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Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi's Millennium Speech



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Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi's Millennium Speech

Ethiopia - Speech delivered by His Ex. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on the occasion of the Ethiopian Millennium

Your Excellency President Girma Wolde Giorgis,

Your Excellency President Omar Hassan Al Beshir’

Your Excellency President Paul Kagame,

Your Excellency President Ismail Omar Guelle,

Your Excellency President Maui Kibaki,

Your Excellency President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed,

Your Excellency Professor Alfa Omar Konare,

Excellencies, Ministers, Ambassadors, invited guests,

Dear Compatriots,

Fellow Africans both at home and the Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia

Today is unique and momentous day. It is the eve of the beginning of a new Ethiopian millennium. We are about to welcome a new millennium which by the unanimous decision of the African union and the consent of fellow Africans throughout the world is also an African millennium. It is therefore with great pride and pleasure that I wish you all a happy new year, a happy new century and a happy new millennium.

Allow me to at the outset to thank to all those who have made it possible for us to celebrate the occasion in such a festive and Joyous fashion. The council established to organize the celebrations ably led by Deputy Prime Minister Ato Addissu Legesse, the various councils and committees established throughout the country and abroad have earned the gratitude and admiration of all of us for their dedication and excellent organizational skills.

Millions of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia have made enormous contributions for the success of the celebrations and I am very grateful for their contribution.

Our emerging private sector has shouldered the lion’s share of the cost of the celebrations and we thank them all for their contribution. In this regard I wish to recognize the unique contribution of sheik Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi who among many other things has built this magnificent facility in a matter of just a few months to grace the occasion.

I would also wish to thank our heroic athletes who have not only added to our joy through their usual spectacular success in international competition but also used the occasion to introduce our millennium to people through out the world watching their fiats of sportsmanship.

I would like to ask, Ethiopians everywhere to convey our special thanks to all those distinguished leaders and heads of delegations who have joined us here today. Their presence with us here today is a magnificent reflection of their friendship to Ethiopia. Our special thanks also to our union, the African union and fellow Africans in the continent and the Diasporas who have always steadfastly stood beside us in our hours of need and who in that sprit have decided to declare the Ethiopian millennium as the African millennium. It is with great pride in our pan-Africanist tradition that we thank all those Africans from Dakar to Djibouti, from Cape Town to Cairo, and everywhere in between who have made it a point of special significance to celebrate the occasion in their own countries in typically colorful and joyous African fashion. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Your Excellency,

Dear compatriots, fellow African brothers and sisters and friends of Ethiopia.

We do not have written records telling us how Ethiopians celebrated the end of the first millennium and the banging of the second one a thousand years ago. We can therefore not be certain as to what their festivities might have celebrated with a well deserved pride in their achievements. The after all could rightfully have claimed to be the makers of one of the most advanced nations of the day. After all, there is no denying that their phenomenal achievements are here with us today not only in the form of the historical relics that they have left but also in the form of the uniquely African script we still use and the very celebrations we are having today which is the result of the African calendar they developed.

The last few centuries of our second millennium, however, have not been as glorious. While we can justly be proud of the fact that every generation of Ethiopians during those centuries have paid in blood to maintain our independence, we cannot but feel deeply insulted that at the dawn of new millennium ours is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over the course of our second millennium we have gone from being one of the most advanced nations on earth to that of being one of the poorest. Thought this process we have not been colonized by any foreign nations and hence we have always been the authors of our destiny, both our successes and failures.

However, in the last few years of the departing millennium we have begun to fight back the darkness of poverty and backwardness with success. Our economy has been growing at over 10 percent per annum and on current trend we should achieve our objective of becoming a middle income country in about 20 years. In spite of lingering challenges we have made enormous strides in establishing a democratic system in our country a system that is rooted in our reality and one that is central to our future.

After centuries of repeatedly aroused and dashed hopes, this generation of Ethiopians is turning a new page. A glorious new page of our history where poverty will merely be a footnote in our long history is being written with the sweet and toil of millions of farmers and pastoralist, businessmen both small and big and workers and the intelligentsia. Glorious new page of our history where our diversity becomes a source of strength through tolerance and democracy rather than a source of problems, through the patient and methodical efforts of all our nationalities, followers of all the great religions of our country, men and women, young and old.

A thousands years from now, when Ethiopians gather to welcome the fourth millennium, they shall say that the eve of the third millennium was the beginning of the end dark ages in Ethiopia. They shall say that the eve of the third millennium was the beginning of Ethiopian renaissance.

We are all acutely aware of the fact that a lot remains to be done to sustain our current achievements. We are all aware of that there are decades of hard work and toil ahead of us before we can confidently declare that the Ethiopian renaissance has been realized. But we also know that it can and will be done. We know that we can do it not only because all Ethiopian generations prior to our dark age had done it, but also because we, our own generation of Ethiopia have already began to do it.

Dear compatriot!

It is there fore with an acute sense of where we have been in the past and where we are now, with a keen sense of our historical mission that I can upon you today to stay the course of the Ethiopian the Ethiopia renaissance, to continue to work hard to make our current reality a mere footnote in our long and glorious history. It is with a sense of historical mission and total confidence in our capacity to over come all challenges that I can upon you today on the eve of a new millennium to join hands to rebuild an Ethiopia that we all can be proud of. It is with rekindled hope and confidence of the last years of the second millennium that I call upon you to realize the Ethiopian renaissance in all its forms poetically, economically socially and cultural.

I wish you all happy New Year and a prosperous future in the new millennium.

I Thank you


Comment from: ET [Visitor]

God bless you!!


I can feel the love and unity already, thank you Meles Zenawi! thank you all ethiopians, hardworkers, athletes, peaceful opposition groups and mothers and fathers.

Mayb God bless our hopeful nation!


09/11/07 @ 20:08
Comment from: solomon [Visitor]

What a marvelous speech. I’m proud of this man. I think we should give him a chance to govern a cuople more terms so that he can put what he has started on stron foundations. Long live Meles!

09/11/07 @ 20:25
Comment from: Metene [Visitor]

Happy Millennium everybody! What IS YOUR POINT Mr Solomon?
Do you think Ethiopia devoid of QUALIFIED leaders? President Clinton is the most liked in the US. Should the Americans amend the constitution for him to serve like an emperor? There are hundreds of qualified Ethiopians who can work for that country like a dog and make things better. Do not be impressed with prose. Do I make myself clear?

09/11/07 @ 20:33
Comment from: dawit DB [Visitor]
dawit DB

Happy year all Ethiopians!!!!
Happy new year PM Meles!!!!

Together we can reach to our destination,a peaceful, joyful,and prosperous Ethiopia.

09/11/07 @ 20:53
Comment from: Yonas Tibebe [Visitor]
Yonas Tibebe

Good speech overall. Covers all the bases nicely, very pan-africanist, and I hear he wore the national dress: way to go Meles.

Meles could have gone down in history as one of best leaders our country has known, if it were not for his autocratic and heavy-handed repression. Anyway, I wish him as our current leader the very best, and hope he heeds his own message: “continue to work hard to make our current reality a mere footnote in our long and glorious history". I hope he means it.

09/11/07 @ 20:59
Comment from: Jordan [Visitor]

Amen!!!!!!!God bless you and the People of Ethiopia!!!

Happy New Year & Happy Millennium to all!!!

09/11/07 @ 21:00
Comment from: ajirea [Visitor]

Actually, what I was expecting to hear in the millennium address was something like this:
“Fellow accomplices, criminals, murderers, liars, cheats and impostors, thanks for coming! Without much ado let me go right to the point. May I take this grand occasion, the millennium, to resign my position as a crime monster. Well, the reason is simply, I am sick and tired! Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to last in this position this long? Do you know how many lies I had to tell to last this long? (I won’t mention how many I killed). Do you realize how many criticisms and insults I took trying to hold on to power by force? Well, A lot! Before I lose my sanity, this is what the doctor ordered. Good thing, I have stashed away millions in foreign banks. It maybe time to go somewhere and enjoy some of that money now. I think the millennium is a good milestone for such new beginning. Thank you for your attention, hope you are having a good millennium, because mine is starting now.”


09/11/07 @ 21:18
Comment from: belay [Visitor]  

No wonder this man has to come to the forefront of Ethiopian stage at this very time. And it is not without reason things are changing now in a positive direction for the first time in a millennium history.

thanks PM

09/11/07 @ 21:20
Comment from: Tareke [Visitor]

Excellent speech.

God Bless Meles!
God Bless Ethiopia!

