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Ethiopia: TPLF and the culture of violence



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Ethiopia: TPLF and the culture of violence

Ethiopia: TPLF and the culture of violence

By Yilma Bekele

According to ESAT the FBI has foiled an attempt by the Ethiopian government to assassinate Ato Abebe Gelaw. Goosh Abera and his accomplices are under custody. Please note here I said the Ethiopian government since there seems to be no thin line between the TPLF party and the government. Why am I not surprised? I am not surprised because for the TPLF violence is sanctioned by the party leaders as a legitimate tool to achieve political, economic and military dominance.

The following weeks as we look closely at Goosh Abera and his criminal friends and the FBI presents a psychological profile of the alleged conspirators we are sure to find out certain telltale signs about TPLF and their bizarre psychopathic behavior. Individuals like Goosh are most probably equipped with basic rudimentary education if any and survive by their wit and ethnic fueled bravado. In Ethiopia they are known for carrying weapons conspicuously, brandishing them at will and revealing in their thuggish behavior. They are the kind that administers summary judgment on street corners, bars and clubs.

How was TPLF Chairman, the recently departed Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi able to achieve this goal in Ethiopia? The simple truth is by using violence to silence, intimidate, and eliminate his and the party’s actual or perceived enemies using any means necessary. You do not need to be a Sherlock Holmes to detect this pungent smell of gun powder around most Woyanes.

Mengistu Hailemariam prepared the perfect ground for TPLF to flourish. He has already disarmed the population, delegitimized the family system and used the lowest denominators to be in charge of the Kebeles. TPLF inherited a demoralized, confused and tired population to mold in its own image.

The first target of this terrorist organization was the educated citizen. The University was stripped of its most experienced and independent thinkers. By ’94 the University was a former ghost of itself. The political system was dealt in a harsh way. Professor Asrat was murdered in the most inhumane way possible. Teachers President Assefa Maru was shot against a wall execution style. Masses of independent publication owners, editors and reporters were brutally beaten, murdered, bankrupted, intimidated, exiled or killed even in exile. Bank employees were fired in masse, telecommunication workers were discarded teachers and their unions were digested even Chamber of Commerce was not immune from TPLF take over. One thread common to all is that none of them were acquired peacefully. Violence was the main calling card of the TPLF.

Every opportunity he got the sick dictator used to trash our country and our history and every opportunity they got his security department used to bully, intimidate and made to cower with fear. My dear fellow citizens, you know there is nothing new in what I am telling you. Some have witnessed it, plenty have experienced it and a vast majority would try not to think about it. The shame is unbearable.

One thing about TPLF is it is not a behind the curtain type of organization. It practically advertises every hit and all illegal acts. They use their criminal action to send a clear message to the citizen. That is why they insist that all are aware and versed on their mode of operation. They use their Television news, their newspapers and radio to send warning messages before they take action. When the unthinkable happens some are heard to say ‘he/she was warned but refused to listen-they deserve it!” You see the victim assumes the blame.

They have been systematically killing any and all emerging Ethiopians. They have goon squads that go around intimidating anybody they perceive to be a challenge. They use beating and flogging opponents to shame them in front of family, friends and a whole village. They use blackmail as a tool. They use the law to break the law. Meles used to amend the Constitution in a weekend. Even the Constitution is not worth any respect. Once you trash the Constitution what is on your way?

That is what the FBI s telling us. Their dirty deeds have arrived in America. Under Meles they were content in infiltrating our organizations such as Political Party support groups, Eders, Churches, Sport organization and disrupting from the inside. There is no Organization in North America that has not been a victim of TPLF insider disruption. They are crafty, relentless and completely understand our frame of mind. They exploit our ignorance, selfishness and greed to keep us in a daze.

