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Ethiopia - Songs of Freedom, Stories of Change - By Eleni Gabre-Madhin



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Ethiopia - Songs of Freedom, Stories of Change - By Eleni Gabre-Madhin

Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin is a Stanford educated Ethiopian economist and the founder and CEO of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange

Ethiopia - Songs of Freedom, Stories of Change

By Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin

Special contributor to

The other evening, we bumped into Abebe Atew and Dinku Sileshi, two Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) Members who actively trade coffee from Wollega and Jimma. Imagine our surprise to learn that they were coming out of a computer training course, which they have been taking after our market closes, in preparation for the coming of electronic trading in ECX! Now, that is change in the making for two men who, with limited education and like their fathers before them, expected to be traditional “akrabis” supplying coffee from farmers by truck all of their lives. Today, Abebe and Dinku are thinking big. They plan to open offices, take more classes, and expand their trading business. Israel Kenno, another active coffee supplier, is also looking to the future. A few months ago, Israel brought his ten year old son to visit ECX. He proudly showed him the trading floor and the electronic screens and patiently explained how the trading was done. Israel introduced his son to us, telling the story of how, every Friday, father and son together file his daily automated ECX trading reports in a brand new file box that is kept prominently in the living room. “Now, you see,” he declared proudly with a big smile and eyes sparkling, “I finally have an accounting system for my business. I know exactly what I have sold and to who and at what price. And I want my son to see ECX because one day I hope he will get an MBA and run a big company!”

There are many stories to be told, and we will be telling them as we go. These stories are the seeds of change, unfolding in ways we cannot even imagine. Change is always terrifying at first, mostly because the outcome is unknown, even when it can be for the good. At our coffee launch last year, our top exporter spoke of his own father who was vehemently opposed to the coffee auction when it was being established some 40 years ago. Before then, coffee brokers would swap samples of coffee in handkerchiefs prior to striking a deal. Those opposed to what was then the modern auction claimed that this system would be the end of them, that the (Imperial) government was going to eliminate them, and so on. Observing that today it is their children who are clinging to this auction, he affirmed that change is not only inevitable, it is in fact necessary.

Speaking of change…as Hamid Hussein tells it, ECX has changed his life. A few years ago, Hamid was employed in a private fertilizer import company, and had never heard of a commodity exchange until he read about it in the papers. He came to see us in our then project construction site and came back again and again, always with new questions. Hamid proceeded to acquire a commercial trading license and then pooled his savings and any funds he could mobilize to meet our financial requirements. When we first received his application, we told him to come back with trading experience. After several months, he finally made it, and became an approved full member. And then we watched Hamid fly. Today Hamid has 58 clients for whom he trades coffee, wheat, maize, pea beans, and sesame every day on our floor. Among his clients are farmers, coops, processors, and others. Hamid is a man on a mission. The first thing he did was to print a fancy brochure describing ECX and what it will do for the country. He tours the countryside, recruiting clients, and attends trade fairs and agricultural expositions. Hamid has leased offices in a building close by, decorated with elegant pictures of himself in his ECX trading jacket on the trading floor. He has hired an assistant and keeps neat files of his client trades which he submits to them meticulously. At our one year celebration event last April, more than a few of us had a little tear in our eyes as Hamid spoke of his personal journey with ECX and how our “Grow with Us” campaign came true for him.

Another favorite story is that of the Humera sesame farmers, who decided last May to take a big chance on our idea that they could deposit their grain in our warehouse and then sell it through a representative on the ECX trading floor in far away Addis Ababa and actually get paid the next morning. That seemed like a far-fetched tale since these farmers had lived most of their lives hearing promises from their buyers that “the payment is coming, tomorrow, next week, in a few days” endless times, while they got further indebted waiting, sometimes months, sometimes forever, for due payment. After much deliberation, the Meibal Sesame Farmers Association voted to sell their sesame through ECX. Well, the day after their first trade, all of Humera’s farmers and others in the community, numbering nearly one hundred, decided to wait outside the local branch office of their bank, waiting to see if the ECX promise was real. Imagine the roar of laughter and clapping when Ato Teclai Wolde Hagos, the farmer who leads the association, triumphantly emerged from the door holding his bank receipt high above his head for all to see!

Everywhere we see the seeds of change, as possibilities unfold, and as change brings change. On the main road in Awassa, the Metro Café serves macchiato and little cakes along with Internet service. Khadija, the young woman who runs the shop, had a great idea. Having heard about ECX, she decided to log onto the ECX website where the coffee prices update every few seconds all afternoon. Now her customers have tripled, the price of her macchiato has gone up from 2.50 to 3.00 Birr, and every day she has a steady stream of coffee folk willing to part with a few cents to check out the daily trading sessions. Around the country, in every one of our 19 market sites where the ECX electronic price tickers are up, dozens gather around the display board. Zemzem Kedir in Nazareth and Ahmed Nasin in Jimma can be found, on any day, rain or shine, standing in front of the display, mobile phones glued to each ear, relaying the prices of the moment to a network of business contacts and relatives on the farms and around the countryside in return for a monthly fee.

Sometimes change comes through learning a hard lesson. Excited by our business development campaign, the Wodera Farmers Cooperative Union, located near Debre Berhan on the way to Wollo, decided to sell their wheat crop through ECX last year. They made the decision and called us to tell us they were loading ten trucks of wheat. We were as excited as they were, anticipating the arrival of the trucks at our Addis Ababa warehouse. Finally, the trucks arrived one by one. As they came, our quality inspectors sampled and tested the quality of their wheat. Imagine our dismay when seven of the ten trucks could not meet our quality standards. What to do? Our Wodera farmers sadly took the grain back and, as their manager Aweke Teshome, put it: “We have learned a great lesson. ECX stands for quality and we must strive harder to bring good grain to this market. That is what progress means. We will be back next year and this time all of our wheat will pass!”

Then there are the 200,000 small coffee farmers in the Oromia Farmers Cooperative Union. These farmers have been selling for years through the old coffee auction. This year, for the first time, they noticed on our electronic price displays that their price corresponds to an ECX Grade 7. They also noticed that the ECX Grade 2 price is 80 Birr higher. They asked themselves, “Why can’t we get Grade 2? What do we need to do?” They looked up our ECX standards and then decided they could spend extra time processing their coffee to raise the quality. And so they did. And as the quality they bring to our laboratory improved, they have been getting higher and higher prices on the market. Now that is change.

Finally, I want to share the story of little Selam, who until last week was a cleaning assistant in our office. Selam, a young petite woman, never walks anywhere, she is always on the run. She started with us during our project phase, getting paid a minimal amount out of the petty cash box. Her attitude, her bright smile, her willingness to learn and to do anything the job requires and more, impresses anyone who meets her. Selam is the face of ECX. The first to arrive and the last to leave the office, Selam soon was doing receptionist duty when needed, photocopying, and anything else that came up. A year ago, she enrolled in evening classes and last week, Selam became an ECX data entry clerk, and one day, I am sure, she will be sitting in my office. And that too is the change we seek.
Abebe, Dinku, Teclai, Khadija, Hamid, Selam, and many more. These are the champions of change, embracing the unknown, daring to try, transforming their lives. When Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, came to visit last February, she walked around the trading floor talking to our members. Hamid did not even hesitate for a second as he told her his plans to bring 300 clients to ECX by next year. It is easy to sit on the sidelines, far away, shooting empty bullets to undermine or distort, but this noise frankly does not matter. What matters are these heroes of change, whose daily lives are the songs of freedom, sung by those for whom change has brought a new dawn. Freedom from age-old ways of doing business that kept them in vicious cycles of poverty. Freedom from age-old ways of thinking, freedom to believe that anything is possible, and freedom to dare, to explore and to innovate. These are their stories of change, even when change is at first frightening and forbidding, or seemingly improbable. These, and many more, are the stories of change, transforming our country, one person and one bag of commodity at a time.

Wishing all a very happy New Year, filled with your own songs of freedom and change.


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Songs of Freedom, Stories of Change (By Eleni Gabre-Madhin)


Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]

You want them to collect coffee from all corners so that you/EFFORT will have the monopoly of local and export market while sitting in Addis. You JACKALS!!

09/10/09 @ 18:18
Comment from: F [Visitor]

This guy is obssessed with herself. Does she need more adulation from us? Never we do it. She is a loyal servant to a dictator who has little regard for his country. Anyone who associates himself/ herself with Zenawi is a pariah. We need loyals to their countries not loyals to one man. Tell her to keep her innovation for herself. We are looking for the bigger image of liberating our country from tyrants and their cabals.

09/10/09 @ 18:22
Comment from: Mr. Zane Kent [Visitor]
Mr. Zane Kent

How do you verify all this nice
success at the ECX? If it is true,
God bless you for ever!! I wish
you much better luck in the
coming years. Happy Ethiopian
New Year for everyone!!

09/10/09 @ 18:22
Comment from: antonio [Visitor]

dear Dr. what a remarkable job you and your associates being doing!The main thing is you dared to be different and got yourself together to bring change for your nation.Put your effort to change our countries image for a better.I sincerely appreciate that and of course ‘Yes We Can’…..but one point i want to mention is you have to ignore what the hopless diaspora ,i call them ‘the desperates’are saying.Being negative about thier countries progress is thier identification…..they are dirty pigs worrying about thier stomach only….and trying to quench thier power thirst …so dont expect a thing as far as the people you are trying to bring the change to are happy and satisfied ,with the system you introduced…thats all it matters..not my comment not any other diasporas didnt return your country to be elected to be politician but to do your part in bringing change!I wish you a happy new year and succes to ECX.
Long live Developed Ethiopia!

