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Ethiopia - Thugs gone wild in Kilil-istan By Alemayehu G. Mariam



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Ethiopia - Thugs gone wild in Kilil-istan By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Alemayehu G. Mariam, is an Ethiopian professor of political science at California State University, San Bernardino, and an attorney based in Los Angeles

Ethiopia - Thugs gone wild in Kilil-istan

By Alemayehu G. Mariam | August 31, 2009

Rent-a-Thug Against Democracy

In a recent piece entitled “Mob Disrupts Political Meeting in Adama,”former Ethiopian President Dr. Negasso Gidada described how “an organized mob disturbed a public political meeting of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) in Adama, Oromia, and forced the discontinuation of the meeting.” Dr. Negasso explained:

Around 50 people started to disturb the meeting while Eng. Gizachew Shiferraw, Vice Chairperson of the UDJ was addressing the meeting. The disturbers were shouting, clutching and whistling from the rear of the hall. This mob came up running to the front and damaged a microphone while trying to grab it. They continued to shout: ‘This is Oromia’, ‘Oromo is our Language’, ‘You have to start the meeting by a blessing ceremony in accordance with Oromo culture’, ‘You can hold the meeting in Oromo language’, ‘If you do not speak in Oromo language, and you can not hold meetings in our country’. Several people tried to cool down the mob by promising that what is said would be translated in Oromo. But the mob would not heed the appeal. It even threatened to beat us up. Eng. Gizachew could not continue his speech. He was forced to announce that the meeting is adjourned because of the disturbance… The mob was not a spontaneous disturbing group. There were some OPDO/EPRDF cadres among the mob. I myself could recognize at least two OPDO cadres with whom I worked in the organization before I resigned from it in June 2001. It is obvious that the disturbance was an organized one.

In a separate Amharic piece on the subject, Seeye Abraha (the former defense minister and currently a member of Medrek (Forum for Democratic Dialogue in Ethiopia) who attended the Adama town hall meeting pointed to a discernable emerging pattern in the use of thugs and hooligans by the “EPDRF” to disrupt opposition meetings. He identified two other similar disruptions a few weeks earlier, one at a UDJ meeting in Debre Markos and another at an Arena Tigray meeting in Mekele. Seeye suggested that a dual strategy is being used to prevent opposition elements from having public meetings: 1) Deny meeting permits on the basis of absurd excuses; or 2) Issue permits but disrupt the meetings using hired thugs and hooligans. Seeye declared that opposition elements will not be intimidated by thugs and “vigilantes” and their outreach efforts to the people will continue. He also put the dictators and the Ethiopian people on notice that should they be victims of thug violence at such meetings, the “EPDRF” should be held responsible.

Thugs and the Triumph of Kilil-istan Chauvinism (Tribal-based Ethnic Federalism)

“This is Oromia… Oromo is our Language… You have to start the meeting by a blessing ceremony in accordance with Oromo culture… You can hold the meeting in Oromo language… If you do not speak in Oromo language, and you can not hold meetings in our country….”

The sounds of such atavistic lyrics of ethnic chauvinism must make sweet music to the ears of Ethiopia’s dictators. It must bring them everlasting joy and ecstasy to have these divisive and truculent words become part of the lexicon of Kilil-istan chauvinism, which is the highest stage of ethnic federalism. No doubt, these words represent the purest expression of the capo dictator’s dream: An Ethiopia blinded, deafened and muted by ethnic, linguistic, tribal and cultural chauvinism. BRAVO!

For nearly two decades, the dictators in Ethiopia toiled ceaselessly to shred the very fabric of that ancient civilization and society, and sculpt a landscape balkanized into tribal, ethnic, linguistic and regional enclaves to establish their own version of a Thousand Year Reich (Reign). They crafted a constitution based entirely on ethnicity and tribal affiliation as the basis for political organization. Article 46 (2) of their constitution provides: “States shall be structured on the basis of settlement patterns, language, identity and consent of the people.” In other words, “states”, (and the people who live in them) shall be organized as homogenous tribal homelands in much the same way as the 10 Bantustans (black homelands) of apartheid South Africa were organized to create ethnically homogeneous and “autonomous” nation states for South Africa's different black ethnic groups, effectively wiping out their South African national citizenship.

The tribal homelands in Ethiopia are officially called “kilils" (enclaves or distinct enclosed and effectively isolated geographic areas within a seemingly integrated national territory). Like the Bantustans, the Killilistans represent territory set aside for the purpose of concentrating members of designated ethnic/tribal/linguistic/cultural groups in nominally autonomous geographic areas. Ethiopia’s dictators have used a completely fictitious and ridiculous theory of “ethnic (tribal) federalism)”, unknown in the annals of political science or political theory, to justify and glorify these Kililistans, impose their atrocious policy of divide and rule against 80 million people and scrub out any meaningful notion of Ethiopian citizenship.

Big Thugs, Small Thugs and the Rule of Law

Article 9 of the dictators’ constitution provides that the “Constitution is the supreme law of the land…. All citizens, state organs, political organizations, other associations and their officials, have the duty to comply with this Constitution and abide by it.” Article 29 of this “supreme law” guarantees that “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression without interference. This right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers,…” Article 30 further ensures, “Everyone shall have the freedom, in association with others, to peaceably assemble without arms, engage in public demonstration and the right to petition.”

In Thugland, no one seems to be particularly concerned about constitutional rights. Dr. Negasso, Ato Seeye, UDJ members and the other community attendees were peaceably assembled at an authorized meeting to engage in important political discussions. They have an absolute right to conduct their meeting peaceably without being molested by thugs, hooligans, criminals, gangsters, hoodlums, delinquents and hustlers. It is the supreme and solemn duty of those in authority to guarantee that the constitutional rights of those peaceably assembled is protected from “interference” by anyone. To be sure, the authorities had a legal duty to arrest the disruptive thugs and “vigilantes” and prosecute them for their egregious violation of the constitutional rights of all those in attendance at the town hall meeting. But as we have seen time and time again, the “supreme law” of the land does not apply to thugs because thugs are above the law of the land; indeed, thugs are the law of the land!

Thugs Here, Thugs There, Thugs Everywhere!

Paraphrasing Mark Twain, one could wonder out loud: “Suppose you were a thug. And suppose you were a member of a dictatorship. But I repeat myself.” The use of rented thugs to disrupt public meetings is the oldest trick in the Book of Dictators and Corrupt Politicians. Not long ago, Robert Mugabe’s (ZANU - Patriotic Front) thugs in Zimbabwe disrupted the Constitutional All-Stakeholders’ Conference (organized to write a new constitution) at the Harare International Conference Centre by lambasting and unleashing a torrent of profanity and vulgarity against the Speaker of Parliament. They also attacked delegates and officials with plastic water bottles. In the early 1990s, organized thugs, galvanized by the political ideology of "Majimboism" (a Kiswahili concept for “ethnic regionalism” or “ethno-federalism”), instigated ethnic hatred against the Kikuyu. Recently, Prof. Maurice Iwu, Nigeria’s chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, reported to the Nigeria House of Representatives that the “sporadic outbreak of violence in several parts of the country [in the last election] was a fall-out of political thuggery.” The ultimate African thugs are represented by a militia known as the “Janjawid” – bloodthirsty packs of roving criminals armed and supported by the Sudanese government that have caused widespread atrocities including village destruction, massacres and rapes in the Darfur region.

Thugging it Out!

Seeye Abraha has noticed the Ethiopian people that should they be victims of thug violence, the “EPDRF” is to be held responsible. It may be overly optimistic to expect reason and respect for the law from thugs. The fact of the matter is that thugs will always be thugs; but law-abiding citizens can fight back -- thug it out, so to speak -- by doing the right thing: Always tell the people the truth, and speak truth to thugs. Unite the people where thugs try to put them asunder. Promote harmony wherever thugs sow hatred, division and enmity. Fight to win the hearts and minds of the people wherever thugs seek to crush their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Never lower yourself to the gutter world of thugs, but capture, preserve, protect and defend the moral high ground. Never, never, never abandon the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. Always do the right thing, the fair thing, the just thing. As Churchill said, “Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Never yield to thugs! Never forget the truth that if we don’t stand up for the Land of Thirteen Months of Sunshine, thugs will gladly transform it into the Land of Eternal Darkness.

Inherit the Wind

In Proverbs 11 is written, “He who brings trouble on his family will inherit only wind.” Those who have wrought trouble on the Ethiopian family for the last two decades will in the end inherit a tornadic wind. That is foreordained! Their wicked efforts to destroy, dismember, deface and disfigure Ethiopia through the politics of hate and ethnic division will fail just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow. Their diabolical plan will amount to nothing! Like East Germany, ethnic federalism will be there one day and the next day it will be gone forever. Ethiopia’s best days are yet to come because her destiny rests securely in the palms of her bright, patriotic, industrious, conscientious, humble, forward-looking and God-fearing young people.

Is it not ironic that those of us who profess to champion the cause of justice, truth and morality far outnumber those engaged in the practice of evil, yet the few evil doers seem to outdo us nearly every time. As Dr. Negasso pleaded following his confrontation with the Adama thugs: “I call on all those who stand for the respect of democratic and human rights, for peace and stability of this country and for economic development of this country do something TODAY and not TOMORROW!!” That is why we should take to heart the aphorism, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil (thugs) is that good Ethiopian men and women do nothing” TODAY.

The writer, Alemayehu G. Mariam, is a professor of political science at California State University, San Bernardino, and an attorney based in Los Angeles. For comments, he can be reached at

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Comment from: kokeb [Visitor]

Professor ALEMAYEHU!!!!!!!!1

the only person who knows about ethiopia better than u is “THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE” the rest response from weyane-LEBAS CONSIDER, WASTE OF TIME BY PAID khadI-molacha-tplf-looters.

I demand! whoever, OF COURSE! insult DR,ALEX to have at least 4- years of college and the MELATAW-MELESE speech writer like Z-ZINJERO-MIKE not to strrip his arogantism of decit and bluff of WEYANE retards inorder, to get paid more from poor ethiopians taxed-birr.

DR, ALEMAYEHU for PM and president of ETHIOPIA!!

08/31/09 @ 02:03
Comment from: antonio [Visitor]

another crap analysis of this so called “Ethiopian elite".please give yourself a respect if you are getting paid for your articles let us know other than that i feel sorry for anyone attending your your law degree for south central thugs,i dont think you can handle thugs of ethiopia because you dont understand how the game is played!
Thanks nazret

08/31/09 @ 02:08
Comment from: Garedew [Visitor]

After reading the last two paragrphs of our man in Victorville I said to myself to much of self righteous approach to politics may turn one from an acdamic to that of a fortune teller or a priest ( Bahetawi Al Mariam). Please hold your horses some times. Even consuming too much honey kills.

08/31/09 @ 03:15
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Mr. Alemayehu,

You noticed how you used the word “described” and “Explained” in one sentence at the begging of your delusional nonsense BS propaganda? Probably not and if you had noticed you probably did not even realize you are using two different words that both have the same meanings. As it is stated time and again the Oromo people whom you are calling “MOBS” have every right to tell the speaker for their culture and language to be respected. From reading most of the lies around the anti-government websites, one can conclude that the Oromo people had reasonable arguments to make by simply asking the speaker of the meeting to get the meeting start in their language and be blessed accordingly with their culture. Once such step is taking the meeting can then proceed in Amharic or whatever language the delusional party UDJ had planed to address and discuss their agendas among their supporters and themselves. How hard was it for the speaker to have an Oro-Mafia speaking person to come forward and assist to defuse the satiation? Besides, UDJ should had planned ahead in have security present to protect from such things happing in the first place. Though, when you have a group/party that calls the security forces thugs etc, what kind of security member would want to protect such event? Perhaps, they should have hired their own OROMAFIA group to prevent the disturbances and allow them to get on each others’ cases.

Clearly and surely, the failure of DERG aka CUD/G-7 and UDJ is their own making and the have no reasonable argument to blame their foolish errors on others. The old rug-tag diasporas like ALEMAYEHU the son-of-Mengistu Haile-Mariam are barking like dogs behind their holes known that they have no more chance in Ethiopia’s political future. These repeated false accusations are designed to gain support by foreign media/government in hope to make Ethiopia look like weak. Needless to say, none of you cry babies will achieve a thing from your barks from in the west and Ethiopia will continue with its rebuilding process business as usual. It is sad those who genuinely try to build an opposition party are getting sucked in such arrogant people in the west that are nothing less than the old DERG ideologist that led most of them to their graveyards. The rest who ran to the west are in their final stages and trying to do all they can in hope returning to power. Someone remind them it is not happing in our life time and in our watch. We rather be dead than to see coward people like you governing Ethiopia at any given day, period.

08/31/09 @ 03:16
Comment from: Meles [Visitor]

That is what Meles and his gangs brought to our country. Total distruction! That is why we oppose the Meles and his gangs. No matter what he does to the improvement of the economy of the country his ethnic based politics and the the give away of the port weighs way far and that is why Meles will be remembered in history as the most distractive Satan Ethiopia ever had.

08/31/09 @ 03:22
Comment from: Wetetu [Visitor]

This dude is getting wilder by repeating old news.Al-M.I thought you’re smarter than the weyanes but im wrong.You curse & insult more than the weyanes.
You suppose to be bring a constructive idea. It seems you’re edicated person.:crazy:

08/31/09 @ 03:51
Comment from: bini-boy [Visitor]

thank you professor for exposing the truth,the matter-fact some other THUGS also dispersed widely all over the media and blogs to misinform and destruct the diaspora. some times their weak tactics mad me laugh….. they said like “” i am not woyanye supporter but.. it continue… and at the end they will put the divisive evil idea"” or they said ” i am Oromo or Amhara or some other ethnic and implant the hate seed to every body’s mind “.
no matter what nothing can stop us, we have to fight hard and get rid of theme from 4kilo and create the new Ethiopia.

08/31/09 @ 04:36
Comment from: ery bekentu [Visitor]
ery bekentu

pro Alemayehu very nice article but pleas don’t use the word EPRDF coz thar is only TPLF in ethiopia


08/31/09 @ 04:37
Comment from: yeha zeteg [Visitor]
yeha zeteg

To Dictator G/mariam
Most of the time your articles are senseless because they are supported with poor or irrelevant arguments.
As Barkaw Daniel (at describes ‘many Ethiopians who are silently observing your articles, are taking a note of your logic. In regards to your democratic values, you have long way to understand the meaning of democracy. I have never read any debate regarding major issues that affect Ethiopians. Its usually preaching, not debating. In my humble opinion democracy require debate in values, and practice. Democracy means the practice to agree to disagree.’ Thank you Barkaw.

But my point here is that unlike all your other articles your approach now is slightly better because atleast you tried to mention the legal constitution of the country and those opposition political party leaders which give your article a bit senseful. However you still argue or misquote the meaning of the constitution.
Article 46 (2) of their constitution provides: “States shall be structured on the basis of settlement patterns, language, identity and consent of the people.”

First, what is the problem with this. How it is associated with aparthied.

Second, you mentioned that’the very fabric of that ancient civilization and society, and sculpt a landscape balkanized into tribal, ethnic, linguistic and regional enclaves to establish their own version of a Thousand Year Reich (Reign). They crafted a constitution based entirely on ethnicity and tribal affiliation as the basis for political organization. In other words, “states”,

What are your very fabric of that ancient civilization and society, and sculpt if they didn’t account ethnicity, language and settlement?

Third you still failed to argue on how States/kilil structured on the basis of settlement patterns, language, identity and consent of the people wipe out s’ the peoples’ Ethiopian citizenship.

08/31/09 @ 04:55
Comment from: Habesha [Visitor]

I am sure that you are tolking to your self. Any party that must be established in Ethiopia for Ethiopians must be consist of all ethnic groups of that country. You are tolking the very old and already which has been dead thing for long time. Have you ever seen or heard that time can back? time goes always to the future but you are thinking and going antiklokwise. I do not really expect such type of comments from the so called proffesor. AS we know, the ethnic problems were crated and was there for long period of time. Whae you are sugesting now is very clear. You hate all ethnic groups other than yours. You are not treating all ethnic groups as they are all Ethiopians. As i have mentioned it, any party that established in i ethiopia must includ all kinds of ethnic grups other wise it can not represent ethiopians. Think and accept that all different types of ethnic groups that are located inside ethiopia have equal rights like your ethnic group. Do not waste your time to cheat these innocent uneducated poeples of the country. They are well experienced in all kings of problems for the last century.

08/31/09 @ 04:59
Comment from: Wedi Adi [Visitor]
Wedi Adi

While in Rome do as the Romans while in Oromia ………….
Show some respect and address the crowd in their native tongue.
Mr.Gidadda are you ashamed of your mother tongue?

08/31/09 @ 06:06
Comment from: birr [Visitor]

Ato, Alemayehu, your article is always full of hate. I hate people like u who speak only the negative. We all know that there is a problem in our country.
At the same time there are positive things that should appreciated.
You are a professor for nothing.

08/31/09 @ 06:08
Comment from: katikala [Visitor]

a while back some ill sighted ppl blindly slammed some opposition groups particularly ginbot 7 for the way of their struggle. Some even called them chauvinists, neftegnas, escapists etc…. for no eligible or logical reasons. The truth now glorified in the presence of a brief and broad violation of democratic rights by the ruling TPLF mafia. i won’t wonder if the so called peaceful opposition parties like the UDJ and Medrek will get devoid of their rights of exiting the coming election, and hence be forcefully participate in the fake election without their will. Also you can see the likes of Engineer Hailu shawel whom in the passed week appeared as the newest betrayal to the Ethiopian people after Lidetu. The fates of some pro-Shabia LFs, like the OLF and ONLF, has been a dark out as they got completely spitted out by the mass and failed miserably. Now, without doubt and essentially, only two lines remain on the battle field - the ruling TPLF mafia family and Ginbot 7. its now clearer than anytime that Ginbot 7 is the way to go! its also clearer than anytime that anyone who would try to down regulate the activities of Ginbot 7, both in terms of word wars (like writing articles denouncing G7 or commenting against) or materially is definitely on the TPLF side, or is simply a nonsense moron who couldn’t come up with any sensible alternative. Thus, its time to urge people i.e. real Ethiopians, to stop making irrelevant adversaries and insults against our only “HOPE” and begin to unite behind G7 to realize our dream of seeing a democratic and prosperous Ethiopia!!

Ethiopia Forever!!

