’s entire existence as a country (be it psychologically or materially)connected to Ethiopia. Almost all goods available in Eritrea is smuggled from Ethiopia (hope you have heard of the recent sugar crises in Addis) you will find it in Asmara for 20 times the price. I remember being served a Meta beer with a label taken off in a restaurant and I am 100% sure of how one of my favorite beers where else other than ethiopia can Eritrea smuggle beer, bear in mind all Eritrea’s neighbors except Ethiopia are Islamic countries that don’t produce alcohol and it has been a while since Eritrea was forced to shut almost all it’s few Italian leftover factories because of the reality of economics which I am sure they didn’t expect would happen obviously because the whole independence project was calculated based on looting Ethiopia..In fact regardless of the official line (border dispute) it is because of the shattered dream that Eritreans have chosen to remain on war footing as that would give them the excuse for not proving all the pr-independence bravado. And they are desperate to reverse the whole situation by all means necessary even if that means risking their existance as a country..After all, they have by now realized it is may not be worth having Eritrea that can not loot Ethiopia. hence penetrating Ethiopia became their obsession and they have lost focus of anything else including their size. Even if tomorrow Eritreans decide to make peace with Ethiopia I am 100% certain that it will only be a tactical move and they will never rest until they achieve their ultimate goal, regardless of wither they will achieve it or not..
So my dear Ethiopians, let’s not hope against hope to change a mind that has been damaged beyond repair and instead focus on how to protect Ethiopia’s national interest if we stop feeling as though we owe Eritreans some thing..we don’t owe them any thing, if anything it is them who owe us something for giving them time after the departure of their colonial master to regroup against us and bleed us for 30 years. Look at it this way, how would 5 million pain in the ass Eritreans be more important to us that 1 million decent Dijiboutians or Kenyans? Shouldn’t we be talking more about Djiboutians or kenyans with whom we have a stake rather than the good for nothing ex-askaris? one might argue that we were once “one” people but does that legitimize a friendship that favors Eritreans? One fact Ethiopians should always remember the fact that there has been a huge imbalance between the propaganda we grew up hearing because we wanted unity and the propaganda they grew up hearing because they wanted hate and separation, hence you will never know how deep rooted their hatred for ethiopia is unless you go close to them..In fact it is only then you might end up appreciating Woyanees decision to let go Eritrea at any cost despite the fact that they have made a lot of blunders in the process. perhaps it is about time we give them credit for at least proving how irrelevant Eritrea is and what Ethiopia can do without Eritrea.

03/23/12 @ 06:03
Comment from: the_truth [Visitor]

Wake up DERG remnant. Eritrea is a sovereign nation. International law must be respected and weyane troops must vacate all Eritrean territory. Dialogue? About what exactly?

03/23/12 @ 06:38
Comment from: giruma [Visitor]

I hate when writers start their article/s with a mistake for example “When they demolished the Derg-regime in the early 1990s, through a collation of ethnic-based movements, the TPLF (Tigray Liberation Front) and EPLF (Eritrean Liberation Front)”
For TPLF it’s true but for EPLF it’s not ethnic based party. EPLF stands for Eritrean People Liberation Front. Artera has many tribes lead by the Hamassiens.

03/23/12 @ 08:00
Comment from: Nafkot [Visitor]

Both TPLF and EPLF do not represent ethiopia or eritrea.

But they both control power in the two countries.

Who control Military in ethiopia? TPLF. Who control federal political power? TPLf.Who control government institutions (federal ye mengist meseriya betoch) TPLF.

Hence what we have is TPLF-led EPRDF.

03/23/12 @ 08:47
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Very informative, straightforward, factual analysis by yet another intellectual. Thanks for that Mr Abebe.

One of the few policies of Zenawi & Co that I truly support, admire is the “No war, No peace” policy with Artera. The next one has got to be, removing those poisonous Arterans that we Ethiopians trusted, considered as part Ethiopian society who changed overnight like a Cameleon & started sounding their noisy drums everywhere for their so called “independence". Some of our friends even proudly bragged about, told us how their parents were channelling millions of birr from their countless businesses within Ethiopia for Shabiya, bleeding Ethiopia for decades!

