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Ethiopia - Teddy Afro – An Ethiopian Hero & a Prisoner of Conscience



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Ethiopia - Teddy Afro – An Ethiopian Hero & a Prisoner of Conscience

File Photo: Teddy Afro

Ethiopia - "My Solidarity Forum" for Teddy Afro – An Ethiopian Hero & a Prisoner of Conscience

By Golto Aila

Teddy Afro is a son of Ethiopia in the purest sense of the word "son"! He has used his talent to entertain us, all of us - young and old, from all backgrounds, and from all walks of life! What many of us preach on this kind of FORUMS, Teddy takes with him on the road - city to city, country to country and continent to continent! Teddy does not only entertain us with music, but he has used his musical as the most effective medium to convey the pain our people live through, day in and day out!

This advocate of justice for our people; this voice for the voiceless; this champion of the oppressed; this ultimate entertainer could have lived in luxury abroad and enjoyed life as most of us do, but knowing the risk to his own life, he returned home to continue the mission he has set for himself! Today he sits in the notorious Kaliti Prison, precisely because of what he does for his down-trodden compatriots! The humiliation he has suffered so far and will continue to suffer hence will be the most poignant symbol of our peoples' suffering for the last two decades!

The tyrannical regime in Ethiopia has spared no effort to silence the voices of those who dared to challenge them, and by locking up Teddy Afro, while simultaneously disenfranchising Ethiopia once again, it has clearly demonstrated its contempt for Ethiopia and its people!
The Ethiopian dictator is doing what all dictators do - eliminating those who pose a threat to their grip on power! What shocks me time and again is the utter paralytic inaction on the part of the people into whose eyes this regime has been poking its fingers with impunity!

In the absence of an effective defense of the people’s interest, the regime has been riding roughshod on all Ethiopians irrespective of their background, as long as they are not toeing the line. As I have warned repeatedly in my many write-ups our Tigrean compatriots may well be bearing the brunt of this oppression – history will tell! In my recent write-ups many of which have appeared on these pages, I have tried to lay out why it is imperative of Ethiopians inside and outside Ethiopia form a solidarity forum to try and prevent Ethiopia from slip down the face of a cliff on the brink of which it is currently tittering! As in any culture, our youth are our pillars and future depends on them. I recently lamented that our generation is proving ineffective in the face of an onslaught on everything we value in our culture, I appealed to our youth to make a covenant with our Motherland, and advised the formation of “My Solidarity Forum” youth league!

We have lacked effective tool against this heinous regime, and not because of its strength, but rather because of our weakness! There is no any other way one can explain such humiliation of a population of 80 million people by a handful thugs! There is no organization that I know of in Ethiopia or outside Ethiopia today, to which we can turn and that is a crying shame!!!!

Recent Articles by Golto Aila

Let us show that we have spine! Let us show that we still have some residue of self- respect, let show that we have a culture we value, let us demonstrate to the world that we have what it takes to regain the dignity which has been the trade mark of our forbearers. Let us show our SOLIDARITY with this young hero who has given all he has for the dignity of his motherland. Let’s honor his mobilization at grass-root level to carry forth his lyrics of emancipation! Let’s show him something as a token of our appreciation for what he has done and continues to do for us! Let us show we have SPINE!

In making this call, may I refer you to my recent write-up “When Our Home is Burning”! Please study and use principle listed therein, and take responsibility to help our Motherland move get out of this darkness. Avoid waiting for someone else to take action and take the lead - evidence from our recent history does not support such an approach! Accept 100% responsibility for Teddy Afro's freedom and Ethiopia's freedom. Do something new, establish a new contact, call a meeting, distribute a flyer, and initiate “My Solidarity Forum”, anything! Don’t let Teddy Afro perish in the hands of one of the most inhuman administration on the continent of Africa today! We can save him, and we can save Ethiopia – we just need to demonstrate self-respect and pride in ourselves and our heritage!


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Comment from: Neutral [Visitor]

I think it is too early to judge about the case of Teddy’s arrest. We need to wait and see. The comment we made into rush will castigate us.

I adore this young chap and recently entertained me in a city where I live. I really enjoy it. However that does not have to bias me to wait and see what is on the ground.

Time will tell. God bless Ethiopia. God bless Teddy.

04/20/08 @ 00:34
Comment from: teddytrue [Visitor]

i,m not surprised.

04/20/08 @ 00:51
Comment from: Hailu Petros [Visitor]
Hailu Petros

After all the alleged crime is killing innocent Ethiopian and failed to stop and report to authority-this is a serious crime in any country if proved to be true, nothing to do with the government, I don’t understand the rational of your argument. Do we have to politics about everything? Don’t you think- it is hypocritical in your part to call for Teddy’s release while may be he is guilty of a crime of this magnitude? or do you think Teddy’s life is some how worth more than the street kid who may never even filled his stomach up till his last day on this earth? Mind you there are both Ethiopians, unless you’re from the old school who always believed all Ethiopians are not created equal.

04/20/08 @ 00:57
Comment from: Gorebet! [Visitor]

We all love Teddy Afro. But this is nothing to do with the government…I don’t understand the point you are trying to make….it doesn’t make sense. Like they say “If you do the crime you got to do the time ” he is not different…then any Ethiopian and there shouldn’t be a different law because he is happen to be a good singer…come on give me a brake…STOP linking any thing and everything with the government. What about the poor guy, who is dead, isn’t he an Ethiopia… is he less Ethiopian because he is not rich or famous. Any who please STOP trying to use any opportunity to criticize the current government… GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA!

04/20/08 @ 01:13
Comment from: Mandinga [Visitor]

“…this ultimate entertainer could have lived in luxury abroad and enjoyed life as most of us do"…
this is pure moronic I’ll be doggone if anyone living abroad agree with you! you’all know how those ‘famous and classy’ Ethiopian artists make their living in DC – pathetic!. Teddy would have been no different after two or three shows. Second, Teddy Afro is incarcerated because he has committed a hit and run vehicular homicide and killed a 18 years old homeless teen on a street. As much as I like Teddy Afro I also believe that he has to pay his debate to the society for this heinous crime. Please get your facts straight or risk sounding like a stupid!

04/20/08 @ 01:18
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

Tifat serto kehone endemanignaw zega ekul firid liqebel yigebal otherwise balew ye poletica amelekaket kehone yetaserew bemigeba linawegiz yigebal mawgez bicha sayihon fitsum meqo endichil wegen metagel alebet.

04/20/08 @ 01:21
Comment from: wewant2BeFree. [Visitor]

Tedy will get out very soon.All TPLF cares about is money.Just show TPLF gangsters some cash money and I am 100% sure Tedy will walk out free.

04/20/08 @ 01:23
Comment from: Aba Mela [Visitor]
Aba Mela

I thought I read that he is imprisoned because of his alleged involvement on murder. As the news indicated from Ethiopia, he is not imprisoned because of his songs. He committed a crime, he must be judged. Because of his critical songs, he can not be above the law.

04/20/08 @ 01:37
Comment from: mamo [Visitor]  

poor man

I hope those cowards will learn from OJ simpson?????

I will leave
OJ was a pride thru his football

u are a hero in ur musical talent

who will stand by you and let u out from prison The people????
where are they ????????????

shame of ……….


04/20/08 @ 01:46
Comment from: SK [Visitor]

It is about time that you posted this atrocity regarding this blessed young man. How can we help? What can we do? Please let us know. I for one will jump on that band wagon.

I will read the article sighted and I also invite someone in the know how to suggested what to do. Time is of the essence. So let’s keep going.

Thank you.

04/20/08 @ 01:51
Comment from: ayenew [Visitor]

woooooooooooooow how mr.Golto Aila write this article, my quistion to you mr.Golto Aila, in what part of the the world you live? lets say you live in USA, can you get away from hit and run crime? how about if the man dead n that accident was your brother what wold you say?
if you really car about
Ethiopian people does he have a right to kill any one because he is hero? wooooow, how about mane the who dead? don’t you think some one need him? or you saying people is not equal? i am not say tedy is not hero
but he done crime and he have to pay for it.
because you don’t like the government try to confuse as by mixing politics with crime
God pleas Ethiopia

04/20/08 @ 01:58
Comment from: Truth be Told [Visitor]
Truth be Told

Teddy is lawlessly jailed because he belittled the struggle of tigrays to disintegerate ethiopia and ultimately form their own dry state- in his ETERNAL SONG CALLED “YASTESEREYAL”:!::!:

Teddy is jailed because he honored HIS MAJESTY HAILESELASSIE I-KING OF ETHIOPIA! and condomen woyane. He aint do any crime apart from writing songs critical of Woyane.

Woyane and tigrays are shortening the life of their tyranny by themselves they are diving into the cliff, they are right into the edge now, all we need to do is to give them a slight ethiopian push:!:

The jailing of teddy is good in a way, as it shows, once again, very clearly who zenawi is and who tigray-woyanes are:!::!:

04/20/08 @ 02:02
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

It does no matter who you are ,you do the crime you must pay the price until proven guilty.In todays ethiopia no one is above the law.