Happy 3rd Millennium!

09/11/07 @ 21:28
Comment from: ethiochulo [Visitor]

God Bless u PM Long Live PM Meles…Happy Ethiopian Millenium Long Live Ethiopia and Ethiopians

09/11/07 @ 21:35
Comment from: Amare [Visitor]

Thank you PM Meles, and God bless you for all your hard work and your skillful leadership. I feel proud to know that Ethiopia is in good hands. Indeed, my country is marching towards a new and prosperous future.

Happy new your to all my country men, and may God bless you all!!

09/11/07 @ 21:49
Comment from: atalay [Visitor]

This is the best speech by Meles yet. I wish he projected such wisdom and humility from the beginning. This is how a leader of a nation supposed to speak, not hurling insults at everyone—which Meles has done for the most part of the last 16 years.
I think everyone, including the opposition, should seize this opportunity and tone down the hostility. It is about time to move on. While it is OK to insist on democratization and better human rights respect, it should be done in a responsible and reconciliatory way. Peace to all. I really liked his speech.

09/11/07 @ 21:54
Comment from: armacho [Visitor]

what a speech .thankyou mr pm .what a patotic and beautiful speech,the big difference between this speech and previous leaders speevh is this is accompanied by social political and economic patiotism again thank you epdrf and all opposition parties and happy new year

09/11/07 @ 22:07
Comment from: Two bit [Visitor]
Two bit

The Chinese magnify the positives in their history, while looking to grow. Meles does not understand the monumental act of freedom and independence granted by the strugllesof our forefathers and mothers in the second millenium. Granted, chnage is always needed, which is why there was the revolution from Haile Selaisse which was hijacked by Mengistu and now this control crowd. The rest of Africa adopts out Flag, but M wants it all.

09/11/07 @ 22:11
Comment from: Thunder~~~ [Visitor]

“We do not have written records telling us how Ethiopians celebrated the end of the first millennium and the banging of the second one a thousand years ago. We can therefore not be certain as to what their festivities might have celebrated with a well deserved pride in their achievements.”

Stupid BANDA, was he not the one who once said that Ethiopia is 100 years old. You DEDEB BANDA now learn Ethiopian history and respects it, after that you should also learn the meaning of our flag and bow to it. This flag and this nations’ history is the mark of the beginning of our world.

09/11/07 @ 22:25
Comment from: wonnfit [Visitor]

Dear SOLOMON, anyone can make up speech. Do not be fooled. What did u expect him to say? Condemn the Mellinnium? c’mon man ofcourse nobody in Africa wants to step down let alone after loosing an election. At least 2 year? They have already have it.CHEEEEERS!Africans-Ethiopians, HAVE BEEN HAD!

09/11/07 @ 22:32
Comment from: Love-Emama&its people [Visitor]
Love-Emama&its people

This is infecous speech!!! it spreads hope and peace not olny for the offspring of Ethiopia, but also for all or Africans and and African origins. Show us more love and peace on the ground (practically)!!!!!!!!!
Love Ethiopia and Love each other!!!!!!!!

09/11/07 @ 22:37
Comment from: Citoftu Barisiderbe [Visitor]
Citoftu Barisiderbe

You must be an illetrate that flunkout from Ist year college or you’v been involved in killing his friend the true Meles not the idiot ignorant Meles I realy don’t know why you wish him a long live.You know what? I wish him early death,so that we all celebrate millionum not minem.

09/11/07 @ 22:42
Comment from: Hincaaldhisu [Visitor]

Its very sad to hear some of you saying PM of producing Lies after lies as one agreat achiever, but I do expect you just getting back from night club not that of what meles did for his country.
thank you.

09/11/07 @ 22:51
Comment from: Tingrt [Visitor]

He seems ready to commit another round of genocide in Ethiopia and that is why he invited Al Bashir, the century’s genocider in Darfur.Soon we will kick you back to your mother’s country Eritrea.It is time for the Tigreans to distance themselves from this ctiminal who killed 198 and wounded more than 800 Ethiopians after he was defeated in the hands of CUDP.The Tigray dominance must be stopped before it back fires on them.

09/11/07 @ 23:04
Comment from: taddy [Visitor]

I agree with Selomon

09/11/07 @ 23:30
Comment from: Selam [Visitor]

Happy New Year to all
Woundeful speech Mr. Prime Minister; we would hope that your vision of Ethiopia becoming a middle income country in 20 years would be a reality. May god bless Ethiopia and the rest of the world.

09/11/07 @ 23:50
Comment from: reo [Visitor]

Thanks to Meles for changing our country for the better! I love you man!!!!

09/11/07 @ 23:54
Comment from: Mr. K. [Visitor]
Mr. K.

Dear ethiopians, It is just my first time to give a comment in this web site because mother land is always mother land; there is no way you can erase it.The reason I am saying this is because if it is true for once and for all I want to see my country developed in agricultural industry; this can happen only by its owen chilldren.Besides, to help our mother land agriculture development, please instead of fault finder, let us contribute our part.Remember, I give this comment like any body wholove his people and his mother land I do to. Please do not be mistaken I am not a part of any political organization.

09/11/07 @ 23:59
Comment from: sodo [Visitor]

I am not celebrating any thing.As a matter of fact I am in mourning.This killer with his monogrammed devilish Weyane/TPLF flag infront of him surrounded by his security detail is not talking to all Ethiopians.He is facing a selected few hodams and other African dictaters.It is a mere two and half years that this genocidal maniac sent his Agazi killers to the homes and streets of Addis Abeba.The 193 confirmed dead Ethiopians and their survivors can not celebrate.The dead are buried,but not/should not be forgotten.The survivers are still num and fill empty and are still helpless and sorrowfull in this once in a life time holiday.We will/shall never forget them.Fellow Ethiopians,please let us remember them and never forget them.

09/12/07 @ 00:24
Comment from: AM [Visitor]

Sounds Great!!!!

09/12/07 @ 00:45
Comment from: Demelash [Visitor]

Happy New Year!!!

09/12/07 @ 00:49
Comment from: Sicko [Visitor]

Great Leader in wrong country and people, Etiopians,Who’s never appreciate no matter what you do. We like difference than unity, Even on this new year we can’t absorb that be together. Please, people let’s get up on the next day As ‘Ethiopians’ let’s leave this junk beind.
“One Ethiopia, One People” Amen!

09/12/07 @ 01:19
Comment from: dan [Visitor]

what a great speech , Happey New Year to all Ethiopians

09/12/07 @ 01:21
Comment from: Minim Yelem [Visitor]
Minim Yelem

A senseless speech, pathological liar. You start the new millennium with your endless lies. Your resolution for new millennium supposed to be not to stop lying. 10% economic growth? To become a middle income country in 20 years? Liar. Meles, do you believe that our Diversity is our source of strength? Wishetam, ketafi. The new millennium is the beginning of the end of weyane regime.

09/12/07 @ 01:41
Comment from: abiy [Visitor]

OOps we are very quick to judge.We never had any question in his caliber but then the question comes on the way he uses that caliber.Is he using it for the benefit of Ethiopia or….So I am saying the fact that he is this impressive doesn’t make him angel.History shows many of the most dangerous people in the world are very persuasive and they know how make people convinced to implement their evil ideas.
I am personally an admirer of the caliber this guy has but never been deceived. He uses to impress people so that he can get their attention and people think of him as a God-sent one.fellow Ethiopian we need to be smart in knowing who is good and who is not for our country.WE must not judge the book from its cover.We must
judge our politicians not with what they speak or with how they speak rather we have to judge them with their action.Yes it is true what Meles spoke and the way he spoke is very impressive but so what?what does that do for the poor Ethiopian?We have to always remember this guy hasn’t change the life of the poor Ethiopian yet he speaks like…..Anyways we I think need to be smart as a nation to know who…..

Never be impressed with the way people talk but watch out what they speak.
Long live Ethiopia!!!

09/12/07 @ 02:41
Comment from: desta [Visitor]

No wonder the two piece-mouth rash to thank their master dance loud without festivity mood (“wusha bebelas”). Fact is that Ethiopians enter this Millennium under the yoke of dictator.

As usual, in his empty rhetoric, Meles is too shy and too guilty to address the Ethiopian Peoples. However, thanks to fiercely struggling peoples of Ethiopia as well as the sprouting opposition parties, he started to kneel down. The first time, may be in his life, he mentioned at least three thousands years of history of Ethiopia in stead of his self-created hundred years. He also came out with the traditional dress. If he takes this falling Millennium as a unique chance to reconcile, for the sake of the Ethiopian peoples, the past pain and scar will gradually vanish. It will be indeed a new start.

