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Ethiopia: The Sandcastles and Dams of African Dictators



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Ethiopia: The Sandcastles and Dams of African Dictators

Ethiopia: The Sandcastles and Dams of African Dictators

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

All dictators on the African continent have sought immortality by leaving a legacy that will outlive them and endure for the ages. But all have inherited the wind.

Kwame Nkrumah led the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence from colonialism in 1957. Nkrumaism sought to transform Ghana into a modern socialist state through state-driven industrialization. He built the Akosombo Dam on the Volta River, at the time considered the “largest single investment in the economic development plans of Ghana”. He promoted the cult of personality and was hailed as the “Messiah”, “Father of Ghana and Pan Africanism” and “Father of African nationalism”. He crushed the unions and the opposition, jailed the judges, created a one-man, one-party state and tried to make himself “President for life”. He got the military boot in 1966. He left a bitter legacy of one-man, one-party rule which to this day serves as a model of dictatorship for all of Africa. Nkrumah died in exile and inherited the wind.

Gamal Abdel Nasser sought to create his own brand of Arab socialism and nationalism and propagated it as a secular Pan-Arab ideology. Using an extensive intelligence apparatus and an elaborate propaganda machine, he promoted a cult of personality projecting himself as the “Man of the People.” He built the Aswan High Dam with Soviet aid. He ruled Egypt in a one-man, one-party dictatorship and crushed all dissent, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. Today the Muslim Brotherhood is in power and Nasserism is in the dustbin of history. Nasser left a legacy of military dictatorship in Egypt and inherited the wind.

Mobutu Sese Seko proclaimed himself “Father of the Nation” of Zaire (The Democratic Republic of the Congo), and became dictator for life. He declared, “In our African tradition there are never two chiefs….That is why we Congolese, in the desire to conform to the traditions of our continent, have resolved to group all the energies of the citizens of our country under the banner of a single national party.” Mobutuism consisted of the delusional thoughts of Mobutu and his program of “Zairianization”. He promoted a cult of personality describing himself as the “the all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, will go from conquest to conquest leaving fire in his wake”. Mobutu built the Inga Dams over the Congo River hoping to create the largest hydroelectric facility in the world. He left a legacy of kleptocracy and inherited the wind.

Moamar Gadhafi proclaimed the “Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” and ushered the era of the state of the masses (Jamahiriya). He sought to elevate Libyan society by reducing it to a massive collection of “people's committees”. He brutally suppressed dissent and squandered the national resources of that country. He launched the Great Man-Made River, the world’s largest irrigation project and proclaimed it the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” After four decades in power, the “Brother Leader” and author of the Green Book literally suffered the death of a sewer rat. He left a legacy of division and destruction in Libya and inherited the wind.

Idi Amin Dada, the “Butcher of Uganda” and the most notorious of all African dictators, imposed a reign of terror on the Ugandan people and sadistically displayed his tyrannical power to the international press. He pompously described himself as “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.” He built no dams by damned the Ugandan people for 8 years until he was forced into exile. He left a legacy of death, destruction and ethnic division in Uganda and inherited the wind.
The “Great Leader”?

The late Meles Zenawi, like all African dictators, sought to make himself larger than life. He was not only Ethiopia’s savior but Africa’s as well. He sought to project himself as a “visionary leader”, “inspirational spokesman for Africa” and supreme practitioner of “revolutionary democracy.” Following his death sometime in late Summer 2012, the propaganda to deify, mythologize, exalt, immortalize and idolize him became a theatre of the absurd. Hailemariam Desalegn, Meles’ handpicked titular prime minster, in his speech to the party faithful in parliament virtually made Meles a lesser god offering blessings of “Eternal Glory to Our Great Leader.” Even the original “Great Leader” Kim Il-sung of North Korea achieved no more glory than being “The Sun of the Nation”. Desalegn promised to consummate his own divinely delegated mission with missionary zeal: “My responsibility now… is to successfully carry out the aims and ambitions of a great and notable leader… Following in the footsteps of our great leader, we will strive to maintain and develop the influential voice in regional, continental and international forums” and “successfully implement the aims and vision of our great leader. He was not just a brilliant generator of ideas: he was, par excellence, the embodiment of selflessness and self-sacrifice…”

Was Desalegn talking about Meles or the Man of Galilee?
The Vision and Legacy of the “Visionary Great Leader”

Like all African dictators before him, Meles had illusions, delusions and obsessions. He did not have a grand vision; he had illusions of grandeur. Like Mobutu before him, Meles had the illusion of building Africa’s largest dam, the so-called Grand Renaissance Dam, on the Blue Nile at a cost preliminarily estimated (unadjusted for cost overruns) at nearly USD$5 billion. Experts believe such a dam if built will “flood 1,680 square kilometers of forest in northwest Ethiopia, near the Sudan border, and create a reservoir that is nearly twice as large as Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest natural lake…. The current cost estimate [for the dam] equals the country’s entire annual budget…” Moreover, the dam “could cut the Nile flow into Egypt by 25% during the reservoir filling period” and substantially reduce the reservoir capacity of the Aswan High Dam. According to a document obtained by Wikileaks from the private intelligence group Stratfor, “Sudan’s president Omer Al-Bashir had agreed to build an Egyptian airbase in his country’s western region of Darfur to be used for assaults on The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) should diplomatic efforts fail to resolve the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia over Nile water-sharing.” A legacy of regional war and strife?
Meles did not have a growth and transformation plan; he had delusional plans of economic growth and transformation. As I have demonstrated in “The Voodoo Economics of Meles Zenawi”, Meles “has been making hyperbolic claims of economic growth in Ethiopia based on fabricated and massaged GDP (gross domestic product) numbers, implying that the country is in a state of runaway economic development and the people's standard of living is fast outstripping those living in the middle income countries.” When the U.S. State Department reported an average inflation rate (FY 2008-2009) of 36 percent, Meles predicted a decline in inflation to 3.9 percent in 2009/10. His Growth and Transformation Plan (or what I called “Zenawinomics”) which I reviewed in my June 2011 commentary “The Fakeonomics of Meles Zenawi”, “is a make-a-wish list of stuff. It purports to be based on a ‘long-term vision’ of making Ethiopia ‘a country where democratic rule, good-governance and social justice reigns.’ It aims to ‘build an economy which has a modern and productive agricultural sector with enhanced technology and an industrial sector’ and ‘increase per capita income of citizens so that it reaches at the level of those in middle-income countries.’ It boasts of ‘pillar strategies’ to ‘sustain faster and equitable economic growth’, ‘maintain agriculture as a major source of economic growth,’ ‘create favorable conditions for the industry to play key role in the economy,’ ‘expand infrastructure and social development,’ ‘build capacity and deepen good governance’ and ‘promote women and youth empowerment and equitable benefit.’ Stripped of its collection of hollow economic slogans, clichés, buzzwords and catchphrases, Meles’ growth and growth and transformation plan is plain sham-o-nomics. A legacy of inflation, economic mismanagement, crushing foreign debt and environmental destruction?

Meles had no national vision; he only had a vision of ethnic division. His warped idea of “ethnic federalism” is merely a kinder and gentler reincarnation of Apartheid in Ethiopia. For nearly two decades, Meles toiled ceaselessly to shred the very fabric of Ethiopian society, and sculpt a landscape balkanized into tribal, ethnic, linguistic and regional enclaves. He crafted a constitution based entirely on ethnicity and tribal affiliation as the basis for political organization. He wrote in Article 46 (2) of the constitution: “States shall be structured on the basis of settlement patterns, language, identity and consent of the people.” In other words, “states”, (and the people who live in them) shall be corralled like cattle in tribal homelands in much the same way as the 10 Bantustans (black homelands) of Apartheid South Africa. These tribal homelands are officially called “kilils” (enclaves or distinct enclosed and effectively isolated geographic areas within a seemingly integrated national territory). Like the Bantustans, the Killilistans ultimately aim to create homogeneous and autonomous ethnic states in Ethiopia, effectively scrubbing out any meaningful notion of Ethiopian national citizenship. Meles’ completely fictitious theory of “ethnic (tribal) federalism)”, unknown in the annals of political science or political theory, has been used to justify and glorify these Kililistans and impose an atrocious policy of divide and rule against 90 million people. A legacy of ethnic balkanization, political polarization, brutalization, and sectarian strife?
Under Meles, Ethiopia became the poster country for international alms and charity and crushing international debt. During his two decades plus tenure, Ethiopia has been among the largest recipients of “economic aid”, “development aid”, “military aid”, “technical aid”, “emergency aid”, “relief aid”, “humanitarian aid” and aid against AIDS in the world. As I argued in my commentary “Ethiopia in BondAid?”, Meles has successfully subverted international aid and loans, particularly U.S. aid, to strengthen his tyrannical rule. A legacy of international aid addiction and beggary?

Corruption under Meles Zenawi has put Ethiopia on life-support. The World Bank recently issued a 448-page report entitled, “Diagnosing Corruption in Ethiopia” . The cancer of corruption has metastasized in the Ethiopian body politics. The Telecommunications Sector of Ethiopia is in terminal stage:
Despite the country’s exceptionally heavy recent investment in its telecoms infrastructure, it has the second lowest telephone penetration rate in Africa. It once led the regional field in the laying of fiber-optic cable, yet suffers from severe bandwidth and reliability problems. Amid its low service delivery, an apparent lack of accountability, and multiple court cases, some aspects of the sector are perceived by both domestic and international observers to bedeeply affected by corruption.

In the Construction Sector, “Ethiopia exhibits most of the classic warning signs of corruption risk, including instances of poor-quality construction, inflated unit output costs, and delays in implementation.” Corruption in the Justice Sector “takes one of two forms: (a) political interference with the independent actions of courts or other sector agencies, or (b) payment or solicitation of bribes or other considerations to alter a decision or action.” Corruption in the Land Sector is inherent in the law. “The level of corruption is influenced strongly by the way policy and legislation are formulated and enforced. For example, the capture of state assets by the elite can occur through the formulation of policy that favors the elite.” In other words, the laws are written to rig the bidding process to give Meles’ cronies, buddies and supporters a significant advantage so that they can pick up state assets at fire sale prices. A legacy of endemic corruption?

Meles’ “revolutionary democracy” as an ideology or policy guide never quite transcended the sloganeering and phrase-mongering stage, but he indulged in its rhetoric whenever he was overcome by revolutionary fervor. In a seminal analysis of “revolutionary democracy” and arguably the “first paper to seriously examine the political programme and political philosophy of EPRDF based on a review of its major policy”, Jean-Nicolas Bach of the Institute of Political Studies (Bordeaux, France) in 2011 described “Abyotawi democracy (revolutionary democracy) [as] neither revolutionary nor democratic.” Bach argued that revolutionary democracy is a ‘‘bricolage’’ (hodgepodge) of “Leninism, Marxism, Maoism, and also liberalism” concocted by a “small group of party ideologists around Meles, and a few agencies.” As an ideology, “revolutionary democracy” “provides justification for fusing political and economic power in the party-state run by EPRDF.” A critical “review of party pamphlets and official party/state discourses reveals the degree to which revolutionary democracy has become an ambiguous doctrine vis-a`-vis ‘liberalism’” and “remains a powerful fighting tool to exclude internal and external ‘enemies’.” One commentator recently likened revolutionary democracy to communism and fascism. Revolutionary democracy is responsible for delivering a 99.6 percent parliamentary victory to Meles’ party in 2010. A legacy of rigged and stolen elections and bad governance?

Melesismo: Meles’ Greatest Legacy
Meles’ singular legacy is Melesismo, a political legacy I foretold in my December 2009 commentary entitled “The Raw Machismo of Power”. Meles perfected Melesismo-- the political art of “My way, the highway, no way… or jail!” Melesismo reaffirms the ignoble principle that might makes right.
Meles’ worshippers proclaim they are marching in his footsteps with the same reverence of those who claim to walk in the footsteps of the Man of Galilee. They ostentatiously display raw machismo invoking the divine power Meles. How little things have changed? From a legacy of the divine right of kings to a legacy of the divine rule of a lesser god!

Meles’ worshippers seek to mythologize, canonize and idolize him. But they cannot reincarnate Meles as the “Messiah”. Even the great Nelson Mandela is undeserving of “eternal glory”. He said so himself, “I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.” Neither saints nor demons deserve “eternal glory”. Meles will eventually be consigned to the dustbin of history as nothing more than another petty African tyrant.
Meles’ greatest legacy would have been what he said his legacy would be. In 2007, Meles said his “hope is that [his] legacy” would be not only “sustained and accelerated development that would pull Ethiopia out of the massive deep poverty” but also “radical improvements in terms of good governance and democracy.” Without radical democratic improvements by Meles' worshippers, Meles will be remembered in history as a reactionary petty African tyrant.
Is it possible for Meleismo to hold the center after Meles? Will Melesismo survive Meles?

My friend Eskinder Nega, the personification of press freedom in Ethiopia today, who was jailed by Meles, was likely right in foretelling the inevitable implosion of the “EPDRF”. Eskinder wrote, “Scratch beyond the surface and the EPRDF is really not the monolithic dinosaur as it is most commonly stereotyped. [It has become] a coalition of four distinct phenomenon: the increasing confusion of the dominant TPLF [Tigrayan People's Liberation Front], the acute cynicism of the ANDM [Amhara National Democratic Movement], the desperate nihilism of the OPDO [Oromo People's Democratic Organization] and the inevitable irrelevance of the incongruent SEPM [South Ethiopian People's Movement] (a grab bag of some 40 ethnic groups from the southern part of the country).”

Meles was a man with a mission who confused mission with vision. He has completed his mission. History will record his legacy to be human rights violation, press suppression, ethnic division, endemic corruption, obsessive secrecy and a political culture whose lifeblood is impunity, lack of accountability and transparency. Shakespeare wrote, “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones…” Scripture teaches that “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.” Meles and his worshippers have profoundly troubled the Ethiopian house and they shall inherit the wind!

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer.


Comment from: [Member]

How do we thank God, who relieved us from such a devils incarnate called Meles?! There could be no vision and legacy for a devil. Sorrow and grief as a vision with a legacy of lie and deception is what he left!

I have witnessed that some of his ugly portraits have been taken down from main squares in the city, an already growing sign that shows even his companions are already putting him to the dust bin of history.

Now, we have to look forward. Those who like the smell of the incense of his rotten idea, are once again on the move. They are magnifying their scope and putting our churches on the cross-hair…..


02/04/13 @ 19:23
Comment from: TBT [Visitor]

ALemayehu must have direct blood ties with Minilik,"the King of Kings, The Lion of Judah, HIM", and of course “Abiotawiwu meriachin” for omitting the most brutal dictators in history from his article

02/04/13 @ 20:07
Comment from: [Member]


The parasitic evil almaria, seems losing it all. Looks like he has nothing to live for. He gave it all he can by demonizing all things about Ethiopia.
He angrily denounced the Abbay Dam, even wishing the Egyptians to bomb it.
He repeatedly denied the economy growth in Ethiopia by even telling lies that, World Bank not acknowledging it.
He went on and on denouncing and cursing everything in Ethiopia like a crazy old man who is on the verge of jumping over a cliff, to commit sucide.
The winded and wounded almaria in short of breathe and hope continued cursing the day he was born, and showing his hate against the whole world, all because of his anger and jealousy on our great leader PM Meles Zenawi, which had eaten him alive, to make him cry uncontrollably.
Dead man walking almaria and his alter ego eli ass kiftaff with the rest of zombies the FOOLS & IDIOTS of diaspora, ESAT, gimmo7,etc,. have already inherited the wind!!

02/04/13 @ 20:16
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

Meles will be remembered on many things including Abay dam , fast and sustainable economic growth whereas the fake kizenam professor will be remembered by trash propaganda article

02/04/13 @ 20:25
Comment from: [Member]

One thing we all must agree on is: Everybody can not be a Presidant or a priminster that is for sure.
The 2nd thing we must admit is: the Amahra’s can not or will never even think to destroy this precious great country Ethiopia.They have had enough.They might still think Ethiopia si only for them but not any more baby Ethiopia is for all Ethioipian’s

They can run thier propoganda. But never again destroy Ethiopia.That is not just happening.

02/04/13 @ 20:30
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

The last part about the trouble maker inheriting the wind, we can’t wait to see.  The whole Ethiopian political drama is very complicated though. The TPLF came to town to dispense justice on one hand, but kept on going committing injustice of their own. Whenever there is some events out of the norm in America, the radio stations accross the land play Van Morisson’s How Long (Has This Been Going On) . Americans have, however, been spared from asking “How in  hell…?” That exclamatory question belongs to us. How in hell Woeyane happened in Ethiopia? The all time big question. Clue to the answer: it did not happen without a cause (it is a rebel with a cause in this case). We are so muted and tuned out that we did not even say “How dare you” to the lesser offense by Susan Rice. Ethiopia has many ugly problems and Meles and his worshippers were just the tip of the iceberg.

02/04/13 @ 20:35
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Letekemach sew semayi kerebu new.This guy did nothing for his country in past and current regimes.But criticize every positive change in Ethiopia.As lawyer and fake human right advocator at least he should say something about Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections.

02/04/13 @ 20:41
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]

Ever since i came on this site i had always opposed proffessor Al mariam articles.

But to some extent i can not fully oppose this article ,because there is a lot of shade of truth regarding past MONKEY AFRICA DICTATORS.

I had,have always describe African leaders as MONKEY.

ALL african leaders should be hunted down and given to western countries science university so they can do rigorous study on MONKEY AFRICA LEADERS.

Monkey africa leaders start of pretending they are fighting for democracy and end up to be far more worst than european colonialists.

Monkey Africa leaders have the money to build 100 millions of worth manision,villas in europe,austarila and in the u.s with money they stole from the long suffered Africa people.

But yet these monkey Africa leaders would not donate 5 million dollar each to construct the AFRICA UNION BUILDING IN ETHIOPIA.

INSTEAD these monkey Africa leaders ask a foreing country to construct Africa union building and show thier faces on international television to take pride in of thier begging accomplishment of the building.

As i stated in my previous comment,would have not being better Africa union building was constructed by Africa money,Africa labor,and Africa materials,rocks,cement shipped from all corner of Africa to symbolize our unity as well as stregnth.

Monkey Africa leaders can not take responsibility to safe guard the citizens of Africans as well as taking care of each others by deploying well equiped,well trained African army in places such as MALI,KENYA,NIGER,SIRA LEON.

Instead they beg ex-colonial masters that used to rape,murder,enslaved thier forfathers to come in thier countries and solve thier internal problems.

These monkey Africa leaders spends billions of dollars annualy to suppress thier own citizens and to portrait themselves as larger than life,Brave,heroes by recruiting foreign journalists,hodams,lebas to speak about them.

Deep inside or scumbag monkey africa dictators are the most coward in the entier world.

Most of them end up on power not because of thier bravery ,ability,brain but by simply back stabbing thier own true comrades.

Throughout out African history there had only being few selfless leaders who truly loved thier people and did everything they could to help thier citizens without glamourizing or creating cult personality.

Other wise the unfortunate Africa Continent never had any HONEST,FAIR,TRUTHFUL ,PATRIOT LEADERS IN HER HISTORY except few.

Btw:dear nazret.readers just last week when the french army was in mali ,monkey african leaders were gathering in addis ababa doing nothing tangible to help the citizens of mali.

to be continued

02/04/13 @ 20:46
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]

Ato Alemayehu:

I can’t believe that a man with your education would stoop to such a low. Your column doesn’t even deserve our valuable time. For that reason, I will move on to my main point.

Listen to yourself! According to you: ” history will record his legacy to be…". So now as if your non-sense is not enough, you are arrogant enough to predict how HISTORY will judge him. No, what you meant to say is how ALEMAYEHU judges him today. Shame on you.

02/04/13 @ 21:03
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]

I am a decendent of heroes,brave and war lords that fought invaders tooth & nail to defend ethiopia throughout our long 7,000 years ethiopia history.

Throuhgout ethiopia history my family had the opportunity not only to rule Tigray ,but most of Ethiopia.

And these heroic families of mine who ruled Tigray in general ethiopia were one of the most humble,kind and never portraite themselves as larger than life as most of monkey africa & ethiopia leaders did in our history.

My war lords families used to go around Tigray and help the peasants,plow thier fields,and did heavy works and not to mention they were always in the for front of vicious war fighting invaders.

Keep in mind these were the days of feudal that was the system of governenment around the world as well as in Ethiopia.

As i have told everyone on this site how my brave war lords families including the brave Tigray women in my families how they destroyed evil fascist italy in the 1930’s.

Monkey Africa Dictators think they will live for ever and doing all kinds of evilness to enrich them selves and thier families while they left over crumbs for the masses.

When these monkey Africa/Ethiopia/Eritrea dictators comes on tv/radio they roar like lion and show thier teeth as they are brave.

But deep inside they dont even have the courages,bravery of thier wives.

As many times we had seing when Monkey africa dictators get caught by coup and taken in custody they begg like cowards for thier lifes and most of the time they die disgracefuly.

Note:the only africa leader that did not get shaken,or frighten by coup when he was surrounded by Fascist derg was EMPEROR HILESELLASIE.

The frail elderly emperror hilesellasie was not shaken by the heavly criminals fascist derg.

Hence i give emperror hilesellasie credit for his bravery,stand against fascist derg ,and for creating Africa union not to mention for preserving Ethiopia Traditions.

I did little reasearch about hilesellasie after i heard meles zenawi on tv.telling african leaders how great hilesellasie and mengistu were.

Indeed hilesellasie might have not being good to the heroic Tigray people,but he had done many great things for ethiopia.And i will never consider hilesellasie as monkey dictator.Hilesellasie was a proud Black person just like the entier Tigray people.

