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Ethiopia - The Administration of Utter Destruction



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Ethiopia - The Administration of Utter Destruction

File Photo: Meles Zenawi

Ethiopia - The Administration of Utter Destruction

By Golto Aila

Looking at individual trees often gives a distorted view or not so accurate view of the forest, hence the saying -can't see the forest because of the trees!

When Woyanes matched into Addis Abeba in 1991 I was a resident in Britain, and watched it all on the BBC television! In the aftermath of Mengistu's rule, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but by their actions they their intentions clear - that is to destroy Ethiopia! What we see today is, therefore, not a surprise to me! What surprises me is the Ethiopia has just decided to take it all on the chin for nearly two decades!

There are many shapes and hues of government and governance, and I'll name a few obvious onces:

1. Government by the indigenous people
2. Government by a colonizing power
3. Government by default, or Government by accident (I made this one up)

Government by the indigenous people may be democratic, undemocratic, clean, corrupt, efficient or inefficient. It reflects its people's level of sophistication, education and culture, etc. Whatever its faults it does not set out to DELIBERATELY DESTROY its country, not to my knowledge!

A colonizing power governs to fulfill certain requirement for the benefit of its parent territory. Such requirements may be economic, political, national security, or combinations thereof! It usually improves the economy, self reliance, and education of the colonized so that the colony becomes profitable for both the colonizer and the colonized!

An administration by default is one which may not fall in either of the above categories, but may have some of their characteristics. What is not important to such an administration is the VIABILITY of the country that is governed. Its viability may in fact be detrimental to the default government! The Woyane government (if you care to call them a government), in my judgment is Ethiopian Government by default! As such its only logical function (based on its objective to LIBERATE itself from Ethiopia) is to destroy the country! Why do I say that? Well, from its inception, the goal of TPLF was to liberate itself from Ethiopia and be independent! The alliance with EPLF was a defense alliance - defense of each other against the future regime in Ethiopia! Nimble Meles, realized at the tail end of Mengistu's regime that he could benefit by joining up with others in Ethiopia and administer until it is so crippled that it will never be a threat to an Independent Tigrai and its sister Eritrea (simultaneously with this calculation, is another one which protects him should his erstwhile friend Afewerki turn against him!). The need to maintain a strangle-hold on Ethiopia and the pursuit of the crippling process became even more urgent when TPLF and EPLF fell out and engaged in the war of attrition. But how will he now manage to hold down a nation of 80 million people - most of them hostile, and at the same time hold back his erstwhile friend and now a mortal enemy to the north, without losing his grip. So here is the genious (if that's what you want to call it) of Meles in his epic struggle to stay in power and keep the dream of Independent Tigrai under the TPLF rule alive:

1. Divide and rule Ethiopia: The population is split into ethic camps or parcels. Each group is supposedly autonomous while in reality he maintains an iron grip on each entity. But he breathes and breeds suspicion among the different groups and monitors their activities closely.

2. Ration food production: People worry about democracy and individual rights, or even fight for their country when they have food in their stomachs! By rendering one of the most fertile countries with water resources enough to feed three nations, incapable of feeding itself, he managed to cripple a nation of 80 million people, a large number of them, today, depending on foreign food handouts for their survival!

3. Rationing Education: I have seen young, bright men and women who have gone to the 12th grade in Ethiopia, and who cannot speak English or even good Amhargna! The aim is to render Ethiopia illiterate, while Educational opportunities abound in Tigrai.

4. Rationing Health care: If the Woyane secret service kills someone, of course, that lost life will be marked against them, like the 193 who were shot and killed while they demonstrated peacefully in Addis Abeba nearly three years ago. But who will take Meles to the International Court of Justice for millions who died because of HIV-AIDS. All he had to do was go easy on AIDS education, obtaining medications, and counseling (I am referring to anecdotal reports for this). Remember the story about detainees in the concentration camps following arrests during the demonstrations? It was claimed that one razor blade was used to shave the heads of 10 detainees! I don't know the authenticity of that story, but if true, here is a government who is deliberately spreading a lethal disease among innocent young people. Even a hostile, invading power doesn’t do that to prisoners in its captivity.

