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Ethiopia: The Silent World of Hippos on Planet Cheetah



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Ethiopia: The Silent World of Hippos on Planet Cheetah

Ethiopia 2013: Year of the Cheetah Generation Photo By Andy Rouse/Stone/Getty Images

Ethiopia: The Silent World of Hippos on Planet Cheetah

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

In my first weekly commentary of the new year, I "proclaimed" 2013 “Year of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation” (young people). I also promised to reach, teach and preach to Ethiopia’s youth this year and exhorted members of the Ethiopian intellectual class (particularly the privileged “professorati”) to do the same. I have also been pleading with (some say badgering) the wider Ethiopian Hippo Generation (the lost generation) to find itself, get in gear and help the youth.

The SOS I put out in June 2012 (Where have Ethiopia’s Intellectuals Gone?) and now (The Irresponsibility of the Privileged) has been unwelcomed by tone deaf and deaf mute “Hippogenarians”. My plea for standing up and with the victims of tyranny and human rights abuses has been received with stony and deafening silence. I have gathered anecdotally that some Hippos are offended by what they perceive to be my self-righteous and holier-than-thou finger wagging and audacious, “J’accuse!”. Some have claimed that I am sitting atop my high horse crusading, pontificating, showboating, grandstanding and self-promoting.

There seems to be palpable consternation and anxiety among some (perhaps many) Hippos over the fact that I dared to betray them in a public campaign of name and shame and called unwelcome attention to their self-inflicted paralysis and faintheartedness. Some have even suggested that by using the seductively oversimplified metaphor of cheetahs and hippos, I have invented a new and dangerous division in society between the young and old in a land already fractured and fragmented by ethnic, religious and regional divisions. “Methinks they doth protest too much”, to invoke Shakespeare.

My concern and mission is to lift the veil that shrouds a pernicious culture and conspiracy of silence in the face of evil. My sole objective is to speak truth not only to power but also to those who have calculatedly chosen to disempower themselves by self-imposed silence. I unapologetically insist that silently tolerating wrong over right is dead wrong. Silently conceding the triumph of evil over good is itself evil. Silently watching atrocity is unmitigated moral depravity. Complicity with the champions of hate is partnership with haters.

The maxim of the law is “Silence gives consent” (qui tacet consentiret). Silence is complicity. Silence for the sake of insincere and hollow social harmony (yilugnta) is tantamount to dousing water on the quiet riot that rages in the hearts and minds of the oppressed. Leonardo da Vinci said, “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” I say nothing strengthens tyranny as much as silence -- the silence of the privileged, the silence of those who could speak up but choose to take a vow of silence. One cannot speak to tyrants in the language of silence; one must speak to tyrants in the language of defiant truth. Silence must never be allowed to become the last refuge of the hypocritical scoundrel.

There have been encouraging developments over the past week in the crescendo of voices speaking truth to power. Several enlightening contributions that shed light on the life and times of tyranny in Ethiopia have been made in “Ethiopian cyber hager”, to borrow Prof. Donald Levine’s metaphor. A couple of insightful analysis readily come to mind. Muktar Omer offered a devastating critique of the bogus theory of “revolutionary democracy.” He argued convincingly “that recent economic development in Ethiopia has more to do with the injection of foreign aid into the economy and less with revolutionary democracy sloganeering.” He demonstrated the core ideological nexus between fascism, communism and revolutionary democracy. Muktar concluded, “Intellectuals who are enamored with the ‘good intellect and intentions’ of Meles Zenawi and rationalize his appalling human rights records are guilty of either willful ignorance or disagree with Professor John Gray’s dauntingly erudite reminder: ‘radical evil can come from the pursuit of progress’”. My view is that revolutionary democracy is to democracy as ethic federalism is to federalism. Both are figments of a warped and twisted imagination.

An Amharic piece by Kinfu Asefa (managing editor of entitled “Development Thieves” made a compelling case demonstrating the futility and duplicity of the so-called “Renaissance Bond” calculated to raise billions of dollars to dam the Blue Nile. Kinfu argued persuasively that there could be no development dam when the people themselves are damned by the damned dam developers.
I am told by those much wiser than myself that I am pursuing a futile course trying to coax Hippos to renounce their vows of silence and speak up. I am told it would be easier for me to squeeze blood out of turnip than to expect broad-gauged political activism and engaged advocacy from the members of Ethiopia’s inert Hippo Generation. The wise ones tell me I should write off (and not write about) the Hippos living on Planet Cheetah. I should stop pestering them and leave them alone in their blissful world where they see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil!
Should I?

Restoring Faith With the Cheetahs

We have a problem! A big one. “We” are both Cheetahs and Hippos. Truth must be told: Hippos have broken faith with Cheetahs. Cheetahs feel betrayed by Hippos. Cheetahs feel marginalized and sidelined. Cheetahs say their loyalty and dedication has been countered by the treachery and underhandedness of Hippos. The respect and obedience Cheetahs have shown Hippos have been greeted with disdain and effrontery. Cheetahs say Hippos have misconstrued their humility as servility; their flexibility and adaptability have been countered by rigidity and their humanity abused by cruel indignity. Cheetahs feel double-crossed, jilted, tricked, lied to, bamboozled, used and abused by Hippos. Cheetahs say they have been demonized for questioning Hippos and for demanding accountability. For expressing themselves freely, Cheetahs have been sentenced to hard labor in silence. Cheetahs have been silenced by silent Hippos! Cheetahs have lost faith in Hippos. Such is the compendium of complaints I hear from many Ethiopian Cheetahs. Are the Cheetahs right in their perceptions and feelings? Are they justified in their accusations? Are Hippos behaving so badly?
A word or two about the youths’ loss of faith in their elders before talking about restoring faith with them. Ethiopia’s youth live in a world where they are forced to hear every day the litany that their innate value is determined not by the content of their character, individuality or humanity but the random chance of their ethnicity. They have no personality, nationality or humanity, only ethnicity. They are no more than the expression of their ethnic identity.