Unlike cuds and shabia tedy’s case is different to ask for mercy if proven guilty.

04/20/08 @ 02:26
Comment from: MACK [Visitor]

WHAT IS YOUR POINT? are trying To motivate young people on your moronic writing? First of all you need to explain what his crimes are. Did you realize that we are in the 21st century? You can not mixed up personal crime with politics. We know TEDY AFFRO IS A GREAT SINGER BUT IT DOES NOT MEAN HE IS ABOVE THE LOW. Please think before you write, do not try to confuse people by switching personal crime to political crime. You just need to understand EVERY HUMAN BEING IS THE SAME INFRONT OF THE LAW NO MTTER WHO HE IS. If you have a political issue you should come up with other concrete evidence

04/20/08 @ 02:44
Comment from: Fikus [Visitor]

I do not understand this writer! No man is above the law.
You seem to write about everything and tell the people to start a fight. What have you done so far? It sounds very easy to tell somebody what to do from a very comfortable place. If you care so much about your country, go back and do something productive. War is not the only solution to one country’s problem. How about hard work, dedication, determination, creativity, and innovation. Stop preaching war please!

04/20/08 @ 03:10
Comment from: pc49 [Visitor]

Golta , I appreciate the issue you bring to the table!

I remember at sedist(6) kilo university the issue was very controversial and divisive with in law students. Somehow many of us questioned ourselves how the law practical on him? Whether the law has hidden purpose or truthfulness? There was no clear answer at that movement.

As far as I understand teddy was victim of his own action, he should understand the rule of the land were he live at. Because of who he is at this time he escapes the first verdict by paying 50,000 birr, which is bothering me always. People who are wealthy and famous can do whatever thing’s they want, even take life of somebody and yet they getaway from it. That is how our judiciary system works …IoI
if proven guilty, a big if, why would this not cast doubt in your mind as to the propriety of his actions ? I ask because my thinking of “the teddy’s issue” is guided by the actions of the various players. I do indeed see a kind of arrogance in the court, but nothing to compare with the actions of the teddy’s. really, it’s just about who obeys the rules, right? Or at least the rules you think are important. And don’t go claiming government. Not the other way around.

04/20/08 @ 03:36
Comment from: aman [Visitor]


04/20/08 @ 04:08
Comment from: hhhh [Visitor]

mack u 1st learn ur spelling so then after

04/20/08 @ 04:08
Comment from: mitomedhin [Visitor]

Ato Golto,

With all due respect,

I disagree with the content of your article regarding Teddy Afro. Please do not try to use everything for the sake of turning everybody against the government.

We all love Teddy Afro. We hope he hasn’t done the crime and he will be set free soon. He is a fantastic entertainer and touches the heart of everybody who is Ethiopian and those who love Ethiopia.

There is no doubt that Teddy Afro loves Mama Ethiopia just like the rest of us. We love him and he loves us.

Let us all pray he is free of the guilt that he is accused of.

Ato Golto, have you ever tried to see the other side of the coin in this story? The 18 year old young man from Jogam who was killed is also one of our brothers. He may not be a good singer or famous. However, he was a person just like one of us. His death doesn’t seem to bother you at all? Have you ever thought of his poor mother, father, brothers and sisters who are left to grieve the loss of this young man? Doesn’t he deserve justice? Don’t his people deserve justice, a closure to their pain?

Please leave the Government out of this and talk in a sensible manner. No one is above the law.
Do not politicize everything. Just show your solidarity to Teddy and wish him all the best.
The rest, just leave it to the professionals: the police, the detectives, and the law people. You can not possibly have the answer to everything.

I pray to God that Teddy isn’t guilty.

04/20/08 @ 04:08
Comment from: elu the china [Visitor]
elu the china


04/20/08 @ 04:13
Comment from: chu [Visitor]

what a beautiful comments about this stupid article.

Dear Golto Area

Do you think because he is Teddy Afro so he can do whatever he wants. He has to pay for it! The person who died could be your brother or son. What you think about that >:XX!

04/20/08 @ 04:22
Comment from: mitomedhin [Visitor]

The twisted brain who calls himself “truth be told", why don’t you just keep farting at your own people. We do not need stinky mouths here. No one is talking to you as you are from the kingdom of ANBETA.

04/20/08 @ 04:26
Comment from: Begashaw [Visitor]

What’s up Why didn’t you post my comment. It was the second or the third comment awaiting your approval. I did not know you began cherry picking. Adios. You can have it all.

04/20/08 @ 05:01
Comment from: Choice [Visitor]

Woyane has the best degree of fabricating false cahrges from the best university of lies.

The end is nigh!

04/20/08 @ 05:04
Comment from: Choice [Visitor]


Lol@above the ‘LOW’

04/20/08 @ 05:06
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

I like Teddy very much as same as other Ethiopian musicians. He is young talent and good entertainer,every body likes him so much.

Although lately he precisely has involved
with politics in a differnt forums and tried to created a systmatic haterd mong others.

Now,if he committed the crime, he is not better than others therefore, he should have faced the jail time for obvious reasons.

Though the writer has no point what so ever. Doesn’t even mention as why is Teddy in custody.

Anyways, I wish him the best..Yeha

04/20/08 @ 05:20
Comment from: Tazabe [Visitor]

Hi all,
I haven’t any comments above but I
thought I can add me personal view on
the matter. I hope what is going on is
not politically motivated. With that in
mind I have to state that he isn’t easy
on the chat either. I’ve had my own experience on how hell loose he and his
friends went while they were on their Europe trip.

God be with Teddy and the person who lost his life. If the guilty person is not caught than jusitce as usual is not being served.


04/20/08 @ 05:23
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Go to the deepest hell or 100 feet in to the ground mother >:XX.Yeha

04/20/08 @ 05:25
Comment from: habeshawu [Visitor]

I hate to sound like Woyaneee supporter, but I am seek and tired of some so called writers insulting my intelligence every where I go to find news about my country. what is this idiot trying to argue about? A rich man has a right to kill a poor boy who came to Addis in search of better life? what does Tedie’s arrest have to do with his view on Ethiopia’s politics. what do you guys want for Ethiopia? If you are not happy to be Ethiopian an alternative little country has been created up north, why don’t you go live there and leave Ethiopia alone ? or if you want be Ethiopian be an honest Ethiopian with constructive idea’s rather than trying to mislead people. >:XX

04/20/08 @ 06:23
Comment from: Medan [Visitor]

What the hell are you trying to talk about?Who is Teddy?a great Ethiopian Singer.So what?If he committed crime he has to be tried.i don’t think we have anything to blame on Weyane on this issue.Are you trying to tell us that the street boy victimized by Teddy is not worth living in this world …Hey please stop your nonsense!!!I personally believe you luck a sense of respect to humanity at all and you don’t deserve to post any article on this forum.

04/20/08 @ 06:27
Comment from: Free teddy [Visitor]
Free teddy

shame on a g a mes !!!

it is so shameful to see all Ag*mes came out to defend their blood sucking party W o y a ne .

you child killer >:XX your days are counting

Free teddy now !!!!

04/20/08 @ 06:29
Comment from: [Member]

I didnt even know that Teddy wes arested but if he is arrested for murder what is it got to do with the government .some people were commenting that he was arrested for his song YASTESERYAL dont be silly this song came out five or six years ago and Teddy was singing it everywhere he went even in Ethiopia and also teddy wes one of the singers who performed infront of the PM on the melliniem if the government hates him so much why would the leader of the government sit and listen to him performing .Plese Nazreth stop posting such type of childesh articles and let’s discuss about serious topics .

04/20/08 @ 06:30
Comment from: samuel [Visitor]

If Teddy is the one who caused the death of the poor man, then the law applies to him as it does apply to every one else in the country. However, knowing how the justice system works in the country and the cruel way in which the government manupulates it to punish those whom it considers are its enemies, it is no wonder if people are suspecious of the motive behind Teddy’ arrest. However, it is better to wait and see the outcome of the court decition first before making any haisty conclusions. Having saied that, I have no confidence in the legal system in ethiopia today. It is not even worth the paper it is writen on.

04/20/08 @ 07:25
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

Mr.Golto said “This advocate of justice for our people; this voice for the voiceless; this champion of the oppressed; this ultimate entertainer could have lived in luxury abroad and enjoyed life as most of us do, but knowing the risk to his own life, he returned home to continue the mission he has set for himself”

The article is totaly rubbish. Mr.Golto, which artist is living a luxury life in a foreign country? Can you tell us afew names please? Don’t get me wrong, I love ethiopian artist, those who are living abroad and in ethiopia.

04/20/08 @ 07:47
Comment from: Tazabiw [Visitor]

Actually I was in Ethiopia when the accident happens. To tell you the truth I was so frustrated that he is getting away with it. I love his art but I don’t condone his stupid action behind the wheel especially after the incident. Apparently we were discussing with friends how this could turn easily into politics game.
For stupid guys like you everything is Woyane fault.

