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Ethiopia: Meles & Isaias play tricks on opposition groups



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Ethiopia: Meles & Isaias play tricks on opposition groups

According to recent interviews given by leaders Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afewerki, both of them seem to just play tricks on the opposition groups of each country. Sources say that Meles Zenawi is repeating Sebhat Nega’s pro-Eritrea rhetoric by saying that the Meles Zenawi ruling party will defend Eritrean independence. Unconfirmed translations say that Meles Zenawi wants to “make sure” that there will not be a dangerous Ethiopian opposition against Eritrea ’s sovereignty. Thus, not only did Meles anger pro-unity Ethiopian oppositions once, but he made sure everyone knows that it is his party’s identity and permanent policy to protect Eritrea ’s independence, including the Asseb port. By saying all of this, Meles Zenawi also appears to be demanding the complete trust of exiled Eritrean opposition groups like Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA)

The same way, Isaias Afewerki continued to play tricks just like Meles Zenawi. Trying to get the trust of exiled Ethiopian opposition groups, Isaias held another interview about Ethiopia . According to Eritrean sources, Isaias says he only hates Meles Zenawi but he supports Ethiopia ’s territorial integrity. According to the interview, Isaias Afewerki said he wants a “united Ethiopia .”

What is more likely to be the truth of this drama?

Both Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afewerki are doing the same thing they have been doing for many years, which is supporting each other’s oppositions and exiled dissidents. In order to do this work successfully, they have to throw a lot of propaganda. Basically such interviews are part of their propaganda strategy. These developments are not new. For the last 8 years, both Meles Zenawi & Isaias Afewerki don’t use the national languages of Ethiopia and Eritrea when they do such special interviews. Meles uses one of Eritrea’s national languages and Isaias uses Ethiopia ’s national language. Why? Isaias Afewerki and his officials always use Amharic to trick & attract nationalist Ethiopian opposition groups against Meles. And Meles Zenawi and his officials use Tigringa language for these special interviews to trick & attract the Eritrean opposition groups who can best drain EPLF’s support base. All of these Meles & Isaias techniques are calculated and they are not coincidences.

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All of these games by Meles and Isaias sometimes work, but most educated opposition politicians are not tricked by their propaganda. For educated Eritrean opposition groups, to trust Meles Zenawi’s propaganda means to trust the anti-Eritrea Siye Abraha. So can Eritrean opposition groups agree with Meles Zenawi about the survival of Eritrean independence when the anti-Eritrea Siye Abraha is still part of the TPLF? That is the main question. For educated Ethiopian opposition groups, to trust Isaias’s propaganda means to trust ONLF & to trust ICU about Ethiopian territorial integrity. So can Ethiopian oppositions agree with Isaias about the pro-secession ONLF and the pro-“Greater Somalia” ICU in Asmara? That is the other main question. Both Ethiopian and Eritrean exiled opposition groups have these two important questions & concerns to address. Both Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afewerki want to topple each other and they will say almost anything just to get the support of the opposing citizens.

There are many other specific questions. For example, Ethiopian exiled opposition groups should ask about Isaias:

- Would Isaias want to see a centralist & pro-unity Ethiopia opposition groups in power, even if they want to take back Asseb and maybe even annex the former Eritrean province?

- Would Isaias’s ONLF and ICU friends sacrifice the Ogaden just to make CUD happy?

- Why did Isaias destroy Ethiopian unity in 1993 by separating Eritrean province after allowing an illegal referendum that scandalously asked people to choose between “freedom” and. “slavery” (colonial Ethiopia )?

And Eritrean exiled opposition groups should ask about Meles Zenawi:

- If Meles really supports Eritrean sovereignty then why are the most militarily powerful groups supported by Meles mostly made up of ethnic based militias in Eritrea?

- Why did Meles give freedom to Siye Abraha, a person famous for deeply hating Eritreans?

- Why are many anti-Eritrea TPLF “dissidents” gaining power in Ethiopia under the label “opposition party”?

