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Ethiopia - Who Will Replace Meles Zenawi



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Ethiopia - Who Will Replace Meles Zenawi

Ethiopia - Who Will Replace Meles Zenawi

Joe Michael

In a rear declaration by an African leader, Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi vowed in multiple occasions that he would step down as a PM when his term ends in 2010. He has been the Head of the State and the prime Minster for the past 18 years.

Those 18 years weren’t easy to Meles. They were very challenging. The country had to go through different wars under his leadership. His comrades almost demoted him post Ethiopia-Eritrea war. His reputation has been diminished by his offensive reaction to the opposition’s decision of boycotting the parliament as a result of the controversial 2005 election. The construction boom and the increase in the private investment aren’t promising to the economy either. Hanger and poverty are still the main threats of the country.

After 18 years in power, the Meles administration has not created a single neutral institution that can be trusted by the people. There are no free and democratic institutions, including the court. The media is still controlled by the government; in fact freedom of press was much better in Meles’s first term than today. After 18 years in power, TPLF lacks confidence and guns are still aimed at the people.

However, if what Meles said is true, there are only two years before he hands over the leadership. Apparently, there is nothing much he can do within the next two years of his last administration. Therefore, history will remember him through what he has done so far. Perhaps, his greatest achievement was leading the TPLF guerilla fighters winning the Derge regime.

In the meantime, the most significant and rational thing to do is to assess who would replace Meles Zenawi and to evaluate the changes that would come with it. In deed, who would replace Meles Zenawi? TPLF has not yet revealed its candidate, but it will soon be a critical task to do. Regardless, based on Meles’s declaration, one thing is very clear. Whether an opposition, if there will be one, or EPRDF wins the next election, there will be a new Prime Minister for Ethiopia.


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Comment from: Azanaw [Visitor]

Siye Abraha should go back to the Organization and replace Meles Zenawi in a fair and secretive election of TPLF/EPRDF

07/30/08 @ 18:47
Comment from: Ethiopia AND TIHUN [Visitor]
Ethiopia AND TIHUN

No Tigre! No Kialam Tigre. I am serious. We need pure Ethiopians, Oromo, Amhara, or Guragie!!!

07/30/08 @ 18:48
Comment from: Meles Zenawi [Visitor]
Meles Zenawi

Hello everyone, respected colleagues;

Once in a time I visit this site. Even though you might not expect this.

Please know that the issue of a successor is a state secrete currently. My party leaders and influencial members are still in the process of deliberating on our next prime minister.

I kind of wished to stay a bit longer like other African leaders do. But I feared being overthrown.

I promise to announce our decsion on this site when the time comes. I should look forward to this moment.

In the mean time I will continue to transfer my loot to Europe. May be you can suggest on this one. Please do not think of Swiss banks these days that is no longer secret. Or may be China? what about India? oho may be Zimbabwe, with Mengistu.

I mean he is an old freind you know. After all it was my lust for power, I don’t personally have a problem with him. Dahan hunu >:XX

07/30/08 @ 18:58
Comment from: Selomea [Visitor]

If EPRDF remain in power there are three top candidates, in my view
1. Dr. Tewodros Adhane
2. Abo Girma Biru
3. Ato Arkebe???

07/30/08 @ 19:04
Comment from: Sura [Visitor]


07/30/08 @ 19:06
Comment from: bereket [Visitor]

no one. please don’t compare extraordinary with ordinary people.but
eventhough the next leader is notn going to be as smart as meles but i do
hope he is not to be as dame as the cud leaders.

07/30/08 @ 19:28
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

the best thing he can do is to organize a transition to someone who is able to understand the challenges that awaits him.

There is no one with that capacity in hos generation as he seems to be the only one who read some books to keep himself updated..

May be the post-tegadalai generation..But the party seem to keep them hided.

Forget about the opposition, they are not even capable to keep a small organization like kinjit on foot, let alone a huge country like Ethiopia with so many problems.

07/30/08 @ 19:34
Comment from: Thomas H [Visitor]
Thomas H

Mr Joe Michael(ex-derg under false name),
You should know that in a country like Ethiopia ,it is the peasant who will decide the fate of that country.The peasants said time and again they are happy with EPRDF under the leadership of H.E. PM Meles Zenawi.Nowadays whether you believe it or not parents are giving the name “Meles” to their newborn babies.This shows you how much our prime minister is adored by peasants.In some cases the peasants trust in Meles like they trust in God.Regardless of what Meles said,he is the choice of the majority peasants for his EXTREMELY HIGH IQ
and charismatic character.Like the Ethiopian peasants,I myself also trust in Meles like I trust in God.God bless Meles Zenawi the gentle man of the 23rd century!

07/30/08 @ 19:39
Comment from: Moti [Visitor]

Hahaha, Very Funy :roll:

Some Woyane tugs tend show sympathy for Crime minister melese zenawi …

By the way, are you guys aware of the fact that OPDO is significant majority party within EPDRF communist group:>>

However, the TPLF minority among major parties of the EPRDF “coalition” is governing coz they are Tigray-born:no:

So, the next prime minister is definitely a Tigre, to be specific from ADWA, to be very specific a half-Eritrean:>

Now, those of you who know their damned names may do fitting into the afore-mentioned scenarios to determine who will be the next melese zenawi :crazy:

07/30/08 @ 19:53
Comment from: JJ [Visitor]





07/30/08 @ 20:03
Comment from: reality [Visitor]

What made meles “capable"? Please, what makes him capable is because he works for the West that is all. It does not mean he is doing good for ethiopia,not even for Tigrayans because he created animosity between Tigrayans and the rest of ethiopians. Tigrayans may think he is doing them a favor but he is leaving them years of head ache. Big mistake. Nevertheless, we are ALL , tigray, Oromo, amara, etc have lived together for years, his attempt to divide and conquer will fail

07/30/08 @ 20:03
Comment from: Xavier Xjabalxa [Visitor]
Xavier Xjabalxa

Some of you seem to suggest that Meles should continue. Well do you know that it is such attitued that makes dicatators what they are? After all most of them have a wider support base and their subjects tell them they are doing very well and should continue so. You should stop that mentality.>:XX

I know being a leader itself is a tough job whether it is a dictatorship, a monarc or and elected one. And meles did a tought job wether good or bad.