Do you think it was Meles? I wonder!
You Morons.

04/20/08 @ 07:47
Comment from: Mayet! [Visitor]

Anyone should stand a trial for an alleged crime before court of justice.What made people skeptical, I think, is the behavior this gov’t displayed thru the years :using the justice system to silence and defeat its dissenters.Its widely believed people in gov’t/tplf are not happy at all by Teddy’t lyrics and some comments he made in some papers.Didn’t I hear that he declined a deal with Sheraton Addis for the latter forced him not to include some songs on the concert?What this has to do with the go’t and Teddy?Humm!!
As suspicious as I am, I am not against the trial for the alleged crime; no one should be above the law!!!

04/20/08 @ 07:51
Comment from: Mese [Visitor]

I was wondering why the prosecuter delays untile now,being a hero is one thing,killing an innocent boy is another.Plz don’t confues things, let the cort to investigate and come up with proper decistion.

++when you leble some one as a hero please don’t forget us those who can’t swalo such over ‘Mugesaa”

04/20/08 @ 07:53
Comment from: Mese [Visitor]

what I don’t like of Tedy:thinking that he is too perfect,pretending to be geniune,"GURA” and stealing songs in a very hiddne way even with out acknowledging the owners.Finished!

04/20/08 @ 07:59
Comment from: dawit [Visitor]

He committed a crime. So shall he be Judged.:!::!::!:Nothing to do with the government:!:

04/20/08 @ 08:45
Comment from: teddy [Visitor]

To those people who are trying to link the alleged crime to the government. Ethiopia is not your mother’s Day Care Center. There is law we all have to abide with. If the singer committed the crime that means he has wasted another poor Ethiopian life and for all I care, if this singer found to be guilty, they can hang him dry. “No one is above the Law.” I am sure you heard this. This has nothing to do with the government. The government has better things to do than to deal with this person.

04/20/08 @ 09:22
Comment from: hailu [Visitor]  

WOW!!! Golta, I was going to let this slid, you must really think that Ethiopians are stupid idiots. Your articles are purely moronic, and lacks any kind of intelligent arguement. Please refrain from exposing your own stupidity to the world. I hope you are using an alias, because Teddy Afro can do us all a favor and run your >:XX over. Please get over yourself, and your worthless articles.

04/20/08 @ 09:23
Comment from: liza [Visitor]

i think everybody is innocent untill proven guilty , lets hold off on the name calling because may be he did or maybe he didnot , majority of us where not on the crime scence or witnesses for that matter . For the kid you got killed may the Lord have mercy on his soul , everyone is equal under Gods eyes >if Teddy is accused falsely then he will get justice but the problem is that in the current govt the word justice does not exist. Apart from that Teddy , keep your head up

04/20/08 @ 09:44
Comment from: Wankobo [Visitor]

Yes I do understand this writer. He wants us back in the days of darkness and lawlessness. I don’t mean in the time of Neanderthal but to the time of SHALEKA Mengestu. He wants us back to the time HO-BELEW. If this pathetic liar wants to go back to the time of HO-BELEW he is most welcome. He can join the HO-BELEW, ERE-BELEW group at the 18th street, there are plenty of them.

At the time of SALEKA Menge Mirutz Yefter the famous 10 000 Meter runner shot a guy in a bar. I heard that he was excused of this crime because he was an Ethiopian hero.

But to this and all HO-BELEW morons Ethiopia has an important message.

There is no more HO-BELEW and CHE-BELEW rule in Ethiopia any more those DERG days are gone.

In today’s Ethiopia it doesn’t matter who as long as one is found criminal he will face the law to the fullest.

It is a big pity that Teddy Afro disrespected his God given talent in this way.

04/20/08 @ 10:00
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Choice [Visitor]

Choice is this the original choice or some new choice? I can not believe you know the law and you called to Teddy he is not above the law. That what we were called the Kinijit gangs they are not above the law. Now you seems you get it nicely. Tsebuk Hasab..Yeha

04/20/08 @ 10:00
Comment from: Nesrelah Husein [Visitor]
Nesrelah Husein

It is true everybody loves Teddy Afro and he is distinguished artist and patriotic Ethiopian. And it is not secret that EPRDF government is not happy about this man.
However, according to the report, Teddy’s arrest was due to violation of traffic law and hit-and-run. This is a very serious case which involved the death of an Ethiopian citizen. Because one has celebrity status, political power or abundant wealth can not simply escape the face of justice if found tresppassed the rule of law.
In fact in our society justice is set aside based on one’s wealth, political power, celebrity status, Educational competence and even ethnic background. Unless we stop this prejudice and recognize the equality of every individual citizen in front of the court of law, we lack the moral ground even to criticize the EPRDF defects.
I, Personally believe Teddy’s case must not be politicized and exploited by the regime to score old grudges. As an individual citizen he must be tried fairly according to the stipulated law like everyone else.
One’s celebrity status or political affiliation must not taken as an execuse to vindicate or convict when one commits crime.
Let him defend himself if justice is served fairly. If he actualy committed the crime, remember, there is also an Ethiopian family beraved and grieved for a loss of loved one due to reckless driving.
Before jumping to give our 2 cents opinion, lets wait and see whether the ruling is fair or not. Most of you who lived in the West did know how traffic violations are serious and hit-and-run is treated as crime and homicide.
Lets be fair if we want to build a fair society. This is a time for us all to have a change of mind of the old belief of the powerful is always right.
Thank you

04/20/08 @ 10:07
Comment from: Janet [Visitor]

Ato Geltu,
Are you saying that Teddy has license to kill? Why do you try to change police matter to political episode. Any one who drinks and sit behind a wheel is bound to do some damage. The life of the poor kid is as valuable as that of Teddy’s. You really are very pathetic, mr. Geltu.

04/20/08 @ 10:13
Comment from: Cessna skyhawk [Visitor]
Cessna skyhawk

Mr. Golto,I’ve enjoy some of your articles. But this one is showing your true side. You are just like those who attach politics to everything. The million dollar question is, what have you done yourself to the nation? In saying that, I’d like to make clear that I’m by no means a supporter of theis admin. You just have to give credit where it;s due.
As for Teddy Afro, did he commit the crime? Who was driving his BMW? was the car stoled that day and if it was, did he report it stolen? did he loan the car to his friends? From what we know, the car was found smashed to a concrete barrier and left behind. Could it be possible the driver of that car was under the influence of something? Now, so many questions have to be answered.
We all love teddy Afro but if indeed he commited the crime, the law should apply to him, as it would to any other citizen, to it’s fullest extent.

04/20/08 @ 10:16
Comment from: Jonathan [Visitor]

let justice be done is perfect amongst aii coments are have’n given.gud luck to Tedy.peace

04/20/08 @ 10:20
Comment from: Alem [Visitor]

I wish the law serves to all citizens equally including the 2005 murderers like Legese Zenawi and Bereket Simon.

04/20/08 @ 10:29
Comment from: Lord [Visitor]

Why so much noise for this individual. Is it not TRUE that there are so many Oromos lamenting in jail since EPRDF assume power. Why we suddenly making noise for this individual. What make this person special from others? I am not supporting his jail term, all what I am saying is we should have voiced our opposition when other were detained without justice.

– Lord

04/20/08 @ 10:44
Comment from: Guiguy [Visitor]  

It’s courageous to face a so called ” Adversity ” but what about the Ethiopian Culture, teaching to stay put, like a bunt knee in front of your enemy begging clemency?

04/20/08 @ 10:49
Comment from: Axmed [Visitor]

If killing 18 yrs old person is a crime to go into a jail what about the killings turtures mass graves and blackade that is a daily witness of Ogadenis every single day.
Ogadenis are second-class in their Land.
justice will prevail sooner.

04/20/08 @ 11:17
Comment from: Sekokaw Beza [Visitor]
Sekokaw Beza

People we have to ask some question and the concerned authorities have to answer in the court if there is a law in our country like some of us comment in here. No one is above the law including our hero Tedy. In this case my question is why the prosecutor took to long time to take him court? and if the police get a tip from a cab driver about the plate number of the BMW registered in Tedy’s name, that cab driver has to infront and interogated by the police. Finaly he will cross exam by the diffence lawyer which has different techniques to know if the said tip is true or false.

Every one is innocent until proven guilty by law. In this case it is dark for all of us if Tedy commit this crime or not and on monday the court might let him go in bail it doesn’t mean he is innocent, my idea the prosecutor must bring this case as fast as possible if the said poor guy killed by Tedy. People let us discuss every thing as civilaized we are. let us not try to say out of the topic.

it dosen’t mean Tedy has a licence to kill like janet said, even we ask Tedy he is against killing of innocent people please listen his song of love, killing. Now he is under the custody of the govt. and the law “if there is law in that country.” the govt. who care for its citizen above every thing. Under the process of law he will be free or get his sentences I hope this is the beginning of the end and Tedy him self have to finish this matter before he start doing his day to day life.

