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Nothing unusual in Ethiopia's May 23rd electoral outcome!



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Nothing unusual in Ethiopia's May 23rd electoral outcome!

Consistency with the entire processes affirms nothing unusual in Ethiopia's May 23rd electoral outcome!

By Genet Mersha, 30 May 2010

The election ended a week ago Sunday. Many citizens are still in shock by the outcome, as if there had not been anticipation, sound analysis that had almost predicted this outcome. Moreover, it was clear that the divided opposition was not ready to capture power, wrapped up as it has been in its internal struggles and hounding by the regime. However, in spite of that it was expected that it would increase its seats in parliament. That is why it is difficult to make any sense out of 99.6 percent electoral victory for the ruling party.
Knowing that, the TPLF/EPRDF has ratcheted an all round propaganda offensive. His eyes on the fifth round national election five years from now, mark my word, this is only the beginning of Ato Meles’s bolder moves. Even those TPLF old guards that are to be removed from day to day public sight after this election would continue in some form to work toward that objective—with handsome “pensions”, other state benefits and bundles form EFFORT’s deep pockets. They may not continue in their present position; but they would surely be placed from where they would sharpen the regime’s knuckle.

Consequently, May 23rd has vindicated governments, experts, news sources and civic organisations that in the past few years have expressed their concerns about the behaviour of the regime. They foresaw that the laws and regulations Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has put in place would stifle genuine competition, one sign of which is the elimination of the opposition from parliament and the continuing harassment.

As usual, Ato Meles has explanations for everything, including about the robustness of the forthcoming parliament and how much it would keep the regime “on its toes”, as he indicated in his May 27 press conference to domestic and foreign journalists. Once again, he is always right and truthful, including about the post election killings of defeated opposition candidates (Reuters, May 26). In that press conference, he admitted their murder for trying to take election ballot boxes by force. However, he denied news reports of mass arrests of opposition supporters in Oromia after the election. That could possibly be because he wants to avoid further criticisms and pressures building, especially from outside, even before he has responded to Birtukan’s case and the hundreds other political prisoners.

I was quite surprised to read in the EU preliminary report of 25 May a reference to the Association of Families of the Derg as a part of the Coalition of Ethiopian Civil Societies for Election Observation (CECSEO). I strongly support the role of local civil society organizations observing the election, only if they are allowed to be free and independent. For instance, how free and independent could members of that association of family members of former government who already live in fear. If not about that, I was doubtful about the whole idea, as I indicated in my article of 30 March 2010, “TPLF (EPRDF)—HARDLY GOOD MIDWIFE FOR THE FUTURE DEMOCRATIC ETHIOPIA” ( I used the following words to express that skepticism:

“TPLF strategists as of January 2, 2010 have come with a new mechanism to ensure their continuity, which would adversely affect integrity of the election. They have successfully orchestrated formation of ‘coalition of civil society organisations’, preparing to deploy 40,000 election observers throughout the country… We already know the coalition’s attitude, for instance, regarding the presence during the election of foreign observers. Read carefully and reflect on what Ato Kassahun Follo, vice president of the new coalition and president of CETU—Ethiopian labour unions—said: “We say this task concerns us more than it does foreign observers. They cannot be better observers than we are. Whereas we share with them common objectives on this mission, not only would we do the task of observing the election like them, but better than they do. We have the skills, the capacity and the responsibility” (Reporter writer’s translation).

Another African electoral drama déjà vu

While the TPLF/EPRDF’s electoral victory is not unanticipated, this time 99.6 percent victory is way over the top, signifying its organisational control and habitual manipulations. Unfortunately, this time around, this result came when the opposition, despite its weaknesses, has sent shock waves into the spines of the ruling party in Tigrai, Amhara and Oromia. Did the prime minister have any surprises? Yes, by his admission. He said the opposition did better than he had anticipated in Tigrai, TPLF’s home base. That tells something!

