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Ethiopia: Waldeba Monastery Vs Wolkayit Sugar



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Ethiopia: Waldeba Monastery Vs Wolkayit Sugar

Ethiopia: Waldeba Monastery Vs Wolkayit Sugar


Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Refrendum is needed for the land where the Orthodox church occupied by force from the locals by the help of Mr. Haile Silasie. I don’t think that the locals really needed tones of churches all over Ethiopia. If the locals apporves the existence of the church then they have to pay enough taxis for the land which they are using for the church purpose.
Today the Orthodox church is much more similar to jihadist Alqaeda by politisizing the religion as political podium.
The believers are much more connected all over Ethiopia to overturn the government and it will be the worst loss ever they will face in their life time.
Long live Ethipia

03/26/12 @ 23:13
Comment from: Woyne Eshet [Visitor]
Woyne Eshet

BREAKING NEWS: There is a feud between Sheik Al Amoudi, Abinet Gebremeskel, and the sold out TPLF servants in Washington D.C. regarding the TPLF fundraising soccer tournament this summer @ RFK Stadium. Al Amoudi and Abinet are demanding the return of all funds for the TPLF tournament after discovering that their servants were involved in money embezzlement and keeping them misinformed about the event. Sheik Al Amoudi and Abinet are also shocked by the negative attention that their event has gotten on Ethio media outlets such as VOA, Addis Dimts,DW Radio, ESAT, Ethio Review, and others. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK everyone including the Revolution League!!!

TPLF intelligence agency is also advising Al Amoudi to prevent any protest against the TPLF regime in D.C. The people of Ethiopia are already planning to start a huge pretest around major cities including one in Meskel Square Addis Ababa on July 1st. The TPLF regime has already started to divert the attention from the scheduled protest against the massacre, church-burning and land grabbing by sending anti-TPLF Ethiopian forces from the Oromo and Amhara tribes to fight in Somalia and Eritrea. The Prime Minister has also forced some generals to retire to prevent a suspected military coup this July.


03/26/12 @ 23:54
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

We really need religions revolution with a new idea and put out out those corrupt who thinks and belive for their own HODDAM interest.

03/27/12 @ 00:20
Comment from: DREDWA ETHIOPIA [Visitor]


ESAT NEWS = MERZ ” Nothing Come ouf this Nekersa news good @ all.

LOOK at them ?
They are all ready for Negative NEWS Everyday from MAMA ethiopia.Because Most off them they fell Badly.



03/27/12 @ 00:30
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Dengayatchew are you kidding .The Religious Institution which you are
treating as alqaeda is run by your own patriach Aba Diabilos .Hope next time you’ll call him Aba Beladin or
Aba Mollah Omar !!!

03/27/12 @ 00:42
Comment from: Jegnawe [Visitor]


I think before you write any comments on this web, you should go back to your elementary school and improve your English and spelling. No offence but your spelling and grammar is awful.

03/27/12 @ 02:00
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

rom: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Refrendum is needed for the land where the Orthodox church occupied by force from the locals by the help of Mr. Haile Silasie.

About which referendum you are talking about ?
Did TPLF make any referendum when he takes a part of Gondar ?
what do you think about TPLF demography ?

03/27/12 @ 02:29
Comment from: YeOromoLig [Visitor]

meles stole wolkayit from amharas to feed his lice infested hodam people. tigres are good for nothing. :)

03/27/12 @ 03:24
Comment from: [Member]

to Dagnachew Koru aka Goitom gebrai
Did you say Taxis? LOL
You must be the new Weyane cadre who just got his taxi license here in the U.S. Of course your master Shifta meles ቅዘናዊ will send you your allowance every month or so.
ወይ አናንተ የቁልቅዋል ጥጋብተኞች አሁንማ ወይ ከ ትምህርት እውቀት የላችሁ አንዲያው ከበረሃው ሰተት ብላችሁ ከተማ ገብታችሁ ከበረባርሶ እና ቁምጣ ወደ ናዝሬት ድረ-ገጽ ተሳዳቢነት ተሻሻላችሁ አይደል::
አንድ ያልገባችሁ ተላላዎች መሆናችሁን ማሳወቅ እፈልጋለሁ:: መለስ ሰይጣናዊ እንደ እናንተን ያለውን አድር ባይ አቃጣሪ ተጠቅሞ እግሬ አውጪኝ ሲል አሱንና ምናልባት በተሰቦቹን ብቻ ነው የሚያሸሸው::
ሁልሽም ተይዘሽ ትንጠለጠያለሽ ::
ሞት ለ መለስ እና አቃጣሪዎቹ ::