So lets look forward to Mele of the table. Hoping this is true. You know I do not dare compare Eth. with china but china was stagnating economically in the time of Mao. I mean the main thing meles did, as we can affirm now, is that he led successfull a gorrila fight as Mao did.

Meles reads yes, most leaders do. Mao was a good reader but he was not successful as Meles is. Even meles has an Msc in Economics by distance but economically we still need to go a long way. The other important thing is when Mao was replaced Chinas economic boom ensued, lets home the same thing for mother Eth.

I don’t love you Meles; I don’t either hate you. You are just striving to stay in power. If you give that seat to the so callled millions of tekawamis that flourish every day, well we are ruined. I tell you.

Hey Selomea,

Dr. Adhanom does not make a good PM, but he seems to be doing good as a Health Minister.

I am not quite sure if the other two are also fit. All Arkebe did is build condominium and may be loot some money. I don’t have much information on Girma Birru, I don’t think he is that fit too. Don’t mention that stupid Addisu Legest he is a Khat monger crazy gangsta.

07/30/08 @ 20:05
Comment from: JJ [Visitor]  




07/30/08 @ 20:15
Comment from: yahoo [Visitor]

I shall replace him and anyone who dares to compete against me shall be held at a gun-point|-|

07/30/08 @ 20:17
Comment from: ashu [Visitor]


07/30/08 @ 20:52
Comment from: tebebu [Visitor]

What happened to all politicians here on this medrek.

One of them can be a leader:) They are only good on talking. Shame diasporas.


07/30/08 @ 20:55
Comment from: jambo [Visitor]

Guys are you kidding yourself or are you are you day dreaming? Do you think he will leave power while he is alive. I don’t think

07/30/08 @ 21:00
Comment from: SINTA/YAMI [Visitor]

Are we all sure that he will go away from
Ethio power. If u ask me, i do not think so because he did not finish killing and
throwing Ethiopians in to povery.
SO please peaple just pray to God so that Ethiopia will survive from his cruelties
God bless Ethiopia
please do not divide up our beautiful Ethiopia: We are from one cauntry,is just one person playing by our mind which is Meles ZENAWI

07/30/08 @ 21:11
Comment from: Yegermal 2 [Visitor]
Yegermal 2

If the prime minister does what he says
I think it is one good step for the country.
However, If power is transfered to anoter
EPRDF member, the country may go to another
difficult times.

07/30/08 @ 21:12
Comment from: Tegerami [Visitor]

In my opinion, it would be good if meles stays for another term or two. By then these so-called oppositions may evaluate their shortcomings and will become a viable political entities. The way I look at it, ethio is not ready for another leadership. Hell no !

07/30/08 @ 21:13
Comment from: beiam [Visitor]


07/30/08 @ 21:33
Comment from: MELES [Visitor]

hey guys why i dont tell u who is gona be next pm.U SERIOUSELY BE READY OK

07/30/08 @ 21:39
Comment from: yonas solomon [Visitor]
yonas solomon


07/30/08 @ 22:18
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

SIYE ABRAHA is the future, if I am wrong, ke melasae segur yenekel. Part of this hateful suffocating dogmatic group of people, he distinguished and re created himself by doing two simple things.

One, total and complete forgiveness of those who did wrong to him.

Two, he opened his ears wide and tried his best to understand the pain of the majority of Ethiopians, be it for different reasons.

That left him in the heart of millions. He will win a truly free election outright.
He will stop this hateful cancer of division deep in the hearts of Ethiopians by the hated ethnic bantustanization of the country.

Wei Hama ya hulu gura yanae yet yegeba yehone. The nation Ethiopia that defeated the colonizer Italy, will not be defeated by the colony Eritrea. Ethiopia will be avenged.

07/30/08 @ 22:25
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

I thought the outside powers appoint monkeys to run the show. Ask those powers who will be the next dictator.
TPLF is not ready for peaceful transition of power where democracy election are not practiced. So any one with AK-47 probably another tigre in line may be appointed to weaken Ethiopia and to robe its resources. A nationalist who prioritize Ethiopia’s interest will never be appointed.
Who will pay for his retirement by the way. I hope Ethiopia will not.

07/30/08 @ 22:34
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

As for the banda Zenawi, noone will even remember him in a few years time, both he and Mengistu are nothing but a tiny tiny footnote in page five hundred seventy five, of that great a thousand page long GEDEL, they call Ethiopian history.

Mengistu Haile Mariam betam chekagne meri neberu, besachew gezae bezu sew tegedelwal alu.

Meles Zenawi, betam zeregna meri neberu, be esachew gezae ageru hulu begosa teshensheno, hulu neger sele gosa becha nebere alu.

Yehew new, ene Ezana, Lalibela, Zerea Yakob, Iyasu Adiam Seged, Yohanes Tsadeku, Emeyie Menelik, bezu meri yasalefech hager nat Ethiopia.

07/30/08 @ 22:34
Comment from: Tigist [Visitor]

May be another stupid asshole will replace Meles!

