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Ethiopia: The sights and sounds of an African police state



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Ethiopia: The sights and sounds of an African police state

The sights and sounds of an African police state

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

When Erin Burnett of CNN visited Ethiopia in July 2012, she came face-to-face with the ugly face of an African police state:

We saw what an African police state looked like when I was in Ethiopia last month… At the airport, it took an hour to clear customs – not because of lines, but because of checks and questioning. Officials tried multiple times to take us to government cars so they'd know where we went. They only relented after forcing us to leave hundreds of thousands of dollars of TV gear in the airport…

Last week, reporter Solomon Kifle of the Voice of America (VOA-Amharic) heard the terrifying voice of an African police state from thousands of miles away. The veteran reporter was investigating widespread allegations of targeted night time warrantless searches of homes belonging to Ethiopian Muslims in the capital Addis Ababa. Solomon interviewed victims who effectively alleged home invasion robberies by “federal police” who illegally searched their homes and took away cash, gold jewelry, cell phones, laptops, religious books and other items of personal property.
One of the police officials Solomon interviewed to get reaction and clarification was police chief Zemedkun of Bole (an area close to the international airport in the capital).
VOA: Are you in the area of Bole. The reason I called…
Police Chief Zemedkun: Yes. You are correct.
VOA: There are allegation that homes belonging to Muslim Ethiopians have been targeted for illegal search and seizure. I am calling to get clarification.
Police Chief Zemedkun: Yes (continue).
VOA: Is it true that you are conducting such a search?
Police Chief Zemedkun: No, sir. I don’t know about this. Who told you that?
VOA: Individuals who say they are victims of such searches; Muslims who live in the area.
Police Chief Zemedkun: If they said that, you should ask them.
VOA: I can tell you what they said.
Police Chief Zemedkun: What did they say?
VOA: They said “the search is conducted by police officers; they [the police] threaten us without a court order; they take our property, particularly they focus on taking our Holy Qurans and mobile phones. Such are the allegations and I am calling to get clarification.
Police Chief Zemedkun: Wouldn’t it be better to talk to the people who told you that? I don’t know anything about that.
VOA: I just told you about the allegations the people are making.
Police Chief Zemedkun: Enough! There is nothing I know about this.
VOA: I will mention (to our listeners) what you said Chief Zemedkun. Are you the police chief of the sub-district ( of Bole)?
Police Chief Zemedkun: Yes. I am something like that.
VOA: Chief Zemedkun, may I have your last name?
Police Chief Zemedkun: Excuse me!! I don’t want to talk to anyone on this type of [issue] phone call. I am going to hang up. If you call again, I will come and get you from your address. I want you to know that!! From now on, you should not call this number again. If you do, I will come to wherever you are and arrest you. I mean right now!!
VOA: But I am in Washington (D.C)?
Police Chief Zemedkun: I don’t care if you live in Washington or in Heaven. I don’t give a damn! But I will arrest you and take you. You should know that!!
VOA: Are you going to come and arrest me?
End of interview.

Meles’ legacy: mini Me-leses, Meles wannabes and a police state
Flying off the handle, exploding in anger and igniting into spontaneous self-combustion is the hallmark of the leaders of the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia. The late Meles Zenawi was the icon of spontaneous self- combustion. Anytime Meles was challenged on facts or policy, he would explode in anger and have a complete meltdown.
Just before Meles jailed virtually the entire opposition leadership, civil society leaders and human rights advocates following the 2005 elections for nearly two years, he did exactly what police chief Zemedkun threatened to do to VOA reporter Solomon. Congressman Christopher Smith, Chairman of the House Africa Subcommitte in 2005 could not believe his ears as Meles’ arrogantly threatened to arrest and jail opposition leaders and let them rot in jail. Smith reported:
Finally, when I asked the Prime Minister to work with the opposition and show respect and tolerance for those with differing views on the challenges facing Ethiopia he said, ‘I have a file on all of them; they are all guilty of treason.’ I was struck by his all-knowing tone. Guilty! They’re all guilty simply because Meles says so? No trial? Not even a Kangaroo court? I urged Prime Minister Meles not to take that route.
In 2010, Meles erupted at a press conference by comparing the Voice of America (Amharic) radio broadcasts to Ethiopia with broadcasts of Radio Mille Collines which directed some of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Pointing an accusatory finger at the VOA, Meles charged: “We have been convinced for many years that in many respects, the VOA Amharic Service has copied the worst practices of radio stations such as Radio Mille Collines of Rwanda in its wanton disregard of minimum ethics of journalism and engaging in destabilizing propaganda.” (It seems one of Meles’ surviving police chiefs is ready to make good on Meles’ threat by travelling to Washington, D.C. and arresting a VOA reporter.)
Meles routinely called his opponents “dirty”, “mud dwellers”, “pompous egotists” and good-for-nothing “chaff” and “husk.” He took sadistic pleasure in humiliating and demeaning parliamentarians who challenged him with probing questions or merely disagreed with him. His put-downs were so humiliating, few parliamentarians dared to stand up to his bullying.

When the European Union Election Observer Group confronted Meles with the truth about his theft of the May 2010 election by 99.6 percent, Meles had another public meltdown. He condemned the EU Group for preparing a “trash report that deserves to be thrown in the garbage.”
When Ken Ohashi, the former country director for the World Bank debunked Meles’ voodoo economics in July 2011, Meles went ballistic: “The individual [Ohashi) is used to giving directions along his neo-liberal views. The individual was on his way to retirement. He has no accountability in distorting the institutions positions and in settling his accounts. The Ethiopian government has its own view that is different from the individual.” (Meles talking about accountability is like the devil quoting Scripture.)

In a meeting with high level U.S. officials in advance of the May 2010 election, Meles went apoplectic telling the diplomats that “If opposition groups resort to violence in an attempt to discredit the election, we will crush them with our full force; they will all vegetate like Birtukan (Midekssa) in jail forever.”

Meles’ hatred for Birtukan Midekssa (a former judge and the first woman political party leader in Ethiopian history), a woman of extraordinary intelligence and unrivalled courage, was as incomprehensible as it was bottomless. After throwing Birtukan in prison in 2008 without trial or any form of judicial proceeding, Meles added insult to injury by publicly calling her a “chicken”. When asked how Birtukan was doing in prison, Meles, with sarcastic derision replied, “Birtukan Midiksa is fine but she may have gained weight due to lack of exercise.” (When Meles made the statement, Birtukan was actually in solitary confinement in Kality prison on the ridiculous charge that she “had denied receiving a pardon” when she was released in July 2007.) When asked if he might consider releasing her, Meles said emphatically and sadistically, “there will never be an agreement with anybody to release Birtukan. Ever. Full stop. That's a dead issue.”

Internationally acclaimed journalists Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu, Woubshet Taye are all victims of arbitrary arrests and detentions. So are opposition party leaders and dissidents Andualem Arage, Nathnael Mekonnen, Mitiku Damte, Yeshiwas Yehunalem, Kinfemichael Debebe, Andualem Ayalew, Nathnael Mekonnen, Yohannes Terefe, Zerihun Gebre-Egziabher and many others.

Police chief Zemedkun is a mini-Me-les, a Meles wannabe. He is a mini tin pot tyrant. Like Meles, Zemedkun not only lost his cool but also all commonsense, rationality and proportionality. Like Meles, Zemedkun is filled with hubris (extreme arrogance which causes the person to lose contact with reality and feel invincible, unaccountable and above and beyond the law). Zemedkun, like Meles, is so full of himself that no one dare ask him a question: “I am the omnipotent police chief Zemedkun, the Absolute Master of Bole; the demigod with the power of arrest and detention. I am Police Chief Zemedkun created in the divine likeness of Meles Zenawi!”

What a crock of …!

