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Meles and the Deconstruction of Ethiopia



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Meles and the Deconstruction of Ethiopia

Meles and the Deconstruction of Ethiopia

By Messay Kebede

N. B.: My customary readers may wonder why my political writings increasingly focus on psychological analyses to the detriment of socioeconomic forces. Is it because in my mind psychological factors prevail over socioeconomic conditions? The answer is no unless certain circumstances lend importance to the personality of political leaders. Such is the case when state power falls in the hands of megalomaniac dictators. Only objective socioeconomic and political conditions can create situations that call for a specific rule. However, depending on the personality of leaders, the direction of change imparted by objective factors can be diverted toward idiosyncratic goals. Especially, to the extent that revolutions and wars shatter established institutions, they have the nasty habit of favoring the rise to power of megalomaniac individuals. Once in power, such personalities hijack the social movement and use it to strengthen their power. Their absolute control of state power means that political and economic decisions are taken and implemented with the sole view of satisfying their idiosyncratic goals, chiefly their determination to retain the control of absolute power by all means. In this condition, the understanding of the psyche of dictators is crucial for political struggle. My assumption is that this is exactly the case with Meles’s rule of Ethiopia.

Many Ethiopians still wonder why Meles is uncontrollably seized with the desire to commit actions whose sole purpose is to offend Ethiopians or cripple the country. Among such actions are his routine assaults on Ethiopian nationalism together with his promotion of ethnic nationalisms, the ceding of Ethiopian territories to Sudan, the persistent determination to humiliate opposition leaders, an educational policy that values quantity and politicization over skill and professionalism, and the policy of leasing fertile lands to foreign firms at the expense of Ethiopian peasants and the national progress of agriculture. I will cite as yet another recent manifestation of his hatred of Ethiopia his support––assuming that he is not the initiator—to the decision not to erect a statue to Haile Selassie for his decisive contribution to the creation of African unity.

There is no doubt that some of the mentioned measures are designed to protect Meles’s power. For instance, leasing land to foreign firms provides him with the money he needs to keep his repressive apparatus satisfied, just as the ceding of territories to Sudan buys the friendship of a strategically important neighbor. Likewise, the promotion of ethnic division is how he implements the divide-and-rule strategy characteristic of all dictatorial regimes. However, these measures do not look very rational in that they further aggravate an already brewing discontent, and so can contribute to a brutal end of his regime.

In fact, the adoption of a nationalist position would have been a better way to protect Meles’s power. History teaches us that, to say in power, dictators utilize the divide-and-rule strategy in combination with a nationalist zeal, which gives them a popular support, even if it does not last. Given the resentment that it generates, one wonders whether the method of shielding power by ceding territories and leasing land to foreign companies is a smart choice.

On the other hand, there are acts not connected with power calculus that Meles commits just for the sheer purpose of upsetting Ethiopians. Thus, dismantling opposition forces is certainly a way of fighting for his power, but not the determination to humiliate their leaders by the imposition of degrading requests. Similarly, the characterization of the Ethiopian flag as a trash does not help him strengthen his power. Nor are his numerous demeaning statements, as when he said that the failure of his policy would mean that Ethiopia was not meant to be. His obvious complicity in the decision to deny Haile Selassie the honor of a statue is just a recent example of actions whose sole purpose is to offend Ethiopians.

All this brings us to the enigmatic question of knowing why Meles does not rule the country in the accustomed way of dictators, that is, as extremely jealous of his power, but also as an ardent defender of the national interest, even if his definition of national interest favors his own dictatorship. As already suggested, normal dictators want to be loved by the people they rule so as to give their power a popular basis. Given Meles’s obsession with power, how is then one to understand the undermining of his own popularity by such senseless anti-Ethiopian deeds?

One way of resolving the dilemma of a dictator who undermines his own popularity is to suggest that Meles has a deep hatred of Ethiopia and of whatever promotes the interests and well-being of its people. In a previous article posted on various Ethiopian websites and titled “Meles’s Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred,” I have tried to decipher the enigma of a dictator set on unpopularity by suggesting that the shame of his family’s close collaboration with the Italian colonial forces had evolved very early into a hatred of Ethiopia. Despising and damaging Ethiopia, notably through the diabolization of the architect of modern Ethiopia, namely, the Amhara elite, is his manner of removing the shame, the assumption being that there is really no betrayal if what is supposedly betrayed is worthless to begin with.