Though that was the smartest move from Zenawi & Co, it is such a shame to see the new breeds of these poisonous Arterans flooding back mama Ethiopia in the name of REFUGEES, foreign investors with foreign passports. I know countless Arterans who’d relocated from USA, EU, Canada to Ethiopia, even business men from Assmara who escaped Artera, now doing business in Ethiopia, keeping a low profile. Though I admire the efforts of Zenawi & Co to make Artera as insignificant, useless that it really is, one, they should watch out for any Arteran coming in & out of Ethiopia with foreign passports, restrict their investments, and two, Bring Assab port back. This is not about Assab’s insignificance to Ethiopia or anything else. It is a matter of principle. Just accept that there was a massive ERROR on Zenawi & Co’s part when signing away Asseb Port. Arteha had NO legitimate, historical, scientific or otherwise claim on Assab. This is Ethiopia had full control, was co using, fully managing the port until the 98 war. Any legitimate Ethiopian government would not let Artera keep Ethiopia’s port and watch them sell it to Qarar then lease it back to Ethiopia.

@ Daniel

Neither the barking dogs nor the camels are to be found in today’s Aretera. All are extinct because of food shortages and overconsumption of salty water. You have been stagnant for the past 20 years, the only journey you’re keeping is to a place called planet NOWHERE. Get of you high horse.

@ Dave & Omo great comments. Different analysis, excellent points!

03/23/12 @ 09:57
Comment from: [Member]

It is a very good analysis of both TPlf and EPLF. The two “gang leaders” of their respective “Shiftas associations” are bent on the idea of bestowing their own family members in addition to fattening their accounts.
It is indeed high time to get a “genuine people’s party” with a united effort and dismantle these two “Thug groupes” and have a free Ethiopia.
Death to Terorist group - TPLF &EPLF.

03/23/12 @ 10:17
Comment from: Shalom [Visitor]


I like what you wrote. How so true!!!

03/23/12 @ 11:02
Comment from: Halie [Visitor]


at the end of ut comment you said…

“In fact it is only then you might end up appreciating Woyanees decision to let go Eritrea at any cost despite the fact that they have made a lot of blunders in the process. perhaps it is about time we give them credit for at least proving how irrelevant Eritrea is and what Ethiopia can do without Eritrea.”

But let me ask you….are you saying Eritrea is no more a problem to Ethiopia? Are you implying Ethiopian insterest is now safely defnded and we are in peace?

Why weyane support anti-Isays rebel group in ethiopia? Why weyane give Eritrean opposition a tv station in ethiopia using ethiopian people’s money? Why is weyane giving scholarship to eritreans for free, while our women in Arab are dying of any help? Why is weyane fighting diplomatically to be accepted by international coomunity regarding its stand on eritrea? Why are ethiopian soldiers dying in somalia because of Alshabeba supported by Eritrea? etc…Why does weyane introduce a policy for eritreans to live in ethiopia? why???

Ethio-eritrean issue is never solved…and the real issue is the dismantling of both weyane and shabiya. I am sure u r weyane.

03/23/12 @ 11:48
Comment from: Lion of Saw [Visitor]
Lion of Saw

kikiki woyanes have not choice at this war no peace it is not working at this point.woyanes thinking,Eritrea economy to collapse on long term,but it is opposite now,Eritrea economy is growing even more,so it is good choice to go qatar.qatar can help woyanes problem with Eritrea.thanks for the analyses,you write the facts on the ground while woyanes supporters bark for nothing. and also Eritrea is easy target for Ethiopia said another analysis,this is analyses fooling him self,he don’know the facts on the ground.
long live Eritrea

03/23/12 @ 11:54
Comment from: Aster [Visitor]

“First, was Hailsaelassie’s annexation of Eritrea in 1962 and the subsequent union with Ethiopia colonialism? What is the consensus or suggested points regarding this by the existing majority academics?”

