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Ethiopian Football-Pride Despite Eventual Shortfall



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Ethiopian Football-Pride Despite Eventual Shortfall

Ethiopian Football-Pride Despite Eventual Shortfall

Last Saturday, a tumultuous reception was accorded to the Ethiopian National Football team, a.k.a the Walias, whose performance still remains a talking point around town. The euphoria has not yet settled. It is still the subject that sport fans want to hear and talk about, and for good reason too.

The Ethiopian team had been languishing in the shadows of other African nations for a period of over three decades. All these years, one of the founding nations of the African Cup of Nations, the one-time winner of the cup and the three-time host of the games was kept apart from its sister nations, as one unable to qualify for the tournament, for one reason or another.

The national squad, although largely composed from the few contending club teams in the capital, was not absolutely free from feuds and rows among rivals, such as St George FC and Ethiopian Coffee FC, and their respective fans whose support rarely goes beyond verbal appreciation.

Many of the members of these teams, who made no secret of their desire to play football during the Dergue regime, were only able to obtain the golden opportunity of boarding a plane to the finals through their own personal defection. As a consequence, 31 years had to be gauged before the Ethiopian squad could oust their Sudanese rivals last October and earn their ticket to the 29th African Cup of Nations, held inSouth Africa.

The excitement, triggered by their breakthrough success, did not die down right away, because we are not talking about a routine game between nations. Football is instrumental. When we talk about the Cup, we are talking about a new generation – a generation that is deprived of the honor and prestige that lifting the African Cup brings with it to a founding member country. A generation that lacks playgrounds at schools or within residential compounds, and has no option, but to watch weekend television shows presenting European leagues, in order to quench their desires, whilst appreciating the star players of Manchester United or Arsenal.

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Comment from: [Member]

Yea, the nation’s football spirit is up lifted and will continue. No going back. And the next step should be building a big stadium.
I will start a great fund raising event for the next two years, around the world to build a big stadium, which will be called Meles Zenawi Stadium, in memory of our great visionary leader.
This will be a stadium which could host an all African game in the future. I’m really disappointed how a great nation like Ethiopia never hosted an all African game, an Olympic version of Africans.

02/11/13 @ 21:25
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Bravo addis zemen. for the first time you have said some thing sensible. How come we have not done it up to now?

In the king time ethiopia host african cup and won it.

in derg time hosted but lost.

In Your shabia blessed good for nothing tplf regime we cellebrate enven to compete and became 16th out of 16.

I think you anwere Your quesiotn very well.

if you ned brifing then the reason is a scambag like woyane must first feed its People who punished by hunger designed by shabi and then they must start to play like any other civlized People, then we have to wait until they can play football like the rest of Ethiopipans. This needed 22 years.

31 years ago we were eigth out of eight With minus four goals and now we hit the record by becomming sixteenth out of sixteen by minus seven goals.

You Adis Zer asedabi.

02/12/13 @ 02:47
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]


You twist & turnaround a given topic to give credit to your gone-for-ever idol. What in God’s name had the late PM to do with football. Did he have a vision for football in Ethiopia, too. Your uncalled for accolades must have him turning in his graves. I’m touched & disarmed, man.

How pathetic you can be to suggest such thing or you’re just saying to see the reactions of others and laugh your butt off. I hope you aren’t serious.

The state of football in Ethiopia is grim to say the least.As the author pointed out rightly so football fans in Ethiopia watch European league. we don’t have a well funded home grown league to watch compare to other leagues even by African standards.

BTW, can you give us the list of places where you intend to organize your fundraising event. Or you gonna do it online through Tigraionline or Adgiforum.

Speaking of them I suggest you migrate to their sites if you haven’t done so through different names. You know you belong there and all your comments are compatible with their “don’t ask” policy. A lot of your comrades-in-arms feel at home there. Don’t be a fool hanging around in a place where you stick out like a sore thumb. Besides visitors here trash you all the time because of your despicable stance on nearly every Ethiopian-related topic under the sun.

Don’t forget to herd your foot soldiers along. You know who they are, right?

02/12/13 @ 04:02
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat


Addis zirkrik and the likes are still in shock in that horrible 2 months tplf drama. The moment the visionary died tplf media kept it Secret and the cadres of tplf were hopping for some miracles that the guy was not dead. Deep in their shit they knew the fact from the oppostion media With fact and analysis. Those two months horror wont disappera With out showring addis Ababa With the dwarf Pictures and name. Other wise the visionary had said verly Clear that it was his last period as dictator. They accused him for many nonesens visions but on his Death vision they are right they Call him visionary. He would never leave the thron alive. the nicest thing is the puppet bishop cought by hear attack in sensing what would happen to his People and he joined his son in hell.