There are many issues to be addressed before any person trusts the propaganda of Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afewerki. For us, Ethiopian unity should & can be protected ONLY by Ethiopians who have NEVER said and who have NEVER done anything to question, to doubt, to destroy, to mock and to harm Ethiopia ’s unity & territorial integrity. Would any Ethiopian and Eritrean fall for Isaias's and Meles's trickery? We will see.


Comment from: KOKEB [Visitor]

Thank you KIRKOS!

The ERITREAN alcoholic crazy leader
who promised to bancrupt ethiopia for the next 100 years and, his retarded, fully undeveloped midget cousine PRIMATE/MINISTER who sold away our lands and seas are two identical 3rd world criminal primatives.The sad thing about this is! there is no a
man enough with big ball out there! to crush the pungent brain of this two idiots!

08/20/07 @ 11:08
Comment from: Amsterdamer [Visitor]

PURE FICTION,….. Another conspiracy to discredit Meles as a usual….I don’t believe it.

08/20/07 @ 11:09
Comment from: ET [Visitor]

I trust isayas on ethiopia’s sovereignity as much as i trust meles = ZERO!!!!

i only tolerate meles since he is already in menelik palace and thus i am just waiting & praying until a true pro-ethiopia jegna comes and gives back our land- the eritrean province!

Viva Ethiopia!

08/20/07 @ 11:27
Comment from: Min Lemalt New [Visitor]
Min Lemalt New

It is all “NiKett” to Ethiopians when suposted to speak about Ethiopian Unity while he takes Ethioian post. It is shame to all Ethiopians to allow him say this shame, mockety on Ethiopia. He will pay the price. These two friends are irresponsible, they are still playing kdis trick while they cost human life. It is shame, shame sham!!

08/20/07 @ 11:31
Comment from: et [Visitor]  

We all know them; it’s a dirty Politics, the question is how we just change this government? Do you think Isaias and Meles Care about Ethiopia?

08/20/07 @ 12:28
Comment from: Hirna [Visitor]

Do U mean PRIME MONESTER Meles adn Esayas think this way.Noway they have never been thinking for Ethiopia at least for a second. They want a dismantled Ethiopia and at Last Put East Africa in an Endless Bloodshade

The Sun will rise

08/20/07 @ 12:35
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Eritrea is GONE! it is History unless Eritreans want back and want to work under some kind of dealto be together as one country.

Meles would not wish that so is Isayas because what both want is POWER!

Let us worry about teh other Part of Ethiopia to get to gether “to UNIT”
To die for Free election and True democracy!

08/20/07 @ 13:10
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

I think Afweki is better than Zenawi. since at least Afeweki is not emotional,liar,looter,& love his coutry & his people.

About the national language , really sorry.
Any goverment official of any coutry uses the official language of him/his national language country but our goverment officials use fragmeted & nonsence English idioms.
But language is part culture & the goverment official represent his/him counrty.
So, why?

08/20/07 @ 13:49
Comment from: Gebray [Visitor]

Nice job Meaza if Isaias is better than
Meles. I suspect if u are not a spokes
person of PFDJ.


08/20/07 @ 14:13
Comment from: Balageru [Visitor]

Whatever you think about PM Meles, he is good spinner. he managed to turn round the spin table against his enemies like Essayes or CUD. most of us celebrated the release of kaliti prisoners. so who is the winner now?? are we back to where we were before 2005 election after losing 193 poor people so many still in jail or disappeared. one thing is clear, Meles can pardon or murder (FILACH KORACH), forget all that court process formality, so pardon comes with warning, don’t you dear try again!

who cares if Meles got blood from Juba or Nuba, but as a leader his country(people) interest comes first not personal greediness. he has responsibility for all Ethiopia from south to north from east to west working together with all politicians for better Ethiopia . ofcourse if i get chance, i will do something about my birth town.

if everything was perfect in the past we would have been in the present situations, i say things happened for a reason.


08/20/07 @ 14:32
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

to Gebray

let me tell you some facts.