When Meles massacred 193 unarmed protesters and wounded 763 others following the elections in 2005, he set the
standard for official accountability, which happens to be lower than a snake’s knee. For over two decades, Meles created and nurtured a pervasive and ubiquitous culture of official impunity, criminality, untouchability, unaccountablity, brutality, incivility, illegality and immorality in Ethiopia.

The frightening fact of the matter is that today there are tens of thousands of mini-Me-leses and Meles wannabes in Ethiopia. What police chief Zemedkun did during the VOA interview is a simple case of monkey see, monkey do. Zemedkun could confidently threaten VOA reporter Solomon because he has seen Meles and his disciples do the same thing for over two decades with impunity. Zemedkun is not alone in trashing the human rights of Ethiopian citizens. He is not some rogue or witless policeman doing his thing on the fringe. Zemedkun is merely one clone of his Master. There are more wicked and depraved versions of Zemedkun masquerading as ministers of state. There are thousands of faceless and nameless “Zemedkunesque” bureaucrats, generals, judges and prosecutors abusing their powers with impunity. There are even soulless and heartless Zemedkuns pretending to be “holy men” of faith. But they are all petty tyrants who believe that they are not only above the law, but also that they are the personification of the law.

Article 12 and constitutional accountability

Article 12 of the Ethiopian Constitution requires accountability of all public officials: “The activities of government shall be undertaken in a manner which is open and transparent to the public… Any public official or elected representative shall be made accountable for breach of his official duties.”

Meles when he was alive, and his surviving disciples, police chiefs, generals and bureaucrats today are in a state of willful denial of the fact of constitutional accountability. (Meles believed accountability applied only to Ken Ohashi, the former World Bank country director.) The doltish police chief Zemedkun is clueless not only about constitutional standards of accountability for police search and seizure in private homes but also his affirmative constitutional obligation to perform his duties with transparency. This ignoramus-cum-police chief believes he is the Constitution, the law of the land, at least of Bole’s. He has the gall to verbally terrorize the VOA reporter, “I don’t care if you live in Washington or in Heaven. I don’t give a damn! But I will arrest you and take you. You should know that!!”

Freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention, unbeknown to police chief Zemedkun, is guaranteed by Article 17 (Liberty) of the Ethiopian Constitution: “No one shall be deprived of his liberty except in accordance with such procedures as are laid down by law. No one shall be arrested or detained without being charged or convicted of a crime except in accordance with such procedures as are laid down by law.” Article 19 (Rights of Persons under Arrest) provides, “Anyone arrested on criminal charges shall have the right to be informed promptly and in detail… the nature and cause of the charge against him... Everyone shall have the right to be… specifically informed that there is sufficient cause for his arrest as soon as he appears in court. Zemedkun is ready to arrest the VOA reporter simply because the reporter asked him for his last name. What arrogance! What chutzpah!

It is a mystery to police chief Zemedkun that arbitrary deprivation of liberty is also a crime against humanity. Article 9 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights decrees that “no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.” Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights similarly provides: “no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.” The deprivation of physical liberty (arbitrary arrest) constitutes a crime against humanity under Art. 7 (e) and (g) of the Rome Statute if there is evidence to show that the deprivation occurred as a result of systematic attack on a civilian population and in violation of international fair trial guarantees. The statements of the victims interviewed by VOA reporter Solomon appear to provide prima facie evidence sufficient to trigger an Article 7 investigation since there appears to be an official policy of systematic targeting of Muslims for arbitrary arrest and detention as part of a widespread campaign of religious persecution. The new prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, Fatou B. Bensouda, should launch such an investigation in proprio motu (on her own motion).

Meles has left an Orwellian legacy in Ethiopia. Police chief Zemedkun is only one policeman in a vast police state. He reaffirms the daily fact of life for the vast majority of Ethiopians that anyone who opposes, criticizes or disagrees with members of the post-Meles officialdom, however low or petty, will be picked up and jailed, and even tortured and killed. In “Mel-welliana” (the Orwellian police state legacy of Meles) Ethiopia, asking the name of a public official is a crime subject to immediate arrest and detention! In “Mel-welliana”, thinking is a crime. Dissent is a crime. Speaking the truth is a crime. Having a conscience is a crime. Peaceful protest is a crime. Refusing to sell out one’s soul is a crime. Standing up for democracy and human rights is a crime. Defending the rule of law is a crime. Peaceful resistance of state terrorism is a crime.

A police chief, a police thug and a police thug state

It seems police chief Zemedkun is more of a police thug than a police chief. But listening to Zemedkun go into full meltdown mode, one cannot help but imagine him to be a cartoonish thug. As comical as it may sound, police chief Zemedkun reminded me of Yosemite Sam, that Looney Tunes cartoon character known for his grouchiness, hair-trigger temper and readiness to “blast anyone to smithereens”. The not-so-comical part of this farce is that police chief Zemedkun manifests no professionalism, civility or ethical awareness. He is obviously clueless about media decorum. Listening to him, it is apparent that Zemedkun has the personality of a porcupine, the temper of a Tasmanian Devil, the charm of an African badger, the intelligence of an Afghan Hound and the social graces of a dung beetle. But the rest of the high and mighty flouting the Constitution and abusing their powers like Zemedkun are no different.
The singular hallmark -- the trademark -- of a police thug state is the pervasiveness and ubiquity of arbitrary arrests, searches and detentions of citizens. If any person can be arrested on the whim of a state official, however high or petty, that is a police state. If the rights of citizens can be taken or disregarded without due process of law, that is a dreadful police state. Where the rule of law is substituted by the rule of a police chief, that is a police thug state.

For well over a decade, international human rights organizations and others have been reporting on large scale arbitrary arrests and detentions in Ethiopia. The 2011 U.S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (issued on May 24, 2012) reported:

Although the constitution and law prohibit arbitrary arrest and detention, the government often ignored these provisions in practice… The government rarely publicly disclosed the results of investigations into abuses by local security forces, such as arbitrary detention and beatings of civilians… Authorities regularly detained persons without warrants and denied access to counsel and in some cases to family members, particularly in outlying regions… Other human rights problems included torture, beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees by security forces; harsh and at times life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; detention without charge and lengthy pretrial detention; infringement on citizens’ privacy rights, including illegal searches…

In its 2013 World Report, Human Rights Watch reported: “Ethiopian authorities continued to severely restrict basic rights of freedom of expression, association, and assembly in 2012… The security forces responded to protests by the Muslim community in Oromia and Addis Ababa, the capital, with arbitrary arrests, detentions, and beatings.”
Rarely does one hear human rights abusers publicly showing their true faces and confirming their victims' allegations in such breathtakingly dramatic form. Police chief Zemedkun gave all Ethiopians a glimpse of the arrogant and lawless officialdom of Post-Meles Ethiopia. It is a glimpse of a police state in which an ignorant local police chief could feel so comfortable in his abuse of power that he believes he can travel to the United States of America and arrest and detain a journalist working for an independent agency of the United States Government. If this ill-mannered, ill-bred, cantankerous and boorish policeman could speak and act with such impunity, is it that difficult to imagine how the ministers, generals, prosecutors, judges and bureaucrats higher up the food chain feel about their abuses of power?

