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Ethiopia - What must be done to win the Fight against EPRDF?



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Ethiopia - What must be done to win the Fight against EPRDF?

Ethiopia - What must be done to win the Fight against EPRDF?

By Adunyaa Ammanamaa

Justice itself is the great standing policy of civil society; and eminent departure from it, under any circumstances, lies under any suspicion of being no policy at all. (Edmund Burke) I would love to start my article with a great quote that will summarize the current situation of Ethiopia. I don’t think it is exaggerated to say that the current ruling party of Ethiopia, EPRDF, did nothing better for the citizens of Ethiopia than its military predecessor Dergue. The majority the population struggle with increasing inflation and the cost of living though the government claims changes. Despite the increasing popular opposition, the ruling party has been working hard to secure victory in the coming national election.

With only eleven months to go, the EPRDF is going after potential competitors of the coming election. The recent arrest of CUD members and false accusations against Dr. Berhanu Nega was a good example in which the government is trying to secure victory and eliminate strong opposition parties from competition. It will not be intricate for the people of Ethiopia to realize what the government has been doing to them. Whether we accept it or not the country is divided more than it was two decays ago. The EPRDF’s ‘divide and rule’ policy divided the country opening a door for future political altercations. The TPLF led administration seems to capitalize on the ethnic, religious and political divisions we have witnessed in the past fourteen years. Some of you who are reading this article might think that I am an affiliate of certain political groups or party. We must have to accept the truth; we would not have spent fourteen years of injustice if there was a unity among us.

It is important to look back at what happened in the 2005 election. Most of the opposition parties are ill prepared and lack strong principles that will guide them through their struggle. It was the lack preparation and mistrust which led to disintegration of some the opposition political parties on the aftermath of the May 2005 election. A good example of these can be a division between the leadership of Coalition for Democracy and Unity (CUD), and the division of the Oromo National Congress (ONC). It is critical for all who want a justice to prevail in the county working together and bring a national consciousness. Dividing the people and organizing multiple political parties representing the same ethnic group will give longevity to the ruling EPRDF.

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