Ethiopians should demand for his statue to be build in front of Africa Union.The late Meles Zenawi was right about emperor hilesellasie.

Overall monkey Africa dictators have not done anything for the masses despite africa is endowe with thrillion dollar worth natural resources.

When monkey Africa dictators chose mega development ,they do not do it for the masses,but for them selves to trick the world and thier own citizens to remain on power.

A true leader is that relinquishe power after liberation and create transperancy,accountability another word strong inistitution and check and balances.

It is true there might be other monkey leaders in latin america,Asia but by comparison Africa leaders are the biggest DIRTY MONKEY IN THE WORLD.

FIEDEL CASTRO IS the biggest monkey leader of latin America.

Fiedel Castro was the biggest preacher of democracy in the late 1950’s when him and his leba friend fought the then leadr MR.BATISTA.

But after 40 years the monkey Fiedel Castro is clinging on his power from his rotten ,rusty bed.

By comparison the corrupt cuban leader mr.Batista WAS FAR MORE BETTER THAN the leba castro.

One way or another all dictators will perish from this earth by natural causes or be eaten a life by the people.Citizens of Ethiopia and in general Africa must learn not to be enablers of Dictators.

Ethiopians we have to show our true love toward each other,we have to respect each other.Because it is us the citizens who will remain to live together when the donkey/monkey africa leaders perish before our eyes one by one.Lets learn to put each other first before any leaders or dictators.

02/04/13 @ 21:41
Comment from: [Member]

ፕሮፈሰር አለማየሁ ትንታኔህ የገለጸልን
መለስ ዜናዊ ንጉስ አምላክ ልሁን ባይ እንድ ራሱን የወደደ እንክዋን ለአገራችን ቀርቶ ለተወለደብት መንደር ትንሽም የላያስበ ሽፍታ የቀን ማጅራት መቺ እንደነበረ ነው ::
ይሀው በቅዠቱ አገራችንን የ በለጸገች አንዳድረገ የዋሸው መለስ በምርቃና አሱው ህገ መንግስት አርቃቂ ራሱ ዳኛ ራሱ እኮኖሚስት እንጂነር ::እረ ያልሆነው ነገር ይኖራል ብላችሁ ነው ::
አይ !! ሞት ቀደመው ያንን የሰረቀውን ሳይበላ!!!
ራስ ወዳድ አታላይ ሰዎች በዘዴ ስልጣን ላይ ከወጡ ወዲያ ለዘላለም እንዴት አንደሚበዘብዙ ሲያጠኑ ነው የሚያድሩት ::

02/04/13 @ 21:43
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

@Agazit Woman..May I ask you a question?

We all know that Alemayoh G Mariam is obsessed and he sounds jealous about Meles Zenawi’s achievement. That’s why he has been sleepless for the past 22 years that he is continue to dump his weekly articles on this or others site of an Ethiopian media…

To make the story short, since you have been telling us that you havd been struggling for justice under the TPLF organization for years, and you have a big post with the current EPRDF government at the moment…So, I would assume you might have a better firsthand preception, and would you please enlightened us a bit about what you think of Meless Zenawi?

Thank you.

God bless the world!

02/04/13 @ 21:49
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]


Ethiopians should demand Emperor hilesellasie Statue be build in front of Africa Union building.Because emperor hilesellasie was the founder of Africa Union and pan africa.Thanks to meles remark about hilesellasie i am doing my best to learn about emperor hilesellasie.

02/04/13 @ 21:51
Comment from: Gutema [Visitor]

How come you do not include Issayas Afewerki’s name in your list of African dictators? Is it because he is the paragon of democracy and symbol of good governance or because you are a turncoat agent determined to create havoc in Ethiopia. If, for a change, you write one short article about the situation in Eritrea - about the freedom of the press or lack of it in that country, the personal freedom enjoyed by its people, the economic progress the country is witnessing - then I can say that you have some fairness in your opinions. Otherwise, as Spiro Agnew {Nixon’s one time VP) said you, sir, are a nattering nabob of negativism and we would like to get a break from your long and tedious mutterings.

02/04/13 @ 21:57
Comment from: [Member]

Agaziw man, the mazzafaka asshole shabian,…

Get off this Ethiopian website and stop using the Tigray people’s great legacy for your artera.
We have discoverd your motives long time ago, and you’re already busted. Just come up with your own shabian name.
Your master isahiyaass a forki is recalling you back to sawa. He heard your cover is not anymore working. So he is trying to save his ass from embbarrasment. Go back to your shithole artera and shut your stinky mouth. You stupid asshole shabian!!

02/04/13 @ 22:07
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

The countries of Ghana, Egypt, DR Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia - all mentioned in the article - have almost identical problems. How could it be? Does this mean that we have the same curses? Are problems contagious? How come the white people just a few thousands miles north of us do not have these problems? Probing for answers, in almost all the cases of these countries, there were violent acts of taking power, or also known as power usurpation. In all likelihood, a monarch was removed by means of violence. And the cycle of bloodshed, corruption, injustice and worse continued. Even the much sought after magical alternative, democracy, cannot solve the fundamental question. Democracy and other remedies are just promising tools for masking the problems. Democracy is unlikely to work in a backward country made so by power usurpation. We, Africans, must re-learn how to respect authority as long as that authority is legitimate.

02/04/13 @ 22:14
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]

Here we go again. The idiot professor almariam blabbering again as if anybody care what he has to say. What a damn shame.

02/04/13 @ 22:54
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi and Co. it’s waste of time for a bunch of brainwashed Morons like you ,whorshiping days and nights an evil Tyrant, to see the very fact of the country .As Prof Al has stated this is the usual habit of Despots to make unrealisable promises and launching giganstic and useless projects just for their Fame without any consideration of the peoples .We
can also add the then Rumanian Dictator Ceacescu who made destroy 1/3 of Bucarest to build a
Huge Palace and Stalinist Architectures dedicated for him and worst his evil wife .Also the North
Korean Dictatorial Family reigning on the suffering of the peoples always busy on building avenues ,status and arches for the Great Leader his son and now his granson while the peoples are starving .Do not forget all the then
USSR Stalinist and Maoist useless infrastructures today on a state of Dead Stocks destroying the environment and endangering the lives of local peoples . Afterall hanged to their priviledges Agazi bandits and Tigre Mafiosis are unable to learn from the past .What can you expect more from a bunch of bandits who did have as mentor the then Albenian Tyrant Andver Hodja who did transform Cathedrals as Gymnasiums and Mosques as public housing even worst lavatory .

02/04/13 @ 23:08
Comment from: Chemoga [Visitor]

What I saw during the PM funeral service was African leaders call him an African leader,A friend,Visionary,tireless,etc.
All of them said “they will miss him".They urge Ethiopian people to finish what he started.Of course,that is what the people are,why they have to waste time listening to you?The Ethiopian people concluded long time ago that you are irrelevant.

02/05/13 @ 00:15
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

The author presented everywhere ideas, lack of focused, lack of analyzed and no suggestion for his everywhere ideas how to end it.

Please anyone help me whether the author had addressed what is the cause of the dictators to have short life span(of course he said all ended up in dusty of bin history)? Hamm?

When the Dam constraction ends, is that not one of benefits to Tigray and Amhara regions for irrigation? Is that not a benefit to Oromia and all others regions for electrification?

Is the author unaware that environmental impacts of this dam was accessed by international and local experts and found to be feasible?

Internationally known presidents had positive tribute for PM Meles. However, why the Author’s idea is odd?

He could have raised specific questions: why gov’t don’t release innocent students, politicians, journalists; how can we speed up and contribute to the dam construction; how we increase decentralization and integration; how multicultural issues will be respected; how tolerance will be enhanced; how equitable growth for all regions will be increased; how peacefully Ethiopian will continue to live together; what pressing projects will be designed and implemented; how opposition political parts will reconcile with gov’t to increase economic development and so on.

I personally know that a number of Oromo has been a victims of this regimes. But the point here should be, including for all ethnicity, how specific problems can be solved? e.g. arrest, injury, killing problem must be stopped.

Generally, the author has a trash and clumsy ideas which antagonize the development of Ethiopia.

02/05/13 @ 00:20
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Teftef the Bushti Shabian

Agazit Woman is or was TPLF like yourself.

And to all woyanes and TPLFs your leader the DEAD Meles was nothing but and ethnic baiting tyrant who split the country. He was a dictator who refused to leave power. He fought against Ethiopia and for ethnic federalism not for Ethiopia.

He is only a hero in the eyes of just TPLF Tigray people and a tyran migit in every other Ethiopian.

Let us not forget his history and back ground….. collaborated with sworn Ethiopian enemies like shabia.

02/05/13 @ 00:25
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]


Okay, as you stated PM Meles was tyrant. He is not here now. So what?

02/05/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]


Abet yezih sewye agechna fit min yaklal? eski tikur blachihu eyut. yeferes zrya alebet ende yihe sewye yasblal.

02/05/13 @ 00:51
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


Surprise surprise… well, hey first ting to do will be for you to stop talking as if Tigray is not part of Ethiopia and only the Tigrian is courageous and the rest are not. That is offensive to the Ethiopians you want to show true love to. Other than that girl, I hear you.

Down with dictatorship. Ethiopia to Ethiopians equally, free and democratic.

“…Ethiopians we have to show our true love toward each other,we have to respect each other.Because it is us the citizens who will remain to live together when the donkey/monkey africa leaders perish before our eyes one by one.Lets learn to put each other first before any leaders or dictators..”

02/05/13 @ 01:06
Comment from: [Member]

Why was Meles Zenawi so mean against Ethiopia? What shall we do in future from having such internal enemies? Why should 90 million people be landlocked? what do they gain from this? Who benefits by destroying Ethiopia’s history?

Meles Zenawi was an idiot. He had no vision. He was a mad man, filled with hatrd against Amhara and Ethiopia at large. He was against Tigreans. Meles was so mean that he was insulting the Tigray people by hodling them hostage in a meeting. The meeting was surrounded by a whole division. No one of the people in the meeting had a gun.

Meles’s untimely death was a blessing to Ethiopians. Meles was so mean that he did his best not to privitize the land because the amhara and Oromos could be powerfull again. What is wrong if Oromos and amhara people get more rich ? Are they not Ethiopians? Do we not need our own rich people? Look at europeans and arabs. They have their own rich people who control industry and taxes. These national capitalists are patriots and could improve our situation by paying taxes and by giving more employment to the local population. Ethiopian capitalists could also compete globally in the future after securing the market at home. Meles Zenawi allowed foreign investors in farming and has done all obstacles to prevent amhara and oromo from owning land. We should stop foreign investors in farming. Farming and land ownership should be given to Ethiopians only. Foreign investors should invited to invest in capital intensive enterprises like mining, petroleum, aeronautic, automotive and the like.

Could some body stop those foreigners from owning ethiopian farm lands. Please take action ! No foreign investors in farming.

02/05/13 @ 01:14
Comment from: Dagmawi [Visitor]

The Professor has no the right to summerize all afrikan leader als Dictator like his masters with a white skin. If he list the diktataoprs there may some other cruel in other part of the world with white skin. Is he affaid to point his finger at them? Why not some real diktators even in Africa are not on the list?
I personaly sad to hear the name like Kwame Nkrumah als Diktator. Afrikan in general and Ganians in particular still admire him.
If he has a Ganian student he may pay the price. As a lawyer he may get no afrikan clients. Please advise him to be balanced against afrika or ethiopia. To know and wright a smart english did not mean to be omnipotent.

02/05/13 @ 04:43
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]


02/05/13 @ 05:07
Comment from: Dariw [Visitor]

The so called professor was opposing Gibe lll project for environmental reason and now he criticize the Abay dam as it is build for fame.What about Tana Beles dam,Tekeze dam,Gibe l,Gibe ll,Adama Wind Power Project,Ashegoda wind farm project.Do you mean all of these projects are unrealisable promises and just for fame.

02/05/13 @ 05:34
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

I can see EVIL in his ugly horse face and dyed Black hair.

02/05/13 @ 05:41
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Gutema [Visitor]
How come you do not include Issayas Afewerki’s name in your list of African dictators?

Answer:-Issayas Afewerki’s is the one sponsor Al.Mariam and Eritrea review…. Mangstu dictator but he helped South African freedom fighter so Issayas Afewerki also doing a Gods Work by supporting Al Mariam so I don’t see any problem here if u see tell us.

02/05/13 @ 06:32
Comment from: Respect [Visitor]

“All dictators on the African continent have sought immortality by leaving a legacy that will outlive them and endure for the ages. But all have inherited the wind,……”
Alemayehu Gebremariam February 2013

02/05/13 @ 06:45
Comment from: Hagos [Visitor]

TV Oromia is recognized by abesha. OPDO has sold out. Oromo has no rights to access his own language through his own regional mass media. The youth, elders and all Oromo people, this is a time to remove OPDO and start to struggle for your rights by any means.

02/05/13 @ 06:51
Comment from: Hagos [Visitor]

addition and correction read as: TV Oromia is ‘re-colonized by Habash. This case never happen to Tigray and other regions.

02/05/13 @ 06:56
Comment from: Ebssa [Visitor]

To the readers who opposed especially this article,
I am sorry but I think we are having enough of this professor article demonizing everything about Ethiopia. This time, my head started hurting after he start false claims on the Abay dam and other good projects that are lifting the poor people of Ethiopia out of Poverty. I think anybody can tell that he has a deep hatred that is embroiled in him with current government. And that is his choice but using that as a reason and damaging the whole country is not an Ethiopian. Dear readers, I suggest that we start writing reply to his Monday’s publication and submit for, and other Ethiopian website. So that the Diaspora can see the truth from both sides. I think it’s enough the we gave him an empty play field to argue his points. But as a new generation of hippos and cheetahs , it’s our time also to defend his wrong mis-guiding statements. This does not help especially the new generation of the Diaspora that are interested in investing and contributing to their country. Please let’s try to submit an article every Tuesday by giving another opinion on his articles. I don’t think the comment section is enough to explain our mind for others.
Another option can also be on the table: As a US citizen, I feel sorry for the poor students that he is teaching at the California State University, San Bernardino. I think it’s not a bad idea to show the administration of the university t the links of his articles, so that they can analyze his mind to make sure that he is fit for teaching.I am scared he may contaminate his students with this kind of deep hatred that he is preaching every week. All his articles can be found at
And he is Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam who teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer.
I will leave the decision for the readers….Long Live Ethiopia!

02/05/13 @ 07:37
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]


1. I totally support your ideas. He is enjoying here but poor Ethiopian are hardly surviving. Very eye souring about the Dam!

2. He is even contracting the tributes that PM Meles got from top leaders: USA, England etc. We know that the PM had problem but after a person passed away, at least we have to quit or speak about positive sides.

3. At different times he has been opposing the equal rights given to the Ethiopian citizens: to all ethnicity to use their own languages, culture.

4. Without undertaking a research, the author dismisses an international and local experts evaluation of the Dam.

5. unprofessionally, his is publishing unscientific findings to defame African leaders.

6. His unscientific publications will damages students and public views; because assuming that he is university professor, audience easily accepts. This distorts knowledge.

7. Without a research, he creates grouping among ethnicity and ages to initiate conflicts against government of Ethiopia.

As individual participant in this forum, I will add more as demanded. We need peace and development for the poor who are hardly having a daily foods.

02/05/13 @ 08:14
Comment from: Florad [Visitor]

How is it possible that not a single achievement was attributed to Meles? This by itself says a lot about the neutrality and fairness of the article. I still commend the way it is written though. The writer has a great writing skill.

02/05/13 @ 08:47
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

A dictator is a dictator whether he is a tigre or not. We have witnessed both tigre dictators who followed mengistu and one gave Power after he is dade and the other one is till in Power and he has confirmed that he would remain in Power for decades.

Meless’s dictatorship is based on tigre ethnics and the consquence is too ugly. Isays’s dictatorship is based on his party, so the consquence is only on his party. And removing that party is simpler than the ethnic one.

Ethnic based is always complicated and Dangerous one. If a journalist, a liberator, an oppostion is killed, jailed, or dissappeared he or she are not tigre. So the woyanes they dont feel it. Infact they get ungery why anybody opposes their government. Instead of showing empaty for the killed, Arrested People and their families, they would be happy that their oppositions and their relative suffers so that it would be a lesson for others.

woyanes can not see the other ethnics suffering. Because they have now New identities. I am tigre! When one does this for 22 years it would be just a rutine.

derg and tplf are the same. derg was the enemy of all ethnics. by the removal of derg all except derg members and their beneficiaries. But when it comes to tplf, all tigrians are With it. you can not even correct tplf’s falls policy With out being rescuing Your life. if you loose Your life in the proccess then you dont get that sympaty from woyanes. The only comment you get is ‘they forgott how they were living in derg time’.

this a Dangerous desease. Many innocent non-tigre sacrificed themselves to stop this Madness.

02/05/13 @ 08:52
Comment from: [Member]

Tamrat Tamrat, the shabian Rat,…

Don’t worry shabia dude, almaraia is an employee of isahiyaass a forki, your beloved master. He will never say anything about him. Almaria’s lips are sealed when it comes to shabia and its master. That’s why you are a big fan of almaria.
My suggestion to you, stop stinking our Ethiopians’ website and stay in your shithole at sawa. We are tired of your painful cry. Stupid asshole shabian!

02/05/13 @ 09:12
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Ts woyane!

Your thin mask is waring Our soon. You try to blame G.M on ethnic based violence, what a shame.

Tell me how many non-tigre People have been killed, jailed, disappeared, banned, begged for excuse (the worest) by the Ethiopian government for the last 22 years?

Compare that number With tigre People.

Is that the work of GM?

‘dont talk about dead People or postivie about them’ you said.

Do you know how many times meless was defaming the dead king? Do you know how many tigre People defame the dead king every day`?

This is what meless said before he died ‘all ethiopian leaders have done more than any leaders in africa for africa. Who gave scholarship and trained Mandella, who made zimabawe free, who fought for the removal of colonization, who worked day and night to unite africa from begining to now: E t h i o p i a n leaders’ he was almost shouting to them. And he continuded but these leaders are ‘Buchers at home’.

He was too Bucher.

So Ts, we are not discussing ethnic politics and its consquence in Libya. We are discussing what is happening in Ethiopia. We are the victim not you. Discuss it With Your People. What ever you listen, see or read from non tigre People, take it to Your families and friends and discuss it ritonaly. why the non-tigre behaves like this? if they are reasonable or not? If they are manuplated by forginers, enemies of tigre, or is there tplf can do Things other wise. this kind of unbiased thinking is good. Beside you do discuss With People you know, not a bunch of creazy People who change their names depending of the article.

02/05/13 @ 09:25
Comment from: John [Visitor]

i salute you..Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam are a true not get silenced with these Agame tyrants..The real Hero of Tigray people will stand against these TPLF mafias…down to Meles and down to dictators..Long live Ethiopia united!!!

02/05/13 @ 09:25
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Adis Z

ya ya, you have said this. but how much isayas paid for you and meless before Your hungery poeple fight for the teff and coffee before 1998?

02/05/13 @ 09:34
Comment from: Quna [Visitor]

G-Spot is crazy

…” Moreover, the dam “could cut the Nile flow into Egypt by 25% during the reservoir filling period” and substantially reduce the reservoir capacity of the Aswan High Dam".

And he says, because of Egypt will lose 25% the Nile water it doesn’t belong to her, Ethiopia has to lose her 100% water wealth to Egypt. Lady’s and gentlemen, he is also an Ethiopia we are facing like a curse from somewhere. He is atela disserve even no the slightest attention let alone respect what so ever in any form. He is crazy and worthless.

The so called Ethiopian blogs are Trash and stinky garbages serving a crazy, trash, hopeless and even there is no such bad word to describe this dirty seems already gave up in live but acting the way he is. Vomiting on him seems give the feeling of satisfaction about what this sick and hopeless is behaving towards Ethiopia. Does this shi5t think behaving nothing like him is difficult to anybody who is not normal? No. But Ethiopians are not behaving like him because they are normal human beings and they understand how things are.

He seems worry about Egypt. Does this dirty knows Egypt is worry and has to be about Sudan using massive irrigation rather than Ethiopia which is keeping the water on a law evaporation rate and balancing the flow of water throughout the year?

USA is and will be soon domed because of brainless individuals like him are allowed to live in and worst than that to give education to students. I can imagine what kind student and person will be anyone who is getting any lesson by being around this trash has no rest but day and night thinking bad and talking nonsense about Ethiopia he is legally doesn’t belong to her and he is not contributing anything but left her long times ago for better life.

The Ethiopian blogs are really garbages functioning based on the individuals nonsense works like this crazy seem are in a life time death sentence in an isolated mental Institute. Believe me, his brain has to have a very big defect.

It is clear he is mentally badly damaged. I even hate to think about him while talking about him let alone to read his garbage stinky so called article. O, man what kind person(s) are around this sick creature. They must be like him or else he must be a lonely and worthless creature using the Ethiopian blogs as medication for his mental sickness and isolated and failed live.

02/05/13 @ 09:35
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

There he goes again regurgitating the same old story, a clear indication that he is running out of steam and has nothing new to come up with except to bore us with his unending mantra on dictator here and dictator there.
Is Professor Alemayehu not aware of the state in which Eritrea is or is he deliberately avoiding not to hurt his mentor and idol Isayas Afeworki? If Isayas Afeworki is not a dictator what is he? For the last time, please our dear Professor where in your list of African leaders does I. Afeworki stand?
The legacy of Meles with his genius and visionary ideas that has salvaged Ethiopia from the quagmires of extreme poverty and decay into a brighter future has put a landmark on the history of our country to bring a bright future for the people of Ethiopia. He will be remembered as one of the brightest African leaders ever!

