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Ethiopia's Mengistu Haile-Mariam speaks



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Ethiopia's Mengistu Haile-Mariam speaks

Ethiopia's Mengistu Haile-Mariam speaks

By Eskinder Nega

Ethiopia’s impenitent ex-dictator, Mengistu Haile-Mariam, is back in the limelight -- nineteen years after his ouster and just before the publication of his much anticipated memoir in the US.

The second series of interviews between him and Genet Ayele, daughter and ex-wife of soldiers in the army he had once transformed into one of the best and largest in Africa, but now married to a Frenchman and comfortably settled in Paris, came out to little fanfare in Addis last weekend.

The astounding triumph of the EPRDF in acquiring the publishing rights of the first series of interviews, some eight years ago, had been significant not only as an obvious public relations bonanza, but no less for the damage to the power of the message when it was dismissively published by the chief culprit of its content. Genet’s rather insensitive (and ill-advised) attempt to dismiss the controversy this generated to “old retarded journalists” (Yedero ajuza gazetenoch, as she rowdily calls them) is at best inane, but most probably signifies her increasing proximity to people in power; one of whom, Endrias Eshete, she unabashedly lauds in flowery words in the first pages of her new book.

Why then would Mengistu receive her at his residence in Harare several more times and oblige her with interviews for a second book? Perhaps he is telling the EPRDF that they had not succeeded in thwarting him, that it was he who had in fact outmaneuvered them by making them think that they would steal his thunder by publishing him, and used them to relay his message to the people. Or maybe not. And he could just be too isolated and confused to keep abreast of current events. We will have to wait for his memoir, and hopefully he will provide us with an unambiguous (and truthful) answer there.

This is a far thinner book than the first, which is several hundred pages more. Of the hundred and ninety pages of the new book, less than ninety carry Mengistu’s words. The rest -- in effect more than half the book -- are interviews with an array of unnamed officials of his regime. Amazingly, almost twenty years after the collapse of the regime, all but one, Dawit Welde-Giorgis , still insists on speaking anonymously. Priced sensibly at 35 birr, it falls reasonably within the reach of the urban elite. Vendors have displayed it prominently, and cheerfully affirm that sales are robust.

Few are surprised that sales are strong. The Ethiopian public has frequently adored its strong leaders. And when they are visibly absent from the public domain in confusing times (as is the current aftermath of EPRDF’s outlandish 99.6% “win”), nostalgia for them -- even those of the wrong genre -- becomes overpowering.

Perhaps it is instinctive, implanted in Mengistu’s genes; or it could be his most cherished lesson from his training as an Officer; or it could even be the most enduring mark of his seventeen years in politics, but what ever its origins, doubt not that he lives by the adage that pronounces: “the best defense is a good offense.” Reading his words, it’s easy to imagine him speaking with his head held up, his eyes intense as ever, his tone habitually defiant, and his charisma still dangerous, infectious and intact.

But it is also confidence that is at times direly overplayed. A case in point is when he is confronted with calls for his act of contrition, the need for him to publicly seek for the nation’s absolution. He stubbornly refuses to budge: “We fought them (his opponents) when they sought to dismember the nation. Is this why I should seek exoneration?” he asks defiantly. But it was not only armed separatists that had lost their lives, nor were they only the ones who were tortured, imprisoned and forced into exile during his years in power. Many others became victims needlessly. How, for example, could the bombing of Howzen be explained? Or the wanton destruction of Massswa? Or the Red Terror, which demanded “the death of a thousand anarchists (EPRP members) for every life of a revolutionary?” His ornate rhetoric notwithstanding, he clearly falls short here. He will have ample room to correct himself in his memoir.

“If I had resigned on my own accord, to whom would I have transferred the reigns of power?” he inquires rhetorically at one point, musing over the reluctance of African leaders to give up power. “To Weyane?(Laughs!)” Even nineteen years later, his eloquent criticism of the diminished patriotism of EPRDF leaders remain forcefully (and disturbingly) biting as ever. And his contempt for his successor is more palpable. “We did not even know his (Meles’) name,” says Mengistu. He criticizes him personally for “petitioning the UN to dismember his own country.” No leader in history has ever done that, Mengistu insists; clearly implying that the judgment of history will be far harsher on Meles than it will be on him.

His anti-Americanism remains livid as ever. “We thought that the proletariat would eventually run the world. But it is the Americans who have assumed that position,” he tells Genet remorsefully. “The American people have changed,” he says, and speaks of their opposition to the war in Vietnam. He criticizes them for supporting the invasion of Iraq. “Is there no (international) law? (to protect the weak from the strong)” he asks. Of Africa, he speaks of a crippling culture of corruption. “Ethiopia did not have the same problem. African leaders looked at us with envy.”

Mengistu spoke of a web of conspiracies that had always plagued his regime. “There were nine assassination attempts against me,” he maintains, “but people know of only one.” And he details of an alleged plot hatched by a General, Gezmu (last name not given), in which his deputy, Fikre-Selassie Wegderese, and his security chief, Tesfaye Welde-Selassie, are possibly (but not definitely) implicated. “I heard about it after I left Ethiopia,” he reveals, a bit menacingly.

With his benefactor, Robert Mugabe, now over eighty years old and most probably serving his last term in office, isn’t Mengistu worried about extradition? “Mugabe fought and liberated his country from colonists. But I am here as a guest of the Zimbabwe people. I am not a personal guest of Mugabe. And veterans of the liberation struggle are well aware of this fact.”

Finally,his book. “We (his regime) have been likened to Mussolini and Hitler and sullied,” says Mengistu of those who write of his legacy. “Repeat lies often enough and they will be mistaken for the truth. I have to set the record straight.” The book will have four parts. The first part is slated for a deliberation on history, which Mengistu feels is grossly misconstrued, but will also deal with the war against Somalia, in which he was one of the principal actors. “The second part will address the Eritrean issue and the war in the north in general,” says Mengistu. The third part will be an overview of his regime’s international relations. The last part, the fourth, will offer an insight into why and how his regime collapsed.

Well, it’s about time, sir. Nineteen years is a long time to prepare a memoir. But now that it has finally come to see the light of day, be advised that you must tell the truth and nothing but the truth. You owe the people at least that much.


Comment from: I was yours [Visitor]
I was yours

I love this man. He is much better that this rat hole animals. He was at least an Ethiopian!

08/03/10 @ 13:10
Comment from: [Member]

:) I was yours.
As Obama is Kenyan. Birthers?

08/03/10 @ 13:38
Comment from: mesfin [Visitor]

Hello Pingbacks,
I am disgusted by your implication that the Ethiopian people are being governed by non-Ethiopians. It is an insult to the people of Ethiopia, who are too proud and heroic to let such things happen to them. It is an ignorant assumption stemed from blind hate.

08/03/10 @ 14:34
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

The Tigre Parasitic regime is arguably one of the most anti-Ethiopian, brutal and ruthless in the annals of Ethiopian History in particular, Africa in general.

Every thing Menge said TPLF and EPLF would do was done (i.e… secession, ceding the two ports to Eritrea, tribalism, etc.) Menge was Pure Ethiopian to the bone. The Tigre Cockroaches are the children of the Bandas.

08/03/10 @ 17:10
Comment from: Molla [Visitor]

I was Yours

Who is an Ethiopian and who isn’t? Who are you and who gave you the right to give and take the nationality from and to others? Who gave you the privilege to be more an Ethiopian than others?

That is the idiotic and stupid mentality that pushed the country backwards for the last hundreds years or so. The mentality some group possess that they are more Ethiopian than others. The mentality that some groups think they have the right to give and deny the Ethiopian nationality to any other Ethiopian outside of their group.

My friend there is no such thing called “Good Old days”. The mentality of the old days has failed the country big time. The good old says of yours was the bad old day of others. It was a system that sees others as slaves and was committed by some blood thirsty individuals who happened to come from a specific group (the group that still thinks it is the rightful owner of the country). The disappointing part is that such mentality didn’t change while it lives in Europe where all human right are respected. So we are being told the same thing over and over again that a specific group is more superior to others in Ethiopia when it comes to the question of nationality.

According to the wordnetweb, nationality is “the status of belonging to a particular nation by birth or naturalization”. So I wonder how and when a certain group of people can give and take away the nationality of a person who was born and grew up in a country.

What I wrote above is just to educate you as I think you are not capable of doing anything in this regard and the fact that you don’t have the power to change people’s nationality. But old day’s mentality doesn’t work these days and that might push the country into disintegration (which is the very same thing you and your few group of people claiming to work against)

08/03/10 @ 17:57
Comment from: Eyayu Gedel [Visitor]
Eyayu Gedel

Dear Molla,
You explained it very well.But that’I was yours & alikes’ are idiots.They try to drag down people to their level & bit them with experience.Thats what they good at.=>

Good bless Ethiopia & Ethiopians.

08/04/10 @ 02:38
Comment from: Andinet [Visitor]

Anyone who says they love this man is sick.

08/04/10 @ 02:42
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

God how things change fast. Just a few years back they Hated to be considered Ethiopian. They raised arms and fought Ethiopians left and right. They considered Ethiopian flag a piece of rag.
Now they are upset because we Ethiopians know Mengistu more Ethiopian than Meles (the half Aritrean). This people change with the wind of oportunity. Where there is benefit they became.
That is the way of the Arteran in Addis Ababa the Meles groupe. They see benefit they forget their origin.
It is still funny how they consider themselves Ethiopians. The post above by salaried blogers of the Ariterian clique in Addis Ababa like Ethios, mesfin, Molla…. Are so upset they area considered less Ethiopians. For bandinos there is no vote or free speech if there was one then you will know. Hate is when Ethinic minority rules by force with 100% tigre ( haf Eritirian Generals ) 95 % economy controlled by Etiopc minority dictotors. If I were you I will be prepared to exit the country with the loot you already have.
Mege is Ethiopian Weyaes are Forgers.

08/04/10 @ 02:42
Comment from: hope [Visitor]

I don’t have a word to say,
simply I appreciate and Ethiopia needs that mentality to be together.

08/04/10 @ 03:54
Comment from: Choice [Visitor]

Choose from the lesser of two evils.


08/04/10 @ 04:19
Comment from: Yegermal [Visitor]

Both Menge and Meles are evils. Which one is the lesser evil? For me Menge is.

08/04/10 @ 13:43
Comment from: RT [Visitor]

All I can tell you all, is Menge was a murderer with blood of many Ethiopians in his hand including your owen family and friends. As far as the current leaders they have several short comings and it has taken them a while to change their mentality from rebels to leaders but they have shown some improvement. When it come to the question of who is Ethiopian and who is not, we all are Ethiopian including Meles and Mengestu, although I embarrassed mass murder like Mengestu is an Ethiopian.

08/04/10 @ 13:47
Comment from: yonas [Visitor]

No matter what this dictator and his left over remnants keep talking ,I would like to remind guys things in Ethiopia change and it change for ever period.

08/04/10 @ 13:53
Comment from: Arbegha [Visitor]

Eventhough he is a killer of the youth not bright to politics He is proud Ethiopian he does not need to speak in bullet proof glass as the badas do he is amongest his own people does not fear his peo Tighrea gave birth to great fighters, leaders like Ate yohanes,RAS Aula Abanegha of tembeien but still birth meles &his northern mentor what a shame to beg UN to dismantly your own country,insult THE BRAVES ,peoples flag as a piece of rag in which thousands dead .for shame full history put up on us by cia 19 yeasr ago we shall win long live true ETHIOPIANS at least Colonel Mengeistu is ETHIOPIAS BAD BOY OUR OWN AREMENEA not BANDAS GRANDSon

08/04/10 @ 13:56
Comment from: ferenge afkari [Visitor]
ferenge afkari

I wish if he go back to Ethiopia and lead the country for a few years

08/04/10 @ 14:04
Comment from: Essence [Visitor]

which one is better Derg or EPRDF?? even though Derg was a dictator at least we had something to proud at the time of Derg the Ethiopia union and strong army in Africa what we have right now???

08/04/10 @ 14:08
Comment from: zi [Visitor]

They both are bad people, they kill/ed torture/ed people. Hard to say which one is /was good for mama Ethiopia. One at least did not sell our land to ARABS, or petitioned “the UN to dismember the country", it all depends may be on how many people they EACH KILLED and WHAT THEY DID AGAINST MAMA ETHIOPIA.


08/04/10 @ 14:12
Comment from: corrected from Satenaw [Visitor]
corrected from Satenaw

Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]
The Tigre Parasitic regime is arguably one of the most anti-(Amahara) #Ethiopian#, brutal and ruthless in the annals of (Amahara) #Ethiopian# History in particular, Africa in general.

Every thing Menge said TPLF and EPLF would do was done (i.e… secession, ceding the two ports to Eritrea, tribalism, etc.) Menge was Pure (Amahara)#Ethiopian# to the bone. The Tigre Cockroaches are the children of the Bandas. As all other 80 ethnic groups in Ethiopia

08/04/10 @ 14:26
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

One of the most evil man in African history spoke and his cadres in the diaspora world are out in full force.

Neither the evil man in Zimbabwie nor his criminal cadres in the diaspora world will accept their historical mistakes and the truth, they will simply pass away in old age and only history will remember their work.

Mengestu and his cadres are blood-thirsty and the incarniation of absolute evil.

“Truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” Max Planck

08/04/10 @ 14:44
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

I am disgusted, completely and utterly sickened by this killer yet coward thief. He has no any moral authority to open his filthy mouth. He just need to zip his smutty hole and rotten in silence [Ikekam lenbocham Baria]. If I get the real opportunity I would not refrain myself from exterminating this dirt bag, that would be the honorable deed to humanity. If the current Lehacham is a backstabber this former Lenbocham is a butcher. Then, what difference it makes? A murderer is a murderer. Some including the author of this article are trying so hard to put lipstick on this pig’s face and make him look good at the expense of millions of Ethiopians slaughtered by this human rear end and repulsive Kosshasha Baria.

What kind of memoir are we talking about? A memoir written with blood of millions of Ethiopians? The right thing is to smoke this filthy out of his dungeon and make him pay for what he did to innocent woman, children and senior Ethiopians. He was a child killer hooligan and will remain as such. His subordinates and sidekicks, just remember - a hero doesn’t escape at the last minute to save his butt. He is a runaway slave must be hanged by his masters the KGB and CIA.

08/04/10 @ 14:47
Comment from: Tezebet [Visitor]

I have not love or support for Mengistu, he is one of a few people who put that country where she is now. I even believe that TPLF/Melese come to power because of his arrogance, Mengisut kill his own people without due of court, he killed the bright and the good Ethiopians. Under his regime my family lost and suffers, they lost a son and I lost a brother. I have no question about his Ethiopia-want unlike Melese and the regime in Addis. But his stupidity put that nation where she is now. Mengistu is a criminal he has a innocent Ethiopian blood on his hand.

Molla, I can agree without somehow who and who is not define Ethiopia-want… but in this particular case and people I have deferent point…here is the answer why most people said Melese and his clone are not Ethiopians (please I did not say a tigrean people), at least in my view.
1. These people were fought to separate Tigrea from the rest of Ethiopia (read their original manifesto) the whole democracy thing is a BS,
2. These people fought side-by-side with the natural enemy of Ethiopia, Issyas,
3. These people directly or indirectly fulfill the dream of Egypt and some other countries by giving up the natural access to the Red Sea.
4. These people without the will of Ethiopian they make Ethiopian landlocked they did not care how many Ethiopian dead defending that water access throughout the history of that nation. Tell me my friend hating a leader something else but work against the interest of you country is unforgivable and unforgettable.
5. These people divide that nation based on religion, class, and ethnic. Recently they give up a land to Sudan without the Ethiopian knowledge. I can list you more but based on what they did to that nation I will say this without any question these people doesn’t have any love to that nation. It is not about their look they look like Ethiopians but what they stand doesn’t qualify them to be Ethiopians.