Wishing all an epoch of New Ethiopia without tyranny! Freedom for all!

09/12/07 @ 02:50
Comment from: Megos [Visitor]  

Go hell mr.Meles.
Your speech is full of lies. First solve your problem with Eritrea by peacful solution

09/12/07 @ 03:29
Comment from: yayesh [Visitor]

This is the speech marking the very best beginning to the new era.

All dark thinking must stay in the past and start a good and solid beginning. I’m proud of the speech and the whole process that facilitates the good start we all are looking.

Happy New Year to all of you. This is a new year in the new millennia and we need a new way of dealing with each other, which is in civilised and human ways. Positive thinking and actions and reaction are among the others our future tools to be to our best future.

09/12/07 @ 03:29
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]

God bless you dear prime minister Meles, you are a great leader and a gift for Ethiopia!

May the LORD increase His wisdom and knowledge upon you

God bless Ethiopia!!!

09/12/07 @ 03:51
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]

God bless you dear prime minister Meles, you are a great leader and a gift for Ethiopia, wish you a happy millenium with your family!

May the LORD increase His wisdom and knowledge upon you

God bless Ethiopia!!!

09/12/07 @ 03:56
Comment from: Weyzero Ethiopia [Visitor]
Weyzero Ethiopia

Happy New Year for all Ethiopian. Meles let us now peace and Unity.

09/12/07 @ 04:35
Comment from: [Member]

first of all happy new year to all Ethiopians at home and abroad.I red the message given by ATO Meles, I can’t explain my self how happy I was, He aroused my Ethiopwinet feeling, He is a true leader despite some discrepancies.I do not think we have some one to replace him.

09/12/07 @ 04:52
Comment from: Aduegenet [Visitor]

All Ethiopian Melekam millennium and I wish and pray that all Ethiopian will have a prosper and blessed 1000 years. Following this I like to than Mr Melese Zenawi for not mentioning politics in this time celebration as some people did during the London Celebration. Second, I like to thank for his leadership resulted in increased economic growth and I will like to ask him to put his pro-poor development plan in practice rather than in paper. In general lets give him more time with more reform policy and understanding. God Bless Ethiopia

09/12/07 @ 04:53
Comment from: melaku [Visitor]

The best leader in the history of Ethiopia.
God bless you PM.Meles,
God bless all Ethiopian in Ethiopia or

09/12/07 @ 05:09
Comment from: Johan [Visitor]

You are so stupid and ugly… only think about your own tigray…..
Happy new year the real Ethiopians

09/12/07 @ 05:31
Comment from: Misir [Visitor]

Dear Solomon,

What did you say? A couple of years to lead ?
Do not woory? you will be one of his victims for the coming days. Do not forget he is searching someone like you to use as a horse.

Any way Brother, I wish you a happy new year an Millenium. God blessed your thinking and knowledge and loving others.

09/12/07 @ 05:52
Comment from: Ayem [Visitor]

Excellent and very touching speech. For sure, Ethiopia is already on the right track.Hence, Prime Minister Melless Zenawi needs to be appreciated for his dedication to development.

09/12/07 @ 06:38
Comment from: Tigist [Visitor]

PM Meles, Why are you pretending? You have been fighting to distort and reduced our long history to 100 years. You are not fooling anyone except your self. Ha ha ha ,

09/12/07 @ 07:11
Comment from: zolla [Visitor]

I do not have any words about this
great man MELES u are my hero
thanks for all ur hardwork

09/12/07 @ 07:20
Comment from: lencho [Visitor]

Thanks Mr PM Melles, for your exempllary leadership and wisdom.

Happy Milenium my fellow Ethiopians and mother Ethiopia. We should make these new Millenia of Reconcilation and Peace and Tollerance after all.


09/12/07 @ 07:27
Comment from: Hadere Sefer [Visitor]
Hadere Sefer

Leba! Leba! Leba!

09/12/07 @ 07:35
Comment from: meles 666 [Visitor]
meles 666

The Millennium would be perfect if you ( Meles ) were out of the picture. We hate you so much. We will never be happy while you lire still in the office. However, I am so happy that Birtukan the great is here at Washington. Happy Ethiopaian new year for all true Ethiopians. Death to all Woyenass.

09/12/07 @ 07:53
Comment from: engedablibo [Visitor]

that is the way it is, mele.
good work Ethiopia

09/12/07 @ 08:00
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

Great you eliminated poverty by putting the poor in concentration camps. How many are killed today which is the beginning of the new Millenium, how many will be killed tomorrow and the day after. If the number of peopled killed by your tyrant regime, you will be remembered by history.

Whatever is achieved so far is worthless unless there is a peaceful transition of power. Please learn from Saddam Hussien. Where are all the numbers of buildings in Baghdad now?

If you and your party want to be remembered by history for the achievements and building od democracy, please don`t cling to power like the Emperor, otherwise you will be dragged out of the palace like the emperor or you will be forced to spend the rest of your life in exile. That is if you are lucky and not face the Hague International Court like Milosovic.

09/12/07 @ 08:32
Comment from: et [Visitor]  

“Speech and reality is Different”

09/12/07 @ 09:17
Comment from: DANIEL _AMSTERDAM [Visitor]

we still have sombody to lead our contry
like we heard about Ethiopians heros in our
history. Kebur Prime minister Meles Zenawi
IM proud of his words,dreams,dones and so on
he make me say I AM ETHIOPIAN & HE IS OUR

09/12/07 @ 09:22
Comment from: tman [Visitor]


Don’t be taken in by this con artist. A speech is nothing but a bunch of words thrown together. If you don’t believe what you’re saying, it doesn’t matter. Considering Meles’ track record, his words ring hollow with me. He’s still a deceitful, psychopathic mass murdered. We know he doesn’t have the best interest of Ethiopia at heart. When he start accepting responsibility for all the destruction he caused is when I’ll start listening.

Happy new year to all!!

09/12/07 @ 09:48
Comment from: Bman [Visitor]

What is new about the president giving good speech. He have been doing that for the last 17 years. It is just that as we all know him by now, he is just a lier.

Happy Ethiopian Mellenium to all.

09/12/07 @ 10:01
Comment from: Hiwot [Visitor]

Happy Ethiopian Millennium to the prime minister. This is a very good speech that need to be a good reference for the future generation. Well put together!!

Thanks for your hard work!!

09/12/07 @ 10:43
Comment from: Mazash [Visitor]

No Comment.

Happy Millennium!

09/12/07 @ 11:23
Comment from: NegistA [Visitor]

Thanks God He gave us a leader like you Mr. Meles - long you live! You are the best that has happend to us. Please keep it up and train those who are around you to be like you.

Some of you ar just sicko you just can not stomach when you see something good is happening. You are just full of negativity. You need to listen to yourselves and try to change your attitude - believe me you will feel healthy by doing so. Again thank you PM for your leadership.

09/12/07 @ 11:28
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

May GOD bless Ethiopia and our people.
Happy!!happy, millennium and happy new year.

May GOD keep, the enemy of Ethiopia to where they belong.

I will never forget, what Fekade Shelter said, in the eve of our millennium and new year.

What was it that he said “Ethiopian millennium is a farce” Fekade you are the farce, in your delusions mind, you were insulting Pm. Meles, no you were insulting Ethiopia and the population, trying to rip apart and uproot, the GOD given right of their history and spoil their celebration.

You are a hateful individual with a Hitlerite mentality and substantial contributions to our society, but a hate monger, subversive obnoxious moron, who was meant to be born in nazi Germany not in Ethiopia.

Fekade, I exactly know what you are focused on, and you will never get there by virtue of deceptions, lies, manipulations,falls propaganda, dissemination of misinfo-
rmation and with no ethical, moral, religious and democratic values. Keep on dreaming.

By the way happy new year and millennium!!

09/12/07 @ 11:35
Comment from: Yoman [Visitor]

Melkam Addisu Amet Everyone!
By the will of God & the struggle of Ethiopian ppl Meles finaly admits that Ethiopia has history of more than 100 years.
It is unfortunet that a tyrant like Meles is at the helm of power at the beggening of this millnium.
I hope the new milinium brings the end of Anti Ethiopian rule in Ethiopia. We need freedom, unity & democratic rule.

09/12/07 @ 11:41
Comment from: yeQeraLij [Visitor]  

Atalay said “This is how a leader of a nation supposed to speak, not hurling insults at everyone—which Meles has done for the most part of the last 16 years. I think everyone, including the opposition, should seize this opportunity and tone down the hostility. It is about time to move on.”