But one has to listen to and read the words of those whose heads are being crushed by the police in a police state. When it comes to crushing heads, themodus operandi is always the same. Use “robocops”. In 2005, Meles brought in hundreds of police and security men from different parts of the country who have limited proficiency in the country’s official language and used them to massacre 193 unarmed protesters and wound another 763. These “robocops” are pre-programmed killing machines, arresting machines and torture machines. They do what they are told. They ask no questions. They shoot and ask questions later. Hadid Shafi Ousman, a victim of illegal search and seizure, who spoke to VOA reporter Solomon, recounted in chilling detail what it meant to have one’s home searched by “robocop” thugs and goons who do not speak or have extremely limited understanding the official language of the country:
These are federal police. There are also civilian cadres. Sometimes they come in groups of 5-10. They are dressed in federal police uniform…. They are armed and carry clubs. They don’t have court orders. There are instances where they jump over fences and bust down doors… When they come, people are terrified. They come at night. You can’t say anything. They take mobile phones, laptops, the Koran and other things… They cover their faces so they can’t be identified. We try to explain to them. Isn’t this our country? If you are here to take anything, go ahead and take it…. They beat you up with clubs. If you ask questions, they beat you up and call you terrorists… First of all, these policemen do not speak Amharic well. So it is hard to understand them. When you ask them what we did wrong, they threaten to beat us. I told them I am a university student, so what is the problem? As a citizen, as a human being…Even they struggled and paid high sacrifices [fighting in the bush] to bring about good governance [to the people]. They did not do it so that some petty official could harass the people. When you say this to them, they beat you up…
Let there be no mistake. Zemedkun is not some isolated freakish rogue police chief in the Ethiopian police state. He is the gold standard for post-Meles governance. There are thousands of Zemedkuns that have infested the state apparatus and metastasized through the body politics of that country. For these Meles wannabes, constitutional accountability means personal impunity; illegal official activity means prosecutorial immunity; moral depravity means moral probity and crimes against humanity means legal impunity.
Cry, the beloved country

In 1948, the same year Apartheid became law in South Africa, Alan Paton wrote in “Cry, the Beloved Country”, his feeling of despair over the fate of South Africa:
Cry for the broken tribe, for the law and the custom that is gone. Aye, and cry aloud for the man who is dead, for the woman and children bereaved. Cry, the beloved country, these things are not yet at an end. The sun pours down on the earth, on the lovely land that man cannot enjoy. He knows only the fear of his heart.”
Cry for our beloved Ethiopia!!

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer.


Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

Lucifer almaria’s usual Deceit, crocodile tears, Diversion and a smoke screen!!

Here in the United States of America, the govt’ has adopted a terror alert system, a color-coded terrorism threat level, which are….
*Red = severe risk.
*Orange =high risk.
*Yellow = significant risk.
*Blue = general risk.
*Green= low risk.
According to these terror alert system AKA, Homeland securty, eventhough civilians are provided general guidance, the specific govt actions taken against those threat levels are not most of the time revealed.
Mind you, this is not in the “jungles” of Africa. This is not in the hostile region of east Africa. This is happening in the great democratic nation of the United States of America.
The govt of Ethiopia doesn’t have the luxury of color coding any kind of alert. We are and will be always red for sometimes to come. We have to be on guard all the time.
9/11 is a good example of that. A one our coordinated attack on the US, brings the whole world on its’ knees.
Why does almaria keep accusing us as police state etc..,? All we have done was only protecting our people and country, from hostile groups and govts.
How else does almaria figured we sustained our security and peace? Well, the answer is, he is one of the culprits who is trying to distablize our country. And his wish of chaos and unrest didn’t come true, so, that doesn’t surprise us if he keeps shading his crocodile tears.
Almaria seems out of touch. He is not able to think outside the box. He thinks everything all over the. world is a cake walk like his neighborhood TEJ BET.
But, in a serious note, this is all about creating a SMOKE SCREEN to protect his employer the real police state isayass aforki’s eritrea.
Pathological liar Lucifer almaria, the more you try to divert our attention from that police state artera, the more you’ll be screwd up and scrutinized. And the SPOTLIGHT is on you.

02/25/13 @ 19:49
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Here is the usual copy and paste: sights and sounds from CNN advertisement and “an African police state” is taken from Erin Burnett’s report on CNN, both taken from the same spot.

Fake Professor!

02/25/13 @ 20:01
Comment from: [Member]

The brutality of the Weyanne police has been mentioned on different occasions, so many times.
There is even a lot of jokes to describe how they are merciless. One goes like this.

There was a riot and a Weyanne police chief like Zemedekun was ordered to disperse it. They told him not to use a bullet, as they usually do, because there were many international guests in the city & they want him not to disturb them by making a lot of noises. Instead they told him to make use of the water cannon trucks. The Weyanne police was disappointed to use, only water to disperse the riot, so he paused for a moment and said “…. then we must boil the water. “


02/25/13 @ 20:06
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

The difference between Pro. G.Mariam and his detractors are that niether his contemporary detractors nor thier progeny ever measure up to him. It takes guts, heart and a lot more to consistently stand up and uphold what is true and right. In a time when a lot of Ethiopians have all but given up on thier country, Mr. G.Mariam’s highly competent, to the point and masterfully written articles warrant nothing but the highest admiration. His detractors are the ones who sold everything for money and power. It would be unlikely if another holyman, athlet, patriot … will ever come out from the Tigrean tribe after what they have done to the country. Like Yodit’s time, people have completely lost faith and hope in the present dark Ethiopia, and a little ray of light is more than welcome even if we don’t always agree on certain premises.

02/25/13 @ 20:47
Comment from: Gutema [Visitor]

Last time I left a note asking you to write about the situations in countries surrounding Ethiopia - specially Eritrea. I would ask that question again. If you write a short expose about the state of affairs in Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan, we will consider you a fair and unbiased observer. If you expect Jeffersonian Democracy to all of a sudden flourish in a country like Ethiopia, which has been under a feudal system for centuries followed by a short but very brutal and murderous military dictatorship, you must be a bigger idiot than I wanted to give you credit for. Even under Jefferson, the father of the USA’s democracy, slavery, probably one of the most heinous crimes of man against another man, was the rule of the day. You, I am sure, are aware of the years of struggle it has taken to introduce changes in the US. I think your time will be best spent if, instead of taking your verbal machete and laying to waste everything that is happening in Ethiopia, you took a slightly more conciliatory stand and try to change the situation by pointing out where mistakes are made but also at the same time encouraging some of the positive things that are happening in the country.I am sure, even you can find some positive changes in Ethiopia (specially if you have the courage to go and visit the country - and don’t worry about being arrested or anything like that not to worry - even bigger fish like Brhanu, Hailu Shawel and Birtukan - more on her below- have had a chance to leave the country).
Better still, use your formidable eloquence, talent and energy to orchestrate a fund raising drive to build a small school, clinic or a library etc. for the people you so profess to love. These contributions will be remembered and be of use long after the hot air you have been spewing incessantly for the last few years, without resulting in any change in Ethiopia,has blown away

As to Birtukan Mideksa, I am surprised you call her an intelligent leader. Birtukan, if you remember right, who had been released from prison after signing a letter asking the State for forgiveness, travels out of the country and boasts in front of the Diaspora Idiots that she had not done so, goes back to Ethiopia and when given a chance to recant what she had said, refuses to do so forcing the state to send her back to jail, is not an intelligent person in my books. Any pedestrian, let alone a former judge, should have known what was coming to her.

