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H.E. Ban-Ki-moon UN Secretary-General is Aware of the Crimes Against Humanity in Ethiopia



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H.E. Ban-Ki-moon UN Secretary-General is Aware of the Crimes Against Humanity in Ethiopia

H.E. Ban-Ki-moon UN Secretary-General is Aware of the Crimes Against Humanity in Ethiopia

By Tedla Asfaw

The Monday April 29, 2013 cloudy sky with drizzle seems to remind the largest Ethiopian crowd in recent memory here in NYC the darkest time of our people under the minority regime of TPLF/Woyane. The cry of Amharas in Beni Shanguel Gumuz, Gura Ferda, Waldiba who were ethnically cleansed and dumped as landless and homeless by cruel and inhuman TPLF/Woyane thugs carrying the ID of "Nations and Nationalities" is indeed the turning point in our struggle.

It reminded us how it is uncomfortable just to stay few hours out in a rain knowing that it will be over and each one of us will go to our home in D.C., Maryland, Buffalo, Philadelphia, NJ and to all boroughs of New York City. We stood tall to be the voice of poor farmers and monks and challenge UN to condemn the Ethnic Cleansing underway in Ethiopia. We stared at the UN building where Tewodros Adhanom lectured just last week about TPLF/Woyane's role on Somalia "security". We call it "Kiraye Sebsaba Politica" or blackmailing politics.

Shame on him and his regime who snatched the "security" of thousands of Amharas from their home they built from scratch. Shame on him who Kicked out children from their school without warning. Shame on him who forced pregnant women to give birth in forests with no medical care.

The condemnation of the Woyane fascist and barbaric regime that started at 11am by fifty brave Ethiopians who came from NY Tri State area some driving seven hours from upstate New York started with a good news from NY organizers. By 10:30am the copy of the letter prepared for H.E. Ban Ki-Moon UN Secretary General was delivered to USA Ambassador to United Nations, Ambassador Susan Rice. We know pretty well that the content of this letter will soon reach to President Obama via John Carry, Secretary of State.

John Carry who is travelling to Addis Ababa on the 50th anniversary of OAU next month will be challenged to condemn Ethnic Cleansing and all human rights violations in Ethiopia in public. The USA Ambassadors to Ethiopia past and present were and are acting as "member" of TPLF. The State Department findings about Ethiopia is nothing more than empty gesture. We believe this time is different if they take note of the anger building in the diaspora community this month alone. We demand the Obama Administration to follow the recommendation of its own department without any excuse whatsoever.

The campaign to be heard by UN Secretary-General went on for a week by email and fax from the Ethiopian Diaspora all over the world. The fax and email flooded his office. When our five delegates went to deliver the letter asking UN to condemn Ethnic Cleansing and send an independent investigation team the positive reply we received was not surprising to most of us.

"The Secretary Genera was aware of what was going in Ethiopia " especially the Ethnic Cleansing even before he received our letter. The Prime Worshipper/Minster Hailemariam was forced to admit in his own parliament about Ethnic Cleansing after his European tour of begging. He blamed the "locals" for carrying out the crime. Yes crime is committed locally but order was given from TPLF/Woyane who some were heard saying on VOA and ESAT Radio that they needed to clear the land for investment.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Amharas was to secure land for Woyane landlords. The list of the people who are directly connected to the crime against humanity was out to the public and UN . Omad Obang, Gambella, Shiferaw Shigute, Gura Ferda and South Omo Valley, Ahmed Nasir, Beni Shanguel Gumuz, Abdi Mohamud Omar, Ogaden, Abdi Maxamud Cumar, Ogaden, Abay Tsehai and Sibaht Nega , Waldiba was a short list for crimes against humanity present and past for which we demanded UN investigation.

