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Ethiopia: Time for Peace & contrition.(By Getachew T.A)



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Ethiopia: Time for Peace & contrition.(By Getachew T.A)

Time for Peace & contrition.

Recently, Professor Al Mariam has written an excellent article on how much wealth was spent on Washington lobbyist group to quell the effects of HR 2003. But who is to blame here? I would not blame the current rulers for spending on their defense. What else were they expected to do?

It seems a reality to countries like ours, that social unrest; war and corruptions are preferable/profitable than countries with no dissident groups to be used as pawns or bargain chips in their demand from a sitting government, (which amounts to extortion.)

There were some allegations in Chad last year, that a charity organization from France was allegedly found trafficking humans, to sale them for their kidneys. That investigation did not go far. (Imagine my absolute, lack of, shock on that!)

War/defense industries need a place where they can test the effects of their weapons; Big Pharma needs a place to test their drug experiments. Where else can they go, except to a country which has so many competing parties who hate each other to a point of no hesitation to burn the whole city just to catch one of their nemeses!

Based on some articles, I see around, the Ethiopian opposition seems frustrated by the Obama administration’s rather slow paced approaches to some of the initiatives in the congress, lose of some faith, for not scaring the leaders in Addis to be more… DEMOCRATS!

I guaranty you; they will pick it up in time! Just in time when they need something or pressured from their campaign contributors or even from the lawyers/lobbyists which Professor Al Mariam mentioned in his article… just to nudge their hourly rate up a bit. Not for your sake. Or for the love of Democracy or humanity…No.

Perhaps, when a BigPharma is denied a bio/genetic lab in Ethiopia or some contractor/charity could not get his permit to a “Clinic for the poor” in some remote location. Then only then, you my friends will be HEROES. , and suddenly you would be surprised to see your faces in CNN and other broadcasts…Documentaries of ‘untold sordid stories’ of 'corruptions' from Ethiopia. The poor farmer, with nine children, denied food from the AID package; the guy who has been in prison for ‘getting elected’; suddenly, my friends we will see so many sensational headline stories!

A few weeks ago the United Nations held a World Summit on Food Security and the three-day meeting in Rome did not produce much. The U.N. World Food Program estimate more than a billion people , - one in six worldwide – to be on the list of those who could do not get enough food to be healthy. Even the UN chief acknowledge that 17,000 children dying of hunger, EVERY DAY. (They love to show those kids with no food in the world of plenty and excessive eating; crowning hotdog eating winners, “biggest loser, bread throwing contests for immunity on games… Imagine, the world of plenty could not agree to feed those dying of hunger and malnutrition?

You just wonder why there is such a flow of ‘love and sacrifice’ to quickly send the swine flue vaccine to get to these starving kids?…. Which one is more dangerous or what is killing them today? Is this what is known as a hypocrisy? I think not.

We have to save our country and the path is a simple…. just use the current constitution, and start from the Ethiopian Parlama, which can enact a bill and provisions to a formation of special committee/commission to look into your requests and other concerns.

You may have questions on the constitution and how it is interpreted at times, but to my reading it is a very generous legal document which can even entice the neighboring countries to become Ethiopians. (The Ethiopian constitution is online, for those of you who want to look at, don’t just leave it to the lawyers. a 50 page PDF file is available when you Google for it…I can email it to you if you do not find it.)

The step is very clear. Denounce any forms of malfeasance, reject any forms of foreign involvement in our internal political affairs, the rest is just being a hero and accept your past mistakes. Don't get carried away by some indexes and statistics from these agencies whose revenue comes from the same group which does not care whether we die of starvation, war or when some experiment goes south.

Dr. Birhanu Nega, god bless him, has warned us, last time he came to our state, that the country's economy and situation in general seems bleak, due to various factors which would negatively undermine the stability of the country as a whole. It was a very sobering assessment we heard from him and the notion of ‘failed state’ is a very scary prospect for a country one calls home.

What is the solution?

Perhaps for many of you this is “Woyane’s Parlama”. Well, you have called the last one “Dergue’s Parlama”, and the one before that, was known as “YeNigusu Parlama”. So we cannot invent a ‘Parlama’ which is suitable for all of us at this time and it is imperative that we work with what we have. After all politics is, the art of the Possible; and for now stick with the current Parlama.

Stay clear from some in this body, there are some elements you should avoid. I followed one interview recently, from an honorable member of the current Ethiopian Parlama, he is an opposition member talking with foreign journalists, about his frustrations on the inability of the current majority to implement a ‘federalist government like USA’. I cringed with some of his assessments of a US congress and its reactions to the states. I just wished, he knew.

