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Ethiopia, the “step-daughter” of America?



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Ethiopia, the “step-daughter” of America?

Ethiopia, the “step-daughter” of America?

By Wondemhunegn Ezezew*

The genesis of official relations between the US and Ethiopia goes as far back as early 1900s,an epoch when Emperor Menilik was deeply obsessed with the task of modernizing the country by importing technologies and “new ideas” from the Industrialized Western Community. After the battle of Adwa and the moving victory against Italy, the Emperor must have been contemplating the importance of establishing new cronies as the old ones proved increasingly dangerous by demanding more territories in a continent which did not belong to them after all. There existed a period of great suspicion and uncertainty about outsiders especially Europeans. Thus America’s gesture was received--at least without unnecessary hesitation-- to have some antidote to the growing beastly behaviours of colonial powers from Europe. Menilik may have thought of killing two birds with a single stone: on the one hand to countermand security threats and to maintain the territorial integrity of the country by fashioning new alliance with the US, which was, as it is today, a robust economic and military spearhead across the Atlantic. On the other the Emperor could have been convinced that America was a “better” partner to work with in realizing the modernization and revitalization of Ethiopia’s backward economic and social infrastructure as the US did not have negative records (until then!) for screwing up in the domestic affairs of African countries.

Haile Selassie with JFK in Washington

The Ethio-American “friendship” that started in the very beginning of the 20th century did not mature as fast as it should have especially when we consider the angst of Menilik and his urgent need of support to tackle both domestic economic problems and the hydra of external threats to the country’s existence. America was not willing to step up timely support for Menilik despite the urgency of the problems from within and without. This annoying US disinclination vis-à-vis the Emperor’s largely economic concerns and its extremely tardy response to Ethiopia’s call should not be so much surprising—America is quick to act when it needs us, and not when we do need her. If the US had helped Ethiopia at the right time—by providing the required development assistance and military hardware-- we could have successfully warded off the fascist aggression of early 1930s there by forestalling the massacre of thousands of Ethiopians. During the fascist resistance that lasted till 1943(in the north western part of the country), it was the British that stood on the side of Ethiopia through thick and thin. The US was nowhere for our help; it did not need us by then so it was not willing to help us.

It was only in the late 1940s that this relation was given some boost upon the signing of military and economic cooperation agreements between the two countries. A decade after Ras Teferi’s coronation as Haile Selassie I, America started a “straight” involvement in the internal affairs of Ethiopia because of the badly needed strategic location of Abyssinia amidst worsening security related complications in the Middle East. With the drumming up of the Cold War, there came the time for America to “consider” Abyssinia after forty years of diplomatic relations! The US started a policy of active engagement and its diplomats and technical advisers continued to bang on the gate of the Imperial Palace. Although they had hesitated to lend Menilik a hand, after WW II they promised to give us “much” money when they discovered that we were of some use to make America more secure. In early 1950s trifling sum of dollars started to flow in. During the reign of Haile Selassie, Ethiopia received more than 630 million dollars in military and economic aid--not so much money given the political cost for our country. This amount that we received between 1940 and 1974 constitutes only less than 0.9 per cent of the nearly 50 billion dollars that the US gave to Israel in the same period after the Jewish State was re-established in Palestine in 1948.Today Pakistan, Israel and Egypt together enjoy more than one third of the total US foreign aid annually. With the exception of Israel, the other two do not have good records in democratic governance and are notorious for invariable suppression of civil and political rights; but, these countries remain top on the list of US foreign aid beneficiaries.

Despite the iterative expressions by the US for strategic and security cooperation with Ethiopia, America has not been generous enough to deliver the “appropriate amount” of the money required to tackle the unacceptable level of poverty and recurrent famine in this hapless African country. The money that we have been receiving since the late 1940s is simply so nominal that the whole intention is to ensure that we won’t die, and not to keep us alive. To put it in a nut shell America’s few dollars, have only bought for Ethiopia many enemies while the reciprocal benefits from eliminating extreme deprivation in Ethiopia has been given a short thrift by US policy makers. That is why I dare to say that Ethiopia has been a step daughter of America. For a more lifelike picture we can see the following table to understand how Uncle Sam has been a step father towards Ethiopia! The data cover the period from 1945 to 2006 and include only formal economic and military assistances.