God bless Tedy and let god help the family of that innocent poor guy to found his killer.

04/20/08 @ 11:45
Comment from: ganamookoo [Visitor]

Golto Aila argues that making reponsible someone for his crime is vilating human right. What a blind and ignorant attitude!He did not even tell his readers the background of the case, but right away wanted them to denounce the act of the court. Are famous people allowed to kill people and go un punished? Isn’t that guy whom he calls hero, a bit proud and spoiled chap who exhibits mannerlessness? Why doesn’t Golto bring him to DC, so that Teddy fully exercises his right of killing people and go un punished if it is possible here? Washington ploice, I am sure, would tame such arrogant chap and give good lesson that is never forgotten.
Golto pretends that he loves his country. Surprisingly, he does not know that love of a country includes people, including the 18 yreas old whom Teddy killed. Love a land, but hate its inhabitants is tantamount to imperialism. Golto, sun over imperialism has set and will never rise.

04/20/08 @ 11:47
Comment from: Sam [Visitor]

Woyane courts have been proven to be Kangaroo courts (Ruber Stump). It is corrupt and vindictive.

I have always believed that “Yasteserial” sooner or later will land him where he is now. May God help him.

04/20/08 @ 12:11
Comment from: amare [Visitor]

it is realy amazing how idiots like this guy make every one of us look stupid. this guy doesnt even consider and/or entertain the fact that Teddy’s car might hit this guy causing him to die.what if Mr whatever is your name:roll: after all this kinds of cases are very easy to prove innocense if one is innocent. in his case he can not be two places at the same time when this accident happens. and there is this thing about teddys car having a dent which teddy claimed he had an accident that same night. i love the guy and hopefully he will be ok but if he was involved in the accident he should be responsible just like every one else no matter what.

04/20/08 @ 12:35
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

“Nobody is above the law” is the best excuse the woyane cheerleaders have got to justify their own unlawful and banditry behavior, but which law are we talking about? Unless you Shabean woyanes have a misunderstanding of calling yourselves “the law", Tedy Afro is relatively an Angel when the real-rule-of-law or interpretation of the constitution counts as the yard stick of ones innocence. Your government has lost its credibility when it ordered the annihilation of innocent citizens in our cities and villages including mothers and babies. We all know those perpetrators are still walking free on our streets and terrorizing citizens while enforcing the dictatorial rule of Meles Eritrawi. It is irony that the civil service college graduate so called prosecutors and judges pretending to enforce the rule of law when the man who is responsible for the misery and the cold blooded death of Ethiopians is still spinning the country to its ultimate demise. It is the woyanes who have been murdering hundreds of innocent Somali Ethiopians, Agnuaks, counted and uncounted many more other city and town dwellers, it is the Woyane Shabeans who have assasinated Hayelom, Kinfe, it is you who have been fabricating unfounded stories to incriminate all kinds of concerned Ethiopians including your own Seye….And it is not any different this time around. You hate Teddy, because he has chosen a united and strong Ethiopia, because he has refused to buy your poisonious and twisted ideology of denigrating our forefathers, because he he has been singing Ethiopian. If a man by the name of Degu has in fact existed and murdered, the perpetrator would be none other than you the criminals who are known for planting and ditonating bombs in our cities later to blame it on olf, onlf and shabea, but haven’t you admitted your higher level Eritreawinet and more shabeawinet than Esayas himself? Everytime you abuse prominent citizens like Tedy, you are giving them more power and credibility while exposing your hateful and accusatory nature to the whole world hence the drama you have staged is counter productive. Get it straight morons, it is you who are the unlawful criminals who have been abusing the the rule of law itself that you ought to protect, not Tedy Afro!

04/20/08 @ 12:51
Comment from: Ja bless [Visitor]
Ja bless

Dear Geltu,
please dont ever write such a pathetic article again; you are too biased to be a writer or you got no skills to write. How about at least mentioning why Teddy was held in custody?-I mean, apart from your ridiculous point of view.
I love Teddy-and I wish him luck while passing through the procedures any ordinary Ethiopians would pass through.

04/20/08 @ 13:14
Comment from: Mitmita [Visitor]


Look Teddy Afro is a gifted musician nothing less nothing more. But he ain’t no damn hero.

Why is everything has to be politics? Who is looking out for that Young Ethiopian who is killed on the mean streets of Addis Ababa. Witnesses testified that Teddy is a suspect and he has got to answer for that. Who the fuck you think Teddy is, is he licensed to kill anyone?

Such kind of articles from the so called opposition will only hurt the struggle to bring a real democracy in Ethiopia. It makes all of us [opposition] look stupid. Zenawi could have put his ass behind the bar long ago if he really wanted to, he did not have to make up a trumped up charge like killing someone. Don’t be ridiculous. In fact credit is due to Woyane for letting him come and go from the country when they know very well, he sympathizes with the opposition. But to say that let the man go free after being accused of killing a young man who is only described as homeless is down right unEthiopian.

Finally, it’s now fashionable for old farts in Diaspora to come up with ethnic sounding names to hide behind their real names like Defabathew Aschenaki.

04/20/08 @ 13:14
Comment from: Free Teddy [Visitor]
Free Teddy

Nazret is really getting rubbish. Ertireans and and other
anti-Ethiopian made this site their home.

04/20/08 @ 13:21
Comment from: Aba Kurat [Visitor]
Aba Kurat

Hi guys Do not mix crime with politics. If Teddy is really guilty of for what he is held , then he has to face justice. Ethiopia have been and is the spring of heroes and Teddy is not our only hero.

04/20/08 @ 13:25
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Thanks for those you have commented that you can’t politicize everything. Has Teddy Afro been involved in that accident? I don’t know. But if there is the slightest doubt, he has to explain himself before a court.The life of the young man have EQUAL value than teddy’s.EQUAL.

It might be an accident.Or may be was he drunk?Let us hope that the policemen will found out. If he is guilty, it might be good even for him to amend himself.

04/20/08 @ 13:43
Comment from: Engeda [Visitor]

We are not lucky to get balanced news and critics from those activisit and bloggers. I better stay away from all website and news source about Ethiopia.

chaw for good!!!!!!!!!!

04/20/08 @ 13:45
Comment from: Ja bless [Visitor]
Ja bless

Response for the so called “Free"(btw, you should change your name….it doesnt fit you)
You’re right, Teddy and a lot of us who dream of UNITED and STRONG Ethiopia are sick and tired of YOU and YOUR KINDS- who try to convince us EVERYTHING IS POLITICS. Your comment aint constructive in any way and doesnt contribute anything for our Unity, rather you want us to dig our past. You know the past doesnt do us any good but set us even further apart. From someone who pretend to be Ethio-unity lover, I dont expect such a comment. The past wont unite Ethiopia, but the present does. For the sake of United and strong Ethiopia, please shut the f*** up and leave us alone!!!
I know deep inside you, you understand Teddy is not political prisoner.
Nobody is above the law!!!!!!!!!

04/20/08 @ 13:50
Comment from: Berta [Visitor]

How come the police could not identify the taxi driver who tipped them the incident? because the whole thing is politcally motivated. Degu, the alleged victim mignt not be existed at all in this world or he might have already been killed by Woyane police

04/20/08 @ 13:54
Comment from: Mitmita [Visitor]


Anjeten Kibe Atetahu, despite it is fasting time for Fasika.

Exactly my point I was trying to make. Golto is making all kinds of assumptions from the comfort of his ‘luxury life’ in white man’s land. Totally blinded by his hatred to Woyane, he is advocating to let an accused man of vehicular murder go free. Not only that he wants us to march on the streets to free his ‘hero’ but he also has No mention of the miskin yene bite ye deha lig.

What a moron! This is the state of the opposition in 2008 my friends. No wonder Woyane is confident to rule Ethiopia for 100 years. From Shabia sympathizers like Elias Kifle, who is btw a Tigre from Asmara the breed they call Amtche to others who are happy seeing our troops body dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, these are the so called oppositions. Berhanu Nega was the only hope. I still regret for doling out my hard earned money to buy a DVD of non-existing Arbegnoch Ginbar all made and produced in EriWood, Directed by IssAya Ass starring Shabias.

Don’t cry for Teddy Afro, cry for that Miskin Lig. Teddy can afford a good lawyer and his heart is still kicking, the young man is not with us. If Teddy is innocent he has got nothing to fear, if he is proven guilty then pay up sucker.

04/20/08 @ 13:56
Comment from: wenebz [Visitor]

I admire Teddy Afro’s musical contribution, but to politicize what may be a serious crime is cheap and perhaps why many don’t take the Ethiopian opposition too seriously. The institutions of law and order are more important to Ethiopia than any one individual.

