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Ethiopia - An African Story George W. Bush Missed



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Ethiopia - An African Story George W. Bush Missed

President Bush and first lady Laura Bush board Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, Friday, Feb. 15, 2008, as they begin their trip to Africa

Ethiopia - An African Story George W. Bush Missed

By Mulugta Alemu

27 February 2008

In his one week long, second time itinerary in Africa, US president Gorge W. Bush toured Tanzania, Ghana, Benin, Rwanda and Liberia. His first presidential visit happened during his first tenure in 2003.

George W. Bush’s visit provides a good glimpse as much into the future of US’s strategic relationship with Africa as it does into US’s past imprints during Bush’s eventful eight years in the White House. It is not surprising that an American president whose tenure is so much tainted with myriads of not quite-glorious foreign policy decisions such as the war in Iraq, sought to use his African trip to remind both friends and foes, about the achievement’s of his ‘compassionate conservatism’ which has provided, among others, the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a more than 15 billion USD commitment towards eradication and treatment of diseases such as HIV/AIDs and malaria in the continent.

His carefully crafted schedule ensured that no opening is left which will invite a partisan attack in Washington. He has broadly called for solutions in Darfur and Kenya and applauded positive developments in countries he visited. Speculations erupted on his decisions leaving out some countries from his visits. For example, the Ethiopian diaspora opposition attempted to make a big deal out of the fact that Ethiopia was not included in Bush’s itinerary. Big and important African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa were also not included in his visit. It can also not be said that the president only visited Africa’s model democracies. If that was the case, he would not have found himself in Kigali either.

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George W. Bush’s visit ignored many of the countries that are strategically important for the US. The world’s hegemon needs the support of South Africa and Nigeria to aggressively promote its agenda in the continent. Ethiopia, Sub-Saharan Africa’s second most populous country, is the US’s vital partner in the Horn of Africa. More than 1500 US troops are based in Djibouti. More than 15 percent of US oil import comes from oil-producing African countries. Almost all of these countries are not included in the trip. As such it can generally be said that whether a country is included in the official visit can not be used as a bar for measuring the strategic weight of the country concerned.

But what we know is that a possible trip to Ethiopia would have garnered a fitting story to what Bush wanted to highlight. Ethiopia presents a case for how a responsible government can take best advantage of Western commitment to a national effort of eradication of poverty and diseases. Ethiopian economy is Africa’s fastest growing economy among non-oil producing countries. Ethiopia has a government which has already managed to decrease child mortality by over 40 percent in the last one decade. Educational enrolment for children has already leaped into 90 percent, compared to a meagre 40 percent in the early 90s. No other African country has invested so heavily in infrastructure from roads to IT. Ethiopia and Uganda present the two compelling anti-HIV/AIDs national campaigns that have reduced rate of infection, and provides better opportunity for treatment. Ethiopian villages have now schools, clinics, mills and roads. These investments have improved the lives of women and children in Ethiopia’s rural villages. In general, Ethiopian government is disciplined, pro-poor and clean.

On the political front, Ethiopia remains to be the only country struggling to entrench democracy in the Horn of Africa. As much as the post May 2005 elections violence rolled back some of its previous political gains, Ethiopia still has hundreds of opposition MPs in its federal parliament. Several state legislatures accommodate opposition representation. Almost all of the detained opposition party members are released. Despite hiccups, the private press is thriving and growing. The decision of the government to hold a free and fair district election in April 2008 is testament to its faith that democracy is the only viable modicum of governance for the future.

Of course there are some who don’t share such a positive assessment of developments in Ethiopia. Some have legitimate concerns and expectations whereas others such as very few members of the US House of Representatives have a clearly partisan, US-focused position on Ethiopia that is far removed from issues that are of concern to the Ethiopian people. If Bush had visited Ethiopia, he would have been subjected to an undeniable political ordeal in Washington from these very few congressmen. For long, many commentators have rightly pointed out how initiatives masquerading as pro-democracy commitments abroad from some legislators are potentially alienating government who are genuinely committed for partnership with the US and its interest in promoting human rights in Africa. Ethiopia provides a stark example of an egregious shortcoming of such naïve policies. For whatever reason George W. Bush decided not to visit Ethiopia, he indeed missed a good, positive and uplifting story from Ethiopia.


Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

Ethiopia is thankful for george bush efforts by helping and visting all african countries since he was in office.George bush has spent more money in africa then any president before him.

