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Is Ethiopia a Failed State? FP interview with Amb. Samuel Assefa



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Is Ethiopia a Failed State? FP interview with Amb. Samuel Assefa

Is Ethiopia a Failed State? FP interview with Amb. Samuel Assefa

Is Ethiopia a failed state? Katherine Wheeler sits down with the Ethiopian ambassador to the United States to get his reaction.

Foreign Policy Magazine


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Comment from: metene [Visitor]

Primarily failed state refers to those state constructed by Europeans during the 1960s. Post pseudo-independence states such as Somalia. Therefore the notion of failed does not fit the Ethiopian context truly speaking. It is better for these index makers to read their history book very well. Ethiopia is an empire and like any other empire on earth it is supposed to undergo ups and down. Reserve this colonial mentality when you take up Ethiopian issue.

08/21/07 @ 00:21
Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

This goat face creature is comparing the beating of Rodney King to the massacre of women and children by the Agazi K9s? I am glad he is Weyanes ambassador.We are seing the face of a person who is on drugs or alcohol.Look at his face carefully. He is out of this world.God save us from these temches.I can not believe what I am seing or hearing.

08/21/07 @ 00:56
Comment from: Aragawi [Visitor]

Ethiopia has always been a failed state
it is not entirely because of bad leaders but beause of the people and there way of
thinking that has kept us under the the
shadows of misery and war.

we were spared the full curse of other
african countries and were given, pride
a great ancient civilization and importantly
the orthodox church and all that it
that has made us unique from other africans

take away these two and we are no different
then other african countries

it makes you think if there is going to
be a better ethiopia which i doubt

08/21/07 @ 00:59
Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

Aragawi ====Blame TPLF,EPLF and now OLF and ONLF for all our problems,not the Ethiopian people.

08/21/07 @ 01:04
Comment from: Aragawi [Visitor]

An example of what i am trying to
say is SODO

08/21/07 @ 01:07
Comment from: Aragawi [Visitor]


you make it sound as if ethiopias problem
began recently.

ethiopia like any other country in the
world has problems but it is the slow
to learn from its mistakes that has kept us

TPLF ,EPLF .ONLF ,OLF etc are movements composed of people
from Ethiopia so again it is the people
and there way of thinking that has influenced the outcome of ethiopia

08/21/07 @ 01:28
Comment from: agam [Visitor]

Ethiopia is a god country no matter the diaspora tyring to make her image look bad she will never be a failed state.Just because we are poor you dont call a country failed state,our civilzed people behavior,culture,politness,manners and thier faith to god put them on the top of the world.Even during the most disastor famine during the derg era, unlike europe and asia my people never practice canibilisim,they follwed thier god faith to god and died.Thank god i was born as ethiopian.

08/21/07 @ 01:44
Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

Aragawi —Almost all of the people of Ethiopia,including Etitreans and Oromos,I am sure would not have a problem to live with other citizens of Ethiopia.Only the Liberation Fronters and the mercenaries,most noteably EPLF which is a client of Egypt,are causing these problems.

08/21/07 @ 01:57
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Dear Sodo,
How about one on one fighting with the goat face creature? do you think you could handle him? I don’t want to call you cry baby any more because if I do it won’t help you anything but given you perfect diaspora moning elite.

By the way have you got your pacifier by express mail this morning? not to worry its on Fed Up my friend. Becareful playing with lions to much.

Anyways,have a wonderful millennium event. Yeha

08/21/07 @ 03:12
Comment from: Affie [Visitor]

Ethiopia will never be failed state eventhough our enemys are dreaming about it. God bless Ethiopia and the rest of the world. i’m proud to be an Ethiopian!!!!!

08/21/07 @ 03:23
Comment from: emba sad are [Visitor]
emba sad are

The so called the ‘Ambassador’ intellectual maturity to answer the simple and legitimate questions show on one hand how the entire TPLF leadership are incompetent and behind the world leaderships and on the other side it clarifies the country is already failed because of individuals like him are in leadership positions. I never even witness from any political figure who is stupid and ignorance like him unable to answer any question properly matching his position given because of his loyalty to an Ethnic Unita (TPLF).

I feel sorry to the journalist despite she took it as an entertainment and joke from a failed state ambassador. In the world stage they are neck down, rubbish, backward, beggars and with many bad names. In Ethiopia (with their terrorising, killing and distraction ability) they act as the wisest, richest, powerful and everything with good names among the poor people. Shame. That Ethiopia back them became this Ethiopia right now because of stupid and ignorant like him and the entire TPLF bunch.

08/21/07 @ 04:11
Comment from: Moti [Visitor]

There is likely that Ethiopia soon becomes a failed state if the confrontation between opposition groups and TPLF regime continues unabated. There is so much hatred among Ethiopian societies. The main reason for this is the past and continuing Amahara supremacy policy. Any right-minded person can gauge the grave situation in that country. There is also a risk of religious conflict in the future, partly due to US anti-Islam policy in that region and its link to Meles’s government.

08/21/07 @ 04:24
Comment from: Ermiyas [Visitor]  

Look at the way he is answering the questions, it is as if he came out of White spokesmen.

Who wants to know weather Ethiopia is an ancient country and if it is a huge country, what we want to know is what have you contributed to add Ethiopia to a failed country state?

