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Ginbot 7 Popular Force: Leveling the playing field in Ethiopia



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Ginbot 7 Popular Force: Leveling the playing field in Ethiopia

Ginbot 7 Popular Force: Leveling the playing field in Ethiopia

By Yilma Bekele

The press release was short and to the point. It was only six paragraphs long and was written in a matter of fact way. There were no trumpets blaring, no press conference with TV lights and no lavish dinner to commemorate the event. The announcement reminded me of the proverb ‘best things come in small packages.’ So it was without much fanfare I read the most important announcement on Abbay Media and Quatero. Tucked among the news was the announcement regarding the formation of Ginbot 7 Popular Force (GPF)

It is vintage G7. Doing what needs to be done in a deliberate and intelligent manner. Since their inception the folks of G7 have gone about building their organization, finding common ground with others and laying a firm and solid foundation to move our quest for freedom and dignity in a purposeful manner. Their accomplishment the last four years speaks volumes to their ability as leaders of a new style of struggle that is beginning to bear fruit.
As the establishment of ESAT was a game changer, as the successful meeting of mind with the OLF was a ground shaking event this announcement regarding the formation of Ginbot 7 Popular Forces is a monumental achievement in the annals of our struggle. It is a milestone in the evolution of our struggle to be free and democratic.
It is a brand new day in Ethiopia. Our struggle is entering a new phase. It is a necessary phase imposed upon our people by the belligerent and lawless regime. It was not an easy decision for the Front to make. No one relishes the idea of an armed confrontation especially with one’s own brothers and sisters but there comes a time when self-preservation becomes a vital issue. The short announcement makes that fact clear.

The TPLF regime has been in power for over twenty years now. The last twenty years have been a period of destabilization, conflict and agony for our people. No one can deny that. The result of this chaotic and illegal system is laid in front of us. Despite the much heralded so called ‘economic miracle’ thrown on our face our country is mired in famine and poverty, our children are scattered all over the world, our daughters are enslaved in the Middle East by the thousands, our people are denied the simple luxury of reading a free paper or listening to independent news and our jails are filled by innocent victims of a mad system.

This is what makes the formation of GPF a must and important component of our struggle. The Ethiopian people have tried every avenue open to let the regime know that the monopoly of power is not conducive to a just and harmonious system. Our people have bent backwards to accommodate the regime to change its aggressive ways. International organizations such as the European Union and others have tried to mediate. The arrogant and petty government has shown complete disregard to our needs and concerns.

That is why I wrote ‘leveling the playing field’ in the title. Violence is a two way street. Up until now the TPLF regime has the monopoly of violence. It has used it with impunity. The late dictator even used to taunt as to try fighting back. We are patient people. But despite the failings of the last few years we are also brave people. At long last we have decided to stand our ground and defend our people from evil. Self-defense is a God given right to every human being. It is time we in Ethiopia exercise that right.

We celebrate those that are still trying to let the TPLF regime know their peaceful intentions to bring change. It is to no one’s interest to shed blood in anger. The death of a single Ethiopian should be avoided at all cost. That can only happen when there is the rule of law in the country we call Ethiopia. It could not come about by a government based on a single ethnic group, by a government hell bent on monopolizing army, commerce, communications and politics by a chosen few.

GPF is our shield. GPF will prove to the arrogant TPLF army and security there will be consequences to aggression. As anything started by the seasoned leaders of Ginbot 7 there is no question GPF will prove itself to be a worthy child of Tewodros, Yohanes, Minilik, Aba Jifar, Tona and many other patriots. There is no question in my mind that the Ethiopian people will take GPF into their fold, love and nurture it. Our wish has been fulfilled and TPLF nightmare has just started.

There will be those that will try to belittle our effort and mock our resolve. Some will accuse the Diaspora of fanning the flames of war. No matter the die has been cast and the long journey has started. It is sad that in this day and age we have to pick up arms instead of the ballot to bring change. But one cannot choose his battle. This has been forced upon us. We have waited too long to respond in kind. Once we have started the process our job is to try to make it a short and less costly endeavor. Our responsibility is to encourage, support in any way possible and push our family, friends and the international community to stand with us at this time of great need.

We salute the combatants of GPF for their sacrifice on our behalf. We want them to know they are in our hearts and minds every waking moment of our life. We promise we will do all that we could in our part to help them achieve the goal of liberating our mother land from the clutches of darkness. Forward with the brave sons and daughters of Ethiopia, we your people in exile raise our hands in salute and shout so all can hear ‘Ethiopia is rising and a new day has begun!!!’ May you march in triumph as your ancestors did thru the millennium.


Comment from: [Member]

G-7 will never get power.

12/23/12 @ 19:13
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

When do these WELLAWAYYE STOP DANCING on blood of innocent students life? They are all hiding in USA bars consuming that beers and eating weyanne imported teff injera wett and telling the poor Ethiopians to fight for them and die for them. I see no difference with these groups of ppl. and the stupid America riffle association who want every school to have a gun to protect the schools. You are nothing but a dumbest Ethiopian who Los their Ethiopia GUT by consuming the American poison politics. Keep to your self that demo-crazy of USA politics. It has no any place in Africa. your well away FESAM org. Is nothing but a photocopy of Mad American lobby’s. Keep on begin the White hous. Keep n telling the poor students to match against weyannes killing militia . Keep on consuming that Caticala in every corners of Abesha restaurant. You are all hopeless SHIMMAGIELES with no job or pension.
You want a change then bring it in addis streets. Otherwise, shuts af&&&£&£uck up. Losers.

12/23/12 @ 19:14
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]

where does the picture of the “fighters” oops i mean “sirafet” go?

I had seen three to five bald, yeset Qit neftegna.

I know the picture was taken some where in Texas, but assuming that was true, how are these fat ass gonna run and do the fight EDF? kkk

Forget their lives, they can not even sacrifice their breakfast. lol

Are they going to braid their hair too, like real Tegadalay? oh sorry they got no hair. kkkkk

12/23/12 @ 20:05
Comment from: [Member]

አሁን ነው ወገብ ጠበቅ አድርጎ እጀታን ሰብስቦ ለትግል መነሳት::
አሁን ነው እሊማችንን በጠላታችን በ ኢ ህ አ ዴ ግ ግንባር ላይ ማነጣጠር ::
አሁን ነው ክንድ ለ ክንድ ተያይዞ የ ሽፍታውን ጥርቃሞ ከ አራት ኪሎ መጥረግ::
በህብረት ድል ይኖራል::

12/23/12 @ 20:18
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Anyone who believe those power hungry tugs is stupid for the rest of his/her life. Save your hard earn money than wasting on those use less want dig your wallet in the name of arm struggle for DEMOCRACY.

12/23/12 @ 21:26
Comment from: stopzhypocracy [Visitor]

Seriously? Birhanu Nega is going to lead a rebellion from some liberal college? The biggest joke of 2012. He is going to do it drinking his Starbucks latte, driving his VOLVO or Audi, and watching his favorite Soap operas from the comfort of his sofa. I will believe it if he spends a year in Sawa then perhaps then I would take these folks half serious. TPLF a hardened rebels turned a governing party versus part time rebel wannabes. It sounds like G7 was fading fast and wanted manufactured ‘news’ so ask me about these people 2 years from now.

12/23/12 @ 22:18
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

Somehow, there seems to be an actual need for lebas like Birhanu.

He is stealing money from desperate Ex-Derg Neftegnias.

Birhanu is making tons of money from these poor Nefties in exchange for daydreams returning to siltan.

Poor bastards,….I actually feel sorry for them.

12/23/12 @ 23:43
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

A few years back when Birhanu Nega trumpeted that his (how many thousand fighting army) I do not recall would break the gates of the palace in Addis in months to take power and bring about “democracy” in Ethiopia if only $500/person was thrown into his kitty, flocks of Ethiopians dug deep into their pockets and awaited for that moment of “truimphant” march by its chief of staff Birhan Nega. All that money seems to have sunk deep into the pockets of Birhanu Nega and his loyal friends and his army is only to be seen on the streets of American cities hollering hatred and unabated promises of “lam alegn besemay".
The chief architects of this treacherous maneuver Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsigie and the rest in the leadership of Genbot7 are none other than former EPRP thugs who(along with the fascist DERG) were responsible for the loss of thousands of innocent lives in Ethiopia. It was with similar promises of “democracy"(hizbawi mengst) that they lured thousands of innocent Ethiopians(many underage boys and girls) to be massacred. This so called Ginbot7 Popular Force favourably endorsed by Yilma Bekele(another anti-Ethiopia individual)is another tactical move by the leadership of Genbot7 whose wounds are still bleeding from the schism that has recently hit the movement within the ranks and files of its members. It is another sinister attempt to collect more dollars and by so doing mitigate the war of words and division that will undoubtedely lead Genbot7 to its irretrievable demise.
As so many Ethiopians were deceived by EPRP criminals(Birhan Nega, Andargachew and many others) only to be victims of the Red Terror, Ethiopians in the diaspora were once again fooled to dig into their pockets only to enrich Birhanu Nega and the Genbot 7 leadership and sheepishly waiting for that promised army to leave the streets of American and European cities. None of that has happened! Let Yilma Bekele and his darling Genbot7 Popular Force not fool us yet again into another theatrical games of thirst for power. Has the
tangible facts on the gound of progress and development at home in our country Ethiopia not still reached the ears of Genbot7,ESAT,Alemayehu G/Mariam, Aklog Birara, Tamagn Beyene, madam Gomez(dubbed “diaspora nanny")Yilma Bekele and sundry of other anti-Ethiopia activists or are they only in constant denial?! Awko Yetegnawn Bikesekisu Aysemam —–

Ethiopia is prospering and shall continue to prosper!!

