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Ethiopia: Advocate of US Congress Ethiopia bill visit's Ethiopia's arch-enemy



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Ethiopia: Advocate of US Congress Ethiopia bill visit's Ethiopia's arch-enemy


CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA - For anyone knowledgeable about Ethiopian affairs, even the word "Eritrea" sparks emotional controversy. Eritrea, now a sovereign nation was once a part of Ethiopia until 1993 when a legal United Nations led referendum declared the country an independent nation.

Ethiopia's military leader, Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, was ousted in a revolution led by a rebel group known as the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) - Ethiopia's current ruling party - in May 1991. The rebels, led by, now, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia were instrumental in the decline of Colonel Mengistu's downfall and were proponents of Eritreans in their plans to leave the Ethiopian union.

Eritrea's independence fight was led by a variety of Eritrean rebel groups in the 1960s; however the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) rose as the most powerful Eritrean guerilla front. The EPLF had close ties to the EPRDF in their common fight against Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, albeit their purposes were starkly different. The EPLF fought for Eritrean independence while the EPRDF fought for Ethiopian democratic rule; however they worked with each other, understanding that their immediate obstacle was the Government of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam.

As the EPRDF freedom fighters ascended on Jimma Road in Addis Ababa on May 28, 1991 many of Ethiopia's citizens were uncertain as for Ethiopia's future. 17 years later, Ethiopia is Africa's fastest growing non-oil economy and boasts an ethnic federalism form of government which, at least many will agree in principal, is the right solution for Ethiopia's ethno-linguistic diversity.

Nevertheless, the EPRDF-EPLF friendship continued from 1991 - 1997 when economic issues between trade agreements arose. Tension was very clear and in 1998 Eritrea attacked the Ayder School in Mekelle, the capital of the State of Tigray, Ethiopia. The attack caused a stir of mixed emotions, outrage and disappointment. The state and federal governments were outraged that innocent students were killed over a disagreement between the two governments while at the same time they were disappointed that the attack came from a friend-turned-foe.

The two countries reportedly spent one million US Dollars a day on a which ended in the signing of the 12 December 2000 Algiers Peace Agreement; a peace accord brokered by the US, EU, UN and AU. Ever since the 1998 Eritrean invasion of Ethiopia the two countries have cut off all types of relations and are effectively each other's arch-enemies. This is in contrast to the views of many citizens of the two once sisterly nations. Many Ethiopians have close Eritrean friends and vise versa.

House Resolution 2003, the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007, a bill sponsored and written by US Representative Donald M. Payne, aims to "promote democracy and accountability" while its opponents would beg to differ. While both reasons for supporting and opposing the bill seem rational, after January 3, 2008's meeting between the bill's sponsor and Ethiopia's arch-enemy's President, the HR 2003 opponents have much to talk about.

On January 3, 2008, the bill's sponsor and author, US Representative Donald M. Payne (D-NJ) went to Eritrea on an official visit and met with the President of Eritrea, Mr. Isaias Afwerki. According to Eritrea's Ministry of Information: " Congressman Donald Payne explained on his part that it is his conviction and repeatedly stated stance that since the EEBC ruling is final and binding, it should be implemented and, as such, the US government is duty bound to put sufficient pressure on the Ethiopian government to bear the EEBC’s ruling."

This is a very interesting position Representative Payne has taken since most Ethiopians, including members of the Prime Minister's party, oppose the ruling of the Ethiopia Eritrea Boundary Commission as well as the original signing of the 2000 Algiers Peace Agreement. Many Ethiopians, including former Minister of Defense Mr. Siye Abraha, strongly oppose the EEBC as well as the agreement and view it as "anti-Ethiopian" while others argue it was imperative that Ethiopia sign the agreement as negative repercussions were evident.

While that topic is still being debated, one cannot help but ask why is the author of a bill that is considered punitive towards Ethiopia making an official visit to a country considered to be Ethiopia's enemy? Without making too much of a judgment, I would like to hear what you, the readers, think about Donald Payne's visit to Asmara and what implications, if any, that has for his image amongst the Ethiopian, Ethiopian-American and pro-HR 2003 community?

