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Ethiopia: VOA is Not Voice of Zenawi (VOZ)!



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Ethiopia: VOA is Not Voice of Zenawi (VOZ)!

VOA Acting Director Steve Redisch

Ethiopia: VOA is Not VOZ!

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

VOA is the Voice of America. It is emphatically not the VOZ (Voice of Zenawi) or anyone else. Thus spoke VOA Acting Director Steve Redisch responding to the firestorm of controversy surrounding revelations of a blacklist of critics drawn up by the über-dictator Meles Zenawi and presented to a delegation of the Governing Board of the VOA visitng Ethiopia:

We are the Voice of America and will continue to provide news and information that meet our highest standards… We’re not the voice of the opposition or the Diaspora or the government… Voice of America’s Horn of Africa service will not be shying away from reporting on Ethiopian politics… VOA will provide an array of voices and opinions to allow Ethiopians to make their own decisions about what to believe and who to trust. That is our job and the job of a free media….

This past June, Zenawi had secretly and stealthily attempted to both sweet-talk and arm-twist the VOA to do his dirty job of muzzling, silencing and censoring his critics by having them permanently banned from appearing on any VOA broadcasts. In a 41-page “complaint” (English translation) spanning the first five months of 2011, Zenawi catalogued a bizarre, incoherent and comical set of allegations which he believes represent a pattern and practice of VOA reporting that showed bias, distortions, lies, misrepresentation, intolerance, one-sidedness, unfairness, partiality, unethical and unprofessional journalism and whatever else. But Zenawi’s allegations, as demonstrated below, are wild, preposterous and unsupported by the very “evidence” he proffers. They could only be described as the figments of a paranoid imagination.

Examination of the “Evidence” in Zenawi’s “Complaint” to the VOA
Zenawi’s “complaint” is specifically directed at VOA's Amharic program and clusters around three sets of issues.
The first set focuses on VOA interviews of various academics, human rights activists, opposition party leaders and other critics of Zenawi. Here is a sampling: Zenawi argues that former President and opposition leader Dr. Negasso Gidada should have been censored by the VOA for stating: “The method EPDRF is pursuing is the one used in the Soviet Union.” Opposition leader Dr. Hailu Araya should not have been interviewed because he said, “In an environment where political repression prevails, participating elections would be meaningless.” VOA should have banned opposition leader Dr. Berhanu Nega because he said, “So, what happened in North Africa would gradually but inevitably happen in other African countries because freedom is a basic need of all humans…” Opposition leader Seeye Abraha’s statement should not have been aired because he stated, “Regimes are being shaken through peaceful popular movements.” Opposition leader Dr. Merara Gudina’s interview should not have been broadcast because he said, “I made the point that clearing the parliament from oppositions is a step backward for democracy, which benefits no one.” Dr. Beyana Soba should not have been interviewed because he believes the “Oromo Liberation Front does not involve in any terrorist activity. We do not use this [terror] as a strategy in our struggle.”

Zenawi also wants a number of well-known Ethiopian academics blacklisted. Zenawi complains against professor Getachew Metaferia because he described the Egyptian uprising as a “manifestation of accumulated grievances” for “20 years of bad governance, absence of democracy, unemployment, high cost of living.” Prof. Getachew Haile should have been muzzled by the VOA because he believes “The driving force that motivates the people to seek change is the hunger prevailing in the country.” Prof. Ahmad Mowen should not have appeared on a VOA broadcast because he subscribes to the view that “All people are freedom lovers. Rulers must go in tune with peoples’ aspirations.”

Zenawi further wants the VOA to blackball certain Ethiopian journalists and human rights activities. The VOA should have avoided interviewing Eskinder Nega, the unapologetically patriotic and indomitable Ethiopian journalist, because Eskinder publicly stated that the “Deputy Federal Police Commissioner” had warned him: “We are tired of throwing you in prison; we won’t put you in jail any more. We will take our own measure.” Human rights activist Neamin Zeleke should have been banished from VOA microphones for saying: “The situation (Ethiopians are in) is even worse than the situation in which the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are in.” Juhar Mohammed Juhar should have been censored because he said: “In Ethiopia dictator survived for 20 years now. Even German lawmaker Thilo Hoppe was not spared Zenawi’s censorship-mania. Hoppe should have been denied air time because he said, “The situation is bad [in Ethiopia]. It is also shocking. There must be a new round of talks on development cooperation between German and Ethiopia.”