Nonetheless, irrespective of the size of its victory, what matters is that this juncture is culmination of the country’s journey into becoming bona fide single party state, both in form and content. What the TPLF/EPRDF has done is a to repeat what other African dictators have practiced in almost all parts of the region for decades, constantly exposing the region to instability and conflicts. Mostly in the past, where the military seized power there were those that outright said there would be no talk of democracy, no elections either so long as they had the guns. They decaled from the time they seized power that their form of governance is single party rule. In that sense, they should be credited for their honesty, although they reduced countries after countries to sterility in terms of human development and the taste and sense of citizenship and dignity that have hardly been restored.

Others cheated their own people in the name of democracy. The international community cooperated with the dictators, both old Cold War warriors (most of them ex-colonial masters) and the East shoring up those regimes. For a long time, they have allowed these cruel people to get away with mass murders and sham elections that pushed Africa into downward spiral politically, economically and socially. A repeat of this across the continent has simply discredited elections in the eyes of ordinary Africans that have to pay for the extravaganza to crown dictators with their sweats and blood. What strength do ordinary people have to overcome such a united front, unless they now see the evil of this and both sides change the terms of their relationship?

The fourth round national election has cost Ethiopian tax payers Birr 189 million ($ 14.1 million), the incumbents use of government resources, human and material, not accounted for. Ethiopians would have been better off with their $14 million spent on something more meaningful to improve their daily lives than the dictatorship it has imposed on them for years to come. Remotely, one can assume that the lesson it has left may be useful. After all, when the lack of sense of proportions reaches this level (in every sense) indecency, it is called hubris—arrogant presumption—borne of recklessness blended with deception and intoxication by power. That is recipe for disaster.

The past few years of economic growth and development are becoming a poison chalice to Ethiopians. It has been used as license by the ruling party to entrench itself in power indefinitely, doing whatever it likes, as it did before. Ato Meles tries to justify longer stay in power often referring to the example of Sweden under the Social democratic party and Japan under the Liberal Democratic Party. Does he see at all that there is no parallel whatsoever between the two and Ethiopia’s experience under his rule? These countries are in fact known for their human oriented development premised on respect for the human rights and democratic rights of their peoples! At no time have these parties during their time in power were accused of vote rigging, harassment, imprisonment and torture of their political opponents and gagging the national media. They are in fact known around the world for their humane policies that Africa since the 1970 has so much appreciated.
There is no evidence in these past two decades the TPLF/EPRDF has ever endeavoured to learn from their useful experiences in governance. It is lost on it that their secret is winning the hearts and minds of their citizens, with advanced growth, more democracy and respect for human dignity in welfare states, not stealing the benefits of growth through effort and other outlets. Unfortunately, Ato Meles and his colleagues are more enthused by length of time these parties stayed in power, which is why they make them their point of references.

Perhaps better comparison for TPLF/EPRDF is found in Equatorial Guinea, a country of oil wealth boom and stark poverty. Equatorial Guinea is chosen here for a number of reasons. For one, it is Africa’s foremost example of farcical elections, even after 1993 when it started its transition to multi-party democracy. Secondly, like in Ethiopia, the opposition is under constant intimidation and in and out from prison. It is reported that around 90 percent of all opposition politicians live in exile; and 550 anti-Obiang activists have been jailed and several killed since 1979. In 2006, it was named one of the top five most-censored countries by the Committee to Protect Journalists. Repeated requests from the United Nations to hold talks with officials and visit prisons have been refused, which made the country a topic of on-going reviews.

Today, the ruling party (PDGE) controls 99 of the 100 seats in its parliament. Secondly, the opposition is severely hampered by the lack of a free press and political freedom to campaign. In addition, Ethiopia’s election trends bear strong similarity with Equatorial Guinea as shown in the table below.