If the economy was as bad as the one we have, we would have seen American politicians seeking asylum elsewhere in the world. I just wish he read articles by Jim Traficant, an Ohio congressman, or Cynthia McKinney on how the government works in the US and grievances of 'red States' whenever the white house is taken by the Blue Democrats and vise-versa.

It is time for all to stop pushing initiatives in Washington and other western capitals and in the process hinder the empowerment of the people of that country. I have heard election problems in many parts of the world. Some bloodshed here and there, but few venture into punishing their pears by way of a foreign body. I did not see many Africans in G8, or G20 summits as I see Ethiopians without failing a single summit of the Europeans. Kenyans or Nigerians do not love their country as much as we do? Why can’t we ask the same thing from our Congress/Parlama?

The point I want to drive on this article is the essence of time. The time we are squandering away with so many preconditions and claims and readings into so many "statistics' from those who would like to portray Ethiopia/Africa as a hopeless continent, should better be spent on looking into a solutions to escape from the looming crisis, which is brought by an unprecedented transformation of the world economy.

The current crisis, which was described by Mr. Henry Kissinger, as just a “unique opportunity for creative diplomacy.” has a devastating consequences to unprepared/developing nations like ours. (Since we spent so much time fighting and defending we have not managed to feed our population, which seems to go out of control, we have not developed a reliable/renewable source of energy in country with 13 months of sunshine and so many rivers, etc. We have managed to create a ‘unique opportunity’ to be had at their whims. The crooks are poised to utilize the seemingly neutral and ‘scientific’ tools of macro-economic policy which constitute a non-violent instrument of recolonization and impoverishment. (Watch the full video on Utube and get Mr. Kissinger’s message to President Obama.)

Somalia could not have a functioning government for the past 20 years and it has become a “good thing”, because eliminating nuclear waste suddenly becomes very cheep for the wealthy Europeans. Who cares if the Somali moms bear children with ears attached to their nose?

Do you believe it is really hard to form a government in Somalia? Come on! Failed states are like a big lottery winnings; the incentive to fix it is very minimal. Recently there is an army buildup in Kenya, and you have to wonder whose mission it is going to carry, when the march order is issued.

I am sure you have seen or heard predictions on how many of this developing nation would fail in the coming years. I can see the crooks salivating with the prospect of such a windfall. All the kidneys that can be harvested …a hundred grand a pop!

That is why the political leaders should take charge and work the system, however incompetent/incomplete. Acknowledge your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Do not give a freaking chance to the political hit men whose insatiable greed is geared to destabilize our country.

This is a call to all political parties, and libation fronts, to see the real danger and ask for a general amnesty for all to work within the frame work of the constitution. To issue a joint communiqué in support of the constitution and denounce any forms of foreign involvement in the internal politics of the country.

I read in one of Professor Al’s commentary that the opposite of LOVE is not hate, it is INDEFERENCE. True to his word, do not be complacent and shrug it off like it does not touch you, that is worse than hate; and we owe it to the fallen heroes in search of peace. The rest of us have also to contribute our time and money to support such acts of heroism.

I did not contribute my money when Dr. Berhanu Nega came to our state this past summer, because he did not have a clue or sounded capricious on how to go on from hereon. I could be wrong, but he seemed to savor the idea, that people in Ethiopia cannot even utter the word ‘Ginbot 7’, because of ‘fear of going to jail’. I felt bad for those who were born on that day or have some kind of anniversary associated with that date. But at the end, we all lost one more day to live to its fullest. I hope he would acknowledge his errors of judgment in time for him to utilize the amnesty and return Ginbot 7 to the people. So much has been taken from the people and returning that day to the people should be an honorable act for him.

I hope it does not look like as if I am singling him out or have anything against Dr. Birhanu, if you go back a few articles, I was among those who urged/wrote for his release and even I was among the people who went to Crawford, Texas to voice our concerns of their safety in prison and petitioned, the former president, Mr. George Bush to intervene and influence the Ethiopian government for a lenient sentence.

Now, we got Dr. Birhanu out of prison, but left in the limbo of the past. That does not sound a good investment. No hard feeling though. He is as misguided as any of his predecessors and I am sure he would do the right thing for the benefit of the country and the people, he so eloquently wrote about, in his book.

