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Ethiopia: Waldeba in my heart



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Ethiopia: Waldeba in my heart

Ethiopia: Waldeba in my heart

By Yilma Bekele

Truth be told I was not aware of Waldeba Monastery until quite recently. Today I live Waldeba, I breathe Waldeba, and I believe Waldeba has taken over my soul. Mind you I am not protesting rather I am being thankful for this ancient place for bringing focus into my life. Waldeba has managed to gather all the scattered pieces of information residing in my brain and managed to sort them out in an orderly fashion and place them all in one location for easy access and safekeeping.

Even the name Waldeba evokes positive feelings and the story when told brings a sense of pride and dignity. Waldeba is the history of our ancient land, the perseverance of our ancient people and the uniqueness of our history all rolled in one. When I say Waldeba defines us all, I doubt anyone of you will disagree after I tell you about this remote location that is but a jewel of our glorious past. My friend Asrat always says ‘Egziabher saydeges aytalam’ this time I believe he is onto something. For it was no other than our Woyane bad doers that brought Waldeba into our consciousness. We are always grateful for this human bulls let loose in a China store.

Waldeba was in the mind and heart of millions of Ethiopians this last Monday. They prayed in Ethiopia in their own silent ways while their children marched World Wide to speak for them. We marched in Washington DC, we danced in the streets of New York, we sang in Los Angles, we celebrated in Toronto, we colored the streets of London green, yellow and red while we adorned South Africa with our indomitable spirit and we prayed in Melbourne Australia. We let the world know in no uncertain terms Waldeba is Ethiopia. The battle has just began!

Why are we so incensed about Waldeba is a valid and good question. Why does Waldeba matter is not an idle inquiry. When we ask about our past it helps us see the present in a better light and determines our response on how we answer questions about the future. That is why we fill detailed forms at the doctor’s office about our health and parents condition. Our past gives the caregiver clue about our future. That is why regimes redefine the past to construct a new reality. Please notice Meles Zenawi’s obsession regarding our ancient history and his trash talk every chance he gets. Waldeba is another stop in his quest to redefine our past. Destruction of Waldeba erases a critical building block of who we are and where we came from. He wants to redefine us in his own distorted image.

Waldeba is not another location. Waldba monastery is one of the oldest and holiest religious enclaves in Ethiopia. It was founded around 490 AD and is located in one of the most remote regions of north Ethiopia protected by the mighty Semen Mountain range. Waldeba is surrounded by four rivers Semo in the north Tekeze in the east Zewereg in the in the west and Zewa in the south. This modern assault by the TPLF regime is not the first on Waldeba or our church. It has withstood Yodit’s wrath around the 10th century two hundred seventy eight years after its founding. The forces of Ahmed Gragn attacked around 1531 and plundered churches and monasteries including Waldeba and Debre Libanos. Today’s incursion is a continuation of further attempt to undermine our heritage. It is but another test of our perseverance.

Waldeba’s contribution to our culture will take a whole encyclopedia to recite. It is part of our rich history in consort with our Tewahedo Church that produced such significant items as our alphabet, our calendar and a desirable place for scholars. It is a training ground for our priests and deacons and many Abunes have graduated from its sanctuary to serve their people. Waldeba is a cherished treasure for all Ethiopians regardless of religious affiliation.

Waldeba has been a protected enclave thru out history. No one has dared to take away from Waldeba that has been willed by God. Successive Ethiopian rulers has shown reverence for Waldeba and what it stands for and went out of their way to protect, enhance and cherish this holy site. Today the TPLF regime under Meles Zenawi is in the process of invading Waldeba. The excuse given is to grow sugarcane and establish a processing plant. They have moved heavy machinery to build a dam for irrigation and pave highways for transporting product and people.

As usual their plan of attack is for the Woyane regime to take the high road of development while defining the opposition as anti progress. Why would anyone in his right mind oppose such a noble cause of building industry and creating employment becomes the question asked by the average observer. They are expert at this sort of thing. They have orchestrated massacre of their own citizens at Hawzen in cold blood and video taped the atrocity for propaganda purpose. Interhawme was their charge in 2005 in their callous attempt to play with fire regardless of the consequences. The current drama of building a dam on Abbay is another attempt to stand for progress and portray the rest as nay Sayers.

