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Ethiopia - Birhanu Nega and Birtukan Medekssa Expelled from Kinijit



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Ethiopia - Birhanu Nega and Birtukan Medekssa Expelled from Kinijit

File Photo Berhanu Nega

Ethiopia - Birhanu Nega and Birtukan Medekssa Expelled from Kinijit

Tedla Asfaw

Engineer Hailu's KIC or call it "Kinijit" on its December, "Thaesas" declaration barred Dr. Birhanu and Judge Birtukan Medekssa from Kinijit membership.

The official declaration "let us go our own way and let them go their own way" by Dr. Birhanu last week on the paltalk got an official reply from Engineer Hailu/Dr. Taye.

The Diaspora supporters of Dr.Birhanu will call call a meeting and establish their exile organization to be lead by Dr. Birahnu and back in Ethiopia the returned delegates Ato Gizachew Shifereaw, Dr. Hailu Araya and Ato Biruke will continue their battle under the watchful eye of TPLF with the Engineer Hailu groups.

The Ethiopian masses who voted for Kinijit in 2005 is out of this power struggle and should not choose anyone of the warring groups.

We have not heard last time when the masses gathered for "Talaku Rucha" in Addus root for Hailu or Birhanu and for them they are failed leaders and the "Derg" like proclamation will not drive them to create
suspicion among themselves who are now suffering under the brutal regime of TPLF.

The May 2005 movement looks crippled for now but the masses who were mobilized in millions for Kinijit support in "Miazia 30" two years ago will pick leaders to replace the failed ones and move for a change.

Here in the Diaspora the majority of us who rejected the two camps and call for reconciliation have to denounce those who would like to lead us from exile or dividing our people back home to hostile camps and
guarantee years of rule under TPLF tyranny.


Comment from: Tazabe [Visitor]

Time brought us the correct answer for why these opposition leaders could not lead our country. Imagine what could happen if they were to lead the country after the 2005 election. Ethiopia could have been divided and there could have been bloodsheds every where.

I am not finding it difficult to believe that they were the one who instigate the fight between the public and the government that resulted so many death and injuries. It was all for the sake of power not for the country.

12/12/07 @ 11:01
Comment from: Berhanu [Visitor]

But I want Berhanu and Birtukan. Go hell with your MERZ brief. Let them go their own ways and we will see who the people will choose. ou have no clue about Ethiopian politics.

12/12/07 @ 11:13
Comment from: ethiopian man [Visitor]
ethiopian man

I am glad to be the first person to comment on this issue. We expected some thing worse than whats happening now in Kinijit. Kinijits way of dealing was dangerous from the start, in the name of unity they were spreading their hate campaign against certain ethnic groups in the country. From what ethiopians expected what we see now is nothing, its just hailu Vs Berhanu personal confrontation. If these groups come to power the chaos and disaster could be beound anyones imagination. Thanks to God Ethiopians are well aware of this devilish conspiracy and wouldnt sit and watch these monsters attacking us. We the people wouldnt succumb to the rascist tendencies of the CUD. The CUd has started to die a slow death by being devided into tiny groups, the masses have understood what the CUD is up to. Its not secret, the CUD wants just power, they wanted to grab power using legal and illegal meanses. Ethiopians are still watching what these chauvinists are going to do, if they die a slow death well and good otherweise if they continue with their hate campaign, the response could be serious. The CUD has openly allied with Eritrea and joined anti ethiopia forces like the ONLF and created AFD. I don understand why the EPRDF is showing all the patience against such groups. CUD when unmasked become coalition for a United Destruction. They are a bunch of talkatives and we don understand their nonsense’s. All of them who turned into politics after a long years of disatisfaction in life, have started living in a deep shitt.

12/12/07 @ 11:17
Comment from: Koso [Visitor]

The old Neftgna has gone mad.He is not different from the Woyane badits.How can this old feudal can lead a aprty let alone a country? We support Berhnau and Beritukan

12/12/07 @ 11:18
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]


I don’t believe anything this guy ASFAW says since he is stupid but… this one is FUNNY! I cannot stop laughing. So, if the story is true, is that mean MELES will be the one to blame for their faller to unite as a party and work for their people in Ethiopia? Mr. NEGA and the likes {EX-DERG} that are sleepless in Washington DC to roll the cash flow are now finding out they’ll be left behind.

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THINGS WHERE IT HAS BEEN SAID “I told you so” slap on the face…the hope of the multi-party system is good to our nation but only when these CUD members are willing to stay clean… These guys are the #1 thieves who has been systematically selling out our nation/people. Their agent MESFIN is ASMARA’s slave and double agent… his 24/7 work to hurt Ethiopia has failed…

Here are the areas they should focus and work for Ethiopia/Ethiopians:
1} stay away from ONLF
2} stay away from Chris Smith and Donald Payne {since these 2-people are attempting to create our political systems, they’re our enemies not or friends}
3} stay away from Eritrean agents {because Issa-ASS} goal is to divided our people and destroy our nation
4} stop attempting to hurt our nation/people by attempting to create/creating enemies to our nation in the U.S the so called h.r.2003
5} get rid of MESFIN because he is the cancer for our nation/people along with h.r.2003
6} reach out to all Ethiopians not just selected ethnics.
7} put Ethiopia 1st, your family 2nd Ethiopians 3rd and be honest/real to your party but most of all to ETHIOPIA.

These step or some of the ways to create peace among our people and our people will be free of political biases and self centeredness would be eliminated…

What a losers! {I am out}

12/12/07 @ 11:20
Comment from: tamene [Visitor]

ethiopia for ethiopians birhanu nega is yager negade yesiltan timegna this person is dangereous he will sell our cauntry to any one if he gets power

12/12/07 @ 11:33
Comment from: Bedru [Visitor]

Dr.Brihanu is criminal ,it is not right
to exile simply.he has to face charge.

America is not simply hiding place for
criminals.Befor his exile he has to pay
back for 210000 doller,what he took from

12/12/07 @ 11:41
Comment from: tazabiw [Visitor]

eeeeeeeeeer we go!!! Kinijit

Sorry Dr. Birhanu and Judge Birtukan Medekssa.

“The dream was nice while it lasted”


12/12/07 @ 11:44
Comment from: Amare [Visitor]

Ethiopia need to praise her GOD to get a son Like Dr. Berhanu Nega. He is genious , Smart , Educated … etc. Ethiopia will not see a person like Nega for the next 100 years. He is a man before his time. Some peoples hate him cause he didn’t come from ‘Nefetena’ ethinic group, other wise some body tell me what wrong thing he has done on his country except analyzing and giving a way forward for out mother land economy progress.

I know hime the last 10 years before he become active in politics around 2005. please read those article he write in Ethiopian economics association for the last 12 years , then judge who is Berhanu Nega. you will be ashamed for your self to call a name about Nega.

To My mother land Ethiopia. Please keep your son Dr. Nega safe and secure.

for Nefetenas please don’t be a racist. you nefetenas are the one who created racism in ethiopia for the last 300 years, that your followers ‘woyanes’ are making it out and open on my beloved country.

you nefetenas and woyanes are stupids!!!

12/12/07 @ 11:54
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

If our intellectual thinks the same as this guy is Ethiopia is in a lot of trouble I think I can say safely that he is a lunatic he needs 30 day kidan meheret tsebel

12/12/07 @ 11:55
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

you are killing me please stop writing

12/12/07 @ 11:55
Comment from: Fair [Visitor]

Comment from: ethiopian man [Visitor]
I am glad to be the first person to comment on this issue.