Zenawi’s second set of complaints focus on what are alleged to be biased editorial comments or questions used by VOA reporters in interviewing various guests. Zenawi proffers as evidence of VOA distortion and bias a statement in one broadcast in which a reporter allegedly questioned, “And today the people of Jordan took to the streets, like the people of Egypt and Tunisia, demanding a change in government… Could it possibly inspire similar situation against other authoritarian regimes in Africa?” Another reporter is cited for distortion for allegedly stating, “Medrek has condemned what is said ‘a conspiracy’ carried out against its member organization Arena Tigray for Democracy and Sovereign Party.” Another reporter should have been sanctioned for stating, “The [Egyptian] Army has done a good job with the people in minimizing casualties among the people, preventing vandalism, and in maintaining the legality of the protests.” Zenawi alleges bias in an editorial comment which purportedly stated: “The prime minister has severely accused the Eritrean government… The prime minister has called for the spirit of cooperation to exist between the governments of the two countries.” A VOA reporter is blamed for observing: “The meeting that the Ethiopian government held last Saturday with Ethiopians and foreign citizens of Ethiopian origin in several U.S. states and two Canadian cities cannot be said successful.”

The third set of complaints is directed at VOA’s airing of listener comments. Among the targets of Zenawi’s complaint is an opinion by listener “Dibabu” from Texas who said, “the incumbent government in Ethiopia is as brutal and murderer as the Derg…” A comment by a listener from Ethiopia should have been censored because it stated, “It has become common knowledge that whenever the Ethiopian government, whenever it fails to meet challenges of the internal crises, it strives to divert he peoples’ attention by engaging in undue war of words with its immediate neighbors.”

No reasonable person would find any of the statements in the “complaint” legitimate subject matter of government censorship. The statements are typical of opinions and views expressed by individuals opposed to a particular regime or government. But there are a number of things that should be pointed out in regards to the content of the 41-page “complaint”. First, none of the allegations challenge the accuracy, truthfulness or veracity of the statements. Second, the “complaint” is directed at suppressing certain viewpoints and dissenting voices, particularly those who are critical of Zenawi’s policies and actions. Third, all of the statements complained of are expressions of opinion on the lack of oficial accountability and transparency in Ethiopia, disregard for the rule of law and abuse of power, violations of human rights and denial democratic rights to Ethiopian citizens. Fourth, the “complaint” is a thinly-veiled attempt to pressure the VOA into muzzling and blacklisting Zenawi’s critics in the U.S. The “complaint” could be viewed as an illegal attempt at a quid pro quo arrangement in the nature of an extortion, that is in exchange for VOA blackballing Zenawi’s critics, Zenawi will unjam VOA broadcasts in Ethiopia. Is it an attempted shakedown of an American government agency? Subjected to legal scrutiny under American law, the issues in the "complaint" raise significant questions and issues of criminal law since they are manifestly intended to interfere with the constitutional rights of American citizens and inhabitants. Fifth, all of the statements cited in the complaint are fully protected speech under American law, international human rights conventions and even the Ethiopian Constitution. Sixth, the “complaint” on its face, or by any other rational means shows nor proves a pattern or practice by the VOA to engage in biased, distorted or otherwise improper reporting on Zenawi or his regime. Seventh, the “complaint” is inane, irrational and nonsensical.

The “compliant” is itself evidence of Zenawi’s desperation and manifest exhaustion in the face of relentless and unremitting criticism by those who disagree with him. But cloistered in his bubble, he does not seem to understand why he is the object of sharp and universal criticism and condemnation. He has succeeded in totally decimating the independent press inside the country. Individual journalists who have the courage to speak their minds and tell the truth are nabbed in the street threatened, jailed and placed in solitary confinement. Just a couple of weeks ago, two young journalists, Woubshet Taye and Reeyot Alemu were imprisoned in violation of their human and constitutional rights. Zenawi steals elections. He trashes human rights and tramples on the rule of law. Zenawi may believe he is criticized and condemned because his critics and opponents bear him personal ill-will. That would be a grossly mistaken view. Reasonable, responsible, ethical and patriotic Ethiopians subscribe to the principle that “one should hate the sin and not the sinner.”

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

There are many valuable lessons to be learned from this sordid “complaint” affair. The VOA should learn that removing online programs, suspending employees for telling the truth, directing reporters not to take notes during meetings, delaying response until issues become critical and taking other acts that appear to be heavy-handed and create a climate of self-censorship are things that should not be repeated because they cast considerable doubt over the integrity and professionalism of the institution. For the VOA to come out and assert its independence and professional and institutional integrity and declare that it will perform its duties according to its legal mandates and ethical standards and is not beholden to any external entity or group is a very good thing as it inspires public confidence and trust.

For Ethiopians in the U.S., the principal lesson is that they have the legal mechanisms to hold the VOA accountable. Abebe Gelaw, the young Ethiopian journalist, was instrumental in exposing a number of things in this controversy including revelation of the 41-page “complaint.” Abebe is an example of what young Ethiopian journalists in Ethiopia could do as government watchdogs if they had press freedoms. He deserves high commendations. We all must learn that the VOA operates within a strict legal and professional environment. It is accountable to its statutory obligations and journalistic standards. We can play a positive role by making sure the VOA performs its mission and duties by the book.
The most important lesson is left for Zenawi: One can muzzle those with ideas by throwing them in jail, but not their ideas. The people who spoke their minds on the VOA broadcasts are vendors in the global marketplace of ideas. If their ideas are bought by the people of Ethiopia, there is no power in the universe that can stop them. Victor Hugo said, “Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come.” The time for democracy in Ethiopia is now. Dictatorship is an idea that has no time or place in Ethiopia, Africa or the the modern world.