08/31/09 @ 06:20
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

The schools are open now so why isn’t this so called professor keep himself busy with school and his on the side job as mediocre lawyer? What he keeps on calling Killit for the rest of us it is our ethnic history, ethnic heritage, and ethnic pride. Meles did not divide the country - in the contrary he restore the pride of each ethnic groups.
Meles has done more than his predecessors the only two things that went wrong under Meles leadership is one the rampant nepotism and second the school has failed. Otherwise Meles has heralded a period of prosperity for a lot of people inside the coutnry
So professor eat your heart out and keep your rancid comment to your own ethnic group that buy into this BS

08/31/09 @ 07:05
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

‘As Dr. Negasso pleaded following his confrontation with the Adama thugs: “I call on all those who stand for the respect of democratic and human rights, for peace and stability of this country and for economic development of this country do something TODAY and not TOMORROW!!” said the articlist’

At The time when every Democrat all over the world was spectical of MALELIT, that Negasso was the first HODDAM-JIBB, whom MALELIT bought on the open free market of Europe. He is now shouting for ‘democratic and human rights’ after he lost his EFFORT pay card.

It is because of such kind of SIGIBGIB characters, who are ready to be replaceable like car spare parts that MALELIT is benefiting, where as people of Ethiopia are loosing.

08/31/09 @ 09:21
Comment from: Monde [Visitor]

It is Monday today; Priest Professor AlMariam welcome back to the pulpit:D


there is a world of difference between ‘describe’ and ‘explain’. The former is used when providing the general impression or features WHAT something or somebody looks,feels, appears or sounds–description. When you describe sb/sth, you outline the basic traits or characterstics that distingushes them from related or unrelated species. When we expain we give reasons, not descriptions.

Example: You buy a fancy hat and tell a friend about it. He/She asks you what it is like and wonders why you still want to have an other hat since your cupboard is full of so many hats. You tell your friend that it is a white, green-flanked hat (description) and you did not buy it for yourself but to send it to the hairless, omorphous Boss of yours–Meles Zenawi–which is the explanation.

Z-Mike, ante denqoro Woyane you should have known that both words do not have the same meaning and using them simultaneously is not redundant. If you feel obliged send me the fee for today’s tutorial

08/31/09 @ 10:58
Comment from: Lucy [Visitor]

I found a Job for you as research object here at our biology lab- Title: Lazy, Poisons but Cheaply Found Pests – I showed your work and they already agreed to hire you as research object- . - You can leave your job if you want. You will be in a much protected place, no body will find you here.

08/31/09 @ 11:01
Comment from: Jaleta [Visitor]

It is simply disgusting to quote former members of the crime family, namely Seeye Abraha and Nagasso Gidada, as defenders of democracy. I have said this before and reiterate it here, I have serious doubts as to their genuinity those who claim to speak of democracy and consistently attempt to rehabilitate criminals in one form or another!

08/31/09 @ 11:11
Comment from: Zeab [Visitor]

Democracy is another thing, but Melles Zenawi is much better than his opponents. They are only organizing to overthrow Melles; not to bring democracy or a better system of government. I think Melles should support and encourage the coming of a good major opposition party. He should wisely face this fact. Good ones will prevent the coming of bad ones. Otherwise, every bad one will make a good point by pointing at Melles’ government.

08/31/09 @ 11:30
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

this is a very important issue and i wish people with less ax to grind against TPLF/EPRDF raised it.
any how, the point should not be whether or not the people (not thugs) were OPDOs or not. its not even about whether the people have the right for disturbing and haling the meeting. they don’t.
the issue here is did UDJ tried to conduct the meeting in a manner that suits its constituent. i dont have all the facts but it appears it clearly didnt do that and the people were right in requesting UDJ to follow and respect their culture which ended up exposing the party’s arrogance and insensitivity to the very people it claims to represent.

so again maybe the government played a role here,which is a shame, but UDJ should have prepared itself to conduct the meeting according to the language and culture of the people.

08/31/09 @ 11:53
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Shagaw, did you even know why the brilliant professor wrote this commentary? what about start using your little head once in a while. Do you know why the education system has failed and why nepotism is rampant in the country? Your sometimes slow processor should grasp the reality that those are not “the only two problems” the country has faced under woyane’s dictatorship. What does the word dictatorship ring in your head assuming you would agree with the vast majority of Ethiopians that what we have in the country’s political echelon today is not only tribal rabid dogs but also peerless dictators!? Treasonous Meles, the man who has ruled Ethiopia with iron fist for close to two decades as a president, prime minister and currently contemplating to keep ruling the nation as the head of his Mafia family’s business empire EFFORT and as the head of his kleptocratic and bogus political party eprdf, has ruined everything Ethiopia. Under his treasonous and dictatorial rule, the only lot who have prospered in the country are his cronies, members of the mafia family who are the front beneficiaries of the nepotism you have pointed out while more than 15 million citizens of the nation have to rely on food aid and pay the bitter cost of hyperinflation which is destroying every family outside EFFORT enclave. The ethnic tension, as it is demonstrated in Nazret Ethiopia, that is purposefully created and inflamed by 18 years of tribal rule under the colonial lord’s philosophy of divide and conquer dwarfs all other problems such as the doubling of the population, the land-locking of the country, the unemployment rate, the injustice and all other woyane’s accomplishments of treason, pillaging and dictatorship. But, you wouldn’t know that because, relatively speaking, you are a moron. A legal political party can not hold a public meeting in Nazret Ethiopia using the official language of the country, Amharic, not to mention that an Ethiopian with different ethnic back ground can not live and work where ever he/she wishes except his/her “Kilil". Woyane morons and rabid dogs love to boast that today any Ethiopian is free to leave the country for slavery in middle east and the west while they have made it impossible for him/her to work wherever in the country. That means, for an Ethiopian in Woyane’s ethnically divided and economically destroyed Ethiopia, taking the risk of crossing the boarders of foreign lands, then living and working literally as a slave out side the country is much easier and better than finding a job and making a living within Ethiopia. That is, the Ethiopian citizenship has become irrelevant even inside Ethiopia, and of course, if things continue as such, we might loss it all. This development might not be worrisome, outrageous and worthy of ones life for a person with a Swedish and German ancestors before she mysteriously transformed into a son of an Addis based Listro father and later adopted by an Israeli spy, but it is more than outrageous for the vast majority of us, Ethiopians and we will fight for it. The eprdf membership card shall not continue to be more important and valuable than the Ethiopian citizenship.

08/31/09 @ 12:00
Comment from: Tegerami [Visitor]

Amhara intellectuals are getting wild whenever they see or hear about ethnic rising in the empire.
The point they missed is Oromos, Kambatas, somalis they all are oringinal inhabitants of the land geographically known as ethiopia today.
They are not settled where they are now by a coordinative support of EPRDF like jews are settling in palestine by accommodative support of zionists, neither they are the creation of EPRDF but the AHADU AMLAK.
Ethiniies have been there for the last thousands of year and they will be there for the millenium to come whether the pseudo Amhara intellectuals like it or not!!!!

08/31/09 @ 12:28
Comment from: shekakiwoch [Visitor]

Z-MIKE, am a huge fan of yours. Tell them-the losers and alkashoch-the trurh to their face. Ethiopia deserves such courageous persons like u, I’m sick and tired of this lunatic Al-i baba and the like.

08/31/09 @ 13:08
Comment from: sami1 [Visitor]

Mr. Z-Mike,

Yes, you know how to critisiz, but you are munipulating workds:
You are upset that the writer said MOBS to those who were disrupting meeting who happen to be most of them OROMOS since it is in teh area… You are giving lecture to writer that Oromos have right and he should not call them “MOBS” …
Z-Mike: If anyone opposes and go out for demonstration they are Terorist, Neftegna, or they are Eritrian, ONEG , or OLF.
But if anyone opposes the Oppositoin party and deny them from even speaking and damage speakers and threaten that is ok…
I never said they have no right to protest and let their furstration known, but I do not support their acction! For you anyone who helps Meles Dectator cause is good!

Why are you defending the OROMO’s that you called in this forum all are ONEG, and OLF ..
You said “Meles was right that if you scrathc any Oromo like a lotto scratch you will see ONEG and or OLF… That was fine for you but For writer to point out EPDRF organized or disgrantal OROMOS who would not allow free speech and unity is BADDD!

You are hipocret and BANDA!

UGD should have security???
from whom by whom?
Who got Guns?
Your god is againest this meeting and forget about providing security he is sending hoologuns to disrupt meeting and arrest those who are good leaders! What are you talking about? I am furstrated to hear from peopl like you who knows what is going on but still support division! and that was not enough , but when someone points out problem you jump!
If there is free speech and all reporters are allowed to report freely then there would not be a problem that is happening, but guess what Meles and people like you who is arresting and threatening and shuting down reoprters who are not worshiping Meles.

Meles is divider from get go and he is still the champion!

It is time all Ethiopians who want freedome started fighting in thier corners not in the mountain or going out in the open… But go out and start eliminating people parties that are stoping freedom for all!! I gues then they will flee the city… Nothing is working until some neks are rolling and people are united to get freedom!

Yes, I am supporting fight since Meles is not ready to allow freedom by free election!
All who got freedom it cost them life!

This day since mass eliminator weapons are at hand start the fight with in the city and make the EPDRF to realize if people unit and show thier furstration on the street it will be difficult for EPDRF to exist then and then they will be willing to get out of office!

ENOUGH for the BS!

08/31/09 @ 13:12
Comment from: semu [Visitor]

I am not woyane supporter, but fact is fcat. When government officials were trying to gather people in different places, diasporas did the same thing. Why you guys didn’t say any thing. You are talking about democracy don’t disturb them, attend their meeting and ask questions, and express your toughts peacfully. That way diasporas can hear direct from officials what they want to know and express their conserns. Let us respect each other instead of acusing and insulting. We can’t get anywhere the way we are communicating now.

08/31/09 @ 13:20
Comment from: melesaas shibr [Visitor]
melesaas shibr

The very name Alemayehu G. Mariam creates shibr among the melesas, let alone what comes out of his mouth. I think he needs to change his name…that way the melesas may read his articles and may …benefit from his knowledge. Oh!I forgot that they’re intoxicated by ethno politcs.
Do these melesas know their audience?
Would they shut up and help themselves? The more they talk nonesense the more they expose their ignorance of politics or the more they let us know their hidden agendas.
Go on melesas on diging your own graves.

08/31/09 @ 13:39
Comment from: kibrom [Visitor]

thank you proffesor, i can’t wait to read your next Article. bravo!

08/31/09 @ 13:48
Comment from: Burte [Visitor]

Hi Ethiopians,
I am just wondering how many times we get killed. The first time Ethiopia is killed when her doar Assab port is shut down by the dual agent Meles Zenawi. Then, when he brought the tribal issue. I would like to thank the editor of this piece to elaborate how the melese mafia group works using particularly these thugs. These are the thugs who killed our brothers and sisters, blinded and shut the Ethiopian people. They are the one who drove us to exile from the then our country. They are terrists and they can paralise you just by killing a person infront of you and you are done after that ie., you just live or work for food like animals. Otherwise, they will show you how to kill silently just by making you unemployed or out of buisness until you submit and act like them or else you become history.

Other thugs like Z-mike and yeha work arround the clock and try to terorize and silense you.

Any ways, the million dollar question is How and when Ethiopia will be Ethiopia again?


08/31/09 @ 14:31
Comment from: Tarik [Visitor]

The Woyane cyber brigade is out in full force to insult the good professor.

Please woyanes at least learn how to spell before you try to ridicule the professor.

08/31/09 @ 14:55
Comment from: sami1 [Visitor]

Those who are able to lead are arrested those who are good to stand up to the fullish Meles party are killed or arrested those who could deliver the news so that people will take informed decision are arrested and their office is closed then what is the option?

Sit on your hand and sing long live Meles ?

This is what Z-Mike, Yeha, Meles, EPDRF are wanting you to do and this is what brings about civil war. Until they see some neke rolling on the street they are not getting it…
They have seen it in Rwanda, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan but that is somewhere else not here and our people are good people!

Yes, they are good most Ethiopians are GOD but they are not fools either… Those who are just taking advantage should be stoped!

You never win a booly with giving what they want, but stand up in unity and tell them enough and if they are still foolish then kick them down! The only way we could stop out right civil war is to fight now!

Today is the day of fighting for freedom!

Meles has started killing alrady and he mastering how to do it in disguise!

Meles is organized killer “bully"!

Z-MIKE and Yahoo.. and likes only want us to bury our head in a sand and say nothing!
My choise is for changing govenment with free election, but if that is not fisible then it is by any meanse!

08/31/09 @ 15:00
Comment from: Sam [Visitor]

According to the article, Seeye warned EPDRF that “should they be victims of thug violence … EPDRF should be responsible.” I think Seeye is still in denial. He might still think EPDRF could accomadate legitimate opposition. Wake up and smell the coffee, Seyee. After the aftermath of the 2005 election, dictatorship is in the making. I am not saying because EPDRF increasiongly becoming anti-liberal democracy, opposition parties should walk away, leaving the political scene exclusively to EPDRF. What I am saying is to not understand an adversary for what it is might influence the opposition strategy to be futile. EPDRF has run out of tactics for a while now. If the current EPDRF politics serve as a guide, Whatever means that seems to prolong the regime’s survival is a welcome EPDRF could uphold. What better means there could be than to use thugs, appealing to the lowest common denominator, which EPDRF fostered itself, and warn them watch out the Amharas are coming. Yes, they are coming talking their language, showing no respect to the language of the land, which they should have known to be Oromegna. If I read the article correctly, one of the thug even mentioned the UDJ meeting attendees to be in another country, a country of Oromia. But those who were in the meeting– do not get me wrong, even if all of them are Amharas, the thugs deed could not be forgiven– represented at least as far as I know, an EX-President, who is Oromo, an EX defense minister, a Tigryan, A sitting parlamitarian, who represents South Ethiopia. Without EPDRF knowledge, does the thugs take an initiative, not being brainwashed? Oh man, if one– I mean it a single individual– person believes this it deserves to be the shocking news of the day. I believe, however, Seeye does not believe it, either. So why the need to give EPDRF a warning when it is known it would not be heard? Only Seeye might have the answer.

08/31/09 @ 15:08
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Free [Member]
swallow your shallow vanity and take a deep breath - With or without your worthless consent the Oromos have the privilege to use their own language where ever they like it. Don’t tell me or the rest of Nazret readers/bloggers that Ethiopia was all dandy and harmonious when it came to the issues of Ethnic politics. Ethiopia was a dormant volcano about to erupt violently - thanks to Meles ‘ visionary politics he restored to each ethnic groups their pride and allow them to use their language and culture openly. And what is wrong with that? only the amhara are uneasy about it and they are the ONLY ones objecting it. Your ethnic group are the die hard to preserve their cultural hegemony over the rest of Ethiopia. well wake up and smell the coffee of Oromiya, your tribe will never ever have that status ever again. And Kudos to the Oromos when they opted to use the European alphabet to write their language rather than using your complicated alphabet. For a very long time the Oromos has been smothering in their second class status in their own lands under the rule of your minuscule monarch.
For that moron politician to conduct the meeting in amarigna was an affront to the residents of Nazaret/Adama. If he had respected them, he would have been using their Afan Oromo which sounds more melodious than your amarigna.

You guys keep on trashing Meles and you are not even capable of providing a worthy candidate to compete with Meles in the upcoming election. You personally trying to promote that Burtukan and no one in the Harargue or Ogaden or in the Afar region or Gonder or Godjam have even heard about her. Ethiopia is not limited to Addis only. You guys are not even capable to bring forward a candidate to galvanize the whole country and stand up to Meles so till you accomplish this - arrivedecee amigo

08/31/09 @ 15:15
Comment from: Issac [Visitor]

In the last month or so we have witnessed thuggish ness across the US, at many of the Health Care town hall meetings, which were organized by one of the 2 major parties. Just as the right-wing thugs in the US, the thugs back home are just exercising their right to “free” speech. The thugs back home are just emulating how folks in the worlds greatest democracy practice “Participatory democracy”.lol

08/31/09 @ 16:25
Comment from: kibrom [Visitor]

you make my day when you try to lecture the proffesor, the difference between “described” and “explained", there is a saying in amharic, “legie le enatua mete astemarech”

08/31/09 @ 16:39
Comment from: We [Visitor]

I am sorry to say that. The ” professor” used insults and degrading words almost in each sentence of his article.

Let me tell you some thing Mr. prof. : The image you have of Ethiopia is so outdated. Don’t tell me you gonna speak in Amharic when you come to jijiga. I will be the first person to confront you.

The opposition groups have the right to have a meeting but the Oromo people have the right to demand the meeting be held in their language too. it is just a conflict of law. I hope you know that.

But you have to ask the Oromos an appology for calling them MOB. please,do if you are smart.

08/31/09 @ 17:18
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

Comment from: Wedi Adi [Visitor],

“While in Rome do as the Romans while in Oromia ………….
Show some respect and address the crowd in their native tongue.
Mr.Gidadda are you ashamed of your mother tongue?”

Wedi Adi !!!!….,
specially your formulation “are you ashamed of your mother tongue” is very interessting !

Last time (december 2008 - January 2009) as i have been in Ethiopia, i stayed for about ten days in Axum and for about seven days in Mekelle. If you go to the so called “modern” hotels like Romhay in Axum or Atse Yohannes hotel in Mekelle and talk to the service personals in Tigrigna, they automatically answer to you in Amharic. The first time in Axum i thouht that the person comes maybe from Addis or Gondar. So i adjusted myself and orderd in Amharic and every thing was over. Next day happend the same thing, that me in Tigrigna and an other waiter in Amharic, still in Axum. This time i asked the waiter if he has been in Addis, that he prefers to speak in Amharic Than in Tigrigna. The person answerd to me “never left Axum, even i have never been to Adua” the distance Axum-Adua is 25km. Then i asked him, why he always answer to me in Amharic where as i speak Tigrigna to him. His answer WEDI ADI, “It was told to him to handle things like that and it is better if i stop that topic". Since he was getting angree, i stoped the topic, paid the cash and went away. In the other bar, where most visitors are students of Axum university, i heard people talks mostly Amharic. i asked to one student, if he speaks Tigrigna. His answer was “yes i do, i am born and grown up in Shire.” So i asked him why most people prefer to speak Amharic than Tigrigna. His answer WEDI ADI: “that is some thing, that i can not understand also, and even me, i am starting to be like the others.”