02/12/13 @ 04:17
Comment from: [Member]


Are you still licking that wound I inflict on you? Take it easy dude. Asking for more could be very hazzerdous to your health.
Btw, one of the events include, a thosand dollar a plate dinner with addis zemen.

02/12/13 @ 04:33
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor],
You’e right, man. And there is more.
The guy had been dead long before the fictitious date they announced. I bet the late spiritually-corrupt pope must have been cold meat even longer before his godson. hence the sudden tragic news brought his fat & whisky filled artery to a stop.
we will know it all one day.

I don’t get this vision thing. the guy didn’t have any vision for Ethiopia except perhps its demise and that had been what had spent every waking hours of his life.He might hav had a vision for his beloved mama Eritrea. AZ often confuses that with mama Ethiopia.

Those journalists who wrote about his illness and no-show were charged with that draconian law.

Thank you. I am honored. I can’t wait, man. Any chance of meeting other big shots like, Ash-trash, Heny, testa di gallina, etc?

02/12/13 @ 06:35
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear Nenewe,

To see vision u have to be visionary man.

What Meles did he allowed sport man to make money and keep their money…

Can u tell me anyone sport family who make money and keep it in king or Mangstiu time… 98.9% of sport family they live in poverty.

In Meles time king Haile is set to be billioner and other long distance runner are not far behind.

In football our team get 250,000 dollar contact to play any where in the world..

In ur Father Time there was a saying sport for passport ,… Nobody comeback if they have chance to go out if Ethiopia and most of our great sport men and women are taxi driver and parking lot attendance in America sad but truth…

Again if u know someone get rich during ur Father Time let us know… One more thing all football players comeback to Ethiopia after Africa Cup…. People will think they are crazy if they comeback during ur father.

To day our long distance runner run for any country of heir choices and come back to Ethiopia to invest… Again during ur Father Time u will be shot on spot or even thinking running for other country let alone allowing u to come back..

If this visionary then what can be?

02/12/13 @ 08:09
Comment from: [Member]

Nenewe, the wounded old dog,…

Now you became one of my crying old b!tches on planet Nazret. I will see you following me every where I go, begging for some spanking, like TEDDY the luutty asshole shabian, tamrat tamrat the shabian rat, men4you dedebu shintamu etc..
I can’t blame you. No one can resist my affection. It is contiguous. Take it easy.

02/12/13 @ 08:35
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

EFF needs to hire a really good technical advisor to Sewnet Bishaw.

02/12/13 @ 11:56
Comment from: Scooby doo [Visitor]
Scooby doo

Our supporters in SA are crying on live TV (’Burkinabe Aslekesew’) while the players and the coach are partying at Yod Abissinia. This doesn’t look right!. Coach please stay away form those Addis clubs and make the players do some push up.

02/12/13 @ 13:03
Comment from: [Member]


What about the German guy? Isn’t he a technical adviser?

02/12/13 @ 13:10
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

To Ash!

It is difficult for you to explain what woyanes vision means compared to the rest of Ethiopians. For you People to have secure Your Food in the Natural Source blessed ethiopia is by itself is a vision. You have seen how Your sacrifice for the bed cloth of shabias. That costed you millios to be exposed to devastating hunger. Specially children strok by such hunger can not develop fully mental Development like the rest of us. good example is you and addis zirkrik.

Changing Your bed cloth and accepting Ethiopian flag gave you Food. If you Call this a vision then you made a mistake. Meless was crying to Death literaly accepting Ethiopian flag.

But i appriciate Your leader, before he resercted in woyane heven he said this is my last period. Wait a minute. He was not a visionary. He is a tigre profet. Nobody knows when he dies. those whe wrote about his Death were in prison. He is not dead. May be he is in axum to Gether With that forbiden cross which came to ethiopia 3000 years ago. Hoops, according to the tigre profet Ethiopia never existed more than 100 years. But he can make miracle.

Poor woyanes. This criminal man he put you in missery. And now he declared that you are ethiopians and you start eating. dont you see how he played by Your innocent People. Eritreans are cursing for the crime made on them by this so called Liberation front. From what and who they were liberated.

Oh, the crime of shabia nad woyanes can not be told in one article.

02/12/13 @ 13:28
Comment from: kul [Visitor]


I said a “good” technical advisor. Last minute addition of that German guy as an advisor did bring nothing. I think we need a new advisor before our Botswana game.