5. Disenfranchisement: It has never been the intention of this administration to bring democracy into Ethiopia! For what purpose? But it was important to go through the motions, why?
1. Fool the country into believing that she is tasting DEMOCRACY
2. To avoid embarrassing its foreign supporters, who preach democracy throughout the world
3. To continue getting foreign aids from foreign countries
They were caught by surprise when the nation that had been in a state of semi-coma suddenly woke up and voted against them, before it went back to its slumber! Of course, they had to react the way they did to retain power, because, can you imagine what would happen if democracy was established in Ethiopia and power changed hands. Here are a few things that would happen have happened:

1. Arrest and prosecution of Meles and his collaborators in the murder of so many people
2. Arrests and prosecution of many officials for corruptions and misappropriations
3. Arrests and prosecution for high treason for violation of the sovereignty of the nation of Ethiopia – Dismembering the nation first to parcel out Eritrea and now Ethiopian territory to Sudan!
4. End of the dream of Independent Tigrai
5. Rush out of Ethiopia to seek asylum
6. Most unacceptably, Isayas still in power and Meles in jail or a refugee!

So, the 2005 election was a close shave and Meles will never repeat that mistake again - for him that is suicidal! To hell with DEMOCRACY! But Meles will hold elections all the same after disqualifying all the oppositions, and then his party will win and he will call it free and fair elections - take it or leave it!

So the only way I see to change the political, economic, societal and moral directions in Ethiopia is by coming together, form "My Solidarity Forum of Ethiopia" and join hands in Ethiopia and all over the world and demonstrate that the determination and the drive for a democratic change in Ethiopia is alive and well!


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Comment from: debella [Visitor]

Golto is a true Ethiopian to support -in short he has exposed the betrayer and enemey of Ethiopia and all its people - if we are united from all corners not only we will start kicking ass of the enemy of the people but also those that support him the known enemyies of the country like the derbuish from sudan and the known colonialzers the europians and their defenders

04/18/08 @ 01:59
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

Just do your daily work go back to a sleep loser.While you were dancing and sleeping in your comfort bed,the people of tigray saved ethiopia in 1991 from many internal and external enemies.

Sadly it’s your culture not to give credit to others as long as your hadam selfish self not on power.You still are singing the defeatest songs of ex dergs..If you dont know ethiopia does not want you..Long live eprdf the braves!

04/18/08 @ 02:29
Comment from: mitomedhin [Visitor]

With all due respect,

I do not agree with your ideas in this article. I read the first two sentences and i had an idea of what was to come, in your conclusion. I appreciate the fact that you care about Mama Ethiopia but you seem to have failed to see what is being done and achieved. You were able to draw conclusions even at the time when EPRDF liberated us from the claws of Mengistu in 1991. I was in Ethiopia, at the time and i have lived that moment of victory! I will never forget those days.

Please find a better way of helping our beautiful mother land.

04/18/08 @ 07:34
Comment from: wtf [Visitor]

this is so sad Ethiopians trying to take Ethiopia down..why don’t you leave us alone. and go hang out with your ex derg members in Washington driving taxi’s. you want power so much your actually willing to try start a civil war? how sad. NOT GOING TO WORK AS USUAL.

04/18/08 @ 09:43
Comment from: amare [Visitor]

this guy doesnt make sense at all. how do we expect EPRDF to loose election and transfer power peacefully if what awaits it is “prosecution and imprisonment’.

04/18/08 @ 09:49
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Those who could not understand this column are the once who benefited from this government “just personal benefit” and or EPDRF members and Tirgy who benefited more than any other ethnic.

People who want real growth of the country economy and peace and harmony in Ethiopia will never support Meles.

The longer it takes to take this man and his party out of office the more damage to Ethiopia where the amount of frustration is equal to the amount of damage!

Please Yeha, Z-Mike and likes recognize all Ethnic as human and who would like to participate and see their kids and grand kids want to participate to elect and be elected. Anyone comes to the table to criticize Meles is ok when we got watched our selfishness will be teamed where we are more honest and up front than when we are not watched. What is the big deal if Meles sits in the back sit and watch the others drive where he has more access to convince others from taking the steering away from them as good opposition.
What is wrong with that?

You se we want balance and the only way you could get balance is when you share and compete.

Let us take Birtukan … She is educated she is from Majority she has respect for her bravery and believe in justice .. She has shown again and again she is against arm struggle for power.. Yes, she may have weakness hear and there just as your Guy in power for 2 decade…

What is wrong to give a chance and to unit and live in harmony?
She may be the one the Harer people listen to and that means we resolve one problem!

Please do not be greedy because it wont last!