The answer is Eritrean annexation of eritrea and latter union with Ethiopia is not colonialism, by any standard.

“Second, how can we legally and politically maintain the interest of the two peoples, in situation of session, in a way that doesn’t favour one at the expense of the other?”

Eritreas dream was to make eritrea african singapore, using ethiopian resourse. Weyane collborated with shabiya on this plan of “eritrea ye gil ethiopia ye gara” and when it reached finnaly a point where the ethiopian ppl cannot sit and see such policy, the work broke out.

“Third, how can we incorporate the voices of the two peoples in such processes?”

weyane and many of its-suporters and cadre never care if ethiopian ppl should have a say.

“Fourth, does EPRDF have a legitimacy of power to facilitate and officially recognise an independent Eritrea? Howe does that relate to the question of Ethiopian sovereignty?”

The TPLF has no legetimate state power to facilitate eritrean independe. At least they couldn’t play catalyst role.What TPLF leadres did is Treason.

03/23/12 @ 12:15
Comment from: bika [Visitor]

…there is one commen factor between TPLF of Ethiopia and EPLF of Eritrea , though they are structuraly and characteristicaly far apart like two uncoexisting entities ,… THEY BOTH FOUGHT THE DERG. But , it is very absurd to put TPLF on the same scale with a mafia copy like EPLF / PFDJ unless you have a hidden…

03/23/12 @ 14:54
Comment from: Keziw [Visitor]

Question to Mr.Zerihun

Why should Ethiopia must vote on Eritrean refurendum, on your suggetion? Just curious on your mental state, do you think people need affirmation from your family that you are Zerihun, or can you speak for yourself.

Unity is power ! and good when it garantees the wellfare of each and every citizen equally.

You said TPLF if they were legally recognised government back then. However, they are now but, was king Menlik the legall king in the Tigre’s empire to give out Eritrea as a sovergin nation to the Italy? is the other angle you have to look at.

Why you try to analyze a century old effect.

Eritrea is a nation now, no love lost between the two, dipolomatic ties between the government should resume and people have no problems between the two crossing, working, loving, and better progress between the two nations. As peace remain for a while the two will be like Zanzibar and Tanganika.

The temptations said: It’s a thin line between Love and Hate !!!

my people
peace for everyone!

03/23/12 @ 14:56
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Listen Shameful hula!
I would like to ask you all a question and really need a decent reply.
Imagine if someone comes to your home and ask you to sleep with your wife, would you give him a greenlight?:)
Thats what you are asking from Eritrea.

The writer have no any subtance. Eritrea fought for decades and it was not without any reason.

It always ask two to tango. Ethiopia knew very well that Eritrea is a borrowed child and was always acting insecure and cruel upon Eritreans.

When Hailesellasie put down Eritrean flag and replaced it with Ethiopian flag (without people’s will),

Burned all Arabic and Tgrigna books and implemented Amharic teaching in Eritrean schools,

Put all students in prison and moved all factories and manufacturing firms to Ethiopia,

When hunged people in the center of the city on a broad daylight,….

Haileselassie knew very little about the deep rooted patriotism of Eritreans.

Then came Derg again same treatment even worse. The additional of Derg uncountable cruel and inhuman crimes upon Eritreans, helped us to strengthen our will and drove the wheel of our patriotism to the opposite direction means to FREE Eritrea!!!

If Amhara, Oromo or any part of Ethiopia would face what Eritrea have faced for centuries would the people tolerate the suffering?

Ethiopia always act against own interest.

You cannot slap your wife on the face day-in and day-out and expect her to love you to death:)

Bomb the people by poisonous napal,

Knive mother’s womb so att the dead baby in her stomach hung down her knees,

Cut breast, shouting -you are not supposed to get birth of another Wombede,

Hung University Students with iron rope and throw them outside their doorsteps in front of their families-shouting “You will be a lesson to your younger brothers"?

Is this how you want us to call you and accept you as our “Brothers"?