In Mekelle i used to go at least two times a day to the ATSE YOHANNES HOTEL for a week time. I realized the people talk to me in Amharic even though i speak to them in Tigrigna. i can speak as much Tigrigna as i want, they answer to me in Amharic. But i saw, the service people speak to each other in Tigrigna.HIMMM…..
Almost all the students in Mekelle speaks to each other in Amharic. Only Oromo Students in Mekelle speak to each other in OROMIFFA ! Then i asked many people who are not students or hotel workers for example in churchs and other places about the language matter, specially in the Hotels and among those students. Most people says, that this a new phenomenon in Tigray is and that they also do not understand it, but they suspect some body and some thing is behind it.

WEDI ADI, those students in Tigray, who are TEGARU avoid speaking TIGRIGNA in TIGRAY. And those Students are going to lead TIGRAY and ETHIOPIA tomorrow !!

I ask you WEDI ADI: are those students ashamed of their language and mother tongue?

Or what is behind the matter !! Do you think they do not have any respect for their native tongue

So WEDI ADI “yelelawin ayin kemayetih befit yerasihin ayin tireg” yibal yelle !

08/31/09 @ 18:16
Comment from: eselem [Visitor]

Z-Mike (Zengero-Mike)…,Your comment is full of shit and you are kissing the bottom of this dictator because you are getting welfare check for your corny serves. You just sit on the top of a cactus and watching birds. Man,get a life and do not be a sucker.

08/31/09 @ 20:06
Comment from: Busha [Visitor]

This whole incident (if it’s true) is taken out of context to twist the concept of federalism. Is he mad at those people who allegedly caused the discontinuation of the meeting, which has nothing to do with federalism or he is generally unhappy about people exercising their constitutional given right to communicate in their own language, in which he unashamedly and blatantly referred to it as “tribal-based ethnic federalism”. Unless someone is blind, deaf and senseless, I don’t think one denies one of the greatest achievements/successes of EPRDF, which is securing the constitutional right of citizens/tribes to speak/communicate ones own language. You see it’s sickening and disgusting to find people who still believe in ethnocentrism like this writer who is crying over dogmatic, unrealistic and useless things, begging for the return of the previous regime’s, one language, one party and one culture rule. Well, if that’s the case, he can cry all day, but that time is gone. As a suggestion, it’s better to swallow unjustifiable pride and attempt to reconcile oneself with the real characteristics of Ethiopia.

08/31/09 @ 20:12
Comment from: Tokkuma [Visitor]

This guy is not Ethiopian. He’s nothing but a day dreamer and absolute looser. shame for calling himself an Ethiopian.

08/31/09 @ 20:27
Comment from: andu [Visitor]

To bad every where i don’t know why this stupid ppl make it trouble? WOYANE IS KAHADI LEBA
Please we are the same and one ppl no matter what Oromo,or amhara,tigray and…other ppls we are the same but WOYANE IS PLAYING GAME WITH OROMO PPL.
Please you under stand thos stupid woyanen oromo you have to fight WOYANE GROUP ONLY DON’T FIGHT OTHERS

08/31/09 @ 20:29
Comment from: Professor Foley [Visitor]
Professor Foley

Our ruminating professor finally regurgitates a story whose ‘use by date’ has long expired in the era instant news.
There is nothing wrong with animals chewing their cud but rumination in humans is not only boring but can be a manifestation of disturbed mental state or even possession by the spirit of ‘zar’ – upper class or royal class variant. Are there no red bulls to ride or Lifdor perfume to sniff to calm such spirits in LA?. Where are the cyber crawling shrinks?
We should however congratulate the professor for getting the spelling of ‘Oromigna’ right because most ‘pure Ethiopians’ and ‘born again true democrats’ of his type spell it as ‘Galigna’ preceded by unprintable profanities in private.
Stop crying over spilt milk professor and move on. We are fully aware of your version of ‘Ethiopia’ and ‘democracy’.
‘Kewedequ buhala meferagett, lemelalatt’!

08/31/09 @ 21:26
Comment from: yeha zeteg [Visitor]
yeha zeteg

I don’t understand why people got angry at Z-Mike’s comments.
To me He is the one with a full knowledge of the contemporary Ethiopia and always he presented his idea with logical and relevant arguments, unlike the so calied ‘’Professor'’ who tried to preach, not to argue.

08/31/09 @ 22:16
Comment from: yeha zeteg [Visitor]
yeha zeteg

Bsed on request from Yeha, I am changing my name from Yeha Zeteg to Abdissa.

08/31/09 @ 22:19
Comment from: yeha zeteg [Visitor]
yeha zeteg

I don’t understand why people got angry at Z-Mike’s comments.
To me He is the one with a full knowledge of the contemporary Ethiopia and always he presented his idea with logical and relevant arguments, unlike the so calied ‘’Professor'’ who tried to preach, not to argue.

08/31/09 @ 22:20
Comment from: kitfo [Visitor]

I looked for other countries,if there is any, whose regions are divided based on ethnicity but I failed. Is there anyone who knows a country that is using “kilil” which is based on ethnicity other than Ethiopia? There is no Kikuyu region or “kilil"in Kenya that I know or heard of. No whites region or “kilil” in South Africa. No blacks region or “Kilil” in America. For sure no Hamasen region or “kilil” in Eritrea too. This “kili” thing is really bugging me too much.
Historically, Brtain used to use divide and rule method to stop the people from being united against her interest. Actually,what the British did to Africans and other Asian countries became the main source of both political and social problem for many countries. “Kilil” is just promoting a sense of division rather than unity. The government is doing good in the field of developments but all these things are done on a sand base. I believe many of us know, in the Bible,the parble of the man who builds his house on a sand. When the wind comes the house falls so easily and fast. In the same sense,our government is building the country on “kilil” sand base. One day when a storm of tribalism rises up all things will be wiped out instantly. In other way of explanation “Kilil” has a big possibility of acting like a time bomb when it blasts it will disrupt the whole people’s life without any discrimination. I just pray that this may not happen to Ethiopia. May God bless Ethiopia!

08/31/09 @ 22:30
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Monde and the rest of clown heads,

You can blood all you want to defend the son of Mengistu Hailemaraim (the baria) calling himself a lawyer which means he is a lair and claiming that he possess PhD which stand for player haters’ degree…though he has no qualification or any integrity to question or criticized any Ethiopian authorities let alone the prime minster of Ethiopia. We all know his foul cry is the same old slogan that some of you have been beating that old dram due to your inability to control Ethiopia the way you once did. We have told you that your time is up and give it up because it is pointless for you to scratch your grey-hairs for no reasonable causes.

BARKING behind the fences from the western nations is not going to get you the ability to defeat EPRDF at home (in Ethiopia) or abroad. Just know that EPRDF is INTERNATIONAL player and we are ever corner of the world to make sure that Ethiopia will continue its economic and democratic process that is being in place and in progress. So, we can build it (Ethiopia) together or we can leave you folks out there BARKING and keep on working with the millions of Ethiopians who want to see Ethiopia moving forward instead. Beside, don’t you all know your backward twisted minds are not strong enough to build a coalition to compete against EPRDF? It is funny that same EPRDF that you love to hate is making you all shit on your pants/skirts 24/7 and 365 days per a year. Nearly 20-years passed, all we had heard from most of you is cries barks and NO ACTIONS! You guys stop making me laugh too much…Mr. Berhanu Nega, G. Mariam, G-7, ONLF, OLF and UDJ are nothing but worthless cry babies who need to grow up before its too late.

In the mean time, get help by calling 1-800 CRY-BABY! It is a real number that EPRDF has put together to help some of you diasporas to get better from your diarrheas!
Much love to EPRDF and long live EPRDF, Ethiopia is on good hands!

08/31/09 @ 22:31
Comment from: G [Visitor]

Z-mike and others, please stop promoting etnic war. We do not want another rewand, if realy ethnic war starts I will hate to be Tigre. Amharas for sure if they start arming them
self to fight. I assure you, there are no one who could stand up to them.
Look the natinal languge is Amharic period. In India it’s Hindu period. The Ethiopian people regardless you are Tigre or Amhara, Oromo, etc. Should speak and hold meeting in any part of the country with the language of their choice. Z-Mike I use to think you were smart and fare, but I am starting to think you are smart how you hate Amharas just like my father. All Amhara I hope you know not all tigrians think the same. I love my Ethiopia and I am proud I could speak not only tigeana but my national languge amarena. Peace be on your side

08/31/09 @ 22:45
Comment from: coolman [Visitor]


I share your sentiment when it comes to the ethnic federalism. Unfortunately, many fail to see how important it is for those of us who lived under the stench from Ankober.

However, I would like you to explain to the readers here, how Weizero Bir’ti’kuan could make herself known to the rest of the country (except to the privileged Addis Abebans as you complained), when she was/is locked down in Qaliti prison?

While we are at it, if EPRDF is so confident that it is doing the right things and has the backing of the majority of Ethiopians, then, why all the worry? Let every one participate and campaign freely for his/her politics and the people decide. A government of the people should not be afraid of the people, don’t you think? The rest is a patch-up job.


09/01/09 @ 00:08
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi


I will say the Oromo are bravo to deny the meeting held in their region and tried to speak Amharic. They should have arranged the meeting in Amhara region if they wanted to communicate in Amharic. I hope other regions should fellow the Oromo action if anyone comes to their region they should speak their language especially huge gathering places. Let adapt English language as a Federal language before the country splits apart because of language differences. To be Ethiopian or unity of the country, you do not have to speak Amharic language. Amharic belongs to Amhara people only in their region.

09/01/09 @ 01:05
Comment from: OROMIA [Visitor]

alamayohu g.mariam, u and ur dad livin freely after all masacer you done to ethiopian people.all of you should be tried in court for the crime commited. after that you start criticizing the government. go to hell.

09/01/09 @ 02:29
Comment from: kokeb [Visitor]

ALL WEYANE=TPLF=TIGRE LEBAS defenders, why don’t u stupids FK off! and kiss ur’s high school smart ex-ELF dummy ass ERITREANS like melese, sebhat, seyom, lidetu, and others,instead of responding with insult and rubbish, like TYPICAL-RETARDED weyane paid- AKATARI retarded -cadre, to the one of the wisest man in a planet like DR. alemayehu?

09/01/09 @ 02:59
Comment from: Brito [Visitor]

I’ve never been insulted as I did by this low-level thug, and my anger is raging in me after reading this piece of a trash. I used to hate the wayanes and I never trusted them. I know everything they did to my people. However, there a worse enemy for us Oromos than the Wayanes - the Amhara chauvinists, as evidenced by this thug. Though not perfect, the current government is much better than what we’ve had in our history under Ethiopia. I urge all my people to see what is in our long term interest, not to be fooled any more. You know what - I support what the OPDO cadres did in this case. All people who live among our people should have respect for our people, and show it by learning and using our language. I know from the time I was growing up there - they’re born there, grew up there and get rich among us but never utter a single word our language. They hated us, looked upon us down. Is not enough? I never said this before - I support OPDO in this case. Long live OPDO!!!

09/01/09 @ 03:35
Comment from: tooto [Visitor]

many thugs here, like z mike. They don’t seem to understand the article is about them-thugs-thugs. Z-mike is a thug. How much money do you receive thugs to make your brain work. Or is it dead already?

Thank you Professor Alemayehu, from the Ethiopian People!!!!

09/01/09 @ 07:50
Comment from: tooto [Visitor]

Z-Mike seems a typical lowest level of the thugs who sold his brain on terms of ‘no return of sold goods’.

09/01/09 @ 07:57
Comment from: tooto [Visitor]

I was wondering if woyane supporters ever thought ‘what would happen if Meles dies by chance tomorrow or any day, suddenly, who will lead and how things continue from there?’ Any one with a working brain would think about that. Will there be …,or…. or….or what? I could not get a clera picture…who will lead? Because the death is sudden, will the other party members accept the one who replaces him? will there be … or…, i dont know, hope we have a better picture or positive hope of what will happen if meles dies suddenly

09/01/09 @ 08:15
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

Comment from: Wedi Adi [Visitor],

“While in Rome do as the Romans while in Oromia ………….
Show some respect and address the crowd in their native tongue.
Mr.Gidadda are you ashamed of your mother tongue?”

Are those your words part of the usual MAWENABED of MALELIT politics, or do you mean it, that only Oromos have to respect and address the crowd in their native tongue and need no shame of mother tongue ?

How about those TEGARU and future ‘elite’, who are at this time on education in AXUM and MEKELLE ? Do they get only respectless pedagogy ? Is it part of the MASHEMAQEQ for the purpose of …….
And do you think Tigrigna speeking persons do not visite hotels in Tigray ?

Since you act here on N.COM almost as a spokesman of MALELIT, what do you say to this new phenomenon in Tigray, which brings elderly TEGARU in a suspicious situation in their own house ???

09/01/09 @ 08:49
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

And English belongs to the English people too, who make up less than 20% of the population of the United States. A blind leading a blind, they will all end up in the ditch. Giving rights to different languages in a multi ethnic country is one thing. Trying to destroy a national language that unites them all is another. But those who want to turn the clock back, and bring America to 1600s, if you know what I mean, they are at it not for justice or equality, rather for simple inferiority complex. They will not stop at anything, including to divide and destroy their own country, if they believe their action will free them from it, i.e. inferiority complex.

Nazret, by the way, how come you post a comment from Al Mariam, who is so far away, and miss the letter of Siye Abraha, who was right there at the crime scene. You can find it at Ethiomedia. END.

09/01/09 @ 09:52
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]

Whoever that refusing the ethnicity and the sharing equal rights with in Ethiopia’s federation system is in fact AGAINST Ethiopia and looking the distractions of existing Ethiopia.

However,some people are still day dreaming here or back home.Any country that has different or has multiple ethnic diversity must have federal governing systems,otherwise it would be unfairness and that some ethnics are must under oppressions like what was happened in Ethiopia for many years.Whats wrong of that sharing Ethiopia in federations? Isn’t it a fair and just to live equality as all citizens of Ethiopia? Or what else you guys are crying for? Are you looking distractions of Ethiopia into many pieces? I don’t think so,so lets believe all that federation is the best systems to govern for any country’s like Ethiopia which has it a multiple ethnic diversity.

Hey,as I’m now writing this comment and that speaking from my heart and that truly believed is that,the current woyane-regime has a credit for the creation of federal systems and it’s the only good things so far they did it for the country and for the majority ppls of Ethiopians.
However,the Woyan’s and for their rest arrogance and weird behaviors is unacceptable and its unbelievable their daily crimes against their fellow civilians.They are unfair rebels who are unjustly abusing the system and looting the wealth and the resources of the public,Thus,I am totally against them of how they treating the country.Nevertheless,in my few’s i see of what woyane doings is unjust and corruption and a lack of politic and a mismanagement but i don’t see it’s their fundamental and principal believes to oppress others Ethnic Ethiopians like those previous cold bloody sucker regimes in feudal system era’s.So,these blind woyane’s, they just needed to be rid of and fixed.Just,to replaced them a true and elected qualified ppl whom are a capable of building a genuine federal Demo-government which is for betterment of the unity of country.

On the other hand, for those who are crying or preferring a central governing systems,I believe you’re wrong and if we try do it and reverse it would be and the most likely,you are risking that Ethiopia to fall from the edge of the cliff and not recovering for the broken bones period.Watch out guys and don’t risk the country instead of looking back for your ethnic’s bloody interests.Stop for your day dreaming of the past,present and the futures of self centered governing of Ethiopia,because its hard way to all of us to adapt again of what we passed already.Instead we should look ahead and put first our unity of Ethiopia and go forward.Its very simple and of course,a much easier than, the chronic bloody wars that ravaged the country and caused her ppls to live on the war trauma in many years of poverty and in horrible life’s in refuge camps of all over the,

So, why we’re not living in peaceful and in democracy of respecting to each ethnics rights? Are we thinking it’s harder to believe in democracy and live in peace? Then lets see and watch the continuation of our local conflicts and the bloody wars to where it bring us and when it will end up!!!!!!!!!

09/01/09 @ 10:24
Comment from: laljoe [Visitor]

I am sure z-mike is a paid agent. this blood sucker vampire. get off ethiopia and go suck your own blood. probably u have too much blood as u r a blood sucker!!

09/01/09 @ 11:41
Comment from: wepE [Visitor]

What surprises me most in here isn’t the content of the article rather the posts thrown by the very apologists of woyane who right now are being nothing but devil’s advocate. Since when did you geTaTa cadres start to care about Oromiffa speaking people of Ethiopia? Aren’t you all same hateful, angry and dereq lunatics who were ranting on everything Oromo, and yes I said OROMO not olf, in almost every page published on nazret? You people are completely shameless opportunists!

Weren’t you telling Oromos that they were zoo animals freed by you assholes and that they should shut their mouthes and cry ‘thank YOU’ day in day out for “freeing” them from the “neftegnas"? But should always be remembered that time is the only thing standing between everything and as a result all ya’ savages should realize that one way or the other we will make sure of wiping you outta our homes. Your inevitable demise will knock at your doorstep. Have that in mind!

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

09/01/09 @ 12:21
Comment from: Testing [Visitor]

I try again and again….and gave up…

09/01/09 @ 12:26
Comment from: No Baby Killers [Visitor]
No Baby Killers


English became universally international language not thru decree or arms but theu the economic dominance of Britain. the only economic dominance I see coming from “Amharaland” is eating guaya and getting crippled for life. abolish amaharic and make english the national language ( the glue) that keeps the Empire stitched together. How about that for an innovative idea?

Oromos refuse to learn this language because it stinks, really. literally.