02/25/13 @ 21:22
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

Alemayehu G/Mariam, who if I am correct, is a lawyer by profession, should be the right person to know and understand what law and order means. But because of his yet undisclosed political agenda(I strongly suspect he is a veteran MEISON devotee who still has not got over and is mouring over the death of friends like Haile Fida and other MEISON criminals)he is on a mission to vilify anything that comes out of Ethiopia and discredit any action the Ethiopian government takes to prevent, contain or crush acts of criminality against the constitution of our country. According to him it is ok when extremist criminal thugs like Alshabab openly declare war on Ethiopia! It is ok when during the Kinigit days in Ethiopia opposition parties spearheaded by Birhanu Nega called on and organized criminals to go out on the streets of Addis and loot public properties! It is ok, as contributing editor of Elias Kifle’s Ethiopian Review magazine to approve the nomination of Eritrea’s dictator Isias Afeworki as “Man of the Year"! It is ok to silently approve when an Egyptian cleric openly declares jihad on our country! It is ok when self-declared “journalists", and so-called “human rights or religious rights activists” are out to instigate and incite violence and to along with Human Rights Watch and other anti-Ethiopia mouthpieces to shade tears and condemn anything the government does to maintain peace and order. If Alemayehu is deliberately turning a blind eye on the havoc and destruction that international terrorism and extremism is carrying out simply to deprecate anything the Ethiopian government does, then he is out openly defying his own profession and conscience as a lawyer. Buka Haram, Alkaida, Al Shabab, and all other extremist and terrorist organizations must be monitored 24/7, contained and irrecoverably destroyed and sanity restored in areas where they are rampantly creating fear and havoc.
We are now used to Alemayehu’s weekly sermon of vociferation ad nauseam for disunity, hatred and violence in our country and he remains defiant to not understand that the Ethiopian people are light years away from his effete and outdated calls. Will he ever wake up from the false dreams and hallucinations that he is besieged with into the everyday realities of Ethiopia, one of the fastest growing economies in the world!

Ethiopia is prospering and shall continue to prosper!!

02/25/13 @ 22:08
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Like anything in life, the reign of TPLF will come to an end sooner than later. The blood spilt and wailing voices of those who got executed in the middle of the nights and other felonious tresspassings during and since Mengistu’s time made it possible for Meles and the northerners to conquer and seize the unthinkable. There is time allotted for everything. Even if the occupiers are not ousted by force, when thier time is up, they’ll just fade away. Because of our overwhelming sins, the ways of the occupiers are too much to bear. It is hayena like; it is wolfihs; it is poisonous with deadliest of reptile attack; it is biblical proportion. They are voracious, more than coveting what is not theirs. They seek to inherit what is not theirs. They are overly transgressors. Their plans will not stand. In the end, thier loss outstrips thier perceived gains. We saw them as brothers and opened up everything to them, but all of them (northerners) had other ideas like the Muslims. Evil will never depart from them.

02/25/13 @ 22:30
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

Men4you the moron and idiot asshole shabian,…

You sound like that tiny mousie which tried to be big like the elephant it saw next to it. It huffed and puffed, and finally exploded to pieces.
Hey dummy men4you, calling others idiot doesn’t make you educated, rather whenever you open that stinky mouth of yours wide, all we see through is your head filled with shit.

02/25/13 @ 22:34
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]

Here we go again, The Nutty Professor al mariam. Same old shit and empty. Just paste and paste other contributors nonsense gibberish . May be you should write more about your contribution as board member of ESAT, that was controlled by an other equally nutty professor, Birhanu Nega. Tell us about the democratic organization you were part of and your shameless smile.

02/25/13 @ 23:38
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Shut the hell up you are the one who live in police state. To remind you the end of all lies and myths is near.

02/25/13 @ 23:59
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

The esteemed professor single handedly out classed, out shined, and out smarted a bunch of low life resident cadres and they can’t do nothing about it. You see them here every week. Menchachat bicha

Cadre hulu benchacha be and Mekocha.

02/26/13 @ 00:06
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

The Author is self-actualizing for his inner needs. He discussed:

1) PM Meles was a wrong person who insults oppositions and associates with crime activities. Sorry, he is not here to make you silent.

2) The Author highly derides a person with massive derogatory words for a person refused to give a response through phone to a journalist. For whatever reason or, none at all or, not has a verified evidence whether the identity and the conduct of that person is really “Zemedkun of Bole”.

3) Similarly, the author vacillates endlessly the Government Actions on Muslims, mainly based on a student response through phone; again, the identity of the student was not verified.

The Author conclusion is a single word: “cry”. Cry for what? He said cry to reinitiate a mono language i.e. Amharic, cry for tribe, and cry for Ethiopia.

Yet, the Author shouldn’t suggest a crying. If he wishes, however, he can cry; but after all, he could refrain from others to cry, since presumably, there is no baby audience to whom he had addressed for howling. Most importantly, he could have a filed action(s) against any criminals whether at local or international courts level as he is a lawyer by profession, rather he simply suggests a weeping which anyone can do this; otherwise, he is simply practicing and still might not be competent to represent unlawful or illegal actions he had expressed.

Remorse for mono-linguistic would repress others right! Tribe is an identity of inborn-no one can change anything about it, rather strive for equality and raze biasness.

But I support that it is entirely a cruelty of Government to deprive religion freedom in the country.

02/26/13 @ 01:11
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Contrast your self-actualizing versus your motive to cry, and then choose:

“It is impossible to live pleasurably without living prudently, honorably, and justly; or to live prudently, honorably, and justly, without living pleasurably.” -Epicurus, philosopher (c. 341-270 BCE)

02/26/13 @ 02:50
Comment from: [Member]

What do the following numbers mean in the USA?

700— The annual average numbers of U.S citizens killed by nonmilitary law enforcement officers.
4,000— The average numbers of U.S citizens wrongly detained by ICE each year.
10,000– The average numbers of innocent people wrongfully convicted of serious crimes in the U.S each year.
60,000– An average numbers of no-knock warrant in the U.S every year.No-knock warrant is a warrant issued by a judge that allows law enforcement officers to enter a property without immediate prior notification of the residence.
2,000– An average numbers of people arrested each year in the U.S for ” illegal” demonstration.
300— Numbers of Muslim-Americans have been arrested or convicted of terrorism.
1,000— Numbers of police officers found guilty of crimes in the U.S,but they are still serving despite criminal convictions.

02/26/13 @ 02:59
Comment from: [Member]

California officer accused of sexually assaulting 6 women
From Travis Sattiewhite, CNN
updated 2:30 AM EST, Tue February 26, 2013

A California police department is doing some soul searching after arresting one of its own on allegations of sexually assaulting half a dozen women.
While in uniform, a West Sacramento police officer assaulted at least six women since October 2011, police said Monday. The officer was fired, arrested and investigators are looking for other potential victims.
“I am just appalled and sickened that someone that was put in the position of trust would violate that trust in such an egregious manner,” said Dan Drummond, chief of the West Sacramento Police Department. “The whole department is appalled.”
Former officer Sergio Alvarez faces sexual assault and kidnapping charges, police said.
Alvarez, 37, worked at the West Sacramento Police Department since 2007.
A woman complained about Alvarez in September of 2012 and he was put on administrative leave. An investigation found six alleged victims, women ranging in age from 20 to 47, according to Drummond.
He released little detail about the alleged incidents because investigators are searching for other victims
The incidents occurred while the officer was on patrol and after he had stopped women who were walking, Drummond said.
He said some of the alleged assaults occurred inside a patrol car.
The police department has begun reviewing its practices such as allowing officers to patrol by themselves late at night.

02/26/13 @ 04:33
Comment from: Ganamo [Visitor]

Playing on our ways to school as young adult we use to pass by Qucuura Sefere where local people are found sometimes drunken, and during frequent occasions women of old profession quarrel as we pass them by knowing our locals think of that type of quarrel from that source words vulgar asis is something that is normally expected from class of that profession which was a foreign for an inquisitive young mind eagerness to knew about it all. Growing up and as chronological age progressed we become to know more age that is correct or not what it was. I had sympathy for those who are in the field out of survival. Coming back to my five cents here now I am reading those who are screaming this and that to the opinion of one of your country man professor lawyer and active university staff presentation legal arguments that he put forward n behave of those whose rights he knows needs to be defend by giving back to his society he took his busy and expensive (A person of his profession makes millions of Birr per year) time in present legal argument. I and my school friends now grown ups do see it clearly those who are not touching at least one of his points of argument, but instead shout like those in that old profession avoidance of points instead vulgar response, unrelated to issues raised, personal empty attacks. If Woyanes could defend against the charge they will respond to arguments. Truth is not with a Woyane. As a Citizen Jury I say based on what is presented Woyane is guilty as charged.