Why not kill Amharas? Oromos? Gambelas? Welaytas?…or whoever if we really are as Ethiopians as you are?

What was the crime of an Eritrean to suffer under your UGLY leadership?

The insecurity of your leaders always drive Eritreans to act more against you.

When Haileselassie treated the young and old the way he did, the people was as asking himself “Whats wrong? What did we do?”

You may say that there was Wombede “as you guys called us though:) But the people inside the city knew nothing about anything.

It was Haileselassie/Derg who was fighting against his own interest, same does Meles Zenawi too:)

Rest assured, you will never undone what you have done to us - today or tomorrow!

99.8% said the same.

Lets have mutual respect to help us forget the past and live side by side as neighbours, before we end-up as loughing stock of the world.

03/23/12 @ 17:37
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]

“are you saying Eritrea is no more a problem to Ethiopia? Are you implying Ethiopian insterest is now safely defnded and we are in peace?”

Good question Haile,

The most straight answer I can give to your question is, It is a historically proven fact that It is much much easier to deal with a hostile Eritrea than a ‘friendly’ other words, better to deal with an external bug than with an internal parasite.

In a more theoretical detail, If you ask any Eritrean of any back ground, educated or uneducated to describe Eritrea and Eritreanism you will be surprised by how meaningless their identity would be without the misconception and the negative sentiment they have towards Ethiopians..for example they often describe themselves as industrious and entrepreneurial society which has never been the case in comparison to any other society in recent history, not even Somalians cos Somalians also had the same colonial history with Eritreans, but obviously they are consciously or subconsciously referring to the uncolonized and mostly agrarian Ethiopians they sow after the end of their good old colonial days. True, almost all Ethiopians back then didn’t have the basic skills the enslaved Eritreans had and Eritreans had the advantage and the opportunity to positively prosper within Ethiopia proper, but instead they took it for-granted and chose to bleed Ethiopia for 30 years. but the irony is they are still trying to cling to the same old sentiment despite the fact that a lot has changed and Ethiopians have today gone far beyond the bakery skill and car repair skill Eritreans used to pride themselves with..
Any ways, to come back to the point, it would be naive on the part of Ethiopians to expect people whose identity was inspired by a superficial belief to want to outshine Ethiopians to settle for a fair and mutual benefit. They will always want to prove some thing to Ethiopians at the expense of Ethiopians and there is no better example than the golden opportunity they missed prior to 1998 due to their urge to prove it soooo urgently. Otherwise there is no justification what so ever for why a country that fought 30 years for a supposed ‘freedom’ would prioritize being on a war footing with an excuse of it’s football pitch sized land occupied…the truth is, Independent Eritrean was envisioned based on the perception they had about Ethiopians 50 years ago, but unfortunately time caught up with them by the time they have reached their destination and they are no longer dealing with people who knew them little…

03/23/12 @ 17:40
Comment from: bati [Visitor]

what an idiot writter? you trying to be writter? may be melles writtes! why you hide the trueth? where did you put forever OLF fierce fighters that be headache to you and melles regium? Yes it is allergic to habasha to call the name,OLF,fearing desintegrated atopia,weather you said or not it is on history that OLF was the heading to overthrow Derg regium,thus why I really hate habasha(trying to hide truth about oromo/oromia.who cares we know each other,anyways you are right unless you donot do that many habshas may be going ito hang themselves!The day is not 60s that you and the likes tried to hide oromo history,at this time oromo produced many political analysist who round 10000000 times,you are Ato,but oromo scholars pro.Alemayyo Birru-internationally awarded-dr.hassein ali,and your boss that you and all your same know Jawar Mohammed…… did you known them we hate forever and keep doing such biase to make all oromo to be free of the so called atopia or what you call it?? whatever!!