08/21/07 @ 04:49
Comment from: Truth is truth [Visitor]
Truth is truth

What a hail ambasader is this chole:

Hi speaks like BOZENE, you won’t find any flavor in his talk. See his face looks like SEKARAM, other hodam of TPLF.

08/21/07 @ 05:39
Comment from: Senzero [Visitor]

Sadly, the ambassador himself is a failed ambassador who struggled to answer the questions. What is wrong with us, Ethiopians, that we are unable to express ourselves? I have seen so many the so called elite Ethiopians giving interviews and it is shocking. It is either a slow interview which lacks flavour or an interview which is messy and incohorent. Is it a cultural thing or the education we have gone through?

08/21/07 @ 06:37
Comment from: danil [Visitor]

ethiopia is a failed´s absou
ltly correct.

08/21/07 @ 07:04
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Of course Ethiopia is a failed state since
the dictator Mengistu and his junta groups
with some brain washed so called marxist
leninist intellectuals began the destruction
of the Nationalist Unity by their so called
Tchekunena Tchekwegne Behare ,a philosophy
intensified by the actual TPLF bandit regime
and their shabya brothers .This is the sad
history of the 21st.century Ethiopia.

08/21/07 @ 08:20
Comment from: Debalkew [Visitor]

What is this so called “Ambassador” talking about? When he is asked about Ethiopia, he talks about Eritrea. Is Eritrea a bench mark for Ethiopian democracy? What a shame. They always kill people and say “emerging democracy". According to the State Department index, Ethiopia is a failed state period. The Shamless Ambassador talks about Eritrea.

08/21/07 @ 08:42
Comment from: soda [Visitor]

He looks like he speaks in his body action than in words.Being in the US he talks like KG students.Don’t tell me that he went to school in the US? He pretends to talk Amharic than English.He is so mean.Better for him to be in Ethiopia to show the book to people that he is doing on translation in to different ethinic language.He is such crab.

08/21/07 @ 08:47
Comment from: Tesfaye [Visitor]  

Dear Nazreth,

Under your term and conditions we read:

“You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws.”

You often decline to print harmless religious comments, specially against Islam. But you allow individulas to propagate such extremely dangerous thoughts very frequently? Do you want to see another Rwanda, or what is the purpose of this? It would be irresponsible of you if you continue posting similar blog enteries against any particular ethnic group. I think you owe all of us an apology.


[Tesfaye, our back door was open for this section and comments were published without moderation, clearly the comment you mentioned is against the T&C and we have taken care of it. We will do a better job next time, please always inform us when you see abusive comments using our feedback form]

08/21/07 @ 08:53
Comment from: Dagnachew Korru. [Visitor]
Dagnachew Korru.

Dear SODO:
The Ethiopians problem is not started from any body, but it was started from your grampa (Mr HAILE SILASIE) who ignored the people of Ethiopia: While our people deing of hunger he is building statue for his nusty dog, While we are dieing of hunger he was shifting eleven billion bir to Switz bank, While our people dieing of hunger he was giving gifts for foriegn citizens like Jamica, While our people
dieing of hunger he was allowed rain to Jamica which is fake rain the reality is he was not the cause and effect for that rain. Do you have realy the gut to talk about your grandpa or grama. Shut your whole up. Don’t make me angry. Mengistu or Melles were hundred times way better than him specially Meles is way better than any body. You can hide behind the church but not behind the public. Come on guy or gay.
Please if you are trying to bring such ideaa, please, please and please don’t meke the whole Ethiopians angry; Keep your haterate in your blanket.

08/21/07 @ 09:05
Comment from: Dagnachew Korru. [Visitor]
Dagnachew Korru.

You must be the worest ugliest person in ever in this world, because most ugly people comenting on other people more than the handsome once or beutyonce.
We realy don’t care about what posture or what kind of outlook he got, but we
need his brain’s outlook for the people of Ethiopia.
You can’t determine the book with its cover.
Mr: if you are real Ethiopian get the ball and biult the country with your own money
for own benefit.
Ye-and silich teff le-amet atasta!

08/21/07 @ 09:17
Comment from: ahmed [Visitor]  

if u want to be convincad of that question you gone see what is hapening in ogaden and is not the diaspora problem it is a goverment problem punishing those who voted and are citizens………………

08/21/07 @ 09:19
Comment from: ET [Visitor]

Rodney king!!!! classic!! :)) :))

ambassador samuel is very funny guy. especially what he said about eritrea. if there is no media, there is no media violation :)) :)) :))

he is hilarious.
if i was him, i would have used the 1970s african american riots as an example.
wey gud, i didn’t know we have comedians in office. lol