Ethiopia is prospering and will continue to prosper!!

02/05/13 @ 09:39
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

@Tamrat Tamrat

Whether dictator or not, PM Meles have made positive contribution to the country. He has gone now and don’t deserve deride. Period.

I agree with you about arbitrary destination and damages nowadays. However, the Author’s article here never put forward for discussion.

Ethnicity is a natural gift. No one hate others otherwise it emanate from ignorance. Rather the current gov’t relatively brought equity and equality of all ethnicity: for example, any ethnicity has right to use once mother tongue, can practice once culture which all of these were unprecedented, and for, lack of these freedom were a major cause for war. Gov’t never prohibit anyone to operate any business.

But obviously there is biased towards TPLF. Even if this is the case, it will not warranty to against the Dam. The Author is completely wrong and he must stop unfounded publications.

Is there problem of language issues? Not at all. But there is hate of one ethnicity against other ethnicities’ languages. If there is no hate, it is very easy for an individual to learn, say, three major languages: Oromo, Amhara and Tigrie. Once this happen, there is no barriers for work and employment. Excerpt language requirements, equal opportunity for employment based on merit is a matter of law enforcement.

For that matter, even China is speaking our local languages. Because they are open minded and got business. Why so, say, Oromo, Amhara and Tigrie are unable to learn three local languages. I safely assume that either hate, lack of economic incentive, and superiority of my language are a major problems. Okay, if this is the case, each ethnicity has right to use their respective languages and continue to promote national economic development. But no one can impose a single language on others ethnicity. Hence, there is no single problem about ethnicity.

02/05/13 @ 09:52
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

well in order to judge meles legacy you have to compare today ethiopia to the pre 1991-93 one. i know the professor doesnt like him much but the fact is ethiopia was a dying nation where famine and war took their toll on. it was a country where the rich and the poor wants to flee from. it was a country with no development to speak of for 20 years. that is not the case today, the country is showing some signs of life. in my opinion, unlike his predecessors meles legacy is not bad provided the government does the right thing in the future.

02/05/13 @ 10:28
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Mr Belay!

You forgot one basic thing!

What was meless doing the pre 1991-1993!

Like his shabian colleagues he was sacrificing innocent tigrians for war and hunger. You see Belay, for 17 years embargo and the non-sens Liberation war made Ethiopians and Ethiopia suffer.

As to Your visionary and my Bucher leader meless has not done any special thing as to the Money he is paid in the form of aid.

Look the hunger and the poverity of Our People regardeless the relative Peace we achive.

think like this for a second. What if Ethiopia is boycotted, the loan stopped, the economical and the Food aid is cancelled, then where is the vision of Your leader?

And you know for sure how much of that aid is circulating in tigrians and tigray economical activities. One meless visison is carrying his begging sack in the name of 90 millions People and empowering only tigirians. that is why you and Your Family so blinded to see the facts.

Compare the tigray People before 91 and now!

The aid Money is now loundering in the name of Construction.

Let me ask you a simple question: Ethiopia gets more than 100 billion bir per year of economical aid. This data is from woyane government and it doesnt include the soft loan and all other sorts of loan. Why woyane government use this Money for Construction in the country where 80% of the population is dependent on agriculture? this is not enough, Your government lease the fertile land for forgeiners, Why? And the worrest thing is tigrrays farm land is developing With foreiger experts?

How do you put all this mess to give sens?

Ya, as usuall you summery it, by calling me shabia.


02/05/13 @ 11:14
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

If you are stuck in the era of Mengistu and Meles, what can really be your salvation? Obvioisly, they manifest a curse. They are short, evil, from a wrong tribe for a leader, chelema, murderers and on and on. They will blanket your decades with bad karma: bad luck, bad people and bad events. You can’t fly away from them, because as the bible says, the enemies will be exiled with you. Their reign is so swollen with evil, each subsequent Babylon arivee is the more wicked. Please spare us the details of their deeds for it has been foretold long ago.

02/05/13 @ 11:15
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


Meles’s legacy is one of division along ethnic lines, collaboration with sworn enemies of Ethiopia, splitting Ethiopia for ever and making us land locked and giving away a port that is rightfully ours.

He good at a few things though, begging the west for donations and manipulating the diaspora into poring in their hard earned money by treating to take away the land they owned if they did not build a shammy 4 story building. He is also good at redistribution of wealth.

Well that is just in short!!!

Ethiopia was going to grow regardless be it remittance money from diaspora or through businesses established by the ordinary people.

02/05/13 @ 11:19
Comment from: Dariw [Visitor]

Please see neutral organization The CIA world face book says about late PM Meles Zenawi.

The CIA World Factbook reported that Ethiopia’s GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) reached $103.1 Billion USD in 2012. This is a $6.7 billion USD growth compared to the 2011 figures. For an economy without oil, gas, or significant minerals, such a huge growth rate is remarkable. The growth rate exceeded the population growth rate affecting the per capita income. According to the report, Ethiopia’s GDP Per Capita was $1100 in 2011, but it grew to $1200 in 2012. Although currently standing as the 8th biggest economy in Africa, Ethiopia will soon become the 7th biggest economy in the continent surpassing Tunisia whose GDP grew by just $2.7 billion in 2012. Once again, the right policies outlined by the government and the ruling party are proven to be working. The credit for such sustainable high growth rate goes to all hard working public servants, specifically, to the late PM Meles Zenawi, who was the architect of the economic reforms.

02/05/13 @ 11:30
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat


You jumped the big point here!

You did not compare the tigrians vs the rest who suffer due to tplf policy.

You see that is what causes ethnicity problems. You Close Your eyes on that one because you and Yours economy and advantage is well kept by tplf.

Why the majority political prisoners are non tigre while the majority leaders of the military, economy, massmedia, federal position are tigrians while they are less than 8% of the population. Dont you see here that Your government is expert in ethnic policy or politics.

And you have to stop this nonesens that we can speak in Our Language. Try to stop us! We got that by Our struggel not a gift from tplf. You see this is blinding you to understand People like GM.

Saying meless has positive contribution is seen from Your vantage point of view. And this must be stopped if all of us talking about a common country of Ours called Ethioipa.

Meless is dead, let’s leav him alone is the funniest. He will be rememberd for all his crimes he has done. When tplf loses its seats that shocked face of the Bucher followed by the great journalist Abebe ‘meless is dictator’ will be broadcasted in the national tv of Ethioipa

Your government is making all sorts of rememberance activities, even basketball cup after him, by the tax Money of the majority which suffer great by the very existence of the Bucher. This is a criminal act for a dictator! As i told you dictator is dictator. You dont cellebrate a dictator just because he is tigre. You see. Now you are the one who creats ethnic problem.

You have to the difference between propaganda. You can not sale tplf policy to me.

One more thin! YOu have to be greatfull for those non tigre who believes in the unity of Ethiopia. If they were like tigre People they could have joined any forgein Group to destroy Your 4million dictators. but they choose Peace and unity. Open Your eyes and do like them.

Think like this. Let say olf was leading Ehiopia just the way tpld does now. And we have the same problem With shabians. do you know what tigrians do? You see what i mean.

For this at least you have to respect the majority.

02/05/13 @ 11:44
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Alemayoh G Mariam, the political scientists who is from the dark continent of (Africa-Ethiopia), whom might had a special previlage to peruse his education at home or abroad while most of Ethiopian smart children sucrifiesd their precious life fighting against the most brutal DERG regime.

The things that keep disturbing me reading his nonstop poletical based articles are that I keep asking myself that if he is as serous as he sounds about justice, where he has been hiding all this time? Looking at his pictures that attached to his articles, he looks in his late 50th and early 60th? So, was he been holding politics to the side for his retirement or is he a sellout agent for an Ethiopian external enemies that he gets paid to do this nonsense weekly crying preach?

However, he seems to be clueless about today’s Ethiopia where everyone is equally and freely do his/her part to develop, and to safeguard their country…and he should know that no amount of his/likes nonsense cry will reverse the hard won victory of the nations and nationalities of Ethiopian people. Though, sorry for those blindly listening to his baseles preach and continue to encarage him to feel as such an important man…LOL.

God bless the world!!

02/05/13 @ 11:57
Comment from: Ebssa [Visitor]

@ Tamrat Tamrat,

I am not a person to reply individual comments. But after reading your misguided idea..Let me say this.
The government concentrated on the road construction because that is the basic infrastructure to move agro items from place to place (from all those small villages to cities). If you are talking about buildings, it is mostly made by private sector. About the farm land…The government and farmers does not have the money to cultivate the damp lands so they give it to big investors (no more ene kalebelaw manem ayebelaw). If you have the money, you can lease the land also (it’s open both for locals and foreigners) Please..I do not if you are old generation who is turning blind eyes or new generation…But better make a move before it’s too late. There is a lot of opportunity. I have visited both rural and the cities last year. And my eyes are opened not to be fooled by ESAT, ELIAS, TAMGNE, and your type. Thanks, and you will visit your beloved country soon and make a correct judgment.

02/05/13 @ 12:06
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you tifiramu, the luutty asshole shabian,…

Yea, you’re out of your shithole closet for the first time. You are even able to post your comment without mentioning your obsession addis zefzef, addis defdef, addis teftef, bla bla,.. very intersting.
Don’t be shy Luuttyiw, did you see how easy it is to come out of your closet. The sun doesn’t burn you to death nor the snow doesn’t freeze you. All you get is a fresh air, which makes your life easier than that of stinky shithole you’re suffering in.
You’re a human first. Don’t feel bad and inferior to others. Be brave and courageous. Nobody is born intelectual, rather went to scholl and educated themselves. So ment4you dedebu, just go to a school near you and educate yourself. It is never too late, even for a shithead like you.

02/05/13 @ 12:22
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you dedebu, the luutty asshole shabian,…

You said, “Ethiopia was going to grow regardless be it remittance money from diaspora or through business established by the ordinary people”
You see, that’s what we missed from your deep “knowledge” of immature and funny remarks.
Can you elaborate on that statment of yours above.
What a shit head!

02/05/13 @ 12:40
Comment from: chemoga [Visitor]

Numbers don`t lie.Thanks, for your facts based on #s.I hope Prof.Malaria will learn from you.

02/05/13 @ 12:48
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Misguided woyane Belay!!

Wow, i am Lucky i got respons from you, idiiot woyane.

02/05/13 @ 13:15
Comment from: dany [Visitor]

The professor is telling us to stop building, to stop dreaming big, and to stop planning to progress… No thank you professor.
Your theory might be full of flaws…what we are witnessing everyday is the opposite.
I don’t think you know Ethiopia…I mean the new Ethiopia. Come visit, you wouldn’t recognize her.

02/05/13 @ 13:15
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Misguided woyane Ebasa!!

Wow, i am Lucky i got respons from you, idiiot woyane.

02/05/13 @ 13:20
Comment from: Haile [Visitor]

Why do we jump to demonize and insult our fellow citizens? If we don’t agree with someone’s belief, ideology, or opinion, can’t we express our differences on that subject without mudslinging?
While we don’t respect our own people, we all claim how great we Ethiopians are!! That is a pathetic and hypocrite nature. My piece of advice to you all is respect others and agree or disgree with their expressions without using profanity.

02/05/13 @ 13:28
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Lets watch and entertained by those fat hippos that they continuously wiggling their majical tricky tails…LOL. The Ethiopian people are totally on a different pages than those unproductive idiots would like to see them, otherwise.

God bless the world!

02/05/13 @ 13:32
Comment from: MUSTAPHA KAREEM [Visitor]  

this is true Sudan’s president Omer Al-Bashir had agreed to build an Egyptian airbase in his country’s western region of Darfur to be used for assaults on The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

now eygpt they got 50F-16s jet and 200 military tanks to destroy woyanne authority people private business Ethiopian dam,

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi,we are very happy GO Mohammed Morsi GO Mohammed Morsi GO Mohammed Morsi Please our muslim brother go and destroy it, Mohammed Morsi KILL IT WITH FIRE!woyanne authority people private business

02/05/13 @ 13:38
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Drear Ebssa pls don’t respond to twisted Tamrat,

I am paid woyane, to handle TT,

TT, u r Ethiopian but u r allowed to buy house, land, farm land in America even they give u citizenship so that u can vote….mind u u r more Ethiopian then American even so u lived here for more then 35 years so if an America or Indian get the same deal that u get in Ethiopia what is the problem.

Ebssa, how I am doing? If u think I do more damage to him them u dont need to reply… I will take care of him as long as if u promise to take phd holder al marima I like ur input

02/05/13 @ 13:45
Comment from: tagese [Visitor]

Everybody can express his own views politically as wel as economically .Taboo words and abusive sentences are not acceptable in this century.I want to comment one thing .The nile dam construction and the infrustructure development are helpfull for the Ethiopian people.We can denounce the evil characters of the leaders .When we denounce the construction of this big dam we are indirectly cooperative with our long last enemy -Egypt.
please the writer see the good sides of the nile dam construction.

02/05/13 @ 13:57
Comment from: Melaku Workneh [Visitor]
Melaku Workneh

To Ash
You should be a fool. The article was about the those dictators in the past.

02/05/13 @ 14:02
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

@Tamrat Tamrat,

You boiled much. Either you are the author of this manuscript or daughter of the author, or someone who lost his immediate family due to conflict.

a) There is no reason to hate Tigrie. There is no ethnicity problem for reasons I explained above.

b) What you are discussing is unrelated to the author’s article.

The author of this trash and clumsy munscript will be accountable.

02/05/13 @ 14:06
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Retarded woyane Ash!

You work hard so Your fascism reduced from shabia to woyane. It is not for shabia to criticize isayas. Specially in this okward time where the guy who kneels only to shoot the west is kneeling for asylum and the king is shocked by his 100 robots.

Anyway i take it as a positive stape for you Ash. that is why you get promotion.

But that doesnt change Your retardation. That could be cured if you dare to shcool.

So the problem is as you remember when the woyane came to addis from their hunger strike and self destruction and exposing the million tigrians to inhuman suffering for shabia’s plot to destroy Ethiopia, they were too hungry, thin, gohst like, With theri yellowish fufu like teath. And now they look like derg’s member. They become Rich, they send their children to abroad for schooling, just like derg. But that is wrong. The idea is to irradicate hunger not to shift the hunger from North to South.

YOU got it, you are the only brainy one in this page. You can figure it out.

02/05/13 @ 14:09
Comment from: ABDUL WAHHAB [Visitor]  

Nothing makes Ethiopian peoples so adventurous as an empty pocket no no food, no clean water what is the Check out Benefit’s OR the B.E.N.E.F.I.T of the poor Ethiopian ……from this dam Hunger gnawed at thier empty stomach again and again and again

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi GO BOMBING to destroy, ruin, damage or disfigure woyanne authority people private business

it is true in Eethiopia this time many people simply can’t afford to pay more for food they are empty poket WOYANNE WOYANNE authority people private business DAM DAM. These are hard times. The world hurts. We Ethiopian peoples live in fear and forget to walk with hope woyanne dream dam ,The Ethiopian people they Go Hungry Diet and Go Hungry For Life every day and night for woyanne dream dam ,GO President Mohammed Morsi GO President Mohammed Morsi
GO President Mohammed Morsi BOMBING BOMBING WOYANNE DAM thanks our muslim brother


02/05/13 @ 14:11
Comment from: [Member]

Don’t waste your time reading this trash top to bottom my people. I read a couple of sentences on top, and maybe one or two at the bottom. Its always the same. The theme is hate.

02/05/13 @ 14:20
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Extraidiot ,Hyena ,Be Teshomkugni ,and Betbethu it’s not by cursing peoples and launching threats of Death against patriots that you have the rights to do whatever you want .Don’t forget ,the countries into which you live are the ones which reign the True Rule Of Law protecting the citizens’ Rights .Before opening your stinky mouth ,time to meditate on the misadventure of your bros supposing
intimedating Abe Gellaw .And you know what has been the Final Result .Time,specially for you Four, to watch this link :….LOL !!!!!

02/05/13 @ 14:20
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Twisted T,

I will try one more in hell u buy land in America, buy business u could be billioner no question as where u come from as long as u work hard… The American give u their citizenship to vote In their election…. An Ethiopia America can be president of America regardless of their percent born in Ethiopia… If u want proof the Kenya father Oboma become American president… So do u still have an Indian coming to Ethiopia and invest…. Al Amoudi is half Arab but he is the best Ethiopian we have do u have any question or r u going to avoid the question

I missed HagerEthiopia at least she answer the question fight like a man hand la hand

02/05/13 @ 14:24
Comment from: GEORGE ARMAH [Visitor]  

Too many people are hungry not because there is no food the country;

where did these Ethiopian people their food? i’m hungry then i have to wait until woyanne dream dam to be complete to get food uh huh dood

“A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.”
— Jack London

02/05/13 @ 14:25
Comment from: [Member]

Mustafa kereem, abdul wahab, aka mohamed al gadafi,.. the stinky ass shabian,

Why don’t you wash your stinky ass and leave us alone? Better yet, if you insist coming to Ethiopian websites and keep stinking, we will be forced to fry your stinky ass with a state of the art drones, where ever you exist.

02/05/13 @ 14:28
Comment from: MOUSTAPAHA KAREEM [Visitor]  

woyanne woyanne your time is coming to shove toilet paper up your butt from Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi
Go wipe woyanne ass.
Go wipe woyanne ass.
i wiil give you my right hand

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi
is coming soon military troops operations including air strikes for woyanne dam

02/05/13 @ 14:37
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat


Ya, Your rationality melts Down when we come to the fact.

If you want to be join the rational world in the 21 Century, you respect People for their deeds not for their ethnicity.

Every thing i said is related to Your additional comments and partialy ot the GM. Empowering only one ethnic Group is irrational. I choose not to join that circle.

My uckel has a good Collection of recording of woyanes before and after they took Power.

He already told us late in 1991 what tplf would become. He is not genious but he obeserve Things good.

Here is one from his Collection:

tplf radio drama before 1991:

A: How can the hen Breathes if we cut the head (metaphore for ethiopia)?

B: It can breaths by it ass.

A & B : lol

My unckel is not genious he obeserves. What tplf is doing is not surprising. What is surprising is the majoirty of tigrians allowing them.

02/05/13 @ 14:44
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Since I checkmate TT, I have time to deal with u ms.MOUSTAPAHA KAREEM

Thinx for ur information I packing my bag as we speaking to avoid war with Egyptian President Mohammed More C,

Ha! pharaohs Mohammed More C, say no dam means NO dam….

02/05/13 @ 14:50
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Teftef the Bushti Shabian

Why would I want to waist my time with some idiot like yourself. Just eat your McD buggers and rant form your northeast DC $600 a month shit hole.

You are a simple head coward Tigree with no life and inferiority complex.

From now on please refer to as Gashee my boss. In fact you should do the same to all Diaspora.

Brainless primitive moron. Your third world mentality is a shining example of idiocy just like your DEAD Master’s Meles the migit!

02/05/13 @ 14:59
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

Al Mariam loves to write about African dictators. Names of former and current African dictators are the charms of his numerous articles. But the name of one notorious and brutal dictator is off the list of Al Mariam’s articles. For Al Mariam, Meles is a ruthless dictator but not Isayas. For Al Mariam, Al Beshir is a heartless butcher but not Isayas. For Al Mariam, Mobutu was a coldblooded murder but not Isayas. Like I said before Isayas is no better dictator than Meles or Al Beshir or Mobutu. For the past few years I have been curious about why he doesn’t mention anything about Isayas Aferorki who is one of Africa’s most pitiless tyrants. Now I have an idea why. I am convinced without doubt that Al Mariam is working for Isayas Afeworki. Shame on you Al Mariam!!!!

P.S. I decided not to read any of his articles as of today.

02/05/13 @ 15:15
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

tamarat tamrat i am not looking into meles bio to prejudge his legacy, rather i am looking at ethiopia. for example ethiopia became land locked since he took power. that is his legacy. ethiopia regions took the form of ethnic based federal system. that is also his legacy. ethiopia, as opposed to be a hopeless nation that is under prolonged war and famine which took the lives of millions of her people, is today rising up. she is at relative peace within and out. ethiopia,despite being one of the poorest nations, has seen unprecedented development during the past 5-8 years. that is also his legacy.
by the way meles matters very little for future ethiopia as he is dead, what matters is what we the living ones do correcting the wrongs while building on the positives. and i dont think campaigning against projects like the gibe and abay is one of them.

02/05/13 @ 15:19
Comment from: What What [Visitor]
What What

Can’t stand the fact that despite his shortcomings, Meles achieved and did for Ethiopia more than previous rulers?
It is hard to blame someone when the fact are pointing otherwise. In every sector Ethiopia has advanced and people like you, haters basically can’t stand it. How else can you justify the gloom and doom awaiting Ethiopia. If you spend just as much time contributing to your country’s development, as much as bashing everything that is happening in Ethiopia, we would all be served well. I am not Meles’ supporter and I am well aware of his mixed legacy, but I believe that we are 200% better off than before. For once we are not known for begging but for developing. Be proud of your country. You are insulting every hard working Ethiopian.

02/05/13 @ 15:39
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

The love affair between Isays Aferworki the clown man of Eretria, and between Alemayoh G Mariam the political science teacher has been exposed long a go, but they dare to challenge this site’s or other media’s audience just they continue to do what they have been doing for years…LOL.

Obviously, the Ethiopian diaspora wannabe part time politician are infiltrated by shabia. ESAT, Elias, the diaspora synod, Almariam… are some of the sellout enemy agents whom have been working to create distraction against Ethiopia’s positive developments….