12/23/12 @ 23:59
Comment from: Hope4Ethiopia [Visitor]

Do you think we will stay forever with military owned by one ethnic and political group? Ethiopia tried to see the solution in a round table discussion for the last 20 years, no change but worst). The only option left is armed force

For your information senior Command Posts in Ethiopia looks like below

1. Chief of Staff, General, Samora Yunus, Tigre
2. Training Department, Lt. General Tadesse Worede, Tigre
3. Logistics Department, Lt. General Geazi Abera, Tigre
4. Military Intelligence Department, Brg. General Gebredela, Tigre
5. Operations Department, Lt. General Gebre Egziabiher, Tigre
6. Engineering Department, Lt. General Berhane Negash, Tigre
7. Air force, Brg. General Mola Haile Mariam, Tigre

Heads of the four commands

1. Central Command, Lt. General AbebawTadesse, Agew
2. Northern Command, Lt. General Seare Mekonnen, Tigre
3. South Eastern Command, Maj. General Abraha W. Gabriel, Tigre
4. Western Command, Brg. General Siyoum Hagos, Tigre

Division Commands
1. 31st Division Commander, Colonel Tsegaye Marx, Tigre
2. 33rd Division Commander, Colonel Kidane, Tigre
3. 35th Division Commander, Colonel Misganaw Alemu, Tigre
4. 24th Division Commander, Colonel Work Aieynu, Tigre
5. 22nd Division Commander, Colonel Dikul, Tigre
6. 14th Division Commander, Colonel Woedi Antieru, Tigre
7. 21st Divison Commander, Colonel Gueshi Gebre, Tigre
8. 11th Division Commander, Colonel Workidu, Tigre
9. 25th Division Commander, Colonel Tesfai Sahel, Tigre
10. 20th Division Commander, Colonel, Teklai Klashin, Tigre
11. 8th Mechanized Division, Colonel Jemal Mohamed, Tigre
12. 4th Mechanized Division, Colonel Hintsaw Giorgis, Tigre

12/24/12 @ 00:40
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Too late for isayas but he would die happy.

For shabis it would be the best christmass since 1998 burrial ceremoney

For tplf would be shame to be engulfed by greed till they forget what civil war can bring.

For G7, no arm struggel, no arm struggel, no arm struggel, no arm struggel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because though winning tplf is easy but you can not control the hate rade created for the last 21 years by tplf and eplf.

12/24/12 @ 01:06
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Mesfin B.
ante jilajil “እጀታን ሰብስቦ” alk. mogn. demo ejeta meche new yemisebesebew? jil. It is ejge instead. fesam

12/24/12 @ 02:19
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@To all Ethiopian,
“Self-defense is a God given right to every human being. It is time we in Ethiopia exercise that right.” Bravo my friend, that is what we need. I will dig my wallet for the struggle.
They are: Democracy, Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

12/24/12 @ 03:59
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

If it leads to the final conventional battle with Eritrea I think it is a good opportunity for Ethiopia. Since G7 is going to operate from Eritrean territory Ethiopia can use the opportunity to engulf the entire land controlled by shabia.

Let me hope this is not another way of collecting the emotional diasporas money and there will be a real conflict in the North.

Give a chance to war with Eritrea!

12/24/12 @ 04:19
Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

Everything is possible if there is determination and commitment!!!If EPRDF is refusing democratic transition,the only solution is gun.This is the only language EPRDF/TPLF can understand this time.They want to rule for ever this stupids!

12/24/12 @ 07:07
Comment from: Dr tintin [Visitor]
Dr tintin

Reading some of the anti-G7 comments tell me Genbot 7 is up to something good. Clearly the news is making the woyane sympathizers tremble n rattle like a snake.

Your ethnic apartheid days are coming to an end.

12/24/12 @ 07:12
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

I hope G7 knows what it is doing. Ethiopians from whatever arena, arm struggle or non violence, without discipline NOTHING will be achieved. Discipline, discipline, discipline. You have to Surrender for what you believe in order to achieve. Another thing, before making many Ethiopians involved, you have to do your homework, empower others to do the same, etc otherwise it will be wasting lives for nothing. For instance, you can’t just focus on TPLF without its backers, what about Eritrea/Shabia role? What about West and Arab role? What about other Ethiopians’ role, what about other oppostions role? Who is who are you working with? How do you know you could not be infiltrated tricked again? All these need to be prepared before any arm struggle.

12/24/12 @ 07:17
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Afterall any political even military
actions shall be welcomed to get rid the Ethiopian Peoples from the Agazi Bandits and Tigre Mafiosis Tyranni .TPLF bandits’ thought and dream is that they will stay in power for ever and even at least for more than twenty years again .Lured by the stupid propagandas of the Sinile Sebehat Nega ,the evil Widow and the Amice Bereket .Better these narrow minded guys meditate on the fate of the then african Despots wiped out in less of times from their throne by their own peoples whom they had mistreated so much . Stophypocrisy ,seriously did you mind how comes an alcahol and Tchat addicted guy ,worst a coward running
away each time he heard the sound of bullets,I mean your dead Leba Master ,did overthrow twenty one years ago the Derg Junta Regime …LOL!!!!!!

12/24/12 @ 07:42
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Extraidiot ,you know who were the guys who did escort your Agazi Bros
with their tanks to addis-Abeba .As said our dear elders “Fes yalebet zelai Ayetchilim” .Another FACT why Little tyrant HMD under the command of his Amice-Agazi boss is begging for a discussion with the Eri Tyrant..LOL !!!

12/24/12 @ 07:47
Comment from: sami [Visitor]

This is a propaganda war.Next they will say we have now control this and that place and then they request money from Diaspora and anti Ethiopia countries.Dr Birhanu knows that the strongest side of EPRDF is its army in terms internal organization,secret keeping,moral and fight skill.He knows what happened for OLF, ONLF,AL-ETAD.

12/24/12 @ 08:25
Comment from: rahwa [Visitor]

Many educated people work day and night to come up for the betterment of their follow man. Our own so called educated people are exciting to bring death, pain, suffering to their country. No wander Ethiopia is poor and will remain poor with children like the author bekel. I am not worried g7 will start war. It is a gimic to collect money. Brhanu Vega is cornered by his followers. He came up with a big pr to give some time until his next move.Remembers when a arenongch genbar fighters based in asmera were going to march to Addiss with in few months. What ever happen to them.

12/24/12 @ 08:27
Comment from: sami [Visitor]

PMHD didn’t beg any one for discussion.He said it for diplomacy purpose. He knows that Isayas stand is demarcation first and discussion next. If we make discussion we will not lose any thing since the controversial area is under our control.

12/24/12 @ 08:38
Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

@sami and the likes

It is not about military might of EPRDF.It is about the people of ethiopia.We are tired of EPRDF looters and egoist.Refer history no one or certain group can rule for ever.EPRDF dictator should think now before things get late and give power to the people.The people always win.Any military power is welcomed by people to remove these egoists.

12/24/12 @ 08:58
Comment from: Zola [Visitor]

Well, how many names should we count? I am telling you, you have no single just cause nor a gut to fight. Shentam hula!

12/24/12 @ 09:28
Comment from: Elle A [Visitor]  
Elle A

For Many of us This works best. Hey guys have you ever though of comparing the past and the present of Ethiopia or you are just looking for a tree in a wood.

You would never ever believe the change Ethiopia has reached in the period of EPRDF rule. Ethnic Group liberties and free social life. As an Eastern Ethiopian we would lovely enjoy the freedom I got.

We know your intents if you would have gotten to rule But You will never make to come to rule. May I give you my sincere advise . Please come and see what Ethiopia has reached and enjoy with us.

12/24/12 @ 09:32
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

The proverb is “BIG TROBLE COMES IN A SMALL PAKAGE”, idiot. Sebat bota yikoraritihina

12/24/12 @ 09:36
Comment from: [Member]

What an annoyingly sad statistics was put by the blogger named -Hope4Ethiopia.
All those ba**** form the weyane circle are not even smart enough to dig a water hole let alone get all those positions!!!

12/24/12 @ 10:18
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

With out our fine Ethiopian military, I am confidence the Tigray local army can get rid of the “Zereto G7″.

12/24/12 @ 10:22
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

This is what happened:
Eritrea after they were left with colonizers (Italia, Britain, Ethiopia) legacy they told the whole world they are no. one in civilization, military what’s not. After 21 years, they couldn’t even maintain the building made by italy, the ports and refineries made by Ethiopia and Italy, the airlines a gift from tplf recently band from flying over Europe. This makes them blindly to hate mostly woyane (subconsciously they are not part of Ethiopia while tigray ‘joined’ Ethiopia and make tigrian cities so beautiful and modern which makes asmara’s obsolete 1800 building looks like a collection of old textile factories) and generally Ethiopia.

I compared Ethiopia universities, real estates, airlines, even shipping lines, the no. of people immigrating to addis and asmra, the international policy, import export, mobile connection (you can not text to eritrea mobil, 200,000 subscribers!) you name it they are way behind. What are growing fast are their mass exodus and their toxic talkativeness. We have to tolerate them because they have to feel the emptiness one or the other.

The sad thing in Ethiopia is most of the wealth is going to Tigrians. This is not fair! I dont want we make happy shabi but only hope tigrians themselves come up with a solution by forcing tplf to respect the majority.

Good Christmas for all Ethiopians!

I wish i do say the same but what makes them happy is not my wish!

12/24/12 @ 11:15
Comment from: Gara sir new bete [Visitor]
Gara sir new bete

Dear Yilma Donkoro Bekele, when should we expect your Genfo 7 force in Addis? This is the same garbage talk that you guys have been spewing for the last 20+ years. Therefore, endetelemedew enanitem wede malekia yelelew woreyachu yeEthiopia hezibim wedesiraw yiketilal.

12/24/12 @ 11:24
Comment from: [Member]

For those of us who know what armed struggle really means it is sad that our options are diminishing towards it. Each bullet that is being fired, may cost life but it surely cost money.

The resentment towards the regime and the fact that the new generation haven’t seen a war for freedom may take little time to over throw the regime.
My reservation is higher officials of the G7 have bad reputation as a democratic force so they should put themselves to an advisor position and leave the post to younger ones, and start this armed struggle from the middle.


12/24/12 @ 12:11
Comment from: chemoga [Visitor]

when these guys are tired of the jungle,why these G7 losers want to go to jungle with their commander al.malaria after he fired berhanu and andargachew?what a loser.

12/24/12 @ 12:15
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

G7 or 7 -11?

We are not mad at you, Birieee! Do what you have to do to fool those idiots and milk them like cow to maximal… He is surely a smart economist who knows where to fish…

God bless the world!!

12/24/12 @ 12:20
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


I told u million time no hard hitting….u always hit hard take it easy mean go easy I am not good in English I hope u get my point..

U throw hard ok every time if u hit our opp. Hard like that next time no body want play with u…

Even a cat sometime alway a rat to play….