08/21/07 @ 09:22
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

As far as my understanding of this report, and the criteria or the benchmark, that was used to identify the so called “the failed states” is no news or no surprise to me.
In my humble opinion, the benchmark of this report, be it as it may, is directly pointing at, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as a number one failed state, unquestionably with a dysfunctional society or in the making, in this 21st century.
When the Soviet Union, considered a giant super power, invaded Afghanistan, under the pretext of invitation, by the so called northern alliance, who were the majority rulers of Afghanistan at that time, but then, rapidly loosing their power and the country to a more defiant and with a greater audacity and fighting ability called, the Talibans, lead by a fellow called, MOLLA OMMAR.
That is when the unraveling and the questioning of it’s existence as well as the dysfunctionality of the USSR government and it’s society, of the soviet union era came about, and it’s eventual collapse with out a single shot being fired.
America has been tackling and de- stabilizing many untold number of poor and powerless nations,
totally un provoked, in the name of installing democracy or for various selfish reasons. Regardless of the reasons, America has failed the world and it self,by caring on these covertly and overtly invasions of poor counties, and failed to implement or install what it says was set out to do, that is what a rogue and a failed nations can and would do, to other nations, simply because it’s militarily powerful. Look at IRAQ for GDD’s sakes, and that is exactly what happened to former USSR. There are more Americans dying in the streets of the USA, every year, than in a war zone IRAQ, in cooled bloodied murder.
That is purely a dysfunctional and uncontrollable society.
Now the pages are being turned on USA, for it’s democracy stance and claim, after it wire tapped the phones and mail boxes compromised of it’s owen citizens.
This reports are being made available for world wide consumptions for diversional reasons, by planted CIA agents in thousands of private and independent organizations.

08/21/07 @ 09:32
Comment from: Naizgy [Visitor]

First of all,I have a question to this magazen editors.have they been in each country to know what is on the ground?or they simply take the report from newyork times,anna gomese, olf,onlf,derg profesrs?If not how they put eritea like heaven,do they know about Wi-aa(the next asheuit in German during Hitler),Saw etc?My conculusion on this repot is the euros are in reveng to our coutry.Because we kicked them bitterly in Dogoli,Saati,Adwa,Machew etc.What ever they try to undermin our progres we will never kneel down. When we have more enemis, we will be more strong.We have a right to develop our country cooperating with any country China,USA,Sudan,Djibouty etc.ER AND EROS stop jealousy you will not benefit from that .Be fare and workhard!!!

08/21/07 @ 09:33
Comment from: ET [Visitor]


this is repeating the post election slogans again. very saddening :no:

i wish would atleast remove such hateful, violent comments. maybe if nazret removes this, it will have to suspend the account of the daily hateful URAEL too. i think this is why nazret is not protected its readers from hate comments that promote genocide. that is sad. URAEL has made nazret a hostage. make a decision for once and stop all hate speech and genocide speech out of nazret.

08/21/07 @ 09:33
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

You are such infiltrated brain blockage creature who never got the reality. are you repeating your self the same old song as before? when can you learn from your mistake? I guess not until you get caught. Take my advice becareful playing with lions. If you do then you will be sorry.

Don’t be crab I know you miss your brother baria Mengistu. If that is the case, sorry we kicked his ass out. What can you do about it? think for the beterment of our nation future. I don’t think crying and moning here on about the old stuff won’t help you anything but create more hatred. Therefore, lets forget everything what had happen at the past and start thinking new idea. We can’t just repeated the old song all the time but no progressive to the future. It won’t work body in fact created more problem to future. Lets come up with new solution with new millennium for our god loved country. Tegbaban? hope so. Lets start right here instead of attacking each other.

I wish you Happy millennium. Yeha

08/21/07 @ 09:53
Comment from: Independent [Visitor]

How could one judge whether Ethiopia is a failed state or not as long as it was and is lead by corpse leaders whose aim are to see their belly grow? No one thinks for the betterment of the country rather they are acting as catalyst to bring hatred between different tribes. Even the worst racism has appeared, those blood thirsty Derg members of CUD leaders are going to worse the fate of the country. Ethiopians are not only Amhara (the tribe which majority of CUD is from), and they even don’t account for 20% of the total population. Their vision is also simple and understandable: to suppress others rather than to free them, we don’t have room for those shits and they don’t gallop on the lands of Oromiya to preach their dirty politics as far as ppl of oromo are there. We are on the land of hope not on the land of blood-shade and will be chopped if you transgress the line!

08/21/07 @ 09:54
Comment from: Test [Visitor]

I want to ask the following?
What is a definition of state?
Why there is a huge gup in India, in Brasil, etc.?
If America and others were concerned about the Journalist impressment? Why didn’t they react quickly?
Beating? We grew by being bitten from our older brothers! It is a rooted culture of Ethiopians, so the Government reacted also how MENGE did, cause they started to say, Menge was better, by the accusation champaign! (Yesededeb Mercha)!. Is there not a proverb which said: “For a mistake what 2 persons have done, one of them should pay!” So why do the westerns quicken to blame EPRDF after CUD have paid or suffered for it? Are there still more racists in the western countries as we can imagine, who works day and night to keep the wide gap between them and Africans?
Are they afraid that the reconciliation will transfer the country to the new era?
I admire USA as a place of modern democracy for all Human being, it is a country where we have seen persons like Martin Luther King supported also by white peoples with religious strength, who became successful, to give a chance of voting in case of black people.
Imagine if Amharas or Oromos were not allowed to vote? You may say cheating were allowed, but didn’t the Addisaba people staid till the evening to count? So before some of you quicken to destroy your state, think of how to import more light in Ethiopia!, or start a project to produce more lumps there!

“Ejaw entarek” milewen zefen merechelachuhalehu!!!!

