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Ethiopia - EPRDF turns to Communism, the future is fearful



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Ethiopia - EPRDF turns to Communism, the future is fearful

Ethiopia - EPRDF turns to Communism, the future is fearful

By Wondemhunegn Ezezew

April 30,2008

In my latest article I had made some attempt to project some of the common salient features of Maoism and Melessism in which, in both cases, Mao and Meless are regarded as the godlike heroes and as the infallible personalities in the politics of their respective countries.

On Good Friday 25,04,2008 Meless was doing something more than Bad. He was engaged in unwise talks with communists. He had received representatives of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the ruling party since 1947, and deliberated on the importance of exchanging experiences between TPLF/EPRDF and CCP--the exchange of experience between these two totalitarian ruling parties!!!

We all know that the structure of China’s government follows a Leninist model of one-party rule. Under such system, the mandate to govern originates not in elections but in the ruling party’s armed seizure of power. In China, CCP has been ruling the country ever since it came to power in 1949 and established the People’s Republic of China. Despite its expanding economy and growing influence in the global market, China has been singled out by the international community for its poor human rights records and the repression of individual rights. Given the totalitarian nature of CCP one wonders what experiences TPLF could learn from CCP.

I used to believe that PM Meless, unlike his kowtows, was wise enough to learn from mistakes. Regrettably, he has insisted on the wrong direction and day-in and- day-out he is scaling up his reliance on the Army to subdue whoever challenges his rule. This recent infatuation of TPLF for CCP’s experiences in China apparently attests to the intention of the Meless regime to impose a one-party system in the country by eliminating all other parties that have been fidgeting with no real success. But, one thing that TPLF forgets is that, if strong army were a guarantee to sustain a one part-rule, nothing would have ousted Mengistu’s Workers’ Party given his nearly half million soldiers trained and equipped to squash any manifestation of public discontent. Now it seems to me that TPLF is on the verge of its grave as it underestimates the power of nation wide mass dissatisfaction.

Now all efforts of TPLF are towards establishing one party politics and an openly military rule. After May 2005, “election” for TPLF has come to be understood as disgraceful defeat and naked humiliation. That is why it seems, even in the local and Woreda level elections that took place before two weeks, TPLF/EPRDF managed to run against itself by persecuting all opposition parties and their candidates. The future is gloomy that we are trudging towards blunt totalitarian regime.

In spite of the fact that TPLF/EPRDF claims to have been re baptized with the ‘sacrosanct’ water of market economy with a more transparent governance and accountability, a careful diagnosis of the anatomy of Ethiopia’s economy reveals the disproportionate presence of the government in the factor, commodity and service markets crowding out and debilitating the private sector. Still worse, the political market has been infested by one ethnic group by monopolizing all significant military and executive positions in the government.

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Comment from: mamo [Visitor]

It is only the so-called western
democracies who have decided to consider Meles’s regime as democratic. It is not that they are ignorant of the truth, but for them human rights and democracy are marketable goods. Beware, idiots who believe in them !!!!!!!!!

04/30/08 @ 08:16



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