Well, you are third dude lol

12/12/07 @ 12:01
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]

TEDLA ASFAW has to lead KINIJIT. LOL is that what you want us to say. You are really dump stupid. Ethiopian doesn’t want leaders like Hailu. Birhanu.. and dumps like you. God has been protecting our mother land all the time. Go EPRDF. GO MELES. your are our hero.

12/12/07 @ 12:10
Comment from: wazu [Visitor]


Please stop this guy from being one your contributers. Unless he himself is, I do not understand how editors allow such low life so called writer/analyst to post on their website. He is repeatdely proved to be none sense and pure propagandist and agent of distruction. There should be a quality control on your side to filter what is news or analysis worthy for posting articles on your page. Asfaw, your thick skin may not allow you to understand when the readers say STOP and look for something else to do, but should stop you from your madness and redirect you to your likes in the so called paltalks.

12/12/07 @ 12:17
Comment from: ewnetun tenageru [Visitor]
ewnetun tenageru

Oh no, not again, Tedla Asfaw? How come Tedla is ahead of everyone in getting fresh information? He refers to Ethiomedia sometimes as his reliable source. Nowadays he refers to paltalk as his source. If in fact the division within CUD is now final, which I doubt, Tedla wants to be the one to report it first. It is very likely that he came to his own conclusion from the bits of information that he may have heard. I sense in his report an almost discernable joy in his heart when he tells us bad news. In the parallel universe that he resides, Tedla Asfaw wants the history of today’s Ethiopia to end like a Greek tragedy with all of us being losers. We should reject this and say loud and clear that Ethiopia will not only survive but it shall prevail. Amen!

12/12/07 @ 12:23
Comment from: armacho [Visitor]

thank god my country didnt fell under these bozos.i just came from ethiopia most of the people in addis who voted for kinijit think the same way.kinijit is kaput.finish.ato asfaw please shut up.look at your succssesive articles, no body is impressed by your shallow and rascist analyssis .throw your pen and go to your parking lot

12/12/07 @ 12:31
Comment from: Asamnew Haile [Visitor]
Asamnew Haile

This is not unexpected Tedla. Kinijit to begin with was not a party, pay attention here I use the past tense, founded to exist beyond the 2005 election unless they win in that election. Prior to the 2005 election in Ethiopia there was no time which a party platform was tailored to synchornize with a senior citizen who might not be able to live a few years past that election. I am not trying to play doctor here. Rather I am stating a verifiable fact. Besides, I choose my words wisely, and the may imply possibility.The Knijit leaders,Tedla, are the worst, ill-informed persons that I know of that Ethiopian politics have ever created. Do not get me wrong, I know there are honest individuals among them who have the interest of the country and its people. But they have no vision or the political know how to change it to reality. Part of the problem Tedla they become willing to be guided by people who have no any political instinct, who exclusively reside in the Western world, except the immense hatred they harbor towards the extant Ethiopian government. Why they choose to be mislead by people who have no clue what really happens in the country might elicit several theories. I am not writing to suggest,however, I know all the answer. But it is time for people who fantasize about a party that will not have any impact in future Ethiopian politics as it structured now to wake up from their long day dream. Tedla do not waste your time writing about a party that really does not exist as you imagine it does.

12/12/07 @ 12:34
Comment from: Philly- Man [Visitor]
Philly- Man

I am very sad with news, what is going on with CUD. I read and listen both guys interviews. I agree with what Dr. Negga because he seems to be a true man stands for his beliefs and deeply cares about the future of ethiopia i will always support him 100%. I have no respect for mr. Hailu:crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy: i can smell him he only cares about power:crazy::crazy::crazy: which he will never get it

12/12/07 @ 12:39
Comment from: Abyssinia [Visitor]

Seriously, who ever wrote that news needs ESL or some kind of course. How come a person with such English be allowed to post news? Plz the news needs critical editing. Is is a shame!!

12/12/07 @ 12:43
Comment from: Sober Analyst [Visitor]
Sober Analyst

What a sad outcome if it is true.
This automatically gives the Weyanes two free election rides in the future, unless Eritrea comes to our rescue.

12/12/07 @ 12:48
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]

My criticism of Kinijit has always been its immaturity and arrogance. How could a political party which was (at the time of the election) not even one year old could lead a country of 80,000,000 with complex political, social and economic problem?

Even though the party was born of good intentions, it has always been driven by emotions and blind hate for the ruling party, which is void of reason and rationality. The Irony is that, the party brags about its leaders of being the best and the most educated …what a joke

Education without right values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a cleverer devil.

I thank God for protecting our nations from these power thirsty gangsters and their hate driven foot soldiers


12/12/07 @ 12:53
Comment from: kinijit kinijit [Visitor]
kinijit kinijit

Eng Hailu Shawel finally kicked these worthless power thristy Kestedamena gangs..well done Eng Hailu Shawel !@!!!

12/12/07 @ 12:55
Comment from: dida [Visitor]

I dont trust thise group from the bigning . imagine if they take power from 2005 election it was the disaster i hope the ethiopian people understand now what this group stand by.The next prime minster i hope will be MR LIDETU AYALEW.


12/12/07 @ 13:06
Comment from: yebolala [Visitor]

go for it we will support you.

12/12/07 @ 13:14
Comment from: muziky68 [Visitor]

Dear all:

In the first place I would like to make some corrections on unaccurate inforamtions going regarding the latest actions of Eng Hailu Shawel.

The chairman did not suspend anyone from the leadership. What he did is wrote a letter to the Kinijit council calling for w/t Birtukan, Ato Brook, Dr Berhanu, Dr Hailu and Eng Gizachew to be suspended. Ato Hailu do have the right to make his case to teh council. If he thinks he can convince council members with his more than 20 allegations against some of his colleagues, then it is his right.

The Kinijit leadership will meet and take appropriate actions.

As to Ato Tedla’s comment, his arguments are not factual and based on the reality. In the first place there is no “Berhanu Group” in the diaspora. Dr Berhanu has accomplished his mission with the other delegates. Now he does not have any official Kinijit responsibility. The speeches he is giving and activities he does are not official speeches and activities of Kinijit. (please let us leave him alone for the next 3, 4 months). Hopefully he will return back then and join his colleagues.

Until then the center of politics is in Ethiopia. The individuals who will be moving the politics of Kinijit in Ethiopia are folks like Judge Birtukan and others. In the Diaspora it will be the Kinijit North AMerica leadership (Ato Aklog et others). PERIOD.



12/12/07 @ 13:20
Comment from: Aklilu [Visitor]

Sad that even the people that are supposed to reconcile us and lead Ethiopia out of its current predicament cannot humble themselves to reconcile with each other and stay united by putting the needs of the people before theirs. What Ethiopia needs are leaders who speak with one voice and stand for the rights of the people. I am not saying that these guys do not have the intrest of the people at heart or are not dedicated at all but for the sake of Ethiopia I hope they get off their high horse and stay united. What makes it even more painful is that meles is actually laughing all the way to the bank (with looted Ethiopian money).

12/12/07 @ 13:26
Comment from: ETHIOPIAN [Visitor]

:>> I am laughing so hard :D

Kinijit is done forever LOOOOOOOL
:)) :lalala::P

you are worse party Ethiopia every see


12/12/07 @ 13:28
Comment from: Independent [Visitor]

hahhahhaha, Birtukan, DR. Birhe,.. hahahhah. Now get life!

