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Ethiopia: Former OLF leader exposes OLF and TPLF propaganda



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Ethiopia: Former OLF leader exposes OLF and TPLF propaganda

NOTE: Picture shows Gobena-Menelik era Ethiopia when global world powers of the time made visits to Addis Ababa, with Shewan Oromo elites seen in their traditional garment.

Ethiopia: Former OLF leader exposes OLF and TPLF propaganda

By Kirkos

In an interview, another former OLF leader shocked and destroyed the biggest propaganda schemes of the OLF and the TPLF separatist organizations.

Mr. Ababiya Abajobir was the former OLF External Relations director, the face of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to the world for many years, before he finally gave up the tough job of misinforming the world and chose to expose the historical lies the OLF has been shoving down the ears and hearts of our Oromo people.

Groups like OLF and TPLF have been throwing the propaganda that Ethiopia colonized southern people and other groups which these separatists threatened to divide (secede) from Ethiopia. For many years, our Oromo people have been insulted by OLF supporters as “Neftenya” just because they challenged the propaganda of OLF. Oromos have been insulted by OLF just because we talked about Oromo heroes like Ras Gobena and Dejazmach Balcha, who united our country and made Ethiopia stronger while defending it from foreign aggression.

But today is the big day for all Oromos around the world who have been persecuted by OLF supporters because the former OLF leader himself has admitted what we have been saying for many years. Mr. Ababiya Abajobir admitted that Ras Gobena and Dejazmach Balcha were the Oromo-Ethiopian heroes who created modern Ethiopia. After many years of denial, this OLF leader admitted what our heroes like Emperor Haile Selassie told us for decades. Mr. Ababiya Abajobir admitted and said in an interview:

“Oromo nationality is a pillar of the country. So, we have to ask ourselves not only how a pillar can secede but also who created or cemented the unity? During the time of Menilik II, people like Dejazmatch Balcha and Ras Gobena Dachew expanded the territory through military actions and created the unity. Oromo people like others paid sacrifices in the battles of Adwa and Maichew.”

This is the second time a person from the highest level of OLF leadership has admitted historical realities which the OLF has been rejecting for almost 40 years. A few weeks ago, one of the OLF’s founders, Mr. Lencho Lata, shocked many OLF circles in the Diaspora by talking in favor of the Ethiopian state that the OLF propagandists hated deeply.

In addition to admitting the fact that the modern Ethiopian State was developed, created, expanded and united by brave Oromo-Ethiopians like Ras Gobena, the former OLF leader Mr. Ababiya Abajobir also said that some ancient Oromo communities like the Gibe Kingdom of Jimma shared the dreams of Ras Gobena and Menelik, which they showed by willingly uniting. He admitted in the same interview by saying:

“In my birthplace, Gibe area, Aba Jifar consented to the idea of unity willingly and peacefully.”

At the end of the day, whether OLF leaders, founders or former leaders admit history does not make history truer because history can not be changed, added, subtracted or ignored. But the former OLF leaders and founders, Mr. Lencho Leta and Mr. Ababiya Abajobir, finally exposing the OLF 40 years old ideological propaganda is a symbolic victory to the millions of Oromos and other Ethiopians.

Sadly, these OLF leaders admitted history very late because thousands of Oromos around the world are already brainwashed to hate their mother country Ethiopia. Especially thousands of Oromos in the Diaspora, like in Europe and America, like in Minnesota, have been brainwashed to think that so-called “Abyssinians” colonized Oromos. Thousands of Oromos in the Diaspora are brainwashed to think in simplicity, in Black and White. But OLF leaders like Lencho Leta and Ababiya Abajobir are finally telling the truth and accepting historical facts, which will eventually bring victory to the truth and bring victory to the millions of Oromos who love their country Ethiopia.

The facts are, there was no single united entity “Abyssinia” that colonized Oromos because ancient Oromo leaders like Ras Gobena united Oromos and created modern Ethiopia, alongside other heroes like Menelik I. In those days when Oromo communities were divided as Gibe Kingdoms for instance ended up in civil wars and as some Oromo communities raided into Sidama communities; semetic speaking peoples were also divided between regions like Gondar, Gojjam, Wollo, Tigray, Shewa etc. In fact, there were various conflicts between these people, including the Gojjam King Teklehaimanot with his Oromo ally Ras Derasu whose armies fought against another Oromo leader Ras Gobena Dache and his Shewan Amhara allies. But the Shewans Ras Gobena and Negus Menelik easily defeated the Gojjam army and continued to unite the rest of Ethiopia. This battle between the Teklehaimanot-Deresu alliance against the Gobena-Menelik alliance was one of the biggest examples in Ethiopian history of a multi-ethnic alliance which exposes OLF’s propaganda of Oromo vs Amhara simplifications. Similarly, there were examples of infighting between Oromo speaking communities, one historic instance being the Oromo Kingdom of Limmu-Ennarea, which not only fought against other Oromo communities, but also created suffering for Oromo people due to the bloody internal power struggles. In fact, according to the historian Donald Levine, many ancient Oromo communities supported their Oromo hero Ras Gobena who united Ethiopians in every region and ended the “intertribal fighting” which was causing destruction and bloodshed as Oromos were fighting other Oromos. While Emperor Menelik (who spoke both Afaan Oromo and Amharic languages) was busy uniting northern Ethiopians, Ras Gobena (who was gaining more and more fame inside his Oromo communities) was uniting southern Ethiopians. Some historians even confirm that the Oromo Ras Gobena’s success was not limited inside his Oromo communities because Gobena also helped the southern people of Sidama and Gurage after he defeated rebellion forces of the Muslim Gurage warlord Hassen Injamo and united all southern Ethiopians.

It is important to remember that Ras Gobena and other Ethiopian heroes were very revolutionary and smart leaders who understood that Africans needed to unite for many reasons, including for solving their internal issues, to be able to defeat European aggressors and to be a powerful player globally. So it was not surprising that many smart Oromo leaders united with Amhara leaders and other Ethiopians to create a powerful Ethiopian state that defeated the better equipped European invaders like the Italians. In this sense, Menelik, Gobena and other Ethiopian heroes were foresighted African leaders who – in an era when the motto of the white race was that the black race was a “backward race” that is “less than human” with “no civilization, language or achievement” – stepped up to stop bloody inter-clan, intertribal fightings in order to create a multi-ethnic powerful black nation that we call Ethiopia. This reminds us that Gobena and other Oromo heroes and their allies like Menelik were revolutionaries who were ahead of their time and created a “united states” of African people while the western Europeans were developing their “united states” of America (albeit the incorporation of blacks across the Atlantic Ocean under slavery). So It is no wonder that historian Donald Levine confirmed the support Oromo heroes like Ras Gobena received when he concluded that the Gobena-Menelik mission of expanding, uniting Ethiopians and strengthening the country was “welcomed as a way to put an end” to the bloody Oromo vs Oromo wars of the century.

Even though Ras Gobena is one of the biggest Oromo heroes in Ethiopian history, there are many other Oromo heroes and famous Oromo leaders, including Fitawrari Geresu Duki, Dejazmach Balcha Safo, Dejazmach Jagama Kelo, Iyasu V, Fitawrari Abba Gomol, King Ali AbaJiffar and the famous head of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Defense Fitawrari Habte Giorgis (Dinagde) who ruled Ethiopia together with Emperor Menelik. Meanwhile, various Oromo entities like the Yejju Oromo Dynasty, ruled Ethiopia in different stages, while many other Ethiopian leaders were of mixed descent with ethnically mixed Oromo-Amhara or other ancestry – including the various Fitawraris and Emperors. Another historian Paul Henze also exposed the TPLF’s propaganda of pure ethnic identities by saying that

“pure Amhara can be found today only in isolated northern regions, such as Manz and Tegulet. All other Shoan Amhara have a sizable Oromo strain in their ancestry.”

This is the reason why today, millions of brave Ethiopians from Shewa and other Ethiopian regions have rejected Woyane’s ethnocentric census and refuse to simplify their complex historical identities by saying “Amhara” and “Oromo.” These failed TPLF classifications have ridiculed the ethnic politics agenda of separatists like TPLF and OLF, for these classifications indicate mere linguistic identities with no historical, cultural, religious, ancestral homogeny since a Wellega Oromo has very small non-linguistic similarity with a Shewan Oromo; nor does the multi-ethnic Shewans have a magical capability to claim they are pure one “ethnic” group. Therefore, Meles Zenawi’s current population statistics have been based on imposed tribalism, where an Ethiopian is forced to randomly choose one "ethnicity" that seems to be his/her most likely categorization and where the Ethiopian must blank out his/her memory and delete his/her unique, proud and complex history that led to the making of this multi-ethnic beautiful nation we call Ethiopia.

But simplification and propaganda is used not only by Meles Zenawi's TPLF dictatorship in Ethiopia today because the OLF is also equally experienced at this evil tactic. In fact, simplification and propaganda have become an accepted norm of the OLF organization that even one of the head ideological OLF “scholars” Mr. Asafa Jalata recently advised the OLF to increase the amount of its “propaganda” that is needed to “mobilize” the Oromo people who are suffering from “low level of the political consciousness,” according to this shameful OLF “scholar.” This is why our Oromo Diaspora communities need to confront OLF “scholars” like these who put down and demean the intelligence of our Oromo people who are beginning to think independently instead of having to parrot the OLF.

The last couple of decades, our Oromo people and fellow mixed Oromos have been attacked by OLF propagandists and labeled “Neftenya” for holding high the flag of Oromo heroes like Ras Gobena. The OLF used all its tools to make Oromos look at the world as “black & white,” in its simplest (though emotive) form, which brainwashed some innocent Oromo children to accept that these and these people are your enemies, and the OLF is your friend or your only “hope and shield” that will free you from “colonization” by non-Oromos. As the result, some Oromos have been forced to remain silent while the OLF propagandists claimed that Oromos were simply colonized by some type of Empire that was led by non-Oromos. But, the current admission by top former OLF figures like Lencho Leta and Ababiya Abajobir is the breakthrough Oromo people worldwide have been waiting for, to end the persecution of Oromos by the OLF mobs. The TPLF and the OLFs preying on innocent Oromos is coming to an end and the ideologically bankrupt Oromo separatists can not impose their will and propaganda on us anymore.


Comment from: oromogal [Visitor]

well written article. we love our heroes Gobena and Menelik!!

God bless Ethiopia!!

12/21/08 @ 22:36
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

This report is nothing but the Amhara propoganda. I believe one ethiopia from Ras Kassa at the red sea to Moyale.

12/21/08 @ 23:12
Comment from: Abdisa [Visitor]

CONGRATULATIONS TO O.L.F. leaders for finally admitting history.

maybe it is too late but hopefully you can reverse the anti-ethiopia poisin you planted in the minds of oromo people.

if OLF is honest, it should publicly denounce secession and regain respect of ethiopian people.
OLF must give up its unsuccessful agenda.

how long will you stay the toy of the egyptians and other enemies of ethiopia who want to see us divided????

how long will you continue propaganda?

how long will you OLFs wait or how many more former OLF leaders have to embarrass you before you accept reality that there was no such thing as “abyssinian colonialism??

most of all, how long are you going to let woyane in power by keeping the opposition divided????

OLF needs to understand that the promising future of ethiopia is our quest for individual freedom and liberal democracy which is championed by another Oromo hero Birtukan Mideksa of Andenet party.

12/21/08 @ 23:24
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Wow, here comes the truth slowly, but surley.God Bless Ethiopia.

12/21/08 @ 23:39
Comment from: tazabi [Visitor]

it’s a shame how just a few power hungery calculative individuals brainwash the mass for their own twisted agenda.propaganda which forces people to think in a black and white and emotional manner is a very powerfull i can’t blame the majority of oromos to fall for such “alubalta” :no: even americans who are supposed to be at least highschool educated elected George Bush becaused he was forcing them to think in just a black and white fashion thereby being elected two times for all his crimes and just obvious idiotic personality.Inany case,lets all hope the oromoms brainwashed by OLF atleast come half way in reconciling with the so called pure neftegna amharas!

12/22/08 @ 00:09
Comment from: ETHIOPIA [Visitor]

What an article to build up a racial harmony among diffrent ethnic groups.Everyone should take a lesson and stop the tplf and olf ethnic based propaganda.