Thunder reminded us… “was he not the one who once said that Ethiopia is 100 years old.”

They are both correct which makes Meles to be the best POLITICIAN. Period!

Meles: “we have always been the authors of our destiny, both our successes and failures.” and “…They shall say that the eve of the third millennium was the beginning of Ethiopian renaissance.”

All I can say is give me a better hope (ie. politician) than this one and I will support him/her in the next election. If Meles does not transfer power in the next election history will only remember him as the arrogant PM who made the best speech on his country’s millennium. If, however, he transfers power without any further bloodshed in a decocratic way he will go down in history as the best transitional POLITICIAN and leader for the time (with all the diversity we have, like it or not, we have to have a strong leader) - bar none.

09/12/07 @ 11:44
Comment from: One [Visitor]

Happy new year!

09/12/07 @ 11:50
Comment from: Fist [Visitor]

Thanks Sicko, You are correct, Meles is great but unfortunate too. I feel sorry for this man, if he was born in U.S. or Europe, there would have been theories, principles and philosphies by his name that we all Ethiopians will be learning about. I have one comment about the naive Diaspora. Specially those of us, who live in U.S., the worest ignorants of the millenium. Instead of reading and educating ourselves, after a long day of Parking Lot Attending and Taxi Driving, we just rumble politics that we have no idea whatsoever about. I think it is better if we all try to improve our knowledge and get matured before we start forewarding insults. Commenting with this raw and empty mind is embarassing for us Ethiopians.

I love that man and hate anyone who dislike him. In my entire life, in Africa, I have never seen a man with a leadership qualities than Meles’s. The way he expresses his ideas, analysis questions and gives detailed answers is something fantastic and surely wonderful to listen to. I used to hate listening to Mengistu because everything that comes out of his mouth smells and shows his immaturity and stupidity but I found comfort and hope in Melese’s speaches . It is time for the diaspora to clean our acts and start contributing to Ethiopias development practically, instead of talking trash and marching in D.C. We have the power to make a difference because we are in a better position financially, therefore, let us put our money where our mouth is. Let us stand up and commit ourselves in healing Ethiopia’s wounds, wounds that we inherited from the disgraced Mengistu Hailemariam.

Mele you are the best. I wish you all the luck and success in your great leadership. Thank You.

09/12/07 @ 11:58
Comment from: safu [Visitor]

Oh, ‘good speach’ go Meless
short live Meless and Get out of that palace. piss off!


09/12/07 @ 12:15
Comment from: safu [Visitor]

If speech, hope was a measure of our success we would have surpassed all nation in the world. talk, promise, false hope no value, we have been there and seen it. We live in poverty just by supporting glorious leaders speech. how many of them have come and gone. please let us start measuring the spech with a yard sticks of their past action not by their future promises. Leba le amelu dabo yilisal alu!

To say the truth I am not celebrating the millenium.


09/12/07 @ 12:24
Comment from: engda kebed [Visitor]
engda kebed

I think he did not only give a good talk but also he meant all the words came out of his mouth. He is the best. Ethiopia need more people like him to get out from our economic problems. May God bless our country.

09/12/07 @ 12:50
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

Correction in my previous comment
I meant to address to FEKADE SHEWAkENA’s comment. Sorry

09/12/07 @ 12:56
Comment from: KOKEB [Visitor]

who cares about your leba speech? The child killer midget! why don’t you take your bluff and shove it in your A**.

Happy new year for all of us!

09/12/07 @ 13:02
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

Correction in my previous comment
I meant to address to FEKADE SHEWAkENA’s comment. Sorry

09/12/07 @ 13:14
Comment from: soda [Visitor]

For those who don’t appericiate the speech ,I think you have a problem.You better see what Mengistu said.” people of Ethiopia prefer to choose fandiya than Gold” You guys have been deaf during the time of Mengistu. I am not Woyane but respectfully appreciate the P.M speech not because he is Tigray, but he deserve to be respected.He is such a brilliant leader I have seen so far in my intire years.
Meles has vision to make Ethiopia better off.

thank you PM

God bless you.

09/12/07 @ 13:19
Comment from: NegistA [Visitor]

Fist May God Bless you.

09/12/07 @ 13:36
Comment from: soda [Visitor]

Comparing Mengistu and Meles Is like comparing Adolf Hitler and Kennedy.
Got it?

09/12/07 @ 13:38
Comment from: ewnetun tenageru [Visitor]
ewnetun tenageru

Happy new year and best wishes for all wish the best for our country. I hope that those of us in the US and Europian countries will refrain from insulting Meles or anybody else by referring to their looks. If you prefer Miss America to run Ethiopia as a leader that may make sense. Another referrence to poor Ethiopians by calling those we don’t like “kimalam” nd “ekekam” reveals only our own stupidity. I also hope those that call the people they don’t like “leba” are truely not in the parking business.
There is a lot to critisize in Ethiopia and a lot to be impressed about in Ethiopia. What we need to do is to discuss them without loosing our head and without tantrums like children

CUD avoid division and fracture within your self. Ethiopia needs a robust opposition.

09/12/07 @ 14:01
Comment from: dida [Visitor]

WHY you guy hate each other we all ethiopian . I think meles did good thing and he maybe made mistake all human being make mistake only god did not make any rong lets think posetive for our land feuters plaas dont use etnic division beatwen ethiopian. we all ethiopian amhara,oromo, tigre,somali. hadere, this division dont help our unity.


09/12/07 @ 14:30
Comment from: [Member]

SOLOMON you said it wright. we need MELES more than ever if we want to see a bright future for our country.Some of our people are blind, are not willing to accept change and reality, they still are in the 1st millenium.especially those abroad have nothing to loose so they can insult MELES because they do not involve in community work. as long as they work and pay their bills they are the one who say the hell with the Ethiopians, but they pretend as they are the wise men who can fix all our problems. we can’t play hide and seek any more. MELES, YOU ARE THE BEST LEADER GET OUR PEOPLE OUT OF POVERTY. HISTORY WILL REMEMBER YOU. THANK YOU ARE MY HERO.

09/12/07 @ 14:55
Comment from: Igdah [Visitor]


The more you worship Meles the more you reveal your own immaturity. You insult workers as taxi drivers and PLAs if only to celebrate killers and muzzle holders. That is the level of your maturity and for you, and only for you, is the Prime Liar a great thinker and a seasoned leader. I am sure Meles himself would have laughed at you for making him what he is not. He is simply an ordinary guerilla leader of the kind Africa is chock-full-of.

09/12/07 @ 15:00
Comment from: Zomby [Visitor]


It is a historic moment for all of us to work together support each other and reflect back our history and redraw our destiny as people and nation. I am very proud of our diverse culture and beautiful people of the OROMO, the AMHARA, the GAMBELLA, the TIGRE, the KEMBATA and every one of our nation and nationalities. It is this rainbow like color of us that makes us unique and beautiful. Our future is no longer determined by few who think this nation is theirs and only theirs. We are in a path for democracy, equality, rule of law and peace and love. It is not an easy sail towards all these goals but an incremental change of hearts, minds and deeds. We should be able to come out of our personal egos and put first the destiny of our people and country as a whole. We should listen to others, respect others. I support the EPRDF government in what it is doing but it is absolutely conditional and is merit based. Tomorrow who ever brings more positive idea and positive political discourse offcourse deserves our vote. The main oppsition party CUD I hope would persue such goals with maturity, discipline and with rational leadership.I wish all the CUD leadership have done a very symbolic gesture by staying home for our millenium celebration and shared with us their goals in the future. I think CUD needs a very dynamic political startegist and advisor. Hopefully you get one. Unfortunately I am working for the EPRDF.

Thank You

Again I wish All political parties and the people of Ethiopia, A proseperous and productive New year

09/12/07 @ 15:08
Comment from: NegistA [Visitor]

Safu you celectrate the new year just because it is Ethiopian New year. It has got nothing to do with the PM or with CUD. If you claim you are not an Ethiopian - that is fine - but if you still claim you are one I think you are out of the ordinary and contradicting yourself.

09/12/07 @ 15:09
Comment from: ajirea [Visitor]

No collection of good words can hide the true color of a tyrant, liar and killer!

Don’t be taken aback folks!

Just have yourself a Happy Ethiopian New Year and Millennium.