12/12/07 @ 13:41
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

what is going on there.
these people are complicating the
ethiopian politics.

any way ethiopians needs one strong
opposition party. who is
going to be the leader of that party ?
we are going to see it on the upcoming election.:

12/12/07 @ 13:43
Comment from: Sira leseriw [Visitor]
Sira leseriw

Hailu has taken the right measure ahainst those traitors; I know Berhanu was running for power and money. He is never trusted in any way; lrt him go back to ethiopia and try to explain why he was trying ro divide KINIJIT and snap power from the real ethiopian children, Hell with Berhanu!!!!:>

12/12/07 @ 14:01
Comment from: Sira leseriw [Visitor]
Sira leseriw

Hailu has taken the right measure ahainst those traitors; I know Berhanu was running for power and money. He is never trusted in any way; lrt him go back to ethiopia and try to explain why he was trying ro divide KINIJIT and snap power from the real ethiopian children, Hell with Berhanu!!!!:>

12/12/07 @ 14:03
Comment from: What [Visitor]

Hey buddies, has it ever occured to you that we are progressing at home, while you are mourning the death of your defunct systems.

Either come home or keep sending more money home.

12/12/07 @ 14:08
Comment from: kottuu [Visitor]

Amare??? Is that your true name? I don’t think so! you said “Ethiopia need to praise her GOD to get a son Like Dr. Berhanu Nega. He is genious , Smart , Educated … etc. Ethiopia will not see a person like Nega for the next 100 years. He is a man before his time.”
This a tipical “BERHANU LE BERHANU!” talk!! Ay BERESH’ “ye arada poletica” stakahiji tefogersh!!Amare you are right! Ethiopia dont want to see a cheep person like Nega not only for 100 yrs but for 100000000 yrs!!! He is a selfish, self centered, power monger, ye poletica negade’ … , who betrayed his own people.You said “Some peoples hate him cause he didn’t come from ‘Nefetena’ ethinic group,…” Amare! this is what Berhanu was preaching CUD none amhara cc members to support him on his coup- de-etate plot.He tryed to use what woyane propagte to establish hate against one large portion of the country’s ethnic group. That is why I am sure Amare is Berhanu Nega! Teneqabish… Bre’ hidna lela bila.
Tedla Asfaw ( Andargachew Tsigie) You assume that people are dummy! Your plot has been known from the start! U said “The Diaspora supporters of Dr.Birhanu will call call a meeting and establish their exile organization to be lead by Dr. Birahnu…” You can fool ones but you can’t fool twice! Berhanu negadew took some fool’s money and declared he will not return back home! Now he want to establish a party in exaile!! what a crook he is!If someone want to join him outside,
then “mengedun cherq yadrglachihu” tebloal. engdih leqso endersalen. tesnanu… Ethiopian people is very very happy!

12/12/07 @ 14:18
Comment from: Sema [Visitor]

It is a nonsensical move by feudal Hailu Shamul and has no meaning and ineffectual. Feudal Hailu Shawul, by doing what he did, is just writing his political obituary. He evicted himself from Kinijit long time
ago and he still does not seem to have recognised that or no body has told him about it in hispital bed or may be he is in a state of denial as usual. He was under anesthesia in his hospital bed and he might have not heard what had been happening throughout America while the Kinijit leaders were here. The Ethiopian people have moved on and wake up Hailu Shawul and update yourself.


12/12/07 @ 14:19
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Looks like Ethiopia is going to be fine. We have seen a somehow healthy fracture in EPRDF (the current administration). Mostly it was not followed by sheding the blood of their internal opposition. Likewise, the new boys in the block are undergoing their share of internal fight. Out of this all, it looks like a new breed of leaders and oppositions are to be born.

I wish you all the best, dear Ethiopia.

12/12/07 @ 15:06
Comment from: Chasu [Visitor]

Dr. Birhanu’s intent is not a news by now. Many knew he is a power thirsty guy, with great ambition WITHOUT any experience at all. He would have brought misery to our people and motherland had EPRDF handed over gov’t power to CUD. God is always there for Ethiopia.

Eng. Hailu is, however, a viable and capable opposition to lead our country out of the darkness we have been in for the last 500 years. Eng. Hailu has achieved so much in his life from scrach… he is an engineer famous in the world of civil engineering. He has accumulated enough wealth and has no dream to accumulate any more. He deeply loves his country and is mature and more experienced in governance. He knows the complex nature of Ethiopian politics and is sure to win the game.

Ex. Judge Birtukan is not only inexperienced but also without will to involve in politics. She was just hijjacked by CUD guys after the Siye Abraha’s case which she adjudicated when she was a judge.

I appeal to the Ethiopia diaspora to desist from supporting Dr. Birhanu and his illegal group. Dr. Birhanu and his group expressly breached loyalty to their leader (Eng. Hailu)and their party charter. How on earth do we expect they will respect the constitution and rule of law?!!.

Eng. Hailu needs to be rallied after and supported in every way he demands as he is the most capable future leader of our country God has sent us after Emperor Teowodros II.

Besides, legal action needs to be initiated against Dr. Berhanu and his group for whatever they may have committed. One area is misusing party financial resources… he needs to pay back from his business ventures in Ethiopia. I am not sure how many of us know Dr. Berhanu’s business interests in Ethiopia. Dr. Berhanu is more of a business person than what many people think about him: intellectual, politicial. That is not true. The main reason he is in disagreement with EPRDF is due to collision between the gov’t related business organizations and Dr. Bernanu’s business interests.

Dr. Berhanu is using his title (Dr.) as a big deal among we Ethiopians who are unfortunate enough even to go to primary schools. Ethiopians do not need individuals who boast about their PHDs. They need those who have a vision for their country…united Ethiopia where class and ethnic games are eliminated. Let us stop the fourth world ideas: “I am from such and such ethnic group, he is from a poor family, he is Shemanie or faki, I am muslim/christian/pentie.”

Ethiopia’s problem is very complex indeed and the solution comes through a leader of distinguished qualifications… Eng. Hailu is the one!

Besides, Eng. Hailu has more supporters in Ethiopia than Dr. Berhanu. Dr. Berhanu is known only by a handful of Ethiopian citizens in Ethiopia… urbaners, particularly Addisans. Ethiopian famers, the real Ethiopians, are behind Eng. Hailu. The majority in the Diaspora are also behind Eng. Hailu than Dr. Berhanu.

There would be some of you who would think that any one who supports Eng. Hailu is someone who is an Amhara or someone from Semian Shewa. This kind of attribution is one of the problems we have in Ethiopian society. Any ways, I am not Amhara or from Semian Shewa. I just objectively assessed Eng. Hailu’s qualifications.

12/12/07 @ 15:18
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

I trust Woyanne more than these buffoons. At least Woyanne has enough discipline to stay together. I trust that the EPRDF can lead the country.

12/12/07 @ 15:23
Comment from: demeke [Visitor]

Ii is a matter of seconds to be first and third.