04/18/08 @ 10:46
Comment from: Zebra [Visitor]

Golto thanks so much.
It is well known fact; even any of TPLF supporters deny it or tried to argue with these facts. Just all of them were called you Derg and they do not have a better answer than that.
My question is we all know the fact, what we are waiting? Another election and killing, what we are waiting?

Golto God Bless you.

04/18/08 @ 12:14
Comment from: Asamnew Haile [Visitor]
Asamnew Haile

Most of us (some Ethiopian Web site regular visitors) are accustomed reading unsubstantiated,make-believe accusations for long. It is therefore I could not spare time to figure out wether Golto is a concerned Ethiopian who aspires to see a well-functioning democracy in Ethiopia or someone who is consumed on hating others who do not share his brand of politics. Wow! it is indeed a scary kind of politics he is preaching. He sees nothing in Ethiopia worthwhile of appreciating, but the continous intent of the Tigray elites to destroy the country. Golto believes the elites are still busy orchestrating a scheme that ultimately secures an independent Tigray. If they still are preoccoupied to implement such a “grand” plan as he asserts, I am not aware of it. I do not claim to have a sound knowledge of Ethiopian politics, living far from the country. But I do at least know there are accomplishments that the Ethiopian government should be proud of. Education could be one such example. But do not tell that to Golto, who sees a sinister motive behind every move the government makes, not a plan towards progress. Golto writes ” I have seen young, bright men and women who have gone to the 12th grade in Ethiopia who cannot speak English.” The culprit for such failure, you guessed it, the Ethiopan government. I graduated from secondary school in Addis Abeba nearly three decades ago, I was not speaking English then. Nor do I know any graduate who does. In fact, to be more accurate, even the teachers, who have knowlege of grammar and mechanics, could not speak good English. It is their second language, Golto. To expect students who spend a few years learning Englis grammer to speak English fluently can be expected only if the motive of accusing students “intellegence” serve to blame the Ethiopian government, as indeed Golto’s intention clearly shows. Such writing, every single sentence exposing the writer blind hatred for the current government, might serve to rally the already converted. But people who choose not to take side in Ethiopian politics, unable momentairly to discern what is true or not, and desire geniune understanding of Ethiopian politics before they support one side or the other will find Golto’s writing repulsive. Indeed it should be for these kind of people his writing aim at to persuade. It is indeed his writing is a total failure because I hardly imagine a single rational person could find his writing worthy of reading, leave alone being influenced by it.

04/18/08 @ 14:58
Comment from: Death to Weyanes [Visitor]
Death to Weyanes

“the people of tigray saved ethiopia in 1991 from many internal and external enemies.”

what a stupid statement! The people of Tigray started guerilla war not to save Ethiopia from any enemies, instead they fought for separation from Ethiopia. You moron read history or ask your agazi members.

04/18/08 @ 15:07
Comment from: yadesa [Visitor]

Dear friends I’m deeply sad that the
Olympic Tourch did not go through Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is the first African country to participatein the InternationalOlympic and won Marathon. But the Torch went through Dar-selam in Tanzania. Why? The reason given was, because Tanzania is one of the peaceful and Demcratic countries in Africa. How long are going to suffer in this way? Historically We are first in our action we are last May God help us.

04/18/08 @ 15:44
Comment from: Golto Aila [Visitor]
Golto Aila

Dear Zebra,

There is no question that there is a lot of bitterness among Ethiopians and there are different reasons for this! There is and will continue to be name-calling, unfortunately. At the end of the day we are all children of Ethiopia, whatever our beliefs are! Whatever my compatriots call me is less important than the damage being suffered by our people and our Motherland. Call me what you like but please do not ignore the dangers our people are in and the possible risk of worse to come! We must learn to stand together and demand justice. Comfort derived from someone else’s pain cannot last long and the guilt acrued will last for ever!


04/18/08 @ 15:59
Comment from: Mamo [Visitor]

Are you expecting to be in power just like that? The Woyane came on the Menelik Crown not by invitation. With the gun. Do understand? Gun…!

Use your gun if you have it. If you don’t have any bullet don’t expect to use Ballot. Is not going to work.

04/18/08 @ 16:32
Comment from: Africa [Visitor]

This guy is so out of touch, he seems to come down to earth from 1 of the orbits yesterday…Where were you the last 20 years , man. All this has been beaten to death a while back..

04/18/08 @ 17:50
Comment from: Golto Aila [Visitor]
Golto Aila

Selam Asamnew Haile!