08/21/07 @ 10:20
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Yeha and likes:
It is ok when Meles kills people around the country for asking why thier vote is stolen, It ok When Meles divide the country by ethnic to stay in power.
It is ok not once two times even three times when Meles stil VOTE.
It is ok when Meles and Yeha type talk all ethinks are not able to run the country but thiers.
It is ok when the Economy of the country is hijacked by WOYANE.
It is ok when people are evicted of their home so that someone from Tigray could live in it.
It is ok when Tigray person comes through Airport never pays TAX but the rest are obligated to pay and could not survive in business.
It is ok also not to allow the public to go out for peacful demonstration to show MELES stoled their voice.
YES, It is alos ok for a leader pay with court and the parlament.
It is ok if Meles sells the country with out any one to watch over what he is doing.
It is ok for Meles acting like democracy and alow the question to be asked by oppossition but not debat it so that to vote on it… but just at the end answer what he thinks is right… He never even give a chance to one of his own to answer question…
“""""IS IT OK?""""”
The answer is no way!
It is time for people of Ethiopia not to be treated as babies who is longing for attention.
All Meles is doing is play game never think of the future of Ethiopia other than his own not even “Tigian". Where ever he sees problem instead of finding a way to fix he iether kills or give candy for apportunist so that he looks goon in the outside.

This is not the leader ship Ethiopia needs let is get down to the root and fix problem.

Alow free election
True Deocracy

Limit Term of Prim Minister to two Terms
No one should be killed before going through the fair court system.

No game of forgiveness…. Let the court be independent and give defendents the right and previlage to defend them selves with fair court system.

Any agrement with aboroad country should be debated by PARLAMENT.

Form the POLITICAL PARTIES NOT BY ETHNIC BUT BY IDIOLOGY. All federal parties should have representative at list 80 % of the provinces to be albe to run for OFFICE.

IF these issues are adressed then you will see less of “Prejudice”

You see Yeha and likes…

Even Biblically if you build your house on the sand then it is temporary what ever good he did it will wash away and we have to start all over again.

We need to change the leader ship who thinks for greater Ethiopia!

Not for POWER!

I am furstrated because I see Ethiopia going in the wrong direction… teh result is shown in Iraq where SADAM was the only one who everyone fearful of and at the end when he is gone they are killing each other. Meles is bulding the same thing and one day when is out people will take the law in their hand and no way to stop…. Other examples are
Somalia, Sudan, Ruwanda…

Please do not close your eyes and run to fire because you got CANDY from MELES!

08/21/07 @ 10:36
Comment from: ETHn [Visitor]

If Ethiopia is failed state or not,We know that we live under dictatorship.But for me the main issue here was the Ambassador.To have this guy as a high ranking diplomat to the USA will answer the whole question.He seems to me a drunk guy,or they might woke him from bed as the interviwer arrived.i laughed watching him.

08/21/07 @ 10:45
Comment from: nadia [Visitor]

Indeed Ethiopia is a failed state long before. If a nation’s people are leaving in utter destiturte what else could be said about that nation or country. Until a visionary leader, who starts to see Ethiopias real problem from inisde out, one can definately conclude that Ethiopia is failed state. Don’t go far to check out the fact. Go Webster dictionary and look for a word ‘famine’. I’s sad to see Ethiopia as an example, despite all the resources.

Alas, the beautifulles for Ethiopia are not yet born!

08/21/07 @ 10:56
Comment from: KOKEB [Visitor]



dagnachew HABALO tgre english? not me!

The twin weyane’s greddy PETROMYZONTIDE jawless vertebrate take the human side out of money. Cold and rutless, you guys see only the lifless balance TPLF sheet. viewing us solely us either pawns or obstruction in your looted pursuit of paid bandas BIRR. the LAMPREY siblings stop trample on my non- tegre LEBA sentiments and alienate other valuable allies. 17-years is enough. we finaly awake and refused with greedy chickenn brain lampreys.

The 70-mil PIRANHAS knows THE retard and greedy lampreys are the child play of bread and honey. Lured by the bait of easily stolen money from the country budget, they swallow the ruse hook,line, and sinker. The parasites are easy to decive, for they spent so much time attaching their big mouth with a rasping tongue dealing with stolen money and numbers not with angry piranhas. free rider smootchers become blind to psychlogy, including their own. Either abanded them or use your sharp PIRANHA canine before they exploit you or play on their greed to your gain.

08/21/07 @ 11:31
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Yes, To some extent USA and Europ could play significant roll to bring about treu Democracy, but why would they want Ethiopia to stand on her feet and not depend on USA.
I agree to some extent what TEST was saying.
If things are good in Ethiopia western country would not immigrate salves “US”
The big picture is it is us who need to change we need help, but not in place of treu democracy! LET US stand up and show even USA that we are determined for change on the NEW Year.
Show “V” victory sign where ever you stand.
All in Europ and USA and Canada on the new year go out to Celebrate and talk to reporters with Fingers “V” show the world you want true election and treu Democracy.

08/21/07 @ 11:34
Comment from: KOKEB [Visitor]

Sami save your time friend.

My POODLE called “RPG” has better I.Q than yeha and his likes ,adding to that the TPLF 3rd world retards. they will never get it!

08/21/07 @ 11:46
Comment from: Test [Visitor]

What I see here is as if you people are from one tribe.