All we have to do is to continue defend our people in whatever we could and to expose their activities to all the good hearted Ethiopian people, so they will stop working against the interest of the poor Ethiopian people…

No one need to be a racket scientist to know what is goo or bad for the ethiopian people when it comes to define a simple project, as such dam, but if Almariam, the so called poletical scientist /likes keep advocating against it, all I can say is, give me a break…

God bless the world!!

02/05/13 @ 16:10
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Wow… this is nice. I mean this guy knows how to get you all riled up. Woyane and all alike, even some shabia dogs. It is a superb evaluation of the Dictators of Africa. I am inclined to mention Mr Mariam was refering to the dead ones.. hence the exclusion to Mengew and the IsayASS and many others. If not so, I stand corrected.

Based on this article and those of you in favor and not so much liking it, all this does is give some perspective to events that happened and what may happen based on these happenings. Take for instance, the Nile issue. Egypt will act soon. There will be an air strike on the dam. How successful it will be is dependent on the Ethiopian readiness, defense strategy if there is one in place. If you woyanes think for a minute Egypt and those two timing Sudanese are not going to collaborate on the destruction of this dam, think again and while you are at it add Eritrea in the mix. Look here, the water of the Nile does maintain the livelihood of Egypt. The best way to do this would have been through mutual understanding.. seeing that is out of the question now, we are in a pickle of a situation. We know the US/West is going to be on the side of Egypt, trust me. Lets face facts okay… how ready and determined are we to fight off the Egyptian attack? Having said that, I disagree with the professor about the dam. It is our right to use the Nile waters and no amount of threat shall deter us.. but are we ready to retaliate, to strike back? To go all the way? To make the sacrifice? Are we willing and did Meles and goons think this through before taking the step? Because if they did not.. all hell is going to break lose because Egypt/Sudan WILL strike.

Too many questions.

One thing is for sure. This guy does not like Meles much, neither do I and many other Ethiopians except majority Tigrians. So, how do we explain that since we have not had this much difference of opinion on previous leaders? I mean we all agree Mengistu was the worst thing that happened to Ethiopia if not more, as equal to Meles, we also agree the royal pain on the ass monarchy did not advance Ethiopia as much as they should have but were by no means as bad as the two that followed. So, why are Tigrians up in arms every time non-Tigrian Ethiopians speak up against the regime @ arat kilo, against Meles in particular? Why? Did he not divide Ethiopians? Did he not help Shabia secede Eritrea? What are a few buildings compared to what Ethiopians have to give up? No port, no freedom of speech, press, equal rights between ethnic groups, etc.. Aren’t Tegrians affected as much by the inequalities, the injustice, the unequal distribution of wealth and power? What is wrong in Ethiopia so that people of an entire ethnic group just look the other way? Are we all not Ethiopians?

We all can come up with reasons why and why not but my thought on this goes with how Meles structured the new Ethiopia he wanted to build. He based it on ethnic differences, nepotism, cronyism, corruption including disregard for people and country topped off with fake economic growth. All you woyanes can say whatever, but facts are facts and we will see how far you are willing to defend Ethiopia once the Nile issue blows up.. Once the West turns its back on the Tplf’s Eprdf. Do you have the economy to sustain a conflict with out the aid dollars against Sudan, Eritrea and Egypt? Are you willing to do that or just go secede Tigray and let Ethiopia fall? Whats the plan here? Because if you ask me it just does not make sense to me for Tplf to create all these enemies for Ethiopia. We are surrounded by enemies. Look around brothers, sisters. Tell me where you see a support system in the mix? Hey.. don’t get me wrong, we have 100% right to the Nile waters but do we have the resources to fend off these two vultures hovering in anticipation of destroying us over a dam and Eritrea.. our integrity? How about it? Do you woyanes think IsayASS is going to sit ideal when we are immersed in heavy conflict with the Sudan and Egypt?

How about the above 11% economic growth which in fact is a lie.. when the rest of the world is reporting shrinking growth? Our economy is based on agriculture, which accounts for 41% of GDP and 85% of total employment. Where is the growth at if Coffee is the only major export crop? Is that it? I mean we had coffee way before Tplf marched into town. Where is the growth industry at? Is it bars and coffee shops on every corner? Or is it the technical advancement Meles built we admire him for? Is it the auto industry, computers, medicin? What? What did he do but lie again and again? How do we measure the billion dollars in AID to this 11% growth? The agricultural sector suffers from poor cultivation practices and frequent drought as it is. I mean what else do we have that is pushing such growth but ends up registers poor employment, high inflation and aid dependent GDP? The only thing that grew is the pockets of the Tplf baleseltans and their cronies.

@theDariw [Visitor], GDP per capita, $1100, is not an indication of how well the individual is doing or how well the country is doing provided we receive 4billion in aid. It is inconclusive so far as I see it. So, do not mix up figures that mean nothing to the poor as if it is an indication of growth. Life is unbearable for the majority Ethiopians. I suggest not to fall for the voodoo economics of Meles. This dude truly has corrupted the nation and complicated Ethiopia’s political system. Time will show the damages Meles and his Tplf party will be held accountable for. Till then, our Tigrian brothers and sisters ought to search for their Etiopiawinet. I hope they find it before its too late.

02/05/13 @ 16:33
Comment from: Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots [Visitor]
Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots

We Ethiopian Patriotic Assocition in North America. We are very happy at last, Mr. Almanyehu is exposed himself the reality who he is and who is working for.
Hereby, he is publicaly and frankly opposing and againist the vital development of country he born Ethiopia. He is againist building of Dams for Ethiopia. Water is only and prim resources that our country have
and our people are hungary and thirsty. our enemies wants to use that water to feed their children, while ours are starving. Mr. Alamanyehu is working for payement from our sworn enemy. He is getting a monthly salary by check sent from
Egypt through Eritrea. He traded all his dignity as human and as Ethiopian citizen, his country,and his people in Ethiopia to that small
We are only happy that his giving his testmony on world wide web/ internet that everybody can see. what he is saying. And it is up to you Ethiopians to understand and answer to him.

02/05/13 @ 16:52
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you tifiramu, the luutty asshole shabian,…

You said “why would I WAIST my time…” HaHaHaHa!
You dumbass shithead, I didn’t ask your WAIST size. I ask you to elaborate on your immature nonesense statment, which you said “Ethiopia was going to grow regardless be it the remittance money from diaspora or through business established by ordinary people” HaHaHaHa!!!!
Is it too much to ask? It is your own statment.
I don’t want to know your WAIST size. HaHaHaHa!
Go to school or kill yourself. Dumbass! Shithead!!

02/05/13 @ 17:10
Comment from: Ambessaw! [Visitor]

Dear Professor:

I am a fan of Meles. And with all his shortcomings, no body including yourself will convince me not to believe that he did his best for a better Ethiopia given the past and present realities of our country. An idealist like yourself would collapse within the Ethiopian politics without any effect.

You teach an American democracy that has been perfected through 250 rough years from the abundant and excess documentation they have—that’s no brainer at all. Meles has been teaching in action and trying to build a democracy from scratch. He and his comrades are basically the Founding Fathers of the Ethiopian Democracy. I am sure you understand that very well even by the early American standards.

That’s the fact killing the inside of you and your relatives who had long plans to use Ethiopia and its people as your own personal property. That dream from your side is dead-shot in the head by Meles and his gallant fighters :) !!!

So, now you have the option to adjust yourself with the progressive Ethiopia that Meles, the pioneer of Ethiopian democracy created and continues to influence for long in the future or waste your time and energy as a petty hate monger.

BZW, You are not the only one who’s jealous of the dramatic and meaningful life that Meles lived :)

02/05/13 @ 17:16
Comment from: Tigraway! [Visitor]

Three interesting things:

1-You didn’t mention Mengistu-one of the worst dictators in the African history because he’s your cousin &#59;)

2-You didn’t mention Issayas Afeworki-who is globally known as one of the worst jailers and killers and his country the last in almost everything–because he’s your sponsor or at least you hope so.

3-It’s funny how you consider dam construction as a similarity between Meles and some dictators from the past. You can also say he’s very similar to Gadhafi, Mobutu….etc because all of them had the following things in commom: two legs, one nose; president as a title, they had a palace to govern from——very similar, copies of each other, huh. Funny !

Too shallow for a professor &#59;)

02/05/13 @ 17:29
Comment from: Dariw [Visitor]

I agree with your last comment,"our Tigrian brothers and sisters ought to search for their Etiopiawinet",Yes , they have to search Ethiawinet but the question is which kind of Ethiopiawenet.Do you mean the old dead kind of Ethiopiwenet (also known as Amharanism )that assimilate all Ethiopian people in to one identity box.If you mean the old Ethiopiawenet, no one accept it since all Ethiopians are in love with new Ethiopiawenet that celebrate diversity.You can not force oromo people in oromia region to learn Amharic like prior to 1993.The same is true for others people.

02/05/13 @ 17:40
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Well, I just did not want to make a comment without reading this article fully & had very little time to read it until just now! Eloquently, flawlessly written! This piece of Prof Al is one of the most SUBSTANTIATED, undisputed, TRUTHFUL, extremely credible piece! One must be beyond retarded, dumb, foolish to depute this. End of.

* “All dictators on the African continent have sought immortality by leaving a legacy that will outlive them and endure for the ages. But all have inherited the wind” !”

May I add “all have inherited the wind as well as hell"? :):)


Also, from the comments, I would like to say Agazit woman said pretty much everything that I needed to say re the (Chimpanzee leaders of Africa)!! Well said, Agazit. I know I disagree with Agazit on a million & one things but when Agazit says something credible, sensible, I give credit.

* “ALL african leaders should be hunted down and given to western countries science university so they can do rigorous study on MONKEY AFRICA LEADERS". Agazit

I agree with this 500% though I would have changed “ALL to MOST". Most of these prolific African Tyrant, horrible, nauseating, scum of the earth leaders with greed, selfishness, corruption, cruelty, heartlessness, absolute contempt to their citizens welfare, rights, lives etc etc need to be in a (laboratory somewhere). Getting their brains & their gene analyzed!

How these tyrants think, function, live, reason etc etc requires URGENT scientific study, DNA analysis because it is beyond our level of understanding how human beings can be so easily manipulable western soccer balls, corrupt, selfish, greedy, careless, evil, to the core while they are in a position where they have taken responsibilities for millions of citizens? How can they sleep, eat, breath? How can they call themselves leaders of Africa while our richest continent is called the poorest? Our brightest Continent branded as the darkest? Our bread basket continent is called basket case but we feed & sustain the rich world? etc etc How can they NOT get it?

How can’t they see that their masters in the western world vision 500 years ahead so that their future generations would still in control and live in comfort while most of these chimp African Tyrants don’t give a hoot about their citizens as we speak? Why oh why are Africans not blessed with selfless, thoughtful, visionary, intelligent leaders? While they sat like zombies in Addis Ababa last week, millions of their respective citizen perished like flies, immigrate like flies, live worse than Africa’s wild animals? However, they drain billions of dollars to offshore accounts.

I was reading once that those French speaking African nation’s vampire leaders keep France’s Banking industry, property industry and many other core sectors afloat and have billions of $ invested in France. I am sure if Britain exposes the English speaking western African nation’s and other past Britain colonies, their money is also keeping Britain afloat, no doubt!

MONKEY is an understatement. Thank you Prof Al.

02/05/13 @ 17:55
Comment from: ensmama [Visitor]

Mr. Alemayehu seems too bookish to me. His mind and soul is fully controlled by the books and new letters he read throughout his life span. His mind cannot think beyond what he read and heard. Therefore, his conclusions are always based on his little knowledge unfortunately.
You see, History books have been distorted, misrepresented and mistranslated purposely by white invaders and colonizers; some had been destroyed, and burned into ashes. Even the Holy Bible is being distorted so many times and still they continue to distort it. Several books have been written and history had been rewritten for you to read and accept it. You are echoing their purpose, their goals, without any reservation. Your God given brain has long ago been wiped out and replaced by books you read.
You mentioned, Kwame Nkrumah, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mobutu Sese Seko, Moamar Gadhafi, even Meles. Have you ever tried to do research the true reason behind the scene why they were killed or the causes of their death? Who was behind the unfold truth? I suggest you do research!
All media, education, entertainment are controlled by the powerful nations. For every story there is another side of a story.
You are not serving your people at all by writing flourish articles; instead you are misleading them by condemning your own true history makers. Those African leaders, whom you mentioned above, had accomplished and sacrificed their lives to get their freedom from colonialism. Those leaders were heroic and visionaries with little education. They wrote their history, they did what they could with their resources. You want a drastic change, overnight pavement, overnight democracy etc…. You are not born overnight my dummy brother. Look yourself through a mirror and ask yourself!
What have you done let alone to your country to your community?
Are you telling us that for any kind of national development plan, in this case the Nile dam, we must have approval from super powers? Is that how all nations run their national economy? You are one idiot and a sorry professor
God bless you!!!

02/05/13 @ 18:47
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]



Egypt will act soon. There will be an air strike on the dam.

Answer:- some 5000 years ago pharaohs changed his mind and order his army to return the slaves but the poor slaves have God in there side. The Red Sea open up and the slaves crossed the Red Sea but when pharaohs army followed them in to the sea the sea closed up the the pharaohs army parched.

Now I have a feeling history repeat itself. When pharaohs moreC, order air strike on Nile Dam will be the end of Egypt. How once Ethiopia completed the dam… The dam hold ten years worth of flood water, now when the dam bombed it will released flood gate that make hurricane sandy chid play it will devastated Sudan and Egypt… This is like wishing hurricane in one own short once Nile dam finished and reservoir filled by water air strike will be like dropping nuclear bomb any dying with radioactive and radiation

My second point is one must be foolish to understand a simple logic of hydropower… Ethiopia doesn’t generate power by storing the water at same point Ethiopia have to released the stored water in control fashioned to generate electric power….once Ethiopia released the water the water is free to go to Egypt..

This is like Ethiopia and Egypt kept one million birr in Nile bank… This bank use the money but whenever Ethiopia or Egypt need money it give them their money….their one million birr is safe in fact growing interest..

As of now Egypt have legal right over Nile river that means Ethiopia can’t stop the follow of Nile…but if Egypt bomb Nile dam then Ethiopia will have right to stop Nile… The question is how.

1. Nile river carry million ton of fertile top soil. As soon as Egypt bomb Nile dam… We don’t need to go to war 80 million Ethiopians must plaint grass….promise ourself not to see necked topsoil. Once we plaint grass… Grass take root with 3 month…grass seed if like teff seed very easy to plant even by air we have to plant the seed like war effort

2. Nile have 100 tributary river ( the number I am guessing) the point is each tributary must be damed and used for local irrigation effort… This also the war effort that will be fought by 80 million people without going to war… Now try to bomb 100 small dam that could be rebuild as fast as they re destroyed..

3. The two effort look very simple actually this the best method with or without war with Egypt because if we have small dam we can generate power locally without destroying big environment

4. The fourth method will be top secret that will be implemented when the war started.. In short Egypt will never use Nile if we can’t use it… We will kill the. Nile

This to my beloved APE( Amhara prince E for Ethiopia)

So inshort kick out those MONKEY and hire APE ( meaning Ginbot 7/11 owner) so pls suggests which APE we need just make me laugh….

There was an Amhara saying there is no beauty among APE… So if one monkey saying another ugly is fruitless

I don’t even want to use monkey as explain the African leader. It have very bad connotation but there is no other way to make my point…

02/05/13 @ 18:48
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

@Belay and the likes

1) Ethnicity is there everywhere across the world. That is inborn. No one create or destroy it.

Is there ethnicity conflict based on administration boundaries now in Ethiopia? This is different question. But in case of Ethiopia, nowadays, there is no ethnicity conflict. I didn’t see a war of ethnicity when Amhara region invades Tigray region, I don’t see a war of Ethnicity when Amhara region invades Oromia, I don’t see a war of ethnicity when Amhara region invades South Nations and Nationality etc unlike it was before EPRDF/TPLF take over Ethiopia as a governing entity.

Is that what the invaders lost nowadays to take the right of others ethnicity? Yes, that is why a lot of outcry here. I affirm you that you cannot invades other regions! This was a cause of war. TPLF/EPRDF is not the one who grants the rights for all regions. Rather TPLF/EPRDF is a representative of people. Meles was also a member of these parts. If these political parts didn’t answers the question of people for their rights, there would be civil war and disintegration in Ethiopia. As well, if these political parts delusional enough and take off the right of people to satisfy a demand of invaders now, war and instability will continue. So, for Ethiopia, it is better if invaders close their mouth and understand the system.

The same is true about Eritrea. The invaders want to have Assab ports and Eritrea. since it was a question of independence, the invaders! here! you cannot take the rights of others by force.

There are a number of positive development by Meles: education and higher institution expansion, roads and industries etc expansions.

Tigrie is one of Ethnicity in Ethiopoa. As any human being, indeed like invaders, they are working and living. You, the invaders, better to close your mouth and stop your hate propaganda against Tigrie. They did nothings wrong onto other Ethnicity. They are nice like invaders.

My suggestion: better to avoid disrespect of languages and blindly opposing gov’t. You cannot invade others unlawfully! Period! If you want to invest and work, however, go and do it. That is the only things you can do! But you cannot insists Tigray region to stop Tigrenga language, you cannot insists Oromia region to stop Afan Oromo and the same for others.

But you can construct dam to promote development. You can practice any culture you like. you can establish and operate any industries and business.

That is a bold and reality response for day dreamers.

So my suggestion

02/05/13 @ 18:56
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Teftef the Gay Shabian

I am OK spelling waste incorrectly as waist on the other had you spelled school as scholl, now professor which one of us needs to go back to scholl?


idiot… you are a simple head from DC that much is known, add to it you live behind a curtain scared that your TPLF ways will have you punished if you so much try to come out with it and your inferiority complex in any form or fashion in a place like DC. And I am sure they will gladly address your ‘Diaspora’ issue while at it too.

Now you ranting about every thing is not new and expected from a crazy head like yourself. That said I advise to you is this…..we will catch you sooner or later and when we do your life will never be the same. We will make you to understand why it is not wise to mess with Ethiopia and Ethiopians (aka diaspora aka amhara, oromo, gurage, etc).

Do yourself a favor …. deport yourself from Ethiopia. You already know you don’t belong there…. what do you say crazy?

02/05/13 @ 19:00
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara wanna be princess,..

What happend to you? Are you working two jobs? Or you just lost your confidence I guess.
The way you dumped your comment, also telling us that, you didn’t fully read almaria’s article but yet you have the audacity of giving him all kinds of accolade.
Then without addressing his whole article, “because you can’t touch the likes of Abbay Dam issue, which he called the Egyptians to bomb it” you cut your comment short and run away.
Come on AP, is this the guy you fall in love with? Look at his toothless clown face. Don’t you see some evil minded jealous guy, who is wishing the destruction of the whole country Ethiopia with all 90 million people, just to quench his vendetta fueld ego.
Don’t disappoint me baby. I expect a lot from you.

02/05/13 @ 19:03
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Belay

With all due respect, most of us here are smart enough to know what Zenawi’s strengths & weaknesses were. We are also completely aware of what made pre 1991-93 Ethiopia an era of utter economic, social, educational destruction & how Zenawi alongside with Issayas Afewerki, Mengistu Haile Mariam, Siad Bare and all the foreign allies of TPLF & EPLF equally share the blame & must take responsibilities. All are main destructive factors, as to why the nation was drenched in war, exacerbation of famine, looting, sanction, trade embargo etc etc. Therefore, you ought to stop being so naive by trying to give credit to those who were deeply involved in war, looting & destruction of pre 1991 Ethiopia.

Obviously even Hitler, Pinochet, Mao, Edi Amin, Mengitsu Hailemariam and all those horrible, scum of the earth leaders have countless positive achievements. However, their “core achievement” determines how they would be remembered in History. Though Zenawi did few things right, (he piled up a million and one trash over it) hence the very sorry, dangerous, uncertain, disunited, economically feeble, foreign dancing ground & nauseating state of affairs that Ethiopia is in today! Rotten to the core. 85% of our citizens still live under a dollar or two a day! 80 freakin 5% ! This means that, no matter the grand talk about the ILLUSIVE economic achievements, it is certainly not reflected where it should be. Ethiopia is bottom pile nation on earth in every aspect.

More specifically, the Human Development Index aka HDI is a summary of human development around the world and implies whether a country is developed, still developing, or underdeveloped based on core factors such as:

Life expectancy
Gross domestic product per capita. etc etc

There, as of 2011, Ethiopia stands 174 out of 178 nations globally. Only a handful rouge states are below Ethiopia. And so, when you talk about economic development and change, you need to bare in mind BARE FACTORS like where Ethiopia is on this index or whether Ethiopia has moved up significantly for the past 20 odd years? The answer is NO with a capital N.

@ Darwi

Interesting. Er’m, CIA fact books? Oh really? They said the same about Sadam, Gadaffi, Mubarak, C Taylor etc etc. The minute any given Tyrant stops being USA & Co’s puppet, those figures would be discarded like trash in no time & replaced with something else alongside with the Tyrant’e record. It would all change from economic success to prolific human rights violator. B) You don’t believe me? Do your research.


As for those asking where is Mengistu H Mariam, where is Issayas Afewerki on this article, you need to understand the article first? Your answer is Tyrants Menge H & Essu A haven’t inherited the wind YET. They are alive & kicking? Hello!

02/05/13 @ 19:13
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


I understand u perfectly.

Let say u born in NY and hurricane sandy destroyed ur house… U can just go to TX and find an empty land start building ur house… They will put u in jail..