09/12/07 @ 15:12
Comment from: Taye [Visitor]

Under the PM Meles’s leadership, Ethiopia is beginning to experience an economic renaissance that will be essential to end the agony of poverty - Primary education is no more a dream for an ordinary Ethiopian - Investment in physical capital is mushrooming allover our country - Never in the history of Ethiopia has the process of democratization and governance taken roots in the entire country before the coming of PM Meles and the EPRDF leadership – Ethiopia has never seen the establishment of independent press in its history before the ingenious leadership of PM Meles – Never in the history of the country has the rights of all ethnic groups to determine their self-determination to speak their language, to practice their traditions and mined their local affairs have been realized before PM Meles. The fact is except some talking-heads and hateful extremists, the Ethiopian people know well that in PM MELES they have a REMARKABLE LEADER!!!


09/12/07 @ 15:17
Comment from: arif [Visitor]

All you losers commenting on Meles speach go to ethiopia and see how much changes he has made before you juge him. All you Amhara supremacist, He has taken the country forward to a distance within 14yrs that the previous racist christian kings and the derg would have not taken to in centuries.

09/12/07 @ 15:18
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

Meles stay on, as the leader of Ethiopia, for the next 30 years Ethiopia and her people needs you. There is no one to fill your shoes. The positions are all talk nothing of a leadership quality. I am certainly hopping you are not going to hand Ethiopia, that can run as an office manager let alone leading our country.

09/12/07 @ 16:15
Comment from: TigrayMan [Visitor]

We don’t buy no more lies anymore.Meles ‘GO HOME’ to Eritrea.WE know who u are.You can’t cheat us anymore.Leave or wait to die soon.

Happy Millennium to True Ethiopians.

09/12/07 @ 16:25
Comment from: flavor [Visitor]

i m so amezed about his gustes…hhhmmm they r democractically elected leaders like himm huuu ? funny ….ayee ethiopia …hulum metu keledew ,gedelew hedu…..that s what happen in ethiopia now and then …..

09/12/07 @ 16:38
Comment from: dj [Visitor]

you guys keep saying wow nice , wonderful,execllent speech man weak up unless u are weyane ,anybody can make speech if u prepare what u gonna say period.But reality is deferent story.

09/12/07 @ 16:47
Comment from: armacho [Visitor]

god bleesssssss our PM.

09/12/07 @ 16:50
Comment from: Thunder~~~ [Visitor]

This BANDA is a disgrace to his family and most of all, a disgrace to his tribe. Two-faced LEBA, a BANDA from yesterday and a wannna be Ethiopian today. No, he cannot fool Ethiopians, and he has been caught by his tail. He was a BANDA yesterday, is a BANDA today and will be a BANDA forever.

If you woyanne paid, cadres think we hate this BANDA because he is a Tigre, as illiterates as you are and as dumb as you get, then be it. We all know how narrow-minded people you are!

09/12/07 @ 17:36
Comment from: [Visitor]

Pleasantly surprising speech. He hit the right tone, and great message.

Long Live Ethiopia!

09/12/07 @ 17:42
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Ehhhhhhhhh, andande sewoch ye Tigray sew cancer new yemilu alu, Ahhhhhhhh Legesse cancer new malete yechalal, Ohhhhhhh Ehadeg cancer new malete yechalal, Andene hizbi ende hizbi…….. Esachewun ye Tigray hizbi yaderegachew manew? ye Tigray hizbi eko Metemma denberu lay ke getachen Atse Yohanes gara atentun keskeso demun afeso, ya gerun denber yaskebere new. Gondar Wogera Semienen ke Sudan lemadane. It was not to cut a third of Gondar and swallow it into Tigray. It was not to cut off 17,000 hectares of land and to give as a gift to Khaliffa Abdullahi. Ante ekekam Amiche, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY ERITREA. Before it is too late. A thousand lies could be said, a thousand massacres a thousand bandas could say a thousand trash, ye mata mata ewnete yereta. The Ethiopian people will be free of You, Wolde Selassie, Berebekkt, and all Eritreans who are sucking our blood. The past mellinium includes, the heroism of Amde Tsion, the sofistication of Zera Yakob, the devotion of Yohanes, the magnanimity of Menelik. Ere ante yet abattek neberke ena new yannen techi yehonkew. Erkus Hamassien. You will see, your end will not be any different from your colonial master Mussoilni, its a matter of time.

09/12/07 @ 17:43
Comment from: Thunder~~~ [Visitor]


No, we will unseat this BANDA from his “ILLEGITIMATE POWER” and will put him in front of The Honorable Judge Bertukan.

09/12/07 @ 17:49
Comment from: YE [Visitor]

I wish all Ethiopians a happy, prosperous, peaceful and joyful New Ethiopian Millennium and New Year 2000. God bless Ethiopia and its people.

09/12/07 @ 17:55
Comment from: Gim [Visitor]

The celebrations would have been a lot more grander and real had the nation been under those for whom the people gave their votes two and a half years ago.

Having said that I must bring to the attention of all of you that a rampant culture of corruption is taking root in Ethiopia that will potentially nip in the bud all the good hopes of the PM in the new millennium. With this PM in place, Ethiopia will be another Nigeria.

09/12/07 @ 18:18
Comment from: Deder [Visitor]

Every one can have his own sppech in his own party. So did criminal Meles. People’s party is completely opposite in action.

09/12/07 @ 18:57
Comment from: Yilma [Visitor]

The speech is OK.. I am disappointed that he didn’t say much about the soliders (arbegnoch) who sacrifised for thier motherland the past 100 years. However, this man deserves credit for one thing “the economy". No question that Ethiopia is seen more of a power broker (strong) in the region and not the starving nation of the past. This is what this man said to BBC some 15 years ago that he will do his best to improve the economy so that our people can eat 3 times a day. He definitely showed strong leadership quality. We need to unite in every corner if we can change our motherland. We need to stop bickering and attacking each other, instead work to help our country with current or future governments.

09/12/07 @ 19:02
Comment from: yigremal [Visitor]

He is genius!!!!
God Bless Him

09/12/07 @ 19:15
Comment from: Rasselas [Visitor]

Meles Meles Meles..You are such a liar & Hateful for Ethiopia…it is not long ago that Yu ( urself & Your gang group) insult
what Ethiopia mean…what a flag mean. You don’t fool no ethiopia except your gand & Hodam friends….Do u know how many ethiopans U killed,tortured…U are still killing…we shall stop you.Shame on you all.. you think this is an excellent speech.
This would offcourse be a an excellent speech if it was made by real Ethiopian…Ethiopian leader..not vampire state.

09/12/07 @ 19:45
Comment from: yigermal [Visitor]

Happy mellenium to all!!

It seems a lot of people have misunderstood some of what meles said a few years ago. Who disagrees that the current Ethiopia in shape and size did not exist before Menelik. Distorting the truth can not add to your nationalist feeling which is a good thing. The shape of ethiopia even had changed even between Tewodros and Yohanes and the kings before. Truth will not kill us people, denial of truth may!

Be honest to yourselves and tell me if Meles is not one of the better leaders Ethiopia ever had. We deserve a lot better one, of course.

Cheers brothers and sisters! Don’t dwel in cynicism. What good would you do with that kind of mood.

09/12/07 @ 19:46
Comment from: Ermiyas [Visitor]  

I must admire you on your speech PM Meles, but had you cared about Ethiopia you would have done it in Amharic (the national language of Ethiopia). However I wish PM Meles Zenawi and my fellow Ethiopians and those who care about Ethiopia all the best in the new Millennium.

The government have got a lot of work to do from allowing the free media to work without fear. Opposite parties to function without any restrictions. Less of aggressive against the neighbouring countries. The only country that can bring pressure in my view is the USA; the government does not seem to fear European countries and the EC, but the USA influence is great. I thank London and Londoners for giving us the opportunity to celebrate at Trafalgar Square.

09/12/07 @ 20:16
Comment from: yosef Beyene [Visitor]
yosef Beyene

Meles didn’t address his pride. His worry
is the backwardness of his nation.PleaseFRIIE
my fellow Ethiopians let us think for the
country’s devt.Don’t talk any kind of negative
to ur nation.Home is the best place to
live in.Be positive to your nation.

God bless Ethiopia!

09/12/07 @ 20:48
Comment from: tame [Visitor]

great job our dear pm. You’ve made us proud. Long live ethiopia! We love you our dear PM. Thank you for cheering our hearts.