02/27/08 @ 18:09
Comment from: yehi [Visitor]

Why don’t you pull the other one, you ignorant twit.

Let’s see what happens when the billion dollar / year aid our country is getting from the west that is hidding the fake economic growth that is hurting the poor people by raising the infilation and lining up few ethiopian and many foreign business owners. What Bush did is a sign of what to come, after Meles has been his b***h for so long the war on terror is going to fall from favor, then what.
Ethiopia has never been so divided as at present, but court jesters like you are good at pretending, burying your head and refusing to see what the whole world is seeing.

02/27/08 @ 18:23
Comment from: ab [Visitor]

mulugeta are you out of your mind, just go back and your own article, even if at the last moment bush did the best of his presidency by not visiting the butcher of addis

02/27/08 @ 19:16
Comment from: selomon Ayalew [Visitor]
selomon Ayalew

Don’t fret MA. Bush doesn’t have to visit Ethiopia. He would have not prooven anything. The government is under his control!
Ethiopia right now is the hub for the US force and all the talk about African countries not allowing the mighty US not to have a “military” base of some sort is just a meaningless bravado to boost the ego of some nations. Hello! The US is there!

02/27/08 @ 20:07
Comment from: ogadenian [Visitor]

evil meets his slave evil boy is he
really proud of him.Guess what they are talking about I bet it is How many of Those moslems have terminated Zenawi was like so far a few million in my terror rule of 18yeas
George bush was like You little devil remind me to give a raise for all your hard work


02/27/08 @ 20:20
Comment from: Ganamookoo [Visitor]


Your article is precise and sharp chisel to chope off the limb (wing) of CUD beggars at the homes and offices of anti-Ethiopian Snators like Payne. I express my appreciation

George Bush visited only 5 countries out of more than 50 African nations.
Wait and see, the CUDs will certainly tell us that their persuation and pressure forced G.W. Bush to visit only these five and igore other African countries as a whole.
They themselves tell us that American attention is resorting to kenya and as the result America does not have time to listen to their cry, false accusation and betreyal of their mother land. Mesfin Mekonnen did not dare to tell their supporters that Pyneism is fading, but tabled for future without mentioning when. That was how he comforted his audieence in his recent washington update.
Update, update, etc…, but no harvest.

02/27/08 @ 20:48
Comment from: sk [Visitor]

Wow! I have to say well written. For those enemies of Ethiopia read on and weep. SK

02/27/08 @ 22:31
Comment from: Samsom [Visitor]

Mr. M Alemu please do not fool yourself. Bush simply avoided Zenawi because he wanted to stay away of the continent’s problem areas.

This is how Donald Steinberg former President Clinton special assistant for Africa put it on Yale Global.

“The long-awaited Africa visit by President Bush may disappoint
many, as the president steers clear of the continent’s problem areas. But
this should not come as a surprise. The modernizing African nations that
Washington once counted on as “regional anchors” to serve as engines of
growth and sources of stability have themselves emerged as destabilizers.”

” Ethiopia and its brothers in Eritrea, having thrown off the yoke of
Mengistu Haile Mariam, turned on one another in a senseless and brutal
boundary war and engaging in destabilizing proxy wars throughout the Horn of
Africa, engulfing most notably Somalia in its fire.”
A serious miscalculation has been to focus on African leaders as supposed
agents of change rather than promoting political and economic reform. While
outwardly rejecting the “Big Men” era in Africa, the US in particular stood
behind leaders we believed were the forbearers of an African Renaissance.
The period of infatuation differs from country to country, but applies to
past visions of Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Bédié in Côte d’Ivoire, Meles in
Ethiopia, Obasanjo in Nigeria and Kibaki in Kenya. We persuaded ourselves
that they were reformers whose interest in democracy, transparency, social
transformation and equality mirrored our own.”

” Second, Bush generally supported existing leaders who were smart enough to
proclaim themselves “allies” in the fight against Al Qaeda and other
terrorists – similar to the professions of anti-Communism that emanated from
cynical African leaders during the Cold War – often through military aid
that strengthened repressive regimes. The US has supported so-called
anti-terrorist campaigns, such as the ill-advised Ethiopian invasion of
Somalia in 2006-2007, no matter the consequences for regional stability,
refugee flows and humanitarian impact.”

02/27/08 @ 23:03
Comment from: Samsom [Visitor]

This is how Joshua Kurlantzick put it on The New Republic *Published: Monday, February 25,
President Bush has been celebrated for his Africa policies by conservatives
and liberals alike. Is that some kind of cruel joke?

