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Ethiopia - OLF founder exposes Eritrea's leader opposing Ethiopian democracy



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Ethiopia - OLF founder exposes Eritrea's leader opposing Ethiopian democracy

Lencho Leta, one of the leading founders of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), revealed that the Eritrean government was the most powerful force that opposed a coalition Ethiopian government in 1991 that would have created democracy for the first time. Mr. Lencho Leta was one of the OLF leaders who participated in the transitional developments in Ethiopia after Mengistu was overthrown. According to the OLF founder, the Eritrean government rejected the proposal by OLF and other groups in 1991 to transform the EPRDF partisan army into a coalition Ethiopian army, which would have set up the transition to a democracy for the first time in Ethiopian history. (Audio and translation). In an interview, Mr. Lencho Leta also described Eritrean leader Isayas Afewerki’s fear of allowing a united Ethiopia under democracy and how much influence Isayas had on Meles Zenawi & foreign diplomats in 1991.

It is important that all Ethiopians understand what Mr. Lencho Leta and other OLF leaders are saying. As long is the army is partisan and under the order of Meles Zenawi's party only, there will never be democracy in Ethiopia. Demilitarization of warring political forces in one country is one of the most important factors to build democracy in a country, which also helps speed up development. Today, 17 years after Meles Zenawi and Isayas Afewerki overthrew the one-party Mengistu leadership, they have replaced our country with more one-party dictatorship, which has closed political and economic freedoms and starved more millions of people. Ethiopia under Meles has over 6 million people in malnutrition and suffering in drought, according to the UN. Meanwhile, according to the Global Hunger Index, Eritrea under Isayas Afewerki has the highest proportion of undernourished and starving people in the whole world at 75%. All of this agony of our people imposed by the two dictatorship “governments” will not end until our people are free and democracy is established.

In 2005, CUD/Kinijit became the most democratic and the most popular political party in Ethiopian history during the national election. The main reason why it was popular was its democratic principles including the separation of the military from the Meles ruling party. Kinijit party and its leader Birtukan Mideksa asked dictator Meles Zenawi to accept her 8 points proposal and principles. These 8 points Judge Birtukan Mideksa asked were diverse in nature, including freedom of press, independence of judiciary and independence of the military. But the most important out of these 8 points were the separation of military from Meles Zenawi’s grip. Separation of the military from the ruling party leads to a coalition administration where the military is governed by the constitution and is responsible to the constitution. This in effect, creates the foundation toward peaceful and democratic governance where independent institutions are established.

Even though our people still have a chance to bring democracy to Ethiopia with the leadership of Birtukan Mideksa, it is important that all Ethiopians understand WHO are our friends and WHO are our enemies. It is important that all Ethiopians understand WHO supports democracy and who supports and practices dictatorship. Meles Zenawi and Isayas Afewerki have already showed us their dictatorial rules. But some confused Ethiopians are insulting Kinijit/UDJ and insulting Judge Birtukan Mideksa because she chose a patient and peaceful way to achieve democracy. These CONFUSED Ethiopians think we should work with the one-party dictatorship of Eritrea to bring a multi-party democracy to Ethiopia. These severely confused Ethiopians are telling our people in Ethiopia that we will regain and take back Assab port in Eritrea with the help the Eritrean government itself. These confused Ethiopians are not only out-of-touch from reality, but they are also ignoring history. The OLF founder himself has revealed to the world for the first time what happened during the 1991 transition period. The OLF founder Lencho Leta and other Oromo leaders who support him have risked their reputation many times when they supported peace and Ethiopian unity thru diversity and democracy because they believed in the potential greatness of a democratic & prosperous Ethiopia. Even though we know Dictator Meles Zenawi is a major obstacle to democracy in Ethiopia, Mr. Lencho Leta has told us ONCE AND FOR ALL that the Eritrean government was the first to block our historical opportunity to demilitarize politics and achieve democracy in Ethiopia. These historical anti-Ethiopia actions by president Isayas Afewerki around 17 years ago has made the road to democracy that much longer, that much harder for us. And this… we will never forget!

But now, it is time to stand MORE united behind Birtukan Mideksa and her Kinijit/Andenet opposition party. Let us not miss another historic opportunity to remove tyranny and establish democracy in Ethiopia.

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Comment from: koster [Visitor]

You can not win the hearts and minds of the Ethiopians by telling lie. Judge Bertukan is unknown in Ethiopian politics and ignoring the major player engineer Hailu and praising Bertukan who is not ashamed to say she is the heir of Kinijit is meer nonsense.

The coup dètat against engineer Hailu by the BBBA`s (Berhanu, Bertukan, Berhane, Andargatchew)is not right and it only prolongs the suffering of Ethiopian people under Meles/Woyane tyranny.

10/22/08 @ 23:25
Comment from: ethiop [Visitor]

it is sad that woyane and shabia wasted over 200,000 people life to remove Mengistu but they have become worse than mengistu.

it is not in the nature of the eritrean meles zenawi and isayas to create democracy.
we should have known the ancient Gadaa oromo tradition is the only peaceful african way to home-made democracy. Oromos have that tradition and all of us should follow their leadership in ethiopia.

viva Birtukan Mideksa!!
she is the Oromo Queen who will finally lead us to unity, equality and democracy!

10/22/08 @ 23:34
Comment from: yasazenal [Visitor]

MR lencho leta tell us something new sir .why now after almost 18year’s.

10/22/08 @ 23:35
Comment from: WOYANE HUNTER [Visitor]

No question about it KINIJIT is the only way to democratic

10/22/08 @ 23:58
Comment from: konjit [Visitor]

What is Lencho doing now? is he still Olf? I agree with geda but that is only for oromos; you don’t force other ethinic groups to follow it. Agree with the above: why lencho waited this long to tell us this? He is confused man.Forget democracy, it is used time and now as a pretext to gain power - doron siataliluat bemechagna taluat- kind of.Even Mengistu, Meles, Isayas all used this “democracy” to gain power. Same with Birtukan, Lencho, etc. Nobody knows who the next leader is…

10/23/08 @ 00:07
Comment from: DANDEW [Visitor]

no one likes engeneer hailu shawel.

10/23/08 @ 00:07
Comment from: ghh [Visitor]

long live meles!!!!!!!!!

10/23/08 @ 00:47
Comment from: medhanit [Visitor]

as usual another fairy tale of Lencho who never had real stand - his twisted brain has created a new story to get attention - he is one of the killers during megistu time and worked with tplf to kill amaras and now he must be looking around to work with meles

10/23/08 @ 00:59
Comment from: medhanit [Visitor]

they are all killers - meles afewarked and lencho the useless

10/23/08 @ 01:01
Comment from: Eshetu Daba [Visitor]
Eshetu Daba

You mean, Mr Leta’s book on geriatric syndrome is going to come out before my book on geriatric syndrome? Mr Leta over simplifies the difference between the two nuclear reactors of Ethiopian politics, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or MESON and EPRP as some kind of semantics. It is a cult of personality and fanatic group identity of the purity of one or the other form of Anarcho-Fascism theology. Mr Leta at that time had shown with the thrust of his long horns to bring about a change of party in one year 1991-1992, with a military coup had a determined personality of lust of power, now it shows giving an interview to EPRP indicates a lack of self confidence and control. If Birtukan Mediksa is going to be a good student of politics she should not listen to the tired voices of a geriatric ward patient. Meles did not butt, head with Esayas until he had the means to effect the master plan he had for the Ethiopian nation States and the people.

10/23/08 @ 01:46
Comment from: Aradom [Visitor]

Stop dreaming about Assab!!!!!!!!!

10/23/08 @ 02:01
Comment from: teddy [Visitor]

With all do respect sir,where have you been?sir,you are an outdated,exuasted and failured politician.

10/23/08 @ 02:27
Comment from: Master Mind [Visitor]
Master Mind

Mr. Letta you make no sense at all, weren’t you the one who sold your conventional armed force for $$$ and left the country?

Weren’t you the founder of the OLF which its duty is not to unite Ethiopia but to divert worst that EPLF? what is your next target by stepping up with this cheap talk?

TPLF,EPLF and OLF shared the same stages in leading Ethiopia to fail under what it (Ethiopia) is now,
(As long is the army is partisan and under the order of Meles Zenawi’s party only, there will never be democracy in Ethiopia.)

Is it a war lord system of Afghanistan what could of helped Ethiopia establized today, by keeping one of you OLF,EPLF and TPLF with your soldiers?

10/23/08 @ 02:42
Comment from: yitayal [Visitor]

“…These CONFUSED Ethiopians think we should work with the one-party dictatorship of Eritrea to bring a multi-party democracy to Ethiopia. These severely confused Ethiopians are telling our people in Ethiopia that we will regain and take back Assab port in Eritrea with the help the Eritrean government itself….”
I like it!
As to Hailu Shawel, he is nothing but a log rotting to its demise. It is him that killed Kinjit and the popular movement. Berhanu is nothing but the opportunist of the century, he declared the fake armed struggle just to buy a US residence ticket and ended up there. Bertukan, I see some light at the end of the tunnel!

10/23/08 @ 02:52
Comment from: daniel [Visitor]

did you all hear the news? all those who were for kinigit are now owners of stores ,new cars,new women. i wonder where all the funds came from. oh. yeah by selling ethiopia and by prostituting their idiotic agenda. give up. woyane is forever. get over it.

10/23/08 @ 03:00
Comment from: Neutral [Visitor]

This is the most reasonable article I’ve read so far., you should continue to post reasonable, level headed, and civilized articles like this more often and enhance your reader’s grasp of the issues at hand. This, in turn, will create the understanding necessary for a peaceful coexistance of the people and countries of the Horn.

10/23/08 @ 03:05
Comment from: Mesganaw [Visitor]

I’m really laughing hard and non-stop.

OLF made Ethiopians sad, cry, desperate, migrate and dead many times for long time. Who forgets the Assosa massacre in hospital Against the Amharas and Tigres that were lying in hospital beds? They Brutally massacred including pregnant women who were there giving birth and the just born babies. All is with us, recorded. Who was the OLF leader at the time? He was called Lencho Leta (a good and trusted ally to Issayas at the time). What OLF did before 1991 is known and lets move after their hate marriage relationship with TPLF(after 1991).