07/30/08 @ 22:47
Comment from: abeshaw [Visitor]

Wow so people actually believe what Meles Zenawi says? Is he the same guy that promised Ethiopians would eat 3 times a day? or the guy who promised democracy, justice, equality or development? It is very rare that a brutal dictator lets go of power see Mugabe, Mubarak, Ghadafi, Bashir, Asad and the rest but again there are a few bright ones like Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya who let go of power for the sake of their country and people. I hope Meles is the latter kind of dictator although his actions and comments reveal nothing patriotic or love for all the Ethiopian people.

07/30/08 @ 23:41
Comment from: kokeb [Visitor]

Any parasite with the IQ of ten or greater than ten will substitute and can obtain better job than the MIDGET jurassik lamprey. Example animals better than frog face primate minister are many and ready to replace MR,geico. some of the challangers are NEMATHODS, liver fluk, MALARIA, ameoba, ASCARIS,
roach, KEMAL,kuncha,MAGGOTS,tenia-saginita,BELARZIA,type,ADWA MAMBA,earth worm, and “WIZERO ZIMB”
LOL!! melataw will be gone and dead.

07/31/08 @ 00:08
Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]

I am confident that Meles will not relinquish power voluntarily in just two years from now, but if it miracoulously happened we, the Ethiopian people, should vote for one of these two: YEHA or JANET.

07/31/08 @ 00:20
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

. . .only our people can decide who will be the next. . . IF!. . .If they (LEBAS) will hear us our voices and they (KILLERS) give us fair election!. . .

but, . . . i believed, they will install puppet government by this UGLY REGIME!!!

. . .the Evil will leave his throne but his command and power will stay and circulated to all of his cronies to continue his evildoings!!!

07/31/08 @ 00:42
Comment from: Ethiojegna [Visitor]

I’m really “Hanger"y to see a Kinijit article with no spelling errors.

07/31/08 @ 00:46
Comment from: EthioKuV [Visitor]

Dude, Ethiopia is Tigrai. In case you do not know the history, that is where Ethiopianism started. I agree with the name and Ethiopia but you need to fix your approch because what you preach is not andenet.

07/31/08 @ 01:03
Comment from: Spass105 [Visitor]

I think Dictator Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea will take over the premiership as he has declared himself PRESIDENT-FOR-LIFE.

Only then will Ethiopia become the SINGAPORE OF AFRICA!!

07/31/08 @ 01:05
Comment from: EthioKuV [Visitor]

Meles will be replaced by Meles. This guy will not leave power unless he is dead or the military kills him… which by the way is not a bad idea.

07/31/08 @ 01:06
Comment from: alemat tahir [Visitor]
alemat tahir

this is hard time we need strong man who that can bring our land and port.i think that person is only Siye because still the army is looking him for good miltary strategey as the same time for reconcilation

07/31/08 @ 01:22
Comment from: Tazabe [Visitor]

There was a debate a couple of months ago that Ato Girma Birru was the candidate. I recall during the elections one opposition leader said that he was the only man that had said things that made sense. I hope it will be someone with an open mind and not from the “field".


07/31/08 @ 02:12
Comment from: Fangil [Visitor]

I think Urage or BegeMidir cannot be posted and Walita too.
So we should expect some nobleman from OROMO
Nation as a successor of MeLese ZenawI.

07/31/08 @ 02:27
Comment from: bt [Visitor]


“rear” in first line is typed ‘rare’

07/31/08 @ 03:24
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Most of you seem to think that the ethnicity of the leader is more important than his skills.

Meles Zenawi,despite the fact that he made some big mistakes (ethnic politics) has some results he can show for his 18 years (in agriculture, education, diplomacy,construction..).

The fear i have is that we have 80% chances that the next leader will undo these small spotlights because most people don’t give credit to Meles for that and won’t defend them. They just want some one who reverses the ethnic politics no matter if he is fit for the post or not.

When i see that there are people still waiting for Berhanu Nega…

07/31/08 @ 04:14
Comment from: tazabiw [Visitor]

Hopefully not one of the stupid so called PHD/Dr diaspora from opposition.

07/31/08 @ 04:49
Comment from: Hagos [Visitor]

Hey guys!
What about me, the STUPID Addisu Legese? heeee
If i come to power, the No. of starved people will be trippled,half z popn., than the Meles regieme. I promise to work hard for that!!!

Ya Ha haha ha ha ha!

07/31/08 @ 04:55
Comment from: Abune Petros -Ahunim -Bandan yawgzu -Hilinan Yigeztu [Visitor]
Abune Petros -Ahunim -Bandan yawgzu -Hilinan Yigeztu

Dear Ashu,

Birhanu and his followers have no tradition of politics.

Birhanu ke’felege shingurtun licherchir yichilal !! Lezia malmiya yemihon beqi QONTCHERA alewna !!

07/31/08 @ 05:11
Comment from: debubawi [Visitor]

Tewodros Adhanom is the right person

07/31/08 @ 05:23
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]  
c´moi senait


this is a good time to replace all shinagiles with Women Time for WOMAN

07/31/08 @ 05:27
Comment from: aba mela [Visitor]
aba mela

Dear Mr.Joe Michael (the ex Derg)
there is no one who can replace MELES ZENAWI for the time being
We are not expecting the chairman of the EPRP Berehanu Nega from Amercica shouting like a street dog. I heard there is a huge demonstration in the
near future saying we need meles for another five years.

07/31/08 @ 05:29
Comment from: hammere [Visitor]

Joe Micheal

You are simply nonsense. Meles was is and will continue to be the prime minister of the country. No Ethiopia without Meles Zenawi.

07/31/08 @ 05:31
Comment from: trust nobody [Visitor]
trust nobody

you’re f**k banda stop interfering in our
poltics, I know you all banda wish were
an Ethiopia. All hamase, ansba, ebdorho
are nigros have no place in our country
you people are looking for slave master
Mosolone grand son will taker you.