02/26/13 @ 04:40
Comment from: Dreamer [Visitor]


How does Ethiopian Gov’t hand millions of birr to the Author? Maybe he need to go to local court for correct estimation!

02/26/13 @ 05:07
Comment from: Hasene [Visitor]

Donkey is donkey Pereid nothing less nothing more. If you have a gut why don’t you go to jungle and fight tplf/EPRDF why talk for how long R you gonna an Internet hereo it’s been 22 years now. Your are getting older. I swear in the name of poor Ethiopia. if I were you I would rather take any action or remain silent than persuading others to take action. Setaset wonde adelehim bethon Noro you don’t write rapport talk half of your life. For ( )

02/26/13 @ 05:39
Comment from: nanu [Visitor]


First of all, you are not Ethiopian especially from noble Oromos no such words come out of that. Second, you are paid agent foreigners or Shabia. Third, you seem you know the detail therefore, you are one of those who curcify people and ask them for submission, in other words, you are one of those who put pressure on innocents and call them idiots. You break it and fix it your self. Such propoganda from likes of you is expected and spare us character assassination of the great Al Mariam he is not submitting to your slavery-type submissions that you are used to therefore the propoganda hightens.

Amazing there are many TPLFites who are running after the great dollar and willing to sacrifice their nation. Adds Zimbam is one of them. They don’t see the plot behind what is driving the global system that is affecting directly Etiopia.

02/26/13 @ 05:51
Comment from: Sendu [Visitor]

What a nonsense article far from objectivity. I could not figure out if it is investigative journalism of some kind of petty bickering

02/26/13 @ 06:27
Comment from: Meke [Visitor]

Here again the nutty professor got another topic just to complain and he still is not running out of gibberish statements. reading many of his article I could not figure out to which political spectrum he belong to…..simply he is some kind of moron as others diaspora politicians

02/26/13 @ 06:42
Comment from: Ebssa [Visitor]

To all the readers of Nazret…It is good to have a constructive discussion especially dealing with the professor’s article week after week. This is a correct way! I do not have anything to add today since I agree with the responses made by the readers. Hope he start seeing the light and start contributing positive things to the Ethiopian People.

02/26/13 @ 06:49
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

I don’t agree with most of what this prof writes. For me he’s the embodiment of all that is wrong with gov’t detractors pretty much like the police chief is the embodiment of law & order in present day Ethiopia.

It’s no secret that the late PM had been known for his outbursts & tirade whenever he felt challenged or cornered. The police chief and all others including the cyber thugs learn by example.

The prof hasn’t revealed anything new. We all know the security forces including the ruthless fed police are a law unto themselves.

The conversation b/n the journalist & the police chief happened and the later threatned to arrest him wherever he might be. Isn’t that pathetic.

Is this what people died for? To replace one hated & brutal regime in uniform with equally repressive one in suits and tie?

I don’t understand why many visitors are so incensed by facts recorded and were not denied by the police. If some of visitors’ attitude are anything to go by they would have acted in the same arrogant manner as the police chief if they were in his shoes?

The incident might as well have been written by anyone. The trashing of the late PM by the insufferable prof may have just enraged his short-fused worshippers.

02/26/13 @ 07:54
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

Men4you the moron, idiot and brainless asshole shabian,…

Take out that condom stuck in your throat while doing your usual street side business. That’s what making you say, teftefteftef. HaHaHaHaHa!!
Take it easy!

02/26/13 @ 09:35
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

My friend ment4you,
Do not argue with people like Gutema, Kena keb, Yonas, TS, john john and others.
Those people are not intelligent enough to think in their own brains.
They are people who think of their BELLY.
I really mean it my friend.

02/26/13 @ 09:42
Comment from: [Member]

I am a 22 year old Eritrean girl living in Denmark. One thing I’ve always kind of wondered is why Tigray isn´t part of Eritrea - I am not joking. I mean…. there is basically no difference between Eritreans and Tigrayans. In fact, Eritreans and Tigrayans are similar in almost every way. We speak the same language. Our culture in Eritrea is pretty similar to the Tigrayan culture. We have the same customs. I happen to know many Tigrayans ( my best friend is Tigrayan and I’ve dated a sweet guy from Tigray) and I know that we also share the same values of respect and dignity and human worth ( I´m not speaking about the TPLF junta ruling Ethiopia but about the average Tigrayan). The city of Axum and the ruins of Adulis and other famous places of ancient
represents our common past - a glorious one I may add. Our holy and glorious ancestors were conquerors of Arab lands and cities across the red sea, builders of cities, magnificent monument, ships ect. ect
We Eritreans & Tigrayans can be proud to applaud our ancestors wholeheartedly. However look at us now, or maybe more appropriately, look at you (Tigrayans) now. You´re being ruled by a slave-like unpopular puppet regime that uses its power to sew the seeds of mistrust, intollerance and hatred among the Tigrayans and the sisterly people of Eritrea in order to appease white imperialists and neocolonialists. Ever ask yourself “why, oh why are we ruled by these stupidos"? Come on, isn´t it time for you Tigrayans to help the Eritreans to overthrow Meles Zenawi and his gang and throw them into the dustbin of history where they belong? Or do you think that “Greater/Abay Tigray” is the only way out? In any case, I have got a question for you. Please answer honestly - If Tigrayans were given the opportunity to vote in a referendum to make Tigray part of Eritrea (I believe that the best solution), how would you vote? Would you personally vote for or against being part of Eritrea? What do you have to lose? The rest of the Ethiopian population seems to hate you because of the atrocities committed by the TPLF gang and moreover you have nothing in common with them.
Best regards

02/26/13 @ 09:46
Comment from: Ready_ByAge [Visitor]

Is there someone from Tigray for Honeymoon? I mean your age also good for that.

02/26/13 @ 10:20
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]


What do you mean my sweety or boss:

“They are people who think of their BELLY.”

02/26/13 @ 10:25
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Rachel from Denmark,

You two are not the same because while one of you is a donkey, the other one is a hyena to use the local term. Want to give it a try? Soon or later the mix is not going to work. It is understandable, as most Eritreans, you would like to go back to Ethiopia and do business as usual as if nothing happened, but the chemistry of you two will never work. Please don’t hate me for telling you the truth.

02/26/13 @ 10:29
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

The well known hypocrite, Alemayoh G/Mariam,

Shame on you to act this stupid with all the education and work exprience you have gained throughout your life haven’t changed you a bit that you are still a didusional hateful human being.

Look at you how law you are bending to criticize a third world police comistionar who is working hard to keep his assigned arias safe from any criminals or terrorist activities….

The truth matter is, those police commissioners that you/likes, the mouthpiece of an Ethiopian enememis crying or complaining against are responsible to keep the citizen of their country safe, and you like it or not, they are doing a great jobs…

However, I’m just wondering if had signed a big contract to cry and to preach against the interest of the Ethiopian people? I hope your contract will be over soon and you will soon come to your sense, and you will contribute something valueable that might help the Ethiopian people….

God bless the world!

02/26/13 @ 10:29
Comment from: [Member]

You are ot telling us any new thing about African disctatorships. The issue is to change it by being an active participant among your people, by your skill, diplomacy and by building concensus but not by crying day and night by attacking others. grow up.

02/26/13 @ 11:06
Comment from: NORWAY [Visitor]

To all political asylum seekers whose story was not believed by the immigration for lacking sufficient evidence .
I say your evidence to prove your case is one phone call away.

02/26/13 @ 13:02
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

I feel like I am einstein, in this block…to me most of the topic look like child play for me.

Look this blog..