As lencho said here that issayas was always against Ethiopia including during 1991 when OLF was the active member of the so called Ethiopian Transitional govt. During this time, OLF has committed the worst crime against Ethiopia and humanity in the Ethiopian soil since the Invasion of Islam (1529-1543) and since the mass and cruel Galla Migration through the corner of balie to the rest of Ethiopia including the highlands (1550-1850). The Ethnic cleansing, the massacre and taking away all right the people living in the south and other part of the country where OLF was controlling against non Oromos such as the Amharas, Tigres, Gurages and others was/is the crime against humanity Lencho and his entire OLF responsible for. They used the Issayas influence against Ethiopia/meles as an opportunity to destroy Ethiopia as much as they could. Many millions of non Oromo Ethiopians forced to leave the south while escaping the OLF massacre and ethnic cleansing. The crime what OLF has done since 1991 is all there and known by Ethiopians.

Why Lencho is exposing himself this way at this time?

Because OLF is no longer in a position to affect Ethiopia the way it has done in the past under his leadership.

Because the split in the OLF and those in the south are became the driving force to use OLF for their secret/main agenda, which is Islamic ideology. As we know OLF was created by handful protestants after converted by Missionaries in wellega. 95% wellegas are Christians while 99% balie, harar and other places in the south are Islam oromos.

Because of being oromo is no longer a reason to unite them but being one of the 3 Oromo groups, or the 28 oromo clans or one of the thousands sub-clans becomes more and more an identity expression and association to the oromos. Somalia has one group, 5 clans and hundreds sub-clans. Almost all of them are Muslim. But, they are fighting based on Clan and sub clans. The oromo present and future will be even worst because of many religion, custom, tradition and other differences that what is going on in Somalia. Group-clan-sub clan.

Because of the Split in the OLF and Lencho and his crime groups is no longer relevant. His is now someone from the street has no influence at all. His is doing this because of to get back to the EPRDF. But EPRDF is not stupid as he thinks of. He and his entire OLF must be in jail for the rest of their life with the crime they did against innocent Ethiopians.

By the way” The one who did write this piece is a foolish and biased one. This shows how low is the level of some Ethiopians political maturity laying about in a primitive way.

Look for instance:
“Kinijit party and its leader Birtukan Mideksa asked dictator Meles Zenawi to accept her 8 points proposal and principles.”
When was Birtukan Mideksa a leader to Kinijit? When was the 8 point proposal presented and who was at the discussion?

“Even though our people still have a chance to bring democracy to Ethiopia with the leadership of Birtukan Mideksa”
Birtukan is less relevant to Ethiopia than Sarah plain To America. Mirtukan was an EPRDF child; got education by EPRDF and served EPRDF. I’m not saying she is bad but what is behind the story associating her with an OLF criminal leader lencho Leta? Is because her father name sounds like an Oromo name? She is the innocent and trusted Ethiopian child. And Criminal OLF and others in the name of Oromo need to leave her alone. She knows only Ethiopia.

´The OLF founder himself has revealed to the world for the first time what happened during the 1991 transition period.”
Why now? Because he has lost from OLF. He is a street old man no one wants him to be around. He is looking to make a living again with the Ethiopian cost. He is a well known and tested anti Ethiopian and a criminal.

“The OLF founder Lencho Leta and other Oromo leaders who support him have risked their reputation many times when they supported peace and Ethiopian unity thru diversity and democracy”
hahahah and hahaha the crime they have committed during that time is still there and will be part of the Ethiopian history.

“But now, it is time to stand MORE united behind Birtukan Mideksa and her Kinijit/Andenet opposition party. Let us not miss another historic opportunity to remove tyranny and establish democracy in Ethiopia.”
Laughable. Ethiopia was saved when EPRDF wiped out the Entire OLF headed by Lencho after years of direct crime against Ethiopians. Ethiopia was saved the second time when EPRDF kicked issayas’s influence out of Ethiopia and put him like a dong knows nothing what to do. If somebody forces me to choose from the two Evils I will choose with no regret Shabia than OLF. Their members are like savage animals giving an impression they are the blood family with the Hutus in Rwanda.

The writer to this shit pieces is a silly and ignorant individual. We have to thank nazret for bringing this to us showing how many and what kind ignorant are around us.

10/23/08 @ 04:20
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]  

yes kinijit/andinet with birtukan medeksa
dagmawit taitu/ taitu II.

10/23/08 @ 04:35
Comment from: habib [Visitor]

Lencho is so confused as usuall. In fact, he was the first one to run to Asmara after he divorced from Melles Zenawi. It is obvois that EPRDF has done alot of mistakes; but OLF has made more grave mistakes.

Dont forget Lencho was the leader of the high level Ethiopian delegation to Asmara and spoke in English with full of toxic words against the Amhara at the Asmara Stadium in 1991.

10/23/08 @ 04:53
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]  
c´moi senait

PARDON moi !

Are you seeking your retirement in ethiopia where for the last 25+ years have been bleeding us. This old man is running out of time just like Ras Meles….My advice to you is just stay in OSLO,or Stockholm and keep on collecting your wealfare rather than praching PEACE. OLF should have been a young generation party not a SHIMAGILE party like Kinjet. Weyannes are in Addis ababa(the city of Hoddams) that is where we should TARGET them not in Borena or Gijiga. Now just shut up and watch the view how we terminat weyannes in the streets of Addis in coming weeks.

10/23/08 @ 04:57
Comment from: Tekola [Visitor]

All are nonsense!!

10/23/08 @ 05:13
Comment from: good [Visitor]

from the comments i realized how we Ethiopians hate each other and never had time for peaceful conversation which literally is the cause for the condition we are in currently!! which is a big Mess!!!!

10/23/08 @ 05:14
Comment from: habeshawu [Visitor]

surprise, surprise, “Eritreans hate to see a united ethiopia” ohhh, please tell us some thing new. tell us when you hear eritreans say some thing positive about ethiopia, then we will be really really surprised.

how damn we are, we even talk about it,let’s face it, Eritrea’s fear of a strong and united Ethiopia is absolutely legitimate.
I was in Sweden a few days a go, talking to a well educated eritrean distant relative and he is the closest you can get to a reasonable eritrean when it comes to politics but I was left speechless when he said ” eritrea at war is easily sustainable than eritrea at peace and ethiopia serves a great deal in uniting eritreans”
so, please please ethiopians, let’s not fool ourselves in thinking a society born out of pure hatred for ethiopia would ever sleep with out achieving their dream of destroying ethiopia. they are laughing at us when ever some naive ethiopians say “eritreans are our brothers” and it’s that naivety they will exploit when the opportunity arises. what more example do you want for how much eritreans underestimate our intelligence, other than their magazine called “one Ethiopia”:?: wake up Ethiopians wake up, let’s not make ourselves a laughing stock. there is a limit to tolerance. if you want respect, you earn it! If you want Assab you fight for it! eritreans are not going to deliver it to you on a silver plate just because you keep saying their are our brothers. let’s face it, Mosoloni would be a better brother than an eritrean:!:

10/23/08 @ 05:19
Comment from: Adera [Visitor]

Who is Birtukan Mideksa? She is one
the responsible person for the division of Kinjit and also Kinjit
support in diaspora. Birtukan will never bring peace and democracy in Ethiopia. Why Birtukan does not work
with eng. Hailu and other oppositions? What Birtukan done so far is destroyed Kinjit and created a new opposition party with her friends to weaken other oppositions.
For Ethiopian people Birtukan, Lencho Meles and Isayas are the same and all are anti Ethiopian unity

10/23/08 @ 06:00
Comment from: selam new? [Visitor]
selam new?

The so called ‘lencho’ just you are a really sorry about you!

10/23/08 @ 06:51
Comment from: gimatam shabiya [Visitor]
gimatam shabiya

Joro yale yissima!!!!!!!!
Golden words from Ato lenco…
“These CONFUSED Ethiopians think we should work with the one-party dictatorship of Eritrea to bring a multi-party democracy to Ethiopia. These severely confused Ethiopians are telling our people in Ethiopia that we will regain and take back Assab port in Eritrea with the help the Eritrean government itself. These confused Ethiopians are not only out-of-touch from reality, but they are also ignoring history. The OLF founder himself has revealed to the world for the first time what happened during the 1991 transition

10/23/08 @ 06:52
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

ERITREA has become the punching bag of power hungry confused Ethiopians who are trying to get in power. Every symptom of Ethiopians is as a result of Eritrea is absurd and non sense. This coward is blaming Eritrea for the dictatorship in Ethiopia; why not blame meles who is holding 80 mil people hostage. WHY don’t’ stupid Ethiopians blame tplf rats for the misery they have caused in your miserable cursed land. The TRIBALIST AMHARA PEOPLE NEED TO BLAME THEMSELVS FOR LOSING THE WAR. The Eritrean people and isaias afewerki has nothing to do with the misery of Ethiopians, the derg, tplf rats, u.s, u.n are the one to blame, they are the one arming him, finacing him, and feeding them. STUPID donkey Ethiopians please blame the U.S who are helping him stay in power and will continue to do so. Isaias afewerki didn’t write your constitution, isaias didn’t create ethnic federalism, isaias didn’t kill 200 innocent civilians in broad day light, and isaias afewerki didn’t invade Somalia to please the u.s.

“Mr. Lencho Leta also described Eritrean leader Isayas Afewerki’s fear of allowing a united Ethiopia under democracy and how much influence Isayas had on Meles Zenawi & foreign diplomats in 1991.”

MR. gala leta, you were tricked by midget monkey meles into believing you were going to have democracy instead you’ve got dictatorship, you were bamboozled by ugly meles, why blame Eritrea. If you didn’t’ like what meles was doing then you should’ve said something 18 yrs ago, you wait 18 yrs now you want us to believe isaias is the problem, wow. How about tplf rats from rocky, dusty tigray, what a confused gala.

The amhara people are desperate and angry for being shot out of the political, social and economy, if you ask me they deserve it and I hope they never ever come to power. This coward lazy, tribalist people are pathetic. Instead of thanking isaias for freeing you from your own monster, and brought justice, dignity and freedom you didn’t’ have during the derg; you’re blaming us for your miserable, fake democracy.

MR. Leta and desperate amhara blame the U.S; Eritrea is trying to help you dismantle tplf rats from power. Eritrea and eritreans aren’t your enemy but tplf rats and u.s are your number 1 enemy. Eritrea and Eritreans have nothing to do with your misery.

