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Is It Ethiopia First or Al Amoudi First?



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Is It Ethiopia First or Al Amoudi First?

Is It Ethiopia First or Al Amoudi First?

Joe Michael

If there is one editor who is confused as a cow on Astroturf, it is the Ethiopia First editor. Either he is having hard time understanding politics or he is not who some of us think he is. Every time there is news about Sheik Al Amoudi, he wags his tail like a petty dog that wants a bit from its master.

Whenever the Sheik is criticized the editor appears and retorts with madness. He croons and weeps in his small world. Sometimes he wrongly accuses people. At times he insults the Diaspora or defame individuals. What makes it awful is that he is doing it all in the name of Ethiopia.

During last year’s soccer tournament, the surprising Sheik’s huge donation to the Federation raised concerns and different questions were raised. Thank God we are in America; people freely made their plea to the Federation and asked for transparency. However, the ‘Ethiopia First’ editor showed up from no where, in the name of Ethiopia, and started telling people how successful the tournament was, not because of the Federation hard work or the Diaspora participation, but because of the sheik’s donation.

Subsequently, he jumped into the Reporter Editor’s pool and started swimming all over the place only because the Reporter published an article that criticized the Sheik. He used his ‘Ben’s Point of View’, an audio message and insulted, abused, and slandered the Reporter. What made it ludicrous was the fact that the Reporter Editor was a guest in the very same “Ben’s Point of View’ program few month ago and he was praised and honored for his work.

The latest ‘Ben’s Point of View’ victim is the most prominent and respected intellectual, Professor Al. The EF editor once again posted an offensive recorded message on his website insulting the Professor and the Diaspora for questioning the Sheik’s donation to the Clinton Foundation. Not even sure if Professor Al indeed made the inquiry or someone else, the EF editor barked like a crazy dog at Professor Al and started chasing his own tail.

Why is the EF editor showing off or advocating the Sheik anyway? Is it really a love for the motherland or craving for a reward? Is it really for Ethiopians or for self-benefit? Is it really Ethiopia First or Al Amoudi First?

No offend, but it is preposterous. The Sheik might have done good things in Ethiopia. However, people, especially the Diaspora should not be insulted for criticizing him. The EF editor should be advised that this is America and people have right to ask for transparency.


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Comment from: al [Visitor]

Joe, get a life. Professor Al prominent
and intelectual-you are kidding right?

Do you understand what yetemare denkoro
means. That’s what your cousin is.
Al moudi is what you call respected.
He doesn’t just talk, he does the walk.
You and your cousin you talk and you do n not walk the walk. Do you get it body?
What amazes me the most is what you see in the USA, should be happening in Ethiopia.
And you are telling me you are intellectual.
If you are intellectual you should have appreciated the improvements and criticize the wrongs. Reason plenty of wrongs in Africa and Ethiopia is no exception. Africa has a long way to go due a lot of reasons, which is not easy to explain it in here.
In summary I want to say, please acknowledge Ethiopia is for everybody in Ethiopia, not for the few. With all the changes, you are still dominant, because it is going to take a lot of time. However, The way things are going It will not be too long where everybody
will talk in the same terms in Ethiopia.

02/13/09 @ 02:12
Comment from: yt [Visitor]  

thank you, you observed like me.
acctually i was ignored his web since 3 months. really i appreciate you.
Definitely “al moudi first”
ohh min largih!!!!!! God Bless You

02/13/09 @ 02:29
Comment from: Gonder [Visitor]

Well done Al amodin

02/13/09 @ 03:30
Comment from: samy [Visitor]

Behind every strong man there is a strong women and behind a strong party there is a strong rich man so the opposition party has to think about it, idea for the next election :idea: yeterabew yeblabet dehaw yelefelet enkefat anehonebet hager wedad

02/13/09 @ 04:27
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]  
c´moi senait

This shiek is buying everything from this self made BEGGER govt. in addis ababa(the city of hoddam). I am not sure any longer after i recived the information about this dud….a untold story from Jerusalem and jordan…stay tone…

02/13/09 @ 04:30
Comment from: Akilo [Visitor]  

He is a saudi national not Ethiopian

02/13/09 @ 04:52
Comment from: dedeb [Visitor]

Mr writer,
You are nothing but dedeb!