Read the Eritrean Ministry of Information article below:


Asmara, 3 January 2008 – President Isaias Afwerki today received and held talks at the Denden Hall with Mr. Donald Payne, Member of the House of Representatives in the US Congress.

In the meeting, the two sides held extensive discussion on Eritrean-US relations, the situation in the region, in general, and the Eritrean-Ethiopian border issue, in particular.

The President pointed out that the Eritrean-Ethiopian border issue has reached a legal conclusion in accordance with the Boundary Commission’s final and binding ruling. He further indicated that the detailed map that clearly specifies the exact location where the pillars would be erected has been presented to both sides and the United Nations, thus not only providing a legal and technical conclusion to the issue but also identifying in the map the sovereign Eritrean and Ethiopian territories. President Isaias went on to underline that the remaining task is the withdrawal of the invading Ethiopian forces from sovereign Eritrean territory. He also reminded the US government to apply pressure on the TPLF regime to withdraw its troops from Eritrean territory.

Noting that the so-called “existing tension between the two countries” is simply an attempt to escape from this crucial basic point, the President asserted that Eritrea would not give room at all to any attempt, on the part of the TPLF regime, aimed at diverting the attention of the international community from the basic issue.

Congressman Donald Payne explained on his part that it is his conviction and repeatedly stated stance that since the EEBC ruling is final and binding, it should be implemented and, as such, the US government is duty bound to put sufficient pressure on the Ethiopian government to bear the EEBC’s ruling.

As regards the Somali issue, President Isaias pointed out that the policy pursued by the US government and the Ethiopian regime last year not only failed to produce any outcome but also did not benefit Somalia, Ethiopia, the entire region and even the US government. Moreover, the President stressed the need to exert serious efforts towards creating a conducive atmosphere that would enable the Somali people to resolve their issue themselves. To this end, the US government should make due contribution, he added.

Also spelling out his stance regarding the issue, Mr. Donald Payne stated that the policy pursued so far did not bear fruit, and that the Ethiopian forces should withdraw. “This is the sole option that would lay the groundwork for a Somali solution,” the Congressman added.

Concerning Eritrean-US relations, President Isaias indicated that although Eritrea wishes to improve its relations with the United States, the US Administration is not prepared for such constructive relations of cooperation. Hence, all Eritrea’s attempts to improve bilateral relations did not produce the desired outcome, the President elaborated.

Stating that the majority of the US population does not accept the policy being pursued by the US Administration in this region and also believes that it is wrong, President Isaias expressed conviction that relations between Eritrea and the United States would ultimately improve.

Following the meeting, Mr. Donald Payne told the Eritrean News Agency that US relations with Eritrea holds significance. “I think it is a relationship that we hope will improve as we move forward. I think that it should and it could,” he stated.

Samuel Gebru


Comment from: jj [Visitor]

donald payne have always supported the islamists so this is not new development. don’t be surprised.

01/03/08 @ 23:06
Comment from: Bikiltu [Visitor]

Donald’s agenda is clear now. But i doubt if Dr. Brihanu knows this from before or …..time will tell!

Thanks ‘Ayte’ Donald
we came to know u now
probably we will meet at Zalanbesa next..

01/03/08 @ 23:42
Comment from: Tigray [Visitor]

Well, we told you so. There’ been always a hiden agenda for mr. Payne to push so much about this insignificient small country Eritrea. But he will his time in court ones the tax payer of america knows what this is all bout. his mistres is a young eritrean who was sent by the PFDJ, which PFDJ is known on this kind of mischivous act.Any way Donald Payne visit did not materialize at all the the solution in that part of the region. If PFDJ want to take Badme let them try to take it by force. if not as far as ethiopian GOV. is concern Dialogue is the final and binding in the table nothing more nothing less.


01/03/08 @ 23:43
Comment from: fairness [Visitor]

The congressman does not represent either Ethiopia or Eritrea. He works on behalf of the people that elected him and the seat he holds as a chairman on Africa sub-comitte.
He works on different issues and does support what he figures to be the right thing. If there is any an-corupted representative there is, MR. Payne is one of them.