To enforce this wicked ideology, Apartheid-style homelands have been created in the name of “ethnic federalism”. The youth have come to realize that their station in life is determined not by the power of their intellect but by the power of those who lack intellect. They are shown by example that how high they rise in society depends upon how low they can bring themselves on the yardstick of self-dignity and how deeply they can wallow in the sewage of the politics of identity and ethnicity. They live in a world where they are taught the things that make them different from their compatriots are more than the things they have in common with them. Against this inexorable message of dehumanization, they hear only the sound of silence from those quietly professing allegiance to freedom, democracy and human rights. To restore faith with Ethiopia’s youth, we must trade silence with the joyful noise of protest; we must unmute ourselves and stand resolute against tyranny. We must cast off the silence of quiet desperation.
But before we restore faith with the young people, we must restore faith with ourselves. In other words, we must save ourselves before we save our young people. To restore faith with ourselves, we must learn to forgive ourselves for our sins of commission and omission. We must believe in ourselves and the righteousness of our cause. Before we urge the youth to be courageous, we must first shed our own timidity and fearfulness. Before we teach young people to love each other as children of Mother Ethiopia, we must unlearn to hate each other because we belong to different ethnic groups or worship the same God with different names. To restore faith with ourselves, we must be willing to step out of our comfort zones, comfort groups, comfort communities and comfort ethnicities and muster the courage to say and do things we know are right. We should say and do things because they are right and true, and not because we seek approval or fear disapproval from anyone or group. George Orwell said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” We live in times of national deceit and must become revolutionaries by speaking truth to abusers of power, to the powerless, to the self-disempowered and to each other.

To be fair to my fellow Hippos, they defend their silence on the grounds that speaking up will not make a difference to tyrants. They say speaking truth to tyranny is a waste of time, an exercise in futility. Some even say that it is impossible to communicate with the tyrants in power with reasoned words because these tyrants only understand the language of crashing guns, rattling musketry and booming artillery.

I take exception to this view. I believe at the heart of the struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia is an unending battle for the hearts and minds of the people. In the battlefield of hearts and minds, guns, tanks and warplanes are useless. History bears witness. The US lost the war in Vietnam not because it lacked firepower, airpower, nuclear power, financial power, scientific or technical power. The U.S. lost the war because it lacked the power to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese and American peoples.

Words are the most potent weapon in the battle for hearts and minds. Words can enlighten the benighted, open closed eyes, sealed mouths and plugged ears. Words can awaken consciences. Words can inspire, inform, stimulate and animate. Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest military leaders in history, feared words more than arms. That is why he said, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” That why I insist my fellow privileged intellectuals and all who claim or aspire to be supporters of democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law to speak up and speak out and not hide behind a shield of silence. I say speak truth to tyranny. Preach faith in the divinity of humanity and against the bigotry of the politics of identity and ethnicity; champion loudly the causes of unity in diversity and practice the virtues of civility, accountability, amity and cordiality. Never stand silent in the face of atrocity, criminality, contrived ethnic animosity and the immorality of those who abuse of power.

It is necessary to restore faith with the Cheetahs. The gap between Cheetahs and Hippos is not generational. There is a trust gap, not generational gap. There is a credibility gap. There is an expectation gap, an understanding gap and a compassion gap. Many bridges need to be built to close the gaps that divide the Cheetah and Hippo Generations.

Rise of the Chee-Hippo Generation

There is a need to “invent” a new generation, the Chee-Hippo Generation. A Chee-Hippo is a hippo who thinks, behaves and acts like a Cheetah. A Chee-Hippo is also a cheetah who understands the limitations of Hippos yet is willing to work with them in common cause for a common purpose.

Chee-Hippos are bridge builders. They build strong intergenerational bridges that connect the young with the old. They build bridges to connect people seeking democracy, freedom and human rights. They build bridges across ethnic canyons and connect people stranded on islands of homelands. They bridge the gulf of language, religion and region. They build bridges to link up the rich with the poor. They build bridges of national unity to harmonize diversity. They build bridges to connect the youth at home with the youth in the Diaspora. Chee-Hippos build social and political networks to empower youth.

Are You a Chee-Hippo or a Hippo?
You are a Chee-Hippo if you believe
young people are the future of the country and the older people are the country’s past.
the future is infinitely more important than the past.

a person’s value is determined not by the collection of degrees listed after his/her name but by the person’s commitment and stand on the protection of the basic human rights of a fellow human being.
and practice the virtues of tolerance, civility, civic duty, cooperation, empathy, forgiveness, honesty, honor, idealism, inclusivity and openness.
You are a Chee-Hippo if you are
open-minded, flexible, and humble.
open to new ideas and ways of communicating with people across age groups, ethnic, religious, gender and linguistic lines.

unafraid to step out of your comfort zone into the zone of hard moral choices.
courageous enough to mean what you say and say what you mean instead of wasting your time babbling in ambiguity and double-talk.
prepared to act now instead of tomorrow (eshi nege or yes, tomorrow).
prepared to blame yourself first for your own deficits before blaming the youth or others for theirs.
eager to learn new things today and unlearn the bad lessons of the past.
committed to finding opportunity than complaining about the lack of one.
able to develop attitudes and beliefs that reflect what is possible and not wallow in self-pity about what is impossible.
fully aware that the world is in constant and rapid change and by not changing you have no one to blame for the consequences except yourself.