07/31/08 @ 06:32
Comment from: xavier xjabalxja [Visitor]
xavier xjabalxja

Can I be the next prime minister? But I will not accept it if you will insult me like you did to Meles Zenawi. Please let me hear your decison. I can make a good PM. I have been a good golf player, I also know how to play football. Oh one important thing I know boxing and how to use the klashinkov.

07/31/08 @ 06:32
Comment from: [Member]

I think KOKEB can be the best candidate for PM representing opposition kinijit unless they have other candidate. But, I don’t think they could get better than KOKEB.

KOKEB for President!!!!

07/31/08 @ 07:54
Comment from: zer-ooo [Visitor]

How abt an Oromo guy for a change…let them be given a chance just like the amaras and tigres…see if they can make a difference

07/31/08 @ 08:04
Comment from: afarman [Visitor]

Hope Meles will extend his years of service, Ethiopia and EPRDF needs his experience, but anyway if Meles goes on and decides to leave office there will be a lot of candidates who can take over power from him. EPRDF will continue to be a dominant political force in the country. It doesnt matter who will be the next prime Minister. May God bless the EPRDF and Ethiopia. I hope the next one will be in a better position to understand the negative diaspora and anti ethiopian eritrean based insurrectionists. I expect the next ethiopian prime minister to cleanse Ethiopia from Eritrean sponsored insurgents, if there is a need why not destroy their base in Asmara. We can do it all. Thanks to meles but the next person replacing him will be tough on Eritrea. Eritrea seems to have lost opportunity to sort out its problems with Ethiopia under Meles. he was too good for Eritrea but Eritrea gave him a slap in the face. Thanks Meles anyway, this man did all he can but certain section of the society failed to understand his vision for ethiopia. VIVA Meles and ETHIOPIA.

07/31/08 @ 08:25
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

After 18 years in power, the Meles administration has not created a single neutral institution that can be trusted by the people.

After 18 years in power, the Meles administration has not created a single neutral institution that can be trusted by the people.

After 18 years in power, the Meles administration has not created a single neutral institution that can be trusted by the people.

After 18 years in power, the Meles administration has not created a single neutral institution that can be trusted by the people.

sad but true.

07/31/08 @ 08:42
Comment from: feyissa [Visitor]

Meles will be a foreign minister and
Seyum mesfin will be a prime minister.
Because Meles is not only a prime
minister,but also a business man.he
wants more money.that is the biggest
problem we have.He is a big tumour for
our country.Our country need a big
operation in order to avoid this
tumour.I wish him a car or plane

07/31/08 @ 09:08
Comment from: Muse Joshua [Visitor]
Muse Joshua

I think the writer of this article doesn’t know our double faced crime minister, Meles. Meles won’t leave the nation from his bruital leadership unless killed like Haile selassie or deposed like Mengistu. Don’t trust Meles’ lies! He may stay in power for 10-15 years till either he is killed or deposed by power, I guess-this is our history after all.
Dil le Ethiopia hizb!!!

07/31/08 @ 09:35
Comment from: tolosa [Visitor]

I am not sure that he will step down when his term expires because this is not entirely his decision. Whether or not he will step down is decided by his party. If his party (assuming that it will win the next election, which I don’t doubt at all) decides that he is the better candidate, he will take it.
But, if a new prime minster has to elected, he or she has to be of Oromo nationality.

07/31/08 @ 09:41
Comment from: Xavier xjabalxa [Visitor]
Xavier xjabalxa

Hey so called diaspora,

Come and invest now Meles will be gone. don’t list all sorts of crisis.
We are waiting for you.

07/31/08 @ 09:58
Comment from: Gemoraw [Visitor]

In my opinion P.M.Meles Zenawi should continue for the next term. For he next chairman of EPPRDF I suggest the following according the order presented here:
1.Mr. Girma Birru
2. Mr. Seyoum Mesfin
3. Mr. Bereket Semon
4. Mr. Addisu Legesse

07/31/08 @ 10:15
Comment from: Zemen [Visitor]

It is highly probable that Meles would “honour” his word this time around, but it is not because he sees intrinsic value for the nation, it is because he may be aiming for more: some sort of award (such as the Africa leadership award of the Sudanese billionare) or the highest office in what may become the USA; do not get me wrong, I am talking about the United States of Africa.

Many talk about Meles` achievements, but what these devoted cadres should ask themselves is whether he indeed helped to create something that out lasts his term of office. Achievement more than anything else is measured by certainty, continuity and sustainability. As life has thought us, a good leader like a good teacher, should also be able to nurture many more people of his caliber or even better. And as things stand, there is none that has this resemblance in Meles`s Ethiopia. He may be a hero or an achiever for some, but as far as the Ethiopian nation is concerned he is a complete failure.

07/31/08 @ 10:31
Comment from: biratu [Visitor]

No more Tigres/Shabia/Weyane! Time for true Ethiopian leadership.

W. Biratu

07/31/08 @ 10:34
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

Shewarega AKA war monger bastard

hello day dreamer, dont’ you get it adgi. day dreaming is for suckers such as your self. heartless barbarians who loves to see ethiopian and eritrean blood spiled for no reason. first i would advise you and fellow ethiopian such as FREE to come and colletct your dead ethiopians soldiers who are all over the hills of eritrea. i know their family would want proper burial. second seya abraha was trained and armed by shaebia therefore we know him very well. he is another adgi from tigray who have no heart but to send poor oromos and amharas to be used as mine sweepers. sheweraga adgi, this isn’t 1960,70,80’s….no more power to amharas, and tigray at the expense of the restof the horn. you days in power are done, move on and swallow the bitter pill. if not, you will meet the same fate as your forefathers. eritrea is here to stay, if you want to visit THE BEAUTIFULL COAST OF ERITREA just ask for visa. dont’ be a hater, respect the integrity of eritrea. if not you will be bruied with yoru forfathers adgi. people like you and free are the reason why tplf invaded eritrea. just to please stupid moron amhara’s who can’t let go eritrea. you’re way to attached. let it adgi before you have a heart attack and die

eritrea for ever and ever

07/31/08 @ 10:57
Comment from: Master Mind [Visitor]
Master Mind

How hard could it get to find another donkey whel they are estimated around 4 million?