04/20/08 @ 14:00
Comment from: Justice-38-1 [Visitor]

Is this Golto Aila for real? lol prisoner of conscience, what r u gona call him next? Teddy Menfas Naw, eh? what a funny article

04/20/08 @ 14:03
Comment from: zertetet [Visitor]

if he is innocent that is. while it looks suspiscious the timing of his imprisonment on the other hand he is guilty he has to pay the price. remember do not forget the person that died and his family while you are trying to totally forget this poor person that died in order to advance your evil political ambitions. this is what is so disgusting about politics and the hyenas trying to capitalize and further their political ambitions on the corpse of others.

04/20/08 @ 14:38
Comment from: OROMO MAN [Visitor]

:roll: Teddy Afro’s car showed evidence of a hit and run:!: Stupid DIASPORA QOMAAXAA :!: What about the innocent man that was killed???????????????

04/20/08 @ 14:45
Comment from: yeEthiopia Lij [Visitor]
yeEthiopia Lij

Teddy you are my Hero. I think you are not the person who did this thing. God please keep Teddy from this Woyanes.

ETHIOPIA Lezelalem Tinoralech!

04/20/08 @ 14:45
Comment from: MACK [Visitor]

CHOICE it was typo not a big deal i put “LOW” INSTEAD OF “LAW” DON’T BE CONFUSED.No cheating!

04/20/08 @ 14:49
Comment from: [Member]
mrs master mind

poor tedy afro, i love his songs,
he said he didn’t murder anyone, but they say he killed one person, it is very hard to judge with only 1 part of information. I was wondering what if it is a set up ? possible.
weyanes were unhappy on one of his song and since then they were sniffing to do anything to this young ethiopian singer, but still it is a possibility
i wish we could hear from his side too but i guess not

May God be with you Tedy, if u murder some one u got to accept the jury, but if u didn’t and if they say u do just to make u down truth will never hide one day the truth will come out and these stupid leaders will learn from their mistake

04/20/08 @ 14:55
Comment from: Koko [Visitor]

This the sign of the Ethiopian elite political maturity and misplaced priorities. There are hundreds of young recruits being killed in Somala as we speak, yet, the battle cry of the pseudo-intellectuals is to save a criminal suspect.

It was with dismay that we learned the cruel reponse of Solome Tadesse during the Badme war.She refused to acknowlege the Woyanne human wave war tactics and even sarcastically asked the reporters if the corpses’ smell Ethiopian.

The Woyanne tactic is to hit two targets with one stone.It is to make the nation war weary and demoralize the youth. Thus, the Woyannes could have a free hand to do whatever they want.

The military brass is ethnically cleansed and the political sector of the Woyanne rule is even more cleansed now. Thus, the Stalinist national agenda with its revolotionary democracy is being implemented without any hinderance.

04/20/08 @ 14:58
Comment from: Golto Aila [Visitor]
Golto Aila

Selam All,

Let it be clear to all that if TPLF is suffering in the hands of another repressive ethnic regime, I would speak mind just as strongly as I am today! Secondly I do not expect to change the views of many of you, but there are a few people who have raised genuine concern and this response is in respect of them!
Although the life of an Ethiopian is quite dispensable according to this current regime, I believe in the sanctity of every life! If indeed a pedestrian was hit and killed, the driver involved in the accident must go through due legal process!
But here are my concerns:
1. The government which is prosecuting this case is one which considers Teddy Afro a political foe – a thorn in its side!
2. The government which is enforcing the law against Teddy Afro for possible homicide is the same government that mowed down 193 innocent, unarmed Ethiopians in broad day light nearly three years ago!
3. The government which is prosecuting Teddy Afro, is the same one that set up a judiciary committee to investigate the killing of 193 people, and then threatened the judges when the government was incriminated, those judges are in exile today having run away to save their lives!
4. The government which is prosecuting Teddy Afro for homicide is the same one responsible for Anuak genocide, and wiping away an entire population in Ogaden today!
5. The government which is taking a legal action against Teddy Afro is the one disenfranchising Ethiopia this very day.
6. The government which is so concerned about an innocent life lost in a motor accident is arresting Teddy Afro seven months after the accident, and on the day they are disenfranchising Ethiopia – what a coincidence!
Teddy Afro has been very vocal in his protest against this regime and that is well known! That this regime has an axe to grind is also well known! Arresting Teddy Afro during an election period is a primitive decoy to take people’s attention from the crime of disenfranchising and I don’t think that is farfetched! The chorus of protest against my posting is just part of an orchestra, and anybody can see through it!
If you care about justice, then make sure that we are not going to lose yet another Ethiopian after one lost in an accident. If Teddy Afro has illegally taken someone’s life he must face justice. I am appealing to those who care about Teddy Afro and fair prosecution of justice, to make sure that he does not become a victim of yet another Kangaroo Court
I don’t have anything personal against TPLF. Members of TPLF are my compatriots! I, as an individual have been trying to build bridges among our peoples and nothing I have read here today will deter me! I, like any responsible and thinking person will work hard to see the day when we can all say let the bygones be bygones, and embrace each other to move forward to the rescue of our motherland! But do not expect me to be silent when I smell a rat, and this time I smell a big rodent!

04/20/08 @ 15:09
Comment from: zertetet [Visitor]

u accuse vehemently the current regime of hit and stand policy (I will not argue against that)….but on the other corner of your mouth you want a possible criminal person (hit and run is a crime)to go away free. that folks is where Alu Baltu or whatever his name is showing his true colors.

hit and run is a crime, probably the worst because many times the person might not be dead at the time of the hit, he dies because when he could have gotten medical care and survive the person abandoned him to possibly die choking in his own pain and blood

04/20/08 @ 15:16
Comment from: haftom [Visitor]

wey gued mengest ko halafinet alew manem sew kewengel ayameletem,yetelacha poletika bota yelowum yasafral na ethiopia lehulem tenoralech

04/20/08 @ 15:22
Comment from: zertetet [Visitor]

Dude you are one sick puppy, twisted to put it lightly, disturbing. You slipped up and now are trying to retract your asinine statements. Yet again you have forgotten the innocent man, you mention on sentence about him and go on ranting and raving. Do you even know his name, his family. Why not write up something about him.

How dare you say: The chorus of protest against my posting is just part of an orchestra, and anybody can see through it!
How different are you then from those you accuse of inhuman treatment. You probably are insulting the people that oppose the current regime. You are so blinded by political poinson. This like Obama’s preacher will come to haunt you in the future political process. Humbly admitting your mistake would have won you points but now you are just another ye mender politico blogger. who cares if some of your compatriots are in TPLF? by the way isn’t compatriot a communist terminology also?

04/20/08 @ 15:23
Comment from: BRO [Visitor]

“Your government has lost its credibility when it ordered the annihilation of innocent citizens in our cities and villages including mothers and babies.”

I think you are re: to May 15 cud called desmonstration?

DEAR FREE, LET me tell you the govt. have right and POWER TO “annihilat innocentcitizens”

any govt. even in America can give the power to SHOOT TO KILL order at the time great unrest to the nation law and order.

Regan did it in LA FIRE, REGAN called the army to put out the LA RAITE and the army shoot and kill one person the army did not ask the law breaker to stop they just shoot and kill him for breaking the Regan order…

When the America hit by flood the looter stopped by SHOOT TO KILL ORDER POWER given to police and the police did killed more then 6 people and restore the law and order.

breaking law and order of the nation is not an easy thing once we lose law and order then we will lose 800,000 people and still we will not recoverd therefore any one who try to break the naiton law and order should be STOPED EVEN BY KILLING…

IF you hiddening under innocent citizen right will not save you once you brak the law and odrder then you are no more innocent and the police have the right to shoot and kill you

One more thing in May 15 2005, those so called innocent citzen burn the city down and killed innocent citzen therefore the rule of innocent citizen doesn’t apple to them even among them only few of them commited the cirme

04/20/08 @ 15:24
Comment from: haftom [Visitor]

weshet teru aydelem

04/20/08 @ 15:26
Comment from: seyum_tt@yahoo.caseyum [Visitor]

This is good for Teddy ,now he will have time to write songs. I can’t wait to listen he’s new song after jail.:))

04/20/08 @ 15:32
Comment from: bealu [Visitor]  

mr aila,
I coudn’t understand what are you tring to say.shoud we have to mixed up poletics with social life at any time? i hope not your answer is yes. if your answer is yes, please tell me any measur at any curcumstances both indivisuals has the same right to live thier life.they might have different life style and that is because financial the way do you know what prisoner of conscience means?if you do,that can have different opinion as far as did not affect any thing at all time,to me i was deeply sad for the one who lost his precious life than the pop star which is live his life the way how he want to live.

04/20/08 @ 15:43
Comment from: Tenkir [Visitor]

Why would a gov that didn’t hesitate to perish 193 lives in a space of two weeks care about a single hit and run incident? No woyanes are telling are that nobody is “above the law". Law my behind :>>

04/20/08 @ 15:49
Comment from: Abushkove [Visitor]

it’s to early to judge and there is nobody above the law God Bless Teddy

04/20/08 @ 16:01
Comment from: bro [Visitor]

dear Tenkir,
it seems you don’t care about 193 poeople then why do you care for one singer.