In 21st Century democratic politics, criticism, skepticism, denunciation, condemnation, denigration, vilification and disapprobation of politicians and self-appointed leaders are accepted facts of political life. This reality is incomprehensible only to those unwilling to face the naked truth about their evil ways.
Perhaps Zenawi craves praise, appreciation and adulation. He can easily get it, but he must do the right thing: Abide by the rule of law. The fact of the matter is that politics is a thankless job and those engaged in it should reasonably expect to get a whole lot more criticism and precious little appreciation and gratitude. President Obama, the “leader of the free world” is the target of withering daily criticism by those opposed to his policies and even challenge his citizenship and place of birth. Should the leader of the unfree world expect any less? You can't stop criticism by information blackouts or by blacklisitng and blackballing critics. Criticism comes with the territory.

Deal with it! If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

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Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

Perhaps (VOA) is NOT ‘Voice of AlMariam’ either!

08/01/11 @ 01:05
Comment from: SELAM LEHULACHEN [Visitor]

The good professor please! do not forget that THE UGLY ADWA ZINJERO is a mentally sick meat head beast.

08/01/11 @ 02:34
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

You guys,
You for sure say this old man is not a fool?
As to me he is.

08/01/11 @ 04:02
Comment from: Sosena [Visitor]

Another paid puppet of Eritrea’s dictator Isayas Afeworke. Elias Kifle of Ethiopian Review recruited him.

08/01/11 @ 04:08
Comment from: addiiss [Visitor]

VOA is not Voice of Alemayehu either. Nor the voice of Tamagne, Ginbot 7 and the likes.

08/01/11 @ 04:30
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

the barking dog of the vocal diaspora. upto recently , voa has been the pravda of the vocal diaspora. its news was one-sided, biased, above all,the source of all its news was based on people like you. now time is changed , you can not fool people all the time. what we see now is ,the return of voa to its senses. now you have ethiopian review , ethio media and to air your shallow and comical views.

08/01/11 @ 05:15
Comment from: [Member]

VOA is not voice of Alqasha almaria and Alqasha diaspora. (Cry babies)

Get over it cry baby almaria, you’re just a dead man walking. You’ve nothing to show.
Let us hear what you think about the UN report of your boss isayass’ involvement on the terrorism plan, Whether you support or condemn him. Say something. That is the hot news around. Don’t try to dowse water on that fire by trying to divert our attention with old news you’ve written about already.
Or better yet tell us what you think about your friend elias’ conviction in London. Shameless looser!!!

08/01/11 @ 05:17
Comment from: Bekumsa [Visitor]

Given Ethiopian culture and tradition, coming to terms with the real politic of 21 century will be a long shot for PM Meles and his cronies. However, it is fast approaching so I would say you better get used to the heat Sir. Time has come when transparency overtake secrecy and criticism override adulation. Do the right thing within the scope of duties and responsibilities you have given, then you will get fair appreciation. Well Said Prof.

08/01/11 @ 05:52
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Ethiopia is indeed blessed to have clueless enemies like Altemariam and Tamagn!! Eski yihe sewye ahun mindnew yemilew?

08/01/11 @ 06:16
Comment from: Chala [Visitor]

What about if you write saying Ethiopian review is not Eritrean review.
Wow you can’t say that because you are the 2nd in command in the website.
How is your weekend Almariam. did you make few calls to Asmara asking for some money.
I thought you will write saying UK court is a kangaroo court who take order from Zenawy.
Except your boss the whole world is talking the same language. writing lie will cost serious money and helping terrorist will cost you life.
So as you doing both you are loosing money now soon may be your life.

08/01/11 @ 07:51
Comment from: [Member]

Alemayehu Mariam,
You are simply hate PM Meles Zenawi; nothing more–nothing less.
All you said is lie–lie–lie and lie.
What have you done for Ethiopia so far? At least PM Meles Zenawi is trying something and seems to be working what even he touches. Starting from your appearance to your thinking–you are the anus of this generation.

08/01/11 @ 08:02
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

The very well known poisonous snake from within working with staunch Ethiopian enemies in which ethiopian-s are immuned too. The disgraceful Ethiopian born professor, preaching hate and division isn’t new. A mind boggling useless most embarrassing figure who is full of negativity and who is willing to demonstrate his wickedness as an tiger of internet blogger for his egotism, inferiority complexity and satisfaction at the experience of mother Ethiopia and her population.
This man deserve to be condemned by every Ethiopian from all sector of life.