The new TPLF leaders are a little bit reckless. I understand that too. It comes out of desperation. The group is under tremendous pressure. The late dictator I am afraid was a very selfish person. The sun revolved around him. When he left the light went dim. I do not think any social or military organization can take credit for the current upheaval. In my humble opinion the stink is coming from inside. I agree things are getting ripe on the outside and that could intensify the pressure inside the TPLF bowl. I am afraid the last CEO did not really care to what came after him. He was too busy surviving from day to day in this shark infested pond that he did not have the time and luxury to bother with outcome. He left an army with too many generals. Here in America there is a saying ‘all chiefs and no Indians.’ Debretsion, Bereket, Sebhat, Gebru, Abbay and a bunch of tin pot Generals are on their own trying to carve the biggest pie for themselves.

This desperate act of attempt to assassinate Ato Abebe here in the US is the work of a mad man. If the group was trying to send a message about the long arm of TPLF it is a very stupid and crazy gesture. We have been complaining about their disruptive activities in our midst but this mission of trying to kill is a little concerning. There is no question the FBI will get to the bottom of this incident. It should be treated as act of terrorism by a government and investigated to the full extent of the law and let the chips fall where they may.

I am sure the alleged conspirator will name names and tell us who gave the order for such criminal act. I doubt one individual will take it upon himself to take such mission. The Ethiopian Government under Dictator Meles routinely used to kill, rough up and intimidate its opponents in the African countries they are exiled to. The new guys are a little daring. Prime Minister Debretsion and security chief Workeneh Gebehu Should be interviewed about the work of their agents and made to take responsibility for their actions. We hope the US government will take the necessary action of baring all Ethiopian Government officials and family members from entering the country before everything is known about this conspiracy to commit crime in the US. We should demand the US government protect us from the monsters they have been coddling.

This definitely is not their first time committing crime here in the US. They have been using every legal and illegal means to harass, bankrupt and shut down Ethiopian Review Web site. They have employed what is known as denial of service attacks (DDoS Attack) to block ER and various Web sites, they have hired attorneys to intimidate ER publisher and are present in every of our Churches sawing dissent and negativity.
As Ethiopians in exile we should take the actions of these criminals seriously. It is true there is no criminal without the victim. Sometimes it is unfortunate things happen but you really can’t leave your door open and cry about being robbed do you? It is time we accept responsibility. The Ethiopian people that are facing the brunt of TPLF abuse should wake up and face their coward enemies. By now it should be clear silence is not the answer. The one year anniversary by our Muslim citizens is clear indication the regime does not listen to reason. The steadfastness of our Muslim brethren should be applauded and emulated by the rest of us. The call by our Orthodox church in exile for every one of us to safeguard our religion and our country is a timely reminder.

The fact that we have muscle now is a very empowering feeling. The cooperation between Ginbot7, Afar Front, anti Woyane activists in Tigrai, OLF, Patriotic Front and the formation of Ginbo7 Forces is the right direction considering the nature of TPLF. As I said before leveling the playing field is called for. That is one small step for our Fronts and one giant step for Ethiopia.

As for the Diaspora it is time we stop enriching the coffers of the evil regime. Any kind of involvement in their Ponzi scheme adds one day more to their life. As there is no little pregnancy there is no such thing as a little investment. It has to be a clean and complete break. This Abesha way of qualifying our illegal act is not good for our future. Your selfish action is hurting us and we ask you stop it. It is like MLK said ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ It is something to think about.
We feel the pain and hurt of our friend Abebe and his family. He has never threatened those that have hounded him and his family from his beloved homeland. His only weapon is his pen and pencil and the power of reason to resolve contradictions. Exiling him was not enough. Now they want to kill him in cold blood. That is the only language they speak. They have killed so many but they are unable to understand their violence has not resolved any of the outstanding issues. Don’t they see it? Don’t they know there are a lot more Abebebes as there were plenty of Asrats, Assefas, Eskindirs, Reyots? When is this madness going to stop? When is our country going to be a citadel of peace and harmony instead of a poster child for famine and civil war?