If Meles has such a deep hatred of Ethiopia, the question that comes to mind is why he is struggling to consolidate his power instead of simply destroying Ethiopia, for instance by encouraging secessionist groups and triggering bloody ethnic conflicts. Though my previous article raised the issue, it did not directly deal with it for the sake of brevity. The time has come to resolve the puzzle of Meles hanging to the state power of a country that he despises and even scoring some accomplishments, which of course either remain superficial or come with heavy social costs.

Undoubtedly, the key to the puzzle is Meles’s craving for power. Not only is he obsessed with power, but also his hatred finds no better way to vent itself than to keep Ethiopia on life support through his divisive and weakening policy. Indeed, what is more gratifying for a soul tormented with hatred than to prolong the agony of the object of his hatred as long as possible? In other words, his love for power occasionally overrides his hatred while also providing an outlet for it.

Here a restriction should be introduced, which emanates from the very contradictions of a tormented soul. As much as Meles wants to demean and hurt Ethiopia, his passion for power has grown into megalomania, mostly as a result of an easy victory against all his opponents. To his craving for power is now added the belief in his own grandeur and unique destiny. Yes, he hates Ethiopia, but he is also possessed with power and burns with the dream of becoming a great ruler, especially in the eyes of Westerners. So that, hatred and megalomania combine to inspire a deconstructive/constructive political project.

Let there be no misunderstanding. Meles is as committed as ever not to do anything that seems to promote Ethiopia because of the painful consequences on him. He has accordingly decided to erase Ethiopia as we know her and recreate another Ethiopia, this time of his own design. The deconstructive and constructive project thus solves, it is true temporarily, the contradiction between his hatred for the country and his love for power and megalomania: deconstruction satisfies his hatred; construction his megalomania. In effect, he is now promoting a project called Ethiopian renaissance, which he couples with the ideology of developmental state considered as the proven instrument to achieve prosperity.

What we need to understand here is that when Meles exhorts Ethiopians to “achieve the vision for Ethiopia’s Renaissance,” he means the Ethiopia a la Meles, that is, Ethiopia made suitable for his absolute rule and for the pillage by his cronies and party followers. The design excludes all those who fight for a democratic Ethiopia in which people endowed with real rights decide about what is best for them and achieve national unity as equal and free both in their individual capacities and ethnic belonging. Instead of Ethiopians realizing integrative unity and exercising sovereignty, Meles’s project sees them as puppets of a deconstructive project inspired by hatred and megalomania.

To clarify further Meles’s project of Ethiopian Renaissance, we can add that it is tantamount to a child playing with a new toy. Unfortunately, the parallel is misleading for even a child cares for his/her toy: he/she may mistreat the toy, but he/she will not allow others to do so. A better comparison would be land clearing by which you bulldoze whatever has grown naturally for the purpose of planting seeds of your own choice. We know the danger of land clearing when it ignores the conditions of the soil and the well-being of the local population, especially when the land is given to foreign interests. What used to be a fertile land can become barren if such cares are missing.
Since Ethiopia is the object of a resentful policy, Meles cannot provide the care necessary to transform Ethiopia into a flourishing and integrating country. Even if we assume that he is determined to eradicate poverty, the assumption remains far-fetched, not to say utterly unlikely, because whatever his dream of greatness leads him to want is immediately defeated by a forceful resurgence of his hatred. Thus, there is a constant oscillation between hatred and the dream of grandeur: no sooner is a project devised than it is spoiled by the hostility of hatred.
What is more, Meles does not have the people necessary to implement any serious policy of development. In order to strengthen his dictatorial power, he has surrounded himself with yes men, who are irremediably incompetent and profusely self-serving. He has no choice but to reward them by closing his eyes to the widespread use of illegal means of enrichment. Also, the failure of his economic policy together with his tendency to conspire against the nation can only intensify anger, thereby making him unable to mobilize people for any significant national project.
This is to say that the clearing of Ethiopia increasingly looks like a land devastated by the effect of toxic chemicals administered by a spiteful agronomist. Repressive means can help Meles stay in power for a while, but his attempt to reduce Ethiopia to something fashionable at will for the gratification of his tortured mind will never see the light of day. He will remain stuck with repressive methods because his hatred and his hunger for unlimited power always end up by defeating his dream of grandeur.


Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

one useless article from a guy who is fighting to be relevant in diaspora politics.

03/21/12 @ 22:39
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

It is true, Sidist Kilo’s famous philosopher knows and understands Meles Zenawi more than Meles Zenawi knows himself. That was a good read.

03/21/12 @ 23:04
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

What a west when this kind of people open their eye and face the reality? Get up and stand up for your family right don’t waste your time as guinea pig for HODAM world.

03/21/12 @ 23:58
Comment from: Degitu [Visitor]

Dear Prof Messay,
Love your analysis very much!!, always thoughtful and to the point. TPLF barking dogs may throw all kinds of spitful and crazy words, but deep in their heart they know that your scribbles reflect the reality and the truth of current Ethiopia. Thank you so much for exposing this narrow nationalistic, anti-Ethiopian dispotic ruler. I don’t know for how long Ethiopians will remain silent living under his tyranny. Thanks.

03/22/12 @ 00:26
Comment from: tee [Visitor]

I don’t think you read the article.
If you did, then you didn’t understand it!

It is a good article! In it, the writer gave us his insight on the confusing and contradictory nature of you know who…(your master!)

03/22/12 @ 00:29
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


I assume your defense is diaspora everything correct? You, Heny, and Addis Zefen are still in the stone ages of politics and an obstacle to democracy and progress.

Dictator worshiping isn’t a good way of life and a good way of make a living poor souls!

03/22/12 @ 01:01
Comment from: emiru Isak [Visitor]
emiru Isak

Dear professor,

With age comes wisdom says old adage. But it seems that you have stoped aging. Why are you so abssesd with the personality of Meles? Your hate to the guy is driving you crazy and making you sleepless. You are beeng hunted in your dreams by him whereever you go and it seems you are fighting.

I thought you were capable of analyisng the real situation our country is finding itself to day to my dismay. Why concentrate on the person Meles when we have a lot of issues to discuss about? It seems that you are still tramping on the same place. The situation during the emperial era, derg era and now are compeletly differen, even if the there are common issues still (lack of good governance, extreme poverty tec etc,). When you correctly analys the problems in relation to local, regional and international situation and come up with alternative constructive idiea will you remin relevent and probabily help your friends in the opposition camp. Otherwise you will be persona non grata.

Brother, just stop talking nonsense about Meles. he is doing his job while you are talking. Do you have better policies on economy, politics, good governance, fighting poverty, ethnicity than the incumbent? Come up let us discuss them. All inclusive solutions are demanded.

I hope you have got the message

03/22/12 @ 04:28
Comment from: the_truth [Visitor]

Ethiopians are suffering immensely under 20+ years TigrayPLF dictatorship.

03/22/12 @ 04:52
Comment from: Afro [Visitor]

Unfounded baseless very weak argument with no substantial support and very disorganized and long to just state very few statements that are the underline premise of AMARO REGRESIVE MONKY COMPLEX.  Mr. Messay Kebede point is the same old argument which is ethnic federalism is destroying Ethiopia, flourishing hostility among ethnic groups. Why a given groups of people reject the notion of multi ethnic Ethiopia, how granting ethnic groups to speak, govern and practice their God given religion would destroy Ethiopia? How could it create division and fosters ethnic hostility? Every opponents of the multi ethnic Ethiopia attempted to justify their hate for equality, justice, equity, and self-governance of every ethnic group in Ethiopia as a danger to free and democratic society.  It is amusing how one could not see the contradiction in this argument.  The reason why they don’t see any contradiction in their argument is simple; these people didn’t see any problem in the previous system. They tell you “we all were one people living in harmony until the current government” “EPRDF came and divided as by religion, ethnic and region” we all have heard of that same old argument.  
One cannot go against nature and win, the fact the matter is we all are not the same. We are different, but it is not a bad thing to be deferent, it just only the fact. Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic society. We have Somali people, we have Gambela people, we have the Oromo people, the amhara people, we have the Tigre people and the list goes on. My point being we are different. However, some people continue to argue other ways. They tell us we are one; we need to speak one langue’s, have one culture, and governed alike. The old system conception of ethiopianwinet is amharanet, were every individual has to subscribe to the amhara culture, langue’s, make sure to have an amhara name and become a true Ethiopian. If you failed to do one of the above you are not a true Ethiopian. By this definition yes it is true those who argue to the one Ethiopia proposition are correct; Ethiopians were one people, through forced amharanisim upon them.  