Although Equatorial Guinea is often accused lots of human rights violations, because of its newly found oil wealth it has been treated with kids glove by some quarters whose voice so much matters to the betterment of and evolution of better system of governance at home and abroad. This has not stopped the United Nations from warning in 2008 those having dealings with that country saying: “to ensure that, in their development cooperation and business practices, they are not complicit in violations of human rights by state authorities” (

Transparency International says Equatorial Guinea is the 12th most corrupt country in the world. President Obiang was accused of corruption stashing money in foreign banks, of allowing his party members and supports to use public money, as if it were their own for their luxurious life style, luxury homes and cars at home and abroad, while most Equatorial Guineans struggle to feed their families. According to the World Bank, oil revenue has not translated into human development, and this is reflected in poor development indicators. The irony is that President Obiang tells Equatorial Guineans he has laboured hard to transform their life conditions. In opening the country’s second national economic conference in 2007, he reported:

“Our major concern is welfare of the entire population Equatorial Guinea, including villages far from urban and industrial centers, for them funds from various resources will be destined for them in a transparent manner, to improve the quality of life for all so that they may access valuable social services. The exercise of this activity during the last ten years has been positive and is being used by the population: education, health, housing, electricity, potable water, etc…, transportation, communications...”

Equatorial Guinea’s relations with the United States were complicated. They were turned off from1993-2001 with the US embassy closed. They were revived in 2001 in the aftermath of the September 2001 terrorist attacks on American soil. Things started to turn around after the changes of policy in response to that situation. In 2002, speaking at the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS) forum, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Walter H. Kansteiner said, "African oil is of national strategic interest to us, and it will increase and become more important as we move forward. It will be people like you who are going to develop that resource, bring that oil home, and try to develop the African countries as you do it.”

When President Obiang made a lengthy state visit from March to April 2006 to get the US embassy reopened, it was reported he was warmly by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who called him a "good friend," taken from the president’s remarks by Wikipedia sources. It is also reported that the visit was organized for him by the PR company Cassidy & Associates, which since 2004 has been in service of the dictator's government with a monthly payment of $120,000. The only problem is that US congress especially the Senate Foreign Relations Committee could not get him off the hook, referring to the extent of his corruption and the strong case the United Nations has against him for the torture of his political opponents.

Ethiopians are at the crossroads today. They know that their politics in the right direction. Fear, hunger and insecurity accompany a human being like a person’s own shadow. All that Ethiopia’s friends can do is use all their influences to make the leadership understand that no democracy can thrive in closed space. Nor could Ethiopia maintain its budding relations with the West, and still come with pan in hand to seek aid. For instance, Europe has its pledges with ACP countries regarding human rights. Where have those instruments gone? Beyond their commercial and strategic interests, Ethiopia’s partners need to see there is an aspect of their relations with the Ethiopian people towards which they have become neglectful.

Looking to the outside only cannot provide the silver bullet to all our problems. The opposition also needs to stop and think now—not when election is around the corner. I should hope that this election has left a lasting lesson to all sides. An opposition continuing in its present course would surely repulse the good citizens of our country.


Comment from: Selalie [Visitor]

Some of the opposition leaders should resign. For me Dr. Hailu Araya, Dr. Beyene Petros, Engeener Hailu Shaul and so on should give a chance for the young polititian who are able to work together. This groups( medrek and Andnet leaders) are, let alone to engage the general public they are not able to work with the people around them. Ex. Lidetu Ayalew and Pro. Mesfin wolde Mariam.
They are run out of time. I personally, like to thank them for their contribution even I knew they aren’t good enough to the task they face.

05/29/10 @ 23:29
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

hey Manesh Atikebatiri.
I am tiered of seeing people trying to be political analysts.
Just seat read what others write. there is no a short cut to be a politician or analyst. it takes time, schooling, reading, listening, watching, talent and so on.

this is one of the drawbacks of the internet! every one wants to be a politician. knowing how to type English does not mean, you know politics.
“sint aynet sew ale bakachu!

05/30/10 @ 00:14
Comment from: Sir Thomas H [Visitor]
Sir Thomas H

Of course Nothing unusual.Like in the past still the oppositions didn`t congratulate EPRDF for the knock out victory of 2010 election.Come on oppositions! We are in 21st century.You should be civilized and congratulate EPRDF.By the way when we talk about this election,please don`t forget to thank our African brothers(AU observers)for being honest and telling the truth as it is with out any if and but.