Now in Ethiopia the Amhara region farmer they don’t care about their farm land they destroy their farm land because they don’t plant tree to protect their topsoil or plant grass to protect their topsoil because once they done they can go and destroy oromia because the oromia have Virgin land… They just cut the tree and burn for firewood and also cut the tree to build their houses soon oromia will be dessert … So like any civilized person if u come to oromia u pay rent and u live…because u don’t have land in oromia that u bought… Some with TX u can’t just come and build ur house u have to buy ur land if u re poor u rent… This will make the Oromo happy because they can generate income… Then again it is not in Amhara gradation to pay for service rendered if no one pay then their is no economy … The same logic with Assab if u r willing to pay Assab is ours for paying with is better then war …

02/05/13 @ 19:16
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you tiframu, the luutty asshole shabian,…

Don’t be shy dedebu, we are waiting 4 U to tell us, what you meant, when you said, “ethiopia was going to grow regardless be it the remittance money from diaspora or through business established by ordinary people”
This statment was the first and only comment you gave in your life, other than showing your obsession with addis zefzef, addis defdef, addis teftef. So it must be a very historical moment in your pathetic life. That’s why I need you to make it clear. This is your history dude! Dumbass! Shithead!

02/05/13 @ 19:22
Comment from: Gedamu [Visitor]

I wish dedebu Yeha teach himself like Agazit woman rather than following Aiga forum, I wish hoddamu Addis-ziqach be true to his conscience rather than hiding behind Guraghe skirt, I wish Ash-keru stop dancing without music and see things from different angles, I wish Extra-selatte stop trading by oromo people. I prefer get killed by crazy agazit woman than by Likskisoch hodAdariwoch no tinny conscience attached to their yabete majiratt. a person with value in life should be servant to his conscience not to his belly, use god given independent mind see things from different direction analyze and get to the fact, don’t just repeat when they say Hoyahoye you say Ho Ho Ho.

02/05/13 @ 19:33
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

My beloved APE( Amhara princess E)

Can I move on with my live or r u going to surprise as by giving as the name of one leader that u have in ur mind that transferred Ethiopia to eating twice not three time but twice just give us ur leader name. Many Amhara failed to give me answer to this simple question… I don’t want imgnery person I need real name that both of us we know… If u don’t have one person name by now then what the point of asking regim change

About :-Tyrants Menge H & Essu A haven’t inherited the wind YET. They are alive & kicking? Hello!

Answer:- not in this topic but did he every say any bad thing about Essu? Did he get and sponsorship money… I will not say sponsorship money a bad thing because even Menge sponsored South African freedom fighter so I understand the game but all of us want too know

02/05/13 @ 19:34
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Wannabe Addis Zemen

LMAO! My sweet pie, listen, while you are sleepyhead about your Tourism business, AP here have been super busy with major family projects in Addis & surrounding cities. Don’t worry, we are not touching your tourism business, that looks a bit overcrowded :)) Not only two jobs, I have been working on matters that are equivalent to 20 jobs for few months now. However, I am only involved in high level work so my part will all be OVER soon to do whatever the heck that I wanna do.

On a serious note, I in fact said that I have read the article fully? …” Yechekolechiw Jibwa Kendua Nekesechiw” said your fellow Gure Shemsu! As I said, nobody is perfect, this includes my Gorgeous, flawlessly spoken, Prof Al too. BTW, did you even her prof Al Talk? Oh, my my my ROFL. And so, just because I don’t agree with few things that Prof Al says, it does not mean this article is not SOUND! I told you, if prof Al is half his age? … Hummmmm any way, may God bless you with a mind that can think, reason and visualize things in multi dimension, Mr AZ. Amen.

@ Cigarette Ash

ማሞ ቂሎ , please! B)

02/05/13 @ 20:02
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


Why r stop marrying him why not put him as PM. And the next day we will be like Eritrea I mean black singapore… Is not what Essu said 20 years ago…now ur lover is sponsored by Essu… That doesn’t change the fact…why limit ourself to black Singapore why not black superpower with all nuclear bomb to go with it… I think u r wasting ur time here u should go what and find ur age I suggest teddy…

I know u have no answer who can replace our PM…but u r ready to feed as I have cow in sky I don’t even see her milk

02/05/13 @ 20:13
Comment from: George [Visitor]

Prof Al,
It is clear now you have become anti- Ethiopia. If this was the Derg’s time and you were in the country your claim against the Abay Dam would put you in a serious trouble. This is what I always like to say about you: if you are serious about Ethiopia why don’t go back and fight for the people and the country? The man you hate so much, you know is gone now, unfortunately.I think you are an opportunist like the rest of us who found a relative comfort in the west. Meles fought for what he believed in and history will judge his work and not only you.

02/05/13 @ 20:34
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Ash aka ማሞ ቂሎ

I didn’t read your idiotic comment above to TS re Amhara farmers. You are nothing but Geriatric, waste of space, retarded tool. Currently, according to GOE’s figures, the Amhara regions & people are the most productive and the second RICHEST regions from the Entire Ethiopia next to ginormous Oromia. Any fresh mind would learn a thing or two from such facts?

* The Amhara farmers, despite all the repression, suppression by various Tyrants and medieval era farming equipment at hand, they feed you barren land owner skeletal frames, been doing that for centuries. Even if they farmed all over Ethiopia, that is their own blood and sweat you tool, plus most of their produces are taken away for exports to earn foreign currency as well as distributed for domestic consumption with very little benefit to those POOR Amhara & Oromo farmers. Idiot. Have some respect a$$hole. I have never seen such level of mental impairment & foolishness, always talking out of your rare end at such senior citizen age?

* The Amhara people are most productive, active, viable than your raggedy, barren land dwelling nonsensical geriatric zombies, nomads etc etc You wanna talk about USA & its federation and what US citizens can and can not do in the most low ranking, childlike manner? Even after living in the US longer than I have been alive, you can not even present your thoughts in well coordinated, structured & factual manner & you sound like like 7 year old minor? Yes, if somebody is displaced from one state, they can go and settle in whatever the heck state that they like in the US, Moron? You sir are an absolute idiot. Don’t they have horse riding, golf, Dog racing, bingo etc etc in your local for demented senior citizens full of Inferiority complex? …dazed & confused nonsensical clown.

02/05/13 @ 20:34
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Amhara Prencess

How have you been. Yager Sew? Even though, I’m totally against the new name you & Agazit calling the African leaders, I would love to give that name to Al… Though, he is an English speaking one of them…LOL!

God bless the world!

02/05/13 @ 20:43
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Teftef the Gay Shabian

For an idiot with dead brain cells and punch bag like yourself explanation and discussion of matters of fact is but a waste of ones valuable time. It boggles the mind why any would have a discussion with you of any sort.

You are here for one and only reason to fight me and the likes of me …. not have a discussion and if anyone believes anything other than that then are diluted like yourself believing the moderators of are your friend and part of your imaginary Ethiopia you created out of despair and wishful empty belonging feeling you delusion yourself with.

How about a good shrink? or Mekele could do the trick for in all honest!!!


02/05/13 @ 20:47
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

U claimed in America u can settle any where u like… As long as u pay RENT…u can’t just start building ur house just because TX free land…if u have no money they put u in homeless shalter that all they can do for u… Otherwise u PAY… It is very simple logic if u don’t have money to buy land then u rent house to live in.

Let me make it very simple can 100,000 Amhara march to Addis Ababa and start building their house on Janhue Meda just because they find it no body build anything on it…

Again 100,000 Amhara they can come to AA but they have to look rental house to rent…u get it… I tried

02/05/13 @ 20:50
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you dedebu, the luutty asshole shabian,..

Don’t waste “waist” your time luutty, go to school near you and get over it. I know Education is your achilles’ heel. I didn’t mean to touch your nerve and soft spot when I reminded you a long time ago about your lack of substance and education. I was just trying to help. But instead of taking my advise and try to read and educate yourself, you took it personal, obsessed on my dick, and stuck on it, calling addis zefzef, addis defdef, addis teftef, begging to get it in your azz. HaHaHaHa!!
What a dumbass, shithead! Stop following me! Mozzafakka. Find your kind of people. Stupid asshole shabian!!

02/05/13 @ 21:07
Comment from: [Member]

አስታጥቂያቸው እነኚህን ድንጋይ ራሶች::
የ አማራ ለልት እባክሽ ነገሪያቸው እነኚህ ቆረቆንዳ ራሶችን!!!
የ አፍሪቃ መሪዎች ሆድ አምላኩ የሆኑ ገንዘብን የሚያመልኩ ግብዞች ከመሆናቸውም በላይ በ ሲ አይ ኤ ክር እየተንቀሳቀሱ በድናቸው እንጂ ነፍሳቸው የሞተ ሃሞተ ቢስ ስግብግብ የቀን ጅቦች ናቸው::

02/05/13 @ 21:19
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Dariw [Visitor], If I have to explain to any Ethiopian what Ethiopiawinet is.. well.. its just sad.


I agree with your last comment,"our Tigrian brothers and sisters ought to search for their Etiopiawinet",Yes , they have to search Ethiawinet

but the question is which kind of Ethiopiawenet.
**There is only one kind. I’ll let you figure it out.

Do you mean the old dead kind of Ethiopiwenet (also known as Amharanism )that assimilate all Ethiopian people in to one identity box.
**There is no such term as Amharaism. You need to stop making up stuff. Ethiopians are diverse in culture, religion, language but united as a nation of people with no difference in their Ethiopiawinet. That is what is lacking in Tplf and its ethnocenteric supporters, Meles and some teraznetek aderbyoch who think Meles’s divide and rule has liberated their ethnic group. Think again bro. The only thing Ethnic federalism has done is pushed us apart. Ethiopians have NEVER been pushed in to a single identity box. Never. Not during the kings era, definitely not Derg time. If at all, the derg identified with the different ethnic groups and respected their diversity.. of course not when there is insurgency and shabia shit going on. War is a biach.. what can you do eh?

If you mean the old Ethiopiawenet, no one accept it since all Ethiopians are in love with new Ethiopiawenet that celebrate diversity.
**Truth to tell, diversity was respected way before woyane. What woyane has done is divide and drive hate among the ethnic groups. By the way, there is one Ethiopia.. its not new and its not old. If it is the Ethiopia that Meles divided you call the new Ethiopia, your lessons learned from shabia through tplf is affecting you.

You can not force oromo people in oromia region to learn Amharic like prior to 1993.The same is true for others people.
**You seem a bit confused. There is no forcing anyone to learn anything. We have a national language and it is not Oromigna nor Tigrigna nor guragigna.. defenetly not English, hell no. It is what the current tpl’s eprdf accepted as the national language and it is called “Amhargna.” Like it or not, my ethnically biasd dude… it is the national language. I’m sure you got it, if not.. you may want to read on it, ask Ethiopians how come we have a national language and why. It may not be too late to learn facts.. yet!

Cool tidings to you bro/sis, be proud of the Ethiopia your ancestors left for you and not for the Ethiopia the likes of Meles are trying to break to pieces.

02/05/13 @ 22:51
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

…………Breaking News…..

Ethiopia has disclosed a documentary film that some Jihadist, Ginbot 7, and others have made linkage to halt development of Ethiopia. Also the film disclosed that some Orthodox and Jihadist religious followers believe in one country and one religion; and as a result, they oppress the right of others and they mix religious affairs with government constitution.

Some people who deny that religion is an individual choice, as well as, languages are a preference of users, I simply wanted to aware you to learn from the film and have a right thinking. You can access the film on

Also the Author of this manuscript in this forum, Prof. A.GM must stop his pessimistic views that opposing the Dam construction. Of course, he will be accountable legally for the defamation and other damages he has been producing against Ethiopia.

02/06/13 @ 02:12
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Ts ,do you mean the stupid ETV report masterminded by the Shabyan Amice Bereket and Co .against muslims activists presenting tortured prisoners accusing their bros and patriots as Terrorists .Afterall Bokoramas ,Alqaidas ,Wahabits ,Hezbollahs ,Al Shebab are already reincarnated by the Agazi Bandits themselveses specially the Meles Amice Boys as Bereket ,Berhane ,Theodros with their diaspora mouthpieces and spies such Adgi banda ,Extraidiot and Co.
including the Village Idiot Ashish….LOL !!!!!!

02/06/13 @ 02:49
Comment from: AREEF [Visitor]

This is a great article. However, the article was more politically motivated and attacked the legacy of Meles Zenawi rather than discussing the legacy of the other African leaders as the title suggested.

Yes, Meles Zenawi was a great leader, but was not a perfect one. We all know that there is no perfect leader in the world. So, we need to see the whole picture before we categorically attack a dead person, who can not defend himself. RIP.

Meles Zenawi has been called “strongman” by the west, and has done some good things for the betterment of Ethiopia. Yes, he is missed by millions. Ethiopia is better off under Meles Zenawi than any of it’s previous leaders.

I have even come across websites dedicated in his name after his death. Which Ethiopian or African leader has a dedicated website in his or her memorial? I have not seen one so far.

02/06/13 @ 03:00
Comment from: Dariw [Visitor]

HagereEthiopia ,
You missed my point.I said you can not force oromo people in OROMIA REGION to learn Amharic language( on regional level not on national level).In the new federal system most regions have official regional language while Amharic is Federal language.
Prior to 1993,one oromo kid in oromia region will be forced to use Amharic in school.Image in this young age instead of learning the subject matter directly in his mother tongue he learn indirectly via another local language.He faced subject matter and another language at the same time.The same is true in court and other area.
The new federal system is cure for all nation/nationality right request.Two decades ago OLF and most organizations were having secessionist agenda but not now.They leave secession request because most of group right like regional self governance ,identity right (such as language and cultural issue)addressed in the current federal system.
All nation/nationality are happy in the current federal system except AMHARA ELITE like author of the above article.This is main reason why they deny Ethiopia impressive Economic development that is witnessesed by IMF,world bank and CIA World Factbook. This is main reason they oppose any big project that help Ethiopians.Most Amhara elite see every thing in the angle of Amharanism not Ethiopiawenet. They use Ethiopiawenet as cover.

02/06/13 @ 03:51
Comment from: [Member]

The professor is still scared of Meles four months after his death.Some significant points the professor is scared to mention is the level of infrastructural development that is done in the past ten years.It is hard to swallow that Meles was a talented orator who knew to communicate his ideas and vision on a world forum, He was one of the few african leaders who have reasoned with world leaders and gained their support. Alemayehu may try hard to accept the fact that Meles was a visionary. His vision was to fight poverty, extricate the people from the grip of poverty, If this is not a vision there might be a very big question about your intellectual depth, So far what I read from your articles are fear and hatred of Meles, To be honest you are nowhere near his intellectual status, You might attempt to asassinate his character but to no success, Meles did what Derg and Haileselasie haven’t done, wakeup the nation from its slumber.So Mr Professor it is Meles who has died not his ideas and those of us who believe in his ideals will fight your attempt in a civilized and democratic manner. We are not going to waste our time bickering we are going to channel our energy on fighting our biggest enemy poverty, If you think poverty to be the number one enemy of our people you are welcome to join the fight.Last but not least you will never never rise to his intellectual level, As he used to sat you are one of those fools who are hiding behind their tags and are confused about the reality.

02/06/13 @ 04:20
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

@AP: (HDI) 2011, Ethiopia stands 174 out of 187, not 178 nations globally.
As to Al Mariam, he has mentioned Meles’s name 44 times in this article, Freud would have said a word or two about such an obsession.
I have issues with Meles’s ethnic policies, but I also admire him for his pragmatic vision and determination. Meles was a man of action, and he believed in the bravery and ability of Ethiopians to change their own destinies. In China they say: It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
I never thought that Prof. Al will stoop so low to be against our Abay Dam. Where is the forest he is talking about (may use google maps)? Sudan and Egypt threatening us because of a project on Abay? Really? Never heard of Tana-Beles?
It is always amusing to see how he manages to lectures us about African dictators without mentioning Eritrea.

02/06/13 @ 06:27
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess


That was a typo but what difference does that make? Still handful countries that are the most underachievers, very small, super corrupt or rouge states are below Ethiopia.

GOE & Co have been boasting the fastest growing economy in Africa for the past God knows however many years. If that was the case and growth was reflected in Ethiopia & used for development & well being of citizens, we should have been at least somewhere in the middle on that index or higher? BTW, What does vision mean to you?

A visionary leader in my view is one who works to unite his nation regardless & creates harmony within his nation for that is the KEY base for economic development. You can build as much as you like on a sand but it will all crumble. In Zenawi’s case he can build whatever he likes in one of the most disunited, ethnically divided, dissatisfied, oppressed, suffocated, humiliated, dehumanized nation but all it takes is a civil war or revolution to reduce all that to dust? Unless GOE accepts peaceful change & mend their ways. Zenawi can give his cliques as much wealth & positions as he likes but when the time comes, they will leave every penny & every position that they unjustly took. That is what happened for the Feudal era folks and it will definitely happen to our new Feudals aka GOE! This is inevitable.

Once he achieved unity & harmony, a visionary leader would then foresee & positions his nation and people rightly and visualize where his country’s economic, social, educational, technological etc etc development, citizens’s well being, ownership of their land, public enterprises, nations’s assets etc etc could be as far ahead as possible. More specifically a visionary leader would well anticipate how well he empowers his citizens/nation to ((rule their own destiny)) NOW or in FUTURE!! In your Zenawi’s case,the opposite is true.

* Zenawi messed up the harmony & the fabric of society and weakened national unity and created favorable circumstance to disintegrate the nation into many pieces. According to international Experts this may be inevitable in future.

* He placed his citizens Destiny in the hands of foreigners. He worked damn hard to blatantly favor certain folks, and worked equally hard to degrade and disrespect others. This was very Unstatesmanlike like, almost a jungle retarded mentality.

That was precisely my point. I can name a million and one others factors that clearly indicate as to why the name Zenwi & visionary is an oxymoron! In the end, it all comes down to, does Zenawi’s legacy equate to tangible economic growth or was it an illusive one? All the evidence is there for you in favor of the latter.

In a country where you have just over 15% of the 80 + million citizens are currently living just above poverty line and the tiny numbers of rich within this 15%, where is Zenawi’s Legacy? Isn’t a visionary leader suppose to be working on bottom up economic plan and lift the masses outta poverty? The opposite is true in today’s Ethiopia. Zenawi’s economic policy was structured top down! I call this blind bat economic policy, not visionary.

02/06/13 @ 08:33
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

I read all comments and noticed two extreme side on Ethiopia Economic performance.On one side old regime dreamers saying there is no development at all.On the other side pro government groups saying impressive economic development.To know the fact from neutral source I posted below world bank recent press release.

News & Views
This page in:
Ethiopia Economic Update – Overcoming Inflation, Raising Competitiveness
December 13, 2012
ADDIS ABABA, December 13, 2012—Over the past decade, the Ethiopian economy has been growing at twice the rate of the Africa region, averaging, 10.6 percent GDP growth per year between 2004 and 2011 compared to 5.2 percent in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to a new report by the World Bank.

The Ethiopia Economic Update launched today attributes this impressive economic growth mainly to agricultural modernization, the development of new export sectors, strong global commodity demand, and government-led development investments.

“Two and a half million people in Ethiopia have been lifted out of poverty over the past five years as a result of strong economic growth, bringing the poverty rate down from 38.7 percent to 29.6 percent between 2004/05 and 2010/11”,says Guang Zhe Chen, World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia. “The Government target to reduce poverty to 22.2 percent by 2014/15is ambitious but attainable.”

The Government of Ethiopia has also made progress in tackling the persistently high inflation which affected the economy over the past two years by tightening its fiscal and monetary stance. As a result, inflation is on a decreasing trend, falling from 33 percent in 2011 to 15.8 percent in October 2012 (year on year).This is good news for the poor and for the overall economy.

“Ethiopia follows a strategy of increasing exports to facilitate growth. This is appropriate given the limited size of the domestic market and it is consistent with the development experience of some of the recently successful countries, particularly in East Asia”, says Michael Geiger, the Bank’s Country Economist for Ethiopia and one of the lead authors of the report. “Growth of goods exports has mainly been driven by volume growth across a variety of product groups, implying that Ethiopia is increasingly diversifying its export base.”

Lars Christian Moller, Lead Economist and Sector Leader for Ethiopia said “Ethiopia is one of the few large, land-locked economies in the world that exports more services than goods. Yet, there is widespread perception that the comparative advantage of a low-income country like Ethiopia lies in export of primary products and labor intensive, low-skill manufacturing goods.”

Ethiopia’s fiscal performance appears to be adequate given the current state of the economy and financing requirements for development, according to the Bank report. The overall general government deficit (including grants) declined from 1.6 percent of GDP in 2010/11 to 1.2 percent of GDP in 2011/12.Tax collections have been boosted by the 2010 tax reform, while public management reforms (such as program-based budgeting) have strengthened public expenditures. Public debt is on a declining trend at 35 percent of GDP in 2011/12 and Ethiopia has a low risk of external debt distress.

The launch of the Ethiopia Economic Update was complemented with the presentation of a Survey Report of Chinese Foreign Investment in Ethiopia. Responding to a request from the Government, the World Bank surveyed 69 active Chinese enterprises doing business in Ethiopia with a tailored enterprise survey. The report recommends a series of policy areas to facilitate foreign investors coming into Ethiopia so that the country can reap the benefits it needs to further its development path. Key recommendations include streamlining custom procedures and trade regulations, improving tax administration consistency and efficacy, and increasing the supply and quality of skilled workers.