Today they are using their monopoly on state media to confuse and misinform. They are trotting out one dead brain TPLF official one after another to explain why their war on our heritage is misunderstood. They are interviewing cadres dressed as monks, cadres pretending to be local citizens and hired engineers and thugs to give testimony on how the project is benign to the Waldeba and its environment. It looks like we are all hysterical and unreasonable while TPLF officials are defending their responsibility to govern.

TPLF always have a strange notion of how to govern. Their style seems to be they decide behind closed doors and we accept their version at face value. Asking question raising valid points for discussion is frowned upon. It is labeled the work of ‘neftegna, dergist, monarchist, counter revolutionary or useless Diaspora.’ We have seen all this before. We are familiar with TPLF motto of ‘my way or the highway.’ It has been the practice for over twenty years.

Erecting a sugar plantation on a holy site is wrong. Pushing it down the throats of local citizens is unacceptable. Undermining our heritage and disturbing the peace and tranquility of our monks is a crime by any standard of civilized behavior. Attacking the weak and humble monks and priests that work day and night praying for our country, our children and our safety is not the work of a responsible government but that of a coward and fascist tug using the power of the state for nefarious purpose.

Thus we drove down to Los Angles to make our views known to the world. We drove in peace to exercise our right to petition the government in power to cease and desist from this wrong policy of substituting heritage for money and power. It was a joyous trip on behalf of our fathers and mothers that are denied their god given right to live in peace. The enthusiasm of the young Ethiopians in exile still filled with love for their country and culture was intoxicating. Their boundless energy, determination and unsurpassed hope for the future was infectious to all around them. To see that our future is in good hands with my young friends is priceless. We sang and marched in peace, we carried our flag high and danced in the streets of Los Angles for all to see that Ethiopia is not alone that her children are awake and alert and her heritage is not something to trifle with.

Waldeba has faced danger before. It has existed for thousands of years. Waldeba will exist for thousands more, no question about that. Waldeba is Gods country. We the children of Waldeba were helping our own way with the little insignificant voice we can muster to help bring peace to this holy place. Those that attack or undermine Waldeba would have to answer to a higher authority. May God help them see the light, we have tried our best.


Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Now you want stir religion as a tool to miss lead and divide the people anyway I wont buy your garbage please sell it to DC,self deluded intellectual.

06/08/12 @ 00:37
Comment from: AwolBelay [Visitor]

Propose nothing, condemn everything Diaspora.
Our feudal ancestores have codemned work, science, education, improvement in the name of religion, keeping people hungery, ill and ignorant inorder to rule them easly.

This culture of envey and laziness, which believes in sitting and talking und waiting for wonders is still shyning in most of us.
The more Ethiopia, thanks to the bright leader Meles Zenawi, adapt and revive a true hard working culture to be masters of their destiny, and respect God throught Work, the old symbole of laziness, mostely from the Amhara cry at loudest.

Hey, no one can stop this spirit of the new Ethiopia of the many.
As to our cultural and historical sites, “nothing do, but talk” feudals did nothing while these are looted by foreigners or destroyed because no conserved properely.

To the shouting Diaspora: If you really care about our cultural heriitage, why don’t you go and build a musium all over the country to preserve and study the commen heritage?

Oh sorry, i forgott, you are only condemn everything,do nothing.
You and your ignorance have been the root of all evil our country have gone through, but no more you can stop the Ethiopian people. You are exposed!!

06/08/12 @ 01:29
Comment from: wegaw [Visitor]

I understand your point Yilma. What can we do to avoid this? As you said the current government is acting like ” my way or the High-way". Definitely, they could do it either way blindly and archaically . Unless a spark of lightning hits their simple-minded heads from the sky,it’s hard to win an extreme form of fascist administrators without excellent tools. Tools such as freedom of demonstrations and public opinions of course with national unity. But we have never witnessed the former 2 and have a bit of the third one.

06/08/12 @ 01:33
Comment from: wegaw [Visitor]

Dear Mr.AwolBelay
Please don’t talk trashy. speak intellectually and reasonably. All I can see from your response is redundant and fed-up sentences. Think twice, a culture that you need for convincing and solid reasoning.

06/08/12 @ 01:39
Comment from: Meaza [Visitor]

Dear writer,
I went through your article but it was simply condemning and ridiculing the government for building sugar plant in some area around waldiba.Do you have the environmental impact assessment to say so?I think though you have the right to give your opinion on what ever subject,you don’t have to create fact.It is need to back up your analysis with tangible evidence.You always want to use a public discourse to blame the government,I agree that you are not supposed to be its sympathizers but don’t argue on baseless grounds.You are expected to differentiate the good and bad things and criticizes up on,if you are really bothering about Ethiopia.Avoid your dirty politics beginning from now.

