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Ethiopian Regime war on ancient Ethiopian Monasteries



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Ethiopian Regime war on ancient Ethiopian Monasteries

Ethiopian Regime war on ancient Ethiopian Monasteries

Press Release:
Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America

For Immediate Release Ethiopian Heritage Society Alarmed by Government Plans

In yet another egregious assault on its own Ethiopian citizens, the regime of Prime Minister Melees Zenawi and the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) are preparing to raze 18 ancient churches, to bulldoze the surrounding forests and pastures, and to force the indigenous people to relocate to substandard environs far from their heritage homelands. The regime wants the land to lease to large international corporations from China, Saudi Arabia, and India.

Deeply concerned about preserving the heritage of the Ethiopian people, the Ethiopian Heritage Society of North American (EHSNA) is especially troubled to discover that the Waldba Monastery in Gondar is among the church-lands chosen for demolition. One of the oldest monastic teaching institutions in Ethiopia, countless religious leaders have been educated within its walls for over 1000 years. Waldba also holds an important archive of scriptures and texts in ancient Ethiopian languages, many of which are very important to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Ethiopian religious and cultural history.

“Villagization” and Theft of Millions of Acres
At least 8.8 million acres of land in Ethiopia have already been leased to foreign and state-owned firms since 2008, and the bandit regime will lease another 5.1 million acres presently. Ancestral pastoral and forest lands and church properties are among them. According to a recently released Human Rights Watch report, around 70,000 people from western Ethiopia have already been forcibly relocated under the government’s “villagization” program. The people are forced to move to environs that lack adequate food, farmland, healthcare, and educational facilities.

Any leasing money will go directly to the Ethiopian regime; none will go to recompense the displaced people who are torn from their heritage forests and pasturelands. The prime minister and his ruling elite will benefit directly from the betrayal of their homeland and the betrayal of their fellow citizens. Much of the lease monies will eventually be funnelled into off-shore bank accounts held by elite members of the regime.

The Ethiopian regime has denied any human rights violations and says “villagization” is vital to the nation’s development plans. In most cases the indigenous people who have lived on these lands for generations have not been consulted about the land leases. Water rights regarding these lands may have implications beyond the borders of Ethiopia and seemingly beyond the concern of the present regime. The leasing companies need large tracts of land to exploit without any ecological oversight. The bull-dozed heritage lands will be used to grow soy, sugar cane, and other soil-depleting crops.

P.M. Melees, Church Primate, and TPLF Cadre Suspected of Arson in Church Burning
Recently, the important Ziuala Monastery burned to the ground and the fire originated under suspicious conditions. The fire department of the local government was said to be unavailable while the chapel turned to ashes. People in the area speculate that the fire was set by TPLF cadre.

The current head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Aba Paulos offered no regret and no condolences for the loss of the religious heritage site. Claiming to be the patriarch of Ethiopia, the primate shares the same district background of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and it is suspected that he is in collusion with the corrupt regime. The Ziquala Monastery was in one of the many areas marked secretly for “villagization” by the bandit regime and its TPLF party. The war against religion is not limited to Christians and Christianity, the TPLF government interfering unjustly with Ethiopian Muslims as well.

Horrific Assault on Ethiopian Christian Heritage
Ethiopia has a long-held religious tradition tracing back to the biblical Queen of Sheba and the Judaic King Solomon. Ethiopia has many monasteries. There are Zuquala Abo and Debre Libanos monasteries in Showa Province, Wegeg Asobot Gedam monastery in Hararge Province, Waldba (previously mentioned) and Mahbere Selassie monasteries in Gondar Province, to name some among many others.

Over 1000 monks live in the Waldba region and their displacement alone will cause a sizeable upheaval for the local population; not to mention the disruption in the religious expectations of their followers and the destruction of their places of worship. Many of the churches and monasteries have been designated World Heritage Sites by the United Nations due to the religious art and archives preserved therein.