You know what no one gives you your freedom. You have to snatch it from those that want to make you their slave. No oppressor has ever said enough, I am going to leave you alone here go in peace. No, every oppressor faced by human kind was compelled to relinquish power by force. Not reason but force. The French revolution, the American revolution, the Russian revolution, the Chinese revolution, the South African revolution are all examples of the citizens taking matters into his hands and forcing the oppressor to step aside. Woyane dogs are not going to wake up one morning and pack and leave. You and I have to push them out. That is the only proven way. Anything else invites more abuse.


Comment from: Gerado [Visitor]

‘Goosh Abera and his accomplices are under custody’

Yelma Bekele! you are a pathological lier of the first order

01/12/13 @ 19:26
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

Abebe Glewe is an ordinary guy. It is difficult to assign him being a hero because his barking was not different from the dogs behaviour. As well, he thought his kids to bark like him but we don’t need to blame his kids.

If really TPLF followed Abebe, as they used to do on innocent people, they would accountable.

When advanced countries appreciate multiculturalism, an ego Africans remains to cry for mono linguistic. It is odd not to see Tigrie Idols, Oromo idols, Walayita idols and others, unlike Ethiopian idols=Amhara idols=Balageru idols. It does show others are not a part of EthiopIa.

The author also asked protection for himself. Why you fill that you will be assassinated. Are you too barked vocally rather than what you have been writing?

The unusual things author requested is to ban immigrants to America. Has he taken all of his relatives and don’t care for others?

01/12/13 @ 20:05
Comment from: solo [Visitor]

Yilma, Do you think because you lie in a good English you can be trusted?
Shame on you the socalled immoral lier ‘Muhuran tebiye’. How the hell are you dreaming to lead this great country with this king of insanity.
Please find yourself first, you lost.

01/12/13 @ 20:07
Comment from: [Member]

አቶ ይልማ በርግጥም ትክክል ነው የጻፍከው::
እኛ ዲያስፕኦራዎች የ አምባ ገነኑን ኢ ህ አ ዴ ግን መንግስት የምንግረስሠው የድጎማ ገንዘብ በመንፈግ
ሃጥያቱን በማጋለጥ ነው::

የሌቦች ጥርቅም የሆነውን የ ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍን ሽፍታዎች ማህበር እናውድም!!!

01/12/13 @ 20:59
Comment from: E/wi [Visitor]

A helluva dreams which will never come true.Ato yilma: how can u act smart ,since every body knows that u r from the ‘idiots and fools’.

01/12/13 @ 22:07
Comment from: hamtic and semetic [Visitor]
hamtic and semetic

I don’t see Amhara_Princess,…. C’est moi senait , even Ageazit_Women’s COMMENT , Who could SILENCE them.
ALL I See is a bunch of fake People with fake nick_name from Dedebit,and ExtraIdiots.
Let say who is this Wordofaa,hagos the chameleon who pretend to be Eritrean but the reality spills out.
Wey yeweyane Playground hone

01/12/13 @ 23:06
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Unbelievable is what you Tplf people are. What is more important to you is obvious.. even though all the evidence points to Tplf being a murdering group of thugs, you continue to deny it. It is your country, your brothers and sisters that have been and continue to be assassinated by your leba leaders.

Long before what went down with Abebe Gelaw it is a well known and documented fact what Tplf does to its vocal opposition. It is only natural for people to decide and end such illegal acts of violence committed on them by their so called government, it is only a matter of time. Still, have you people no shame that you continue to demonize the victims?

We should oppose or support based on what is wrong/what is right. We should be above this self defeating, anti peace, good for nothing favor towards ones own group.. be it ethnic or political alliance. What in havens name is wrong with you people? The current government of Ethiopia is more of a mafia organization that beats up, jails, tortures and kills innocent people just because they view it opposite of what it says it is. Why is that hard for you Tplf’ers to see?

