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Marriage in Ethiopia.



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Marriage in Ethiopia.

It is not always easy to be married and live together in peace and tranquility. Anyone, who has been married for a longer time, can admit that. Raising children, work on a career, difficulties with health or like in Ethiopia a repressive political system can put much strain on a relation. The expectation which were formed before or at the beginning of marriage, sometimes fall short, or even worse, you realize you’ve made the wrong choice.

Some wives are disappointed that their husband, who was such a romantic figure, in the long run seems to enjoy the company of his friends more than hers. Men find out that their lovely bride is slowly changing in a demanding mother, who never has enough. Why did Solomon get this promotion and not you, we really need new curtains before Fasika festa. You always have a headache and are always too tired to join me when I visit mother. Don’t drink too much darling. Do we have to leave this early?

Most of us have our ways to eventually make it work, for better or for worse. A nice dinner, flowers, some attention here and some there, give and take, and sometimes greater sacrifices are made to keep the relation working. A new car, a bigger house, the latest equipment in a new kitchen, you name it.

Legesse ‘the name thief’ Zenawi, crime minister of Ethiopia is married to Azeb Mesfin, renowned shoplifter and failed manager of the Mega Bookshop Empire. She is the self proclaimed first lady of Ethiopia and, just like the lot of them, stole her seat in parliament. We also know her as the Itchy bitch.

I wonder how she managed to get the post of deputy chairman of EFFORT from her husband.

--- For many years he, Tilahun Gessesse, was my greatest favourite as a singer. His voice sounded like one of the beautiful birds. He is not anymore with us. I wish his relatives all strength to accommodate this loss. May God bless his sole.
---Still there are frequent interruptions with the electricity supply, internet and telephone connections. As some of my readers say it, it is all due to the worldwide economic crises and not due to bad management!!
---During this period of Miazzia and Ginbot, tricks can be expected from the Dictatorship as it used to be during previous years. And all of us know quite well, how good they are in framing a coup attempt by putting the various evidences on the places they want to find it and to use it as the so called evidence. Now this gang blames 35 individuals of organizing a coup against the “legal”government, which of course is against the Constitution, and the verdict of their Court is already written down. Who would believe them? Interpol to arrest part of the Ginbot 7 group or the International Court?


Comment from: gurezza [Visitor]

The red terror coming back to Ethiopia.:crazy:

04/27/09 @ 06:24
Comment from: Ibrahim [Visitor]

Glad to hear that you were not in that group of ‘the arrested coup plotters’. Watch your back, Urael. These people are very desperate. They seem to have reached the point where it would n’t be surprising if they accuse their own shadows of being ‘anti constitution’. They are so paranoid preety soon they will start attacking anyone standing infront of them.Their own mothers will not be spared too.

04/27/09 @ 08:47
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

I don’t think this people are from Ginbot 7. EPRDF choos a time where he divert peoples thinking. I don’t think what showed on TV is just a proof. It is just a fake. People might be arrested but all are falsed story. EPRDF is preparing his way for the next electionn. That is the truth. We will see the resutls in near future.

04/27/09 @ 11:49




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