Economic Aid Military Aid Total
Egypt 29,464,200,000 34,035,400,000 63,499,600,000
Israel 30,540,000,000 49,046,400,000 79,568,400,000

The economic and military grants to Ethiopia (combining the sums from1948 to 1974 and 1991 till today) from the US stands at less than four billion dollars! In comparison with either Israel’s or Egypt’s, Ethiopia’s receipts are almost negligible. Even more surprising, recently Ato Meless told us that he received “zero” from the US to trudge into his thoughtless mess up in Somalia. One would wonder why Ethiopian troops sacrifice their precious lives for America when this country is extremely stingy to give the required aid to Ethiopia let alone to sacrifice the lives Americans for Ethiopia’s sake.

It is an open secret that Uncle Sam does not have the reputation for principled and morally guided actions in international relations. All what the US does is blindly driven by the fervor of ideological keenness or self-seeking venality. When the so called “US interest” is to be shielded or promoted, it does not matter who bears the cost or who suffers the rough ends of injustice; it is not in the habit of US foreign policy makers to cogitate on the possibility of spending the colossal sum of dollars to finance some social projects that benefit the most frustrated segments of a society that too often are susceptible to criminal/terrorist temptations. Instead, each year a large amount of US treasure is wasted rashly. The war on Iraq is a good example in this case. For over five years now, the US has been in quagmire in its ill conceived war to hunt down marauding terrorists as a result of which all Iraqis turned out more and more incensed at its destructive mission. Thus the campaign which was initially intended to eliminate few fugitive terrorists ended up creating millions of anti-American elements thereby pumping up the economic and political burdens of the Bush Administration in the struggle to squash the growing insurgency and violence that has become a life of mind boggling routine in Iraq. Today America has more enemies in Iraq than it had in 2003! Imagine how many Iraqis would stand on the side of America by giving tip off about the whereabouts of the suspected extremists if the US had committed that huge sum of money ($4 trillion dollars!!) in order to provide employment opportunities or to subsidize the fragile means of livelihood among the poor Iraqis. Unfortunately, Americans absurdly assume that they can fight and win everything by themselves through military adventure. What is ironic is that, the higher the defense budget and the greater US military operations in several corners of the world, anti-Americanism has followed an upward spiral and the issue of security has remained a hot potato for the United States since the end of the Second World War.

The other problem with US foreign aid to poor nations like ours is that the money goes to loyal dictators. The fact that America fraternizes with few dictators giving the broad mass a wide berth has been a major obstacle in utilizing this aid for democratization and social transformation in many developing countries including Ethiopia. The “US dollar” played the leading role in toppling Sadam Hussein and “imposing” Sheik Ghazi al-Yawar, in ousting Norodon Sihanouk and replacing him by Lon Nol, in driving out Mengistu and bringing Meless to power. In all these scenarios the consequences have been extremely disastrous as they were done to serve US interests than to address the plight of the people in these counties. As a result no matter how much money the US offers to these dictators, it is almost always beyond the reach of independent auditors and the dictators may use this money to indulge in extravagantly corrupt and dirty personal aspirations. The Meless regime, for instance, has received more than three billion dollars in aid since it came to power in 1991,most of which, I suspect, was not used to solve the thorny economic situation in the country given the mania that the US shows for the leaders instead of the practical problems that hammer the common citizens of Ethiopia.

We celebrated the 100th year of Ethio-American diplomatic relations in 2003, the same year that Iraq was invaded by the US! That year I had the chance to participate in a photographic exhibition held with in the premises of the then Alemaya University. After a century, I could notice, the US has changed a lot but the same story goes on about Ethiopia. It is all about famine, war, violence, political repression, human rights violation, persecution, torture, mass arrest, killings, migration, drought, poor harvest, and natural resource degradation. The list goes on. I wondered why America does not want to help its friend that it knows for more than one hundred years! Because, as the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed! This is no shameful for my country to seek America’s assistance as even Europe itself received US aid after the end of WW II.The US, if it has to play an important role, it is in our economics, and not in our politics! But America does not understand that. Even the codification of HR 2003, if it happens ever, cannot guarantee the prevalence of democratic governance in Ethiopia. If having statute laws were the solution, then the unusually interesting Constitution that TPLF/EPRDF introduced could have brought equality and justice in our land. That has not happened, however. It is high time that Uncle Sam gave us the money, leaving the issue of democracy for us Ethiopians.