Happy New Year Nazret!

09/10/09 @ 18:28
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Yes you all ever have is: songs of Freedom.

Redemption songs;
Redemption songs;
Redemption songs.


09/10/09 @ 18:41
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]

Eleni. you are really an inspiring lady. Well done and happy new year to you too.

09/10/09 @ 18:58
Comment from: G7 4 life [Visitor]
G7 4 life

Shame on you for serving the racist dictatorship! May the New Year bring our people what they really deserve! Freedom, Justice and Democracy! What really matters, not your gibberish free market mantra in a country where the major businesses are owned by the few TPLF elites like you. I hope your conscience will never let you enjoy our poor people’s blood money you rob.

09/10/09 @ 19:22
Comment from: straight shooter [Visitor]
straight shooter

በሐጢአታችን ምክንያት የመጣብሽ መከራ ኢትዮጵያ ታግሰሽ:
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የጥፋት ዘመንሽ ሰባ-አምስት ዓመት ተቆጠረ ፍርድሽ:
በላተኛው አሞራ ተዋርዶ ሄደልሽ ያረከሰሽ ጠላትሽ:
አራት-አመት ቀረ ቅድስናሽን በተስፋ ለሚጠብቁ:
ስንወድቅ ስንነሳ ስንወጣ ስንወርድ ተቆጠረ ሱባኤሽ:
ከረከሽበት እስከ ትንሳኤሽ ስሌቱን ስንቆጥረው:
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ኢትዮጵያ ተምነስነሺ &#4704&#59;Downtown ከተማሽ ምርቱ ተትረፈረፈልሽ:
በላተኛው ሄደ ጾመኛው ይምጣልሽ ለቅድስናሽ:
ንስሓ ያልገቡ ተጠረጉልሽ እንደጉሽ ስትነሺ:
መንገዱ ይጠረግ ሥስቱን ዓመት ለክብርሽ:
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ኢትዮጵያ ሆይ የምስራች አንዃን ደስ አለሽ:
ጦርነትና ስደት ረሀብና ችግር ይብቃሽ:
ኢትዮጵያ ሆይ እግዚሐብሔር ታድጎ ለሁለተኛው
ዘመነ ማትዎስ በሰላም ያድርስሽ::

- ዮሓንስ ኢሳያስ 2000

09/10/09 @ 19:30
Comment from: Tadele [Visitor]

How this thugs managed to destroy your personality & ambition, and left you nothing more than a manageable animal is a surprise.

09/10/09 @ 19:41
Comment from: africa [Visitor]

With all due respect Madame, we all want you and the country to succeed in any serious endeavors worth conforting to make many lives better for Ethiopian gebere’s. I would however want to point out your writings on Nazeret and other media channels with specific emphasis on ECX and your personal accomplishments might be a distraction or be perceived as self fulfiling. If ECX is a success, others will write about it. If ECX need more presence in the WEB, you can use proven effective marketing techniques.

09/10/09 @ 19:48
Comment from: OROMIA [Visitor]

eleni zewde gabra-harre…..dont be assaulting oromo people.

keep your knowledge to yourself.

Let me tell you somethin;if you really want to see change in ethiopia, write something helpfull or be a voice to those who are voicieless in thier own country.

death to woyane.

09/10/09 @ 19:52
Comment from: frank [Visitor]

I hold in high regard eleni’s effort to contribute to the advancement of our country it is inspiring to us all.But a person of her caliber with a phd leve understanding of economics how you expect drastic change in the absence of legitimate government in ethiopia by associating yourself with the regime you are doing injustice to the likes of birtukan who languish in jail for being genuine in administering justice.

09/10/09 @ 19:55
Comment from: daniel [Visitor]

I dont know why you keep posting the same thing try to make us belive ECX is independent entity from the Government. No one disagree the use of ECX in this board, the argument is can we use for the whole Ethiopian people.You try to argue ECX is independent entity nobody belives that argument and in my opinion, you know the truth that is why you keep posting different articles in this board to make us belive your argument like we belive Prime Minster said will step down next year and he changed his mind. You can tell all your stories but noone in the right mind will belive your Propaganda. You became typicaly TPLF agent. If you belive what you doing donnt worry about us.Every undemocratic Government comes and goes and you will be judge as one of TPLF offical when everything is over right know you cannt see it because you are blinded by fame and money. time will come for everybody until then keep your Propaganda for yourself.

09/10/09 @ 19:57
Comment from: Damrak [Visitor]

Mrs. Gabre-Madhin…YOU ARE FIRED!

Wow…Selam, the cleaning assistant is the face of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)!

Mrs. Gabre-Madhin are you out of your mind?

Is that how you want to experiment and manage the foreign Aid you beg for and receive on behalf of the Ethiopian people?

Do you really think that the Ethiopian business men and women who are currently participating in your experimentation of ECX and also those who are thinking to join would appreciate that you recruited a person such as Selam to enter data in the mult-million birr transactions reliably? Is this not an insult to the Ethiopian business community?

How do you think those very many unemployed university graduates with great potentials and who also can add values percive your management style?

You are worst than Meles or the hard-core Woyane planners, at least they have some rational for their actions, such as ethnicity and corruption.


09/10/09 @ 20:06
Comment from: ZXAmiche [Visitor]

What a black “Economic Hit men” agent from Stanford, under detabilizer WoyAne!

09/10/09 @ 20:08
Comment from: One Ethiopia [Visitor]
One Ethiopia

God bless you sister! you are the best. The more you show us what has been done in Ethiopia the more we gain trust in you and your work.

09/10/09 @ 20:53
Comment from: Yonas Bekele [Visitor]
Yonas Bekele

Good piece and even greater stories, thank you for sharing. The healthy skepticism expressed by some on this website mostly stems from the role a powerful gov’t can play in tipping the balance of power wtihin the ECX. Case in point was the forced sale of crops a few months ago. I hope ECX will be a rousing success, that you will get a chance to overcome obstacles along the way.

Happy new year to you too!!!

09/10/09 @ 20:54
Comment from: Andinet [Visitor]

Tolla, besides your wonderful comments on various sites, what do you do for your country.

Jib aff leba.

09/10/09 @ 21:12
Comment from: Shankko [Visitor]

Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin,

I must tell you that Your stories are so boaring!!!!

09/10/09 @ 21:15
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Dr. Eleni

First and foremost I wish you and your family all the best in this coming New Year - “Melkam Addis Ameut Yadeurguelashu”

Don’t forget a poor Ethiopian student all alone in American university dorm without any Doro Wot to celebrate “Eunku Tatash” After you have your first bite of Doro Wot make a big “gursha” and say this is for you “Shegaw”

09/10/09 @ 21:18
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Kudos to all your endeavors and wish you many more to come. You are brilliant and the jewel of Ethiopia. Your beautiful mind is devoted on the right place. In deed you are making some times slow but certain changes under extremely obstinate circumstances. I wish you all the best and Happy New Year.

You rock Eleni!!

09/10/09 @ 21:21
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

“It is easy to sit on the sidelines, far away, shooting empty bullets to undermine or distort, but this noise frankly does not matter.”

kikikikiki…empty bullets….kikiki
It is more like FIRT! kikikiki
FESAM DIASPORA HULU…Let these cool lady tell your akrari azz how KUNASAM LIERS U ALL ARE…hehehehhehe

“What matters are these heroes of change, whose daily lives are the songs of freedom, sung by those for whom change has brought a new dawn. Freedom from age-old ways of doing business that kept them in vicious cycles of poverty. Freedom from age-old ways of thinking, freedom to believe that anything is possible, and freedom to dare, to explore and to innovate. These are their stories of change, even when change is at first frightening and forbidding, or seemingly improbable. These, and many more, are the stories of change, transforming our country, one person and one bag of commodity at a time.”

I WISH I WAS CLOSE BY TO GIVE YOU A BIG BEAR HUG…sincerely thank u for your brave work!
May the SILENT MAJORITIES (more like the opportunists to me) should follow your examples…

EAT YOUR HEART OUT DC BOYSCOUTS! Let Elleni tell you what PATRIOT really means.

“Wishing all a very happy New Year, filled with your own songs of freedom and change.”

Thank you Elleni and i know i will after i read your piece…I am not sure however, if the loud idiots will.


09/10/09 @ 21:21
Comment from: wer [Visitor]






4. The famous policy of EPRDF…the so called ‘ADLI’ failed when the majority of the farmers failed to feed themselves let alone the urban population

5. Before ECX, there has been for years what they call ‘farmers cooperative’ which has been doing what ECX basically does now…give better leverage for farmers…what on earth ECX could bring so much difference…It is the policy that failed, Farmers already have for years better leverage for years now…how can’t you see this.

At least go back a a year or two and listen to what your prime minister said. When asked about the inflation in food prices at the ‘parliament?’ he said ‘the inflation is basically caused because farmers have better information and bargaining power’…for the detail go back and see

6. ECX is not a new institution. It is the new name for the farmers cooperatives …that have been operating…ECX can not solve the agricultural oproblem of Ethiopia

5. Ethiopia needs a new sound agricultural as well as industrial policy

Wake up people Wake up doctor Wake up Look to things critically

But I appreciate your good cause and effort, but i am sorry i think you are killing your time if you can not see things critically. IN FACT, THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO SAY, BUT HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ANY WAYS

09/10/09 @ 21:25
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]

to all Ethiopians and others who celebrate the Ethiopian New year and the festive season of Meskerem Happy New Year!