I have never dream that I would agree with Megnistu in this part agree with him

“Petitioning the UN to dismember his own country.” No leader in history has ever done that, Mengistu insists; clearly implying that the judgment of history will be far harsher on Meles than it will be on him.

08/04/10 @ 14:59
Comment from: Hailu Belew [Visitor]
Hailu Belew

I am not exactly sure what the opportunist irresponsible quote an quote reporter Mr. Eskinder Desta is trying to say about the bloodiest ever dictator in the history of our country Mengistu Hailemariam.
Yes! It is obvious from the get go, you are a residue of Mengistu’s era personality, the Ethiopian people have let it go of Mengistu’s slouthering of Ethiopians, but you can’t for obvious reasons that you know.
Ato Eskinder you are pathetic and an oxymoron for trying tell as how Mengistu Hailemariam stood up for his country, and his people after he hunted and slaughtered the educated, the vibrant and the cream of the creams, the best of the best of our society, be it military, administrative and all otherwise of Ethiopia’s establishments.
You said he had the best and the most powerful army in Africa, you are laughable and a nut case, my friend Eskinder, how could he have had the best army when he and his entire army brigade capitulated to the then TPLF and EPLF guerilla fighters who has nothing but at best some raggedy Russian made Sami- automatic guns that was captured from Mengistu’s running solders for their life.
Mengistu Hailemariam committed the first and worst genocide( by an Ethiopian dictator) in the history of our country ever, not only that he abandoned his people, country and his army and run out of the country to Zimbabwe and his uncle Robert Mugabe another gutless bloody dictator.
Mengistu Hailemariam was a gutless, coward dictator who suffocated His Majesty Emperor Hailesslasse and sixty high officials who were the true sons and daughters of mother land Ethiopia.
You Eskinder Desta are as well an opportunist, coward and gutless for trying to highlight the dictator’s positive outlook.

08/04/10 @ 15:02
Comment from: Adenekush Yaebyo [Visitor]
Adenekush Yaebyo

You think “Tigreas” are “roaches” huh? You know it that We are going to be there for the next 100 years and this is a promise you chauvinst. We really don’t like bragging but as you may have witnessed with your own tearing eyes, election or no election, We will contiune to inspire true Ethiopianism while taking on the leadership role for generations to come. There’s nothing you can do about it beacuse leadership, unlike “lasta’s” misguided understanding, is in our blood. Think about this: We initiated EPRP, EDU, and off course, TPLF and may major libration movments. Can you deny that? We brought FREEDOM to the people of Ethiopia after 17 long years of sacrifice that was solely made by our galant warriors “the tigrea” (I don’t know where you “qizenam” were during that time) and we are not going to give this hard earned freedom away to shauvinists in the name of election smimply, you do not have the capacity to run the country in one piece. I know you are gonna call me a woyane and so be it. I feel like eraf, zeraf…ye tigraitu lij

08/04/10 @ 15:10
Comment from: sol [Visitor]

Dear Molla .

Thank you for your comment.

08/04/10 @ 15:21
Comment from: ethiopia [Visitor]


08/04/10 @ 15:41
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

Ethiopians are governed by none Ethiopians, you are a delusional idiot. Who are you to tell us who is Ethiopian and who is not. So you are the better Ethiopian than Meles Zenawi and all the rest of us!. The greatest of all is that, you the enemy of the people of Ethiopia with old and stagenant mind set are dewendlling at best. You are worthless human garbage.

08/04/10 @ 15:58
Comment from: I was yours [Visitor]
I was yours

Dear Molla and his co,

You know to ur heart that these butchers are sucking the blood in the most heinous way. The only thing Menge had problem was with Ideology difference and he fought for that and he was just trying to defend his country, period. if you wanna debate about that you are all welcome. Other wise dont cry about these butchers who doesnt have history and try to create a new one. Molla, I think u are one of them!

08/04/10 @ 16:01
Comment from: Lasta [Visitor]

I never lived six months under the rule of Mengistu the Ethiopian. But the only thing I always hear about this man is the love of his country.

Mengistu the Ethiopian was sent to the USA to study for a short period of time. I think it was in Texas. I know the person who sent him to the US. Mengistu never accepted the reality of a black skin color to be considered less worthy than the other colors in the US at that time. Texas wasn’t a good place to be for a black man forty five years ago. Because of his personal experience, the hate of the USA and Woyanne is in his blood.

I left Ethiopia because of Mengistu, my father was murdered because of Mengistu, and all my close family friends left Ethiopia because of Mengistu. But Mengistu never targeted us because we were from Begemdir. What people told me is he had this blind belief that whatever he did was to advance Ethiopia. But Woyanne has been doing is exactly of the opposite. Kill none Tigrians, loot; destroy Ethiopia by all means necessary for the sake of advancing few thousand people.

08/04/10 @ 16:16
Comment from: axsum [Visitor]

satenaw you are relay hater tigray and some of you no matter because tigray was mome to power defended on you and your stupied parentes who they transfer hater to us so we don`T surprise we will continue our supporting and ask to realy ETHIOPIAN LOVERS THEY DON`T ACCEPT YOU EPRDF IS BETTER THAN ever before so now are waiting the best solution with eprdf and realy ethiopian lover so no matter we will reject you and all the time to cray so countinue.GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA

08/04/10 @ 16:22
Comment from: axsum [Visitor]


08/04/10 @ 16:29
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]


You buy this mentality from some inferiority infected people like Tesfaye GAbe. (I have heard this guy say this like a million times And you think that is the right way of thinking. Read history and give credit to those groups you know they feel more Ethiopians. These groups are the ones whose fathers did the home work for their present feelings and there is nothing you can do about it. It is like telling the white people with their own language and technology that they have no right to be proud of being white because today for a minor fraction of time in history the political game did not let them continue ruling their country. This has happened before too. But this is not the end of the road. This is rather an alert for the most Ethiopians as history repeats itself and the wheel of life keep on rolling.

08/04/10 @ 16:33
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

“Those personalities who believe in freeing a country by secession are selfish and prey to outsiders. We will not accept their motives.” HIM Negus Haile Selassie
Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live the Kebra Negast!
Long Live the Fetha Negast!
Fire burn down the neo-colonial military oppression of the past 35 years
Rise with the Lion of Judah!
Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

08/04/10 @ 16:34
Comment from: Tegist Bahru [Visitor]
Tegist Bahru

Abebe………..Aye dedeb dedeb please go to school and learn English and get to a 4th grade level so then you would be able to atleast write something. Moron.
I know it is not your name but you know whom I am talking about. Wherever you are eferrr be raseh. Damn Dedeb. You may think no body knows you. You are writing this hiding yourself under the table using that rotten computer that you bought on the street.

08/04/10 @ 16:35
Comment from: Shalom [Visitor]

How on earth Mengestu is more Ethiopian than Meles?

B/se he hypocritically claimed he is more AGER WEDDAD than others?

Or b/s he’s darker than any ruler Ethiopia ever seen in its history?

Or is it b/s he managed to kill hundreds of thousands in a short period of time? Or b/s he sat on the grave of the Emperor like a devil?

Or is it b/s he took Ethiopia hundred years back in all aspects of life?

Or is it because we don’t know who his real parents are(read history)?

Or is it b/s he (in a dignified way):p run for his life at the end(like Tewodros?…what else made him Ethiopian than Meles?

08/04/10 @ 16:46
Comment from: wondwossen [Visitor]

It is not the lesser of two evils…he is is the evil. look i am not a fan of meles bedawi but he is much more human than this bariya that is chillin somewhere in the jungle. anyone who says mengistu is betteris a shit face liar. just sayin

08/04/10 @ 16:48
Comment from: Helen [Visitor]

@ abebe!!! You said right except you forgot that Woyane fought and pay the price. You don’t have any clue how your Amhara fathers run away in tigray forects during the fight. Those diaspora derge’s left over snickes from the battle ground saying “weyne enate enate enat—>” we didn’t kill them because they said enate enate—> now look at them… all over the street begging obama.

Why don’t you shot your mouth beause your father leave you with this 100 years homwork.

You only have two choices either serve tigrians or leave Ethiopia.

Tigrian’s got all the previllage, deserve it, they fought for it. Paid 1000 of them…go read history..they make history….

you and your parents can only talk, open mouth.

You are gegna in the internet or Radio….hahahahaha

go to hell you Amhara..we hat you…

08/04/10 @ 17:10
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

Ethiopia is saying:

ILLEGITIMATE Sira-betin babarir, ba’edan Tchingafoch ‘SIGA-POORS’ tcheferubign-bottebottugn!

Gin gid’yelem, qen yimettal !

08/04/10 @ 17:20
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Mesfin, you complained when some of them said “I am yours” and some mentioned who is ethiopian. Well, Well, do you remember when you talked about Nigerians VS the Ethiopian moslems. You preferred the Nigerian catolics than you own gene except they don’t believe in your cultural religion. Do you know the genocide in Ruwanda and Serbia. Who committed these too? You are hypocrete and sick person like Asseta Bettu(Eyersusalem the new name). You guy are not Ethiopians. You guys prefere disunity. You hate others religion and wish them to perish and live in their land. You are a weak person. Loser. You are blood thirsty like madman Mengistu.

08/04/10 @ 17:27
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Mesfin, you complained when some of them said “I am yours” and some mentioned who is ethiopian. Well, Well, do you remember when you talked about Nigerians VS the Ethiopian moslems. You preferred the Nigerian catolics than you own gene except they don’t believe in your cultural religion. Do you know the genocide in Ruwanda and Serbia. Who committed these too? You are hypocrete and sick person like Asseta Bettu(Eyersusalem the new name). You guy are not Ethiopians. You guys prefere disunity. You hate others religion and wish them to perish and live in their land. You are a weak person. Loser. You are blood thirsty like madman Mengistu.

08/04/10 @ 17:28
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

li’l satenaw
the problem with the amara coakroach compare to the tigre coacroach is he is either too lazy or too proud to work and improve himself and the country. so its like kezinjero konjo min yimearartu.

08/04/10 @ 17:30
Comment from: yohannes [Visitor]

This ugly shitty criminal, after ruinning the country, killing everyone who’s better than him, is talking from his hidout, he never read a single book until he went in exile, that’s why it took him 20 years to comeup with his piece. Mengue you Rat! keep hidding!
I want to kill you with my bare hand! you dirty Morone! keep hidding! the whole world hates you for what you did. you had your inferiority complex from the beginning.
Please Nazret don’t print article about this rat!

08/04/10 @ 17:37
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]

In this case, the lesser of two evils is Mengistu Haile Mariam. My choice!

08/04/10 @ 17:43
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]

to Molla.

I agree that not only original national who born in ethioppia are ethiopians, but also any forign who born in Ethiopian can be an ethiopian. I wonder how many Ethiopians in the west change thier citizenship. The point is who was and is the patriot,who was and is the banda who always align with Ethiopian worest enemy, who died for his country, who give the land of the country to every body that claimed,who killed the partiots in order to fill his belly and pocket, who gave his precious life to every peice of land around the border. If you ask your self these questions you will know thier is a different in nationalism. I am not in favour of any ethenic group here. There was, is and will be a diffrent between individuals who fought for their cauntry and those who have been hired to kill thier own people in every corner of the cauntry.
You also talk about disintegration,bring it on blood sucker. we will see who will loss most.

08/04/10 @ 18:25
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

This brainsick, madman, bloodthirsty, murderer, evil, baria has no right to say anything but go straight to the scary agami/Wayane jail and be hanged.

08/04/10 @ 18:38
Comment from: Beferdu [Visitor]


Mengistu need to keep low profile ,and stop giving his speeches,He is calling in to the for the nations repressed memories.He has been given a chance to lead ,even by those who differ with his method of leadership, for the sake of national unity.Unfortunately, he become traitor of the highest cause. At the nations darkest moment, he became the first to flee for his life.Until that moment Mengistu ,in his frquent speech , gave the ipression to Ethiopians that he will go down in history the way Imperor Teodros does-history proves that there is not another Meyesaw kasa.Alas. mengistu has no moral gumtion to stand up and be counted-he sprinted his cross country marathon.I for one will never forgive his desertion of the Ethiopian public.Until God deals with him he need to shut up and be happy that he is alive- a chance he denied tens of millions of Ethiopians.He is another GHODAM!

08/04/10 @ 18:46
Comment from: che [Visitor]

Molla aka meles…..
Nobody denies you and your likes Ethiopian nationality but yourself, by selling the country to fulfill your greedy needs, do you think Ethiopia is a country of one ethnic group (tigre)? that is what it looks like for the last nineteen years. You call 96% of the country a few group of people, how funny is that? it should be the other way around.
By the way, you and your group are the one who need to be educated.

08/04/10 @ 19:03
Comment from: Aba Kebeda [Visitor]
Aba Kebeda

Molla, Mengistu and Meles act, aren’t Ethiopian. There different is Mengistu use patrotisim as a slogan and his younger brother use tribalism as a slogan. Both of them killed Ethiopians.
If your question is no person has no constitiutional right to deny their citzenship. Well, first let’s have Ethiopian parliamenterian by genuine election.

08/04/10 @ 19:29
Comment from: buba [Visitor]

Ethiopia never get any leader like Menge (regarding his policy)

08/04/10 @ 19:31
Comment from: mariam [Visitor]

I don’t see the point of comparing two leaders of Ethiopia, when the point should be to learn from past mistakes and move forward. There is a lot we can learn from Gabon, where the people governing the country have made serious positive long term contribution to the people. We need a vision and education to emerge out of poverty, conflict, and all the ills we are now suffering from.

As the people of Ethiopia we should have high aims for ourselves and also have common goals. I am confused about what it is we want as a nation. We only seem to look backward in order to move forward. Have we lost the courage and the will to dream?????

08/04/10 @ 19:51
Comment from: SENAYIT [Visitor]

love ethiopia and Meles; i am half oromo half amhara, 100%ethiopian

08/04/10 @ 19:56
Comment from: [Member]

Molla, you are typical weyane blinded by your hate and ethnic federalism of one ethnic group. I am from the south but I do share what the first few commentators wrote. meles zenawi is anti Ethiopia, no one in Ethiopias long history trampled upon Ethiopian sovereignty as meles zenawi did.

The Ethiopian people did not have a say in the break away of the so-called “eritrea” and the two Ethiopian ports, meles zenawi deliberately made Ethiopia land locked forcing the Ethiopian people to pay billions of dollars in port services of neighboring countries, all that money thrown to neighboring countries since 1991 could have been used for the development of Ethiopia. When we Ethiopians oppose meles zenawi we have very reason to do so.

Molla, unfortunately after ninteen long years you haven’t learned from your gross mistake that you committed on the Ethiopian people. You are still singing the same old boring weyane song of “they hate me because I am from this tribe".

I know weyane does a lot of horrible things in the name of Tigre people but weyane hardly represents Tigres, the crime weyane comitted at the Hawzen market will one day come to haunt you.

I suggest you repent from your belligerent attitude towards the Ethiopian people before it is too late.

Mengistu Hailemariam was a patriotic Ethiopian, he did what he taught was necessary in his tenure.

08/04/10 @ 20:12
Comment from: Dude [Visitor]

Ok ask yourself what is the difference btwn meles and mengistu? Meles is half Ertria and half Ethiopia that’s for sure. On the otherhand Mengistu is one hundredpercent Ethiopian guy but don’t get me wrong both have done or still doing good thing fo Ethiopia it could be bad or good, the main thing is I want Ethiopia to be the best place to live in the world cuz we are good people. Buy the people to the people!!!!!