With due respect, if you are quoting me, I’d like to remind you that my write-up specifically refers to TPLF and what their scheme was for Tigrai! I also want to go on record that, knowing how dictators all over the world work, our Tigrean compatriots, most probably, bear the brunt of this regime’s repression! I have warned many times in my write-ups that the rest of the country must understand this fact and embrace their brothers and sisters from Tigrai - we belong to each other, and no amount of distortion of facts will change that!

Secondly there is nothing hateful about stating a known fact! If my brother commits a crime and I know about it I will testify to truth the truth of that fact! It does not necessary equate with me hating my brother, in my case it usually means I love my brother, but I love truth more! We are all different and you’ll be forgiven if you don’t understand what I am saying! To come back to the point, wholesale imprisonment of elected leaderes of Ethiopia, shooting 193 unarmed innocent demonstrators in broad daylight, and now disenfranchising the entire population, not to mention parceling out of Ethiopian territory to a rebel organization are all well known facts! I don’t hate - hate breeds hate, but if we all face facts together then there is a good chance that we shall alleviate the suffering of our people with which you are not all that familiar with because “I do not claim to have a sound knowledge of Ethiopian politics, living far from the country."!

I was able to read, write, and speak simple English in primary school in rural Ethiopia over thirty years ago!

Lastly, speaking out the truth, is like a catharsis, it is good for the health of our Motherland, it will help us move forward. Deceipt is bad for all of us!


04/18/08 @ 19:37
Comment from: koko [Visitor]

The most funadamental issue in a political revolution is the question of political leadership.This basic political fact should have been understood by the Tigryan and Amhara elites.Thus, for democracy to take hold there has to be representation and power sharing.

The difficulty which requires close scrutiny is the elites desire for domination,subjugation and expansionism. With this kind of mind set, the chance of democratic transformation is unthinkable.

Blaming the political, economic, social and security failures on one ethnic group or another is just legitmazing the Woyanne Stalinist docterine. The Agaazi Tribal Council ethnic plague is still rampant and needs immediate attention.

04/18/08 @ 19:38
Comment from: Golto [Visitor]

Hi Mamo!

You are wrong,and desperately wrong!
Just look at Meles, he entered Addis Abeba with blazing guns and he has used the gun to silence legitimate dissent ever since! Where is he now? He has not had peace for nearly two decades and he has had all that fire power all along! Arguably he is the most insecure person in Ethiopia. He has used his power to breed hate and divide people against himself. He will go down in history as one of the most detested, if not the most detested leader in Ethiopian history! Why would any sane person want to create such a mess again?

You cannot fix one wrong-doing with another wrong-doing. It doesn’t work and, therefore, doesn’t make sense!Just think about whose lives will be lost in a battle against Meles’s army! IT WILL BE ETHIOPIAN CHILDREN ON BOTH SIDES, and it won’t be because they want to kill each other!

Use brains, not bullets to cure Ethiopia’s malady!


04/18/08 @ 20:26
Comment from: ogadeni [Visitor]

I dont see any difference between CUD suuporters and TPLF killing machine they are one Umbrella playing psycho drama.
You cant possibly criticize Meles and try to justify the revival of imperialism/derg coz in the minds of the people the actions of the derg/imperialists have been engraved and its irreversable.

04/19/08 @ 08:48
Comment from: armacho [Visitor]

another stupid and frutless article.boy shut up and free yourself from bottomless hate .then you can understand the reality.

04/19/08 @ 11:01
Comment from: Eshetu Daba [Visitor]
Eshetu Daba

It is government through the barrel of the gun not terror and all is for the better. No one misses you and your family in Ethiopia today. It is not the era of the land lords and terrorist anarchists and Holota graduates illitrate fascists. God ridden. Ethiopia is marching forward with miraculous growth and development. You will not miss the dilapidated Addis you left, behind. you will be amazed how the bees colony have built wonderful skyscrapers, communication and entertainment net works in Addis. The government and the foreign and indigenous capitalists harmoniously united are leading Ethiopia into a renaissance in import and export trade, manufacturing industries, service sector, mining and more over farming is no more associated with death and starvation but with wealth learning. The number of jobs created in the past ten years is never created in the history of the nation of 3000 yrs. Every thing is made possible because the parasitic leisure class of your kind ran away fearing one thing or another.

04/19/08 @ 19:59
Comment from: Fitsum [Visitor]

People are afraid of the truth!

Let the truth be told!

04/20/08 @ 13:03



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