Crimes Against Ethiopian Humanity

The land leasing schemes by the government will produce an ecological disaster that has already been played out in other areas of the globe where forest lands have been stripped. According to the legitimate Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church in exile, the government’s assaults on its own Ethiopian people, their freedom of speech, their heritage, their ancestral homes, and their religious and national histories, could make the regime hard-pressed to ever defend itself against charges pertaining to crimes against humanity – Ethiopian humanity.


State-run ETV denies that no harm was done at the monasteries



Comment from: Almaz [Visitor]

The so called opposition in the Diaspora never cease to amaze us. The accusation they label against the EPRDF government are based on innuendos and figments of their imaginations. These are clear indications of how desperate they are. Their shrill is getting louder as they realize that people are not paying attention, and nothing has come out of all the tricks they have used to hoodwink people. Their irrelevance is becoming evident by the day. What a shame!

03/25/12 @ 00:46
Comment from: miki [Visitor]

i was always the opponent of Meles regime only for his violation of basic human rights principles. such as freedom of speech , right to assembly and express opinion. But, everything else though i am not 100% with him, i also not against him. i realized that the diaspora politics is based on Orthodox Tewahido and i prefer Meles 100% than any religious based ethiopia, there is no such a thing as ownership of land.and such constitutional rule applies to individuals, companies and religious entities. and the church is no exception.Orthodox church in particular and religion in general are the sources of our backwardness. i am happy the country’s land is finally being utilized!!!!

03/25/12 @ 00:52
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America

I was one of your subscriber and used to read every article you used to post now knowing you are also another crying diaspora politician, It is time to unsubscribe your website.

“War war on ancient Ethiopian Monasteries” outrageously exaggerated headline.

Weye diaspra zem belo eydere yegemale!

03/25/12 @ 01:58
Comment from: YeOromoLij [Visitor]

The man in Arat Kilo should watch out! He can kill, pillage and destroy any Ethiopian but when he start to fight with God and His people that is when he will surely fail or fall. God will hasten it Himself.

03/25/12 @ 02:22
Comment from: Eyayu Gedel [Visitor]
Eyayu Gedel

Sick & tired of the so-called concerned morally bankrupt diaspora.just move ur fat a#% to ethiopia & fight the weyanes.

03/25/12 @ 04:27
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]

It’s very interesting. Wladiba and its vicinity was take from Gondar by Tigri Liberators and incorporated to Tigri Killil, now the very same narrow minded ethno centric Adwa Government is demolishing this holy and historical sites to sell it to Arabs. Ethiopia became Arabs backyard. No wonder when I was very young Mengestu used to say Ethiopia will never to be sold to Arabs….Emma Almaz and Ayte Miki you are entitle to be the servant of Saudi’s and Indians not me…….

03/25/12 @ 06:04
Comment from: sodo [Visitor]

tigrewoch are a cancer to the ethiopian people.

03/25/12 @ 06:37
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

The diaspora is responsible for this crime, the reason is to foment fire as the main cause for to build anger among the people.In such way they planed to creat case plan to a road to the so called revolution.
Today they have meeting in Seatle Washington state to collect some money to burn another Mosque or church in south or north of the country, plus to ship some weapons to Ethiopia.They are desperately looking for the people from any tribe from Ethiopia who ever can help them with their crime.
It will never happen Mr. Tamagn.

03/25/12 @ 07:00
Comment from: Kinfe [Visitor]

The Church has to support the on going economic development. EPRDF is a God given government that has been working day and night to take Ethiopia out of poverty.
God bless EPRDF and Ethiopia.

03/25/12 @ 07:10
Comment from: Abay Mado [Visitor]
Abay Mado

Read carefully and understand it.

I was three years old when I started being Yeqolo Temari/Being a Christian religion student. I have been there for 5 years. After I started to attend so called modern school, I was always part of the Christina school establishment. That was/is the best instrument to give the best guide to any child/adult.

That was then; today is another time and world. The world is moving very fast beyond recognition. We cannot just remain the same. We also have to move on; of course for better not the worst.