03/23/12 @ 18:03
Comment from: [Member]

A much more perfect analysis. Thank you Mr. Zerihun Abebe!!! I bet you are a P.H.D or sort,just wanting to hide your accolade.
I wish there are a few of your likes with unbiased genuine knowledge and thoughts to educate the otherwise dumb asses mainly in the acadamic camp from both country and region. The know nothing-title for less Eri/ Ethio screwed heads need to ponder on what they write as history and the hard working mass that thought them will judge eventually.
please keep writing as we are tired of readig garbage from same bloggers who have no flavor on their articles except promoting their own hard to swallow agendas.

Thank you and Thank you!!!

03/23/12 @ 18:17
Comment from: virginia [Visitor]

Bravo Dave

03/23/12 @ 18:22
Comment from: PuntlandGeezer [Visitor]  

these two habesha midge are the cause of war in the horn, causing war, famine, hatred & evil. they couldn’t even spare the country that hosted them. turning Somalia into their own play ground. somalia has learn her lesson that habesha are wolf dressing in sheep skin.

03/23/12 @ 18:45
Comment from: Tasew [Visitor]

You are very vulgar, dedeb balege.Such well minded writers do not at all lend themselves to your insanely neurotic remarks. you are nothing but dust and dirt. Your insult of neurotic proportions affirms that you are living with a badly decomposing and dead brain.Do not you think it is time for your to spend the rest of your life in a mental hospital and get quarantined until you die. Angol.

03/23/12 @ 20:07
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

The funniest comments of the day:):)

Omo said….

….he hands over Badme and its environs and he is ready to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for port services,…

Badme is as Eritrean as Assab. Anyone who need to use the port pay taxation. Eritrea is always abide by the International Law and noone is forced to use our port. But (the owners of Ethiopia), your colonisers pay the taxation. Saudi, China, Karturi & Co need our services when syphoning your resources, so whats up? They should ofcourse pay Eritrea for the kind services:):)


Dave said…

Eritreans Diasporas don’t seem to see their much cherished Eritrea worthwhile to visit that they have made a country they have once ridiculed(Ethiopia)their choice of destination….

Those who choose Ethiopia for their destination have identity crises or never learned from the history. Let them enjoy their new home till it lasts:):)

Again Dave said…

Almost all goods available in Eritrea is smuggled from Ethiopia (hope you have heard of the recent sugar crises in Addis) you will find it in Asmara for 20 times the price. I remember being served a Meta beer with a label taken off in a restaurant …..

If what you say is true, the woyane thugs who sell Ethiopia to the highest bidder smuggling beer or whatelse not only to Eritrea but to Sudan and Djibouti, while you do not have enough cereals to feed your stomach. So why produce beer in the first place? One quintal wheat is about 1500 Birr today in your cursed land, you tell me the reason why?
DomaRas hula:):)
Accuse your smugglers.

The fake princess said….

One of the few policies of Zenawi & Co that I truly support, admire is the “No war, No peace” policy with Artera. The next one has got to be, removing those poisonous Arterans that we Ethiopians trusted….

You should either support or oppose your masters:) Because when woyane hijacked the peaceful agreement the no-peace-no-war do not only harm Eritreans but Ethiopians as well. Look how divided you are beyond repair. He luckied to sell Ethiopia to the highest bidder singing Eritrea:)

The Eritreans you call “poisonous” were unfortunately forced to the harshest situation they are in just like Somalis who flood the streets of Addis. Woyane wanted to gain CASH of these refugees from the UN and opened a corridor for the young to flood to your cursed HIV infested cities, but most of all woyane knew that they would keep the market moving with their expenditure of millions of dollars per year they get from their relatives abroad:)
Somalis and Eritreans are the cashcow of today’s Ethiopia
so Be Thankful!

Aster said…..

Eritreas dream was to make eritrea african singapore, using ethiopian resourse….

Which resources? Ethiopia who is stretching hands left and right FOR DECADES begging for donation cannot help Eritrea to bloomish.

Please Ethios, do not come back and tell us that Eritreans make fun of you. Think deeply where it went wrong for your country.
You cannot win our hearts by WAR after WAR but LOVE & RESPECT!!!