01/04/08 @ 00:41
Comment from: Best [Visitor]

Eritrea is not small and insignficant. A nation that has the capability to confront Ethiopia and time again proved its existance by withholding aggersion and demoniation of from Ethiopia cannot simply ignores. Eritrea is going to exist until the end of this world as neighbour of Ethiopia. Eritrea has two ports which are of great significance to Ethiopia. Especialy now, declearing these ports to be free ports is a good news for Ethiopia. For those who are dedicated for work the free ports are of great opportunity for Ethiopians. Neither war nor dialogue is a sloution for the border situation between this two sisterly countries. Ethiopia should leave badme to Eritrea according to the legal accounts prevailng this time. In my opinion, Ethiopia and Eritrea needs establishing independent institusions that are permanent as giding principles for dvelopment and progress in horn of Africa. People like Gebru Asrat and Seye Aberha were student of Eritrean struggel and the language they are speaking now is what they learned it from EPLF school. This time that is school is closed in Eritrea.

01/04/08 @ 04:49
Comment from: Tekk [Visitor]

Samuel Gebru-

I do not see the logic behind this article. Eritrea is an independent country. And Mr. Payne can travel to any counrty that is willing to host him. Who knows, maybe he was planning on going to Ethiopia afterwards. You should of asked Meles if he rejected Mr. Payne’s request to vist him? :lalala::lalala::lalala::lalala:

I understand the point you were trying to make. However, by ignoring the same facts you copied and posted from the Eritrean Ministry of Information article, you contradicted and weakened your argument(s). Mr. Payne’s stance on the EEBC ruling is no different than the “offical stance” of the American government. The only difference is that Mr. Payne truley understands what final and binding means and he is not going to change what the courts have ruled is just and what many believe is a good system to end border conflicts in the world just to serve the short term interest of a minority ruling class in Ethiopia.

I would like to thank you for unearthing the real reason behind the war. “It’s the economy stupid.” We all know Meles and TPLF Co. want an independent Tigrai. But when Eritrea created its own curreancy, the Ethiopian Birr was not worth as much in Eritrea. This caused some economic problems for Meles and Co. and after a while both governments stoped seeing eye to eye. And the rest is history.

Now we know why Meles is demanding for talks with Eritrea before demarcation. Meles does not have a problem with giving away land. Infact he just gave a huge slice of fertile Ethiopian land to Sudan in exchange for Sudan allowing Ethiopian agents to target any Ethiopian in Sudan unrestriced. The border between Sudan and Ethiopia is in the process of being demarcated. Ethiopian opposition groups have accused Meles of giving away Ethiopian land. And as a result, Ethiopian farmers will be seperated from their farms, villages, churchs, relatives, etc. Sound familiar? Where is the out-cry? Where is Jenday Fraser when you need her?

An independent Tigrai is the goal of Meles and Tplf. The Teggaros know they can not maintain power in Ethiopia for long. So their only option too maintain power it “to go independent.” However, without peace and cooperation from Eritrea, an independent Tigrai can not survive for long. It would be be trapped in three different fronts, and yes it will not have access to the ocean. So, the only option for the long term survival of Meles and Co. and realization of
an independen Tigrai is to “re-” negotiate a win-win economic treaty between Eritrea and Ethiopia, I mean a soon to be independent Tigrai. Lets not forget Meles has made it clear that he seeks peace with Eritrea and all he’s asking for is a chance to be heard by the Eritrean government.88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|88|

01/04/08 @ 05:13
Comment from: [Member]

hi every one no more no less in this region only erirea and it`s people er the key of the solution atherwise the whole region will return to chaos look to ethiopia ,smalia kenya sudan. they er at their final moment.only eritrea is in a goodstand

01/04/08 @ 07:41
Comment from: Berhane M. Negash [Visitor]
Berhane M. Negash

Let us be genuine!!!!!
An American congressman works for the people who elected him. As far as Eritrea is concerned foreign AID or foreign Lobby is as well taboo. Who ever comes to Eritrea will be considered as a geust an will be told the truth. The goverment of Eritrea and its people will say, as you all know it, laud and open. Mr.Donald Payne came to Eritrea with a good intention, well and good.
Dr.Rice, not a congreesperdon but freighn minister, was in Addis not more than 5 weeks ago. I hope she came also with a good intention. Eritreans has to say nothing because he has to serve her country as well.
The problem lies not in the USA but in Ethiopia. Please try to see matters breitly and genuinely. We can not turn histry upside down. Eritrea is an independent State like Ethiopia, and Eritreans are brothers of Ethiopians. Let us keep our brotherly neighborhood. Let us respect each other.