03/27/12 @ 03:30
Comment from: Abay Mado [Visitor]
Abay Mado

Water is life. Water is development and power. Water is the most valuable natural wealth any nation could have.

The biggest mistake/weakness we Ethiopians had in the past was and still is we have is that we are not giving the day today and always highest priority and determination to use the nation’s huge fresh water wealth for development. The problem we have and the world know about us is directly linked with water, fertile soil and good weather.

We have in a great and best dell these three very important substances not only for development but also existence of life on earth, in general. We, the people are not able to use them. Others do for themselves, why don’t we? What is wrong with us? Are we less than any human being by nature? We see elsewhere others are living the best life while doing the best thing for themselves? Nature made us rich. We made/are making ourselves poor and weak. Why don’t we change the things those don’t work started from our thinking.

Have you ever asked yoyrself saying “why others can but not us"? I do it every day and everytime when I see they can and have but we can’t and have not. The answer is simple, one and with us. That is us doing our things the right thing, the right time and the right way on the right place.

Ethiopia has abandoned fresh water, huge fertile land and the best weather in the Tropic. Yet, we are unable even to satisfy our natural basic needs such as food, water, cloth and shelter. This is our weakness; I believe no normal human being would do such bad things against him/herself in the 21- century.

So, the Ethiopian present and future must/has to take the nation water wealth as the centre of the biggest/fundamental resources for progress. We have to use every water resources until the last drop for development.

We have to have modern knowledge and approaches in the water sector. Ethiopia needs one of the best if not the best university to train students and institution to use the best way our water for development. The Ethiopian highland which is the source of the nation water wealth, fertile soil and nice weather, must serve the nation up to its capacities/creation.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter it is in Bête Mengist in Addis Ababa or waldiba Gedam, any water resources we have must be taped/used for development. The rivers around Waldiab Gedams are flown out of the country for centuries to reach the Nile in order to benefit the desert people. The desert people In Egypt built thousands years ago the most sophisticated and best civilization because of the Ethiopian Highland water and mineral rich soil.

But, we are not even in a position to satisfy our basic needs in the 21-century. Why? Who is to blame here? No one but ourselves. We are not doing the things supposed to do them for our benefit. The problem is no one and nothing but us, the people.

The situation which is against development around the Waldiba Gedam clarifies how we are behaving including towards the very serious and useful once. Any wise, normal and cleaver human being would appreciate the government for doing this and would do anything to help including as laborer. But, they are trying to stop it. This is a kind of mental sickness unable to think the right way for the right things.

Don’t prolong the process, complicate the situation and increase the cost. The dam construction must and have to continue with full of effort, determination and self confidence. We have to do our thing by ourselves as others are doing their own.

This century old stupidity and weak approach towards ourselves must stop. Any water resource the nation has must serve first us. We have to take care of us first and for most as other are doing for themselves. Egypt is doing everything mainly criminal acts against us to get our water for free. They are doing this because of do they care about themselves and taking the mater very seriously and doing anything to benefit themselves.

But, we the owner of the water, do nothing significant for ourselves. We are looking others face and feeling to do the right thing for ourselves. If they don’t agree we just stop doing things for us and as a result we remain poor and weak. We also are asking permissions from others to use our own water wealth which is in our country. We are asking also others for discussion and sign document order we able to use the left over from our own water wealth after the outsiders got enough from it. This is really not a normal human being thinking and behavior. Only the lazy, stupid and weak behave this way.

