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Ethiopia - Washington Update January 28th, 2010



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Ethiopia - Washington Update January 28th, 2010

Ethiopia - Washington Update January 28th, 2010

By Mesfin Mekonen

Ethiopia is preparing for elections in mid-May. The regime is doing its utmost to restrict the activities of the opposition particularly those of the All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP). The media, both print and electronic is directly controlled by the regime. We in the Ethiopian Diaspora must continue to contact our legislators in Washington, DC to urge them to enact legislation demanding free and fair elections in Ethiopia. To have free and fair elections it is necessary to have freedom of the press and expression. Right now all of the opposition to the regime are denied access to radio, television, and newspapers. Without that the ‘election’ could be a fraud.

Here amongst the Diaspora we should take advantage of our freedom of the press and contact media outlets directly. Letters to the Editor are a good way to do this. Call in shows like the morning one on CSPAN are another or local ones in your area.

These elections may be different. The European Union will be sending official observers to see if the election will be fair. The United States and other organizations like international NGOs must be also invited and allowed to observe. Let’s hope that they are not kicked out on some false excuse.

The big news of the past ten days is about the speech by engineer Hailu Shawel, President of the All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP) in Addis Ababa on January 24th in which he outlined his ideas for a new government of Ethiopia. This new government would reverse the failed policies of the present regime and restore faith in an Ethiopian government by the Ethiopian people.

In the speech Hailu Shawel detailed his peaceful program of change in Ethiopia. In a very coherent and detailed way Hailu Shawel placed his program before his fellow Ethiopians. The whole speech can be found at:

He wants to revive the agricultural sector by allowing farmers to own their own land and not be political pawns for the regime. Much of Ethiopia’s land is presently owned by the government and this should not be allowed to continue. He also touched on the shameful lack of employment opportunities for recent graduates. Today the job picture is bleak even for highly educated people. Political connections trump real talent in Ethiopia.

It’s essential to use our resources to get Congress to work for Human Rights in Ethiopia now, prior to the mid-May elections. Ethiopians in Ethiopia are taking great risks to work for democracy in the country. We need to help by providing financial support to them. The AEUP needs you help. This may be a great opportunity for Ethiopia! Let’s not waste it!

As we all know Ethiopian Airlines has had an exemplary record for many decades. Even with all the problems of the Dergue, the Meles. Regime, etc. the company was recognized as one of the best. It is with sadness that we remember the recent crash of one of its airliners off Beirut last week. We pray for the victims.

Mesfin Mekonen


Comment from: justin [Visitor]


“The regime is doing its utmost to restrict the activities of the opposition particularly those of the All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP). “

Man u fib too much - I have seen/heard/read all of the oppostion parties. And I am sure as you know, with the agreement of all the parties, each party has been given additional dedicated space or time in print, radio and tv.

Man, try to be a better liar if unfortunately you decide to be one.

Isn’t Hailu Shawel a former minister of Mengistu? The guys who gave us 1% or sub-1% economic growth every year, and the red terror? I think we will pass - thanks for the invite though.

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር

01/30/10 @ 05:22
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]


You are still broadcasting non sense and garbage news. You should be ashamed by putting all craps on line. As your boss, you should go back and kiss the regime. You think your article has a consistent and informative message. Shame on you.

01/30/10 @ 14:44
Comment from: Law and Order [Visitor]  
Law and Order

Dear fellow Ethiopian

My Problem is not Meles. We need consitution not Hailu. We should think twice, once Hailu or anyone have power they won’t be the same person as they were.
Please please lets’s work on by chosing a Judges who will fight for every ethiopian. work, live freely without any force. no one above the LAW

01/30/10 @ 19:05



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