12/22/08 @ 00:11
Comment from: dinar [Visitor]

In 1,2,3…

Let the flood gates of TPLF cadres pretending to be Oromo and Amhara start their hateful exchange amongst themselves….DRAMA BEING WAITED.

12/22/08 @ 00:13
Comment from: kokeb [Visitor]

The confused OROMOS=OLF are the main reason for the survival of to the most retarded dwarf,ugly the son of wretched, MELESE. RPG should be shoved long time ago in his KEDADA-KUMTA-SHABIA AZZ. “shoot on his latergic face to get relif of from this LEBA YELEBA LIJ DEDEB-AAAAGGGGAAAAMMMMEEEE! EUFFFF! I can smell his stinky mouth and rotten AZZ from 20.000 miles away.

12/22/08 @ 00:26
Comment from: gun8833 [Visitor]

It is 100% right our motherland is cemented by the blood of all Ethiopians. More than 3000 our history is not only one tribe it is the bundle of all Ethiopians’ tribes.

We can’t find a pure single tribe in our country. We are mixed in blood, language, religious,norm or others cultural values. If OLF succeed,I don’t know where the oromo’s state begin, maybe only from Tigray since in else where there are oromo’s descent. We can’t say this oromo, that is other. Sorry about those traitor& ignorant OLF &TPLF.

The loser OLF & TPLF have seeded their poison on our innocent people.

Death for them!!!!

12/22/08 @ 00:42
Comment from: Dabala [Visitor]

Lencho Lata and Ababiya are Abrham yayeh and Gebremedhin Araya of TPLF.

As abrham Yayeh and Gebremedhin Araya seek refuge in derg’s camp, so did Lencho and Ababiya.

When the traitors run away, the braves stay the course. Just because two gutless , old senior citizens couldn’t take the heat and jumped off the train doesn’t mean the train is derailed. The struggle will continue and OLF will certainly be victorious.

12/22/08 @ 00:51
Comment from: Farah Ali Jama [Visitor]
Farah Ali Jama

Whose lands or territories is this traitor claiming to have fought for, conquered and founded with Abyssinia?

The simple answer that clearly refutes Mr. Ababiya Abajobir traitorous allegations is not far off, but within a close grasp.

Please, check out for yourselves this simple, but factual video titled, “Past Ethiopia and the Future Ethiopia” on the following link address:

And then, add:


Note: Haud & Reserve Area was formerly part of the Protectorate of the British Somaliland. And the British illegally ceded to Ethiopia as late as 1954–that is just a mer six (6) years before Somaliland gained its independence in June 1960!!

So please, spare us of any future argument in relation to that the entire Horn of Africa region was once part and parcel of Abyssinia and ruled by your Emperors, which is utterly false.

Before you raise this kind of argument first, put into consideration the Arabic meaning of Ardal Habash or Abyssinia? Get it?

Note: Ethiopia, was the only non-Caucasian or African country present on the Berlin Conference in in 1800’s in relation to the Scramble of Africa.

Why was it there?

And what did it gain from there that is not hers?

I think the answers to the two simple questions on the above alone should silence your expected illegal claims and brouhaha.

Can we all go along peacefully, equally and justly?

12/22/08 @ 01:08
Comment from: sewyew [Visitor]

hey my compatriots please if we trace back to history, what the OLF was doing a short sighted and misleading propaganda.i am a proud to say i am oromo and my country is Ethiopia and i am sorry for those people which are confused by Woyane or OLf propaganda.please we are fed up with these parties.let’s rater join our hands to battle poverty , backwardness. God bless you

12/22/08 @ 01:19
Comment from: aba bulguu [Visitor]
aba bulguu

I was in addis ababa,weekend I see ababiyaa having new model land cruser.He is one of the old royal family.he is the same to ras Gobana.

12/22/08 @ 02:14
Comment from: AGB [Visitor]

The fact is being exposed and all Ethiopians need to show love to our Oromo fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters so that the existing misunderstanding will be quickly resolved.
This is in deed a victory for those who love their country and fellow citizens irrespective of the ethnic identities.

Long live Ethiopia and its peoples !

12/22/08 @ 02:39
Comment from: Addisu Tulema [Visitor]
Addisu Tulema

You guys,

A good article must not portray only one side of the story which may be challenged point by point and is very simplistic indeed in content and theme unlike the auther likes to portray.Be fair and balanced!!!!

As far as history is concerned, not the history the Abysinians claim, Minilik and Hailesillasse are known for their murder of Oromo and Southern Peoples than their love for these people. These ‘heroes’, Minilik and Hailesillase, believed and worked hard to portray peoples other than semitic origins as inhuman who are there to be exploited, killed and miamed for the benefit of Amhara ruling class. I also believe the whole Amharas were not the beneficiaries of these regimes but were the power bases of subjugation of other nations and nationalities of the country. The Amharas were not treated as inhuman and they enjoyed various previlages because of serving the regimes as a power base.

12/22/08 @ 02:41
Comment from: Beekaa [Visitor]

Aba-biyyaa said “menlik conqured the south by military action". So what is new? OLF said Oromo is not being part of Abisinia by will.
If aba-biyyaa surrender to Meles it is the same as his grandfather surrender to Menilik.This loser does not make any change on the part of Oromo struggle for self-determination.The good thing is that when two selfish person surrender, the matured and seasoned Oromo politician are moblised in DC to elevate Oromo cause to highest level. The Oromo people has recieved good news from Oromo leaders as Aba-biyya start talking trush.Day to day Oromo people is gaining starting 40 years and we as the people is almost there to achieave our ultimate goal.

12/22/08 @ 02:43
Comment from: Moti [Visitor]
Moti, who is the author of the article :>

Anyways, who cares about Abba Biyya ….!
We care about Oromo people and their opinion, not about traitor Oromo leaders like Gobena!
Gone are the days of deception and ‘alubalta’; Oromo people are well-informed to be deceived by this kind of baseless Habesha lie!

I am really saddened and surprised by the level of self-denial and narrow-mindedness of the so called ‘Ethiopians’; I, if fact call them ‘Pseudo-Ethiopians!

Why don’t you ‘Pseudo-Ethiopians’ just take note of the REALITY on the ground; what the younger generations of Oromo, Sidamas and Ogadens think about Ethiopian state!

That is what is critical - not the rotten opinion of those former feudal lords and their children!

12/22/08 @ 03:09
Comment from: vistor [Visitor]

amaizing! let see what is gona to upen next,is it Dawid Ibsa going to accept or not?. would you stop your arogancy,and blineded for the truth and is possyble evn TPLF will accept the true democrcy and grant a freedom to the people of Ethiopia, to choose whose ever they wont therefore don’t over critsize those who try to be a mediater, you maight have the unity yo cry for, ather wise it is possyble to continue to fight for OLF for independecy with out Lencho Lata and Abaa Biyya Abbajobir.

12/22/08 @ 03:16
Comment from: Balcha [Visitor]

What is shocking about this story? OLF has been saying this for years. No body denied that the fact Oromos have contributed in building the Ethiopia. This has nothing to do with what had happened to the Oromo ans other people in Ethioia.

12/22/08 @ 03:31
Comment from: oromia [Visitor]

it is true that Oromos like gobena and balcha and aba jifar expanded the ethiopian empire in the south. but we still can not hide the fact that oromo people have been marginalized by other ethiopians.
if we can solve this problem and create equality, ethiopia can become the great nation for all people, just as Gobena, Menelik and all other ancient leaders might have wanted.

12/22/08 @ 04:07
Comment from: Beraduu [Visitor]

I strongly disagree with this article…you said history could not be erased or rewritten…but who is the one writing history…when person writes a history he/she is writing it from his/her perspective. We both could look at the same situation and write a different article about it. So I would like for the writer and most of the readers to do more research in history of Oromo and Ethiopia and learn. At the same time as pure Oromo and strong believer of human right I would say that we should aim to live in harmony and as one. After all the human race is 99.9% alike than different, yet we always looking for something that sets us different.
So please do not disrespect the OLF who have done their work to give us (Oromo’s) the right to work and the equal opportunity for us to get education. Don’t say I have been brain washed …that will be disrespect to me as a person who could read and look at the situation and make my own decision…because I don’t agree in what you say it doesn’t mean I have been brain washed. And don’t tell me that is not true. Because of my name and my parents originated from Oromafa I have not been able to get a job or live in my own country what do you call that? So before you pass any judgments for the people of Oromo read and educate yourself. With all the love…

12/22/08 @ 04:09
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

Better late than never. To err is human, but to know one’s mistakes and correct them is divine.
OLF has insulted the Oromo people by calling them a colonized and enslaved people. It has tried to present them as people who never stood for their rights until the opportunist OLF came to the scene. The majority of Ethiopians have Oromo blood directly or indirectly, through intermarriage that has taken place over centuries.
Our Oromo people are one of the main building blocks of our country, Ethiopia. OLF tried to alienate and enslave them as IA has done to Eritreans. These opportunist elites poisoned the blood of Ethiopian Oromos against their own motherland Ethiopia, with the aim to use them as a stepping stone for their selfish political agenda of a mini independent Oromo state, ruled by a petty dictators.
These ex-OLF leaders who have come to the point to question their previous stands will not be the last. There will be a change of attitude that will affect the majority of OLF members, because fragmenting a country instead of uniting it has no place in today’s politics. Those die-hard OLF elites who still continue to advocate the disintegration of Ethiopia will be left behind and the future is against their narrow ethnic/tribal feelings.
We also want TPLF members to change their attitude and try to convince the rest of our people with their stand on one Ethiopia. We want them to see their Tigray within a united and prosperous Ethiopia and not as an independent Tigray state that will be parasitic on our country, as Eritrea tried to do so.

12/22/08 @ 04:24
Comment from: Chaffee-in-Africa [Visitor]

Hey Neftegna people,

Did yall miss me. Well I’m back again to read your worthless articles and turture you to the point of No Siltan again.

12/22/08 @ 04:26
Comment from: alene [Visitor]

well done , eventhough we knw this history way before , any ways what wonders me not my oromo brother and sisters whom they been brain washed by this untruthful history , but there are some forign governments they brain washed as well and escalating our internal problem to the worest , such as scandinivian countrees , so it is a golden apportunity for them to learn from these x-patriot and founding members of this organisation called O.L.F about the fabricated history of Ethiopia (Oromo ) and the true history of this great natiion .

12/22/08 @ 04:43
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

It’s amazing when some loser political leaders compare HIZBAWI WEYANE HARENET TIGRAY with some coward and aimless organization as olf.

HIZBAWI WEYANE HARENET TIGRAY since it’s inception knew it’s struggle was for justice and equality to all nations and nationalities of ethiopian people.

The brave fighters of tplf waged a bitter struggle to unseat derg all over ethiopia including in ertera since they were victims of derg.The brave tigray people struggle was to empower all ethiopians and respect thier indegenous way of lives.

All these things have being acomplished beyound thanks to the sewhate.Tplf and it’s sisters party as eprdf have worked hard to transform ethiopia in many different angels.

The hard working tigray people along with thier brothers and sisters of ethiopia will continue to develope ethiopia out of poverty…

The oromo people have contirbuted greatly to ethiopian beauty as well as history ,just like every nations and nationalities of ethiopia..

Indeed oromos have being victims of erteran sponsored olf trying to distract them from the development taking place in oromo.The kind and genorous people of oromo do know this anti peace elements.

The article mixing apples with oranges does not reflect the truth about hizbawi weyane harenet tigray…

12/22/08 @ 05:13
Comment from: Rasshewa [Visitor]

I can see The bright day of my people is coming…

Zenawi and Co.. your Days are nummbered
566 Days and 13584 Hour…
Ethiopia is ready for the coming Glory

12/22/08 @ 05:22
Comment from: abishe [Visitor]

As usual,here is another Ferrytale(ethiopian history)!

12/22/08 @ 05:32
Comment from: PEACE FOR THE WORLD [Visitor]

i care less about anything just live
your life without hate or crime enjoy it peacefully nobody is promised to live for tomorrow what you think dies with you it won’t last .

12/22/08 @ 05:48
Comment from: Kejela Melka [Visitor]
Kejela Melka

This is really what we most Oromos in Europe are discussing these days. We are the original Ethiopians and love our country. What we are insisting today is the fact that there is no equal power distribution in the country according to the number of the population. Oromos are everywhere on the front line where ever there is a threat on Ethiopia. For the well being of our country there must be power sharing agreement between all members of the society. Currently the Islamist in Somalia are training few OLF (Muslims) from Hararge and Bale to spread their agenda in Ethiopia. Eritrea is also the other threat who want to destabilize Ethiopia. We have to unite to save our contry. God bless Ethiopia.

