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Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) Established



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Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) Established

Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) Established

Press Release

The Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) has been successfully established in Dallas on a convention that took place from July 1‐3, 2012, by delegates representing 40 chapters from all corners of the world.

At the end of three days of very productive deliberations, the convention made the following resolutions:
1. The mission of ENTC is to facilitate conditions for an all inclusive transition process where the territorial integrity of Ethiopia and human rights of its citizens are fulfilled.

2. The name should be Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC)

3. The temporary headquarters of ENTC be in Washington DC, USA

A letter of best wishes was presented on the conference by representatives of the recently established Ethiopian People’s Joint Struggle Shengo (Shengo) which was appreciated by the participants. Furthermore, the conference called on all political parties, civic organizations and other democratic forces to establish a joint struggle taskforce and mandated the newly formed Executive Council of ENTC to make relentless effort to ensure the realization of this mission.

The convention also successfully adopted ENTC’s bylaws and its one year action plan. Furthermore, the convention appointed Mr. Sileshi Tilahun as Speaker, Mrs. Mekddes Worku as Deputy Speaker and Dr. Fisseha Eshetu as Secretary General and additional 6 members as Executive Council members who made oath of office to undertake their duties responsibly, diligently, and honestly. In addition, 3 members were elected for audit and adjudication committee. Finally the convention was adjourned by choosing Stockholm, Sweden to be the venue for its next meeting in six months time.

Victory for Ethiopians
Ethiopian National Transitional Council


Comment from: jesus fkn mohmed 24 hours in the ass [Visitor]
jesus fkn mohmed 24 hours in the ass

what is these all stablishments when no one of them has accomplished a single goddamn thing. always these sick derg bastards tries to play around with different names. they all are morons with dead brain n body. they should be recycled in tigray desert!

07/08/12 @ 00:17
Comment from: Toga [Visitor]

Dr Fisseha has not earned our trust yet. He could be a tplf agent. He is also in a hurry to do a lot of things in a short time. Anyways, there is something fishy(no pun intended) about Dr Fisseha. Slow down, brother.

07/08/12 @ 03:56
Comment from: Abebe Debebe [Visitor]
Abebe Debebe

Dear compatriots If formation of shengo,council ,coalition etc helps to bring in Ethiopia we would have been happy.Let this organizations stand for themselves first.They have source of income for diaspora politicians.You can’t uproot EPRDF through meetings.2o years for meetings.

07/08/12 @ 05:07
Comment from: dorch [Visitor]

It is only through a struggle installed inside Ethiopia that we can bring change t that country. As I witnessed in person inside Ethiopia recently, it is very difficult to imagine any change of governance in Ethiopia with in foreseeable future.

Tigre speaking individuals have become monopolists, they own over 90% of Ethiopia’s wealth. That is sad to witness, but it is apparent that our people have become powerless in contrast with the rulers force and wealth. They have no any option but to remain at the remaining end of the worst oppressive regime with extreme poverty for decades to come.

With all due respect o ENTC, I advise them to focus the struggle in Ethiopia rather than USA city Halls.

07/08/12 @ 07:08
Comment from: enewkesew [Visitor]

If comments and analysis were the pills for cure, our country would have been overdosed. Keep analyzing the weyane regime to death..they have done this they have done that…keep criticizing the people who are trying their best to do something about it…they are this..they are that, we don’t trust them bla bla..why don’t you get up your ass and go to their meeting and tell them where they are wrong and why they can’t be trusted..get’s ok to try and fail..

07/09/12 @ 23:02



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