It is a very sad generation for Ethiopia. Sad indeed. I probably will never go back as I have no interest to digress in my being, body and sole, to be part of a generation that looks the other way or be part of a greedy educated bunch of pigs who quietly get their fill while their people starve for food, better life and the freedom to attain it.


01/13/13 @ 00:06
Comment from: serbedin [Visitor]

Abebe Gelaw is a Hero that killed Ethiopian tyrant leader dictators are always afraid the people voice that is why that zeregna dedeb Meles angetun yedefaw degami memot binor endegena memot yeneberebet bechegna meri neber

01/13/13 @ 00:08
Comment from: Ephrem [Visitor]

During the confrontation the TPLF mercinaery secret service/bodyguard of Meles Zenawi promised Abebe Gelaw that TPLF will kill him. Unfortunately for the this TPLF junta mercinaries are not above the law outside Ethiopia and are facing prosecution for their espionage action.
We need to expose to FBI all suspected TPLF espionage spies starting with Ben (editor of
the regular comment participators Agazit Woman , addis zemen and so on.
It would be easier for FBI to go to all the TPLF killers agazi reunion party that is scheduled for January 19th at 4610 East Alameda Avenue , Denver Colorado starting from 7 pm.

01/13/13 @ 00:49
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]


A. Case of Dogs

a) Often people have dogs to guard their compound
b) Dogs bark against strangers
c) strangers do not die because of the dog bark on them

B. Case of Abebe Gelew

a) Any one who behave like a dog can be a dog by oneself
b) Abebe Gelew barked on Meles
c) Dogs also bark
d)Abebe Gelew can be a dog

C) Case of Assassination

a) Tplf has feature of assassination
b) media stated Abebe Gelew was assassinated
c) Tplf probably assassinated Abebe Gelew

D) Hero?

a) Hero chases
b) If Dogs frightened, it would run away
c) Abebe Gelew simply bark
d) Abebe Gelew seeks protection but never chases
e) Abebe Gelew is not hero.

Meles has gone. People who are barking on none existent is still dogs!

01/13/13 @ 01:04
Comment from: Tgray [Visitor]

Check the above video clip, Tgray people are more proud of their Tgray but not of Ethiopia in general. They go as far as to make their tgray to look more like Eritrea copying their tradition and actions. Their concern is more about Eritreans rather than Ethiopians. They snatch whatever is Ethiopian but work hard to look like and sound like Eritrean. I do not trust the tgray people waving their flag and arranging their own festival. Relax and enjoying, celebrating their good luck of coming among the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. They are egoists, liers, thiefs, backstabbers who always remain glued among both people and change their colors like chameleon for decades. They are parasites who never felt Ethiopians but still enjoy my country’s resources to the fullest while Gambelas, Oromia, Sidamas, Somalis are thrown to jail and the rest out of their ancestors land. The tgraya have bought half of the country together with their Arab masters, Chinese, Indians and so on. Wake up my brother and sisters, smell the coffee. There is no Ethiopia remained to be proud of, we are left behind and have no any clue what is cooking in closed doors.

01/13/13 @ 05:34
Comment from: Kefale [Visitor]

FBI is very much interested in keeping honorable Ethiopians safe and secure. In many cases many asylum seekers are provided security by FBI until they are believed fit to secure themselves from TPLF spies. This is done to guarantee the asylum seekers peace and no harm from other Ethiopian spies in USA. TPLF spies need to recognize that they are breaking the law in a country where they have no license to commit viollence/murder. Let this be a warning for them and they should stop trying to create violence against Ethiopians within USA or they will pay fuklly for their actions.

01/13/13 @ 11:04
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

The first thing to do is to stick to what really happened. So far as we know, Meles Zenawi has been sick for a long time. He died of his sickeness.. or as some suspect, in mistirious ways. Who knows, he may have been given some radioactive isotope.. who the hell knows? But we know Abebe Gelaw did not kill Meles. I thought we should get that out of the way. No credit where not due, right? Based on that, I do not believe Meles was a hero, neither is Abebe Gelaw, he is a journalist and not a politician or one who fell in battle defending his country. So, people stop this undue and undeserved designations.