1. About ER inddendent
2. About Asab port
3.About 2005 election results & consequences.
4. About weyane companies.
5.About thousand of kiing,torturing, displacing.
6. About our pseudo democray.

I think all of the above explain it.

I think iy is enough

08/20/07 @ 14:49
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

to Gebray

Afwerki’s success:

1. his country indipendent
2. The Algiers Agreement
3.The ETH-ER commission verdict
4. The proxy war ( ETH-Somalia war)
5. created many anti-weyane freedom fighters.
6.our country become landlocked.
these & others are Afewerki’success & what I said Afwerki is more mature than Zenawi.

08/20/07 @ 15:20
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]


My friend Ethiopia does not want “CHOLE”
who knows how to get away and blam others and get away with it.

It is not about how he could get his oponents by any means…
It is about what we want for our country!

A country where power tranfer happens with out blood.

I would rather have a leader who gets cought by his openent and correct things and get things done for Ethiopia and when he could not do it gets kicked out of office to install beter govenment.

I want healthy competition to better lead the country who encourages the people to work and treats them with degnity.

It is about humanity and fairness.

Leading a country is not being smart to lie and get others to fight with each other so that they could stay in power.

People like YEHA are with mentality that could not reason and see a head of thier nose and always honer and worship a dectator.

It is sad and I hope people of Ethiopia who realy want change for beterment of Ethiopia will show their dipleasment and LIFT UP THEIR TWO FINGERS UP HIGH AND SHOW THE WORLD THEY NEED CHANGE.

Please let us not loos our apportunity on the new year “remember just to show VICTORY that you want. FREEDOM

Free election
True Democracy!

NEW YEAR IS A “V” day.

I know Meles will kill his own military to disrupt our unity so that he could blame the public was out to assult POLICE and once more he may shoot people. This time he can’t get away with it since the whole world is watching!

Please every one writ, tell others to lift up THE “V” fingers.

Show the world!

Dectator GOT TO GO!

The only way the OPPOSITION leaders could show their back bone to stand up for you is when they know the people are with them.



08/20/07 @ 15:34
Comment from: Eshetu Daba [Visitor]
Eshetu Daba

There is at least one major difference, it is that Melese hates Esayas, Esayas hates himself, Eritreans and Ethiopians. Meles woks for both people to live as brotherly countries; they are, with a strong bond, with equality, liberty and fraternity. Ethiopia is prospering because Meles does not have any negativity towards Ethiopians Other wise he would have stolen the riches like the Nigerian leaders, who care less about their nation. Eritrea on the other hand is one large prison, where Esayas urinates no change over. The war for freedom has succeded in name only, and there is no country called Eritrea it rather be called AFWARKE.

08/20/07 @ 15:34
Comment from: betinew [Visitor]

meles is a dainamic leader of ethiopia i i ever saw in ethiopia, he is the only leadr who managed to dismantele ethiopia in to pices. we have to live not only for unity but good to do some thing odd to our people long live meles until he distroy our unity

08/20/07 @ 15:35
Comment from: betinew [Visitor]

bravo meles soon we hope to see the great tigrian emperior.

08/20/07 @ 15:37
Comment from: baymeno [Visitor]


If you don’t have any thing relevant to say, you better keep your big mouth shut.

” Unconfirmed translation say….".

If you don’t confirm the translation, why waste your time writing this bogus article?

If your premise ( the first main sentence ) is wrong, every thing that follows is wrong. Say you start your sentence: Man is immortal.

You can write 110 paragrapg to support that wrong assertion, you will never come to the correct conclusion.

Meles didn’t support what Sibhat said. There fore, every thing statment you make after ” Unconfirmed translation said” is wrong. Please, don’t put nazret to lower standard.Take time to verify your facts with a reliable translation and reliable sources. Plus, try to tell us your sources because news that comes from News Week is not as reliable as news that comes from Enquiere.

God bless Ethiopia!