12/24/12 @ 12:25
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

The formation of the front has only political aim not military . berhanu and etal knows clearly they will never win a single front if they confront the ethiopian army but they observed the fact that the EPRDF has tried to resolve its differences with organizations which has miltary wings like OLF and ONLF .
They know that EPRDF is weak after the death of mels so they are trying to force the goverement to sit for peace talks so they can have the piece of the pie as well .
The other aim is after the death of meles the diaspora has lost it appetite for politics both supporters and opponents . he was the focus of admiration for his followers and focus of intense hate for his enemies . meles is gone out of the picture and replaced by someone who is soft and weak .HMD doesn’t have the persona to generate admiration or hate in the diaspora . this phenomena has greatly harmed the diaspora politicians including G7 .so this annoucment that they are forming a miltary wing is clearly an effort to galvanize and engage the diaspora into politics again especially to garner financial support .
Personally this is bound to fail as it has been tested and seen before . this is not the first time that G7 has formed a milatary wing in its history .it has organized a an urban style kind of force which was broken apart soon after its formation by the goverment .I don’t think this new effort will bear a diffrent kind of fruit .it has been tried before .
Only time will tell .If nothing happens in 2013 we can safely assume that it was a just a hoax not something tangible .
Happy new year

12/24/12 @ 12:36
Comment from: alex [Visitor]

There is no G7, they should call themselves G3.5. (They split into 2).
These people can not put their house in order, let alone lead a fight against the woyanes. It is amazing how the Berhanu cliques hustle the poor and gullible Ethiopians like a crack dealer. Ethiopia’s democracy is not perfect, but no one should deny that we are going in the right direction. So my fellow Ethiopians, do not be played by a player.

12/24/12 @ 12:39
Comment from: my people [Visitor]
my people

Way to go Ginbot 7.

Unglue the 21 years old Woyane dictatorship from its blood stained seat.

12/24/12 @ 13:55
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Teshmote ,you Tribal Milicias are actually being routed out by TDM and Arbegnotch Ginbar Fighters .Whether in Tigrai or Northern Gondar .The presence of G7 fighters ,is the anouncement of your last days ,the Dawn of a New Era of for the Ethiopian Peoples .

12/24/12 @ 14:21
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

my people

Your commander Brieee the great already have called you ” QOSHASHA CHIQA"! So, unless you are those Shaibia losers who have no clue about today’s Ethiopia, it is clear that there are no people in Ethiopia that would tolerate such as 7-11 like money making comical politics..

Oh yah, Birhanu Nega only allowed to put his name on the headline, but the Ethiopian know it very well that this kind of comedies or propaganda would be played by the Shaibian main cadre YEMANE GEBREAB (monkey)…..LOL.

God bless the world!

12/24/12 @ 14:37
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

TEDDWA, do not make me lough. There is no such army called “Arbegnoch” . Do you remember your X-friend Solomon Tekalgn said about Your Arbegnoch Army? I know you will paint me as Weyane or Tgrie, but I am not. I am Ethiopian.I love may country. I love my people. even if we have differences, I respect your opinion but I will fight your action.

12/24/12 @ 14:37
Comment from: Zemzem [Visitor]

Don’t be fool! Give a close look. It could be like ” Yetenakech Kemal” Desperate people can take desperate action.

12/24/12 @ 15:53
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]


I will try next time. :(

12/24/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: sunny [Visitor]

Tooooooooooo many chance is given to woyane
but woyane is not learnt from his mistake !!!

I don’t like war but this is the only choice we have !!

12/24/12 @ 18:32
Comment from: sunny [Visitor]

woyane/Tplf evil work is smell like unclean rest room .So this motivates ppl to make a change
Or clean !

12/24/12 @ 19:28
Comment from: Oujulu [Visitor]

Fesam hula ..silu semta doro tanqa motech

12/24/12 @ 19:59
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]

“The TPLF regime has been in power for over twenty years now. The last twenty years have been a period of destabilization, conflict and agony for our people. No one can deny that. The result of this chaotic and illegal system is laid in front of us. Despite the much heralded so called ‘economic miracle’ thrown on our face our country is mired in famine and poverty, our children are scattered all over the world, our daughters are enslaved in the Middle East by the thousands, our people are denied the simple luxury of reading a free paper or listening to independent news and our jails are filled by innocent victims of a mad system".

“No one can deny that"? I really think that you are not only in a state of delusion and denial but you are taking readers for fools. Don’t insult our intelligence. You are irrelevant, stale and you have no future in Ethiopian politics. You have never proposed anything of substance except reciting the same old BS like “there’s poverty” etc. Any stupid moron knows what Ethiopia suffers from. What do you propose. You make me sick to my stomach.

12/24/12 @ 20:15
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

The key phrase here is .."It is sad that in this day and age we have to pick up arms instead of the ballot to bring change..”

Reading all the posts by the supporters of Tplf, I get to wondering when Tplf started out.. did the Derg and supporters say just that? Ain’t that a mind job…?

It is unfortunate for Ethiopians that Tplf had to be such a hard nose. It is sad for Ethiopians that Tplf will not negotiate key positions to include Ethiopians of not Tigre origin. It is sad they packed the military & ranks with Tigre and not allow other to serve.

It is a day past due but I am against armed resistance or change by the gun. I learn from history. I learned that any time people with guns take power, they use their time spent in battle to justify their hold on power and to once again use their guns to hold down the people they claim they liberated, if the people ask for their freedom to be respected. It is a vicious circle really.. it never ends unless the change came through peaceful means and allows people to vote for their leaders.

So, I want to go on the record, if they should ever manage to get traction, to state that I am against G7 and their armed uprising. I blame Tplf for the carnage to follow, as I blame the Derg for the rise of Tplf. Again, history is in the process of repeating itself and once again, dictators prove to us all they want to hear is the echo of their voices and not that of the people.

May God protect Ethiopians from another murderous revolt.


12/24/12 @ 20:52
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

Another issue to consider, remember, if there is going to be war , wwIII, they want Ethiopia in it. So I hope G7 knows this. The first option is always should be how to bring Ethiopia to balance without war but let these goons TPLF realize that peaceful Ethiopia is not only better for all but also for themselves. Even including Eritrea. We shouls always work towards that. However if war looms in the Middle East, the movement from oppostion groups might intensify against Shabia or TPLF. But make sure that if you are empowered by outside elements, it is because they also want to direct the war towards Ethiopia, i.e Egypt so make your own judgement, are you fighting because outsiders say so or are you fighting to save Ethiopia? Indeed however if this war in the Middle East gives opportunity for true Ethiopians to bring Ethiopia to normalization, then by all means use this opportunity to force TPLF and Shabia for the right direction for both countries.

12/25/12 @ 01:50
Comment from: wey gud [Visitor]
wey gud


12/25/12 @ 01:55
Comment from: Gebru [Visitor]

@ TEDDY [Visitor]

It is Time to join your group, the time to talk is over ! now go out and join your group I believe it is not easy especially for you because “Lebe Yeteyekal”

12/25/12 @ 05:23
Comment from: [Member]

የ ወያኔ ቅጥረኞች በዚህ ድረ ገጽ እየመጡ ሃቁን ለማስተባበል ጥረት እያደረጉ ነው ::
ጌቶቻቸው ከ አራት ኪሎ ሁነው ዋሹ ቅጠፉ ስላልዋቸው በ ናዝሬት ላይ አይን ያወጣ ውሸታቸውን ሲስብኩ የማናውቅ ይመሰላቸዋል::
-ሃቁ ግን 90 ሚሊዮን የ ኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በ ድህነት በ ችግር በበሽታ ኑሮውን እየታገለ ነው::
-ሃቁ ግን በ መቶ የሚቆጠሩ በዝባዥ ጨካኝ ሌቦች አገር መራን እያሉ ሲስርቁ እያለ ነው::
-ሃቁ ግን የውጪውን አለም ለማታለል ከ ውጪ በዝባዥ ድርጅት ጋር በመስማማት አገራችን እንደ ቅርጫ ስጋ እይተሸነሸነች ነው::
-ሃቁ ግን አዲሶቹ ካፒታሊስት አገሮች እንደ ቻይና ህንድ ሳውዲ የመሳሰሉት ይህንን አጋጣሚ እየተጠቀሙ ለብዝበዛ እየተርዋርዋጡ እንዳለ ነው ::
-ሃቁ ግን በ ሃይማኖት በ ጎሳ በ አፈና በ ማሰር በመግደል ጭቆናን ለመቀጠል ጥረት የሚያደርጉት የ ሽፍታዎች ማህበር አባላት እንደሆኑ ነው::

12/25/12 @ 08:25
Comment from: GPF [Visitor]

Don’t be foolish no GPF will liberate Ethiopia. I think this is a trick from Esayas before their big reunite with their Tigre brothers. They have been planning to be able to trap any potential underground pro Ethiopia forces. So now Ginbot is will be swallowed by Tigres in Tigray and Tigres from 14th province of Ethiopia ,Eritrea. The other thing behind this could be also business from countries who would like to demolish outdated old armaments from cold war era. Believe or not armed confrontation is NOT a solution for Ethiopia.

12/25/12 @ 09:10
Comment from: [Member]

” Until the philosophy which hold one ethnic superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned… everything is war.Me say war.
That until the’re no longer 1st and 2nd class citizens of any nation… Me say war.
That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to ethnicity me say war!"- Bob Marley

12/25/12 @ 10:16
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Gebru [Visitor]

“@ TEDDY [Visitor]

It is Time to join your group, the time to talk is over ! now go out and join your group I believe it is not easy especially for you because “Lebe Yeteyekal”

Hahahahahaha ya shemageli TEDDY [Vistor] lebe becha eko aydleme yelilewe, gulbeteme yeleweme shemagelie eko newe lol

Hahahahahaha yaaaaaaaaaaa “Lebe Yeteyekal”

TEDDY [Vistor] Helloooooooo are you there &#59;)

12/25/12 @ 15:05
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Well, these are the types like, wey gud [Visitor], we are talking about when we call Tplf cadres out. For this fool to assume every Ethiopian in America or elsewhere drives a taxi is beyond moronic, it is also far from reality to assume they are the only support to G7. Not that Taxi driving is bad, in fact cab drivers make good money, they have families back home and here, as well and send dollars which supports the Ethiopian economy. These same Taxi drivers are as much Ethiopian, if not more, as anyone else who is not a cab driver. They have the right to give whatever to whoever they believe in. Your attempt to lower their value based on their political preference exposes you to the same value. Consider also calling them by what they do “taxi drivers” is at best an indication of your minimum capacity and lack of intellect to understand real issues.

So, where do you get this idiotic view that G7 is only supported by the Diaspora? What makes you and other woyane supporters think everyone is after power or power belongs to woyane alone? If you ask me, it is those who do not learn from history and believe their own story of grandiose, who do need a high school diploma. It is people like you who are stupid because the Derg people used to be just like you, they felt indestructible.. and look where they are today. If tplf/eprdf does not change it will end same as Derg.

I do not believe in an armed overthrow of any form of leadership because those who come with the guns have been proven to be the most oppressive of all. Look at the Tplf/Eprdf which owns all save one seat of parliament and guns down who question its monopoly on power.