01/04/08 @ 08:04
Comment from: Yohannes Belay [Visitor]
Yohannes Belay

Berhane Negash is right.
Ethiopian and Eritrea are brotherly countries. Avoiding wars nad getting together as neighbour countries will solve our problems.
Once the two contries come together the whole region will be silent.
Berhane Negash I give you 100%

01/04/08 @ 08:43
Comment from: the truth [Visitor]
the truth

Is this a desperation or halucination?
Donald payne can visit any nat
ion at any time when ever he wants
to do so. The funny thing of the Ethiopian reporters is always they are jealous towards Eritrea they wwould not swallow any good news from Eritrea.Donald payne is there because he realise that Eritrea is the only peace and stability country at this juncture and he dont want to miss this great opportunity for the US it or not Ethiopians always learn the heard way and too late as always

01/04/08 @ 08:43
Comment from: Wedi Badme [Visitor]
Wedi Badme

“Eritrea, smal and insignificant” - Godar *game, I wonder if you would dare to use that language if you didn´t have the backing of Big Brother.

01/04/08 @ 09:16
Comment from: jas [Visitor]

To Ethiopians,
Donald Payne is a representative in the U.S. Congress. So, his travel to any nation is non of your business, unless you’re speaking as an American concerned with the foreign relations policy. This does or doesn’t mean anything in relation to HR2003. If you support or oppose the bill, focus on the bill on its merit. Don’t go on a wild goose chase.

To Eritreans,
Please stop the delusion that Mr. Afeworki is a leader. He is as dictator as his one-time comrade, Mr. Zenawi. Please take care of your own problems than trying to convince yourselves and the world that you live in some kind of democracy. Your primary problem is your own leader not Ethiopians.

01/04/08 @ 09:23
Comment from: Wedi Badme [Visitor]
Wedi Badme

Berhane, Rice was in Ethiopia to tell her slave Meles Zenawi what to do and not to do, bassicaly. On the other hand, Mr Donald Payne went in Asmara to asked Isaias Afwerki to come up with some thoughts or advice for the USA. That´s the difference between a puppet and a LEADER and between a vassal state and a sovereign nation.

01/04/08 @ 09:34
Comment from: Queen Sheba [Visitor]
Queen Sheba

Let me say thank you to the person who organized this opportunity.

When the Ethiopian government told that Mr Donald Payne was an agent or mercernary of the regime in Asmara, it has clear info about that. According to top secrets and very confidential info we got yet, Mr Donald has actually taken $1 million USA dollar from the regime as a bribe and if his mercernary mission succeed, he will get another $1,000,000 dollar. This is the secret behind all these. It is business as usuall.

As an Ethiopian,we are Ethiopians who know who we are. Donald Payne, our African slave who still does not know who he is and where he come from, have any stake in our national affaires. We want to Asmara and declared and assured and guaranteed his bribe partner that he will do the job.

I am laughing, kkkkkkkkkkkk, this monkey like Donald kkkkkkkkk, does not know who we are. Someone has to teach about us. We are deki Hars Nebri, the sons a pregnant lioness who has delivered. One will have to decode it to english.

We know now what HR is, and even our beloved ally will by now undestand what Donald is .

For both ally this Donald business must be thrown into a dust bin. Ethiopia and USA must forge forward.

USA and Ethiopia alliance forever!!! Our alliance is irreversible by some corrupt USA Congress men like Donald. We are faithful and trust worthy, We believe our alliance with USA people has hit the bottom of the rock. No corrupt man will defy it.

01/04/08 @ 09:40
Comment from: Bull-sheet [Visitor]

fello Eritreans,
we know u have a problem with Tigreans all the time!

Tigray is one region and part of Ethiopia, but Eritrea is claiming as an independent nation in Africa. Because your are the wicked nation on earth, u are competing with one small and smart region ..part of Ethiopia.