08/04/10 @ 20:15
Comment from: [Member]

hope, Ethiopia is there to stay, your ethnic federalism was officialy REJECTED by the Ethiopian people during the May 2005 election.

08/04/10 @ 20:22
Comment from: [Member]

RT, but you are not embarrassed about the mercinary meles zenawi who sold away “eritrea” with our own two ports, the killings and genocide that were committed and still going on to this day by meles zenawis regime, what about the 100,000 souls who perished for a nonsense war with “eritrea” 1998-2000???????

There is no comparison, Mengistu was a patriot, meles zenawi is a sell out.

08/04/10 @ 20:30
Comment from: [Member]

yonas, not really. Your ethnic federalism was REJECTED by the Ethiopian people officialy in May 2005.

08/04/10 @ 20:33
Comment from: Dude [Visitor]  

Ok ask yourself what is the difference btwn meles and mengistu? Meles is half Ertria and half Ethiopia that’s for sure. On the otherhand Mengistu is one hundredpercent Ethiopian guy but don’t get me wrong both have done or still doing good thing fo Ethiopia it could be bad or good, the main thing is I want Ethiopia to be the best place to live in the world cuz we are good people. Buy the people to the people!!!!!

08/04/10 @ 20:38
Comment from: [Member]

Mengistu Hailemariam sat in the open infront of thousdands of Ethiopians at Abyot Adebabay/meskel square for seventeen years.

meles zenawi is hardly seen in public, in his recent appearance at meskel square, he was surrounded by bullet a proof thick glass, it shows how meles zenawi is hated and how much he fears the Ethiopian people.

08/04/10 @ 20:40
Comment from: [Member]

zi, better days are ahead,after the downfall of the two bandits, eplf/tplf.

08/04/10 @ 20:59
Comment from: [Member]

corrected from satenaw, not only the Amhara but Ethiopians from all corners of Ethiopia hate your tplf/eprdf. The irony about you bandits is, ninteen years later you failed to learn anything, in fact you are still singing, the same old boring separatist song. Anyhow what better can be expected of you, when it an open secret that tplf grew up in the arm pit of shabia.

08/04/10 @ 21:08
Comment from: aba kuta [Visitor]
aba kuta

msg Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]
The Tigre Parasitic regime is arguably one of the most anti-Ethiopian, brutal and ruthless in the annals of Ethiopian History in particular, Africa in general.

Every thing Menge said TPLF and EPLF would do was done (i.e… secession, ceding the two ports to Eritrea, tribalism, etc.) Menge was Pure Ethiopian to the bone. The Tigre Cockroaches are the children of the Bandas.

08/04/10 @ 21:09
Comment from: Abubaker [Visitor]

Thank you for your thoughtfull response to “I was yours”
Mr. “I was yours” failed to notice our country- Ethiopia’s progress in developing it’s infrastructure and economic progress under the current leadership. Ethiopia has always been governed by Ethipians and it will continue to be governed by it’s country men and women.

08/04/10 @ 21:11
Comment from: [Member]

Extraterestrial, you are mistaken. The opinion that is driving you crazy reflects the feeling of the Ethiopian people for your bandit named meles zenawi. Instead of correcting your course, you tplf bandits are still blinded by your illusion of the 1970s and 1980s.

08/04/10 @ 21:14
Comment from: [Member]

Extraterstrial, you as a TPLF cadre lack the moral high ground to speak about Mengistu. The genocide and crime committed by your tplf, is unheard of in Ethiopias long history!!

08/04/10 @ 21:15
Comment from: Judge Feradge [Visitor]
Judge Feradge

:> This evil guy was chosen to lead that generation because it ceased to be a generation of true Ethiopian; it was rebellious, ungrateful and Godless. God always sends Godless evils to those who refuse to live by His law. Unless you Ethiopians turn to the Almighty, be nice and loving to one another, next time it will be :> Ahmed Gerang ll you’ve to deal with.

08/04/10 @ 21:17
Comment from: [Member]

elcad, the Ethiopian people are very much disgusted of your bandit/idol meles zenawi known to rob banks and kill innocent people before and after he took power. The corruption seen after 1991, the crime, the genocide, aids, the sell out of “eritrea", the land locked status etc. meles zenawi is by far the worst Ethiopia ever saw in her long history.

08/04/10 @ 21:19
Comment from: zi [Visitor]

Miss Helen=>(Miss) because nobody will marry you ever with this kind of hateful mentality. You said

“you only have to choices either serve tigrians or leave Ethiopia” and then you continued with your hateful comment by saying go to hell you ETHIOPIANS, WE HATE YOU=>may be=>time to leave Ethiopia for you, why live with us ETHIOPIANS:?:if you hate us this much=> YOU ARE FREE TO GO. Go and form your TIGRAY REPUBLIC. DOMA RAS hodam BANDA NAZI.

08/04/10 @ 21:25
Comment from: john john [Visitor]  
john john

Mengistu is better than PM Melese and Presidant Isseyas for Eriterian thats why Eritrian sing “Mengistu maregn maregn Isseyas amerregn”

08/04/10 @ 21:46
Comment from: Jegna [Visitor]

The lesser of two evils is still evil. Both of the last two rulers never defended your freedom or natrual rights so why would you insult each other to defend them?

08/04/10 @ 21:56
Comment from: [Member]

For Ethiopian enemys like shabians and ETCETRAS,on this web site, Mengistu has become a MUSHO MAWREJA for their loss in every front. When ever they get a chance to discredit our govt,they will vomit their hatred by using a proxy like mengistu. Especialy for the Eris, who think they are the smartest people in the whole world,but believe outsmarted by woyane,can never get over it,eventhough mengistu was their enemy,now he is their #1 friend,as long as they can use him to ANTAGONISE our govt EPRDF.
I remember in 1994,we saw on our eyes the HUTUS of rwanda committing that horrendous crime against the TUTSIS. It is shocking this days there are people who deny that genocide,as it never happend.even some of them went as far as,that HUTUS should be compensated. There are people everywhere with twisted mind,who try to convience us, black is white or evreything vise-versa.
So,it doesn’t surprise us when people try to discredit and insult our govt. This is part of the struggle,which continues between good and evil. Our govt keeps the good work of building Ethiopia,protecting our sovereignty and fighting to elimnate our #1 enemy,poverty and hinderance. History has it,at last the good will always prevail.

08/04/10 @ 22:07
Comment from: akassi [Visitor]

Both blood suckers, The only differnce is the current president is under cover shabeya and the other one is not.

08/04/10 @ 22:26
Comment from: akassi [Visitor]

Oh i forget, Imperial body guard shut up!! you are nothing, but a garbage, you should have gone to hell with your stupid monarcy stupid idea.

08/04/10 @ 22:32
Comment from: De La Manchu [Visitor]
De La Manchu

The Naftanga grand children and the children of the generals of Mengistu whom he speared their fat behind with a bayonet, and those who tried cowardly to assume power and instead gave their hands with out a shot fired and Mengistu personally scalped their head skin try to humanize the demonic acts of their fore fathers;parasite feudals and fascist. Did not he himself tried to blame his cowardly generals and soldiers that armed Shabia and Woyane for not protecting the integrity of Ethiopia and fled bare hands after each battle. It is not from the hands of Woyane army that Eritrea is dislodged but that of the DERGE, Woyane has the brain power and the courage to face the music than to fight a loosing battle.
Mengistu is the most cowardly officer who murdered old men and teenage girls and is not worthy of comparison to a man but to yefesache Arroget. The bigoted former rulers of Ethiopia still celebrate a King who cowardly committed suicide than fight to death, so is Menge who ran away with out a shot fired from the top of Entoto, he made his flight emptying the treasury of the Nation. Shame on you bigots and haters.
Shut up and acknowledge the supermancy of the political philosopy ot the EPRDF that is working miracles in Ethiopia.

08/04/10 @ 23:00
Comment from: [Member]

hailu belew wrote ” how could he have had the best army when he and his entire army brigade capitulated to the then TPLF and EPLF guerilla fighters who has nothing but at best some raggedy Russian made Sami- automatic guns that was captured from Mengistu’s running solders for their life”

The Ethiopian army in Mengistus time was indeed the biggest and the finest in Africa. hailu belew as for your question, eplf and tplf were brought to power by the conspiracy of those who worked for the american cia, israels mosad and arab countries such as egypt. The sell out colonel tesfaye and few of his likes are responsible for the bandits eplf/tplf take over of power in 1991.

08/04/10 @ 23:04
Comment from: [Member]

hailu belew, you have no evidence how King Haileselassie passed away other than your usual tplf/eprdf speculation. As for the death of sixty generals professor mesfin weldemariam and the now “eritrean” dr. bereket are responsible, they advised the soldiers to kill the generals including the great Ethiopian France educated Lawyer Aklilu Habtewold.

08/04/10 @ 23:10
Comment from: [Member]

It will be a day in Ethiopian history perhabs in the whole Africa that MENGISTU faces his victem of mass crime. I believe he will be brought to Addis to face justice(death penalty)by the people near the future. Someone will have the currage to extidite this ignorant dictator and hand it over to Ethiopian people.
Mengistu is running out of the fifty million dollars that taken away from the poor of countryman. I don’t even know if he is qualified to be called an Ethiopian man. He should be called Zumbabean.

08/04/10 @ 23:12
Comment from: [Member]

adenekush yaebyo, freedom my behind. Your tplf brought Ethiopia nothing but poverty, starvation, aids, corruption, the land locked status, ethnic federalism etc. all diabolic things in the world. Millions of Ethiopians are being starved to death daily and here you are bragging about freedom.

08/04/10 @ 23:14
Comment from: [Member]

shalom, what kind of question is that? you idiot.

meles zenawi, brought Ethiopia nothing but poverty, aids, starvation, corruption, ethnic federalism, genocide and the land locked status just to name a few.

08/04/10 @ 23:28
Comment from: [Member]

yohannes, have you talked to the whole world about Mengistu? lol There are six billion people in this world. lol

Perhaps you are eritrean or one od the separatists who acted like a mad dog in the 1960s and 1970s. Mengistu Hailemariam has a right to speak so he did, Ethiopians will buy his book and read it. Mengistu never claimed to be perfect but he was Ethiopian, unlike eplf/tplf…separatists who are nothing but a mercenary to foreign spy agencies.

08/04/10 @ 23:34
Comment from: [Member]

oneluv, Menge have every right to speak so he did, his new book is ofcourse a threat to separatists such as eplf/tplf, that is why eplf/tplf cadres like yourself are so nervous.

08/04/10 @ 23:51
Comment from: gud [Visitor]

Mengistu = killed 60 ministers who work and fought against mosolini solders.

Mengistu = killed several generals.
Mengistu= introduce red terror which is responsible for a millions innocent life.
Mengistu = act like a hero nationalist and at the end left as a coward.
He is indeed Ethiopian but he is a criminal deserve to be in jail for- ever. So don’t try to make him a hero just because you lost the power that you loved dearly.

08/05/10 @ 00:37
Comment from: CNN [Visitor]


Mengistu haile mearum we love u so match
U have so match respect for the motherland ethiopia.

U r the true son of ethiopia
U love ethiopia.

I respect u.Meng ethiopian people love.

People say u killed let of people that untrue.
meles zenew killed more than 3 Millen ancient people including baby.and he spread HIV to the people.

Meles killed using difference method such as disease (hiv)…

Meng kille using bullet openly.

People killed by both regime

Meles zenaw 3,Millen people killed
Mengistu haile 29,000 people killed
Mengistu kille for the country
Meles kille for his own interest such as eritrea assobe …

We ethiopian don’t care about crap eritrean people meng please forget this people we don’t want them. Eritrean r cancer to ethiopians.

Long live Mengistu haile murame and ethiopia.

08/05/10 @ 01:13
Comment from: Ras Thomas [Visitor]
Ras Thomas

I love both Ethiopian heros Mangistu and Males Zanawi. they are
both sons of Abassinia.
I don’t care who is who and from which region.
I will support any new leader who in
future may rule Ethiopia. since she or he is from Ethiopia. and defend
Those who hate Mangistu were those who wants and curve for his position only. The same to Males. those who hate Males now. Are those who want
and curve for his position.

08/05/10 @ 02:03
Comment from: TRUTH [Visitor]


08/05/10 @ 02:22
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

It is like watching a well coordinated orchestra to see how this Arterans get so angry at being reminded that they are Not Ethiopians. It looks like they have been ordered by their Orchestra conductor to follow the rules of the midget Arterian Meles to sound angry, to look angry. Just because Mengistu is a True Ethiopina and Meles is a true Arterian they should not get mad at us. Just because they raised arms to fight us they should not get mad at us. Just because they have no place to hide their true Tigre Nationalism (unlike Menges Ethiopian Nationalism ) why should they get mad at us.
The blogers above now sound that they are Ethiopian and they are angry at being considered less of an Ethiopian are not mad at all. They are just pretending that they are. These people are never trusted. They have fought for Arteria for 17 years. They have been even created by Areteians to weaken Ethiopia.
They have been playing race card for so long, they have helped the Ogaden movement Oromo movements and any movement that could cripple Ethiopia their eternal enemy. God ! Now they claim to be an Ethiopian Nationalist? How disgrace !
Some have gone to a desperate level of attacking ( Weyane style ) name calling, Amaharanizing , Oromonizing, Mengitu lover….ect ect. Some of the personall atackes are so funny. Parking lot attendee, Diaspora, looser….all because we say as we see. They try hard to silence the voice of the oppressed people and God we see their frustration all over the bloggs.
We say Mengistu is an Etiopian Socialsi Dictator we don’t want him, Meles is an Arterian tribalist Dictator neither Arterians or Tigreas or Ethiopians want him.
Long live democracy and freedom.

08/05/10 @ 02:57
Comment from: Jegnaw Ethiopiawe [Visitor]
Jegnaw Ethiopiawe

if u call some minority who sell their land sell there women loot the the country bone dry just to stay in power who dont believe in unity WHO dived the country by tribe… Ethiopian., then i fell sorry for u.

08/05/10 @ 03:03
Comment from: Ethiopia [Visitor]

Since when is a baria considered an Ethiopian? Real Ethiopians come from the north.

08/05/10 @ 04:41
Comment from: sami1 [Visitor]

Relax and think what is said…

Some are more Ethiopians are than others is kind of vague, but has trueth in it.

When a man treats some portion of Ethiopia better than other, When a leader divid people to stay in power, gives land to Sudan, Eritria, my be to Egypt, sale land left and right with no accountability then there is a reason one is more Ethiopian than the other.
If someone just want to be in power and under ground help Tigray only then yes they are less Ethiopian. Yes, they are taking all the money and the resourses, but would not build Tigray huge at the present time not to be exposed. If tomorrow 94% say it is enough then we will see all the millitary equipment in Tigray, all the money. What they are missing is if you take from someone will not last since they have enemy in the north and Ethiopai will take back all they have taken.

It is disadvantage that they are not seeing…
If EPDRF MELES TIGRAY people are smart enough they should balance things befor it gets worse and disaster in Ethiopia!

Yes, It may not happen tomorrow but with in ten years if things do not change we will be another Rwanda, or Sudan!

08/05/10 @ 08:33
Comment from: aregashe [Visitor]  

i know he is ‘Murderer’
but he is real feeling for his country and a true ethiopian leader look now (Ethiopian prime minster BUT not Ethiopian ,,mind you how much shamefull thing for real Ethiopians.