08/20/07 @ 15:44
Comment from: KOKEB [Visitor]


Who cares about melese,sebhat or else they all are retarded tegre garbages
of course! the TPLF cadre like you with lack of self-esteem major concern in the realm of value is not how to live in harmony with others,but how to destroy them. The TPLF full time paid bandas and HODAM akataris who see the human wreckage of WEYANES malfuctional doctrines,but who remain supportive and silent
do not concern the idiots any type of agenda who objects and denounce the EPRDF barbarians.

08/20/07 @ 16:10
Comment from: mike [Visitor]  

Is NAZRET.COM financed by ONLF? How do you consider yourself news network when you cannot provide a signal fact?

To the rest of you how can talk so much and act well educated… it purely shows how selfish you’ll are and ignorance. Meles is the only leader who united Ethiopia assisted to build the 2nd best Airport in AFRICA and allows people to exercise their freedom freely.

We’re not going to be intimated by low class people such as YOU! To the rest of you DERG Tigrinya is the office language of Tigray and Meles has every right to use it. It shows how educated the little Tigrinya man is and believe it or not he built more international support to kick the Somalian terrorist than George Bush invading Iraq! That’s fact… what do you got to say now?

Peace to all peace lover Ethiopians!

08/20/07 @ 16:37
Comment from: ewnetun tenageru [Visitor]
ewnetun tenageru

There is no question that both this leaders made the deal during the days of the Durg that Eritrea will be allowed to break away once they defeat the Derg. That has not changed even now. What Isayas is saying now, if we understand it rationally, is that he is not working for the breakup of what is left of the current Ethiopia. We know that it is lie because he is currently arming OLF and ONLF whose plan is clearly to break away from Ethiopia. In the case of OLF its commitment is not for a breakup but the disappearance of Ethiopia and the formation of Oromia out of the breakup. On the other hand, if Meles has any regrets about Eritrean independence, he has never stated it or implied it. He remains loyal to the original agreement between the two regimes and has no plans to reunite Eritrea with Ethiopia. His problem is to find a way, if he can, to get rid of Isayas and have a reliable neighborly leader in Eritrea that is better than the mad dog that leads it today. The truth of the matter is such that even if CUD were leading Ethiopia today they can not reverse the separation of the two countries particularly by military aggression because even our ally, USA, will not stand for it. As far as these two leaders are concerned, Isayas is extremely unpopular and feared by most but loved like a god figure by a few that worship him. I cult figure much like Stalin. Meles on the other hand has completely lost the Amharas, as well as some of the Oromos and the southern people. The reasons are, first, because he is from a minority tribe that is feared, second because of his flippant remarks about the Ethiopian flag early in his leadership and thirdly and most significantly because he let Eritrea became independent. In a side bar I have to say that the loss of port of Assab is also a very bitter issue because it would have been our only access to the sea and because the people living and working in the area are predominantly Afars who are mainly Ethiopian. We had another chance to get it back after the defeat of Eritrea in the last war when we could have captured it. That could have been made legitimate if we held a referendum of the Afar people under international supervision to choose between Ethiopia and Eritrea. We all agree that we lost a lot of our people and resources in that war and gained nothing. That was a major failure of the Meles’s government which feared international uproar. They should have held firm and should have taken the risk.

I remember the first EPDRF Ambassador to the USA (I forgot his name) touring US cities to talk about the war just before victory. When he was told that we must not stop before capturing Assab, his response was that America and its allies will shut down our economy by blocking imports and export of goods to and from Ethiopia. He even mentioned that flights of the Ethiopian Airlines and access to seas ports for Ethiopian Shipping Lines to the western countries will stop. He also implied that they could assist Eritrea’s war effort because they have been convinced by the Eritrean government that our purpose of the war was to get Assab. I personally believed that western opposition would have settled down after a referendum of the Afars under international supervision. The Ambassador clearly felt that they will not let us get away with it.

[Comment too long, cut short by moderator]

08/20/07 @ 16:42
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up

Pure fabrication,come on now,this writer has a personal sound like he is on a mission on personal vandetta.


You said no one has a ball to take out the prime minster,you’re right about that,you guys don’t have the ball,all talk no substane,bunch of loud mouth cry babies,the only thing you’re good at crying,you proved my point about you and the likes of you,bunch of chickens,if you try to be man enough,the prime minster will eat you for a snack.