While u currently living in desperate situation worsening all the time, u still u want to defend you burutal government. I was wonderning, i thought Eritreans are little bit civilized as ruled by Italinas but still u living in darkness and stone age.

Speak it out loudly the real situation that exists in your country then u will ge a solution afterwards.

Tigeans are by far dynamic, hadn’t been u (Erireans) threathen them, they would have ….

Go to hell if u want but leave this forum, u couldn’t deserve it!

u the mud of all the time, living in superiority (made in asmera) complex

you are the first from the end? rushing to hell

01/04/08 @ 11:08
Comment from: Michael Ande [Visitor]
Michael Ande

I wouldn’t judge Congressman D. Payne for what he is doing.
1 very smart even though the US-Eritrean Relationship is unstable. He made a visit to Eritrea and spoke with Aseyas like a man.
2. He is not Rep. Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya, or others beside US.
3. Im glad he came and see what Eritrea looks like, because Fraizer never been in Eritrea, and she always acuse Eritrean for nothing.

01/04/08 @ 11:32
Comment from: Wedi Badme [Visitor]
Wedi Badme

Dear Samuel Gebru,

we know that Warsays and theYikeallo is your nightmare. The project named after them has been going on for the past four and even 17 years. After stopping the Tigrawian hordes, we are now focusing on the primary Eritrean mission, to transform our nation into a vibrant economic entity. You can rant and protest all you can but nothing is going to stop Eritreans from achieving their goals. You see, unlike the hapless and primitive Tigrawians, who have abdicated their fate to God and the donors, Eritreans are masters of their destiny. They know that there is nothing that cannot be achieved through hard work. That is the Eritrean spirit which defeated the Derg, the Weyane and now will defeat underdevelopment. So don’t squirm too much at the thought of Eritreans defeating underdevelopment. Just observe and emulate. If you can do neither, then just shut up!

01/04/08 @ 12:13
Comment from: me [Visitor]

great eritrea stop saying bad and negative things. co-operation between eritrea and ethiopia will be good for both countries in the present and the future.

01/04/08 @ 15:52
Comment from: Adal [Visitor]

Sooner or later we will destroy the Tigrayanes (WLWALOS)
for good. Mr. Payne did outstanding job for visiting Eritrea.

01/04/08 @ 18:10
Comment from: abna [Visitor]

The issue here should not be Tigray, Eritrea or any regional staff.Let focus to point on what those people who are talking about region are miserably missing. They focused too much on our minor differences but missed on our major similarities. The problem is not the people but it is leadership. We lack leaders both in Addis and in Asmera.

01/04/08 @ 18:16
Comment from: maru [Visitor]

U Eritrean guys

always love to talk about war and evil things

please talk about development and other issues that concern!

don’t see many eritreans are starving?

blood suckers!

01/04/08 @ 19:28
Comment from: mulat [Visitor]

:D:D:D:D:D I couldn’t stop laughing at those very, very, small minded Tigryans. They are amazing creatures. I never been hard on them before, untill i read this garbage article. :D:D:D:D:D kkkkk I am still laughing. Dr. payne has a right to go any where he wants, his job require him to do so. late alone insignificant beggar Tigryans, no one will stop him to do his job. I am sure every body is laughing at those Tigryans. They are not even worth responding them.

01/04/08 @ 20:15
Comment from: NAKFA SAHEL [Visitor]

This Congressman has the right to visit any any nations until it is a nation.

Why Ethiopia signed the Algiers’s agreement, because you guys are bunch of ignorants
tell you this, and you will never see Eritrea and it water, whatsoever.

01/04/08 @ 20:39
Comment from: Tiger [Visitor]

Dear Ethio ppl. Dont make such a stupid excuses on and on adain. Accept the rule of low and lets go forward. You know that the Algers agreement is FINAL AND BINDIG and you have to ABIDE on it. If you still didnt understod or forgot it. Have a look below to what your stupid Foreign minster at

01/05/08 @ 00:13
Comment from: Tiger [Visitor]

Pls. I strongly advice you to watch to what your Foreign minister to say about the Algers agreemnet, the rule of low and rule of jungle. He talk English.