So dude, gud yefelal if your leaders do not change and allow others to participate in the nations governance. Your end will be violent.


12/25/12 @ 16:00
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@extraloistro aka lowlife agame inferiority

when you express your Eritrean/shabia inferiority 24/7 here.I like your fear/inferiority.oh
terta,terta,in web and kissing white men ass is your nature.may I call you prostitute? hello have you forget your master Eritrean?your lowlife agame used to bend for us as.not alone to talk.yow were our plastic for us 1991-1994 in handed us asab port with out you are quite talk about Eritrea/shabia 24/7 talk is cheap mr champise western monkey.tpdm,Eppf are bleeding you slowly.Eritrea is the only country for their come and try Eritrea.aka lutte are dealing with Eritrean,not with somalia,kenya.

how ever if you want Teddy to go to have to go to fight for your afar,asab port your self instead of you quite cry about war&Eritrea 24/7 here.idoit agame trash village.

12/26/12 @ 00:19
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Red Satan State [Visitor]


12/26/12 @ 08:00
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Red Sea Shit..

people do experiment, and they would trush the sample if didn’t yeald an expected result…so, we see you as trush sample from now on…LOL. By the way, the great Agame/Ethiopian are your masters….

I know you are a bit slow to understand about the really situation of your red shit state, but you should know that, no one handed you Assab or Bahri Negash. As for Ethiopian concerns, you & likes are just fooling no one but fooling yourself. Because, the great Ethiopia people know what blong to them…till then, entertain us with your mentally challenged personality….LOL.

God bless the world!!

12/26/12 @ 13:04
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@xtra beggar subhuman agame

come and try it chicken of nazret web.

@bathitu aka proffessional lier

you are our listro and our foot.not alone our masters.Eritreans show you,how to shoot and escort to menelik by their tanks,heavy can lie 24/7 here but every body know your lies.oh stop acting as you have Ethiopianism.we all know,you and exatra are mercanry prostitute,now you are quite cry about asab port so on.weyy guddy after you give and handed asab port to your those agames haven’t shame at all.

12/26/12 @ 15:05
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear Gebru I want trade mark “Lebe Yeteyekal” for T-shirt… I have 80million customer lineup to buy “Lebe Yeteyekal” T-shirt. Just name ur price

On dec 18 2012 ESAT interview

The Amhara extremist Comedy Central tamagne beyene, said he has answer for “Lebe Yeteyekal” easy he will not join the armed force because he is a joker….did u get it he said he is a joker. But he is willing to give up all his family

The Amhara extremist Comedy Central tamagne beyene. said he is willing to give his mother and sister life for his Amhara supremacy believe…. Regarding he is joining armed force… His is puzzled why someone joke even about His (Tamagne ) life… He is wondering the motive of this question after he said he is willing to give up his mother and sister life…that not enough asking his life to anyhow he said he is part is entertaining the army with his talent… The dying part he left it to his mother and sister

just listening from 28:00 40:00

U will hear what tamagne beyene said about his sister being arrested and even being even killed

The sad thing is Tamagne Beyene idealized Mengistu Haile Mariam once said “You can cook and eat them for all I care!” About his own family…. Mengistu allowed to finished his sentence u would have said like Tamagne… As long as my life is not at stack…don’t also forget the revolution eats its own children but not their father Tamgne or Mengistu are safe so let the children be eaten.

At least Mengistu was an honest man he told us he will fight until one man remain… To figure out who that one person is ur problem, but Mengistu is not ready to die just like Tamagne Beyene..

Pls heart before they remove it from Internet. It is on EsAT dec 18 radio online.

Here is the link

12/26/12 @ 15:19
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

ግንቦት 7ቶች በጠመንጃ ኃይል ስልጣን ከግንቦት 20ዎች ቀምተው ሲያበቁ ፍትህ እና ዴሞክራሲ ሊያሰፍኑ መሆኑን እየነገሩን ነው:: ….ኧረ?!?! እኛ ጠመንጃ ተኮር “ፍትህ” እና “ዴሞክራሲ” መቼ አጣንና

12/26/12 @ 15:32
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Red Sea’s shit…

You all retards are good for nothing but willing to serve for whomever knows how to manipulate your chicken heads…..LOL. I

know you are all in a denial of your own history, but it is there naked for anyone interested party to see that you have been proud slaves throughout your existance…look at how good boys you have been to your Italian masters….they have been enslave you like a donkeys….LOL. And yet, you have no shame to talk about the great Agame/Ethiopian people…LOL.

However, we finally know about you all retards that you are not a normal human being to deal with, and unfortunately we have to do whatever it takes to give you a lessons whenever your slave mantalities act fool…

God bless the world!!

12/26/12 @ 16:15
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Red Satan State [Visitor]

For your information I know many Eritreans have stopped sending money because the problem now is not money any longer but, food. I know food like spaghetti and biscuits and many other dry food is being sent from Eritrean diaspora to their relatives. The truth about today’s Eritrea is that it doesn’t matter you have the money the very food you want to buy is not there in the market. We are observing dry food being sent by cargo plane from many countries inside a plastic barrel to Eritrea.

Here you are calling me beggar!!! stop the jock. You failed to feed few million people and have the gut to call me beggar, what a jock!!!

By the way I love the way you hate Agame, I don’t even know what it mean but I do indeed learned from your type Eritreans by the degree you hate them how much they fucked your mind.

I know you have fallen inside an abyss black hole in the name “naAstenate” and the more days we count the deeper you are going down in the black hole, and there is no easy way out. There are even many more deadly problems waiting to mature and surface. I don’t think there is any solution, no matter what kind of political system you design, security and military might you build there are incompatible issue within Eritrea and outside Eritrea that will not allow the formation of nation state.




Hahahahahaha chubie rase!

12/26/12 @ 17:28
Comment from: [Member]

Ginbot 7 is right. There is a lot of corruption and people are imprisoned for expressing their views. Wars are waged against Somali. Our land is given to Sudan. Our ports and historical territories are given to Eritrea. above our fertile land is given to foreign investors. We have no choice but to arm our people and defend their country.

Ethnic federalism is leading our country to fragmentation. The eritrean TPLF is anti-Ethiopia and uses Tigray against Ethiopia. The eritrean TPLF is stashing loads of money to foreign banks. We can not keep quiet and see how our country deteriorates.

Journalis like Eskinder Nega and other political prisoners are suffering in a dark priosn house because they have written what is right for our country. We should stop this madness and will be right to use any means necessary.

We arelandlocked even though we have been part of the Red Sea (We tha amhara and Tigray people) or more than 3000 years. The askaris eritrean TPLF gives away our ports to Eritrea as if it is theirs. We should stop such falsfication of history. We ashould arm and ask for our rights and defend our territories.

12/26/12 @ 19:34
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@extra dumb and dumber beggar

hahahahaha indeed you are famous and addicted food aid in run by donors and charites.Don’t you feel shame to lie and lie over moron.if the 3000 charites leave your bilharize will eat konte,beles, as fact we all know,you are proffesional beggar since my childhood.u were knock my door every morning.aka champise western monkey.stop your non sense said,we hate funny.who is vomite hate Eritrea/shabis 24/7 here.even if the topic isn’t about cry about your Eritrea inferiority 24/7 here.but we won’t care for lowlife agame what ever you say coz you are sick and burn your heart with Eritrean inferiority

@bathith defe arabia retaird

you have been our servant as listro ,fetrino,washer..etc for long we know,you were our ashaker until We put you slave and servant is you.this is your loyality.aka loser komale agame.stop your empty lie head

12/26/12 @ 20:07
Comment from: To - Red Sea [Visitor]
To - Red Sea

You lunatic Italian cum Ansebea bastard, you Are-tras are the ones who have the inferiority complex and not the Tigray or their other Ethiopian compatriots. Your parents,grandparents and great-grandparents were enslaved and sodomized by your Italian masters. Thus, there is an inter-generation inferiority complex, identity crisis and self-denial. Due to their loss at the battlefield in Tigray, Ethiopia, the Italians had resentment towards Tigreans and other Ethiopians. They brainwashed you to hate anything Ethiopian as backward or dirty. In your inferiority inflicted mind you compare your historical Ethiopian rulers including Agames like Ras Alula Abanega and Emperor Yohannes with your Italian masters. As a result you worship the Italians for leaving you spagethi leftovers while belittling Tigreans and other Ethiopians to compensate your deep rooted inferiority complex.

12/26/12 @ 21:03
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Red Sea’s shit…LOL

The truth about you is, you brought up to this world a slave to listen to a fabricated stories, and to serve your masters…So, poor you f**n slave you sound like you will end up like that forever…LOL! Oh yah, you will pass it to your children to..LOL!

Your job is just to keep counting who was your historical masters, and to guess who you will serve in the future…LOL. That all you have been good at and proven to the whole world. I know you sound a racist slave who would prefer to be enslave by white men, but your next maters are your historical black masters…LOL. Though, the crazy agame or Wedi Medhin Berad has been a bit rough on you fools….

God bless the world!!

12/26/12 @ 21:39
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Red sea,

You are right. Eritrea is inferior to the AGAME. If it was not for the agame you will still be at the end of Dergs mighty boots. Agame getah new you koshasha mehayem shabia. You should be concerned about the poor Eritreans who run from IsayASS that end up being killed in the Sainai for their organs and such.

Trust me shabia dedeb, you have a lot more to worry about than your inferiority to Ethiopians.


12/26/12 @ 23:40
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Red Satan State [Visitor]

The truth is the Agame’s don’t remember you, as far as I know no body here really care about AreTera, I am the one who often bring the issue of AreTera here but am Oromo. You are living in Agame nightmare and you think every footsteps you hear behind you is Agame.

How come a master feel inferior to his slave?!

If what is happening in Eritrea was happening in any other country people, long ago the people had revolted against the system. AreTerans have adapted slavery the reason why they don’t revolt against the system. You are used to live like cockroaches.

12/27/12 @ 00:58
Comment from: solo [Visitor]

thank u G7 i am sick and tired of peaceful struggle 21 years

to fight against tplf apartheid is god given right

12/27/12 @ 09:14
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

On dec 18 2012 ESAT interview

The Amhara extremist Comedy Central tamagne beyene. said he is willing to PAY IN BLOOD of his mother and sister for his Amhara supremacy believe….

just listening from 28:00 TO. 40:00

Pls hear it before they remove it from Internet. It is on EsAT dec 18 radio online.

Here is the link

12/27/12 @ 09:33
Comment from: Hype [Visitor]

The usual amhara hype, fukera, shilela with nothing to show for it.

I’ll be shocked if any amharas actually go to the jungle, brave the hunger, disease and the likes to fight for the concept called “freedom & democracy".