After all Teddy Afro is the one who sing about meles being the same as the old ruler.. meaning Meles DOESN’T FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW… now the rule of law applied to Teddy Afro himself he doesn’t like it….

If Teddy Afro mean what he singing about them he must be man enough to serve what coming to him Like real man otherwise if he think he is above the law and at the same time demanding the govt. to treat all it citzen equal I call it double talk.

04/20/08 @ 16:12
Comment from: OneEthio [Visitor]

Wow weyanes >:XX gangs
I was offended by those Ethiopians who, talk about law and justice. You people are idiots. Are u talking about Meles Zarqawi’s law? Meles, kills, meles rapes, meles put people in jail….where is the law??

They put Teddy in jail to silenced any one who talk and care for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

04/20/08 @ 17:16
Comment from: freedom [Visitor]

all ya pretending to feel mercy to the dead and say it has nothing to do with politics, are so stupid!!! you know the truth, you know it’s all a set up!! true ethiopians know the truth! it’s all about the song, he sang the truth and liers like weyane, don’t like that! they smash a person who cares about ethiopia coz they have no feelings for the people of ethiopia other than steal and trade the country’s resources we all know that no pretend!
teddy, we love you! we pray for you! god is powerful!!

04/20/08 @ 18:06
Comment from: Choice [Visitor]

Yeha wrote:
“Choice is this the original choice or some new choice? I can not believe you know the law and you called to Teddy he is not above the law. That what we were called the Kinijit gangs they are not above the law. Now you seems you get it nicely. Tsebuk Hasab.."Yeha


See, this is what I mean by bearing false witness. Why don’t you read thoroughly and understand what was written and by whom it was written. And had you scrolled up one comment above, you would have read what I wrote not what I quoted. No wonder you guys accused the singer and many more citizens falsely.

04/20/08 @ 18:50
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

May be Teddy was high on Chat and drenched in alcohol that night, like usual…..and rushing home to rip his next gig titled Haile something or Kinigit Enitarek…or may be he is innocent…..

whatevr the case…he should be investigated… if he is found innocent we will have a chance to buy his CD…and if he is guilty…LOCK HIM UP FOR GOOD…may be he will come out jail with 400 written songs like 2Pac did..but who is gonna live that long?

Meanwhile, Kality inmates and guards can use a little entertainment this time…as they were bored with politics when Birhanu was there.

04/20/08 @ 19:02
Comment from: gud [Visitor]

Can anybody let me know if Mr. Golto Aila is Ethiopian? He is messed up. Teddy Afro /or Afto/ought to get his day in cort. Ethiopian law is clear. Hit and run is a serious crime. May be people ought to be tought not to get drank and drive. Drivers in Addis are reckless. Teddy’s next single will be “Enen yeyeh teketa”

04/20/08 @ 19:57
Comment from: armacho [Visitor]

alito this is the justice you aere always taking about.this guy is popular and his arrest is are moronic as such idiot.this is your definition of justice.please dont write agaain

04/20/08 @ 20:07
Comment from: Fikus [Visitor]

Mr. Aila,

You wrote “If you care about justice, then make sure that we are not going to lose yet another Ethiopian after one lost in an accident".

Yet, in your first article you were preaching war.
You can clearly see from the comments made regarding your article, the majority of them are against the article. You must admit there is something wrong in what you were trying to say.
Teddy Afro is a great artist and activist and clearly everybody admire him, but not to the point where he is above the law.
You said you try building bridges among people, but your article says otherwise.

People like you that try to write useless and long articles are the distractive forces of Ethiopia.
If you are so genuine and really care, why do not you advocate for something productive and progressive.

I do not care for the current government in any shape of form, but people like you always make me angry, because you do not bring anything good to the table.
Ethiopia need progressive people, not backward thinkers who advocate violence and vengeance.

04/20/08 @ 21:49
Comment from: mo [Visitor]

weyane do every thing when u r patriot, when u love ethiopia, they do every thing to damage your love to this country, they do not have a seal!
I am not surprise of this!
He is really a genius guy, knowledges singer, no one is like him!

god will be with you teddy

04/20/08 @ 22:27
Comment from: Brooks [Visitor]

Golto Aila
It is a travesty to use the word
“prisoner of conscience” for Simple
Municipality code investigations.In
your last comment"Selam to All"U R
showing your repressed emotions & desire in poletics to find rationality & consistency in poeple.
Please pore & reaproach yourself in the future.Avoid Tabloid sensetionalism when you write.

04/20/08 @ 22:28
Comment from: atsede [Visitor]

I hope Teddy is innocent of all the carges, as he claims he is. However, we have to be carefull who we call a hero.Remember, there is also a young man who lost his life.

04/20/08 @ 23:26
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Mr. Golto I mean Mr. Geltu sounds like Al Mariam I mean Al Maferia in diguise…

Mr. Geltu, your response to Selam All does not justify Teddy’s innocence. your view of the gov’t ‘once wrong always wrong’ is very weak and lame…the same gov’t you hate also released your leaders did not they??? your intentional ignorance of the other side of the story does not get you anywhere.

Even the country who tought you about democracy and justice (i meant the US, not ancient Greece)does not let celebrities get away with crime…the country who killed MLK, AB Lincon, JFK and MX got even OJ Simson aquitted and is having a black person running for the highest office…so my friend stay positive and “if the glove does not fit, Teddy will be aquitted".

As Habeshawu stated it above you are really insulting people’s intelligence.

excuse my raw attitude and calling you funny names…i can’t help it as the atmosphere here (in this blog) always makes me do this.

04/21/08 @ 00:17
Comment from: Dynamics [Visitor]

What is the big deal if one ‘azmari’ is imprisoned. I actually give credit for TPLF regime for doing so. This guy stinks, and Meles cann’t stand his smelly Haile Silase azz. So, let him stay in a prison to the max. And let his Lord Haile Silase do some miracle and get him out of there. Or let him ask mercy as his CUD commoderates. His stay in prison as far as I’m concerened is priceless!

04/21/08 @ 03:18
Comment from: zemen [Visitor]

The author of this article: Tell me what you mean by “true son” of Ethiopia? AND what is true son in the true sense?

Do you mean he is one of those born blessed to lead Ethiopia? Do you mean he is one of those who think they are (were) next to God in Ethiopia? Do you mean he is not an ordinary Ethiopian by blood? If so what does that mean? Are there others who are not “true sons” and you still consider their land inside Ethiopia? How come? Come on!!!

Come clean and we will dust your dirty classification into its natural bin!
The by gones are by gones! Full stop!!

04/21/08 @ 04:07
Comment from: Teka Befikadu [Visitor]
Teka Befikadu

“No body is above the law",I think we all agree on it,so lets see what the law will say about Teddy.But lets not be silly by politicizing the charges against Teddy.He is a human being and has some wicknesses and strengthen as a human being.The government didnt fabricate the charge,why fabricate chrages against a single indivisual?because of his songs?there are a lot of things being debated openly at the parliemnt.Opposition parties are telling EPRDF from A to Z,so what is new in Teddy’s song?If he found guilty for killing innocent citizen,let the law judge him as it does on others.Lets belive in law than politics,lets struggle for justice without politicizing it.May be Teddy is using his popularity to deny the charge.if he does it,shame on him.ANyway,lets see what the court will say.

04/21/08 @ 05:01
Comment from: Jaajusweyn [Visitor]

Deja vu. I had no doubts he is arrested because of his political songs! Crime or not, that is not Woyanne’s strength to bring perpetators to justice purely on legal grounds. come on we all know this.

04/21/08 @ 05:14
Comment from: abenet [Visitor]

today the court transferd teddy’s case
to wensday.
So the singer is not released.

04/21/08 @ 05:44
Comment from: ethiopian are equal [Visitor]
ethiopian are equal

the one that died is ethiopian too, come on grow up nobody is above the law.grow up body

04/21/08 @ 06:17
Comment from: hi, every1 [Visitor]
hi, every1

it seems u guys love typing without analysing the situation.
Here r the main points/among many:

1. No one is a criminal, unles proven guilty. Teddy is not proven guilty nor accepted the charges laid against him….so, he shouldn’t be arrested at ALL.

2. Infomation gathered from a anynomous person, is not deemed information, unless that person comes forward and gives his words under oath. In Teddy’s case, no one has come up with reliable information. That person, should be a killer himself some reason, such as,
- he could be Teddy’s enemy/jealous of his success - there is a possiblity that that person could be a singer himself - that is a norm among singers;
- or that person might be hired by arch-foe as a hit-n-run person;

- there could be a chance that the Police had lied of the information while they didn’t receive any call from someone else;

All in all, Teddy is subject to interogation….but, not arrest.

May God rest that poor guy in peace.

04/21/08 @ 06:30
Comment from: hiwot [Visitor]

about tddy art i have no word can expline it. if taddy does a crim, he got fair tirla. but i am not beleave inethiopia has justices.