America has been the “Almighty” entity of this worldly kingdom since the on set of World War I. With the ever increasing sophistication of communication technologies and grand scientific progress, this country has entered the 21st century as the sole world policeman, especially in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The effects of its military and economic strengths are globally resonating. The US played an imperative role in the transformation of post-war starving Europe into a strong economic powerhouse and military might. After WW II, the 13 billion-dollar-aid under the Marshall Plan (most of which went to the UK, Italy, France and the then West Germany) not only saved millions of helpless Europeans from famine but also laid the foundation for a more competitive and secure Europe that we witness today. America has financed the “creation” of a strong industrial community in South Korea and helped the restoration of Japanese war-torn economy after 1945.These countries benefited from US generosity in exchange for the adoption of capitalist ideology and market economy in their countries as part of the anti-communist alliance against the eastern block. Now all these countries turned out with much gain; with sound economy and functional democracy to say the least.

We need in billions!

Given the prices that it has been paying for US security interests, Ethiopia has not been rewarded acceptably. When we choose to cooperate with America, we become enemies to the enemies of America. Even though this cooperation between the two countries has mutual benefits, it is the US that has special interest in our country and for that it has to pay a special gratitude. If only America can help build a strong Ethiopia with sound economy and reliable military capability that the common goal of ensuring peace and security could be achieved in the region. Otherwise neglecting the “natural” immiseration of Ethiopia would be tantamount to keeping the country weak making it vulnerable to attacks from the common enemies as a result of which both the US and Ethiopia will be losers. Thus if Ethiopia is to contribute to regional peace and stability, US foreign policy makers must come up with innovative ideas and ample resources in revitalizing the country’s gruesome economic situation there by solving one of its most prickly internal problems. In that case internally stable Ethiopia can effectively handle external threats of regional peace and security. To this end we need in hundreds of billions (if possible in trillion!) from America as it happened in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

* The writer can be reached at

The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views of The views are solely that of the author.

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Comment from: Hammere [Visitor]

Hi man

What a heap of dirt is your writing? We are in Somalia not for the people of America but for our own people. America is thousands of miles from Somalia. I feel sory for the time you spent writnig this trash article.

04/23/08 @ 07:38
Comment from: MM [Visitor]

Hamere … let us be real … u know the truth! of course Meles is the modern slave of Bush!

04/23/08 @ 08:46
Comment from: ted [Visitor]

Hi, Man, It is shocking to read your final words. No hope for Ethiopia with out US’s help. You have no spine. It is time to tightened our belt and be by our own. USA has given up on Ethiopia, they have moved on, the world is changing. It is time to priortize Ethiopians and Ethiopia. US has much more stable and accumudating friends ,like Kenya. The story is different in Ethiopia. They dont care, it is one sided love. We are blinded with fantasy of US. US media even think it is nuts to pay millions dollars to Beyoncé Knowles for very own special holy and secret day, Go figure. USA media are ashamed of us. They are waiting China or some other contry to take over and be done with us. They know we are not good for anyone , it is not a big lose for them as you and dreamers might think. We are on our own. It is good. If you belive Ethiopia can feed itself, why go to West to get poletical sickness with their food aid. Lets stand and smell. It is stingy, but there is no reason for Ethiopians to give up lose hope on their faith and confidence. Better be dead. We are dead in some people eyes.
Just to show you how much USA cares about Ethiopia, TPLF has a total support from USA and the article by one Ecomist, see Nazret, clearly stated the situation t home. ” The regime in Ethiopia has been full of contrivance and deception in playing ‘democracy’ more as a game of deception rather than as a principle of governance to find workable arrangements with moral,…… Do you still think USA are interested in us or cares for us. I highly dought That, and you should too. Regards Ted.

04/23/08 @ 09:49
Comment from: welo [Visitor]

That’s right i agree with you. We are just driving around as our masters would like us to do for their interest.
Waky Waky people!

04/23/08 @ 09:59
Comment from: Mama Ethiopia [Visitor]
Mama Ethiopia

Hammere [Visitor]

First go through the article before you rush to throw your lousy comments.As I can see it is all about economic issues that America should pay attention to in order to help Ethiopia.The writer is appealing to America for boosting economic and military support and to play pivotal roles in the fight against poverty and this is,I hope,in the vision of Every Ethiopian patriot.True,only a strong Ethiopia can contribute be it in the struggle against terrorism or towards regional stability.Got it Hammere?

