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Ethiopia - Challenging deals with renegades and Zenawi



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Ethiopia - Challenging deals with renegades and Zenawi

Ethiopia - Challenging deals with renegades and Zenawi

By Aklilu Demissie

It is unfortunate to see the powerful theme of liberating Ethiopia from tyranny gets bogged down by a piece meal, calculated and strategically put snares by Zenawi. How could the Formidable Diaspora across the globe reduce itself and the struggle just to fighting renegade elements?

Challenging deals with renegades and Zenawi

Those individuals who have no power base [the Renegades] might have got the Diaspora’s coffers and some websites of disinformation as their tools of wreaking havoc on the struggle.
The Formidable Diaspora has lead the struggle when its leaders fell victim to Zenawi’s dungeons. Their relentless effort has paid off in bringing the horrendous crimes against humanity out to the world. It has made the brutal regime retreat.

There be no surprise if some prominent figures have fell victim and become convinced by think- thanks of different color that shying away from the Formidable Diaspora to be also a solution in freeing jailed leaders.

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The point to realize is that a calculated game of snatching and weakening is going on behind the scene by many paid elements who are emphasizing that you can change a regime like that of Meles by sitting and bending to his brutal divide and rule machination.

The Formidable Diaspora has to have a powerful vision. A vision that doesn’t reel and faint from a sharp upper cut jab to the jaw whenever something is posted on websites. There is no need to cry over lost finances. The struggle has effectively continued without it. Let the renegades enjoy the sweat and blood of the hard working Diaspora for now.

The daunting task should focus on these kinds of people never get a foot hold so that they would not stifle the struggle again. It is difficult to fathom why some elements in the Formidable Diaspora seem convinced that they should work with renegade elements. The wits of the Formidable Diaspora have been tested many times. While the achievements still astoundingly surpass the manageable weaknesses, falling and reeling from every hit from messengers of complex, yet banal moves in the name of “negotiation” is becoming a challenge. It should be dealt effectively before it saps the strength and achievements already gained.

Few were suspicious from the outset that the messengers to have come with a formulated agenda. It was just to get a ground for the humiliated renegades to have an equal footing with the Formidable Diaspora. Then, post a tattered peace of letter on a website and try disintegrate Kinijit International and its powerful Chapters by conniving with respectable and influential people in an attempt to establish credibility and in so doing splintering and crippling the struggle.

The Formidable Diaspora should continue its struggle with out even giving a full ear to these mean types of subterfuges. It should not have gone to a head line .It could have been contained by a single letter of disapproval. Responding to every contemptible attempt of derailing the struggle would question the maturity of the leadership.

Victorious freedom struggles had never hesitated amputating their own gangrenous appendages which could have had brought their untimely demise.

The Alliance of Formidable Diaspora [henceforth AFD in this article] should be imbibed with long term political strategy. If that is not the case, it would always be in a classroom trying to focus and decipher how to come out of simple stumbles set by Zenawi.
The other point is that, the struggle for liberation is not a bed of roses. In the AFD, particularly Kinijit international with its powerful Chapters across the world shouldn’t be bothered about the evil tricks of the regime for which it is patented for. Why should there be a cry of fowl play of being attacked and deceived in an evil way? Some elements in the Diaspora want to splinter the struggle, set and extended by the regime’s hirelings and non Ethiopian colored advisors to the regime. It is wise to be content with the political decency and maturity of Kinijit as an assailable. But crying over evil play on Kinjit’s cause whenever a hell of unsophisticated lies and gossip surface is something which should be avoided by all means. It was even a pity to see how many spent time conferring on a bankrupt bamboo head Karaoke singer of no political value.

The regime always reflects to the West of inadequacies of leadership on the Diaspora’s circle, quoting splintering and fracturing. Many do know there is no splintering. If there is splintering it is the responsibility of Kinijit International and its powerful Chapters for going the extra mile in pampering and begging renegade gangrenous elements. Those [renegades] elements have dipped their hands deep in the cookie jar abandoning the fight for freedom long ago. Even if they are brought back, the struggle will go back simply to concentrating auditing finances.

The crucial and pivotal struggle of liberating the land once again almost screeched to nearly a halt from the news of possible release of jailed political leaders who should not have been in jail in the first place. It is obvious that Zenawi can trick his opponents play only to his terms and pour cold water on attempts of freeing the land from tyranny. The physical and psychological torments in despicable dungeons are what repulses us and we don’t want our leaders stay there for a second longer.
It is common knowledge that the tyrant prances in front of local and international media but behind the doors he begs every possible influence to squash his opponents.
The road to freedom won’t be stifled whether Tom Lantos or Donald Payne gets a bill passed in the US Senate. It will be a commendable, hard fought land mark and achievement for the AFD. But that won’t end the struggle then and there even if HR 2003 is implemented or floats forever.

