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Horn of Africa Hearing including Ethiopia, March 11, 2008 Video Clips



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Horn of Africa Hearing including Ethiopia, March 11, 2008 Video Clips

Video Clips Horn of Africa Hearing including Ethiopia, March 11, 2008

Part 1 to 8

Senator Feingold's opening statement. [1 of 15 video clips]

The Honorable Jendayi Frazer's Statement (1 of 2) [2 of 15 video clips]

The Honorable Jendayi Frazer's Statement (2 of 2) [3 of 15 video clips]

Honorable K. Almquist statement [4 of 15 video clips]

Ms. Theresa Whelan statement. [5 of 15 video clips]

Senator Feingold's opening questions: DoD and State interagency communications. [6 of 15 video clips]

Senator Feingold's questions regarding a GAO report on Somalia policy formulation. [7 of 15 video clips]

Senator Feingold's Questions regarding the Prime Minister of Somalia, and accountability for the Federal Government of Ethiopia [8 of 15 video clips]


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Comment from: Balageru [Visitor]

Ms Frazer the star of the show! follow by professor David Shinn.

03/12/08 @ 22:50
Comment from: Duma [Visitor]

Wuwuuu.. ‘Dog barks but the Camel progresses’ No one can stop amazing economic boom in Ethiopia. MELES is brilliant more than any body (Talkers)

03/12/08 @ 23:20
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Dr. Frazer, Thank you for telling the coward Senator the truth and show the rest of the good Americans Ethiopia’s young democracy is at work…Senator Feingold is simply a coward KKK who does not have the knowledge or understanding about African politics to intervene…this guy is fed by either ONLF or Shaebians who are dying to destroy Ethiopia. I suggest Senator Feingold shuts house filthy mouth and mind his business…

Ethiopians are actively working around the horn for peace and stability unlike the moron chairman who is b/sing the America public. Certainly, he is given ONLF, UIC, CUD and SHAEBIANS room to dance but he will soon find his sorry as comment will not slow down Ethiopia’s effort in safeguarding its land in Ogaden against ONLF and in the north against Shaebains.

Way to go DR. FRAZER, you are the truth friend of Ethiopia/ns…

03/12/08 @ 23:32
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

why are all these white people having a convension on Ethiopia’s matter?

03/13/08 @ 03:57
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]

The so called economic boom by TPLF and its royals doesn’t cover millions of poor people. You have to be with TPLF to be part of the benefit. Besides, the Bush administration officials doesn’t want to be ill-treated when ever they go to Ethiopia and that’s why the cover up the atrocities done by the TPLF regime.

Let HR2003 pass, let the TPLF junta behave.

03/13/08 @ 07:44
Comment from: Wadani [Visitor]

The whole country is under siege and an occupation of TPLF rebels whom are ignorant,cruel and coward barbaric criminals.Also,the top elite,a people like PM Meles and his minsters whom, live and hide under the umbrella of democracy,were,never knew and checked the ground soldiers and their barbaric crimes to the civilians or they knew and gave them green line to save guarded the crown.

03/13/08 @ 12:44
Comment from: MoND [Visitor]

Every one! All ethiopians wake up.
are we dying or sleeping not to hear??? Why Americans seemed too concern about our nation.
Defend your nation from any External colonization and let’s save our nation by our thelves.

03/13/08 @ 20:13
Comment from: germognal [Visitor]

What was that Congressional hearing all about? - Superficial and shallow discussions about Ethiopia.

I would also say shame on Ms Frazier for continuing to lie to Congress about the conditions in Ethiopia. I was shocked when she said in the video that the opposition in Ethiopia have taken their seats in the Ethiopian Parliament, about 173 of them. That was a big, big, lie, in broad day light and in front of the whole world.

To me, the so-called Congressional hearing was a total joke. They did not discuss about the most important pressing issues of the Horn of African countries which is, as we all and the wole world knows, the lack of democracy and repressive regimes. These people are talking about Somalia, Jibouti, and Eritrea instead of Ethiopa.

Slowly and surely, they are pushng aside the real issues of democracy and govenance in Ethiopia.


These people on the Congressional Hearing, most of them, did not really seem to care about us. Did you see that some of them, the USAID rep. in particular, were belching and reading their comments from papers and are not really connected with the issues that most concerns Ethiopians!

We Shall Overcome With the Help of the Almighty. I think Ethiopia just need to stretch her hands towards God! That seems to be our ultimate soluton that will help us get rid of our oppressors – the TPLF regime

03/13/08 @ 23:52
Comment from: Original-Tazabi [Visitor]


By writing your stupid comments on this forum, you only prove to us that you are one hopeless mentally deficient person as ever.

Your utter ignorance is revealed (not difficult to miss any way) by the words you used to describe the Jewish Senator as a KKK (an anti-Jewish & anti-minority organization).

It just amazes me how morons like you have the audacity to vilify the names of distinguished people like the Senator from Wisconsin. But having seen your retarded comments on this website, I guess, I shouldn’t be surprised.

03/14/08 @ 12:30
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]


Here you’re back attacking me for speaking my mind…though you don’t surprise me either since your days of crying about your CUD boys. I recalled the words of exchanges you & I have had regarding your kinds (CUD), though you started distancing yourself when you discovered CUD where dying slowly…

Now, let me go back and talk about this KKK (your master from Wisconsin). Yes, I call him a coward KKK who is stupid without common sense on Ethiopia. Yes, he is racist white boy out of Wisconsin who is up to destroying the image of Ethiopia and suckers like you will become his cheerleader. I JUST WONDER WHAT KIND OF SKIRT YOU PLAN TO DRESS UP TO CHEER HIM ON? MAKE SURE IT’S NOT GOING TO BE OUR COUNRTY FLAG’S COLOR!

I’ll tell you that you are either the same sellout habesha out there speaking with those who are anti-Ethiopia. Ethiopia/ns don’t need friends such is your CUD or the senator from Wisconsin. The senator’s foreign advise have no clue as to what Ethiopia is doing in the horn of Africa…there info is based on the NYT and what Shaebians are spread in Washington DC.

Whenever people attempts to destroy the image of Ethiopia, I sure you we (those of us who deeply cares about Ethiopia/ns) will stand guard and voice for our country/people publicly and privately. Don’t worry, if you really care, voice yourself for his anti-Ethiopia and check with his office staff about what I have said to them in regards to his remarks about Ethiopia. His sorry ass will not convince the senators in Washington to pass hr2003. We know where his going with his remarks in the hearings etc. I don’t need morons like you to educate me on what I can already see with me naked eye…

The difference BTW and I:
You’re willing to be slave of the west…I and many other Ethiopians at home and abroad are standing firm in defense of colonialism. I refused to be ruled by the KKK and I refused to be little {bXXch} like you to kiss their asses like you! You keep up your work (what you good at) in attempting to sell Ethiopia for food-steps! You lazy ass should work real job and stand against those in the west who are voicing to stop the economic and democratic process in Ethiopia. Listen to the video what Dr. Frazer said about Ethiopia…once you understand what she said you will perhaps start to believe Ethiopia is heading to the right direction and we can assist by working with the government and the people of Ethiopia=>.


03/15/08 @ 11:41
Comment from: 141 [Visitor]

Accountability is a wonderful thing. It’s the only way to stamp out corruption and incompetence and yet provide those accused of a fair opportunity to redeem themselves

03/16/08 @ 12:12



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