04/21/08 @ 06:38
Comment from: beaty [Visitor]

oh i am to much upset still i don’t beliv e it i live in lebanon the holl ethiopian people to much sad so many peoplea live there yesterday everybody crying teddy the holl ethiopian child i don’t have word ethiopian government to much stupid he is cruel and devil can u tell me today news please everyboday want know what’s news tedy egziabher kantegar yehun ye ethiopia enba yeferede yaltemare kemigezan yetemare yegzan mebsel bechinkelat enge behayele ayedelem

04/21/08 @ 07:48
Comment from: Hagerawi [Visitor]

I read most of the comments above. One thing is clear. In principle no one is (at least should not be) above the law. What is different in this case however is, Woyane has been using the law as a cover for their heinous actions and given that Teddy Afro’s truthful unflinching stance towards Woyane ‘s misguided rule, there is a high speculation that this accusation of hit and run is just a fabrication to victimize one of the true son of Ethiopia. If the law is practiced properly, no one will worry about Teddy’s fate except praying that the process to be smooth for him. But don’t forget that the Woyanes are above the law. The get away with the murder of thousands of Ethiopians (I am sure they themselves will not deny this). Time will tell if Teddy has committed the crime. However if he did not commit the crime, this action is just another proof how the Woyane thugs state of mind is sinking rapidly towards their demise.

04/21/08 @ 08:12
Comment from: gabre [Visitor]

I can’t believe Tedy did a hit and run to young fellow on the street. I believe he doesn’t have a conscious like that. Though we found ourselves wrong about for most ‘’beloved heroes'’ like the CUD Leaders, I think Tedy is genuine, hope he is. But I have one paranoia. It is a fact EPRDF and DERG both use the tacts of killing innocents and make the news that the crime is committed by the person of interest , like in this case Tedy. I don’t think EPRDF woud care for the street boy from Gojjam, as EPRDF didn’t care for 25, 000 farmers died of Malaria in one year. But the cadres choice of subject, the Gojjam street boy hit by ‘’Tedy’s ‘’ BMW is a complet organized crime by the EPRDF cadre.Time will tell.

04/21/08 @ 08:24
Comment from: Wedi Bolle [Visitor]
Wedi Bolle

Hero? Pop stars are heros? Is Usher and Justin Timberlake American heroes?
Please don’t cheapen the word.

04/21/08 @ 09:00
Comment from: guttu [Visitor]

that fool teddy should pay the price
what kind of hero he desrve when you
all call him hero. he run over life
and didnt care stoping for passing god given life.if i happen to be aperson to judge i would put his ass behind closed door for years.
Idont call such ahero i call it arat.

04/21/08 @ 09:45
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Here we go again you enjoy his art, as long us he does not say anything about Meles “EPDRF”
All he said is WOYANE said they will bring change, but failed to deliver it like any other King and PM in the past he is doing the same thing and pluse dividing people!

He called people to unit!

I hope many more will sing a moving song to fight back “EPDRF”

04/21/08 @ 09:56
Comment from: wollo [Visitor]

why do we blame everything on the govt. what if Teddy is guilty as charged. what if he is the one who drove of the young kid on the street. had he stopped and check on the kid, what if the kid survived? i love his music but remember, he is just a human being who may be full of himself that he probably doesn’t care abt others. what if he just left a party scene and still hyped. it is just not right to blame the govt ……we all need to be responsible for our action and if he is guilty as chargd…he will rotten in kaliti…

04/21/08 @ 10:05
Comment from: woygud [Visitor]

I don’t understand what is in this writer’s mind? Teddy could be guilty of the alleged crime. Just because we don’t support the government, it does not make it write to kill some innocent people and don’t pay for it. I am not saying he is guilty but this has nothing to do with politics.
He has to respect the country’s law and custom.
No one is above the law

04/21/08 @ 10:26
Comment from: amare [Visitor]

what did teddy realy do to the government to be targeted and framed for murder. if any thing his return to ethiopia and well being is more useful for them interms of propaganda. even if we say they want to harm him, its very hard to frame some one with hit and run. first you have to find a victim and at the same time teddy has to be in the area, alone, with a fresh pedestrian dent on his car.:crazy:
but lets not reach to conclusion like the writer of this article has done.
teddy is innocent until proven guilty.

04/21/08 @ 11:43
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Didn’t Teddy run over and killed a pedestrian? Not only that but he also left the scene of the accident. He was busted for murder and DUI, and not for his political beliefs. Teddy doesn’t have the aptitude and or the maturity to have any meaningful political views / values. Hence stop whining and complaining about the law catching up to criminals.

04/21/08 @ 11:51
Comment from: Fegou [Visitor]
Fegou was only an course someone did get killed…but it was not predmeditated…so why can’t you leave both Teddy and the justice system alone…It will be resoved amicably…let the law and lawyers resolve it….And where did this guy Mamo who tried to draw a parallel between this case a nd OJ Simpson come from? Yo man OJ killed in cold blood..Teddy even if proved he was the one did it by accident and then panicked and fled..he will compensate his victims family and do some time and will be back to sing his song..maybe his next album will be titled…Kaliti Kaliti eyeye eyeye

04/21/08 @ 12:06
Comment from: Fegou [Visitor]

Hey Mr. Writer…I don’t think it’s cool to call pop stars “hero", because it devalues the word hero..Gebicho.

04/21/08 @ 12:11
Comment from: Afar Ethiopian [Visitor]
Afar Ethiopian

:roll: Dedeb Kinijitoch:!: If this man kill someone you think he is above LAW???????

04/21/08 @ 12:31
Comment from: kalkidan [Visitor]

When the government is doing and talking about elections, the timing does not surprise me.

Given that Teddy is a national treasure and very loyal to his country the government should have upheld Teddys status as a national hero. Teddy stood up against the storm when the political environment was bad. That is a test of true heroism.

However brining up a 3 years old incidence at this time makes one to wonder that the court is still involved in politics rather than solving social problems

04/21/08 @ 13:39
Comment from: Gobeze [Visitor]

In Ethiopia if convicted,"you are guilty until you are proven innocent _ ” Now In whose hand is the conviction, investigation and finaly the verdict and the sentencing-
In the hands of TPLF -
Now - Who is Teddy Afro fro TPLF’ites - An enemy who exposed TPLF’s attrocities in his songs-

now another question: have you ever heard of a hit and run accident in Ethiopia - If
at all Teddi hit someone you think he would run away and escape considering his popularity - Simple arithmetic - Would you ever expect teddy through our knowledge of him would do such a crime?
Put one and two together and you will see that this is a fabricated and well orchestrated conspiracy to put teddy behind bars for a long time - period. Time will prove that -

04/21/08 @ 14:17
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Teddy afro ,the true son of Ethiopia who is fighting for peace and liberty.
Of course all his positions about the
situation of the country never pleased
a tyrant regime like TPLF .Used to old
fashioned singers who came to return their coats are actually entertaining the actual despot with all his bandas .By locking him ,TPLF thugs and Aderby
Bandas are simply trying to silence him .What ever they ‘ve done ,they ‘ll
never be able to silence the truth .
META..” as sang recently our dear
brother TEDDY AFRO .

04/21/08 @ 15:13
Comment from: amanu [Visitor]

woyanes are evil they can setyou up with any thing to put you in prison. All you Woyanes ..l\Ethiopians are suffering because of woyanes. Woyanes are selling everything left and right for a dollar . they are busy exporting everything from ethiopia includin cattles, agricultural products, and raw materials for food products . That is why there are shortages and high prices for everything in Ethiopian Market. These people are not even good for Tignina speakers who used their sons and daughters for their evil deed. Lets all pray for all Ethiopians including Teddy… ofcource teddy is some one who sing , pray, and inspire for love of country which woyane works hard day and night to destroy

04/21/08 @ 16:48
Comment from: Lulu [Visitor]

Afar Ethiopian,

Fara woyane, you think is the law is Meles and Meles is the law. In fact Meles is the state.

04/21/08 @ 17:19
Comment from: Lulu [Visitor]


The problem is the whole crime is a fake (including Mamo whose alleged death is simply fabricated by evil woyanes). You don’t have to be genius to figure that out. Mamo dies, hit by a car. It was a hit and run accident. But there was this taxi driver who jots down the car’s plate number. Bingo! That number matched Teddy’s BMW. The perfect crime. Such a story makes sense only in the world of woyanes. I wish the courts have the courage to deliberate on the killings of the hundreds of civilians who were murdered in the streets of Addis in broad day light.

04/21/08 @ 18:03
Comment from: gud [Visitor]

Kalkidan said “….the cort is still involved in politics rather than solving social problems”
kalkidan are you demented or what The cort is there not to solve social problems but to give justice including against a “famous singer”
Some oy you say weyane set him up. For what? to hit and run. You guys are messed up big time.

04/21/08 @ 19:38
Comment from: EthiopianFK [Visitor]

I like Teddy very much, he is a great artist with a clever mind and powerful words but this doesn’t make him he is not capable of committing crime. After all he is still a human being.

