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PM Meles Zenawi’s responses to Ethiopia’s economic malaise are getting funnier



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PM Meles Zenawi’s responses to Ethiopia’s economic malaise are getting funnier

PM Meles Zenawi’s responses to Ethiopia’s economic malaise are getting funnier
By Genet Mersha, 4 February 2011

At a time when neighboring countries are tottering down the path of popular revolt to overthrow entrenched dictators and possibly collapse of their regimes, Meles has tightened political repressions in Ethiopia to protect himself from their fate. In spite of those attempts, however, the deepening economic problems are poking citizens with tensions and tremors of their own. These are now being felt throughout the country, as public complaints even in the government-controlled media are showing.
Moreover, not that these would amount to anything in a highly militarized and ethnically divided society, rumors and some credible stories are circulating about open clashes between farmers and students with security forces in some parts of the country. As signs of the economic alienation of millions, petty crimes in towns and cities, burglaries and highway robberies are becoming common occurrences some distances from the capital city itself.
The making of the current frustrations in Ethiopian society have been brewing over a long time. Their origins lay in the political crises that remain unresolved, nor the regime would admit. Then there are the ubiquitous economic crises that have been afflicting over 90 percent of the population. The only solution the government favours now is complete shut off of public space, as a primary step, politics by force and economics by decree, which have now become the mode of Ethiopia’s governance. Therefore, such a situation has served better corrupt party officials, businesspersons, the security, the military and those wired with the leaders. In such an environment, ordinary citizens find it difficult to eke out normal existence.
Whether information from countries now affected by popular revolt is permitted, the situation in those countries may only encourage a sense of solidarity with others. The little information Meles’s security apparatus could not control has made it through to Ethiopians. Therefore, they have become true partners in sharing the pains of the Egyptians, Tunisians, the Sudanese and Yemenis… As they say in Ethiopia, a heart filled with its own pains has better feel for others.
What is happening in Egypt, the reporting of which has been forbidden in the mass media in Ethiopia in this age of the Internet, mobile phone, in addition to foreign broadcasts may have only evoked great interest to the degree it has terrified the Meles regime. This is because people understand that is the reason why he chose to ‘shelter’ the people. This ‘let me get bye this’ situation attitude has not only brought contempt for the regime, but also given them a good sense of its shakiness. In the meantime, the situation in the country would continue to worsen, not because of outside influences, but mainly on account of the weight of the problems our people have been shouldering on a day-to-day basis.
Soaring prices & inordinate solutions at work
At present, notwithstanding the under-reported level of inflation and the pain this has caused for ordinary people for so long, especially after the introduction of devaluation and price controls recently, have deeply worried the government. It is trying to do everything within its powers, although even the solutions they try are becoming more grievous than the pain of living on little or nothing. An expert from the Ethiopian Commercial Bank recently rightly observed, “The most recent devaluation tended to function opposite to expectations and even caused grotesque developments in the economy. The subsequent high and indiscriminate price rise of all goods encourages imports more than exports, as domestic prices have become more rewarding than export prices” (Addis Fortune, Commentary, 30 January 2011).
The economist Prime Minister Meles Zenawi seems now to be fully aware of the damages he has caused the nation’s economy and the lives of its citizens. A man of hubris, he cannot say he lacks the humility to say sorry for that. However, when he appeared before parliament on 3 February, he used his usual infinite wisdom and ability to foresee over a long span of time, and pledged, among others, not to make any further devaluations for another five years. There is nothing more disappointing than this silly trick of dictators to summon evil at will and sputter ally when things go wrong at their lack of ability to dismiss it at will. Therefore, they jabber false promises and hopes; they know it is their way of admitting mistakes.
Of course, Ato Meles Zenawi’s ability to foresee things has been tested on several occasions. Recall that when he invaded Somalia he said he would make it a cakewalk into weeks. Ethiopia was stuck there for over two years—for that matter making a very amenable situation in that country more catastrophic for everyone now. If all claims to view things on a long-term basis, such as Ato Meles Zenawi’s five-year horizon are indeed possible, especially in economics either he or the IMF must have been able to foresee the December 2010 inflation level at 14.5 percent coming.
That not being the case, only in mid-November the IMF Executive Board gave clean bill of health and Mr. Naoyuki Shinohara, Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair of the Board, on 15 November stated:
The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has successfully implemented policies to reduce inflation and rebuild external reserves under the Exogenous Shocks Facility supported program. Program performance has been satisfactory with all of the quantitative performance targets met with margins and structural benchmarks implemented. Inflation has continued to decline, reflecting monetary restraint and aided by favorable weather conditions. International reserves have risen to about 2.1 months of imports coverage. The mild impact of the global recession on the Ethiopian economy has allowed for better performance on the external targets.
Press Release No. 10/432 November 15, 2010
That is not the end of it. Do you need more reminders? Who would forget that broadband Internet coverage of the breadth and width of Ethiopia within five years fiasco? Yes, important efforts were made and Cisco amassed tens of billions of dollars building the and the linkages. Thanks to the Chinese, the latter one has now become a dedicated instrument of espionage on citizens and mind control, instead of national development.
I have good reminder, much like a ticker the time when Meles Zenawi made that pledge to make Ethiopia the first country with broadband access within five short years. At the time, he was busy paving the ground early on for his election in 2005 that he took for granted. Ethiopians showed him that they are not with him, his abrasiveness and his mishandling of the nation’s affairs like his ‘kitchendom’. I recall that pledge distinctly. My grandson was born at that time. Soon he would turn ten. Surprise! Surprise! The latest research by an Irish company about Ethiopia’s snail-paced move into the world of technology states it all:
The population is approaching 90 million, but there are less than 1 million fixed lines in service, and a little more than 3.3 million mobile subscribers. The number of Internet users is dismal below 500,000 at the end of 2009. Communications service provision is reserved for the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), one of the few monopoly providers left on the African continent.
What is the conclusion? The report acknowledges that the French have taken over the Ethiopian Telecommunications to turn things around. Therefore, even in its most optimistic conclusion it hopes that the telecommunications sector may witness some movement. Of course the report is initiated and is set to see what it wants to see and therefore its hang-on is pure liberalization. For Ethiopians, however, what matters are their real national development and a sense of freedom from Meles’ Orwellian world. For whatever its worth, the report skeptically states:
By 2014 the number of fixed line subscribers in Ethiopia is expected to increase to 4.4 million, representing an annual average growth rate of 38% p.a. The number of mobile subscribers is expected to grow at 43% per year over the period, reaching almost 20 million by 2014. Even at these high growth levels the overall teledensity will be less than 25% in 2014, indicating that the market will be nowhere near saturation. The number of Internet users will jump to 12 million, but Internet subscribers will still be low at 1.4 million at the end of 2014. Ethiopia presents an opportunity for investors to reap vast returns as the liberalization agenda gets underway., ICT Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia - 2010" report
Good news folks! GTP would cost you only one trillion ETB