09/01/09 @ 12:37
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Shegaw, I was expecting you to refute my assertion that Ethiopia’s problem under dictator and treasonous meles zenawi goes far beyond nepotism and sham education system. Are those the only problems your imbecile brain that found the Ethiopian Alphabet “complicated” can think of in the current Ethiopia? Do you also think that the reason for the oromos who have adopted the english alphabet is the “complication” of our Fidel? Not that i think there is a good enough, convincing, reasonable intelligent response for it, but if you answer yes that question, it would be the worst insult of all for those who have made the moronic decision to impose a foreign alphabet over oromo Ethiopians. Coming to the subject at hand, don’t you think the privilege of other Ethiopians to speak in whatever language they wish anywhere in the country equally important? Who gave the moronic hooligans to deny other Ethiopians to conduct a meeting in Amarigna, which is the official language of the country, in Nazret Ethiopia? The so called oromiya kilil is within the territory of Ethiopia and therefore subject to the existing constitution which asserts Amharic as the official language of the federal country. That, my friend is ought to be protected by the country’s law enforcing body, the security force, the government. However, it is a public secret that there is no rule of law in the country today. There is only a dictatorship that is hell bent to protect its illegal business holdings and political power at any cost. In light of that there is no wonder for the illegal incarceration of the charismatic young politician, her honorable Woizerit Birtukan Mideksa, in solitary confinement. Btw, i am not aware of who Birtukan Mideksa is in Harar and Ogaden, but i can assure you that the single mother from Addis, who has almost solely confronted a brutal dictator that is known for murder, disunity, poverty, beggary, corruption…, is a household name in Gojam, Gondar, Nazret and beyond. In a way woyane’s dictatorship and utter stupidity is creating the peoples hero. You should also know that in every major cities and towns in Ethiopia, the majority of the people have mixed ethnic background and usually Amharic is the dominant langauge. That is specially true in Nazret, a town that is home for Amharas, Tigres, Gurages, Oromos, even people with eritrean background to mention few and certainly in towns like this the number of fluent Amharic speakers vastly outnumbers those who can speak oromigna. Therefore, the few ultra-nationalist and overzealous tribal oromos who are nothing but a disposable pawns of the mercenary woyane regime in the country have no valid reason nor the constitutional right to unruly disrupt a meeting and deny others right to conduct a peaceful assembly. Like Kemise is home to Oromo speaking Ethiopians at the middle of Wollo and Semien Shewa, Nazret and other major towns in the so called oromia is home to Ethiopians of diverse ethnic background who are fluent speakers of Amharic, and their right as it is enshrined in the oft useless constitution must be respected.

coolman, welcome back! where have u been man?

09/01/09 @ 13:26
Comment from: Imperial Bodyguard [Visitor]
Imperial Bodyguard

The so-called constitution of this illegitemate government is unworthy and the paper it is written on would find better use to start a fire."Woe to those countries which weaken themselves by dismemberment. Those who believe in freeing a country by secession are selfish and prey to outsiders, we will not accept their motives.” Negus Haile Selassie, Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy, Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

09/01/09 @ 15:23
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

“I try again and again….and",


09/01/09 @ 16:04
Comment from: Monde [Visitor]

Zerayakob Yared [Visitor] said:

“…those students in Tigray, who are TEGARU avoid speaking TIGRIGNA in TIGRAY. And those Students are going to lead TIGRAY and ETHIOPIA tomorrow !!”

I think you are one of the most devoted desciples of the narrow tribalist ethno-linguistic federal school of thought being promoted by Meles Zenawi. What is wrong with it if Tegarus speak Amharic which is the twin sister of Tigrigna–both descedants of our anctient, beautiful and mellifluous Geez? After all, is not Tigrigna half Amharic? Are you going to replace most of the words Tigrigna shares with Amharic from Arabic as the lunatic Issayas Afeworki did? Wake up bro!! Amharas are not your enemies. Tigre, Amhara and Agew are the ones that share a great deal of common things in their culture, religion, cuisine or art.

In fact the Tegaru students you noticed to be speaking in Amharic rather than in Tigrigna are more farsighted than you who have lived and worked here in the West where the streets are abuzz with business talks of how to grow and prosper by intergreting oneself globally. Unfortunately, while the Indian investor tries to learn Amharic as quickly as possible to do his agro business in Gambele, you were “surprised” to find an Ethiopian in Axum or Mekellle who chose to speak in Amharic rather than in Tigrigna.

As you rightly pointed out the Oromo students have hard time to communicate among themselves in Amharic. They would wish if everyone on campus spoke their stinking oromiffaa. They are intoxicated by the “majority whiky” which they imbibed from the cursed Islamic Oromo Liberation Front, whose members we recently saw eating and drinking camel shits. I am not saying they should not use their language; they should. But, they must come to grips with the bitter reality that Amharic is a native language for some 32% of Ethiopians and spoken by more than 70% of the population. “We are the majority!” stuff did not produce the fruition that these narrow OLFites sought as demonstrated by the institutionalization of ethno linguistic federaklism in Ethiopia in 1995. Prior to 1991 OLFites used to rant ad nauseaum that Amharic was imposed on the rest of Ethiopians by Neftegna people. Then came the time for SNNP region–home to more than 52 ethnic groups– to choose a working language for the state. They aptly endorsed Amharic–the great language of great Kings and Queens–as their official language. Why did not they choose oromiffaa?? Has OLF an answer?? This was not all. Other regions including Gambela, Benshangul-Gumuz and Afar adopted Amharic as their official language. By hook or by crook, by willingly or unwillingly, Ethiopians as a whole have made it clear tha Amharic is the way–a posonous pill to swallow for hardcore OLFites!!

Zera Yakob, I assure you Tigrigna will lose its ground in the near future or may even disappear from the face of Ethiopia. But Amharas or their language Amharic will remain strong ally of their Tegaru cousins. There are many more enemies to worry about. Amharas are your brothers through thick and thin. Forget the debate whether or not a Tegaru should use Amharic in Axum or Mekele, the survival of the Tegaru is inseparably linked to the health, wealth and cooperation that their Amhara cousins have to offer. Ally with your brothers and chase OLFites and ONLFites from the hallowed land of Ethiopia than wrongly (of course foolishly) rack your brains to figure out the difference between Amharic and Tigrigna–which is Tweedle dum and Tweedledee

09/01/09 @ 16:16
Comment from: Ahadu [Visitor]

Al mariam should be kidding!
The good professor needs some enlightment what he is talknig about.a proffessor who lives in the murder capital of the world has the audacity to tell us the thugs some where in Adama.Just visit the neighborhood in south central more violent than moquadisho.Do you now there were more homicides in Los angeles city limits,not including Los angeles county,than the homicides in the whole Ethiopia, acountry of 80 million is the stastics of the city you are crowning the bastion of democracy..could you tell us who is a failed city or country..see the link below if you can buy some sanity

09/01/09 @ 16:38
Comment from: OROMIA [Visitor]


How dare u callin my mother tongue stinking oromiffa?

This is the kind of narrow minded people who makes up 80 million of the population of ethiopia. you bustered son of bich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/01/09 @ 17:41
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Mr. G. Mariam is beating the same old drum again. He has zero credibility when it comes to the present political situation in our country. These so called political science professors should start their views with a plain disclaimer which states that political science is nothing but hogwash and they don’t know what they are talking about.
Such a disclaimer will save us a lot of confusion, time and space on this site.

09/01/09 @ 17:42
Comment from: Nutty Professor [Visitor]
Nutty Professor, the way you censor is unbelievable!
The speech police @ is working overtime.

Professor Al-mariam, if that’s his real name, is a nutty professor. Reminds me of professor Klump ( eddie murphy in the Nutty Professor) if only he had some dogs & monkeys to talk to. Wait, he actually does.

09/01/09 @ 17:43
Comment from: Nutty Professor [Visitor]
Nutty Professor

Yes as long as you live in the state of Oromia, you’re obliged to obey the laws of Oromia. Even though I am on the side of free speech in this particular case, Negaso Gidada AKA formerly known as Negasi Gidey now Negese Gededew should stop sucking upto people who neither have his best interest nor do they care about Oromos. This bamboozled fool Negese Gededew should resign…..

Let me channel that fool Olbermann and say …El Presidente, have you no shame when you kiss >:XX??? Resign, Resign, Resign…

09/01/09 @ 17:48
Comment from: CJ [Visitor]

thank you professor AL MARIAM, you are the best.

09/01/09 @ 18:24
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

Monde [Visitor],

MALELIT is playing the same game like in those days before the election of 2005. That time they opend all of the media for the public, because they were hopful to be loved and elected in Addis. If they were successfull in that strategy, they wanted to tell the people of Tigray, “we do not need you any more, since we are the beloved children of Addis.” It did not go that way. So in the last minute MALELIT run to TIGRAY shouting “me, your son of always huuu ihhhh, here i am again, so …. bla bla, i want to be ….."MAWENABED !

And how Democratic they are after the election, you can look it in the archivs of not only N.COM.

ALAMA YELESH and instrumentalising every thing on this earth for staying in power and looting as far and much as possible.

The matter of language has also some thing to do with staying on power and looting from what to what…..

You will see it after the election of 2010.

But about the language TIGRIGNA, it will exist and flourished on both side of the MEREB from KARORA untill Woldeya till the time the earth will bee swallowed by the SUN.

In Amharic, i am maybe fluentel than you and i like it also. I like also all other LANGUAGES in ETHIOPIA and all others all over the world. All Languages of the earth may flourish ! Amen, like the POPE, even though i am not his …….

But i wonder about your position. Even DERG under that YESIRA BET LIJ had its “YEBHERESEBOCH INSTITUTION” which includs the mosaic of languages in Ethiopia.

And my last words here, please don’t bring me in connection with such kind of GUBOGNA GUADEGNAW. I am a person who stands with my principles, so you can forget all those QITSILS you brought in you comments in connection with me.

Very important !!

I wish the ZELALEMAWI unity of Ethiopia in equality ! I hope, you also !

09/01/09 @ 18:44
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Hey Coolman, the government of the people chose Bush in the USA in 2000 and 2004.
At times a justification can be made to steer the boat in the right direction before Nearthdal cavemen can get hold of it. What do you think?

09/01/09 @ 19:29
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Hey Lucy, I wouldn’t trust you near any kind of lab. You are dumber than a sack of potatoes.

09/01/09 @ 19:35
Comment from: Monde [Visitor]

Zerayakob Yared [Visitor] said:

“…those students in Tigray, who are TEGARU avoid speaking TIGRIGNA in TIGRAY. And those Students are going to lead TIGRAY and ETHIOPIA tomorrow !!”

I think you are one of the most devoted desciples of the narrow tribalist ethno-linguistic federal school of thought being promoted by Meles Zenawi. What is wrong with it if Tegarus speak Amharic which is the twin sister of Tigrigna–both descedants of our anctient, beautiful and mellifluous Geez? After all, is not Tigrigna half Amharic? Are you going to replace most of the words Tigrigna shares with Amharic from Arabic as the lunatic Issayas Afeworki did? Wake up bro!! Amharas are not your enemies. Tigre, Amhara and Agew are the ones that share a great deal of common things in their culture, religion, cuisine or art.

In fact the Tegaru students you noticed to be speaking in Amharic rather than in Tigrigna are more farsighted than you though you have lived and worked here in the West where the streets are abuzz with business talks of how to grow and prosper by intergreting oneself globally. Unfortunately, while the Indian investor tries to learn Amharic as quickly as possible to do his agro business in Gambele, you were “surprised” to find an Ethiopian in Axum or Mekellle who chose to speak in Amharic rather than in Tigrigna.

As you rightly pointed out the Oromo students have hard time to communicate among themselves in Amharic. They would wish if everyone on campus spoke their stinking oromiffaa. They are intoxicated by the “majority whisky” which they imbibed from the cursed Islamic Oromo Liberation Front, whose members we recently saw eating and drinking camel shits. I am not saying they should not use their language; they should. But, they must come to grips with the bitter reality that Amharic is a native language for some 32% of Ethiopians and spoken by more than 70% of the population. “We are the majority!” stuff did not produce the fruition that these narrow OLFites sought as demonstrated by the institutionalization of ethno linguistic federalism in Ethiopia in 1995. Prior to 1991, OLFites used to rant ad nauseaum that Amharic was imposed on the rest of Ethiopians by Neftegna people. Then came the time for SNNP region–home to more than 52 ethnic groups– to choose a working language for the state. They aptly endorsed Amharic–the great language of great Kings and Queens–as their official language. Why did not they choose oromiffaa?? Has OLF an answer?? This was not all. Other regions including Gambela, Benshangul-Gumuz and Afar adopted Amharic as their official language. By hook or by crook, willingly or unwillingly, Ethiopians as a whole have made it clear tha Amharic is the way–a poisonous pill to swallow for hardcore OLFites!!

Zera Yakob, I assure you Tigrigna will lose its ground in the near future or may even disappear from the face of Ethiopia. But Amharas or their language Amharic will remain strong ally of their Tegaru cousins. There are many more enemies to worry about. Amharas are your brothers through thick and thin. Forget the debate whether or not a Tegaru should use Amharic in Axum or Mekele, the survival of the Tegaru is inseparably linked to the health, wealth and cooperation that their Amhara cousins have to offer. Ally with your brothers and chase OLFites and ONLFites from the hallowed land of Ethiopia than wrongly (of course foolishly) rack your brains to figure out the difference between Amharic and Tigrigna–which are Tweedledum and Tweedledee

09/01/09 @ 19:58
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Free [Member]

1. read again what I wrote - I never said the Oromos opted to use European alphabet instead of your amharic alphabet because it was complicated - they chose to use the European alphabet to demonstrate to you guys that your supreme cultural hegemony is over -Finito la musica - They have the prerogative to choose which ever alphabet it is convenient for them - and Kudos to them they made the right decision and chose the European.
2. Amarigna is not the official language - it is the facto language. If tomorrow an Oromos government should take over - believe me with all the grudges they have against you guys they once again will choose to make Afan Oromo the Official language.
3. The woman has an illegitimate child and is she still called “woizerit"? By the way as a judge she is not setting a good example to our youngsters by giving birth to some bastards in every conservative country.
5. Solitary confinement is for her protection. - Meles’ government does not want to take responsibility if she get pregnant again - the woman has history of promiscuity.
6. You asked me - “who Birtukan Mideksa is in Harar and Ogaden,” Nobody knows about her and between us don’t underestimate these two regions if you don’t want the current topography of Ethiopia to be truncated even more. As it is you guys are crying for loosing Eritrea, you don’t want a big chunk from the east to be seceded as an autonomous country.
7. Amarigna is not the “the dominant language” like you wrote - Afan Oromo is the dominant language

Can someone from Tigrigna speaking part explain to the rest of us the meaning of WEDI ADI,

09/01/09 @ 20:20
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared


don’t remember me on that what we say in TIGRIGNA: “DERHOSYA HANTI DERFA, INTAY? KACH..KACH”

09/01/09 @ 20:25
Comment from: balegoba [Visitor]

Oromos don’t mind speaking Amharic if they rule the whole of Ethiopia as Weyanes do, but in Oromia speak own language. the English gave the world civilization, that is why their language flourished, what does Amara gave? hunger, leprosy, name calling, Miqagnanet, etc.

09/01/09 @ 20:26
Comment from: Soloution [Visitor]

Zerayakob Yared,

hello!What are you talking about? We all know Tigres dislike to speak in Amharic and talk in their language where ever they are- home or abroad. Good for them
Make English the official language.

09/01/09 @ 20:41
Comment from: straight shooter [Visitor]
straight shooter

Alemayehu G. Mariam and Genet Mersha are the only people who tackle the issues on our behalf right now. Agree with them or not, they consistently produce robust, up to date and informative articles.

09/01/09 @ 20:48
Comment from: balegoba [Visitor]

Zerayakob Yared

Tigres are migrating to Addis to loot, AA university full of Tigris, Amaras and Oromos forced to migrate to Makelle, most of Makalle university students are Amaras.

09/01/09 @ 20:54
Comment from: Soloution [Visitor]

As we can see from the comments, the topic about Oromo always creates a lot of buzz and reactions.That is an implication they are the ultimate force and factor of the country’s socio-economy and politics. So we need to acknowledge & accommodate that if we want to move forward.

09/01/09 @ 20:59
Comment from: [Member]


I have been reading your comments to different articles, and I came to find out that you are one big idiot who says one thing one minute and something else the next minute. You are the same guy who was saying lots of trash about the Oromo people; you even went as far as disrespecting their religion. Now I see you in here talking about, everyone who’s planning on holding a meeting in Oromo region has to open the meeting by saying blessings in Afan oromo? Now I see you trying to sound as if you are respectful. Really?

First of all, if EPRDF really fought to bring DEMOCRACY to Ethiopia, then that should not be a situation any citizen should be placed in to begin with. In a true Democracy, I should be able to hold a meeting in whatever kind of language I desire regardless of what part of the country I happen to be in.

What’s more disturbing to me is not what you wrote, it’s the strategy that EPRDF chose to use to silence voices of the opposition. These strategies are so yesterday. Do not forget not even for a second the animosity oromo people acquired against Tigreans in general because of EPRDFs ill strategies and policies like this.

My friend, oromos hate Tigreans now more than they hated Amharas because of people like you. You are not a friend to oromo. All the crap you waste your time writing is really laughable. I need to remind you that you are in the minority, and every step you take will help or kill the new children’s of Tigrans.

No one stays in power forever. Meles will leave the country with EFFORT money some day and will live a comfortable life in exile. However, your family will stay behind and die because of all the mess people like you helped him to create.

09/01/09 @ 21:26
Comment from: G [Visitor]

I just relize how meles is so smart, people take a look at thr web, you guys are being used by melse- he got everyone to fight etnic war even on the web. You know what I relize, as much as hate mengistu- Ethiopia deserve him. What’s up with this double standard of I love Ethiopia but at the same time I hate this etnic and that etnic. Know the fact I am Tigre, but I respect my national languge which is Amharic, and Amharic should be spoken everyone. Who ever reply to me earlier - you are not worth for me to respond back to you- because you are low enoght to want to speak English than amhric. That shows meles did his part on you, and you are uneducated 2nd grader ( fara). I feel I am ready to join any Amhara to show them some of the tigrians love amahras. Gonder, Gojam is our neighbor, and they are brave and nice people. I suggest all you amahra hater and meles ought to be shown a concentration camp. Rewanda is coming and mark my word oroma, tigrians and ertrian will suffer under amahras siftas

09/01/09 @ 22:06
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

No Baby Killers (I truly like that name, may be one of the original sharp shooters who murdered ten year olds in 2005)

First big mistake, in order to drag down Amharic the language, you assume everyone that defends it is an AMARA. That is not the case, as it has been seen, even under this hateful keffafay ethnic pest, how many Ethiopians chose Amahric as their language? If you take the so called Amara and Southern regions and add Addis Abeba, that covers more than half of Ethiopians.

Second mistake, just because an ethnic pest draws out of old Mussolini’s akumada, an ethnic federation, do not think for a moment, that will stand forever. The Ethiopian people were never advised or asked about what they want. I have said it in here many times before. If say the people of Wellega and Arsi want to be part of an ethnic Killil called Oromia, that would be fine. But I can assure you, right here and right now, the people of Shewa (where over 20 million reside) will never never never accept that. We are one people, married, mixed, and who have lived for centuries together. That is the one thing that those who are drunk with the current shic ethnic stupidity do not understand. If that is good for you, that is fine, even if you think you will be better off as another country, that is cool, we will stand by the dock and wave you good bye. But I warn you, it will not be that easy. We love our country, we have always bent backwards to accomodate others, but when you think about ethnic right this and that, do not forget, our regional rights too. The majority of Ethiopians are of mixed origin. We have rights to live peacably in our own regions, as you prefer to live in an ethnically cleansed ethnic bantustan.