02/13/09 @ 05:33
Comment from: beth [Visitor]

hey writer this is a news websit!! let me give some ADVICE you need to get a life

this is not hollywood don’t try to
create hate against someone you
don’t know

02/13/09 @ 06:16
Comment from: didi [Visitor]

yes u get him bro he is like a dog even when he interview azeb mesfen he call her etye az

02/13/09 @ 07:14
Comment from: Tamru [Visitor]

It is only for the money guys!he dream money he speak for the money:>>
the current Ethiopia is not like old time Ethiopia Every one runs for his advantage so that this man (Ben0trying to get some thing to go backe to his home because there is nothing in canada but cold and snow!!!It is not for Ethiopia:D:D

02/13/09 @ 07:20
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]

And what are you doing? Whom are you defending? The Diaspora?- no thank you, we don’t need any protection. Anyway, I didin#t get the message, it seems like a personal battle. The press should be free, meaning the reader decides, what’s genuine or not- but not another ‘journalist’.

02/13/09 @ 07:21
Comment from: Mussie [Visitor]

Thank you so much Joe. You exactly mentioned what is on my mind. EF editor aka Ben is irrational. Sometimes I ask myself if he is matured enough to be an editor. Whenever he saw buildings or any constrictions in Ethiopia, he can’t wait to talk about it while not mentioning who the owners are. In contrast, out of the 95% Ethiopian poor people, he never reaches out and talk about what kind of life they are living. We don’t want our people to go out and glare at the new buildings 24/7. We want someone who can create jobs for them. Of course, we all are very pleased about the constructions in Ethio. And thanks for filing us up. But what is the benefit of new construction for our unfortunate people. Is it gonna bring the sky rocketing price of life in Ethio down? Is it gonna help survive the people who can’t afford to eat one time a day? As much as you like talking about those kinds of stuff, please reach out those who can’t meet the expense of life in Ethio so we can help them live at least till they can make it on their own. Please stop looking out of the corner of your eyes!!!

02/13/09 @ 07:37
Comment from: Jordan [Visitor]

well, whoever writes this crap, the answer is both. We need them both and they both are first. Stop bragging about in the name of diaspora. Most diaspora are ill-advised regarding to their country.So, what I understand from your crap is you are among them. So, please stop your coroco tears!!

02/13/09 @ 07:46
Comment from: abie [Visitor]

He is the kind of guy who is dying for attention. He is one of the pathetic Ethiopians with very little expertise in politics and oblivious about the current situation of Ethiopia. He is not even articulate in both his Amharic and English. He is bad mouthing diaspora this diaspora that. Generally he is so immature…..some body advice him to hone his English writing skills atleast to best serve his masters.

02/13/09 @ 08:50
Comment from: Abeba T [Visitor]
Abeba T

Leave EthiopiaFirst and Sheike Al Amoudi alone.
Let me tell you a proverb in Amharic my grandmother used to say about her daughter. “Shi Yemut Yeshi Asadari Kemimot". If you need some kind of translation in English, you can ask some of your Ethiopian friends Mr. Joe.

02/13/09 @ 09:04
Comment from: [Member]

Ben is one person that has no idea about politics and he never been in politics. He has one agenda when it comes to the Ethiopian current situation/administration & the Shake, his agenda is personal gain. I used to visit his website here and there but after I figured out he is just other pupate like other TPLF website, I totally stop reading his site. I rather read the TPLF website for that matter. When it comes to the Sheik, my stand was as long as he brings a job to that country and few people can work and support their family I am ok with him. But the more you read about this guy “Sheik” he is not clean from corruption, he make control and share that country wealth with TPLF. That country doesn’t have a check and balance so we as Ethiopian has no clue what is the shady deal he makes with TPLF… As the write said it we Ethiopian especially the one we live in the free land we should voice, question and use our freedom responsibly.

Writer said, “he wags his tail like a petty dog that wants a bit from its master…” you are right he is not the only one there are hundreds like him, who does the same thing. I am not against this guy “Sheik” or I have some kind of hate towards to him… but it makes me sad and embarrassed seeing all this people who sell their sole and dignity. We are not live that much long I rather to die with my dignity. I can understand the people in Ethiopian why they bend their head, their live under the gun… today people can loss their job because of their political view, people can be sent to jail or killed if some TPLF thug don’t like you …but people who live in this land, people who can work and use their God given mind, people can determine their goal/ destination on their own how they can leak some bodies butt… I wish they speak their mind without fear… I have people I know including my family member who sell their sole to get some kind of advantage from the current government… I am ashamed of them.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin”

02/13/09 @ 09:25
Comment from: The python [Visitor]
The python

Ass*hole Joe Michael,

I don’t think you have the moral ground to judge Ethiopianfirst (ben) editor. Are you not the same guy who have been propagating rumours against some section of Ethiopians, becuase their political view is different from yours? Didn’t you attack CUD leaders for the same reasons?. Didn’t you sing with Elias Kifle the same boring song “give us power, give us power, let us lead the country".