W/ro Eleni Zawde G/ Medhin Happy New Year !
and I wish you your projects succeed!

may the poor work toil harder and liberate himself from poverty! May the rich nourish the poor, divide up of his resources with the weak and the foresaken?

09/10/09 @ 21:27
Comment from: Davis [Visitor]

Lady if what you say is deep from your soul keep the good work, if it is simple PR work you will not travel long.

09/10/09 @ 21:28
Comment from: Ashiwa Abeba [Visitor]
Ashiwa Abeba

I first have to say happy new year to all change loving Ethiopians!
You know, Eleni, we heard the same song from your boss and all of his slaves. You said “it is easy to sit on the side lines, far away, shooting empty bullets to undermine or distort, but, this noise frankly does not matter.” Again, this is the same kind of response your boss have to all freedom loving Ethiopians. you pretend to act like you are a real demcrat, then, when the real debate starts, you put your tail behind… And, start to tell us our onest opinions does not matter at all! What matters is Eleni, we frankly tell you that Ethiopian people want a real change! You and your clonies are parsites! Just get out of there and let the real sons and doughters of Ethiopia show you how to bring real change to our great nation Ethiopa! Not to you parasites EFFORT!
Real change to Ethiopia!
Hell with Eleni!

09/10/09 @ 21:30
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

I think this lady has already flipped or we don’t what she is up to. She is overwhelmed by her own self congratulations. Let others judge you madam. Don’t waist your time campaigning for yourself. You are talking as if Ethiopia just started exporting coffee for the first time because of you. Did you study economics or how to do a scam?

This reminds me Marshall McLuhan quote and it says like this.

“Today the tyrant rules not by club or fist, but disguised as a market researcher, he shepherds his flocks in the ways of utility and comfort".
Marshall McLuhan

This quote is right on the point about this self serving lady.

09/10/09 @ 21:34
Comment from: Jordan [Visitor]

What an interesting story!! The whole idea about ECX is fascinating. It really surprise me that the traders to catch up with this whole new idea in a very short span and hustling for change. This is really COOL!!

I love more to read these kind of moral boosting stories. I read it twice. Honestly, there was all these smiles on my face which I barely notice surfing this site. As a business man I love business story in general. I wish Nazret have a special forum for business besides politics.

I really thank you Dr. Eleni for sharing us this success story and song of change!!

Go ECX and Wish you all the best!!

Happy New year to all!!

09/10/09 @ 21:50
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

ZX Amiche –

Beside shortage of food, it is the lack of the Elenis and the pile up of morons like you sending your despondent dirt land in to dark hole. Envy is eating your rotten soul and you will be dead in vain with out coming out of your wretched psyche.

09/10/09 @ 22:01
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Ashiwa Abeba [Visitor

Your so called real sons and daughters of Ethiopia are in Azzmara lavishing in jealousy provided by your $500 patriotic certificate…u should have bought gym membership with it to trim ur jealousy borch.

It is kind of cool that you recognized “empty bullets” are directly aimed at you…YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHO U R.
U R either from the DC dilusional camp thinking u r fighting for Ethiopia in the presence of no enemy…only what ur akrari paranoi mind created…or u are one of those WHO QUESTIONED HER ETHENICITY, just cause she is not lined up with your idols. opppps u r all the same.

observer [Visitor]

Stop quaoting ppl you secretly fantasizeabout…where is your lover boy today?
Nothing wrong with self-advertising…it is good for business…u can keep ur fake modesty and remember when you idiots compared Birhanu and Shawel with Mandella and Ghandi…

As u know ECX started with small aid from friends, so Elleni is very effecient using your own media to transmitt the good news to the diaspora assmass and giving u a jab in the process…opps this one is more like an uppercut…u still there looser???

09/10/09 @ 22:56
Comment from: D-barry [Visitor]

She is trying to do something new for her beloved country,Please live her alone!!!! Dr.Eleni i wish you happy new year to you.

09/10/09 @ 23:10
Comment from: Oneman army [Visitor]
Oneman army

The bummer is that a lot of great coffees are lost, and those that we can get out are held back by a lot of the strong-arm tactics of the government. The Misty Valley, for example, that turned a lot of heads last year is simply not available. The legendary Bagresh family that produced it is along with all other coffee producers and exporters mandated to sell their coffee into a new government run auction. There, coffees will be graded (by region, and then by quality) and 70 bag lots will be created by blending coffees graded by the same region and quality. It’s kind of like California telling Anderson Valley that they can’t grow grapes and then make wine out of them. You can grow grapes, but then you’ve got to sell them into the state-wide auction. Pinot Noir will be graded by quality by a government taster, and then lots will be created by blending the grapes with Pinot from around the state. The winery can then buy grapes out of the auction and make wine. Bummer if you’re Navarro or Lazy Creek or Goldeneye (a few of our many great local wineries). All that work you did to produce those distinctive grapes with exactly that character you’re looking for is all for naught….

Also, because there is no way to trace a bag of coffee through the auction, there is no way to keep the trail that’s required for organic or fair trade certification. Bummer again.

09/10/09 @ 23:20
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

Ethiopia – Complex Emergency
Situation Report #10, Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 August 12, 2009
Note: The last situation report was dated July 8, 2009.
Please follow this link to read current situation of Ethiopia.
USAID/OFDA bulletins appear on the USAID web site at

09/10/09 @ 23:23
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]


Good to see you back! Your sensible in put was missed. I wish you happy Ethio - New Year.


09/10/09 @ 23:25
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

What matters are these heroes of change, whose daily lives are the songs of freedom, sung by those for whom change has brought a new dawn. Freedom from age-old ways of doing business that kept them in vicious cycles of poverty. Freedom from age-old ways of thinking, freedom to believe that anything is possible, and freedom to dare, to explore and to innovate.

Those are catchy and beautiful statements but sadly impractical and nonexistent in the current Ethiopia under the brutal dictatorship of meles zenawi’s tplf. I hope you will always remember that fact and will never become another tool for the dictator’s deafening propaganda machinery to distort and cover up the grim reality Ethiopians have to endure on a daily basis. I understand that there are few cynical and envious Ethiopians who are always ready to “shoot empty bullets to undermine and distort” other Ethiopian’s effort such as yours. For them, as long as power is not in their own hands, any infrastructural development shall be tarnished, anyone who wishes to implement her/his invaluable innovative ideas within the country shall be deemed automatically a servant to the dictator. Those are not reasonable people, and i agree with you that their noise does not make a difference. However that, there are also sincere Ethiopians whose concern is nothing less than the future and long term interest of our common country. I personally think that i belong in this second group. And, as far as we are concerned, in a country where 15 million citizens’ survival depend on the alms of westerners, a mass of farmers abandon their ‘qeye’ in favor of beggary, thousands of citizens leave the country for dangerous menial jobs in the middle east and else where…. everything exists but the freedom to believe that anything is possible. Today the lack of employment, the effect of sham education system, the rise of inflation, the existence of rampant nepotism and other forms of corruption have made the people hopeless who wish and dream nothing but leaving the country. Brainless woyanes always like to argue that the mass exudes is the result of “the freedom to explore". The truth of the matter is people are running away from the “age-old ways of thinking” that has created another form of dictatorial system under woyane/tplf and brought the carnage of peaceful demonstrators in Addis and else where in the country, the unlawful re-incarceration of political leaders such as the honorable woizerit Birtukan Mideksa who has done nothing wrong except daring to end the vicious cycle of dictatorship, injustice, insecurity, poverty, and despair. That means, the idea of “the freedom to dare and to think that anything is possible” you have talked about does not really exist in the current Ethiopia, may be in side ECX. If you care to ask any civil servant in the country today, you will know that what happened to Selam in ECX is a rare blessing in a country where eprdf membership card is necessary for employment, raise and even to enroll in post graduate studies in public universities. I hope that you will not become another disappointment for those of us who have supported your vision and work so far while strongly opposing the dictatorship in the country.

Free Woizerit Birtukan Mideksa!!!

መልካም አዲስ ዓመት !!

ርሑስ ሓዱሽ ዓመት !!

ባጋ ቢራን ዒሲኒ ባሪቴ !!

09/10/09 @ 23:31
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

Ashiwa abeba (visitor) ashewa yeblahe.
You keep crying for a change.what kind of change are you looking for.the real change Ethiopia needs is already going on,in case you’ve been sleeping ,wake up and smell the Ethiopian coffee brought to you by ECX.

09/10/09 @ 23:45
Comment from: Elias [Visitor]

After spending all efforts and money, you could only tell us a handful of people as your testimony to success.

You left out the following and please tell us how things are going?

1. Electricity blackout: You did not mention that ECX relies on generators and its energy cost.

2. You did not tell us that food inflation is out of control and how ECX helps with that

3. While you tell us to sing a song of freedom, you forgot to mention the thousands of political prisoner including your gender mate Britukan Mideksa.

4. You didn’t tell us that the real problem with Africa food production is that dictatorial regimes spent more on arms and opression of their people than encouraging large scale farming.

5. You did not tell us that there is no single large scale irrigation farm in Ethiopia.

In stead you tell us about a coffee lady who upgraded herself by enrolling in evening school which she could have done it working anywhere. By the way did ECX cover her education costs? I bet you don’t know that or you don’t care that much..