Good day!

08/20/07 @ 16:58
Comment from: yeEthiopia Lij [Visitor]
yeEthiopia Lij

This to Guys are idiots. :crazy:

ETHIOPIA Lezelalem Tinoralech!
Mot Letelatochua!

08/20/07 @ 17:13
Comment from: Hagerawi [Visitor]

To Amsterdamer and those of you out there who may think that Meles could not be discredited

Think about this:
What kind of true Ethiopian leader made the country landlocked? (By allowing the Eritrea secession)

What kind of true Ethiopian leader fought relentlessly for giving the land of his country away? (Badime and recently part of North-West Ethiopia)

What kind of true Ethiopian leader worked hard to separate its people on ethnic bases knowing it is creating instability?

What kind of true Ethiopian leader tormented his people while he had every chance to promote democracy and good governance?

What kind of true Ethiopian leader will work hard for destroying his own country?

I don’t think any TRUE ETHIOPIAN could have done what Meles did and is doing under any circumstances. He is evil to Ethiopai.

08/20/07 @ 17:32
Comment from: waqad [Visitor]

meles aferwk and yusuf,I want peace in the horn.what is this all about
as a businessman i want be able to take my products from Mogadishu port to addis through asmara and Khartoum
right now i am stuck in baledweyn near Mogadishu
why beg for aid while we have all these natural recs,at the end of the day you don’t know who is somali Eritrea Ethiopia.please don’t encorauge violence it will not solve anything no matte how stronger you are ask the Somalis.peace peace we gave dictators chance that is why the west rules us you all

08/20/07 @ 17:44
Comment from: zebet kebede [Visitor]
zebet kebede

Do you people, know that Eritrea is a recognized state by the world body such as the U.N,E.U,A.U.,Even by the gov. of Ethiopia!!! Hello, every body leave Eritrea for the people of Eritrea they are the sole owner’s of Eritrea they know what is best for her.


08/20/07 @ 17:58
Comment from: kadu [Visitor]

hi gobez,
we should not be confused with the recent commont by Isayas, he is the only figure that destroyed ethiopia, he is the one supporing so many so called NETSa Aweche like OLF Sidamo liberation front, Somal libertion front, and the like to destroy ethiopia from the map of the world. How can a person like him can change his life time dream (direction) all of a sudden and claims he wants a unified ethiopia. It is puzzeling that Meless also claims he is more Eirterian than isayas, u know one.

08/20/07 @ 18:17
Comment from: Ethiolover [Visitor]

Here is what Meles and the TPLF bandas perfected in the past 16 years.


Ethiopia need brave leaders, We need our CUD leaders to lead the nation.

08/20/07 @ 18:28
Comment from: Bekeswan [Visitor]

Be it Meles, Issayas or Sebhat, they are all from the same pot. We can’t expect a bird from a snake.

08/20/07 @ 18:39
Comment from: WOYANAY [Visitor]

We are tigreans,woyanes,Ethiopians and we love MELLES .

08/20/07 @ 19:18
Comment from: dhiba [Visitor]

Shutup! Don’t cry about Assab every day.You can’t do nothing with it! It is too late now.Eritiria is an independent country known by United Nation.

08/20/07 @ 19:26
Comment from: Tingrt [Visitor]

Wise men and politicians say the enemy of my enemy is my friend.At this historical juncture Ethiopia’s worst enemy is Melese Zenawi and his tplf mass killers.Therefore, why shoud we spend a minute talking about the Eritrean leader? If he wants to invade and burn Tigray let him do it.They( the tplf tigreans) are the one who fought alongside the Eritreans when Ethiopians were dying in thousands for the teritorial integrity of their country for the past 30 years.It is none of our business to take side in their war of words.Mengedun Cherk Yarglet Le tornetu.