So, all rivers in and around waldiba and in the country must be stopped from flowing out of the country. The three waldiba rivers must remain in Ethiopia to serve Ethiopians including the waldiba Gedam residents.

The Ethiopian government has to explain and make understand these people about the benefit of Irrigation; I’m guessing they have no idea about irrigation and modern development except the primitive ones they are using and living with it in the mental backwardness self creating world.. They also must get knowledge about using Irrigation. They also need to get knowledge preserving soil from erosion. They also need to get water pumps. They also have to get the best food items such as fruit, vegetables and the likes suitable for the area to grow them using Irrigation.

Other than that hard talk will solve nothing. It drags all of us behind. Stop dealing the situation with the kind of quarrelling or point scoring talk approach. Speed it up the job you are doing including the dam construction. The ignorant must be learnt using any methods including the hard and decisive ones until they healed from their backwardness and trouble maker attitudes.

You cannot make the poor rich with poor approach. You cannot make the weak strong with weak approach. You cannot make the ignorant wise with ignorant approach. The point is that don’t approach the obstacles and the problems the way they wanted to be approached but the way how it has to be and good for the nation future.

03/27/12 @ 03:40
Comment from: tariku [Visitor]

i just can’t believe how low this kimalam tigre go to make a buck.these monastaries,gedams,and churches are what define ethiopia.we are loosing our identyty and history right before our eyes.


i might uderstand the support of the genOcidal kimalam banda by another banda-cadre, BUT TO WHAT EXTENT?

03/27/12 @ 04:17
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

The need to reform for the Ethiopian Orthodox church is not only land position. The church has failed the Ethiopian people in modern times while they were supposed to be the guiding star to get involved in economic and social issues that have choked the country for too long.

The old system is incompatible to modern Ethiopia and it is time the church to reform and adjust to new realities for her own sake and the people she represents.

03/27/12 @ 06:18
Comment from: Tigist [Visitor]

ETV never tell the truth.They don’t care about the tax payer Ethiopian people.They always pass wrong information. What a lie ETV. This is clear for all of us what Woyane is doing to our church. Well, this time Woyane starts fighting with God.Good luck woye!!you will get it.

03/27/12 @ 08:24
Comment from: Belete [Visitor]

esat ewnetm isat what is with all the excitement about fire/isat in ethiopia…if you ask me as to who is behind those fires i will suspect elias kifle group who dismounted telephone poles and posted the pictures on E.R..

03/27/12 @ 09:59
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

Dagnachew Koru,

You are Aram cheka BANDA that is all you are. You don’t deserve a reply comment to you diarrhea of the mouth.


03/27/12 @ 12:28
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

The Ethiopian people should reach on consensus on how to redistribute land owned by orthodox church which Hailesillasie illegally offered them through out his ruling time. They own huge huge amount of land in most towns of the country. This land should be redistributed in proportional manner to other religions or it should be used for public purpose.

03/27/12 @ 12:42
Comment from: mekdes [Visitor]

you should watch your mouth. God gave us all the things we asked and the only thing he asks for is to worship him.Lantem egeziabher lebona yesteh. If it was your house in the risk of flooding or other stuff you would worry, ask all sorts of questions.

God bless yoou

03/27/12 @ 13:57
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]


03/27/12 @ 15:58
Comment from: HowtoLearn [Visitor]

To Abay Mado,

Do you think that your piece of idea can be achieved through destruction of historical heritage. Your review appears to be nice but not by the means that the current ruling parting is being governed. Every project should involve the willingness and active participation of local community. I wonder if you see it at least from this point of view.

My view is to just see all critically from all side. Even I can mention so many projects that are currently affecting local community which were supposed to provide a lot of opportunity to the nearby people. Therefore Do Not decide on the fate of people without full knowledge of the incident.

I did not see any thing good from the gov of Ethiopia so far however your idea is cool.