01/05/08 @ 00:22
Comment from: just shows the sbsured mind set of Ethiopia rulers [Visitor]
just shows the sbsured mind set of Ethiopia rulers

For god’s sake the congress has every right to go wherever he pleases, let alone what his job requires of him to secure American interest by creating a peacful atomspher in that lawless of continent Africa. He knew there was alot to learn from the peacful country Eritrea, and doing so only display how far-sighted the congress man is!! But I guess that’s too much for the Ethiopian rulers to anderstand?

01/05/08 @ 05:11
Comment from: MotherEthiopia [Visitor]

This is a message to all concerned ETHIOPIANS and the enemies of weyane. We have tolerated the COLONIZATION of MOTHER ETHIOPIA 15 years long enough, its about time to act. I ask you all to take up arms and once and for the last time we shall remove tigre COLONIZATION and preven the implanting of Tigre DYNASTY. These blood suckers have been sucking the resources of MOTHER ETHIOPIA for 15 years too long. I have already been trying to communicate with other concerned true ETHIOPIAN-LOVER organizations, the responses have been satisfatory so far, we continue to call upon the concerend organizations and individuals tha care about the progress of MOTHER ETHIOPIA (Everyone in Today’s Ethiopia - Tigray) as they have accumulated enough money, $17 Billion dollars(2002.4,5) and allocated over $4.5 Billion dollars in Tigray kilil with more to come. They continue to build colleges and universities and high schools and Elementary schools in Tigray Kilil, WHILE DISMANTELING AND DESTROYING MOTHER ETHIOPIA’S EDUCATION SYSTEM, CUTTING IT TO THE BONE. Their aim is becoming clearer for many, its to subjugate the rest of Ethiopians to FUTURE ENSLAVEMENT. What is going to happen when a 15/16 years of age babies left to fetch for themselves and discover themselves in the dangerous full of disease infested streets Addis Ababa? its obvious that they are trying to weaken the ETHIOPIAN people to easily control population explosion and at the same time to continue to find a bigger project for the NGOs so as to fall in the feets of donor communities’. The donor comunities are going to give them money and try their respective countries’ new pharmaceutical drugs on the ETHIOPIA public, for an exchange of money for the weyane regime and favor for the donor comunities for future projects.

UNDER TIGRE MINORITY COLONIZATION nearly 70 million people have been sold to the highest bidder in the international market. As a sad and dissapointed ETHIOPIAN I resent TIGRE COLONIZERS of MOTHER ETHIOPIA for subjecting us for such misery. At least under Mengistu and his dergue government MOTHER ETHIOPIA had pride, today MOTHER ETHIOPIA’S official national income has been DONATION given from the donor comunities. AMERICAN TAXPAYERS and BRITISH TAXPAYERS are not giving money out of their social services program to benefit the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE. Because they have millions of homelesses in their countries, who need the money that goes to TIGRE COLONIZERS instead of their social institutions, but because they have a vested interest in MOTHER ETHIOPIA and the HORN region they are giving the weyane and their TIGRE MINORITY COLONIZERS the resources they need in order to control the people from fetching for themselves and producing. If your country becomes a producer then you will not be looking and waiting on the pitty of whites. Tigre COLONIZERS are happy to accopmodate and be of the service of the American and British NEO COLONIZERS. After all they have the same mission, TIGRE COLONIZERS do not care about MOTHER ETHIOPIA and the ANGLO NEO COLONIZERS don’t care about MOTHER ETHIOPIA, as long as they have a puppet TIGRE COLONIZERS by the leash. IT IS A WIN-WIN CONDITION FOR BOTH THE ANGLO NEO COLONIZERS AND THE TIGRE COLONIZERS, BOTHE GET WHAT THEY WANT AT THE EXPENSE OF MOTHER ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS.

That’s why I extend my call for all concerned Ethiopian organizations and individuals to take up Arms and raise your Knives to EXCISE THIS CANCEROUS CELLS from MOTHER ETHIOPIA breast and deny them the nibble they have been sucking MOTHER ETHIOPIA’S resources. OUT WITH TIGRE COLONIZERS and THEIR DYNASTY DREAMS and IN WITH NEW AND IMPROVED ETHIOPIA (everyone in today’s Ethiopia - tigray).