ISAIAS AFEWERKI IS THE HERO AND MASTERMIND BEHIND THE DEMISE OF BRUTAL DERG; YOU SHOULD THANK HIM FOR FREEING YOU FROM YOUR OWN KIND. Mr. Leta you are kahadi gala, I hope meles hangs you like a dry meat. You’re a coward for blaming isaias and Eritrea for your misery. The evidence is in your face and for all to see. Isaias has nothing to do with your misery.

Long live hero wedi afom
Long live the brave Eritrean people
Down with tplf rats and tribalist amhara

10/23/08 @ 08:04
Comment from: anonyms [Visitor]

18 years had passed and all you lot are worried about is power yet your moma ethiopia is taking one step backward everytime you come up with evil intentions disguised as sympathy to"momma ethiopia”
(and no action at all-the only time you acted was when meles cleansed “your out of order acts” once in 2005), and now you think you can muddy up eritrean politics and and abuse her of her soveriegn rights??
no one man? president?(meles issayas lencho or the reminants of kinijit can cure you all) and no body can turn back the clock-though remedies are plenty, it is not by putting eritrea and its president as a scape goat to your situations
(1)you r to blame for loosing eritrea eritreans,
(2) your current situation is a result of decades of neglect and abuse of power by amhara elites and this time round by the tigriyans as the saying goes ,,what goes around comes around-you are in for a karma it seems hopefully it will end in the future and we will learn from this century-long mess, learn to respect one another.I am not day dreaming.hope you are not2.

10/23/08 @ 08:17
Comment from: yirgaw [Visitor]

why r u liying mister that is coming from the anti democracy groups whitch they hate our governiment in euthiopia. but this can not criat peace or demokracy and why r u telling us about eritrea .Forget about eritrea it is an endpendent country it dose not have any relation with the ethiopian democracy. We ethiopians shulld worg about that.

10/23/08 @ 08:17
Comment from: gimatam shabiya [Visitor]
gimatam shabiya

Golden Words from Lenco

These severely confused Ethiopians are telling our people in Ethiopia that we will regain and take back Assab port in Eritrea with the help the Eritrean government itself. These confused Ethiopians are not only out-of-touch from reality, but they are also
ignoring history……”

10/23/08 @ 08:32
Comment from: Emperor Menelik II [Visitor]
Emperor Menelik II

=> Oromo, Tigray, Amhara, Somali and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia must unite against this Italian slave Isayas Afewerki. The OLF who hates Amhara/Tigray have exposed the nature of Eritrea’s dictator. => These eritrean monkeys have a big inferiority complex against Ethiopians. They know they are weak and we are strong. => One Ethiopia! Assab is coming very soon:!::!::!::D I can taste the sea water:.

10/23/08 @ 08:43
Comment from: Ogadenian [Visitor]

This is what hapen when you are a traitor who was hiding among heroes at the end you finaly show your true colors.

10/23/08 @ 08:53
Comment from: dereje [Visitor]

this is good news for ethiopia and a step to the right for OLF. the message OLF found the wisdom to ditch Ethiopians sworn enemy shabia. hopefully OLF will fight for democracy and human right than to separate oromos from their people.

10/23/08 @ 09:11
Comment from: habeshawu [Visitor]


thank you brother, you are a true ethiopian full of truth:!: even though I am not a supporter of any particular group(other than ethiopia of course) I like this one:
“Ethiopia was saved when EPRDF wiped out the Entire OLF headed by Lencho after years of direct crime against Ethiopians. Ethiopia was saved the second time when EPRDF kicked issayas’s influence out of Ethiopia and put him like a dong knows nothing what to do”

10/23/08 @ 09:15
Comment from: Chebudea [Visitor]

MR Leta

you are the one who sign the so called charter in 1991 and now when you loss your position you start to believe by Ethiopian unity, fool!

10/23/08 @ 09:30
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

i hate u leta

10/23/08 @ 10:02
Comment from: Sadam [Visitor]

what has eritrea to do with THE DICTATOR in ADDIS? What is driving the whining of eris day in day out. A research i made and concluded last week reveals that it is ethio_mamas who are compaigning for the return of ERIS coz they are missing how the eris used to spread their legs.

10/23/08 @ 10:10
Comment from: teddy [Visitor]

Lencho leta, you are a good man.
if you stand for oromo freedom and equality while you stand for ethiopian unity, then WE ALL STAND WITH YOU!!

10/23/08 @ 10:23
Comment from: MAMO [Visitor]

your name is said it ALL.

10/23/08 @ 10:29
Comment from: Aden1 [Visitor]

Can some one or nazre editors state who wrote the opinion/article or what ever it is?.


[Blogger Kirkos]

10/23/08 @ 10:44
Comment from: robel [Visitor]

even dont ever dream about asseb..u know messing with eritrea is like knocking the hell’s door, if u want asseb come get it ..weas ass monkey face ethiopians!

10/23/08 @ 10:54
Comment from: jos [Visitor]

Hi Mr. Lencho wela wencho and Comment posters why are you so concerned about Eritrea, Please mind your business and we will talk of our own Democracy. And try not to spread a hate Propaganda as Mr. Zenawi Chenawi is already engaged in it. Don’t take his position to spread the hate propaganda

10/23/08 @ 10:56
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
Shewa Anbessa

It is really tipical OLF…that when they get older and older or much confused they pretend to be “Ethiopians” or “Woyyane Abbos”

Mr Lencho Leta has been insulting.dishonoring and wagenig war aginst our history.nastional interestes etc..even he is responsibl for masccar and killings of Ethiopians in general and innocent Amharans in perticular…

Whay now his is playing chaildish political gem on us ????

Lencho is Lencho…can and will never ever be any one els.He is anti Ethiopian for ever and ever and no one will trust him. ARAT NETIB !!

long live EMIYE ETHIOPIA !


10/23/08 @ 10:58
Comment from: Nina [Visitor]



I feel sorry for you, with all that
hate, you must be such a bitter and
confused person. If you are happy with
your people and country, why are you so
angry ? and most of all, why are you participating in
an Ethiopian blog ?!?

One love to all African people.
One love to all tribes in Africa.

10/23/08 @ 11:15
Comment from: DG [Visitor]

lets start with eritrea …what ever happen in the past it has happen …i dont care what have u guys done b4 to get ethiopia to this mess and i dont care what meles and essayas done …any opesition party have to start with the sentence ERITREA is one country and Ethiopia is other country there is no Asseb no massawa …all this places belong to ERITREA …the problem we have in this two countries are every shit head who thinks he is working for the ethiopian ppl starts with confusing ethiopian ppl …saying we will get back asseb and even the whole eritrea …pls this is imposible tell ur ppl this will never never never ever going to happen …u will have to finish every single eritrean 1st to make this happen …and that will be hard work …even the almighty Hitler did not manage to finish what is then weak and few in number JEWS…it has never happend b4 …so make it clear to ethiopian ppl eritrea is gone lets demarcate this border and then we will talk how we can make peace and work side by side …do that u get the whole suport of esseyas dont do thjat u will in mess and eritrean ppl will be in mess as well more to it the mostr ppl which r in circle like a hamster is ethiopians

10/23/08 @ 11:16
Comment from: Hailu [Visitor]

many Eritreans are posting negative comments in this website, pretending to be ethiopians. WE KNOW YOU!!!

most ethiopians respect Oromo-ethiopians and sympathize with the issues and mission of OLF. these eritreans wolves invading our ethiopian website are using provocative words like Galla to insult our oromo brothers and sisters and insulting some pro-unity OLF leaders. it is important that we know the eritrean wolves in sheep cloth!!

by the way, editors should ban the use of backward words like “gala” in this website as any professional western media bans the use of “Nigga” or “negro.

10/23/08 @ 11:23
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

Emperor Menelik II aka ugly baria

you will never ever see the red sea coast, i promise you that hodam ahya.
you wrote “I can taste the sea wate”

the taste is actually from powder milk, and expired wheat and rice. get your brain out of your Ahole. adgi

10/23/08 @ 11:32
Comment from: light [Visitor]

One thing true is, peace to Ethiopia comes through Shaebia/Eritrea, and the question is who would be on Shaebia short list this time around to rule Ethiopia as the era of Wayane is pretty much over for good?

10/23/08 @ 11:46
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Absolutely pathetic! When Mr.Leta has olf in his hands, he was enemy number one to the sovereign state of Ethiopia that he called a nation of the oppressive Abyssinian colonizers. And today, when Isayas dumped him like a little piece of shit, which dashes his primary objective of grabbing power at any cost, he wanted to “expose” the motives of Shabea and its stinking head Isayas. Mr.Leta, this story says a lot about the selfish you that has denied a peaceful coexistence of the oromos with the rest of their brothers than Isayas for we already know he has been state enemy number one for decades. You have brainwashed generation of innocent Ethiopians and robbed their Ethiopian identity so that you can advance your self serving ideology of disintegrating Ethiopia. You never cared about the oromos or democracy or freedom or human right just like Isayas/Meles and the rest of the idiotic olf followers. What you have done to generations of Oromos can be only comparable to that of Fascist Italians to the current day Eritreans, robbing their Ethiopiawinet. That is the only reason why we have Ethiopian hating cult in Minnesota and else where in Europe. It is you and your failed organization that has been preaching Oromos are not Ethiopians, it was not Menelik or HS or Mengistu or not even Meles! You have done more damage to Ethiopia than the man you are charging anti-Ethiopian. So, what you need to do is start talking about your damn self and try to detox the poison you have injected into naive Ethiopians head. You should confess that you have been wrong all along, that you have been endangering the peaceful coexistence of the people you pretend to serve on top of knowingly and purposefully denying their Ethiopiawinet. Only then, we might start listening and perhaps consider our Ethiopian forgiveness. I still appreciate your good start though.

10/23/08 @ 12:02
Comment from: Aden1 [Visitor]

Oops.. Now I see it way up top.

10/23/08 @ 12:15
Comment from: Janet [Visitor]

You call them confused Ethiopians and I agre with you. BUT can you imagine what would have happened to Ethiopia if Kinigit has taken power? We would have been engulfed in a civil war and terorists of OLF and ONLF rag tag outfits would have taken over.