Any Hippo can be reinvented into a Chee-Hippo. Ultimately, being a Chee-Hippo is a state of mind. One need only think, behave and act like Cheetahs. The credo of a true Chee-Hippo living on Planet Cheetah is, “We must not give only what we have; we must give what we are.”

Damn proud to be a Chee-Hippo!

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer.


Comment from: [Member]

When snakes are born with two heads, they fight each other for food.
The two headed snake almaria, keeps contradicting himself every week, by posting a look alike articles but trying to correct himself slightly without anybody noticing it, a la carte, a pseudo intelectual style. Alas, to no avail!
I thought he would come up with something to say about his employer is ahiya ass a forki, in the aftermath of the mutiny in tiny land with bikini, artera. Atleast to clear up his supporters’ suspicion of him working for a tyrant. This could’ve been a good opportunity for him to come out “clean". But chose to be blind and deaf. Hear no evil, see no devil!
Instead he is still barking on the wrong tree, like a confused and disoriented rabid dog.
Ke dittu wede mattu endilu, almaria berassu matt wust eyetermetemete new. He picks and drops all kinds of issues and name calling, without any tangible arguement that, his few die hard supporters expecting from him.
“Le teqemach semayi qirbu new", Ethiopian govt have no time like you to sit and talk. They’re working so hard, transforming the nation.
Ethiopians are in a different level, which you will never imagine of in your wildest dream. Ethiopians are way ahead of your backward mentality. Ethiopians these days are working so hard in every sector changing the image of the country with the aim of eradicating our #1 enemy poverty. Ethiopians have no time to hear your self serving nonesensical blaber. Hush up!

01/28/13 @ 19:01
Comment from: jazzman [Visitor]

when is this guy’s going to land ?

01/28/13 @ 19:20
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Once again numero uno, AZ. I’m sure you didn’t even read the article… well, lets read it and see if you did.. kekekeeeee!

addis zemen [Visitor]
When snakes are born with two heads, they fight each other for food.

****You mean like shabia ena woyane? Huletu ebaboch ye Etyopia telatoch?

01/28/13 @ 19:30
Comment from: [Member]

አቶ አለማየሁ በርግጥም ጥሩ አስተያየት ነው የጻፍከው
የጉማሬ-አቦሸማኔ መሆን ወይንም ወጣቱ አቦሼማኔ ሁኖ
የ አገራችንን አጣዳፊ ለውጥ ማስመጣት ግዴታ ነው::
የሚገርመኝ አንደኛ ሁኖ ቀንደኛው የ ወያኔ ካድሬ ሰውዬ ዝንባሙ አዲስ ዘመን መቸም ካልተሳደበ ኢ ህ አ ዴ ግ አይክፍለውም አይደል ስድብ ልብሱ የሆነ ሰው እንደሱ አላየሁም::
እናቱ ስትወልደው እየተሳደበች ነው መስለኝ!!
አይ አዲስ ዘመን ይህ ቡሽቲ አጋ**
መቸም ከዚህ ድረ ገጽ አይጠፋም::
ዞሮ ዞሮ እዚሁ ይመጣና አፉን ይከፍታል::
አሁንስ ሰለቸሀን እኮ ጃል
ምናለ ብትቀር ወይንም አይጋ ፎእም ብትሄድ
አንተ ርኩስ አንበጣ ለቃሚ ከ አጋንንት ሴትዮ ጋር ብትጠፉ ደስ ባለኝ

01/28/13 @ 19:32
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

This person has problem which I cannot explain unless he should opt for medical examination. From his writing It is easy to conclude that he wanted to take political position by overthrowing the current regime. He provokes youth to fight for him. Mainly he has been using ethnicity, religions, languages and regional administration systems to create a political chaos in the Country-he throw many stones to catch an attention of youth.

He also claim that I promised to teach X, Y, Z…..

My suggestion to him:
1) Ethiopian ladies faced problem in Israel. So, just show us your impact to protect the right of these sisters: compensation etc.

2) Don’t dilute youth mind with by exporting your liberal arts and cheap talk to Ethiopia. But export technology: electrical engineering skills, technology transfer, international financing etc.

01/28/13 @ 21:01
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The way that Prof Al is telling the Truth proves how much it makes bark the Agazi-Amice pack of Hyenas ,plus the crickets and vultures as the Likes Adgi Banda infecting this website .Many has been told and written concerning the passivity of the so called scholars remaining willingly silent infront all these injustice that the Ethiopian Peoples are exposed .Even most of those living in Exile in a Free World where Freedom of Speech and Writes are garanteed it seemed they prefer remain out from the community .Only Agazi sell out bandas and Tigre Mafiosis are here and there trying to fool peoples on the fake Agazi bandits good governance .

01/28/13 @ 22:52
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Ts ,so you are here indirectly ,inviting
Prof Al ,to become sell out Banda like Indrias Eshete and Ephrem Isaac
….LOL !!!!!

01/28/13 @ 23:01
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef

I don’t think you slept at all. It seems you are on 24/7 waiting and itching for the professors post.

Well job well done moron!!!

Can you at least read before you write? what a brainless idiot ….. lolllllllll

Asmera is waiting for you!

01/28/13 @ 23:07
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

The new generation has computer, abundant internet and tv contents, passport and can set foot on Boeing 787 faster than any generation before it. Other than that the comparison is not fair. The older generation obviously has had far more richer, colorful and magical lives. But it is great to own to our mistake because after all the current generation inherited the mess we created. Because it is so sad a time, it is very depressing in all aspect. The culture is bad (sucks), the food, the music, the language, character, faith - everything except there are some great religious figures in the form of Sebakians,
Mezmurengnotch and Timbitengnotch, who, unlike anyone before them, are the best thing to happen. One wa for current generation to catch up would be to acquire the culture of reading. Going back to church will definately bring the magic times back.