03/27/12 @ 21:14
Comment from: isreal [Visitor]


I like to thank you for your comments.
Those who want to learn and become a positive force can enlighten themselves, but those who refuse to accept the truth continue became DINGIAY RAS and make obnoxious statments and false claim aganist the government,take for example ESAT,Ethiopian Review.This groups enjoy making BERE WOLEDE stories,furthermore they cry why we are poor while they refuse to contribute their fair share .NThe more you know about them the more you appreiciate the governments efforts to develope the country and keep this group at bay,all they know is a false sense of “Human Rights","Democracy” no developmental projects,no work but talk Blame ..Blame..
accusation and more.Others try to discourage those who mis-spell or made grammar error,shame on them.

03/27/12 @ 21:59
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Abay Mado

I don’t believe you understand what this is all about. This is not about development or utilizing water resources. This is an outright, deliberate, dangerous attack on the Amhara regions, their sacred religious places & the Orthodox religion itself. First they incorporate the fertile part of Gondar town (welkait) as Tigray region, then they are way too desperate to develop the only stolen fertile land in their entire region at any cost. Plan includes eradicating evidence from these monasteries at any cost! Centuries old documentations, scriptures, EVIDENCE which is vital in disproving TPLF’s claim to welkait plus many other falsifications that TPLFs are actively engaged in!!

Don’t be simple minded, there are abundant fertile land, water resources in the country as you CLAIM so why not tap into that, leave these sacred places alone? Do you believe burning, tampering with 100s, 1000s of years old monasteries, destroying people’s heritage is development, eh? You have to respect the will, belief, need, wants, rights of the people you are trying to serve. As you keep saying Ethiopia has abundant water resources so why not use it without doing damage, causing distress? Ethiopian’s unwillingness to use her abundant water resources NEVER caused our poverty! That is unheard of, outlandish claim. I am not here to discuss why Ethiopia remains bottom pile on planet earth but to remind you that you need to adjust your own ways of reasoning FIRST before asking others to do the same. Better still, before asking others to totally disregard, abandon their centuries old religion, culture, identity, monasteries etc.

Where I live, before you tamper with such priceless historical sites (If you are allowed to tamper with such places in the first place), you need to do PUBLIC consultations amongest a million and one other things!! You don’t just decide to plant sugar cane in sacred, historical sites and sing development.

@ Dagnachew koru aka Tigray wannabe naive foolish Dorze

I never expect your Caucasian invented, developed, advanced imported Pentecostal religion or liar/retarded followers like yourself to RESPECT, say decent words about the historic, traditional, Sacred, holly Orthodox church. Your Pentecostal institutions are full of worldly, plastic zombies who dance and scream gibberish in the church. They use Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, 50s cent, Shaggy’s etc etc style of disrespectful, worldly rhythms to worship God. Your institutions are full of paedophiles, murderers, rapists, liars, racist whites, homosexuals, slave traders, thieves, pretty much the devil institutions who could NOT careless about your jet balck a$$ or religion.

Do you know these so called demonic institutions are main culprits for the misery, destitution, total destruction of the black race globally? They use fools like you to hate your own culture, people, identity, history & play you like a ball in the name of religion that they’d invented. They throw at you their evil cash, their crumbs, second hand clothing so that you can be suited, booted, go around from village to village carrying a bible, tantalizing the poor, spreading garbage against the Ethiopian orthodox church, brainwash destitute people. Then you come here & open your filthy mouth.

You better not get all to carried away hiding behind those TPLF chimps you foolish, naive Dorze. If you repeat that trash you wrote above in 96% Orthodox Tigray region, they will hang you upside down and shot your a$$ in a second. No amount of TPLF “cadre badge” will save you then. They employed you to clap for them NOT to overstep your territory. You better stick to your poor dorze folks, stop pretending to be Tigray, punk. Hope you remember what the fierce Agazi lady told you!

I will leave you with one very wise African Chief’s famous statement re the pentecostal slave traders who kept Africa, the entire black race poor, destitute:

… “When the white men came, they asked us to kneel down, close our eyes and join them in prayers; When it was all over and we opened our eyes we had their BIBLE and they had our LAND".