The past crimes against Annuak, Mursi, Ogaden and Oromo people were executed under the direct order of late Meles Zenawi. The crowd condemned Hailemariam as a "leader" who is led by TPLF/Woyane thugs behind the curtain to finish the Job the late Meles Zenawi started more than 21 years ago. Bereket Simon and Shiferaw Tekelamriam the "director" of the Movie "Jihadwi Harkeat", Christians VS Muslims anti Muslim propaganda were among the names accused as crimes against humanity.

The huge crowd from D.C. who came in two buses, vans and small cars joined the rally between 12pm and 1pm. Dag Hammarskjold Plaza ( UN Plaza ) was on fire. The big blast from the sound system should have awaken anyone from long distance. No wonder the Woyanes from the surrounding area were forced to come out and face the condemnation of the system they are defending.

The drizzle had no impact on the protesters at all. Bishop Filipose and Sheik Kalid short but direct call to all of us here and back home was emotional. Bishop Filippose compared our situation to the time of fascist occupation of Ethiopia where one patriot Dr. Melaku Beyan organized black Americans to stand with the Ethiopian people who were abandoned by League of Nations and USA..

However, at this very moment Ethiopia has thousands of Melaku Beyans thanks to the huge populations of Ethiopians in the Diaspora. Woyane's "rent collection/Kiraye Sebsaba" project though succeeded back home using brute force and blackmail it failed miserably to be replicated here in the diaspora, "KeAbaye Befit Zeregnet Yegedeb" before building dam to collect water let us "build" a dam to check on a poison called racism is a rallying cry by Ethiopians.

Sheik Khalid reminded us what Woyane did in May 2005. Woyane played effectively Muslims VS Christians. " If Kinijit captured power the Muslims were told the end of their fifteen years of religious freedom". The Muslims though most of them voted for Kinijit did not stand with fellow Ethiopians to call for their vote to be counted. Woyane resurrected for vengeance !!!! Business who supported Kinijit lost their livelihood and now most retail and wholesale is under control of Woyanes.

Sheik Khalid did not hide his disappointment for fellow Ethiopian Christians not joining the Muslim struggle "Dimtsachen Yesema", Let our Voice be Heard a more than 16 month peaceful struggle which shook Woyane's foundation of ethnic division as was expected. He said our community need to come together and take back our country.

We compliment Sheik Khalid by calling Christians to take their Sunday as a day of prayer and a day to stand with those monks at Waldiba, fellow Christian farmers who are kicked from their land and fellow Muslims who have been struggling for Woyane to get out of Mosques and Islamic Institutions, for Abay Tsehai and Sibhat Nega to get out of our church affairs.

We the believers should take this matter into our own hands back home and here in Diaspora. Priests and church administrators who are on our way should be condemned as cowards who bow for the devil. Let us tell them that this is our Christian Obligation to stand with fellow Orthodox Christians and fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

The poems, songs and slogans indeed made our rally a tourist attraction. Many posed to take picture with our beautiful people and flag. Young Ethiopian Muslims dressed in their Hijab, mothers with traditional cloth and many who came with yellow, green and red scarf gave beauty to our rally. When the good news of the Secretary General five staffs reviewing our letter for immediate tangible reply came to the public the roar was deafening. The NYC organizers will update fellow Ethiopians in Social Medias, diaspora radios and TV on the development at UN Secretary General Office.

At 3pm NYC organizers thanked all who came from long distance sacrificing a day to be the Voice for the Voiceless Victims of Ethnic Cleansing and Human Rights Violation. The energized crowd extended the rally for 45 minutes. The Woyane Council faced a huge angry crowd denouncing crimes against humanity perpetrated by TPLF/Woyane.Those who are associated with these crimes by collecting money in the name of "building a dam" can not escape responsibility. There is no place in NY, D.C, Oslo or wherever it maybe to hide and lie. Your time is up !!. We will follow you and expose you for the public. God is Great, Alah Wakiber !!!! Ethiopia Will Be Free !!!


Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Asfaw Tedla,
Are you still breathing? Thought you were departed until I smelled your sulfur smelling words here. You must be near to that anyways. So you said Banki Moon knows about your conjured up ethnic cleansing? You have no the slightest shame to say this so?