12/12/07 @ 15:27
Comment from: Teddy [Visitor]

It is clear now KIC was working to bring AEUP or AAUP to dominate in CUDP and now because they loose the power they can have in CUDP they are choosing their way to use the KINIJITI brand for their dictator leadership in Ethiopian politics. But those will educated leaders of CUDP were aware of this intension and they make a good job in 2 month and they are now in a o position to make CUDP more democratic and I am now ready to give my voice to CUDP leaders other than Hailu and the shalekas

12/12/07 @ 15:41
Comment from: Mekonnen [Visitor]

Birihanu Nega’s firebrand approach is a bit unEthiopian and troublesome. He is too aggressive and pushy targeting his own compatriots. He can only be successful and accepted if he stand up to the Woyanes from within Ethiopia; otherwise, he would always be seen as an opportunist and shrewd alternative to Meles himself. He needs to prove himself.

The first rule would have been for all opposition to respect one another especially in the face of the adversary. Only a mainstream and grass root movement can uproot the Woyanes and the only one around right now is Kinijit. If you think about it, the reason why Meles invaded Somalia was because Kinijit put the heat on Woyanes and conversely the Woyanes had to invade Somalia to avoid U.S’s pressure off their back.

12/12/07 @ 16:10
Comment from: dj [Visitor]

This shows why Kinijit is weak party.We need strong united party who challange wayane.

12/12/07 @ 16:29
Comment from: bulch [Visitor]


12/12/07 @ 16:39
Comment from: take [Visitor]


12/12/07 @ 16:46
Comment from: Gelmokurra [Visitor]

Ethiopia - Birhanu Nega and Birtukan Medekssa Expelled from Kinijit- Dece. 12/07

The Berhanu Nega group and the Hailu group broke-up. So what, Meles broke up with Tamirat Layne, Siye Abreha, Gebru ex-governor of Tigray, his deputy and Sadkan the Chief of Staff but still kicking strong.

12/12/07 @ 17:16
Comment from: Tazabiw [Visitor]


Well said man. Thanks for bringing everything into light.

Ta again!

12/12/07 @ 17:27
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

Is mr Asfaw(the writer) a journalis or a prt of the kinijit officails? I dont expect so meny typig and gramatical mistakes from a journalist. It will make the story a hoa or a propagand even if it is true. It is ok If i and/or the other people who leave comment in here make such mistakes.

12/12/07 @ 17:32
Comment from: MLW [Visitor]

Engineer Hailu had more weight than all others to begin with in kinijit based on his constituency as well as his efforts. Dr. Birhanu Nega has spoiled his chance of being future leader. Had he been smart he could have used the engineer for now until he gets what he wants. He could have learned so much from him too. Dancing with diaspora alone without a mass base in Ethiopia is like a suicidal move in Ethiopian politics. What the engineer has done if true is also a right move to save kinijit.

12/12/07 @ 17:43
Comment from: nuna [Visitor]

I trust Meles as PM than Hailu Shawel,Hailu is laready showing his dictatorial behaviour,imagine if he were PM he would have gotten this leaders killed and more just to keep power.

12/12/07 @ 18:03
Comment from: mira [Visitor]

no kinjit politics exist and they are all rubish like wayane. go to hell with hailu old fashion and nega bussiness.
i will creat new party soon

12/12/07 @ 18:04
Comment from: Assab Ethiopia [Visitor]
Assab Ethiopia

This article is nonsense not worthy of reading.What is the motive of the writer?feel good for woyane?

12/12/07 @ 18:50
Comment from: Assab Ethiopia [Visitor]
Assab Ethiopia

The stupid moron Woyanes might think this story is true.They have no idea that they are the enemys of every Ethiopian and seen as a foreign enemy who has envaded Ethiopia as a locust from Tigray.

12/12/07 @ 18:56
Comment from: soodo [Visitor]

some guys they think Ethiopia is only for Amharas

12/12/07 @ 20:12
Comment from: Betel [Visitor]

It is n’t new, I was expecting that
from the dictatership leader. The
only autority can hire or fire are
people or supporter of CUD . Enginer
did you follow the rull of CUD
manifest?That is done .You kick out
yourself.No more confusion.

12/12/07 @ 20:50
Comment from: Ambachew [Visitor]

Dear Chasu,

I wish I could be persuaded that you are not just scribbling your opinions out of sheer emotional whim. But my instinct is forcing me to believe otherwise. Let me just quote some of your statements hereunder and have my say accordingly.

“Eng. Hailu is, however, a viable and capable opposition to lead our country out of the darkness we have been in for the last 500 years.” “Eng. Hailu needs to be rallied after and supported in every way he demands as he is the most capable future leader of our country God has sent us after Emperor Teowodros II.” “Ethiopia’s problem is very complex indeed and the solution comes through a leader of distinguished qualifications… Eng. Hailu is the one!”

I do appreciate that you have observed Ethiopia’s predicament started some hundred years ago, in fact more than 800 years ago for that matter, almost soon after the downfall of the Zagwe dynasty in the 13th century. The funny thing is the extremely exaggerated hype you tried to put on the indispensability of Engineer Hailu shawel. You ventured to tell us that he is the only man of distinguished qualifications of some kind who has the keys to the solution of our long standing problems in his hand and who can lead us out of our misery for good. Kudos!!

I was trying to figure out, leaving every thing else said about him aside, if the good engineer is to be reckoned as a potential leader of our country considering his age and the health condition he is in. As far as I know, the engineer is in his mid seventies and in a very poor health condition who will not be capable enough even to lead his own family for a very long after now let alone shouldering the very complex and deep rooted social, political and economic problems of our nation. A man of his age, if he really was the kind of person what you tried to describe him to be, he should have put himself aside even from the leadership role of his political party and had better try to play a rather more important role in serving as a king maker. Ethiopia is not bankrupt of young, dynamic, wise and intelligent individuals who can potentially be leaders of the country. The good engineer, if he was not there only to satisfy his hunger for power, he should have joined the counsel of elders and help find a peaceful solution to the ever-volatile political climate of our country and thereby help change the dog-eat- dog political culture that has been rife through out our history. Besides, I don’t think the good Engineer is as good as his words either. From the interview he gave to the BBC’s hard talk in 2005, soon after the ill-fated Ethiopian election, he said he was the only Ethiopian who told the ‘Derg’ that they were wrong and resigned from his cabinet ministerial position. And yet the reality was surprisingly to the contrary. He wrote a letter of resignation to the then vice president, colonel Fisseha Desta, stating that he had a chronic health problem and was rather incapacitated from carrying out his day to day official duties and asked to be relieved of his position.

So, by any standard you measure, I don’t think the engineer is the kind of man you tried to sketch to us in this room, and I beg you to come to your senses and feel the entire situations he is in now. As to your argument that the engineer is a God sent would be leader for us, I have nothing to say in reply to that, except concluding my opinion by saying “May God forgive you”. I wonder if God would send a frail old man to get his own people out of the abyss. The Biblical Moses was only relieved of his leadership role in about the age the Engineer is now; he was only 40 when he was appointed for the leadership role by the way.

My best wishes

12/12/07 @ 20:51
Comment from: Aba Tigist [Visitor]
Aba Tigist

Ethiopia’s potential leader replacing Meles will be Lidetu. Has only high school formal education, and a lot smarter than Berhanu Nega. Please read the “yemihuran denakurt", the educated bums, by GE Gorfu on IGA forum

12/12/07 @ 21:03
Comment from: soma [Visitor]




With his past record of association and being a bed fellow with TPLF Berhanu should not be admitted to kinijit.

With Mesfin Woldemariam recommendation this guy was given a free pass.

I hope Hailu will learn from his mistake of at least he should have reacted the position given Bertukan while other sinor party leaders were there.

Yes we all learn from our mistakes particulary our leaders should not be trusing people who slept with TPLF /WOYANE.