Third, I truly liked how you had some lovely words for the English, who enslaved one quarter of planet Earth, brought millions from africa to the new world, and literally subjugated the entire planet into their image.
How can one forget how the Anglo troops of Gen Scott occupied Mexico, and forced them to cede 25% of Mexican territory to the US. San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Antonio, and the countless others, does that ring bell. Even today half of California is Hispanic/or mixed with. 40% of Arizona is full Mexican, etc etc. But how come we don’t see an autonomous region of HISPANIA. How come we don’t see, a grass roots movement called “kill the English language?” Like I said before, the root of the bru hahaha is not about equality, its about inferiority complex.

09/01/09 @ 22:17
Comment from: saboqa [Visitor]

Nowadays people are not feeling save in their own country because of their languages.Nowadays Ethiopians are feeling save in the land of foreigners which ever languge they speaking even if it is full of neo-nazis and racists.Most of you are not even getting the differece between your right and ethnic-extremism.

09/01/09 @ 22:18
Comment from: ME [Visitor]

Hello brothers.
I am muslim Ethiopian. I am fasting right now and i don’t wanna say some thing bad. But why on earth the so called ” professor” is insulting my people as “MOB” and hustlers ? Why is insulting my humble people?

I am sure i will try to reach me soon and tell him the fact that we have a right to ask our language be spoken every where.

Thank you for letting us know who u are !!!!!!!! We will see !

[please do not post under multiple nick names. And, if you are really fasting, I am sure you believe that God sees what you write under all nick names. So, please be good. Thank you]

09/01/09 @ 23:16
Comment from: Dere [Visitor]

Hello “professor” ,

Be fair, what do you feel if i try to speak Oromic in Bahir Dar public meeting ????? It is just like that.

Please, watch out your self and your words. You Amharas are pushing us too much. You better stop.

Stop, Stop.

09/01/09 @ 23:24
Comment from: Ana [Visitor]

Guess how many Amaharas are living in wellega, Arsi, Jimma, Bale and Borana. If you guys mess up with us we will repeat what we did in Arba gugu, Kofale and Harar. Even recently in Jimma.

You don’t have sigle Oromo in Bahir dar, Debre AMrkos or Gondor except our students in universities.

If you want to keep on messing with us, we will teach you a great lesson. each and every Oromo is ready for that. This professor will not help you then

09/01/09 @ 23:32
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

Who is the most tribalism in Ethiopia? Amhara are the most tribalism who devoted to spread their language and culture around the country for the last 140 years. Look on this website Amhara are working hard day and night to impose their language on others and divided the country the way it fits them to rule every ethnic groups. The division of Kifle Hager was designed to separate one ethnic family in to two or three provinces so that they can not coordinate and challenge the system over 100 years. Now all ethnic groups are united and defending their culture and language, the Amhara are crying for loosing their grips in the name of one Ethiopia or unity. Ethiopia is united ever has been before because of the families separation was halted and their resources and culture are maintained by their own ethnic people. Amharic never united us at all, actually forced us to fight it and restore our own language and culture.

To Amhara people, if you are fond of other ethnic language why do not you allow Tigrigna, Ormo, Afar, Guragea in your Amhara region school system so your kids can learn other languages?

The Amhara people in Ethiopia and Diaspora are the same as the Republican Party in America, both are the mother of Hippocrates. Ethiopia never been Amharic or Amhara is not Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a collection of so many ethnic groups. Amharic is just one ethnic minority groups if you separate them from the Agew who lives in Amhara region.

Amhara people owed to the Agew people living in Amhara region to give them their right to coordinate their ethnic identity and create their own region and enjoy their language and culture like the rest of us. That is a fare and basic demand is not too much to ask.

We are already using English language in our school system and let our new generation communicate in English at the Federal level and every region use their own ethnic language as their national language at the state level.

All the people who speak Amharic except Amhara are who went to school at least completed 8th grade to understand Amharic and proficient when they finish 12th grade. In all regions except Amhara region, people did not go to school do not understand and speak Amharic. The same English language, people who graduated from high school understands English, so let expand the English language as our first language to all Ethiopians and native language as the second. For fairness every ethnic region will learn just two languages, not like the current one Amhara kids learn two language where as other Ethiopians have to be bombarded by three languages to go to the same University and take the same exam.

09/02/09 @ 00:54
Comment from: katikala [Visitor]

Pity how people drag themselves into trashy levels. Monde, i could see, in that response of yours, that you are actually from what i call “the league of little brains"- where u could find fellow retards like the illiterate Janhoy and that scumbag bone-eater Mengistu. How can you tag the language of almost half Ethiopians as “stinky"??? look, i’m not Oromo but it pains me to see an antisocial backward retard like you insulting people and trying to undermine their values. As i can see, you are one nappy head OLD timer from the so called “elite” but actually illiterate generation which is the cause of all the pains that we see today. You need to know people have the right to speak with their own language at any place in this world. You are rude, so much as the hooligans who forcefully interrupted the UDJ meeting by violating the right of the people to speak with the national language on their own country.

09/02/09 @ 06:22
Comment from: Monde [Visitor]

Halafi Mengedi,

ante bastard wedi shermutta(no insult intended; I know that is how Tegarus address each other even at Ministrial level!)

I can see the anti-Amhara allergic spots smeared all over your forehead as you doodled that drivel above. I wonder what the Amhara, as collective denizens of Ethiopia, have done to you and to your family to justify your preference for English–a language spread around the world as a result of colonial and imperialist expansion of the English people. This mental weakness of cherishing everything about whites is all over Africa. The Keneyans next door have adopted English as their national language as the divide and rule policy of their colonizers left them a legacy of bad mentality to worship the ghosts of the British viceroys and their vassals. And at home, People like you do not hesitate to lick white man’s ass and has no problem in ignoring his Biherawi Quanqua and adopt English. Recently we saw the Eritrean president listening in Amharic from Elias and co. and answering their questions in English. At least we all may have our grievances against flawed adminstrative systems during the Amhara power boom but that was in the ages of darkness when Tegarus used to bring hay and straw to feed the new Automobile that Emiye Menelik had imported. Then People (particularly in Tigray!) did not know if cars are manmade, let alone understand what democracy is. And today, while Ethiopians are vociferously crying for democracy, the Tigray elites throw at them bullets and bombs. That is what Tegarus are and how their mental machinary works.

To come to the subject, Amharic will prevail as the national language of Ethiopia for millenia to come. I am 100% confident that Ethiopians will not give up their beloved Amharic in favour of European colonial language. Even if they do not like Amharic (which BTW they have shown that they like it like checholate in 1995) we Ethiopians will not allow a European language to surface as official. We would rather learn oromiffa, the second most widely spoken language in Ethiopia than shine white man’s shoes.

Halafi Mengedi, and other anti-Amhara goons swallow the bitter–very bitter–truth that the mellifluous Amharic will continue to flow smoothly and elegantly like the Blue Nile does. Despite your worthless attempts in 1995 to encourage other ethnic groups to throw away the “language of neftegnas” and adopt something else, SNNPS said “hell no!” to Tegarus narrow tribalist sentiment and gave Amharic an official imprimatur!!! Way To Go!!

hahahahha these anti-Amhara cockroaches are vicariously making me ultra-Amhara nationalist. So be it!

09/02/09 @ 09:22
Comment from: balegoba [Visitor]

Halafi Megagna, you have no clue about ethiopia, except your dusty hole up north, in the south from wellega to jigjiga from adama to moyale towns and cities most residents are amara and amaranized population, majority are not feudal descendants, infact most are poor everyday shiro wet, many of these people descendants of civil servants from the past, for example descendants of soldiers wives and children from the past, etc., so, it’s not as simple as you think.

09/02/09 @ 09:37
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi


Amhara population is just 4 millions, not 19 millions as the current stat stated. 40% of so called Amhara region is Agew, 20% are Tigrayans, 20% are Oromo and 20% are true Amhara origin. Half of Gonder is Tigray, one third from North West to South West are Awi Agew, most Gojam are Agew and part of Wello are Wag Himra from North and South of Wollo to Semen Shoa and Ormia.

Why you allowed English in your school system if it is European colonizers?

If you think English is colonizers, Amharic is looters and lazy back wards oppressors.

One of the biggest mistake EPRDF done was not to create Agew regions like other ethnics groups. If they do not have their own regions, Tigray will take back the Tigray Agews like Sokota and Abergele Agews. We love them so much and we will give them their right to practice their own language and culture. The reason Tigray gave Agew to join the rest of Agew people is to create their won region like the Afars. One third of Tigray is Afar and we let them to enjoy their language and culture for the sake of unity of the country unlike the greedy Amhara me only attitudes.

09/02/09 @ 11:11
Comment from: Wadani [Visitor]

Halafi Mengedi,

Hey, Mr.Halafi,some said your against ahmara and bl,bl.But in fact i don’t see you in that way,and i belief that no one hates in general as whole ethnic,Ahmara,Somale or Tigray,unless that the person is stupid.Its all about the politicians and they could from any ethnic,i think we all takink the tplf etc and not else.

To my views,in your comments, I read it,specially the last above comments and I real agree and admiring you the truth you said.

I,remember in our house,a large family,me and my brother were used to speak the Ahmeric.As you said,it was because,we both went school and I remember that my dad he you sued to had his interpreter,when ever he want to meet the King or his Ahmara reps in our regions.Imagine how difficult it was when someone saying for you!However,I really don’t mid the Ahmeric to be the national language,instead of fernch laguage.Also,it must be added the OROMIA language to its many speakers,the half of the nation speakers or understands the Oroma so why not.Lets face the reality guys and live on the facts.

I’m not from oromo or ahmara but i Somali,from Ogadenia,so really non of the languages aren’t bothering me to be the Fed languages of the country.As long as that we speak the Somali language and administering in our local affairs of the reginal Somali state governments I real don’t care and I’m expecting the same feelings from other kilils too period.But,in terms of the federal pm reps of each kilils, let them speak in either language or have it their machine devices on their ears.We live in 21st century so isn’t a big deal to day but yes in before. I really don’t care too much about this issues.But,what’s an important is that of local regional affairs,and this, as long as that its not a force like the old days to administer strange language for your local affairs and that using yours languages in each kilils for daily businesses it fine and fair to me.

Finally,as I see it my friend, our current problem issues isn’t a this language issues and its not our immediate issues on the table.But,the priority and the immediate issue is my friend, of how to safe the civilian life’s from this thugs of TPLF criminals?

Thanks bro, for your braveness and that unlike z-miky,speaking from your free minds.I wish if many Tigray were open minded like you.Keep the hard working and plz,continue your opens,its really that ur,educating a many narrow minded cadres of TPLF’s.

Thanks again and have nice day.

09/02/09 @ 11:26
Comment from: [Member]

Dr. Alemayehu G. Mariam is political science professor at at California State University, San Bernardino, and an attorney based in Los Angeles. Wow! a law degree with a lot of hate and shame on you. Is this what you learn at college, and this is what you teach at college? What makes a difference a donkey is s donkey…a tiger is a tiger. Get life and move on. Take your hate and ethnicity somewhere else. Who is buying your ignorance? We are in the 21st century and you still promoting your ignorance to the world.

09/02/09 @ 11:38
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

Monde [Visitor] said,

“ante bastard wedi shermutta(no insult intended; I know that is how Tegarus address each other even at Ministrial level!)”

katikala explain him appropriatly as
“an antisocial backward retard like you insulting people and trying to undermine their values”

And me, it remembers me on that LASTA, who was telling us how killer he on old and helpless people from BARKA untill MASSAWA-ASSAB was at the time of Haile Sellassie and DERG. No wonder for going so mad.

N.COM, i remember your removal of other less mad words of others than this guy from your web. What do you think about here !?

balegoba: If you can not use your potentiality properly, why don’t you join Shabiya’s “WOYANE HUNTER”

09/02/09 @ 12:14
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The retarded Shegataw, it is a disappointment to know that your attempted transformation from a well known confused Arogit of Turkish ancestors to a young academician of an Ethiopian humble family’s offspring didn’t work as planned. You can try it again and again as much as you want, but you will remain the same confused, sad, and resentful Turk who wishes to see the permanent downfall of an independent and unique African civilization that has been a death trap for invaders such as your ancestors. You want to make a point that your personal or familial frustration of Turkish origin is the frustration of the Hararis, the Ogadenese, and the Oromos or Kottus as you preferred to call them. Well, it is not, moron! Just go through the postings once again and you will never find a proclamation that states a Kudos for the abandonment of an Ethiopian alphabet, which is a sign of great civilization and independence, by an Ethiopian tribe except in your vile and trashy comment. If any thing, the adoption of the European alphabet by brainwashed Oromos when there is an older alphabet right at home, shows a pitiful and futile ignorance, an ill-conceived and self-defeating inferiority complex of the highest order. Perhaps you should explain to us how opting a b c over ሀ ለ መ is the right choice. Because, as far as sensible and logical minds are concerned the adoption of the european alphabet by the oromos can not and will not make the oromos any better(the Ethiopian alphabet is theirs for they are Ethiopians and Africans, but the european letter is not theirs, and will never. in fact, they have just willfully surrendered their independence that was protected in blood, and there is nothing embarrassing than especially for those who are prone for inferiority complex.), it does not show the end of one ethnic groups domination over the other when the Amharic language(and letters) is still the official language of the country, and it certainly can not put the retarded olfites on equal footing with the great minds of our forefathers who have founded one of the greatest civilization of the world with its own unique letters. Oh yes, Amharic is the Official language of the country(we are not interested in your wishful and moronic thinking) to day and will be in the future. Whatever fate has for Oromigna in the future, Amharic will remain the most spoken language everywhere in Ethiopia while Oromigna, which has failed to grow in the country during the Oromo migration, will be restricted only in areas dominated by oromos (even in those areas, there is no assurance that Oromigna will keep its dominance). I don’t have time for the rest of your stupidity.

09/02/09 @ 13:08
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

Free and Shegaw,

Please do not make it personal after all we are all Ethiopians unless otherwise something to go wrong. Personally I admire both of you for your articulate posting and contributing for smart and educated views. Free has his an issue he cares, some of them I share with him about the long term interest of the country and high lighted the problems going on currently and free is not blindly criticizing the Government, free defended some times the Government when he criticize Shaebia and Shaebia follower Ethiopians just to gain power. For that Free is a true Ethiopiawi not just mongering politics.

Shegaw, I think you are one the most persistent fare minded person on this website. I love to read your posts and always balanced and understand both side of the pain of Ethiopian ethnic suffering took place for generations and at the same time what is going on right now and where the country should go in the future.

We should not forget that the Harare beautiful people who gave us their son Ras Teferi latten on King Haile Sellassie. King Haile Sellassie was half Aderea Harare from his mother side and his father was Ras Mekenen from Tembien Tigray. King Haile Sellassie did not serve either Harare Aderea or Tigray region but the Amhara elites for all his time during his rule. Amhara people enjoyed more than what Menelik had done for Amhara region. So Amhara ethnic should be grateful for Harare Aderea and Tigray for gave them their beloved King to give them everything they wished on the expense of the rest of the country.

When I was in Addis Ababa University before I left the country some of the Aderea students gave me a very valuable advice to shape the rest of my life and I see them always like my brothers and sisters. Tigray and Harare Aderea just look alike like Ras Teferi. We will remain brothers for ever; Tigray loves Harare Aderea just brothers on the other side of the country.

09/02/09 @ 13:51
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Free [Member

Yesterday you posted that I was from Scandinavian and whatever else ancestry and today I am of Turkish Ancestry… Whatever dude.

I will not come to your level. I am not going to waste my time with some mediocre person like you but if you have read most of the comments on this page, you should realize that more than 50% are for the abolishment of the amarigna - read the well written comment by Halafi Mengedi dudeof 9/02/09 @00:54.

And don’t come back tomorrow and tell me that Halafi Mengedi and I are the same person - because we are on the same page when it come to the abolishment of the amarigna language

09/02/09 @ 14:05
Comment from: hahu [Visitor]

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]
Is your comment in Amharic that is widely in use as you proclaimed? It is very funny!

Why are you very fast to spill your hatred of other ethnic group if you have a point to explain otherwise?

Whether you like it or not Oromos are the majority in the country. Menelik is partly Oromo; Menen is Oromo, what about Teferi….

Our president is Oromo….

I have heard that Al-Mariam, the article’s author, is Oromo!


09/02/09 @ 14:09
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Halafi መዥገር፡ do you think the Agews in Wag/Sekota or else where in Ethiopia are tools to advance your anti-Ethiopian ideology of disunity and bantustanism that you have inherited from some of your fathers who were worshiping Fascist Italian invaders? A parasite like you who shall be eliminated from the face the country shouldn’t really underestimate the great Ethiopiawinet of the Agews who are the only group in Ethiopia capable of transferring power to another group peacefully and yes at will. When you treasonous woyanes got the upper hand in the Ethiopian politics, you took advantage of it and stole their land in Abergele, a land which is believed to have a Gold mineral, that is even if they have paid heavy price, perhaps more than Tigre themselves (who btw love to take ownership of the struggle) given the ratio of death to total population of the two respective groups, in the war against the brutal Derg regime. Now feeling invincible with a looted money and tens of generals to handcuff the military so that it can’t raise arms to protect Ethiopia’s interest as required by any sovereign country’s constitution, you have arrogantly spoken that “Tigray will take back the Tigray Agews like Sokota and Abergele Agews". Ante DeDeB, there is nothing to “take back” in Wag for Tigrays while there is part of Abergele for Wag to “take back” from Tigray. If you insist there is, come and try it you mother fucker, but rest assured that you will return home embarrassed without your getata tirs that you used to peel beles. Also, as i have told you previously, there is no such a thing as “Tigray Agews” but there are Agews who are nothing but proud Ethiopians! Stop talking about people and geography you have no any knowledge about, መዥገር! Sorry for disappointing you.