If your shallow heart believes so, why is that you are shouting the people of Tigray and their vanguard organization, the great Woyyane/TPLF? You think the Benshangul people and state have no power now like the way they were during the reign of your fathers and forefathers? There is where you erred old man. No matter what, we the people of Tigray and our great TPLF will continue to exist for the millennia to come. Remember, the saying, “The dogs bark while the camel continues marching.”

Regarding the remarks of Muslim man

“We compliment Sheik Khalid by calling Christians to take their Sunday as a day of prayer and a day to stand with those monks at Waldiba, fellow Christian farmers who are kicked from their land and fellow Muslims who have been struggling for Woyane to get out of Mosques and Islamic Institutions, for Abay Tsehai and Sibhat Nega to get out of our church affairs”

Mr.Sheik Khalid, who the heck you think you are to call the Ethiopian Christians to rally behind your sinister move? How you dare say this to the Christians while the latter know that you are honing your sword to kill as many Christians as you can? Wait and see how they will, on the contrary, demise your Salafist agenda. Just wait and see from where you are.

04/30/13 @ 23:21
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Friend, the only solution is to make coalition among others ethnicities: Oromo, Amhara, Afar etc to destroy the inhumane, TPLF. You cannot fight with all others simply TPLF makes that fun of it. TPLF will be a vigilant game when other ethnicities fight to each other. First, don’t criticize or blame others. Second, make unite to destroy the TPLF.

04/30/13 @ 23:58
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]

What a monumental distortion of events in Ethiopia. Really? People believe this crap. Woyane waited 21 years and decided to start ethnic cleansing on the Amharas? Is that almost a mockery of all Amharas or any nationalities that is working to build a new nation and to do away poverty forever? Some corrupt officials in Benshangul that committed this heinous crime were removed and will be prosecuted. To be fooled by ESAT, Ginbot7 and the nutty Diaspora full-time employees of Asmara whose livelihood is based on this type of propaganda is a sad commentary. Let’s grow up

05/01/13 @ 00:28
Comment from: addisethio [Visitor]

you know when a government admits to a mistake publicly and takes corrective measure to correct it; it should be commended as a sign of a good thing in building transparancy and accoutability. no one should illegally be evicted from their home but this Glen Beck wannabe character resorts to threats against anyone who has a desire to see his country improve economically by buying bonds (i do not if he is advocating violance) but it sure looks like he is disturbed. I saw this character on TV once and he seems very disturbed and deranged for real. They need a better spokeperson than this fool.

05/01/13 @ 01:03
Comment from: [Member]

It is true the name “Fools & IDIOTS” is mild to describe these losers in the diaspora. What a disgraceful act of lies,deceit, and treason.
We need to identify these liars one by one, so that they cannot deceive anymore the uninformed international community at large.
Simply put these liars are just the usual anarchists and terrorists but functioning and working legally in a broad day light without any scrutiny and check. We urge the US and other countries who are harboring these liars and anarchists to be aware of their act of disturbance and day to day anti Ethiopia and its 90 million people activity, which could also be a predictable phenom to happen to the respected countries in which these liars and anarchists reside.

05/01/13 @ 01:56
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]

I really would love to know who Tedla Asfaw is.

I would like to make 2 points.

First, what a stupid headline and statement “Ban-Ki-moon is aware of crimes against humanity in Ethiopia". You must be the most stupid columnist because the Secretary General knows exactly what goes on, especially in a big and important country like Ethiopia.
And the fact is he has not stated or accused the Ethiopian government of crimes against humanity. Many countries including Western Europe and the USA have called for more democracy but no one has accused Ethiopia of crimes against humanity. It is a serious charge and one which I don’t think you understand.