So, burning churches is a crime no one has to tolerate it. Our biggest weakness is that we are not preserving and recording our history. This weak approach has to change and our historical facts and cultures must be protected.

However, the monastery itself must follow the change in the world that has big impact in Ethiopia, too. By having the 1000s years attitude and approach towards the issues, you cannot make any living in the 21-century. Instead you will be the biggest obstacle against any progress in the country.

So, the Ethiopian government move towards the issues is understandable. But the way how it is conducted must be done in a good way. The monasteries must be self sufficient too. If they have land, the land must be productive and it must be used for agriculture. If they have trees, the tress must be used for Temba, paper or the likes. If they have rivers, it must be used for irrigation and fishery.

Having land and doing nothing on it, having trees doing nothing with it and having any resources and doing nothing with it must stop. This kind weak attitude is the result of the way our condition is which is including the shortage of basic needs, too. You cannot improve the situation as long as you are not changing the fundamental causes and approaches that are causing and not working.

So, the government move must be supported and it must be done the best way protecting the church and all its historical facts/equipments.

Another very important issue is also that Gedam must be/has to be the place of those Alem Beqagn, not those criminals using gedam as a cover to make a living in an easy way. So, the government must clean those dirty individuals from gedam. They need to come out to work and live as anybody else. Gedam must not be the place of the lazy, stupid, criminals and anyone that has to be productive and serve the nation in the material world.

I’m also very much disappointed to read this text. The story is talking about Gedam/Historical churches. Meaning only the truth and facts must be presented to solve the situation around these Qidus places.

Yet, it looks like it is used to cover up other agendas. It is talking about land, investment and the likes. The one who wrote this article must be sick and stupid. Where is he living? In USA, England or the likes?

We are talking here about Ethiopia where the population is striving to get basic needs including electricity, water and sanitation. How do you do that? We tried the same weak way for centuries but it didn’t work. No one especially the west didn’t want to give us loan to build dams in order to produce electricity, use irrigation and produce food and the likes.
After Mubarak is gone, the Situation is changed for the best for Ethiopia. We are now free and have capable to do our thing by ourselves with the help of good foreign investment.

China which is the best friend for Ethiopia since 2000 years back and especially the last 10+ years is very much welcome in Ethiopia. China and Ethiopia will be the best friends and ally for generations to come. We will never forget what china has done/ is doing for Ethiopia. Because of China, the situation in Ethiopia is changing for the better. As far as the land Grab concern, China has no a single hectare of land for agriculture. If china needs and Ethiopia agrees, I would like if china gets millions of hectare land for farming that would totally curve Ethiopia being dependent for food aid which is the west like the situation remains this way.

India is a different matter. India has 2140+ Ethnic groups. Different races, traditions, custom, cast system, culture, religion and so on. So, the Ethiopian government needs to see the situation with India differently than with China. However, many Indians not only look like Ethiopians but we like and understand each other. Not India as the whole but selective Indian individuals including scientists, teachers and commercial farmers are good for us. I prefer Indians than let’s say Turkey, Egypt or the likes.

Saudi Arabia is also another matter. Any wise Ethiopia, who understands the Saudis and also understands the Ethiopian past, present and predicting the future, doesn’t need any Saudi citizens to own anything in Ethiopia including a private home, let alone land. The story we are talking about Saudi taking Ethiopian land is happening only with Al amoudi.

Al amoudi is not only by birth but also by blood a Habesha person. He was born, grown up and lived as a young adult in Ethiopia/wollo. His mother tongue is Amharic. His best friends, teachers and everyone around him was/ is Ethiopian. He is an Ethiopian man with Saudi nationality the same way some have a USA, UK, Germany and the like’s citizens.
So, he is Ethiopian. All his staffs are Ethiopians except a rice specialist from Pakistan. If this specialist was from China/India, it could be the best choice. Because Pakistanis are the most difficult and dangerous people no one needs them around his/her nation.