The regime now has perfectly realized that jailing and killing pays political dividends whatever perverse the execution is. On our side emotions seem to be leading us to accepting serfdom. Naive as it is, some even believed giving a break to Zenawi could have secured the release of jailed leaders. Alas! Give a break to Zenawi who is scorching the land day in and day out?! The entire nation is in jail.

Setting oneself for jubilation without getting the entire land liberated from neo colonial type ethnic megalomaniacs is pathetically forgetting what freedom, liberation, democracy, and the right to live free are all about. One elderly Somali man put the paradox of Somali Independence day of July
1st 2007as, ''I do not think this day deserves commemoration, it is a dark day. The colonialists we fought for our independence, like Ethiopia, are again colonizing us and have troops on our soil.” Of course, we Ethiopians are not colonialists, nor our troops are there at the will of the Ethiopian people. But we are also fighting an entrenched brutal regime of colonial proportion.

Even for the enlightened, playing only to the despot’s card game may put the struggle in jeopardy. How could liberation be dictated by tyrants?
And for the AFD tackling what is about to unfold ahead with a political genius is at no time more detrimental than now.

What would be the direction when our leaders are freed and some give a blessing to the renegade elements as leaders of the struggle in the Diaspora? What if some retire from the struggle handing over the torch of freedom and struggle? Will there be panic and running in disarray? Or will there be political maturity and composure?

The land will be free from tyranny and the time is near and every body will ask at victory day, “… how come it took us long?!”

The Formidable Diaspora knows its power and should use it effectively. As Nelson Mandela summed it up, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…but that we are powerful beyond measure.”
Pray what is happening in Ethiopia does not shorten the life of Nelson Mandela!


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Comment from: selam [Visitor]

well said bro

07/02/07 @ 16:36
Comment from: Tewodros salsawi [Visitor]
Tewodros salsawi

This guy is making me believe meles is a superman who can play with his supporters and even his oponents like pupets.

Trust me the problem is not a trap planed by meles. The problem is the evil that is inside you and your likes. Avoid the hatred inside you, then there will be a way towards unity.

07/02/07 @ 17:50
Comment from: Megalu [Visitor]  

Aklilu Demissie, I feel sorry for u. You been in exile for so long and you still can’t visit emiye-Ethiopian. All you do is eat burgers & write about Meles this Meles that. I go there every 2 yrs and there is no peacefull place like enat_hagere. Can’t you see that you are the problem? Just think about it; if there were no CUD, ONLF, OLF,EPPF and Eritrea(yes they fund, train & house these rebels), there would not be any issues. You are the one who creates problems for power/greed. I don’t know what you CUD Shewan_Amharas want as a leader: it can’t be tigre, oromo, gurage, wolyta, afar, ogaden, gambela. If it’s Amhara: it can’t be Gondere, Gojame, Wolloye because I know how you hate us so much. If it’s a Shewan Amhara, you don’t get along. Who do you want as a leader? Talian???

07/02/07 @ 17:51
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

Mr. Demissie: You are entitled to your opinion, in a democracy. However if you are a believer and a student of democracy, democracy is mutual, un byes and equal to everyone that believes and dies for it. Does democracy justify the diversion of CUD to join, an anti Ethiopian elements and terrorists, like Shabia, OLF, ONLF and all the LF’s you can name? Give me a brake! How is it a peaceful CUD, all of a sudden, switches to and from a democratic peaceful opposition party in to a belligerent gun wilding, un nationalistic, law braking and corrupt organization? Any reasonable answer, you may offer to those of us, who placed the integrity and the viability of CUD’s intention in question? and it’s power mangerring activities by all means necessary to take power from the current government? Is it how you define democracy? How absurd can you get? Thanks

07/02/07 @ 18:08
Comment from: goraw [Visitor]

It is a great article with some venom in disguise. To shift the spot light from freeing the leaders to freeing the country holds some merit by all account. What Meles succeeded by imprisoning the leaders is to shift the focus or attention and all the resource the opposition has on freeing them, hence less scrutiny in his performance as a leader( i.e poverty reduction, democratization and foreign intervention).

The venom in this article though, is to speak loudly the achievements of AFD which is a miscarriage of organizations by all account. Where have you been my friend?? what does the AFD do to push the congress?? This type of biased and deliberately distorted articles will push the free press to handle the burden of prof with citation and corroborative evidences.