Second, I am a proud Amhara who will not tolerate the lies and misinformation that you are fostering. If, for example, you accuse the government of favoritism to Tigreans, I might be receptivebut please, don’t go around trying to inflame racial hatred. While I hate favoritism because it harms the moral fabric and integrity of our people, I have come to believe it is a disease that all Africans have. As an Amhara, I can tell you upfront, we did the same thing. I don’t like it and two wrongs don’t make a right but don’t go around claiming genocide and crimes against humanity. It is simply not true. You are an ignorant liar.


05/01/13 @ 04:33
Comment from: addisethio [Visitor]

over simplifying and over using the words genocide and ethnic cleansing is dangerous game played by idiots and fools. dont bring this to crap to a UN because it does injustice to these words. i dont condone illegal evictiln of families from their homes and in fact it i believe its illegal but that asking UN to get involved for every land dispute between a regional government in ethiopia and citizens will be ignored. UN has other pressing needs such as the war in syria that and the drug war in mexico that have cost more than 68000 lives which is more than even the war in syrian. and there is Egypt and central african republic and congo, mali, and you think susan rice and ban ki moon are going to respond to you because you intimidate them? what a joke. you need to learn the concept of proportionality and relevance. ethiopia is a coyntry of 85 million and some where, bad thing will happen to someone and i wish it did not but that does not mean the earth should stop revolving around the sun.

while you are at it please tell ban ki moon that he should tell your friends in egypt the muslim brotherhood and their salifis allies (who clearly support you on your quest to bully and intimidate anyone who might support a dam on the nile in ethiopia) to stop terrorizing christians. that is if you truely care about religious rights.

05/01/13 @ 05:47
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

A good step but not the last and certainly not the least one .Until the whole Agazi Bandit Criminals with their bandas being brought to
“JUSTICE” !!!!!

05/01/13 @ 06:34
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

Leaving aside this “firash asadash” kind of story that has been exhaustively masticated by ESAT and other anti Ethiopia members of the toxic diaspora community and the routine chanting and hollering of frustrated thugs on the streets of US cities, one “success” story which this writer is proud of has caught my attention.
He writes “The poems, songs and slogans indeed made our rally a tourist attraction………..many who came with yellow, green and red scarf…). This yellow, green and red scarf is meant to supposedly represent the Ethiopian flag about which this writer obviously does not even know the orders in which the colours of our country’s flag should be presented. Or is yellow, green and red colour president Birhanu Nega’s next government flag?? There are many impressive success stories in Ethiopia than being proud of being photographed by tourists in NYC.

Ethiopia is prospering and shall continue to prosper!

05/01/13 @ 07:51
Comment from: Truthbetold [Visitor]

This ignorant and lunatic man claims a crime against humanity is happening.That is a white lie. I am an Amhara.With regard to issues like land,human rights,corruption(favoritism), port issue etc, I am disappointed by the govt so far. I still urge the govt to work hard to improve and fix them. I also commend the govt for the poverty reduction, child mortality,supply of water and electricity,roads and communication infrastructure devt, conviction and dedication to build the GERD on the Abay etc..I would say good job.
God Bless Ethiopia!

05/01/13 @ 10:27
Comment from: [Member]

Our country is facing a massive problem which can spill to the next generation due to the exceedingly poor land management policies, greed and power-hungry, self-serving Weyannes.

There has been a relentless ethnic cleansing campaign, which has been proved by independent media groups. The PM also admitted it, and pointed his finger to lower officials.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Ethiopians who have streamed into Europe & Us have demanded and granted to be housed, educated, fed and given equal legal treatment on all accounts ; Because, European & Us laws do not allow any racial discrimination in regards to land ownership, schooling, employment, housing etc….
In the same time, European nations and the Us are also tolerating and indeed even financially supporting the Ethiopian relentless ethnic-cleansing campaigns indirectly……..