The VOA prankster must start his interviewed introducing himself, and tell the officer wher the VOA prankster calling from and also tell the officer this call is recorded and air by VOA and ask politely the police officer permission to conducted the interview..

Second the VOA prankster also asking the officer name twice as if the VOA prankster have more power over him…do u remember in ur school do the teach saying anyone who disturbed his or her name will be written for later punishment..

So when someone asking ur name without telling his name …in Ethiopia that is deming… Because only someone power over u ask u without telling u his name,… In America to equivalent to saying"boy what is ur name ” to grown man in this case the officer..

The officer is well respected man in the socity…I will not allow any voa prankster to treat him this way…beside the officer answering this question very politely….he( officer) try to respect the VOA prankster may time by saying my father…( which the good phd forget to tell us)

In Ethiopia if u are old to be the officer father it is respect to call the voa prankster my father because the prankster could be 67 years old…while the officer could be in his 25

Like any person the officer had it this old man getting on his nerve so the officer warning the old man that he is going to hung up the phone..if u ask me I would have hang up after the second question not even warning just hang up..

Again the officer show at most self control… But agin like any polices the officer have the right anyone.. That is the power they have to arrest anyone that they feel comitting a crime… The only thing that officer can’t do is arrest ufor unlimited time…but they can arrest u if I am not sure but for 42 hour and bribe u to court to tell the court ur crime..otherwise if the police officer can’t arrest u thn why we have them? Telling u to come back to court in ur will then arrest u.. That is fine for civil crime but if going to run away the police must have the right to arrest u without court order for 42 hours…

So the police officer was playing by the book… U might wonder what is the crime of the VOA old man… Phone harassment… If u think this is laughing matter the I will offer our good phd…to make a phone call to his nearest police officer and investaget crime committed by police officer depertiment… And record the finding and air it without the police officer on permission then I will giveup for this I will pay al amiarim $1000 dollars for only on call to America police depertiment and investgeat the chief.

My list point is did ever occurred to the voa prankster that to give the benift of doubt to the police officer..

It could be orgainzed theif wearing police clothing…or it could be bad police officer acting independently…

To make sure one should always report to police station what occurred meaning challenging those who accused the police doing the robery if they had reported to the police station..after all the same police officer is the one who going to defend them not VOA… O the voa should encourage people report to police station regardless of the out ome first then call VOA second otherwise let the VOA defend them… Because they call theoa first not the police station so what the police officer to do..

I encourage. The police offer to come to America and sue the VOA… For pranking him so the emberssment cost him a lot of anugshed and should be commplaseted by VOA.

About the officer saying he will go to heaven to arrest him… If anyone think the officer saying it literally then u should be checked ur head…. In fact the officer is right.DC can’t be hidden place for crimal… Does that mean I can call from Dc to ethiopia and abused anyone I want because the officer can’t come and arrest me… Like for officer he can come after VOA. What can stop the officer to come to DC… And ask his right… Beside if Interpol can make u pay for ur crime any where in the world Interpol can bring u to Ethiopia to face ur crime.. All u have to do is the officer must go to Ethiopian court and sue the old man… If the old man can’t go and defend himself then he will be crimal in Ethiopia court then he can’t condact interview with any Ethiopian official all Ethiopian have to do is ask what the reporter name is if he said Solomon then the Ethiopian government officer all he have to say is u r criminal under ethiopia court if u ont respect Ethiopia court then I can’t give interview for criminal.

02/26/13 @ 14:51
Comment from: Rent Seeker [Visitor]
Rent Seeker

Someone in this forum has utterly false arguments against Ethiopian Government and against Oromo, Somali, Afar, Sidama and other ethnic groups. ALTERNATIVELY, She/he wanted to get funding and support from developed nations e.g. USA, Canada, UK, Israel. That individual commented on two conflicting ideas but toward her/his personal objectives. To make clear here, the core themes that individual are:

1. To change all people’s identity to Amhara. This is impossible number one.

2. To make the country’s language to be only Amharic. This is impossible number two.

3. To confuse developed nations for support and war. This is less likely number three.

4. To get funding for personal interest. This is unethical and at expensive of Ethiopian population but it is appear happening third points.

5. Possibly, there is conspiracy between Ethiopian Government authorities, especially with Amhara and this individual to destroy others ethnic groups and other religions. This probably would happen but with unexpected crises against the aim, and may destroy the initiators.

6. To make all people Orthodox Christians. This is impossible again.

7. To influence Government of Ethiopia by getting support from developed nations e.g. stop any funding, sanctions, impeding debit relief etc.

8. To trade his/her ideas with atrade off of a land use for Oil and farm lands. This help to get attention from developed nations.

Possible consequences:

1) Delay development activities of government without bringing any other effect.

2) Get funding

3) confuse developed nations

4) the worest scenario would be unending civil war in Ethiopia like Somalia.


1) Developed nations shall support Government of Ethiopia to alleviate economic poverty.

2) Developed nations shall not listen to unfounded propagandas, neither give funding.

3) Developed nations shall suggest religions freedom in Ethiopia for all.

4) Developed nations shall suggest to stop arbitrary detainting of people in Ethiopia.

5) Otherwise, developed nations shall get away from any other possibilities but possible follow up an internet war.

02/26/13 @ 14:59
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi you with your Thuggy bros infecting this website are the best examples of Agazi blind minded supporters barking days and nights as
mad dogs .The stupid so called Agazi Officer ,is supposing intemedating the VOA journalist without anylising with whom he is talking with .He behaves more as a blood thurst criminal than a public servant whose main mission is to make respect the Law by himself being without any reproach .Better to remember how much the Dead CM and his bandit colleagues despised anyone who did not share their evil politic .The Agazi bandits ,their Thuggy supporters and Bandas suppose they are in power for ever .And for that reason they have thought they have the whole rights to despise and insult peoples .The same as you ,clang days and nights to your laptop and Iphone ,are daily insulting peoples with your limited vocabulary of Thugs and Bandas .As you Eri Master who is also well known for his bad behavior and crude words with eveyone even foreign delegations .And also your Village Idiot Bros ,who launch a campaign of Death Threat against a Patriotic Journalist as if they are in the Holy land of their Dead Master ,whose next direction will certainly be to face Justice .By the way Ash what about your Stupid Bros who many times call ESAT TV threating
a patriotic Journalist to assassinate he and his Family .And also the Agazi Bigot who by advocating her Boston Village Idiot bros’ stupid action by inciting others to commit the crime .

02/26/13 @ 17:06
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,when you say “Pathological Liar” by the way what about you days and nights posting on this website ,Amice_Agazi oriented baseless propagandas and lies .You are afterall the Super pathological Liar ,the PINOCCHIO ,always with his Big Nose…LOL !!!! Little Ethiopia’s ,Tigre Bar Balcony ,ye Tassa birra Tefelasaphy kelbebis ,Temb Ansa BANDA !!!!!!

02/26/13 @ 17:20
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


Reading your reply, you sound like the “Big Brother” in the George Orwell’s 1984. You are fear mongering. Pretty soon, you will have an article in the constitution titled “Thought Crime.” Better wake up before you get to the point of no return. There is no threat of radical Islam to Ethiopia. Your govt is creating issues where there are none. remeber those bombs your police planted and exploded in the City? Bro.. Fezhen akum wendem. Get real. We know what the GOE is made of and what extent they will go to keep in the business of owning a nation to suck dry. We know you people. You can’t scare people into supporting your regime. Really AZ, grow up. It did not work for George Bush, it wont work for you guys. People are smarter than you give them credit for. Your favorite label “Tej Bet” is not going to do. I don’t know about you but not a lot can write as the proff. and do the “Tej Bet” thing, be a sekaram. Again, AZ.. grow up. Come up with facts, real intelligent terms to persuade people, no more drunk, shabia, BS.