08/01/11 @ 08:07
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Afterall VOA amharic programm is the voice of the voiceless Ethiopian peoples musseled by the blood sucker
Zenawi ,the SS agazis ,and the looter Tigre Mafiosis and Aderby bandas .

08/01/11 @ 08:19
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

Professor Al Mariam,
Why are you making such non-sense claims? VOA Acting Director, Steve Redisch, had make it clear about the Ethiopian government official complaint as well as the subsequent suspension and removal of an article from the BBG website. This was done after they realized the reporting was lopsided and had no truth at all. If you listened to his interview, he said that “the reporting was completely wrong and full of mischaracterization. We couldn’t fix it. That is why the report was we removed from the website and the reporter has been removed from his position.” Now, you are telling us your usual lies and grievances in addition to your nasty vitriolic attacks on individuals.
Everybody nows that VOA stands for Voice of America. It promotes the national interest of America, not of Ethiopia or Ato Meles Zenawi for that matter. I don’t understand why you have become so noisy after all your dreams to dislodge Ato Meles Zenawi evaporated one by one. I, personally, don’t agree with all the principles of Ato Meles Zenawi and his government. However, there are few areas I support his policies. All I’ve read from your postings is a deeply seated hate towards the Ethiopian Prime Minister. Be realistic man!!! Don’t day dream!!!
Your lies and story twisting have made us all sick.
By the way, where were you when your buddy Ato Elias Kifle was slapped with the 175,000 pounds fine for fabricating lies and bad mouthing? You couldn’t even defend him? I can see you will be the next to stand in front of a judge and explain all your claims of smearing and insulting individuals.
Let the people of Ethiopia deal with Ato Meles Zenawi. There is nothing you can do from the hills of San Bernardino.

08/01/11 @ 08:32
Comment from: Respond [Visitor]

Voice of America and Changing Times
By Getachew Mequanint

It has been common for Ethiopian Diaspora political groups to clash with almost every national and international agency that contacts the Ethiopian government. The latest one is the Voice of America (VOA). In this case, the story (according to Diaspora web sites) is that the VOA Broadcasting Board of Governors has just come back from Ethiopia blackmailed by the Ethiopian government to de-politicize VOA’s broadcast programming including shuffling staff and imposing self-censorship. While there is no public information detailing the meeting between the Board of Governors and Ethiopian officials, the main issue raised by the Ethiopian government may not be difficult to understand, in that, VOA broadcasts in Ethiopia are too political and favour Diaspora political groups, thereby leading the government to block the broadcasts. VOA’s director Steve Redisch would go public later to confirm that the Ethiopian government had indeed filed complaints and that VOA management would look into them. More importantly, Redisch made it clear that VOA’s interest was to focus broadcast programming on issues more relevant to the needs and aspirations of the Ethiopian people.

I am writing here to express my appreciation of the changing times and the fact that media organizations like VOA are making adjustments. For decades, public space in the Ethiopian Diaspora has been monopolized by vocal groups consisting of political and intellectual elites who once had dominated Ethiopian society. Today those of us who came to the West as destitute refugees have established ourselves and entered public domains to raise awareness of the plight of our relatives back home. While we believe that freedom of speech is important, issues like economic growth, environment, socio-cultural rights, urban pollution, technology, trade, corruption, and so on, are equally important as they affect the daily lives of the Ethiopian masses. An NGO worker who visited Northern Ethiopia told me how communities are often cut off from each other for days or weeks in the rainy season when torrential rains downpour and fill up streams and rivers. The government’s priority should be training rural people on how to build simple overpass bridges, he said. Who says VOA would not be able to host discussions that inspire research in appropriate technology for building rural overpass bridges? VOA could also share the stories of our Diaspora compatriots who support various social and economic development projects in Ethiopian cities and countryside. Recently one American newspaper featured a story about a little Ethiopian-American girl who founded a charity organization that collects and sends pencils to Ethiopia to help poor school kids.

One continuing problem for Ethiopian Diaspora groups is that they remain preoccupied with gathering information critical of the Ethiopian government and then going to the media to disseminate propaganda information. This is still ok, but there has to be a balance between politics and many other issues. Very few may in fact believe that it is possible to de-politicize the development process in Ethiopia. Woreda (district) officials often complain of project delays. People demand access to services. Abuse of pubic offices, nepotism, corruption and other governance problems are common. These are serious accountability issues with political implications. They ought to be understood in historical, institutional, political, social and cultural contexts. The Ethiopian Television now produces good quality programs (by an Ethiopian standard) that raise popular awareness of public policy issue, history, culture, politics and environment. VOA also has to find its broadcasting nitche, otherwise its relevance for changing Ethiopian society will be limited.