Even if meles leave the power TPLF/Agazi is the olne still be hummering you in a head… don’t believe?
you will believe when you will see well this is not Democratic Republic of Ethiopia but a Kingdom of Tgray….don’t be stupid to figure out this…you don’t really owe nothing that country at this time and you do not belong there if you are good Ethiopian.

07/31/08 @ 10:57
Comment from: Janet [Visitor]

If this news is true then we will organize a big demonstration against Meles’ descision(God forbide). Most of Ethiopians don’t want him to leave prematurly for there are a lot of work to be done. He is too big to replace, it is like replacing Mandela. He is God’s gift for Africa and Ethiopia. Can you imagine replacing the great man with those air heads in the diaspora? No way. They would pull the country back hundreds of years. He is destined to rule and they are destined to demostrate the rest of thei miserable lives.


07/31/08 @ 11:03
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

Meles Zenawi is a respectable person. Of course, he made some mistakes, and he did a lot of good things to our country. History will judge him. Any way, if EPRDF wins the next election, I think we have so many to choose for PM position. When we come to the opposition party, Lidetu Ayalew is my first choice. God bless Ethiopia.

07/31/08 @ 11:06
Comment from: mamo [Visitor]

Don’t be surprised if Meles leaves and pass the cirty bag to Sebaht Nega
and the other morons.

07/31/08 @ 11:25
Comment from: Facts [Visitor]

Melese will become president, shift all the power of to the presedency. He will name a hench man for his position, most likly from oromo, and continue to govern. wayane will never leave the power, and accept non wayane to govern. only on gun not dream take your gun and fight. that is the only solution to this dictatroship.the west will only deal with the winer, who ever that winner is.

07/31/08 @ 11:25
Comment from: Wedi Bolle [Visitor]
Wedi Bolle

Fisseha Manjus should be the next president.
If not him Dr. Natsnet or Ato wondwossen.

07/31/08 @ 11:53
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

“No Ethiopia without Meles Zenawi” by hammere. . .


how dare you to say that! look! whats our country Ethiopia under your UGLY, LEBA and KILLER Regime?

full scale of redtapes, corruptions, hunger, cronysm, nepotism, tortures and lootings!

shut up! stupid puppet!

07/31/08 @ 12:29
Comment from: dereje [Visitor]

I believe the man when he said he will leave office come 2010. if he doesnt i and millions of ethiopians will feel cheated and disapointed. however that is some thing only time tells. the point is, is meles resignation good and what should the replacemnt do. in my opinion meles resignation is a step to the right direction by the country and the party provided his replacemnt is a healer and a uniter. we also have a responsibility to give the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity for the replacer to succed in his/her effort to heal the wounds.

07/31/08 @ 12:40
Comment from: berry [Visitor]

:crazy: Who would replace TPLF :crazy:

07/31/08 @ 12:47
Comment from: Birgas [Visitor]

You all have concrete IDEAS but the reality of the matter is…

OLF has the majority of Ethiopias supporters, even though it’s not a registered party. RECOGNIZED but not registered.

…If ‘Mele’ quits(which i strongly doubt) the only government entitled and capable of leading OROMIA is OLF. The truth of the matter is unavoidable.

Mark my word people, it’s bound to happen.

07/31/08 @ 13:12
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Ato Meles Zenawi is probably the most capable politician in Ethiopia’s recent history. He was able to steer Ethiopia safely in some dangerous times. He is a gifted speaker who never embarass himself and the country whenever engaging with reporters. I don’t think Ethiopia lacks someone to replace him but it may be unlikely to get someone as sharp as his excellency Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The only black spot in his record I have is his administration’s alledged involvement in selling Ethiopia’s land to the Sudan. I hope he cleanup this mess before he leave office so that his good name is not tarnished by this allegation forever.

07/31/08 @ 13:12
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Certainly ,NOBODY ,like his spiritual
Father ,Mengistu ,this guy will remain hanged
to power until somone will owerthrow by
force .Lady Djandjawite ,keep on your illusion
for yourself ,this guy never give a dime
interest for all your supposed actions .
He has al ready packed his luguage to run
away if things gone wrong ,leaving you and
all your relavites exposed to the peoples
Justice .

07/31/08 @ 13:14
Comment from: ashenafi [Visitor]

it may seem strange to you guys ..but
mark my word..the next prime minister is gone be ..LIDETU AYALEW..i have personal knowledge of these we speak ..they are ..negotiating with edepa..and..weyanea…

07/31/08 @ 13:27
Comment from: Mamo [Visitor]

Hi Joe Micheal, in the first place, your effort to make your name sound like white tells a lot by itself. It shows how small, confused,and full of inferiority complex you are. Second, please check your spelling if you want me to keep reading your crap. I am sure you meant to say “rare” when you wrote “rear", “hunger” when you wrote “hanger", they both mean different things. Simply because you spell checked does not mean that your writing was good. In fact, some of your paragraphs do not make sense at all. Your writing is so pathetic I could not finish reading it. You are as pathetic as your writing.

07/31/08 @ 13:33
Comment from: ZXAmiche [Visitor]

Shewarega, almot bai tegadai, yedil aTbiya arbegna!