05/01/13 @ 13:29
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

FIDAdgiB , the land where
you are actually living is USA not your Agazi Holiland where peoples are musseled .For your Information Agazi Officials and bandas who have masterminded and comiting Ethnic Cleasing and crime of Genocides have already been Identified ,and the List
is actually on the Desk of the UN Secretary General . The next step ,shall be to identify and denounce to local authorities ,their
Squad Members , criminal cadres and propagandists hidden here and many parts of the world with fake status .
You and your Thuugy Bros shall soon learn the “REAL MEANING” of the Rule Of Law …LOL !!!

05/01/13 @ 14:39
Comment from: Ethinc Cleansing on Amharas [Visitor]
Ethinc Cleansing on Amharas

and the rest of anti-Amhara/anti-Ethiopia Woyanes

Are you still boxed in TPLF denial and deceit box?

Even your PM has acknowledged this despicable ethnic cleansing action on Amharas in public. Your staled old deceit, divide and loot Woyane tactic has goon too old and mold.

Ethnic cleansing is still going on even after the admission guilt by the PM.

Only justice and bringing those ethnic cleansing perpetrators to international court will stop this horrible crime, the silent killing machine of Amharas and Oromos. Woyane alone is controlling every aspects of the economy, military and power and it is fully responsible for this crime.

05/01/13 @ 17:06
Comment from: david [Visitor]

when the dog going older start crying because it fears every thing due to lost the power to defended so like tplf just wait days not years will be end. once crack will broke.

05/01/13 @ 17:20
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

It’s not easy for this kind of people to convert to modern age because they stuck on old feudal mentality better to ignore and move on to 21st generation. The end of poverty will be soon.

05/01/13 @ 21:31
Comment from: [Member]

All of us have duty for the nation and its people. Johnnie Kennedy said” ask what I can do for the country” . All of us have duty and mission of keeping that country from any wrongful doing and keeping its sovereignty from foreign aggressors. We citizens of that nation have solemn duty of serving the nation and its people with honesty and sincerity. We could be indifferent position or conducting some business, we have sacred duty of committing the right thing in anywhere and under any circumstances.
This one begins by conducting ourselves that is by working hard and at most faithful manner. I do hope that one keep complaining the irresponsible acts of government and its officials, he/she wouldn’t do irresponsible act. So responsibility, accountability, honesty…Should be started from where are at. We don’t need to start when we are doing business back home, it should be happen here, wherever we are doing business. So we guys have huge responsibilities for lifting up that country from poverty and so forth. By doing this our country hope and renaissance will be at hand.
I do believe media people could play major role in building that nation. That includes these blogger editors and its associates can do more in process of nation building. Media people should serve the public by exposing the truth side of the story and getting out news. Because the truth only set the nation free. I don’t think nobody would complain for one doing right way which justifiably true. For instance: we have been seen that some the government official and their affiliates have been embezzle the country without regarding the law of the land. So whoever has such news should expose to the public. By doing this it would be possible to curve irresponsible acts of officials and fulfill citizen duty.
I don’t think nobody gets hurt if the truth to be told and keep exposing irresponsible officials from their wrong doing. I do hope all of us have one nation, so we should build that nation with hand in hand. By doing that we can build a country that would better for their citizens and other

05/02/13 @ 00:00
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

EthioAdgi ,who the Hell are you trying to fool . Your own Dead Pop was congratulating the New Egyptian Rias in Addis during AU Summit .Not a single word ,when in Cairo a Coptic Church was burnt by the Integrists .Your problem with Egypt it’s not really the “Muslim Brotherwood ” ,the fact that your bandit masters have already close relationship with Qataris ,Saudis and even Iranian regimes which are really not the saints on the matter .
But the Arab Spring Revolution which did happen by wiping
out 30 years of Despotism .Which certainly happen soon in Ethiopia too
against your Looter Masters .