The case of China is worthy of mentioning here. VOA has already cut broadcast programming in China and the explanation was budgetary constraints. One would find this explanation somewhat insufficient given the importance of democracy and human rights issues in China. Perhaps a large part of VOA’s decision had to do with US government foreign policy strategies, such as the US wanting to access China’s $3.3 trillion cash in foreign reserves (the US already owes China $1.7 trillion). Maybe all this should not be important to us. What is important is to appreciate the changing times and seek other ways of promoting freedom and democracy in China, such as through the transfer of knowledge and skills that build the capacity of the Chinese state to open up space for the participation of its citizens while effectively managing popular demands generated by politically active citizens. Ethiopia is a poor country and a major recipient of American aid, but this reality does not suggest that America can help to promote democracy in the country by providing airwaves for warring Diaspora groups that are even responsible for the division and fragmentation of our Diaspora communities.

VOA was created in the Second World War to disseminate war related information. After the end of the war, the American government used it to spread propaganda against communism, and most recently (in the post-Cold War period), to promote elections and human rights. It is also true that Third World exiled and immigrant elites (including reactionaries and terrorists) took advantage of American and other Western country foreign policies to promote their own remote controlled political agenda. Today times have changed, so that Diaspora elites have little support for their political projects. Western governments are more concerned with responding to the UN and other international agencies demanding increased support in the fight against global poverty and climate change. More important, Western governments are preoccupied with domestic issues ranging from fiscal recovery and stability to public security. Since 9/11 there has also been a general change of perception of immigrant populations, as the debate on the impact of increasing flow of immigration on security, culture and economy has intensified. All this is to say that the Diaspora like ours ought to be realistic in what ways or how much they can influence Western government foreign policies to achieve political leverages. In any case, Ethiopia is a rising regional power more and more called upon to contribute to international efforts for global peace and security. The US and other Western governments would need to work with the Ethiopian government to address security, diplomacy, commerce and other international issues. This is not however to suggest that VOA’s current effort to address the concern of the Ethiopian government (politicized VOA broadcasting) is guided by the American tradition of foreign policy realism. It is rather to suggest that we need to appreciate the changing times and embrace new approaches that have potential to nurture a culture of democracy in public debate at the same time contributing to Ethiopia’s development.

08/01/11 @ 08:39
Comment from: [Member]

we know that VOA is not voice of zenawi ,is belong to al mariam
elias kifle & Dr brihanu chelem’s
voices & that voice is going to be
silent soon.

08/01/11 @ 09:16
Comment from: Zeab [Visitor]

The government of America claims they assume high responsibility for peace and freedom; and here is the voice of America broadcasting all over the world to expand their reach. If it is not for the purpose of Americanizing the world, the government of America should have something good for everyone that obliges them to spread it to the world. Not the power, instead the knowledge should make them feel a sense of responsibly to promote peace and freedom in the world. When the Americans preach about freedom and peace, we ask, is it the knowledge or simply the power that is making them stand high above others? If it is knowledge we trust them.
When you have good news and hope you should spread it to every one in the world, however, bad intention has at least to be limited to few people only.
We point our finger at the voice of America Amharic program; they have this power granted to them by the government of America to reach the ear of every Ethiopian; but are they using this responsibility to become fair and equal to every one? They have been abusing the responsibly and have worked with the intent to serve the interest of few individuals with hate and anger. This is pollution if allowed to spread to all people. There are many ways to promote the so called freedom and democracy…..Freedom and democracy can not make someone lack a sense of responsibility.

08/01/11 @ 10:58
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

Mr Zenawi, paranoid much? You have abused & silenced the Ethiopian free press and continue to jail journalists, suffocate Ethiopians in Ethiopia, now you want to do the same to VOA?

No matter how your trained cadres want to classify them, majority of Ethiopians in and out of the country despise your regime. Therefore, those who have the opportunities to express their views freely, WILL ALWAYS oppose/expose your regime.

Your regime will never allow free press & it is something you can’t bare to accept but it is a way of life here. NOBODY is exempt from criticism in the US let alone a self-righteous killer, moronic dictator despised by his own people! As long as VOA is telling the truth, your complaint is invalid.

How about Mr Zenawi stop listening to VOA while grazing on narcotic khat like a thug and do something about the crisis in Ethiopia. I am sure he knows basic food items in the country are as precious as GOLD at the moment. Do something about that! VOA should be the least of your concern while millions of citizens are perishing due to drought, disease and mismanagement of the country’s resources.

” Silu Semta …” says my fellow Ethiopians. I wonder what Mr Zenawi’s response would be if people filed complaints against ETV or radio Fana for being dummy channels serving ONLY the A*ame regime? I bet he would tell us how 99% of Ethiopians voted for him so he can do whatever he likes eh? While at the same time addressing the 99% adoring crowd from bullet proof podium :):) and closing down roads after roads while he travels in Addis so that his 99% adoring citizens won’t assassinate him. Get over it already!