08/05/10 @ 09:01
Comment from: 6-KILLO [Visitor]

Not only love Mengistu (chombew) I worship him like God

08/05/10 @ 10:28
Comment from: tazabe [Visitor]

He was a nationalist who tried hard to keep Ethiopia together and I give him credit for that but other than that he was brutal dictator among other things. By the way who cares about a 15 year old and a pregnant woman etc..killer memoir. Someone is trying to make money on this story and give a slash to Ethiopian Hitler too!!!

08/05/10 @ 10:52
Comment from: Tezebet [Visitor]

De La Manchu [Visitor]

What don’t you be honest sometimes, at least for yourself? Are you telling me Melese is better than Mengistu? One thing I learn from TPLF thugs like you and the rest who come here and bark like starving dog, you never know what is shame means. What don’t you say it it is wrong when you see wrong. TPLF killed that nation for once and for all. The effect of the TPLF philosophy will not take that antion on the right path, its going take us to our grave. Why you guys think that every one who stand against you and Melese are Naftange, or some one who related to the past. I am purely a victim of Megnistu, but I know a country and individual or political party. My ethnic background might be secondary or sometimes it is relevant. You and your like is ethnocentric hatemonger always inferiority killing you inside out. I came from a very proud minority family, never heard them crying or blaming others. They raise us to love and respect other, more than anything else they thought us how you love your country.
I hate Melese/TPLF without no reservation, I hate not because they not where they come from, i hate mischief and hidden agenda. I hate liers… they never had any Ethiopia-wiante in ther blood. They become Ethiopian after they realized that taken tigrea by her doesn’t serve them anything. They know for sure that Tigrea doesn’t stand on her own without the rest of Ethiopia. please my friend open your eye you and me will leave but that nation will stay there forever. Why don’t we work towards the benefit of all of our people? The crime is crime, whoever did it. I wrote long time ago what my parents and I lost in Mengistu regime that doesn’t push me to support another criminal, the people who you support will go down one day (I have no question about it),

08/05/10 @ 11:08
Comment from: mershiti [Visitor]

degmo metash stinky ZEREGNAAAAA… weird and hater you are????????

08/05/10 @ 11:40
Comment from: Big Deal [Visitor]
Big Deal

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

He is in the dustbins of history and trying to get back out. Swat!Back down, you dam* tyrant!

08/05/10 @ 12:11
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

-If Ethio is his LOVE,


-If brave he is ,


-If he loves Ethio ppl,


-If he thinks TPLF no good,


-If he thinks TPLF incapable,

-If he thinks Meles nobody,


-If he thinks separtists disemember,


Mengistu symphatyzers will redefine WHY PATRIOTIC AND BRAVE MEANS!

Mesgisty supporters need to define THE WORD WOYANE!





08/05/10 @ 13:05
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

The Tigres became so glaringly primitive in their world view. It is no coincidence that among the 80 or so ethnic groups in Ethiopia, the Tigres are the most insular, xenophobic, unassimilated and socially backward group. It is so difficult for them to transcend their “Tigreans” and are caught in the quagmire of endlessly discussing about “who is from Adwa, Mekele or Shire or even further a field an Agamme.

They brought their primitive culture to the rest of Ethiopia and want us to discuss about who is an Amhara, an Oromo a Gurage etc. Their official historian, called Belai Gedei, has even written that the village where he was born, Dedebit, is the center from which Humanity first appeared and he is the direct (presumably uninterrupted) descendant of the First Man. another Tigre historian Gebru Tareken wants us to discuss about the various villages from which the Weyane army was drawn and their day to day activities in their tribal warfare as though it matters to the rest of us.

08/05/10 @ 15:51
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

Ethiopians have to break away from this most primitive and inhibiting culture of the Tigreans and concentrate on the greater good and welfare of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and the rest of the world. (If possible exclusive of the primitive & the bygone era Tigres)

In-conclusion: Whichever way we look at it, Menge is more patriotic
& even a better-looking Ethiopian than the Tigre midget-monkey called Meles Zenawi.

08/05/10 @ 15:52
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

We know Nazret is where most of Melse’s Tigre cadres release their frustration and hatred to the majority of Ethiopians. To our surprise, when it comes to the question of Ethiopiawinet, these Tigre leeches would like to be considered a better catholic than the pope himself. One such cadre even had the audacity to ask who the top dog of Ethiopianism is. My answer would be: undoubtedly, the current generation of Tigrians are not adequate to be considered among the contenders. My justification for excluding the Tigre leeches would be the-fact-that the Tigres became so glaringly primitive in their world view. It is no coincidence that among the 80 or so ethnic groups in Ethiopia, the Tigres are the most insular, xenophobic, unassimilated and socially backward group. It is so difficult for them to transcend their “Tigreans” and are caught in the quagmire of endlessly discussing about “who is from Adwa, Mekele or Shire or even further a field an Agamme.

They brought their primitive culture to the rest of Ethiopia and want us to discuss about who is an Amhara, an Oromo a Gurage etc. Their official historian, called Belai Gedei, has even written that the village where he was born, Dedebit, is the center from which Humanity first appeared and he is the direct (presumably uninterrupted) descendant of the First Man. another Tigre historian Gebru Tareken wants us to discuss about the various villages from which the Weyane army was drawn and their day to day activities in their tribal warfare as though it matters to the rest of us.

Ethiopians have to break away from this most primitive and inhibiting culture of the Tigreans and concentrate on the greater good and welfare of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and the rest of the world. (If possible exclusive of the primitive & the bygone era Tigres)

In-conclusion: Whichever way we look at it, Menge is more patriotic
& even a better-looking Ethiopian than the Tigre midget-Zinjoro called Meles Zenawi.

08/05/10 @ 15:54
Comment from: NATI WELDEMESKEL [Visitor]  


08/05/10 @ 16:20
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

Some concerned Tigres and R’teras and the lovers of the midget R’teran monkey in Addis Ababa asked a very good question. “How do we decied who is more Ethioian?” or “Who is less Ethiopian?". They keep forgetting that they themelves are to decide if they are Ethiopian or not. No body decides for them to be an Ethiopian.
to be an Ethiopian means to wish all that is good for Ethiopia than your R’tera of Tigri. To be an Ethiopian they need to work for Ethiopia as a whole not R’Tera they have been fighting for over 17 years. To be an Ethiopian they need to work for Democrcy not Tiribal Dictatorshship. We did not even appreciate the MULTI NATIONS SOCIALIS DICTATORSHIP.
Forget the blogers above Helen, Tigis Berhanu ( their true name might be Asgedom, Bailom…) and Molla and alike, the Runing dogs of the midgit R’teran monkey in Addis Ababa let us talk about the refugee camps in Tigri…. to be contoued.
I have to go to work. I am A prking lot attendant. The midget R’teran monkey doest pay my salary.

08/05/10 @ 16:47
Comment from: HAGERA [Visitor]  

YOU ARE MUCH BETTER THAN THIS DIRTY MIND MAN my littel boy beter than his mind

08/05/10 @ 16:54
Comment from: Ras Knowledge [Visitor]  
Ras Knowledge

greetings abeshas, at home and abroad. when we were children, in jamaica, and mengistu took rule, the very old rastas told us not to worry. that is god’s will. haile mariam was chosen to deal with the ungrateful ethiopians who can be compared to the rebellious houes of israel, who provoked god to wrath. the old rasta men said they didn’t want to obey the negus negast, so instead mengistu got power from mariam, which is incomprehensible to ordinary humans, to deal with them. not to worry though, a remnant shall be saved. ethiopians are very enamored by western culture, especially this generation. only hard lessons shall demonstrate that they can’t have both: not obeying the law and benefiting from it. the old rasta men said 80,000 careless ethiopians shall fall. in modern terms, millions who spit on the holy tewahedo faith, and desert their faith for sensory pleasures and western political interpretations of governance, which leads to a life of decadence and national deterioration. there is always forgiveness, if the people want it. this upheaval will pass. ancient memories from kingston jamaica. rastafari.

08/05/10 @ 19:58
Comment from: challenger [Visitor]

I see many chauvinist Amharas like elcad whom mengistu forgot to fumigate, rearing their low IQ and contemptuous head on this site.

I just want to remind them that he is still alive and with enough power to put their stinky mouth under an eternal toilet. Folks, never say never because he has done it to your king.

And, this time around both the leftover chauvinist Amharas and the current bedbug chauvinist Tigres will be asked to feast on the people’s waste for feeling and thinking you are better than anyone of them.

I don’t think anyone would argue that Ethiopian’s number one problem has been the backwardness and pettiness of the two dominant cultures (ethnic groups). Therefore, the day a non-northerner comes to power, the day the county will join the 21st century and the rest of the enlightened world.

It’s all about mindset, and some groups are just incompatible with modernity and civilized behavior. Ethiopian-ness has become smallness. In Ethiopia, when I look north, I see incompatibility, backwardness and smallness. I don’t know how long the rest of the country can sit quietly and take it when being led into and kept in the darkness by those who have a very backward culture. The white man says if you break it, you own it. If you are honest enough to admit that Ethiopia is and has been in a very bad shape economically, socially, and politically, you can only blame things on those who presided over and proudly maintained this smallness for centuries. And, there is no other proof than the country’s current condition that we have a culture problem. And the question is whose culture, language, religion, etc that made us the tail of the world while bragging about some cave here and some handy-me-down religion and some donated obelisk there?

Give us your hand, shut your hole and let us lead you out of the hellhole or else let’s go our separate ways. I’m sick and tired of what has become the attitude and culture of that country. Whoever was that professor who said that there is a correlation between poverty and IQ level, I agree with him 100%. The collective IQ of our country has suffered due to the two dominant low IQ cultures and that is so even by Africa’s standard. So the choice is between bragging about the past and living in an eternal darkness as Ethiopians or looking into the future and where the rest of the world is and jumping of the slow moving locomotive of Ethiopian-ness. There is no third choice in the horizon.

The new generation especially is the most morally and behaviorally bankrupt group of people you could find anywhere in the world. At least the old generation had some qualities browed from religious ethos. At this point backwardness has made it into our genes because it follows us wherever we go. Even a 20 years stay in America won’t cure some of us. UGH!

08/05/10 @ 19:58
Comment from: Suzzie [Visitor]

Mengistu Hailemariam being alive to this date and writing a memoir is a big humiliation for TPLF .
TPLF passed a death sentence on Mengistu Hailemariam more than 30 years ago but to the Meles (Legesse) Zenawi’s disapointment Mengistu is still alive and well. Recently Meles (LEGESSE)Zenawi said “Humiliation can be a very powerful motivation for action and therefore I don’t hate the fact that we get humiliated every day … if we feel we deserve to be treated like honourable citizens of the world, then we have to remove the source of that shame. There is no way round it.”

08/05/10 @ 22:40
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

1/ Mengistu is a cold blooded murderer. He has deep seated inferiority complex, and as such everything he did while in power was driven by that evil within him, rather than by cool and collected thinking. The first day he and his friends gave a press conference in Addis, at the former Kubur Zenegna sefer in Jan Meda, the first sentence he said when climbing the podium was, I quote “ezih ager ande sew kodaw yetekkore kenferu yetelek endehone BARYA yebalal.” To which Ato Beaalu Girma, the journalist whispered to his friend “yehae sew seltan yeyaze endehone Keyi Keyui sew andem aleterefem.” Mengistu murdered my father, two of my uncles, my sister, two of my cousins, and many more. All my family were in jail one time or another. I was in for a long time just at age 14. I literally grew up hating him, his friends, and anything that has the remottest closure to him.

2/ But little did I know we were going to face far worse. For me Meles Zenawi is not an Ethiopian. That by simple definition, unlike Mengistu makes him a foreign occupier. He grew up hating Ethiopia. He grew up in a house led by Lemlem of Adiquala, who voted for the dismemberment of Ethiopia. As the saying goes, ye sew lij ewuket ke enat medeja yegemeral. And hate for Ethiopia and Ethiopians is what he was fed growing up. Everything he did, everything he said ever since he showed up in Ethiopian politics clearly supports that. For that, I hate Meles everyday, that I hated Mengistu for 17 years combined. I want to underline that. For those in here who keep on insulting Tigrae/Tigre/Tigrayan etc I have said it before, I will repeat it Newur new tewu beyaealehu. Tsadkan Semaeetat ene Atse Yohanes, Ras Alula, lelochum talalak Ethiopianwuian Tigrae neberu. All you have to do is find their letters and read, you will learn there who is Ethiopian as I did. As for those seceesionist tribal keffafy dogs of MALLT, who come in here about empty progress and how much they love Ethiopia, do not even waste your breath, we know who you are. And I can tell you in a clear mind, you have failed completely in your sick and twisted tehadiso Bolshevism, as your idol mentors did in the Soviet Union. That is why you wore the flag you hated so much, that is why you cry about a country that you despised. You see, you are not but a little spec, a tiny footnote, even that a dark one, in one single page of that great 1,000 page long history of this glorious nation. Your time will come, yan ken anten ayadergegne. Ethiopians hate this maglomaniac monster for the simple reason that he is not Ethiopian. Take Seyoum Mesfin, he is one of the original of this extremist secessionist group. But as disgusting as he is, he is an Ethiopian from Adigrat. He might be part of the occupying group, yet my hatred for him is minimal, because he is wise enough to watch his mouth. But our esteemed Prime Minister, everytime he opens his mouth hate hate hate and more hatred. I was so amazed at his recent interview about his motherland Eritrea. Even after 20 years, he is telling us how “andi hizbi alegeza kalle etc etc.” The ever patriotic Eritrean, and at the same time he insults and ridicules Ethiopia’s heroes like Ras Abebe Aregay. Mind you, his courageous people who did not fire one bullet in fifty years under Italian slavery to be congradulated, while those who made life hell on Earth for the Italians in 5 years occupation in Ethiopia are supposed to be insulted. And they call this monster an Ethiopian, a leader of Ethiopia, a Prime Minister of Ethiopia? Be esat makattele neber engi. You are an occupier, you are hated and despised by the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians, and as such in due time you will be removed. END. Nothing but death between you and us.

08/05/10 @ 22:53
Comment from: Ras Ethiopia [Visitor]
Ras Ethiopia

i would like to see both meles and mengi if they both work indepedently for the country Meles AS a Prime minster and Mengi As Defence Minster for the country with full independent authority ,that is the Ethiopia i would like to see! what do see!!!

08/05/10 @ 23:40
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Challenged -

As I said before you are a low life shit head severely suffers from his self created envy and inferiority complex. Sorry, dude can’t help you to upgrade your slave mentality and wrecked upbringing. Then I advise you to go the hell with your venomous BS. Your problem is beyond fix. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein. I don’t see any thing new from your usual rant and vomit. Keep on repeating your self old maggot. This time I just want to leave you with your lowliness and ethnic grievance to die in vain. I kicked your tiny behind numerous times before now what’s left is for us to meet in person. You are not only bad news but you are also old news. Let me educate your screwed and fanatic brain with a small gift before I am done with you.

Ante dedeb Ahya- there is no Ethnic superiority in Ethiopia. It is just a myth created in the minds of in secure little menaces like yourself. If you continue to believe the source of all your problem is another cast of human group I am afraid you are just a lost bastard never to be recovered.