The other headline grabbing news is that the prime minister has kindly identified funding sources for his Growth Transformation Plan (GTP), not that he was willing to tell openly every piece of it. The total amount required is one trillion ETB, about  $60 billion, part of which is to be met from income from power export to neighboring countries, more rental of farmlands, significant amount of foreign aid and the rest from borrowing and foreign loans. What a great picture for the future of deepening economic structural changes in the country!
Ethiopia’s economic problems arise from: (i) centralization of decision-making in one person, whose officials only frightfully echo every single word the prime minister utters. Listen carefully when the foreign minister, the finance minister, minister of agriculture, minister of trade, communication minister…speaks. The echo is deafening. If this is the way a nation should be governed, what else should one expect other than bad economy and terrible human conditions? (ii) The other problem is the continuing replacement of few left over expertise by new party cadres to make the political decision the boss would appreciate. The first problem is that these people learn nothing, since they spend their days in political plotting; (iii) bad policies and poor implementation are a major problem, which we have seen time and again; (iv) poor domestic production and supply capacities remain a fundamental problem; (v) corruption and lack of accountability have become a way of life for the ruling party top down; (vi) the country has comfortably become dependent on foreign aid that has stolen its sense of independence and self-reliance. Even that, after the 2010 election and the misuse of humanitarian aid for political purposes, the international humanitarian community is having a second thought.
These are the major bottlenecks to the Ethiopian economy. Each of these has contributed to the continuing domination in the economy of poor production systems and non-existent and, if any, unreliable supply capacities.
Consequently, a structure of permanent disability has failed to meet domestic demands for goods and export capacity to foreign markets. These translate into foreign exchange shortage and poor macroeconomic environment that has continuously distracted policy from improving production and real national development.
On a side remark, let me ask you if you could give me one example where Ethiopia’s exports have found a niche market for any of its unique and much appreciated produces in terms of quality. Trust me, you would not find one, save, the stealth EFFORT, the TPLF’s business empire, which has penetrated the Chinese market—where now Ato Seyoum Mesfin, former foreign minister and deputy chairman of the TPLF, would operate as the eyes and ears of the regime as ambassador to that country. Many of the children of the ruling party members (TPLF) are also being educated in China.
The policy problem of this regime is that it lacks macroeconomic policy consistency. Because of that the task of policy has been reduced to fire fighting permanently against inflation and the chronic shortages of goods and services. Obviously, consistent long-term development has been pushed to the second tier or to chance. If there are some lights flickering here and there, they are not an outcome of two decades of work—but the efforts of a few enterprises and the nascent private sector—outside the ethnic oligarchic enterprises of the ruling party. That is why in Ethiopia today everything is touch and go. The only exception to this is the political attempt at putting the hyper makeover of Addis Ababa as Meles’s fact on the ground to delude citizens and willing accomplices to project that as national development.
The crises of the moment & Meles’ solutions
What gave spike to this present worry of the regime is the alliance of two evils: devaluation and inflation. This is further made worse by price controls that have been tried in many countries and have completely failed. It may some how for a while impose controls over hoarders and price gougers. However, overall it would only worsen the economic situation and weaken the economy. The problem in Ethiopia has always been Meles' over-confidence that no one could challenge him in his police state. He can do anything he likes with the economy, the country' security, its long-term interests, the prospects of future generations…
Even the pro-Meles EPRDF-ite Addis Fortune on 23 January tolerated the publication on its magazine strong criticism of Meles’s policies. The commentator wrote, “Little by little, certain goods and services in the market for which people are willing to pay are disappearing. It will not be long before parallel markets are created to cater to those who are willing to pay for what they want. Alternatively, traders may find a way of circumventing the system. Signs indicating this are also creeping.”
Interestingly, at about the same time in November 2010, China was also considering price controls to dampen food inflation, according to the Financial Times (China eyes price controls to fight inflation, 16 November 2010). Since Beijing knew the negative consequences to the economy, a coupe of cities used it to some products. China resorted to raising interest rate and is still mulling in search of better ways of dealing with rising prices sourced in inflation, other than price control.