01/29/13 @ 01:57
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Alemayehu G. Mariam,

Enjoy toward equality and wish best for all as they want it. Bring onto table what to “produce” and not what to “talk". Upheld diversity and part of songs:

01/29/13 @ 03:17
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear Professor A. G. Mariam,

Don’t disturb the Dead!

Are hippos and cheetahs the only animals in the animal kingdom you are familiar with? Why are you discriminating the other animals such as the lions, the zebras, the red fox, the ibex, the monkeys, and the hyenas, just to mention some of them? In Ethiopia there are many tribes as there are many animals; hence, hippos and cheetahs cannot represent all the distinct Ethiopian tribes; of course, the lions can represent the Amharas. Any one can pickup any animal that represents his/her tribe. For example, in the United States, each state has a state bird and a state flower. Especially, the United States National Animal is the bald eagle.

In your animal kingdom, hippos and cheetahs are the ones that represent the old and the young generations respectively. You have assigned the hippos not to the rivers that makes a lot of noises and movements but to the world of silence, and the world of silence is the grave where we all are marching to in a greater speed, whether we like it or not.

You have relegated the cheetahs to the world of marginalization, discrimination, humiliation, trickery, demonization, and hard labor. According to your statement, the hippos are the ones that are humiliating, demonizing, and disrespecting the cheetahs:

“Cheetahs feel betrayed by Hippos. Cheetahs feel marginalized and sidelined.”

At the same time, you try to teach the dead – the hippos – and you already know ahead of time that the hippos will not listen to you because you have been told:

“The wise ones tell me I should write off (and not write about) the Hippos living on Planet Cheetah. I should stop pestering them and leave them alone in their blissful world where they see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil!”

The only world of happiness where no one sees, hears, and speaks evil is the grave, and in that world of silence live the hippos – the dead hippos – and that is why I said: “Don’t disturb the Dead!”

I have never seen a dead person teaching the dead: the hippo generation is a dead generation; you belong to the dead hippo generation; hence, you are a dead hippo! Don’t disturb the Dead!

Forgetting the law of nature, you stated: ‘We’ are both Cheetahs and Hippos.” We cannot be both hippos and cheetahs at the same time. According to your description, the hippo generation is the old generation, and the cheetah generation is the young generation. In this case, the old remain old and the young remain young until they become old. The old cannot be young and old, and, in the same way, the young cannot be old and young. There are seasons to be young and seasons to be old!

You cannot accuse the dead – the hippos: “Hippos have broken faith with Cheetahs.” The cheetahs must blame themselves instead of blaming the dead: “Cheetahs say Hippos have misconstrued their humility as servility; their flexibility and adaptability have been countered by rigidity and their humanity abused by cruel indignity.” The cheetahs are wasting their times talking to the dead as if the dead would listen to them.

The cheetahs cannot control their mouths and never stop blaming the dead hippos that had done their shares and now live in their silent world – the grave where no cheetah is to be seen yet.

Most of the cheetah generations are the confused ones; they don’t even know who their dads and moms are, and that is why most of them blame the hippo generation – the dead generation. Since they know they don’t have a father figure in their lives, they must face the reality that the hippo generations could not be their dads and moms; therefore, they must create their own dads and moms by making themselves their own dads and moms, their own kings and queens, and their own counselors, teachers, and heroes.

The good Professor is not teaching the cheetah generation self efficiency, self dependence, and self confidence: he is teaching them to depend on the dead generation – the hippo generation. He claims:

“They [the cheetah generations] live in a world where they are taught the things that make them different from their compatriots are more than the things they have in common with them.” Who is teaching the cheetah generations differences instead of similarities, hatred instead of love, enmity instead of friendship, and ignorance instead of knowledge? Is this the work of the hippo generation – the dead generation – or other generation from another planet? Dear Professor, be specific, please!

How can a dead generation – the hippo generation – restore faith in itself? You stated: “But before we restore faith with the young people, we must restore faith with ourselves.” You have already concluded the hippo generation is a lost generation or a dead generation; therefore, you cannot talk about the hippo generation you have already declared lost and dead!

Instead of enjoying your silence, your neutrality, and your temporary peace in your grave, why are you so much concerned about the Ethiopian youth? Are they asking your help? I don’t think so; no one asks a helping hand from a dead generation – the hippo generation. When you say, “…we must save ourselves before we save our young people.” Do dead people save themselves from death and come back to life and teach the young?

You are preaching thousands of miles away from the battle field; you yourself are not in the real battle field. Sitting in your comfortable home, watching your television, or playing cards, you are sending the following encouraging or flattering words:

“I say speak truth to tyranny. Preach faith in the divinity of humanity and against the bigotry of the politics of identity and ethnicity; champion loudly the causes of unity in diversity and practice the virtues of civility, accountability, amity and cordiality. Never stand silent in the face of atrocity, criminality, contrived ethnic animosity and the immorality of those who abuse of power.”

Can you go to Ethiopia and say to the citizens of Addis Ababa: “Never stand silent in the face of atrocity, criminality, contrived ethnic animosity and the immorality of those who abuse of power.” I am sure you will never say those words in front of the authorities of the Woyanne government. You simply want the young Ethiopians to speak out using the words you are sending them and be killed there. That is not fair!

You believe there is a trust, credibility, an expectation, an understanding, and a compassion gap between the cheetah and the hippo generations, and to breach this gap, there must be a bridge between the two. The gap between the two has already been breached as the old hippo generation is living in another world – the world of the dead – and the young generation is living in another world – the world of the living. You and I are not in the world of the living: we are in the world of the dead – the world of the dead hippo.