12/22/08 @ 06:07
Comment from: gun8833 [Visitor]

we love each other.our country is the poorest country in the world due misruled & the ignorance derg junta & TPLF traitor.We unify us. We respect our elder heroes.

” Gobena bimot teteka Balcha”
” Medif agelabach bichalebich”

12/22/08 @ 06:09
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

:idea:Great commentary .Whatever TPLF thugs and
anti Ethiopians are arguing they can not
deny that the Great Menelike administration
was multy ethnical representing modern
Ethiopia .Not as much as the actual one
a tribal mafia groups based on one ethnical
group which actually are looting the country.
May god bless ,Atse Menelike ,Ras Gobena ,
Dedjatch Baltcha ,Fitawrari Habte Giorgis,
Ras Mekonen !!!!I know this will make cry
TPLF thugs like Lekami ,lady Tchenawite ,
Ahya and Dedebu .By the way as a true
Ethiopian I will say also May god bless
Ras Alula Aba Nega too !!!

12/22/08 @ 06:55
Comment from: Jendin Gemeda [Visitor]
Jendin Gemeda

This is what we want, we ,oromo people area part and parcel of Ethiopia people. Division according ethinicity is the main objective of TPLF AND OLF. TPLF wants to stay in power by dividing the people of ethiopia.I am certain the people of ethiopia has got the exprience of staying unity even in the era of italian colonisation. I am sure people of ethiopia will stay unit and reject the mentallity of TPLF division according ethinicity.
God bless ethiopia!! Down to agaaaame!!!

12/22/08 @ 07:21
Comment from: Washeraw [Visitor]

Addisu Tulema

Big mistake, my brother. You said

“The Amharas were not treated as inhuman and they enjoyed various previlages because of serving the regimes as a power base.”

You cannot be more wrong than that. Go to Ankober, Gayint, Semien, etc. and see how the Amhara live (same poverty-ridden life for the last couple of millenia!!)

Dear friends,

There are a few undeniable facts. Perhaps, we could start our dicussion from those
1. There was clear suppression of certain “identities” in Ethiopia. MUCH HAS BEEN DONE DURING THE dERG ERA to address some of this (literacy campaign in 15 languages) and EPRDF has done more.

2. What Mnilik has done was nothing different than any other king of his time. “Amlak hzbun abzto - agger asfto settegn” was the wish of any king!!

3. A united Ethiopia where all of us live as equal citizens has a better chance of “survival” than a group of extra-poor small ‘nations’ trying to live side by side.

Now: how can we achieve this ideal of a united Ethiopia with equal rights to all of her citizens?

12/22/08 @ 07:21
Comment from: Jendin Gemeda [Visitor]
Jendin Gemeda

This is what we want, we ,oromo people area part and parcel of Ethiopia people. Division according ethinicity is the main objective of TPLF AND OLF. TPLF wants to stay in power by dividing the people of ethiopia.I am certain the people of ethiopia has got the exprience of staying unity even in the era of italian colonisation. I am sure people of ethiopia will stay unit and reject the mentallity of TPLF division according ethinicity.
God bless ethiopia!! Down to agaaaame!!!

12/22/08 @ 07:23
Comment from: Aggaro [Visitor]

The oromo people knows who is their enemy. This article shows how Amhara’s are desparate and full of fear for what they have done it to oromo’s ………..Yetewega Biressa yewegga aliresam alle………….No Matter what It is the matter of time before Amhara ruled By oromo’s or expelled to Amhra. GOD BLESS OROMO

12/22/08 @ 07:23
Comment from: Jendin Gemeda [Visitor]  
Jendin Gemeda

This is what we want, we ,oromo people area part and parcel of Ethiopia people. Division according ethinicity is the main objective of TPLF AND OLF. TPLF wants to stay in power by dividing the people of ethiopia.I am certain the people of ethiopia has got the exprience of staying unity even in the era of italian colonisation. I am sure people of ethiopia will stay unit and reject the mentallity of TPLF division according ethinicity.
God bless ethiopia!! Down to agaaaame!!!

12/22/08 @ 07:26
Comment from: afarman [Visitor]

Irrespective of history and what is being said by this or that individual, we ethiopians currently want to live in a united and democratic Ethiopia. We can not live like yesterday.

We need to be tolerant to each other and work hard to see a developed Ethiopia voluntarily united by its people. Having a different political opinion doesnt make one a traitor. We need to believe in differences, we all can have a different vision as to how Ethiopia should sort out its problems regarding to rights of nations and nationalities. If some one supports secession as a solution , we need to fight the idea in a democratic and peacefull manner. lebeling people traitors and destroyers of Ethiopia doesnt help at all. Ethiopians should be allowed to freely express their ideas.

Aba Biya Abajobir, has now supported a united Ethiopia, we should welcome his idea, there is no need to give him names. there is no need to insult him for having a different believe in the past.

Ethiopia belongs to all of us, there is no single nation, religion or political organisation that is more ethiopian than the other. The country belongs to all of us, we all should enjoy expressing differing views in a democratic manner. I feel sick to the stomach when I read some commentators shouting abuse and intimidating different ethnic groups in the cyber world. The real enemies of Ethiopia are individuals who demonise certain ethnic groups. These forces will soon go into history been.

Different individuals or scholars can have different version of historical events . These people should be allowed to present their version of history to us the people. The Axumite Empire used to control vast area including southern part of the arabian region, but we cant go there and claim the region in the 21st century. When one observes the nation building process in various countries it involved various skirmishes and battles. People werent asked if they want to get united or not. Nations were built by stronger entities that have the power to expand their territories. The boundry we see now in Africa is drawn by collonisers using fire arms, thats why we see people sharing same cultures and way of lifes divided, and people who don share cultures, religion and way of llifes divided into separate countries. We africans need to assess the existing situation and sort out our differences in a peacefull and democratic manner.

History cant answer current problems, it just give us lesson and can be used as a reference when dealing with certain situation. Its time for us Ethiopians to get united and make another history.The era of using derogatory terms to harrase and intimidate people need to be over, we shouldnt expect to see a strong and united ethiopia insulting various nations and nationalities. Chauvinists need to stop demonising certain groups in the name of ethiopian unity. The biggest danger to Ethiopia’s dismemberment comes from so called “Ethiopia” opposition groups who insult ethnic groups,

Thumbs up for OLF and its leaders who want to see a strong and united ethiopia. Chauvinists need to open their minds and believe in unity based on diversity.

12/22/08 @ 07:44
Comment from: d [Visitor]

All liberation fronts are mere opportunists that hamper development in the country and can be easily used by our enemies to create unnecessary chaos.

12/22/08 @ 07:45
Comment from: Aba Jaffar Aba Gobu [Visitor]  
Aba Jaffar Aba Gobu

Aba Biya Aba Jobir,

My friend, at last I would like to congratulate for coming back home the reality and the real world.
Thank you, the oromos must be proud of being part and parcel of Ethiopia.

We shall be proud people as Ethiopians. Thank you friend. See you soon in Jimma…………..

12/22/08 @ 08:09
Comment from: Qorqoro [Visitor]

Fairness and justice comes when abysinians pack their Habasha ass from Oromia region. Christian Abysinians who makes up less than 20% of Ethiopias population, have looted the resources of Oromiyaa for the past 150/17 years and counting.
From now-on No Abyssinians can fool the Oromo people any more. Soon Power for Oromo will come, and they take in control of their wealth. what will be Habysinian fate in ethiopia?

12/22/08 @ 08:11
Comment from: Somalilander [Member]

The writer is equally lying to himself and his soul, because there is nothing to expose about OLF, they are the majority in Ethiopia yet controled by few. Just useless, there is no secret in this, just plain useless and the most mindless people in the Horn, atleast 3 million Eritreans freed themselves and deserve respect.

12/22/08 @ 08:36
Comment from: Ethiopian Kid [Visitor]
Ethiopian Kid





12/22/08 @ 08:50
Comment from: kirkiri [Visitor]

Amhara propaganda.
The Oromo question is a colonial issue.

The Oromo have a right to self determination.

12/22/08 @ 08:51
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

neftgna lies are endless.

12/22/08 @ 09:14
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

This is wishful crap. You guys lost Oromos when you disrespected their culture, language and called them name. I don’t think the story is true but even if it’s, nothing will change. I don’t stop fighting for free Oromia, and as long as Oromos are aware of this, no body will distinguish the flame that was ignited by our true fighters. The arc of our fight is long but it will bend toward freedom. Do we hate Ethio? we sure do.

12/22/08 @ 09:16
Comment from: Abbaa biyya [Visitor]
Abbaa biyya

What ever it is>>>>>>>>>>>

12/22/08 @ 09:27
Comment from: Abbaa biyya [Visitor]
Abbaa biyya

Anyways, who cares about Abba Biyya ….!
We care about Oromo people and their opinion, not about traitor Oromo leaders like Gobena!
Gone are the days of deception and ‘alubalta’; Oromo people are well-informed to be deceived by this kind of baseless Habesha lie!

I am really saddened and surprised by the level of self-denial and narrow-mindedness of the so called ‘Ethiopians’; I, if fact call them ‘Pseudo-Ethiopians!

Why don’t you ‘Pseudo-Ethiopians’ just take note of the REALITY on the ground; what the younger generations of Oromo, Sidamas and Ogadens think about Ethiopian state!
what eve it is
Oromia shal bee Free
Long live Oromia!!

12/22/08 @ 09:31
Comment from: Zeab [Visitor]

Can this propaganda work? It is only aiming at knocking the TPLF and OLF with one stone. Any ways it is an old idea; it did not work before and I do not think it will work again. It is good that every one should believe in unity; however, they unity shall always be a unity of different people speaking different languages and living in different geographical area. Unity does not mean eliminating the existence of different people. And for the unity every Ethiopian is equally responsible; but in the name of unity the dream of dominance will not work and is not acceptable. Amharas are one of the different peoples of Ethiopia, but it is not clear why some Amharas still insist that they feel more responsible to unite Ethiopia. If they are representing the Amhara people only, they can not unite Ethiopians. How is it possible to unite Ethiopia in the name of Amharic speaking people only, unless these few Amharas need to dominate the rest Ethiopians? I think we Ethiopians need to agree on how to unite Ethiopia. This is part of the democratic process. We will not have democracy unless we first work on the unity.

12/22/08 @ 09:40
Comment from: Chombe [Visitor]

OLF= the larggest+the oldest+ the laziest organization in this planet. They can not make it.

12/22/08 @ 10:22
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

It seems that Ethiopians started to use their brain to think the right way.
Some think that only few oromos such as Balcha and Gobena were the only oromos who contributed for the nation of Ethiopia. Millions of oromos have paid the price for the nation building of the country Ethiopia and the previous Ethiopian empire was full of Oromos. Many of us who are perceived as amharas today are in fact oromos too.
Let us work together. Our unity is much important than our difference. The real issue is not who is amara and who is oromo but is the life of amara or oromo improved due to our efforts?

12/22/08 @ 10:27
Comment from: tamiru [Visitor]

for many years, the OLF has denied these facts. now the OLF leadership members are themselves are accepting it.
what would OLF say next? it will have to prove to its own members before it tries to lecture us. the so-called “question of nationalities” was a bogus anti-ethiopia agenda put by OLF and TPLF to divide our people.

now OLF has to re-brainwash its own leaders Lencho and Ababiya before it tries to brainwash us.

God bless mama Ethiopia!!

12/22/08 @ 11:06
Comment from: Enborrii [Visitor]

OLF and ONLF are the weapons of Egypt because of Nile, and Eritrea(shabia)because of hate and sinister to destabilize our country,Ethiopia. Unfortunately, many simple minded and short sighted Oromo brothers could not see what lies ahead of them.
shame and failure to the enemies of ETHIOPIA!!

12/22/08 @ 11:13
Comment from: AMANUEL OKASHE [Visitor]

Whene We talk Ethiopia Colonize Oromo,one thing we did not have to forget if realy there is colonization,Oromo colonize HADIYA by using GADA system.They conqured,forced to assimilate,and lose their idintity.The HADIYA’s were pre-Oromo population in regions like,Bale,Arissi,western Harerghe,and now live speake Oromgha.Is not injustic the Oromo people done on Hadiya.Here I want to add one thing one Ababya said was wrong Hassin Angamo was not Gurage musilim leader,He was Keben Hadiya or north Hadiya Musilim leader.