In my case I have for example no relation with Tigrians, let it be may be from my grand, grand grand, father, cause I have also a Gurage grand ma. An oromo fanatics called me “Dikala” as I told him that my grand ma was from Wolega! Non the less I was born in Adu genet and identified myself as Amharas, also because of my moms father from Debreberehan! When I was visiting adisaba for the first time most places were occopied by tigrians, “Whom do you trust if one of you comes in power?” When times goes, I went back again and noticed that people were getting involved in different positions, especially also oromos. It is true that there are still a lot to do.

But just put yourself as a CIA and imajin what Meles could say to his wife!

– This is just for fun! —

I had enough from the communist Mengistu regime then, joined the ELF.
I hate wars, I even run away once. God heard my prey and I took a key position.
Of having a good situation, Mengistu left the country and I should fulfill my promises to Isayas.
But Isayas was accusing me again and again, as I prevented the oromos from killing poor Amharas.
When I noticed that Isayas were really against Amharas, and run only to rob the Ethiopian nation, I could not talk with him like before, and his hate preach made me to hate him.
So after the war with him, I thought Ethiopians liked me! I gave poweres for oromos and debub hizb in military and other positions. But some oromos hate the word ethiopia and habesha, and didn’t like me to think for all. I am really a lucky person that I have enough supporters, especially also economically, I think I am the first who build lots of roads, electric powers, buildings, etc, what my predecessors could not do for this country. So I thought people who like improvement would like me. But after I allowed the third campaign, I could not believe that especially the Addisaba people hated me, after I brought Arkebe than Ali Abdo. What should I do to this people? They start to say mengidtu were better, and my advisors told me that I have to use his method, may be they like it that way. But people get panic, the westerns start to blame me. I wished to be the first person who could be respected and leave in peace. Now I have given them the last chance to think twice! I freed their CUD leader and the catalystes (journalists) Now if they do not learn from the past, I think we tigrians should be separated like Eritreans from this difficult people.

His wife said, yae, but what about Africa and our beloved Addis Ababa? Do you think other tigrians will let you do that? You should not simply give up, you are a very lucky person, I will pray to you that things may get calm down …..

– That was just for fun! —

What would you do if you were Meles?

08/21/07 @ 11:47
Comment from: Tenes [Visitor]

There is NO question that Ethiopia is a failed state. It is only in the minds of some gullible hirelings of terrorist TPLF that the question of whether it is a failed state or not arises. What we have in Ethiopia today is a rule of terror by terrorist TPLF. Thanks to terrorist TPLF the country is now at war with itself and its neighbors. Hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens of the country languish in official and unofficial concentration camps for years. There are widespread credible reports of torture and other inhumane treatments in the concentration camps. No charge, even the widely known trumped up charges used by terrorist TPLF to throw any suspected opposition supporters into jail, have ever been brought up against these innocent citizens. Extrajudicial and summary executions of innocent civilians are inescapable facts of daily lives oin Ethiopia especially outside the capital. The terrorist militias of TPLF burn houses, rape women, kill the breadwinners of the families and commit all kinds of crimes against humanity. The living cost has gone through the roof mainly because of the illegal business practices employed by the business empires of the TPLF terrorist group. The citizens do not have any say, none whatsoever, in matters of government at local, regional or national levels. What goes in Ethiopia is only what terrorist TPLF says like Afghanistan under Taliban. TPLF rules the country by terrorizing the Ethiopian people. However, our people are striving to free themselves off this rule of terror by terrorist TPLF, and there is the light at the end of the tunnel. The days of terrorist TPLF are numbered and with that Ethiopia will soon move from a failed state to a strong democratic state where the rights of all its citizens are fully respected, where freedom and liberty flourish and where its economy thrives bringing the people out of poverty.

08/21/07 @ 12:59
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Yeha ,nobody miss the dictator Mengistu ,this is simply your miss interpretations .Of course for the well being of the peoples and for the futur of our dear Ethiopia ;the only
issue will be the END of the guy whom
each days on this web you are defending his cases and also by the eradecation of all his mafia groups .

08/21/07 @ 13:10
Comment from: Politika [Visitor]

A failed state is a state whose central government is so weak or ineffective that it has little practical control over much of its territory. Furthermore, a state could be said to “succeed” if it maintains a monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force within its borders. When this is broken (e.g., through the dominant presence of warlords, militias, or terrorism), the very existence of the state becomes dubious, and the state becomes a failed state. So how did they even come about to ask this question of Ethiopia, they obviously did not do enough research on what it means to be a ‘failed state’.


08/21/07 @ 14:25
Comment from: even if we had democracy [Visitor]
even if we had democracy

even if there was such thing as democracy in ethiopia we would never allow amhara to rule again we the majority oromo dont want amhara extremisme i would rather have tigray ruling the country then amhara

08/21/07 @ 14:27
Comment from: ewnetun tenageru [Visitor]
ewnetun tenageru

Imagine for a moment that we, the commentators, were asked to take over and run what we claim to be our beloved country, what would we do with it. If the comments above are heart felt, we will get together and divide our country along tribal lines and promptly go to war eliminating each other from the face of the earth. Why should the poor uneducated people of Ethiopia deal with us at all when the plan we have for them is total elimination. If we have education at all we are proving that it was wasted on us. Can we look at ourselves in the mirror and be proud. I don’t believe so.