04/23/08 @ 10:15
Comment from: Emperor Tewodros [Visitor]
Emperor Tewodros

:crazy: He is saying Menelik II, Haile Sellaise and Meles Zenawi are slave for America?>:XX Ante banda:!:

04/23/08 @ 10:16
Comment from: Ethiopiawi [Visitor]

Mr. Ezezew, I agree with you that America has not done its part in helping us build our economy or democratic government as it had done in other countries but its not only us there are numerous countries in Africa that have not benefited from the relationship. I think the United States government must STOP supporting dictators in Africa for it will create an anti-american thinking in the future. The US government must side with the people. I disagree with you on the solution of this problem, I don’t think begging for aid is the solution to our problem; I think we can create internal peace for our self if America just stops supporting dictators and if others would stop mingling in our internal matters. Aid creates aid dependency what we need to do is create economical alliance. Good article.

04/23/08 @ 10:18
Comment from: Mama Ethiopia [Visitor]
Mama Ethiopia

Comment from: Emperor Tewodros [Visitor]
“He is saying Menelik II, Haile Sellaise and Meles Zenawi are slave for America? Ante banda”

Emperor Theodros does not speak like that!!!Please drop that name; you are hijacking it which otherwise should belong to JEGNA Ethiopians.You are only a hero at Cyber Warfare!!

04/23/08 @ 10:39
Comment from: saba [Visitor]

Just why should America help us? Why should they fork out their hard earned cash to finance a nation of lazy, ignorant, ungrateful and inconsequential nitwits? Could America not survive with out Ethiopia? Does America’s decision to spend billions of their own taxpayers’ dollars on Egypt and Israel give us the right to demand comparable sums ? By the way, the Egyptians and the Israelis do not sit on their bums with folded arms like we do waiting for the next bag of American GM wheat to fall out of the sky.

The silly demand for crazy sums of American dollars and accusations of American failure to act in our favour at the hour of our need stem from a complete misunderstanding of the dynamics of international relations. One other such serious misconception is also apparent in the assertion that countries act in support of other countries out of altruism as suggested by the misleading statement about the British sticking with Ethiopia “through thick and thin” that rather conveniently leaves out any reference to why they did so.

We can not continue to cry foul over how the West spend their money. They will continue to do so as they see it feet whether we like it or not, and rightly so. However, the responsibility to shake the burden of poverty, disease, ignorance, and oppression rests fairly and squarely on our own shoulders. We would be wise to get on with it sooner than later with out inconveniencing ourselves with a wild goose chase.

04/23/08 @ 10:52
Comment from: mka [Visitor]

We all know what we face as a citizen Of Ethiopia.
Yes, we deserve Substantial amount of Aid from the USA.
We need it just to stimulate our economy.
We know how to manage and what we need
to do with that money.
All in all yes the USA owes us a huge amount of money.
Personally I think we do a lot to USA than they do for us.
Our growth is good for both of us.
Also I suspect now they are in good poison than before.
Good bless Ethiopia as well us the USA.

04/23/08 @ 11:22
Comment from: samuna [Visitor]

saba [Visitor] said,

“Just why should America help us? Why should they fork out their hard earned cash to finance a nation of lazy, ignorant, ungrateful and inconsequential nitwits?”

saba,Why should Ethiopians die for America in Somalia? When you put much weight on their hard earned dollars,you seem to be indifferent to or ignorant of the ‘the value of life’ which must not be priced at any height!Do you forget that your gaga Meless received a lot of dollars for his sheer willingness to betray Ethiopia under the mask of market economy in which our Assab was sold without bid and artificial pittance?Don’t you believe that TPLF would quickly fade like fog if USA cuts its support?Just why should America help TPLF?question for question!

04/23/08 @ 12:14
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

The writer forgot two things,first of all the americans have every right not to give a dime to any countries,since it’s thier money.

Secondly unlike your past defunct government,Eprdf went to somalia to protect the region long term interest and to help the united nation recognize government of somalia (tfg) and at the same time crush the islamists that declared jihad on ethiopia.

Finaly start acting like ethiopian, you seem to have a very low self esteem like the shabians and dergists on this site…

04/23/08 @ 12:33
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Hey dudde your article is simply moron. Don’t be proud of by begging. You are telling us begging give honor and dignity. You wrong do something else this is not for you.

04/23/08 @ 12:36
Comment from: mawi [Visitor]

hi you let learn how to feed our self first how long we can wait for hadout shame on you shame on us.