I feel sorry for these people who have very narrowed minded. If all the moron guys above believe this is the art of weyane. Why weyane needs to fabricate this tragedy, after all from your comment weyane is party who prosecute any living creature in Ethiopia. Therefore, by definition of the above perception weyane can prosecute Tedy without any fabrication and they could have done it a long time ago when they were hit by his powerful songs. Please, I don’t like or hate weyane but be realistic and don’t make a fool out of yourself. There is no one above the law and Justice will prevail.

04/21/08 @ 20:05
Comment from: Hayelom Araya [Visitor]
Hayelom Araya

If the legat machinary is working independently and the case against Teddy is only on the incidence, to the death of the young boy I fully support, anybody is not above the law
But i doubt that?

04/21/08 @ 21:10
Comment from: ashu [Visitor]

hey golto
teddy is not stupid enough to do this kind of bullshit.melese is twisting this thing on teddy.caz this is the best timeing to get teddy arested or to revange teddy for what he did for ethiopian ppl.after i read all the comments i feel bad.and i wonder may be one indivisual is useing differnt kinds of names and that could be melese zenawi..

04/21/08 @ 21:41
Comment from: sol [Visitor]

you guys must be naive or playing dumb to think Teddy afro was arrested because he committed a crime in 2006. if so why now? why during election? some of you claim he paid 50,000 birr NO! it is called a bail stupid. it happens every where. Nobody saw Teddy hit the poor guy, a taxi driver said “he saw the plate of the car that was living the accident"…too freaken convenient for weyane to get back at someone who they felt was a threat . They always come up with new charges to put whomever they want under control. I guess they thought charging Teddy with treason probably wouldn’t fly. shame on them and shame on you worthless pigs who infested like the fleas on your Afros before you stepped your filthy hoofs on Addis!

04/21/08 @ 21:43
Comment from: sammy [Visitor]

Thank the Author for your article regard to Teddy Affro detention, as we know Teddy was in deep trouble since day one when he release his album “Dahelak lye Yaleshew", the lyric denounce the separetion of Eritra from Ethiopia and displament of the population both side, Weyane have been irritated by this sensative song since it release. I predicted they would put him in jail anytime, specially after 2005 election his songs are very popular by public, that make him number one enemy for current regime, this is not the first time for this regime jailing and torturing artist who dare to speak out the truth, where there is no political freedom Teddy Afro had break the ice speaking about ethinic division of the Weyane police, he advocate unity and peace in Ethiopia.similary,I admire Tamagn Beyen for his strong nationalist along side Teddy Afro, Tamagn opposition of the current government make him in exile here in USA, sentenced death penality in absentia, I knew Teddy Afro fate the last time he had tour here in USA, he would be in jail as his co-patriates in Kalit Jail, he is a politcal conscious prisoner not a criminal, the country where there is no justice we can not expect good news come out it, we all have to fight injustic in Ethiopia.
Teddy we all love you.

04/21/08 @ 22:22
Comment from: Yoseph [Visitor]

Well, “He is innocent until proven guilty” that even applies if the crime is committed somewhere else. He asked a bail to stay out and defend himself. After all, we are talking about Ethiopia people and we all know how laws are interpreted.

If he was aligned himself we know what the jurisdiction would. believe me, I care more for the poor guy whose life cut short than Teddy Afro. However, 1st it need to be proven that he did it and 2nd is this really what the victims family wanted?

04/21/08 @ 23:17
Comment from: Erasu [Visitor]

Pushing all peoples to support EPRDF by force! it’s very strange to see it in 21th century. Tedy is becoming a victim of EPRDF after few years for he sounding the fact. We do expect more drama to be played by EPRDF, but one day the truth will set free of all the prisoners of conscience.

04/21/08 @ 23:53
Comment from: Yoseph [Visitor]

Guys …this is the time that we are powerless to prevent the injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. So, ask yourself again and again why, why, why? Why keep him in jail before the verdict?

04/22/08 @ 01:03
Comment from: Merkato [Visitor]

I do not feel sorry for Teddy Afro, in fact he brought all this on himself. The day he wrote his first lyrics against the TPLF mob is the day he sentenced himself to death.

My sources from Ethiopia are telling me that out of 20 of the newly appointed ministers 3 of them have decided to take their own initiatives to incriminate Teddy Afro and to silence him forever.

When they found out that Teddy Afro had crashed his car, they wanted to thigh him up with such heinous crime like the acclaimed hit and run.

In fact some of the true Ethiopian criminal justice officers regardless of their political colours have admitted that the case against Teddy Afro stinks of political motivated meddling.

Teddy Afro’s recent single an Orthodox Christian Mezmur has blown the fuse of these three Ministers and they have pushed the Minster of Justice to find a Bench to send him to prison.

One of the vocal ministers against the singer is Junedin Sado (Transport and Communication Minster) he was so cross with Teddy when teddy refuse to sing unless he sings Yestesryal for 2005 New Years Eve. The other two are Mohammed Dirir (Minster of Culture and Tourism) and Hassen Abdella (Minster of Labour and Social Affairs).

They all meddle in such a travesty act when EPDRF call up on it members to check on their capacity to lead and take responsibility in their official duties.

The Poor man, Tamiru Terefe, like many EthiopianS is a victim of failed system of governance not only politically but morally.


04/22/08 @ 02:21
Comment from: Teddy [Visitor]

I strogly urges the Govermentof ethiopia to release Teddy afro Unconditonaly-because of no tangable evil doing presnt.

04/22/08 @ 02:37
Comment from: Mamo [Visitor]

I have been around that time during the plotted incident!!!
Well here is the real story!!!!!!!!Its a very simple and stupid plot against one of the individual that the government wants to revenge.The very unorganized TPLF civil personel hit the artist’s car while it was parked on the area I will reveal when the time comes and another group of the government ???????civil spy hit the poor boy on the road that the Artist uses everyday.The reason I said ‘unorganized TPLF civil personel’ because there have been eye witness for the crime they commited on that poor boy but obviously there is no justice system in the country.

04/22/08 @ 06:42
Comment from: hayelom [Visitor]

Mr GELTU IS TRYING TO POLITICIZE THE ISSUE. I don’t think geltus’ view is correct. If Teddy has commited the crime he has to face the law, he has to be treated like any other person.

04/22/08 @ 09:07
Comment from: kalkidan [Visitor]


Of course for tyrant puppets like you who are sitting on your ears, head and eyes looks violating peoples right and locking up innocent people before found guilty is the thing to do to eliminate your real and imaginary opponents.

Delivering justice is part of solving social issues. Courts should stay away from governments and politics. In our case the courts and government are ganged up against the very civilians who they should be serving. Therefore they have lost respect and trust.

So before spouting your filthy Woyane comment try to study what JUST means. Just to mention few it means impartial, equitable, lawful, evenhanded, unbiased, fair and moral. And non-of these exist in Woyane’s wild world.

04/22/08 @ 11:40
Comment from: Mazash [Visitor]

Thank you Mamo for your testimony. This is the new tactic of Woyanes: to accuse their political opponents for crimes they never committed.
The arrest of Teddy Afro is a blessing in disguise. Thousands of people were at his “hearing” and we will see if Woyanes will forbid them to do it again.

04/22/08 @ 16:14
Comment from: guta [Visitor]

Lets not rush to judgement. Tedy could be loved and admired by many, however that doesn`t make him immune from legal questioning. Better to see it from the other side too; the victim`s family side.

04/22/08 @ 18:37
Comment from: Mikyas [Visitor]

Hello Innocent Ethiopians:
I heard a lot about Artist Teddy Afro that he is beind bar, for killing one poor,unfortunate street boy. well i like this young artist but he needs to pay the price for that. don’t you think so???

04/22/08 @ 18:39
Comment from: Samri [Visitor]

“Sew bitel-egziabher aytelem"-It is time to turn you face to God ,wondemy dereje or ehety sara geta yewedachual ye sara n demts kesemahu behuala ,lebe betam teneka wede egziabeher alkesku,Getam yehen kal seteng In case yemetawqachew sewech kanebebachut please tell them “eyob 5:11-16 bneger hulu geta yesus kenante gar yehun , ayzuachehu bertu
“linga sil chelemaw yeberetal”
sew yefelegewen lil yechelal gen “endesema yemyferd egzibher ale’. beteslote asebachulu
: ye Geta Yesus selm kenante Gar yehun:

04/22/08 @ 21:46
Comment from: likazz [Visitor]

he did a crime he should serve the time.equal justice for all.This got nothing to do with the government or politics, i don’t know how you see it.:crazy:

04/23/08 @ 00:50
Comment from: Daly [Visitor]

Accident can happen to any one, But hit and run is a double crime for he might have saved the poor kids life if he helped him right away.

We all adore Teddys songs, But that does not make him any different citizen than the dead man. Lets all hope Teddy would be inocent of this crime, But if he is guilty Justice should be done.

Good luck Teddy:.

04/23/08 @ 03:44



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