12/27/12 @ 11:44
Comment from: Aba Nefso [Visitor]
Aba  Nefso

ዛሬ እስቲ ልተንፍስ ፡ ለመጀመሪያ ግዜ

የዛሬን የሶሪያን ሁኔታ ሳስበው ፡ ከኢትዮጵያ ጋር የሚመሳሰልና እንደ ትንቢት የሚታየኝ አንድ ነገር አለ።


የዛሬ ሁለት ሃመት 13 ታዳጊ ሶርያውያን ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ሲውጡ ፡ በጥይት ቆልዋቸው ። የ በሽር አላሳድ ደጋፍዎችና በስርሀቱ የበለፀጉ አብታሞች ፡ በሽር አላሳድ ተሳስታል ከማለት ይልቅ በሞቱ ታዳጊዎች ላይ ተሳለቁ ። በሽር አላሳድን በምድር ላይ የሚደፍር አይል የለም ብለው ፎከሩ ።


ዛሬ ኢትዮጵያውያን በከፋ የኑሮ ሁኔታ ውስጥ ይገኛሉ ፡ ግፍ እና ዘረኝነት ይብቃ ብሎ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ሲጮህ ። የ ወያኔ ደጋፍዎችና በስርሀቱ የበለፀጉ አብታሞች ፡ ወያኔ ተሳስታል ከማለት ይልቅ በኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጩከትና መከራ ላይ ተሳለቁ ። ወያኔን በምድር ላይ የሚደፍር አይል የለም ብለው ፎከሩ ።


በሽር አላሳድ ከሶርያውያን ህኩልነት ይልቅ የአለዋይትን (5% ህዝብ ብዛ&#4725&#59;) በኢኮኖሚም ሆነ በሚሊተሪ የበላይነት በመጠበቅ ፡ ቀሪውን ህዝብ በሁለተኛ ዜግነት በጭካኔ ሲገዛ ፡ ቅንጣት ታህል ስልጣኔ ይገረሳል ብሎ የማያምን መንግስት ነው።


ወያኔ ከኢትዮጵያውያን ህኩልነት ይልቅ የትግሬዎችን (6.5% ህዝብ ብዛ&#4725&#59;) በኢኮኖሚም ሆነ በሚሊተሪ የበላይነት በመጠበቅ ፡ ቀሪውን ህዝብ በሁለተኛ ዜግነት በጭካኔ ሲገዛ ፡ ቅንጣት ታህል ስልጣኔ ይገረሳል ብሎ የማያምን መንግስት ነው።


እዝባዊ ሀመፅ

ህዝብ ብሶቱ ገንፎሎ ወጣ ። በሁለተኛ ዜግነት ከመኖር ሞት ይሻለኛል አለ ። አይገረሰስም የተባለው የበሽር አላሳድ ጦር ፡ በራሱ መሳሪያ መበታተን ጀመረ ። አላዋይቶች ና በስርሀቱ የበለፀጉ አብታሞች 40 አመት ሲገነቡት የከረሙት ፎቅና ንብረት ድምጥማጡ እየጠፋ ነው። የሚገርመው የበሽር አላሳድ የአጎት ልጅና የሶሪያ ቁጥር አንድ አብታም ። ሙሉ ንብረቴን ለሶሪያ ህዝብ ልስጥ ፡ ትምህርት ቤቶች ፡ ጤና ጣቢያ ና ሌሎችም ይቃቃምበት ቢልም ፡ ማን ስምቶ ። በቃን ንብረትክን ከአለዋይቶች ጋር ብላው ፡ እኛ ይምንፈልገው ነፃነት ፣ ነፃነት ፣ ነፃነት ብሎ ትግሉን ቀጥሏል፡ የበሽር አላሳድ ቀንም እየተቆጠረ ነው።


በወያኔ ዘረኛ አገዛዝ በሁለተኛ ዜግነት እንኖራለን ወይስ ምን አማራጭ አለን

12/27/12 @ 13:57
Comment from: trust them? [Visitor]
trust them?

We don’t trust neftegnas even if they are talking about the meeting of minds with OLF. Trust is a big problem and why we love if neftegnas stay out of politics and focus on advancing the country in other areas such as education, science, business etc. Do you trust a wild animal even if it’s domesticated? Not really. And the mafiosis should curb their appetite some time in the future.

12/27/12 @ 14:21
Comment from: lol208* [Visitor]

aysemam… enante eza brachun tsebesbalachu egnan ezi tatefalachu… no more fool.. guy’s tenektobachuhal…esayas demo yedegefachu ymeslachual mdre jil hula esu ethiopian materames enji enanten 100% ayfelgachum… fesam hula enkuan weyane rasshin enkuan matfat atchiym

12/27/12 @ 14:39
Comment from: Loongalee [Visitor]

Ato Yilma Bekele, you are ambicious, a lier, clever but you don’t have the profession to lead a revolution that could unify 90 million people in the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is doing well right now.

I am surprised you mentioned Abbaa Jiffaar and Xoona with Minilik. Since when you and your ancesstors considered these two great men as human beings? Because Xoonaa fought Minilik rejecting slavery he and his Wolayittaa people sentenced to slavery. Today these people are free. No one is listening to you when you bark today. Why don’t you read the comments posted on your article above?

12/27/12 @ 15:42
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]

U all are fucking discusting people. Don’t u see what’s happening in Egypt, Syria, Libiya…etc I don’t need war cuz some idiot people want for their own goal. The thing what we have to think is that what will happen then if the so-called Ginbot 7 win the war… Then wie will have…Peace? No pouverity? Democrtaty? Freedom…? or equality? I think that what we should think before we decide on something stupid which is not good at all for our population.
Unless some ediot migrants think they will no face any problem if there will bewar in Ethiopia but that bullshit!

12/27/12 @ 17:07
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

The meeting of mind with OLF

The neftegnas said to OLF leadrs from now on we will call u in ur real name Gala

The neftegnas said to Wolayittaa we also call u in ur farmer real name Dorze

The Oromo and the Wolayitta ask the negtegna what would we call u.. Negtegna with proud u can call me Ethiopians.

12/27/12 @ 17:16
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Don’t you get it people! the so called G7 or I would rather like to call it the 7-11 kind money making business doesn’t represent the interst of the Ethiopian people. It has been a while since their true nature of those so called political organization has been cleared to all Ethiopian people that they are just serving or liking an Ethiopia’s historical-external enemies for nothing….LOL. So, don’t worry about those looser that they Will soon be melted away with their sponsers..

God bless the world!!

12/27/12 @ 17:47
Comment from: KaLi [Visitor]

if Birhanu Nega is ready to go to the battel feild to lead his Soldiers? then Trust me i will be the 1st one to go as soon as i can includin ma bro. but then again how can a fat axss coward like him will ever go and fight? he already run away from Assinba long time a go so pls Don’t wast ma Time loser!!

12/27/12 @ 19:03
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

So Ash, why are you so scared of the Amhara? You a shabia dog boy? If you are they gonna come get you. If not, relax don’t shit your pants yet, all woyanes relax. All you gota’ do is share power, it is some thing you do not own to begin with.

Ethiopians do not need to kill each other over political differences. All we have to do is let free political participation, free flow of ideas, different political sides opposing and agreeing as they so choose and not forced by the party in power. So, you see you all banda yeshabia ashker ena geredoch, there will be no need for uprisings if a multiparty system, not like the one you hand picked but established by the people of their own free will, will guarantee the continuation of peace beyond the 20-25 year dictatorial regime time limit. Besides, I do believe the West may be shopping around for a different regime.. uhh.. you know.. they call it regime change. Watch out it happens to all dictators, they run out of favor.

Let democracy rule for lasting peace. This is not a question ethnicity dear woyanes, but a question of equality. It is not an Amhara question but of all Ethiopians. We want our freedom respected.


12/27/12 @ 19:14
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@@agame ferefe(to red sea?

weyy guddy lol those dedebit graduted prositute carders,they come out from their hole.I comments hit them their make my day on laugh.

well your retaird ras theifo and yohanes left you at back yard colony for 100’s years.If it won’t will be still my mother feet washer but your ugly nature always flip,flip,betray and I said,you were my ashaker and royal slave again.your terta,terta and Empty head won’t work for me.I wonder.why do you fear to use your really id name?flip,flip,inferiority.moite,moite.
we know, Eritrean is your nightmare since you quite cry and talk about shabia/Eritrean 24/7 here.

@bathitut aka champise lier

we know,your history is beggar and bend for any body Eritrean,white men,arabs.stop your zombie,zombie
dance.fara batunal.

@extrafool aka ya inferiority old fart

hahahahaha extra said,I am oromo.come on.I don’t know,which plant,Do you have live and used calnder but to day isn’t april fool.just to remind you.oromo don’t have such kind of exterm inferiority,hate and should proud who you are.pluse i don’t hate the entire tigary people coz i don’t have over inferiority and poor mind like you do.tigray people have live side by side historical with us for many years.I only lable woyanes leadership and you as thugs.but your hate lengancy and woyanes leadership put endanger tigary people with any
body like there is no for future and tommorrow.I wonder.that is why sebaht nega call you endarte/tembiens beggars?

@halafi manegedi(hagare tembien)

lutti.funny may I say.if it won’t Eritrean.there won’t made in woyanes
stop another lie.according to you,woyanes give Eritrea indepandance.thanks for you fought for Eritrean.hahaha Eritrean never fought their for freedom.QQQQQ.
any way stop your crocodile tears.Eritrean are smarter than you.we won’t fight to handed you afar region.we didn’t give our national interest for any body included your god white men,not alone you.any way why does sebhat nega call you endarte/tembiens beggars?

12/27/12 @ 19:53
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

My dearest hagraAmerican,

I am paid by my woyanes boss to fight neftegnas and u make urself very easy target for me to kick around..

Even my Woyane boss refused to pay replay to u because my boss think I am the same person as U… Otherwise my boss u must be one crazy dude..

I am reply to u because I notes u r an honest fool who is waiting to get honey from fly..egg from rooster… Milk from oxen.

U don’t get democracy and free will and free election from neftegnas…this is just crazy…u might tell me they need the power back to show us how better democracy they can be..

For this I have very good answer… EPRP leaders are in power for almost 40 years but no voting practiced their Ginbot 7 leader also for almost ten years their leader are undisputed God so my friend when u going to change…

I know u are crazy u are not belong to any party all u are telling us ur dream where democracy participated election going on this is have have a dream speech..that speech also took 50 years too… I don’t mind waiting but if someone telling me the dream is a realty I must check that person maintailty if it work properly.