Btw Halafi መዥገር&#4961, Woyane’s have tried many times to create division and ethnic upheaval in Wag, and certainly in the rest of the country where there lives Agew, just like they did in the so called Oromia, but to no avail. In those all years, Agews, Amharas and Tigres have lived side by side in Wag for generations without a single tribal conflict. In fact, nobody cares about ethnic-ism in Wag, i mean nobody! They preached tirelessly how they have been sinisterly marginalized by the Amharas, and how their culture has been degraded and blah blah blah…. even if there is no a single difference between the culture/tradition of the Amhara and Agews or the Tigres and Agews except for the languages. Those three groups have exactly the same culture and physique. They have even wasted so much resources to develop an Agewugna based education curriculum even if the Agews never had any problem in learning Science in Amarigna and English. The money would have saved many lives if it was spent on clinics or roads or other infrastructure. By forcing the kids to learn only in Agewugna in elementary school, they are putting them in a relative disadvantage compared to their peers when they reach junior level and high schools, which the medium of instruction is not Agewugna but Amharic and English only. So, I advise you that you stop የማታዉቀውን ነገር መፈትፈት።

Shegataw, it is not me who is making you at one point an offspring of a Swedish and German parents, another time a Somali, Harari, another time some one from Addis with a humble upbringing while the truth is, as it was tole by one of our esteemed commentators, that you are in fact one confused and resentful Arogit from Turkish parents. Funny, that you have chosen to become a young, male academician when in fact you are a decaying Arogit. I pity you! As of the state of Amarigna in Ethiopia, morons like can keep entertaining their wishful thinking but the fact on the ground remains as it is and that is Amharic is the most spoken therefore most dominant language in the country. Forget Nazret, Jimma, Awassa, even in Harar, it is Amarigna, not Harari or Oromigna that is spoken mostly. Now, if you don’t mind please enlighted us how in the world “opting the european alphabet over the Ethiopian by Ethiopian Oromos is the right choice".

09/02/09 @ 14:50
Comment from: [Member]

A humorist once wrote: Biologists think they are biochemists, Biochemists think they are Physical Chemists, Physical Chemists think they are Physicists, Physicists think they are Gods, God thinks he is a Mathematician, Mathematicians think they also are political scientists; and Political scientists still consider themselves as the truly evolved Darwinian Orang Untang.

09/02/09 @ 15:40
Comment from: Nur [Visitor]

Please, guys tell me why on earth any topic with Oromo issue is so hot and vulnerable? These Oromos must be very determinant people in Ethiopia’s politics . Aren’t they ? Please, explain to me ? Why their topic is so so hot ?

09/02/09 @ 16:27
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi


I wish I meet you in person and who is dedeb or coward but this is cyber and everyone is brave under their key boards. I know Abergele and Sokota every inch of the lands and rivers please stop barking on the air.

To have Agew their own culture and language is not anti Ethiopia after all they are the majority of people who live in so called Amhara region. Amhara are the minority 4 million people vs. Agrew 8 millions. The reason EPRDF did not push it hard is the Agews are disbursed in Amhara regions, Oromo and Benshangule regions and those three of the ethnics do not want to give the lands to create their own identity. Tigray is the only region allowed them to join with the rest of Agew people.

You coward Tigray will take the whole Gonder except the Awi Agews and we will see what you will do from your Berger king and Donate shop in the US. Amhara we know you very, very well from the beginning of 18 century do not worry you are in the trap for ever. The Oromos are your nightmares for generation to come and we will assist them to do so. The one thing Oromo, Somali, Afar, Tigray and the south have to kick you out your language from our regions and use the time to English language to master it not the nonsense Amharic does not worth a penny the hated tribal language. You go to hell with your language and create your country called Amharic country part of Wollo and Gojam and small portion of Shoa.

Amhara are the 19th century ethnic mongers and divided the country in the name of provinces families to toot the resources of the country. Now the status is gone like a wind and crying to bring it back, it will not happen all ethnics are wiser and armed to defend themselves.

Free if have real concern issues why do not you go to the bushes and fight the EPRDF?

They will wipe you out with hours as they did it in Asimba one afternoon to kicked you out to Sudan for ever with your beloved Monkey Berhanu terrorist.

09/02/09 @ 16:27
Comment from: [Member]

Does a tree falling in the forest
With no one around to hear it
Makes a sound?
Is an old riddle both deep and profound
In verbose arguments of no ground
A counterexample one can find.
Source: Anonymous
The above verses refer to an old Philosophical riddle called “The Falling Tree Paradox” which asks, “Does a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it makes sound?” Unlike the tone of simplicity it commands at first glance, the real difficulty becomes more apparent if one looks at the equally convincing explanations and/or justifications provided by different observers in support of the two diametrically opposite (NO/YES) possible answers. Here is a selection of answers and explanations (slightly edited to save space) provided on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
1. The Oxford English Dictionary (10th ed., revised) defines sound as ‘vibrations which travels through the air or another medium and are sensed by the ear’. Thus sound refers not only to the pressure waves themselves but also to the perception of those pressure waves and interpretation of them as a stimulus containing some meaning for the perceiver. So the answer to the original question would have to be ‘no’.
2. “The overall consensus within the philosophic community is “no”
3. Of course a tree makes a sound when it falls. If an earthquake happens in Japan and two hours later you hear about it on the news, did it make a sound??? Of course it did, just ask the people that were there to perceive it. Your reality is bound by your universe, which is different from everyone else’s. So if you don’t perceive something, does it not exist?? of course it does. Just look at space exploration for an example. Many things happen during man’s existence he does not perceive, therefore, they do not exist to him but they do exist in the greater scheme of things.
4. It’s similar to the one “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” they are designed to clear the mind in meditation - helping you think of nothing. Hopefully we can find a reference for this.
5. The tree creates pressure waves in the air which only turn to sound depending on how they are detected, the instruments used. If a deaf person wanted to detect the effects of a falling tree he/she would use an instrument which showed the variations in air pressure visually. Humans cannot detect the pressure waves created by a dog whistle, therefore to us there is no sound; but a dog can detect the sound thanks to his mode of detection. Only pressure waves are created, we can detect these for a dog whistle using different methods but we can’t hear them as being sound. Therefore the pressure waves only turn to sound, when they are detected as such.
6. Since sound is merely waves in the air, the answer is yes. However, if the question was: If a tree falls in a forest, without any observers, will the sound be heard? And the answer to that would be no. But with or without observers the sound is still there. It is just not heard. But being heard has nothing to do with being a sound. The sound is still there - even if it is not heard. Whether we perceive it or not doesn’t matter. It is still there. We just don’t know. This riddle merely proofs the lack of intelligence among philosophers.
7. It depends on how one defines sound. If sound = the variation of pressure that propagates through matter as a wave, then the answer is yes, a tree falling without an observer, will produce a variation of pressure that propagates through matter as a wave. However, if one defines “sound” as a perception by a sentient being, then the answer tends to be ‘no’, there was no sentient being who experienced the perception. Given the riddle or paradox the question plays on the two possible definitions of sound, the vague use of the terms “sound” and “hear” seem to create a paradox, which clear definition of terms reveals.
8. According to Wikipedia policy, it only makes a sound if someone who wasn’t there to hear it writes a book claiming it did. If anyone actually heard it or can prove that it actually made a sound, their book is an unreliable source, as is their firsthand account of the event and/or proof.
Myself not being a philosopher, I can’t give any plausible explanation to further justify the question and answers already provided my sole purpose in mentioning the riddle here being to use it as an introductory remark to a somewhat similar question [related mainly to the selection of difficult terminologies and trans-disciplinary analogies the series of these articles often involve [to?] making the core messages difficult to grab] I’m about to pose:
Question 1: “Is a person speaking alone in an empty room talking?” and/or,
Question 2: “Is a person speaking an alien language (let us say ‘Argobigna’) talking?”
If I’m to accept the definition of the verb ‘Talk’ provided by the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (Eleventh Edition) [“Talk (v)” as speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings; communicate by speech; conversation; discussion. Have the power of speech; Discuss something thoroughly; be talking (informal) be discussing in specific terms], my answer of choice to both enquiries would be “Hypothesis non fingo!” (I make no hypothesis). Have your say.

09/02/09 @ 17:01
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Free [Member]

I never knew there are Ethiopians with Turkish parents - even the Hararis (Haderes) don’t have Turkish blood instead they have Egyptians blood. But again you can speculate as much as you little heart desires, I don’t know why you are even wasting your worthless time on something that was already given to you - my ethnicity which is half Oromo and half Gurague. And again who cares but you who put so much importance on something trivial - If I present myself as an Ethiopian there is nothing you can do about it. On the contrary you should be thrilled that someone you categorize as of foreign ethnicity know the country and the culture and the politics more than you do.
And also who the hell you think you are to label people as Ethiopian or not? Once again you are bringing on the surface the deep seated mentality you grew up with which is to consider anyone who is not an amhara as NOT being a real Ethiopian. Too bad we are here the Afars - the Somalis - the Oromos - the Haderes - the Tigrays and so on; we are all Ethiopians you like it or not.

So ant behktee deal with your prejudice and keep your worthless speculation in your hood.

It is a second time you are asking me why the Oromos opted to use the Latin Alphabet instead of your amarigna - well first you should go to their meetings all over the US and ask them directly and you will given a good answer or look at the mirror and ask yourself why are the Oromos are hating the amahara and search deep inside your soul and I am sure you will come up with a good answer

09/02/09 @ 17:09
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Free, doesn’t have a soul to dig into :))

09/02/09 @ 17:27
Comment from: coolman [Visitor]

Brother Free,

Well, my disappearance hat two simple reasons. First, my entire department fell victim to the economic crisis and needed to look for other opportunities–by no means an easy task these days, regardless of my “cool” background:)
I did, however, manage to transition to a new responsibility but it came with more pressure, time wise that is.

The second reason is the language here. It is getting more profane by the day and there seem to be no real effort from the Admin to stop it.

However, I did snick in now and then to read the news.

Stay cool and Free.

Brother Lekim,

Indeed, lots of things can be justified. But, the end doesn’t always justify the means. I would agree with you and prefer EPRDF to Neanderthals from Ankober, if there were any to come.
You know what’s up, even too much honey is no good, as one commentator rightly remarked. Please let us get used to peaceful transition of power. Is there no one among your party colleagues who can do a better job than Meles? Share power and do not fear the people. If you do well they will be with you and won’t be easily fooled.

I like the line with Bush. The fine difference here is though that Bush left after his time was up☺


09/02/09 @ 18:15
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

Now to the beginning point:

Wedi Adi the “TSEMOGNAW TESTER” and “Darwinian Orang Untang” of N.Com and MALELIT,

tray again and again to learn TIGRIGNA in AXUM and MEKELLE prior to the 2010 election before you tell the Oromos to respect their own language !!

And adios for ever !

09/02/09 @ 18:18
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Halafi መዥገር፡ I don’t even understand why you are wasting your time here blabbering a non-pointer instead of studying english in esl classes especially given your strong desire to give up even tigrigna in favor of it. You think losing the battle for language dominance for English is any better than losing it for Amarigna? Olfites foolishly think that using the english alphabets instead of የኢትዮጵያ ፊደል would make them feel better. አንተ ጅላጅል መዥገር! ከደምህ ጋር የተዋሃደው እና አጥንትህ ወስጥ ሰርጾ የገባው የዘር ጠላቻህ አንተን እራስህንና መሰሎችህን ቢያጠፋ እንደሆን እንጂ፡ የምትመኘውን የአማራ ጎሳን ጥፋትና የኢትዮጵያን መከፋፈል ወይም መበታተን ውርደትና ውድቀት እውን አያደርግልህም። ከራሱ የዓካል ክብደት በእጥፍ የሚበልጥ፤ በስግብግብነት የመጠጠው የከብት ደም አልቻል ብሎት ትቢያ ላይ የሚንከባለለው የመዥገሩ እጣ ፈንታ ዓይነት የማይወጡት ፍዳ ሰለባ የምትሆንበት ስዓት ከመድረሱ በፊት፤ ለወደፊቱ ህልውናህ የሚሆንህን በሰከነ መንፈስ አስበህበትና ለይተህ አውቀህ፤ ለራስህና ለሌሎቹ ኢትዮጵያዊ ወገኖችህ የሚጠቅም ተግባር ብትሰራ ይበጅሃል። Finally, if you really knew Sekota as you claimed, you wouldn’t have dared to post your gibberish comment the first place. However, what else a hopeless tribal lord can do when s/he is faced with the inevitable downing of the Ethiopian spirit all over the country? Agews are proud Ethiopians and they don’t have the slightest amount of inferiority complex that you are struggling with.

The moronic ye Shagetech Arogit, among many of your personal stories, i was invoking your colorful Caucasian heritage you told us under the pseudonym of woizero condjo before you become Shegataw… of an Oromo-Gurage background. In a plain word, i am saying, not speculating, that you are neither a caucasian nor oromo-gurage, but a twisted arogit from Turkish ancestors who settled in Ethiopia for reasons i don’t really know.(You should be kind and tell us about it) In another note, i never said Amharas are real Ethiopians and others are not. To say the least, that is just nonsense! After all, i don’t consider myself Amhara for i am the biological result of agew, tigre, amara and other Ethiopian ancestors. For me, all Ethiopians are equal, nevertheless fact has it that the Amharic language is the dominantly spoken language in the current country hence any attempt to reverse that will be futile for the integrity of the country. Finally, i did not ask you why the oromos have opted for a european alphabet over an Ethiopian Fidel which they have the privilege to take ownership of it like their Amara and Tigre compatriots, rather why doing so “is a better choice". You have asserted in your previous comment “They[oromos] have the prerogative to choose which ever alphabet it is convenient for them - and Kudos to them they made the right decision and chose the European.” Any reason for the “Kudosing them for making the right decision” or shall i consider it as one of your stupid “trivial points” and simply excuse you? How possibly choosing a b c over ha hu le lu can not be an embarrassing historical setback, and most importantly how is it or how can it be “the right decision"?

coolman, it is always good to have you around my brother and glad that you finally made through the economic disaster. I didn’t lose anything in the disaster since i never had anything to lose the first place :).

Aboy LiLkim, zimbileh atintebateb. To the contrary, i am a soulful, free and cool pal.

09/02/09 @ 18:34
Comment from: Zeab [Visitor]

Halafi Mengedi

I understand that our languages are obstacles to development. A language is simply an expression of one’s knowledge of things, the surrounding and everything around. So, when you propose English to be our official language, are you taking it as a tool of communication or unity? Or you are simply trying to say that the advanced English language can easily lead us to development better than our own languages. May I tell you what I think, if a language is less advanced, it implies that its users are also less developed; because language represents ideas, expressions, thoughts…..etc. So, I think you’re pointing here that English can easily transform us to next level of development. I do not believe you are showing your hate towards Amarigna language.
Any ways, advanced knowledge creates advanced languages, and if we can allow some people to use their intelligence in our country, we may develop our languages easily and be proud of our identity. What do you think?

09/02/09 @ 19:00
Comment from: Monde [Visitor]

Halafi Mengedi said:

“You coward Tigray will take the Amhara we know you very, very well from the beginning of 18 century do not worry you are in the trap for ever. The Oromos are your nightmares for generation to come and we will assist them to do so.”

hahahaha this is my last message to you. School is opening and I have to pack up my bag and leave.

Halafi, mechem ayalfilih!! Amhara yichin Hager eyagelabete new yegezat le 704 ametat!! ke Yekuno Amlak (1270) eske Girmawunetu (1974). Tigrenma ayenew 17 amet enkua megzat aqitot siwolaged. Engidih yaw endelemedebin ke 704 ametat behuala be 2704 (at the end of 28th century)siltan tiyizalachihu.

le Amara yaleh tilacha gin min yahil endehon ayehut. As Free the Fitawurari rightly pointed out it is none other than fervid inferiority complex.

Teqatel see you in February when i will have time to read some of your garbage comments. Till then dil le Ginboat7!!
viva DrBre!!!

09/02/09 @ 19:01
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Free [Member

You are such a pitiful pathetic person who cannot have a civil disputation without you resorting to all kind of personal antagonism.
Believe me I am the product of the street of Addis I can easily come to your level and exchange with you all kind of profanity till your ears burned - but what for? That will put me in the same category like you

Sometimes it is wise to be silent in order to control the effluvium escaping from your trashy mouth. I might be much younger than you but I am definitely a much wiser person than you - Idiot.

let me give you an advice - please go and spend some quality time in the South and in the East of Ethiopia and get acquainted with the locals and you will witness first hand all those disgruntled people talk at length of years of your feudal government under your diminutive monarch - rarely a person says something against Meles

09/02/09 @ 21:43
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Melekot Tesema,

Prove me wrong by finding and quoting under any article that I have categorically insulted the Oromo region and which one. As most of us are aware 46% of Oromos are Orthodox Christians and I have no reason or believe to insult their region you big liar. My previous comments clearly reflect on Arab Muslims who otherwise treat people inhumanly you idiot.

Oromo 46% Orthodox Christians
Amhara 86% Orthodox Christians
Tegaru 96% Orthodox Christians

The above info is the factual history of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and according to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church it has a 45 million members in Ethiopia you moron. I am certain you will be quick to dismiss this fact to and say EPRDF made it all up. The same blind argument you are making that somehow EPRDF asked the UDJ speaker to bless the meeting in Oromigna. Precisely the point, as Ethiopia is a nation that believes in free speech in a democratic process, the brave Oromos who came forward and stood against the speaker because he decided otherwise to start the meeting in a language that the locals don’t use. If UDJ only want to speak in Amharic perhaps, their adviser should have suggested them to go to Amhara province and conduct their Amharic only language discussion/meeting. While you shit in your pant, Amhara, Oromo Tegaru along with millions of other Ethiopian ethnics are working united behind EPRDF and you will die in the west daydreaming to take over Ethiopia. Now, look who is getting laughed at? EPRDF is the elected party and government in church of Ethiopia. What are you in charge here in sidet? You can try to twist and turn with your foolishness lies however you will end up where you start and will never achieve a thing. We know you inside out very will and we know how to remain steps ahead. Keep trying and you will never see the end result accept foul cry behind the keyboard.

We have told you that EPRDF is in for awhile and get use to it. Dreaming to defeat EPRDF is like you dreaming to win a million dollars’ lotto. Let me know when you do…keep on barking!

09/02/09 @ 21:54
Comment from: G [Visitor]

you are one stupid hater, I am adegrat, and I love my national languge amhric. English is the internatinal languge not the national languge, you would it no that because you are only good for being used as idots. Proud tigria people respect thief national languge like me. Idots like you they want Latin then English. I wish war starts, and I hope my Amhara brothers will allow me to stand by them to kick all you hater. My Amhara friends please know some of us we don’t like what’s going on now, we don’t like meles because he created this situation and divide us. Fact is amarena is the national languge and as proud Tegri I speak both languges proudly unlike Halafi the hater

09/02/09 @ 22:03
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


I have advised many times in here for people not to attack one ethnic group. Even our brother from Ogaden, who once fall for that evil, has taken a 180 degree turn and is advising the rest of us to improve in that department. Only in one post above, you said Amara 18 times. To tell you the truth, I could care less, because as I have always stated in here I see myself as a Shewan. But in fairness, all I ask of you is to stop bye Gondar, Gojjam, or Wello and ask any person on the street what he is. They will tell you a Gojjamae, Gondarae/Begemedrae, or Welloye. Never Amara. You teach us that Tigrayans, never call themselves Tigrae, but Tigrean, Tigrayan, Tigraway, Tegrau etc, and we are supposed to call you that, when we see you bark at others Amara night and day? Where is the fairness?