05/02/13 @ 03:45
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Abyssinian ,wonder if you really are an Amhara Guy .By the way it’s not just relying on Agazi baseless propagandas as Ethiopia Creation of Amhara Colonialism ,Menelike Butcher of Oromo Peoples ,Neftegnias Politics
useless BLA BLAS that you are denying the Genocide of Amhara Peoples comitted by these evil Bandits ,not only todays at Benishangul and Gura Ferda, but since May 1991 that they have usurpated power .By the way what about the slaughterings of Amhara Peoples at Harer ,Bedenno ,the Killings of the Monks of Asebot Monastery ,Amharas thrown out from their lands from many areas Arsi ,Wellega and many many parts of the country just because of their origin .While todays ,your own bros are rehabilating Eri Guys who had been expelled from the country since May 1998 when the war with Shabya occured . You sound more an Agazi ,an
Amice even a sellout Revisionist Banda .Not really an ANKOBER ,but really an Agazi ANKOBIRR….LOL !!!!!

05/02/13 @ 04:08
Comment from: [Member]

Those of u , who symphtize with woyanne , telling us there is a true fedralism autonomy in ethiopia , please let us be real for ourselves .if there was an autonomus states in ethiopia 1. The benshangule people wouldn’t have isolated only Amharas to be expelled from their state because in that area the majority of inhabitants were brought from tigray due to the drought of 1984 . So if the benshangul people wants their land , they would have expelled the Tigres , the Agews too. 2 knowing Ahmed who just doesn’t know any thing except chewing chat , by the way the guy was raised and went to school in Methara , will not have an intention to do it . It is the Woyanne’s dirty political tactic , please Those of u who supports Tplf , wake up for Justice and do not support blindly after all it is the people of Ethiopia , not Tplf that will remain forever!!!

05/02/13 @ 09:42
Comment from: ZeleAnbessa [Visitor]

Life is full of strange ironies.Isn’t it?
Seriously the story of Tedla Asfa and his political game should not be ignored? He is very extrimist and dangerous for the diaspora community and their struggle for justice and democracy in Ethiopia.He is insensitive, obnoxious “Barking dog planted by TPLF to spy on us.” Belive it or not he is “Wolf in sheep clothing.’ He is our false Prophet.
As seen in the above aricle, he likes to make “monumental distruction of facts about events in Ethiopia.” He foster and propogate lies on historical changes.
His stratagies are based on distorted facts, exajuration, scare tactics and intimidation among ethiopians. He never work in his life and collects “Welfare and Food staps.”
God Bless Ethiopia

05/02/13 @ 19:08
Comment from: Asfaw abreha [Visitor]
Asfaw abreha

Mr.tedla: If ’standing up in front of the UN building for hours with the rain falling ,messing up ur suits ‘n’ toxidos’ is something to brag about,what is left for those who stood firm at the GERD site for days,months ‘n’ years,with the scortching sun from above, until the dam comes to completion?

05/03/13 @ 05:33
Comment from: ZeleAnbessa [Visitor]

Dear Ethiopians thank you very much for being peace loving and tolerant society.
Since Ethiopia-a Black Sub-Saharan African State diftited Italiy a major white Europian power, at the “Battle of Adwa,"the West never sleep as we have seen during the Mengistu Hailemariam Regime. Europian and American policy makers and scholars using Jewish Diplomats such as Paul Henz were able to use Ethiopian intelectuals to create Shabia and TPLF/EPRDF. For Shabia main agenda was to destroy or distablize Ethiopian Political, Social and Economic structure as well as the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. These are the mosaic for the Ethiopian fabric.
To accoplish their goal, they created an anti-Ethiopian organization TPLF/ Tigray government based on local Ethnic teritories and Federalism, which was adapted from the Five Years Italian Colonial occupation policies, which requires, travel documents totravel from state to states. And the goal of these policies was to divide and rule to control the whole country. Historically, it did not work for the Italians but have given teporarly success for Shabia and TPLF.
If it was not for the Ethiopian people, the goal Shabia, TPLF and EPRDF was to create civel strife or genocide as seen in Tutsi and Hutu in Runda and Brundi, two Central African States. This is why we have to be very sensitive about Ethnic cleansing and genocide.

God Bless Ethiopia

05/03/13 @ 18:26

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