As for reporting those who want to silence their opposition by murder, by all means. It is a crime just like any other one would report. But just because a person does not agree with what my views are or is a supporter of the party I oppose, like tplf eprdf, does not give ground to burden the FBI or local law enforcement with my personal hate.. feel me my people?

Lets keep it real!!!


01/13/13 @ 13:34
Comment from: To - Tgray [Visitor]
To - Tgray

What the hell are you doing in the Ethiopian website you fool Anseba Hamasien Italian bastard creating divsion among Ethiopians. You prefered to secede from your pereceived masters/colinzers (Ethiopians). You cannot stand on your own and you still want to create chaos among Ethiopians. That way so you can feel good and and compensate for your feeling of insecurity and inferiority.

01/13/13 @ 16:16
Comment from: nb [Visitor]

is abebe gelaw still alive

01/13/13 @ 17:00
Comment from: gere [Visitor]

wow, what a waste of time and knowledge, please open your eyes , use your skills to support the development of your country. you are wasting your time just by creating lies, while your country is making progresses in every sector.
time is running against you .

01/13/13 @ 19:06
Comment from: [Member]


Looks like you need more info on this matter. Why don’t you listen Goosh Abera’s own interview on Tsinat radio by Solomon Tekalign. You can find the link on Aiga forum.
You will just wonder and ask yourself, how in the world these losers at ESAT and Abebe Gelebaw himself undermind Ethiopians and stomp on their supporters intelect on the likes of you.
Time to wake up dude!
Smell the coffee brought to your neighborhood by ECX. I’ll buy.

01/13/13 @ 19:39
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

First of all AZ, the information that I need… shall I say we all need, must come directly from the FBI through a reliable media. Aiga forum is hardly that nor any of the other Ethiopian news outlets, including ESAT. I strongly advise you to totally remove Solomon Telalign and the likes who would sell their mother for a penny if they think they can better their lives. I also doubt the likes of me will allow anyone, including the likes of you, to stomp. So AZ, shut the fak up and wait for the facts to come out.

I have been up and alert for ages, it is you who is blind and frozen in your ethnic camp. Those of you who support this punk ass just because he is a Tigrian know no justice and shall receive none when the time comes. AZ, you should be condemning this guys actions, yet you blame the victim and the news agencies. Whats up with that fool?

PS: ECX don’t live here. And most coffee in america is not from Ethiopia. Wake up to a lot others than Starbucks boy.

01/13/13 @ 21:42
Comment from: [Member]

Hagereethiopia, fucked up drunkard loser,…

Your problem is worth than I thought. You’re a totally fucked up messed up dellusional moron. You’re defending the losers who even already admitted their stupidity backfiring on their face.
I only tried to make you informed, so that you know what you’re talking about. I guess that was a mistake dude!
Just keep on hallucinating loser! You’re just some facked up dude with broken ego, who worship the evil red terror death machine the dergue, only to make nonesense point. You better get a life dude! Easy on what ever you’re smoking!!

01/13/13 @ 22:03
Comment from: Mulatwa Yilma [Visitor]
Mulatwa Yilma

The FBI is too busy to deal with small ants and dogs like you. You, the writer is no better than Abebe, after all “birds of the same feather fly together” You small minded people are looking for attention again. Get a life please. No one is going to satisfay your hunger of attention.

01/14/13 @ 10:01
Comment from: george belay [Visitor]
george belay

What a wast of time? A baseless article as usual, mindless person, you have blind eye of mind and heart. You don’t not understand anything about your country and the government of Ethiopia, if at all you are an Ethiopian (but I don’t think that you are really an Ethiopian). Why don’t you spent your time doing some useful things rather than writing such unfounded lies. Do your really believe yourself what you have written? Anyhow no body will suffer from headache because of your rubbish and useless article. Oh, I shouldn’t wast my precious time, goodbye.