About negtegna joining OLF.. Is like mixing oil and water in OLF case mixing fire with oil… U will have big explosive

Anyhow I will not waken u up from ur sleep u slept for 3000 years so u might be good at it by now..

Just humor me when TPLF join EPLF they “promised to give Eritrea ” My question is what the Amhara will promise to OLF? And keep the promise…

This is like Amhara promising OLF if I win the NY jackpot lottery I will share with u…

That is fine but if I am OLF it is not better to make deal with guy who already win NY jackpot lottery.. What the TPLF can’t give the Oromo the the Amhara willing to give..
Now don’t come back here saying human right no body can give it is god given right if that the case why bother TPLF it would be better to ask God or Allah.

12/27/12 @ 20:08
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Red Sea’s shit. What an idiot!

You guys having me to have a second thought about the romors that I keep hearing from a different source that some of you people from that part of our land weren’t blessed by God to have a normal human kinds capabilities…ayashu eyom yibahal eyu..LOL.

If you weren’t mentally challenged looser, you would have known much better in what situation you are in…

I guess your slavery history has tought you nothing, but to live a dulusional life styles and to be an obedience to your masters….

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have dared to talk about Ethiopian, while your monkey a**ss is necked for the whole world to see and 3/4th of your population is scatored all over the world…..

So, please grow up boys or get lost…LOL.

God bless the world!!

12/27/12 @ 21:48
Comment from: dagme [Visitor]

ስራ የፍታቹህ ሁሉ ጎራ በሉ

12/27/12 @ 23:33
Comment from: [Member]

Wishful thinking. It is a dead dream from the start.

12/28/12 @ 02:13
Comment from: hailu Beza [Visitor]
hailu Beza

C’est moi senait and others who are against armed struggle!

Any one who in the name of peace is hoping to see a regime change in Addis must be blind of the reality and woyane behavior. They do not know a peaceful and a democratic change for they have never been one. They understand better the smoke of a gun. They fought for tigray province and by pure luck the struggle was enlarged in a national level by convincing the whole Army to join them. After stepping to Addis they took the lion’s share and did everything they can to remain in power for the last twenty something years and still dreaming for another twenty or thirty years. Such arrogance can only be challenged with a struggle they know long time ago. Now, they have few fat cats even among them and dare to fight back. Like it or not this is the solution and if you are country loving, join or get lost from this site.

12/28/12 @ 08:18
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Ginbot 7 Popular Force, what kind of force if this, Ginbot7 has been vowing to oust the Eprdf regime for the last 5 years.Whats the difference between then and now,how was G7 planning to overthrow the EPRDF without use of force..? why didit decide to esablish a military wing nowa after 5 yearsof its establishment kkk? this is really funny, is the change of policy linked with the arrest of Tamrat Geleta and politics of eyanguwalele ? anyway lets wait and see what those power hungry obese men and women will do.

If I wastheir advisor I would advice them to to on diet and do some exercises before going to the bush to fight the battle hardened TPLF/EPRDF fighters.I am sure the EPRDF willcrash the G7 armed groupsin the time and place of their choices. The EPRDF is not new to crash and recycle its enemies, the EPRP, EDU, ELF, OLF, IFLO, Alshabab,Eritrean army, SLM, ALM, Alitihad al Islamiya, the Dergue etc have all been obliterated by the TPLF/EPRDF forces.What this new addition G7 going to do ? do you thinkthe G7 will succeed ? I bet you not, the G7 will try toexploit the financial resources of those greedy and power hungered toxic diasporasand disappear from the political scene in few years.

Ethiopia has changed its policy towards Eritrea,if G7 or any Eritrean backed group attack Ethiopiaour army will respond in kind, the target wontbe G7 or any other Eritrean backed groups but the Eritrean army itself. Another training camps or Military establishments of Eritrea willbe destroyed.

12/28/12 @ 10:39
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Afarman, stop it they fat…haha not only fat they are old too..

Afarman, I wouldn’t mind if they go out and fight but they are not planning fighting for that they have the poor young people that they can brainwash and send them to war front.

Just click on the belove link and hear what
The Amhara extremist Comedy Central tamagne beyene

Saying about his family… He said he doesn’t mind if his sister or mother die for cause of freedom but he will not join the front because he have another roll to play….nobody forced him but he admit that he will not go and die but he is willing to give his sister life just go and hear him saying it u will not belive it..

Just forward it 29:00 up to 40:00

12/28/12 @ 13:06
Comment from: Aba. Kebabs [Visitor]
Aba. Kebabs

ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Where are the Godjamies displaced from Gura- Ferda? Oh! I saw there courages action in Debre- Markos. G7 don’t need to agitate people, to stand for their right. Weyanie’s action in the last 20 years is enough to look the only option left to Ethiopians. Now the battle will be between fat cat weyanie and those who are denied their God given right Ethiopians. For me there only one out come. That is victory for Ethiopian people. The saddest fact is because Weyanie accumulated a lot of wepen they think they are undefited. This type of dictators can’t learn from history. I’m sorry about the blood shed that will be resulted by those dictators, somehow we (Ethiopians) should pay any thing this stragle need to fulfil its objectives.

12/28/12 @ 18:38
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Extraidiot and Gebrewettu ,G7 anouncement it’s just the brginning of the END . As said our dear elders “Ye mekeberiatchehu Katchel be medewellu layi nehu"…LOL !!!Even Little Tyrant HMD ,can do Nothing for you than begging his Qatari Masters to help him for a mediation with your former Shabyan Boss .By the way ,don’t you know that another patriotic Front has recently anounced of Attacking Debre Markos and Adigrat Agazi secret prisons ,and also destroying
Agazi owned Hotel in Metemma .BeTeshomkugni ,so Hypo Sele is your Information Sources , for being brainwashed with Agazi and banda propagandas you certainly have the right one ….LOL !!!

12/29/12 @ 02:28
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Afagniman and Ash ,time to advise your Agazi Goat Herder Fake Generals
to be in diet .Staffed with Addis-Abeba Ketffo and Yohanes Aramde Bottles these bandits have forgotten
even what do like a trench and a Battle Field .They are more busy of counting their hard Currencies owned from their illegal Business than taking care of the Army …LOL !!! By the way Ash ,don’t you know that your goat herder Chief of Staff responded to the ETV stupid journalist that his favorite Sport is “POlo",I bet if the stupid journalist would ask him
about his favorite meal and drink ,it would certainly be Ketffo and JW Whisky and his spare times ,Addis-Abeba BORDELOS…LOL !!!

12/29/12 @ 02:53
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@bathithu waslta

you and extrafools,others seems,your non sense comments and hate against Eritrea make you as you are very Ethiopianism in this forum.your woyanes was working with Eritrean against Ethiopia.history never lie.we know your empty bravo and head.there won’t problem btw tigrai-Eritrea people for the future.go and hung your self now.idoit selfish

12/29/12 @ 12:48
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Red Sea State [Visitor]

No absolutely not, I am an Oromo and hate Eritrea, period &#59;)

12/29/12 @ 14:01
Comment from: sami [Visitor]