04/23/08 @ 13:35
Comment from: amare [Visitor]

i agree with the writer. ethiopia needs help to get out of the slump it is in. the americans help has contributed a great deal to jump start the europeans and asians economy before they were democracy and if america give the fraction help to ethiopi there is no question the country will take off with in short period. but we shouldnt wait for their help with our hands fold.

04/23/08 @ 13:41
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

The American Government is known for supporting dicttors: If you want to understand world politics and how the USA systematically destroy other countries read John Perkins book entitled Confession of an Economi Hit Man.

Ethiopia is now growing according to PM 10% but when the love-affair is over the growth will be revesed and it will be -10 or 20%.

04/23/08 @ 14:11
Comment from: tezibt [Visitor]

Comment from: MM [Visitor]
Hamere … let us be real … u know the truth! of course Meles is the modern slave of Bush!

I am one who goes right to the point and not curse people but if meles is Bush’s slave so goes for mengistu and haileselassie who went to war with invading somalia. I guess the difference of the later would be not willing to wait for your guest but to visit your guest in their place. I believe meles is paying the appropriate respect by visiting his guests b/c time has changed and he wanted his guests to same time and gas.

04/23/08 @ 14:34
Comment from: Somo [Visitor]

You said

“The US played an imperative role in the transformation of post-war starving Europe into a strong economic powerhouse and military might. After WW II, the 13 billion-dollar-aid under the Marshall Plan (most of which went to the UK, Italy, France and the then West Germany) not only saved millions of helpless Europeans from famine but also laid the foundation for a more competitive and secure Europe that we witness today. America has financed the “creation” of a strong industrial community in South Korea and helped the restoration of Japanese war-torn economy after 1945.These countries benefited from US generosity in exchange for the adoption of capitalist ideology and market economy in their countries as part of the anti-communist alliance against the eastern block. Now all these countries turned out with much gain; with sound economy and functional democracy to say the least.”

So …
1. America is generous
2. People (Countries) all over the world take advantage of this generosity and improve their life style. While we Ethiopian even if we have been getting lot of aids from America and other countries we are still on that same spot,

is that what you mean? If that is it is not America that should be Blamed it should be US Ethiopians as community and people should be blamed because all the people who were on Authority of leading us came with in us not from America.

04/23/08 @ 14:48
Comment from: ewnetun tenageru [Visitor]
ewnetun tenageru

Let me just start my views on this article by reminding all of us why so called “intellectuals” are lousy politicians. Reality is foreign to them and fantasy is their refuge.

1. Ethiopia is no step child of the USA. Ethiopia pre-dates USA by at least a thousand years. Even worse such analogies are meaningless.

2. USA has no reason to give aid to Ethiopia unless it gains benefits for itself. Fortunately, they have been generous to us over the years far more than we deserve. There is also such a thing as our inability to use the aid we get from our friends. It takes ability to use aid. Otherwise, we will squander it as we did for many years. If the USA were to give Ethiopia several billion dollars we would not know what to do with it. Even worse the money will land in some Swiss bank. The alternative would be for the USA to take Ethiopia as its colony and run the whole show itself. We will hate it but it will work better that way. Fortunately, they have no interest in such an adventure even if we were to invite them. To suggest that, Western Europe and Korea prospered because America gave them Billions of dollars is idiotic. Yes, America did provide a lot of money but these countries had the ability to use it. Same is true of Israel. Skilled people from Europe came and used the money and their hard work to make Israel advance while Egypt languished in corruption and dictatorship. Ethiopia remains to be a country stuck in the seventh century with very little advance in skills or in governance. We are working our way back to the sixth century with all this hunger for tribal politics propagated by our intellectuals. Can we make a boat today that can cross the red sea if we were to trade with Yemen? No. Not even if there was gold to be looted. Like many of us the writer has visions of grander about our country. We need to learn how to do things before we talk big. The educated need to go back home and get their hands dirty and show the rest of Ethiopia that our education, mostly paid for by foreign aid given to the people of Ethiopia, will give a meaningful return to the people of Ethiopia. The truth is most of us will not give up our air conditioned luxury, fancy cars and the great opportunities for our children just to go home and live a poor mans’s life to build our country. We will go home when Ethiopia prospers and becomes perfect. That will be the time to claim our share of the bounty.