And what you said about so and so creating kifle hager to loot x,y, and z. Well what can I say, it reminds me of the saying “Chuhetaen kemugne>” This whole watered down version of Mussolini’s ethnic bantustan imposed on the Ethiopian people had as its major aim, to divide Ethiopians, so that those who are in power could loot as they are doing right now.

Nobody created Wellega, or Tigray, or Gojjam, or Shewa, they are all a result of people’s interaction for centuries, in our beloved country. Trust me I am all for equality. I also believe language is for communications and advancement, not for division and hatred.
I also believe Amharic should be the one uniting language. As Wadani said it properly, I also believe the other languages should be respected, encouraged, and be used on the local level, with the exception of Oromiffa, which should be thought all over the country, on voluntary basis, also Amharic taught in mostly Oromo areas, on voluntary basis. That will respect the other languages, while keeping people from different parts of the nation, linked together. Otherwise, we will raise whole generations of Ethiopians who can’t even talk to each other. That is tantamount to the break up of the nation.
What ever you think about me, you know deep in your heart, that is the one thing that horryfies me most. But after seeing so many of the incredibly hateful, I will do x, y , and z to destroy the country, if you don’t accept a, b, and c I imposed upon you. I am truly beginning to ask myself if its worth all the effort. One thing I want to make it clear is if Ethiopia breaks up, I guarantee you those who lead the charge now will be the ones who will suffer most.


Good to see you back. In deed the language in here has been going more profane by the day. May be the “Ankober stench” from you might improve things a bit.:>>

09/02/09 @ 22:47
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Shegataw, how many stupid assertions have you made and how many questions have i asked as a result and how many of them did you answer? None, literally. Perhaps it is immaturity due to your still growing juvenile brain or dementia due to your decaying old brain or an inborn stupidity. Whatever the reason might be, there is one conclusion for it and that is you are no worth the talking.


09/02/09 @ 23:04
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Shegaw is ¡§wiser¡¨ than free! Free definitely has no gray matter and or soul to dig into ƒº
Coolman, welcome back my friend and I hope you forgive Shewarega for the cheap shot.

09/02/09 @ 23:08
Comment from: kibrom [Visitor]

o God there are alot of people here, who are tortured themselves in the cycle of inferiority complex, please go and look a psychatrist, especially if you are in america, i know there are no proffesional psychatrist that can help for those who live in ethiopia.

09/03/09 @ 00:00
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Z-Mike [Visitor]

you wrote:"according to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church it has a 45 million members in Ethiopia” -

I am not disputing or acquiescing your claim but how can you be sure there are 45 millions who adhere to or are followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church?
The Church must have a very sophisticated data base system to keep track of who died or any birth specially in rural area!

Shewarega [Visitor]

“Nobody created Wellega, or Tigray, or Gojjam, or Shewa, they are all a result of people’s interaction for centuries”

Are you sure? is this assumption apply to the people of the South or the East? I really doubt it.

The only interaction between the lords or the “Mojas” and the vassals of the South is for the Southern to toil the land and take a journey of several days to bring the grains at the gate of the lords and when night time comes these hard working Oromos (or the vassals) with festered feet are not even given a proper meal and shelter to sleep instead they will eat whatever they brought with them and sleep with their donkeys al fresco even on rainy nights outside the main gate.
I don’t call this interaction but plain servitude. “Ye woga biresa ye te woga ay reusam”
I still remember vividly those cold night where I spent a night or two al fresco with my maternal grandfather and uncles because those were the few times in a year where I could see them.

Then you went on to preach:” Trust me I am all for equality”

Too late we don’t need you now. Thanks to Mengustu who with one stroke he emancipated the masses and thanks to Meles who restored the pride in every ethnic groups and you guys call it “batustitan or whatever you want to call it - while the rest of us call it -"patience is sour but its fruits are heavenly sweet”

Then you wrote: “I also believe language is for communications and advancement, not for division and hatred”

Which language are we talking about? Amarigna?
It was not voluntarily learnt by the rest of us - you guys used the gavage technique to force feed us down our throat for decades

09/03/09 @ 00:41
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi


If you are Tigrayan and proud of Wedi Tigray, you would not say Tigre. I do not believe you are true Tigrayan but we have some Shoawawyan Tegaru who are brain slaved to
Amharu since Menelik took power. We call them Zmetse Goitaye they sold their sole and identity for their stomach.

I hate Meles and Sebhat from my bone but Meles and the rest of Woyane/EPRDF did good things for Ethiopia is they united the families who were divided one families by provinces two or more provinces just to serve the tribalist Amhara. Meles did not divided Ethiopia or ethnics but he and others united Ethiopians to their true origin land, language and culture. Let be honest the true divisionist people are the old rulers who are Amhara. Why the Oromo should be divided in to pieces like cutting raw meat KITIFO for hundred years? There is a reason behind it, to make impossible for all Oromos to coordinate themselves and do good things for their people like the Amhara were doing good things for their people for over 100 years, they are still fighting to restore the good old way for them on the expense of the rest of us. Amhara worked hard to create real division between Eritreans and Tigray during Haile Sellassie regime, they did for the Southern people to Beneshangule to the Guragea people by insulting them and by giving them a hate names to every ethnic groups and praising Amhara as the sole defender of the country and creator of everything. The truth is Amhara did nothing, they wrote false history to baptize the rest of Ethiopians.

The other thing Meles and the rest of them did right was creating article 39 to insure every ethnic Ethiopians are protected from anyone’s abuse in the future by having article 39 to exercise their right to go their own way if they wish to do so. I know this is a nightmare for Amhara people. Why is nightmare for them more than any other ethnics, because they have the plan to reverse the current law and exploit the rest of us as before. Why the rest of ethnic Ethiopians do not mind to leave the union or to live together, because they do not have any intention to live on others blood.

What Meles and the rest of them failed was not to change Amharic language as first language of the country. So long this BROADBAND exists in every regions school, courts and other gathering places, we are not free yet. The hidden broadband is Amharic language. This is the last card Amhara are counting they may have a chance to come back and impose their wills easily since their broadband is stretched from north to South and West to East of the country. We have to dismantle this shackle from our people and have a common language does not offend any one of us. English is the appropriate language since our education system is in English and the country can save a lot of money from spending to translate English books to Amharic. Most importantly why should we bombarded by three languages while the Amhara studies just two?

The other Meles and the rest of them failing is not to create Agew regions

09/03/09 @ 01:59
Comment from: [Member]


You asked me to quote you and prove you wrong. Well, your wish is about to become true. Your previous comment goes as follows.

Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]
“Here is what the Public Relations and Media Dept. said “according to initial investigations it was a clear case of arson” we know that but the question now is when are the coward Arab Muslims going to leave us Ethiopians alone? Those bustard Muslims Arabs don’t like us at all and they are fake people just like their FAKE FAITH ISLAM”
Those were your exact words, you little piece of crap.

We all know majority of the Oromo population practice Islam, but you are in here calling their faith FAKE?? The fact that you are trying to give me all those statistics about Christian, shows you somehow you think Christianity is superior to Islam. Please quite pretending to be a friend to the Oromo people, Just like I told you on my last comment. You are not and everybody knows it.

All your assumptions about are wrong.I got news flash for you. I was born and raised in Nazareth a.k.a Adama. The population that speaks Amharic is not any less than the population in Addis which happened to be right next door. The question here is not that people did not understand what was spoken. The fact is organizations came and held meetings in Nazareth all the time, corporate meetings, and concerts and still do, but they are not forced to conduct their meetings in Afan oromo, or start with blessings. The question here’s why should that be applied when it comes to opposition parties? Even kebele meetings in Nazreth city are conducted in Amharic.

You said “EPRDF is the elected party and government in church of Ethiopia” What are you trying to tell us here? We all know the church leaders are handpicked by that EPRDF member pop, just like Meles handpicks all Tigrans and gives them strategic positions within the government. Almost Everyone of Orthodox Christian hates the pop. If given a chance they want to see him disappear into a teen air over night. There are no secrets here, but (you) the biggest idiot trying to make all lies somehow believable.

It’s funny you mentioned that EPRDF is in for awhile. How ironic you chose to use the word AWHILE? When is awhile? It could be month from now a year or two?? Like I said, Meles and his rich wife will take EFFORT money and walk away. While your poor family stays behind poor.

09/03/09 @ 05:28
Comment from: tooto [Visitor]

I was wondering if woyane supporters ever thought ‘what would happen if Meles dies by chance tomorrow or any day, suddenly, who will lead and how things continue from there?’ Any one with a working brain would think about that. Will there be …,or…. or….or what? I could not get a clera picture…who will lead? Because the death is sudden, will the other party members accept the one who replaces him? will there be … or…, i dont know, hope we have a better picture or positive hope of what will happen if meles dies suddenly

09/03/09 @ 06:51
Comment from: tooto [Visitor]

Oromo people are smart. They know very well what woyane did to divide them from their Amhara brothers. They very well know now who really hates them, who kills and imprisons them. They are smart and they do not need for woyane cadres to write in their name. Oromos and Amharas will be free with the rest of Ethiopia and live peacefully in a democracy. Dil le Oromos and Amharas

09/03/09 @ 06:56
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

Shagataw/Emama Shelle: You can tell us so many and so much illusion, but you can, never, hide one fact. So far, your midget God has been “successful” because it has been able to convince the rank and file that the very existence of chigram Tigreans cannot be guaranteed without its monopoly of power by breeding rift and division amongst Ethiopians. Your Tigre wonbede bosses’ incessant talk of “The Tigrean existence” must have been a terrifying thing for you all Tigre Leeches , since apparently you have come to believe your own lies. Donkoro woyanne hulu…

Tegadelay Shagataw/Emama Shermuta, I didn’t recognize your acrimonious homecoming equipped with a new pseudo name but unchanged jajatam and shagata Arogit mindset. Anyways, enjoy this piece of writing by a renowned Ethiopian scholar and diplomat and Arm yourself in order to prepare for An upcoming fight with your high caliber tormenter - Free. Enjoy…

The illusive Amara Man

If he doesn’t exist the Amara had to be invented, because who else is there to blame for all the ills in Ethiopia. For some he is used as a smoke screen for their own inadequacies, because being an Amara seems to dispense oneself from all failings and sins. For others it is a source of all their ills, because, were it not for the Amara oppressor they would have reached Nirvana on their own.

Therefore, the Bogus man for all! Indeed, a most enviable role.

Being an Amara myself with a mixture of different ethnic lineage in my system, I had a hard time finding this Amara fellow who is everything to everybody. So angry and frustrated I went in search of this fellow to tell him to stop confusing and pushing all Ethiopians about and around. So, I took my Range Rover and journeyed to the Amara land. Via Shewa, Wello, Amara Saynt, Begemdr, Goggiam etc. It was also a rare occasion to visit my own relatives. Guess what I found? My Amara is as poor and destitute as everybody else in Ethiopia, if not worst in most cases. None of the regimes past or present had done anything to help him. A far cry from the oppressor and exploiter that he is supposed to be.

Even more confused than when I started my journey, I returned to Addis in search of this Amara fellow. I went to the anthropological department of the AAU, read papers, discussed with experts, consulted professor and pundits alike and found that this Amara character is much more complex than I first thought. It seems that there are many versions and many aspects of the Amara, depending to whom you talk to and in what political sphere. The more I inquired the Amara fellowship was becoming even more abstract.

Then I said it must the ruling class. When I examined the ruling elite, I found out that starting from the Imperial house, the balabats and down to all classes under, they were all of mixed ethnic and cultural background. In fact the big majority of Ethiopians are of mixed racial/ethnic background, and that such thing as racial or ethnic purity was a lot bunkum! Whatever abuse occurred must be shared by all that ruled in one form or another, for the simple reason that at any given historical time the ethnic group who had the upper hand committed abuses to foster its rule. The paradigm of those periods being conquer and rule, it would be pointless to view the past with contemporary notions of governance.

Discussing language, aside of the Geez alphabet, as languages Amharic, Oromigna, Tigrigna and all the others, have interacted with each other for centuries and assimilated words and expressions. As to the Geez alphabet, some experts say that it has better universal applications than the Latin alphabet and that it would eliminate the problem of spelling once for all. Examples: in English the word ‘thorough’ is written with eight letters in Geez it needs only two ‘To-Ro’, in French ‘baucoup’ is written with seven words in Geez with two ‘Bo-Ku’, and so forth. The Amara was still illusive.

A bit wary, I decided to go to Addisu Gebeya, where I hoped to get better answers to my queries. You know the Gebeya? It is a boiling pot of human energy and enterprising spirit. There I found people from all over Ethiopia, plus Somalies, Sudanese, Kenyans, Indians, Arabs. People from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, form Gambela to Assab. They were trading, buying and selling to each other, they prayed in the same Church or Mosque, they shared and thrived in the same Edirs, Ekubs, Mehabers wakes and weddings. No animosity beyond the usual competition, no ethnic fight, no language problem. Actually some of them protested when their Eritrean neighbors were expelled from Ethiopia.

Then I realized why the politicians needed a Bogus man, and that the Amara they talk about is a chimera, and that culturally the Amara context was as complex as the Ethiopian spectrum. The sad part is the bloodshed and misery incurred because of this Bogus man, who might have existed a long time ago but is now invisible.

For my part I have concluded my queries by remaining, what I always was, an Ethiopian. I don’t need a Bogus man to make my case. I hope that all my compatriots will respect and cherish all cultures in Ethiopia, which are a marvelous and rich heritage that make the singularity of Ethiopia. We must have the moral and intellectual courage to admit our faults as well as our achievements. We must transcend the past and look at the future, and remain Ethiopians in the broader context of the Ethiopian nationhood and ethos…

What I have discovered instead is that all Ethiopians have a very mature perception of their plight. What preoccupies them most, are some serious common problems that threaten their daily life and their future survival. Like:

- abject poverty
- disease
- education
- environmental degradation
- under-development
- hunger and famine
- farmers and urban poor
- unemployment
- bad governance and endemic corruption
- and countless other real problems.

These vital problems, and how to solve them is rarely discussed by politicians or would be leaders alike. What is offered to us Ethiopians is a litany of past abuses, a serialized mystification of a defunct Bogus Man and inopportune political shadow boxing.

What the Ethiopian people want is not historical rhetoric’s, they have no time for running around chasing the ghosts of past kings and potentates. They want clean water to drink and wash with; they want proper food to alleviate their hunger; they want schools for their children; they want hospitals and medicines for their health; they want work and jobs to gain their livelihood and their self respect; they wants freedom and justice; they want to be free from the yoke of corrupt and inept bureaucrats and cadre who terrorize their lives and siphon their meager possessions; they want to be safe from hunger and food deficiency; they want to pursue their lives in freedom, peace and human dignity under the Rule of Law. They want leaders that respect and protect their rights and aspirations, and whom they can respect in return. They want a democratic system of government that will lead them to their rightful place amongst the nations of the world, instead of being amongst the last poor.

This is the beginning of a new millennium. To secure our survival as a people, we must start building for the future. There is no way of advancing forward, while looking backward. The common bonds that join us geographically, socially, economically, culturally and historically, endow us with a fabulously wealthy foundation, upon which to build a bright and prosperous future for all Ethiopians. Let’s do it.

09/03/09 @ 08:18
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


I humbly refer you to the post by Kibrom above. May be you can find some sort of cure in his advice. Please do not throw the Oromo card on me. Here is my Oromo lineage. My great grand father is Abaebae Tuffaa, who was the chief of the vicinity of what is Addis Abeba today. His home stood where the Sheraton stands today. He gave the land up on the hill to Menelik (his brother in law) to build his home. This is the geneology, Abaebae Tuffaa, Tuffaa Jarso, Jarso Robaa, Robaa Buttaa, Buttaa Guduru, Guduru Garmoo, G Garmoo Amoo, Amoo Gebettu, Gebettu Illu, Illu Abaatto, Abaatto Degnu, Degnu Abbetti….Abbetti is one of the main branches of Barattumaa. The major being Boranaa. The seal is, Ferdi gamaa Le Megnataa.
That is just the Finfinae branch. I have many more from Mecha and Adaa Deraa too. Therefore, please go find your invisible moja, Amara etc and bark there. Plus since you are the Oromo wanna be, it would be prudent if you count and tell us where you are from? Shewa one people undivided, the rest they come and go like Mongol hordes we always stay. Ifat ena Temuga, Gebat ena Mecha, Tegulet ena Bulga, Haykoche ena Buta Jira, Abichu ena Gelaan, Asagert ena Merhabetae, Yerer ena Kereyou, Menz ena Geshaen, Deraa ena Tulamaa, the millions of other Ethiopians who lived among us for so long, Tigrayans of Tekle Haymanot/ Cherkos, the beautiful Dorze, the industrious Guraghe (most important of all), our brothers/sisters from Eritrea. And many more I did not write. We are all one, we lived together. And in the end we will be free of this hater Albanian Marxist and his divide and loot policies. I know, you know, everybody knows, that is the inevitable course of history. Until then, you can spit any venoms night and day, it will not stop the inevitable from coming. END

09/03/09 @ 10:39
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Melekot Tesema,

You failed to prove it and attempted to twist my comments regarding the coward Arabs in Kuwait who burned Ethiopian Embassy. You see it is such low life people like who always try to dig to the lowest in hope to find weakens from those you don’t agree with and when you fail to produce anything thing you then fabricate and try to make story which does not hold water.

Once Again YES I believe Islam is a fake and false religion and yes Arab Muslims are terrorist people and they are using the false faith Islam to terrorize those who don’t agree with them. So, don’t thing I am going to back off from it until I see Arab Muslims stop terrorism and marrying multiple girls and rape their teen cousin etc. anyhow regardless of my stand against Arabs, you don’t have single comment I have directly say anything using the work “Oromo” and if you want to tell us you are Arab then that is different story. What I see you doing is use my comment that was directed to the Kuwaiti Arabs who burn our Embassy because they hate our Christian Majority nation called Ethiopia. But when you are cornered you desperately attempted to tie in that story and accuse of something else. I am not surprise though because after all that is what you are good.