The point is that Ethiopia using land for commercial farming is the best and only choice to make the nation move forward. Water, fertile Land and good weather are the most valuable wealth any nation could have. Ethiopia which in the Tropic has all of them. So, any normal human being would do everything to use these resources in order to be free from any foreign aid and shortage of basic items.

You are living in abroad far from Ethiopia. If you care about her go there and be with her. If not, stop be an obstacle against those trying their best with limit resources to improve the situation. Be free from backward mentality and be wise and smart. Being smart means be self sufficient with everything doing things by yourself. Complying would do nothing.

The Ethiopian government must not listen any foreign individual including those pretending as Ethiopians while living in abroad and doing nothing good for her. Invite and give chance to brave and good Ethiopians who are living in abroad to work with you including as advisors. There are enough wise Ethiopians living in abroad who understands how the world is working and how Ethiopia can benefit from it.

Forget the obstacles. Ignore those think working means complying, talking lots of lies and the likes. Ethiopia must use her land, water and weather wealth to the maximum.

I’m with the government. Don’t forget preserving our heritage. If we don’t know from where we came from, we will not know where we are heading. We will be like a tree without roots and a river without sources.

As far as the land issue, continue the way you are doing and if possible speed it up. We have to be self reliant with in the coming 3 or 4 years. To do that you have to take measure changes and decisive decisions/actions. Don’t listen others about our personal matters. Our nation is our personal matter. Those in abroad are not real Ethiopians. If they care so much about her, they would have to be with her or doing the best for her in abroad. This article says everything about few individuals living in abroad.

Our goal must be defeating poverty and backwardness with own efforts using our resources. Of course working together with good nations is the way how the 21-century world is working. For this reason we have China, Japan, Germany, USA, India, Korea, France, Italy and many more nations. Ethiopia never been so understood and never had so many friends than today. So, use our chances. Be careful about Egypt and the Arabs.

If Ethiopia gets any problem in the future, as usual, directly or indirectly it will come from the Arabs. The English also are the others we have to be careful. They are part of the problems our nation faces since Atse Theodros until Ethiopia lost her many centuries old sea cost. The English did play big roles in UN to make the situation happened that way.

Other than these two, we have no problem with any nation but good friends and allies. We have to do our things while taking our matter in our hand and responsibility. Good foreign investment is the best way to deal with our personal situation. Have more close relation with Good nations such as China, Germany and the likes.

03/25/12 @ 08:00
Comment from: Next Call [Visitor]
Next Call

How much acreage are we talking about? I have watched the ETV news report on this Monastry and there is no doubt that the govt dare not tamper with the ‘ Tselot and Dua Factories’ in Ethiopia. I think this is over hyped and time to reform the excessive interpretation of the ‘ scripture’. The importance of life after death should be tempered and efforts should be made to improve life on earth here and now. After having read a recent article on the Wall Street Journal(03/05/12) how some folks are trying to get cured from Aids by holy water in Ethiopia, I am worried how this religious ferver will harm us.

03/25/12 @ 08:31
Comment from: [Member]

ወይ ግሩም ቀጣፊ ሌባ መለስ ሰይጣናዊ ብሎ ብሎ ሚስቱንም ለ ገንዘብ ሳይሸጥ አይቀርም::
ይህ ሰውዬ ምን የቀረው ነገር አለ አሁን ? ሴቶች እሆቶቻችንን ለ ግርድና መሬታችንን ለ ውጪ ኮርፕኦሬሽን ቸብችቦ ከአላሙዲን ጋር የ አገሪትዋን ወርቅ እየሸቀለ ነው ያለው::
አሁን ደግሞ የጥጋቡ ብዛት የታሪክ ቅርስን ያዘለውን ቦታ ያስማማል ? ወይ ጥጋብ ከ እብደት ጋር ሲደባለቅ ሰውን የሚያደርገውን ያሳጣዋል አይደል!!
ታዲያ ይህንን አንበጣ ለቃሚ ድውይ አንድ ቀለሃ መስጠት ነፈግነው?
ሲሆን ሮኬት በመቀመጫው አቅጣጫ ቢተኮስ ይጠቅማል እላለሁ::
ሞት ለ ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ::