03/28/12 @ 09:28
Comment from: Abay Mado [Visitor]
Abay Mado


Thank you for your understanding and good word last time and this time, too. You can be the best Example to those we all know them that they have to know Criticism doesn’t exist without appreciation. They have to learn appreciate us when one of us, some of us and if possible all of us doing well. But, they don’t. They are opposing always everything forgetting/unknowing the word supporting is there.

Stupid, jealous, ignorant, unhappy, failed and with many other setbacks and bad behaviors see first and exercising the most behaviors such as Complying, criticizing, opposing. But, my dear, you are free from that. This is the best sign that you have hope in life looking the best in the future. Meaning you are a happy and positive person to day and every day. Stay this way. This is good for you, people around you and Ethiopia, too.

Melkam Qen.

How to Learn:

I think, I understand your point. But have you seen the situation by yourself in different ways? Are you measuring the Ethiopian current situation with let say USA and Europe, today? If you do I think you are comparing something which is there with nothing which is not there. If you are a west educated and want to apply/use your skill in Ethiopia, don’t do it with its face values the way they give you and you received it.

Use, your intellectual capacity to analyze and understand the Ethiopian situation to deal with the Issue accordingly. Meaning you have to be a leader, teacher, worker and example with good to those have no idea about the modern world and how the things are working in the 21-century.

I think if you can go back in Europe, during Napoleon era, after I world war, and after Second World War until the end of 1960s, we can learn from them in order to do in our way in our country.

Back then Europe was with scatters village. To give the population electricity, water, sanitation, education, health care and the likes, it was necessary to dismantle scattered villages. Europe became the way it is now by taking time after time decisive and measure decisions and actions for the sake of the nation not for individuals.

Some Europeans are criticizing Ethiopia today about anything we are doing including scattered village and land issues to develop the nation and benefit the population. Yet, they did they think including the above mentioned in a short period of time with aggressive approach and completed in a short period of time. Those complying know this is going to work and they don’t want Ethiopia to be free from poverty and backwardness. As far as your attitude towards the government, I think this is the time to see the situation and approach the water the way are producing something positive both sides.

Enough with “Enka Sle Kantya". This childish behavior caused by undeveloped brain, being uncivilized or addicted with negative and bad habits.

We have to take our matter in our hand and do by ourselves. Period.

Instead of criticizing the government while living in abroad, have you tried supporting the government, talk frankly your point and bring change within in a peaceful and respectful way?

Keselamta Gar.


These are some Facts about Egypt.

-arable land: 3% ; - grass land: less that 2% ; - wooded area: 0,1% ; - arid land and desert: ca 95%
-agriculture: labour force: 34% PG: 42%; - part of agriculture in GDP: 17-18%
- agricultural products: cotton, rice, maize, sugar, meat, beans, fruits, wheat, vegetables
- livestock (million): asses: 3 buffalos: 3,4 camels: 0,1 cattle: 3,5 ducks: 9 goats: 3,3 pigeons: 10 poultry: 99 sheep: 4,4

-livestock (million): asses: 3 buffalos: 3,4 camels: 0,1 cattle: 3,5 ducks: 9 goats: 3,3 pigeons: 10 poultry: 99 sheep: 4,4
-mountains: Gebel Katherina 2637 m, Gebel Mûsa (Mt. Sinai) 2285, Gebel Shâyib el Banât 2187
-owest point: 133 m below sea level (Qattâra depression)
-lakes (artificial reservoirs): Buheirit Nâsir (Lake Nasser
- rivers: Nile
-canals: Suez Canal, Tur’at el Ismailiya
-waterfalls: none

Comparing with Ethiopia.:

98% Ethiopian highland is Arable. 1.9% is forest or grassland and 0.1% is high and quality stony mountain which is the reason why Ethiopia has good weather and lots of rain. The Ethiopian highland is the command centre for the nations fundamental issues of existence and development such as rain, good weather and fertile soil.

Egypt has only 3% of the country territory as an arable land which is less than 28.000 km2. This is almost the size Gambella has. Yet, look the labor force, the Agriculture products and livestock dependent on this piece of land.