The two reports form part of a new programmatic knowledge service prepared by the World Bank as a part of its economic policy dialogue with the Government of Ethiopia. Going forward, the Bank is planning to release an Economic Update report for Ethiopia every six months along with other tailored knowledge products in close coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

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tel : +251-11-517-6010
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tel : +1-202-458-5054
Ethiopia Economic Update: Overcoming Inflation, Raising Competitiveness
Survey: Chinese Foreign Investment in Ethiopia
World Bank in Ethiopia
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Report: Reducing Supply Chain Barriers Could Increase Global GDP Up To 6 Times More Than Removing All Import Tariffs
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02/06/13 @ 10:27
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

APE, sorry time is against u… The new generation doesn’t care what u or ur lover Al say… They are partying the night away… I know for party have different meaning…. Al Amhara is 77 years old Ginbot 7/11 owner dr.dark also 69 years old…so time ticking away. Tick tick tick

02/06/13 @ 10:32
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Teftef the Bushti Shabian

You keep repeating yourself like a broken record. Are OK crazy head?

Or does that happen when hot headed Tigray blood kicks in? Does also encompass the self pity and inferiority complex you suffer from against ‘Diaspora” aka….amhara?

Ayeeeee gematam loser Tigree, I am sure you are making a lot of people proud!

How about moving back to Mekele or Asmera where you belong?

02/06/13 @ 10:49
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


Slow down you are in way over your head brainless! AP is no much for you unless your strategy is cry and crawl through every conversation…..meskin! lolll

02/06/13 @ 10:51
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Tarid, thank you for sharing the timely fact that shows about Ethiopia’s economic progress…

Well, lets see how long those toothless hippos and the mouthpiece of Ethiopia’s enemies, Al/likes, will sustained with their daily manufactured baseless stories…LOL. Though. we all can learn one thing for certain that all idiots will never ever get out from their corrupted mentalities and blindly designed hatful pigeons-hole boxes…LOL.

God bless the world!

02/06/13 @ 12:05
Comment from: [Member]

***to Tarid***
you posted a lengthy article from Wolrd bank. I as an Ethiopian see otherwise!!!
Unless you posted that as a mere “satirical article” /"joke”
a) The starvation
b) the drought,
c) the High-inflation,
d) the unemplyment,
e) the mass exodus of our nation’s citizens
f) Women labor flight to the middleEast,
g) children “adoption” at an alarming rate.
h) Scarcity of basic needs.
The list of our motherland’s misery goes on and on yet you are painting a “rosy” picture of our poor Ethiopia!!!
Please give us a break for we are “sick to the stomach” of such outright “lie".
The most amazing thing I am observing is the cyber cadres “comical” blogging of lies.
They all seem to make us all believe
a “rock ” is “bread” we can chew on it!!!

02/06/13 @ 13:15
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara princess of deceit,…

Now we know where exactlly you’ve been those past few months. You were enrolled at ESAT school of deception and fraud. Looks like you’ve graduated in distinction.
Now with such great qualification as a #1 liar, you seem running for the leadership position at ginbot7.


the diaspora big and fat liar almaria with his alter ego eliass kiftaff, seem to have a lot of deciples like you, who are out there ready to swear “aynen ginbar yargew” and tell all kinds of lies shemlessly, especially when it comes to our great visionary leader the late PM Meles Zenawi.
Diaspora FOOLS & IDIOTS are so angry and jealous of him, even after his death, they don’t even mind to bend over for the devil himself, as long as they could be able to discredit our great leader PM Meles Zenawi.
The freshly minted diaspora #1 liar AP, take it easy. “The truth is not for all humans, but only for those who seek it” Ayn Rand,
As long as you insist in your failure and chose to live in your denial world, there is nothing we can do. SIRASH YAWTASH.


Ye diaspora giriger,
Mechereshaw ayamir,
Semiññ yene fiqer,
Yeshalishal biqer,
Kemitachi kiber,
Minim atageññi kewurdet beqer!

02/06/13 @ 13:17
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

@Amhara Princess

Are you okay when you wrote just above about: humiliation, economic development policy approach, respect, unity, status of development rank vs rate of growth vs gap of growth etc? Shortly, what I can for sure is either you wanted to present a divert ideas or unreal arguments.

@ Tarid

It is good to have such evidence.

However, Is there no top Ethiopian Economists? e.g. The argument for Comparative Advantage doesn’t work. It implied above that Ethiopia should continue to produce agricultural products, but this will never help. Rather what help is: inward looking policy for primary commodity and outward looking for others.

Generally, do what they do, don’t do what they say but do what Ethiopian says.

02/06/13 @ 13:24
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

Mesfin B,
Okay, I posted above neutral source that shows Ethiopia economy is moving up at alarming rate.You mention some points but most of them are your personal wishful thinking.If not,Can you please advice me any neutral source that support your claims.

02/06/13 @ 13:34
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you dedebu, the luutty asshole shabian,…

Don’t waste “waist” your time. Go to school near you and educate yourself. I know education is your achilles’ heel.
I didn’t mean to touch some nerve and soft spot when I reminded you a long time ago about your lack of substance. I was just trying to help. But instead of using my advise and try to read and educate yourself, you got stuck on my dick, blabbering, addis zefzef, addis defdef, addis teftef, begging to get it in your azz. HaHaHaHa!
I’m always trying to be not too mean to you. I know your fragile ego is so soft and brakeable easlly.
Take it easy shithead! Dumbass!

02/06/13 @ 13:38
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Betbethu who the hell can be more sellout bandas than your Agazi Bandit Mafia Firm founder Sebehat
and the well known Amice banda and Eri born bandit Bereket days and nights advocating the desmanteling of Emama Ethiopia and the lose of
the National Sovereignty on the Red Sea .Ash your founder Father is around 84 ,most of your dead master
arm Brothers most of them in 60th of Ages and even more .The naked fact that your ethno Mafia Firm (TPLF)is full of gaot herders and Morons Agazi Bandits and Tigre Mafiosis remaining on their illusion of keeping the power for ever …LOL !!!

02/06/13 @ 13:46
Comment from: [Member]

***to Tarid***
The fact that I have been there acouple of years ago.
The other fact that my parents returned back home after they visted me.
I doubt the neutral status of your posting.
I wish you travel to Ethiopia and observe the true reality.

02/06/13 @ 13:51
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ AZ the barking Dog
@ Cigarette Ash the moron ማሞ ቂሎ
@ TS the one who makes zero sense
@ Tarid copy pasting irrelevant stuff & increasingly sounding ever so desperate by changing his name from Darwi to Tarid because his CIA temporary Fact made zero sense lol

:):):):) Hilarious!

Listen fools, you just made me laugh. Get a grip, already. Especially AZ, despite reading your post like 3 times, I just did not understand your point? What does all those things gotta do with me? Search me! Hahahaha! It seems like you totally run outta things to say? Using same words, same swear words, same accusations for all here? That is what I call universal output Hahahaha! You are Pitiful, losing it. Please drink some water, (_)~ & calm the hell down & read what you dumped above. Once you calmed down, you will be laughing your head of reading it, just like me!

All of you GOE’s ridged, one sided, shortsighted nonsensical clowns seem to have run outta intelligent, valid points to back up your MONKEY dictators & their evil deeds?

* ግራም ነፈሰ ቀኝ Ethiopia currently stands bottom pile on HDI index. This means that very MINOR or NO TANGIBLE DEVELOPMENT took place past 20 years. Hello? Are you that retarded? Go kill yourselves or the UN & internationally acclaimed entities who are responsible for this FACTUAL Human Development INDEX.

Also ግራም ነፈሰ ቀኝ 85% of Ethiopians live on a dollar or two a day. This means that your Tyrant did NOT improve the lives of ordinary citizens, almost all citizens are still living same as Mengistu’s era? They can not afford to eat despite all the billions of aid dollar, billions of remittance dollar, billions in soft loans, Grant, aid grains and whatnot being POURED in from all direction! Simple as. Ask yourselves why that is the case and refer back to the billions looted out? Instead of barking?

ወይይይይ ጉድድድ!!! በግድ ነው አንዴ??? TANGIBLE ማስረጃ እኮ ማቅረብ አለባችሁ። ዝም ብሎ መጮህ አና ሰው መሳደብ ምን ዋጋ አለው? እሱማ ለዜናዊም ኣልበጀው። ያው ያንን ባለጌ መርዘኛ አፉን አንደ crocodile ከፍቶ ኣሲሳደብ ሲሳደብ ፈንድቶ ቀረ!! :)):)) You can call people anything but you can NOT change those international Facts!

አራት ነጥብ

02/06/13 @ 14:13
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

Mesfin B
This is layman respond.If you are against Ethiopian government you might see negative side only.If you are supporter you might see positive things only.Moreover, personally you are able to observe small portion of total.I need summarized data as follows
- Ethiopia registered double-digit economic growth for last 9 years (IMF & World Bank)
- Primary school enrollment now 90%, up from 20% (UN)
- HIV incidence rate reduced by 90%, deaths by 60% (UN)
- 5 hydroelectric dams built, more under construction (World Bank).
I believe in number and neutral source.If you don’t have figure and neutral source, it will be personal judgement or propaganda.

02/06/13 @ 14:35
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Also @ ማሞ ቂሎ

Those young generation who party the night away are GOE’s clowns, Tourists, Diaspora etc etc. Not the overwhelming majority of citizens! I go to Addis on a regular basis, I party like hell, I have been everywhere. Do you know how much you need to pay to get into a night club? Do you know how much they sell a bottle of Soda let alone alcoholic beverages? Do you know how much a nigh out cost? Be it in bars or clubs these days? It is astronomical for locals. Not even their monthly salary would cover such luxury, delusional clown. :)

You obviously have no clue! Let alone partying, the overwhelming majority of young generation are unemployed, hopeless, grazing on khat, turned to hustlers out of no choice or begging on the streets. In today’s Ethiopia, they can flog their own mamas for a bit of cash. That is out of desperation, I do not blame them.

Majority of young generation are being smuggled outta Ethiopia by Afar & Somali people traffickers & dying like flies. They are been sold to Arabia as House Maids. The kids are being sold to the western world. You obviously have no clue haven’t been back for decades? Rural areas are worse, even make you cry! Such level of desperation, I have never ever seen in my life. Here you are talking about phantom fairy tell of the handful. They are partying alright? In Sudan, Somali Land? Gondar border towns to cross to Sudan? In the Jungles of Africa getting mauled by wild animals on their way to South Africa? In Arabian Sinai desert getting their Organs stripped off? In Egypt/Israel boarders getting shot at? In Libyan desert trying to cross over to Mediterranean EU, drowning in their scores. That is where they are at.

Go tell that to idiots like yourself. clueless

02/06/13 @ 14:46
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

The title of the good Professor’s article is “The Sandcastles and Dams of African Dictators.”

Is the title connected to the bodies of the entire article is the obvious question I am raising for discussion.

First let us understand what sandcastles and dams are?

Many of us who frequent the beaches during summer time see some busy children at the beach playing with the sand, making sandcastles, and some times even burying themselves under the sand. That is great fun for the little children when they see their accomplishments and when they watch at the same time their sandcastles crumbling in front of their eyes. That is also per se another source of ecstasy for these hard-working children. Their great sandcastles are no more to be seen standing on the sand: they are gone forever, and the little children have no remorse for the sudden fall of their sandcastles for they know they can build more other castles as far as the beach they visit is always full of sand.

Children, of course, do not build dams; adults do for various reasons, and one of the reasons is economic. Sandcastles built for fun by children do not last for a long time, but dams built, not for fun, by adults persevere.

Dams are built for controlling river flow, for improving flooding, and for producing hydroelectric power; therefore, dams built without damaging the surrounding environment are very beneficial for the economic development of a country, like Ethiopia and other countries.

The good Professor admits the following individuals had built dams for their country:

1. Kwame Nkrumah - built the Akosombo Dam on the Volta River

2. Gamal Abdel Nasser – built the Aswan High Dam

3. Mobutu Sese Seko – built the Inga Dams over the Congo River

4. Moamar Gadhafi – built the Great Man-Made River, the world’s largest irrigation project and proclaimed it the “Eighth Wonder of the World.

These dams still exist and serve their respective nations: they are not gone with the wind; of course, their leaders are gone as most of us are not permanent on this earth. These four leaders, the Professor mentioned, had done something good for their people: they had built dams, not sandcastles.

5. Among these four leaders who built dams for their people was also Meles Zenawi, who built, if I am not mistaken, Fincha Dam, Gilgel Gibe I Dam, Tekezé Dam, Beles Dam, Gilgel Gibe II Dam, Gilgel Gibe III Dam, Gilgel Gibe IV Dam among many others and besides the unfinished Renaissance Dam.

The good Professor, as a man of integrity and unbiased columnist, should have given Meles Zenawi some credits for his accomplishments in spite of demonizing him and leaving him without any history of accomplishments in the Christian land of Ethiopia. I am not a supporter of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his wife Jezebel (Azeb) though she is related to me as I was told few years ago.

According to the above personalities only Idi Amin Dada had not tried to build even sandcastles, forget building dams as the good Professor has clearly demonstrated the brutalities of Amin Dada, the modern Hitler of Africa.

In my view, those leaders, though brutal and heinous, did not go with the wind, neither did their accomplishments; hence, the good Professor has spent most of his time carping about each one of them, especially about the ambitious leader, Meles Zenawi. The Professor should have given us a balanced history of those leaders he has indiscriminately degraded into the lowest level. Only one of them, Uganda’s leader, Idi Amin Dada, should be characterized as inhuman and bestial because he had done nothing good for his country but murdering over half a million Ugandans; therefore, Idi Amin Dada was the only leader who went with the wind, not the other leaders.

Many countries could be remembered by several factors, and one of the factors is the leaders of those countries. For example, Germany, Russia, Italy, Uganda, and Ethiopia can always be remembered by Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, and Meles Zenawi respectively. Indeed, Ethiopia can also be remembered by Mengistu Haile Mariam, master of the “Red Terror.”

02/06/13 @ 15:00
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

AP lets face it the professor wrote this article simply to counter attack the meles legacy that is being portrayed mainly by the outside world as a good leader of Ethiopia and Africa to some extent, and as ardent meles critic he has every right to do that. but in his desperate effort he is going too far this time by campaigning against the nation projects such as the gibe, abay dam and others that will serve the people of ethiopia. regarding meles legacy, “where there is smoke there is fire” for ex. people would never debate about mengistu legacy because even mengistu will admit there is not much to debate. but here and on other places, as you can witness, we have people , having different opinion about meles and that i believe is not a bad thing for the country and after all his legacy depends more on how those who inherited the power will handle the future.
By the way per your recommendation I looked at the HDI for Ethiopia and saw it has improved from 0.274 in 2000 to 0.363 in 2011, that is a 32% growth. Maybe you can help me but I don’t know how that is bad.
P.S. leaders are borne out of their people. if Menelik, HIM, mengistu or meles are monkeys then we are not too far off. look at us, even here people are quick to judge, curse and put ethnic label on you if they don’t agree with your opinion. How do we expect the leaders to be different.

02/06/13 @ 15:04
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu
As usual your political comment is free from bias and reasonable.I love to read your comment but you are extreme religion wise.Ethiopia is land of all religion including moslim.

02/06/13 @ 15:20
Comment from: [Member]

***to Tarid***
I didn’t claim to be an Economist.
as an Ethiopian I blogged what I have observed.
Nothing else.
But you can’t make believe a “Rock” is a “Bread” !!!

02/06/13 @ 15:22
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara princess of deceit,…

Take it easy baby! You seem very well armed with all kinds of twisted statistics to make your useless point.
Tell me in the last twenty years if there have never been false allegation and accusations about Ethiopia and our govt. We went through all those adversities and still are being prosecuted and will expect more challenges and obstacles on our way forward. Nothing new. Adversity is what making us strong and proven. Believe me, if we didn’t have enemies, how else would we know our strength?
The small time talkers and accusers like almaria are nothing but a cynical loser born with evil mind.
Like someone once said,…
“In every cynical person, ther is a disappointed idealist”
Almaria is just a disappointed and angry person, who will say anything to deny whatever he sees in Ethiopia.
Our govt’s motto is, show and tell. All about practicality. You can shove your statistics in your behind. And see the reality. If you don’t want to accept the reality, that’s your problem.
World bank and IMF at times tried to critisize and accuse us in so many ways, but at last they understood where we are and what really is going on in Ethiopia, to the point of admiring our govt. Don’t tell me you don’t accept the recent World bank approval of our govt, while you’re bombarding us with a ten years old expired analysis.

02/06/13 @ 15:30
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

population that live on US$1.25 per day, stands at 29.6%.
I did not reply to your previous posting, because it was just an opinion, and not fact based on true data. You are eloquent, but that is just not enough.

02/06/13 @ 15:33
Comment from: [Member]

***To Tarid***
World Bank, IMF are known to “cook”
figures so that they can justify the loan to poor nations. Then we will end up wtih a loan that can’t be paid for 100 years.
If you can believe that, then I can only see “gulibilty or naivette” from your side.
A simple fact is that there was never HIV incident prior to the EPRDF adminstration. when I went to Addis after a long stay abroad, I was shocked, to say the least, the rampant or epedemic level spread of the disease.

02/06/13 @ 15:52
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]


There is a lucky man who don’t bore being with you because you are entraintening and telling him whatsoever. saying this of you were gifted, I just wanted to highlight you so that next time you may not assign me to negative senses, but I am still Okay with zero sense, :

* Even if it is true that Ethiopia is ranked 174 out of 178, this shows only a part of the country history. For example, if countries ranked top of Ethiopia had already achieved high gaps (whatever measurement indicators used: GDP, GNP, Per Capita income, HDI etc), Ethiopia growth is fast now, however, it takes time to overtake high rank. Also notice that relative growth rate among country matters. To explain rank of Ethiopia relative to others countries, you can compute Gini Coefficient.

* You stated Unity as a issues. But reality shows that there is no disintegration and the country is living and working together.

* You stated humiliation and respect as an issues. I see this from two angles: local and where you are now. Locally, no one denied you to be blue or white collars. It is your choice. Concerning where you are now, not necessary for you but for most, I can say that your respect is by far greatest backhome but you chose here mostly for economic reasons.

* HDI, you can see the social aspects of HDI. How many literacy, health etc didn’t improve. All are improved. The economic aspects of HDI also improved. Again, compute Gini Coefficient and see its trend among countries. There is no doubt that Ethiopia would be top ranked.

Anyhow you are good for entrainment and probably rhetorical artists. This is really good and keep it up.

02/06/13 @ 16:13
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]


One more points about a number of destitute along the street in the Country. Gov’t has been supplying a number of houses for the residents of the city. If migration from rural to urban is high, that can be an administrative issue. But gov’t cannot afford to finance houses for none stop immigrants into the city, but still can do law enforcements to keep the standard of the city.

02/06/13 @ 16:35
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

Mesfin B
IMF,word bank,the economist,CIA world fact book are not reliable source for you so where should I get real summarized data.
Regarding HIV,you are still informing me your personal observation which is not fact. HIV is relatively a new disease to world and seen for first time in Ethiopia in 1980s .I have just posted below info from CIA World Fact book Jan 1,2011 data
Country 1999 2001 2003 2007
Ethiopia 10.63 6.4 4.4 2.1

02/06/13 @ 16:43
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

AP, yes… thank you!!!! First thing to do is UNDERSTAND what is being said. Then hate, which is what you cadres do.. without reading/understanding.

Dariw [Visitor], I’d suggest not to rely heavily on CIA anything. Reports are based on the interest of.. Frankly speaking, I say avoid the CIA totally.. but then dictators do not heed any ones advice, do they?

I do not see where it is I missed your point. Your point simply stated is that the best thing for Ethiopians is to not have a national language, they learn in their own ethnic language then be limited to that particular ethnic group, in other words they can only serve in their kilil for lack of the ability to speak the national language. A working language adopted by the tplf’s eprdf, who by the way has only one agenda and that is divide and rule. How can any Ethiopian be available or be able to serve his country/people if he/she is limited to his/her ethnic group? Forget limit to regional.. there is no need for that. Of course people have to learn the national language early on so they can rip the benefits of a)federal work force b) communicate with the rest of the nation c) advance in any ‘killil’ to perform their duties, lives. Which brings us to the killil issue. A very well taught out, divisive way to separate a nation of people in to clans’ship. We see this did not work for Somalia. So, what is the plan here when Meles and his goons(so named because they are) implemented this system? If this is what you call new Ethiopia, bro.. you are looking at a combined future Somalia and Rwanda.

Lets talk about before 1993, briefly in detail&#59;)

In fact lets go way back to when the Negestats were forming Ethiopia. They were conquering and fighting and creating a nation. It is call nation building.. all countries ARE created through blood spilled and bones crushed the vanquished conform to the new rules of the conqueror. Some countries, like Australia, USA and such.. did literally obliterate the indigenous. But that did not happen in Ethiopia in the time of Atse Tewodros, Atse Yohannes.. and in the late 1800’s, Minilik expanded the Ethiopian territories, followed by Haile Selassie. Education being the primary objective, there was one way to continue teachings in Amharic, the national language, the working language of the government. Not meant to oppress ethnic groups but to eradicate illiteracy. Anyway, many subjects were English based the only use of Amharic was in the lower grades, to communicate between the masses and to give equal advantage to all when it comes to join the work force anywhere in Ethiopia. If one desires to succeed, one will learn the national language. Not forced to, but needs to. What Ethnic Federalism has done is lock all in their ethnic groups, divide the people by separation. Its telling Ethiopian, indirectly, your ethnicity is enough, no need for seeking more where by limiting the interconnection of people on other factors. Pretty soon, you will not be allowed to date out of your ethnic/religious group. I mean I have friends whose father is from Tigre and his mom is a mix of Oromo and Shoa Amhara, they met in Shoa province in a small town. That is what I mean when I say Ethiopiawinet. My Wifes dad is Oromo, her mom a mix of Hamassen and Gonder.. and me.. I’m a mutt.. I mean guys come on, mixing is good. That is the Ethiopia which is neither new or old. That is the Ethiopia the Meles doctrine is based on. Separation by ethnicity.. is nothing short of racist/apartheid.