Your main difficulty is using the concept of ethnicity as a framework for understanding and addressing the conflicts in Ethiopia. First, it is not clear what is meant by the terms “ethnic group,". In the context of Ethiopia , many concepts, such as tribe, and clan, have been used interchangeably with that of ethnic group, and it is very difficult to distinguish between them. A commonly used definition is that an ethnic group is a collectivity of people who share the same primordial characteristics such as common ancestry, language, geographic location and culture. (People have included religion in the category of shared culture.) Ethnicity then refers to the behavior and feeling (about oneself and others) that supposedly emanates from membership of an ethnic group. Just take yourself as a living fat example, you have been very adamant in classifying yourself as victim and accepting others as superior. Dude relax, there is only a class superiority which is based on economic achievements. I don’t care about your moan against Tigres or even Amharas. I am just here to teach you to see your insect soul in different from a different angle. Ok, Ante Alkasha. I hope you get the drift!

08/05/10 @ 23:43
Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]


People, here, are not trying to define who is Ethiopian on a passport, but one’s heart!!! This means, defending the interests of Ethiopia, not benefiting in the name of Ethiopia. All the so called “dev’t endeavors” are the properties of Woyanne leaders, not mainstream Ethiopians. Tell me what percent of all the highrises are owned by non-woyannes and woyannes!!!
Regarding who killed more Ethiopian (lives), Derg did!!! However, the killing is the result of maintaining the ideas of Socialism than Capitalism, which had divided the world into two major political groupings and a nation has to “sign up” to one camp or the other whether it liked it or not!!!! Meles has no such external political pressure to survive and stay in power, but because of minority representation in his national political agenda, he chose to stir “some political myths of woyanne/shabia creation” to survive and loot through the prevailing confusions. Therefore, Mengistu was evil killer of Ethiopians for Marxism and Meles is evil killer of Ethiopannnes and Ethiopians for his personal hatred and greed. This makes Meles the worst evil for Ethiopians!! I was never a supporter of the dergue, but was a victim and faced jail terms on trumped-up charges and freed after a year without appearing at any court.

08/05/10 @ 23:43
Comment from: foxnews [Visitor]

During his 17-year reign, tens of thousands of people were killed, tortured or detained and about 700,000 peasants were forcibly resettled in an effort to cut off support for rebels in the north.

08/06/10 @ 00:41
Comment from: foxnews [Visitor]

1937: Born in Walayitta, Ethiopia.

* 1966: Graduates from military academy.

* 1974: Takes part in bloody coup that overthrows the government of Emperor Haile Selassie. The officers rule through a junta known as the Derg, or ‘committee’.

* 1977: Mengistu takes control of the Derg following a power struggle. He shoots a fellow officer who wants to make peace with the province of Eritrea which is seeking independence. He hopes to turn Ethiopia into a Soviet-style workers’ state.

* 1977-78: Mengistu is involved in the killing of nearly 2,000 people during a campaign known as the Red Terror.

* 1984: As one million people die from famine, Mengistu is preparing celebrations marking the tenth anniversary of the Derg coming to power.

* 1991: Rebels led by Meles Zenawi, now Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, depose Mengistu. He flees to Zimbabwe, where he lives a lavish, if reclusive life, in exile.

08/06/10 @ 00:51
Comment from: tazabi [Visitor]

those of you talking about how much you love this guy, please tell me one thing. would you love a man who killed your uncle and ask your family to pay for the bullet that was used to kill him with so you can get his body? i doubt it

08/06/10 @ 01:05
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

“And the question is whose culture, language, religion, etc that made us the tail of the world while bragging about some cave here and some handy-me-down religion and some donated obelisk there?”

Dear Challenger,
All people of the world are proud of the chinese walls,Babels tower, the pyramids in Egypt or Mexico and also the Empire State in New York as mankinds treasure.
We Ethiopians are also proud of many treasures like our Temple in Yeha, our Obelisks in Axum and our Churchs in Lalibela. And all the GEDAMS from DEBRE-BIZEN over DEBRE-DAMO until DEBRE-LIBANOS are part of our heritage. So, historicaly we are equal with all people, who have worked history. So that we are also equal with all others in the present and future times, of course we have to build many Empire States for productions all over Ethiopia from DEDEBIT until MOYALE with out any MATTLALAT of our historical treasures.

08/06/10 @ 02:03
Comment from: Man to Man [Visitor]
Man to Man

Mengistu is the worst human being that is still alive. He is responsible for getting Ethiopia 100 years backward. He butchered and killed little children, mothers and daughters. He should be compared to Hitler, Mussolini, and the likes. Yet some of you ignorant call this shit a hero???
Your hero, patriotic Ethiopian run away to another country like a dog with his tile between his leg,.
Your hero, patriotic Ethiopian sold his own people and collected money as ransom from them to leave the country to Israelis.
Your hero, patriotic Ethiopian slaughtered his own military commanders in front of their troops for disagreeing on war strategy with him. No wonder the troops gave up fighting against TPLF/EPRDF army.
And finally it’s because of your hero, patriotic Ethiopian Mengistu the current government is in power. So if you hate the current government, you should hate this evil dictator who is responsible for all of what’s wrong to our country.

08/06/10 @ 02:18
Comment from: Gadissa [Visitor]

This stupid blood sacker man should be brought to Haag.Murderer bastard!!

08/06/10 @ 03:11
Comment from: Lele [Visitor]

I love menga he is the real etiopian who aver hate menga is only tigeray pepel we etiopian we love menge sobite.

08/06/10 @ 03:24
Comment from: Lele [Visitor]  

We etiopian love menge he is the real etiopin who loves heis cantery and he is 100% etiopian how now is etiopian pepel pane .not meles 1/2 etiopian 1/2 eritrian how didn’t feall our pean .long liive menge much more love ato menge.

08/06/10 @ 03:46
Comment from: Lele [Visitor]  

From LELE. We etiopian love menge he is the real etiopin who loves heis cantery and he is 100% etiopian how now is etiopian pepel pane .not meles 1/2 etiopian 1/2 eritrian how didn’t feall our pean .long liive menge much more love ato menge.

08/06/10 @ 03:57
Comment from: CNN [Visitor]

We love u mengistu haile maraim
True ethiopians people love u mengistu.

08/06/10 @ 04:28
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]

I see in the prior, a serious Nazret contrbutor’s pen this time an inward looking mind –self criticism – to the collective self; a U Turn, an introspective search?

Does self criticism help? Yess, but I still don’t believe, Ethiopians have the lowest IQ grades on Earth - as hungry people and with the lowest GDP on Earth they are - like that confused Nip once stated in a leading British psychology journal. Psychology, as a matter of fact is not (pure/exact) science as it is made of half science and half social theories, every body is free of telling speculative stories. As to the Ethiopian youth not seriousness, it is the hard fact. According me one should at young age learn and experience, many many things, including taking moral and ethics in the first self image & characteristics wagon. But it is to no avail, s/he is not there. I no more boast of the ‘original great Ethiopian culture’, after I have seen how the Ethiopian youth behave in big social events. Ethiopians have great things but unless they admit and take the crashing course of applying it to ‘new times’ we are a lost case.

08/06/10 @ 04:30
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]

Mengistu was thee Cannibal who ate so many youth day and night. How dare anyone compare this beast with Meles the great? Shame on you haters.

08/06/10 @ 05:29
Comment from: yonas [Visitor]

I’am surprised how do people compare the regime of Derge and EPRDF;it seems to me that there is something missing in our thoughts,we don’t know what we write and say:i think we ethiopians need a proper thinking to appreciate and to comlain i hardly know that horrible era of Mengestu (i only know through books);but the books i read were written both by the officials from Mengestus time and those who suffered that time and from people of EPRDF,i totally disagree that horrible warfare mentality of the stupide Mengestu Hailemariam:the only word i have as far as he is concerned is ruthless,cruel and nonsense killer,

The other question i alwayse pose is when do we agree at certain point of our nation;please Ethiopians let’s not blow with the wind;let’s be rensponsible for our words and deeds

God bless ethiopia

08/06/10 @ 06:11
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]

Tegist Bahru,

I appreciate your comment that you posted criticizing some idiot by the name Abebe. The likes of these Abebe just ruins every body’s day. I just wonder what the price is to blindly hate someone.

May God open the minds of hateful people.

08/06/10 @ 07:18
Comment from: gennet [Visitor]

Oh, it’s so embarrasing to read most of the comments. So full of hate and division. What’s all this talk about true Ethiopian are like this and like that. Most of all I don’t like sentences, which start with ‘We Ethiopians’, nobody is chosen here to speak for the others. I myself say, Mengistu (so revolted to write his name), is not a human -being but just the plain evil. He should just be silent. And the lady, who is giving him a platform, to dissiminate his platitudes should really rethink, what she is doing.

08/06/10 @ 07:41
Comment from: peace for Ethio [Visitor]
peace for Ethio

Peace for all of us

Ok what we are thalking about our leaders are i am agree with all of you b/s we all sufur with thos two mens any way to love Mengistu there is a reson & to love Meles also there
a reson.any for those killed by really Mengistu was murderer we pray to them God put them to his right and killing by this Government also b/s they all are our family and Mama Ethiopias children.
I think the most important thing is for us as Ethiopian We Love each other,respect each other,help & understand each other is better.we people there is one thing we must remember (who is chocing to born from which reigon, from which family no body chocing so why we are thalking about this thing,Please as i say if we are worrid our nationality we stand for unite this generation has alot of home work ok?so we stand who need modern Ethiopia we show our love to our People & our country AS God say ask Me & i can give.then we ask him which we want & God will give us.God Bless us
Love each other as HE LOVES US.

08/06/10 @ 10:38
Comment from: Gezaee [Visitor]

What is the difference between Mengistu and Meles?

1. Mengistu:

killed his generals
killed all Ethiopians
killed Tigrean with more killing
He tried to impose communism
Denied Ethiopians to babtize their children
He wished to wipe out our culture in favour of an alien ideology called communism.

What about Meles:

He land-locked Ethioia by
forcing UN to do that.
He is the first person to
declare Eritrea is a counntry.
He demanded Sudan to recognize Eritrea as a country.
He forced EU, OAU, UN, … to land-lock Ethiopia.

He killed Ethiopian university
students for opposing the land-
locking of their country and
opposing the visit of an enemy
Botros B. Gali. Meles shot them
with live bullets.

He introdued ethnic politics, now Ethiopians are discriminated against each other. One now has to pay money to go to ethnic countries within Ethiopia.

Meles cheated Ethiopians by saying Ethiopia will use free port from Eritrea. But he was paying in secret to Shabia Ethiopian taxpayers money.

Meles now pays 1 billion dollar to Djibouti for port services. That is the poor peoples’ money?

Meles pays 1 million dollar a day to lookafter the soldiers who are watching shabia.
Meles betrayed his 200000 soldies and aborted Ethiopian victory over shabia. How many soldiers died? rough estimate, 100 000?

1 million dollar a day * 30 days = 30 million dollar each month *12 months 3.6 billion each year *13 years = 46.8 billion dollars Ethiopia spent after Meles aborted the war in 1998 and took Ethiopia to Europe to be judged by his slave masters.

How much did Ethiopia spend on port services in past the 20 years/

Let us calculate it? say Ethiopia was paying 1 billion dollar to Shabia befor the war? 1 billion * 8 years = 8 billion + 12 years* 1 billion with Djibouti = 12 billion years.

Total port service fees Ethiopia paid so far = 8 + 12 = 20 billion dollars.
Total cost = 46.8 + 20 = 66.8 billion dollars. This is the expense incurred on the Ethiopian people.

Let us say Invest this 66.8 billion in a bank with an interest of 15 % for the next 20 years

P = P( I + 1 ) ^N = 66.8(1 + 0.15)^20 = 1.093284698 trillion dollars. But in Ethiopia, I know we do not know our costs and benefits. We just say Meles, Meles,…

Can we estimate the lives of the 100,000 people he betrayed in the battle field in term of money? no,

The other thing, Meles killed his own generals the same as Mengustu did
. Mengistu killed his generals and Meles did.

What is the difference between them?

1. Mengistu does not speak well engish.
2. Mengistu does not beg as Meles do
3. Mengistu strongly believe in the unity of the country and there is no ethnic problem apart the one inherited from his predecessors.

4. Mengistu does not speak Tigrignea

5. Mengistu targed Tigrean after all Ethiopians got killed, that could be because of Meles.

What about Meles?

1. He killed his generals
2. He believes Ethiopia has 100 years history
3. He imported Latin in place of Geez. While Armaneans and others far nations imported from Ethiopia Geez.

4. He hates any Ethiopians
5. He killed Tigreans by taking to fight for Shabia in Nakfa.
6. he loves begging too much for money.

I do not see the difference between these two people honestly. May be Mengistu have killed many people. But crime is crime. The number does not matter. A country must be lead by criminals. How can criminal bring justice, freedom to people? A criminal can never be a good model for justice. How can Meles give freedom, justice to other Ethiopians if he could not give to his generals? his generals spent thier entire life in the caves of Tigray, after passing all those wars of the 17 years, he gunned them down in addis in bars, in clubs? how can such a person even develop a country? What is actually development if those are the virtues of the leader? what is really development for who? it does not make sense at all? How can I give freedom to others if I gun down those who fought for it? I am being sincer? I do not to speak Tigrignea to violate the rights of those who fought for freedom? No matter what development stories you tell me I do not beliee Meles has good intention from the onset. For some reasons, Meles has a very distorted moral of development.

08/06/10 @ 11:10
Comment from: Jegna [Visitor]

Shewarega [Visitor]

I am sorry your loss and as usual a very balanced comment my brother. I wish these people realize that when they spread this hate and division they are doing exactly what the people they hate want them to do. There is no Ethiopia with out any ethnic group and no ethnic group can exists without Ethiopia. The heart is the most crucial organ in humans yet it is rendered absolutely useless outside of the body.

challenger [Visitor] said:

I see many chauvinist Amharas like elcad whom mengistu forgot to fumigate, rearing their low IQ and contemptuous head on this site.

It’s all about mindset, and some groups are just incompatible with modernity and civilized behavior. Ethiopian-ness has become smallness.

You should challenge the hate and hypocrisy you have inside you for your fellow Ethiopians.

08/06/10 @ 11:11
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]

I thought that the Mengestu era was gone.But,after reading many commentators views I realized that the center of the argument here isn’t about the two men of (Melese & Mengestu) and their leaderships.Instead the debate leaned(turned) a power challenges of between the two ethnics and,regardless of the true resume’s of both men it’s obvious that either group blindly will side and fully supporting their man.So it seems to me still the envy based ethnicity where still high in Ethiopia and yet our citizens blindly give their support whoever they came from same village,no matter what, a bad/good is that person the full support the same villagers is granted.Guess,what other Ethiopians also in their minds?I think they already made up their minds and know what good for Ethiopia and for their futures.However,while nonsense many arguing and wasting their times,hopefully a democratic Ethiopia masses,their potential power voices will soon casting and that will be deciding the future of the new Ethiopia.

Ironically,both men have had their due effects on this country and each man becomes concerned with the effectiveness to do some reforms and made their legacy contributions which of course changed old Ethiopia into todays new Ethiopia.It wasn’t an easy task to either leader fulfilling such difficulty job but I believed it was an obligated duty to both leaders.M Mengestu killed and crashed that fascist old monarchy systems and Melese brought up freedoms for all ethnic Ethiopians to rule themselves despite of still Ethiopia lacking the true genuine democratic systems but again its undeniable that the democracy is taking places in Ethiopia.Of course,"Rome never built a night” and that Ethiopia 20 years old democratic is incomparable to the western countries 200 years old democratic systems.Therefore,the contributions of the current leader,PM Melse is undeniable.Thus,both men,they should and must had taken the hard decisions to lead the country through that painful process way which made Ethiopia to be reformed as we see it today of that “new modernized” federations of Ethiopia.

However,during this hardship times,obviously there were a lot of causality crimes happened and the negative impacts of that revolution process will be going on along us and it will be remained until infinitive times.