Yewishet DOCTOR malet anchi nesh..

09/11/09 @ 00:11
Comment from: NGT [Visitor]

Dear fellow Ethiopians,
I hope a story of ECX is one in its kind. It is, perhaps, the best practice in our country. It is really annoying to see remarks like associating people who pioneer noble ideas to that of dictators. How on earth we form strata and classify people into it? Who, if not she, is responsible to help poor people in our beloved country? Let’s try to answer ‘what do I do to my country?’ instead of blaming others. Melkam Addis Amet!

09/11/09 @ 00:21
Comment from: wer [Visitor]

One thing i can assure you! Almost all of the people that you talke about changing, will tell you ‘what? what change? what is she talking about?’ if they were free to speak their hearts. But we know they can’t, the system does not allow them. It costs them their coffee, job or life. You like it or not, you want it or not, that is the reality. Do you think that the coffee merchants will tell you any thing negative about EPRDF to you? They won’t because they know that you work with the government.

Just don’t foreget a simple fact. All the Ethiopian people have spoken in May, 2005 ‘we don’t want EPRDF’. Just talk to your heart, this is true. And what I am saying is that nothing has changed in what people thinkj inside their hearts. Don’t believe as real what you want the reality to be. The reality is that, if Ethiopians can freely talk, almost all, at least 77 million will say ‘we don’t want EPRDF because it failed to bring us change it promised at first…three meals a day’.

09/11/09 @ 00:31
Comment from: wer [Visitor]

ECX is not a new institution. It is the new name for the farmers association (cooperative) which received farmers products and provided leverge for farmers.

ECX is the new name for the already existing system which has been tested for years. Don’t tell as as if it is a whole new idea.

Whether I or you are from a different planet, if we can’t agree on this simple very simple fact. You should have every information on that.

20 years passed just like that
Another 20 years to test policies???

09/11/09 @ 00:53
Comment from: Ashiwa Abeba [Visitor]
Ashiwa Abeba

One more thing, the lkes of Eleni, is definitely concerned only on their own interest. They act like they are real people but, deep inside they all are pigs! They can try to hide it as much as they can obviously, they are so dame, that any body can figure them out in a matter of a snap. We could get you out of there in minutes. Your luck kept in power not your knowledge or skills . Just keep begging for and guns to stay in power! Eleni, all what you trying to do is to replace western aid for woyane in case it is not there any more! Well Eleni, just keep feeding your self and woyane for a time being, that’s what pigs do! In the mean time , Eleni, I asure you real change is coming soon. Definitely, not through your fake ECX but, through a real system that represents a rule of law of economics that will stand for our Ethiopian peoe. Only then, Eleni can talk about how ECX brings freedom and change to Ethiopian people. Untll then, you can brag about it as much as you can.
Long live Ethiopia!
Death to woyane! Death to Its system!

09/11/09 @ 01:08
Comment from: Geremew [Visitor]

You articulated well about the change that you make in the lives of Ethiopians. But, you failed to discuss your setbacks.
What about EFFORT, the multi billion dollar business coglomerate that is run by your colleagues? The TPLF is the one that dictates the market by monopolizing every facet of business in Ethiopia.
What is EFFORT’s role on ECX? Aren’t some of the EFFORT share holders the board directors of ECX?
Like you mentioned the names of the traders and the individuals that you claimed to make a difference, please tell us the names of the TPLF members and how their live is changed by ECX…..

Hired internationally by the World Bank fund to run ECX and making six digit figure, living in a mansion, having connection with the top enchelons of TPLF thugs, you can’t tell us the lives of the destitute who are trying to make ends meet.

When there is no democracy, one can not assume to have free market as the market is manipulated by the TPLF and its cohorts.

09/11/09 @ 01:13
Comment from: kibrom [Visitor]

dr. Eleni, seriesly, your writting reminds me the ethiopian tv propoganda; it goes like this, all farmers become a millioner,…. bla bla bla.

09/11/09 @ 01:42
Comment from: wer [Visitor]

It is good any ways to see obama’s effect, the mention of specific cases of individuals is evidently taken from him. Well while that is a positive thing to do, however, tens of millions cases in Ethiopia can be told on the other side, where they struggle to live, struggling to feed them selves.

09/11/09 @ 02:08
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

The high tempered GUDIFFECHA of EFFORT pay card, ist schon wieder da!?

09/11/09 @ 02:55
Comment from: tigist belete [Visitor]
tigist belete

Dr Elleni I wish u succeed. I just want u to pause and think there are lots of discontents in Ethiopia today there are many brothers,sisters,fathers, mothers, childrens,etc., killed,imprisoned guilty or not. No appology or explanations are given. No any form of reconilation is done, people are carrying lots of grudges no son forgets the death of his father. Unless all these are vented everything we try to build today is doomed for destruction. Everything needs needs to be built on a clear foundation. U cann not build on garbage, if u do it is doomed to fall from the foundation. U may try, u may be crashed under the fall. That was what happened during the fascist derg era, some educated people wanted to build, but thhey did not even lived to see the foundation built. They were kicked and attacked from both sides. U will see, in the scramble for the friuts they will run over u, both sides. With no mercy. I just wish ur safe for ur family. Do not worry change will come to Ethiopia and let the storm pass. I believe ur a good over zealous business person but I think ur naive in the Ethiopian politics. The people and the government are the opposite sides of the same coin, where would u be?

09/11/09 @ 04:43
Comment from: Yitayal [Visitor]

“It is easy to sit on the sidelines, far away, shooting empty bullets to undermine or distort, but this noise frankly does not matter. What matters are these heroes of change, whose daily lives are the songs of freedom, sung by those for whom change has brought a new dawn.”
Quote of the new year!
I so much adore you Eleni!
Please never give up your job; do continue as you are doing it now, be it under this regime or even under the devils’. What ever you are doing there will remain there and no Meles or devil will take it away with.

09/11/09 @ 05:23
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

Let us give this lady the benefit of the doubt. Let us not rush and have a negative attitude towards her. Ambitious or not, pro-EPRDF or not, I believe that she is trying to do something for her people. As long as Ethiopia is under a dictatorship, she can not be free to do as she might have liked.
She is at the start and let us wait and see what she can achieve. We hope that ECX will put more money in to our farmers’ pockets. The middle man, the merchant, should not be priority number one.

09/11/09 @ 06:39
Comment from: birr [Visitor]

Well done Dr. Eleni, keep doing the good work. You have to Keep in mind that you will face a lot difficulties during your journey. These are your secondary imputes. These criticisms, hates from some people will make you strong and leads to achieve your goals.
The camel continues walking while the dog barks.

09/11/09 @ 06:39
Comment from: geberiew [Visitor]

I can not understand the way quality is ruled. As a farmer my maximum production is 2 quintals surplus if the rain is doing very well. This is to be sold for buying essentials( salt, clothing etc). As a member of the cooperative i can give this surplus to my cooperative. But every farmer using different seeds, in puts, farming area etc produces different quality products. Then because of the faults of one or the majority the quality certification will fall or will be below standard. Though I can not use ECX!!! Still the middle man will be in Place!!!

If the idea is to bring back to the dergs area “amirachoch” which is tried and failed. ECX is meaningless.

But I can see the price fixation as a staging table for price negotiation between farmer and middle man..ehel negadie….But that is the case for those having a radio as there is market assessment broad casted.

09/11/09 @ 07:58
Comment from: katikala [Visitor]

Dr. eleni, i think this is your third piece on Nazret and i can see you are overtly sliding into defending the state of the racist TPLF midgets. This article is kind of cheap to me. No one is yet sure if there is gross violation of human rights or injustice within the trading system. But i’m telling you make sure that there is no such scenarios. In the upcoming year the tribal junta is definitely going to be placed in its headstone. I advice you to distance your self on time. If you fail to do so, you are responsible for whatever is going to happen to you, and such “bezi weto bezi gebto” kind of talk won’t worth you anything.

09/11/09 @ 08:27
Comment from: Addis Girl [Visitor]
Addis Girl

Happy Ethiopian New Year plus all!

As for the article, it is slightly disappointing and low level testimony, not the kind of master piece I expected from head of National Exchange.

We will believe change when we see it. As it happens, farmers and their families are still as destitute while some hustlers are becoming fat cats, citizen’s still starving, supplier’s property confiscated and most lost their licences and some went to prison on bogus sabotage charges.

Even the Crime Minsters admitted 10,000 tones of the poor farmer’s blood and sweat produce disappeared (coffee) and what not! And here, the ECX boss is testifying, naming handful names to justify success. This is the kind of testimony one expects from Pentecostal Congregation rather than powerful National Exchange boss. And oh, did she mention freedom? Does it exist in Ethiopia?

For an allegedly very busy ECX boss, she sure seems to have plenty of time to write lengthy articles. Doesn’t she have spokes person/press office/PR personnel? I suggest she should let independent/neutral bodies or qualified journalist do the PR and talk the talk so that she could get on with her job and walk the walk.

09/11/09 @ 08:34
Comment from: Ethiopian kid [Visitor]
Ethiopian kid

Bravo Dr. Eleni again, keep up the great work. The silent majority of the diaspora is pleased with and proud of what you are doing in our beloved country.