Though I am against Ben stand with reporter-alamoudin affair, he has been the only neutral blogger I have come across. How on earth you criticize Ben while you are flirting with Elias K.?

Yemanew doma! qoy necha cheba neh endee? Weyes ethiopiawi enatehen serwat newe yeteweldekew? Did I read that U have Italian blood. Atela! Everything you have said would be acceptable if you are Selato,of course.

Go and fight with Meles if you have the gut. Otherwise keep your small mind in your purse! Tenbe!


02/13/09 @ 10:05
Comment from: Wedi-Mekelle [Visitor]

Don’t get surprised, his expenses are covered by his highness Al Amoudi.
If he barks where the handout is, it is typical Biniyam.

02/13/09 @ 10:12
Comment from: Tulu [Visitor]

Joe Michael, I can also see on this blog how you made those few opportunist Woyane supporters tail wag.

Even here one person splits into many heads with different names to bash you comment.

No wonder it is because of those few opportunists, gun and money worshippers our country is going backward.

It is always about money first and Ethiopia is last for them.

Woyane is created by bandas and dies as banda.

02/13/09 @ 11:19
Comment from: dereje [Visitor]

i wont defend ben because i dont know his motives for honoring and defending the way he does. i have nothing to gain from the sheik as the shiek doesnt even know i exist but i admire and thank him for the tens of thousands job he created and for his investments in ethiopia. the problem with the writer and ben is not this fact but politics. remove the sheik friendship with the government and there will be no one for ben to defend the shick from. but we shouldnt let politics destroy what is good for ethiopia.

02/13/09 @ 11:38
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

I like it when The Cat ayinuan chefina bendet sitbuachir mayet. The Meow, are you on the Shefadaw Sheik’s pay role too, perhaps by extension? Whoever this Joe Mickeal is, he has got the conversion of Ethiopia First into Alamudin First from me. Here you have a better side to attack him more, he is ‘koraj’. Joe Micheal, you are koraj man, lol. The Meow, you seem to like that guy very much, what was his name again, Alamudin’s pet. Are you serious when you call him natural blogger? if you choose to be honest for a second you will definitely agree with me that Ben-Al’s-Pet is the most spineless, pointless, useless and ridiculous blogger the virtual world have ever seen! Seriously. I think he even have the nerve to call himself ‘gazetegna!’ Dinkem Gazitegna, but if one calls Amare Aregawi Gazitegna, why not Ben-Als-pet? ehhhhhhhhh eski yihun…

02/13/09 @ 11:57
Comment from: kitkat [Visitor]

Joe Michael

Title and content do not match. Your title shoul have read “How to unleash personal attacks on people you don’t like or disagree with".

Why don’t you go and jump the Grand Kanyon and don’t forget to die in shame there.

02/13/09 @ 11:57
Comment from: Survivor [Visitor]

Keep up the fude!! Do any of you understand “Monopoly” ” Dictatorship"? Welcome to Ethiopia!!!

02/13/09 @ 12:34
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

For TPLF thugs ,aderby bandas and fool
diaspora peoples ;certainly Al Amoudi
first than Ethiopia .TPLF thugs and tigrai
mafiosis motos :"..Tigrai endetelema whulu
ager yetfa.."while fool diaspora peoples
for a single glass of whisky unshamessly
are using :"..Yabateh bet sizeref abereh

02/13/09 @ 12:36
Comment from: Sami1 [Visitor]

My concern is if government is not monitored what they are taking from rich individual to give what in return…

If there is free media, free election, and true democracy then any thing could happen .

Ethiopia could be Chinapia or saudipia!

02/13/09 @ 12:53
Comment from: The Python [Visitor]
The Python

Dear Free,
I respect your comment, as per our aggreement. However, among the self-claimed Ethiopian journalists in the Diaspora, Ben shows by far neutrality than the rest do. I don’t know wether he has a hidden agenda or not. We can only judge him by what he has brought to the public eyes.