የልማታዊው መንግስት ስኬትና
የጽንፈኛው ሃይል ክስረት
ቢኒያም ሰለሞን
አለምን እያስደመመ ያለው የኢትዮጵያ ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት ግስጋሴ ቀጥሏል፡፡ ይህን እድገት በጽኑ መሰረት ላይ ለማስቀጠል የሚደረገው ርብርብም ለአፍታም ጋብ አላለም፡፡ በመላው የአገሪቱ ከተሞች የኮንስትራክሽን ግንባታው ተጣጥፉዋል፡፡
በገጠር አርሶ አደሩ የግብርናውን ተግባር ለዘመናት ከነበረበት ሁዋላ ቀር የአስተራረስ ዘይቤ አላቆ በዘመናዊ ዘዴ እየከወነው ይገኛል፡፡ ዛሬ እንደ ቀድሞው አይደለም፤ ሁኔታዎች ፈጽሞ ተቀያይረዋል፡፡ በተለይ ቀድሞ አርሶ አደሩ ኑሮውን እንዴት ይገፋ እንደነበር የሚያውቅ አሁን የሚያየውን ለማመን ይቸገራል፡፡
ዛሬ በኢትዮጵያ የገጠር አካባቢዎች አርሶ አደሩ ካለበት አካባቢ ድረስ በዘለቀው የአገሪቱ የቴሌኮሙዩኒኬሽን አውታር ዝርጋታ ተጠቃሚ በመሆኑ የማሳ ስራውን የሚከውነው የግብርና ግብይቱን የሚመለከቱ መረጃዎችን በሞባይል ስልኩ በማግኘት ጭምር ነው፡፡
አርሶ አደሩ ዛሬ የጤናና የትምህርትን የመሳሰሉ ወሳኝ የማህበራዊ አቅርቦት አገልግሎቶችን የሚያገኘው እንደ ቀድሞው ሩቅ መንገድ ተጉዞ ሳይሆን የሚኖርበት አካባቢ ተገንብተውለት ነው፡፡
አሁን አሁንማ በርካታ አርሶ አደሮች የአይሱዙና የተለያዩ መኪናዎች ባለቤቶች በመሆናቸው ምርታቸውን በራሳቸው መኪና ወደ ገበያ ሲያቀርቡ መመልከት በእጅጉ እየተለመደ መጥቷል፡፡
በመላ አገሪቱ በእያንዳንዱ የገጠር ከተሞች ድረስ ዘልቀው በተዘረጉ አዳዲስ የመንገድ ግንባታዎች አማካኝነትም የትራንስፖርት አገልግሎት አርሶ አደሩ ሰፈሩ ድረስ ዘልቀው አገልግሎት እየሰጡት ይገኛሉ፡፡ በተመሳሳይም የኤሌክትሪክ ሃይልም ተጠቃሚ ናቸው ፤ የዛሬዋ ኢትዮጵያ የገጠር መንደሮች፡፡
ብቻ …ካለፉት አስር አመታት ወዲህ ኢትዮጵያ ያለ ነዳጅ ገቢ ፈጣንና ተከታታይ በሆነ ሁኔታ ያስመዘገበችው ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት በአሁኑ ወቅት የከተማና የገጠር ነዋሪውን የነፍስ ወከፍ ገቢ አሳድጎታል፡፡ ይህም በአገራችን መካከለኛ ገቢ ያለው የህብረተሰብ ክፍል እንዲፈጠር ማስቻሉን የተለያዩ ተቀማት ከሚያወጡት መረጃ መገንዘብ ይቻላል፡፡
እናም ዛሬ በኢትዮጵያ በኢኮኖሚ፣ በማህበራዊና በፖለቲካዊ ዘርፎች ከፍተኛ ለውጥ እየታየ መሆኑ ጸሃይ የሞቀው እውነታ ከሆነ ቆይቷል ፡፡ይህ ፈጣንና ተከታታይ የኢኮኖሚ እድገት ታድያ በአሁኑ ወቅት የአለም ባንክን በመሰሉ ግዙፍ የአለም አቀፍ የገንዘብ ተቋማትም ጭምር እውቅና ተሰጥቶታል፡፡
በተለይ የአለም ባንክ በአሁኑ ወቅት የኢትዮጵያን ፈጣን ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት “ጠንካራ ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት በሚል ከማድነቁ በተጨማሪ መንግስት የእድገቱን ቀጣይነት ለማረጋገጥ የሚያከናውናቸውን ተግባራት ለማሳካት እንዲያግዝ ከ2005 አ.ም መስከረም ወር ወዲህ ባሉት አራት ወራት ጊዜ ብቻ የ 5 ነጥብ 5 ቢሊዮን ዶላር ብድር ለኢትዮጵያ ፈቅደል፡፡
ባንኩ ባለፈው መስከረም ወር 2005 አ.ም በኢትዮጵያ እየተካሄዱ ላሉ የመሰረተ ልማት አውታር ግንባታዎች እገዛ የሚውል የ1.5 ቢሊዮን ዶላር ከወለድ ነጻ ብድር የፈቀደ ሲሆን ከሰሞኑ ደግሞ የኢትዮጵያን ቀጣይ ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት ለማረጋገጥ በመንግስት ለተነደፈው የአምስት አመት የእድገትና የትራንስፎርሜሽን እቅድ
ትግበራ ድጋፍ የሚውል አራት ቢሊዮን ዶላር ተጨማሪ ብድር መፍቀዱን ይፋ አድርጉዋል፡፡
የአለም ባንክ በተለይም ሰሞኑን ለኢትዮጵያ የፈቀደውን የአራት ቢሊዮን ዶላር ተጨማሪ ብድር ይፋ ባደረገበት ወቅት በኢትዮጵያ የአለም ባንክ ዳይሬክተር ጉአንግ ዚህ ቼን የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት በአገሪቱ ፈጣንና ተከታታይ በሆነ ሁኔታ እያስመዘገበ ያለው ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት ባለፉት ሁለት አመታት ገጥሞት የነበረውን የዋጋ ግሽበት ፈተና በከፍተኛ ሁኔታ በመቆጣጠር እንዲወርድ ማድረጉን አድንቀዋል፡፡
የአለም ባንክ በቅርብ የኢትዮጵያን ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት አስመልክቶ ባወጣቸው ተከታታይ መግለጫዎችም በኢትዮጵያ ባለፉት አምስት አመታት ብቻ በተመዘገበው ከ10 ነጥብ 6 በመቶ በላይ እድገት በአገሪቱ ከ2 ነጥብ 5 ሚሊዮን ዜጎች ከድህነት መውጣት ችለዋል፤ በአገሪቱ የድህነት መጠኑንም ከ38.7 በመቶ ወደ 29.6 በመቶ ዝቅ እንዲል ማድረጉን ማመላከቱ ይታወሳል፡፡
ባንኩ ኢትዮጵያ ባለፉት አመታት ፈጣንና ተከታታይ ኢኮኖሚ እድገት ለማረጋገጥ የቻለችው እርሻው ዘመናዊ በመሆኑ፣ የኤክስፖርት ዘርፉ በማደጉ፣ ጠንካራ የአለም የምርት ፍላጎት በመኖሩና የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት እያካሄደ ባለው የልማት ኢንቨስትመንት ምክንያት መሆኑን ጠቃቅሰል በዚህ ሪፖርቱ፡፡
በርካታ የአለም አቀፍ ተቋማትና የመገናኛ ብዙሃን በተለይም ከቅርብ ጊዜ ወዲህ በየቀኑ በሚባል ሁኔታ በኢትዮጵያ መጠነ ሰፊ በሆነ መልኩ በከተማና በገጠር በሚታዩ ለውጦች መደመማቸውን የሚያመላክቱ መረጃዎችን በየወቅቱ ይፋ ሲያደርጉ እየተመለከትን ነው፡፡
በአሁኑ ወቅት በተለይ የአለም አቀፍ መገናኛ ብዙሃን የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት አያካሄዳቸው ያሉ አፍሪካዊ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ትስስር መፍጠር የሚያስችሉ የህዳሴውን
ግድብ ጨምሮ በርካታ የኤሌክትሪክ ሃይል ማመንጫ ግድብ ግንባታዎችን፣ የባቡርን ጨምሮ የተለያዩ የመንገድ መሰረተ ልማት አውታርና እንዲሁም የኮንስትራክሽን ግንባታዎች የፈጠረባቸውን አግራሞት በዜናዎቻቸውና በዘገባዎቻቸው ላይ ሲገልጹም እያስተዋልን ነው፡፡
የኢንቨስትመንት ፍሰቱን ጨምሮ በገጠርና በከተማ እየተካሄዱ ያሉ ከፍተኛ የልማት እንቅስቃሴዎችም የመገናኛ ብዙሃን ትኩረት መሳባቸው አልቀረም፡፡ይህ ሁኔታ ታድያ እድገቱን በጥረታቸው እውን ላደረጉት መላው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦችና መንግስት የምስራች ዜና የመሆኑን ያህል ጽንፈኛውን ሃይል ግን የሚያስደስት አልሆነም፡፡
በመሆኑም ጽንፈኛው ሃይል የአገሪቱን ፈጣን ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት ቀደም ሲል “መንግስት ቁጥሩን እያጋነነ ከመግለጹ ውጭ ለህዝቡ የትምህርት፣ የጤናና የመሳሰሉ የማህበራዊ አገልግሎቶችን ለማዳረስ ፈጽሞ የሚያስችል አይደለም” በሚል ሲለፈፍ መቆየቱ የሚታወስ ነው፡፡
ይሁን እንጂ ኢትዮጵያ የትምህርት፣ የጤናና የንጹህ መጠጥ ውሃ የመሳሰሉ የዜጎችን መሰረታዊ ፍላጎት ለማዳረስ የሚያስችሉ የማህበራዊ አገልግሎትን በማዳረስ ረገድ በርካታ አበረታች ተግባራት ማከናወና የሚታወቅ ነው፡፡
ኢትዮጵያ ቀደም ሲል የተጠቀሱትን የማህበራዊ አገልግሎት ለታችኛውና ሩቅ ለሚገኘው ማህበረሰብ ክፍል በማዳረስ ረገድ ያከናወነችው አመርቂ ተግባርና የሄደችበት ብዙ ርቀትም አርኪ ሆኖ በመገኘቱም የተባበሩት መንግስታት ድርጅት እኤአ በ2015 ታዳጊ አገራት እንዲያሳኩት ያስቀመጠውን የሚሊኒየም ግብ በቀዳሚነት ከሚያሳኩ ጥቂት አገራት ግንባር ቀደማ ኢትዮጵያ መሆናን ማረጋገጡ ጽንፈኛው ሃይል ኩምሽሽ አድርጎታል፡፡
ይሁንና ልማታዊው የኢትዮጵያ መንግስትና መላው ህዝብ እጅ ለእጅ ተያይዘው በጋራ የሚከናውኑትን ድህነትን የመቀየር አበረታች ተግባር ከማጠልሸት ወደ ሁዋላ ብሎ የማያውቀው ጽንፈኛው ሃይል ግን በቅርቡ ደግሞ ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገቱ “ጥቂት ሃብታሞችን ከመፍጠር ውጭ ..ብዙሃኑን ተጠቃሚ አላደረገም ” በሚል ውሃ በማይቀጥር መከራከሪያው ሊያጣጥለው ሲሞክር ይታያል፡፡
ሆኖም ግን ቀደም ሲል የአለም ባንክ ካወጣው መረጃ መገንዘብ እንደሚቻለው ባለፉት አምስት አመታት ብቻ በተመዘገበው ከ10 ነጥብ 6 በመቶ በላይ ተከታታይ ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት (የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ከ11 በመቶ በላይ መሆኑን ነው የሚገልጸ&#4813&#59;) በአገሪቱ ከ2 ነጥብ 5 ሚሊዮን ዜጎች ከድህነት መውጣት ችለዋል፤ የድህነት መጠኑንም ከ38.7 በመቶ ወደ 29.6 በመቶ ዝቅ ብሏል፡፡
በመሆኑም ይህም ቢሆን ጽንፈኛው ሃይል ተጨባጭ ማስረጃ ሊያቀርብበት የማይችል የተለመደ እንቶ ፈንቶው ወሬ በመሆኑ ውንጀላው ከራሱ አልፎ ሌላ ተቀባይ ሊያገኝ አልቻለም፡፡
በአጠቃላይ “ውሾቹ ይጮሃሉ …….ግመሎቹ ግን ጉዞአቸውን ቀጥለዋል” የሚለውን አባባል ተግባራዊ በማድረግ በድህነት ላይ ታሪካዊ ድል የመጎናጸፍ አላማውን እያሳካ የሚገኘው ልማታዊ የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ግን ላለፉት ዘጠኝ አመታት በላይ እያስመዘገበ ያለውን ፈጣንና ተከታታይ ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት በጽኑ መሰረት ላይ ከማስቀጠል የሚያቆመው አንዳች ሃይል እንደሌለ በተግባር እያረጋገጠ ይገኛል፡፡
ልማታዊው መንግስት ለጽንፈኛው ሃይል ተረት ተረት ቀድሞውኑ ጆሮውን ሰጥቶ ቢሆን ኑሮ ባለፉት ዘጠኝ ተከታታይ አመት በላይ ያስመዘገበውን ይህን ባለ ሁለት አሀዝ ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት እውን ማድረግ ባልቻለ ነበር፡፡
ይሁን እንጂ በሳል በሆነ ሁኔታ የህዝብን ዘላቂ ጥቅም አስልቶ በጥንቃቄ መተግበርን የተካነው ልማታዊው የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት የአለም ባንክ ባወጣው መረጃ እንዳረጋገጠው አሜሪካና የአውሮፓ አገራት በከፍተኛ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ውድቀት በነበሩበት እኤአ ከ2004 -2011 ባለው የሰባት አመታት ጊዜ ውስጥ ብቻ የኢትዮጵያ ኢኮኖሚ ተመሳሳይ እድገት ሲያስመዘግቡ ከነበሩ የአፍሪካ አገራት ከእጥፍ በላይ ሲያድግ እንደነበር መገንዘብ ይቻላል፡፡

12/29/12 @ 14:08
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State


who cares if champise monkey hate Eritrean or not but I don’t considered you as tigrayan period.lamo

12/29/12 @ 14:21
Comment from: Tesfai Ghebrai [Visitor]
Tesfai Ghebrai

Keep up the endless hallusination, day dreaming, fantasy, duplicity,masquarading,bigotry,pretention, hipocracy,………and all identities of spineless creatures. There can’t be a better illustration of hopelessness than your farcical propoganda. We know realism is not in your gene. Even Your master shaebia has given up challenging the Ethiopian Defence Forces.