05/30/10 @ 00:19
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

I think this election thought us one thing that is not how Meles won by filling the ballet boxes to his candidate but the Amhara ethnic how they are nationalist to their country. Someone from the highest position politburo told me something I did not believe him at that time but now after the election I totally believed him and shame on you to produce one strong unified party to protect the nations interest when outsiders and enemy of the country for long term running it. Even some of you saying thank you for Lidetu Ayele and Hailu Shewil. What have they done for the country for the last 15 years except sent kids to the street for slaughter house and behind the seen they have been bribed by Meles to create disunity among the opposition groups. We know now how much Hailu Shewil, Lidetu Ayele and Beyene Petro got from Meles behind the seen but this on record and they will be liable for it when the right time comes. This is true what I just said.

05/30/10 @ 00:25
Comment from: Tplf [Visitor]

Whatever you say, however we the TPLF will rile you for the 100 years to come. Yes baby, and if you don’t like it we will make you join Bertukan. Go Meles, then my other brothers for next 80 more year. We will rule you, or we will destroy you. Power is gun and we got that and unity. Kkkkkkkkk

05/30/10 @ 00:34
Comment from: MEKELE [Visitor]

I am happy with the election. Because it has given the Ethiopian people some thing unexpected gift:
1. Bandas like Lidetu and others are off side now. They lost the so called parliamentary immunity and they have to shut up and clap there dirty hand when Meles talk or else

2. The Ethiopan skeptics are now fully on board with Ginbot 7. All Ethiopians now convinced that ONLY fierce struggle and fight for freedom can deliver Free Ethiopia. Nothing else. Freedom is not free. Mark my word this is the best election Ethiopia ever had because it has given the Ethiopian people what was issing. UNITY. Now WE ARE UNITED BEHIND GINBOT 7.

05/30/10 @ 01:04
Comment from: katikala [Visitor]

nice one

05/30/10 @ 03:28
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Persistent denial and defiance of truth and political reality in Ethiopia is the very poison that killed the Ethiopian opposition. Denial and defiance of political reality is an inherited political culture from fascist Derg which is taken up by the Ethiopian opposition and nurtured and encouraged by the Ethiopian diaspora.

I might doubt the perfection of this election, but I don’t doubt the overwhelming vote against the opposition, in my opionion even if the election was conducted entierly by the opposition with all the media outlet controled by them while the agenda of hate politics remain constant the people will vote against them in the same number they did in this election for the very simple reason of sending their signal to the opposition that they are tired of hate politics.

Unless otherwise the opposition makes a U turn from this dark political culture and disengage itself from the disciples of hate politics in the diaspora world the vote will remain the same for many many election to come.

Genet Mersha is one disciple of this dark world of hate politics.

05/30/10 @ 04:14
Comment from: Ment4you [Visitor]

Meles is a dictator it is official!!!

05/30/10 @ 04:22
Comment from: sebhat [Visitor]

The AU should be given international election observation role as they are honest and geniun and non-partisan in their analysis and conclusion. I am proud to be African.

atleast Africa ahead of evrybody in this regard.

Keep up AU! Proud African

05/30/10 @ 05:25
Comment from: Dr. MeKu [Visitor]
Dr. MeKu

Good analysis with a simple conclusion. In this era, it is not easy to find partners without some form of mutual interest. So, we (Ethiopians/ not TPLF) should find out what we can give to the west. Trust me we have a lot….

05/30/10 @ 06:14
Comment from: [Member]

Even though, I like Meles, he has to go. There should be term limit. I have nothing against EPRDF,out of 80 millions people, I am sure there are dozen of Meles.
In general I have no respect for politicians. I see them as lazy blood sucking losers, this includes west politicians.
Ethiopian opposition groups, get a real job like everybody else. As long as Meles has the army behind him, there is nothing you can do.
I like Meles for what he did for his country so far, but he has to go.
It is time for another good leader( May be Me).