Look we don’t care weather this guy licks the salty Alamoudin’s ass or not. It is not our business to monitor that! We only judge by the stand of Ben against Ethiopia’s interest.

As I said the confrontation and uneasiness between Ben and Amare isn’t our concern. We judge both by their arguments. Having said that I feel Amare Aregawi is trying to hurt Alamoudin ponies such as Abinet G/meskel, who bought Addis gangesters to attack him to death in a day light, by painting the Billioner public enemy number one. Amare’s reports on the Sheik are mostly true. However, some of them are fabrications. It seems he put everything he heard in “qima” house to report, funy enough most of them are right!.

By contrast, Ben seems at fault in trying to clean all the muds Amare is painting the Billioner. He has taken it personal. I guess the guy enjoys good relationship with the magnet man. However, he has over reacted… besebes zenab ayferam newe negeru.

Apart from this, I think he has been almost neutral. He gratefully admires the investement in infrastructures back home. And he clearly put the problem at Tele to public. He has questioned the arrest of Birtukan who Tedi afro singing at the prison cell for.(I bet Tedi will be a protestant before he is released)

Honestly Ben is more neutral than you and me are! Don’t you think so ye qegn azmach lij?

Free…Qoy kesera altkeneskem endee? Joe Micheal eko be aqem manes kesera ketebarere eko senbetbet ale. Sema “I am back!” ende terminator satel zembeleh teleqeleqleh endee?

Anyways, wish You a happy time wherever you may be, man! Time is over for Fetawrari and Aqerqari, though!

02/13/09 @ 13:16
Comment from: The Python [Visitor]
The Python


Take my quote: “a slave cries when he is told that his master is dead!”

I am sure U have got what I mean!

02/13/09 @ 13:19
Comment from: tezibt [Visitor]

I appreciate the sheik for messing with underage girls and corrupting the country. I would rather have a poor country than deal with this evil man. I hope the Muslim community disavow him.

02/13/09 @ 13:22
Comment from: da-king [Visitor]

sorry joe the plumber come up with onther article. by the way how is ur job? make sure u need to wear bullet proof even tho the israel and palistan negotiet to stop the lunching thos rocketB)belh belh be beniam metah defar

02/13/09 @ 13:36
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

Any one who kisses Arab ass is not Ethiopian. No self loving country respecting Ethiopian will kiss any other countries ass let alonge stinking Arab ass

02/13/09 @ 13:55
Comment from: sosiso [Visitor]

If you can not do good things for your society at least you have to appreciate and respect a person who created a livinghood for thousands Ethiopians. If you have personal agenda don’t disclose it in a public media, use the press freedom for its intended purpose, not to deflame a high profile Ethiopians. Don’t speak at the name of the diaspora’s. You knew it well only few diasporas who didn’t dettach their connection with mother land invest and at the same time create a job for our people, the rest create different political parties to sustain their life in US and Europe and export to the poor Ethiopians to harves the ugly pictures of politics.Always Al-Amoudi first ….whatever he invested for his profit or for the people of Ethiopia. like one of the theories of Economics” landu sizenb lelelaw yabaral.

Finally"lesira yaltadele aemiro le tenkol zigiju new”

02/13/09 @ 13:59
Comment from: Mafioso [Visitor]

Ben in a shameless kiss ass

02/13/09 @ 14:20
Comment from: bereket [Visitor]

shame full. why do you hide your name any way, is there some thing wrong with the Ethiopian name or you are not Ethiopian.
and if you are accusing Ben for defending almoudi, you should criticize almaraima for insulting dr. shike mahomed alomoudi too. unless other wise your story is one sided.

02/13/09 @ 14:44
Comment from: DESA [Visitor]

Leave the Sheik alone. As for ben ,he is politically immature and has no clue wht is going on in Ethiopia. He is only making a living by kissing—–. he is “Ader Bay",Even the government knows it well.

02/13/09 @ 14:49
Comment from: gorade [Visitor]

abeba……shih sew kemimot shih yemiastedaderew lemin derik aylem,teret teretesh lebish welek bloal,banchi bet teru astedader ale lemalet new,mejemeria astedadarew yemutena astedadaei yetfa.

02/13/09 @ 15:00
Comment from: fasil---oakland [Visitor]

By the way are you Joe Michael or Joe the plumber the one who was trying to clean John McCain ass.
how many prostitute did Sheki buy for u because of this vulgar article.

02/13/09 @ 15:05
Comment from: Zafu [Visitor]

The Tale of 2 Als.