NONE OF THEM ARE GOING TO ESCAPE ETHIOPIAN JUSTICE. each and eveyone that participated in the above charge are going to be judged according to the dergue style justice.

MOTHER ETHIOPIA (todya’s Ethiopia - Tigray) TiqDem!!!
Weyane and their colaborators YiwDemuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

01/05/08 @ 10:52
Comment from: mesfin [Visitor]

ay weyane:crazy:
ahun demo bilew bilew americanoch eritrea mehed yelebachewim malet jemeru.
ye ethiopia gud tesemito ayalikim.
woyanewoch bakachiwu kibrachihun tebiku. maferawiyawoch.
dil le eritrea.
mot le woyane.
happy new year

01/05/08 @ 14:07
Comment from: GREAT ERITREA [Visitor]  

First of all if you really had read my article,I did not say any thing about Great Eritrea can not peacefully have a relation with Ethiopia.But in order for that to happen you Ethiopians first of all you have to change your so called Mafia styly Regime of Woyannes mentality.The woyannes are not thinking about Ethiopia’s future,their only concern is about their unknown City of Tigray. And as long as that sick mentality of the Woyanne regime is not changed then there would never be a relation of any kind with the Great Eritrean nation of history and mother of heroes,(Great Eritrea).Great Eritrea does not have a problem with the Ethiopian people it is just that Ethiopia have never been blessed with having a good leader.

Thank you.

01/05/08 @ 14:48
Comment from: abro [Visitor]

GREAT ERITREA: my brother/sister just tell them the way it is!!!.

01/05/08 @ 18:20
Comment from: Peace for Eritrea and Ethiopia [Visitor]
Peace for Eritrea and Ethiopia

:!::!:We, eritreans & ethiopians, should STOP hate propaganda. We are brothers and sisters! Let’s admit this!! 70,000 people died 1998-2000. If we don’t work for peace, neither the americans nor the europans can give us peace.:!: Let’s say no to all hate propoganda! We can CO-EXIST as two nations.We can use the PORTS equally. It is possible!!! we can do it! It all starts from me, you, individually. Lets change our attitude for peace, prosperity of people of the horn africa!!
God bless Eritreans and ethiopians!
Let’s pray for peace!

01/05/08 @ 19:13
Comment from: Well come to the real world [Visitor]
Well come to the real world

:crazy:Open your eyes and Learn what others write the truth about Eritrea!!!:roll:

Take Eritrea. Long an isolationist nation determined to be self-reliant, the country’s GDP and income both rose nearly 9 percent in the last ten years, with adult illiteracy dropping by 8.4 percent. Life expectancy, school enrollment and primary school completion rate all increased, while mortality rate dropped substantially. During the same period, Eritrea’s ratings on the UN Human Development Index which measures achievement in three dimensions (long healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living) rose 9.3 percent.

While Eritrea is no shining star ranking at an unenviable 130th in the HDI, it does challenge the paradigm of dependency, faced by many developing countries, on foreign aid. Its social indicators are improving, slowly but surely, and without the backing of the banks in the west.

Mimicking Eritrea’s headstart on self-reliance, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and most likely others are eager to shrug off what they perceive as the political yoke of foreign aid. They think western aid is frequently aligned with the geopolitical priorities and interests of developed nations.

Not long after the Bank appointed Robert Zoellick and the IMF appointed France’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn, South American nations announced their intentions to form the Bank of the South. Now, with December’s launch, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela have staked their self-reliant claim to be free of foreign philanthropy.

HIV/AIDS programs in Africa then for the Bank? With the pandemic on the rise throughout the continent, countries are in weak position to refuse assistance. Self-reliance in Sub-Saharan Africa may be slower to pick up steam than in South America. But don’t be surprised if the African continent creates a Bank of its own sometime soon. The Eritrean model may well be worth mimicking.

Michael Shank is an analyst with George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Ami Carpenter is a fulltime instructor at California State University’s Program on Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding.

01/06/08 @ 02:58



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