03/25/12 @ 08:55
Comment from: BPR [Visitor]

The Orthodox church is owner of vast areas of land all over ethiopia. It has kept areas with little development and use except for the few landmark trees. The church should learn from the benefits it gets from rents of buildings recently flourishing inside its compounds.why not change the status quo, by allowing the government to help support or lead development. That is what is now planned and I see no alternative

03/25/12 @ 09:49
Comment from: mateos [Visitor]  

No more Tchamlakas!

This article is horribly unhelpful for the cause of establishing Rule of Law principles in Ethiopia. The author is taking kernels of truth about the authoritarian regime in Ethiopia and is making a nightmare seem like a reality. This kind of rhetoric does not help the cause. Yes, land reform must happen in Ethiopia or these greedy land grabs will continue to benefit the powerful elite in Ethiopia at the expense of everyone else. The solution is peaceful non-violent resistance by Ethiopians in Ethiopia, not yet another revolution, instigated by an elite group of angry intellectuals in the Diaspora. All that would bring is a new “Meles” with a different name. We need a leader who respects the rule of law, inspires Ethiopians everywhere, and has the patience of a saint. Tell us where we can find that person and Ethiopia will be on a path to an enlightened future.

Who will lead Ethiopia and the Diaspora on the path to Enlightenment, no matter own long it takes?

03/25/12 @ 09:53
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

EHS of North America,
What a disgrace?!!! You’ve been playing your religious card for more than two decades now and unsuccessful. You think you care for the country? I don’t think so. All you care is for your thirsty to cling to power and bring back your failed draconian rule over the people of Ethiopia.
If you have ears to listen to the truth, please listen to the VOA program broadcasted recently about this monastry.

Please don’t become a copy and paste website. Do your homework to check your stories.

03/25/12 @ 10:02
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

There is we go again with the chanting diaspora diaspora diaspora

Many of you trying hard to assign blame on anyone diaspora are idiots with little objective thinking

As for Meles and his circle there is no ifs and buts that critical thinking and protecting the best interests of the people of Ethiopians. But then again he is a TPLF so nothing to be expected.

He remains to be the most damaging to Ethiopia and its people and its integrity who needs to be removed by all means necessary!!!

03/25/12 @ 10:22
Comment from: iueae [Visitor]

Get rid of this Monasteries! They are the cause of poor Ethiopia :)

03/25/12 @ 12:35
Comment from: Agazi [Visitor]  

Hey what a full of crap article is that!!..where is the logic here?waldeba is a monastery on a mountain and the government is planning to harvest the low lands!!so please stop your damn Ideology!..people r trying to build a nation that was torn in civil war!…this is the time to be part of this growth and development…not against it!!!…

03/25/12 @ 13:12
Comment from: Ortho [Visitor]

I was a sympatiser of EPRDF but if burnning of Churches is true my sympathy will cease immideatly. This is very serious. Ethiopia is under attack from muslims and gradually Mr. Meles is showing his love for them. No country in the world would allow the building of so much mosques as is built in Ethiopia. With muslim religion comes always violence because the Koran tell them specifically to lie to non muslims. They have a word called “Taqiya” (to lie) which the koran advice them, appart of always to comit violence, to lie inorder to achieve their goal which is total domination through Sharia.The koran is the most violent book ever written by man. That is why muslims are in conflict in China against Budists, Yugoslavia against Orthodox, India against Hindu, Israel against Jews, Philipines against Chatolics, Nigeria against Protestants etc, etc. etc. These is a small example, they are making trouble everywhere and to believe that it won’t come to us is simply stupid.