Furthermore, secession of the ethnic groups was not prevalent before 1993. It was never an option supported by the constitution till Meles/Tplf took office. We did have Ethnic diversity and respect during the Derg era. No one can deny the fact that any form of ethnic superiority was smashed by the derg. If you ask me, Tplf inflamed the Ethnic differences that was not so much in the time of the Derg. Now, I am not saying Derg was good in everything, nor am I a supporter.. I’m just stating facts. The Eritrean issue, which to me and many Ethiopians is one that needed the attention given to it by the derg, a right to preserve the integrity of our country.. by any means, was interpreted by Tplf as a colony issue. Unfortunately for Ethiopians, Tplf is now in power enforcing the illegal break away of a kiflehager and lose of a port. It is same as your mention of you can not force a child to learn the national language, tplf says you can not force a kiflehager to be part of Ethiopia when they turn right around and fight OLF/ONLF.. and yes the OLF/ONLF are fighting to secede.. what is that called? Hypocrisy? Opportunist? or is it Terrorism now a days?

You said..
All nation/nationality are happy in the current federal system except AMHARA ELITE like author of the above article.
**May I tell you that I am not Amhara and I am not happy with Ethnic Killil as are not majority Ethiopians. Stop making up stories.

This is main reason why they deny Ethiopia impressive Economic development that is witnessesed by IMF,world bank and CIA World Factbook.
**I know you know CIA. But do you know who and what the IMF is? Maybe you wanna read up on it. Why it was formed and who it serves and the role it palys in third world internal affairs. You will be unpleasantly surprised. Anyway, inflation is over 23%, do we even have a figure for unemployment?

This is main reason they oppose any big project that help Ethiopians.Most Amhara elite see every thing in the angle of Amharanism not Ethiopiawenet. They use Ethiopiawenet as cover.
**Again, you need to stop making the Amhara a scapegoat. That was played by Shabia and implemented by Woyane on Ethiopians. Get a fresh perspective on real issues bro. The time of the Amhara dominance died when Derg took over. It is no more an excuse to rip the country apart.

It is good to be united. It is good to have a differing point of view.. it is health for a growing nation and those who speak up should be praised and not labeled terrorists or Ethiopia haters. If you ask me the main Ethiopia hater is sitting at arat kilo and it is called TPLF.

02/06/13 @ 16:56
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]


How made Meles Democracy teacher? He was a rebel who was a follower of Communism, and he is the guy you want to teach Ethiopian about Democracy when there are a lot more qualified people? When the South African blacks took power (Nelson Mondela) he didn’t try to teach south Africans by preaching he did it by stepping down from power after one term. That is how you teach democracy you idiot.

Hitler built Germany like no other German leader has done before, but all the advancement progress he did for Germany but all that was irrelevant because he was a fascist and massacred 50-60 million people world wide. The same is true with Meles, whither he build a dam or a road is irrelevant if he torcher and murder innocent people. You need to get that in your dull thick dumb head.

02/06/13 @ 17:28
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]



Who made Meles a Democracy teacher? He was a rebel who was a follower of Communism, and he is the guy you want to teach Ethiopian about Democracy when there are a lot more qualified people? When the South African blacks took power (Nelson Mondela) he didn’t try to teach south Africans by preaching he did it by stepping down from power after one term. That is how you teach democracy you idiot.

Hitler built Germany like no other German leader has done before, but all the advancement progress he did for Germany but all that was irrelevant because he was a fascist and massacred 50-60 million people world wide. The same is true with Meles, whither he build a dam or a road is irrelevant if he torcher and murder innocent people. You need to get that in your dull thick dumb head.

02/06/13 @ 17:29
Comment from: chemoga [Visitor]

Thank you, for teaching morons Al and Mesfin B facts based on #s.Remember ,you morons, numbers don`t lie.Do you want more #?"Ethiopia has lowered child mortality more than 60%since 1990,putting the country on truck to achieve the millennium goal of lowering child mortality two-thirds by 2015″.Bill Gates,The Wall Street Journal,January 26-27,2013

02/06/13 @ 17:45
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

@HagereEthiopia aka AP,

Neither a single language brings unity because there is/will not be an issue of unity. Okay, if you wish a single language to be a national language, I suggest that Afan Oromo should be it because a most populous of the country, at regional levels, prefers this. Afan Amhara doesn’t serve as a best to transfer knowledge but it is for those use it as their mother tongue. My reason is that most of technologies are imported. There is no need for, say, Tigray or Oromo region to translate the foreign technologies to Amharic and then regional language. Rather it is better to use an educational materials directly by foreign language or interpret it to their regional languages. Why one region bother, incurs costs, creates multiple confusion by interpreting educational materials, say from English to Amharic to Regional language? Or you are arguing that regional languages need to be abolished when you suggest that each regions need to learn Amharic? This was past history of colonization and will not function anymore.

By the way, Ginbot 7 is documented to being terrorist organization and found conspiracies with Jihadist to cause war on Ethiopia and to establish their own government. But OLF/NOLF are not now.

02/06/13 @ 17:49
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

The honorable Assta B

Great to see you back here. That is sound analysis.

@ Belay

I agree with you from the Dam’s perspective. As I made it crystal clear, not just on this thread but when Prof Al, was criticizing the dams many months back, I made myself clear. I do NOT agree with that at all. You don’t have to agree with everything anybody says to see a point. He was right on African dictators 100%. However, I am for infrastructural projects, dams, railways, roads anything that will benefit the people now or in future regardless of who builds it. I also said Zenawi did few things right, but piled countless negatives factors over them, you have to be crazy not to recognize that but my point is, he has not made detrimental changes as trumpeted in terms of economic growth. Is growth being reflected in the overwhelming majority of the population’s lives. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

With that said, the reason I mentioned your name was not to discuss Prof Al, rather to disagreed with your remarks re pre Zenawi’s eras.

As for your statistics, you are comparing same eras, overlooking the fact that we did not move any significant steps forward? You can not compare in that sort of % terms my dear. That is NOT how it works. If you look at the index from 1991 to date, analyze how far we have progressed on that index & how many levels we moved up, baring in mind that moving up means lifting more people outta poverty, overtook other nations because we are saying that we are the fastest growing economy for many years now?


Hahahaa! You need to learn how to read information right. Your link does not support your % you are hilarious. Go to UN site and check the % of people who are currently living under a dollar or two a day in Ethiopia. There, it is written crystal clear for you, not on graphs but in plain English

@ TS

Weyyyyy Guddd! The hell you are on about now? You are all over the place my dear, it is almost painful to read you any further, Ok, folks this is turning into some form of comedy now. Please learn economics 101 first to understand basics & how things function in the economics world. All I can do now is laugh.

* I’ve stated above how you measure real economic progress & development as per international standards & what are core areas that needs to be looked at.

* I gave you the areas, and facts that where Ethiopia is on those measures. Those measures are international measures.

* The fact that we are bottom pile on those measures should indicate the level of progress to you? If you don’t get that, no miracles would work on you

Stop telling me individual stories like like Shemsu built more shops and he didn’t have those shops pre 1991 era or Goytom Gebremeskel now owns such & such apartments & those apartments did not exist at such & such time. That s now how it works folks. :):)

Start from 101…

@ AZ

You know how much you make me laugh, right? I can’t be any more harsh on you than I have been on my above post… ከዚህ በላይ መጨከን በቃ አልቻልኩም take it easy. Hahaa!

02/06/13 @ 18:17
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

* That is NOT how it works is what it is suppose to be above. correction

@ Brthihu hawey

in regards to your above remark, You can call Prof Al any names under the sun, oppose his idea, scream at him, grill his points, debate or trash him. That is your God given right, the beauty of democracy; a basic human right that your Tyrannical MONKEY leaders in Arat Kilo are unable to grant to our citizens in Ethiopia &#59;) They jail them for it.

02/06/13 @ 18:29
Comment from: [Member]

እረ የሰው ያለ !!!
ምንድን ነው እነኚህ የ ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ አጨብጫቢዎች
የሚዋሹት !! እረ ጉድ ነው ዘንድሮ
አቶ Tarid በምን ላሳውቅህ
ሴቶች እህቶቻችን ወደ አረብ ስደት የጀመሩት ልሽርሽር ነዋ!!!
ወደ የመን ሲሻገሩ ህንድ ውቅያኖስ ውስጥ ሰምጠው የሞቱት ወገኖቻችን ለመዋኘት ብለው ነዋ!!
እረ እባክህ አይን ያወጣ ውሸትሁን አትቀባጥር !!!
እናንተ ካድረዎች
ድንጋዩን እኮ ዳቦ ነው ብሉት ትጠግባላችሁ እያላችሁ ነው የምትዋሹት :
ወይስ ቀልድ ለፈገግታ ያህል መጻፍ ፈልገህ ነው ሰውየ
ምናልባትም በየ ሳምንቱ መጨረሻ መበሸታ ቤት መድረክ ላይ ቀላጅ ተዋንያን መሆናችሁ ነው!!
weekend standup comedians!!!
ጉርሻ እንደ ምሳ ተቀጥሮ የሚኖርበት አገራችንን
አደገች ሲሉህ ታምናቸዋለህ !!
ይህ አይነት አስተሳሰብ የ እብደት አይሉት የጤንነት

02/06/13 @ 19:02
Comment from: Mistake [Visitor]


There is mistake of word usage in your paragraph above: replace laugh with love.

02/06/13 @ 19:25
Comment from: [Member]

Mesfin B!tchy, the bed rdden luutty old goat,…

Are you still alive? Take it easy dude! You’re wanted back home by the security forces, to answer some questions, on your participation of killing thousands of young students when you were Abyot tebaqi, in the dergue era.
All that blood on your hands are crying night and day, making you sleepless on your death bed. That’s why you come to Ethiopian websites once in a while when you get strength, to curse the woyanes who kicked your luutty ass for good.
Hey luutty old goat, why don’t you just drop dead and get over it, than torturing yourself.

02/06/13 @ 19:54
Comment from: [Member]

adis zemen/ the “GAY Shabian’
ምነው አልሞትክም እስካሁን?
አጎትህን ለምን አትከተለውም
መሌ መላጣው ክንችር ሲል አንተም ከተል ብታደርገው ጥሩ ነበር!!!
ቂቂቂ…እናንት የ ወያኔ ቅጥረኞች አታሰልቹን እባካችሁ
ፍርፋሪ እያጠገባችሁ እዚህ ድረ ገጽ ላይ መጥታችሁ አካኪ ዘራፍ ስትሉ ታስቁኛላችሁ !!!
አገሬን የማላውቅ አደረጋችሁት እኮ !!!
ወይ ግሩም !
አይጋ ፎረም ሂዳችሁ አጆሃ ብትሉ ይሻላል!!!
አንበጣ ለቀማ እና ቁልቅዋል መቅጠፍያ ስራችሁን
ብትቀጥሉበት የበጃችህዋል::

02/06/13 @ 20:18
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

Dearest Amhara Princess (visitor),

I honestly missed your logical, constructive, and educational comments for quite a long time. I was always saying to myself when I couldn’t see your lovely and persuasive posts: “Amhara Princess might be working on a sophisticated project somewhere, and that might be the reason there is no trace of her on this web site.”

Finally you showed up and surprised me: Your presence on this web site has already magnetized many commentators, and I don’t think you will have adequate time to respond to many of their fair and unfair comments. I am sure the editors and readers are very happy to have you back; especially, I am delighted to read once again your views on different issues.

My dear, take care and be ready for the great challenge you may face on this web site. Don’t answer comments that are not conducive to the readers. Don’t waste your precious time on such obscure and nebulous comments. Just ignore them!

02/06/13 @ 20:23
Comment from: gebeta [Visitor]

Neqez woyanewoch, learn from ensmama[Visitor] he disagrees with the professor’s analysis but he gave good reasons without trashing name calling people

02/06/13 @ 20:35
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

@ ap,
You may enlighten me. I really could not find the numbers you mentioned at the UN homepage.
I found rather this one at the Wikipedia: “About 16% of the population in Ethiopia are living on less than 1 dollar per day (2008).”
I am truely ready to learn from facts.

02/06/13 @ 21:06
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

The latest stat is from 2005: and it stands at 39%

02/06/13 @ 21:19
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

addis zemen [Visitor], Is it possible for you to start conversations with out your usual…
…"Mesfin B!tchy, the bed rdden luutty old goat,…”

“…Amhara princess of deceit,
Take it easy baby! You seem very well armed with all kinds of twisted statistics to make your useless point…”

addis zemen [Visitor]
Ment4you dedebu, the luutty asshole shabian,…”
addis zemen [Visitor]
Ment4you tiframu, the luutty asshole shabian,… Don’t be shy dedebu,..”
And again…
addis zemen [Visitor]
Ment4you tifiramu, the luutty asshole shabian,…
You said “why would I WAIST my time…” HaHaHaHa!…”

addis zemen [Visitor]
Amhara wanna be princess,..
What happend to you? Are you working two jobs? Or you just lost your confidence I guess…”

That’s just a few on this one article alone you came out swinging like a mad man. It would be worth your while to try and discuss and put your point forth rather than attack every one who dares have not same point of view as you. Is it not tiring for you to have so much hate and negativity?

02/06/13 @ 21:21
Comment from: [Member]

Hagereethiopia wanna be,….

Was that a kind of critisism? Or just trying to mend your wounded, broken ego?
Either way, most diaspora buchilas I see so far against our govt here are, all without any ligitmate and tangible cause, only for the sake of prejudice and baseless hatred.
As long as you guys keep on that dark and blury eye glass, which makes you cry, woyane this tplf that, nobody considers you as an opposition or someone with different idea. You’re just losers, and will be treated that way.
Don’t tell me now that Mesfin B!tchy the old goat or ment4you dedebu can have any productive idea. These guys are just sick old bastards may be shabians,whom you don’t expect any positive idea from and who don’t even have to be mentiond in any cause.

02/06/13 @ 21:47
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Ts [Visitor]
@HagereEthiopia aka AP,


I would be proud to double up for AP, a true Ethiopian. But that is besides the point and, let me see if you get this… AMHARGNA is the national language of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is 14 kiflehagers and killil will end with Tplf. There will be ethnic harmony in Ethiopia with out your regional/ethnic federalism BS. Ts, it is obvious we have a disagreement here, down to you putting AP on me… which I would not mind at all.&#59;). really!! But I can not take credit for her great writing. However, you deserve all the wrong assumption and unproductive and ridicules conclusions. Still you have a right to your opinion and I will just say, lets just leave it at that.

Like the man said, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it..”

Ash, I honestly have to say that you are one dumbass woyane.. I sincerely mean it. There is no level of dumbness to assign to you.

Ash [Visitor]


Egypt will act soon. There will be an air strike on the dam.

Answer:- some 5000 years ago pharaohs changed his mind and order his army to return the slaves but the poor slaves have God in there side. The Red Sea open up and the slaves crossed the Red Sea but when pharaohs army followed them in to the sea the sea closed up the the pharaohs army parched.

**What a dumbfak.. ante Amedam, get a life, get education.. just go get something in your brain to jump start it.. cause… boy, it is deader than Meles.

02/06/13 @ 21:54
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]  
Tamrat Tamrat

To all tigrigna speekers.

Call any body in Eritrea to participate in street portest in support of the action of the the historical 21 first of january performed by the brave sodiers.

Eritrea With out isayas is the corner stone of Peace and stability for millions.

Let us make Our social media to fasten the dawn fall of isayas.

02/07/13 @ 00:38
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopian football team was in a real group of death. Both teams who went on to qualify from our group, Nigeria and BurkeNabe are in the finals. Wow!!

02/07/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: EriPride [Visitor]

All you jelouse creatures here sound like an old gramophone when repeating our Gallant President His Excellency ISAYAS AFEWORKI name day and night.
You cry -Why not him?- LOL
Go back and re-read the article, is all about the Passed Aways, your MZ inclusive, but our President is ALIVE and kicking:) unlike your ugly wishes, you intended to kill him but God is great your wishes boomerang back at you. Stop wishing ugly to others!

We the self reliant Eritreans know what we need and we are working hard for it. You guys need to learn from us and try building your country brick by brick. Eradicate hunger, kick away all foreigners that help you with handouts and paralise your brain not to make your living decently. Stop acting wild and savage on this modern age like TT does here. Wake-up from your ugly dreams. We do not care if you Ethios eat eachother alive, so why care about regime change in Eritrea?


Think wisely, stop dreaming and keep-on reality. Technology is taking over human brain. You need to catch-up and act civilisedly.

May God Bless all good wishers and peaceloving Ethiopians!

02/07/13 @ 01:36
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

It is not difficult to see the motive of political and opposition parties. Some are sensitive to languages, naturally exist ethnic compositions, religions and regional administration boundaries. What I, as a none members of any party, independently observed a major negative differences between ruling party and the opposition as follows:

1. Ruling Party

A. Ruling party, nominally EPRDF, and cardinality TPLF has problems of arresting innocent students and political parties.

B. Allocate funds improportionally to private company/corporation mainly to build Tigray region or private corporation and firms.

C. exposes to external shocks: export of primary products that soars the price of commodity and ultimately increases cost of living.

D. Intervene on religions affairs

E. possess positions that essentially favoured TPLF.

2. Opposition Parties

A. redemarcate of regional states

B. advocate for single language

C. advocate for single religion, essentially Orthodox

D. run for political leadership positions

E. beg external influences and referees

F . Look to repossess Assab port

Whereas, Sadly, economically poor and less educated people are striving to lead their own life and business.

My suggestion are two:

1. The ruling party shall release innocent people. Increase a number of other ethnicities for political position. Establish private business company for each regions. Decrease the primary commodity exports.

2. Opposition parts shall not bring negative image of the country. convert their motivation rather to run for political position, it is better to run for opening and operating private business. Respect the current administration boundaries, language preferences, multiculturalism including religions. increase tolerance among ethnicities.

Otherwise, silence, oppression, biased action of the ruling party will create instability. More concern, the tendency of opposition parties will disintegrate the regions and probably lead to perpetuated civil war.

If the stated major issues are corrected by the ruling party, it is by far better than the approach of opposition parties.

My question are why opposition parties believe in external influence on the country through various means: halting of projects and funding etc. Why not even contribute more sources to build business systems though they oppose the ruling party. I saw an endless talk, talk…. Also, I cannot imagine when the ruling party would implemente rule of law to ensure transparency and accountability of gov’t which all should build economic development and decreases the number of prisoners.

How both cursed approaches or parties suffer the poor? How long they live by talking and self-centered motives?

I firmly suggest here to all parties that ignore vengeance and egotism, and unilaterally focus on economic activity peacefully.

02/07/13 @ 02:57
Comment from: FACT [Visitor]

Tplf’s did not get it, Prof.Al simply put it the “wind” as a metaphor to explain the useless efforts of all dumb dictators.
No matter how much they loot stock pile the dollar, pound or birr all will be gone, blown to the air like when the wind comes, depends on the magnitudes.

Revolution could take place almost everywhere and anytime. And replace those ruthless ones and redo almost everything they done. He mentioned some particular dictators in Africa who embezzled and loot their own nation with their party members (usually same tribe cliques) like Mobutu and Gaddafi, that ends up in a prosecution of an ethnic group and a bloodshed.

And if we take a look at in our own nation history as honest discussion, the feudal system was opposed by the growing dissent from the lower level military and the poor who felt it the most and brought the brutal regime change and all the wealth and properties of the feudal bourgeois were confiscated, and they were brutally killed or imprisoned.

In the case of Ato. Meles if we take an example, as we are witnessing here in this website, it’s not about individual or one man rule dictatorship rather is an ethnic based support contrary to others with in the nation.

02/07/13 @ 03:47
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Assta B

Thanks a million for your kind words my dear. Feeling is absolutely mutual.

Point well taken! Yes, you are right. In a way, there is NO point corresponding with idiotic folks who don’t even have the slightest of clues, don’t know how to conduct themselves in a normal human way, don’t stick to topic at hand, those who don’t even understand the figures or links that they are posting here.

Those who talk about growth & sound economic policies of their visionary leader yet they fail to ask questions like WHY:

* We have the highest inflation rate in history

* The most valueless currency like never seen before

* Highest level of youth unemployment

* Highest level of mass exodus of citizens running the hell away

* The lowest foreign currency reserves in Ethiopia

* Prices of BARE basics plus anything else in that land are way too high, over inflated & highest they have EVER been in history while wages are STAGNANT

* The highest aid dollar & grain recipients in the world

* High level of people on drought alert

* Economy running on multi billion Birr deficit

* The lowest export revenue not even $5 billion annually from that humongous nation of 80 million

* The highest homeless rate, Orphan rate

* Bottom pile on HDI and all sorts of measures

* Wealth concentrated in very few handful cliques of GOE or foreigners

etc etc etc

Now, does this sound like GOE has mastered sound economic policies or growth? Does this look like achievements of a visionary leader?

As an open discussion forum, when certain folks address you with twisted views, insults etc it just feels like giving them taste of their own medicine :):) That is why I ridicule some of them, it takes me way too little time to be rude. A lot more time to be polite and discuss important issues. That said, please be assured that I never take these morons seriously, you have to be mad to. Some truly make me laugh even, you have no idea. You can even tell from the kind of language I use on them.

Thanks again dear, have a lovely day!