08/21/07 @ 14:44
Comment from: Politika [Visitor]
Politika, you have to do better in moderating this site. I am only involved because I really believe that I, as an Ethiopian, should promote positive dabates, and discussion. Not insults and hatred, we have to really move on. If your readers do not have anything constructive to say, please, please do not post their insults and half wit jibbirish.


08/21/07 @ 14:44
Comment from: YD [Visitor]

:D :D:D:D. do u guys see this alcoholic, the so called Ambs.? |-| This is how failed state is governed. Yes, ethiopia was, is and will be a failed state. A failed state is ruled by only one person. when that person goes, she will cripled at the spead of light. When Mengistu H/Mariam went away, the countried became frozen. When Minilik was in stroke, the country was in coma. When H/Selessie was ousted by Italy, the country was disintegated.

The main reason for the down fall of this country is the poor psychology of her citizen. They only give due respect for their dictator leaders, not to their right and rule of law. The same will happen even if CUD comes to power. Coz, these lousy citizen worship the leaders (most probably Hailu shewal) but not the right of the citizen.

Meles, the worst dictator (next to Ed Amin in the world) the country ever have, has also many incompetent opportunistic followers like this alcoholic one. But once this last and worst dictators has gone, this country is either disintegrate forever or based on the psychology of the citizen she will be the most democratic unified country. But the probablity of disintegration outweighs that of unity. coz habasha is stubborn, and we can’t see any evolutionary change in them since Theodros had tried to unify this empire arrogantly and he failed in vain.

08/21/07 @ 15:14
Comment from: hula [Visitor]

Dear Ambassador:

It looked that you are caught off guard..
I can’t believe that a person of ‘your
stature’ fumbles in such a distasteful
manner to show off ignoranc that has never
been seen among Ethiopians..

I believe that you worked hard to earn
your degree, but I don’t know why it does not show in your answers.

…Start to be a critical thinker to formulate an answer to those simple but profound questions; you have not answered
any one of them in a professional, educated way..

What a shame it is!

Please read and educated yourself….Your are a shame to your people…

08/21/07 @ 16:22
Comment from: even if we had democracy [Visitor]
even if we had democracy

the time for majority rule is near like it or not amhara are not the majority of ethiopia we are and that is a fact if we can rule u wont oromia for eva

08/21/07 @ 16:29
Comment from: Yi hen blo Doctor [Visitor]
Yi hen blo Doctor

It is a big shame, is this dud really a Doctor. Or he have bought his doctrate some where. The Interview is about Ethiopia, how come he talks about Eritrea. As far as I am concerned I am a proud Ethiopian and I do not give a dammen about Eritrea. What concerns me is about Ethiopia and what is going on in my land.

How come he jumes into Eritrea when the Interviewer asked him about Ethiopia!!! This are the people representing us Ethiopians. Peopple so much so deressed by this tiny rebel land on North.

Ethiopia your sons are comming, there will be time when Weyane and his stupid doctors will be behind bars.

08/21/07 @ 16:34
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

Writing or speaking racial and derogatory statements any where let alone on the web are wrong and destructive. However, I was curious why the TPLF puppets Tesfaye and ET complained the whole episode. Tesfaye and ED quoted “JONATHAN OF JERUSALEM” when he said, “I BLAME MENGISTU FOR WAISTING TIME AND RESOURCES IN SOME OTHER AREAS.HE SHOULD HAVE WIPED OUT THE ENTIRE TIGRE/TIGRIGNA VIRUS.IF HE DID THAT WE WERE NOW IN TERMITE-FREE ETHIOPIA AND EAST AFRICA”.

But when you look at the sequence of events the whole episode started when one of TPLF’s thugs in the name of “gebre Michael” said “WIPE OUT THE AMHARAS THEN YOU WILL HAVE UNITED ETHIOPIA FREE OF CHAUVINISTS.GO MELES,GO DO IT”. It looks like for Tesfaye and ED it is ok for gebre to say what he said and wrong for JONATHAN to say what he said. This is again wrong, immoral, and hypocrisy. The first culprit who deserves the most blame is gebre. I am afraid this behavior of selective judgment is a pattern of all TPLFers. This is a symptom of a disturbed personality devoid of any moral boundaries. Justifying the wrong as right, the evil as good, the lie as truth, and the dark as bright is what we have been hearing in the last fifteen years.

08/21/07 @ 16:37
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]

I do not look at Ethiopia as a failed or failing state.
However I do see a badly failing diaspora and the sons daughters of those great Ethiopians, who sacrificed their live to keep Ethiopia free and independent of, fascist Italy and handed the free country to our generation.
That is what you call failing, to cary on our responsibilities and promises in which we accepted from our for fathers.

08/21/07 @ 17:20
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up

What ever man,

They’re intitled to their penny worth opinion, i can care-less about what they think,i am sure some information was given by Diaspora’s Elites army of mouth.

08/21/07 @ 17:31
Comment from: yemererew [Visitor]

What is wrong with this dude? He sounds retarded. Wasn’t he supposed to be some sort of doctor or so? No wonder he is serving the woyanes. Some people lose their mental capacity at their older age. This guy doesn’t sound the caliber his credentials imply.