12/22/08 @ 11:32
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
Shewa Anbessa

The so called OLF cadres and mumbers are pople with serious psycological desorder…so times saying oromo are this. and Amharas are that etc. this is busness as usual.that is whay we are saying they are all ignorants and looosers.

Thanks to God our mather ETHIOPIA is still alive and florishing but if it was OLF cocoroches they would sold our beloved country to Egepsians (Arabs) Shiabiyans(eritrians).Somalians and to Scendinivians. but that didnot hapend thanks to her selfless and ever clevere and ever hero and heroens.cheldrern of ETHIOPIA.



12/22/08 @ 11:33
Comment from: gun8833 [Visitor]

Look here some TPLF & OLF are crying.
We are living in modern world.OLF & TPLF do not know about globalization .The world comes together into one umbrella.But those losers still follow in 18th & 17th century ideology.That is Why after 18th years rule of TPLF, still our country under a great pressure of hunger & civil unrest. And also still they believe by guns.

Gun never brings peace, prosperity & happiness rather it brings civil unrest,political & economic crunch.

OLF elite always talk about oromia state richness. I know all the African countries of natural resources. They have much better than ours.But I don’t know where oromia has bulk of natural resources.if it is true the Western never sleep.That is why our country is neglected by Westerns.Without nothing we talk too much.

In this modern world, our farmers practice their land by hand or ox and also millions of them have no shelters,they are nomads, they live without shelters , foods & clothe.

For OLF, do not worry even if we give it a chance for a 100 years, it never succeeds since it follows “doma” strategy like its parter TPLF which they follow ethnic base ideology. No matter,both they increase their agonies.Unless his members,99% of the people hate TPLF & OLF since both wash their hands by innocent Ethiopians’ blood.Millions of innocent Ethiopians’ soul are crying around the country.

We bring to justice both TPLF & OLF for more 40 years killing naive people.

For TPLF, right now it is struggling. we will see it. It never exists on earth soon.

12/22/08 @ 12:30
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Afagnman when you write about unity in
diversity ,what about the administration of your leba master a
one single ethnic party (TPLF) ,military chief of staff organised around tigrean generals and economical
activities owned by tigrai mafiosis so
is this your so called diversity .Hey
Tchiffenee ,welcome back again and thanks for allowding us by your silly
and childish commentaries to use you
as a punching bag ,ignorant DEDEB chabyan garbage BANDA !!!!

12/22/08 @ 12:39
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Agamido ,when you talk about your so
called Hizbawi aremene aramnet Tigrai
Woyane ,why you deny the crimes comitted by this despot organisation and its tyrant leader ,Lebaw Zerafi .
Of course you ,the TPLF thugs ,with OLF traitors and your shabyan masters
from the beginning have masterminded the desmanteling of Ethiopia undermining all the efforts accomplished until then to savegard and
protect the unity and sovereignty of
Ethiopia .

12/22/08 @ 12:51
Comment from: Akaki Zeraf [Visitor]
Akaki Zeraf

Oromo seperatism is a sickness of the Welega Elite Oromos, and not of the Oromo masses. They think they represent Oromos all over Ethipia. They do not, and they are totally wrong. Anyway, Woyane gave them a good lesson when it whipped their asses. Good job Meles. Keep giving the very important education to the OLF. Thank you.

12/22/08 @ 12:53
Comment from: Odda Gafarsaa [Visitor]
Odda Gafarsaa

Nazret(Adamma).com Web-master, shame on you because you posted an article that does not have an author! You need to take journalism 101, never write un-supported story as wellas authorless piece!!

Abaabiya and Yohannes Latta are two quislings who could not take the sacrifices that a revolutionary tasks entails.Abaabiy was never a member of OLF.. He just worked in the office answering phones and bullshitng all day. He is just a harmless little twit and Yohannis Letta is a conniving bastard who became a traitor to his people.

None of these old punks have contributed any measurable deeds to the struggle of Oromo Nation!

I can only say that history will not absolve them from what they did and for those of us, the struggle of our people will continue regardless of the acts of these cowards



12/22/08 @ 13:13
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

Listen to these two leged animal shbabia SELATOS pretending to be who they are not and injuct their vonum between us Ethiopians. You are a done deal SELATOS, why don’t you simply bend over and kiss your fake Eri ass good by…….

12/22/08 @ 13:21
Comment from: [Member]

Thank God I’m not Oromo or Tigre!

12/22/08 @ 13:29
Comment from: United Ethiopia [Visitor]
United Ethiopia

Great article. As a decent of Amara and Oromo I fully well know that OLF was formed by few greedy and liar separatists people to confuse Oromos so that those few greedy individuals will end up in power.

OLFs are not only stupid but made Oromos, Amaras and all other Ethiopians including Tigreans to suffer and pay the high price in the hands of TPLFs.

They helped the unti-Ethiopia, TPLF to breath its hateful and divisive propagandas on us.

Thanks to many intelligent Oromos and Amaras who weakened TPLF and OLF by keeping exposing the lies of TPLF and OLF. Truth will never say hidden. As it is now, it may take time but it will come out.

Thanks to these people to come to their senses and gain their conscious.

12/22/08 @ 13:39
Comment from: sami [Visitor]

It is very encouraging to hear such admission by the top officials of OLF that the whole propaganda of the OLF was based on lies and distorted history. There was never been in history that the Oromo region wasn’t part of the Ethiopia, and will not be. It is true to some extent that the Oromo people were a victim old thinking as it is the case for many other tribes and groups in Ethiopia. However, that doesn’t justify that the Oromo people should separate themselves from the rest of the country. There are many things at stake in that dying country at this defining moment in history, we should think civil and put our effort together to lift our country from a free fall. Lets be wise all the people of Ethiopia, and take a generation responsibility. We should stop dividing the country based on ethnicity and culture. Ethiopia is not a country of a few; instead it is a country for all in which the people live with unity, respect, and love. We might be different in language and culture, but we all are one Ethiopians. So let’s stop the nonsense and work for the better Ethiopia. One love, One Ethiopia.

12/22/08 @ 13:48
Comment from: seifegabreal,m. [Visitor]

what is to be a land(country) ethiopia? just it is its own people.
that belongs to all for being proud of any ethnic groups or mixed from more and then proud of being ethiopian but ashamed of being brainwashed.
Today we have got a truth from members of OLF and tomorrow do the same EPLF and some some TPLF members wake up to end Meles Era.

We shall see a united ETHIOPIA with its peace, democracy and equal rule to its people!
We shall never beg for bread but we shall use our resource and power to our prosperity!

God bless ethiopia!!

12/22/08 @ 14:09
Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]

Moti and the likes,

Menelik and Haile Sellasie are part Oromo whether you like it or not. Nigus Tekle- Haimanot of Gojjam was not 100% Amhara, too. His name was Ras Adal, before taking christian name. Nigus Michael of Wollo was muslim Oromo who was forced to be Christianized. Our history is interconnected despite your hate-mongering. Down with the narrow-minded OLF.

12/22/08 @ 14:11
Comment from: The Doctors. [Visitor]
The Doctors.

Well done body!!!!!.Please do not forget the most popular ancient Oromos those who never had the recent raciest ideology.King souzinos,father,King Fssilados son and their grand sons who never mentioned they belongs to Sematic like other confused Cushatic Oromo but travelling back and forth from Ambo to Gondar.Please go little further back to see the fact and solve the confussion and conflict amongst the Sematic across the sea and ocean,Cushatic all over african state.Believe or not there never born Sematic in Africa
but Kilise who cannot claime citizenship to be African neither Ethiopian.

12/22/08 @ 14:25
Comment from: Abbaa Jifaar [Visitor]
Abbaa  Jifaar

This dunderhead guy named Ababiya had been Mr. Nobody all along in the struggle of the Oromo people for freedom, justice and democracy. All he had been before his day of betrayal of the organization was just an ordinary member of the OLF. He spent most of his years as a member in derg dungeon. He had never been in any meaningful leadership position. He was not a member of the central committee of the OLF. He had never been head of the External Relations Division of the front. He had been just a head of the OLF office in the U.S. for a brief period of time appointed in mainly as a caretaker. His former position as the head of the U.S. office in Washington, D.C. is what people intentionally or out of innocent mistake confound and propagate to confuse and misinform the public. The guy is very well known for his ineffectiveness and as above all as a womenizer and was dismissed from his U.S. position. That is why he betrayed the noble and just cause of the Oromo people and indeed the Ethiopian people as the whole and surrendered to the terrorist TPLF and is picking up its leftovers. Whatever he says today however is just to please his terrorist TPLF masters and has no place in the struggle of the Oromo people and the Ethiopian people as the whole for freedom, justice and democracy. Aluta Kontinua.
Abbaa Jifaar

12/22/08 @ 14:28
Comment from: nashvillianethiopian [Visitor]

Dear Moti
What’s wrong with you?You seem completely and deeply brain washed in to this matter.I know you and you were never like this when you were in Ethiopia.Tell me what is that you or your family has been denied just because you are Oromos?As far as I remember you were more previlaged than me and my Amhara families..Wake up and do not spread hate.
Peace :D

12/22/08 @ 15:01
Comment from: lubuu yadata [Visitor]
lubuu yadata

this history of amhara we dont accept we cant learn our history fro amhra because amhra ist oromo. OLF is oromo we cant do anything with ethiopia . what is our gain from ethiopia can u tall me pls
dont tall me about individual like gobana

12/22/08 @ 15:02
Comment from: Wedi Adi [Visitor]
Wedi Adi

Amharu are the ones that ridicule and disrespect Oromos. Not Tigrayans.

In our culture,We don’t have that zeregna hateful nature Amharu possess .We believe in equality. Amharu believe in equity. They want to destroy all the other cultures in the name of “andnet".
I say yes to “Hbret” no to “andnet” we are many. Not one. Andnet mean AEND (one) Amhara.

12/22/08 @ 15:06
Comment from: Hann [Visitor]

The so-called “Gonderean Period” was practically an “Oromo Period". During this time, the Oromo Yeju dynasty was the ruling class in Gondar” in the north. “Oromifa” was the official language of the palace and in the army. Kings like “Talaku Ras Ali", “Aste Bekafa", “King Ioas", and so many others were Oromos. Top generals of the army were Oromos. Todays Gondar is a witness to this Oromo period. If you visit, the palace in Gondar, most of the Castles are named after Oromo names. There are even some schools like “Atse Bekafa” that are named after Oromo kings. There are some Amharic languages that come from Oromifa during that time like “kuna” that are still spoken in Gondar.

In fact, Ethiopia used to be more centralized and a large mass of land than the present during this period. It was the political challenge that comes from Tigray - which is normal given the circumstance during that time - that crumbled such period. In fact the final blow came Emperor Tewodros who toppled the final Oromo ruling Ras - Ras Ali.

Therefore, other OLF leaders should also do their home work and read their history lesson.

12/22/08 @ 15:15
Comment from: najaat [Visitor]

hey, naftanya, I am glad to see you actually, reffer to Great oromo people as An Oromo. you think we are part of you (Ethiopia), how come you always disrespected and called us by demeaning names. you never thought of us as part of you, may be as second class. you are not be trusted at all you are like a wolf in sheep cloth, ready to destroy Oromos if given a chance. I am not in favor of tigre bloody Meles. But can you imagine if we were ruled by Amhara neftanya for the last 17 years. At least we can go to school in our langauge, write and speak our language. would Amharas be OK with that? No!!! every one in Ethiopia must speak Amharic, if it was for them even the World should speak Amharic. Amhara people not considerate people for others. that is why no one should trust them at all.

12/22/08 @ 15:31
Comment from: chitychat [Visitor]

Where is the source? Who wrote the article?
It seems one of the baseless fabrications, that is why the writer is hiding himself.
Atleast he mentioned there was a force(violence) involved in the creation of the nation.Thus you have to realize force or violence won’t bring sustainable unity in a country or an empire.for example take a glance at the history of the colapsed empires like the British, Yougoslavia,Indonisia,Soviet and the European colonisers in Africa and Asia.