03/25/12 @ 13:35
Comment from: GEDION--NASHVILLE,TN [Visitor]  

HELLO HELLO : Abay Mado [Visitor I choose you 1000% OFF “Entertainment’s THIS ONE Another very important issue is also that Gedam must be/has to be the place of those Alem Beqagn, not those criminals using gedam as a cover to make a living in an easy way. So, the government must clean those dirty individuals from gedam. They need to come out to work and live as anybody else. Gedam must not be the place of the lazy, stupid, criminals and anyone that has to be productive and serve the nation in the material world

03/25/12 @ 13:42
Comment from: agamino [Visitor]  

I love these toothless old-fashioned neftegna and their offspring.

They have countless fake solcial organizations, political parties, websites, radio, TV, chat rooms, “writers", priests etc…(filled with hatred).

All these elements have one mission: Spreading hate among the Ethiopian people!

They have been bombarding the Ethiopian people with unfounded phony news, documentaries, articles, accusations…

Once they found out that, they are ignored by the Ethiopian people and its government, they started to tell us who to marry, with who to drink coffee , to boycott these people socially, economically…

This didn’t work either! and now they are completely out of their mind. They want to tell us waldiba (the number one Gedam in Ethiopia found in TIGRAI is their own!!!!

These kind of trash neftegna propaganda is not bad for EPRDF (Woyane, in your words). You neftegna might think you are hurting woyane, but its working the other way!

Such nonsense articles make you lose more what ever credibility you were left with.
lies and fabrications are temporary: they dont last long. thats why every neftegna, whether he is a writer, journalist, priest has lost credibility!

BTW these neftegnas didn’t only lose their credibility but also we are stepping right on their throat!!

03/25/12 @ 13:48
Comment from: sosi [Visitor]

Low IQ

03/25/12 @ 15:03
Comment from: hayet [Visitor]

Waldba is in Tigray not Gondar.Allthe villages in waldba have Tigrigna names.Get your facts right, you wicked heart adgis.Even Eritreans are much better than you shintams.atleast they have balls.

03/25/12 @ 15:37
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you,…the #1 idiot and an asshole,

What the f*** is “there is we go again…” LOL!!
Go to an elementary school and learn how to construct a sentence. Stupid asshole!!
I will come back after this basketball game I’m watching and will tell you more, you moron!
When I saw your remark on my iphone, couldn’t help it but wonder, what kind of inferiorty complex you’re suffering, making you call others idiot.

03/25/12 @ 16:02
Comment from: isreal [Visitor]


Ethiopia needs people like you more than ever.Please do not hesitate to show up on this web site and others,eventhough they are infested with hate,rude and hit and run attack comments without any positive dialogue.
You are born for a time like this and I applaude you for innocent and constructive comment posted here.Keep it up.

03/25/12 @ 17:51
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

It’s not the first time that agazi bandits are attacking monateries and
cultural institutions each time they had the occasion .It’s better to meditate how much they treated monks
in monasteries considered by them as
Amhara Empire Institutions .Didn’t they make loot even burn monasteries
on different occasions by instigating and masterminding ethnical and religious conflits between the peoples .It’s not only in
Bagdad that historical legacies had been looted during the war ,in Ethiopia also Agazi Bandits have shown their championship on the field.These parasites did not even spare their own land monasteries including the Axum Tsion Church into
which the treasures of the Emperors had been looted offered by the owners
and saved in such holly place for centuries.

03/25/12 @ 18:18
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

What a joke our main arc enemy use religion to destabilize us for very long time I’m talking about couple thousand years that dirty game is over and no one will stop our government from the mission of getting rid of poverty for good case closed. To EPRDF you must come up with a new doctrine the old believes has to go because we exposed to hate and poverty.