Where our next step for kinijit and hailu is WOYANE /MELESE thsy have wounded him oready.

He and his cadres are counting their days AS KINIJIT CLEARS ITS ENEMY WITH IN THE NEXT TARGET WILL BE CLEAR .


12/12/07 @ 21:06
Comment from: soma [Visitor]


When TPLF mafia took power in ethiopia the Berhnu is the first who left us and joined the mafia group.

He was thinking he will get some power and position the mafia gang was is full of Tigria mafia gang so he was un happy.

He tried to start busness with TPLF he ,his millionor brother and his family kept their busness open by finacing and bribeing TPLF mafia.

When he get tired of TPLF he want to jump in to kinijit party for the same reason .




12/12/07 @ 21:19
Comment from: selam Konjo [Visitor]
selam Konjo

i know all this thing before it happen oh we have a tail
(yemaybesil engera kemtadu yastawikal)yibalal any ways please my people we have to think before we said any thing so now all we have to support Ato MELES HE IS SMART BY THE WAY I WAS KINNGIT supporter not now before they gone to jail . i am sorry for parents of loss their family i fell sorry by the way for nothing.please we have to love each other. amara siterit endi yilal(kezi yebase yimeta yihonal yibal yele ……yeyazinewn yizen God(n)enamesigin.
God bless Ethiopia

12/12/07 @ 21:46
Comment from: Yager Lig [Visitor]
Yager Lig

I don’t understand why we still bring CUD in the news, this party is where it belongs, History! We should move past such baseless party as if it was big, it was able to confuse a lot of people but the light is on them now we are seeing their dirt. Neither CUD nor its leaders deserve to lead our country for one second, so let them keep fulling the sleeping sheep but the people of Ethiopia are long over this B.S.

12/12/07 @ 21:48
Comment from: mikey [Visitor]


12/12/07 @ 21:50
Comment from: armacho [Visitor]

tedla please take intensive english first .then you can bark as hard as you can.dont be fooled because your article is published.

12/12/07 @ 21:56
Comment from: abity [Visitor]

i embarresed or humilated for what they have done. i would like to invite them my mom word that she using always"the soldier who has no desier can not be a winner”

12/12/07 @ 22:08
Comment from: Temaru [Visitor]  

Shame on Neftegna!
How long is the ethiopian population keeps on being fooled by you? Some one running for power/concerned about the people of ethiopia must come from you?! The people of ethiopia must underestand and stick together that these(hailu gp)is the one which caused all the backwardness,hunger and stealing(all wrong doings ) in ethiopia.ever amhara to the power again in ethiopia!!!The past is enough!!Think about the other ethiopian people,even your own poors!!! why are you reamaining poisnous?Learn from your fathers.We are all ethipians! You don’t have to insult Negade,etc.There are a lot of humble ethiopians!!!give them chance!Dr. Berhanu and Birtukan are among them.They are rejected by a beaurocrat simply because they are not Amharas.
Please refrain from your poisinous acts.

12/12/07 @ 22:14
Comment from: Temaru [Visitor]  

I’m really sorry because I share a country with Neftegna!!!

12/12/07 @ 22:20
Comment from: wolde [Visitor]

Tedla, poor mentality always blame others. Blame yourself and your friends. It is your behaviour that follows you and your friends. A mentality which is occupied with hate always do not bring peace either to you or for the rest of the Ethiopian people.The present government will stay in power as long as you and your friends are snatching each other for power. An opposition who failed to compromise each other, will bring a desaster to the Ethiopian people. Stop acting like a rabid dog! Think about peace for your self and for the Ethiopian people.
Long Live Ethiopia

12/12/07 @ 22:26
Comment from: Hagere Ethiopia [Visitor]
Hagere Ethiopia

Who is expelling who?? Who are the real Kiinijits ??? With all due respect “Hailu shawl have betrayed kinijit, and all ethiopian people". as leader he should negotiate, and make peace with the rest of CUD LEADERS what ever difference they have. He sold CUD for TPLF (WOYANE). who ever support the division of CUD is “woyane". H. shawl can run, but it won’t be far…because we ethiopians belive in ANDENET.
COME ON PEOPLE-LET’S UNITE. We should avoid any body who are dividing ethiopians; a person like hailu shawl.

12/12/07 @ 23:13
Comment from: Hagere Ethiopia [Visitor]  
Hagere Ethiopia


12/12/07 @ 23:25
Comment from: Ethiopia [Visitor]

Whether Kinijit is finished with or not, I think the lesson that needs to be learned is that most Ethiopians are very immature when it comes to politics. Kinijit put no plan of action, no agenda together, except to say how bad EPRDF is. This is not the basis by which a country is succesfully run. Yet, many in the diaspora acted as if they were the solution to Ethiopia’s problems. I think we need to reevaluate everything. I dont even think most Ethiopians would agree on what Ethiopia needs. How can we just say this group of power hungry idiots are the solution? Let’s move ahead. Let’s judge wisely from now on.

12/12/07 @ 23:30
Comment from: Wajjo [Visitor]

Well, I do not think most of us understood the main difference between Eng.Hailu vs. Dr. Berhanu’s group yet.
It has nothing to do with power or personal ego. There is a fundamental difference in how we are going to reconstruct CUD. If we all agree that the fight is b/n two dynasties, Amhara vs Tegrie, therefore Eng. Hailu and his team has to continue reforming the new “Kinijit", which once was"melaw amara drejit". We the diasporas, once fully supported and finaced Melaw Amara derejit, accordingly. But we do not let Melaw Amara change its uniform three times and become kinijit. We should let all Ethiopian ethnic groups participate in the new CUDleadership. Judge Bertukan Medeksa, Dr Berhanu Nega, Dr Hailu Arrays ,Dr.Yakob, Eng shiferaw, Ato Beruk as well as Ato Iyoel seems to be the most diversified, modest and well educated leaders that the majority of Ethiopian loves and voted for. This is the only way to make Kinijt real.

Long live united Ethiopia

12/12/07 @ 23:37
Comment from: mami [Visitor]

we dont want see u.stay in dc kinigit.

12/12/07 @ 23:44
Comment from: Ajesie Duie [Visitor]
Ajesie Duie

An illiterate person always wayout of
his minde, Ato Tazabe, you probably think
that if an educated person work for his country ,you may not get place in the government position.You might be flankot
from 1st yr, college like your mountain goat boss.Otherwise you should’nt blame these
docters.Please be advised that you can
a very good job like your are doing now in

12/13/07 @ 00:04
Comment from: chereka [Visitor]

What a good news I don’t belive it, if it is true the honeymoon is over for power mongers(Berhanu Nega and Bertukan) maybee they will get another job with Berket Simmon to spy for him and Meles, anyways that was what, they Were doing inside CUD to spy for the government what a shame pretending they care for the people and the country.

shame shame

12/13/07 @ 00:06
Comment from: Hailu Dessie [Visitor]
Hailu Dessie

You Fucked CUD leaders why don\’t u agree for the sake of your supporters?
you wasted our beloved time and Life!!
You always runs to USA but we local people enables you to be our leaders!
any way Fuck you time and again!