Yes I present you with facts while you fabricate and produce no evidences. And yes, I said EPRDF if elected party and government in CHARGE of Ethiopia. And we all know politic has no effect in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as you otherwise twisted your lies and try to make it look its run by the government. Nations such as Ethiopia does not interfere with churches or mosques and your false BS again does not hold water. And what Mosque did you hear it from about the head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is dislike by all? You are such a big lair, no person with normal standard should take you serious.

Yes, you are free to hold meetings wherever you chose however if the locals say otherwise want the meeting to be introduced and bless by their regional language I don’t blame them. Yes, there are many Oromos that speak Amharic but there are also many Oromos who do not speak Amharic either. Now, if they (the local Oromos) want their culture to be respected and simply requested it begins in Oromigna instead of Amharic…I don’t see what the big deal is. Even the prime minster does not go to Mekele and start public meetings in Amharic as Head of State. Does that mean people in Mekele do not speak Amharic? Of course not…there are many Tegarus that speaks Amharic and there also many that don’t speak Amharic. Like it or not Amharic is regional language just like Tigrinya is, just like Oromigna is etc. and no person in Ethiopia is going to force all Ethiopians to speak Amharic. As much as we want to see one common language to all Ethiopians but it’s not happening at this point and until we all find common ground to use common language, we need to be sensitive to all Ethiopians and listen to their legitimate arguments in wanting to be heard in the languages they can understand. I wish all Ethiopians can speak Amharic in addition to their regional languages but we all know that fact and over half of the population does not speak, read, write and/or understand Amharic. Remember your uncle Mengistu Haile-Baria tried to force it on all Ethiopians and it back fired on him and the Derg era ended in 1991. Now, let me ask you what else haven’t you blamed on EPRDF? I suspect you guys will soon start blaming EPRDF when your marriages fail too. My point is the meeting was not disturb by the government and the government waste no time to listen to UDj nonsense meetings. It has better things to do than that and it also holds itself in higher ground than otherwise you think. But when know the blame game is your second name and I don’t expect you to change…

Finally, yes, I said EPRDF is in for awhile and you should buckle up and enjoy the ride. Which means you will die in the west and you will never see EPRDF been replace by your terrorist group called OLF. If you want me to give you my opinion how long EPRDF is going to govern Ethiopia…I’ll tell you for at last a century and that will be awhile for your grandchildren to see OLF ever achieve a thing.

09/03/09 @ 13:06
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared


and talaq GERMANAWI, sewin, sew yemiyasegnew behulet igru mehedu bich indalhone lemeglets yemiketelewin yilal:

“das sinnliche Bewußtsein erscheint als das reicheste an Inhalt, ist aber das ärmste an Gedanken.”

So, if you mean it sincerely:
“I hope that all my compatriots will respect and cherish all cultures in Ethiopia, which are a marvelous and rich heritage that make the singularity of Ethiopia. We must have the moral and intellectual courage to admit our faults as well as our achievements.”

then please stop adding to it:
“rank and file that the very existence of chigram Tigreans”

for because it is contradictory to the above one, and is not a word of an intellectual !

09/03/09 @ 13:16
Comment from: sami1 [Visitor]

Melekottesema You got Z-Mike too…
He said in the past no wonder Meles said
“if you scratch any Oromo like scratch ticket they are all OLF or ONEG” and he was using it deffending Meles!

This man hates OROMO, Amhara, Eritrian, that I know, but he has not said about the other ethnics may be he did not get a chance,,,
He said time and time again 94% of the people are loosers and called us if we were brave why would we not fight and take over!

Hoologons, bullys think only fight and guns since they lack brain so on of this days when the time comes just as it happened to Mengistu the people will say enough!

Tigray only started the war, but Eritria and the people in all provinces finish the war by accepting WOYANE! He bluffs as if he won the war in all Ethiopia… I have asked him to explain why it took 17 years to take city but it took two weeks to take over the whole country he hides!

Z-Mike is ignorant idiot that knows only to prais Meles!

09/03/09 @ 16:02
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Yo Free dude - it is your trade mark to be a deceitful person - In the past when you are trying to be civil you post your comments under Free (Member) and when you want to show your true color - then you post your worthless comments under Santenaw or Free Burtukhan. In fact it is you who has the habit of showing up under different aliases - Like a chameleon you change your pseudo to reflect your volatile moods. Also you are inept to hide under those numerous aliases because you are so transparent.
If I am that woman you called wozeirit conjo or whatever was her name then be it. If there is a lady who thinks like me and has my superior intellect then I would not be ashamed to be associated with the lady - In fact I will be delighted to know that there is an Ethiopian woman who shares my level of knowledge.
I don’t want to answer to any of your infantile questions. You should spend some quality time in Ethiopia - not frolicking from one “Azmaree bet” to another but sit down with the locals and have heart to heart conversation and you will hear their plights which resonate throughout the country

Santenaw or Free.
I read with nauseating feeling your comments reeking with the most offensive effluvium and laughing about you cruising the country with your land rover LOL - where is your modesty. To know the country take public transportation - it will provide you a chance to exchange views with those who live in wretched conditions.
We all know that your ethnic groups are mostly down-and-out; but don’t blame Meles government for their situation; instead the blame should be directed to your pint size monarch who punished the Amhara because they opposed him to ascend the throne again upon his return from his self exile. The Amhara never forgot or forgave him for his cowardly escape at the dawn of the Italian invasion.
But there is one element that you brought that really caught my attention and that is the amarigna language. The whole country resent this language - Go to the East of the country - all you hear is the Somali language - go to birth place of your diminutive monarch and all you hear is Harari language and Afan Oromo - proceed to the South all you hear is different dialects intermingle with Afan Oromo - Go to Afars land and all you hear is their language and here and there you hear Batae - etc…. In other word the whole country is snarling about the use of amarigna instead of their respective language. Like someone has suggested this language should be limited to Addis and the rest of the country should use the universal language which is English

09/03/09 @ 19:49
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Shewarega [Visitor]

Like I said before you don’t impress me with your colorful family lineage - as far as I am concerned you can be related to queen Elizabeth or even to Obama. I really don’t care
As far as my maternal family are concerned -like I stated before they are poor farmers and I am proud of them

09/03/09 @ 19:54
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


Wedet shertet shertet, you are the one who brought up me sucking on Oromo blood. I have told you my Oromo heritage. You have told us many times that you are Oromo and Guraghe. I am waiting for your lineage, ale tegest begugut eyetettebabeku new. We all know your humble beginnings, your commands to the Ethiopian army (whom you called the Tigray army) and things of that nature. Let me return to the point, every Oromo knows his lineage To Boranaa and Berettumaa, lets hear it Mr Oromo guy. Simple question, no upsatirs no downstairs, say it and get it over with.

I have to be honest with you. You are the most hated person in this site. People call you the most awful things that one can imagine, but you keep on coming back attacking everyone everything that moves. Why? Because you seek attention. You have this unbelievable inferiority complex. That is why everything one says to you it is always twisted into some rubbish like I know I am from humble place, like I am so pretty , yauegne hulu yedenekal, like you suck so and so’s blood four and half centuries ago. Mamo ante eko yanae aleneberkem. For crying out loud, you don’t even know Derg. You of all people try to tell me about the feudal system in Ethiopia? I ca n write a book about it. It was a repugnant system that had to go. But what was wrong with it was the system, not this and that ethnic, like you and your kinds are twisting night and day. You try to make people believe, all land owner was Amara, all serf is Oromo, and others which is the most sick thing one can say. The land owners came from many ethnic groups, thou most of the serfs were in the South. I know Tigrean land owners, I know Guraghe land owners, but above all I know many Oromo land owners. I quote as an example, the Family of Ato Demo in Adaa. His father Bunae and uncle Butaa, were the ones who brought the Oromo people from Arsi and settled them in the large plains of Adaa. Ato Demo Bunae (married King Sahle Selassie’s daughter Kelemework) and was one of the wealthest men during the latter’s long reign. I as a kid saw what his descendant’s owned. As a matter of fact during the Italian occupation, two of his grand daughters Askale and Yeshiemebet Abisaa were the once who used to finance most of the rebellion against Italian rule, from Abebe Aregay to Fikre Mariam Aba Techan. The Italians very much aware of this, arrested both woman, tortured and later murdered them. Therefore, if you want to talk about the system please do, but do not throw some cheap shot at this and that ethnic group, just to help out the ethnic hater, keffafay, monsters who are currently torturing Ethiopians. In other words, like Zerayakob Yared often says, MAWONABED YEKUM>

09/03/09 @ 22:27
Comment from: G [Visitor]

Whatever all I know is you do not reprsent adegrat, we love gojam and gonder and all Amharas. When was the last time you visit. Go check in adegrat. Go go go

09/03/09 @ 23:17
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Shewarega [Visitor]

I really pity you - you keep on bringing those people who were married to X or Y king or descendants of X or Y king or you are related to this king of that… you are the one who is suffering from an acute form of the worst case of inferiority complex - You keep on bringing those bygone years to reassure yourself that at one time you were brushing elbows with those worthless royalties. Somewhere near my dorm there is a picture of a cat hanging on a broken rope and each time I pass by that picture it reminds me of you - hanging after all these years to something that is long gone and trashed in the garbage

I don’t come and post comments on to please you or the others - you don’t have to read them but nothing will prevent me to state openly and frankly the truth about your vulture ethnic group

09/03/09 @ 23:42
Comment from: coolman [Visitor]

Ato Shewarega,

Thank you for the welcoming. I did not know that stench was a profane language.
Anyways, did you know that syphilis causes a repugnant smell? One can also say stench. When I wrote that line, I was particularly thinking about one famous guy from Ankober who suffered from it. Judging from your knowledge of history, I am sure you know who.

I do appreciate your being for equality and honestly think you love your country and the people.

Unfortunately, we seem to wear different glasses when we look back at our history. While you grew up playing with the Emperor’s dog Lulu in the Imperial palace, munching on delicatessen and listening to the great history of your ancestry, the rest of us were very busy serving you. I do not blame you for this. Most people associate great things with their childhood.

Please have mercy and understand if we fail to see that time through rose-colored glasses like you. Stench is a little too kind a word to describe the era. Profane? I do not think so.


09/04/09 @ 00:28
Comment from: [Member]


Once again, you are making wrong assumptions about me. I am not a member of OLF nor do I associate myself with them.You even thought I could be Arab. No sir, just a concerned citizen who’s practicing his human right and freedom of speech.

I was raised in a Christian household, served in Orthodox Church as a little boy, and I still consider myself a devoted Christian. However, my upbringing taught me to have respect to other people’s faith. Believe me I do know more than you could imagine what and where things went wrong in the Orthodox Church.

The EPRDF(a.k.a woyane) member POP, before he was elected as the head of the Church, he used to come around Nazareth to look at Churches that were under construction. He had a white RANGE ROVER and a Tigray driver. He used to come around to Churches so often just him and his driver like almost every weekend. We thought he was just being nice. Little did we know, he was coming around to check on the investment he was about to take over. Back then when he was coming around, no one knew who really was. Then a few months down the road they had brought down the other pop and he was elected with flying colors. When I saw him on TV and recognized who he was I couldn’t believe my eyes. He knew that he was going to be elected.

You can go to any Orthodox Church in Ethiopia it doesn’t really matter what region you are in, you will quickly learn the head of that Church is Tigray. Especially in Churches that are known to bring a lot of revenue; Just like you will find Tigrans in all strategic governmental offices and good Paying UN jobs.

Like I told you before there are no secrets. You can try to pull out number from your pocket, and come with all your fake statistics but that will never change the facts.

You said, I will die in the West. No sir, actually i built a place on a church property in Ethiopia where I will be laid to rest when my time comes. All the work was completed on my last trip back home which was nine month ago.

09/04/09 @ 04:49
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal

Shewarega [Visitor]

You wrote:"For crying out loud, you don’t even know Derg”

Sure I don’t know Dergue era as per se - I was 5 years old when Meles came to power but I have ears to listen and intelligence to sift through the garbage rumors and what actually happened. You keep on mentioning about all kind of irrelevant historical events & personalities - it is not because you lived in the Era of Mussolini or Napoleon or Menelik this or Aste that.. … these are the things you studied or read about it and you feel comfortable to talk about it with certain confidence - Believe me I heard about Derg from several angles and from individuals of different socio-economic background

Then you wrote:"….about the feudal system in Ethiopia? I ca n write a book about it. It was a repugnant system that had to go”

Yo dude you keep on bringing that period over and over .. it is like you are glorifying that bygone era. Let it go and live in the present.

Then this one is your Achiles heel: “You try to make people believe, all land owner was Amara, all serf is Oromo, and others which is the most sick thing one can say. The land owners came from many ethnic groups,”

Don’t be so defensive - it is a fact the owners of the biggest acres (land stolen from the original owners) belong to your ethnic group and those amaranized or showanize Oromos who worked at different capacity for your diminutive monarch - either they are general or fitawrari this or kegnashmash that..These are the people who lost their soul serving your pint size monarch who used to reward them with hefty acres to buy their loyalties - a good example is your dad and grandpa and now you are trying to disassociate from the very class that gave you that status that you keep on worshiping days in days out. Take grip of yourself and let go of that “repugnant period” of Ethiopian history

09/04/09 @ 09:32
Comment from: habeshaajesse [Visitor]

“He who brings trouble on his family will inherit only dust.”

Since the Habasha migration south to oromia

go and have your meeting in the dust bowl of gondar and tigray get out of oromia

09/04/09 @ 20:58
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Ato Coolman,

In deed, we are wearing different glasses. Looking through the one you are wearing, everything is square, black and white, never a shade of gray. If you have not been gone for a while, languishing in the mental ward, you could have read some of my posts in here about the Emperor. I might be related to him, of course that is a big crime, that threw me in jail at 14, surrounded by far thinker guards like you. But I can assure you, I have never had a delicatessen nor any advantages from him. I have said it in here before, and I am willing to point for you, the “cheka bet” I grew up in. You can take off your glasses of hate for a moment, and be able to compare that to the mansions in Bole, where our current tormentors reside.

As for the famous guy from Ankober, do not forget that he got it from your merkogna aunt. You see for every silly hateful comment, there always lies a silly reply.
Ye ahunu, afe ekule gulbet senkul endilu, bado chuhet new. Wond kehonke, yanae tegegnetto mewagat nebere. Gena enkwan ante, ferengi ersu fit mekom alechalem. Endettekebere noro, ande ken ande bota del sayhone, begeza bettu yemotte ye Ethiopia meri ersu becha new.

The main point is, you insulted a residents of whole town. Throwing more insults will not cover your tracks. It will just expose more who you really are.


09/04/09 @ 22:37
Comment from: Coolman [Visitor]

Ato Shewarega,

I did not insult the entire residents of Ankober and specified who I had in mind to disperse any confusion. Also, I do not have any personal issues with you. You can not be held responsible for the atrocities committed by the past emperors as you were either not born or too young and did not hold office. Meaning, the issue is not personal.

As for my aunt, she was first raped by the emperor’s soldiers in her own house, who got her sick. Then came the emperor to collect his trophy. My other aunt got her breast cut because she resisted the rape.
Hate? Who do you think I hate?

Let me be straight with you, we do remember what happened to us back then. We will not forget and never shall we allow those Neanderthals, as Lekim put it, pee on us again.

I do apologize for my language in the last sentence.


09/05/09 @ 10:27
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Ato Coolman,

Apologies accepted. I do see some of the medicine they gave you at the ward is working, somewhat. Just do not miss your follow ups. Inferiority complex is a very severe disease, as you are aware. If not treated properly it can lead to serious consequences. As for your Neanderthal pal, I would suggest you throw a line or two about the stench from Adwa, you will find him jumping up and down like an Indonesian Urangatang. Its human nature to do so. In your honor I have included a letter of the man from Ankober. Read and learn, as difficult as it is. Everything will be told as it was, in due time. The good as good, the bad as bad, not as you and your types demonize and lie night and day.

This letter was written to Ras Mengesha Atikem ( not to be confused with Mengesha Gugsa, later Yohanes of Tigray) Mengesha was one of those people Menelik met in Gondar, while he was imprisoned by Tewodros. Mengehsa is from Agew Meder, his father a mayor of Gondar, during Tewodros’s time.

Menelik Negusa Negest Ze Ethiopia
Yederse Ke Ras Bitwoded Mengesha

Ye Mecha, ye Dinsa, ena ye Yilmana sewoch tesebsebew mettew chohulegne (large regions of Gojjam). Ye Chohubeten kalun endetayew beyae yesettugnen debdabae yehew sedegewalehu. Neger gen Yefrata ena Gedem (parts of Shewa) ende chohe endelefelefe teleyaye, Sayntem endezihu tefetta. Degmo ahun, Mecha ena Yilmanan endezih aderegeh taschenekewaleh. Enaes gasha sededelegne maletae ezia ager gasha segwage bezu new ena be ttekitt waga yegegnal beyae geztteh endettesedelegne new engi ke mekuanentu ke balageru ye gasha feses tteleh mechae asewettalegne alekuhe. Neche mar sededdelegne maletae, ezia ager maru hulu melkam new ena le ante kemigebaleh lay mertteh lakelegne alekuhe engi, neche mar kalamettachu eyalek dehawun yemettaschenkew be men neger new. ye zarae deha lam yelew berae yelew, men gon alew beleh new. Demos ante yemettawkachew enae yeshomkuachew, ye fittegnochu ye abatae shemagelaewoch hulu aleku. Yalehew ande ante becha neh. Engedih ema le enae edemae mazen, le mengestum mazen nebere engi, ENDIH ADERGEH DEHAWUN BETASCHENKEW MEN TETTEKEMALEH. Yehae hulu shemagelae ye chewa lij, temelesen agerachen anegebam ye Ras mengeshan fit anayem, endewettan enekeralen belo ezih metto yaleksal. Yehanen Egiziabeher yewedewalene? YE MEREREW DEHA YEGEBAL KE WUHA yettebalew teret be ante derese. Agezaz endene Ras Mikael endene Ras Wollie new engi endezih aschenko melkam newene? Ahunem kezih kedem endeneberu ende ttentachew yenuru engi andem neger endatteneka. Neger gen debdabaem belekebeh, be mekerehem atesemagnem. Temekerehem attedenem. Huletegna endezih yale neger yesemahu endehone Mengesha mut Mariamen dehaw eweddedebet endinor Awaj enegereletalehu (in effect he is telling him he will be removed)

Hidar 8 ken 1898 amete meheret Entoto ketema tesehafe.

Its self explanatory, have a good day.

09/05/09 @ 12:38



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