03/25/12 @ 20:05
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

the tplf regime’s arrogance and apetite for the almighty dollar is getting out of control.i never thought they will sell millions of acres of fertile virgn land to multinationals while millions of ethiopians remain dependent on truck loads of food aid for their survival every year.the so called unutilized land they keep telling us is no justification to sell our land to indians and arabs for 1 dollar/acre for 50-100 years over the table and millions of dollars in offshore bank accounts of our rulers starting from the midget and wife down,under the add insult to injury now they turn to demolishing our just make me sick to my stomach.i say live free or die fighting.god bless mother ethiopia.the time has come to rise against the enemies of the motherland.the midget believes patriotism belongs solely to him and family.lets wait and see about that.

03/25/12 @ 20:42
Comment from: ahmed [Visitor]

it is sad we muslim and christian we need new constitution and every one under the law first we have to get freedom it very sad

03/25/12 @ 23:13
Comment from: Tomoka [Visitor]

Tomoka [Visitor]

dear Dave are you an Ethiopian,I you have to return to your mind and think you are to be an Ethiopian.

03/26/12 @ 02:24
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


Read carefully what you wrote and if you have any brains you will understand that you are a brainless idiot!

As for you stepping on anyone’s throat I am certain you are a little coward who will be silenced with just a slap in the face!

03/26/12 @ 02:24
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

rom: hayet [Visitor]
Waldba is in Tigray not Gondar.Allthe villages in waldba have Tigrigna names.Get your facts right, you wicked heart adgis.Even Eritreans

we will do what they have done those who were colonized by foreigners,may be fighting and then to international court,to make border demarcation between Tigray and Amhara,forget TPLF drama,
learn from history,Libya ,Egypt,Tunisia, Yemen,and Syria,
we suffer your conspiracy please follow Eritrean way,let others live in peace,

03/26/12 @ 02:40
Comment from: George [Visitor]

It is time for everyone inside and outside the country to report responsibly. Lies and fabrications such as in this article are meant to create mistrust between people and the government, and if possible to cause havoc to achieve their dream of overthrowing a ligitimate government. It shows how desperate they are with their ploy to engage the peace loving people in violence and destruction of their country so that they climb the stairs to power. Their level of hate and negative opinion on the achievements of the government is beyind comprehension of any reasonable person. Their main aim in life appears to be’telto matalat’. I would like the government or any responsible body or ministry of the government to clarify when such blatant and serious accusations are labelled against a government that has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of its people and the tainted image of the country.

Long live peaceful Ethiopia.

03/26/12 @ 07:55
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

miki and Almaz and the buchlas of Meles,

It sound like you are so worried you came out swinging wildly. Why dont the Egyptians distroy the Piramids? Do you know why becuase it is their history nothing else you moron cheka. Do you know how the west distroy other cultures, they go and distroy all their history so they will not have any connection with their past. People that dont have any connection with their past do not servive. BANDAS like you dont care about history becuse it will be easier for them to sell it. Tigrains like you have been BANDA for generations and you are the new generation of Tigrian BANDA. So, I am not surprised to here this kind of word from Tigre or Eriterian, because you are both cheka.

03/26/12 @ 18:21
Comment from: [Member]

ሰውየው: (መለስ: ሽፍታ&#4813&#59;): የቀን: ማጅራት: መቺነቱን: ካሳወቀ: አመታት: ተቆጥረዋል::
አሁን: ብሎ:ብሎ: የልቡ:እብሪት: ገዳማትን:ሊያቃጥል:
እየሞከረ:ነው; ያለው::
ህዝቡን: በሃይማኖት: ማጋጨት: ለመለስ:ጨናዊ:
ጊዜ: ያስገኝለት: እየመሰለው:ይህን: አሰቃቂ:ውንብድና: በመፈጸም: ላይ:ነው::
ይህንን: ወንበዴ: ሌባ: ቶሎ: መያዝ: ገዴታ: የሆነ: አንገብጋቢ: እርምጃ:ነው::
የሱ:ጫማ:ሳሚዎችም: በስዚህ:ድረ:ገጽ:ይሀው:እያንዣበቡ:ትፋታቸውን: ቀጥለዋል::
ሞት: ለ እ ህ አ ዴ ግ::
ሞት: ለ ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ::

03/26/12 @ 19:36
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefen
I think it is clear who the idiot is and who suffers from inferiority complex. But here is a corrected version for your reading brainless!