You stated, “Wei Hama ya hulu gura yanae yet yegeba yehone. The nation Ethiopia that defeated the colonizer Italy, will not be defeated by the colony Eritrea. Ethiopia will be avenged. “

Fabricator, did you forget it already that England rescued your “Yeyihuda Kebero” that betrayed his people, when the going got tough?

Loser, did you already forgot your 3000 years fabricated history was a done deal, once for all, in our 30 years of Eritrean resistance?

Sucker, did you already forget that your father, uncles, brothers and cousins were perished in vain, in Eritrean soil, before Siye attempted to reinvade Eritrea but disintegrated, after drafting Oromo cannon fodders to use them for Abay Tigrai?

Beggar, did you already forgot your huletegna kifleTor fate? Did you forgot the unforgetable sidstegna and other yeTor zemechas, Nadew Iz, Terrara kifleTor, Nebelbal serawit and other mengistu’s war toys to be history, along with their leader of “The best armed military in Black Africa?”

Dreamer, did you forget it that it was Shaebia that trained, rescued in Shire and escorted the beggar Siye Abraha, all the way to Addis?

Now, when every attempt is failed to subdue Eritrea, you are, once again from your office, manipulating Tigray mercinaries to do the job. In your dream, fool! There is no more cannonfodders and minesweepers of Oromia. It is between Eritrea with all Ethiopian opposition fronts against Woyane. And Woyane is not fool to take suicide mission, for it knows its limit, without Ethiopian minesweepers.

Knowing Meles’ Woyane and its masters, Ethiopia is “meles or none.” Don’t sit in your office and dream for Assab, unless you want to learn what war, deep inside Ethiopia is going to look like, stupid!

Deha behilmu kibe bayTeTa, min yiwiTew neber, LeteKemach semai Kirbu newna!

07/31/08 @ 13:41
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]  
c´moi senait

Col. MENGISTU and his freid MUGABI.

How about a WOMAN ? Most of you think only those SHIMAGILES infected with all sorts of Sickness.

Time a Women to Run ethiopia for GOOD.

07/31/08 @ 14:15
Comment from: KOKEB [Visitor]

On the future of ethiopia NO! TPLF or WEYANE members to be allowed in military, NATIONAL SECURITY, administration, CEO,bank, monatery funds, planning and budget. during HAILE and MENGISTU era these idiots held vital positions in military and at sensetive installation of ethiopian army and bases like any ethiopian citzen with out any question, with respect, equality and maximum
right. Now consider the extent of “THE DOUBLE FACE PEOPLE"!who realy caused a lots of bloody war, death ,injury and economy catastroph for ethiopia, acting like an ethiopian “THEY ARE THE MAIN REASON TO THE SURVIVAL OF SHABIA” by spying their own country for SHABIA MONGERS. All our movments the secret of our military for ISAYAS and SHABIA mongers. Instead of being a country builders they merge with SHABIA and destroy our bridges and infrastructures. Instead of being a protector of our sea-port and naval bases, they sided with our enemy ELF and SHABIA to the point we lost our water acess. instead of respect and working togather with their ethiopian brothers and sister, they were the main reason to sale out ETHIOPIA by acting ethiopian spying and transmitting our national security, intellegence, the location of out armies, the type of armaments, the movment of our para-troops and the storage of our ammunition and army catche.

07/31/08 @ 14:23
Comment from: wrufael [Visitor]

May be Ethiopia will fall on the hand of some “SHIFTAS". But, perhaps the PM. will serve his country as a Presidant too so, those “SIFTAS” will be under control again. Other wise, a lot of Ethiopian enemys are looking for Ethopian distruction and
“MEGENETATEL". So, Dear Ethiopians take care, we can’t save this country just by words with out concidering the reality to come. The fact is that many “YEKEBERO-BAHTAWIANS” on
the way. They are tolking about the unity of Ethiopia but, there gool is “MEGENTEL” and working hard to be possible.
May God Give a good leader for this country.

07/31/08 @ 14:32
Comment from: Kalkidan [Visitor]

Well said Joe Michael,

Your article concludes at best what Meles has done for the long grueling 18 years in power .

It is also crucial for all Ethiopians to get engaged and entertain the idea of the next leader of Ethiopia.

This is the perfect time to get to know who will be the qualified person to lead a united prosperous Ethiopia.

I will not trust Meles to step down peacefully as he vowed since he is a dictatorial person. However we Ethiopians in and out have to be ready to face the real challenges to come.

07/31/08 @ 14:54
Comment from: God [Visitor]

I ask,Does Malas know Me?…He was sent by Me to straighten cofused children of Ethiopia…I’ll send someone who w’ll unite them against anti-unity forces per se their request. I can see these forces are working hard to oust Malas and replace him by God fearing prime minister.
I’m listening to their cyies and woes.

07/31/08 @ 15:37
Comment from: God [Visitor]

I ask,Does Malas know Me?…He was sent by Me to straighten cofused children of Ethiopia…I’ll send someone who w’ll unite them against anti-unity forces per se their request. I can see these forces are working hard to oust Malas and replace him by God fearing prime minister.
I’m listening to their cryies and woes.

07/31/08 @ 15:40
Comment from: [Member]

Notwithstanding your very poor command of the English language, Mr Joe blue-eyes Michael, the answer to your question is very straightforward. The only person who should replace Meles Zenawi would be one who is elected by the parliament after a free and fair election is held to elect true representatives of the people, as stated in the constitution. If a free and fair election can’t be held, as is usually the case, the head of the transitional government should be elected by prominent Ethiopians, gathered from all corners of Ethiopia, after a violent overthrow of the Ag*me dynasty.