There is a simple way to aquire power in Ethiopia… and that is first be honest and stop lies, and second, adopt to the existing reality: EPRDF is the reality and stop talking nonesense as though they don’t exist or have no supporters. They have more support than any existing party. Third, try to paricipate in election with out cheating others and yourself. There is no other way than election. As the great Meles said participate peacefully and if you loose accept the verdict of the people. Shouting aloud that you have wone for years doesn’t help you at all.

All these is made possible by the generous and hard working Ethiopian Meles. Accept the reality. And the wonderful Meles is a reality, thanks to God.

10/23/08 @ 12:18
Comment from: WOYANE HUNTER [Visitor]


10/23/08 @ 12:19
Comment from: Eshetu Daba [Visitor]
Eshetu Daba

The greatest mystery to me is EPRDF nonchalant almost resigned out look of the belligerent slave plantation State of Esayas. “Ka-eshohe gar ya-tetega qulkual enda-lekasa yenoral.” I am not for blood shed between the two brotherly people, that have no mutually exclusive geography, history, economics, culture etc. It is in the interest of the two people and the region that this cancer is surgically removed the sooner the better. To begin with Ethiopia should have nothing to do with any other nation that sale arms to this dictator, even that receives him as a head of nation. He is the head of a riff-raff of a criminal gang, that eat prey for breakfast on those who had been partying with until dawn; to close for comfort.

10/23/08 @ 12:22
Comment from: Kidist Ashagre [Visitor]
Kidist Ashagre

This is more than lie.

How could you say that ” CUD/Kinijit became the most democratic and the most popular political party in Ethiopian history..”

First of,CUD/Kinijit has never been in power in Ethiopian history. And they have never introduced any policy that is functional to Ethiopian public. So don’t tell Ethiopians to be fooled by your poor political philosophy.

You couldn’t manage your party’s small money. You fought over that money and eventually your party was disintegrated.

That money was contributed from immigrants in US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere around the world.

CUD/Kinijit can take a hike and take care you’re your small money.

CUD/Kinijit really don’t know where they are going but still they are going.

I don’t think CUD/Kinijit will know which direction to take Ethiopian leadership or it’s economy because they have small brain in their small world.

CUD/Kinijit is self-centred party NOT good for lead one big country like Ethiopia. .

10/23/08 @ 12:22
Comment from: koka [Visitor]

I don’t like chronic politicians particularly those from Ethiopia (and Africa). Lencho (Yohannes) Leta should retire from politics completely and focus on writing a memoir. May be then we might listen to him. Otherwise he has no right to tell us about what went right or wrong in 1991. He was part of it. He was unable to stand for what he believed in even though he had the chance to do so. He failed miserably. Now he wants to cry foul. He has been in politics for forty years. Is he telling us that he woke up yesterday to understand the dirty games his tutors have been playing in Ethiopia for so long? Give me a break. You better shut up and retire. After all you are getting old, and should retire from politics (with all your 1960s comrade-in-arms).

10/23/08 @ 12:46
Comment from: Gudfela [Visitor]

Did I read someone saying that we have to finish off 4 million Eritran to get back what rightly belongs to Ethiopia…ASSAB..? Do you really know what the other side of the equation is…you really have to finish of the entire 80 Million ppl to keep it as Eritrean. Period.

Lencho..we Ethiopians are better off with out the likes of you who fabricates hate and division amoung our ppl. It is expected that as you go older you start to regrett some of the misdeeds and the abhorrent hatred that you injected in the ppl who thought that you are a leader. However, you faild yourself and your pseudo constituents more often than once. You are telling us at the eleventh hour stading on your grave the starkly clear facts that we have known all along. Sir thanks but no thanks. Just repent your sin and ask for absolution from the Almighty.

Under your leadership your OLF has carried much onslaught and horrendous act of barbarism on innocent lives. May God forgive you for that ….but we human beings will remember that crime for more generations to come.

10/23/08 @ 13:01
Comment from: Eritrawi [Visitor]

You day dreamers are still thinking about Eritrea. Plz leave us alone with your problems. Eritrea 4 Life, Shabiya 4 lif.

10/23/08 @ 13:01
Comment from: philly [Visitor]


nina who is going to teach the donkeys if we are not here to point out the b.s

10/23/08 @ 13:10
Comment from: SELAM [Visitor]

We Eritreans want peace not more, but Ethiopians kills millions of Eritreans and they want even back assab to them.
You call your self Christians but you like to kill innocent ppl in Eritrea Somalia Oromo…


10/23/08 @ 13:23
Comment from: GG [Visitor]

forget assab and deal with your (ethiopia) homwork that you get 18 years ago.The homwork takes anather
18 yeas. good lack……..:)):)):)):)

10/23/08 @ 13:27
Comment from: Emperor Menelik II [Visitor]
Emperor Menelik II

:D:D:D look at philly the Italian maid’s grandson :)):)) yesterday he said “Oromo is Eritrean Oromia". Today this Italia Ahya is saying “Galla” to Oromos.:. I love this Kunama Eri boy :>> Red Sea is coming soon. It will take Ethiopians only 24 hours to get it…. Because of Shabia more and more Ethiopians like Meles Zenawi. I hated Weyane until I seen the true colors of Italian Donkeys the Eritreans…. You better kiss the Red Sea goodbye and try to do fishing in Seraye :D Bravo Lencho! One Oromo can kill 100,000 italia ahyas with one hit of there Dula :>>

10/23/08 @ 13:29
Comment from: Honest [Visitor]

The Northerners have always been bad to Ethiopia, hats of for the Honorable Lencho Leta for telling it as it is. Much respect to you and your family sir, for paying all this sacrifice for The Oromo.

10/23/08 @ 13:41
Comment from: Tulu [Visitor]

The time for Lencho Leta to show his sincerity has elapsed 18 years ago. What he is advocating now would have been a lot easier to do then than now.

It is sad he has to live in Eritrea to learn how the Hamasienians and TPLF are enemies to Ethiopia (Oromo, Amara, Wolayeta, Adere, Gurage even some Tigreas and etc..)

However it is good news that OLF has to learn for themselves and come to their senses. The OLF and all the “lfst” agenda has no light at the end of the tunnel without Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

Unity is the only way to bring dignity and prosperity to all Ethiopians. Although we lost a lot we can easily overcome Woyane’s ethnocentric, tribal, repressive, thievery and greedy government.

We have to bear the blame for letting hatful thugs to rule us for this long when it would have been impossible if it were not for OLF‘s distractive agenda.

10/23/08 @ 13:49
Comment from: Sandafa [Visitor]

In fact Mr Leenco has made more damages to the Oromos when compared to the rest of the peoples in that country. Those who do not know Leecoo Lataa do say,"he is the enemy of -Ethiopians".The reality is the oppositthis man is an Old Testament Ethiopian who believes in the Tesament’s Supremacy in Horn of Africa. Those who say;” Leencoo is the enemy of Ethiopia” failed to see the dream long dream he dreamt for siblings of Minelik and Haile Ethiopians.

10/23/08 @ 14:00
Comment from: Sandafa [Visitor]

In fact Mr Leenco has made more damages to the Oromos when compared to the rest of the peoples in that country. Those who do not know Leecoo Lataa do say,"he is the enemy of -Ethiopians".The reality is the oppositthis man is an Old Testament Ethiopian who believes in the Tesament’s Supremacy in Horn of Africa. Those who say;” Leencoo is the enemy of Ethiopia” failed to see the dream long dream he dreamt for siblings of Minelik and Haile Ethiopians.

10/23/08 @ 14:00
Comment from: Hammere [Visitor]

Ayeee lencho maferia shimagle. Arfeh atkemetm, why you messing in your old age? werada.

10/23/08 @ 14:12
Comment from: termoose [Visitor]

meles is the only solution fo rethiopia

10/23/08 @ 14:21
Comment from: Samson [Visitor]


You are stupid. There is no such oromo Ethiopian. No single Ethiopian is sympathetic with that Criminal OLF.

The word Galla came in Picture in Ethiopia, after the massive galla migration came through the southeast, which is Balie. But it was known by International anthropologists since 1919. Their origin could be Kenya or elsewhere. They entered Ethiopia following their grazing animals. All of them were primitive Nomads. They had no religion. Even a single person was able to read or write. They were always in the move. They never ever experienced a settlement life. Their cruel migration to from bale to all direction of Ethiopia took 300 years (1550-1850).

The word Oromo came in picture after Mengistu too power. They cried to change their name from galla to oromo. That was in 1975. From where they got this name and what does it mean no one knows even themselves. It sounds like Roman Empire. Meaning invasion of someone’s land/country as the Roman empire did. It also sounds like Romans (Gipsies) in Europe. People without own territory (immigrants).

The word Oromia came in picture after 1991. Trying to describe others the territory invaded by them.
Pure Galla (gada)/Oromo/ looks dark more with black African structure the same as southwestern Somalians, Easter Kenyans and others do. Those the Abyssinians looks like so called Oroms are not from oromo/Galla origin. But forced to accept the galla way of life because of 300 years brutal occupation their ancestry land. Some of them are also mixed. But pure oromo has own natural look .

10/23/08 @ 14:22
Comment from: Thomas [Visitor]

Mesganaw, we know who you are; you better shut up and wait till your death, it is soon.
Instead of echoing the old mentality, try to be nutral and judge, i don’t think you have enough brain for that. Respect human being who ever they are and what religion they follow.

10/23/08 @ 14:31
Comment from: Tulu [Visitor]

Lencho Leta must have felt the pinch that he could never be the tyrant leader of Oromos like Isayas over Eritreans and Meles over Tigreans and Ethiopians.

He must have felt now how he was used as a toy to help bring Isayas and Meles to power by converting Oromos to murderers of innocent Amaras and finally to be thrown as a refugee in the impoverished depressing Eritrea.

He still holds his worn-out greedy OLF agenda. All the uniting and energizing work was lead by Engineer Hailu Shawel the leader of CUD/Kinijit he called ..most democratic and the most popular political party in Ethiopian history…”.
Although Birtukan is respected and loved by Ethiopians, she was not the leader of the “CUD/Kinijit.

Lencho! still seems to dig in and look for ways on how to ooze-in into Ethiopian affairs. No Lencho you collaborated with Shabia for many years. You created problems between Oromos and Ethiopians especially Amharas.