01/14/13 @ 10:57
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Listen you stupid fak Az, and listen good.
You are devoid of any reason. I really tried to be civil with you but you faked up woyane will understand only one thing, being in the dirt all your life.. that is where you will be put, gematam yeshabia ahya. The losers you speak of are sitting at arat killo and their dogs all over, like you. You are in no position to get anyone informed you fool. Keep your spy agency Aiga form and the moronic bull Solomon Tekalign in you camp of the FOOLS & MORONIC IDIOTS of the woyane. Yap asswipe, it is a big mistake to assume anyone will follow your link to misinformation. Fak you ante ahya ye shabia kit atabi. You stupid faked up woyanes you will understand only one thing and one thing alone which is the forced removal of you Tplf from Arat Kilo. Ante akatari selay ye gered lij.

addis zemen [Visitor]
Hagereethiopia, fucked up drunkard loser,…
** Fak you biach.. bushti bekiteh yelemedek.
Your problem is worth than I thought.

** You have no brain there for thinking it is not in your job specification. You just wash shabian kit.

You’re a totally fucked up messed up dellusional moron.
*** Tenefa. Yetebeda lij bekt.

You’re defending the losers who even already admitted their stupidity backfiring on their face.
**Ekekamu, I said real media. Not Aiga tplf forum, what a loser you are.

I only tried to make you informed, so that you know what you’re talking about. I guess that was a mistake dude!
*** big mistake dumbfak. Keep your Aiga information to the idiotic woyane supporters.

Just keep on hallucinating loser!
**Fak you stupid punkass madafka’.

You’re just some facked up dude with broken ego, who worship the evil red terror death machine the dergue, only to make nonesense point.
** Your/tplf’s intent to make the Derg evil will not work specially coming from murderers dogs like your tplf eprdf. So, can it.. asswipe. I am aware of the reality. Derg was an Ethiopian force that killed tplf and eplf, must be celebrated as the greatest Ethiopian ever and tplf the worest. Deal with it. It is the fact, biach!

You better get a life dude! Easy on what ever you’re smoking!!
** Well this proves what a dumb ass you are. I have a life, a great one and I told you many times I neither drink nor smoke.

So, AZ the woyane swine, spy, pig, embezler, misinformer kemalam.. go fak yourself shit head.


01/14/13 @ 18:55
Comment from: Arbegha [Visitor]

Zeraf Zeraf that is what abebe gelaw say the migetTPLF HEAD LEGESSE ZENAWI urinate never recover gone byEthiopian Mestedert Long live all Ethiopians DEATH TO traitor BANDA TPLF :EPLF

01/14/13 @ 19:16
Comment from: Komchabaw [Visitor]

Where are those cockroach ivangelicans like Ase shimagile GETU and Skiny Tygryans like Johnn johnn

01/15/13 @ 02:02
Comment from: gudnew [Visitor]


Indeed I recognize them more like Eritrean than Tigrayans. Are Tigrayans abandoning their culture? Good if they want to go, let them go, with their flag and celebration independent from the rest of Ethiopia, therefore no need to call themselves Ethiopian. They are just waiting for the right moment until they ONLY wave the Red and Yellow flag. More powr to them and good riddance. They don’t like to coexist. So they shall have their greater Tigray. Peace at last.

01/16/13 @ 06:00
Comment from: yo [Visitor]

You have hidden agenda. That is the truth. Most Ethiopian people by now are aware of that. You very well know no one is in custody for the alleged plot. It is an insult to the ethiopian community that people will take it as a face value on what ever you say.

01/17/13 @ 14:08
Comment from: Alebel [Visitor]

GOOSH AND THE OTHER THE GOONS are out on bail. They are expected to go on trial soon. Solomon Tekalign and other Woyanes are raising funds to hire a lawyer and provide other assistances they may require during the trial guaranteed the goons don’t let sensitive information out to FBI.

01/20/13 @ 14:30



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