Furthermore, they have only one River which the Nile. As everyone knows During less rainy season 86% and during much rainy season up to 95% Nile water in Egypt comes from Ethiopia. And water is the basic and first substance for life (animal including human and plants) and then development any human activities.

Yet, despite their resources are limited to the very minimum and they have no a single river/water source in their county(in their hand), Egyptians are doing the best. They are producing in one place up to five times a year. 95% their territory is dry, hot and dead desert meaning valueless.

What we can and have to learn from this is that understanding not only how big or small/much or less our resources are but also how we are using the resources we have. If we know how to think, observe and understand the situation the right way and place on time, Ethiopia has huge resources at all levels. Ethiopia also has huge number of work force. But, the biggest problem is that Ethiopia also has very few quality of people while the rest are there just being look like humans.

If we know how to do the things, everything is in our hand with us. Therefore, we must know doing the best for us. The waldiba Gedam must support this kind approach not hindering and staying as usual destitute, weak, backward and low level in modern human standard.

03/28/12 @ 11:41
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Dagnachew Kuru:
Derg was the champian in this area. He took back the public property from those thieves given to them by another islamophobic unfair biased so called king of one religion H.Selassie.

Because of this act Ethiopia became starving country known in the world.
1/3 of the country’s land became unproductive brought about starvation in the country. This is what now the remnants fight for to come back.

Why would you robe people’s land and give it to unproductive lazy church people. Just to dement them this way so that he can rule us for 50 years without progress.

I know some of you hate honesty and it’s sour to swallow it. You don’t love your country. You love your religion and yourself only. You push others to the limit to create South Ethiopia like South Sudan. Northern Sudan imposed their religion on the Southern and today you see two Sudans. You don’t think this will apply to current Ethiopia too? Mubarek this same to Egyptian and today he is fighting for his life.

Do you know that there are 57,000 coptic churches in Ethiopia.
You might ask about mosques and if there are then demolish most of them. So do these extremely huge churches. By the way only very few mosques are big. We do not need anything in excess. We need school in thousands.

03/28/12 @ 16:32
Comment from: Reality [Visitor]

Why they choose that place from all the other area? There are a lot of rivers in Ethiopia. Why the religious area?

03/28/12 @ 16:33
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Revolt, Revolt, Revolt against abuse, land thief and greedy Woyane Beasts!!

Tigreas should stay in Tigray zone.

Dagnachew Koru

Aka Gebray Kiflom from Adwa. Land in Tigray is bad now you are creating all the excuses to steal form other Ethiopians. Who gave Woyanes the right to steal land from churches, monasteries, and citizens?

Emperor Hailesellasie and all before him gave land to citizens now Woyane is stealing. Since the creation of Ethiopia land ownership was distributed among citizens and government.
Now Land thief Meles inherited land from another land thief Mengistu and kept it for his advantage. He made Ethiopia a ONE MAN LAND.

That policy has failed and it is not acceptable.

This heinous land theft Woyane is socked up into must be stopped.
Only revolution is the solution.

People are being hurt and are angry. The heartless government must Go.

Who is doing all this crimes? Woyanes against the whole citizens.

Revolution, Revolution, Revolution, Revolution, Revolution, Revolution!!
Referendum is needed to take land out of Woyane regime and into Ethiopians citizens. That is what the US and Europe were telling Meles to do.

03/28/12 @ 20:14
Comment from: [Member]


03/28/12 @ 20:44
Comment from: Inquiry [Visitor]

I am not against civilization and technology. However, if civilization leads to the break up between God and the people, we would rather be poor and happy as we have always been than western materialism. Ethiopia has been a spiritual nation from the very beginning unlike the western Christianity ( the whore of Babylon the great) also known as the catholic or Vatican. Prime minster Meles doesn’t always exercise his own power, he also takes orders from foreign powers to do exactly what he is being told. To his mind, may be he is thinking of advancing the country, however the hidden agenda is quite different from what it appears. The recent war with our brothers Somalia and Eritrea attests to that fact. God wants love to rule the world instead of the pyramidal structure where ungodly devil worshiping people be on the top( Antichrist). So when it comes to developing the country or selling the land to foreigners it is also good to consult the local sages in the monasteries than listen only to the ungodly foreigners. For the local sages know the agenda far more better than the so called educated or indoctrinated people by a worldly philosophy such as socialism or other doctrines our leaders follow which never worked for us.