I have nothing against Amhara culture or langue’s but, this system alienated various ethnic minority, subjugated them, treated them as sub human, because of that most minority groups didn’t want to claim the title of ethiopiawinet since it was a symbol of injustice, discrimination, and sub human treatment. Despite all the fact and reality, the so called educated, elite amhara facio appears to make a democratic, justice, and equality argument, despite the fact that the whole notion of One Ethiopiawiness, is the most  brutal, undemocratic system that destroyed the unity of Ethiopia for centuries.  The current system is not perfect, it has ways to go, however, it has improved the freedom, equality, justice, and self-representation, which is the first character of democracy.
Is Ethiopian democracy perfect?  The answer is no, but the system in place is truly freed ethic subjugation in Ethiopia.  Walking on Addis street you could hear people proudly speak their langue without feeling out of place in their country. People proudly will state their ethnicity without feeling sub- human or inferior. Today in Ethiopia, using ethnic defamatory words is against the law; every ethnic group has restored the true essence of humanity and self-worth. In Ethiopia every ethnic groups is equal regardless.
In principle, THE REGRESIVE MONCKY AMARO don’t believe in democracy, it is their political vehicle to claim back to power and put emplace their most primitive system which make ethiopia one of poorest country in the world.  I used to believe, one could have a rational argument with THE REGRESIVE MONCKY AMARO to better ethiopians regardless of who they are but all AMARO wants is to over through the EPRDF and reestablish Amaro dinasty.  That train has left 20 semi years ago and no coming back.
The most furstrating aspect of  talking about Amharo Ego trip is that it hijack the conversation and prevent us from discussing real constructive issues. Here is alternative reading if the above is not sufficient.
“Every Amhara and Tigray who dreams of united Ethiopia claiming we are one you are WRONG and ignorent of ethiopias history and identity and makes you not one of us. What has south Ethiopia given us . I will give u a year to answer this question. Do you know that all of the war against our axumite empire and the civil war between the princes did not empact us the way the oromia distroyed us they never fought the army because the army was too busy with the adal war a real civilized war while the oromos would come and kill the farmers because there sons and fathers are dying In the filed to protect a three thousand year old nation, but when one time a king turned there attention to them they were no Mach for us king sosynyos killed 12 000 Oromo in an afternoon . yohanis turned 20000 in to a tribe called raya . Tesodros would have been acused for genocide had he not die ,the guns he was begging for was to illinimate you. No amhara or tigray intelectuals in his right mind dreams of leaving there children and there history at the hand of united ethiopia Europeans are asking the same question . Ok you brought down a glories empire but what have you give them it is the most amazing historical fact. They killed our people but want to become us. Mingistu wanted one Ethiopia because he knew there is no country or ligitimacy with out amhara and Tigray and our history , and remember he wanted to exterminate us . I can’t wait till meles give you what you diverse separate all of us we Amhara Gurage Tigray Even eritrean Tigray are going to sit atop magdela the same spot where our beloved king Teodrose who dream to get rid of you killed himself for us and watch you get swallowed by subshara Africa. Kony 2012 your true cousin is waiting for you with open arms . U dont need us it is true when you are born amhara or tigray you are born privelaged no matter how poor or black just be born amhara or tigray and it is a scientific fact that habeshas were a branch of arabs they looked like white people till 240 years go all the writeres who were there said frech and spanish were darker than us 300 years go Because other writers always mistook there slaves for abyssinians . Till this day habesha has white kids with white people we truly are different and we can not learn our history as long as we are together it’s going to hurt ur feelings . Long live Meles. Zenawi neguse negest z axumite tribes .Axum adi aboy gender adi Emoy ajokee dem na abotatena kab adulis kisha elibaboore fesesu eyekerene . Deki axum kulukum embeba abzia abziA zebelkuwo yekun. I love oromo people I truly do but your intellectuals don’t know what they are going up agaInst its not good to underestimate us the bilble says abou us “they live by the award and they die by the sward” . We are quoted a million times in the bible and the Koran for Christ sake we are on our own it took 3000 thousand years to build this and I don’t want any of you near my people”