12/29/12 @ 15:20
Comment from: ARAM HULA [Visitor]

This is your usual lie and propaganda.Would be nice if you are such organised and able to fight.Come and try we would crush you on the battle field.
We Know this is your tactic of stilling money from the poor and ignorant ones.
How much money did you collect since you announce this lie?

12/29/12 @ 15:47
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

: A.HULA [Visitor]

Ur answer is very simple 2.5 million dollars

Ginbot 7/11 owner Dr. Berhan Nega make 2.5 million dollars by selling paper certificates to 5,000 fools around the world at cost of $500 dollars each the paper certificates cost with mailing cost only $0.57 cents

Dr. Berhanu Nega is the best economist that Ethiopian has he is proof it once and will not mind proofing it once again by taking candy from taxi driver and parking lots attendance

12/29/12 @ 17:20
Comment from: Aba. Kebabs [Visitor]
Aba. Kebabs

Tesfai, Gebrai. I feel very sad to have a poor national compatriot like you. The reason I said this (1) the name Tesfaye is / tesfai in Tigrigna followed by Gebrie/ is given 99.999 % for hopelessly poor people in Ethiopia.
(2) still you scop can measure things by muscle. Poor Tesfaye, do you think South African appartide is fell because, they didn’t have army and weapon? Did you talk about gene? According to human genum, the different between all human race is 0.01%, except poor people from your area in the north contaminated their blood for centuries by lyes.
By the way, you must be very young, to insult Shabya. Ask your dad he may still remember his “beles” market in Asmera or Shoe shining box, or his master in Asmera. Still my Eritrean friend thinks he can change 9 of you for Sami automatic gun. That happened once but, I don’t wish it to happen again. What can we do? You always bring embaracment to the nation.

12/29/12 @ 22:01
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Red Satan State [Visitor]

“who cares if champise monkey hate Eritrean or not but I don’t considered you as tigrayan period.lamo”

I know you mean it when you say “champise monkey", I know there was NO ANY RESISTANCES WHATSOEVER when Eritrea was ruled by whites, whether the Turks, Egyptian, British and Italian, your problem started ruled by a black king from Ethiopia, I know your slave mentality. The funniest thing is you struggled to seperate from Ethiopia and claimed a different Identity but throughout the world you are being observed practicing Ethiopian iconic identity symbols: Injera and wete, Habesha Lebese, coffee ceremony, Geez Alphabet. Where is Eritrean-ism and how is this Ethiopian symbol compatible with the false identity of Eritrean-ism with a middle east camel.

The other thing you should know is I don’t give a dam what Ethnic identity I came from. I am an Ethiopian before I am anything else.

You were lying when you say “who cares", I know you care. If you don’t care you wouldn’t have visited this site without being welcomed. You are unwanted cockroach here.

12/29/12 @ 23:37
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@extraterta,terta beggar

of course.we don’t care.if your champise monkey ass or our x listro hate us for inferiority reason.yeah,nada.I know,you hate your ugly won’t told us who you are beside lie and lie again pluse first I didn’t ask you that just bring that dumb and dumber lie your self.stop your non sense lie.i got you.your beggar ass is from enderta/tembien.
any way stop your empty bravo and head,italy, were my royal servant,ashakre until I put you on menelik then you handed me asab and other port which means the one you cry 24/7 here now.loser butnal norrow mind.

12/30/12 @ 00:49
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Red Satan State [Visitor]

If there is anything called Eritrean why you are still sticking on Ethiopian culture, tradition and Ethiopian website?

Do you forgot this is an Ethiopian website?

Do you know what is false self identity and identity crisis?

12/30/12 @ 01:35
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State


listen moron,first of all you don’t represent Ethiopians or tigrayns you don’t have right to ask me.if you don’t care.why are you over here.Don’t try to the change the disagreement btw you and me like some thing,you didn’t write comments and vomite hate for your Eritrean here.I am here to give you better know,what we think about you as poor mind unless you want to run way from your ugly soon you stop calling your Eritrean inferiority.I won’t be here or try to jumbe it nazret like voa,esat..etc.rather than that you are no body here to told me what do.i will be here.go and hung your self poor mind champise beggar

12/30/12 @ 03:07
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Red sea’s shit…

What a wishy -washy idiot! If you have a clues about what the Ethiopian people think of you fools, you wouldn’t been spend a second on any Ethiopian website, let alone you would continue to vomit your nonsense argument 24 hrs a day…

….If you were a normal human being, you would have voiced against the slavery and injustice that going upon your own people under the rule of the crazy Agame Medhin Berad Isayas Afewerki…

Therefore, wake up from your day dreaming sleep and do something or sollve your own problem first before opening your dirty mouth about others… We sick and tired of you empty bluffing or slogans….

We know your masters the Italian, played you really bad. Right after they found out about you all fools were easy to manage, they brain washed you and they tought you all the empty slogans purposely to make you an easily pleaded slaves….thats why Isayas the crazy clown, using the same systems to fool you and to play like toys…

Therefore, you need to wake up from your deep hilusinating sleep and be a men enough to fase the realty situation of your own problem than wasting your time on others political or economical afair…

God bless the world!!

12/30/12 @ 10:44
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@bathitu wasltha chicken

stop your non sense balh are the one calling Eritrea 24/7 seems,you are in coma to call isyas for lowlife agame.oh wedit tega,tega.first you hate isyas and now you novel him as lowlife agame like you.hahahahah what lier and delusion mind,Do you have?flip,flip lol.bathith gefeh bithantu I recomanded you to go back and see all your leaders.most of them of Eritrean include your frog half of the full blood Bereket simon fire you your lowlife agame and put his plastic wolyote,amahar.aka loser don’t even your Tplf winggs are Eritrean coz they are made in Eritrean.the only you know is lie and flip,flip and lable any body shabia who disagree with you to show your fake Ethiopinism.moite moite,moite for dedebet cadre who don’t even his leaders are Eritrean

12/30/12 @ 14:03
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Red Sea’s shity idiot…

I called your crazy master of the fools, the crazy Agame. That’s all I always call him and you need to get that right. As matter fact, most of his trusted comrades are at list 1/2 their origins are from Ethiopia…

Sibhat Efrem, your cave bandit leader = from gojam.
Yemane Monkey = from TIGRAY or agame as you wish..
Hagos Kesha= From TIGRAY - - -
The head of all those criminals is your master, the #1 clown of our time, the Wedi Medhin Berad or the crazy agame, Isayas Afeworki….I’m sure, you are not 100% Eretrian! Even though, such of you half bread individuals go extra miles just to prove your loyality to Your masters and to get approval…poor shities….LOL.

Once again, I’m not trying to relate those of you fools to the great Agame/Ethiopian people, but I’m telling you the truth, and the truth that we the Ethiopian people have been bleeding for years from you all sold out slaves….most of all you hurting yourself more than anyone else…so, it is up to you fools, either to wake up from dulusional play and hide games….

God bless the world!!

12/30/12 @ 15:38
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@bathitu wasltha chicken

hahahahahah.bathitu said,all your leaders not Eritrean and you aren’t pure Eritrean your self.funny.the dedebit graduted woyane,he try to be generation philopher.if you don’t know even all of your leaders tplf wings are do you know those indiviuals?
as I speak to you know now.Bereket simon full blood Eritrean your new pm.the leader behind hmd plastic so stop to bring your non sense name your frog was half Eritrea or not officailly?your problem is:one time against Eritrean leaders and other time you claim them as yours.stop your flip,flip nature.try to talk basic the I don’t think so,you are from are from agaws.Do you?.mr.flip,flip

12/30/12 @ 16:52
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Listen you fool, Res Sea’s shit…

You will never going to understand, what I’m trying to tell you, because you sound a bit slow in the head. However, once again, the only problem I have whith those of you sold-out coward slaves is that you haves been working all your life in the name of freedom for those ethiopia’s historical enemies…though, thanks to God, the great Ethiopian people finally bein able to put you at your rightful corner (prisons) where you belong for now…LOL.

God bless the world!

12/30/12 @ 19:06
Comment from: Aba. Kebabs [Visitor]
Aba. Kebabs

Well done red sea state. You made your point. I think what you said is you miss your listro. Well we should sent them back to you. That is a deal.

12/30/12 @ 23:58
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@bathithu lier flip flip lowlife agame you go again another lie.if Eritrean work against Ethiopia with enemy(tplf).we fought for our god given about you? why are you bleeding Ethiopia for 17 years with enemy ah?how soon your low iQ forget where was your Ethiopianism during those 17 years?mr.champise.isn’t the one you landlock Ethiopia with no port?hello mr fliper?.oh you give ports away to your Eritrean master and left 80 million people did what I tell you so where is your Ethiopanism now.f*ker?Don’t used Eritrea card for your domestic problem.We fought for freedom and win but your coward woyanes stuck btw rock and sand with fake republic of killi state,article 39 so on.this the differenace btw Eritrean and low life agame mind.Ethiopians ain’t fool,they know,you are the one sell their lands,childern and womens but not Eritrean are exposed for 21 years.No more play your Eritrea card any bad for dededbit graduted carde use the same way in nazret web only.

12/31/12 @ 00:28
Comment from: Red Sea State [Visitor]
Red Sea State

@aba kibabs.thanks brother but I don’t think so.either Ethiopians or Eritreans have problem with the entire innocent tigray people.we should have different view btw woyanesleadership and innocent tigray people.Eritrea was part of tigray during axumite kingdom.I mean.I don’t have problem with tigayans so far but we can take the woyanes leadership and dededbit graduted cadres here to some where active volacanos at afar region.that is the deal.

12/31/12 @ 01:09
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Red shit and aba ferfari aka the dulusional Shaibia cadres…

Enjoy scratching and liking your each-others’s bleeding a**s woonds in your cave shalter till the end of your day… LOL.

God bless the world!

12/31/12 @ 10:20
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]

Gara sir new bete,

Thanks a Million, Buddy!!

Andand dedewoch ena Denkorowoch minim aysemumina minyidereg kemenager wodehuwala anbel.

01/02/13 @ 04:53



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