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Ethiopia is the play ball of mafia and CIA propaganda



  07:06:11 pm, by Urael, 522 words  
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Ethiopia is the play ball of mafia and CIA propaganda

“Jendayi Frazer, assistant secretary for Africa, said Somalia's Council of Islamic Courts is controlled by al-Qaeda, The Washington Post reported last Monday.
That creates a Taliban-like situation in a country apparently prepared to go to war with neighboring, predominantly Christian Ethiopia over a border dispute, the report said.”

Just some lines from an anonymous news bulletin. It shows that Legesse
‘ the name thief ’ Zenawi, Crime Minister of Ethiopia, is mimicked perfectly together with phony CIA information. I keep repeating it that Ethiopia is not predominantly Christian. I suppose Kenya is more Christian than Ethiopia and some mad mullahs have also been appointed in the north of Kenya, but nobody is talking about that. Djibouti is almost completely Islamic and is also part of the greater Somalia, it even accommodates French and American troops, but you do not hear a word about it.

It’s all propaganda. The Ethiopian mafia government went to war in Somalia, not the other way around what Jendayi Frazer is suggesting. There is only one border conflict and that’s with the neighbor nephew. That is the Eritrean-Tigrean conflict that could have been solved many years ago. It’s a stupid power struggle within the TPLF that is withholding it.

The suggestion that the conflict between the mafia gang and the Union of Islamic Courts has something to do with religion is the ultimate attempt by the gang to survive. They know that the Islamiphobia in the United States is at his peak with the new born Christians at the helm.

In the meanwhile they are playing with fire. First they tried to create ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia and now and in addition they are creating religious ones.

After having written the above to-day-Sunday 24th December
--the Crime Minister admitted that Ethiopian soldiers are fighting in the territory of the neighbour Somalia and are effectively killing their brothers and sisters
-- Planes and helicopters are used for bombing missions and others
We could expect also the use of cluster bombs and other weapons of terrorism and again many landmines.
Still up to to-day no Somali invaded Ethiopia and no stones were even thrown. It is really shameful that such a blatant aggression can happen. But the actions are all illegal so the people of the Ethiopian army and airforce have no legal basis for their murdering operations which are not backed at all by any resolution of the Security Council and United Nations. To refer to justified action of self defence is an insult to any intelligence. There will come a time that all those involved in this illegal operation will have to response the charges against.
Ato Joseph, one of the commenters has some reservation on my critical opinion . I can assure him that such an aggression in the country of a neighbour never pays off, but will create for many years tremendous problems and those will not be restricted to the border line.

I wish my readers who celebrate Christmas all blessings and hope that they will pray for the poor people these days victimized because of a non responsible and criminal government is ruling in Ethiopia.


Comment from: Bidho [Visitor]

We will see how you Ethiopians will fare with your war against Islam in Somalia. I hope Ethiopia doesn’t become the next suicide bombing target by Islamic extremists. Thug-rean rulers playing with fire!

12/24/06 @ 23:11
Comment from: megan [Visitor]

mafia?? wtf, shut you hole already. i’m sick seeing these worthless posts constantly. stfu

12/25/06 @ 01:30
Comment from: Melon [Visitor]

Hi, I am n’t against your idea so far on other issues.But now it is shame for you to talk in favor of the Islamic extremists, the ruthless killers. Do you remember what they did at Jimma? Urael, think over and over again before you post your blog. Our beloved Ethiopia is a country where d/t religions co-exist peacefully. But at the same time it has no room to accommodate blood thirsty extremists of any sort that try to drag the country into sectorian violnce.

12/25/06 @ 09:13
Comment from: Baku [Visitor]

What a sad commentary and a good measure of where the world truly stands. But, we shall overcome!!
I am Eritrean who follows your blogs and appreciate your sober views.
Merry X mas for you too!!

12/25/06 @ 12:38
Comment from: hadere sefer [Visitor]
hadere sefer

Meles will do every thing to stay in power.

This crime minister settels the first historical conflict between ethiopian muslims and cristians in jimma.

And that didn’t help to stable ethiopia, so the next war with Somalia supported with US.

But I hope this will destable ethiopia so that this mafia banda will be overthrown once and for all.

Shame on you melese, You are hurting the poor somalian women and children, too.

12/25/06 @ 19:07
Comment from: The True Ethiopian View [Visitor]
The True Ethiopian View

Comment for the above person Melon, You must be Tigrian (support of Meles Mafia goverment) do not sound on the name of Ethiopian opinon. Such a sater and killing took palce in the town of Jimma and any where else in Ethiopia on the name of Islam against Christians was a very tactical dirty work by the Meles Zenawie’s security men. Every Ethiopian weather Christians or Mouslims knew about the drama. Lets just be clear about that…All the Tigrians from Melese minority power is bragging and supporting his acition on our brother and sisters in somalia. Any somalians to discuss this issue with your Ethiopian brothers and sisters around the world you most welcome. We will joining you when you want go demonistrate to tell the world how the Melese regime got involved to kill the inosent somalian people to satisfiy the Bush administration and cover his own brutal leadership in Ethiopia. We Ethiopians and somalians will hold him for all his action. Meles’s supporter is only the Tigrians every where in the US city an Erope should open their eyes and ears what Meles unleash on the name of our peace loving Ethiopians. Shame Shame!!!

12/26/06 @ 00:26
Comment from: tewbel [Visitor]

take it easy. it might be a case of “because you don’t like your case you cut off your niose”

12/26/06 @ 06:30
Comment from: bibi [Visitor]

HOW mighty is Meles to start all these wars. People say, he is the one who started genocide of Gambella, sucide bombs in Addis Ababa, Massacre in Jimma, sucide bombs in Somalia…. and many many more…. he is tough guys

He must me almighty, ha?

12/27/06 @ 11:43




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