03/22/12 @ 06:01
Comment from: Fiseha [Visitor]

Dear Prof. Messay,

My respect to you and your reasoned opinion on the construction/deconstruction of Ethiopia. I always read your articles for enlightenment that you bring to the plight of Ethiopians and its elites in particular. I don’t always agree with you, though. I might as well have huge difference in my perception of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the past, what we have become today and where we are heading collectively. My difference with you does not matter when it comes to learning from you as in many ways you insisted on giving an exposé of the ruling coalition in Ethiopia and the role of the one and only at the helm of the structure.

Let me ask you this? A massive and popular uprising during the 60s did bore the ‘dergue’. That regime is now synonymous to bloodshed and confusion that by some estimate pulled back the country 20 years. (I could be wrong. I don’t have the expertise on economic and social indicators) Years of agony under the ‘Dergue’ bore ‘woyane led coalition’. The latest we see is the new rich getting richer and the new poor getting poorer under a socio political system that redistributes wealth and political participation on the basis of political affiliation. (i stand to be corrected) Now many people call for another uprising to undo what is at display. An uprising for what? Where are we heading?

Haile Sellassie waited until he was unsitted by his guards. The glory of Kings of Ethiopia was tarnished by the successors. In exile, the Kingdom still believes the salvation of Ethiopia is to be found in return to glory of Ethiopian Kings not much they can say about the people as is the case in most kingdoms. The ‘Dergue’ glued to power until Mengistu came to a rude awakening that he was actually fighting for a loosing proposition. His flight to Zimbabwe left him with a conviction that he was right but he did not find enough support for his mission. Now Meles is heading the same way.

In my naïveté let me predict two consequences of ithe self- imposed isolation of Meles. The most obvious is that the fall of Meles and his Ethiopian rennaisance is going to be so disastrous that such a proposition will not be tolerable in a manner ‘monarchy’ was under the ‘Dergue’ and to the extent a virtue of the ‘Dergue’ could mean criminal to Meles and allies.

The second consequence of Meles is what I hope you will consider. Meles is going to be replaced by some kind of spontenous arrangement. The indication is the lack of national meta narrative that holds us together irrespective of our socio-political convictions. Let me correct myself. There is a meta narrative that says the system in Ethiopia is not equitable, against liberty and that it serves its own elites. So was the monarchy and the ‘Dergue’. Our meta narrative was back then as it is today, to see the end to the present plight. We never had a narrative of what to replace it with. Therefore, with exception of few thrown here and there there is no tolerable, all encompassing national agenda under which opposing propositions find ground upon which to flourish. In the absence of organized national meta narrative, some kind of quick fix will replace Meles and invite multi decades of agony to Ethiopians.

Enlightened self interest without a system of collaboration and order always leads to destruction. At least this is what I learnt from Neg. GH Baykedagn.

My dear Professor I am not complaining. I’m appealing to you and your dear readers to think about where we are heading. All your analusis of ‘ the enigmatic presence’ without foresight, at least in my opinion will lead us into decades of agony to come. I know you don’t but some people call the people of Ethiopia to arms and revolt against Meles. Show us you vision of beyond Meles. Call us to hope and liberty where we all have equal opportunity. Show us a reasoned way forward as an intellectual as you are. Give the people your counsel and let us reason and debate. Not only do I need a free country, I also hope for a virtuous Ethiopia. In conclusion, where is your proposal, dear Professor Messay.

03/22/12 @ 06:08
Comment from: abel [Visitor]  

በእንቁላል ሽያጭ በአያት በተጻፈ
በሞተ ዜግነት ላይወስጡ የረገፈ
የአባቱ ህማም የወረሰው ከአያት
የአእምሮ ፈትል ጉስቁሉ ማንነት
ህመሙን ደብቆ ከውስጡ አኑሮ
ሽምቆ አድምቶ 4 ኪሎ ወንብሮ
ትውልድን በሽንፈት ከሀገር እየነዳ
ወይ ባንዳ ወይ ባንዳ አደረገን ባዳ

03/22/12 @ 07:19
Comment from: stype [Visitor]