12/22/08 @ 15:32
Comment from: najaat [Visitor]

Ethiopia kid, you are a joke!!

12/22/08 @ 15:33
Comment from: moses [Visitor]

Well done Mr.afarman. You spoke my mind. However, genetically poisoned
Neftegha’s off-springs are always claim no harm was done to other Ethnics such as Afar, Oromo, Harari, Tigre, Southern people of all ethnics, etc. Yes, I do agree not all Amharas benefited from Minilik, Ras Mekonen and Haile Neftegha’s policy. What about agew Amharas who were considered sub-class by their own Amharas mainly again by Nefteghas. Those who lost their comfort, now blame Meles for creating ethnically divided Ethiopia. Let me put this way. EPRDF had no an alterative other than to create an Ethiopian democracy based on ethnics which had saved the glass that was full with Ethiopian blood waiting to spill seeking for freedom, equality and justice for ethnics. If unity based on diversity is not something off-spring of Nefteghas accept, then so be it let them cry until they die. DREAM ON!!! ETHIOPIA IS NO LONGER CALLED AMHARA OR CHRISTIAN COUNTRY. IT IS A COUNTRY THAT IS RICH IN CALTURE, LANGUAGE, RELGION AND HERITAGE OF NATIONS AND NATIONALITES. The two dangerous thing that we Ethiopians who believes ethnic equality, freedom, and justice must vigorously fight back Nefteghas and extreme narrow nationalists. Remember narrow nationalism is the product of Neftegha’s treatment.

12/22/08 @ 15:55
Comment from: Janet [Visitor]

OLF is a hate group. A group witch exists only by inventing history and reinvesting it to confirm their paranoid outlook. Instead of participating in fair election they preffer to organize in unlikely places like Menesota praising their non existant guerella forces. OLF, please stop your comedy and chose a constructive road. Most of the Oromos are not with you, they are not crazy to join these hateful jamuburee to an imaginary land.

For everybody,

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We are lucky that we can celebrate twice the birth of the Lord, Jessy.

12/22/08 @ 16:04
Comment from: Kidusan Aye [Visitor]
Kidusan Aye

I am Oromo, I know Ababya and I know Lecho Leta, both they are real Oromo.My Oromo sister and brother do’t need any more to full our self. Poltics are a dirty game. Thank you the truth History.

12/22/08 @ 16:08
Comment from: eritrea [Visitor]

whatever it is oromo shall be free !!!

12/22/08 @ 16:10
Comment from: ambo [Visitor]

we,OROMO, are not divided with other ethiopian brothers .we stand united we destroy woyane !!!

God bless ethiopia!!!!

12/22/08 @ 16:15
Comment from: EEF [Visitor]

ONE ETHIOPIA! the hell with olf.

12/22/08 @ 16:38
Comment from: Monkey [Visitor]

This is another hoodwinking perpetrated by diehard old-timer Derg-ISAPA-EHAPA tripartite.

I am sure Ababiya is not out to celebrate Ethiopia but to express himself so TPLF can throw him some crumbs. If you Amhara elites are so in love with Oromo, all of a sudden, where were you when Oromo were bearing the brunt of TPLF oppression?

Your empire is gonna die and there will be no one to throw it a lifeline. Too bad it had to be finalized with TPLF still in power!

12/22/08 @ 16:40
Comment from: Reality Bites! [Visitor]
Reality Bites!

Kejela Melka

You better stand up for yourself than being a follower.
What is unity, if people have different beliefs, language, culture and so on…
whose culture, language,beliefs is goona be the dominant to be used officially? At the moment in the country I don’t think The Amharas would like that to be of Tigres or Oromos and vice versa. So why worry about unity when you could be independent and live understanably and respectfully with your neighbours in peace? and if unity is to be there it has to be based on the willingness of the people of the respective region or country and not by force whatsoever.
So to me it looks those of you who are crying unity, it is not about unity it is about your material interst(greed) of that region and not the people.

12/22/08 @ 16:44
Comment from: GojamArsoBel [Visitor]

moses, other tplf cadres:

Equality is when there is equal per capita development in Mekele as well as Debre Markos, equality is when you return the stolen lands of Gonder and Wollo. Then we will believe you. Till then, yap on.

12/22/08 @ 16:48
Comment from: Guiguy [Visitor]  

Thanks to the enternet, the new vision is, being able to say: I’m a global citizen! So please stop your boring satisfaction about your ancesters but think big, developing new ideaology, up-to-date new poltical parties, bringing new African images, etc…

12/22/08 @ 17:02
Comment from: Peace [Visitor]

Well we can’t live in unity unless ppl’s right is taken into consideration. Any powerful country recognizes its citizens right. Unless this is so, forget about unification theory. Im not only talking the right of oromo’s but other sidama’s,gamebella’s,ogaden somalis & other many minorities in Ethiopia.
Whenever there is oppression in the country, there will not be unification!!!! Coz there are always ppl fighting for their right!

12/22/08 @ 17:10
Comment from: dachassa [Visitor]

Both Lencho Letta & Ababiya lost
power for their weakness and now are going against their sayings or truth.
If the fact is what they are saying why they started? why it take them this long or why when they are out of power? This will help you to know what kind of guys they are.
Remember Abraham Yaye & the other fonder of TPLF did the same in the last minute, but TPLF won again Lencho & Ababiya are foolishing them selves, but OLF (the Oromo people) will be the winner in the struggle for true equality and democracy in Ethiopia.
Peace for all man kind.

12/22/08 @ 17:16
Comment from: chorka [Visitor]

I would like to ignore many garbage comments but shall focus on long sighted arguments such as Dabala’s. Most viewrs of this website are so innocent and ill-minded in that they have no any feeling as to why citizens fight for freedom. They never understand why this artcle was copied from the so called EPPRF/EPPF site and posted at its rib blog. The struggle of oromos will never be influenced by comments from oromo nik-named dickheads! Our struggle will prevail in to peace and freedom of Oromo people!

12/22/08 @ 17:46
Comment from: najaat [Visitor]

One advise I like to give to neftanyas who wish to rule others in the name of Ethiopian uinty, Please wake up and smell the coffee, those days are gone. you either live with others or your demise is emenent. case point look at Oromos they are not looking to rule you or anyone else for that matter, they just want what’s thiers. nothing more nothing less. But you the neftanyas, thats not good enough for you, you must conquer and take what belong others and put down great people like Oromos. you must learn to live with others with respect. Respect Respect R.E.S.0.P.E.C.T !!!! for Others.

12/22/08 @ 18:24
Comment from: Rasshewa [Visitor]

mosses and Afar man you lost the war
Etrhiopia is not 4 haters like you you and your Masters Meles Zenawi and Essayas
day´s are nummbered …your Devil plan
is failed just hang yourself

Ethiopians while every ethnic group in our famine stricken nation of Ethiopia and The World’s most aid addicted nation on Earth and it was planed and doing by our Gov. (fake Gov). we still have time to talk manage to hate eachother, and we let this Devils on power to do that .

All Shabians Eritreans minds are poisoned by Isayas propaganda and unseen, untold,nonexist .
I am sorry, you guys are really got insane b/s of bad habit of talking about false/hate propaganda.
And finaly you will never be successful.. we will be there very soon 2 take over our port and so on

Ethiopians We all are God creatures. We need to stop hating each other Oromo Amara Somali Tigre. Our dam Government Bandas (Ethiopian or Eritrean) as their weapon that they can stay in power more than they suppose to. They brain washed us and they are so successful. Once Isayas said he will give Ethiopia 100 years Homework and he is doing that craeting division, bring Ethiopia the worst name for the world and so on …. And every day you see the Devil work and we are still siting and waiting for what..
Here we are beaching each other. We need to wake up. We are not whish to be who we are.
god save you all.

haters your haters divide and concure
method does not work lear from the last 17 years

TPLF AND EPLF they are both the same Devil, Dumb and Dirty.

12/22/08 @ 18:26
Comment from: Shanan Gibee [Visitor]
Shanan Gibee

Some Thing You All Might Want To Know.

All it takes to tune Ababiyya to the station you want and have him play the music you want to listen to is a decent dish and just a woman. Even a beach with a skirt can do the trick.

Shanan Gibee

12/22/08 @ 18:45
Comment from: z [Visitor]

I guess the problem is, many of us haven’t gotten the history lesson well. I admit I am abysmally ignorant when it comes to Ethiopian history, however it doesn’t take that much effort to work on our future than dwell on the past.

Each one of us are a mere strand in the fiber that has woven our country together. We all have been subdued to despecable poverty and injustice at a given time. There were also opportunities we have been proud and walked with our head high though they were essentially rare.

I am for a country where true history should be documented and acknowledged, differences respected and fair justice served with full transparency.

12/22/08 @ 18:59
Comment from: Ethiopian Kid [Visitor]
Ethiopian Kid




12/22/08 @ 19:13
Comment from: wepE [Visitor]

I’m not surE whether if this is truE or not but it sure do annoy woyane bandas and surprisingly, I must add, even some decent members of the far east Somalian blood descendants and also not so surprisingly the divorced cousins of the Tigres and Amharas! Big time! I don’t the fuck know what the hell your damn problem is about this being true but this means that you all anti-Ethiopians want Oromos to be apart of Ethiopia by the hook or crook but you know what? You can kiss that nasty dream of yours good byEEE! You’re all losers, you fools really think you gain a shit by scrapping Ethiopia away from the globe? Well that, my animals would be real nightmare for you uncivilized bunch of barbarian scavengers. We all know Amharas are vilified because of their arrogant, rude, extremely stupid “know it all” members who can’t afford to challenge their little minds. But even you dumb asses can’t question their former generations’ not so tribal nature. They do have foul mouthes and would occasionally show some kind of idiocy but it wasn’t something the rest of Ethiopians couldn’t handle because with or without them and their failures Ethiopia has stayed intact for the last couple of centuries. Now thats the bitter fact that you all anti-Ethiopian criminals can’t do a zilch about. You fools always try to paint the Ethiopian-unity as an ‘Amhara’ thing, who the hell did tell you that only Amhara is Ethiopian? Do you hear only Amharas voice screaming about Ethiopia’s unity? Here is a NEWS for you haters: It a call of every true Ethiopian and even the biggest thunder in your rat holes can’t drown it, simple as is!

But it’s very funny how obsessed people really are when it comes to some kind of Oromo-Amhara bond or Amhara-Oromo alliance. It’s a fascinating fixation of all anti-Ethiopians elements. We Ethiopians have some sense of admiration and have a big respect for your boundless stupidity that can’t even keep your ass covered every time you bend over to pick something up to back stab us or at least save it from getting burned every time you try to open your stinky mouthes about things concerning us and I MEAN US as in WE ETHIOPIANS!

It’s sad though to see the fornication you all anti-Ethiopian criminals (which includes some Somalis, Shabians Egyptians, Arabs in general, and Whites and the big monsters of the weyane traitor bandas)which you all participated in prior the weyane era could make such an unpredictable, even in the wildest nightmare of the unsuspecting preys, impact of repercussion on the daily life of the average Ethiopian today. Good to know the only common denominator between you animals is your birth right Anti-Ethiopianess!

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

12/22/08 @ 19:36
Comment from: Reem [Visitor]

Hey, Hey!! Hold on every body!! The Tigrians are not mixed with any body else. I mean, from this article, it seems that even the Amharas are Bastards. This does not apply to Tigrians anyway.

12/22/08 @ 19:59
Comment from: Balageru [Visitor]

First of all there is no such thing “PURE” race/ethnic. Queen of England not only descendant of the three cousins and enemies [Nicolas II of Russia, Kaiser II of Germany, George V of Britannia(her granddad)] also she has got black blood in her. the fact is all Ethiopians are mixed ethnics, tribes, religions, races.

Do NOT trust His/tory book created around the table in Cairo by LFs led by Dr Shamsaddin Megalomatis. even OLF flag is borrowed from Egypt. let me say this first; it is not the amount of books you read that matters but make sense or non-sense out of it, otherwise becomes like Wongel-Nebab or Quran just reading and confusion. the person/s who wrote the book has emotion, belly, greed etc. just like you and me. history is not maths, can be twisted, corrupted, manipulated to fit in the demand.

