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Ethiopia: Washington Update



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Ethiopia: Washington Update

Ethiopia: Washington Update

By Mesfin Mekonen

Reports from Ethiopia from the All Ethiopia Unity Party indicate that suppression of independent political activity is becoming more severe. Opposition supporters are being jailed and beaten. The Electoral Board is meddling in the internal activities of opposition parties. Journalists have come under sustained attack, leading to self-censorship, and in some cases, to flight from Ethiopia. As reported by US State Department, the illegal searches; use of excessive force by security services in an internal conflict and counterinsurgency operations; restrictions on freedom of the press; arrest, detention, and harassment of journalists; restrictions on freedom of assembly and association; In addition to threats to human rights and democracy, the Meles regime's mismanagement of the economy is creating serious problems. Recent reports that the government will nationalize all land could destabilize the nation's banking system, causing a cascade of problems that will lead to massive bankruptcies and the likelihood of currency devaluation.

The U.S. State Department is well aware of the situation. It continues to receive reports about the deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia. While the State Department is certain to document these reports, and may make official statements condemning them, the U.S. government is unlikely to take strong action as long as the Meles regime is perceived to be actively cooperating in the "war on terror." The priorities of the U.S. government are spelled out in a congressional report on the Defense authorization act for 2012 that was passed this week. It gives the Pentagon authority to "enhance the capacity of the national military forces, security agencies serving a similar defense function, and border security forces of Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya to conduct counterterrorism operations against al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda affiliates, and al Shabaab."

Members of Congress and congressional staff have also received reports about the deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia. Hearings, and possibly legislation, are likely in 2012. In the final analysis, only Ethiopians can solve Ethiopia's problems. Attention from the U.S. Congress could, however, help to focus attention on Ethiopia, to send a message from the U.S. government about the Meles regime's mismanagement of assistance and the instability that its policies are creating.
It is most important that we keep up the constant contact with our members of Congress. We have a task that cannot end until the President signs an act voted by Congress clearly stating American support for Ethiopian democracy. We must persevere.


Comment from: Toga [Visitor]

Melese Zenawi is sleepless. He is sending everybody to prison to avoid mass revolt. Little he knows that mass revolt erupts in unpredictable way. Ethiopia is ripe for such event. The brutality is at its climax, and so is the determination of the people.As a matter of fact, Melese and his homeboys are helping the situation by intensifying the brutality. All we have to do is get organised and wait for the moment. We will capture him alive. Until he stands trial for all the cold blooded murders, there won’t be peace. Let the savagely murdered rest in peace.

12/19/11 @ 04:07
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Mesfin mekonnen, you got your points wrong, I tried to figure out what makes people like you twist things. I just couldnt comprehend why you guys keep on portraying such a negative image of Ethiopian political system. The country is enjoying the democratisation process, right now some political grous and people who claim to be “journalists” are trying to hijack the hard earned freedom in Ethiopia. the vast majority of people seem to be enjoying the existing peace, stability and economic development.

No silly tricks and hate campaign will make us believe your irrational analysis. Ethiopian politics has been liberalised since 1991, and I give credit to the EPRDF and its leadership.

Keep on opposing, but we the people know whats going on in our country, federalism and plurality is the tone of the era, together we the natins and nationalities and people of Ethiopia are building a strong, stable and strong Ethiopia.

We have already ousted the brutal regime in 1991, now is time for us the people to enjoy the peace and stability, the current pro poor policy of the government is being built on the graveyard of the Dergue. some of you who used to support the Dergue and previous repressive feudal regimes are trying to take us back to the darkest era, and our response is this. No way, we will not go back to the era of poverty, civil war and dictatorship.

Now we are able to govern ourselves, we are developing our culture. We are using our language, etc

12/19/11 @ 15:09
Comment from: taking advantage on voiceless [Visitor]
taking advantage on voiceless

The tigray cadres and spies took all the Amhara lands with robbed Money by taking Amhara lands by using investments as excuse. They are terrorising and murdering Amharas every day.
Can you find any Amharas in tigray for investments? No. Nothing at all. The current foolish government is causing problems betwee amhara and tigray not to live together for the future.

12/19/11 @ 15:37
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]

If all of the world is runing out of natural resources why would the American congress get bothered about the human rights of Ethiopians or give support for Ethiopians democracy . I personally think it would be better for USA to let the Meles regime stay in power and weaken Ethiopia so The world can easily get whatever natural resources and human resources Ethiopia still has left.

12/19/11 @ 17:08
Comment from: Solo [Visitor]


As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, just join them” i don’t know who is going to out smart Melles, he is waaaaay ahead of the game and his enemies. Just forget about power and join the men and women who are working day and night to get the country out of poverty.

12/19/11 @ 18:06
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

There will be no peacefull power transition in Ethiopia as long as Meles is alive. He missed the chance in 2005 and due to his crime of looting and killing, he will never and ever give power alive and willingly. He ends like the last communist leader of Romania - dragged out of Menelik palace dead or alive with his greedy wife by angry/hungry Ethiopians. It is just a matter of time.

12/19/11 @ 18:55
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Let Washington fix its own problem.

12/19/11 @ 18:58
Comment from: [Member]

Mr. Mekonen you nailed it right. It is our duty as well as our love for our motherland to reach out to our respective Senators and state and federal reps to bring our complaint for the human right abuse by the “Thugtator”
I will definetely send an email to my state’s Senator.

Down with tyranny
Down with TPLF and its stooges.
Long live mother Ethiopia.

12/21/11 @ 13:45
Comment from: Uloos [Visitor]

To” Afarman". Is the Red Sea Port of Mussawa part of your Afar? I think you are Tigreman. How could speak about progress and development if you are Ethiopian Afar?is it up in the sky?Infact Afar is the only place in the world where Adam&Eve will recognize if they came back to the World today.It is a place devoid of signs of civilization

12/21/11 @ 23:47



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