Stay out as you are no good to Ethiopia. You betrayed Ethiopia. You are an embarrassment to Oromos.

10/23/08 @ 14:32
Comment from: habeshawu [Visitor]

“If you are happy with
your people and country, why are you so angry ? ” Nina asked Philly.

it’s called “small man syndrome” Nina. This sort of child-like behavior is usually found in small-statured people or countries who feel they need to make up for their physical inadequacy somehow. have you noticed, eritreans are the only society who feel the need to wear a tacky t-shirt with ” hi-I am eritrean” written on it. I mean, i have seen people wearing memorabilia t-shirts with a name of a country or a city on it, but never such a public declaration of once Nationality. they also tent to repeat the term “we eritrean love our country” and I often wonder where they get this idea that others don’t love their country. but it seems there is some thing they are not sure about.
any ways, you are right Nina, these people clearly have a serious problem.

10/23/08 @ 15:23
Comment from: Admiral [Visitor]

Come on give me a break!!
where were you ato Molacha Leba? The truth is, even TPLF including OLF aim was to get idependence from ethiopia, when shabia didn’t agree with their seperation agenda, woyanes said Oki doki, But Molacha Leba(Lencho Leta} said no. So shabia dumped his ass. This is the fact!

10/23/08 @ 15:31
Comment from: levinelei [Visitor]
levinelei is an anti-Eritrea/ns website.
I must admit the fact that the editors are more than brilliant in doing the job they are being payed to do. But, sometimes if not always they miss: facts,details,reality,evidence… Thus making it a very vulnerable site to bonafide critics.
So, Nazret, the sooner you start to act like journalist the better. Contrary to your near-sighted perception of ‘ The Art of Sabotage ‘, Eritreans will not be tempted to wonder for a mere fraction of the second by hpocritical impressions.
I am not sure who manufactured this quote, but it has become a plesant to every Eritrean. ” There is one thing that unites every Eriteans – Ethiopia.” Simply a wonderful one, to Whoever said it first.

10/23/08 @ 15:58
Comment from: Emperor Menelik II [Visitor]
Emperor Menelik II

Kinijit/CUD is democratic? :>> What happened to the name calling and money stone by Hailu Shawel, Birtukan Mideksa and Berhanu Negga? :p CUD/Kinijit is a joke they want another old style in Ethiopia. B) Kinijotch just sit in DC and drink your cold beer:))

10/23/08 @ 16:17
Comment from: shiluu [Visitor]

I miss the old lady Sofia Tesfamariam(ZXamiche). come on Sofeee, you can still come back under a different blog name, at list until your filthy language exposes you.

10/23/08 @ 16:32
Comment from: AMICHE [Visitor]

I Love you all Ethiopians , i am Eritrean it will be short to work hand to hand for the benefit of both of as we are familis, you know family faight is though. But we have inside love. Jest respect and wait. and promot LOVE.

The same to you Mr.Lencho

10/23/08 @ 16:48
Comment from: EthioMan [Visitor]

OLF/ONLF must break from Eritrea and join Ethiopians to bring down both Meles and his cousin IsayASS. End of story!

10/23/08 @ 16:49
Comment from: EthioMan [Visitor]

Yo idiot shabia, he is blaming your crazy boss for trying to destablize a gereat nation, Ehtiopia. Of course we know Meles is in on it. We blame both Meles and IsayASS for all the troubles in the Horn. It is also unknown how a land can be cursed, you cursed erit ho. Get rid of your stupidity and get your facts together. Eritrea arms terrorists which OLF is one. Get it you terror sponsor ahole?

Comment from: philly [Visitor]
Every symptom of Ethiopians is as a result of Eritrea is absurd and non sense. This coward is blaming Eritrea for the dictatorship in Ethiopia; why not blame meles who is holding 80 mil people hostage. WHY don’t’ stupid Ethiopians blame tplf rats for the misery they have caused in your miserable cursed land.

10/23/08 @ 17:01
Comment from: EthioMan [Visitor]

How did all these LFs get started?

Tigrian Liberation, Oromo Liberation, Eritrea Liberation… liberation this lib that… librate from what you morons? What you all need to do is liberate your own ass from hate. Hate is what has created all this. What Ethiopians have to do is eliminate these murderers who trade in the name of the masses. I say FU all because you all are the cause of famin, you are the desease, you are the death of all the poor in Ethiopia. You are what killed our nation. So, Mr Lencho read my lips… go to hell along with Meles and IsayASS, you who has shit for brains.

10/23/08 @ 17:27
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

” There is one thing that unites every Eriteans – Ethiopia.”

levinelei [Visitor]
There is one thing that unites Ethiopians — The failed and degenerating fake state called Artera! See, we are making your lifelong job of hating Ethiopia easier. Perhaps you are not capable of understanding this but the main reason for our(the Majority of Ethiopians) disapproval of Woyanes is their failure to identify and deport the Eritreans within their party. Because we know that with eritreans comes an anti-Ethiopian contagious cancer. Remember, the individuals who have signed you off from the state of our union thinking that is in the best interest of their cursed relatives of the Italian kitchen attendants such as you? It turned out, that was actually the best and biggest pay back we could deliver at minimal cost for your thirty years of banditry to destroy a generous mother that have taken a good care of her children especially you who were beaten and abused by foreigners. Today, it is not only Asseb that we are eying but also elongating your misery and making sure that you will never stand up on your two feet as a country called Eritrea. That is the only way we can destroy the cause and ideology you stand for, which is disintegrating Ethiopia into pieces. Even if a bit late it is Mr.Leta today, and tomorrow it will be the rest of our brothers to Free themselves from the deceitful hegemony of Italian Slaves. We will make sure the backstabber and ungrateful Arterawoch get what they truly deserve then, failure, infighting and misery.

Sincerely, your enemy.

10/23/08 @ 17:32
Comment from: philly [Visitor]


thank you.

my fav quote from me lol kikikikikikiki

10/23/08 @ 18:05
Comment from: philly [Visitor]
philly moderators pls post the second comment i came up with that quote. my fave one.. hola

10/23/08 @ 18:06
Comment from: Delayi Selam [Visitor]
Delayi Selam


Why do you allow racist comments by morons like Philly? I mean the same goes for everyone else who use racist words but the emotionally unstable old man called ‘Philly’ is always out of order.

Philly wedi mama wedi baba, if u thinkn u are helping or defending ur country by being racist, u are wrong. You making more enemies and that is not good for Eritrea. Be respectful if u really want to be heard.

10/23/08 @ 18:38
Comment from: kedir mohammed [Visitor]
kedir mohammed

the correct name of nazaret is ADAMA
CALLING YOUR WEBSITE NAZRET.COM exposes your sinister idea to batise and erase any oromo culture

10/23/08 @ 18:53
Comment from: Asmamaw [Visitor]

Read what you wrote….” cruel Galla Migration through the corner of balie to the rest of Ethiopia including the highlands (1550-1850). The Ethnic cleansing, the massacre and taking away all right the people living in the south and other part of the country where OLF was controlling against non Oromos ….”

How pathetic you are and write such garbage. Whether you like it or not Oromos will own their land and country…be it under OLF, OPDO, OPLO, AWO..etc…one day and that day will not be far.
You also said you would choose Shabiya…good for you…and we know you are from the source and your only interest is how to exploit the resources of the Oromos and the Sothern people.

The truth is that Issayas thought Meles and co will allow him to continue to exploit Ethiopia indefinitely for the purpose of developing Eritrea. It seems this calculation of Issaya has failed. Issaya forgot Meles is only one of the players and there are many more players with better muscles that Meles to frustrate Issaya’s agenda. The end was not preety.
Today all political leaders understand the dynamics in operation and there is from some Shabiya and Wayane quarters that feel and want rapproachment..for simple reason is their dictatorial rule cannot gurrantte them future sustainance, therefore by forging powers with Shabiya they will continue to dominate Ethiopia. I am afraid even those subservient parties of Wayane know this and are prepared.

Lencoo should retire…and if he wants to go back to Oromia and live there, he should not have any problem.

10/23/08 @ 19:21
Comment from: philly [Visitor]


“must admit the fact that the editors are more than brilliant in doing the job they are being payed to do. But, sometimes if not always they miss: facts,details,reality,evidence… Thus making it a very vulnerable site to bonafide critics

you told the truth. i’ve been saying this for a while, whenever they post any article with eritrea on it they get the most views and comments. need eritrea kikikiklololo

10/23/08 @ 19:40
Comment from: DG [Visitor]

u could be right that could be the agenda of few ethiopians but not the majority of ethiopians …like meles and eritrean ppl bleve in eritrea most oroma fighters bleve in eritrea..but eritreans we r not going to be fooled by this partial suports …WE NEED TO WORK HARD >>>SUPORT FULLHEARTLY ESEYAS both economicaly and poleticaly ..ONE ERITREA ONE HEART “DEKI HADE LIBI” if u know who ur enemy is and where he is comming from the rest a game …u win some u lose some…i hate guns my friend coz i know KALASHIN u know the russian antic semi automatic gun, have killed more ppl than aids, malaria, cancer, tobac compained guess where most of the ppl come from Africa and trust me a lot of them are from East Africa…u guys have no idea about the war The wanka Mengstu have ochestrated ..u need to know exactly how many died in that war,,u c i HATE guns i feel like an ideot to carry a GUN,,having all this on my head and having loosing close friends in the recent war b/n eritrean and ethiopia,, having saying that I WILL GET MY INTELECTUAL ASS ON THE PLANE AND FIGHT TILL ONE MAN AND ONE BULLET LEFT TO PROTECT THE SUVERIENTY OF HEAVY BLOOD PAID FRIDOM OF ERITREA…take my words for that …

10/23/08 @ 19:58
Comment from: sanyii [Visitor]

hey guys don’t be comfused this guy is not olf or not founder of olf.he don’t have right to talk about olf he is the most wonted guy. how come killer talk about democracy,is he realy know about democracy?

10/23/08 @ 20:05
Comment from: Eshetu Daba [Visitor]
Eshetu Daba

Anteme chechange naberek chakange woreda-behe enda gana dabo esat na-da-dabeh. The most shovenistic hateres are Naftange and Hamasene, no wonder, egze-abherem awqko samine areqo. One is retired from power and the other is sold into slavery. The only outlet they got is spitting out ethnic hatred of the most vulgar shepherds, and riff-raffs kind. You deserve to stay hanging up side down in the sty as the pigs you are. Most of you have not even seen Addis before you came and started drinking water from the toilet of the white man and your breath still stinks, have some Colgate on my account, filthy shepherds.