Also,be known that regardless who is the leader at the times,a such causalities were none avoidable waits to any leader and despite whoever is the leader,surely whenever Ethiopia ready to reshape it was a compulsory way that waits Ethiopia to go through.

Viva the New democratic federation Ethiopia.

08/06/10 @ 13:18
Comment from: Quality [Visitor]

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to the Diaspora if you didn’t have these outlets to come and dump your frustration. The only use for these kinds of websites is to make you feel good about yourselves thinking that you matter in Ethiopian Politics.
I’ve got news for you since you don’t seem to get it after 2 decades. Ethiopia is moving forward whether you are onboard or not. You can write the most outrageous and stupid comment at the end of every article but that is not going to change a tiny bit. Feel free to march around the white house with your leader Artis Tamagn Beyene (A long time Diaspora scholar on Ethiopian Politics…lol) but again it is going to be the same old senseless scream.

Ethiopia is heading in the right direction. I know most of you are salivating to get a piece of these rapid development and business opportunities in Ethiopia but you are so coward to go back and do something useful with your time. 20 years have passed some of your so-called leaders passed away and some of them came to their senses. On the other hand, you are still singing the same hatred anthem over and over again. The saddest thing is that, you will die crying and you will have nothing to be proud of. Can you mention a single productive contribution in the past 20 yrs since EPRDF came to power other than spreading negative news and demonstrating on the streets of DC and other western countries?

You don’t have that many days left before you pass away. The choice is yours. Keep doing what you are doing now for the next 20 more years and die on foreign soil with nothing to be proud of, or man up and take the first step to take on the challenges on the ground. At least you already know the outcome of the former option. You already hit a wall and nothing is happening. If you come to your senses and do something productive with your time, that I believe is an exciting option because the opportunities are endless and you will have something nice on your biography rather than ‘he was a regular attendee of demonstrations for the past 40 yrs’. Wake up for your own good! Leave politics for the few sharp individuals, Meles being the top on the list.

08/06/10 @ 13:56
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]


I can feel your frastration while dealing with such hateful, lifeless loser called “Challenger.” This person is consummed by anger and hatred and does not get it through his thick scull. You, my brother, have been so patient to put up with this little warm for so long. Like you said it all in your comment above, this lunatic named, “challenger” is mentally unbalanced, out control and beyond repaire.

May God help him to go six feet under.

08/06/10 @ 14:17
Comment from: Anbessaw [Visitor]  

I laugh at you all who praise Mengistu. He was the most brutal, short sighted,ignorant and cruel leader at his time. God gave him an ample of time where he could have led this country to its greatness while those bandits would have buried in the jungle. He was busy of killing and putting hundreds and thousands of innocent Ethiopians for no reason except his power. At the time the majority of us praid so that “the end of his rule may happen sooner and let any! any even the devil replace him so that he will just be removed” and …then I thing God heard our prayer and we are having the answer of our prayer! another butchers in another method! separatists, racist and narrow minded tribalists. Let us not pray again for the worst, our wish might become true and the suffering will be endless! Mengistu is the only cause of our never ending suffering, no one else! Let him suffer his sleepless night every each day!

08/06/10 @ 14:38
Comment from: ANCIENT TIGRAY [Visitor]

98% Ethiopia History Belongs To The Worldly Known Heros,Creatives,Tigers Braves,Beautiful PEOPLE OF TIGRAY.

Long Live Ancient Tigray!

08/06/10 @ 14:38
Comment from: Mariam [Visitor]

there are 85 million of us and all we can concern ourselves with is Mengestu and Meles.

I think we should work together to effect positive change in our country. How many of us are engaged in making a positive change in Ethiopia? If you are not, then please don’t bother writing more.

I see no point in this discussion point, we need to move forward. Why resurrect an old era? Help me understand. We are letting down all those loved one that died in the past 30 years…

Certainly one needs to know history so as not to repeat the mistakes but not dwell and live in history. The moment is where the power and the energy lies.

08/06/10 @ 14:45
Comment from: gennet [Visitor]

Lele, please use your time to learn basic language skill, ok! before you bombard us with ‘I love the ‘evil guy’ statements … ridicilous and dumb.

08/06/10 @ 14:55
Comment from: gennet [Visitor]

Extraterrestrial and elcad,

I completely agree with you!

To call this evil person patriotic etc… is just showing dumbness and ignorance. This is not the topic to compare, different, each in his own way ‘dictatorial’ regime.

But concerning this evil guy, we know what he has done, the others with their own record of genocide will follow.

Commentators, please allow people, who have lost their beloved, to show their grief and respect for the dead.

People who have lost their father, mother , sister, brother, uncle etc… are not formeost concerned with politics. They are concerned and deeply angry- frustated-traumatized-, that 1 person was able to blow out the life light of people, because he had the authority. And that’s what this ‘person’ did.

For me, I say it again, this guy is just evil. I hope, his life is everyday disturbed in his mind. And those of you, who praise him, think twice before you praise this ’something’. Someday, -I do not hope that for you-, you might experience that yourself!

I’m disappointed about your comment here, I always thought you are a intellignet guy.

08/06/10 @ 15:18
Comment from: bekele bachero [Visitor]
bekele bachero

It is interesting to see the children of Mengistu and its Benefactors rallying behind the butcher.
My God, what is happening? So soon.. they forget, they trivialize the atrocities of their adored leader - a renowned Fascist who killed a generation. I lost hope when their “charismatic” leader denied his crime when he said “I haven’t even killed a fly”.
At least Meles explained intellectually and logically why Eritrea has gone its way. No lie… no denial. However unacceptable we may find it, Eritrean people decide for themselves not others (i.e Ethiopians). In the coming referendum of Southern Sudan (Nile republic), only south Sudan people decide for themselves not northern Sudan Arabs. Let’s accept reality, Eritrea has gone and peaceful Ethiopia is better now without Eritrea or its ports or see shores.
Although the Emperor is partly or may be in the source of the Eritrean problem, it was during your adored leader Mengistu HM the Eritrean problem reached its peak where it was no longer possible to sustain Eritrea within greater Ethiopia or correct the massive damage derge/mengistu has done. It was just too late. The largest black army had crumbled and its ‘Hero’ and now the Idol of extremist and children of derg in Diaspora had fled unceremoniously. At least mengistu was clever, he fooled his followers. However its an enigma the gullible followers are still following him. Mengistu must be a con artist.

08/06/10 @ 15:24
Comment from: Abeb [Visitor]

These Woyane hoodlums are “Ethiopian” as long as they can loot our resources from our staving children. They are “Ethiopians” as long as they can kill our children. They will stay “Ethiopian” as long as they can put political descents in jail (they have jailed Birtukan Mideksa). They are Ethiopians as long as they can stay in power borrow money from China and pocket half of it.
But the moment they loose power their true nature will glare up for the word to see. Then they will say “we are Tigrians, ready to bring back the Old Glory of The Axumite Empire.”
So my fellow Ethiopians (I mean the true Ethiopians) aren’t these Woyanes the cockroaches, and the rats in our kitchen. I hope one day these cockroaches will leave our country and build their own Tigre Empire with their leader the midget R’Teran monkey.
Then we will be free from oppression and tribalism, we will be free from human right abuse in the hands of the Chigaram Bandas. Their fathers were bandas their mothers were prostitutes their children are robbers and they claim to be Ethiopian until the looting is stopped.
Well I have to go and wash the cars to make a living…. Is it not better that looting form staving children, and pay some bandas like Molla? Helen? God they come in different names and brands.

08/06/10 @ 15:32
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]


I am sure your story is just absolutely fake; how can somebody love the killer of his own father? I really prefer 100 % ‘imperial body guard’, who stands, comments and defends his preferance, without saying as you do : my relatives where shot dead’, but I don’t mind, I’m just labbering my ususal sentences again and again…’ Lasta you are just embaressing.


again thanks for your deep emotions and expression! I feel the same!

08/06/10 @ 15:46
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

I think the f*n and mentally screwed up Challenger [Challenged] must be Mengistu’s illegitimate son. That’s why he cries like a freaking baby every time this Lenbocham Mengistu pops up from his hide out dungeon. I don’t really care about Meles Zenawi. I made myself clear about what I feel about this current maggot. As one of the bloogers said I agree Meles is not Ethiopian and doesn’t represent my value. However if Meles is not Ethiopian well Mengistu is not a human being. Which one is worst?

08/06/10 @ 15:55
Comment from: [Member]

hey mr. bekele bachero,

I liked your North and South Sudan example. What is taking you so long to implemet that in Ethiopia?

Tell your dumbass leader that we would love him too if he joins Eritrea while at it.

Just pack up and go join Eritrea. And on your way out, take your small brother with you. Thanks!


08/06/10 @ 17:05
Comment from: [Member]

Mr Shewarega,

You are almost like a broken record repeating again and again what Mengistu said and did to your kin.

When are you going to tell us what your parents had done to 50 million Ethiopians for centuries?

If it’s lack of information, I can summarize it for you. I’m sure no web site has enough storage to list all of it. We may need to create a database cluster like Google to store all that atrocity for future reference and safe storage.

What goes around comes around, brother. And let that be a lesson to all those who are bloated with sense of invincibility. Ethiopia is not your daddy’s backyard. It’s a very dangerous place. So tread with care.


08/06/10 @ 17:27
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Mengistu’s legacy is a legacy of innate stupidity and murderous rampage by a cannibalistic cave man. He lost is right to call himself an Ethiopian citizen, nor should he be allowed to benefit from publishing his criminal account.
Those of you, who choose to buy his trash, need to know that you are nothing but an accomplice of a genocidal regime. One day his dead body will be dragged on the streets of Addis.

08/06/10 @ 17:31
Comment from: Lasta [Visitor]

Emebate Gennet,
I never said my father was part of the 60 aristocrats murdered by Mengistu. My father was murdered by Mengistu’s supporters and not directly ordered by him. And when my father was murdered in a small town which was founded by my great, great, great Grand Father and uncle just a few miles from Lalibela I was already in the west.

Emebate Gennet, I never expected such a comment towards me from an intelligent Ethiopian like you. If I wasn’t clear in my comment, my apology. But please don’t stop from challenging me if you think my comments are not consistent or shaky.

08/06/10 @ 17:39
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Hey Challenger, I would rather not put a smile on baby éclad’s face but you are absolutely wrong about Mengistu. Mengistu is nothing short of archaic baboon and he should have been kept in a zoo at birth. He is a disgrace to the human race.

08/06/10 @ 17:39
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

Abeb [Visitor]:” Then they will say “we are Tigrians, ready to bring back the Old Glory of The Axumite Empire.” “

AYZOGN-AYZOH; as far as “my” TCHINGAF SIGIBGIBOCH and “your” HODDAMS MA’ITEB YELESHOCH are in power, this will never happen!!!


08/06/10 @ 18:42
Comment from: [Member]


Isn’t it ironic that he ended up to be the one who kept you in Dedebit zoo for your entire teenage years, instead? I’m sure that is where you were born. And it won’t be long before you say home sweet home, again. Just for the sake of argument though, what good is it to be a human being if your intelligence level is no better than that of animal? You may resemble an intelligent creature but I’m sure your effective IQ will proudly place you with the primates you grew up with. I will take a baboon any day of week over subhumans from your neck of the woods.


08/06/10 @ 19:27
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]

Dear Lasta,

sorry, if I have offended you, that was really not my intention. I just get very much upset, when I read the name of this guy and I understood- from your comment-, that you excuse his evil deeds, eventhough…. You are entiteld to your opinion, as all of us are. I appreciate your comments. Really sorry, you have found a way to deal with your los and that’s good.


well come back!!! Although we have very different opinions, the ones about this evil guy match. Apart from that, I just like your ranting, but please keep it decent:))).

08/06/10 @ 20:29
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]


thank you soooo much!! You said it and period!

08/06/10 @ 20:42
Comment from: [Member]


It seems like you are crying for help from anyone. Take it easy sister; I didn’t mean to drive you into deep psychosis. But rest assured that there is more in the tank if the need arise again. In case you don’t know, it’s a badge of honor for anyone to be looked down by you know who. You are immaterial in our book!


08/06/10 @ 21:28
Comment from: wediraya [Visitor]

Hello Gashe ….Are you guys blind or deaf I am just having a hard time to breath, he ( Mengistu ) is going to be honest in his life time and he is going to say SORY. I think the people of Ethiopia deserve that word. Please Menge Just say it/////
Who ever hairs Tigryans to bad deal with it and get it out of your head. What did they do the people of Tigray. I do not have a problem if you do not like Ehadeg or TPLF but not the people. All the people of Ethiopia need to be respect despite of what is their origin. I respect to those who have and give their respect to one another.

08/06/10 @ 21:33
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Challenger, I am afraid that baby eclad might be right. If you are related to Mengistu, I would say you would make it to my list of those who would have scared the living daylight out of the midwife at birth. My friend, Dedebit gave you back your basic human right and you don’t have to prostrate on all fours to a midget tribal king and or a low life ignorant baboon.

08/06/10 @ 21:42
Comment from: Man to Man [Visitor]
Man to Man


Please, Please, Please take an ESL class or just don’t write.

08/06/10 @ 22:21
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

It is ironic to see two bootlickers of a different kinds are engaging in a cat fight. These two old prostitutes are a typical face of what’s wrong with Ethiopia and Ethiopian politics. Hey, Challenged and the old Woyane one eyed dog [Lekakamiew]- Why divorcing now when proposition 8 is coming to reality?

08/06/10 @ 22:41
Comment from: God Bless EPLF [Visitor]
God Bless EPLF

Shut up Mengistu!
Respect the Eritreans who are the one who fought hard and kicked you out of the Minilik palace.
The only mistake the Eritreans did was off course to put the Weyanes at the palace. For that they can accept your criticism. If you do not shut up, they may come to Zimbabwe and kick you and mugabe’s a$$.

08/06/10 @ 22:44
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

I recently watched when model Naomi Campbell testifies on the trial of Charles Taylor. This reminded me the question that When do the Ethiopian people see the butcher of Addis on the same stand? This is probably a good place to start in pressing the government of Zimbabwe to extradite this coward monster and let him face the music. A couple of years ago, Nigeria has set unprecedented and remarkable example by handing over Charles Taylor, the dictator of Liberia, to the United Nations so he would stand trial for his crimes against the people of that country. The Nigerian people and their leadership deserve the fullest admiration by all those who stand for justice throughout the world. This action with out a doubt send clear message to all dictators and their bootlickers. Nigeria’s commendable action clearly indicates that those days when dictators would bleed their people, and nations’ resources and retire in luxury at some safe places are finally coming to end. Africa is coming of age.

It is my fervent hope that the government of Zimbabwe would learn the right lesson from the courageous and principled action taken by Nigeria by handing over this vicious criminal. This decision needs to be based on moral and doing the right thing. It is bitter to see the same evil who was responsible for slaughtering of millions dares to write a memoir to cover his vicious crime in his fake and disingenuous way and enrich himself from the book’s royalty. Allowing this to happen is again another slap on the face to his dead victims, whose voice were silenced by this monster’s barbaric action.

Understandably, Ethiopians in the diaspora and in the country prefer to put the case of Mengistu’s murderous past under the radar on the basis of the argument that the current crisis in Ethiopia and Woyan’s dangerous trend should command the full focus of the public’s attention. However, unless killers, thieves and thugs such as Mengistu are brought to justice, our indifference would likely result in breeding current and future vicious dictators. With out traveling much every one needs to look the trend of Meles and his cohorts. They are turning themselves in to notorious dictators. The latest 99.5% election fiasco supports this fact and came short of braking the 100% election victory held by none other than Mengistu. This is not to deny the sacrifice paid by some members of TPLF to bring this monster down.