12/13/07 @ 00:59
Comment from: Muhamed [Visitor]

This is an excellent decision. Berhanu is not different from Meles and the Woyanes. Furthermore, Ato Hilue Shawel is still the legitimate elected leader of Ethiopia. For sure Berhanu is not our freedom fighter. He does not have the hearts and minds of Millions of Ethiopians But for millions and millions of Ethiopians, Hailue Shawel is still a hero. I can comfortably say that Ethiopians love & trust Hailue Shawel and as we saw it in the last twenty years, he loves his country and willing to be sacrificed. Millions of Ethiopians voted for him in the 2005 election and History will remember him as one of our Great States Men. If it was not for Berhanu Nega and his TPLF/EPRDF or Woyane friends, he would have been the current president of Ethiopia. He can still save Ethiopia. He may mobilize the mass and be able to bring our country together. Despite of his short comings and external and internal pressures in Kinijit and CUDP, he is the only one that can defeat the TPLF/EPRDF and Woyane parties.
Let’s not single out Berhanu Nega’s case and dual on his patriotism? Berhanu is not an honest advocate of Democracy. He is a sectarian and opportunist. Brehanu had worked very closely with Melees and the Woyanes. He is a perfect fit to Melees. He served TPLF & EPRDF well like hands and gloves. He is responsible for what has happening in Ethiopia for the last 20 years. He is also responsible to the current Kinjet/ CUDP crisis. He is opportunist and power monger. We all know his position and he is ” Ye Keberro Bahitawie or the Wolf in Sheep clothing.” Personally I know Berhanu Nega when he was the Military government agent in Debrezeite and Addis Ababa in the late 1970’s. He was part of the National Communist League, whose soul purpose was to infiltrate the youth and spy on their activities against EPRP members. Because of him many innocent EPRP members and lots of students were killed both in Debre Zeit and Addis Ababa. Later I met him in the Sudan as a refugee. While he was in the Sudan he reached out to the opposition parties against the Military government and he became a double agent. Later I met him in the USA and shared numerous political forums such as the “Horn of Africa in New York, Berrana in Pennsylvania, and many political activities Washington D.C. areas.
Like Melese and Isaias, he was financed and sponsored by Chancellor Joseph Murphy. While he was a student at the New School for Social Research, in New York City, he not only organized anti Ethiopian forums but also in coalition with his professors, he sponsored and financed the TPLF and EPRDF activities in New York and North East United States. He further publicized their activities and anti Ethiopian sentiments through conservatives and anti socialist organization publications. In fact he and his friends worked so hard for the success of Melees at the expresses of the rest of TPLF leadership as shown in Canada, London and Washington D.C. etc.
When, the Woyanes, took over we both returned to Ethiopia to serve our country. He returned Ethiopia with lots of money and hired by the CIA and as the supporter of the Woyanes.. While I continued my life as a private citizen, Berhanu Nega became an Overnight Star with Dr. Mulue Kestella. Both became not only advisers to Melees but best friends who shared the same values and visions for Ethiopia. For 14 years, they worked with Woyane and became part and parcels of the destructive force. My advice to Dr. Berhanu Nega is to stay out of Ethiopian politics. He is on a mission for the CIA. He is also a Multi Millionaire Ethiopian American. He does not stand for CUD’s principles and objectives. He is a Woyane employee!

God Bless Ethiopia.

12/13/07 @ 01:18
Comment from: stampeed [Visitor]

Is long over due - this action should have been taken the day they escaped to the US and started fleecing those in deaspora fooled by Berhanu Mewa and his gang - the Berhanus must account the hundreds of thousands they have taken in the name of kinijit- no financial report has been given as promised by the gang

12/13/07 @ 01:37
Comment from: Muhamed [Visitor]

First Tedla Asfaw Queens,New York, is a Woyane from Michew Adigrat in Tigraye.
Second, Berhanu is not a man of peace. .He is power monger. He is evil& “a wolf in sheep clothing.” He knows exactly what he is doing and what he is capable of in the destruction of the nation of Ethiopia as we know it. “Hode sieaawke Dorro matta naew.”
It is him and the CIA (Paul Heinz, Herman Cohen Joseph Murphy etc…and Jewish elites from the New School, Queens College and George Mason University) who brought Woyane to power and destroy Ethiopia. Even the current crisis with in the oppositions are caused by him and his friends.
Berhanu Nega is our nations “problem child.” We know he is criminal, evil and capable of crating crisis to cause chaos in organizations? The current crisis both in Kinijit and EPRP are two cases in point. While he and his allies are creating chaos in Kinijit his friends and Mersha Yoseph have already destroyed EPRP in the name of “the Guragge Empire “as we saw it in the Tigryans and Eriterians elites. Like EPRDF, TPLF and ELF leaders his vision for Ethiopia is small tribal kingdoms. He has No Grand Vs ion for grater Ethiopia. Like Esaiase, Mersha Yoseph and Meles he wanted to continue waging war against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. We need to stop Berhanu Nega and Mersha Yoseph at any cost.
God Bless Ethiopia.

12/13/07 @ 01:45
Comment from: [Member]

It is a good news for those who knows Andargachew Tsege, and Brehanu nega old trusted friends of Melees Zenawi because they accomplished their mission. also it is a good news for the rest of us even though it took a long time and they did a lot of damage to the struggle and fulled many to follow them but at least we are clear now from traitors.

12/13/07 @ 02:01
Comment from: Obang Ujilu [Visitor]
Obang Ujilu

The decision by engineer Hailu to suspend a rogue team of Birtukan and Birhanu is a necessary step to bring CUDP back on track. My feeling is the action is a little bit late.
Many Ethiopians was so sad on the behavior of the delegates who roamed the US without responding to the party chain of command and for nothing but to further stretch the rift within the Kinijit support groups. The delegates miserably failed to address the very mission to unite Kinijit in the Diaspora. In a blatant move they pushed the crack open. In a respected party like CUDP such venture is madness at best.
Engineer Hailu is not a no nonsense man to let this unexperienced power mongers to ruin his party in which he sacrificed in time and money for more than a decade to emerge as one of the most challenging part to a brutal dictator in Addis.
Birtukan’s and Birhanus renegade attempt is unwise and ill conceieved. To be fair, if a guest is attempting to evict his host in an overnight from the house he built in blood and sweat for over a decade, will it be possible in the real world? I was so astonished to lear that Birtukan never had any political experience and voters mandate. How the hell she ascended to the number 2 of the highest post in the most popular Ethiopian party?
I propose the complete dismissal of this group in the way the party bylaw permits.

12/13/07 @ 06:10
Comment from: Dagnaw [Visitor]

Birhanu nega and Lomi midekisa never have respected their majority elected leader ato Hilu shawel, so how can they be trusted to lead ethiopia?????????????

They are idiots really,
Our foreigner leader( eritrean Meles) is better than this so called kletamoch!!!!

12/13/07 @ 06:24
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

Did I read” they are suffering from TPLF dictatorship". I don’t think so!, they are suffering from their owen deficiency of some sort. They are the most incompetent group of educated people I have not ever seen in my entire life. I am ashamed that, the educated Ethiopians are so self centered,power hungry, selfish, repulsive, antagonistic bunch of idiots they need to be thrown or banned out off Ethiopian politics before they cause more problems and unnecessary uproar for our emerging country, they are defiantly an obstacle to our democratic building process. A political organization in exile!! How laughable is that, that was the intention from the get go any way, live their life by virtue of status quo and deception. Shame!!shame!!!shame.

12/13/07 @ 07:33
Comment from: Abram [Visitor]

You all still think that Politicians could set you free, that Politicians think about the well-being and liberation of the people? You must still be in your infancy if you are wasting your time and energy to argue this way, emotionally. Ayyy yager lijoch!