07/31/08 @ 15:58
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

One thing is very clear. It is not hard for Meles to deny those words. Here are his words when that day arrives. “Ethiopia is not ready for another PM. because of this I will serve one more term” quated from Meles’ speach on May 2010

07/31/08 @ 17:21
Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]

The Shabians, ZXamiche, Philly, etc, are angry that Shewarega is mentioning Siye Abraha as the next saviour of Ethiopia which is making the SHABIANS defecate and urinate on the pants. I don’t believe another woyane is the solution, but, Shabians are going to try to “kill” Shewarega with their multiple internet drone.

07/31/08 @ 17:28
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]  

Let’s bring Mengistu back:-)

07/31/08 @ 17:41
Comment from: Ethio [Visitor]

Is not a leader chosen by the people?

Who ever is being nominated here is unlikely to make it, who ever Meles nominats is just another Dictator.

Yes, the only way to unrest is to continue the way you do here, and Meles does there.

Yes, the only way to Democracy is by one person one vote, free of intimidation by the ruling party.

Yes, we can. It is change we can believe in and see, Democracy equally to all.

07/31/08 @ 18:01
Comment from: Abune Petros -Ahunim -Bandan yawgzu -Hilinan Yigeztu [Visitor]
Abune Petros -Ahunim -Bandan yawgzu -Hilinan Yigeztu,

if i had written obscenities like those shabiya bandas, then you would have posted it in a rocket speed.

But, since i wrote of that listro aleka Birhanu, you posted it discrete delayed, so that no body has seen it ? or are you afraid of his QONTCHERAS ?

It is at least a barbaric “democratical” sabotage !!

07/31/08 @ 18:02
Comment from: Mr Fair [Visitor]
Mr Fair

Sorry, but wrong question.
The dictators like Melles are known to eliminate all capable men and surround themselves with a bunch of useless yes men who just sing the songs which please the boss. The moment the dictator realizes there is any one with some brains in his inner circles, he will either kill him, imprison him, or appoint him ambassador in a far away land.

If you can guess his replacement , then he is not a dictator.

07/31/08 @ 18:49
Comment from: seyum [Visitor]

Weather posted this or not if you don’t start respecting the great Tigray people we won’t leave the office period.Show us some respect for what we have done to Derg regime and let us trust you before we give you the weapons. Peace

07/31/08 @ 19:13
Comment from: bulch [Visitor]

stop day dreaming whether he leave power willingly or by force there will be no ethiopia but there will be ertrea, oromia,ogaden and abyssinia.

07/31/08 @ 19:17
Comment from: Wade Adwa [Visitor]
Wade Adwa

If meles leaves we gonna take back asseb. one way or the other Asseb belong to Ethiopian ppl period…………..

07/31/08 @ 21:09
Comment from: Bethlehem Solomon [Visitor]
Bethlehem Solomon

:'( The last 20 or so years have been >:XX!! Because of the bad polititcs. May God bless us with a good ethiopian president who loves his country and is an educated good leader that doesn’t bring Ethiopia down but brings it up!!!:>>

(Ethiopian) Bagerachen enokera alem endeyaw enareg! Be T.V meetayo teru silalhone teru president beygatemen negerochen menalbet yeshashelalu.


07/31/08 @ 21:11
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


Thank you for a very detailed reminder of our past “asafari” history, and your glorious conquests. It is very striking from the way you write, how much “talking skills” you have learned from the Italians. Your diatrab sounds very similar to the daily rantings of Pietro Antonelli, at arat kilo Gibbi. On the final day before he left, he boasted about the mighty Italian army, the Ethiopian savages, and how we will be divided into pieces. The same echo that we here night and day now.

Menelik had two words for him…GED YELEM.

Now my dear banda friend, I have two words for you. GED YELEM, the rest time will show.

Have a nice day.

07/31/08 @ 22:37
Comment from: abrha [Visitor]

hi everone i get news for you about the t.p.l.f regim or wayane, in 1981 more than 120 inosent peple most of them from tembien awraja put them in presion which is unknoun place and took thire property what ever they had lift thirefamily with nathing to eat or to waire. those more than 120 peple they were in the presion non of them were back home,which means the regim(t.p.l.f)marrderd them. so t.p.l.f killing system is not a new. i personaly waitting for zenawi to find him and he knows what’s next.

08/01/08 @ 00:14
Comment from: ZXAmiche [Visitor]

Retarded shewarega:

Despite your chronological age, I wonder what your mental age would be? A four years’ old? What is your IQ, dedeb?

How can you compare the feudal nationalist militia of the 40s with current disintegrating Ethiopia who is stretched from four corners?

How can you compare a “united” Ethiopia under Haileselassie with ethnic divided current Ethiopia?

How can you compare the 50s Ethiopia who had peace with its neighbors with Ethiopia under Meles, who is bogged down in Somalia and who is at war in Ogaden?

Shewarega, the USAid banda who sold Africa:

Ged yelem, ahunim ged yelem
sitifokir nur zelalem
mebetatenih gin alKerem
yesew bet wereh selam yelem!

08/01/08 @ 04:47
Comment from: Asheber [Visitor]

What difference does it make if all of them come from the same party of bone heads? EPRDF won’t reliquish power if they are all eliminated.