I didnt finish reading through your text. I just read sth on the first half of the passage, then stopped. I am not totally in favor of meles. But of all the things, which make me like him is the fact that he accepted multilingualism and multiculturalism in ethiopia. He also promotes nationalism bringing ppl together. Here is a message for those ppl who think like the writer of this passage. GET OVER YOURSELVES, Ethiopia is not a one tribe nation. There is no way in the world you can promote nationalism without respecting multi ethnicity. Let me tell u sth, nobody will ever live like the old ethiopia after now. We have tasted the beauty of learning in our language and working in our language. We cant let go this wonderful experience. We are also ppl having our own interest. We live together as long as we keep the interest of each other. THATS the reality of Ethiopia.I wish ppl like you ever come near power. Get this junk out of your head. Every ethnic in ethiopia is enjoying this priviledge. No earthly power can deprive us that again. That wont happen. Everybody has opened his eyes now. Donnt ever come to me that way. But I like your idea of promoting nationalism along side. There are still some aspects of meles I dont like. But always sth is better than nothing. Wake up dude. sorry for the language.

03/22/12 @ 07:29
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

ፊታውራሪ Free ass [Member]

Forgive me, I didn’t read the article but, I am capable of commenting on any psycho Diasporas political thinking because it is one and the same thing they write over and over again: baseless hate. Time is gold why should anyone should waste his/her time reading a neurotic political thought instead of giving him the the right injection called fuckoff!

03/22/12 @ 07:30
Comment from: The Normal [Visitor]
The Normal

Those who go the Freudian way and who understand people as predictable machines are nonsense!

Is the writer of this usless article different? No doubt that Meles should retire after this long rule. But to put him into such a psychic framework is nonsense!

Meles and his team fought a merciless military and communicst regime. So is ruling such an army and front wrong?

The writer and his likes should know that they needed to stay in power to consolidate things - afterall they paid dear lives for the causes! They can not just win the battle and dissappear! No way!!!

03/22/12 @ 08:39
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

“What we need to understand here is that when Meles exhorts Ethiopians to “achieve the vision for Ethiopia’s Renaissance,” he means the Ethiopia a la Meles, that is, Ethiopia made suitable for his absolute rule and for the pillage by his cronies and party followers.".
well that depends upto the individual and we all are entitled to our opinion but not facts. according to the facts, i know he also meant an ethiopia with 15000 MW of power, 5,000 KM of railway, hundreds of thousands KM road and dozens of higher education institutions.

03/22/12 @ 09:36
Comment from: [Member]

The ‘Pschotic Looter Shifta” meles the tyrant is one step away from heading to the “Amanuel Hospital” in Addis. This lunatic, davil-may-care egomaniac is working towards one and only one goal. To loot as much as as possible at the expense of any evil doing, and run the hell out.
But one bare fact stands out at the end. The fact that you will be caught and give back each and every penny you stole.
Meles is dillusional, scared Ag** who doesn’t trust his own shadow.
We all remember the late junta Mengistu how he was acting the same.
Death to TPLF and its cyber cadres.

03/22/12 @ 13:10
Comment from: legedembi [Visitor]

This dude is such a reactionary nationalist (he might wrongly call himself conservative) with symptoms of color blindness he would make Hitler blush.

03/22/12 @ 13:10
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

What in the hell are you talking about? Have you had your head examined?

I think you have your work cutout with your own problem. Why don’t you do yourself and your people a service and put your time good use and fight your crazy head know-it-all dictator Issayas?

03/22/12 @ 13:33
Comment from: Wubet [Visitor]  

Your ideas are good but your attitude towards Amhara people seems to be a little bit distorted. The only region where you can work freely without being questioned of your ethnicity is the Amhara region. You can’t work in Oromia region if you are not an Oromo. Its good to be see facts around. And don’t forget the role the Amhara people played in keeping this country united.

03/22/12 @ 15:02
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

afro u spend too much time typing ur nonsense garbage uneducated piece of dogshit.please finish high school before attempting to understand this informative complex article by the intelect mr. messay the way u sound like a house negro with a.d.s.(attention def. syndrome)trying to get his master’s attention.get lost mother******.

03/22/12 @ 16:29
Comment from: essu [Visitor]

I hope most Ethiopians dont think all Tigreans bad because Meles and frends

03/22/12 @ 16:46
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

Joro Yalew Yisma, Chinkilat Yalew Yasib. Dr Mesay Kebede is spot on!