Menelek II hate him or love him the father of modern Ethiopia, he was illiterate man surrounded by greedy European super powers at the time the rest of Africa and many countries around the world under colonization. Italy in the south Somalia border and in the north after the coastal line, British in the east Somaliland and in the west from Sudan to Kenya after lake Tana Abay, France in the east. French are the better of the three, British asshole gays the worst of worst. Menelek might be the first to conquer further to the south after Ahmed Geragn invasion but many northerners like Amda Tsiyon have been to the south before Ahmed Geragn inversion. i could be wrong ready to be corrected without insults. my point is don’t be trapped in fake LFs tribal politics. Oromo, Amhara, Tigre etc. are mixed from north to south, i leave chicken or egg game for you. as mentioned above Tigray, Gonder were ruled by Yejju dynasty at some point, even the word ‘Weyane’ was used by Rayaans originally. the northerners religion and language have been adapted but the rulers were the mixed. the word Galla(gaal) was used to describe mixed with non-believers mainly Shewans originally.
OLF leader = Dawud Ibbsa Ayana
ex Derge leader = Mengistu Hailemariam Ayana.
huh! they could be brothers at some point.

12/22/08 @ 21:47
Comment from: You don't go any where!! [Visitor]
You don't go any where!!

Thank you Mr.Ababiya for your explanattioion
ion. But the truth is this…First of
all you are not pure Oromo. Why your mother is from Yemani and only your dad is Oromo. It is to late for you to declare as pure Ethiopia after many blood shading and ehtinic klunzy among pure Ethiopian.
Don’t forget still you are responsible for what was happend for the last 18 or 17 years. You are one of thos who was preaching this propaganda among oromos in diaspora and confused many innocent oromos. Now, I think you might
looking for power for example in up coming election to be the president of
Ethiopia. Or you already get old and no
no many to be retired for this you might seek postion in order to survive upto your last breath. We all know this propaganda We know who is playing in your backgroun
d. Please don’t confused us anymore again. Enough is enough.

12/22/08 @ 21:59
Comment from: boorbarraa [Visitor]

What an incredibly stupid commentary! Only the stupid think that 30+ million Oromo can be “brainwashed” by OLF, whatever that means. The OLF has changed the political landscape of that part of the world for good. So, the best advice for those who are willing to hang on anything to save their rotting empire is to gauge the temperature of the young generation of Oromo, not some retiree who has chosen to return home to collect pension from his former adversaries. I bet you you won’t find any hope with the former:))

12/22/08 @ 22:01
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

The Oromo as a people are one of the most colorful and beautiful people on Earth. I am blessed to have Oromo blood within me. One of my great grandfathers was the Oromo chief of what is today Addis Abeba. Another a chief of Derra, Asenu Odai, the Amara themself once sang about him. Assenu Odai ye gegenaw gora, gedel sededew yane hulu Amara. They were talking about troops that were sent to combat him, not innocent men, women, and children thrown down a cliff. I am knowlegdeable in this matter, I can say many many things in here, that will put both sides of the arguements to shame. But due to lack of time, I will say two things and vacate myself. One, the Oromo are part and parcel of Ethiopia, they made Ethiopia what it is, they are the stem, the center, the glue that hold the nation together. Noone noone will ever change that simple fact. Second, the Oromo, as a group, have also suffered immensely in the past with regards to upholding their culture and identity. This grievance existed even among those in the highest quarters of society not only among the ordinary citizens. I once heard General Jagema Kello, one of the highest officers of the Emperor, complain to another aristocratic lady, the sole descendant of Fit Habte Gyorgis, a very rich lady, about the Oromo. He said, “yemut bekka teferdobet sigedel enkwan bemay gebaw quanqua new.” This is long ago before OLF even existed. That is a fact Ethiopians have to face, and truly correct.

But having said that, I do believe if any Ethiopians should complain about past injustices, it is the people of the South West, more than any. They suffered the most. But it is a very funny phenomena that, some Oromos who are the center of the country show so much hatred to Ethiopia, while one can wonder all year long among Gamo, Wolayta, Gofa, Gimmira, Keffa, and all the other countless, you will not find a person among them that hate Ethiopia? This is certainly something that needs extensive study by scientists, don’t you agree?

12/22/08 @ 23:31
Comment from: Ogina [Visitor]

“I think, to put things in priority, we need to live in the future together as follows:

1) in good GAABICHAA, if the marriage is really based on love. As far as I understand, our “marriage” was based on XELEFAA (forced marriage), not on love. That is why the hitherto marriage is rather bad marriage, which definetly will lead to divorce!

2) in good DEBBAALINET, if the “unity” we need is based on free will. As far as I know our hitherto “unity” is a forced unity at gun point, so that it will be lost at gun point!

3) in good GURBITINNAA, which is better than bad GAABICHAA and bad DEBBAALINET! It is better to live in peace as GOREBET than to fight each other to death by living in one home!

4) If the above three good options fail, the only alternative will be the last: MEGEDAADEL (be devided in clans and kill each other).

It is our all responsibility to avoid this last option and to try to forge one of the first three. I believe the marriage based on love is utopia. Yet optimal solution is UNION based on free will. If these two good options fails, good neighbourhood is better than the bad alternative aka killing each other whereas living in one common home! Can you people crying about YE IMIYE ANDINET agree??”

12/23/08 @ 00:04
Comment from: Kush [Visitor]

All Abashaas tolled as 3,000 years false histry,

bilive or no’t Oromiya not fkor Abashe ,Oromia For Oromo!
Long live OLF!

12/23/08 @ 02:36
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

. . . wolanson umata kenga belesomafii tokuma umata oromitin aka xumuramu abdenko baye gudaxa obo. . .


12/23/08 @ 07:07
Comment from: justice09 [Visitor]

Nborrii. You hit it right on the head:
“OLF and ONLF are the weapons of Egypt because of Nile, and Eritrea(shabia)because of hate and sinister to destabilize our country,Ethiopia. Unfortunately, many simple minded and short sighted Oromo brothers could not see what lies ahead of them.
shame and failure to the enemies of ETHIOPIA!!”
Ethiopians need to come together from every walks of life and fight the cancer of our country—Meles. Isayas and Meles must be laughing at the rest of Ethiopia; knowing that these two evil brothers have been benefiting from dividing Ethiopia by ethnic groups. These two evil cousins are not the only ones but also Egypt who wants Ethiopians not to come together and work as one. Our unity is very crucial. Let us go forward to 21st. century not ass backwards. If America live together with its ugly history of human rights and vote for a black man to be president; we can come together and build our country. What we need is to find a leader like Obama who is driven to bring justice and equality to all people by creating a diverse cabinet to run our country and lead us to 21st century. Nothing comes good from tribalism. The beneficiaries of tribalism are the dictators and the weapon traders who want to continue to profit from human misery. In the past and present not only Oromos but all Ethiopians have been suffering from lack of great leadership. Haile Selassie was Amhara and Oroma and yet unlike Meles regime the two ethnic groups never benefit from Haile Selassie regime. Those who think Amharas have it easier during Haile Selassie are definitely misinformed. The Amhara provinces are the most undeveloped part of Ethiopia till present time. Meles are traumatizing the Amhara people in everyday basis and taking their land and give it to Tigrae and even to a foreign country Sudan. This is the ultimate sign of hate towards Amhara people. So I say to my Oromo brothers and sisters—all Ethiopians have suffered enough and let us mend it not brake it.

12/23/08 @ 08:21
Comment from: abba biyya1 [Visitor]
abba biyya1

Oromia Shall be Free
Any thing Short We do not agree

12/23/08 @ 09:14
Comment from: abba biyya1 [Visitor]
abba biyya1

How do dare to boast about the men who because of aging got boredom and confused.
Just pack of lies as usual but full of poison as usual hatred to our strength seed of alienation, what else?????????????????

12/23/08 @ 09:18
Comment from: Hagos A. Seyoum [Visitor]
Hagos   A.   Seyoum

Thanks god this is a very good news for me and for the Majority of Ethiopians and very very bad to the contrary to countries such as Egyptians and for the other four group of Ethiopian Enemy countries especially the one unhappy neighbor.
Enough is Enough. OLF thing carefully, if there is no Ethiopia there is no Politic, threrfor let Ethiopia remain as united Ethiopia me and we will talke the talke at any time, we will have Enough time for every thing.

12/23/08 @ 09:24
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Finally the division of OLF mafia is just began.Though Tigrayens are the one who respected Oromos. Oromo people been used by these Nefetga Amharas like animal. But Tigrayen is even given to those Oromos many chances to be as equal as every one else in ther beloved country. Remember TPLF paid many serifices for 17 years but never say just me. Infact the power has shared with every Ethiopian including Oromos. Have nice day.Yeha

12/23/08 @ 09:57
Comment from: SSSS [Visitor]

hey Guys!! be realistic are you still dreaming to form the so called 1 language, 1 culture 1…. Ethiopia??? that can never happen. some of you are abousing the word unity!! unity without respecting difference, unity with out respecting once opinion, unity by denying once own will is fantacy!! the so called ‘writer’ if you dont know the objective of OLF you can go back and read. but OLF do not deny the write of oromo people to live with the other ppls in the empire if the want to unlike You and your fellow Ethiopianists!

But wether u like it or not Oromo People and other occupied southern nations are claiming and will claim the write of self determination!!and their choise can never be stoped by expired Ethiopianist Propoganda!!

Even if they chose to be stay in the ethiopian Empire the Amhara dominated Ethiopia is dream!! every body will use his language, their culture and use of their resourse.

freedom for all!!

12/23/08 @ 10:14
Comment from: Dinar [Visitor]


I am disappointed in TPLF cadres. I did not get as much of the drama I expected. Whatever happened to “Minelik II” calling Oromo’s names for no reason and then “Abba Leenchoo", who by the way has never participated in this forum ever before, going on and on about how he would dismantle the Abyssinian empire, etc…

TPLF cadres, I would like to get my money back. You have disappointed me. The drama was a let down. :)):))

12/23/08 @ 11:34
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

Do you know that King Haileselasie father is from Tigray, TEMBIEN AWRAJA. He is not related to King Yohanes or Ras Alula. Atse Yohanes and Ras Alula are from the same Wereda, King Haileselasie father is from a different wereda.

King Tewedro is also from Tigray, SHARE AWRAJA. He Left Share as a young man to Gonder.

12/23/08 @ 11:59
Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]


You refer to past verbal demeaning as key to your frustration and hatred. I understand how you feel and I witnessed that myself. This comes from the nobility and rich Amharas residing in Oromo lands, not from the majority poor amharas who have no chance to meet an Oromos they toil to make a living on their own surrounding.

This may be a grain of salt for you: When angry, Atse Tewodros || used to say to everyone around him as “galla", but married to the daughter of Ras Ali (Wollo Oromo) and both were extremely in love with each other. Tewdros was not never himself after her death and became so out of mind which made him one cruel mad man. Therefore, one’s bad mouth is not as remarkable as one’s deed. Look to Amhara, Tigre, Oromo, Gurage, etc. around you and measure their deed than the past “teret ena misale".

OLF is evil and will not succeed anytime even with the help of the powerful enemies of Ethiopia. It has a backing of our enemies for this long (40 years or so), but has nothing to show for it. TPLF needed 17 years!!!!

12/23/08 @ 12:02
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

Yeha, you are right what you said but I wish you could tell to your fellow Adwa Cadre like Arkebe, Sebhat, Dawit, Jemayca, Berhane G/kirstos Meles Zenawi looting the treasury of Ethiopian pesants and restore the boundry of the orginal ethiopia.

12/23/08 @ 12:05
Comment from: gun8833 [Visitor]

OLF talk about Absynia colonialism, MenelikII, Hailesilasie, Neftegna, etc to insult Oromo.

If we read Ethiopian history emperor MenelikII,Etege Taytu, emperor Hailesilassie, Negus michael (Wollo), Nugus Teklehaimanot(Gojam) are Oromos blood origin. So OLF insults its own people. The confused OLF&TPLF seed their poison on our naive people.

OLF & Wayane are enemies of Ethiopia.

Death for TPLF & OLF!!!!

12/23/08 @ 12:27
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

Do you know that all the Tigray donkeys’ name is the AMHARA like MOLA etc. This started when King Milelik came to Adwa to sell Eritrea and the Tigray people saw what the Amhara poeole look like and started naming their donkeys after the Amara names. The other thing was during the Adwa war, Milelik refused to go to Tigray and show his face (feature) and will embaress the Tigrian shumamiunts they way he looks and his brave wife forced him to go and told he that is the way you look whether you are hiding in shuwa or infornt of Tigrians in Adwa.