09/12/07 @ 20:48
Comment from: Tewedaj [Visitor]

We Love U PM…ignor the ignorants u have put Ethiopia in the right direction and good luck for the remaining of u’r 3 year term…one love LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA and ETHIOPIANS

09/12/07 @ 21:20
Comment from: girmay [Visitor]

note that most of the invited leaders on average have been in power for about 15 years,kibaki being an exception.what an exampliary invitation of the saying goes:birds of a feather flock together.

09/12/07 @ 21:23
Comment from: Yonas Bekele [Visitor]
Yonas Bekele

Come on people, this is a decent speech. Especially given Meles’ history of denigrating Ethiopia’s illustrious history, our beautiful flag, etc. He is (I HOPE) a changed man, and really believe in the greatness of our nation; he is definitely shrouding himself in our green/gold/red these days. And that to me is a GOOD THING, to have a leader who does not hate his own country.

09/12/07 @ 21:24
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Meles has mentioned the name Ethiopia and Ethiopians more than fifteen times on this speech. In his more than fifteen years history as the head of the state, i believe he has mentioned the country’s name and her people less than fifteen times. A kind of weird but, Me don’t give a damn about the blah blah, especially after listening Zeritu’s soothing Sinibt, just love the fact that the beginning of the new millennium seems the start of the end of tribal politics! I guess, for Capitalists, there is nothing better than hearing Karl Marx glorifying Adam Smith.

Enat Ethiopia Ewedishalehu!!!
Bade bade bada, bade badesa bade badesa,
bada bada bada, bade badesa bade badesa,
bam badabada, bade badesa bade badesa bade badesa,
bada bada bada bede badewa bade badesa

Andlay Ethios,

09/12/07 @ 21:51
Comment from: biniam [Visitor]

” Our emerging private sector has shouldered the lion’s share of the cost of the celebrations “

Who’s he referring to ??? any guess ?
TPLF controlled business.

Unfortunately meles is fooling the poor Ethiopian people. As a matter of fact on the ground, he is taking Ethiopia down to the drain. Too obvious and too late to turn it back at this stage.

09/12/07 @ 23:02
Comment from: yigermal [Visitor]

yegermal eko,
This Pm is the best thing it has happened to Ethiopia. Look how he put things together and compare it to the fake_educated professor’s speeches. For the first time in this web site I observed 78% support for the PM. Either the bloggers are changed or the PM has changed that waxed most people. By the way, although I can not be sure about it I suspect the 22% critics of this speech are Eritreans. Given they don’t give a darn about Ethiopian millinium, and their customery unwelcome visit/ presense to our website, my suspicion is reasonable. Anyways, I love this PM more than my 2year old son. Because he is not only my hope but also my sons hope to LIVE as an Ethiopian.

I even some times wish MELES was my son.

09/12/07 @ 23:02
Comment from: YeAmbo [Visitor]

Move over Brazil … the Ethiopia of
Meles is coming in 20 years to kick
your a… what not.
The Crime Monster of Eth guy thinks
that becoming middle income country is
like walking in the hall way of Grand
Palace in Arat Kilo.
The guy is has started day dreaming.
Unsere Fuerer …is loosing it.

09/12/07 @ 23:59
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

How dare to say today this Dedebit elite about Eth history 3000 years or the 3rd ETH millenniums? Yesterday he said, ETH is 100 years and our flag is piece of clothes.

09/13/07 @ 00:24
Comment from: Hector [Visitor]

He is an Actor. Every thing he says is a mere ACTING, Master of Deception

09/13/07 @ 01:45
Comment from: [Member]

This is a new chapter to us where all Ethiopians will show our strong love and dedication to our country. We have to say what i can do to Ethiopia than what Ethiopia can do for me. from now on criticizing, insulting or demoralizing to hard working Ethiopian is worthless to the country. let us work and contribute for the sake of our poor country. we do not need many politicians especially like those park attendants and taxi drivers, their thinking is null and unhealthy. Those with great optimism are what Ethiopia is looking for. Meles has started the journey and now it is up to us to finish the job. We can’t go back. I wish the CUD LEADERS WHO ARE WITH congress Payn shared their happiness with the vast majority in Ethiopia.God bless

09/13/07 @ 01:51
Comment from: Hector [Visitor]


Read the speech very carefully. He is talking about Ethiopians. He is not talking about his country men and women Ethiopians. He does not consider himself as an Ethiopian, rather as the ruler of Ethiopia from some other distant place or country, maybe from Eritrea or Italy who knows.
He has distanced himself from being an Ethiopian. I have never heard him saying in any occasion what so ever “I am an Ethiopian and I love my people and country”. He always talks about Ethiopia or poor Ethiopians. He is emotionally distant from Ethiopia and Ethiopianess,

09/13/07 @ 02:57
Comment from: SODARE [Visitor]

Any who kept saying Weyane must be
AMHARA, am I wright? Get over it, you had ruined Ethiopia all the Millenniums you have ruled the country……..go to ADDIS and seee all the changes that are taking place for the better.Before he Meles came to power thet city was lifeless and today no one lives in fear no more RED TERROR!!!!!!

09/13/07 @ 03:30
Comment from: teshager [Visitor]


09/13/07 @ 03:32
Comment from: yohannes [Visitor]

GOOD SPEECH????? Come on! we have been appreciating this guys speech for the last 17 or so years. why is every one being thrilled now? despite his “good speech", our country has stayed poor if not poorer during his stay in power. it is really a time for a change of government now, that should have come with the millenium i. that would make it a great millenium to celebrate!

09/13/07 @ 04:20
Comment from: Tamrat [Visitor]

Thanks mr prime minister!

Happy millennium to all of us!

This new millennium is for us a blessing one. so lets not go back to that horrible fight again.

We ethiopians all of now have a proof that our unity make a difference. Our diversity is the beauty fo us.

Remember the speach made 91, 92, 93 the then prisident and the now peopls prime minster meless. Starting the reconciliation up to now he showing how sincere he is. Lets appreciate this. I sais once i will never forgive this man when he said our falg a piece of cloth. That is in the past. Now things have changed. we have learnt ethiopia is our home. we have to defend her. we have enemy, number one is eritrea. But that is not a threat as long as we respect one another. We are strong when we are together. and too weak when fight one another. lets give piece a chance and then see the so called dangerous country eritrea. They tried to envade us when they were sure that we were hating one another. you dont find such an enemy ever. Now lets them what they can do. they cant even moe one finger. let us not see easly the threate made by eritrea. there are seek ppl there. when they were with us also they never happy when ethiopia is successfull. they are seek ppl.

Now is things are for better in ehtiopia. that is the result of the struggel and sacrifice paid. no denying that. when i cellebrate this millennium, i remember those who die for our country, democracy and for the well being of all ethiopians.

PS. lets push the prime minister to the opportunists who we have plenty of. lets give him hand.

i dont even blieve i am saying this. But that is the fact. Dont tell me i am cheated. i am giving peace a chance. i am respecting the sacrifyce paid for ethiopians which bring this miraculus change which includs the prime minster also.

paece for ethiopia hell to shabia.

09/13/07 @ 06:20
Comment from: duda [Visitor]

I can believe that we are talking about this liar again and waist our time discussing his speech. Any body can write a good speech, the fact the matter is how much of it is true and realistic. Did any body here this guy taking about the past, I mean about our pervious kings and heroes.. This is the same person who use to say that Ethiopia have only 100 years history, in the same token know he want as to believe him when he tells as a bunch of baloney

09/13/07 @ 06:57
Comment from: dawtes [Visitor]

Glorious new page of our history where our diversity becomes a source of strength through tolerance and democracy rather than a source of problems, through the patient and methodical efforts of all our nationalities, followers of all the great religions of our country, men and women, young and old.

Diversity comes after rights. You are calling Oromos terrorist and jailing them in the name of OLF in their own land. So No Oromo is going to buy your diversity talk.
It is a problem, but It is workable. Stop persecuting Oromos in the name of OLF. They have the rights to support any organization that stands for Oromos as you have some Oromos supporting OPDO. You should know that OLF means the people it self. It is not just an organization and you will never win a fight against the people. It is a matter of time. Respect their choice and allow people to decide their leaders then Diversity can come. Before that Diversity is a Colony.