“visited supposed success stories like Rwanda and Ghana
and touted his administration’s generous commitment to aiding these nations
as loudly as he could.”
On the ground, however, Bush’s Africa record hardly looks divine, which
might come as a shock to those, including Democrats, who feel as if Africa
has been one of the few successes of the Bush presidency.”

“Consumed by the war on terror, Bush has taken a far different approach.
Rather than supporting democratic institutions and criticizing a new
generation of African authoritarians, the Bush administration has backed
whatever African leader claims to be battling militant Islam. For example,
the White House has developed a close relationship with Ethiopia’s thuggish
leader Meles Zenawi, supposedly an ally in the war on terror and a partner
in battling militancy in neighboring Somalia. The administration has
provided military aid to Ethiopia with virtually no conditions on the
assistance. It has also offered advisers to support Ethiopia’s invasion of
neighboring Somalia, an invasion which only led to more chaos in that
benighted nation. Meanwhile, in recent years Zenawi’s government has
overseen a massive crackdown on opposition activists and a brutal offensive
in the country’s Ogaden region; in 2005, after disputed elections, the
Ethiopian government arrested over 30,000 of its own people.

As in Ethiopia, so too across the continent. In building a string of
counterterrorism allies, the White House has strengthened its links with
some of Africa’s most brutal regimes, from Algeria to Chad.”

02/27/08 @ 23:10
Comment from: germognal [Visitor]

Well-written commentary concerning Bush’s visit to Africa.

However, I completely disagree with the good things that you mentioned about Ethiopia and its governance. Are you telling me that everything is fine in Ethiopia while the staple food of the Ethiopian populace is retailing for 700 Ethiopian dollars these days? I would say, shame on you Ato Mulgeta! I say this not out of disrespect for your person, but I just wanted to make my point.

Please let the leadership in Ethiopia know that without complete freedom and democracy for all Ethiopians, nothing else matters! With that, I rest my case.


02/27/08 @ 23:49
Comment from: korgel [Visitor]

No country was visited by american president in Africa which its people massacred on the street of the capital by the so called government .

02/28/08 @ 00:06
Comment from: GONDAR [Visitor]

Ayeee Meles ant leba angetihn yedefah kegeta gar yetekemetik meseleh. Yebet kega yewuchi aliga.
Kegna lay aynihin tafetaleh ejihin tawerachaleh liwatachciu ligdelachiu yemyadinachiu yelem negirealhu wa wa yematilewu yelem.
Ahun getawu fit jiratun inde wusha yekolal.

02/28/08 @ 01:19
Comment from: adam smith [Visitor]
adam smith

Shut up about ethiopia developing. It is #169 out of 175 in the world in the HDI. We still have millions of people starving and woyanes still murdering our people. Democracy is not the most important issue but I wish the US would stop supporting murdurous dictators.

Bush and the dwarf are in bed together but if Bush wants to stop terrorism hes should stop supporting Woyane. Forget helping africa with your so called aid, STOP HURTING AFRICA AND ETHIOPIA.

02/28/08 @ 01:54
Comment from: Engida [Visitor]

Hi Mulugata Thank you for your positive articl. We Ethiopian are economicaly growing what the problem we are facing is the daily increment of crude oil and population these are the main reason make life expensive. OPM Meles is noting can do on this matter.
He is always trying to develop our mother land.
Thank to God
God bless Ethiopia and her leader

02/28/08 @ 02:10
Comment from: General Wuchu [Visitor]
General Wuchu

Sir, you sound Meles himself. And no surprise here as Meles is notorious on disguising himself as an ordinary citizen who happen to take part on public forums. We never forget when Meles called “Shaka Zulu” of the NPR disguising himself as “Abebe” in an effort to confront the then Eritrean Ambasador Girma Asmerom (X-star soccer player of the Ethiopian national team in the 60s)who was debating the Ethiopian ambasador on the border issue.
Now, you make it clear you are the same Meles Zenawi who is here at trying to convince people why Bush did not visit Ethiopia. Please, spare us all the mambo jambo reasons you mentioned above. Simply put Bush did not visit Ethiopia to spare himself and his administration from an embarassment. Because, the whole world knows that Ethiopia is simply being used as a proxy on Americas war on terror in relation to Somalia and now that issue is slowly but surely going to the dustbins of history. You Mr. PM Meles Zenawi, have been used as a toilet paper and I do not think any one will want to recycle a used toilet paper for use again. Hope you got my point.