I strongly believe the future of ethiopian leadership is with the ladies.
May God bless Brtukan Midekssa and Eleni Zaude

09/11/09 @ 08:35
Comment from: [Member]

Selam Dr.Eleni,

Thank you for your brave effort. I am really moved by your energy and vision you have for Ethiopia. As economist you are doing great job. I am also hoping you will not be destructed by the useless, ignorant cyber hooligans.
Please keep it up.
I wish you and your family a happy new year.

09/11/09 @ 09:15
Comment from: Mamo [Visitor]

Dear Elani,

It was very interesting to read your article of success. Yes, it would have been a great success if the trader from Humera was the original owner of the land than Ato Teclai. You see, when people are complaining about your role in facilitating the abuse of Meles’s power, they mean things like this one. Although you are looking at it from your profession point of view, since Humera was snatched from the hands of its legitimate owner and given to Tigrians, any “success “story by illegitimate owner would not make me happy.

09/11/09 @ 09:40
Comment from: tutu [Visitor]

Eleni, please for God’s sake don’t distrub us with your pompos words.

09/11/09 @ 09:43
Comment from: Abeba [Visitor]

Happy new year to you too.
God bless you.

09/11/09 @ 10:16
Comment from: [Visitor]

My fellow country men and women “Happy
new year” to all of you at home and
abroad. My especial wish to Dr. Eleni
and her team. I love your success
story, keep it up you and your group
are doing a great job. May God help
you all.

09/11/09 @ 10:18
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

What do others non Ethiopians view this business grab of coffee. Just to see a glimpse of it just read the exchange between Americans coffee consumers on New York Times The Dinner Journal as follows.

March 25, 2009, 3:54 pm
Ethiopia Shuts Down Coffee Exporters
By Oliver Schwaner-Albright
Michael Tsegaye/Bloomberg News Workers at a coffee drying operation in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, in 2007.
This post has been corrected and updated. Exporters other than Ethiopia’s largest have continued to ship out coffee.
In the latest scrimmage in the battle to control Ethiopia’s coffee trade, the government has suspended the licenses of the country’s largest coffee exporters, Bloomberg News reported today.
Until things get sorted out, no coffee is leaving Ethiopia.
The government accuses the exporters of keeping coffee off the international market until prices rise. Coffee is Ethiopia’s number one export and the beleaguered country’s primary source of foreign currency.
This is the latest twist in a saga being watched closely by both the specialty coffee community and those concerned about alleviating poverty in the developing world.
In 2006 the Ethiopian government trademarked “Yirgacheffe,” the name of the country’s most celebrated coffee-growing region, hoping to use its cachet to help all their coffee exports. Then in December, the government mandated that all coffee growers sell their crops through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, to insure that all beans fetched an adequate price. Some antipoverty groups thought this would help all Ethiopiain coffee growers.
It meant, though, that coffee roasters in the United States and other coffee importing nations would not be able to buy from specific growers whose beans they prize the most. It effectively ends direct trade for single-origin and microlot coffee.
George Howell of Terroir Coffee, a respected roasting company near Boston, also points out that the government’s efforts might cheapen the brand. He wrote in his newsletter:
“What scares me is that the trademark route in no way guarantees that the coffee even comes from the particular ‘designated’ region (ironically while Yirgacheffe now becomes a trademark, any coffee lover thinks of it immediately as a region). It is merely a trademark, without any guarantee of origin or traceability.

1. 1. March 26, 2009 11:09 am Link
I just discovered the wonderfulness of yirgacheffe via McNulty’s on Christopher Street. It’s really good coffee. Such a shame that politics will once again affect the livelihoods of those trying to climb out of poverty. I see nothing wrong with paying fair trade prices.
— West
2. 2. March 30, 2009 9:52 am Link
If Ethiopian farmers can’t participate in direct trade, what’s their incentive to grow a better product?
— Ryan
3. 3. April 1, 2009 9:08 am Link
Thats exactly the point Ryan, they will have no incentive so we will probably see a drop in quality overall as the farmers plant higher yielding varietals. Real shame.
— Gary
4. 4. April 5, 2009 8:22 am Link
There is some politics involved, some of the coffee traders are from the Amhara tribe and were hoarding the product inorder to sabotage the economic activity of the government. Politics in Africa is trbal in its outset. Melisa Allison should check her facts before she reports such wild stories.
— Thomas
5. 5. April 18, 2009 5:47 am Link
Thomas This is not the first time the goverment of Ethiopia confiscated coffee and refuse to return it. Confiscated farms, businesses is still under government control. The government refuse to allow private ownership. Do you know why? Is this also a tribal problem.
If you think Melisa Allison should look into this, please help her so she can report about all confiscated coffee sold as Fair Trade Certified coffee all over the world for years.
Do you know if the poor farmer is benefitig from this? If yes can you get the names and location of the farms. As you know they are not allowed to own the land.
We read millions (few years ago) in Swiss Bank was returned from private accounts opened by former Prime Minister, from coffee export. BBC.COM
You think this is a tribal problem too? We need someone like you to explain to us. We are confused.
Thank you.
— Chris
6. 6. September 1, 2009 2:44 am Link
What the country has done is shot themselves in the foot. I will be looking to Yemen if all we get stuck with is grade 2 beans. However, we must consider that the government may have been acting in earnest totally unaware of the politics of speciality coffee.
— Joel

09/11/09 @ 11:16
Comment from: Saba [Visitor]

Well well well, perhaps the good doctor should be reminded that for every life your ECX, and you by extension, claim to have changed, you have ruined millions of others. How? you might ask Mrs G/Medhin: it is through the prostitution of your intellect and your embarrassingly awkward defence of a liar, a cheat, and a treasonous despot’s flagrant disregard to the property rights of coffee traders. You have contributed to the misery of millions of Ethiopians by propping up a discredited evil and a fraudulent dictator.

Let me ask you Mrs G/Medhin, how could an intelligent woman like you sleep at night knowing that you have willingly sold out your integrity to petty thieves and criminals like the TPLF/EPRDF? Are you not aware of “guilt by association?”

I have no doubt history will judge you as nothing but a devout enabler of evil, the right hand of a curse, a co-conspirator of a traitor, and a willing accomplice to a blood thirsty dictator and usurper of power.

What good is a market place when the rights of sellers is trampled up on at the whim of a thief, a cheat and a dictator? You, of all people, should know substance has precedence over image. Your ECX is just an empty shell with no substance because it is set up in a poisoned environment where the rights of those it is meant to serve is not guaranteed or protected. It has become just another convenient tool for the exploitation of millions of destitute Ethiopians, another extension of the evil powers of a usurper. Your good friend, the man you crouched behind whispering in his ears at the opening ceremony of your ECX, the butcher of Addis, has taken hold of this benign and noblest of institutions, your ECX , and has turned it in to another evil instrument of exploitation and misappropriation of the blood and sweat of my fellow Ethiopians all because injustice reigns up on the land.

No amount of story telling is going to atone for your grave trespasses dearest doctor. Your reputation has been tarnished and your sincerity is in doubt all because you have not hesitated to jump in to bed with evil. You chose to help and abet evil instead of discouraging it. You decided to advocate injustice instead of putting it right. You abandoned truth instead of upholding it.

What is your defence doctor? Certainly not ignorance because it is evident that you are intelligent, and you have been round the world. Certainly not greed because you have a remarkable resume` that could command a tidy sum of remuneration where ever in the world you decide to take a position. I just can not get my head round the fact that how someone like you could associate herself with dumb, illiterate, lawless, corrupt, hopeless and blood thirsty petty criminals and traitors who derive their legitimacy to power from the gun.

I sincerely hope you will come to your senses before it is too late and take your rightful place at the side of the poor, the dispossessed, the wronged, and the oppressed. You are best placed to shine light up on the evil darkness that is TPLF/EPRDF and expose its multitude of sins, wrongdoings and injustices.

Happy New Year to you too.

09/11/09 @ 11:25
Comment from: Kassu [Visitor]

Did she use the word “freedom"? Tell that for the mothers of hundreds of young boys and girls who lost there life in 2005 on the streets of Addis. Tell that to hundreds of thousand innocent Ethiopians inprisond only because they disagree with your bosses. As long as you find an environment that serves your ego and pocket that is freedom. As long as you can get a fame, which you couldn’t manage to get in the west, that is freedom. Have ever heard of a lady called Birtukan Mideksa? She didn’t study in a prestigious universities in the west like yourself. She doesn’t have wealth you may have. The easiest thing to do for her is make the dictators happy and collect millions like you. But you know the story, you know where she is. Look I am not asking you to be like her, because it takes a heroine and because you can’t, just don’t make the struggle of Ethiopians even harder. It is funny these two ladies are taking the center stage in our country recently. Birtukan, the extra ordinary and Eleni, the greedy. Respect for Ethioian Lady Liberty

09/11/09 @ 11:39
Comment from: Kassu [Visitor]


well said. What is said is exactly what I would like to say. I wish I can be as articulate as you are. Very well said. Keep it up

09/11/09 @ 11:43
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

dear eleni
remember what many of your sira fet diaspora haters fear is the success of ECX in achieving its goals. so please have mercy and go easy on these poor souls.

saba aka the shabia whore elsa why dont you mind your own shity business.

09/11/09 @ 12:15
Comment from: sami1 [Visitor]

Dr. Eleni,

I see you are smart and may have good intetion, but you are with dectator where you do not have control. You do things that EPDRF is gaining not all Ethiopians are gaining so why do you expect me to embrace your idia and your hard work!