Luckily, I was a young teen during this monster’s tenure. But, my family as well as so many others have the scar to show. Genocide is perpetrated by Mengistu Hailemariam. Under his watch women are raped, many were forced to leave their home and an Incredible savagery was performed beyond human’s imagination. This was regardless of any racial, class and ethnic barrier. This means Mengistu and his comrades were enemy of the people. If you were not with them you are against them therefore every one must be destroyed if suspected of being impediment for their absolute rule and looting. I just don’t know how a man/woman with a slight conscious would deny this bitter fact. The so called myth of Mengistu as “true Ethiopian” is an abuse and disrespect for so many honorable people who called themselves as Ethiopian. This coward didn’t even have the last breath and the ball to face the consequence and escaped in day light. Then, show me any dictionary which links Mengistu and courage. He was a fesam fertachi Baria and would remain as such in the history book.

08/06/10 @ 22:47
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Genet -

I agree with you. The event speaks the truth and most of the empty talk here is just empty. I thank you for your support.

08/06/10 @ 22:56
Comment from: [Member]

Lekim, being on any stinky tigres’ list is something to be proud of. And I don’t want to disappoint you, eclad and Solomon Tekalegn saying your groundhog “leader” wasn’t married to a MAN called Azeb Mesfin. So much for his looks. As for prostration, it was over long before (17 years) you got to town thanks to those who refused to bow down to another human being, unlike the spineless loyal servants who hail from your land and who didn’t know what life would be like after Haile. Last time I checked, the revolution came and went while you are standing with one leg and carrying stone on your head for the long dead Menelik. And ever since you made it to town thanks to some chauvinist generals, we are fighting the last re-run of the feudal and tribal mindset. South is where tribalism goes to die, my friend. But I’m not going to lie to you by saying that in the end we gonna build a toilet on top of Meles’ mouth – nature has already taken care of that.

08/06/10 @ 23:28
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

The only expression that can fit Mengistu Haile Mariam’s rule is the Hobbesian conceptualization of the ‘the Sovereign’ that turned the once moral, ethical and God fearing society to ‘animal nature’ by crating the condition of ‘state of war’ throughout Ethiopia motivated by ‘own self-interest’ derived by deep insecurity and fear. The general outcome of his rule on the society becomes “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

I will not believe it both in this world and the world to come that Mengestu can write a book, he can’t. Hitler has some knowledge and patience to write his book Mein Kampf by which Hitler at least he told the world his own personal life history and his political ideology no matter how wrong he was, but was able to explain why he acted the way he does. I don’t think our Ethiopian monkey have any thing to tell the world, he might have some information he could tell the world on the way he kills at least some of the big figures, but again I don’t believe he will tell the truth unless he is hypnotized to the extent of his will to lie is completely broken down.

The only contribution Mengestu can make to humanity is to hand over himself for a scientific study on the psychology and physiology of an extreme case of a criminal mind.

Concerning his cadres in the Diaspora world they are insignificant as they are only sycophants.

08/06/10 @ 23:32
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. But then again its not the first time I faced you. I have seen you in jail at age 14/15, and definately recall the Katikala breath. Don’t you have enough people to insult in here. From all I see, you are besieged from four corners, why include me? I forgave Mengistu long time ago. It was the one and only way I could move forward. Have you ever done that to anyone in your entire life? After going away from this site for so long, you appear again battling with the same people, what does that talk about who you are? kKimegna?
My dear, talking about me was not enough you insult my ancestors too? Enersu eko, ende ante ena ende Mengistu be gwaro ber yesheshu sewoch endaymesluh. They paid the ulitmate price, whereever, and whenever it was needed, and have brought this country free and united to the current generation. I think the question should be who allowed Ethiopia to fall in this current situation. Sele derowochu mawrat, afe ekul gulbet senkul yetebalew teret yehonal. Yeberetta yanae tegegnetto memagat nebere.

Lekim, good to see you, don’t be a stranger in here. No matter how disagreeable we need to know your thoughts too.

08/07/10 @ 00:44
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


Its ok brother, we learn, we move forward.
I was not the only one, millions suffered the same fate. I remember one man around Gehhbi Gabriel had six kids killed. We lost a whole generation then, the best and the brightest.

08/07/10 @ 00:47
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Hey Eclad, you watched the testimony of an ugly witch, so what? Who are you trying to impress? Every time I see her and your comrade Mengistu (including his some, your friend Challenger) I can’t help it but barf my breakfast.

08/07/10 @ 01:20
Comment from: Man to Man [Visitor]
Man to Man

Thank you elcad,

I could not agree more with your assissment. Mengistu is a coward who abused his power and killed mother, daughter, and little kids. What I don’t understand is the many air heads in this forum that support such a tyrant mad dog. This people are either brain dead or luck the very essence of common sense.

08/07/10 @ 04:13
Comment from: bekele bachero [Visitor]
bekele bachero

Mr. Challenger

What a wrong name you have chosen absouletely incompatible with what you performed.You are confused what to say typical of Mengistu’s last years in power.I am sure even your idol Mengistu would have buried you under his toilet. The people of south Sudan are not Fesam or do not cry foul like you. They fought for their right, they got it;unlike confused “challenger", a useful idiot for Mengistu and his henchmen.

08/07/10 @ 06:29
Comment from: MACK [Visitor]

Hey SATENAW OR SEYTANU I don’t think it is worth it to answer for a mentally challenged person like you in this forum. Best advice, check a psychiatrist.

08/07/10 @ 13:01
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

The midget R’teran monkey Meles land locked Ethiopia and celebrated that “victory” with the his R’terans God Father Issays in The Royal Palas. The Tigres including the looser Seye Abraha (the opportunist) cheered their R’teran Monkey Meles .Do you Monkey lovers above think Mengist Hailemariam will allow that? Ofcourse not because he is an Ethiopian. Ofcourse WE Ethiopians know that Assab And Massawa BELOG to Afar (Ethiopia) not Tigres.
The Tigres did celebrate the loose of our rightful access to the see.
No Ethiopian celebrate losing our land and our ports to R’tera or Tigre. They keep forgetting that it is a matter of time before we liberate Assab And Masswa it belongs to Afas (Ethiopia) NOT cockroaches Tigres.

Melen the midget R’teran monkey affirmed, his God Father in ASS”mara just a few years a go that there won’t be any gorilla movement in Ethiopian soil to overthrow Issayas. The Tigres race spported him again.
Would Mengist do that? Ofcourse not he is an Ethiopian.

The monkey went to Ogaden 17 years or so ago, gave a speech telling them they can secede if they chose because it is their national right. A few years later he discovered there might be some oil or gas and changed his mind about the cessation of Ogaden. Now the midgte R’teran monkey is fighting to keep Ogaden Part of Ethiopia.
Would Mengitu tell the people of Ogaden to secede?
We can go on and on, non stop, why Mengistu is much superior to this R’teran monkey Meles.
Megitu has killed a lot of Ethiopians more than the rats of R’tera and Tigre combined. He did that with out RACE. But because of his even handedness and because of the love of his country we LOVE him.Frustrated monkey lovers above brand some of us as MENGISTU LOVER, MEGISUS ELEGITIMATE SON …on and on. I would say I ould rather be Menge Lover than unEthipian Midget R’tera monkey lover. My question for monkey lovers above is this.

08/07/10 @ 14:01
Comment from: Shakelaw [Visitor]

TPLF with out melles will be full of gorella fighters and melles is talkactive racist layer and who care about tigrayans who don’t care about Ethiopians

gorelia fighters and melles is a good

08/07/10 @ 14:10
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]


hmm.., what was that…, sorry I didn’t understand your sensless riddle. Anyway, take it easy and just relax you are the one, who is spinnig out of mind here. BTW, previously one commentator, had the same thought: are you the hidden son of this evil?

All the best to you

08/07/10 @ 14:18
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Aboy Wosfatam Lekim - When you come out with your true confused soul I can’t help it but agree with you. That is why your resentment towards Naomi and other beauties are well understood by me. It appears your admiration for beauty ends with those Dedebit Tegadelties half women, even the crack on their feet is big enough for tin set. Hey bozo, are you confusing Naomi with Azeb?

08/07/10 @ 14:20
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]


what you wrote about Shewarega showed, that you are just in-human and sick. But Shewarega proudly, showed his class in his reponse. You are no match to him.

08/07/10 @ 14:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

:)):crazy:The brain washed TPLF leba cadre extraterrestral(a very dedicated nickname for an invader )said:"Mengestu and his cadres are blood-thirsty and the incarniation of absolute evil.

“Truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” Max Planck
Permalink.Typically The leba Zenawi
and his Thuggy supporters .Nobody denies that Mengistu was a brutal military Junta .But TPLF bandits blindly denie the facts that many inocent peoples have been slaughtered and still slaughtering in the hands of thisevil tyrant and
his agazis .They approve the imprisonment of the opposition groups leaders and the Free Press Journalists .As said this TCHINKLATEBIS LEBA we can state that
:lalala:Meles Zenawi and his cadres are blood-thirsty and the incarniation of absolute evil.:lalala:

08/07/10 @ 14:57
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

The struggle and steadfast determination of the Ethiopian people expelled Mengistu and his thugs. This victory destroyed half a million army and well organized intelligence apparatus. Now, the time has come to eradicate the current undesirable cockroaches from our land back to their cactus home. Unlike them, we shall be generous by allowing them go back to their Dedebit desert. That will be where they perform the best of their human potential as they miserably failed to adjust with a refined path. We put up with such uncivilized, starving Woyane rats for long and its time for them to vanish and leave our country for the people who knows how to run her and care. We gave them all the time they need to come to civilization and human level but this has become just a difficult goal to reach.

Then, Aboy Wosfatam Lekim will get his chance to unload few more pounds and start farting in front of his ravenous cousins

08/07/10 @ 16:20
Comment from: Melt [Visitor]

Ethiopia and others on this forum…please watch your language.

Make your point one way or another..,but please refrain from using such degrading words of expressions.

08/07/10 @ 17:23
Comment from: ABREHET [Visitor]


08/07/10 @ 19:03
Comment from: john john [Visitor]  
john john

There is so much attention to this guy you know wht my dad told me that in Amharic “Mengisu eko kembiselum aroal” offcource he is intelegent.

08/07/10 @ 22:52
Comment from: MENTIKO [Visitor]

ethiopia FOR ethiopan

08/08/10 @ 00:31
Comment from: Abdullah [Visitor]

Helen anchi amhara men adrgubse yemtwogew amhara lij chaw alche anchi lekimkami go and bark like a god in tgryians machohya in Gondar

anchi dadab zaraga

by teh way i am not amhara

08/08/10 @ 04:33
Comment from: Abdullah [Visitor]


alafalshe PM melse doesnt need ur support anchi akatari

08/08/10 @ 04:40
Comment from: [Member]


It’s an IQ thing.

08/08/10 @ 10:47
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]

I think that Mr challenger is an Oromo person,the way all of you(Ahxmara)attacking the guy.Fisrt,let me tell you this:you don’t have or say any valid point except that insulting blatantly the guy.Means that,indirectly insulting the whole south Ethiopians.Some of you calling Mengestu is Baria,then who is a white blond Ethiopian here? The Amara kkkkkkkk! what shit loosers. Whether you like it or not the future of Ethiopia is depending on Oromo peoples and plus others.One more think more,those none kinjit Ethiopians,they should know that these two men,were changed saved Ethiopia brought up to the day.Mengestu was a brave man who dared to crash that fascist feudal circles.And that PM Meles,is the best leader that ever had it Ethiopia.Look at the Oromia states today,that our Somali state,the Afars,the Harar’s and the Tigray etc.We’re happy and enjoyed under Melsse leaderships.And soon we ask the federal goverment to forgive Mengestu and to live in Jigjiga.

For those of you insulting that brave man Mengestu and called him names like “Baria” then tell us how he emerged (being the lesser officer) among those Ahmara higher raked and generals? could any one explained to Mr challenger rather bluffing empty bravado dudes?
Mengustu fought against illiterate and educate a millions and millions of Ethiopians.The only mistake that menge did was he killed a lot of ppls,but don’t forget one thing whoever tried to break up that strong trench built by those fascist feudal kingdoms has to kill many ppl to broke up their defense trenched.
And of course,if Menge doesn’t did those killings to broke that strong defense trench built by those feudal system leaders,than someone else has to do that necessary job.
Sometimes that Menge I could be compared that Russian strong man Joseph Stalin.In additions,for those from Tigray,if not that a Menge who broke the monarchs systems,today Ato Melese he wouldn’t be the PM of Ethiopia.So,give Mengestu the credits that he deserved and don’t parroting only his negative sides.We,know that he killed a lot of people,but that was a necessary steps.

I feel sorry for those lost and killed their relatives and close kins.Hey one way or the other we all lost and losing ppl since that we are(Ethiopia)still passing through that painful processes and reaches her destinations.

08/08/10 @ 12:26
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]


you are most than welcome!


well articulated, nothing to add, thank you!!


Oh, when arguments fail, it’s the IQ.., hmmmm. I’m starting to not take you serious… Again, just realx! We have very very different not to say ‘antagonistic’ opinion about the ‘evil guy’ and I really get upset, when you insult people,who have lost their beloved during the evil regime. BTW,, whom I like, please, don’t show the pic. of this evil guy, we know how he looks.

Challenger, you and I do not have to excercise here some kind of ‘words exchange’. Just listen to your heart and try to read and understand the history of Ethiopia. I want to practice here (only some times)- on nazret forum- an exchange of ideas and thoughts. Nevertheless, I stand to the fact: the evil guy will remain for always evil’…

One last point Challenger, I’m convinced, that you will see the reality, if you want, because, you are not a dumb guy.

08/08/10 @ 13:36
Comment from: Gezaee [Visitor]


I read your comments. Wow, well said. This is the type of Ethiopian I am looking for. I need honest, courageous and truthful Ethiopians like you.

Those who sing Tigre, Tigre,… are actually working for Meles without their knowledge. They do not get it, but as Meles works for his mother everday, they are working for Meles everyday. Everything they do gives a refugee for Meles within Tigreans. I cannot tell you many Tigreans changed their mind after the slogan Nibret wede Kebele and Tigre wede Kebele. Alot of people who were determined to flashout Meles from Ethiopia, immediately changed thier mind and are now working with Meles. Those ignorant Ethiopians who tell us they hate Meles are actually working for Meles. The failure of Election 2005 and the intimidation of Tigreans in Addis has given Meles a new lease of life.

Now I do not believe Meles will be removed by us except by God. We have miserably failed to remove him. Meles has insulted our country 100 times. But he has been walking on our people for the last 20 years.

But what can we do, there are people who are working very hard for him. The people who try to tell us they hate him , they work for him more than his bona fide supporters. Reason, everything they do gives refugee to Meles among Tigreans. I pray God help that country.

If Meles was good, we would have reason to hate him. But Meles himself has come from the beginning upto day that he is against Ethiopian and Ethiopia. Why he is in Ethiopia I do not understand at all. According to his tongue, Meles must not have been in Ethiopia. He must have gone to Eritrea with his mother.

last year he went to An Eritrean websites and he told them without any shame. I have removed all those Ethiopians who are against Eritrea. He told them in public his track record on Eritrea is clean. This from the nouth of the horse itself.

If there was a single man in Ethiopia, this person must have been removed in one year. But we could not even remove him in 20 years. The fact he despise our counry is because does not count there is anyone who can challenge him. We are all rubbish and rifraf bicha. We know nothing except saying Tigre, Amara, Oromo,… those are the only songs we know.