05/30/10 @ 06:17
Comment from: Gashu [Visitor]

Ofcaurse we all know who is going to win. But one thing unusal in this election out come. No recognizable opposition have won a seat. None!! Not Lidetu, not Mrara not Byene. They were the spices for democratic mask. I don’t think EPRDF did it deliberatelly. It must me a surprise for them too.It is my beleve that they will allow for some revote to let some oppositions to be in the game.Thai might help them to soften the wester heart. In that way the western will tell us look this is a proof for the presence of some poletical space, go use it.

But I personally like the result as it is. The MADE IN CHINA election. One communist party ruling the country. This will help the opposition to come together and devise a workabe struggle stratagy worthy of the peple’s participation.

05/30/10 @ 06:36
Comment from: Wakyo [Visitor]

Agamido, Thomas sir the illitrate dedebit stooges,woyanne wont change
the solution is to throw out these backwards by any possible way,and if we stop hair splitting and join our
hands to free our country it takes us days or a month to wipe out these monsters there is no need of human vs animal dialogue,lets talk the talk and walk the walk my fellow
Ethiopian brothers and sisters

05/30/10 @ 07:21
Comment from: De La Manchu [Visitor]
De La Manchu

The election result is affirmative support to the economic philosophy of the EPRDF that brought about free fair election, human and group rights, civil rights and above all the transformation and growth of the non existent Ethiopian infrastructure, Urban development and condominium housing and the cleaning up of the dilapidation of the capital left by the reactionary and fascist governments of Naftanga. The 10% growth of the Ethiopian GDP for half a dozen years in a row that created miraculous job growth to the people by the people and the government that does not steal the peoples money on leisurely parties and bribery as it used to be spent. The growth of exports that creates the ever increasing demand of foreign currency to satisfy the consumer and infrastructural needs of the doubling of the population in the past 25 years and the ever growing middle class of Ethiopia.
The people did not forget who is working for them unceasingly to accomplish an economy that too over Kenya as the major economy of East Africa and the 5Th fastest growing economy of the world. Ethiopia is in the world news not in the infamy of famine and death by the millions as it suffered under the naftanga thieves and illiterate leaders, but as a magnet to foreign investment. The great leadership of the Prime Minister who made himself needed as one of the 20 most influential and charismatic leaders of the world.
The Ethiopian people totally rejected the enemies of a constitutional federal nations of Ethiopia in favor of an ethnic mafia state it languished under for a century of naftanga reign of illiteracy, disease,famine that was claiming a million people every decade as the leaders were entertaining leisurely parties with the peoples money and a reign of terror that claimed the lives of a generation of thoughtful Ethiopian.
Can you blame them when Ethiopians rejected the opposition’s none-developed political economy and the unsound, unfit, inexperienced, divided and falling apart and disaster in waiting leadership of the leaderless parties, or tertiary level and under achiever, self-grandiose and self-promoting and viciously fighting and sabotaging personality’s?

05/30/10 @ 11:50
Comment from: minyaregal [Visitor]

Woyane/Meles got 96.6 percent? Kkkkk!!!

Woyane/Meles ena geleba eyader yikelal!!

05/30/10 @ 12:57
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Nothing new on your side as well G.

Now you have 5 more years to write all dilusional articles…

As usual the oppos gonna keep cryinng all over the CAFE’s.

In a blink of an eye Genet will be on her 25th articles dissing the Ruling party and 2 months will be left for the next election…

05/30/10 @ 13:16
Comment from: Woldai [Visitor]

Genet Mersha, we read your writtings & it’s all same same! Your motto is” my way or the highway” right? Ahuns kfugna eyedebershign mew!

Biqerbish yidhal neber . It is all over now! The opposition are incompetent & they lost very badly.
What I wonder is : the opposition & their supporters criticize the hard working EPRDFites! Non of the opposition or their supporters can proof if they have done anything for Ethiopia! Therefore all they want to do is : stop the all out endeavors in Ethiopia!

Think again guys! We will never let you destroy our country for your power hunger ! No!