10/23/08 @ 20:28
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

Mr. Lencho
You just woke up too late. If you can organize most oromos to work together with amaras instead of acting as catalyst for tigre criminal gangs during the distraction of Ethiopia, all this would not have happened.

Afeworki rode Meles like a donkey for nearly 17 years while training and arming him to fight against Ethiopia to liberate Eitrea. The reward Meles got was to become dictator of Ethiopia than liberate tigray from Ethiopia. What Afeworki got for crowning Meles was free Eritrea with additional port of Assab plus share of crops coffee teff and all agricultural products for the forcible future until Badme war broke.

Meles who fought for liberation of Eritrea and tigray was happy to get the rest of Ethiopia in addition to tigray. He was forced to change his citizenship to Ethiopian to rule the country and the people he hates most. The Badme war was the war as Mengistu stated once created on who should control Ethiopian coffee teff etc as a fight between two thieves on distribution of looting.
We know that very well.

OLF was instrumental for destruction of unity among Ethiopians. Both Afeworki and Meles in return were riding you as a donkey when they destroy Ethiopia.

If you now realize that you can unite with the rest Ethiopians to fight against the two devils in the region TPLF and EPLF, then it is good the people of Ethiopia oromos amaras and all others will be free from these parasites and live in peace and democracy.
If you talk about kinijit Hailu is better for kinijit than any body else.

10/23/08 @ 21:30
Comment from: Intaltittii [Visitor]

Lencho is real as his name. Period!

He is a smart and legend! He is old but
with young heart. Ethiopia is shaped with Lenco’s contribution. He is true and real Oromo who wants the health and wellbeing of his people. He can scrifice what ever it demands to save his people. He is not and were not an enemy of Ethiopia and will not but he has a concern for HIS people’s health and wellbeing and he will do to what ever it costs to save them. He wasn’t accusing Eretrea as well he told the story but people who quote him used to elabourate in their interest area. but it is not Lencho’s intention to blame Eritrea.
VIVA Lencho Leenca koo
Keep it up.

10/23/08 @ 22:15
Comment from: o boyz [Visitor]
o boyz


this article generated so much heat! Keep up a healthy discussion, but in the end never forget to agree to disagree on issues.

Remember as i am typing up this piece many families are going hungery in ethiopia or eslewhere in east africa. But for what? for how long?

peace in East Africa! Gadaa ni deebi’a!

10/24/08 @ 00:24
Comment from: Moti [Visitor]

Is the comment from “Samson” reviewed???

Or, is the reviewer him\herself is also as hateful as ‘Samson’????

This type of racial hatred crosses all limits of healthy discussion?

There is no way that I can respond reasonably towards such hateful and bigoted comment about Oromo people!!!

10/24/08 @ 00:34
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]

I don’t understand what the moderator does when very hateful people like Samson write comments.

Samson, u think beauty, civilization everything is about the north Ethiopia. That indicates how much idiot u r. There is the current situation that tells you everything about Ethiopia than the biased “Ethiopian History” books, that were folk tales meant to be a tool to rule the people. I don’t see your point in “telling us” about the migration of our Oromo people. For that matter, it is not only oromo, every 80 tribe of Ethiopia, including Amhara must have originated from somewhere else. Who cares!! We just want to live peacefully today, forget or tell the truth about the past.

[Mohammed, we do try to moderate as much as possible giving readers opportunity to express their opinions while at the same time filtering out hate speech. ]

10/24/08 @ 02:47
Comment from: wish [Visitor]

Hailu :

God bless u !!!! u said it well.

u are right .u people be ware this
wolves.Every negative comments about our country , party and positve comments about woyane is written by eritrea complex .(wolves).guys be ware these wolves!!!!!!!!

God bless u ,Hailu!!!

10/24/08 @ 03:00
Comment from: shiluu [Visitor]


yet, the land Given to him by international court is being occupied by Ethiopian heroes and his entire fear full family stuck in military camp.or may be he means his slave master Isayas by eritrean sovereignty.
DG, the world as whole knows eritreans for your empty bravado and it’s getting too boring. you need try and adopt a news approach to your international relation if you want save your dieing young country. the worst thing about your comment was, when you mentioned you are intellectual. you see, that is the trouble with eritreans, they think they know every thing which is why they are where they are. need less to say where.

10/24/08 @ 03:18
Comment from: finfine1 [Visitor]

You are a very bitter Neftegna.
I can see you been neutered and declawed by the locals……kkkkkk Life for you is not what it used to be.. you been relegated that is why you are so bitter.
How about telling us your 3000 years of fake history instead? You know the time your imaginary kings and queens used to rule the entire Africa from Egypt to South Africa and when everyone used to speak your language….

10/24/08 @ 03:20
Comment from: Samson [Visitor]

Moti! Moti! Moti!

“There is no way that I can respond reasonably towards such hateful and bigoted comment about Oromo people!!!”
Which word or sentence is a hateful one? Boy. Calm down. Use your posetive thinking to see the truth.

Does the truth hurt to individuals like you? 1000th of lies, hiding the truth or any similar behaviours are to the ignorant and nonsense taking them nowhere. Only the truth takes you the place where you are looking for no matter what. This the truth what I’m talking here about.

Let discuss frankly and openly a little bit about.

-In the seventh century the Abyssinian king, King Negash, gave a save heaven to the prophet Mohamed’s family and thousands of his followers. And the prophet promised in front of Allah that his followers will always love, respect, appreciate and do every possible good things to the Habesha people. What for feeling he had and what he said about the Habesha people is a lot and it can be a big book if it was written.

But Muslims rejected/denied their prophet word and since the 10th century, they begun to affect the Habesha people. This took until the 11 century with low-level confrontation. Since 12th century it became an all out war against the Hebeshas including in today’s central, north and eastern Sudan. If you go today in central Sudan you can find the place called Sabians and they will tell you they were Christians before they converted to Islam. You can find the pure Habesha look like people with Millions in Sudan today. The Muslim aggression against Christians took until 15 century. The Ethiopians kings one after another did their best to protect Christianity and their people all the time retreating to the highlands from all sides including from Sudan.
But in 1529-1543 the worst Muslim aggression reached to the worst level with Ottomans and Arabs joint attack using a primitive Nomad who was converted to Islam as an animal to slaughter all Christians and destroy all churches(2000 churches destroyed). The first and worst defeat to the Ethiopian Army occurred in 1530 the place called Daewoo (Not sure) south west of Nazareth. Then the invasion continued until they reached to Axum and they burned the oldest church, Tsion Mariam.
With the help of the European Christian brothers and sisters, the Muslim Invaders defeated. But the damaged they did still lives on. The spread of Islam and mainly the Galla mass migration is among the results to that war still we have.
Because of the Habesha people living in the south were massacred, left the area to the North or they lost everything they had including their unity to protect any outside enemy, the Galla that were living 100% nomadic life started to invade the area. Until they reached to the central balie, they faced little resistance from the Sidamas. But the Nomads that were savages and used stones, arrows, and every primitive tools, they killed the Sidamas like animals. The Sidamas run away in mass from their ancest5ory land leaving to the nomadic gallas that were always on the move like an invading locust in the Sahara desert.

When they reached to central balie they faced the Amharas, Gurages, Tigres and the rest, but because of the previous war, the central govt was collapsed and they became unable to resist the locust type of galla Migration. Read the Story written by an eyewitness whose name is Abraha. The book is written in 1595 called “ye galla Tarik”. This man was a monk, a scholar, a traveller and historian. If you read that book it will tell you the truth and clarify who really where the gallas when enter to rest of Ethiopia.
The Galla invasion took 300 years with very little resistance. It was like the grazing animals are moving everyday from place tp place to find grasses and Claiming the territory they have been reached. And they reached to wellega and in Tigry, too.
About the Galla migration; the Sidamas, the kembatas, hadyas, Gurages, hararis and all Ethiopians Ethnic groups will tell you, the truth. They have learned from their fathers about.

It is 100% true that in the oromo people today You have three Etno- races.
1. Light or dark light Abyssinian faces are not Originally Oromos but after the invasion they forced to accept the Galla way of life.
2. Light dark skin with Abyssinian faces could be pure Abyssinians or mixed with oromos.
3. Dark or they can be dark light skin but not with Abyssinian faces are pure oromos.

To make it clear. I’m talking here the truth. This is the true History. Your fiction history about yourself is a myths will never ever been materialized. We have to face the truth in order to have the better present and future. You have to get it; there is no so called oromia in an occupied territory. Show me your history? Is that the balie cave? It is deep in the south and the galls have nothing to do with it but the Adals. What the Galla invaders did to the Adals/afars also will not be forgotten. The corner of Bale is the way the galas came in, the history book says.

Don’t take it personal. We are learning to/from each other based on the truth. Make free yourself from your fake/fiction 100 years Galla history. Go back at least in the 16 century.

10/24/08 @ 04:39
Comment from: Neftegna [Visitor]

Hey Editor, I think you better say WB instead WHO, Lincho is ccnfused mane who afraid of to be forgoten, Nothing else bro.

10/24/08 @ 05:01
Comment from: waka kee [Visitor]
waka kee

Dear author,

Do not attempt to write an article on an individual whose name you can not spell correctly. Its simply spelled Leenco Lata, it also gives less credibility to your ideas which are marinated with attempting to energize another idea. Obviously pushing the spatial philosophy of the former Kinijit. Stick to your topic, and do not write about Obbo Leenco since– I’m sure you do not know much, aside from your google research.


10/24/08 @ 08:33
Comment from: Sport Doctor [Visitor]
Sport Doctor

This Blog is owned by The group of Devils Birehanu Nega, Andaregachew Teiga,, Birtukan the evil woman. It doesnt surprise me at all. I know it all the way.

10/24/08 @ 08:35
Comment from: Tribeless [Visitor]

You know what, my neighbour is member of the OLF sub-committee. He personally doesn’t avoid speaking Amharic, but many of his fellow visitors avoid. I know something serious about him and his sorrounding. And I could be a great help in telling him what I know, even in helping him expose his close enemies that he has no clue about. Everytime I try to talk to him about it, he just run away. Now, I am conviced that it’s because they deny their Ethiopianess, God is not allowing them to get their own personal liberty. If they could learn, they are going to learn the hard way, And I am very sorry that I can’t helpe them. I know I could.