Hope this guy will come clean and straight with the issue of AFD some day.

07/02/07 @ 19:10
Comment from: Wozeiro Condjo [Visitor]
Wozeiro Condjo


Can you summarize for the rest of us in two lines what this article is all about. It seems that you read it and agree with the author,

07/02/07 @ 21:44
Comment from: baymeno [Visitor]

” There is no need to cry over lost finances”

Leba hula. Reasonable poeple are not crying for the few dollars they lost. They cry about the trustworthyness of their leaders.

If you are not trusted with this few thousand dollars that you took from your unsuspecting supporters and build a nice mansion at the New Jersey suberb, how could you be trusted with billions of dollars as the leaders of the country?

All this power struggle, division, propoganda and negative campagn at each other is about MONEY. I mentioned the other day that creating a divsion of another kinijit is a booming business. I wasn’t jocking.

If your movement were geniuon, your ultimate focus should have been for the reconciliation and release of your leaders. You guys, on the other hand, were at a top speed forming additional branch in the middel of the news of the release of the legitimate kinijit leaders. “Why so fast?” was some of your die hard fans question.

Well, the answere is money. Once your ” true” kinijit leaders are released, they will put the house in order, and they will take away this temporary power that opens the door to embezzel the unsuspecting diaspora MONEY.

Let God save us and our country from these guys, Amen!

God bless Ethiopia!

07/03/07 @ 00:15
Comment from: yeEthiopia Lij [Visitor]
yeEthiopia Lij


TPLF was rebel and now also rebel. Because he can`t manage the country. He want only talk with the GUN. Please don`t blame others like OLF, ONLF und EPLF, they are all LFs like TPLF.
CUD is not a LF like others. CUD is not only from one ethnic. You think in Addis live only Amhara. you know, that in Addis won CUD 99% the election. That means all Peaple from all ethnics knows who is CUD. Therefor please don`t write here your bla bla.
You want make a difference between shewa, Gonder, Gojam and Wollo Amhara they are one they know they all are ETHIOPIAN.
And you?

ETHIOPIA Lezelalem Tinoralech

07/03/07 @ 04:59
Comment from: I care [Visitor]
I care

what do you mean Tewodros salsawi …
Stop enomousity and things will be alrirht
I thought Meles had a chance to make things better for 16 years. What time does he wante to work for his country istead of working only to keep him self in power. He is a bully and bullys need to be behined “bar” to cool off and realize what they are doing is wrong get him out and start fresh. All political parties should be disfunctioned and build new based on ideology. The minute you opose some once idea and say something they say it is hatreade of the other ethnic…
It is all Meles’s divide and rull policies …. It is time to GO not Negotiate since he had many chances and did not use them.

07/03/07 @ 06:56
Comment from: ewnetun tenageru [Visitor]
ewnetun tenageru

What is AFD?? Is it a new party? If so why do we need a new faction of CUD. Maybe it is it an affiliate of one of the North American CUD factions. From this article it even emplies that none of them matter. Not even the CUD leaders in prison. The message seems to be that the straggle is everlasting and self motivating as if our destiny is to fight each other perpetually. I personally reject this idea. But even if I were to accept it, this formidable alliance will have to go to Ethiopia and live and die for it. It can’t lead form abroad. I see a love for anarcy in this notion that the diaspora knows what is good for Ethiopia more than Ethiopians do. We can help but we can not and will not be able to lead from afar. Patriots need to go home and fight by living the life not as foreign passport holders who are afraid to return and renounce their foreign citizenship. However, we have a duty to encourage the development of civil discourse and economic development of our homeland. Let us not divide Ethiopians in Ethiopians as we have divided Ethiopian Churchs in America and other foreign countries and also as we have divided CUD in America. I don’t mean to discourage our active participation but we should not be the problem, we should be the solution or nothing else. Moderation impacts better than inflamatory languge. When we meet, we should entertain opposing views without rancor. We can’t “fight” for democracy and deny opposing views in our own meetings. Tribal fandamentalism is just as bad as religious fandamentalism and it appears that we soput both. Although I am not accusing the writer of such conduct I see it as the cancer that is rampart in many Ethiopian blogs. Let us all fight that and clean our discussion. Than you for your time.

07/03/07 @ 14:28
Comment from: Gelmokurra [Visitor]

It finished watching the video on the meeting organized by the Ethiopian authorities in Amsterdam. I am glad to say that what I saw gives me hope that there are still some Ethiopians who will fight yhe TPLF thugs. Keep it up don’t loose hope.

07/04/07 @ 12:49



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