I don’t agree with your Chee-Hippo generation; it looks to me like the same-sex marriage. Cheetahs are cheetahs, and hippos are hippos. Old are old, and young are young.

By the way, you stated: “We… worship the same God with different names.” That is not true. We Christians worship Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Almighty God. Muslims worship the moon-god, Allah, completely different from our Lord Jesus Christ as the Cheetah is different from the hippo.

01/29/13 @ 03:33
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Assta B.Gettu,

You are so very veracious and jocular how you expressed your insightful message including the dimesion of world. I don’t think that Professor A. G. Mariam has a single argument to overshadow against your cogent and humorous arguments. Eminent comments!

01/29/13 @ 04:39
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

assta b.gettu, I know u r smart on the ms.Tt, hagerEthio, Ap, ms.teddy etc

01/29/13 @ 06:18
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

@assta b.gettu,
Your analysis and argument regarding old and new generation is logical and interesting.Thanks

01/29/13 @ 08:03
Comment from: [Member]

” One of the basic causes for all human trouble in the world today is that people talk too much and think too little.They act impulsively without thinking."-Margaret Chase Smith

” A man is judged by his deeds,not by his words."-Russian Proverb

In his every week article Prof. Alemayehu has used more than 2000 words to write about his beloved country Ethiopia.This week’s article ” Ethiopia:The silent world of Hippos on planet Cheetah” has 2364 words.
Had the number of words he used to write about his country every week changed to dollar amounts,how many of his people would have been benefited from his contributions?
2364 words= Zero benefit
$2364 = Buys thousands of books for students,or feeds hundred of orphan children for a month or buys medications for thousands children infected with diseases in Ethiopia.

01/29/13 @ 11:19
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Beast-iality: forgive him he started it while herding goats and donkeys. Sorry for his wife and children.

01/29/13 @ 11:20
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Cave man.
You worship only cave god.
You and your ancestor till today dwell in the cave as if your god hide in the cave.
What a futile creature. Dark age.

01/29/13 @ 11:38
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


01/29/13 @ 11:39
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

Ethiopiawinet aka Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

I think it is better to live in a cave as a permanent troglodyte, to eat in a cave, to drink in a cave, to dance in a cave, to make love in a cave, and to worship in a cave the creator of the cave, and nothing bad will happen to the cave dweller, something bad such as fire that killed 233 people in a night club in Santa Maria, Brazil. If those young Brazilians who died in that man-made night club had been dancing, kissing, and singing in a cave that have wide exits, they would have saved their lives. Abraham spent most of his life, living in a tent, and buried his wife in a cave. Hundreds of ancient manuscripts have been found recently in caves near the Dead Sea. Also, indispensable manuscripts in Hebrew characters were rescued from caves in a Taliban stronghold in northern Afghanistan years ago.

As a Muslim, you must appreciate the value of caves because your prophet Muhammad spent quite a few times praying in the cave at Mt. Hira in Mecca, and it was in this cave he received his revelation from the dark angel masquerading as the Angel Gabriel.

To escape an eminent disaster, we always run to the nearby caves, hide our valuables there, and live there until the disaster is over. Therefore, living or dwelling in a cave is not the mark of backwardness; it is rather the mark of smartness and the right choice people will have to make once in a while.

Those who refuse to evacuate and leave their homes and go to the high ground and stay in a cave before a violent storm hits their areas will certainly die.

Ethiopiawinet, be smart and don’t depend entirely on modern technology!


Ts, Ash, and Sami (visitors),

Thank you for the compliment!

01/29/13 @ 13:17
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@assta b.gettu [Member]
Do You know how boring you are?
You are a good example of a Hippo generation!
A sick man. [Bezebez]

01/29/13 @ 13:56
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

I donknow why the pr is beating around the bush instead of coming clean and confessing the opposition to the govt is dying. My question to him is why? What is making people to stay away from the anti govt movements and remain silent today compared to few years back and what can the opposition do to change that?? Blaming the people and making them feel coward will not work.

01/29/13 @ 15:28
Comment from: [Member]

***To Assta b.gettu***
I don’t think you fully comprhend what the good professor had written.
When he said the Hippos can be Cheetas what he meant was we the old as well as the young diasporas.
Secondly why do you have to relate everblogging to Christianity!
I am from a christian family but not a die-hard follower.
Please do not connect all blogging with christianity and jesus.

01/29/13 @ 15:51
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Extraidiot ,do you mean your period in your Northern Rocky Desperate Land as goat and donkey herder with your Thuggy Bros .Unable to occupy your jouneys ,your only spare time was BESTIALITY.You stink more as a specialist on the MATTER and now stack by jerking on your computer and Iphone you are more addicted to LAPTOTIALITY …LOL !!!! LEKAMMI ATTELA BANDA !!!!!

01/29/13 @ 15:53
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

sf, edif, gudif, difdif, (visitor),

For the prudent, I am a blessing, but for the humbug, for the cutpurse, and for the hobgoblin like sf and his likes, I am indeed a primordial ho-hum person. If you have failed to comprehend my comment, my own view, then go to the next comment that makes sense for you and stick with it.

Mesfin B (visitor),

Your incomplete and meaningless sentence, “When he said the Hippos can be Cheetas what he meant was we the old as well as the young diasporas,” exposes your dishonesty that you have not completely read the professor’s article, and that is why you do not know what you mean by “we the old as well as the young diasporas…”

I am glad you are from a Christian family, but it is not enough to say simply “I am a Christian.” You have to demonstrate, witness, and propagate Christianity wherever you are and what circumstances you are in.

St. Paul writes to Timothy: “Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching” (2nd Timothy 4:2). Paul tells us to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ whether the time is favorable or unfavorable. We have to preach it whether we are at a wedding, at a funeral, at a football game, in the night club, in the battlefield or in the swimming pool, in a political discussion or as we eat our meals and kiss our wives.