08/01/08 @ 08:21
Comment from: lelebaw [Visitor]

jj please grow up or educate yourself you are still think that olf will be in power after woyane keep on dreaming as backward you are and you are big KIFTAF GELTU DEDEBE olf will be kicked out of ethiopia to MADEGASCAR

08/01/08 @ 11:45
Comment from: Gudu [Visitor]


It is inevitable that any human how strong he is has an end. We are now smelling the end of Meles. He had his good side as well as bad side. Am afraid he made many blunder it seems deliberately.
He separated Bahir Negash to become Eritrea Government withou mandate.
He created a war with Eritrea and sacrificed Ethiopian youth deliberately even after winning the war.
He signed a treaty to give away Bademe without mandate.
He spread ethnicity hatrid in the country.
He hijacked power after he lost on election and killed people with sharp shooters. This is crime for which he may have to answer personally.
He looted the eleven provinces to enrich one unfairly.
He allowed banks, government owned properties to be sold in dollars to forieners despite the disagreement of the public he suppressed.
He has hidden many criminals who shot people in the broad day light in the name of investigation.
He gave a piece of land to sudan secretely to block the oppositions from movement via sudan.
He detained many people for long time and released them despite the fact that they have no crime.
He denied the democratic right of people to speak, write and gather freely.
He waged war with a nehbour despite opposition.
I can not talk of abuse of finance since I have no detail and proof. But I share the suspicion that people have on him and his group subject to investigation.
He said “The Oblisk of Axum has no mining to Wolaita". This is a reflection of distraction of unity and common histry in the nation. Big mistake. The chairman of the committee himself from Wolaita continued to act. This shows that he has no honor on himself as the servant of Meles.

He has also good things that we can take as his legacy:-
He is not acting as demy like Teferi and Mengistu. He acted as any one man and not as special being.
He tolerated criticism and did not attempt to show immediate reaction.
He speaks his mind in international arena in good English and locally in good Amharic.

The fact that the next Prime Minister must take power from him is in deed necessary. If he peacfully hands over histry will recognize him for it. He missed this honor in 2005.
Who is going to be depends upon events that take place. It should not be from Woyane anyway. But can be any Ethiopian whether Tigre, Amhara, Oromo, Guragie, Wolaita, Afar etc…. provided he believes in united Ethiopia.
In the past we have seen how people forget. After Derge no body bothered the cadres. After Meles or Woyane no body will bother any simple woyane. This I assure you.
Ethiopia has missed so many chances in the past. The appointment of Prime Minister and promulgate constitutional monarchy, The qu d’eta of General Mengistu Neway, The qu d’eta of the General in May 1991, The transfer of power to elected prime minister Eng Hailu Shawl in 2005, The take over of the other group of Woyanes from Meles. All these could have advanced the nation a bit further. Unfortunately the power remains in wrong hads that supress the people of Ethiopia.
What will happen to Aboy Sibhat and Aboy Bereket Semeon?

Bless Ethiopia

08/01/08 @ 12:44
Comment from: dj [Visitor]

nazreth when are you going to cleanse your site from these shabia roaches:?::?::?:

08/01/08 @ 13:37
Comment from: Ababu [Visitor]

To tell you the truth any one from the street can substitute the worthless Meles Zenawi. I am serious. The reign of Meles has been a period where our country has achieved nothing but famine, disease, and all sorts of evils. Do you think that these things could not have been achieved without the astute leadership of Meles? True, I really accept this.

08/01/08 @ 15:13
Comment from: geremew [Visitor]

The only person who can lead Ethiopia now is Lidetu Ayalew. EPRDF has to step aside and give him opportunity to lead for a couple of terms. You’ll see Ethiopia changed beyond recognition after 10 years.

08/01/08 @ 16:11
Comment from: Geremew [Visitor]

I highly doubt he will step down. politically, it is in his favor to keep saying he will step down, but when the time comes he is going to say, “Oh, my party begged me to stay because there would be a vaccum"…lets wait and see, I guess.

08/01/08 @ 16:30
Comment from: selam lehulachin [Visitor]
selam lehulachin

What is the guarantee TPLF or Meles will live for the next two years? What if shaebia kicks them out and Isayas Afework is going to rule Ethiopia or hand power to OLF? There are many eventualities folks. :roll::roll::roll:

08/01/08 @ 17:40
Comment from: Ethlove! [Visitor]

Hummmm! Interestin…………..!

Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]
Let’s bring Mengistu back:-)

08/01/08 @ 21:35
Comment from: Lelebaw [Visitor]

down to olf they will be sent to madegascar them terrorest or will be wiped out by real ETHIOPINS.Just like salt if it test good you keep it and if does not you throw it out said Emperor Menelik. Moderator I think you have a problem with my coment ther were two response to JJ I submited you reject it where is democracy?

08/02/08 @ 00:42
Comment from: blacky [Visitor]


08/02/08 @ 04:27
Comment from: seyum [Visitor]
seyum you never posted my comment why is that? don’t be stupid, dushbag!

08/02/08 @ 15:12
Comment from: [Member]

Thomas H, you are ridiculous. meles zenawi starves and abuses the peasant population a lot more than the population in cities. Because land is 100% state owned under meles zenawis watch, the peasants are left with small plot of land and in continous poverty and starvation. All Ethiopian are unhappy with meles zenawi, he better leave power now or the fate of other African leaders await him as well. When people are pushed over the edge they destroy a regime.

08/02/08 @ 17:08
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

I am confused who to be the prime minister after MELESE
birihanu nega no no he will shot hailu shawel and andargachew become his advisor
hailu shawel no he will shot birtukan
if birtukan become the first female prime minister she will kill hailu ,temesgen
if lidetu get power he will masacare all oppostion leaders and distroy ethiopia
i am confused let ETHIOPIA PRAY TO GOD to give her a good leader like EMPOROR HAILESILASE

08/03/08 @ 06:32
Comment from: afarman [Visitor]

There are a lot of smart politicians who can follow his legacy with in the EPRDF. Meles has served the EPRDF for decades, am sure there are plenty of them that can take Ethiopia into the third millenium. Meles and the EPRDF have mentored a lot of politicians who can take the political struggle to the highest level. meles has inspired a lot of politicians.

08/03/08 @ 06:56
Comment from: gerru [Visitor]

NO matter wut happened in the last 17 or so years.Meles will be a hero if he is going to do wut he promiced to do.The first ethiopian leader to do so in two thousand years.

08/03/08 @ 11:46



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