Nothing special to say about the first Al, an academician who dedicates his spare time writing insightful articles.

The second Al, a complexam billionaire, who prefers to live in Ethiopia instead of his country of citizenship, Saudi Arabia, because Ethiopia provides plenty of ass-lickers and other opportunists who are hoping to get some ferefari. The Sheik illustrates his philanthropic tendency by throwing wedding parties to the lucky ones.

Other than that his “Investments” in Ethiopia which don’t even amount to 300 million Birr - a lousy 30 millions dollars - are all loans from the Ethiopian Commercial Bank.

So when is this “generous” man going to put some of his 9 billion dollars where his mouth is, i.e., in Ethiopia?

02/13/09 @ 15:10
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]


Could you not at least use an Ethiopian pseudonym? People like contribute nothing positive for Ethiopia. What a waste!

02/13/09 @ 16:41
Comment from: Geremew werea [Visitor]
Geremew werea

Joe Micheal,
Could you please shut the H**l up. We are sick and tired of negative people like you. Critiszing every other individual, being suspicious of everyone’s intention and making every issue a conspiracy is not going to get you anywhere or will not make you a better person. Choose your idols wisely. Let me give you a hint. Prof. AL is can not be one of them.
By the way, I am calling you John Doe. It fits you perfectly.

02/13/09 @ 17:13
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The Meow, don’t be yewah. Ben-Als-Pet never was neutral. Of course he has tried to sound like one, but as anyone who has paid a minute in his website can tell, his seemingly neutrality is not the result of his innocence rather his lack of intelligence to spin political issues. He is not even comparable to ER, who is somehow a better propagandist. However, that was not the main reason why he has been playing innocent, even if his gibberish blah blahs always favors more of the abusers than the abused. In my opinion, it was mainly because his handler’s interest never was threatened up till the Reporter started opening the Pandora boxes. Why Amare has chosen to engage himself in the kind of activity after years of silence, you may answer that question better than I can, but it was clear to anyone that Ben-the-pet has been irritated by Amare’s investigative reports more than Al’Amudin himself. Well, it is always the dog or the slave that barks louder, not the master. From what happened between the bandits at Aigaforum and Ben-the-pet after a moment of back and fore saga, one can conclude that Ethiopia and her people was the concern of neither Ben-the-Pet nor the bandits of Aigan. They became associates when they felt a strong opposition party is a threat for their respective handlers, Woyane for the bandits and Al’Amudin who has been embezzling the country’s resource out-lawlessly for the pet. Once Amare started crying foul that the government is in danger of losing power for organized criminals headed by Al’Amudin however, the Bandits of Aiga and Ben-the-Pet has become silent enemies. If you have noticed, the bandits did not waste time to delete the link that takes you to the Pet’s crying sanctuary, Alamudin First. This almost sounds like the classical case of Shabia and Woyane, doesn’t it? They fought side by side against derg, but later became enemies when it comes to looting the country’s resources. So, don’t tell me Ben-the-pet has been always neutral. lol, it almost makes you sound fool. How could u fall for a trick designed by village idiots? But, as i said earlier, Ben never was a good pet, he is very slow, clumsy and stupid, may be that is why you couldn’t tell his true intentions. Or, may be he actually was neutral as you said before he sold himself for the comfort of Sheraton and “Aba Korapt Sefer", as Amare puts it. anyhow…….

02/13/09 @ 17:42
Comment from: Gurmu [Visitor]

Joe Michael,

You are telling the truth. Great article. Like the saying goes, “ the truth hurts”. You made all Woyane dogs tail wag. They came out of their woodwork to criticize your comment.

This is what I have to say to Woyane scumbags.

Woyanes!, Sallow the bitter pill. Stop crying like a kitten whose food has been snatched.

02/13/09 @ 17:52
Comment from: nunu [Visitor]

Did you guys notice when the so called Ben reads Amharic. I sometimes think there is Mira in his mouth. I lose my appetite whenever I listen his voice. He is truly a dog!

02/13/09 @ 20:42
Comment from: fezazaHula [Visitor]

To think that you can make an iota of change in Ethiopia from miles away just by writing an article is loughable. Go and find something useful to do with ur life. Just start by helping your family. Just take care of them. Save your energy.

02/13/09 @ 21:10
Comment from: tezibt [Visitor]

alamoudi is worst than meles + mengistu. He is a tapeworm. Alah help ethiopia.