May God remove Mr. Meles from the ancient land and God restore that ancient nations to its heydays?

God knows when, but it is inebitable Meles will go sooner or later like everyday for ever.

08/08/10 @ 15:01
Comment from: [Member]

Hey, Nazrets,..what’s your obsession with mengistu? I see you hosting more than 180 comments on this thread,shuting down the others.
What is the signifficans of talking about somebody who lost his reign 20 years ago? By now it should have been forgotten. After all there is nothing to be glorified about him. He fled the country,after he promised to be the last one alone to defend the country. That is as far as his legacy goes.
Let’s be real and talk about where Ethiopia is now. Fantasizing and gloryfing a none existing glory and hope is like trying to grab the water vapor in the air.

08/08/10 @ 16:10
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

My Brother Wadani -

If you would like to be taken serious, you need to shift your thinking before it gets too late. For you and the likes, it is all about ethnic categorization and race. Some of us are not allowed to express our bereavement any more with out being accused of as Amhara chauvinists. I am the first one to tell you that ethnocentric mentality has no place in any society. It is way past its time. However Xenocettrism is as bad too. Every time when your own short comings came to the spot light and attacked, you need to examine your inner thinking instead of complaining as “every body who opposed me is Amhara”. Using your ethnic origin to cover your flaw is appalling. The Challenger dude is the poster child for that kind of crap. He is a person with a serious deficiency of common understanding of any issue. Every body attacks him because he is severely stupid and horrendous. Being Oromo has nothing to do with it. About the murderer Mengistu, I expressed my self in different ways, please go back and read one of my postings. Not only I am capable of expressing myself but also I retain the right to do so.

08/08/10 @ 17:12
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]

Hi Wadani,

against Oromo, never, ever, why!!! I like their songs and dance and they are so polite and decent!

The Oromo people have always been and are always are a basic enrichtment to Ethiopian culture. For me, Oromos are together with all other groups, like the Amhare, Tigre, Welayeta, Gurage etc.. the juwel of Ethiopia. Please let us not fight about such things. We, all of us are happy to be Ethiopians!! I love the songs of all these groups, how rich we are and how luky, watch you-tube guys and be happy!!!-

08/08/10 @ 18:24
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]

addis zemen,

it’s absolutley not about ‘glory’ as you expressed it, it’s about utmost hurt and pain; that’s why so many peope are responding, when they/we/I listen about the activities of this evil guy.!!. I hope, it’s the last time, I here about him, before he appearce in Den Haag or any other court or just get’s insane !!!

08/08/10 @ 18:49
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


Everything you said is the truth. Not one word, not one sentence was wrong. I take it even further and say, what about all the the other folks from other ethnic groups working with Meles? Does that make the whole ethnic group a collaberator? This is the sickness so prevelant in Ethiopian politics. I did not say that because it drives the people of Tigray closer or farther from Meles. I said it because it was plain and simple wrong. Just because some cooperate does not give one a right to blame a whole ethnic group. My dear, I grew up listening to great Ethiopians. During that dark days of derg. They were from different regions, they had issues among them. I also saw how they dealt with it, with class and truthfulness. But one thing, they never ever spoke ill of the country as a whole. They respected past leaders and the scarifices they paid. I base my thinking on that. A good friend of mine in here, a good friend of Meles too used to come and insult Menelik day and night. I on the contrary come and praise Yohannes with the same fervor. You see, just someone who speaks Tigrygna, and he is not from Tigray either, oppress my family, does not mean I should insult another great Ethiopian who led my country in the past just because his root was in Tigray. Apples and oranges. We have to be able to see that. And as a historian, I believe all the answers are in our own history. We should look to our own past, rather than , the West, China, and all kinds of dead religions. Like the one MALLT is trying to impose on Ethiopians, once fabricated by Stalin.

08/08/10 @ 21:38
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

addis zemen [Visitor]

i have an answer for your question directed to Nazret…

It is called DESPERATION!

In the absence of a leader, an idol form which opposition symphatizers seeking…That is where Mengistu comes

they called Hailu as Mandella and the other idiot Birhanu as Ghandi…
When all that disappoints,Mengistu is the last fruitcake they have to run too.

That should have been an easy one for you…


Infact, all the credit given to him in an effort to eradicate MEHAYIMINET was IN VAIN…as what we see is a bunch of MEHAYIMS.

Finally, just know that this is the only trick they have in their brock asss pocket.

08/09/10 @ 17:16
Comment from: TO: WADANI [Visitor]


“The only mistake that menge did was he killed a lot of ppls,but don’t forget one thing whoever tried to break up that strong trench built by those fascist feudal kingdoms has to kill many ppl to broke up their defense trenched.
And of course,if Menge doesn’t did those killings to broke that strong defense trench built by those feudal system leaders,than someone else has to do that necessary job.
Sometimes that Menge I could be compared that Russian strong man Joseph Stalin.In additions,for those from Tigray,if not that a Menge who broke the monarchs systems …".




08/09/10 @ 20:22
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


You know how much I respect you. I even once called you, the only bridge left to Ogaden, that we have not burned, past and present. I will not get into the details of what you said. But I would like to say two things. First, AMARA atebel newur new. I know you understand Amharic, its the same thing I said repeatedly to those who come in here shouting Tigre, Tigre everyday. Second, we all know what the current “ethnic” based system means for you. And I truly respect that. But as I have tried to tell you many times in the past, that can and will not work everywhere in our complex and colorful nation. For me, I am nothing but an Ethiopian. You want to talk about regions, I am a SHEWAN. I am born of many ethnic, Amara, Guraghae, Adal/Afar thru Ifat, some Tigre, but above all Oromo. We are a mixed people. Twice as many people live in Shewa, as there are in the entire nation of Somalia. What I am saying is, do not try to impose on others what you don’t like done to you. Not realizing these diverse way of thinking is like hiding ones head in the sand. It will not bring peace to Ethiopia. The center is very very unhappy with the current imposed arrangement. If we in the near future do not try to placate both sides, in due time it will explode. That has happened in the past. During the “zemene mesafint” regional lords roamed wild with no central power. They thought that was going to be there for good. But the violent retaliation came in the form of Tewodros, a common soldier nobody even considered worth going to war with. But he destroyed them one bye one, countless were thrown down cliffs, and untold damage was done to the nation. Its easy to stand by the side and mock others, but that is a serious mistake. Its the 21st century, and as such, we should find place for everyone in our little home. Continents are merging, understanding each other in equal terms. I don’t see why we can’t do so in our little country/home.That is the only long standing solution.

08/09/10 @ 22:43
Comment from: [Member]


You are right. DESPERATION!!
Even the Eris on this site are rallying behind Mengistu. LOL. Ya right. Like they have any chance of doing any damage to Ethiopia.

08/10/10 @ 12:26
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Wadani…You stated the folowings

“…The only mistake that menge did was he killed a lot of ppls,but don’t forget one thing whoever tried to break up that strong trench built by those fascist feudal kingdoms has to kill many ppl to broke up their defense trenched…”

dude…you need to deferentiate those who got killed in the TRENCHES and those who got snatched at WORK, HOMES AND THE STREETS…may i add UNARMED!

After Mengistu destroys the feudals…he could not stop there, his bravery was on his own ppl…
the YOUTH who refuse to fight, the MOMS AND DADS who refuse to give up thier kids, MOMS AND DADS who refuse to attend Kebele meetings on their day-off…the list goes on bro…

While you are at it…u may wanna justify the cutting of the Oromo hands in the past…

Here is an interesting one for you…

In your mind…The CENTURIES OF CAPTIVITY OF OUR BROTHERS in the US as a SLAVES…is justified by electing Obama as President.

08/10/10 @ 12:44
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]

I see a lot of Ethiopians with broad hearts. Thanks, for narrowing the open gap, a reprehensible structure, not a lost case of a near-lost ethics of ethnic relations.
Some negative and some positive but there is no a pathless impasse as there are numerous existing meeting path lines.

We don’t need this two edge saw of morally repugnant hatred, a cruel tool that cuts everything, a tool, that good Ethiopians are avoiding. I want to name and criticize some here, which I think sow hatred and extreme ethnocentrism (or ethno-Fascism) but for the sake of their Ethiopian relations, I leave that.

I believe like most people here, most Ethiopians if not all, are of mixed ethnic background, with a history of (recent to distant running) mixed identities, and long common cohabitations that go a very long way in a distant time. Every Ethiopian may have this common ancestry, at least, five generations back, if we follow our ancestral lines. if we go after our ancestral lines, we may end up as one real big family.

Instead the tragical thing is we bite each-other’s hands every time we are queuing to receive un/claimed benefits; shekels that we suspect are robbed from our family drawers. Every-time we are scared of losing the gourds of millet, we start to eye badly our cousin. And every time the bowl of soar-milk is low down, we begin prejudicing over every family member. We will be sitting depressed nervously cogitating inside our selves, Ill judging our gourmets in the kitchen that they can’t cool well our Tej, but instead contaminate it.

Inaccurate seizure of the matter of a nonsense fight.

bye for now, peace.

08/10/10 @ 18:36
Comment from: Ketish [Visitor]

This stupid dictator he only knows how to kill people but now trying to learn how to make money by selling his dirty stories thanks to Genet.

08/10/10 @ 19:25
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

M.T.If we are mixed ethnic why then is your ethionic minority government mix the composition of say the generals? the cabinet?…etc why is it SO painfull for you to accept the fact that your Tigre government is racist. Are saying we whould not be hatefull while you and your midget R’teran monkey can be hatefull for ethioia and fornd of R’tera?

08/11/10 @ 02:42
Comment from: JOe [Visitor]

I can’t believe what I just read. How can you guys support such a ruthless killer and Meles isn’t any better. Your low expectation for a leader is cause to Ethiopia being the 2nd poorest country in the world.

Keep holding on to your pride, demand nothing from your leaders, and continue to starve.

08/11/10 @ 05:04
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]

Meles’ biggest fault - losing our sea coast - is reparable but not Mengistu’s, as he stole surreptitiously the lives of 100, 000s citizens in the darkest nights during his bloody reign. Comparing the two Ethiopian leaders’ fault is a horribly false caricature, it defies the truth. Every body must stand trial for the evil deed, s/he has committed.

Mengistu is among Twentieth and Twentieth Century tyrants of the world, together in the row of Africans; Bokassa and Idi Amin and Asians; Polpot and Sadam and now the Burmese juntas; nameless old decaying generals, and Latinos; Pinochet and Argentina’s heartless Juntas.

The Addis Lieutenant must be brought to court, in an international court, in Arusha or the Hague !

Justice shall prevail !

08/11/10 @ 07:00
Comment from: peace for ETHIO [Visitor]
peace for ETHIO

look which you write and make correction un nessesery and before you send your comment chick your speal peace bro.

08/11/10 @ 09:01
Comment from: Oziyan [Visitor]


08/11/10 @ 09:36
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]

Fist Rabadam karim,that means I can’t bluff too much today.
Secondly, I wonder why some of you still boiling their blood whenever someone talks about the past rulers?
They better even not say a word about the past dark history of Ethiopia.
Third, definitely Ethiopia is a country that consisting a multi ethnic nationalities which makes her great and a beautiful.Today in thousands years,Ethiopia emerged from darkness and ,she is going to the right directions, whether that you guys like it or not and keep continuing yapping here day and night but the fact is that Ethiopia isn’t going back to here darkness days.
The fact is what I said about Mengestu Haile mariam,but the question is what less crimes they have done than mengestu these past aqorqashi leaders?
I believed their Ethiopian human crimes committed these “Tonqay” kingdoms were countless and incomparable to mengesstu myth red terror crimes campaigns told.

Yes Mengestu killed many ppl and I’m not legitimizing those killings happened during revolutions times.But what I said was that
A) Mengestu is not a “baria” as some of you commented and he is more handsame than Mililik 2nd and more pretty on stage pictures than Melse Zinawi so tell us which Ethiopian is not a black and has a white blonde hair colors here kkkk?

Ethiopia is beautiful being in federations systems because all her ethnics are happy ruling by themselves.Look here my friend when all the federal states are happy and enjoying in these federation systems ,then I don’t known why you want my dear shawoaian man to put as back in the old monarchy systems?
We,forgive them(those monarchs) there past mistakes so don’t remind 80m-20m shawoians = 60m still more 60 million Ethiopians were the victims of those past rulers including those Ahmara victims forgotten in behind and Haile Selase doesn’t liked them even to visit in Gojjam.and you know the reason he doesn’t liked’s a long history!

In conclusion,dear flow Ethiopians,I believed that Ethiopia is going to right directions and enough to feed her peoples if it has her internal peace and sustainability I believe it the good democracy it will comes too.

For those Who cries a loud who’s a better leader for Ethiopia you have it than Melese Zenawi? Tell us let us here it my friend? rather than keep calling for those passed away a centuries and decades ago? geese!

Bring your candidates in the next elections and please respect always the out come results that the way they developed the western countries.Be prepared for yourself Jijiga is running for the next prime minster of Ethiopia.what jokes,and you are dreaming Ethiopia to go back for 200years back!
Thanks for Melse Zenawi and Menges for their good parts job done.Guys always, don’t look things from the bad side.Look the good side then we could be moving forward.

Ethiopia doesn’t has it yet any better candidate than Melese Zenawi? So that’s why the EPRDF won 999% for the ballots counted in precisely,the Melse party will win again and again ,what jokes!

08/11/10 @ 10:06
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]


How are you brother.I feel sorry for your close family lost in that mengestu army hands.

But you know that mengustu era,I thought it gone for good but those ahmara lijochi always bringing here of what they heard at home from their parents,they like it to vomit here.You know I don’t hate them but don’t like it either their blatant empty rhetoric more Ethiopian-want claims.Let us define first who is Ethiopian and who isn’t Ethiopia.Well I don’t think we’re in the class of Tarick na Habtachin of elementary school,but honestly some of those ahxmara lijiochi need to learn more what’s Ethiopia means.
On the Other hand,that saying Ahmara as particular,"wondime nur aydelem” but what shame is when some insulted as an ethnic and say Ahmara this and that.Here my friend I’m not insulted to Ahmara people and you know that I don’t hate them ahmara peoples,but they have to understand what Ethioia it means today!They have to woke up and catch the bus otherwise the ahamara people especially those in the west were lost and left in behind my friend.

Ethiopia is moving fast and changing fast.
Finally,Dear ye shawao prince,I know that you thought I’m the only unburned bridge left in Ogaden,but both of us we don’t known that all bridges rebuilt by Melese Zenawi’s current era created The Ogaden Somali state which I found out in recent time who Ogaden region was changed.Everywhere in Ogaden is under constructions and Jijiga looks alike Jidheh my friend.Same thing Addis was like New York so in general the country is dramatically changing fast.On the other hand I don’t whether you heard or not that peace solution negotiations is going on btw those rebels fighters and the federal govern in the Ogaden region which we hope its the best solution for the sake of the people of entire region as well for the sake our mama Ethiopia.Finally,my dear shawergi Jijiga is free today and Ogaden boys are in charge.So it doesn’t need any more bridges to be rebuild.Because,in this year alone,Jijiga university about 2000 ahmara and mixed hilader lijioji were graduated where the Somali Ogadenis are less than thousands.So imagine those new generations adabting their new society in Ethiopia.All Ahmara boys in Jijiga speaks Somalis and the Somalis speak the Amharic too.what a great and beautiful country of Ethiopia!Thanks for those had working Ogaden boys in back home(jijiga) and the federal EPRDF government.

Today our thumbs are up and we are okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkay.

Viva Ethiopia federations.

08/11/10 @ 14:52



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