05/30/10 @ 14:15
Comment from: Mengedegna [Visitor]

Genet Mersha
1. You need to keep your eyes and your ears wide open to get the tenet of the 2010 Ethiopian election. It is nearly impossible to be a political analyst by copying and pasting others work from the Internet.
2. The power of political analyst is not writing about what others said rather it is pointing out the facts and analyzing them with out taking side. As your have said “the election is nothing” we have got nothing new from this article.
3. Your conclusion is not sound and valid as to why it is nothing for you. As to me why we get the same result every 5 years is that the opposition parties you sympathise are docile, unwilling to change with the change of time and Ethiopian politics, their principle depends on hate and vengeance. So how could you expect anything from this individuals?
4. I’m not a politician but to tell you the truth, if the power of your political analysis couldn’t see the future, the next Ethiopian election will yield the same result with the same ingredients.
5. More than any political analyst in the world, the voice of the people of Ethiopia, the words of the Coalition of Ethiopian Civil Societies for Election Observation, the briefing of the AU observers are louder, sound and valid.
6. How good you write on the Internet, how hard you criticise EPRDF, how often you parade in front of the White House, you get the same result over and over. This is what you guys have done for two decades and this is what you get from the Ethiopian election. If you have to complain, you need to complain on your actions not on the consequences of your actions.
7. As Lidetu Ayalew of EDP said it at one time in the past, now on whether the so called political analysts like you like it or not EPRDF will lead Ethiopia for at least 30 yours. Reason for this? We have only names of opposition political parties not even least functional political parties in Ethiopia.
8. You need to be born to be a politician as you need to be born to be a political analyst. So please refrain from shitting on the Internet with old politics and old view points. Unlike you and others, the world is in flux. Thus we need a very dynamic thoughts which could cope up with the 21 century.
Long Live EPRDF!!!

05/30/10 @ 15:17
Comment from: araya mesele [Visitor]
araya mesele

If the old guard of EPRDF is planning to retire in the coming years,I think it would only be fair if we hear the same planning from Professor Al-mariam and Genet Mersha ( the female Al mariam). They too need to leave palace to young generations. We are tired of hearing the same old same lyrics again and again. Let the young generation come up with different constructive ideas!!1

05/30/10 @ 15:23
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

Did you guys hear Beyene Petros did not bother to vote for himself and sepected others to vote for him?????/

We know now he was getting paid by Meles for years and talking as oppostion in parliament to deceive the public. What a shamless guy???

05/30/10 @ 15:28
Comment from: Selalie [Visitor]

What type stupid can call himself Sir.Thomas? And try to dictate Ethiopian politics. First be Ethiopian by name or your self appointed tittle. I knew what you are starved for, you never had a tittle in your family since life started on earth.

05/30/10 @ 15:29
Comment from: addisu engeda [Visitor]
addisu engeda

listen agamino ante wend agered let her where ever she say u try to shut her up why?
sema if u have ball face to face where ever u are state addis or any where wash ur kula tebi mouth i’m done/ u know what soon or later it will exsplod then it get nasty for now it is time for agamino wond agered ( u know what if u call your self ethiopian try to think about assab port then talk un less assab is back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

05/30/10 @ 19:10
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Dear Genet Mersha,
Its funny that many writers like you should have given huge back massage to the opposition parties that they need to look within themselves what is wrong with them?why do they fail on Sunday election.That’s what you needed to do instead of opposing EPRDF, the one who developed Ethiopia from zero to such a remarkable achievements.

Why are you people love only to talk the bad things instead of the good one.Of course people like yourself never expected talking good things about Ethiopia. Why because as history can repeat itself,the country were lead or administered by (Amhara upper hand) government for 100 years but there was no development at all. Not only development but the country and its people were some of them considered as a second citizens and others never been mentioned about their identity even they are part of the society at all.

Now as we all knows EPRDF came in 18 years a go and look how the country is basically changing,un believably way for anything you name it.

I believe the people of Ethiopia now well understand who is standing for Ethiopia and who is playing falsely about Ethiopia. So they voted whom they believe is the best way for the nation.I supported that idea indeed.