02/28/08 @ 02:37
Comment from: Ogaden Fella [Visitor]
Ogaden Fella

Here is another Woyane moaning about why the stupid US president G.W. Bush did not visit dictatorial client state – Woyane regime in Addis Ababa.

To give you a short answer, Woyane failed almost every task that they have been paid to deliver, despite getting the highest US aid money in sub-saharan Africa.

Failure in so called war on terror – in fact the opposite happened.
Failure in building good governance – opposite can be said to be true
Failure to build democratic institutions – opposite can be said to be the case – authoritarian regime.

G.W. Bush is trying to repair his already faded image and this particular trip to Africa was part of his so called his legacy strategy, it was carefully selected countries as to highlight where he thought his administration has made some difference.

The US is already very uncomfortable with the way inhumane Woyane regime is treating it’s citizens in the country and reviewing its unconditional support for this brutal dictatorship state.

For G. Bush to visit Ethiopia in the current state of affairs would have resulted in a political scandal worse than that Watergate for Nixon. I am surprised you paired up Woyane regime in Ethiopia with great nations in Africa such as Nigeria and South Africa – can you tell me any similarities between Ethiopia and these states.

Ogaden Fella

02/28/08 @ 03:08
Comment from: teferi [Visitor]

Dear Mulugeta,
Thanks for your excellent observation.No matter what,Ethiopias march towards making poverity history and joining the dveloping economies would be a matter of fact in few decades time.
It would have been wise on the side of the majority of the ethiopian diaspora to be part of history in the making than becoming silent observers.

If Bush could not recognize the positive achivements in Ethiopia,his compatriotes in the WorldBank and other institutions have already started to do so.

Therefore ,the important issue is for our people to march forward on the course of development and democracy.


02/28/08 @ 06:43
Comment from: jas [Visitor]

Illusion or disillusion??
Mr. Zenawi is in the top 15 dictators of the world, way to go. The writer should have added this fact to the concocted numbers of success he eagerly mentioned.

Well, you can hide behind your illusions, but reality has a way of finding its way back to you.

02/28/08 @ 07:24
Comment from: Helen [Visitor]

This has really got to be the joke of the year 2008. Mulugeta, you’ve surpassed yourself with this one. I Hereby officialy declare you the best comedian ever. Congratulation.

02/28/08 @ 08:19
Comment from: Wedi-Mekelle [Visitor]

It is positive if the economy of Ethiopia is growing. However, the bottom line is political solution the country needs so that the growth will continue. If there is a time bomb that is planted by Meles government, what good is it? Yugoslavia was a developed country, the roads were built, education, and telecommunication, you name it. But, you see where Yugoslavia is today. Iraq is a rich country and all developments were there, but where is Iraq today?
Don’t get me wrong I am for economical growth, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of our unity, territorial integrity, rule of law, and equality amongst the Ethiopian people. What you build today can be destroyed tomorrow if you don’t make peace with yourself and the people of Ethiopia.

02/28/08 @ 10:11
Comment from: ethiopian [Visitor]

yes he did

02/28/08 @ 10:41
Comment from: gedem [Visitor]

mulugata alemu,
afer bila anten bilo demo tsehafi.
ante yewoyane buchila kenachihu dersual wede firid yemitikeribubet.
woyane bemiricha yeteshenefe hizib yetefaw anja new.
bezih tsihufih maninim masamen atichilim.
G.Bush kenu derese kesiltan yemiweridibet min yiwatachihu weyanewoch
somalia, eritrea. oromo and oegaden beandinet honew woyanen dibak yemimetabet gize tekarbuwal
ante ye mekele sekaram wede dedebit temeliseh tigebaleh.
mot lewoyane

02/28/08 @ 10:53
Comment from: NegistA [Visitor]

Congra for a well written article which shows the maturiy of the writer. Well done PM Melese you scare off people who do not carry the truth with them. P Bush was afraied of PM Melese and the African Unity and the other organizations who fight for the truth and democracy. Good job African leaders, specially PM Melese for being the leader of African leaders. African is more respected now than any other centry. Time to know that Africa and not only Black African but Pearl Africa. Keep on doing the good job UA and ECA you who contributed for the growth and freedom of Africa from the West earns the respect of all of us. Pround to be an African, especially an Ethiopian.