So, I am under the assumption that you, AZ, have proof that Al Mariam is under the employ of IsayASS? Is that correct? Or are you just throwing around crap in the hope it will stick? I tell ya boy, given your track record.. you ain’t got much credibility.

This repost below, is what Derg used to do. When was the last time you were in Addis dude? This.. is what your development oriented govt does AZ. This is the reality, this is what happens to Ethiopians, read.. understand, stop blaming the victims. What I read scares me, because it is what I know of the GOE. It should scare you too. But no, you are defending a group of people who are ready to destroy the peace and harmony of a people who have lived together with no religious conflict. Open your eyes man, we do not need this conflict.

“..They come at night. You can’t say anything. They take mobile phones, laptops, the Koran and other things… They cover their faces so they can’t be identified. We try to explain to them. Isn’t this our country? If you are here to take anything, go ahead and take it…. They beat you up with clubs. If you ask questions, they beat you up and call you terrorists… First of all, these policemen do not speak Amharic well..”

02/26/13 @ 17:28
Comment from: [Member]

ፕሮፈሰር አለማየሁ በወቅቱ በ አገራችን የሚፈጸመውን አሰቃቂ ወንጀል በትንታኔ ስለምተገልጽልን እናመሰግናለን::
አገራችን በአሁኑ ጊዜ በ አስመሳይ ሌቦች ታስራ በስማዋ እየተነገደ ነው ያለው::
ህዝባችን እንክዋን እንደልቡ የሚፈልግወን ሊናገር ይቅርና
አፍህን ለምን በጣም ከፍተህ ታዛጋለህ የሚል አረመኔ መንግስት ጆሮ ጠቢዎቹን በየቦታው አሰማርቶ ሰውን ወደ አስር ቤት ለመወርወር እንደተዘጋጀ ነው::
ይህ ሁሉ ወንጀል ፈጻሚ እጅ ከፍንጅ ተይዞ ለ ህዝባዊ ፍርድ እንደሚቅርብ አልጠራጠርም::
ይህ ሁሉ ሳለ ከ ወያኔ ሽፍታዎች መንግስት በኩል
አስተባባይ ድጋፍን የያዘ ጽሁፍ ሳይሆን በ ናዝሬት ድረ ገጽ ላይ የሚቀርበው
ዘለፋ ስድብ ብቻ ነው ::
ይህ የሚያሳየው ለሃቅ የቆሙ ምሁራን የሌሉት የ ሌባዎች መንግስት የህዝብ ብሶት ችግርን ማዳመጥ ብሎም መፍትሄ ማግኘት ሳይሆን ዋና አላማው እንዴት አድርጌ አገሪትዋን አታልዬ የሰርቆት ተግባሬን ላካኢድ ነው::

ለዚህም አይነት ስራ ጥሩ የሚያዋጣው ቢኖር ካድሬዎችን በየቦታው እንዲሰልሉ ገንዝበ መደጎም
ለምንስ በደል ይፈጸማል የሚሉትን ደግሞ አፍኖ አስር ቤት መክተት የየ እለት ተግባሩ ነው::
ይህን አይነት የጭካኔ አመራር በጋራ መደምሰስ የ እያንዳንዳችን ሰባዊ ግዴታችን ነው እላለሁ::

02/26/13 @ 19:12
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

HagereEthiopia, unless you are one of those groups who believe in the logic of of my enemies’, enemies are my friend, I’m sure you are well aware about what kind of evil enemies that the Ethiopian people facing…

You have been protesting and denouncing the current government for a while on this site, which I believe that you have the right to do that on some political issues, but with all do respect, your recent analysis in regard to the terrost issues in Ethiopia in the name of religion are wrong.

If it wasn’t for the Ethiopian security forces in cloabration with the Ethiopian people in general that they hunting those evils and bringing them to justice, they could have been long achieved or changed Ethiopia bloodshed by now…

Sorry to say this, but their agandas are not about religion freedom, but they are working hard to expand their boundaryless fanatic or an extrim kingdom all over the world, Eventhough I believe it is an imaginary wild dreams…LOL.

Have you heard the Egyptian imam Sharik what kind of lesson he has been preaching to the those sellout, and mouthpiece of enemies? So called Ethiopian Muslims? It is on utub that you may watch it and see what kind of enemies that the Ethiopian Muslim and Christian have been facing for years….

So, once again, please refrain from ignoring the problems that our people have been facing, because you don’t support the current government? I believe, this is not about what kind of religion he/she believes, but to preserve the unity of the Ethiopian people regardless their religion believes…

God bless the world!

02/26/13 @ 19:14
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Once a person is dead and buried, that is the end of him on this earth, and he is not accountable for what is happening after he is dead.

Meles Zenawi is not running Ethiopia right now! The Ethiopian army is not under Meles control; the economy is not controlled by Meles Zenawi. The federal police do not take orders from Meles Zenawi any more. Desalegn Haile Mariam is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia who is in total control of the country.

If Alemayehu G. Mariam knows that Meles Zenawi is not to blame for what Police chief Zemedkun did or is doing, why is he disturbing the dead man? Our Ethiopian culture tells us to pray for our dead leaders, whether they had been good or bad.

Refusing to let the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia to rest in peace, Alemayehu G. Mariam has mentioned the dead man’s name 41 times on this venomous article of his. Is this the way how to respect the dead? Is this the way G. Mariam’s democracy teaches us? If indeed this is what you are preaching to us, go hell with your human rights movement and with your Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims’ illegal protest.

You are very concerned and saddened the Ethiopian security forces had confiscated Quran that teaches violence, hostility, lies, deception, murder, and rape. I will admire the Ethiopian police for confiscating the Quran, and they should have burnet it down as the Jihadist Muslims have burned our Christian Churches, schools, and properties. You are no more the friend of the Ethiopian people. You are one of their ruthless enemies and a friend of our adversaries, the Jihadist Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia. And that is why one of your supporters by the name Seattle aka Gragn Ahmed is praising you because you are advocating his hidden Islamic agenda to destroy the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. I am sorry for that beautiful daughter of yours Abigail, who is probably disturbed by your weekly article that supports the enemies of her country, Ethiopia.

How many times do you have to mention the name of a dead person, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, 6 times, 7 times, 8 times, 9 times, 10 times, 20 times, 30 times, and 40 times? And that is what you have done today! You said: Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles, Meles….

1. Meles’ legacy
2. mini Me-leses
3. Meles wannabes
4. The late Meles Zenawi

5. Anytime Meles was challenged

6. Just before Meles jai

7. Meles’ arrogantly

8. Meles says so

9. Minister Meles not to take that route.

10. Meles erupted

11. Meles charged

12. Meles’ surviving

13. Meles’ threat

14. Meles routinely

15. Meles with the truth

16. Meles had another public meltdown

17. Meles’ voodoo economics
18. Meles went ballistic
19. Meles talking about accountability
20. Meles went apoplectic
21. Meles’ hatred
22. Meles added insult
23. Meles, with sarcastic derision replied
24. Meles made the statement
25. Meles said emphatically
26. a mini-Me-les
27. a Meles wannabe
28. Like Meles
29. Like Meles, Zemedkun
30. like Meles, is so full of
31. likeness of Meles
32. When Meles massacred
33. Meles created
34. mini-Me-leses and Meles wannabes in Ethiopia
35. Meles and his disciples
36. Meles when he was alive
37. Meles believed accountability
38. Meles has left an Orwellian legacy
39. post-Meles officialdom
40. Post-Meles Ethiopia
41. Meles governance

I hope you will forget the dead man and deal with the present government of Ethiopia without ridiculing him as you did the dead person. When Meles was alive, you said nothing bad about him, but when you see he is gone, you are cursing his dead body at the expense of his physical absence.

