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Ethiopia - Washington Update



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Ethiopia - Washington Update

Ethiopia - Washington Update

July 8, 2008

Following the great turnout in Washington, DC for the Ethiopian North American Soccer Tournament, Kinijit International in collaboration with Kinijit North American chapters, will continue updating Ethiopians on the present situation including progress on H.R. 2003.

At a meeting at Howard University’s Blackburn Center Doctor Taye Woldesemiat, the Chairman of Kinijit International, spoke at length about the issues confronting all of us. He reminded everyone of the need for unity.

Doctor Taye then introduced Ato Getchew Alemayehu, who flew in from London, England for this week. Ato Getchew spoke to the audience about the current situation back in Ethiopia including the topics of famine, political repression, and underdevelopment.

Wzro. Nigist then spoke about Ethiopia from women’s point of view. She stressed that all Ethiopian national issues include women’s issues too. She reminded the lisners that women have always been a part of the Ethiopian struggles and were even more important today.

Hailu Shawel, President of Kinijit, spoke via international teleconference from Addis Ababa. He spoke about the meeting in Addis Ababa of the General assembly of Kinijit and of how successful it was in organizing people to continue to work for democracy, human rights, and development in Ethiopia. He then spoke directly to the people of the Ethiopian diaspora and especially the Kinijit members to urge them to continue their efforts to achieve those calls. He particularly stressed the financial needs of Kinijit and the help requested from those of us here in North America.

I, Mesfin Mekonen, also spoke at Howard and at the Debteraw Symposium about H.R. 2003 and its present status in front of the United States Senate. I informed the listeners about the pluses and minuses regarding progress in getting H.R. 2003 reported out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and sent to the full Senate. As it is an election year I stressed that direct contact with the Senators (particularly those who are members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) is a necessity. The Capitol Hill newspaper “The Hill” reported on our activities in the issue last week.

This legislation, if passed, will have a big effect on the Ethiopian community as a whole; in Ethiopia and abroad. So, it is essential that our community as a whole provide the support needed to see that it succeeds.

In conclusion: This summer we need to make a point of reaching out to the Senators in every State. Also thanking the members of The House of Representatives for passing H.R. 2003 UNNANIMOUSLY!

Mesfin Mekonen


Comment from: WOW [Visitor]

Mesfi mekonen - Belive it or not i did not read the above article you wrote but i know from the past you have nothing to write except cry over and over again with the same old complain . my friend get a life stop crying Ethiopia doesn,t have a place like . you belive with out the U S and the West noting is impossible . I am here to tell you we the young Ethiopians can put our Ethiopia among the best we will do this with out giving up our sovernity . we don,t need people like you . you are good for nothing , Well except to clean the dishes . Keep cleaning your dishes to your masters and let Ethiopian worry about Ethiopia .

07/08/08 @ 01:28
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]


07/08/08 @ 07:43
Comment from: Janet [Visitor]

Kinijit are you still on HR2003? And Hailu spoke to the audiance from Addis (what a dictatorship he has in Ethiopia). Brhanu was in Brussels with secretaries and nobodies. All these activities are to beg other countries to change the government for them. How pathetic could one be? How about working hard for the next election? But we all know that you all are work shy and wants to have it the easy way, that is, by some miracle America or Europe should change a government for you. But ask youself, why should they have to do it. After all there is a good government who works hard to civilise debelolebash snakes and to better the life of all. Instead compeeting in the coming elelection you preffered to conspire which befits your culture. However, losers, there won’t be any HR2003 or some European or American government change in Ethiopia. Try to tranish the good name of the great man MELES but you won’t succeed. He has more supporters from every ethnic than you. You seem to forget that you have asked for FORGIVNESS and the good hearted PM has forgiven you but still you are at it again complaining about Democracy while having a vedeo conferance fromm Addis. I haven’t heard of such dictatorship. Kinigit and followers: try to be a little civilized. Learn from the democratic countries where you reside civilized behaviour. Your problem arises from the degree of civilization. I mean don’t act to be civilized but be civilized period. That is, drop that Shoan behavior of envy, rumour, jelousy, ill will towards everyone, and laziness. Try it you might sleep better.


07/08/08 @ 08:28
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
Shewa Anbessa

GO ! GO ! The real Kinijit /C.U.D/

Ethiopia shall previl. we struggle we seccsed.

Ethiopia is land ruled by democracy and justice….

Longe live the C.U.D !!

Long live KINIJIT !


07/08/08 @ 08:44
Comment from: haile [Visitor]

Good job!
Keep up this organized effort to insure those politically bewildered diaspora politicians to come to a sence of level to understand eachother.

07/08/08 @ 09:12
Comment from: bk [Visitor]

here we go again…they run out of money now they begging for more to replenish there lavish life style.please ppl don’t fall for this,they are crooks…there is no such thing called kinijit…these people are the old derg terafis.

07/08/08 @ 09:30
Comment from: haile [Visitor]

It is a good job.
Keep in in consolidating it!

07/08/08 @ 09:56
Comment from: Abyssinia [Visitor]

Following the great turnout in Washington, DC for the Ethiopian North American Soccer Tournament, Kinijit International in collaboration with Kinijit North American chapters, will continue updating Ethiopians on the present situation including progress on H.R. 2003 Bull-shit! is H.R 2003 still alive and are you dreaming it still?

07/08/08 @ 11:19
Comment from: Visitor Man [Visitor]
Visitor Man

Mesfin Mekonen: get a life. are you still collecting money from donations??? WHAT A POOR MAN :no:

07/08/08 @ 15:22
Comment from: Roger howard [Visitor]
Roger howard


To. All Ethiopians

As an American who is friend of Ethiopia, who worked and lived in palaces like Addis and jigjiga.
I agree Dr. Taye for his call to unity. because without unity you will be destroyed by the enemies who are all around Ethiopia.
unite, you must not forget that you
have a very powerful enemies on your
boarders with oil money. and you have large population among and inside Ethiopian territory who as I seen and heard from their confessions to me as foreigner, not believe their Ethiopian idintity. who inditify themselves as non Ethiopin.
So, realy Ethiopians you a problem
that is more than your leaders who always you oppose and complain, wether it is Hail Salasia,Mingistu
or Males. forget about the your internal differences in order to survive and devolope Ethiopia, other wise you will be hungary, and attacked over and over again as happened in through out history.
Habasha unite, wether you are Amahara, Tigree,Oromo or Gurage.

07/09/08 @ 10:42



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