09/13/07 @ 09:01
Comment from: dj [Visitor]


“I even some times wish MELES was my son".U are unbelievable

09/13/07 @ 09:29
Comment from: Amare [Visitor]

meles said “We do not have written records telling us how Ethiopians celebrated the end of the first millennium and the banging of the second one a thousand years ago. We can therefore not be certain as to what their festivities might have celebrated with a well deserved pride in their achievements. The after all could rightfully have claimed to be the makers of one of the most advanced nations of the day. After all, there is no denying that their phenomenal achievements are here with us today not only in the form of the historical relics that they have left but also in the form of the uniquely African script we still use and the very celebrations we are having today which is the result of the African calendar they developed.”

this statement by meles confers to me that he never questioned ethiopias long history as we hear from his critics. of course the ethiopia we have today came into existance after menelik conquered much of the south a little over hundred years ago. the point is if people deliberately distort this what else are distorting about his other supposedly foul speech.

09/13/07 @ 09:42
Comment from: akbariachihu [Visitor]

it is great speach by any standard. whether it is ohnest or not is another thing. by the one thing that caught my attention is the tradition clothing. i have never seen Meles in in such dress. what would that tell you

wish you great millenium

09/13/07 @ 10:22
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

All I can say is WOW Mr. Meles, you’re truly the man of honor. You’re the true Ethiopian/African leaer with posion. We love you all and thank you foryour love to your people/country an Africa. I am sure it will be very hard to find leader like you to keep Ethiopians united like you have one so. I wish you well & happy New Year.

I am saving your great speech! viva MELES viva ETHIOPIA, Long live!

09/13/07 @ 10:34
Comment from: nadiazeki [Visitor]


Say things as you see it fit not it because a fact or you are talking the truth. This is Meles’s typical mindset. Not long ago we were told by the same man that Ethiopia has a 100 years of history and now he is back to the thousands. What next? He is a true humanized Chameleon indeed.

09/13/07 @ 10:46
Comment from: atalay [Visitor]

Meles made very bad decisions that damaged Ethiopia permanently. He made that country landlocked. He introduced very destructive ethnic divison. Practically he made us hate each other. He also rediculed and belittled the history of Ethiopia.

While that is the reality, the practical way to overcome these issues he brought up on us is to stand back and think of practical ways to salvage what ever is left of being Ethiopian. We are not going to accomplish that by being childish and throwing insults around.

The one thing I liked in his speech is not that I believed Ethiopia will be equivalent to Spain in 20 years. I liked his speech because it implies that he admits how wrong he was. He seems to be willing to accept his failures.

Therefore, it is up to us to work for the future. We should stop dwelling in the past.

As for those of you who think Meles is the greatest leader, you must be out of your minds. What Meles has been doing was so wrong I thought all this time he was trying to destroy Ethiopia purposely. Why does a great leader allow his own country to be landlocked? Why does a great leader divide his own people along ethnic lines? Why does a great leader murder peaceful demonstrators on the streets? Meles is not a great leader. Meles is either evil or he is a man with series serious lapse of judgement problems. In any case, we should work peacefully to help him leave position to other Ethiopians. It is time to move on.

I do not like violent politics. Meles is the result of violent politics. We certainly do not want another Meles!!!

09/13/07 @ 11:01
Comment from: Henoke Mengesha [Visitor]
Henoke Mengesha

According to history or historian, there is no a single incidence that have been recorded to indicate that every government including the United states were having a publicly elected official during its inception. However, when we begin our long journey way before every body else around three thousands years ago this is how the Holy book were reminding us about “Submission to the Authorities”. Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authorities is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in Authority? Then do what is right and he will command you. For he is God’s servant to do you good. But, if you do wrong be afraid, for he does not bear the sward for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it’s necessary to submit to the Authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience.

This is what we were doing in the first one thousand years and we lost it there after during the second one thousand years and here we are again after a long try we are finally here to try it again, and let us give it one more shot for another thousand year let us make history by obeying to authorities and do our part.

May God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians for another thousand years and many, many more there after.

09/13/07 @ 11:11
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Meles in Netella…It is unusual, almost funny.A good speech, but saying that his action is a U turn in Ethiopian history to be remembered in 1000 years..Man, a bit of modesty would suit you better.

As said a chineese diplomat about the consequences french revolution (200 yeras ago) “it is too early to say".

09/13/07 @ 11:15
Comment from: washingtonian [Visitor]

Stop complaining, and join the rest of Ethiopians in celebrating the New Millennium and congratulating Meles on his leadership. We are finally on the right track as a nation and nobody can deny that. I worry that much of the criticism of Meles is rooted in a deep-seated ethnic dislike coated in an artificially high expectation of democracy. Even the US took time to fully implement democratic principles. Look at the Asian tigers…and how economic development took precedence over political development.

09/13/07 @ 11:51
Comment from: Demeke [Visitor]

Don’t be proud him soon, what Meles said, doesn’t mean what he did or what is going to do!

09/13/07 @ 12:09
Comment from: uhuru [Visitor]

What that tells us is that the new Woyanie policy looks like one that goes like this,
‘well, we hate Ethiopia, we wanted to dismantle it , after 16 years it looks like what we have done so far did not put a dent on the people’s unity and nationalist fervor. So we need to change direction and pretend to be Ethiopians and do away with the ‘Ethiopia is Minilik’s creation’ theory and join in on the undeniable fact that Ethiopia is an ancient nation.Since it is unlikely that Ethiopia will disintegrate like we had wished we should instead stay in power and plunder her spoils like locusts from inside. We should try to sing to a new tune.’
Mr. PM, real Ethiopians never jumped ship. They were always Ethiopians through famine, war, peace, oppression, victory, loss….we were always Ethiopians. We did not change tunes mid track. So Mr. PM spare us your traditional garb, your new ‘ancient Ethiopia’ tune, we could see through the sheep’s cloth.

09/13/07 @ 12:23
Comment from: Ye Semien Sew [Visitor]
Ye Semien Sew

Beselam telemineh kalteregagah, anten dekama menfes yemiarega tuncha is a dime a dozen all over Ethiopia.
Don’t consider yourself too important, to be an enemy of Tigray.
Just one province Rayya, which is closest is enough to teach you a lesson in civility, which you terribly need.
Enough of your empty zeraf. Ethiopians now are telling you in Amharic and in each of their languages you never knew they are in Ethiopia.

09/13/07 @ 12:45
Comment from: chebelew [Visitor]

The speach was in Amaharic
any way we need change and respct each other


09/13/07 @ 12:46
Comment from: zemen [Visitor]

Happy new year, new century and new millennium to you all!

About Meles’s speech. He is unhealthy in his mind.
previously on his itrview with TIME , he said “It has always been fear — fear that this great nation, which was great 1,000 years ago but then embarked on a downward spiral for 1,000 years, and reached its nadir when millions of people were starving and dying, may be on the verge of total collapse”

And on this speech he made some correction and said “The last few centuries of our second millennium, however, have not been as glorious….Over the course of our second millennium we have gone from being one of the most advanced nations on earth to that of being one of the poorest.”
You guys you understand what he mean by this! He is distorted and sick. He admired the first millennium which we have very little if not any knoweldge about it. But He condmend the 2nd millenium, he mean speciafically starting 1270-1983.

09/13/07 @ 12:50
Comment from: Woytata [Visitor]

” wish you all happy New Year and a prosperous future in the new millennium.

I Thank you ” PM MELES

if i were Meles, representing 81 million proud Ethiopians with unique culture, unique millennium, and unique language, i would have chosen AMHARIC for my speech-as Eng***sh ,,,

Anyways, excellent stuff, MELES!

09/13/07 @ 15:15
Comment from: abeyzewde [Visitor]

Happy millennium to Africa and to Ethiopia and to the rest of the world
We should not be to complacent of our victory
All of us must work even harder so that we get out of the constant legacy of perpetual degradation.
Ye chalale
We have to continue

09/13/07 @ 15:44
Comment from: ^Y2K [Visitor]

Thank you Ato Shewarega for your
brilliant postings.
Please do not abandon this place. This
is the least you can do for your people
in this time and age.