02/28/08 @ 11:14
Comment from: Truth be Told [Visitor]
Truth be Told

I have included the rankings of the six countries’ worldwide press freedom index (2006)As reported by reporters without borders
Benin 23(even better than Germany), Ghana 34(better than Italy and Spain), Liberia 84 Tanzania 88, Rwanda 128, Ethiopia 160 (Out of 168 countries)

2. The second most probable variable used for the Bush’s selection decision is FREE AND FAIR ELECTION. The last election of all of the visited countries were democratic and was accompanied by peaceful transfer of political power (these governments didn’t massacre 200 civil protestors, torture countless masses, nor did they incarcerate opposition political leaders for two years and then release them when pressured by Bush himself).

3. Here comes the other very crucial variable, HUMAN RIGHTS. Unarguably this is an area where Meles is performing damn poorly, the genocide unfolding in OGADEN, the mass torture being perpetrated against the OROMOS, the inter-ethnic flares here and their and meles’s aggravating actions to further fan these flares, just to mention few of the human right abuses. On the contrary the human right records of the visited countries have improved and are improving impressively over the past few years. You can read the full human right records of the countries as reported by the department of state 2006 report at

4. The only thing than can be said about the legal system in Ethiopia is, “IT IS LAUGHABLE!” What happened to the CUD trail is a fresh memory to all of us, the charges against them, the trail process, the sham reconciliation negotiated by Isaac and Haile, the speed with which things changed their form (politician accused of treason released in a month time) happened, their legitimacy (the fact that the country’s legal system can be straightforwardly manumitted with the will of Meles). Although Mr Bush might not have being informed the detailed procedures of the court trail, at least he was familiar with some of the things that I stated above (mechem yehen hullu sisema be sak new yemimotew!!). What about the legal system of the visited countries?? Well, with no doubt they are much better than Meles’s kangaroo court!

5.CORRUPTION, the very recent mass scale plunder in the NBE gold inventory, the government sponsored contrabands being carried out by the TPLF run mega business establishments for the last 17 years, the Sheik’s role in the economy and many more add up to make Ethiopia a highly corrupt country, didn’t you trust me?? I have included ranking of the five countries according to The 2006 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index: Ghana 69, Tanzania 97, Rwanda 115, Benin 118, Ethiopia 139.

So Aite Mulugeta i guess you take a good lesson out of my analysis, i hope you will include more facts, and figures in your future writings, if you still have the courage to write.

Note to the editors: i have cleared those parts which you didnt like it, pls post this one)

02/28/08 @ 14:05
Comment from: wepe [Visitor]

I’m glad he never touched the soil of my country, moron! What the hell are you crying about? What a slave!!

Igzer Ethiopian 1 Yargat, Kekfum Yitebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that am an Ethiopian.

02/28/08 @ 16:22
Comment from: Sharamara [Visitor]

The State Department is just an extention of the Israeli Foriegn Minstry and the Jewish Lobby.The American and Israeli support to Ethiopia is non negotiable. The late emperor laid the foundation of the modern Ethiopian Foriegn policy .The three cardinal principles are
1. Ethiopia is an island of Christianity in an ocean of Islam.
2. The Emperor is the King of Kings,elected by God,desendant of the Lion of Judaea.
3. We need the Eritrean land mass and not the Eritrean people.
These fabric of lies, fallacy and fantacy served Ethiopia well for decades.
It is designed to garner the support of the gulable west ,Israel and the Jewish Lobby and the Ethiopian ruling elite in a single strock.The love affair could not be dampened even in the dark days of Mengistu’s Red Terror campain and recent Woyanne atrocities.The only force that can change the stats quo is for either of these three powers to come to their senses and start doing things differently.This is a tall order but sometimes miracles do happen.The narrow selfish national interest and not the wish of the Ethiopian people is at play here.

02/28/08 @ 18:13
Comment from: armacho [Visitor]

another brilliant piece of work.well analyzed.well thoughtand well presented.
god bless you
dont worry about un founded criticism of cudites parking attendnts and taxi drivers.

02/28/08 @ 18:26
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

WHAT A BUNCH OF B.S. bush was basically looking for another hooker in africa. he was tired of the ugly Pug meles.