08/01/11 @ 11:22
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

Meles most of the time he pretend like
as if he is all in all,but fortunately
on 2011 most African dictator who is
nearest to American government fails,
so no matter who is Meles but Mubarak
was nearest THAN MELES,

08/01/11 @ 11:42
Comment from: Danger [Visitor]

This old guy dies while he is writing. RIP

08/01/11 @ 12:47
Comment from: Dibabu [Visitor]

It makes me sick and vomit reading your comment. Please shut your stinky mouth once for all.

We do not need you advocacy and help. We can change Ethiopia through hard work. From now on Ethiopia shall not be destroyed by habesha intellectuals. Rather, Habesh elite, business men/women are leading the country.
The habesha intellectuals had destroyed the country since the Emperor.
Thank you

08/01/11 @ 13:37
Comment from: Andualem Dessie [Visitor]  
Andualem Dessie

If I’m writing something that you don’t like to hear about; so be it. I’m really tiered and exhausted of the endless scapegoats in Diaspora.

It is foolish to teach politically green crowds who have nothing but to lament over spilled over political matters that are beyond their scope. Fellows like Alemayehu G. Mariam and the like have nothing to get occupied with but to engage one-self on diatribes of all kinds of Ethiopian issues. It is easily said than done to occupy idle minds with devilish ideas than to think constructively to help the Ethiopian society. When we ponder about it; now have come local artists and diatribe masters to instruct VOA on what to do and how to do matters pertaining broad-casting. Who do you think you are? Who selected or appointed you to referee what is being done in Ethiopia? By your own choice you have already left that country in preference for your luxury in affluent society in Diaspora. Who really cares for your crocodile tears and empty cries? Who gives weight if you paint black everything that is being done inside that country? Do you realize that 20 solid years have gone by while you are still busy chit-chatting, gossiping, exaggerating; and asking for fresh black milk, for palace in the skies and for fortunes in oblivion? Please stop day-dreaming and start to reshape your line of thinking.

Andualem Dessie.

08/01/11 @ 13:43
Comment from: Jacob [Visitor]

Yes, you are right. It is not the Voice Of Zenawi, it is the VOICE OF AMHARA(VOA).

08/01/11 @ 16:35
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

If Meles had his evil whishes he would have silenced the whole world. He would not stop at speech. He would have gone all the way to killing everyone he think is a threat.

Meles is worse than the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia where millions of people were literally slaughtered and their blood was drank by their murderers. He just happened to live in today’s world were Communism has vanished forever.

08/01/11 @ 16:52
Comment from: ermias [Visitor]

It is funny to hear from you all haters. you don’t like Professor Al, just because he cares for the voiceless Ethiopians, speaks his mind and he is always right but there are millions who value his opinion and pray for him to continue fighting tyrants of Dedebit. the best advice i can give you all idiots is read his articles and learn a thing or two.

08/01/11 @ 16:54
Comment from: Minyaregal [Visitor]

Professor Al Mariam,

Ignore paid Woyane agents who are sitting and waiting to do work attacking anti-Meles postings. We are reading your wonderful pieces consistently and are proud to have one heck of a guy who says NO to tyranny!!

Keep up the good work!

Meles can never win the heart of Ethiopians!

Ethiopians know what is going on!

Meles will never win the heart of Ethiopians by lies, machinations, chicanery, assassinations, subtefuges, intimidations!!

Woyane and Meles are paranoid and they will ago to any length to fight Ethiopia and Ethiopians!

A day will come when we see these murderes off our backs!!

08/01/11 @ 18:01
Comment from: red [Visitor]


Does that include the VOA Tigregna program as well? See you are like your tribal leader. Both of you talk first and think later (or never). You believe in the collective mind and the collective-self or other.

08/01/11 @ 18:27
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]

Uff, I’m so tired to read the endless one-sided accusations of this Dr./Prof.

I always like to read and reflect on different ideas, but not this neverending lamenting directed only towards individual hate and no strategic thoughts.

If this Dr./Prof. has whatever ideas, he is entiteled to that, but then he has to clearly state his ambition and goal.

I have some suggestions to Dr./Prof.:

1.Create your own home-page/Blog.

2.Be honest and tell your followers for what you stand.

3.Do not adhere ‘only’ to some kind
of propoganda, but to some self critique.

4.Be precise and come to the point in your messages, we are just tired of cut and paste articles!

In summary, just tell us :what do you want? how should it be done? what do you wish to be the outcome?. And what will be your role?

And one last question: ask yourself: are you really concerend about the life of the poor people of Ethiopia and ready to fight it all, be honest with yourself, if you cannot answer this question precisely then leave the people in Ethiopia alone and let them decide about theire future.

Last but not least, my so most estimated, I really do not understand anymore how you choose your article writers, is it any body who cares to write no matter what? I hope not, somehow your site has now become a ‘Profilierung’ page for the Prof. and the likes sad! Hope it will change and become the for all!!