If you are uncomfortable when Christianity or the word of God is mentioned, then you are not a true follower of Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus says:

“If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels” (Mark 8:38). In the same way the Apostle Paul confidently testifies:

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile” (Romans 1:16).

Thus, I am not afraid of expressing my Christianity anywhere I go and anywhere I live, I dine, I play, I post my comment, I talk to my friends, I drive my car, I shop, I teach, I dance, and I worship.

01/29/13 @ 17:36
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

I have a feel Ms.Alemayehu G. Mariam get paid $50 per article.. U say what is $50 dollar now wait their r 100 local Amhric newspaper in America alone Each state might have two local newspaper if each of them carry Ms.Alemayehu G. Mariam article and paid him $50 each that would be $5000 dollars per month tax free so can u blame him writing endless article weak after weak…. His sponsor all they care is how many people respond to him in as of today he get 24 respond which is great at Africa cup season to get 24 respond is very good the respond nagitive or not it doesn’t matter only head count is needed for him to keep paid.. Otherwise who in his right mind write endless article for last 20 years

Dear assta b.gettu.

I read what u say about people like Alemayehu G. Mariam who is hero with other people life….it is easy to let go to front line in actuality if u r not the one who is going to front line u will say ” we die for our Mather land” meaning I will send the poor and the young when ever our side lose I will be the first to run away…but if we will I will take all the criedit for dying for my Mather land.

Second it is very easy to be generous with other people money.

I always fight for those victim but at some point I say to myself I can’t save the youth and the poor if they can’t safe themselves… If Ms.Alemayehu G. Mariam or for that matter anyone tell them to jump out of cliff and if they jump they deserve to die…in today world if u follow cult such as Ms.Alemayehu G. Mariam and die for Ms.Alemayehu G. Mariam cause without asking Ms.Alemayehu G. Mariam will not send his kids to front line why should I die for him… Ask urself if Ms.Alemayehu G. Mariam become king of Ethiopiathe day after tommorow will be the same for people like us so why die for other why not ask the Eritrean they die only to be salved

Anyhow my point is dont worry about the youth and the underdog as I said if r stupid then they deserve to die…I hope u understand my point I am not saying pack and go home all I am saying is dont be personally involve to much to affect ur life I know u must be very emotional and go far to left or right in every issue… I love ur writing style no Mesfin B , TT or another come close… My wish is if those kids that u fight for read ur reply to Phd.

01/29/13 @ 18:34
Comment from: [Member]

My dear old Ash,

You always talk rubbish when you’ve had a few drinks…blah blah blah… You’ve a hooker mouth man! QEBATARI!!!

01/29/13 @ 19:59
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear Ash (visitor),

Born, perhaps, a child of poor parents and living as one of the richest Ethiopians in the United States, the good Professor is making a lot of money if he indeed, as you have pointed out, is being paid $5,000.00 a month for writing a Lemalimo-road-like article, but there is nothing we can do about his prosperity because this is America where every one, either by deception or by hard work, can easily become a millionaire.

If he is writing an article every week to only earn money but not to inspire the young Ethiopians to pursue their education till the end and become good citizens, then he is an egoistic professor who simply misleads and incites the youth to overthrow the existing government at the expense of their precious blood.

Every Ethiopian is responsible for directing the young in the right direction, and the right direction is not to send them to die in the frontline of the battle field but to send them abroad to get their higher education so that they could make the kind of money the good professor is making now and contribute a lasting prosperity to their country.

One should not use the youth for his own political gains by pushing them to rise up against their leaders, and when the wind is settled, the young are killed, the country is divided, and a leader is needed, then a power-greedy person, like, may be, the good professor, can leave his hiding place and show up in Addis and run for a higher office.

Bitterly did I condemn or denounce such a blood-thirsty politician, a politician who cares nothing about the welfare, the safety, and the aspirations of the youth of his country. Stupid as he is, he never loses sight of his profit!

Thank you for reading and analyzing my comment on the Professor’s long article.

01/29/13 @ 21:38
Comment from: Ambigious Mumbler Rambler IV [Visitor]
Ambigious Mumbler Rambler IV

Not long ago, the divide between the old and the new were called “Comma” and “DV” respectively. Both side suffer from mild mental conditions after going through hell for several decades. Woeyane has made losers of both Hippo and Cheetah. Both sides must wrestle the future out of the hand of Woeynes and foreigners in order to reclaim glory. The much disadvantaged Cheetah should come up with the first ever Africa Master Plan and turn bad history into a glorious one.

01/29/13 @ 22:11
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Bichinchiru [Visitor]

” One of the basic causes for all human trouble in the world today is that people talk too much and think too little.They act impulsively without thinking."-Margaret Chase Smith
***Margaret be right.. sounds just like Meles..oh yeah dude is dead.

” A man is judged by his deeds,not by his words."-Russian Proverb
***Tell that to Meles… Godarn it, he’s still dead.

Now that’s what I call dead.

Well, you die you can not make changes nor correct your follies and failures.. just like Asta’s hippos, because the professors hippos are silent and not dead. I bet you if Meles was around, he would claim the prize for shutting the freedom to speak against him and his policy, for all Ethiopians.. hippo or not.

It was quite interesting that you converted the words to dollars that could be used to help buy books. Do you help anyone in need back home Bichinchiru? You know you can ask family members to locate a poor family to whom you can send say $100 a month.. you, AZ, EXtra and all the rest do that, I bet you Al Mariam will convert them 2364 words to buy books once he reads this. Deal? I’m sure you did get the point though.. right?

Anyhow, the intentional misundertanding continues due to the intentional misrepresentetion of ideas and facts in Ethiopian politics. Ain’t that sometin"?