06/08/12 @ 05:23
Comment from: peace2ol [Visitor]

Waw yelma your report is outstanding am speechless about the situation in Ethiopia Waldiba isn’t about religion or Ethnic only if you use your common sense as a civilized citizen its all about Identity not only to Ethiopia but to the whole Africa while Other countries are running up & down to preserve their heritage Meskenwa Ethiopia is desperate to destroy such a unique holy site.Haters’ll cry at the end as it was in the past waldeba’ll survive for generations to come for the future.Ps Waldeba isn’t about politics its about who we are as a black nation and to defend our ancestral land from Woyanes corruption for instance If u go to Chinese historical site & ask the place for investment???look at CCTV channel the way they preserve and promote their culture bcz Yewalawe kelele ye fetu Ayenoremena wendeme ehete pls to neglect Historical sites isn’t civilization its rather ignorant and dormant way it is!1 Love 1 Nation Under God/Allah!!

06/08/12 @ 06:29
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Ato Yilma Bekele seems to have used all his cards to cause chaos in Ethiopia. Now he is using his last card, this time its about Waldeba monastery. Some of the cards he used previously include the following.

A)human rights
B)Rights of journalists
C)Rights of Muslims
D)Land grab
E)self immolation of Yenesew Gebre
F)Detention of Birtukan
G)Eskinder Nega and Reut Alemu

Now this looser has found a new topic, he will continue to recycle lies after lies. Lets wait and see what Yilma Bekele will tell us next. The toxic diaspora is running out of real agenda, they will continue to bark till they drop dead.

I just want to tell everyone this, no barking, co crying, no shouting will resuscitate the dergue, its finished. You will be better of using your time and energy in productive areas. As far as me is concerned I don mind watching the toxic diaspora crying like a lost child in a crossroads, there is nothing funnier than watching adults behaving like kids.

The toxic extremists have not lost hope, Ethiopia is changed for good, the government and people of Ethiopia do not allow these groups to poison the young brains of Ethiopians. These day dreamer extremists already lost their battle against the EPRDF. They used to rally the people in a false motto, they used to say these when the dergue was about to be buried ” yileyal zendro ye weyane Nuro” when the gallant fighters of the EPRDF approached Addis Ababa some fled the country and others melted into the civil population. When the EPRDF got consolidated these forces of evil started to get out of their hidings, now we know the true identity of those fools. They tried to abuse the freedom and democracy which Ethiopians gained by sacrificing their dear lives.

These morons didn’t allow Ethiopians to speak, they sided with the dergue and continued to support the Dergue in the name of Unity. After 1991 when the EPRDF government introduced free press they tried to use it to destabilize the nation, they used the hard earned freedom to spread venom in Ethiopia.

These groups will continue to jump right and left and bark like wild dogs till they drop dead, most of them are now getting old, their throats have started to show some crack which is beyond repair

06/08/12 @ 07:21
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

“Waldiba in my heart". But how certain are you that you for sure have a heart, ant qura yehonk asqeyami sewye?

06/08/12 @ 10:20
Comment from: Ababiya [Visitor]

Yilma Bekele and Alemayehu G.Mariam are the restless disseminators of their toxic, home-made, fabrication of hate mongering scribbles.