10/24/08 @ 09:11
Comment from: Sour-grape [Visitor]

“There is one thing that unites every Eriteans – Ethiopia.”
O, really?

No! There are two things that unite every Eritrean- Illusion and illiteracy!

10/24/08 @ 09:23
Comment from: dereje [Visitor]

samson try to express your thought with respect to your ethiopian fellows.

10/24/08 @ 09:54
Comment from: Suleiman Nassir [Visitor]
Suleiman Nassir

Lencho fall in love with Birtukan nothing other than the following reasons;
1. She was the one behind the coup d’etat to bring CUDP to its knees otherwise which would have been a bone in the throat for separatists like Lencho’s brainchild OLF.
2. Blood thicker than water, for lencho if one has an Oromo prefix.
3. As Birtukan shares the official religion of OLF which is Pentecostalism she is a natural choice.
4. As both Lencho and Birtukan are bankrolled by the new world order who has contempt against Islam and Orthodox Chirstians. And one can safely cite the Middle East, Russia, Bulgaria and so on as a proof. The irony is one can almost find no pentecost in entire Japan in which more than 90% of the people are without religion; while in a Christian and Moslem island like that of Ethiopia a fierce competition is unfolding. Birtukan is a design behind the Pentecost expansion agenda to dominate the Ethiopian political landscape which was traditionally run by Orthodox Chiristians and Moslems to some extent. In fact it is an attempt to crash hardliner Orthodox and Moslem nationalists.
Hence, Lencho and his OLF stooges are stake holders in such profitable venture. Investing in Birtukan is as much investing in OLF core.
Unless one is politically ignorant or having special interest, a women who has no popular mandate on the balot box wouldn’t have been put in such glittering political limelight. As one writer touched above, “Birtukan is worst than Palis” at least Palins has Alaskan’s voters mandate but Birtukan not even for a small village. Without exaggerating - ZERO CONSTITUENCY.
I think the time to confuse Ethiopians is over. The dust is already settled. Now things are on the right path. The target (EPRDF) is visible from all corners. It is upto the Ethiopians to aim and fire at it not to cajol Birtukan or Lencho. I suggest Lencho and Birtukan better abandon politics and preach their version of Bible for the uninitiated. Ain’t this a good business?

10/24/08 @ 10:57
Comment from: Sintu [Visitor]


10/24/08 @ 11:13
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

philly and aram ur dream be ETHIOPIAN is lost because of ur arogant leader the step son of gadafi lost now the whole indian ocean and red see is open fro ETHIOPIA you are the lusser

10/24/08 @ 12:15
Comment from: Wadani [Visitor]

As i read many of your comments here,which only reminding us the old wounds of Ethiopia’s ethnic and religious wars,I really should say the Ethiopia’s future unity is far far away.Such comments make us very fragile to internal religious wars and easily to break up and fight Ethiopian neighborhoods,in this modern times into religions fights and slaughter to each others.Its seems to me,this is of what we’re cultivating and we leading to our nations of Ethiopia whom were living in peaceful interims of religions wars since the crusade times.So its very shame to all of us to discus it such this backwardness in this modern days and lead our peoples into region wars,just like we are living in ancient times of ignorances.The reason is,its because I,can feel it and smell it from some of you guys comments,like you’re crusaders.You sounded and had the spirits angers of those like old days in the wars.So,unless you guys cooled down and stops the readings old books(each of your old books)history of your each ones,the past telltales ethnic and religion spirited books,especially those of the religious and massacre history tales of whether its true or fake in both sides, it will only might resulting us a civil wars and a backwardness of ones again to all of us and to all sides.Its not helping to our progressiveness and it only prolonging to current regimes of WOYANE whom are the ones who dividing us and separating us into ethnics and into religion wars.Your are only helping to Meles and his regimes.

Our divisions,Nothing it will solve to Ethiopia’s current problems but believe it or not it will only helps the defections of TPLF’s in the future from Ethiopia.Their plan is working very well so far.

Many countries had similar wars like Ethiopia in their past history but their young generations are not attacking.Instead,they only have in the libraries as history documents and its no use for anything else.
So be alert and be aware to all of you guys that, such this kind of your comments are not helpful but it might creates more haters among Ethiopians.

Also,its not solving to our current problems but it might lead us into civil wars and nothing else.
lets forget the past and face the reality of our current outstanding problems.

Ethiopians unite.

10/24/08 @ 12:30
Comment from: chacha [Visitor]

No! There are two things that unite every Eritrean- Illusion and illiteracy!

:)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)) I am loving it:!:

10/24/08 @ 12:55
Comment from: Menilik [Visitor]

Suleiman Nassir,

Dear, you are wrong mainly with points 3 and 4.

About 50% Oromos Are Muslims, about 39% are Christians and about 11% are animates. So, how is it possible Christianity becomes the main religion they believe in while the majority are Muslims?

You also wrote

“Middle East, Russia, Bulgaria and so on as a proof.”
I’m sure you have no idea what you are talking about. Middle East which a Muslim region wants a proof from some one about his Christian faith? No.

Russia, Bulgaria and so on are the centre of strong and committed Orthodox Christian nations. Sofia the capita city of Bulgaria is the name of mother to constantain who brought Christianity in Bulgaria long time a go. How is it possible they want a proof from someone as a Pentecost to support him? You have no idea how they are treating the pentecostes there. Some other talks about Birtukan is also not accurate. She has noting to be part of that Criminal OLF.

So, what do you think?

By the way, all pentecostes are not the same. There are truly Christians believing in God/Jesus 100% and there are some with evil spirits using the God/Jesus name while behaving in a satanic way. Crying, pretending as they can heal diseases including blindness just by touching, they are talking about money and being rich and the likes. These are the enemy to Christianity. But, there are decent Ethiopian Christians under protestant believe whom they love Ethiopia and Ethiopians very much. Don’t put all them at one basket. The true protestants are not very much happy about. They don’t like those don’t have special heart to Ethiopia. Those acting as healers are sick and cheaters making a living in a criminal way.

Remember Islam has two main divisions but hundreds of small divisions/branches. It is not only in Christianity. The question is who respects God/Jesus message 100%.

10/24/08 @ 13:34
Comment from: Elsa [Visitor]

We know that you are occuping Ethiopia illegaly. We also know that you invaded and occupying Somali and small piece of land in Eritrea.
But one thing is clear’ ritreans nd Somalians are not like the coward animals you are ruling. Look the Somalis are killing and drag you like a garbage bag on the streets of Mogdishu.
It waould be eassy for Eritreans to kick your @game ass but since you are hiding behind Oromo people it is hard for us to kill another 200,000 innocent Oromos. That is why we are tolerating you while you are in our territory.

10/24/08 @ 13:45
Comment from: chacha [Visitor]

=>Eritrean Beja Shall be fee:!: Victory to Eritrean Islamic jebha:!:

Kunamas Shall be free.

10/24/08 @ 14:32
Comment from: Emperor Menelik II [Visitor]
Emperor Menelik II

Is Lencho a Muslim or Pentecostal? I know most Oromo are Muslim but small amount of them are Pente also in Wellega. I think the other OLF is Muslim which is controlled by Kemal, the former Ethiopian general. If Oromo controls the country the Orthodox population (40% in Ethiopia) will loose its control because the Amhara/Tigre are the only Orthodox here. Are we ready for the Oromo, the majority, who are by far Islamic population to take charge in Ethiopia? B) Ethiopia is 50% Muslim but I think If the Oromo control the country they will open mosque all over Amhara area and Tigre area…. then Meles Zenawi, Hailu Shawel, Berhanu Nega, Aboye Sebhat and Mengistu Haile Mariam will open up a group called “WEY GUD".

10/24/08 @ 14:40
Comment from: Fayyis [Visitor]

Now it is the time, when ALL opposition poleticians, who are fighting against the fascist regime are just kept quite in order to analyze their past mistakes and to forge future plans.

Weyane seems to be comfortable after deviding UNITY forces, specially CUD and made them fight each other as well after trying to devide LIBERATION fronts specially OLF. The cooperation of CUD and OLF under the umberella of AFD was the shocking event and a night mare for Weyane. Now it seems that project has failed.

I think G7M is a very good movemnt to revive such similar alliance of Unity forces and Liberation fronts, which Weyane tries to hinder by any meanse. The current movement in OLF is encouraging.

It seems OLF devided its self in to three, be it by default or design. One group led by Ob Abbaabiyya is already in Ethiopia leading an Oroganization called EAMC (East African Multilogue Center). This can be a very good support for FDD (Forum for Democratic Dialog) of the “legal” oppositions at home. The second group led by general Kemal Gelchu seems to stress armed struggle to liberate Oromia by empowering ULFO (United Liberation Forces of Oromia). By the way the existence and empowering of ULFO is very necessary to check the very UNITARIST forces, who still nostalgically cry for amharanized and uniform Ethiopia. The third group led by Ob. Daud is as usual the best deplomat and wants to revive AFD or similar alliance between Unity forces and Liberation Fronts.

What we need at the end is the cooperation and coordination of these three alliances: FDD at home, AFD in diaspora and ULFO as a watch dog. G7M as a movement, not party, can do its role in this coordiantion. AEUP of Ato Hailu and UDJP of Ad. Birtukan should join the forum at home aka FDD. EPRP should reconsider its position and join AFD in diaspora. Then the cooperation of the alliance at home, aka FDD with the alliance in diaspora aka AFD is the right recept to get rid of the fascist regime in Ethiopia.

In the mean time it is almost clear that both FDD and AFD try to achieve the same goal, i.e a UNION of autonomous nations in Ethiopia in particular and in the Horn of Africa in general. I think we all can rally behind this noble purpose, be it we are Oromos, Amharas, Tigarus, Gurages, Somalis,Sidamas, Afars, Welayitas, Hadiyas, Kambatas, Kafichos, Agews, Hararis….even Eritreans and Somalians! Thank you!!!!

10/24/08 @ 15:02
Comment from: The vision of wadan to words Eritreans. [Visitor]
The vision of wadan to words Eritreans.

The vision of wadan to words Eritreans.