12/13/07 @ 07:46
Comment from: mm [Visitor]

Lost time never found again. The so called leaders are just wasting time at the expense of folk death and massacare. Hailu is just finished. An old man with little techinicalities and views. A person who can not compromise and make things run smoothly. Dr, Berhanu is can not be trusted either. He is failing short of giving his words in practice.
1. Let them go on their way with their supporters. Things will get shaped.
2. Let the two group have two different parties neither holding the name CUDP.
3. we choose what we want and they should stop attacking one another. EPRDF is making good fun and …

12/13/07 @ 08:42
Comment from: ybeltal [Visitor]

Sorry for Kinijt suporters who spent thier time and mony on this party.:))

12/13/07 @ 09:04
Comment from: weldemariam [Visitor]

realy patiency is more significant in our daily life.we wish like other people to see in ethiopia changing of power or meles by ather man but whom it is a big issue . cud leaders only run to control power unless thiey didnot have any aim if they come to the power the lost regimes derg and hailesslasie will soon come back we will start to live ¨ ethiopia is one language one tribe one tangue and we will never find mercy and thier jop willbe ..wedefit.. not more

12/13/07 @ 09:10
Comment from: Fekade [Visitor]

I think it is time to rally behind our
poor peaple. They, the Ethiopian peaple,
know how to librat themselves from
Facist and Banda without leader.

12/13/07 @ 09:36
Comment from: ethio [Visitor]


12/13/07 @ 09:40
Comment from: nuna [Visitor]

you are the man !!!

12/13/07 @ 10:17
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

Tazabe: outstanding comment, you nailed it right on the spot. What you said was exactly the way I felt. You see the diaspora has become so entrenched, disenfranchised, marginalised and wrapped around it self with blankets of hate, disillusionment, they were taking the political dilemma and our country in to a disastrous ending, because of their unfocused and a disturbing power hunger. I was so hopeful that our country and people were headed to a historical formation of democratic change and tolerance, but yet, in the middle of the 2005 election, I noticed these so called, CUD leadership was up to no good, and felt they were a direct replica of the Dourge era mentality and become the flamboyant boys and girls of Ethiopia, rather than a determined and educated politicians to make history for our country and people. That why I always believe GOD watches after Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

GOD forbid, some way some how, they would gotten in power. The implication and the thought of it is scary enough to me, it rattles to me to these days.

12/13/07 @ 10:17
Comment from: Gemechu [Visitor]

Let alone to lead Ethiopia it would be diffcult to keep animals!!!

12/13/07 @ 10:45
Comment from: ETHIOPIAN [Visitor]

Assab Ethiopia:lalala::>>

This story make you so mad

B) i am laughin now :lalala:

12/13/07 @ 11:23
Comment from: michale [Visitor]

is this really the party that so many died for wow.

12/13/07 @ 11:31
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

All of you under the cover of the so called
silent majority ,are nothing than simple
puppets of TPLF thugs .What ever happenes
inside the CUD is simply the business of
the kinijits delegates is to them first then
the majority of the peoples to decide by
whom to be led .Stop spreading your poison
and your crocodile tears for nothing .By
the way all of the peoples you call Vocal
Diaspora are the true sons and daughters
of Ethiopia ,the true patriots fighting
for the right of the peoples and the sovereignty of Ethiopia .

12/13/07 @ 12:05
Comment from: Tibebu [Visitor]

Dr Berhanu Nega single handedly destroyed kinijit because of his greed for power. It is very sad.

12/13/07 @ 13:27
Comment from: mesfin B [Visitor]
mesfin B

I don’t believe the rift between the KINJIT leaders shoud come down to personal disagreement. Having said that, I hope KINJIT will clean its house to lay down a plan for the future and party unity lies in the individuality of its members not in the picking of each member’s uniqueness.

12/13/07 @ 14:30
Comment from: [Member]

This does not surprise me. They all wanted power and they are fighting for it. I am glad non of them got it. It could have been a very regretable time if they have been elected and took power. One thing they are showing is that they were running on they degree not on their knowledge of public service as well as politics. Our people has been cheated by their title and thinking people with degree are better than others. Hailu shawel is an engineer that does not qualify him te be a leader. he can build houses not a country. Berehanu nega also is an opportunist. Look what he did. He is “shintam” “feri” he can’t even face the people who have voted for him and tell them what he is trying to do for the country. Instead he run away and he smears and slashes everybody’s credibility and good job. I know someone who knows him from Sudan to here. He even asked him to be introduced to ERRDF officials to get connections. In his words “can you please inroduce me to your people” your people means the tigreans who are in power. I saw his father crying litterally crying like a baby in city council when he was refused a land he requested. So we will see more and more of these corrupt so called politicians. Long live Ethiopia. God will show those ill wishes just like this one before it is too late for our people and country.

12/13/07 @ 17:57
Comment from: samy [Visitor]

we will see how every thing is gone be we need some one think for ethiopia God blees our countery :>:>

12/13/07 @ 20:57
Comment from: Muhamed [Visitor]

Tedla Asfaw of Queens, New York, is a Woyane from Michew Adigrat in Tigraye. Second, Berhanu is not a man of peace. .He is power monger. He is evil and “a wolf in sheep clothing.” He knows exactly what he is doing and what he is capable of in the destruction of the nation of Ethiopia as we know it. “Hode sieaawke Dorro matta naew.”
It is him and the CIA (Paul Heinz, Herman Cohen Joseph Murphy etc…and Jewish elites from the New School, Queens College and George Mason University) who brought Woyane to power and destroy Ethiopia. Even the current crisis with in the oppositions are caused by him and his friends.
Berhanu Nega is our nations “problem child.” We know he is criminal, evil and capable of crating crisis to cause chaos in organizations? The current crisis both in Kinijit and EPRP are two cases in point. While he and his allies are creating chaos in Kinijit his friends and Mersha Yoseph have already destroyed EPRP in the name of “the Guragge Empire “as we saw it in the Tigryans and Eriterians elites. Like EPRDF, TPLF and ELF leaders his vision for Ethiopia is small tribal kingdoms. He has No Grand Vs ion for grater Ethiopia. Like Esaiase, Mersha Yoseph and Meles he wanted to continue waging war against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. We need to stop Berhanu Nega and Mersha Yoseph at any cost.
God Bless Ethiopia

12/13/07 @ 21:42
Comment from: AleQa Bru [Visitor]
AleQa Bru

Response to Chasu,

You must be a reckless racist to write your garbage about ex-Dergue, retarded, dying , feudal, enkef Hailu Shawel.

Your evil behavior most revealed by your desire to start a legal process against Birhanu and his group “for not bowing to your king.” How bad can it get than this?

We were accusing Woyane for starting a legal action against the whole Kinijit leadership for critisizing the government. Little did we know that there are idiots like you who coudl get way lower and cruler than Woyane.

Surely, you are demoralizing the people and creating much more division between Ethiopians . But you can be sure about one thing, people like you will never, ever use the Amhara people to come to power.

Amharas DO NOT support ex-Dergue, liar Shwel

12/14/07 @ 05:27
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

Blame no one, other than the loosely and unidentifiable bonded group of self centered opportunist, undemocratic italicize of destitute stubborn individuals, who were only interested to grasp power, by virtue of deception and hate based, social agitations, for a revolt. why would it be surprising to us that, the CUDs failure and collapse while we knew, failure were clearly marked and imminent as well as forth coming, when we knew exactly who these CUD leaders were and are?. I believe our emerging beloved country Ethiopia needs to have a multi political party system that is based up on our grass root based cultural benchmarks and foundations, not by some lunatic power hungry, so called educated loosers for the sake of change per see.