I think the opposition parties should be resign from the face of Ethiopian people until true Ethiopian politician will be in place competing with EPRDF, next time. Yeha

05/30/10 @ 19:21
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

Five or ten years from now Meles and his relatives will not be removed by election no matter what the opposition does.

The following should be implemented:

1. All oppositions unite as single party and reject the outcome of the election. Let Lebaw Meles rule with out any approval from the oppositions and majority of the people.

2. Some other groups behind the seen should create an atmosphere of instability specially in the major cities like Addis Ababa Gonder, Dessie Mekele, Lekemt Harar, Arosi and others like EPRP did to Derg by hit and ran the high position holders, kebele leaders, cadres and try to be friendly with the militia communities around the country.

3. Train FEDAYNE assassin squad to hit Meles and his families either from the air or ground even his plane or car or his palace. It is far cheaper to lose a palace one building or plane than destroy the country for years to come.

4 Avoid associating with Shaebia Eritrea to conduct militray activities that will give a reason Meles to kill many people. All military activities should be with in the country boundary and the youth should be persuaded to participate.

5. All Ethiopians should stay out from ethnic talk and division and tell Ethiopian people the current constitution is not the enemy but Meles Zenawi and his cadres.

6. All Ethiopian in Diaspora should contribute money to conduct all the above activities to be implemented successfully.

7. All Radio stations broadcasting to Ethiopia, their massage should be sharp and precise to up raise the Ethiopian people against Meles by coordinating different stations in different days.

Meles nightmare is HINFISHFISH in Addis Ababa and Meles will not last even a month. He will abandon his followers and run away before he is caught by his Generals. If things get tough, the military will not go after the civilians but Meles himself and he knows it and he will flee before they catch him. Through election the next 20 years EPRDF WILL not be removed because all voters are dependent of the Government due to poverty in the country. Farmers will vote who give them loans, fertilizers, Water well and other basic stuffs. Educated people need job and they will not be hired with out EPRDF membership. If the ruling party has those two main majority blocks who else will vote for the opposition??? Unemployed youth and frustrated people will not be enough to put the opposition in power.

05/30/10 @ 20:16
Comment from: [Member]

I have never seen such a stupid article. How in the world he or she “the writer” trys to compare Equatorial guinea with Ethiopia? Is this ignorance or the writer just wanted to make a sensless point?
The president of Equatorial Guinea deposits all the money from the oil, in his own bank accounts directly,and when he was asked why he is doing so,his answer was symply “my money is the peopl’s money” no body dared to chalange him. The most stupidity of the above article is the writer trys to create an opposition group,making EG as a multi party system govt,where president obiang decared himself a president for life.
The author of this article is just another looser, who never gets it,that the days of DOOMS-DAY writing is the past.
Mr\Mrs Genet,Get off your lazy chair and think of something positive. Like building bridges in the remote areas of Ethiopia,where people have to travel miles away to find a shallow part of the river,to take off their shoes and cross by foot.some times risking being carried away. If you can’t do this kind of charity works,atleast you can write about it,to bring some attention and awerness. That would make you a real human being. What a looser!!!

05/30/10 @ 20:34
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

I think opposition party need a new i idea and new leadership with a posetive attitude to get convince the Ethiopian voter instead of relign on forigne power this is not banana republic where “you scratch my back i will” Ethiopian people to smart for this con style game learn the hard way and move on.Stop blaming as ususal.

05/30/10 @ 23:01
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]

TPLF/EPRDF will never ever try to give power to the people democratically. Do not be fulled again, and again.

05/31/10 @ 05:16
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Sira Fetu Temtamaw ,why don’t you shut your poisonous mouth ,kerfafa kiletam banda .Of course we are actually in the 21st century as you’re
supposing to admit ,but your leba master and all of you ,his Thuggy supporters ,it’s a civilised manner to
run in FREE and TRANSPARANT election and finally accept the wills of the MAJORITY .Your so called AU brothers are simply bunch of corrupted officials paid to serve
your evil leba master .