3. The writer is also extremely careless regarding facts and figures. He stated that several trillions of dollars were given to Egypt and Israel and also four trillion dollars were spent in Iraq. These figures are incorrect by several orders of magnitude. The statement that USA gave Ethiopia from Mengistu to EPRDF is a blatant lie. “It brokered a deal to save us from a civil war” may be an appropriate statement. Whether we like it or not EPRDF defeated Mengistu’s military period.

4. Finally to state that Ethiopia is owed hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars by America is beyond juvenile. It is infantile. WHY? FOR GOD SAKE!

04/23/08 @ 15:24
Comment from: Beekkaa [Visitor]

Are you begging more money for Meles to kill us more as if we hadn`t enough?

04/23/08 @ 15:46
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

This article actually is very timely in its importance to the current situation in our country and once more again, the involvement of the Meles Zenawi’s government with a worldly known political prostitute, the United States of America.
I am sorry to say that, the writer of this article has flared my deep seeded anger over America’s flip flap & highly discriminatory policies towards my country Ethiopia and my people, in the past one hundred years, in which I was straggling to forget about.
I can mention a few instances how America was screwing around with Ethiopia, in which case that our countrie’s national security, integrity as well as the very existence of Ethiopia were very seriously in jeopardy by the actions of the United states of America.
Here are a few to mention:
In the second world war when fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia and the debilitating mustard gas were raining on the land of Ethiopia and on our forefathers who fought courageously fending off the mustard gas by wetting their GABY with water and covering their mouse, America looked the other way, pretty much indirectly and quietly giving the green light to fascist Italy. America imprisoned the African Americans who were packing up from their home base Harlem New York to go fight Musuloin’s invading army on behalf of Ethiopia, America effectively stopping the African Americans with a stern warning from going to Ethiopia.

During the bloody dictator Mengistu Haile Mariams almost 27 years of ruling the American CIA thugs worked very closely with the then Somalia leader president Sayed Barre, the Arabs and with any logo that reads I hate Ethiopia and says let us destroy Ethiopia.
That is when the Sayed Barre militia in the history of Somalia pushed all the way to JIJIGA with help of America during the last serious between Ethiopia.

When TPLF and Shabia over threw Mengistu Haile Mariam’s regime, both TPLF, Shabia and the CIA walked together in to Addis Ababa to destroy the only Nuclear reactor Mengistu Haile Mariam built with millions of dollars with the help of North Korea. The CIA agents and the locals with connection, then sold the mercury and the dismantled parts of the nuclear plant for the Egyptian agents to use it for their own building of nuclear plants, in which the Egyptian are currently building 7 nuclear plants with the approval and financed by the American government. The American government knows very well that Egypt is building its nuclear plants to use and scare tactic Ethiopia not to use and exploit the Nile river.
Last but not least, during the 1998 Ethio-Eritrean war the American government sided with the notorious dictator Issay-ASS Afeworki and try to blockade Ethiopia from buying and importing weapons from North Korea, the Russians and from the former Soviet Union brake away States.
Even now after Meles fought the Islam o-fascists in Somalia, and helped America in every way he can to catch the Al-qeda cells in Somalia, who did some harm to America, the American government did not extend a dime to Ethiopias war in Somalia. The so called military aid is nothing but a couple of rocket launchers and 50 Humv Hammer trucks.

At this current time America is building and financing the Egyptian nuclear program, which can be completed in the next decade. Is this what you call over a century old friend to Ethiopia that is arming the historical and traditional enemies of my beloved mother land Ethiopia.
Don’t misunderstand me, I love America, but the American government is a world class prostitute that will bend over even for Arabs.

04/23/08 @ 17:45
Comment from: Wedi Bolle [Visitor]
Wedi Bolle

The writer must be a bell man at the Ritz carlton.
Yemender were new yemitaweraw.Are you saying we should be ascaris to the U.S. Like Eritreans were to the Italians?

04/23/08 @ 19:14
Comment from: Aba Mela [Visitor]
Aba Mela

Ato Ghion, are you selling another conspiracy theory here:

When TPLF and Shabia over threw Mengistu Haile Mariam’s regime, both TPLF, Shabia and the CIA walked together in to Addis Ababa to destroy the only Nuclear reactor Mengistu Haile Mariam built with millions of dollars with the help of North Korea.

this is a very good story missed by Aljeezira or your CNN. It was a hot cake, how did they miss it… God! How many idiots are left the country!