Dectator and Aid of Dectator in my book are the same..

Are you realy that blined that EPDRF is using you or are you willingly being used to seve their purpose?

I love your idia’s under free country and fair to all citizens!

09/11/09 @ 12:56
Comment from: Tobia Bogale [Visitor]
Tobia Bogale

Dr Eleni- the True Ethiopian Rose!

I salute your momentous achievement in establishing the ECX.
It is a joy to read such your well thought, immaculately written and superbly presented articles. Encore Madame!

Wish you and all the staff of the ECX a blessed New Year!

To the multitude of myopic Ebenezer,s, I say cheer up! It New Year after all!

I do sincerely hope your myopia would have been corrected by next year so that you don,t miss out on the modern version of the magic “Open Sesame”, when Ethiopia, God willing, will be the major sesame exporting nation on plant earth! Perfect Christmas carol to your ears no doubt!

09/11/09 @ 13:35
Comment from: hahu [Visitor]

Dear Dr. Eleni,
Thank you for engaging yourself to share your part in the ongoing discussion about Commodity Exchange.

Political views aside, this article completely ignored the core issue of coffee traders’ agony by just highlighting success story coffee transaction. Why do you prefer this route to justify the confiscation of coffee traders’ hard earned property? What about your silence of their confinement in prison and waiting their hands to be cut off?

Our PM is world class politician, no doubt about it irrespective of the way one would like to portray him, yet his direct involvement using force the way ECH operates is more questionable than the explanation you give in defense of the working with freedom.

Dear Dr. Eleni, we are waiting your feedback on the fate of coffee traders who are in prison and the status of their property.


09/11/09 @ 14:06
Comment from: jEGNAW GONDRE [Visitor]

IF IT IS WORKING FOR TRIBAL WOYANE JUNTa A is loving Ethiopia can any one explain n to me what is not working for thise murederers and tives of our country? DR.Eline u are as murdere as they are WOYANE.

09/11/09 @ 14:29
Comment from: addis Amet [Visitor]
addis Amet

songs of Freedom - what a Title? the word Freedom is not in the governing entity vocabulary.

Why are you trying so hard to get a buy in from the Diaspora on ECX. Just do what you do but please don’t try to convince us that you are doing good by using words like “Freedom”

Freedom my a#@$#$!

09/11/09 @ 14:38
Comment from: AlfaRomeo [Visitor]


Why do you bother to explain to the most archaic, badly educated hooligans the vertue of hard work and freedom? These are worst than animals who are unable to utter something positive from their dirty mouth. Nearly all are frustrated with their doorman jobs, parking attendancy where they are seen as non person. It is only their asociation with Ethiopia which gives them some importance where they don’t know its limit. If you go to DC you would be ashamed of being an ethioian if you come accros these midgets with big beer bellys with no education at all. They all are rif rafs. Their hoby’s are demonstrating infront of the White House as if Obama would listen to these nobodys and goes back to Addis every summer to their prostitutes.

You better waste your time with people who have some logic in them. These are immune to LOGIC. An AlfaRomeo like you deservs better audiance.

09/11/09 @ 14:53
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Fascinating story…I wish you,Dr Eleni, a happy new year and that your dreams come true as they are also ours.

09/11/09 @ 16:03
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

Just who were exporting coffee from Ethiopia who were finally mugged by the dictatorial regime of Ethiopia and their wealth transferred to EcX?

How many were they? What ethnic back ground? You will find the following list of coffee exporters of Ethiopia about 60 for green coffee and about 30 for roasted coffee.

Is there competition when they were many exporters so that growers may benefit either for their specialty or via competition of buyers or just one woyane ECX exporter monopoly?

What happen to former exporters and their family livelihood after confiscation of their right to do business and their commodity. Should these people and their family and coffee growers millions sing the same song of change of this lady?
Enjoy reading the list. Some of them may be your loved ones. None of them were my friends or partners. I am digging further to find the truth.

Members of Ethiopian Coffee Exporters’ Association
P. O. BOX 8808, PHONE +25111 3711990 /3711130 /3200201, FAX +25111 3711477
E-mail:, Website:

Ser. Exporter name
1 Abadir Coff Trading PLC
2 Addis Exporter Ltd (PLC)
3 Adem Bedane Oda Imp.-Exp.
4 Alfoz Pvt. Ltd. Co.
5 Alpha Trading PartnersPLC
6 Altaysir Trading PLC
7 Ambassa Enterprise PLC
8 A.S.K International Trading
9 Amdehun General TradingPLC
10 Awda PLC
11 Aziza PLC
12 Bahomed Trading PLC
13 Baminif Trading PLC
14 Bashanfer Trading PLC 8888AA 73 DD
15 Ba Shawieh Trading PLC
17 Bulehora Trading Enterprise
18 Cabey PLC
19 Camels Trading Enterprise PLC
20 Challa Mulissa Coffee Exporter
21 Challenge Coffee Traders PLC
22 Coffee Plantation Development Enterprise
23 Ethiopian Commodities PLC
24 Ethio Agri-CEFT PLC
25 Garden Mocca PLC 27729 Code 1000
26 Ghion Industrial & Commercial PLC
27 Green Coffee Agro-IndustryPLC
28 Green Gold Ethiopia PLC
29 Haicof Limited PLC
30 Helen Gebrenigus Coffee Exp.
31 Ibero & Jos Hansen/Ethiopia/ Ltd.
32 J. J. Kothari & Co. /Eth./ (Ltd)
33 Kaleb Service Farmers House PLC
34 Kana Import-Export Prv. Enter.
35 Kedir Haji Hassen Coffee Exporter 23173 Code 1000
36 Kemal Abdella International PLC
37 Legesse Sherefa PLC
38 Makfam PLC 9366
39 Mohammed A. Ogsadey Imp. Exp. 250 DD 58912 AA
40 Moplaco Trading Co. Ltd. 3035 AA 4 DD
41 Mullege Pvt. Ltd. Co.
42 Muluneh Kaka Coffee Exporter
43 Nardos Coffee Export
44 Nejet International PLC
45 Paul Ries & Sons /Eth./Ltd.
46 Robera Pvt. Ltd. Company
47 S. A. Bagersh PLC
48 Said Jemal Rahmato PLC
49 S. Sara Coffee Enterprise
50 Seid Yassin Ali Coffee Exp. Enterprise
51 Semachew Demissie Investment PLC
52 Semachew Kebede Export- Import
53 Sheik Habib Farid International PLC
54 S. J. Magdalinos PLC
56 Winta International TradingPLC
57 Wondo Trading PLC
58 Zege PLC

Roasted Coffee Exporters
No Company Name
1 Bashanfer Trading P.L.Co
2 Tsega Coffee Mr. Daba Feyisa
3 Mola Coffee Mr. Wubshet Molalign
4 Won International Mr. Wondwosen Eshetu
5 Great Abyssinia plc Ato Dawit Zerihun
6 Mrs Aster Mengesha
7 Miraf Coffee Mr. Hailu Tesema
8 Selam Coffee Mr. Mohamed Muzeyin
9 Liyu Buna Mr.Zewdu Tessema
10 Mamokacha coffee exporter plc
11 Amsale Gizaw Tessema Mr. Tewodross
12 Fantu Bezabih
13 Nigat Coffee
14 Adem Bedane plc 222550
15 Kabe plc
16 Tizita Coffee
17 Robel plc
18 Bereket Coffee
19 Mulege plc
20 Tomoka Coffee
21 Alem Coffee

09/11/09 @ 16:10
Comment from: Zeab [Visitor]

Success stories, the stories of individual farmers and business men. Dr. Eleni is saying she has now followers who are benefiting from her achievement. It is a fact, the followers are the supporters; so, if the work of Dr. Eleni is benefiting the ordinary citizens, it is these people who will be supporting her work; not the people who oppose her achievement for their own reasons.

09/11/09 @ 16:25
Comment from: Concerned citizene [Visitor]
Concerned citizene

First of all happy ethiopian New Year for all ethiopian, Dr. Elene i’m always moved by your stories and i always admire and adore you what you are doing to help the morther country ethiopia, a country that we all love, but recently after you became contributor you seem to get some controversies about your relation with the current regime, which i dont like, so what i’m try to say here is Doc are you really really have relations with this regime???? why dont you blog about your relations in this website or others in detail about your ties with meles, i hope you dont have any thing to do with it. i’m a big believer in people who have knowledge can do any thing, and Doc you can do any thing and please keep up the good work and help ethiopia, please dont play politics over ethiopian people. Happy New year again and cant wait to hear from you bye.

09/11/09 @ 16:35
Comment from: ethiopia [Visitor]

you are shamless person it is not interested for me to read any thing you say befor ,during,after becaus you are working with those dictators and you like them like this because you are racist person you can see good personality and well ejuceted are diferent you are not a good person you are not even ethiopian you are racist banda like your father melles so never say the word ethiopia again.