05/31/10 @ 07:29
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
A poem written by William Ernest Henley ,which did inspire Nelson Madela during his detention at Robben Island .To Miss Liberty W/T
Birtukan Mideksa illegally detained
by the Lebaw Zenawi and his SS Agazis .

05/31/10 @ 07:35
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

:crazy:“..Loud & clear message against foreign meddling …",this is another
childish propagandas published by selfish TPLF medias of propagandas .Ato Binyam if you’re really have the
least feeling of humanity and patriotism you do not have to spread naked lies for the sake of an evil tyrant and his ss Agazis .If this election as you’re supposing to say
is as free and faire ,why all these
intemedations against the opposition
parties and their supporters.You stated that you feel angry to see our own electoral observers controled by EC group observers .As
you know ,if this election was free
faire and TRANSPARENT .No matter to call foreign observers .Also as you
know perfectly ,never the evil Zenawi and his bandits shall render the power in a civilised and peacefully
manner .Those you’re showing on the
video are whether TPLF Thugs , Tigrai Mafiosis and Aderby Bandas .
The majority of the manisfestants ,are peoples obliged to assist the
coronation of the evil tyrant Zenawi
under the pressure and intemidation of TPLF cadres and SS agazis .The same as during the sad Derg era ,when peoples were obliged by Derg
Cadres and Bandas to hear the Junta
Mengistu .As you’re stating on your website at this period ,ETV ,YAbyotawit Ethiopia Dimth and ENA were boasting that more than 120 000
peoples had attended in support of
Gwad Mengistu and bla bla…Once again I invite you to meditate on this part of poem written by our elders during Facist Invasion for a
Tigrai Nobility who betrayed the country :"..Ayeneh Berhan Aichel ,
Ante Gememtenia ,
Yekorekurehalena na

05/31/10 @ 08:06
Comment from: jahnohoy [Visitor]

i dont care if its a one party system and the devil is the leader as long as the country grows who cares
and one more thing look at china and look at india and tell me if a one party system or democracy is good for a developing country

05/31/10 @ 09:03
Comment from: Akakizeraf [Visitor]

I am now the most satisfied person on the face of the earth for the blunder the woyanes did to themselves by voting almost 100% for himself.Now,it is crustal clear that the way to freedom is through only one way,A COORDINATED ARM STRUGGLE from every corner of Ethiopia.It is a vindication of GENBOT 7.

05/31/10 @ 09:42
Comment from: Ali roble [Visitor]
Ali roble

Of course there was “nothing unusual” about this election. It was a typical African charade of dictatorship in the name of democracy where 99.9% of the masses were allegedly voted for one man and single party. How is that unusual in Africa, not to speak of the troubled Ethiopian political history?

We should appreciate emperor Melez for not claiming 110% of the votes, which of course gigantic absurd of all. No further questions needed or else…?

05/31/10 @ 17:36
Comment from: reta [Visitor]

Oh! suck it up like and move on…may be next time. At least they tried. The point is the Ethiopian people didn’t have any reliable alternative. Do you expect siye, lidetu and other bunch of cowards to be elected? that is just a joke. May be in 5 years when we have someone who is ready to lead the people rather than to sit on them.

05/31/10 @ 18:12
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]

addisu engeda,
what are you tying to say? you need to use some kind of punctuation, to be can’t just type words after words. plus you need to be civilized. you can’t just jump and insult people.
by the way did you read and really understood, the so called “article?” i doubt that. you were just excited because you saw the magic word “woyane” and you concluded that she is against woyane. anyways yehonk Aleklaki neger, don’t open your mouth on me.&#59;)

06/01/10 @ 15:11
Comment from: Not Fooled [Visitor]
Not Fooled


Don’t get fooled. You are either naive or a deliberate liar.

What do you call growing? The government‘s power, the country’s development or peoples life?

Under EPRDF and Meles the only monster growing is the government power, its cadres pocket and their looted wealth.

For the ordinary people living has become a living hell.

The 99.9% funny vote for Meles should teach you as an example on how the governemnt is a blatant lair monster.

06/01/10 @ 16:43



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