08/01/11 @ 19:42
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Let the wailing of the cyber cadres continue, lol. Eyaeyaeyaeyaeyae, cry cry cry. The pen is mightier than the sword. Go ask the Soviet Union, the fake wushetam system eventually crumbled, not by war, but by the mighty pen and voice of the few. May I name two Sakharov, Sheransky. Count your days, defeat is inevitable.

08/01/11 @ 21:49
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

What a Jock!
Alemayehu G. Mariam a voice for voiceless Ethiopians???? Guys! Please think again. He will not sacrifice one of his daily meals for an Ethiopian, shooting his mouse from west coast of the USA is as good as it it can get as far as the jack ass Alemayehu is concerned. He is a wicked individual and an eggo manice.

08/02/11 @ 07:47
Comment from: [Member]

Shewarega and friends,
The way you were defeated?—- No way.
You did not even get time to clean your rear-end trying to escape.
You must ne kidding—who has a gut to fight? You and your likes? You are born to talk and insult; we know you top to bottom.
Do you remember when Derg was killing you Dads and brothers; take you Moms for mistress ; raping your sisters; confiscating you property left and right?( A property that was taken by force from the poor)
Where were you at the time? Kezenam.
On the contrary, those heroes, whom you slander day-in-day-out, were in the fields fighting like a lion. They never kneel down while you were bending over and taking it from behind.
Now you are pretending you are men—-lemaywkush tatgni—werada hulu
Face the truth, listen the music, small the coffee ( wake up)——and be a MAN!!!!

08/02/11 @ 10:18
Comment from: [Member]

I don’t always agree with Alemayehu Mariam but I think this time he is right. The last paragraphs say it all. If Meles and that low life Eritrean under him i.e. Simon Bereket cannot face critics , they should exit public office. Incumbent politicians have a duty to face questions, listen to criticisms or even watch while they are berated for anything they say or do. They can disagree but they can’t opt out of public scrutiny and criticism whilst sitting in government. It’s all part of accountability.
So yes the small town professor as he is known on Aiga forum …is right. It’s hard to disagree with him this time.

08/02/11 @ 15:28
Comment from: Yohannes [Visitor]  

They who have faith in the Lord will not condone the actions of the Wicked. Who do you serve? The One and Only or Shaytan? If the works of Meles were good, there would be nothing to hide or worry about. This is a fact! Remember Believers, there are many out there who follow another kind of “god” a very dark and evil one becasue of the actions and thughts they have commited. So, do not mind the comments of people who support such a dictator for they have already sold their souls to Iblis through Meles. May God have mercy upon them, but there is nothing we can do for them. This is Fact. Keep fighting Professor, and don’t be swayed by dark thoughts. You are the kind of Light we need to hear. I pray someday that we all accept the different Colors and Hues that we were created in and once and for all tell ignorance and tribal pride to go to Hell becasue it is apparently not bringing us any closer to one another (which is our Lords Ultimate Aim).

Your loving brother…Yohannes

08/02/11 @ 18:20
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Ye Meles Baria Yemesker
(Do not expect me to use the name of that great Ethiopian, addressing you).

There is an Ethiopian saying “choha yemattawukk wef yechohech endehone elekku elekku telalech.” Gurash ager akkerena. First, know that for centuries our forefather fought to prevent the honor and integrity of your forefathers. Second, we thought we were one nation we sang about the rivers, the cities, the monastries in your region. “Ende Adwa Sellasie ende Axum tsione tesalemae le metta ayene ena tershene.” Can you please name one song you have about Gondar, or Lalibela, or DebreLibanos? Just one. What about the immense sacrifice during the Italian occupation, those countless Arbegnas, which you and your kind love to insult and belittle daily. Even the Italians wrote quite a few books, it is there for all to read. Also, with regards to Derg, what about the thousands who died all over the country fighting, from Merd/Mesfin Birru, to Adane Mekonen in Gondar, what about the countless heroes of EPRP. The only difference between you and them, they had no option of running away to Sudan when things got tough, regrouping and returning. How many were tortured and strangled to death. But for you, you only do your theatrics of Amoraw this Amoraw that, who cried for those thousands of nameless faceless who sacrificed fighting Derg. My dear, that is your problem from day one. You are nothing but an overgrown regional sob whose main aim was to grab land from Gondar/Wello, and a port from Eritrea and create some Tigray Republic. That is why even after twenty years in power you are still vomiting the usual trash. Like the old saying goes, you can put a lipstick on a pig, but not a thing will change it from being what it is, a PIG. Selezih, my adice for you, gurash gedeb yenurew. In 1944, those who clamp down on Weyane Kedamawi would have said the same trash few years down the road. For them Haile Sellasie was eternal. But fast forward few decades and see where we are. Learn from that, the sooner the better. As for taking this and that from the poor, lol, I really liked that. I am the descendant of Abaebae Tuffaa, owner of Finfinae, we gave Menelik the land up on the hill, where your ekekam occupier is squating at now. We give, we don’t take, first know on whose land you are standing on, then may be may be you might want to rephrase the garbage oozing out of your stinking mouth. Let me repeat, no matter how many piles of lies, no matter how many murders, looting, arrests, no matter how many threats, the inevitable day will arrive, the Ethiopian people will take their destiny back into their hands. Water flows down stream, not up. Its just a matter of time.