03/25/12 @ 05:26
Comment from: Abegaz [Visitor]


you asked the writer some stupid questions. I will discuss the two

1st) “Why should Ethiopia must vote on Eritrean refurendum, on your suggetion?”

I think he didn’t ask ethiopian to do refrendum. He asked TPLF should ask what the ethiopian people say on the matter. So that if you go as u did, we know how to treat you. But becuase Meles (eritrean) is now ruling ethiopia your ppl are still benefeting from ethiopia which they reject as ‘barnet’ during the refrendum.

You want have that parasitic mentality of ethiopia ye gara eritrea ye gil.
That will not happen when weyane goes for good.

You also askedalso

2nd)"…was king Menlik the legall king in the Tigre’s empire to give out Eritrea as a sovergin nation to the Italy? is the other angle you have to look at.”

this question is confused because. we are now in a modern age Menelik type force doesn’t work. America is democracy but they came by menelik style force. They subjugated red-indians. All states are made by force. They keep those land which they can control. They give up thosw which they cannot.
Now is modern age and there is international law. Meles cannot act as menelik did.

Eritreans are always paraisites to ethiopia.

Long live ethiopia!

03/25/12 @ 06:30
Comment from: Biazen [Visitor]


The writer’s focus is about TPLF and EPLF. Hence he don’t have to speak about OLF. OLF was in fact one of the parties at that time. But its origin, nature and developemnet is different from TPLF and EPLF. TPLF and EPLF are related.

03/26/12 @ 09:01
Comment from: haimanot [Visitor]

No body asks anything from Eritrea. What we ethiopians want is, let eritreans leave asalone.

Why are Eritreans coming as refugges to ethiopia?

If you Eritreans are free now why do you want to live in Ethiopia?

No ethiopian is interested to live in Eritrea.

the answer as the writers clearly put it is simply

Eritrea is not a viable state. eritrea cannot feed its people.

Shamful people and shameful leader.

03/26/12 @ 15:28
Comment from: Hagos [Visitor]

I talked to an eritreaan and he told me in 2011 they, Eritreans claimed that their economy is growing by 17%.

But he himself admitted that he never think that is true. because life is diffcult for his family in asmera. In fact I myself checked if that 17% groeth is true. What I found out was that it is only a predication by the Economist and never confirmed to be true.

hence eritrea is a facke country without ethiopia.

God bless ethiopia

03/26/12 @ 17:03
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Why Eritreans rooming Addis? Nice question.
Ask your Master Meles why he opens the gate wide-open for Eritreans, he knows what he has done.
He hijacked Eritreans from their homeland opened a new Dadaab (Shimelba) across the border to milking the UN. He also noticed that Eritreans are the richest refugees he ever seen and allow them room freely and make them pay his corrupted generals (the smugglers) millions of dollars.
He is using both Somalis and Eritreans. Woyane exported Eritreans and sold their kidneys in Sinay Dessert, history will tell and God will judge woyanes for all their crimes, but those who come willfully from abroad and invest in Ethiopia, either they are half-casted or brainless. They will face the same destiny and BETRAYAL like Amiches and our ancestors starting from Zeray Deres, Aman Andom, Haregot Abay, Tesfayohanes Berhe many many more who paid the price of their willful services, are burried under the marvelous stretched chinese building of the UN Headqarter (the old ALEM BEKAGN. All Hailesellasie families are also burried deep underneath.

UN Headquarter in Addis = Martyrs Monument

Ethiopia never been kind in history to Eritreans. Haileselassie said it, Derg said it….ERITREA MERETUWA INJI HZBUWA AYASFELGENM (The living invador words, from the horsemouth:)!!!! This is what it means “your are part of our society” in Amharic language :):):)

03/27/12 @ 01:25
Comment from: Gabriel [Visitor]

You guys are paper tigers, your power is the internet. The facts on the ground are different. You Ethiopians worry about your problem in Addis and we will be happy to be left alone. We are very happy with our leadership. Take care of yours.

03/27/12 @ 23:31



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