08/20/07 @ 20:00
Comment from: Z-man [Visitor]  

:D:DTingrt Let me help you out… Eritreans spent 30 yrs fighting and Tigreans spent 17 yrs not 30 yrs of fighting my friend. I am sure CUD will not win in 2010! I hope Meles steps down in the next election and allow Seiya Abraha take over. To the rest of the readers don’t forget… TPLF brought the 1st free election to Ethiopia. If you call the whole Ethiopian military TPLF and killer you better shut up! Ethiopians are more united than you all can think!

08/20/07 @ 23:10
Comment from: Gorraw [Visitor]

The belief that Ethiopia has to fall for Eritrea to stand is ingrained in the Eritrean independence movement early on, mostly formulated by their Australian supporters. That is why ISA-IAS made an early effort to dismantle Ethiopia, by “giving Ethiopians a homework (Ethnic conflict) that would take 100 years to resolve". The invastion of Ethiopia was also based on this belief that given the hate of TPLF (Woyane)by Ethiopians would be the start of the disintegration. How wrong he was! Small thoughts can only emanate from small minds like ISA’s. Again with his small mind he tried to play tricks by helping craft AFD and try to make ONLF and CUD fight Ethiopia. Well that too did not work. You see, absolute dictators have no genuine advisers, because they are afraid for their lives. Then they are surprised when they are deposed and jailed. Saddam and Norieg are good examples.

Today ISA thinks that he is the equal of Bush and Eritrea is the Equal of America.(Fantasy is Eritrea’s national pass time).

Meles has been consistent about supporting Eritrea’s independence. I do not know what conspiracy the author is talking about.

08/20/07 @ 23:59
Comment from: Aragawi [Visitor]

As long as they do’nt start a war again
let them anoy each other .

but it clear that the only way to achieve
reconcilition is after meles and issayes
step down as leaders as it has become
a sort of a personal war between them

brothers can become the best of friends
but can also become the deadliest of

08/21/07 @ 00:27
Comment from: Gebray [Visitor]


Your arguements are too shallow to
comment. Hence, I decided not to react.

Again, from your writtings I suspect
that you are an Eritrean rather
than Ethiopian.


08/21/07 @ 03:26
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

There ’s none difference between these
two bandits .Their only culture is the
culture of violence without no human’s
life value .Their only value is the culture of SHIFTA !!!

08/21/07 @ 05:21
Comment from: Amsterdamer [Visitor]


I don’t believe in your definition of true Ethiopian or False Ethiopian. Different opinion doesn’t make people true or False.
I am sick & tired of my way or the high way mentality……

08/21/07 @ 06:02
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

TO Gebray

you wrote,"Your arguements are too shallow to
comment. Hence, I decided not to react”
Sorry, my brother I raised draft facts what they have happened in the public media.
My comment is not analysis.
Means, you know, I know, Every one knows.

you wrote, “Again, from your writtings I suspect
that you are an Eritrean rather
than Ethiopian”
Really sorry!
How do dare to say I am ERn?
Even if we hate Afeweki,please we shouldn’t hide some facts which are not harmful to our country and unfolded facts.Since from our bad saga we gain good exprience.

More over, this article said simply compaire & contrast the two leaders.

Any way, my brother we are good cybber friends.

08/21/07 @ 07:21
Comment from: Tingrt [Visitor]

The most hated brutal mass murderer in the history of Ethiopia is the wicked Melese Zenawi.He lost the election in 2005 and he will soon be out for good and killers like Agazi Tigrean solders and members of TPLF will be brought to justice.By the way if Tigray is burned to ash by your Eritrean masters Ethiopians will stand on the side and laugh."Wedesh kagonebesh beregtush ayikefash” .You the Tigreans are seen by Eritreans as uncivilised sub humans.

08/21/07 @ 09:58
Comment from: Gebray [Visitor]

So Meaza,

Are the Eritrean people living in
better situation than the Ethiopians? If
the reverse is true(I refere you to
some of the independent world bank
reports on the Ethiopian economic growth,
don’t you think that Meles is better than
Isaias now? I hope we will agree now. If
the Eritrean economy is performing well
than that of Ethiopian then I agree with
that Mr.Isaias is doing well than Meles.