09/11/09 @ 16:57
Comment from: Haqegnaw [Visitor]

To Saba
Saba you are acting as the western ladies we see on the streets. Not as an Ethiopian lady who descended from a people with highly rich culture and tradition. Have you ever asked yourself who you are and what you contributed to the poor country except vomiting out your venom on the web? If you think writing what your immature mind thinks on the web is a big contribution to the daily life of destitute Ethiopian farmers and if you have the thinking capacity all human beings have by nature, taking your time, sit down and ask who you are and your subconscious mind will tell you. Do you know our globe is full of paper works and people with big mouths like you but less commitment to implement what is on those papers? Do you know speaking is by far simpler than practicing? Do you know knowledge means doing what you know? I don’t think you do! To tell you the truth, I give a big credit for any person who polishes shoes on the streets of that country more than I do to you and other who fool themselves as if they were intellectuals in the western countries. You might ask why as I have said earlier if you have the thinking capacity. The answer is because that shoe polisher is contributing to the overall economy of the country! Moreover, he/she is doing what he/she knows practically.
Most of the time you spoke about destitute Ethiopian farmers and the brutality of the existing government of Ethiopia and how Dr. Elleni is contributing to the exploitation of the people of our country. For the sake of God! Tell me what you have done in order to alleviate the poverty of the poor people or to overthrow the tyranny government rather than writing your divisive old fashioned politics. This infant brain of yours can’t ever understand Ethiopian politics is decided only and only by Ethiopian citizens. The rest of us who are given asylum by western countries or who are natural citizens can cry and whine but we can’t change the game of politics in that country. Our efforts and our day dreams can not go beyond writing on the political motivated webs we have and demonstrating in front of streets and some state houses.
The funny of all you have written is you told us Dr. Elleni will be judged when your day mare Diaspora party gets power. If any one of us has to be judged in front of justice, you will be the first one to stand and be judged because being in western countries and overeating fat hamburgers, you are spiting on the people on our country. To the least, everything held constant, I will give credit to Dr. Elleni because of the following reasons:
1. Unlike us, leaving everything behind, she is living among her people and in her country. She feels, smells, sees, and touches the way our people lives.
2. Unlike you and other Ethiopians who consider themselves as educated persons doing nothing rather than talking trash things on cyber nets, she is practicing her brain power with in her country and her own people.

09/11/09 @ 17:18
Comment from: Afari Sifari [Visitor]  
Afari Sifari

Ashiwa Abeba and the likes,

Please tell us who is real Ethiopians?

I always sense that according to some people on this web, some people are more ethiopians and others are less ethiopians. If Abysineans think like that what do you think about Afars, somalis and others? If one would become a prime minister of Ethiopia from Gambela or Afar or Konso, what the hell wwould you say? Who is ethiopian and who is not? talk sense or be prepared for unending rivers of blood through your veins and valleys.
People, talk of the quality of someone’s actions not the quality of citizenship and ‘ real ethiopian or whatever or you are destroying the country you claim to love so much but your actions are against Ethiop;ia. Ethiopia is beyond one’s village and ethnic community or it is no more.

Afari Sifari has a lot of pity for petty minds.
Every Ethiopian is equally Ethiopians.All of us are equally Ethiopian or else no ethiopia!!! Period!

09/11/09 @ 17:48
Comment from: Melkam Addis Amet ! [Visitor]
Melkam Addis Amet !

Melkam Addis Amet to everyone ! ! !

Happy Ethiopian New Year 2002 to all of my fellow Ethiopians who are back home or in diaspora cyber world. :>> :P :p

09/11/09 @ 18:23
Comment from: Burte [Visitor]

Is this a progress report? To whom, why at this critical time? Two people trained in computer? So what? What make so special this part of the woyane apparatus? Why she is this much excited about her activity where thee is a complet state failure? Why she is worried about the current government of Ethiopia? Why she made marketing is so much important than the production part of the economy? Why she try to show Ethiopia is adminstered by well educated and multi-ethinic individuals by modeling herself? Where is the well educated and a woman of principle W/t Butukan Medeksa? Shame on us Ethiopians. If I am you, I would quietly serve the dictater or do something else.

09/11/09 @ 20:13
Comment from: [Member]

Ignoring feminenism and its politics, the first intellectual curiosity recorded in history (Scripture) was the story of the achiever Eve biting that apple when she wanted to know something of what God knew while Adam the lout wanted to sit around the paradise. So in my view since Eleni’s intellectual curiosity is a huge experimental project, it has the potential to prove itself in two ways.Eleni the real achiever/the intellectual Eve we know so like respectful Omro said let us give her a chance. Thanks.

09/11/09 @ 21:19
Comment from: Goytom [Visitor]

Happy New Year!!!

Eleni, no body is against having the electronic exchange. Thank you for going such a distance to enlighten us, though it is pavlovian.

tell us about melese’s role
tell us about azeb’s role
tell us about tplf’s role
tell us about the overnight millioners

tell us about all sorts of the opportunistic goons they use to contole you do what ever they want to citizens who come to your exchange?

tell us about eline’s and the exchanges working conditions,how much free, faire, not cadre but profesional(non forced eprdf member)

we know these animals and their sick, I know it all sociopathic head, made every institution to work in the country deplorably…

tell us what makes your job different, the capo only wants every organization to give a happy picture to the doers and consider him visionary while making the whole nation visionless

If you have to talk dr. talk about such things…otherwise do not wast your breath…we have been there we all have many good things to talk about our fellow Ethiopians and admire them..given the circumstances melese tirelessly put our country

09/11/09 @ 23:24
Comment from: Mesganaw [Visitor]

Why God created me from parents that are part of this kind society/community? Is it a blessing or curse?

Others are thinking, talking and creating new ideas for the sake of their country. Others are secretly copying from others for the sake of their people. They are admiring, supporting and competing among each other to improve their nation situation.
But we? O God. Look at you; here in the internet. Some of you are totally transformed with hate, jealousy and all evil ideas as worst as you see only the negative side of everything including yourself. You are the negative people.

You are totally the failed individuals. Are you asking questions about yourself regularly? I don’t think so. Your behaviour here is telling everything about who really you are.

All of you need to know that the woyane Ethnic policy in the 21- century is dead the time it was created and implemented unlawfully, unfairly and forcefully having all power by themselves. It was calculated by these few evils to affect Ethiopia in the long run.
That is why their creator (evil Father) “Issayas” has said on CNN in 1998 “we gave Ethiopia at least a 100 years home work. The Ethiopian future is out of balance and we are the one responsible for it” When he was talking about, his face was shine, his neck was up, His shoulder was bread and he was like God and proud of himself.

But God saves Ethiopia from many dangers through out her existence using her children during the time she is facing any danger. Individuals like Eleni G/Medhin and many others are the God chosen Ethiopians to safe her from danger and do something good that would benefit the innocent needy Ethiopians. I know many Ethiopians are paying their money with thousands, spending their valuable time and energy for the sake of their people without getting anything in return but internal satisfaction which is matters the most.

Ethiopia from boarder to boarder all directions is equal for every Ethiopians. The illegally, unfairly and with out historical facts created so called Killil is invalid and will never be accepted in the 21 century where the old enemy Europe is becoming like a country and even a village
The point is that soon or later the Tribalist system in Ethiopia will be over. Meles and his few cadres will not live forever even if the Ethiopian people let them doing the way they are doing for 19 years. Let beat the evil with good dad. Let win against the evil ignoring it and doing the things that matter to our people daily life and the future of the nation. Stop associating with evil woyanes the brave and committed Ethiopians that are close to their people and facing obstacles while doing their best to their country. Do you think it is easy doing anything good for Ethiopia in the Tribalism system?

You left your country for your sake. If you love and care about your country, you wouldn’t be abandoned her the first place. You would die until you defeat your enemy in the name of your country. You left her alone to the tribalist few criminals thinking your life in abroad would be perfect.

Boys, you are valueless. You are adults and old, but still acting like streets boys has no idea about his future and life at all. Spending behind the internet with sick brain is not making you a hero. Stop thinking negatively before all positives are seen.

We must support those working for Ethiopian good. If you see something inappropriate, be the solution rather than being a fire starter top burn around with lies. Ethiopia is the nation of 80 Ethnic groups which is very low number comparing with other nations with population proportion. In USA and other nations, all human Ethnics, races, religions, traditions, customs and the likes are living together as a nation. Therefore, In Ethiopia having Ethnic and Kilil policy is a satanic act and is not valid. It is created by few individuals after taking power through coup deta. The Ethiopian history was/is and will be our guide. There fore we have to be back at least 500 years ago before the Queen Eleni era, Gragn Islamic War against Christian Abyssinia and the mass Galla Migration took place between 1550-1850. If you are talking about Ethnic federalism, what are you going to do about more than 60 Ethnic groups living in the tribalist illegally created so called oromia? Are there will be again more than 60 kilils, too?

Here are some lists we brave Ethiopians have to do.

1. Importing potato races to grow in Ethiopia from Peru, Bolivia and other Andeans nations of South America where the landscape, the weather and the soil is the same with the Ethiopian highlands. There are more than 2500 types of potatoes there.
2. Importing the types of cattle to breed including cows, sheep, goats that are productive with Milk, meat or/and skin from countries like Canada, UK/Scotland, Germany, Holland where the temperature is not hot the same way the Ethiopian highland is.
3. Importing the selected type of wheat, rice, grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables and other food items to grow them in Ethiopia.
4. More than half of the world fish consumption is not cached from the sea/ocean but the breeding like cattle and chickens. Ethiopia has the best environment (not cold not hot throughout the year). There fore, the Type of Fishes must be widely breeding in Ethiopia as far as we can export after satisfying our domestic needs.

Until now we don’t get it. But the truth is that Ethiopia is the best place to produce anything including plants and animals. We have abandoned of rain water in the highland which is easy to stop it from flowing out of our country or diverting it to another directions with in the country. Because of we own 85% the entire African highland, we are blessed with the best weather, landscape, soil any country has.