As Afarman said above, Yilma Bekele and Alemayehu G.Mariam are the amplifiers of the disgruntled, detached and out of reality, desperate Diaspora hate mongering-groups. Yilma Bekele and Alemayehu G.Mariam by the innocent death of a teacher last year for his own personal reason tried to amplify their political-mongering scribbles in Diaspora; simply to quench their contractual obligation to Issayas Afeworki and Shaabia regime in Asmara! These are sadist desperate gangs of hate-mongering among the Diaspora who keep on making the usual empty cry every now and then when incidences appear to their advantage of making contributions. Two of the standing funeral-DJs for toxic ideas employed by Shaabia in Diaspora, Arr-Maria and Yilma have been turning on all types of stones. And now they talk of WALDEBA to continue with their never ending diatribe for remembrances cries asking the Diaspora disgruntled crowds for an out-loud cry over: (a) an individual incidence of a man - yet unclear to judge from distance; (b) Abebe Gelaw’s rudely shouts at G-8 Summit, © Waldeba; etc., etc. What do they have in their diatribe luggage next? Obviously some of the irrational child-brains like Teddy have volunteered to remain their fans and Diaspora crying babies as usual and keep on applauding and mimicking after Arr-Maria and Yilma. They have no critical and rational faculties of mind to look into issues and make serious analysis of what these two fellows jumble each time. The Diaspora babies like Teddy keep on crying their chorus by chanting: OH yes! Remember Yenesew! Remember Woyane! Oh Remember Waldeba! etc., etc. They never dare to ask such critical questions as: Why do we in Diaspora all the time fail so badly in the last 21 plus years to steer matters against the sitting Woyane regime? No-body even try to realize that we in Diaspora have no visionaries among us. All we have are disgruntled, disappointing, disarmed desperate of hate-mongering. If there is somebody serious in Diaspora, then nobody listens to him/her for objective reasoning. We have no doers and people of actions. We have simply dozens of retired oldies acting like funeral-DJs; or stage-actors and bar-singers; who suddenly claim to be omniscient about Ethiopia. We have too many toxic-talkative, day-dreamers, and too many funeral-DJs here and there and everywhere. They are good at bragging about and asking us to cry over an already damaged incidence of the past. People, what is wrong with our ever crying Diaspora-babies? When are they going to wake-up, and say no to nonsense; no to tribalism and terrorism?

06/08/12 @ 10:44
Comment from: Abalem [Visitor]

ዘወትር ወደ ፈጣሪ ጌታ ጸሎት ይጸለያል::
አንዳንዴም በዋልድባ ይዘፈናል:
ዛሬ ግን ምእመናኑ ሸሽትዋል::
ዬዲያስፖራው ኽዝብ ማውራት ኣብዝትዋል
መለስ ያለለታ መሬት ይናወጣል::

06/08/12 @ 12:19
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

Its more like

Arat Killo in his Heart
Waldeba in hi butt.

06/08/12 @ 12:38
Comment from: kul [Visitor]


You said you went through Yilma’s article and found nothing but bashing of the government for building sugar plant. You accuse the writer of creating his own facts. You say that he doesn’t have environmental impact assessment to support his assertion. Now I have a few questions for you. Do you have any environmental, social and economical impact assessment report regarding this project that you want to share with us? Have you seen many monks from the monastery trying to protest the proposed project? I am just curious.

06/08/12 @ 12:56
Comment from: Daniel asstatkew [Visitor]
Daniel asstatkew

The answer is very simple if we believe (Rev.22-11 ዓመፀኛው ወደ ፊት ያምፅ፥ ርኵሱም ወደ ፊት ይርከስ፥ ጻድቁም ወደ ፊት ጽድቅ ያድርግ፥ ቅዱሱም ወደፊት ይቀደስ አለ&#4962&#59;). For the invaders inside and outside let leave waldba they sale our wife for this reason 100% no life after life.that make me happy dog.there for are you Ready no bluff obluff

06/08/12 @ 13:25
Comment from: Aba Jiffar [Visitor]
Aba Jiffar

A sophist neftegna.

06/08/12 @ 14:49
Comment from: Timo [Visitor]

Mr. Cry baby keep talking while the real sons of r Ethiopia are fighting to make poverty history.First it was the Arab spring,and then it was the muslim “movement” now the waldiba .what’s next?

06/08/12 @ 14:57
Comment from: The Brutality of Meles [Visitor]
The Brutality of Meles

Woyane and TPLF are evils. Yodit Gudit of Adawa is has destroyed so many monasteries and artifacts during her reign. Meles and TPLF evils are descendents of her and are doing the same thing.

It is a very unfortunate and sad time for Ethiopia today. It is important to stand firm and against this kind of brutality against our religion and heritage.

Government is to protect what is precious not to destroy. Obviously Woyane is the exact opposite of that. Woyane is enemy of relgion and Ethiopia.

06/08/12 @ 19:11
Comment from: [Member]

can any body flash this rotten person please !

06/08/12 @ 20:35
Comment from: haili [Visitor]

as profeszional no any project is to be built blindly with no RAP or EMP or EIA
unless it needs to be politicised which the writer seems so
despite the government’brief given it should be real to construct a project at downstream of tekeze dam with no impact on IEA
we know those some diaspora has limited knowledge capacity to give analaysis as the
y are washing the ass of the western to get flash money
it is better to do or fill some gap if any to the project which would seem change picture of country
there is no reason to distroy religious places

06/08/12 @ 23:52
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

from: AwolBelay [Visitor]

we have no any choice, must raise gun
against TPLF colonization,
time will decided the border
demarcation between Tigray and Amhara,

06/09/12 @ 01:52
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Gondar, how many times are you going to preach us about raising a gun, if you are man enough, if you got the balls go and try it. TPLF/EPRDF will destroy you like they destroyed your uncles (Dergues), your cousins EPPF, your nephews EPRP, and your friends OLF. Go and try it you will be digging your own grave, weyane has the capacity to bury you in your own trenches.