“There we go again with the chanting diaspora diaspora diaspora

Many of you trying hard to assign blame on anyone diaspora are idiots with little objective thinking

As for Meles and his circle there is no ifs and buts that there is no critical thinking and protecting the best interests of the people of Ethiopia. But then again he is a TPLF so nothing to be expected.

He remains to be the most damaging to Ethiopia and its people and its integrity who needs to be removed by all means necessary!!!

03/26/12 @ 21:17
Comment from: peace [Visitor]

The Woyane stooges and TPLF,

While other nations are preserving their ancient history and religions that brings bliss to the society, TPLF is fighting a war now to destory history. Go to India and see how many foreingers are coming and bringing money as tourists to see the faith and history, temples and ashrams of India. India is becoming well know and peaceful in their faith among Westerners. Ethiopia was regarded like that until TPLF appeared. Today these attractive monastreys are being destroyed that could attract and show our pride history that will support the country. Wey guud. Tigryans used to be the most holy people praying and fasting because of their deep faith for Orthodox christian, proof, Ase Yohannes as the true defender of Orthodx. Today, the Tigrayans became the enemies of Orthdox and friends of Islam. What an Irony!

03/27/12 @ 03:12
Comment from: shenoda [Visitor]

Inkuan inante teketariwoch embassy kuch bilachihu merz yemititefu yikirina, ethiopia has survived the darbushes, the mahadists, the fascists.

And Ethiopia will survive everything that you and your banda’s grandson boss puts her through.

It is ok if you dont think our history is great because no one can expect anything better from marxsist leninist rebels indoctrinated by someone whose father sold eggs in the fascist barracks because his grandfather was appointed shumbash by fascist occupiers.

keahiya yewalech gider fes temira timetalech. if you grow up around occupiers, you learn aparthied occupation. But Ethiopia will live through this and will one day be a great nation.

You are ignorant cadres that will defile your own heritage for your kers. But the very people you want to copy will never do this to their past and their history. But not only that, they also understand what an ancient greatness Ethiopia was. They know how valuable our nation is to the history of christianity, and islam, and judaism.

But you are blinded by your own hatred to realize it. I feel sorry for you all. And I am sure deep inside it saddens you that all your hateful reactionary destruction will never satisfy you. It will only bring a temporary gratification, followed by more anger more hatred more destruction.

All the name calling reveals that you are jealous of people who are steadfast with their committment who are comfortable with their identity, who will never give it up for worldly gains and a few dollars.

You have committed the most henious crime against a nation and you feel dirty and helpless, and confused so you try to victimize the innocent because even their zimita helinachihun silemirebishew.

Igziabhier motachihun yafatnew le-Ethiopia hizb tinsaewin yakirblet

03/27/12 @ 14:04
Comment from: Inquiry [Visitor]

I am not against civilization and technology. However, if civilization leads to the break up between God and the people, we would rather be poor and happy as we have always been than western materialism. Ethiopia has been a spiritual nation from the very beginning unlike the western Christianity ( the whore of Babylon the great) also known as the catholic or Vatican. Prime minster Meles doesn’t always exercise his own power, he also takes orders from foreign powers to do exactly what he is being told. To his mind, may be he is thinking of advancing the country, however the hidden agenda is quite different from what it appears. The recent war with our brothers Somalia and Eritrea attests to that fact. God wants love to rule the world instead of the pyramidal structure where ungodly devil worshiping people be on the top( Antichrist). So when it comes to developing the country or selling the land to foreigners it is also good to consult the local sages in the monasteries than listen only to the ungodly foreigners. For the local sages know the agenda far more better than the so called educated or indoctrinated people by a worldly philosophy such as socialism or other doctrines our leaders follow which never worked for us.

03/28/12 @ 21:41



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