01/29/13 @ 22:27
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@Mesfin B [Visitor]
Dear Mesfin B,
You asked the sick man why he related every thing to christianity?
In your own word you said,"Secondly why do you have to relate everblogging to Christianity!”
My answer to you will be because, it is the new strategie to divide Ethiopians.
This time each and every Cadres have an assignment. Assta b.gettu assignment is to divide us as believer & non believer in order to survive.

01/30/13 @ 01:01
Comment from: [Member]


I’m neither a supporter nor an opponent of the GOE,I’m a true Ethiopian believe in a commonsense and always speak my mind.I’m not in favor of your or AZ’s group. I’ve the right to agree or disagree with any body’s idea.As much as I respect your opinion you should do the same.If you were a truthful person,you would give credit for Meles for the current development whether in infrastructure or economy in Ethiopia.You better tell me what your hero Prof. Alemayehu has done for his country except trashing its image on international medias.

Finally I would say you’re just pathetic for mocking dead people like Meles and a great American politician Margaret Chase Smith,who was the first woman to serve both houses of the United States congress.
Here is another her famous quotes:
” …Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk.The right way is not always the popular and easy way.Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.”

01/30/13 @ 01:03
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Ambigious Mumbler Rambler IV [Visitor] ,

“Both, (’Hippo and Cheetah’), side suffer from mild mental conditions after going through hell for several decades. Woeyane has made losers of both Hippo and Cheetah.”

A) Are you Hippo or Cheetah group?
B) If both have mental health issues, how the Cheetah plan for a solution?

01/30/13 @ 01:53
Comment from: Ambigious M. Rambler [Visitor]
Ambigious M. Rambler


Actually you posed a good question that I am afraid wont satisfactorily answer. One thing for certain and that is Ethiopia and Africa need a master plan. It is time to implement the master plan. We need Africa version of Interstate Highways from East-West and South-North with hospitals, schools, stadiums at the exits. We need huge farms alongside the highways. Energy saving and standardized buildings. Planned urban/cities. No landfill/ no waste/ minimal carbon emmissions. Unprecedented protection for our domestic and wild animals like. Better human rights. Health system that is totally free. Continuous free education for anybody who needs it. We must beat the Asians before they totally annihilate us on our own land. Asia was the source of Bubonic plague and Smallpox that wiped out a third of Europeans and even more Africans. You can learn from those events.

01/30/13 @ 03:29
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Ambigious M. Rambler [Visitor],

Yah, you stated good goal: free edu, heath; green and consevation; highway, hospital, save energy (without start to use?) etc. Interesting to have those as need is unlimited but how?

You have pointed a single resources, that is land for farm. The return to this farm diminishes!!

01/30/13 @ 04:52
Comment from: [Member]

You talk too much

by Tony Northover,

On and on you go
Without meaning
Without truth
Without warning.

Just an empty
tirade of nothing
Words follows
With no sense
With no meaning.

Enjoyment in action
Jaw in motion
But no one home
Just the way it is
With some people.

Can drive you nuts
Drive you up the wall
Endless speech
Hard to stand
Egoism in extreme.

01/30/13 @ 06:04
Comment from: [Member]

You talk too much
by Wendy Moose

Do you understand the meaning of the word silent?
Do you ever stop talking?
Will you ever stop talking?
Why can you not be quiet?
Why won’t you let anyone else talk?
Do you even hear yourself or are you Immune to your voice?
Do you realize your voice is annoying?
How does your brain work when you are always talking?
Does your brain even function anymore?
Do you ever take a breath?
Do you care what anyone else has to say?
Do you believe anyone cares what you are saying?
What can I do to make you shut up?
You do know you talk too much don’t you?

01/30/13 @ 06:11
Comment from: EthioMoma [Visitor]

To whom your message is for?

01/30/13 @ 07:32
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]


Prof.Alarm. talk, respondent also talk. There is noting wrong to talk but sensible and useful talk is a desirable one. So, whose talk made you boring?

01/30/13 @ 12:15
Comment from: [Member]


The poem is for you.Just kidding!
BTW,I often read your comments,unlike your cousins you stand for the right of the oppressed people-the Oromos. Is your name means Human right Advocacy Group for Oromo Society ( HAGOS )?

01/30/13 @ 17:38
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Bichinchiru [Visitor],

Well, now… what did I say to offend such a copy and paste poet?

If we are to speak frankly, you are nothing more or less but a woyane. It is ok to be supporting as it is to oppose. It is the democratic right that allows you to respect or not. It is my right to not respect the tribalistic Meles. He was a racist pig who divided Ethiopia in to ethnic groups. Agree, disagree.. your right. But that is my opinion and my right to disrespect his fake economic and infrastructure growth aimed at fooling the West for more aid.

I have no worship mentality unlike you. Al Mariam to me is a bloger I just happen to agree with. As I agree with some of yours. He is not my hero.. no one is. I am not a hero worship driven individual, needless to say I am my own hero. All I did was agree with Margaret Chase Smith and dis agree with Meles and you. The fact that he is dead has nothing to do with me. Blame it on the one who gives life and taketh away. If you are going to hit below the belt and get the urge to call names.. DON’T. It wont change the fact Meles is DEAD and that I will retaliate. I do not want to but hey.. just don’t go there. Agree, disagree, have some humor. But never tell people how to think or expect their thinking to be like yours, “pathetic". It will make you a hypocrite, like Meles.

Here is the way I see it.. the way it is for me.
Hell with Tplf, Meles is there already. I hate both and can not wait until tplf is overthrown and a true Ethiopian government takes power. You can take that whatever way you want.