@ Afro aka Hagos

Hummm what cheap stuff are you smoking Bozo? To begin with, I was born, raised in Addis so I remember how things were very clearly. The Addis I know was a city where Everybody openly spoke their own language if they felt like it. You go to corner stores, Merkato Adarash etc Gurages spoke Guragigna, all the Tsilas in Tekle Haimanot, Gola, Piassa area spoke Tigrigna whenever they felt like it. Even when the “Lewach Lewach” folks came, our moms used to tell us to run & get our Tsila neighbours to translate, bargain for them. If you go passed the American Embassy, where they sell Traditional clothing, all the Dorzes spoke their language there, been there many times with my mom then. You come to my neighbourhood, all the Oromos from Gergi who used to come to our area never spoke Amharic but Oromiffa. Even when they came knocking our doors to sell dairy products i.e. eggs, they spoke in Oromiffa and my own mother used to translate for the neighbours as she is fluent in 3 Ethiopian languages (Amharic, Harari, Oromiffa). There was even this area where Gurages used to grow veggies, Bole Bulbula, where everybody spoke Guragena!

Bozo, I’m not sure which planet/era you lived at? The Addis we knew growing up just before Weyanes came to power was free of ethnic prejudices. My mom never spoke Amharic with her Hadere/Oromo friends at home or in public.

Stop talking out of your a$$ retard. Amharas who were born, raised outside of Amhara regions learned to speak other languages fluently even in our parents era! This tells you Mr retard that locals were never forced/did not have to communicate in Amharic, rather Amharas had to learn their language. As a national language, everybody was thought in Amharic (which was actually the biggest achievement in Ethiopia’s history), if you are smart enough to understand how vital it is for a nation to have ONE common language, that was just about it. Go preach that garbage to your fellow A*ames in AdgiRat who’d never stepped a foot in Addis before TPLF. They believe anything in Tigray region, they even teach them new, revised History so the like of Agazi come here and tell us how Yekuno Amlak was from Tigray, Tigray is full of Jewish people, Tigrays founded Shewa, Lalibela was build by Tigrays etc etc :):)

Nobody treated Tigres as subhumans, in fact, it was quite the contrary. Tigrays were major slave traders/suppliers to Arabia during Axumite empire hence treated Ethiopians like subhumans, shipped, flogging citizens from all corners of Ethiopia, even from as far as Somalia, Sudan etc to Arabia via Adulis & Zeila ports. Zenawi & Co are doing the same thing now, renaissance of the slave trading era where they export Ethiopians to Arabia as contemporary slaves or import the slave masters themselves from Arabia, Turkey, China, India etc to enslave citizens in their own lands. Here, you have no shame telling us how you freed every Ethnic grop from Amhara subjugation? :)) :))

You are trying your very best to demonize Amharas, hiding behind other minorities when the reality is, none of the other minorities talk the same garbage as you EVER. Tigrays were major slave traders, the Fudal noble men, very integral part of the feudal System!! Now, you are trying to play victims? Speak on behalf of other minorities as if you were the oppressed, holly folks?

What the Amhara rulers achieved throughout the centuries had massive significance in shaping the Ethiopia you keep bragging about today. They sacrificed their precious lives, going from one corner of Ethiopia to another, building their empires, getting every naked tribe who were living like exotic animals under some sort of civilized, organized rule/system. If you read History books, even when HIM took power Ethiopia was an extremely primitive country! Thanks to Amharas, you have well organised system, infrastructures, people who understand your Primate dictator’s speech in Amharic from corner to corner of Ethiopia. The only monkey who can’t even understand the massive sacrifice, hard work, blood & sweat the Amharas paid to defend, build, structure, shape the Ethiopia you have today is you deluded chimps. You never liberated any minorities non what so ever, quite the contrary. You are just using them like soccer balls to do you evil work, sell their lands to China, India, Arabia etc. Now, they are all wide awake, eventually realized that you are their enemy NO 1, not Amharas. That is precisely why you have all sorts of Liberation fronts from corner to corner (ONLF, OLF, Amhara Arbegnoch LF, Afar LF, Gambella LF, Harari LF, Islamic LF & what not).

How dare you even say, every tribe in Ethiopia is equal today? TPLFs are you losing your minds?