08/21/07 @ 17:34
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up


Ethipian is not a failed state,you’re a failed thing,not a human i might add,you’re a shame for a human being.

08/21/07 @ 18:14
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

Ethiopia is a failing State because the rule of law, individual freedom, and personal and societal safety are not guaranteed. If we believe what Sebhat and Mellesse told us (there is no reason not to believe them) in the last few weeks alone. I am afraid Ethiopia is on the way to disappear. All this started a long time ago when Mellesse and Isayas planned and fought Ethiopia together for almost twenty years and then subjugated Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the last sixteen years. Both Isayas and Melles were and still are bent on destroying Ethiopia and Ethiopians. They will not stop nor rest until their plan of creating the Greater Tigray Republic (encompassing both sides of Mereb) is realized. This is of course at the expense of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. It is time we as Ethiopians to wake up, deliberate, unite, strategize, work very hard, and save our identity and our country. Without this Ethiopia and Ethiopians will be history

08/21/07 @ 18:18
Comment from: almaz addisu [Visitor]
almaz addisu

Watch out! i do not think those who write d dangerous comments on certain people ar e ethiopians. Ethnic bashing has nothing to do do with comments on the Ambassador’s interview

08/21/07 @ 19:10
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Selam Brother Fed Up,

How are you? yes indeed these creature dengay ras as you mentioned never mind of their daily behaviors. They are simpy cry baby. I think they need your super pacifier as well.

By the way have you heard anything about the the pakage of express mail being sent to Sodo the other day? I believe he got it and his now quitly sucking on it.

Take care bro and caution from the parking lot attendant D.C bozones. Yeha
other Day?

08/21/07 @ 19:12
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up


Bro,i got your back man,let the LEFLAFIS have their say to no avail,simply these Crack heads and Alcholics ain’t got nothing on you,me anb others, as far as Sodo the cry baby of the century,i believe he got it,he has been quiet for couple of days.

Peace brother,peace!

08/21/07 @ 19:35
Comment from: Fedataw [Visitor]

What Dr. Sami is the ambasador? Ain’t this dude used the one who tought me philosophy as a freshman @ 6 kilo campaus? I remember his class ues to be full. Damn woye mebelashet

08/21/07 @ 19:47
Comment from: Berta [Visitor]

watch this link. unless we act like the buffalos on the dictator and evil Meles we should remain faild as we havebeen in the past

08/21/07 @ 19:52
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up


Your name sound like some kind of desease,if i were you i’ll get it checked,with distorted thinking of yours i’m affraid some thing might be wrong my friend,what the hell are you saying,where do you come off disrespecting the Ambassador like that,if you don’t know,let me tell you,he happens to be one of the well respected diplomat around the diplomatic circle,don’t speak with out knowledge.

Good day!

08/21/07 @ 19:58
Comment from: latet [Visitor]

if Ethiopia is not a failed state

how come there is more Ethiopians in

the boats going to Yemen than Somalis

fleeing from Mogadishu
answer that metene whoeve

08/21/07 @ 20:00
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up


Those are not Ethiopians,those are Smalians and Eritreans who are getting thier ass kick pretending to be Ethiopians,you and them are perpetrating a froud in the name of Ethiopia.

How about that?

08/21/07 @ 20:21
Comment from: latet [Visitor]

fed up, every one knows the difference betw.Ethiopians Somalians ok why Ethiopians are in the “failed state"bossaso Somalia working in restaurants do you know in the west
when someone is skinny or looking hungry they call him Ethiopier you people
always talk about war and fighting
and asking aid again involving in war at least once in the 10 years 1967 Somalia 1977 Somalia 1991 civil war coup 1998 Eritrea 2007 Somalia onlf i cu oromo Eritrea EGYPT? in 2008

08/21/07 @ 20:42
Comment from: goraw [Visitor]

This is one of the few reasons why Eritreans justify their independence. If we are failing together and Eritrea strive from independence, why don’t we call it a day. I don’t think we will get any worse than this. All the countries who ranked lower than Ethiopia are in civil war and hence is not their true color. This basically put Ethiopia as the leading faild state. If there is no benefit in unity, why don’t we try plurality? Let the Oromo’s, the Ogden’s the kembatas , the amaharas. …. Have their own country and live a better life than the one we are living now. Let it happen now. We were told that if Eritrea had to go, it would be like beheading the country but nothing happens till now. Let’s try the other way. Let’s not get scared of article 39.

08/21/07 @ 20:44
Comment from: bikila [Visitor]

Is it not funny? when someone asked you"what is2+2″ and you anwered"2+3 is 5″ that what the so called amasador answed when the he was asked about of torture of free jornalists and opposition members.

08/21/07 @ 21:20
Comment from: Kera [Visitor]

What is wrong with this so called wayane ambassador?Is a moron like his boss Legesse chenawi?Does is make any sense to you how and the manner he answer the questions.He is asked south he talks about north.Typical woyane tactic.Save us from these evils.No wonder why she asked about Ethiopia being a failed state.But for her information we are not a fail state by any long shot!!!