BTW, Meles’s father is a decendent of Amhara reminant after the Adwa war lived in Adwa, that why he looks the way he does now. He does not have a Tigrian feature at all. All Tigrians have been amaized about Meles’s feature and asking where did he got that ugly face. They Call him geste Meloshto and af Galita. Meaning his mouth and face is made from ensra.

12/23/08 @ 12:31
Comment from: United Ethiopia [Visitor]
United Ethiopia

I see some of the TPLF and OLF separatists blood boiling over this comment because the truth keeps coming out. These tiny people are determined to cause division and destruction at any cost.

If they were intelligent and ahead of their times this would have been a wake up call. To remind them the bloodshed, the lose of many families lives and the destruction they caused for no good reason.

What ever they spout to divide us will not work. We know the truth. And we have already witnessed the deaths and destruction of our people and country.

Call me an Oromo I am proud. Call me an Amara I am proud. Call me a Neftegna I am also proud but don’t call me a banda. Neftegna is a loyal Afar, Amara,Gurage, Oromo, Tigre, Wolayta, and etc.. to his country and people while banda is a servant of foreign interest at the expense of Ethiopians.

We can’t afford to kill and eliminate each other from the earth just by listening this idiotic and selfish agenda of foreign servants while the world is getting united, growing and prospering.

12/23/08 @ 12:35
Comment from: mulaw [Visitor]

All Ethiopian brothers and sisters
What we need is Equal Oppotrunity
We needs Fair Justice We needs government Elected by People choice.

All Ethiopian We have to be positive Thinker for our belove country to bring Meles Zenawi to end his Dictatorship Ruling.

All Ethiopian Around The World We must Stand United against Mafia grow That is our priority.

Ethiopia is one nation one race and one people.

Our Message is no more Dictatorship no more Meles Zenawi. we stand together for future generation.
is enough for dictatoship ruling Meles most Go.
God Bless our poor nation We stand unity.

12/23/08 @ 13:11
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Halafi Mengedi: what you said is time will tell. That all I can tell you wodi adi. Selam malty. Yeha

12/23/08 @ 13:34
Comment from: [Member]


You raise a very good point. And I believe we are getting closer in our observations of certain group behaviors in our country. There are certain groups in our country that beat the drum of victim-hood and injustice more than even those who truly suffered. That has been my argument all along. Identity, culture, and heritage matter in one’s perception of the intention of his/her surrounding. Many in Ethiopia like the Afars, Somalis (to some extent), Hadiyas, Wolaytas, etc valiantly fought back against the forced assimilation into Ethiopia by Menelik and others. But once the outcome is known, they stopped crying about it day in day out. It takes a lot of courage, character, and level of cultural sophistication to admit defeat and respect a victor. Also, those are the kinds of virtues that win back the respect of the victor. Those who continue to cry about the past will achieve only one thing which is hostility towards their culture. Ever wondered why the Oromo culture, as vast and open as it’s, has never evolved into a dominant one, in Ethiopia? It’s for no other reason than the non-ending, simmering victim-hood and grievance some in the Oromo community harbor towards Ethiopia. That is why the Oromo culture is limited to Oromos and the Tigre culture is limited to Tigres as well, even though they are the number one and number three cultures in terms of size. If they embrace Ethiopia with open arms, the market will eventually kick in and decide which culture (language, religion, custom) dominates or sets the tone in that country. There would have been no need for any law or forced categorization and identity to save or grow any culture. Ethnic federalism won’t work because it limits the potential of any culture from openly and freely disseminating from one end of Ethiopia to the other, based on its merits. Before, Oromigna was spoken in areas that aren’t Oromo land because of its dominant reach. Ever since the forced ethnic federalism (reverse forced identity) has been implemented, however, the reaches of Oromo and other cultures outside their native territory have been stopped. I think both forced Amharanization and forced Oromization (or Tigreizations, etc) of Oromos, Tigres, etc are bad for the respective cultures. Let the market decide what identity anyone wants to have. Don’t forcefully teach any identity to any group and don’t prevent those who want to learn or acquire a certain identity from doing so. That is the only way we can contribute to the development of a common thread and social fabric.


12/23/08 @ 14:23
Comment from: Aba [Visitor]

You, Yeha “dedeb” begar Tigray. i know in 1970s you came & stayed in our house. Do you forget your Ye ayt merz menfia bilkit & cement caring bag?. Ante dedeb begaar tigray. your hunger& akofada went to from Adwa to southern.

Wait, you will pay 100 times your price!!!

12/23/08 @ 14:28
Comment from: WHERE IS THE LOVE???? [Visitor]  

where is the love of Ethiopian’s, where is the love we shared…don’t let morones take our love from us. don’t let them devide us by ethnic, race, colour or gender.
Under the sky we all children of God…


12/23/08 @ 14:55
Comment from: hagre shemaglie [Visitor]
hagre  shemaglie

peace for modern ethiopia .

No fighting for the difference .

how do u see the economy .

how do u see our poor people .

How long this can be .

God bless ethiopia not divided !!

12/23/08 @ 16:30
Comment from: Jordan [Visitor]

I have a problem of understanding some abrvations. Is any one tell me what does OLF mean??

A proud Oromo!!

12/23/08 @ 17:41
Comment from: Dinar [Visitor]

Challenger Challenger:

Whatever happened to the all familiar habesha saying “Kristian Tesfa Aykortim.” I like your new take on the whole thin :)):)):)) I really thought you were anti-TPLF for this long. You were good, you had me fooled for quite sometime :)):))

Cadres:: Any more interesting drama before I demand my money back in earnest? :)):))

12/23/08 @ 17:44
Comment from: Koortuu [Visitor]

Why is there so much interest and noise when something involving the Oromo people happens or somebody says or does something about the Oromo people? This by itself shows unequivocally that the Oromo people are CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (CNS) or the heart of Ethiopia. If the CNS is suppressed and is unable to function properly, the whole body cannot function and grow as normal. It might be able to live a little longer but it will die sooner than later. That is what has been happening in Ethiopia ever since its creation and things are getting from bad to worse by the day. This is done to the Ethiopian people by powerful foreign forces in the name of promoting what they call their ’strategic national interest.’ The struggle of the Ethiopian people for freedom, justice, democracy, peace and development has been derailed by these foreign forces working in concert with domestic warlords and sadistic murderers like Menilik II, Haile Selassie I, Mengistu HM and terrorist TPLF led by the savage terrorist and the butcher of the Horn of Africa - terrorist Meles. The foreign forces aid and abate these warlords who change their title to emperors, kings, presidents or prime ministers, etc. They give them financial support in the loans or grants and military aid and training. The sadist warlords and terrorists keep terrorizing the Ethiopian people day in and day out to come to and stay in power. They will do anything to their fellow countrymen to please their foreign power masters and get their alms. The warlords loot the resources of the country and enrich their cronies, kin and clans. The terrorist warlords make sure that they paralyze the CNS so that the country can never function properly, grow, live and thrive. That is the homework given to them by foreign powers and it is the promise they make before they get the blessing and the green light to come to and that is exactly what they once they are in power. They use and throw them and pick up the next one in the line of waiting collaborator warlords ready and willing to pull their swords against their fellow countrymen. This is the main problem befalling the country for the last over 100 years. So we have to all work together to extricate our country from the quagmire it is forced to find itself. We all MUST work together to create an environment in which the CNS can function properly as it should so that the whole body works properly, grows and thrives. Otherwise the whole body has no other choice left but to die. Today, because the CNS is not allowed to function properly, Ethiopia is on a path of a slow and sure death and the situation is deteriorating fast. Her status has been updated from serious to grave. That is not in the interest of the Ethiopian people and let us work hard to rescue Ethiopia. The only way is allowing the Oromo people to play the central role they deserve in the Ethiopian bodypolitics in all aspects. We must break out of the propaganda of the former barbaric ruling elite and the present terrorist TPLF and see Ethiopia for what it is. We have to come out of the state of denial and reconcile ourselves with the truth of Ethiopia and the facts on the ground before it is too late. If each of us can liberate ourselves from the propaganda and the myth about Ethiopia, we can build a better Ethiopia together. The choice is clear and ours. If we are really patriotic and truly love Ethiopia for what it is and not for what we fantasize it to be or not for what we are misled to believe it to be, we all will hopefully make the right choice in the interest of the Ethiopian people regardless of our backgrounds. If we make the right choice the first order of business will never be controversial and that will be chasing out terrorist TPLF from Ethiopia and then embark on building democratic institutions in the country so that Ethiopia is allowed to flourish for what and with what it truly is.

12/23/08 @ 18:39
Comment from: [Member]

Shewarega(respectful fellow)
Me too,my roots goes to Gayient but in my family now we communicate in Amharic,Tegrigna,Oromifaa & Somalian we all have Ethiopian map to worship.History is always the victim of a LOOK & INTERPRITATIONS.When our Historical believe is implicit;we vaguely interprete the past on the line of the presents.But when it comes to the primary Historical Data,the world of which we are immediately conscious is the whole Datum.So we don’t move a step beyond our little patch of immediacy.Regarding the topics the best example is to look into the Genealogy of Taytu and others how the Oromos intermingled since 1529 & played very important roll in the Taytu’s era.The Book by Chris Prouty,"Empress Tayetu & Menelik II 1883-1910″.Thanks.

In my previous communications saving your comments mentioned is only meant for veriloquents & verity purposes nothing else.I apreciate your comments.

12/23/08 @ 18:42
Comment from: Mesfin from Maryland [Visitor]
Mesfin from Maryland

A nation that delves too much only about its past and is devoid of a vision or a blue print for its future, is doomed to fail.

A leader who couldn’t manage to bring the nation’s past to terms with its present and couldn’t be able to draw a blue print about the future of the nation but rather would like to flourish out of the hubbub is only a self-centered rascal or scoundrel who is pandering to benefit out of the turmoil.

I honestly got tired of wrangling, dwelling and bickering about our past rather than laying out a design or a road map about our future. Is there something hardwired in our genes that always would make us disagreeable to each other? What a curse?

12/23/08 @ 18:46
Comment from: Mr Fair [Visitor]
Mr Fair

Humanity should not be a slave of history, instead should always be ready to make a new history. However, we should also learn from history like we learn from our mistakes, otherwise it will repeat itself in a terrible way.

The important thing now is:
Are the Oromo people being treated fair, regardless of how they became Ethiopians?
Are they getting their fair share of the resources and the power? If yes, then they should support the system. If no, then they should speak up. If they are punished for speaking up, then they must pick up the guns because surrendering to bullies will only breed more bullying.

Justice does not come cheep.

12/23/08 @ 20:57
Comment from: actually [Visitor]

let see two points:

-We will be stronger united than divided. Every single person gets extra benefits as areasult of being in a biger Nation. YOu can see World’s great powers: USA, RASSIA, CHINA, INDIA… Tsese Countries are extra large, which is one of the important factors for their relative success.

-disadvantages associated with living united does not over weigh the advantages. Despite the History,these days, racial equal rights are respected; and the system is being more and more sensetive for any violations. We have got to forgive for the past and concentrate on today’s activities to make sure everyone treated fairly.

Above all, We all are Kids of God. One of God’s will is ” to love your fried regardless".

I apriciate Ababiya Abajobir, and Lencho Leta. Also I equally apriciate OLF, and TPLF as organization for their Excellent work to put to an end discriminations, and ensure every citizen’s equal rights in the Nation.

God bless.

12/23/08 @ 21:37
Comment from: AMARAWE!!!!!!! [Visitor]  

thanks for Melese,……………
He is the couse for all these haterates…aand i think the OROMO’S have to thank him for what he did. but you guys played for fool. He did it on purpose, so it make him safe to play his game. i hope you know what i mean.

12/23/08 @ 22:02
Comment from: DON [Visitor]

Good article OLF followers are brainwashed retards.

12/23/08 @ 23:56
Comment from: Atikilti [Visitor]

Hello Halafi mengedi. I guess you are not random visitor but have some truth> You know something. I saw for first time Yeha being pissed off by the coments. it is interesting

12/24/08 @ 01:02
Comment from: Raf [Visitor]

Its amazing how the person who wrote this article forgot to mention how bady Amhara treated Oroms for a long time.

This is notting but a Amhara propaganda to once again fool Oromos to submission so they can serve them once again as slaves.