04/24/08 @ 02:04
Comment from: Giire Alafow [Visitor]
Giire Alafow

Just for record. Meles has turned the majority of Somali people who had no illwill towards Ethiopia into enemies. I do not
know where your “peace keeping” troops
have been indoctrinated to slaughter
worshippers and Tablique scholars. If
you read Arabic, Urdu, Bengali the
Tablique websiltes are full of the
pictures of the massacre. I am afraid
Ethiopia will reap what Meles is sowing.

04/24/08 @ 09:10
Comment from: Mesfin A [Visitor]
Mesfin A

I have never seen such an ungrateful people like Ethiopians!!!!!
During HM Haile’s time complain…
During Degre’s time complain..
Now TPLF/coalition of embezzlers complain……
America didn’t give us money complain……
America didn’t put Hailu and Berhau in Parliament complain….
America did that complain….
Ameica didn’t do that complain….

Get your sti**nky fat a** and work why we have wait charity from others

What the FU** do we want….

04/24/08 @ 10:25
Comment from: Nesrelah Husein [Visitor]
Nesrelah Husein

I respectfully disagree with the content of this article for the reason that it undermines Ethiopians motivation and courage to be self sufficient. For example I personally know Japan and Korea very well. They aren’t growing because America is pumping money. They simply grow because they work harder and smarter. Even at this height of wealth an average Japanese works 14 hours a day. What makes this counties grow is a combination of factors, such as 1) eliminating corruption, 2) developing the culture of work, 3) abolishing inequality 4) nurturing domestic knowhow 5) establishing seemless political system and legal framework, 6) building from what they have traditionally instead of detsroying the past and do it all over again, 7) invincible patriotism 9) high emphasis on educating the masses with almost 100% literacy rate, 10) protection against their national interest (for example nearly 100% of the companies in Japan are domestic and if foreign investors come the people systematicaly boycot foreign products citing their domestic products are superior even if much expensive) that means a highly responsible consumer, 11) Japanese and Korean companies also offer life long employment system and insure social security, 12) unemployment or homlessness is a tabbo and never exist at all 13) Specially in Japan no welfare system and it is a taboo too, no body is willing to collect welfare, 14) the creation of very disiplined and responsible society, etc. did shape modern Japan and Korea. USA did nothing to them except being ideological and trade partner.
Therfore, what we lear from this nations is development comes within not prescribed by outsiders. A nation that do not attempt to walk by itself always lags behind. If every thing comes within, nothing is impossible. Stop collecting aid, and rely by ourselves. Yes our biggest problem is a jacket-with-necktie elite which is parasite on tax payers. In Japan or Korea there is office cleaner or maid or driver for officials. The boss himself has to clean his own office, to cook his dinner or to drive himself to work or ride trai with ordinary people together.
One seldom see a Japanese with gold bracelet, but he/she stashed millions in bank. No big car or castle. No extravaganza. And everyone affords to travel abroad and have a dicent income and health insurance. No one is with out health insurance. Surprisingly there are 45% Americans without insurance.
We have to learn from the real stories of this nations almost zero natural resources. The resources of Japan and Korea are the people alone. A very sophisticated and disiplined society which relies on its own.
If we rely on owr own, there is no reason not to be wealthy. Imagine if you meet an engineer who never know to operate roller on the road but holding a binder full of meticulous designes and give orders to the forman in side his landcruiser in Ethiopia. But a Japanese engineer first of all knows all the skills those people under him to perform. When there is a project, first the engineer operate the machinery and demonstrate to his juniors how they are going to deal with.
Our country main problem is not deficiency of funds, but deficiency of committed and proficient professionals.

04/24/08 @ 10:34
Comment from: kimem [Visitor]

ewnetun tenageru [Visitor]

1.please first go to elementary school and learn how to count before you jump to spawn your garbage!!!you cannot still discern between a billion and a trillion!!!Look at the figures about Egypt and Israel,they are in billioons.

2.As to the cost of the war on Iraq I think the writer put an exact figure.I also found this statement from a renownd American analyst: “The figure we arrive at is more than $3 trillion. Our calculations are based on conservative assumptions. They are conceptually simple, even if occasionally technically complicated. A $3 trillion figure for the total cost strikes us as judicious, and probably errs on the low side. Needless to say, this number represents the cost only to the United States. It does not reflect the enormous cost to the rest of the world, or to Iraq.”