08/21/07 @ 21:33
Comment from: soodo [Visitor]

esun towut ye chewa lig balage naw tamero mahyme hodam abat asadabe sakaram

08/21/07 @ 22:08
Comment from: Et [Visitor]

oh my god that all i have to say

08/21/07 @ 23:24
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

Yes quite sure, ETh is failed state after the last Hailesilassie regime.

08/22/07 @ 02:35
Comment from: YD [Visitor]

Fed up,

I know this alcoholic Samuel better than u. Fed up, :D , it is not my nick that shows sickness, would u pls look at urs? :D This is completely self-denial.

Yes, I know this alcoholic chain smoker while he was in AAU. His friend (Prof. Endirias) is worst than him. I wish has sereached for Prof Endreas speach and posted on its site.

After all, TPLF has people with either lost IQ or lower IQ. Otherwise, our nation wouldn’t have been harmed by bloody Agaze, the one with least IQ. :D . Fed up, i think ur IQ is even lower than Agaze soldiers, coz u are in self-denial

08/22/07 @ 02:37
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

You sounded like another collapsed wondering shaebia who lost at the middle of no where to go.Why are you attacking Fed Up? because he try to tell respect on others?. I think Dr Assefa Amb)is well respect ever in Ethiopian history and he representing his country.

How about your 6th grader derguest ambassador who unable to write and read proper English,represented Ethiopia for 17 shamels years? sad but that is was what happened.
Now tell me who were the lost IQ or lower IQ? I am sure you got it.

08/22/07 @ 05:54
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]


your comments are quite right.
Keep on!

08/22/07 @ 06:29
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

Why not we become “Failed State"???

In our country we have very “Famous” TPLF & Agazi KILLERS. . .
In our country we have a lot of TPLF & EPRDF “Greedy” LEBAS. . . .
In our country we have “Shameless” TPLF & EPRDF LIERS. . .

Why not we become “Failed States"???


08/22/07 @ 07:55
Comment from: Uzawa [Visitor]

what is wrong with this man?

He seems to be unabel to articulate and defend his cases to a level one might expect from a PhD holder, and that too from some one who reads and used to teach about Plato. I knew when he was lecturing about Plato, he was such an energetic and clever man that i alaways enjoyed his classes. The fact is, he is now in a bogus system, the base of which has alaways been lies…. and lies…and which has now run out of things to lie about. That is why he couldn’t talk but just rumbling.

Dr Samuel, get out of this, and go back to ur old good job.There is where ur country needs u the most; where u can serve sons and daughters of poor and rich Ethiopian alike.


08/22/07 @ 08:16
Comment from: nadia [Visitor]

FP: there was a volcano irruption. What do you say about it?

amb. Asseffa: Well, a a a a…this is known that Eritrea is behind that. We have captured some the people behind that….


Woyane at the tip of their mountain lies and deception.

08/22/07 @ 10:19
Comment from: YD [Visitor]


can u look around urself? I think even ur shadow resembles shabiya (or shab’ea, what ever) for u. I am also quite sure shabiya nags u even in ur dream. I am neither shabiya nor i have blood relation with them :D First trust urself, then u trust either TPLF or Shabiya. :P

As to ur Samuel, i categorize him in those who lost their IQ. But u and ur proponents like Fed up are in the lowest (not lower) IQ category.

I can 100% asure u that i know Samuel. Who is he and how he thinks.

08/22/07 @ 10:38
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up


Why don’t you get your Eritrean ass out of this site,go back to your profession,you Crack head hoe!

08/22/07 @ 12:10
Comment from: harmony [Visitor]

He doesn’t seem to have passion when he talked about Ethiopia because he is tongue tied

08/22/07 @ 15:01
Comment from: dj [Visitor]

I dont think Ethiopia is not faling state,BUT our bigest problem is we dont get each other this division, calling names u are Wayane, drug, kinjjet balabala ……will never gets us no where why ppl understand that i know there is problem in our country but the solution is not fighting each other, lets be unite and work together for our futur childerns, other wise same story and more problem. REEMBER ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH UNITY

08/22/07 @ 19:21
Comment from: Thunder~~~ [Visitor]

If the under achieved tplf terrorists try to run the country and the tplf thugs who have not finished their elementary education try to fly the Ethiopian fighter jets, yes it is a failed state. No “ifs” or “buts” that is A FACT!

08/22/07 @ 19:22
Comment from: ET [Visitor]  

It’s a shame we didn’t except from Prieston professor answering this questions. First Of all he look like his been drinking all night , Second it’s a shame covering up things in general also How can you tell to Journalist about when he/she asking you about Human Wright and you answering about Rodney King . Please next time if you party all night cancel you appointment. Mr. Ambassador please stop going JOJO’s Club

08/22/07 @ 23:08
Comment from: girmay [Visitor]

i like his comparisons: the human rights abuse in ethiopia to the Rodney King affair in the U.S; the ethiopian farmers to that of Iowa. And when asked about Ethiopia he has to talk about Eritrea. I thought they have an ambassador. But the funniest part is his points on constitution.Well, am not sure whether Eritrea has one or not.But what i know for sure is The United Kingdon doesn’t have a constitution.Writing a constitution is not a symbol of democracy and meles can scrap any article at will. In the past 50 years eth. had about 5 of them.The US in their more than 200 years of history only one!Did somebody say the ambassador is a professor

08/23/07 @ 08:33



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