For your information that will never happen again. This is your empty Amhara deam.

The party is over , Oromo will succeed and win to get their rightfull country back that u stole .

12/24/08 @ 01:32
Comment from: ditta [Visitor]


12/24/08 @ 03:44
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

Whatever Paul Henze/CIA and other agents write a free and democratic Ethiopia is good for all including the Tigreans, Oromos, Amharas and the over 70 Ethiopian nationalities.

The reality is now all Ethiopians are under woyane tyranny and the hodams are used to terrorize their people and loot the country.

12/24/08 @ 06:17
Comment from: justice09 [Visitor]

It gives me hope to see that the majority of replies are positive towards our unity than against of dismantling our country Ethiopia.

To some of you who are still clinking to over 100 years of history of tribalism and hate—let us come to 21st century civilization and work towards of healing old wounds and work together to get rid of the killers—TPLF. Nothing good comes out of tribalism—the Wolega Oromo feels superiors to his/her other Oromo brother and sister and Muslim Oromos have their own agenda. Case in point, Ethiopians are witnessing the ugly history of hate and division among Ertrians and Tigraes. Ertrains always felt they were superior to Tigraes. And now all Ethiopians are paying for it.

12/24/08 @ 07:53
Comment from: Hagos A. Seyoum [Visitor]
Hagos   A.   Seyoum

This is to correct myself on the comment I posted on 12/23/08 It should be read as flow.

Thanks god this is a very good News for me and for majority of Ethiopians, and to the contrary very-very bad News to the countries like Egypt, and four other group countries, which I donot want write their Name. for The Ethiopian Enemy countries especially the Loyal and messanger of our Enemies this is avery bad News. as for Mr. Ababya, I call him a man of the year of Ethiopia and a man

of his mind.

and for OLF I can only say Enough is Enough,our country’s politic can be solve on a round table talk, we can do it and finally will do it one day that’s the only way do it.

12/24/08 @ 08:22
Comment from: addisw [Visitor]

Thanks God, after 40 years denial.:!:

One Ethiopia
One people
One (sendekalama)!

Dill Le Ethiopia Hizb

12/24/08 @ 09:37
Comment from: BALCHA [Visitor]


12/24/08 @ 09:52
Comment from: selam new? [Visitor]
selam new?

As said again and again…let first divide the old Ethiopia according to the wills of current generations ..then we will unite according to the will of future generations…Go OROMIYA!!!!

12/24/08 @ 12:24
Comment from: Love [Visitor]

I love it. It is true ethiopian History.God bless of the united People of Etiopia.

one Love!!!!!!

12/24/08 @ 17:24
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

Atikilti Sebuk Mealty,

Yeha should not pissed off by my comments. It is true that the ADWA cadres and some half cast (Bandas) Adwa born are the once selling our country and denying the Tigray people to voice their concerns and feelings about their country and well being. Meles Zenawi is being surrounded by solely by Adwa kids to destroy Ethiopia, to humiliate Tigray in the hand of Shaebia and Ethiopians. BTW, you do not find any one from Raya, Enderta, Tembien, Shire, Adigrat, Wokro and Axum except a few cadres making decision the future of Tigray and there were not part of the decision to sell Eritrea and to stop the war abruptly with Eritrea . The people who are looting Ethiopia including Tigray are all from ADWA. You do not find any Tigrian who has farming land in Humera, you do not find any Tigrians who has high value of license to do a business in Tigray or other part of Ethiopia, and they are all ADWAs.

In the 21st century, the Tigray president is an ADWA “ALEKA” even he is not qualified to be a priest. If Meles Zenawi was truly love and concern of Tigray people, how on earth he appoint ALEKA to lead over five million people?? The reason he put him there is
He is fellow ADWA
He married to his fellow half cast ADWA Sebhat Nega
Aleka won’t have the knowledge to ask the tough question for Meles
He will be loyal for Meles not to the people of Tigray


12/24/08 @ 18:42
Comment from: najaat [Visitor]

koortu, I am glad to see a wonderful writing you displayed. However, I don’t think some of the country’s people see it your way. they are still dreaming for the old days rules of haile and kind. “CNS” as you wonderfully put it a must for the country to survive.
Horay Koortu!!!

12/25/08 @ 00:13
Comment from: najaat [Visitor]

DON, you see how stupid you are? Oromos who follow OLF are not retarded. they are a waken oromos who you and neftanyas can not touch or trick any more. putting down oromo doesn’t work any more, but keep dreaming on (hattuu) or (woslatta).

12/25/08 @ 00:21
Comment from: Geleta [Visitor]

History is the best medicine for the sick mind as scholars said. I would like to appreciate Aba Biya Abajobir who lecture us the reality not the fantasy. I would like to congratulate you for coming back to your home with the reality and the real world. I guess some OLF leaders think as 15th century war lords in study of 21cntury politicians.
We Ethiopians currently want to live in a united and need to see democratic Ethiopia. We cannot live like yesterday, those politicians please don’t cheat the innocent Ethiopian people, who collect money by his name and used for your personal life.
Aba Biya Abajobir has now supported a united Ethiopia, we should welcome his idea, there is no need to give him names and insult him for having a different believe in the past.

Our mother land Ethiopia belongs to all of us, there is no single nation, religion or political organization that is more Ethiopian than the other. We need to see the country belongs to all of us; we all should enjoy expressing differing views in a democratic manner. The real enemies of Ethiopia are individuals and attack certain ethnic groups.

12/25/08 @ 00:35
Comment from: almule [Visitor]  

ናዝሬቶች: ለዜናው: አመሰግናለሁ::
አንድ :ነገር: ራሴን :የምጠይቀው: ቢኖር: ለምንድን:ነው እኛ: ኢትዮጵያውያን: ማስረጃ: የምንፈልገው:: ስለ:ኢትዮጵያዊነትና: ስለ:ማንነታችን:የሚነግረን:ግለሰብ:ያስፈለገን:: ችግር:ያለ:ይመስለኛል;: ኣድምጡኝ!!!!!! ኢትዮጵያ: ሰው: ነች:: ተጸንሳ: ተምጣ: ተወልዳለች:: ኢትዮጵያ:አድጋ: እናት:ሆናለች: : ዝነኛ :እናት:ነበረች:: ወደጎን:ወፍራም :ነበርች :ቁመትም ነበራት: : አሁን :ማለትም: ዛሬ: አጭር: ቀጭን: አነስተኛ: ገቢ:ያላት: እናት:ነች::ማንንም : ግለሰብ:( ስም አልጠቅስ&#4637&#59;): አላዳምጥም::በተለይ:ኢትዮጵያ:ምን :ማለት:እንደሆነች:ሳይገባው:ሲጣላት:ሲሰድባት:ሲገላምጣት::ሲወጋት:ከኖረ:ሰው:ወይም:ቡድን::እናቱ:ነች:እኮ:: ተወልዶባት:አድጎባት:ከኖረ :በሗላ:ጎረበቱ:ወይንም:የትምህርት:ቤቱ;ልጅ:ሲይስቀይመው:እነሱን:መቋቋም: ሲገባው:ኢትዮጵያን:አስቀየማት::

ኢትዮጵያዊ-አሜሪካዊ-ኦሮሞ: ነኝ::

12/25/08 @ 09:34
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Balcha ,of course Menelike spoke Oromegnia like most of the Ethiopians living the region .The so called Amhara Empire is a simple creation of
anti Ethiopian elements like the TPLF
thugs and chabya .

12/25/08 @ 10:42
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

“Let the market decide what identity anyone wants to have”. Challenger, I am a bit surprised that this comes out of your mouth not once but twice.
Who would be the chairman of this market? We know how Menelik, Hailessilasie and Mengistu chaired your social identity market, changing our educational system and forcing the linguistic and cultural values of a very small minority down our throats. if I were you, I would think twice before saying something foolish like that.

12/25/08 @ 13:28
Comment from: justice09 [Visitor]

I was deeply touched by this essay; it is a must read and please pass it on:

12/25/08 @ 17:18
Comment from: Ogina [Visitor]

It is interesting to see Weyane’s come up with such controversial issues, where Amharas and Oromos could fight each other. Now it is the time for Amhara and Oromo forces to find a common denominator to cooperate against the BEAST in the Horn aka Weyane.

But Weyane cadres are trying to sow a discord between these two big nations, just as they did before, during and after 2005 election. Fool Amharas and Oromos, take heed of such manipulation and act acordingly!!

12/25/08 @ 19:10
Comment from: nefso [Visitor]

Aba Biya,

Never denied nor supported the crimes
committed against Biya Oromo by past
regimes. You need to take to account
that he is a prince, from Oromo royal
line of Jima kingdom. As such our prince
has all due respects to speak about his
grandfather’s era relations with
neighboring kingdoms. His speaches are
just an speech, nothing more, it is a
formal. He represents himself, not even
the rest of royal family of King Aba
He spoke the language of well known
deplomacy, which he believes in.
Therefore give’em a break and respect
his weak choices.
abysinian colony its freedom comes by
brave sons and daughters of Oromia.
Don’t beat up, dead horse by the name
of Aba Biya.
Chill Oromos, rest assured Oromia is a

12/25/08 @ 20:50
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

this is BS. what happen to your old 3000 years history of ethiopia? “the galla expansion” “the pagans". will you call abbabiya also the hero and ethiopian unifier? for us, oromos, he is the loser and traitor who failed his people. I wonder how you promoted him or if he promoted himself as a founder and leader of OLF; this is not the first time he acted as prostitute when he was approached with money, and that is why he had never held any highr post in olf.

good luck for your and his loser.

12/25/08 @ 23:12
Comment from: brolee gnama [Visitor]
brolee gnama

The point is not problem of unity
rather it is about justice. where oromo
to tand when all of u are eating from
their table.
OLF is the back bone of oromo, oromo and olf are beauty of each other. it will win win,this is envitable.
the dream of wayne will be demolished to earth they will be dusted for good.

12/26/08 @ 09:28
Comment from: thankful [Visitor]

It’s obvious that what is taking place is becoming beyond OLF and that’s why they are hiding. There is nothing they are going to tell the Oromo people or the other Ethiopians except that they show up once in a while and revise our history most of us know fairly well. It is now the Oromos started to breathe by their own because there is no neftegna breathing down their neck. They weren’t even able to do it in the most remote areas since the Amharas were everywhere. Why would it be difficult to understand what a hyena wants from its prey. This does not mean the Amaharas are as bad as hyenas. What it means is they are very stupid and the only thing that counts for them is the damned Oromo land. Go everywhere and that is what you hear them talking unless you are keeping a deaf ear for technical reason. Therefore, thank TPLF because they were there among those who were being oppressed. This individual must have lived all his life abroad like all OLF members that are running business in the name of the Oromos. It is the fault of those who give them money without asking them what they are doing with it. Not even a single thing is run by OLF in the country. Every Oromo knows this OLF thing has become empty and has to be replaced by another whatever that has equal presence in the country or outside. TPLF and EPLF had presence in their country the reason why they are where they are here. OLF have shot themselves sur le pied when they boasted as liberators and they failed. So leave us alone and we will find solutions that will give us equality in our country. Unless we get that forget everything. You have proven that you cannot do it so give way for others.

12/28/08 @ 17:55
Comment from: Gibe [Visitor]

i am saying why these Nafenya group do not stop confusing oromo people who already knew them selves and want freedom.

12/29/08 @ 15:15
Comment from: safudangna [Visitor]

I agree with Addisu Tulema, please read all old histry books regarding Ethiopia, the portray all other tribes in Ethiopias non humans, uncivilized and only the Amhara as civilized.How could I ignore that? That means no equal opportunity, torture, demoralization and degrdation. Could we accept that? Beacuse I am Kaffa and will not be given the opportunity for post and postion; not only that will not be allowed to do what I am best at is not just right!That is what they created and that is what we are seeing now. We need to condemn this, the system they created just to make good the groups associated with the state apparatus should be judged, then we are one and united! When histry is mentioned sometimes is potrayed on what a winner claimed so please understand that Enneria you metioned above is not an oromo kingdom; it is a pure Kaffa kingdom; Enneria means Hinnaro people one of Kaffa tribes.

How many lies do we need to accept?

United Ethiopia in truth and equal opportunity required.


12/29/08 @ 17:40
Comment from: kebena-GIBU [Visitor]


12/30/08 @ 05:24



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