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Ethiopia: Washington Update



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Ethiopia: Washington Update

Ethiopia: Washington Update

By Mesfin Mekonen

Last week we spoke with a senior official of the United States State Department regarding the current situation in Ethiopia. The official told me that the status is one of waiting to see what the change in head of government of Ethiopia will mean over the next year or so.

We think that Ethiopia needs continuing encouragement for democratization and respect for human rights. And he agreed.

Congress has postponed the scheduled hearing on Ethiopia because of events in Libya and Syria and other events that have piled up while national elections in the USA are proceding. Not much can happen until after the elections but we will keep you apprised of developments as they occur.

Ethiopia’s projects for development of its Blue Nile resources has been a topic in the international press as of late. Some rumors of a deal allowing Egypt to attack Ethiopia from Sudanese soil have been circulating.
Ethiopian waters of the Blue Nile have flowed for millennia north to the Mediterranean Sea nourishing Egyptian agriculture.

The rumors have been rebutted by the government of Egypt itself. In recent a news report from All Africa ( we have read:

Egypt's state minister for military production, Rida Hafiz, on Monday strongly denied the allegations the veracity of allegations that his country had reached an agreement with neighboring Sudan to use its territories as a launchpad for potential attacks on Ethiopian damming facilities over the dispute of Nile water-sharing. He said that they are "totally bare of truth". According to Egypt's state-run news agency MENA, Hafiz added that the report is "designed to disturb Egyptian-Ethiopian relations."

We will keep on monitoring this very important matter.

The United Nations speech by Haile Mariam Desalegn, the designated Prime Minister successor to Meles, was one in which he promised to continue the policies of the late Meles Zenawi’s regime. We will also keep monitoring the new prime minister’s activities – as long as he remains the prime minister.

Ethiopia’s opposition political parties are all talking with one another; and we are urging further democratization and respect for one another. We need to focus on cooperation and working together for the good of the nation. We support all those who are working for significant democratic change in Ethiopia. Pointing fingers at other members of the opposition is not helpful in reaching that goal.

Change will come from inside Ethiopia and not outside. Our task is to support those in Ethiopia who are struggling to achieve positive and peaceful change.


Comment from: Kebede [Visitor]

Change only come from inside, it is absolutely true. The outside may influence inside to shape its behaviors. I wonder whether the writer how much has made and attempt to work in Ethiopia than talking someone from White House as magic bullet to bring change within one day in all concerns. As any the American Democracy is yet growing and it did not end to grow. This is the fact and through in all countries politics. Particularly, in a Country like Ethiopia, democratization process may take more time, particularly working within the country to avoid constraints affecting the development of democratization. One of the factors affecting democratization process may be the level of development now the country is existing. If this truth, the country may not come out by any means to the stage democratization many people dreaming by digging the whole outsiders to impose aid ban that save millions’ of people living in between death and life. This behavior is non-excusable inhuman behaviors some people needs to shape than blame the government to do everything they need than actually the context needs the government to do and prioritize. I think Mesfin Mekonen needs to preach more for that if he is thinking to contribute something to our nation.

10/07/12 @ 14:18
Comment from: Mamo [Visitor]

Hi loser, are you still dreaming that you may be a relevant voice in Ethiopia’s affair? LOSER! Nobody cares what you think or whom you talked to in your dreams. You are the worst of all losers, a person who shedes crocodile tear, a free rider whose onle real job is to hastle, and maybe, to pimp. Just shut the F up and get a real job and then get lost. Who The F*** do you think cares what the f*** you think. NO ONE! LOSER cab driver!!

10/07/12 @ 18:10
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Ethiopia is heading the right way same way the great PM left his position “Our Great Enemy is Poverty” so lets join and eradicate our main enemy for good,

10/07/12 @ 20:27
Comment from: Agonafer [Visitor]

If you spoke about rights to a senior official of the United States State Department I say you chose a wrong person to speak with about rights.America is not what it seems like regarding human rights. 4.4 million Americans who’ve completed their sentences and are denied their right to vote. . Today, the US is 5% of the World population and has 25% of world prisoners.In the upcoming election African Americans make up 13.6 percent of the U.S. population .African Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population.African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites.Together, African American and Hispanics comprised 58% of all prisoners in 2008, even though African Americans and Hispanics make up approximately one quarter of the US population. One in six black men had been incarcerated as of 2001. If current trends continue, one in three black males born today can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime
1 in 100 African American women are in prison.Nationwide, African-Americans represent 26% of juvenile arrests, 44% of youth who are detained, 46% of the youth who are judicially waived to criminal court, and 58% of the youth admitted to state prisons (Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice).5 times as many Whites are using drugs as African Americans, yet African Americans are sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of Whites. African Americans serve virtually as much time in prison for a drug offense (58.7 months) as whites do for a violent offense (61.7 months).35% of black children grades 7-12 have been suspended or expelled at some point in their school careers compared to 20% of Hispanics and 15% of whites. * About $70 billion dollars are spent on corrections yearly
* Prisons and jails consume a growing portion of the nearly $200 billion we spend annually on public safety

10/08/12 @ 00:37
Comment from: lil [Visitor]

Mamo killo, if the US freeze’s Amoudis account or block the FDI coming to Ethiopia then we are dead since most of the dollar comes to Ethiopia by FDI or NGO’s so that means they are relevant whether we like them or not

10/08/12 @ 07:27
Comment from: Marsha [Visitor]  

Mamo YOUR are right. Mesfin Mekonen is a loser. Who cares about you Mesfin and HIS fabricated senior-official says.

10/08/12 @ 07:52
Comment from: [Member]

When we are running from you guys , from your politics and intolerance you followed us. America opens the door for all of us to vote. Do not write me your updates. I do not care for that. I can learn about American policy from C-Span and the free press. First teach me how to be tolerant among yourselves as oppositions. Show me your civility first. I wish you knew how tired I am of your hate poltics, CHIKCIK and Ras Mitat for the last 30 years. At least be civilized in the West!

10/13/12 @ 19:08



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