03/28/12 @ 21:43
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Dagnachew Kuru remind you of grave mistakes committed by feudal king of one religion by giving the public lands for free to non-productive lazy coptics while depossessing the majority Ethiopians of their lands. What’s wrong with this statement?

If you are really true coptic with spiritual (forget about your evil insults on others for this moment) wouldn’t you support fairness on this land irrespective of religion and race. If not then your are not coptic follower. You practice evil which is me, me, me, me, first.

You see most of you attacked this secular coptic fiercely. You want the public land, you want the country in your religion, culture and what else? Time will judge you children. You headed to ruin the country by your hate. Embrace your distorted history and take you nowhere.

03/28/12 @ 22:09
Comment from: saqualmadi [Visitor]

Thank you all Ethiopians;

Hello there;

This time,the enemy is gravitating itslef towards its eternal death because it is standing infront of the gate of hell.Let the enemy open the door,we shall then push it into its eternal home from which it will never come out alive.Death to the enemy of Ethiopia!

Mark our words! Zinawi and Al Amoudi will stand side by side in their respective prisoner’s box infront of millions of Ethiopians and will receive punishments for their respective crimes that they committed agianst holy fathers and monks.Al Amoudi,when he smuggled into Ethiopia,of course,being an alien to the land and a stranger to the people,he was in constant contact with the kings and senior sheiks on how he would penetrate into the society that this land held and nourished the holy habitats for thousands of years and beyond that.

We will not let Al Amoudi and Zinawi destroy God’s home;we will not allow Al Amoudi destroy our churches and our spiritual gadamats;we will not allow Al Amoudi destroy our country.All Ethiopians rise up against the enemies and rest your mighty feast on their head and push them down to hell with the almighty force that you received from our dear lord,God.

The enemies, on the final day of their life in the land they invaded 21 years ago, they are in a rush to destroy the life of our people and the country they envied for thousands of years.Mark our words,Al Amoundi will not go back to the kings and the sheiks who sent him to Ethiopia for a devilish purpose.The dreams of the demons shall be shattered by sons and dauthers of the fatheres who fought aginst the enemies tooth and nail and defeated all them to their dark death.The disappearance of girls from schools,homes,kabales,villages,and streets has been remained a puzzle to millions of Ethiopians as who was the gand satan doing this evil deeds to Ethiopia,but later was found that an alien was sent to the holy lands to poison and kill the society that kept its faith for melina by will of God.45,000 children of ours,all ages,babies,little girls,and young women were packed in cargo planes sent to kings and the sheiks for all kinds of purpose including for sex consumption and satisfaction.Now that millionso of Ethiopians witnessed to their deep sorrow in their hearts that 78,000 of Ethiopians evicted from their life and sent out to streets to make easier for the devil that is residing in our homeland and motherland to send these homeless little an tiny girls to the kings and sheiks for a devlish consuption.

Zinawi hopelessly knows that it just a matter of time that he will end up in the hands of Ethiopians and receive what he deserves to receive.Al Amoudi still has remained devil’s nightmare on families and farmers forgetting he judgment day is coming to him from all directions;no way out to where he was smuggled from.Amen.

03/28/12 @ 22:21
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]


Is it fair to criticise dagnachew only about his language usage? What about the other guys?

If you don’t like his ideas, just say it!!!


Girger 7

03/29/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: Garii [Visitor]

The land, the military and church are the three things that has been used to rule the south. Woyannes control two of them and the only left is church. Meles wants to control fully church either by over taking or desroying. The overtake thing was not as ggod as the woyanne likes . Therefore the only option left is to destroy it.

03/29/12 @ 13:38



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