02/26/13 @ 22:38
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Bethihu [Visitor],

It is true. I admit, I do not like Tplf Eprdf, simply because I do not like dictators.

Did you say refrain? No you’den’t.. you did. Whats wrong with you girl? I believe what I want, you believe what you want. If you want to depend on the so called secret police who explode bombs in the city and blame terrorism on other Ethiopians, that is your prerogative.

All I am saying is your so called GOE is a liar. Lets call it Tplf.. it is Tplf is isn’t it? Still a big liar. They accuse everyone who dares contradict them.. boom, a terrorist. Is that who you are depending on? Again the only terrorist in Ethiopia today is, Tplf’s GOE and its police force. I suggest you “refrain” from supporting those who divided us ethnically, from dividing us religiously. They are opening pandora’s box, dear. Trust me you do not want religious unrest. As for the use of the term “terrorist” it is a serious matter. Both them and you need to stop throwing the term around as if it is pocket change. You do not treat everyone who does not like you or agree with you or has a different view of blue than you, a “terrorist.” That my dear is what Meles did. That is what your GOE is doing.

So, stop telling me how to think, I can only suggest you start using your brain. You need to think this through not based your ethnic grouping but truth and reality. Okydoky then girl, relax and just watch what the Tplf’ GOE is going to do. Mark my words, they are going to intimidate and if that does not work, jail, torture and start mass killing of Ethiopians of certain religious denominations. See that is how dictators hold power. They create presumed enemies of the people and nation. Are you following the ways, how dictators do? If not.. you need to research a bit, read stuff, learn don’t just depend on the likes of AZ. All dictators have the same technique different times but.. same shit, if you read one, you know them all.

02/26/13 @ 22:52
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


Good to know that you are not only against the Ethiopian government, but you are pro those terrorist whom trying hard to satisfy the evil missions of the Arab masters….LOL. Good luck then! BTW, you are talking to a strong an Ethiopian man that hard to be mistaken with a girl.

God bless the world!

02/26/13 @ 23:27
Comment from: belew [Visitor]

@addis zebed

I laugh so hard when I read your comments. I imagine a short stocky guy with inferiority complex trying to be part of the normal people and reaching out for a better language to use so he can be part of the intelectual group. One advice I want to give you you are what you are you can never amount to anything because you don’t have your own thoughts you are bought and you will always bend over for the highest bidder. If hitler takes power in Ethiopia you say he is your beloved leader for you money is the main motivator you have no class or education I think this is the only thing left for you to make a liveing.

02/27/13 @ 12:57
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

Belew the mozzafakka asshole shabian,…

You need to learn how to use a full stop in between sentences, before you try to tell us how much educated you’re.
Are you still fantasizing with being a millioner, sitting in that cubicle shithole, where you’re living with your shemutta momy doing business in a broad day light, while you’re watching?
Take it easy!

02/27/13 @ 13:22
Comment from: belew [Visitor]

@addis ashker

It is ok you will get over it. I believe I hita nerve there. Don’t worry you and your masters have the same level of education they will not fire you as long as they are arround you can keep vomiting your uneducated non sense we are used to it now wh know who you are and your openion does not matter but it is a free website and you can keep intertaining us….

02/27/13 @ 13:31
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

I addis zemen raise my hand an swear that I am a cadre of the present goverement of Ethiopia. I am paid to come on nazret and use my little knowledge to anser back to well educated people. I know my education is limited and I don’t make any sense but if anyone can hire me and I will do the same for you I can be a distraction for inteligent conversation and that counts a lot in my book. My going rate is $20 an hour I don’t ask much you can reach me at Hope to hear from you soon.

02/27/13 @ 13:40
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

Belew the luutty asshole shabian,…

Are you jealous of me? Why are you concerned about my education level? What matters is, I’m here always showing my capabelity, and you’re hiding in your shithole.
Can you tell us which one of my comments made you crazy among the thousands of them? Or which one touchs your nerves?
I can tell, you’re a very angry coward luutty, who likes to use different names to score a point.
I know your original name was ASMEROM. after I kicked your shabian ass, once upon a time, you couldn’t face me like a man you claim to be. You hide in your closet, But sleeping in, monitoring every comment I make. Wow! Talk about a loser with an infiriority complex, you’re the mother of all.
Well I can’t help you, if you wanna be like me, just go to school.
You mozzafakka asshole shabian!

02/27/13 @ 15:48
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Bethihu [Visitor],

It must be something in your writing that led me to believe you.. to be a girl. I still do.

However, I am a more stronger Ethiopian than any woyane. Having said that, it is your misfortune if you do not see the fact all Ethiopian Muslims are NOT terrorists.. as are not all those journalists your tplf has locked up. Like I said, everyone who opposes your leadership, is not a terrorist. If the Tplf’s GOE continues on this venue of accusing everyone, then there will be no opposition to it. How is it all you woyane cadres fail to see that to be the point?

02/27/13 @ 22:36
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear hagerEthiopia, I know u r busy kicking around TPLF in battled ground… But when u have time can answer my question so that I will disappear form forever… This way u will have one less enemy to deal with.

My question again:-

Can u afford to pay ur medical bill in full in cash? After major stay in hospital..

To be fare u can sale all ur asset, ur house, ur car but pay it in cash…

If u don’t answer this simple question then I will take it u can’t.

02/28/13 @ 06:48
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


Surely you are showing an impassive bravery on this public forum that you are a superma, even you can tell who is girl or man by just looking at their written comments. So, I don’t think weyane has that cabaities as such you are claiming to be….LOL.

However, you like it or not, I stand strong against those terrorists whom are working hard to distablize Ethiopia. I don’t know why you could be that blind and arguing to defend those sellout or mouthpiece of an Ethiopian enemies? The button line is, terrorist need to defeated whenever they are, because they have nothing good to offer to any human being than creating bloodshed and distraction!! So, one of the things I like about Woyane is that they don’t compromise with such kind headles bloodthirsty dogs…

God bless the world!

02/28/13 @ 10:41
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


Okay then.. you are a dude. I hope my bravery on this “public forum” did not affect your manhood. Still, I made no such claim to be Superman, I was born right here on earth, arat kilo addisaba to be exact, unlike the super who came from planet “Krypton.”&#59;)

What gave you the idea that I, the EthioMan, cant tell the difference between real terrorists and those who are accused of being one just because of their stand against dictators? Like the US found out later, there were no terrorists in Iraq but George Bush’s desire to… well you know that. However, what you seem to miss my dear bro is, your opposition or those who say you are undemocratic, are not terrorists. If the Ethiopian Muslims are asking Tplf’s GOE to stop interfering in their religious affairs, it does not make them terrorists. But, if the GOE randomly jails, tortures and kills any form of its opposition, then.. it is a terrorist regime. That my bro, is our misunderstanding. You seem to not grasp the meaning of a terrorist. Terrorism is not Islam. A terrorist is not Muslim or anyone who is against Tplf’s GOE. A terrorist is anyone, including govts, who carries out random acts of violence against a civilian public. That dude, defines unjust or dictatorial regimes such as GOE, Soudi Arebia, Iran, North Korea… to name a few. You can further designate groups like Al Qeda, Taliban, Onlf/Olf/Tplf/Eplf, LRA, M23 and so forth.. It also depends whose side you are on, if you know what I mean :-/

Like you said “The button line” which I’m sure is to mean the “bottom line.. is, one mans terrorist is another mans hero. It just depends on which one makes your day. So, dude.. relax and think before you say anything back to moi because I am as much against terrorism as you are, if not more. The only difference is I do not consider people with deferring political views as terrorists as you and your Tplf GOE seem to do. Okydok then.. Stay informed cause a mind is such a terrible muscle to waste..

Long Live Ethiopia free of terrorist Tplf!!!

02/28/13 @ 15:18



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