As I see it beyond the horizons,the both peoples are inseparables and needs to each others.So,please Eritrea’s,come back to your mother land of Ethiopia and cure her also from this cancerous woyanes chronic Bashta,since you guys brought it to her.Lets not forget that Ethiopia needs you too,as more than you guys need it don’t be shy and please come back since you guys left from her.

However,leave him somewhere the coward Isaia Afwarnya,Ethiopians doesn’t like that dictator old fashion man.He’s worst than the one we have now.
So lets tear down this barrier wall in between us built by the two twin coward dictators we have.Truly,speaking we don’t need them these two evil men.

Ethiopia unite.

10/24/08 @ 19:33
Comment from: afarman [Visitor]

Dogs are still barking from sunrise to sunset, some helped by Eritre and others by the looser diaspora. These bunch of loosers wont stop crying over a spilt milk. EPRDF is marching like a camel and will continue to do so as time passes.

Its been almost 18 years since the EPRDF marched to Addis Ababa victoriously. Men of action joined hands and managed to overthrow the military regime. EPRDF is becoming stronger and sharper as time passes, its fake opposition groups are slowly moving from the frying pan to the fire.

Ethiopia deserves a strong and credible opposition groups, we don want to see ethiopias politics being a playing ground for loosers and amateur politicians who are filled by hate.

10/24/08 @ 19:57
Comment from: [Member]

This is one of the most ridiculous article I ever read. Lencho Leta or Yohanes Leta before he changed his name is an opportunist old man. Lencho benefited from Haile Selasie, Mengistu and one more time he is now kissing upto meles zenawi. He is entitled to his opinion but I do not believe a word that comes from such opportunist.

As for birtukan mideksa she is officaly married to meles zenawis TPLF. The weyane supporter called epraim yishak was her best man at her wedding with weyane. birtukan mideksa, professor mesfin, birhanu nega and lidtu ayalew are lost case who work for the interest of meles zenawis TPLF even though they claim to “oppose” him.

10/24/08 @ 22:16
Comment from: [Member]

AEUP is the only one that is working for democracy in Ethiopia and now is pushing for the eight points. AEUP was the back bone of Kinijit/CUD before meles zenawis election board illegaly gave it’s name and logo to weyane puppets like temesgen and ayele chamiso who betrayed the Ethiopian people during the 2005 election and jumped into the parliament only to kiss upto meles zenawi.

Ethiopians who are serious about democracy support Engineer Hailus AEUP. birtukan as we all know was hand picked by birhanu nega whose kestedemena party has only 100 members in Addis Abeba while AEUP has one million five hundred thousand members all over Ethiopia.

It is better for meles zenawi to work with AEUP’s leader Engineer Hailu for the realization of democracy in Ethiopia. Playing dirty games will not cut it this time.

10/24/08 @ 22:27
Comment from: [Member]

Dandew, with the exception of weyanes, the Ethiopian people love Engineer Hailu Shawel sacrificed a lot for the people of Ethiopia at his age. Like millions of Ethiopians I admire him, he is a great man.

10/24/08 @ 22:36
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

1/ Samson, Your historical accounts as impecable as they are, I doubt if you are an Ethiopian to begin with. First, you continue to call mother Ethiopia, Abyssinia. No true Ethiopian I know will do that. Second, your vicious attacks on Oromos tell me you have the recently fashionable disease of dividing Ethiopians at heart. I could say more, but I leave it there.

2/ It is fascinating how everyone in here is so determined that his/her opinion is the cardinal truth. Let me tell you dear Ethiopians, and former Ethiopians for that matter, it is the will of the people on the ground that will eventually decide the outcome. The days of I know what is best for you is dead, and once Meles and his looters are thrown out, the books will be sealed for eternity. Therefore, open your eyes, ears, and most importantly your hearts and be good listners as you are loud opinionated talkers.

10/24/08 @ 22:43
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

Sport Doctor,

. . .so what are doing here in Nazret?. . . .dont ever try to hide the scale skins and the poisonous tail of the real “EVIL” of Ethiopia!. . . Evil that killed innocent people, Evil that sucked every drop of bloods of our poor people, Evil that looted our treasures, Evil that fooled us!. . .

Dont spread here the “evildoings” of your EVIL MASTER and tried to fool us by pointing others what your Evil Master deeds.

. . . nice try, but you cant fool us anymore stupid puppet!. . .

10/25/08 @ 08:26
Comment from: BIRI [Visitor]

Comments from else-where:-

Yared and All:

Hi Yared,
The issue is not about Ato Lencho Leta admitting to errors of judgment or political miscalculation. It it were, I would be the first to welcome his statement.
As I see it, Lencho was among the die hard elements within the OLF who raised slogans above substance. He was comfortably sitting with the TPLF, gave a blessing to the ‘Eritrean independence’ on behalf of the so called the ‘Transitional Gov’t of Ethiopia’, had happily accepted the encamping of the OLF fighters under the EPLF mandate that were eventually massacred with the TPLF-EPLF arrangement.
He was a reluctant voice while Dauad Ibsaa and his moderate colleagues tried to work with other Ethiopian groups under the AFD. I remember one particular meeting when Hassan Hussien was addressing a meeting in London with Lencho one of the speakers. Asked about working with Kinijit and OLF forming the AFD, Lencho diplomatically dismissed the question to him by saying that he was no longer the member of the OLF Executive. I was stunned that Lencho didn’t rise to the challenge of the moment despite the positive commentaries in his book in favor the ‘alliance of progressive forces in the Horn of Africa.’

More recently, Lencho was the so not queit voice in the internal dialogue within the OLF leadership, apparently being critical of those who wanted a Swift move to the center(General Kemal Gelchu…).

Then, perhaps Lencho’s line in the current interview on the Shabiya leadership is that his group may no longer call on the automatic support from the Eritrean Gov’t than anything to do with an intellectual soul searching or wanting to leave a positive legacy? I would like to be proved wrong!))

Having said all that, I feel that there are some positive comments in the interview, i.e., the need to recognize each other’s legitimate quest to be stakeholders in the future of a democratic Ethiopia.
In that context, I would like to see Ato Lencho Leta coming forward to help pacify internal disputes in the OLF leadership as Aba-Biya and Dema Negawo seem to do, albeit queitly!
Thanks for your comments.



From: “”
To: Ethiopians-Forum@ yahoogroups. com
Cc: ethiocov4all@ yahoogroups. com
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2008 11:13:34 AM
Subject: Re: [Ethiopians- Forum] IS LENCHO LETA EXPOSING HIMSELF??

Selam Biri

Thanks for the link. I would rather see the following statement as a sign of growing up, coming of age or the first step in the right direction, not as exposing. Others too need to be encouraged to come to terms that nothing better can be achieved by creating banana states. It only leads to more poverty, more conflict, more bloodshed, more destructions, more distrust and many more warlords and dictators at the top. A democratic and united Ethiopia will be highly beneficial to all, regardless of ethnic, linguistic, gender, religious or regional affiliations. I thinks he deserves a thumbs up:-) Better late than never.



LL: OLF used to struggle for the total independence of Oromia from Ethiopia. We, including myself, believed on this up until our involvement in TGE. After our withdrawal from TGE, the world political order, including Horn of Africa’s, changed drastically. In addition, there was a change in Ethiopia. Therefore, I took a different position on the question of Oromia’s independence - different from my colleagues. I believed that a democratic and truly federal system in Ethiopia was highly beneficial to the Oromo people. I had also indicated this in my first book. This position has generated strong criticisms against me from OLF members and supporters. What is OLF’s official position on the question of Oromia’s independence now? I do not know that clearly.

In a message dated 25/10/2008 07:50:54 GMT Daylight Time, biriy2002@yahoo. com writes:

http://gadaa. com/oduu/ ?p=105

10/25/08 @ 08:38
Comment from: Wadani [Visitor]

Leave the man alone guys,I believe it he tried to his best but as far as i believe the woyane don’t listen to any body since they are arrogant and have their hidden agenda.How many good peoples tried to work for their country woyane threw them in jails and killed.This guys trained by shabiya and were not sincere from day one that Ethiopians to live in true Democracy and reach prosperity.They consulted with Shabiya of to rule it Ethiopia.So,why we should not believe this hero and elder man?
He had been struggling with Mangestu through many years and thought the EPRDF were bringing the genuine regime changes that the country needs,so whats wrong IF he shared the country’s work and participated with new regimes and now he quited and left them after he seen the hopes of Democracy were dying?

I think he is leader of Oromos and a leader and an elder man of Ethiopia.We should listen him and respect him. I knew some of you will say agresively:He is traitor and he worked for Woyane.But thats is not the true,I believe he is hero he worked for his country and still he working.

Viva Oroma,the back born of Ethiopia,the futures of Ethiopia and the leaders of Ethiopia.If theres, that NO oromo’s peoples,surely it means theres no Ethiopia at all.

viva Ethiopia & Viva Oroma.

10/25/08 @ 10:00
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

Shewarega aka shewa adgi

the eritrean people will is to be free from donkeys like you. geba ahya so respect that, but i think you meant to type the will of the absiniyans. what is ethiopia, you stole the name from sudan part of the kush empire.

10/25/08 @ 10:02
Comment from: Aden1 [Visitor]

-The blogger takes a comment through a third party ( Lincho Leta) made by issayas Afeworki seventeen years ago and turn it into a plea to endorse UDJ.

- The current UDJ Chairperson was a member of Kinijit for two months and its VP and not its president.

-As Chairperson of Andenet/UDJ, remarking on some of Kinijit’s 8 conditions, “ there is press freedom” according to her.

- According to one of the party’s VP Yacob woldemariam, ‘The Ethiopian Election Board is independent”.

- So far, to my knowledge, Andenet/UDJ has not released its opinion on multi-national military. If anything, in the name of Kinijit, the four members of UDJ and Ginbot7’s Dr. Birhanu acted more in a rush and looked opportunistic, and along the way had greatly contributed in dividing Kinijit.

At this point, why even bother to mention Kinijit?. As they are UDJ, we make the choice to back them up or not based on the past, the present and a probable future. Please don’t take one topic and over spin it.
As far As Ato Linco Leta, the conclusion of his interview part one sums it up. “As a nation, I believe the Oromo people have the right to self-administer themselves.”

10/25/08 @ 13:03



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