… Don’t think for a second that Amharas give rats a$$ about whether you feel Ethiopian or not, whether you identify yourself as Ethiopian or Not. We the new generation of Amharas refuse to take any garbage from anybody in the name of Unity. Mengedun Cherk Yargilachu! Hasta La Vista baby!

03/22/12 @ 21:38
Comment from: ABC-HAHU [Visitor]

Ethiopian Mohammed Hassan of Brussels clearly spelled it out the damage that was causing and is causing without any ambiguity.

Q. Is Meles the cause of the current many problems of Ethiopia?
A. YES, for Dr. Messay and his advocates, it is Meles!!!
A. NO, Meles is only a tool but the main sources and causes are outsiders.

These diametrically two different understandings must clearly be identified in order to understand the causes and solutions, otherwise simplistic psychological analysis as is done by Dr. Messay and earlier by Dr. Tecola Hagos blurs the course of struggle and as if giving undue supernatural power to the person they hate most for his treatment to these individuals and colleagues.

In this case Dr. Messay fails to address the causes and sources of the many problems of Ethiopia as his ardent advocate Dr. Tecola, in the process no clear cut solutions in sight. To the disappointment of Meles haters, one simple SOLUTION of removing Meles at the helm can not and will not be a solution of Ethiopia’s problems.

What we need now is such as:-

-Is a peaceful struggle a solution and can work?
-Is by any means necessary struggle a solution?
-Is armed struggle a solution?
-Who should be the key players of the solutions?

So long clarity is out of sight, word games does not mean a real struggle but illusion and divisions among contenders.


03/23/12 @ 10:31
Comment from: Biniam [Visitor]

I see Megalomania in many Ethiopians so we can say it is normal. I guess it all comes from having a rich history or part of it maybe from the upbringing by parents to drive Ethiopian kids be all they can be and get them create the better Ethiopia they dream of. At this notion what Meles misses is that to make things better it don’t necessarily mean to destroy the good. There is this saying most WOYANE say “KALDEFERESE AYITERAM” meaning we have to dirty it up to make it spotless. How wrong their KALDEFERESE AYITERAM moto is had been seen in Ethiopia for the last twenty plus years. They dirtied up and they ask the rest of us to clean up after them like asking for the bond money to build dams . Who on earth in the right mind is going to give WOYANE money to build dam after seeing Gilgel Gibe II collapse in February 2010 just weeks after its official inauguration built at a cost of 373 million euros .The only thing Woyane is good at it is dirtying up , destroying and failing at any task.Why give more power to the destroyer? It is like giving Ethiopia’s destroyer a bulldozer. I rather see WOYANE continue destroying with a hammer rather than with a bulldozer. Woyane think the more damage they do to the country it will result in more people of Ethiopia will start geting up and geting mobilized to save their beloved country to the best of their ability. What Meles missed is Ethiopians rather get rid of the destroyer than constantly build what Woyane will constantly destroy. Why build what WOYANE will somehow embezzle and destroy the next day and ask to clean up their mess after them? It would be a waste of talent and time for most Ethiopians to continue cleaning up Woyanes mess. That is why knowledgeable people around him act like they are unable to hold any task and Meles is the only great one in Ethiopia which in turn builds his foolish inflated self esteem-Megalomania.

03/23/12 @ 11:17
Comment from: Gobena [Visitor]

I am afraid Melese is not reading this article, may be if he read it he may come to realize to what hell he is taking Ethiopia.
Except the very few who are benefiting in this economy every body is crying.

03/23/12 @ 13:45
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Mesfin B.,
The reason why I call you clown, mogn jil is when I read your writings like the exerpt below:

“The ‘Pschotic Looter Shifta” meles the tyrant is one step away from heading to the “Amanuel Hospital” in Addis.”

03/24/12 @ 06:34
Comment from: [Member]

To all the boot-lickers of Meles the “Ghetto Ganster". You guys would love to call your master’s name ten thousand times a day. That is how you get paid and but at the end you amount to nothing but a heap of dung.
You don’t bring logic to your arguement.There is no substance in your scribble and no such thing as supporting facts.
Just blabbering on Nazret doesn’t make you smart. I always laugh and sometimes have to reply since you guys are “blowing horn".

03/27/12 @ 15:23



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