12/14/07 @ 13:19
Comment from: Far Away Observant [Visitor]
Far Away Observant

Hey Muhamed,

If what you wrote is true, we need more and more of it right here. Your article worth it to come here everyday. Thanks.

12/14/07 @ 14:12
Comment from: Far Away Observant [Visitor]
Far Away Observant

Birihanu and his supporters have vision of sorts for Ethiopia: they want to be the next ones. This is nothing less than mere opportunism. They disrespect Ethiopia because Woeyanes disrespected Ethiopia - Jib Bekededew Wusha Yigebal - or the other way around. If one covets a higher position, he/she needs to be esteemed. Unless its the case of Yeferut Yidersal Yetelut Yinegsal, there is no way the Birihanu/Birtukan team would be the next regime for simple fact they are not an esteemed pair. The way Birihanu and his supporters insult and abuse others, they don’t even deserve Merkato.

As for the meaning of Neftenga, here is what it means: Neftenga is a both a trail blazer and pioneer, he who goes out in the wildeness and teach the True Faith, one who spreads Law & Order; one who intrduces Civility & Modernity, and most of all, one who respond to call of duty and pays the ultimate price for his country. Only certain Ethiopians and few European countries have had that honor.

12/14/07 @ 14:30
Comment from: AGB [Visitor]

I understand that there will be differencs in opinions on different issues but this should not go upto the extent of dividing the CUD.
Please make reconciliation and focus your on the common enemy of the Ethiopian people, Woyane.

12/14/07 @ 15:34
Comment from: hulu100 [Visitor]

BEDRU & MUHAMED YOU GUYS ARE COMEDIAN KKKKKKKKKKKKKI CAN’T STOP laughing kkkkkkkkkkk i just picture u guys with a bottle of vodka and caticala sitting in front of the computer
hehehehhee.. oh my god i can’t stop it kkkkk ehehe haaa!!! what can i say ..i thank you for the entertainment

12/14/07 @ 19:04
Comment from: worku [Visitor]

This gang Dr. called “NEGA” should be expelled long time ago. He has no manner just lest of position. I wish TPLF puts him back where he belongs. “JAIL.”

12/14/07 @ 20:57
Comment from: Kacha [Visitor]

Far Away Observant!
Because of chauvinists like U I am afraid my beloved country mightnot exist on the global map as we know today. Try to take ethiohistory 101 and be critical without being blinded with the mythful glories U heard from Ur Mamma or Pappa. Try to understand or atleast compare the meaning of Naftegna from the others point of view.Then U might learn (if U’re honest that sth was wrong in our history). It is Ur naftegna father who sold our ports-Djibouti,Assab,Massawa, Berbera; while all other nations blooded. It’s Ur ‘blazer and pioneer’ Generals who sold the victory and war to the brilliant woyane and shabia in fake dollars b/c of Mengistu’s identity rather than the country’s soverneighty.
For the times immemorial U will be in this illusion while all the fedup of ur pioneer story will keep on separating and U will remain with ur pride and bare Abyssinia.

12/15/07 @ 02:54
Comment from: saba [Visitor]

Good luck to the white man for recognizing the potential of Ethiopian designs and making the most of them. I hope this designs will make it to the next seasons collection in shops and boutiques all over the world. The stupid Ethiopian government should stop embarrassing themselves and wasting our meagre resources by fighting another round of ill advised claim of copyright. Instead they should use this opportunity to bolster the underexploited and ill equipped garment and apparel export sector. China and other Asian countries will be the premier sources of these products if the Ethiopian government does not move their arse and create the necessary conditions for the industry to thrive instead of harassing and murdering their own citizens.

12/15/07 @ 04:45
Comment from: GORAW [Visitor]

now it looks like use it and srow it cup. 2 of them in the wrong group on the frist pleac.

12/15/07 @ 09:12
Comment from: Anon... [Visitor]

The Chairman of CUD, Ato Hailu Shawel’s twenty allegation have been a concern in the diaspora and in Ethiopia.

It is a public secret that the ninteen points (I am not sure about #7) have been brought to the attention of the public through observation by the same, the media and witnesses the last three months.

He is basicaly requesting for suspention of the BB-5 based on the 20 allegation. He wants the actions corrected and look forward to work with all. In the mean time, activities are to be on hold except work towards attaining legal status for the party and focus on the release of other prisoners.

Now, the test is for the [equivalent to ] Independent Inquiry Commission that will be investigating, and finally the vote from Supreme Council of CUD in AA/Ethiopia.

He took a political risk, but that is not uncommon in leadership. It was getting uglier, and infact at the cost of inviting enemies, he took a decisive measure. There are also Ethiopians in and out side of the country and CUD supporters who are caught in the middle and/or believe in the tweny allegations. He has as well accountablity and responsiblity to them. They may not be as vocal and into too much propaganda, but the reality is they await for his wisdom and style of managing the crisis.

My sense is, the decision from LMB will define what exactly THE CUD IS; and if it lacks a sound and just resolution, the division will be under way. The BB group currently point out to by-laws of KInijit and refer to a couple of the rules that limit the Chairman’s authority. Even if that is the case, some thing might be considered under ethics.

12/15/07 @ 12:19
Comment from: bonga [Visitor]

Brothers & sisters please be petaint,
this is’t the end, but just the begining.
Believe it or not the better will come
soon just watch.
You know,we have never expect that this
would be happen, so there is good thing
coming on the way. OK?????

12/16/07 @ 01:08
Comment from: Buraka [Visitor]

Poor Hailu! You’ve got bad mentality, in reasonable organization. This is the disaster for those who hoped that CUD is God sending rescuer for them. For me I have read their constitution and questioned their plan for Ethiopia which is basically reflecting old system in a way. However, I was positive about it because we could agree on things due time. But Meles calculation worked however Hailu has better grade in Mathematics yet come short to do the calculation correctly. Poor Hailu!!!!!!!!!! What now?

12/16/07 @ 17:52
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

:)):)):))O NO the stripper is back again blaming Ethiopian gov’t… poor Saba:>, did your SHAEBIAN boyfriend dump you? Keep your real job and stay out of Ethiopian poliics. I thought ERI boys kept you busy?… they most be on the run since they’ll are called up for military service… B)

CUD’s problem is not to be blame on ET gov’t. take politic 101 and understand ethiopian politics before you speak…

12/16/07 @ 23:44
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

:)):)):))O NO the stripper is back again blaming Ethiopian gov’t… poor Saba:>, did your SHAEBIAN boyfriend dump you? Keep your real job and stay out of Ethiopian poliics. I thought ERI boys kept you busy?… they most be on the run since they’ll are called up for military service… B)

CUD’s problem is not to be blame on ET gov’t. take politic 101 and understand ethiopian politics before you speak…

12/16/07 @ 23:45
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

:)):)):))O NO the stripper is back again blaming Ethiopian gov’t… poor Saba:>, did your SHAEBIAN boyfriend dump you? Keep your real job and stay out of Ethiopian poliics. I thought ERI boys kept you busy?… they most be on the run since they’ll are called up for military service… B)

CUD’s problem is not to be blame on ET gov’t. take politic 101 and understand ethiopian politics before you speak…

12/16/07 @ 23:45



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