08/02/11 @ 22:09
Comment from: [Member]

Of course the lamentation goes on in the circle of the crybabies - meles right hand cyber cadres. Thanks to professor G/Mariam we are continously learning the evil agenda of the Shifta.
Long live the Ethiopian Intellectuals.
Down with the Midget ignorant Shifta.

08/03/11 @ 08:47
Comment from: Woyanen Enatifaw [Visitor]
Woyanen Enatifaw

It was suprising to try VOA to be mouth of bloodsucker Zenawi and is equally shameful to Voice of America’s Horn of Africa service accepting the change of VOA to Voice of barberic Zenawi after visiting Ethiopia. How it happens in USA! The situation should be investigated how the Horn of Africa section tried to implemente the 19th century medieval period Zenawi’s information block law in the soil of USA!!! The horn of Africa should be accountable for this big catastrophy!!1

08/03/11 @ 10:53
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

@ Alula Yimeskir

Meles & Mengistu though very similar when it comes to killing and their communist ideologies, Menge by far outshines your loser. Menge was patriotic, dignified, was never interested in ethnic politics, loved his country and stood for the poor! Menge had a good vision for his country and the only obstacle was his communist ideology and Egypt, CIA funded EPLF & TPLF.

Menge left because the CIA wanted him out not because of your lice infested ass! While your evil Meles sold his soul to the devil, gave Ethiopia’s port away, lost his fight with Eritrea,Alshabab and he is currently at the mercy of a very tiny nation Djibouti & laughing stock of lawless Somalia, OLF and ONLF. Shameless clown better zip your A*ame mouth. You can’t compare Menge and Meles. And Oh, Menge also had a very dignified beautiful wife, not money grabbing ex prostitute tramp who is fighting with Merkato business men over coffee beans.

Menge is probably sitting on his comfi couch, sipping tea & laughing at the way Ethiopia has turned out:

Every ethnic group at war and wanting to be independent

Starvation still lingering

The nation can’t afford to eat bread, much worse off than they were 20 years ago.

Not to mention Menge Enjoying South Sudan gaining independence!

I bet the main comedy factor of A*ame regime for Menge is the price of teff, sugar, oil, salt, meat aka bare minimum, basic items being equivalent to two years wage for one of his soldiers :) This must make menge smile …

08/03/11 @ 18:48
Comment from: Andinet Ethiopia [Visitor]
Andinet Ethiopia

Prof. Alemayehu, what are u talking about, you are confused but Meles is still playing its game destructing Ethiopia. You look some times evil adviser of Meles…Deal with it! If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Prof Alemayehu, the symptom of the crisis of Meles leadership is not the emition of kitchen heat, but it is a molten rock heat coming out of the chemical decomposition to disentigrate sovereinity of landlocked Ethiopia, it is the heat coming out of the chemical reaction of ruthlessly oppressed Ethiopians people. You are good writer, but you are confused with the reality, the core problem of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. Have you tasted the life of jail?, the life under cruel oppression? No, you are under confortable life while millions of Ethiopians are the victims of these problems. You do not care about whether these problems lasts for days, months, years decades, etc because you are save! Meles is not seeking appreciation for his good doing, he knows it, but suppress the movement of Ethiopian people for change! A change for new democratic Ethiopia!!!

08/03/11 @ 20:48
Comment from: Adhanom H. [Visitor]
Adhanom H.

Well well,

Truely VOA is not Voice of Meles Zenawi. Nor does the latter need any broadcaster’s support. It has been over 20 years since he reminded the crying Diaspora stating: “My way or take the highway!” Nothing has happen since then except for crying babies like Al-Mariam, Bir Alu Negadew, and Co. crying foul every now and then.

Shame on you to barck like mad dogs in the streets of DC after hangover of long evenings in bars and Shisha rooms.

Your cries cannot take the country or its people any where as it is uselss cry; loughable and green thinking.

08/04/11 @ 12:35
Comment from: [Member]

If you are a fair minded person, why don’t you also write a single article about the negative role the chauvinist, new-niguse-negest, conservative orthodox Christians play in the opposition block. You seem you always want to sweep that fact under the rug while parroting against EPRDF. I am one of many who is having hard time to accept you as a fair critic of Ethiopian politics. Play hatred born another hatred and does hardly help Ethiopians and Ethiopia!

08/04/11 @ 23:28
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

meles is silly tegree and have no any right to talk about VOA Amharic service,

08/06/11 @ 02:49



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