02/28/08 @ 18:42
Comment from: George W. Bush [Visitor]
George W. Bush

Hello my Eritrean friends,
Forgive me for not stopping by to visit your country Ethiopia during my recent visit to Africa. Heck, I had no idea Africa was a continent with many nations. I was expecting to see my dear friend Prime Minister Meles Zenawi once I got off the plane. Boy ! was I wrong !
Please forgive my ignorance. I was never good in Georgaphy, but the trip to Africa had taught me an important lesson that Africa is not a country but a continent; and Ethiopia is a nation and not a city.
The last 8 years I really thought Meles Zenawi was the President of Africa. Boy ! was i wrong ! Now I will have to call Meles and apologize to him sincerely and I will promise him that I will stop the HR2003 bill as a token of my apology.

02/29/08 @ 03:01
Comment from: Ogaden Fella [Visitor]
Ogaden Fella

Truth to be told…

I like the way crushed the Woyane wushet with some solid analysis. I came to realise that truth can sometimes be the best weapon to fight.

Woyanes are prolific manipulators they want to oppress, kill and torture the various communities that make up Ethiopia and yet expect then to be acknowledged to being a government let alone a good one.

Ogaden Fella,

02/29/08 @ 09:08
Comment from: Tewodrow Salsawi [Visitor]
Tewodrow Salsawi


I like what you wrote

“I’m glad he never touched the soil of my country, moron! What the hell are you crying about? What a slave!!

Mr Mulugeta

I would like to thank you for this lovely article.

Ofcourse some haters would be angry on you. But they cant change the fact. And the fact is we Ethiopians are Marching forward with our great Leader MELES ZENAWI.

I hope in the next election we will get a smart leader as Meles is. I am looking at Girma Biru, Lidetu Ayalew, Birtukan Mideksa, Bulcha Demeksa, Arkebe Equbay, Siye Abraha and Junedin Sado. One of these would work.

02/29/08 @ 12:44
Comment from: Ganamookoo [Visitor]

Hi Sharamara

This waht you write as something that was said by Haileselassie “We need the Eritrean land mass and not the Eritrean people.”
This is wrong reference to the late king of Ethiopia, because:

1. Haileselassie gave the Eritreans priority in every sector, because your Eritreans held high position in the army, Air force, Naval and in other civil services. I just mention one of them, General Mikael Amdon.
2. Halesilassie traind them in his only University and abroad and as the result most of them were degree holders from BA-Doctoral.
3. While under Italian colonialism Eritreans were not allowed to learn above grade 4. Those who were taking asylum to Ethiopia were counted lucky, because they could join University and colleges.
4. In almost all towns of Ethiopia, Eritreans were businessmen.
In these and other ways they were given priorities in all daily life of the country.
So, what you write clashes with the phenomenal observation on the situation of your people within the then Ethiopia. From these realities poit of view, all that you write about Ethiopia is LIE!
But what is to be done? Lies and deceptions and ungratefulness are Eritrean ways.
By the way, how many quinals of Beles (fig tree) or cactus fruit have you harvested this year? There must be good harvest of it.

02/29/08 @ 18:06
Comment from: Patriotic [Visitor]

A so called Mulugeta.
Are you an admin of the nazret or you have nothing else to do beside your waste articles?

It is so hard to understand what your stand is, once you sound like political analyst and some other time Economic expert, while you fail to be none of that with your pointless and confusing stand.
why don’t you be some thing rather than being nothing but waste truckker?

03/02/08 @ 00:15
Comment from: Patriotic [Visitor]

Muluget go and read this article before opening your mouth, measurment Economic growth is not that you are sending $100.00 a month to your parents so they can eat once a day, open your eyes to look at the majority Ethiopians and their major food shortage not only that but also the southern draught its self wouldn’t be publish for global view and sake of gegging if there were sign of economic or political stablity.
Think twice befor hiting a keyboard so hard to deliver a wate to the forum, and also try to quit chwing a “KAT” I can tell your source is a green leaf!!

03/02/08 @ 00:23
Comment from: Patriotic [Visitor]


I hope you will learn how to stand master minded people and their golden ideas, fevorisim should be kept out of public forum…anyways I don’t really care if you post my comments or not since this forum is nothing more than pack of waste….and where bunch of ignorants can only breath.
I am who I am and I am proud of it, your jelous ass will never go no where….don’t you think it’s too easy to redirect all visitors of nazret to diffrent website?
after all none of the articles are your own, all you do is google and get NEWS from diffrent professional websites and post it!!
You are so dumb as well as your forum.

03/02/08 @ 12:44
Comment from: Patriotic [Visitor]

Fuck nazret

03/02/08 @ 22:31



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