So, we have very important things to do rather than playing “Enka Sle kantya” on the interment. We have to learn and exercise appreciating, supporting, caring and loving one another rather than being enemies which is the cause of our bad situation. Don’t hate each other, but respect one another and work together. This is the way the world is working and moving forward leaving us behind.

Happy new year to all of you

09/12/09 @ 07:36
Comment from: yeEthiopia Lij [Visitor]
yeEthiopia Lij

Free Birtukan Mideksa!

Happy new Year true Ethiopians!

ETHIOPIA Lezelalem Tinoralech!
Telatochua Yiwedmalu!

09/12/09 @ 08:11
Comment from: Wedi Adi [Visitor]
Wedi Adi

Diaspora neftegna would rather see the Ethiopian farmer poor ans starving like it was 1984.
Howelse can they feel successful with their menial jobs and negligble status in their host countries?
Dr.Eleni, you are the greatest Habesha lady of the century.You have made history.

09/12/09 @ 08:45
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

What Eleni is not telling us is how many people are killed and how many are closing their businesses due to the unfair Woyane economic and political policies.
Both Hitler, Mussoloni and Stalin were not without supporters and no wonder if Eleni whether Tigrean or non-Tigrain is collaborating with killers and looters.
How can one do normal business when one has to live under tyrany. You are Joking Madam Eleni.

09/12/09 @ 11:15
Comment from: Moya Yinager [Visitor]
Moya Yinager

Freedom and change in Ethiopia controlled by Zeregna Weyanes?

What a joke? It looks like Simon Bereket wrote this Weyane propaganda. Yetekeberu Eleni, what kind of CEO goes around claiming to be both economist, PR officer, and who knows what? It looks like you are turning to Mengistu and Meles who think they are the country’s only generals, doctors, engineers, economists, propaganda mimisters, etc.

09/12/09 @ 11:38
Comment from: straight shooter [Visitor]
straight shooter

ትንሳዬሽን ያሳየን:ትንሳዬሽን ያሳየን:
ውዲቱ ኢትዮጵያ ሀገረ አግዚሓኤር:ትንሳዬሽን ያሳየን::
የአባቶችን ዘመን ተመልሶ እንድናይ:
አለን ኢትዮጵያው ሆይ የፍቅር ራዕይ::
ትቢያሽን አራግፈሽ ሐዘንሽን ችለሽ:
ዳግም ትነሺያለሽ ሀገሬ እንደድሮሽ::
ያልታዘዘች ሀገር ለእግዚሓብኤር ስርሃት:
አያጣትምና ዘወትር ፍርሃት::
ከቁጣው አምልጣ ሰላም እንድታገኝ:
ሰውና ሰው ታርቆ እሊናው ይገናኝ::
ይቅርታ ታላቅ ነው ቁስልን ይሽረዎል:
ጸብ ግን እስከዛሬ እነማንን ጠቅሟል?
ቂምና በቀልን ለትውልድ ያቆዩ:
በማይበርድ እሳት እፍ ሕዝቡን ያጋያሉ::

- ይ.ኃ

09/12/09 @ 11:50
Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]


The farmers did not say it, but Dr. Eleni said that they are benefiting on their behalf. Meles is telling all that Ethiopia is a democracy and governed by a rule of law. Mengistu was also saying that Ethiopia is under a democracy of revolutionary nature. So what is the difference? Remember when a dergue or woyanne official visits any institution that all the cleaning of the visit area will be the priority? The same about the story of the farmers under her direct jursdiction and political and economic control.

09/12/09 @ 13:46
Comment from: laljoe [Visitor]

dr. eleni is just diverting us from the real pictures. im sure she will find some coky way to persuade us the illegal sale of farm lands is some market miracle for the agricultural problem in ethiopia. whatever she is doing now is not adding any value to ethiopia. she is selling cash crops, which already is very easy to do especially coffee. our problem is what is sold is waaaaay less than what is bought or exported. and this is because we r dependent on agriculture. infact a very back ward rain expecting agriculture. our majority of population is a second away from famine. urban poverty is at its mightiest (but eleni doesn’t know this because she drives some nice 4wd, lives in one of the nice quarters of the city, and seats in a posh office). so, please stop ur propaganda. WE WANT CHANGE, AND WE WILL GET IT!!!!

09/12/09 @ 14:50
Comment from: Z-Mike Lebaw [Visitor]
Z-Mike Lebaw

Addis Girl;
Happy New Year to you sexy girl.
Love your name

09/12/09 @ 15:48
Comment from: DJ [Visitor]

they say people get the leader they deserve.Amen! how very true is that.
many of you are angry at this lady because of the government.
but what is your solution?
are Ethiopians like Eleni, with dreams to have a marketing system in ethiopia, supposed to wait until a bunch of cabies and parking lot atendants from USA to march and overthrow meles:)):))
people work with what they have and after all what gurantee do you have that the one after meles is not worse.please think before making a fool out of yourself.

09/12/09 @ 15:56
Comment from: zora [Visitor]

Selam Dj
Please get som sense! Even PM, The prime misery Of Ethiopia, Meles has admitted Kinijit has Kneeled him down. Yes!The diaspora group can assist in getting rid off the Tigrean apartheid system!! mark my words. All we need is kinjit 97 back in action. Melkam Addis Amet

09/13/09 @ 07:00
Comment from: Acias [Visitor]

Too much about yourself Elleni - what are you attempting to prove? That you’re intelligent, yes you are! To prove that you are contributing sth for the overall development of the country? Yes, you are! The question rather is are they using you?? Yes, of course! Are the Gunas, the Dinshos, the Ambassels, the Wegagens’, etc benefitting most? Yes, of course….These are the things which distract your vision…. With EPRDF, you are always losing the grip!! Once they know how to manipulate and use you or how will they manipulate your good efforts, that is where you are the losing end! You say speculation, they will hunt speculators for their own use; when you say over storage, they confisicate, guns and power are the only instruments that they adored to use…..

Eyawequ Alequ

09/13/09 @ 12:45
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

observer [Visitor]

Thank you for that elaborate list of Coffee exporters.
While crisscrossing Harargue, my group and I had the privilege of sharing a meal with Mr. Ogsadey ( #39 in your list)- actually, just few weeks before his demise. Mr. Ogsadey told us about the 9 people cartel who monopolized coffee exporting during Haile (one of them being himself and the other from Harargue was Abashanfer and the third one was a Greek)- The other 6 were from Shewa and Jimma -And look how the number of exporters has proliferated to 59 raw coffee exporters and another 21 roasted coffee exporters.
Which means after all - Meles Adm. is very accommodating to people who want to do business and be entrepreneur.
During Dergue Mr. Ogsaday was incarcerated for a while and upon his release he did not exile himself, he is multimillionaire he can afford to live lavishly like a king any place anywhere in the world - but opted to stay in his “Ethiopia” and producing jobs to numerous people.
In my opinion this is a person I call a real Ethiopian and not those booze-hound taxi drivers and parking lots attendants who are wasting their almost extinguishing life in envy and telling all kind of innuendos.

Afari Sifari [Visitor]

You are asking:"Please tell us who is real Ethiopians?”

Depend who you are asking this question - those callous people who lost their ascendency and live miserable life will tell you that they are the one and only one to be considered as Ethiopians but if you ask the rest of us then we will tell you that with all our diverse ethnicity, religion and cultural background - we are and will be proud Ethiopians forever.

Those people who claim to be the only Ethiopians are not in a position to question our “Ethiopiawinet”

09/13/09 @ 12:56
Comment from: Afe_Gubae [Visitor]

Few years ago when NASA’s scientist Kitaw Ejigu visited Ethiopia after several years of exile there was huge hoorah and wide publicity. He vowed to do all he can for transfer of (satellite) technology to improve agriculture. He condemned our backwardness that we were still dying with malaria and promised to import the inexpensive drug to effectively cure it. His bravado interview wiped my face with tears.
In a dramatic twist within few months after his return to US he underlined the impossibility of working with the regime and declared armed struggle. It is his right to choose his path but for millions of suffering Ethiopians it would be great had he chosen to honor his shattered promises.
The current regime is hated and illegitimate. Yet it is in power for two decades and shall remain for unknown future until we do our assignment or decay in itself. I admire pioneers like Eleni who ardently following their conscience to the good of humanity even under despotic regimes.
Like engineer Kitaw and the majority diaspora Eleni could line herself with sworn enemies of the regime and remain latent fortunately she followed a different path of the few making a difference in people’s lives. Sooner or later we shall start reaping the fruit of her farm and Kitaw’s legacy to his beloved country shall remain nothing more than stirring chauvinists abroad of course his distinguished contribution to science and technology shall be honored forever.
Happy new year to all!

09/13/09 @ 15:23
Comment from: Abisinian [Visitor]

By its very nature NEFTEGNA can’t advocate for farmers. If you have any doubt about this very nature of this anti-farmers, please ask the farmers of OROMIA. They will tell you who neftegna is, who many Oromo women’s breast has been cut by this NIFIT. How many lands of poor OROMOS has been snatched by this NIFIT. So how the hell could NEFTEGNA behave out of its true nature? NFTEFNA is the worst enemy of peasants of ETHIOPIA!!! No doubt, NIFIT did not think good about farmers, is not thinking good, and will not for the future!!!

09/13/09 @ 18:28



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