3.Even though I can sense that you are unduly allergic to even rudimentary mathematics,I ought to tell you thatunlike your remarks("Fortunately, they have been generous to us over the years far more than we deserve"),the US has not been generous to Ethiopia even during the lease of Kagnew Station in which the strategic significnce of Ethiopia was much more important to America than we are today.But,to your surprise,as this writer mentioned in his article,the grant was even about half a billion.In fact the post-1991 era seems much better though relatively in minuscule.

4.We cannnot understimate the power of the dollar.You know the reasons why Meless firmly campaigns against the draft bill that Congres passed some months ago;because no dollar will go to TPLF gov’t if the bill becomes a law as it would challenege the brutality of this gov’t.If the dollar fails to flow to TPLF government,Woyane will be through!! To pertend that Woyane does not care for the US bonus is simply outright hypocricy.

04/24/08 @ 11:15
Comment from: [Member]

saba, you are a stupid shabia. For your info. the Ethiopian people are hard working, recently I read an article that Ethiopian farmers work for eighteen hours everyday. You are the lazy one. Compared to other countries yes America has been STINGY towards Ethiopia, you may not like it but it is TRUE. What have you done to call us “lazy", 90% of your eritreans are starving. 90% out of 2 million people. It is the italian catholic church that has been feeding you since 1998. 1991-1998 you know how you and your isayas robbed Ethiopia with collaboration of meles zenawi. saba by the way Ethiopians do not sit on our buns waiting for the American GM food, we work hard, the Egyptians use the Ethiopian Nile river and Americas economic aid has helped them to improve their farming method. By the way a country develops with good leadership, good leadership leads to good economic and political ties. I do not believe Ethiopia will develop with negligible foreign aid but with good leadership, one that cares and works for the people. The first step towards realizing our dream is to remove meles zenawi and his thuggish friends from the palace. WE NEED A LEADER!!

04/24/08 @ 12:42
Comment from: [Member]

tezibt, you are wrong. There was nothing called somalia before 1960, since the british created this fake entity called somalia, it has invaded Ethiopia twice, one in Haile selassies time and the other by mad dog siad barre in Mengistus time in 1977. All Ethiopia did at that time was DEFEND herself. And now, yes the Ethiopia troops are in mogadishu and the defeat of colonel hassan aweys is a great thing, it is this same colonel hassan aweys that massacred thousands of Ethiopians in eastern Ethiopia during their invasion in 1977 with the help of 15 arab countries.

04/24/08 @ 12:56
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF thugs stop for once more your fairy
tell .Your master never ’s gone to Somalia
to protect the country’s sovereignty but
simply for a mercenary mission hoping to
be paid in return by the Bush administration .
“..Yadiakone setan sayekassess ayelekem..”
Hope that this tyrant will one day learns about
what did happen to all these african tyrants
who finished ,overthrown ,killed or dead in
exile .Until then dream well ,your nightmare
will soon become true bunch of traitors .

04/24/08 @ 12:56
Comment from: [Member]

somo, the aids America gave so far goes to nurture meles zenawis regime. Americas or others negligible aid has done nothing for the Ethiopian people. America did help the EPLF and TPLF to take power. We all remember what the jewish american herman cohen did in london in 1991. And I am sure henry kissinger is also happy that he got meles zenawi and isayas afeworki who will impoverish Ethiopians.

04/24/08 @ 13:02
Comment from: [Member]

ewnetun tenageru, infact Ethiopia built a boat that can cross the red sea thousands of years ago. Plus don’t you forget the Eshet airplane built by Ethiopian airlines during Mengistus time, since then many planes have been sold to African countries to use it for a spray of chemicals in their farm. Americas aids in very negligible towards Ethiopia, TELL IT LIKE IT IS!! Yes Americas Marshal plan did help Europe and Japan in reviving their economy. Ethiopians are smart and hard working people, the first step is to throw out the mercenary meles zenawi regime. ewunetun tenageru, you are a lost case in the west. You seem to buy this western crap that your TV feeds you on a daily basis.

04/24/08 @ 13:11
Comment from: [Member]

aba mela, are you trying to deny how the CIA and the jewish american herman cohen helped you? ofcourse the world renowned prostitute jimmy carter was also there.

04/24/08 @ 13:19
Comment from: [Member]

Mesfin, after all that betrayal America did to Ethiopia over the past one hundred years, how do you expect Ethiopians to react? It has been betrayal after betrayal. To say the least, what we want is for America to STOP financing the meles zenawi regime.

04/24/08 @ 13:23



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