Bichinchiru [Visitor]


I’m neither a supporter nor an opponent of the GOE,I’m a true Ethiopian believe in a commonsense and always speak my mind.I’m not in favor of your or AZ’s group. I’ve the right to agree or disagree with any body’s idea.As much as I respect your opinion you should do the

*** The way you carry on.. one would conclude you to be a die hard woyane piece of shit. but hey.. you say you are not, I take your word for it. I suggest peace between us.. you the woyane and I the Ethiopian. How about it?
You cut and pasted a good one below. I see that you too agree with the professor.. did you ever read what you cut and paste?

Here is another her famous quotes:
” …Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk.The right way is not always the popular and easy way.Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.”


01/31/13 @ 01:12
Comment from: Ambiguous Mumbler, Rambler & Fumbler [Visitor]
Ambiguous Mumbler, Rambler & Fumbler

Professor Alemayeu G.Mariam is misunderstood.
The Professor is a Liberal. Having lived in this country perhaps for most of his life, an African-American in the true sense of the word, he has a built-in liberal scope. He is a scholar, a media man - he is no different than some of the well known talking heads that appear on MSNBC, CNN, NPR and others; in fact, he contributes to Huffington Post while maybe a Mother Jones-caliber liberal. There are a lot of die-hard liberals on tv. There is a a liberal school of thought. Jeffery Toobin, CNN legal analyst, is liberal. David Gergen of Harvard School of Government is one of the respected left-leaning guys. NPR is full of liberals. Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball is another prominent liberal. Professor Alemayehu belongs among these guys if he were to deal solely with American issues, however, since he writes about his mother land as well, and very ably, his scholarly leftist views is apparent.

01/31/13 @ 02:00
Comment from: [Member]


I tried to be cool with you b*tch!What the fuck is wrong with you,Faggot? Do you own the country,nigga? If I don’t agree with your opinion,does it mean I’m not Ethiopian? You’re being an arrogant son of a b*tch!I don’t need anymore reply from you,I just want you to shut the fuck up narrow minded b*tch!

01/31/13 @ 03:29
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

The Author is not liberal but it uses liberal arts to diffuse to the mind of youth. Rather the youth need science, technology and finance related skills that exactly transfer to meaningful economic improvement at all level in the country.

01/31/13 @ 10:40
Comment from: ANNONYMOUS [Visitor]

Assta b. getu
Next time invest your time and money wisely.Learn from your mistakes and move on.Please stop wasting your time and our time by writing bla bla bla something even you yourself would not read just because you are holding grudges against the whole Islam which in your sick head are considered responsible for blowing up the towers along with your retirement money.What happened in NY did not wipe away only your investments but of many others as well.Unlike you they all started preparation for their retirement by moving on with their life.It isa about time for you to do the same rather than wasting your time trying to make the great religion of Islam something it is not.

01/31/13 @ 13:05
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

ANNONYMOUS, useless, aimless, nameless (visitor),

You left the other web site and you came here after you have read my comment against your pedophile prophet Muhammad, his fictitious Quran, and his fairy-tale Hadith. I have some statements for you to confirm or to disprove:

1. Islam is not a religion.

2. Muhammad was a false prophet.

3. Quran is a fiction.

4. Hadith is a fairy-tale-Arabian Nights.

5. The Sharia Law is the law of the devils.

6. Muhammad was an adulterer and a child molester.

7. Muhammad was a terrorist.

8. Muhammad was a dead woman fucker.

9. Aisha was a violent woman and a murderer.

10. The Quran Was Not Preserved.

All your posts will be ignored unless you respond to these factual statements.

By the way, don’t forget your Jihadist Muslims who are running and dying from the wrath of the Christian army of the French people. You sissy Muslim! Your time is over! You wanted to enforce the barbaric Sharia law on the innocent Malians, but you have failed as always.

A report from Algeria states: “Algerian state media said later that 685 Algerian workers at the plant had escaped, with reports that militants told them they were only targeting non-Muslim.”

You have been targeting us since the 7th century to destroy us, but the Christian God, Jesus Christ, is avenging our bled your false prophet Muhammad spilt to appease his blood-thirsty moon-god, Allah.

01/31/13 @ 16:10
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction: our blood, not bled

01/31/13 @ 21:10
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Fak you Birchinchinbiatch.

Don’t need you to be nada. You can think whatever way and express it asswipe, no one took that away from you you woyane cumsack.. fakoff biach!!!!

02/01/13 @ 00:34
Comment from: [Member]

Ghiata puto!!! Vete a chingar a tu madre.

02/01/13 @ 10:46
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

What.. birinchichiubiach, are we in the 6th grade now? Anyhuuuu it was your mama I%^^ked..
Take a chill pill and work through your emotions girl.,. this is for mature audiences keekekekeeee!!!

02/01/13 @ 14:55
Comment from: [Member]

Gracias Senor! Voy a tomar tu consejo.
Que Dios te bendiga!

02/01/13 @ 16:39
Comment from: mathew [Visitor]

melese z is leba, zergna…pure evil..enemy of ethiopia…he is for sure in hell..tplf are another doma rasoch…they cant understand an intelectual person like the professor..the tplf banda are willing to say anything to keep their power…anyone saying something againt their govenment is a lier…we the young people are listening …we will rise..there is a light at the end of the tunnel…another thing i hate this tplf is that they are doing everything the can to dismantle ethiopian people..religion …race..but try hard…we ethiopian muslim or christians know ur plan…period…

02/01/13 @ 20:50
Comment from: Genet [Visitor]

Reality : Currently more than 90% of diasporan intellectuals do not lift a finger up or open their mouth for a second to bring democratic change in Erthiopia.
Why? because they are scared, they believe they are powerless against the intimidating and terrorizing Illuminati group called TPLF..

02/03/13 @ 23:11



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