I compare both leaders based on their
economic performances. Others are not
priorities for me.


08/21/07 @ 10:34
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

To Gebray

Don’t focus only the two countries’ economy. In economical growth according World Bank index you are right. But we compare & contrast overall matters that the two leaders’ administration in the last two decades has happened in negative & positive ways. That is, in general:
1. The local & foreign political environment
2. Economical situation
3. Human right
By using those & others scenarios we could compare & contrast the two leader’s administration relatively

08/21/07 @ 11:26
Comment from: alex [Visitor]  

We not idiots anymore .A sensible citizen now of ethiopia and eritrea now i belive this two cronies wold not be where they are 2day without the backing pf some HIDDEN powersa
It`s crystall clear for all to see.
The current regime has lost it BUT someone wants them to stay.
Meles is clever !!! Where is the clevernes of this .
So we know things how they work and i dont think anyone who can try to foul as by saying this man is clever than the other.

08/21/07 @ 11:46
Comment from: Amsterdamer [Visitor]

Most of the time I do read your comments, however never considered as worthy enough to reply you. Cause you are just empty ras korkoro….

Be honest with yourself &…..tell me..
What is your problem? Why so much hate??? Why you hate Tigreans so much???… Anything personal happen to u? am so sorry for you lady…. Must be angry at your self all the time…..
misken lej…..

08/21/07 @ 12:40
Comment from: Woyane Tifozo [Visitor]
Woyane Tifozo


If we want we can wipe out Sahabia in NO TIME as we did to OLF & Somalis militias. DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE OF WOYANE’S POWER.

08/21/07 @ 12:45
Comment from: Gebray [Visitor]


In foreign and domestic political issues Meles is doing fantastic job. I refer u
to the state dept. latest press statement
on Eritrea. And look how many Eritreans
are fleeing Eritrea this time as a resultz
of mishandling of the internal political
conditions of ERitrea. I don’t know if u pay attn. to such issues


08/21/07 @ 15:30
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

To Gebray

This is just non scientic my indevidual opnion.One of us is correct.

We should close here our dialogue.

Thank you!

08/21/07 @ 16:06
Comment from: biniam [Visitor]

You got right about meles NOT the other one. Actualy you got it back worg on isaias.

08/21/07 @ 22:07
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

Well done and written. This exact phenomenon has been circulating in my mind, ever since after the border conflict 1998-2000. It is a legitimate and a burning question for every politically and socially conscious, Ethiopians and Eritreans.
It is plausible that, the two leaders are cooperating in many issues concerning their power holding in each countries for both leaders. Realistically both Issayas and Meles had paid dearly, personally and organizationally.
Given the historical facts of both EPRDF and EPLF, going back to the days of TPLF, had worked together hand in hand militarily, political and sharing intelligence,up to the over throwing of the Dergue and dictator Mengistu Haile-Mariam
It is a matter of political practicality and analysises to dig and analyze on the historical facts of these two related leaders of Ethiopia and 0eritrea and come up with analytical writings, such us this article, by Kirkos. I consider this report fair and balanced analytical thesis like writing.

08/22/07 @ 09:30
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

Gebray: you are absolutely correct, that Meles is out performing Issayass, by 100%, in the field of world politics, which is a key, to get a leadership recognition and for national interest. We have to admit that, politics is cruel and shroud, but yet, you can not survive unless you deal with it. That is what a smart leadership is all about, in todays politics.

08/22/07 @ 09:51
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

Gebray: you are absolutely correct, that Meles is out performing Issayass, by 100%, in the field of world politics, which is a key, to get a leadership recognition and for national interest. We have to admit that, politics is cruel and shroud, but yet, you can not survive unless you deal with it. That is what a smart leadership is all about, in todays politics.

08/22/07 @ 09:53
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

To Gehon

I think you are not human being rather than you are ” human parot". Since I have never seen such type of individual who says 100pct correct without any evidence.

08/22/07 @ 10:13



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