02/07/13 @ 07:08
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


Unemployed cant affored partying for starter if u r unemployed here in America u can’t affored anything so instead of parting get a job first.

Those who work even vacant afford party because it cost hight. Here in America u can’t affored many thing too…just because u have work u can’t affored partying in 5 star hotel.. U can’t afford BMW car…u can’t even affored orginc food… If u have bad criedit forget owning anything..

I don’t fee sorry for Ethiopia youth Ethiopia have green gold for taking, why not start farming in small scale instead of eating khat ( by the way where did they get money for khat) I alway wonder why not someone doesn’t start hen farming if hen cost 100 birr if u buy 100 one day old checks each for one birr with in 3 month u have 100 hen ready to sale for 10,000 birr that is $3000 birr…. I have been few country where the land is poor but people farm the land using underground water in Ethiopia river pass u but u are waiting for rain to come if rain doesn’t come u go hungry while a river passing u two step away…

So my business savey princess why not help our people teach them get job in order to get money instead of waiting for someone to sponsor them where ever they go..

02/07/13 @ 07:34
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara princess of deceit, the lie machine b!tch,…

Shall I call you ye pollotika shermuta? What really are you trying to achieve with all that unrealistic BS?
Are you talking about Greece, Zimbabwe or eritrea? Or you just want to release your frustration and disappointment in life, by telling all kinds of lies?
Answering your question or trying to incounter all your stupid claim is, validating your arguement, as long as “the purpose of arguement is to change the nature of truth and reality.”

02/07/13 @ 07:38
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

You suggested me to start with Economics 101, but you listed many problems. Do you think 101 solve this? Also knowing those and more problems are everywhere across the world but its widespread and extent varies from country to county, even from place to place within a country.

Let me tell you a history. I think that in the 1970th I was taking course works. There was a course called international trade. In this course to build simple static general equilibrium model (GEM), we makes naive assumption like prefect competition. Our instructors had been teaching us that perfect comppetition is very good because there were many sellers and buyers for a product etc. In that the international trade model (that we used GEM), further, there was Ricardo theory in the trade aspects that brings in comparative advantage. Then we were taught like that because that was what written on standard books available everywhere. Remember I raised two concepts (prefect competition and comparative advantage).

The odd things, what is written on such standard books doesn’t reflect the reality. Before you may get perplexed what I am talking to you, let me give you how these two concepts works.

Prefect competition is the worest one because there is no incentive for a firm to produce more and neither to expand it since market is efficient. I mean that firms cannot change more than a break even price. Then we had been analyzing things as we were told. No more scope to build giant corporation because we were filled with this concept and outcry against expansion of monopoly and others Oligo… Shortly we didn’t allow for economic scale for firms…

The second concept was comparative advantage. As you may know this, simply if a country is efficient to produce agricultural products it says that country should continue to produce the same.

From the concept of perfect competition, we remain to produce small scale products. Then, what should we market and trade? almost no. Again, we remain to produce agricultural products because we were told that our comparative advantage was this. so, where is industrialization, technology production etc. No again.

I know that it is boring to discuss such concepts, and nor I intended to highlight it for you. Rather, I simple continue to say that: Do what they do, and not what
they say. The country will face more damage under free trade agreement now, because it is on early stage to develop industrialization and unable to compete. The costs of exporting primary agricultural products is high since it creates scarcity and high product price, and ultimately high living costs in the backhome.

Anyhow, we all like you in this forum because you at least initiate discussion by going around. Also you don’t be get upset if someone say I love you. This is simply for joke and even the person who is saying this may not know you at all or has his own life.

Keep it up, I love you.

02/07/13 @ 10:47
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

Ash (visitor),

With all my respect to you, I politely ask you to halt bothering the bright, the young, and the highly educated Amhara Princess. She has been here before you came to this web site, and she has contributed valuable information to readers, and we all have benefited from her enormous and informative comments. We will continue encouraging her to comment on regional, national, and international issues, but she cannot do it if you and your likes waste her time by asking her too many naïve questions completely unrelated to the main topic.

For example, you wrote:

“Ash [Visitor]
APE, sorry time is against u… The new generation doesn’t care what u or ur lover Al say… They are partying the night away… I know for party have different meaning…. Al Amhara is 77 years old Ginbot 7/11 owner dr.dark also 69 years old…so time ticking away. Tick tick tick
02/06/13 @ 10:32”

Why do you have to meddle with someone’s parting, age, and love affair instead of tackling with the main issue – “The Sandcastles and Dams of African Dictators”? How do you know the good Professor is Amhara Princess’ lover?

You are absolutely a disaster and a disgrace for readers; if you don’t stop harassing Amhara Princess, I am going to curse you out because you have been rude to her without any reason. She has outlined for you the main problems that exist in Ethiopia, today, and if you deny these problems don’t exist in Ethiopia, prove to her with dependable evidence; other wise, your comment will be ignored from being read by Amhara Princess and by many other readers.

We must encourage the Ethiopian young girls to come to web site and offer their views. So far, there are only two girls who comment almost regularly on this web site, and these two courageous Ethiopian girls are Amhara Princess and Agazit Woman. Both girls are members of my Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, and I am proud of them. Please stop vilipending them for they are girls, shy, respectful, and humble according to our Ethiopian traditions and cultures. They must be commended, not ridiculed; praised, not ignored; elevated, not degraded; welcomed, and not rejected.

02/07/13 @ 11:25
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

I have only time to answer two question

The most valueless currency like never seen before

Currency rate is not beauty contest we set the exchange rate to attract business and investment

Here are some of country that have according to APE who have valueless currency… This currency rate is against one dollar

93.88. jamaican dollar
1088.9 south korea won
53.22 Indian rupee
157.3. Nigerian Naira
215.15 Yemeni Rial
9692.00 Indonesian Rupiah

One USD is 18.37 birr the question is what the advantage of devolution from two birr to 18birr

Let say if u r importing shoe that cost 100 USD u have to sale it 1800 birr instead of 200 birr 1800 birr more expensive because the wage stay the same so importing become more expensive

Now if u are exporting shoe and get 1800birr instead of 200 birr then u will export more then import because u need more birr to import then export… Today if u building t- shirt factor if u exported for $100 dollars u get 1800 birr instead of 200 birr beside that u can sale it in local market because if someone try to import t-shirt it will be more expensive then locally made… In short it encourage export and discourage import

RE:- The highest homeless rate, Orphan rate

Answer:- can I suggest brith control

Assta B. Gettu I am sorry I wrote this one already so this will be my last post to her… Beause I respect u….I respect ur input I alway read them…. Of course I dont mean the relgion one that the price I am willing to pay to read ur comment about other subject..

02/07/13 @ 11:41
Comment from: belew [Visitor]

@addis zemen

Ante yedha lig last time I told you not to get involved i inteligent conversation. You have no class this articale is not for you consumption you are too retarded to understand it arfeh kolo bela don’t reach for the ktfo yet balager..

02/07/13 @ 12:56
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Now, that is the difference & crystal clear distinction between an educated, sophisticated, well clued up, respectful gentleman with class aka Assta B and the most retarded, trashy, incompetent, slum born, raised, mentally impaired, rude, vulgar, childlike, insensitive, geriatrics yet acting like early teens, semi illiterate, cowards aka Wannabe Addis Zemen & Cigarette Ash the trash!

Economic growth, development and a visionary leader with sound economic policies as you incompetent retards claim:

* Will NOT, NEVER EVER result in such catastrophic, dismal state of affairs, failures in every way possible! Show me evidence to suggest we don’t have all the above tragedy that I’ve outlined above? Those failures I have stated above are clear reflections, indicators of major policy failures & expose GOE’s incompetence. Simple as, realy.

Counter my points? Tell me the current inflation rate? What causes inflation to fluctuate? Same applies to currency? What does currency depreciation mean to you? Go check if the nation is not running on billions deficit + aid dollar + remittance while EFFORT, GUNA and CO are swimming under profit/surplus?

Show me how GOE’s economic policies are making the nation eat better than before, afford basics better than before? How GOE’s growth is creating jobs, suitable environments for citizens to want stay put in their country? :):) Tell me if 100s of 1000s of our productive young sisters are not reduced to mere House maids in Arabia? Tell us the unemployment rate?

Better still, prove what Prof Al said about African dictators is wrong? Isn’t Ethiopia almost like hell in terms of free speech, press freedom, alternative parties? A country where you can not even breath a word against the government? Define democracy, economic growth, tell us how you measure your growth? Tell us where you are on those measure?

I know you can’t! Hence resort to all that trash.

It is more than obvious that GOE’s supporters learned many things from their late Tyrant! Like leader, like cadres, eh? He passed on his legacy to them. How to lie skilfully, how to be cheap & tacky, how to be disrespectful & vulgar, how to be pompous, how to talk filth, how to talk trash without valid back up, how you can be a lice infested university drop out Gorilla & lead a nation pretending to be a scholar with purchased credentials? Deceit? Zenawi taught them how belittle & degrade others, how to kiss foreign a$$, how not to have shame, how to deceive/deny and more.

He was expert at all these trash, even in parliament he talked trash. He was shameless when saying the most embarrassing things right in front of world leaders his last economic forum rhetoric? He is rotting in hell now so that we don’t hear his poisonous trash any longer. Thanks God for that. We can at least, slap, grill, ridicule, embarrass, trample over his cadre’s a$$ easily and make them talk trash but he was untouchable!


02/07/13 @ 13:01
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Er’m, lower currency? Can Ethiopia benefit from lower currency when Ethiopia (Imports) pretty much everything? Logic plus economic facts indicates otherwise. When Ethiopia is a nation that buys (imports) practically everything, you would want your currency to be stronger so that you can buy more per unit! A strong currency has higher purchasing power in international markets as opposed to a weaker currency. Since all Ethiopia does is import pretty much everything and exports only $4 billions annually, weaker currency is definitely not good for Ethiopia. The weaker the currency, the lower the purchasing power.

Those who benefit from relatively weaker currencies are those with economies based on EXPORTS mainly and export to other nations. That allows them to remain competitive…

02/07/13 @ 13:23
Comment from: Hammus [Visitor]

why you guys bother with Ashuq ye bakella fess, he is a loner fantasist, when you try to have decent debate with him he will drive to kilimanjaro and back, ignore is the language he understands

02/07/13 @ 13:35
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Amhara Princess, I more then to answer ur last question about inflation and currency devolution but I am upsetting Mr.Assta B. Gettu…. I am here not to upset anyone… If we hate dictator then why behave like one…. So when I don’t reply to u don’t think u r right….that all

02/07/13 @ 13:51
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]


AP, We never see specific problems in the Author, Prof. AGM, paper of this forum. You listed down some problems and then tried to backup the author paper. Neither the Author came up with a solution.

AP, Ash,

I think you both simply considered a static aspects of currency devaluation. Either of you might be right or none of you.

02/07/13 @ 14:08
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

Your approach is a little bit boring?Please don’t expect intellectual and reasonable response from any one since most comments here are reflection of political outlook.Just put your comment and stay away.Brotherly advise.

02/07/13 @ 14:30
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]


Ash is doing good. There is no such political outlook, for that matter, usually political outlooks are a reflection of reality in a real world. They don’t talk false support but sometimes.

02/07/13 @ 15:44
Comment from: Unite2nite [Visitor]

If all of us unite against this TPLF tyrants, and
just pee on them z GORF/ flood will take zem back to

Dimitmatachew yitfa askeyamy Wushoch

02/07/13 @ 16:31
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

The late visionary leader, Meles Zenawi the great, wasn’t only played his part in fighting against the most viscous blood sucker DERG regime, but he also was one of the founding father of the constitution of the brand new Ethiopia, that treats everyone equally or that protects all the nations and nationalities of the Ethiopian people under its umberela…

As the result:
We have a strong national defense force…

An encaraging and positively moving forwad economy …
So, as one of my Valued friend or EHTIE , Anhara Princess always says “it’s his/hers GOD given freedom to put their views acording to what they believe” but what makes the deference is, the reality on the ground that Ethiopia is moving forward for everyone to see…

However, I would like to share with you the following news that indicate our people are united more than ever in our history and I encourage you all to be part of the solustions…

“Addis Ababa, February 6, 2013 (WIC) - The National Defense Force Central Command Post of the Adwa regiment has made the first ever joint field operation practice.
The operation has been undertaken in order to test its defending strategy as well as evaluate its current level of performance in combating potential external forces.
The military engaged in the training called “Operation Renewal” on Sunday, in the areas known as “Bera” on the “Badme” front, located along the Ethio-Eritrea border.

The operation is to the level that the military can discharge any responsible mandate and ensure that it could stand to safe guard the constitutional order of the nation.”

God bless the world!

02/07/13 @ 16:50
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara princess of deceit and denial,…

Wow! Didn’t you hear the saying, “talk is cheap” or better yet the amharic saying “leteqemach semay qirbu new"?
Why do you people even think that you can change the reality on the ground by talking nonesense?
Whether you like it or not, what our great govt EPRDF with the visionary leadership of our late PM Meles Zenawi, have achieved so many great things for our country Ethiopia, which is nothing short of a miracle period!
Let’s see, after recovering from adverse geopolitical and civil wars, Ethiopia is now, accept it or not, the biggest economy by GDP in East Africa & Central Africa.
What you useless bandas keep telling us about our HDI or any other fiasco statistics doesn’t have any thing to do with our govt.
You blow your propoganda horn just to make noise. Or in the case of almaria and likes, to make up their disappointing pathetic lives.
Human Development Index, HDI, which AP b!tching about again and again, is nothing but a data full of error, outdated {2011} and with a lot of short comings.
Some economists even suggest that, the UN to discontinue classifying countries in development bins. Because HDI is a receipe to misguide politicians, investors, charity groups and the public at large. Especially in the diaspora crybabies case, the likes from top almaria, then AP, and to the bottom Where they use it as a crying point.
With lack of data updating and revision, its difficult to compare a country’s progress or regression since the HDI for a country in a given year which depends. On the level of life expectancy or GDP per capita of other countries in that year.
Some even say this UN index for having an inapropriate treatment of income, lacking year to year comparablity, and assesing development differently in different groups of countries.
In other words it is only made to be used for our in house crybabies the FOOLS & IDIOTS of diaspora to lament all negativity, while Ethiopia progresses forward in every sector in a speed of light, leaving the likes of almaria & co to eat dust.

02/07/13 @ 17:55
Comment from: [Member]

Meles Zenawi was the worst dictator history has known. He was an idiot. He was not intellegent. Issayas Afewrqi is a dictator like Meles, but more intellegent. Issays was a fool ( they say he is half dead). Issayas has put the foundation for a unitary state, created the condition where people could intermarry and stand for one country. Meles was an idiot and a of course a fool. He destroyed the ethiopian unitary state and introduced ethnic federalism where the eritrean Tigres have th e supermacy. The situation in Ethiopia is very dangerous. Ethiopia could end like Rwanda where the Tigreans would suffer in the hands a frustrated and hopeless mass of Ethiopians.

Abdel Nasser, Kwame Nkrumah were patriots. Nkrumah tried to develop Ghana and Africa. Nasser was a patriot and he never killed or imprisoned Egyptians. The writer should have deferentiated between the different sorts of dictators. Meles Zenawi was a dictator, who was anti-Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi tried to destroy Ethiopia. He landlocked Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s ships were taken by Eritrea. Meles Zenawi created hate politics against Eritreans and Ethiopians. He was a fool and an idiot. The economic developments w=he wanted to introduce are not his plan. He was advised by foreigners to develop the economy so that the ethiopiann people could support him. Meles Zenawi is a tragic comedian in African and Ethiopian politics. Though an eritrean, he murdered 70 000 eritrean soldiers by letting Eritrea wage war on Ethiopia. He was commanding the Ethiopian Army as an eritrean of course. His general, Samora, also an eritrean, boasted that the ethiopian army wiped eritrean soldiers like rats by going into their hiding. I think Meles and Samora were fools and idiots, sadists and psychotics.

Both Eritrea and Ethiopia are happy that Meles Zenawi is dead. Issayas will also die soon. Eventhough Issays suceeded to secede Eritrea from Ethiopia, but the fact that he failed to lay a common ground for the people North and South of the Merab River shows his stupidity. Eritrea and Tigray are now enemies. This should never had happened. Maybe in future eritrean and tigreans may kill each other. Issayas will be remembered as an idiot who wasted resources (human and material) to secede from Ethiopia. Issayas could have ruled both Ethiopia and Eritrea by forming a single unitary state, which would have challenged the Arabs and Europeans. Unfortunate;y Issays Afewerqi, Meles Zenawi etc were slaves of Egypt and Arabs. Issays and Meles saw Ethiopia as an enemy, eventhough they were ethiopians. Bad people, ignairant Issayas and Meles. Because of them millions of people suffered and will be suffering until we get a good government in Ethiopia that is patriotic enough to defend Ethiopia’s littoral.

02/07/13 @ 18:22
Comment from: etie [Visitor]

to merab

“He destroyed the ethiopian unitary state and introduced ethnic federalism”

Without ethnic federal ethiopia would be today a history.Merab you should listen to the wise Sebhat Nega.

People stop dreaming.Meles was the most clever leader int the ethiopian history.
He succeed to stop ,30 years of war with ertra.
He started to solve the national question giving each nations and nationalities federal states.Parlemant,flag and border,putting end to 100 yeras of amhara and amharic domination.
Now Hailemariam should freed all the political prisoners,more democraty to kilil and english must be declared official language.This is ethiopia we want.

02/08/13 @ 02:52
Comment from: EriPride [Visitor]

@ Mereb Melash,

Put aside Isayas and Meles for a minute, do you mean people had fun dancing on harmony in the past? Tell me when? Under Mengistu Red Terror or under the white slave Hailesellassie era? Tell me when did the people of the region live in peace without oppression and hunger?

“Thanks” to all wrong-doers the Horn of Africa had consumed countless armaments, bled non-stop for ages and lost precious lives. People in Addis did not experience any war but Silent-War was always there during Hailesellasie too. People were suffering for decades, frustrated and were forced to hold the gun. Lets get real and forget the past.

After all ups and downs we need to be wise now and forgive eachother. We need to keep our differences aside and work for resolution to mend our relationship for mutual growth and sustainable development.

If we both people are ready for peaceful coexistence, we do not need any negotiator. Ask yourself why we both are still poor. Because we wasted all our power and resources to the war. The is no winner in every war.

I really hope that both countries (Eritrea and Ethiopia) respect the rule of law for the sake of the coming generation before we end-up as laughing stock of the world.

We have the power to make The Horn of Africa see a glimt of light and bloomish in near future and make all our enemies lift their eyebrows in wonder.

We both can be a role-model for Africa that neighbors can also live in harmony after so long war and devastation, swallowing the painful events of the past.

Think twice, respect the rule of law. We can generate miracles hand-in-hand.
Enough is Enough!

02/08/13 @ 04:45
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat


How com you be a Peace maker if you Call Our king a white slave?

Leace alone Call him bad name, even comparing him With those rats of Yours is a criminal act.

The woyanes and Your hungrey People who run from Your undead rat away still lives in a country created by the great King og Kings Ethiopia.

What you get from meless and isayas is crap while the Food is made by the King. You embecil good for nothing die hard shabia. At least have respect for those shabians getting shelter and making their lively Hood in Ethiopia.

You can not even make a country of 4 million People and you dare to Call the king a name. In the 21st Century People break away from a country they Call oppressor and come back again and begg and live as refugees. This is Your story. Calling great leaders wont change that fact.

stupid animal.

02/08/13 @ 07:56
Comment from: EriPride [Visitor]


I thought you already know the reason why Eritrea and Ethiopia went to war.

Anyway I will give you some more lessons to help you widen up your memories as to why Hailesellasie took over Eritrea from his colaborators systematically.

This was part of the parcel.

But what I asked the decent Ethiopians is abused by some thugs like you as usual to prolong the suffering of both people.

I never expected any better reply from you all who gain from the recent governance in Ethiopia.

Time will tell who is true.

02/08/13 @ 09:23
Comment from: [Member]

The lunatic Tyrant from Eriland must have new propaganda war.
I see a few of his “mosquitoes"/ “Cyber cadres” hovering around on Nazret.
Like this blogger named - Eripride.
I can’t help but laught at these “Amoebas” !!!
The sad scenario is the misery in Hamasen land is mitigating.
Soon it will be the baren land worth a penny with no soul on it.
May be swarms of scorpions may find the place perfect for existence!
Unless a shipload of “Poisoned Mutton” is heading their way on Red sea!!!

02/08/13 @ 10:34
Comment from: etie [Visitor]

Dear ethiopians,i would like to recall for those who still dreaming on Assab ,Assab belong to ertra.Ertra is an independant state,member of the UN.I hope the 2 countries and the 2 people can live soon peacefully by promoting ecomomccal integration.

02/08/13 @ 11:30
Comment from: To Mesfin B [Visitor]
To Mesfin B

Do you read what you wrote? Are you not ashamed? You sound like a year old kid who cannot tell his right or his left hand Jilajil..LOL

Poor Ethiopia for reals

02/08/13 @ 13:55
Comment from: etie`s etiopean brother [Visitor]
etie`s etiopean brother

let me guess.You look like one of those eritreans who miss addis always think about your ethiopean friends,gebretesie baklaba,that hunk you dated addis boy,the fasika,meskel,temket,and other celebrations .you can`t forget yegojjam nech teff enjera,you never forget yegurage kitfo,going to cinema with your cousins or friends.If your parents were middle class,you may traveled to awasa,langano,sodere.Wow,etie,no wonder you like remind ethiopeans to give up on you.Deep inside,you wish things go back the way it was.If that is not the case,why budge in in this website?

02/13/13 @ 18:34



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