Luckily you got neither the gut nor the will to fight, keep on barking following the foot steps of Ayatollah Alemariam and Tamagne Beyene.

Don deafen us with same rhetoric day in and day out, you are all bunch of losers good for nothing. You have lost both the political and armed struggle.

Gondar see you in Quara, the graveyard of EPPF, weyane will entertain you there, we heard you vowing to fight for the last 40 years, but one by one all of them were defeated. Lets wait and see what you will be saying in the coming ten years.

I think you need to speak to Tamagne, he will give you advice as to how you need to get organized, he has got few dergue Generals in DC. Generals who abandoned their forces and fled to USA kkk. Ayi ene feso mahber you are just a disgrace to your communities. Midre denkoro, arfachihu tekemetu, Ethiopians don expect cyber liberators and digital warriors to come with magic bullets.

06/09/12 @ 05:05
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

from: Afarman [Visitor]

you are TPLF cyber babe in the mask of afar man,i think you have seen before so many changes in different matters,

06/09/12 @ 05:29
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

Gondar see you in Quara, the graveyard of EPPF, weyane will entertain you there, we heard you vowing to fight for the last 40 years, but one by one all of them were defeated. Lets wait and see what you will be saying in the coming ten years.

it is better for you , so called TPLF and Tigray people too,to ask,
shouting for nothing,

06/09/12 @ 05:56
Comment from: Next call [Visitor]
Next call

What is the total acreage of this Monastery? I have read reports that it is at least 3000sq km. How much of this area is in ‘play’?

06/09/12 @ 08:00
Comment from: Mahmoud [Visitor]  

According to Yelma’s own article, he doesn’t know the exact location of Waldiba, the total scope of the area and the vicinity affected by the plant. But Meles and other government officials grew in this area and know better than any diaspora hate monger. Unless it is to prevent the success of this project or Yelma is committed to disagree with whatever the government is doing, his idea doesn’t hold water at all.

06/09/12 @ 08:30
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Mr. Gondar.
Gun? I have some proverb; “When the dog about to step on pup, the owner told the dog that; hey, you are about to step on pup; then the dog said to the owner; dear owner I am looking for it don’t worry!! ” If you are really in need of war, well, mengedun cherq yargilih. That is the signal for your grave loose. Wow, I wish if it is true and if you are the starter? Then, Baqela aleke new gudayu. We will never make you to look us back again and that would be the end of qidusan (sarcastic) people with their trash shake from our region. Once I heard one of your like saying exactly what you said. Please could you try? Bemeglalit tsegurihin lachiten neber wedezia wode dereq meretih yimnilikew. Woy gun, gun needs the true aimer not the person like you gedif gordif sitil qenu yalfibihal ena try! It is almost time for you and your likes to evicted from where ever you are?

06/09/12 @ 19:37
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Waldeba who?
All of you crying here what have you done for me lately? you support me I support you. Otherwise, you on your own folks.

06/09/12 @ 21:42
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]

It is almost time for you and your likes to evicted from where ever you are?


06/10/12 @ 02:02
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

As far as I am concerned, Meles can flatten the place and build his own bath room or factory instead. Where were these Neftegna Cyber bloggers when innocent Muslims were massacred on a broad day light?

06/10/12 @ 12:26
Comment from: sim [Visitor]

It is a quite facinating story, I must admit. But how once heritage and historical integrity like the monestery in waldiba would be compromised because of the implementation of sugar plantation in the area. I would imagine people who dwell in the region will welcome it as a good developement that is long over due. The economic opportunity is exponetially promising.

These days, for every development made in Ethiopia there is a protest coming out of the diaspora; some I should say who know nothing about the economics implication that such investment and development bring into the area.

06/12/12 @ 13:19
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]

Ato Yilma Bekele,
Sitting in a DC Starbucks and talking about Waldeba does not do you any good. Even the monks who reside in Waldeba Gedam don’t care about your cries. They are living in peace without listening to your garbage politics. Keep your dirty hands off them.

06/13/12 @ 14:15



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