02/13/09 @ 23:11
Comment from: [Member]

The writer, as you mentioned you are in America, thank God. My question is: Is it for love of the motherland or what?

02/14/09 @ 03:16
Comment from: kabu [Visitor]

Ben is not worth this attention. he is one pathetic hodam. His trash website is cluttered with a filth from TPLF websites. We can be best served by visiting EPRDF sites than his puppet website. Go and visit AIga or walta information. Second he screws the english and amharic languages. I don’t know what other language he speaks. He might be good as a web designer. I like the way his website is designed. Probably the best looking website.

02/14/09 @ 05:08
Comment from: tilahun [Visitor]

akilo…u are so stupid that, u don’t even know u ‘ve done nothing for u’r country. May be not even for u’r own family.sheki was born in wollo Ethiopia.

02/14/09 @ 06:28
Comment from: tolosa [Visitor]

Joe Michael!!! why don’t you use youre real name bro you sound scared :)):)):)):)) cuz you allready know that Shek could kick your ass in 1.1 sec and make you homeless:)):)):)):)):))

02/14/09 @ 09:15
Comment from: John [Visitor]

You RIGHT man! I have observed the unfortunate turns this worthless “banda” has taken. EF is another Aiga but the guy is more deceptive than Aiga. Because he is savvy enough to position himself as a “moderate.” Wakeup Habesh and boycott his crappy blogg.

02/14/09 @ 11:41
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Good observation Joe, I also urged the banda boy though email. Read on below.

Dear Ben,

I have believed for the longest time that you were a genuine moderate voice. I believed for the longest time you were very impartial and put Ethiopia first, like the domain name of your blogg suggests. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but now I think you just proved me wrong.

What happened to your motto, “We report, you judge!” Your reporting has been very selective especially lately. You have been acting as a sophisticated mouth piece of an individual and a party that seems committed to destroy it all, possibly for a personal gain?

After seeing where you are going lately, I began to wonder what makes you different from aiga? You are definitely a savvy guy! I think you are positioned to serve EPRDF better than Aigaforum does because you use very sophisticated deceptive techniques. You are Mr. “moderate” guy and everybody else extremist, Aigaforum less so.

Obviously, I am not trying to lecture you but I just hope you will get back to your senses and restart doing what is right.

By the way, how much is the shiekh dashing to you for all the hard work you put to put him in a positive light? Some people say, he commissions your annual vacation in Ethiopia and more. How true is that? Don’t be a prostitute. Be a good man so history will judge you kindly.
02/14/09 @ 11:50
Comment from: mullu [Visitor]

I am proud to say that he is an Ethiopia. Why would you even question your Ethiopian so much so that you are making him a traitor. Who are you to question one’s Ethiopianess? Should he come from Jerusalem? change his name to Alemu instead of Alamoudin? What do people want from him. He is an Ethiopian like mengistu was like minilik was haileselaase was like yodit was like Negash was like Mengistu neway was like aba jefar was. If yu are an amhara and think that you can speak for all ethiopians you are in the old camp like feudalism dead and rotten. Any way I dont know wht this guy is doing but I know my heart is with him because he came to Ethiopia to his mother land when the rich saudis can go any where. If you dont like Alamoudin go work with Al Olmert. you wil know how you will get treated.

02/14/09 @ 11:57
Comment from: tezibt [Visitor]

This for tolosa and his rat friends;

This notorious rascal shiek,his dog Abinet and the rats around them will soon pay the price for corrupting underage girls, married women, looting the countries’ resources, using government infrastructure to attack their opponenets, allying with the EPRDF and particularly the broke drankard shiek is losing a big chunk of his commission from the Saudi Royal family because they are getting broke too. Plus his salary to support alkaida is not showing results in Ethiopia because he is busy sleeping around with teenage girls, boys and kids. At least these teenage kids are saving the country by helping to paralize this evil man. He is to hateful and full of inferiority complex because of his tigrayan and jemala heritage he is out on a spree of destroying any thing good in the country. Currently him and his dogs are using the tactic of attacking their opponents by using the principle of attacking the heart means by going against the marriage of their opponents. Alamoudi and Abinet are heard repeatedly saying lets ruin his marriage. Get his wife to divorce him and them give her a lavish wedding with another man. They do this by spending so much money. They even do have connections at tele to wire tap their opponenets phone. I like that because when it is too much they will get what they never expect.

02/14/09 @ 12:50



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