09/13/07 @ 16:09
Comment from: des_pes [Visitor]

እኔ ንግግሩ ጥሩ ነው ባይ ነኝ። መለስና መስሎቹ ኢትዮጵያ ላይ የነበራቸው አመለካከት አመሰራረቱ የተዛባና፡ ራስ ጋበዝ አቀራረብ የነበረው ነው ብዬ ባምንም፡ በአሁኑ ሰአት ማናቸውም የተስፋ ጭላነጭል፡ ከመካሰስና፡ ያለፈውን እያነሱ ከመንዘላዘል ተመራጭነት አለው እላለሁ።
መልካም አዲስ አመት፡ መልካም ምእተ አመት፡ ለናንተና ለመጬ ትውልዳችሁ እመኛለሁ።

09/13/07 @ 16:49
Comment from: Lou [Visitor]

What a speech is he a true leader of Ethiopia?
Actually I was expecting to hear in this millennium something like this:
Dear brother, sister people of Ethiopia today I am here stand in front of you more than anything else I would like to ask forgiveness Ethiopians everywhere for what I have done the last years of second millennium. To mention some of them I have ignored you 70 million people and gave away Ethiopian coastal line. I should have lesson the majority of people concern but I didn’t. The entire crisis and the struggle for development what we see in our country has long root to those particular issue. I am convinced that includes the result of 2005 election. Today I have recognized leader has to lesson the peoples who lead regardless their ethnic or religion background. I have learned that and willing to work with all the people of Ethiopia. Now it is up to you to forgive and forget. Let’s move forward and make a difference in our country. Especially Ethiopian who resides in western country need to know whatever is lost can be recover by working together. United we can change Ethiopia for best. We have potential and will be one of competitive and respected rich country in the world. Today on the eve of a new millennium to join hands to rebuild an Ethiopia that we all can be proud of economically, socially culturally I

I wish you all happy New Year and prosperous future in the new millennium and am ready for next election.


09/13/07 @ 18:04
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Ye Semien Sew,

Le hache mazrebereb ema ke getah Mussolini yetemarkew new. Sele Tigray yet bota mettfo senager ayetehal, degmo enae ye babur mengedu sar yemiaychedew Tigray endalmesleh. Be Tigray sem emnegedu bektwal aketmual. Agereh Eritrea geba. Ye Ethiopia hezebe teyake yehew new. Eskezaw derese gurah ager akerena. Fitem ahunew endalkut, mechereshah ke getah Mussolini yeteleye ayehonem. Ke melasae tsegur yenekel. Ante erkus mezheger.

09/13/07 @ 23:51
Comment from: dude [Visitor]

i think as a leader of a historic nation he fails to remind us about some of our besides the alphabet and the calender because the calender cannot be anymore obvious and you see the alphabet everybody knows we’ve never been colonized he failed to go in depth in history and tell us why we are who we are. Second point is that one man (alamudin) cannot account for the private sector. We already know that the economy is becoming diversified but what can he tell us that we have not heard before. Third he speaks how our diversity should becomes a source of strength well he has put a system of governance that favors division along ethnic lines with good intentions(atleast on paper) should he not speak about how successful that system has been in the last 16 years i mean even communism looks good on paper but practice is another story. Fourth “our diversity becomes a source of strength through tolerance and democracy rather than a source of problems” now this phrase would have been perfect if you had a government that promoted diversity for the benefit of unity. Fifth what happened to the most important thing of all which is freedom. What type of freedom does this earned in blood independence of the state give me? Are we to follow an authoritarian regime where our rights are compromised for the sakes of economic development? And even then what capacity does this government have to bring economic imrpovement. I mean people if the priority was economic success we would have stuck to the fascists look at what they built in just five years. What rights do i have as an ethiopian or is that going to depend on which ethnic group i am from? I do not care whether economy grows by 20 percent or growth of private sector etc as long as i cannot stand tall keep my head up and have the basic human rights ensured because my forefathers paid dear price for it. Ye set lij lib indemar yikeltal and we ethiopians are all setoch when it comes to someone saying good things about our country. Beware this man’s track record is not positive and chances are more than likely that theres a hidden agenda to this unusual speech. We are prisoners in our own country. Peace out.

09/14/07 @ 00:13
Comment from: danny [Visitor]

What an excellent and very touching speech. I see positive changes every year I go there to visit. We are on the right track. Lets give Melless Zenawi more chances to prove his vision.
Unlike some people here in the U.S who used the celebration of the new millennium to spread their lousy political speech, Meles spoke pretty much about the celebration of the millennium. Once again, he is one step a head of you.

09/14/07 @ 02:10
Comment from: Ethiopian [Visitor]

Thank you PM. Meles, you are amaizing leader, and i am so greatful to you for being Head of the Government of Ethiopia. It is a Greeat speach and got an expectation for a bright future of Our Ethiopia. my request to all Ethiopians and Ethiopia lovers, be positive and optimist to our future and the out reach of this nation to the edge of the world in a remarcable blessing to the glob.
God bless Ethiopians…

09/14/07 @ 07:10
Comment from: safu [Visitor]

Thanks NegistA,

Well, no, there is a massive relationship between all you do with Melesses politics. We are affected by his policy, even by going to events such as this millennium. His aim is to show the people and the world that his subjects are happy, joyful to celebrate festivities and express their emotions. To tell the truth there is nothing most people can celebrate. He has killed many people as much as the Derg did and looted all resources more than Derg did and the people are poorer. As you and others celebrate, there are thousands of Ethiopians who did not have a grain in their mouth let alone Whiskey. Just ask your self? If the Priminster was working for Ethiopia and was paid a salary of say 120000 Birr a year. How much he would have in 10 or 15 years time? Say he spends some of that for his children’s education and to help his extended family. If he worked honestly for Ethiopia he would only have say 140000 birr or so after his expenses that are if his wife is not busy shopping in Europe or America. Now let me ask you. How much do you really believe he has in his accounts, say, abroad or in the country? I guess it may be in the region of billions. Where did this money come from? How come one could have so much just for going to power palace? Not only him, are his close friends in the same position. Some of his Human pets from other Ethnics groups are supporting him just to fill their belly. Why should I celebrate? Not celebrating and protesting may not take away my Ethipiannes unless the Melessites or his human pets say it. There is nothing to be joyful. The Dark Age is with us. i am not contradicting myself, but disgusted and protesting against his rule and speech. Would be happy to live next to rapist, lire, thief and killer neighbour?


09/14/07 @ 10:57
Comment from: [Member]

Who is his proofreader?

09/14/07 @ 12:35
Comment from: tegaru [Visitor]

I know the pain of those guys who are saying ” BANDA, LIER, KILLER, AND OTHER BULSHIT SPEACHS” we don’t give them a shit..but we advise them to go to “TKUR AMBESA HOSPITAL” so the can be blessed from the pain they trobling in. No way to catch a power cos u own good words to speak, that was not the way they got the power, but working hard in love for the known goal and then by sacrifying their golden life for their golden ppl.


09/14/07 @ 13:00
Comment from: tegaru [Visitor]  

I know the pain of those guys who are saying ” BANDA, LIER, KILLER, AND OTHER BULSHIT SPEACHS” we don’t give them a shit..but we advise them to go to “TKUR AMBESA HOSPITAL” so the can be blessed from the pain they trobling in. No way to catch a power cos u own good words to speak, that was not the way they got the power, but working hard in love for the known goal and then by sacrifying their golden life for their golden ppl.


09/14/07 @ 13:02
Comment from: Fist [Visitor]

Hi Igdah first of all I wish you a happy new year. I think I hit your nerve and you lost all controlling. I wish I could meet you and talk to you face to face and make you change your mind. I have a lot of experiences in converting a lot of people around me to Melese’s supporters. Please let us sit and discuss, who knows you might convert me if you are good enough and vice versa. By the way my brother, don’t forget that worshiping is individual right. That is the essence of democaracy, I don’t know how you guys are going to understand this idea.

As an advise please guys don’t jump around to insult Ethiopias different ethnic groups, at least let us not say on this web site that Oromo, this Amahra, Tigre and so on, . Think of it how the rest of the world judge us. This will reflect our hatred of one another and will expose us to our enemies.

Finally I really would like to appreciate Yigermal, his comment was well supported with statistical data’s. That is very nice man, presenting your ideas with statistical data shows your potential. You have one of the characteristics of a great leader, just like Melese’s. You are good man, keep up, appreciated.

09/14/07 @ 13:29
Comment from: weyanay [Visitor]  

welcome to this website, attention ppl, everything easy to look around, but it is difficult to apply it practically. though it is not easy, but he, the smart man can do it and he showed you damn guys practically. He is more intellengent than we expect he is.: shake alamudi is the man of the millennium, while our PM Meles should b the successful leader of the millennium.
may God give us long live to c everything happens with out him. No one plays a great roll in changing the country from 0 to some posetive # as much as he played. i have read so many opposite comments in the above, i took most of the possetive comments which are believable, but i droped all the non sense comments given by non sense persons.
May the Lord give more of his wisdom than he gaves him now.
Happy new Millennium and New year to all Ethiopian and friends of Ethiopia.

09/14/07 @ 18:54
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]

The speech of the PM has showed me
nothing but, his plan to stay in power
if possible for the coming 20 years.

09/14/07 @ 21:35



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