02/12/13 @ 13:54
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

its nice to see all the players back home celebrating with the people than filing some asylum paper some where. i remember in the mid eighties one eskista weraj had to throw himself out of a moving bus some where abroad so he doesnt have to go back home luckily he made it and got his asylum, now i heard the same guy is back home settled. i also heard he was a big CUD point is we are not born yesterday we all know the kind of hell those so called visionary and true ethiopiawi leaders…lol…left us.

02/12/13 @ 14:34
Comment from: [Member]

Here is my take.
-Under the TPLF regime for 20 plus years our nation
is the beggar nation.
-our home land is the exporter of women labor.
-our Ethiopia is the leader in child adoption by the west baby-snatchers.
-Our motherland is the last place on earth in Democracy, human right repsectablity.
-Our birthplace is a perennial victim of draught, famine.
In all this, Addis Zemen the “gay shabian” is beating the drum as high-achievement and economic-boom, is accomplished under the “EPRDF” time!!!
I can’t help but laugh at this “Goon” for every nonsense tidbit he thumps his chest for his “Masters” at “Arat Kilo"!!!!!!
after a 30 years absence to participate in AFCON is a “big accomplishment"!!!!
what a joke!!!
It doesn’t get any funnier than this.
In short these “Cyber Cadres” are blowing their “Horns” for sad reality in our nation.

02/12/13 @ 15:35
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Tara Tamrat,

I don’t know which Ethiopia u r talking The old Ethiopia is dead… Replaced by New Ethiopia.

Let me explain to u if u r sleeping in Coma for last 60 years..and Wakeup in 2013 after 60 years in coma

U will think ur America is much black and white eat in different restaurant… Set at the back of the bus etc etc… That is what u know so that is ur realty so if a black person set with u in bus u wonder why…

Now lets move one 20 years ur South Africa is under apartheid… Ur realty is defrent so when someone say South Africa ur maintal imagine dirfrent then someone born after white rule…

On the same token when u say my Ethiopia u have maintal image of old Ethiopia where Amhara rule and other governed as second citizen make fun of in their expense..

Do u rembeber all ethnic joke? That was golden time for u so I remind u some of the joke…

Galla and toilet give them time both smell the same.
Civilized galla hold umbrella under moon light
Those who wash their behind ( the Arab)
Don’t bee gurage ( A miser, cheapskate, snipe-snout, penny pinche)etc etc

So my Tara Tamrat, which Ethiopia are u talking about the new Ethiopia after 1991 or old Ethiopia before 1991

Dear Mesafint B,

I have only one question if Ethiopia is as bad as u say it is how many Ethiopian national team player returned from CAF to Ethiopia?

02/12/13 @ 19:04
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat


Read the effect of dire malnutrition at Young age and devastated hunger effect on motor and cognitive skill in human Development. For example compare you and me. but my worry is you blame the wrong Group. For that grave mistake the responsibility is shabia. If shabia is worng how come tplf can be right. The unionist of eritrean People are the witness for Your retardedness.

That is why you compare that we dont have mobile tel. in Our great kings time while Your tplf still use the Trains bought by the king minilik.

there is no New ethiopia, old ethiopia, there is only one Ethiopia. Ass!!

02/12/13 @ 20:32
Comment from: Mesi [Visitor]

Addis Zemen,

I agree with you we need new stadiums if we want to host African Cup. The proposed stadiums I saw are way to small. Atleast we need one for atleast hundred thousends people which can also be used for music shows (never for muslims gatherings as we saw in the stadium). It should be built in different regions which has enough hotels for travelling fans and tourists. I agree the biggest stadium should be called Meles Zenawi stadium after the leader who spear headed the renaicance of Ethiopia.

02/13/13 @ 05:39
Comment from: Ronaldo [Visitor]

Addis Zemen,

I agree with you we need new stadiums if we want to host African Cup. The proposed stadiums I saw are way to small. Atleast we need one for atleast hundred thousends people which can also be used for music shows (never for muslims gatherings as we saw in the stadium). It should be built in different regions which has enough hotels for travelling fans and tourists. I agree the biggest stadium should be called Meles Zenawi stadium after the leader who spear headed the renaicance of Ethiopia.

02/13/13 @ 05:47
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

so you are saying we went from a mother who prefers to let her children starve and die from famine to a mother that begs and saves their lives..two bad choices but a true mother will do any thing for her children. for you a good leader is one who put his and your empty pride before the people of tigray, wello, gondar etc… have some shame!

02/13/13 @ 10:21
Comment from: [Member]

Mesi, Ronaldo,…

Yes, we can really do it. As we see it back home with the construction boom, it should be easy to build one big stadium in the outskirts of Addis, maybe outside aqaqi.
One huge stadium is a must. We need to start it ASAP to go with the rail road construction hand in hand.

02/13/13 @ 13:52



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