I am also asking the help of elders and scholars like Professor Al Mariam, in shaping the debate on other websites and publications of any kind. I chose Professor Al, because of his tenacity for the cause of justice and a shared desire to see a prosperous Ethiopia. I am sure he knows what is best for the country at this time and where we need to place more emphasis in this fast moving global madness, we are in today. I read his outrage about the amount of the money spent on the lobbyist group, to defend those in government and it is my belief he would take the other side (the enablers) with equal force and show us the path for a peace which would not add any tax on all of us.

My last message for the political parties,--Please do not get carried away by who-is-who in that Parlama, and try to diminish their power of creating laws or granting amnesty. Such negative vibes toward such body would end up creating monsters and dictators in our political existence. The respect to such collective organ of government is paramount to good governance and maintain the balance we require from departments which constitute a government. Please do not make it look like leading a country to be a one man show spectacle.

This is what the “developed” countries media would have us think. I wrote it in my last piece. that the term is different when it applies to us. They call it public service, and if you and I do it, it becomes ‘power mongering’.

We need councils of ‘Wise men and women’ in ‘Parlama/councils’ of that country. The west media has made us to believe or confused us to believe the word “Wise” to be equated with “Educated”. Now we know that all educated people are not wise and all wise men and are not only the educated ones. We need councils of ‘Wise men and women’ in ‘Parlama/councils’ of that country. The west media has made us to believe or confused us to believe the word “Wise” to be equated with “Educated”. Now we know that all educated people are not wise and all wise men and are not only the educated ones.

So many confusions, with so many words and concepts and statistics which amounts to naked lies to justify their actions. I do not like to waste your time here by listing them all here.

We have to move forward and look toward the future.

I know there is a huge material to force us look back into our “glorious past” and lament on what coulda, woulda have happened, had it not been for this or that. Let us start afresh and look ahead. After all, most of the ‘history’ in circulation today is written by political cadres of various factions. We did not get time to really sit and digest our own history.

It does not matter who leads that country, it could be YOU, but before you know it, your turn would come to give in for your handlers through the application of ‘creative diplomacy’, because of such continuous venom and in-fights for the past deeds. It has created a ‘unique opportunity’ for the west or east to dictate us while we fight about parliamentary procedures and on various definitions of the word ‘sovereign.’

I think it was Jomo Kenyata who famously said something to the effect of,…They came to our land with only the bible and told us to pray, eventually, we got the bible and the prayer but they got the land. Amen.

We all have seen or heard enough not to quote from Gandhi or Buddha to help you make up your minds and take a path of contrition and ask for forgiveness, for the greater good of a country. You owe it to yourselves and to the people of that country who have been shortchanged in many occasions. That is a mammoth task for some as it requires the elimination of egotistic and narcissistic beliefs which has been a shared trade mark of all participants of the political process since the early 60s.

My brothers and sisters, have you ever asked your selves, may be, just may be that …you…unwittingly playing into, supporting and complicit in the evil that is being perpetrated in the name of freedom and democracy, to destroy your own country? …

Your pledges to support peace and dialogue in the country would give all of us a better leverage in our dealing with the outside world. We have to focus on being able to support ourselves and produce what we need and understand the distinction between what we really ‘need’ versus what we ‘want’.

Do not let your passion overwhelm the reason to stand together!

Yes you can!


(Leave a comment or question and I will respond, if I need to.)
Getachew T.A


Comment from: Taye Admasu [Visitor]
Taye Admasu

This is a very good article. I have never read such article before on

11/24/09 @ 21:12
Comment from: Girma Beyene [Visitor]
Girma Beyene

Selam Ato Getachew, itis always a pleasure to read your articles. I hope the stupid diaspora politicians get youe message and act responsibily.

I like your message to Dr. Birhanu Nega, yes he should return the Ginbot 7 to the peole. I agree he is also a part timer probably worries about the dwindling grant money from the US universities.

Don’t trust Al Mariam too much, he is the same empty barrel. Echoeing statistic and indexes from these elitist media stoogies.

Keep up the good work.


11/25/09 @ 08:22
Comment from: hahu [Visitor]

Your articles are superb but seems less read as the frequency will leave readers in dark and discourage to visit your blog. Therefore, preferable your articles to appear at front page as well for easy access and opportunity for visitors to benefit from your insights .

Whenever I read your articles I get refreshed and automatically feel deem & gloom disappears. Kudos to you and your likes.

Can you or moderators promise for my suggestion?


11/27/09 @ 18:50



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