In Ethiopia, salary increases have been made recently to offer civil servants some minimal cushion. They range from 28 to 38 percent to 1,017,351 civil servants (206,334 federal and 1,017,351 civil servants—source Capital). These adjustments range from 1,000 ETB ($ 60) to high-level officials to ETB 144 ($ 9) to lower level workers.
Given the speed with which the price level changes, not to speak of the availability of goods, the amount of the adjustments has understandably courted more disappointments, according to Capital of 31 January. Since the increases are too little to make a difference in this environment of rising prices, it is reported that civil servants are openly critical. In the circumstances, more noticeable is the big hole in the national budget equivalent to five billion ETB in unbudgeted expenditures, to which the increase itself jacks up its own share to the grinding inflation.
Speaking of inflation, from theory point of view, some in leadership seem literate in economics. Unfortunately, the translation into practice of that literacy has repeatedly belied that assumption and their pretenses. Of course, policy in Ethiopia is hardly a reflection of national consensus, but diktat from Meles, previously from Mengistu, which has gotten the country nowhere. In the past two decades, Ethiopia has experienced several bouts of inflation, a phenomenon directly associated with natural catastrophes, such as cyclical droughts, resulting in GDP decline and shortages food and other goods. The country’s experience is that in a while they only turn into either disinflation or deflation during crop seasons.
Now economic activity has increased and the level of imported inflation is going up on annual basis, especially this time. The nature of recovery in global economy is also making it a bit tricky. The policy that is the Meles regime has begun to pursue is not only reminiscent of Britain in the course of WWII, but has also been hardly capable of addressing the old and the changed circumstances with appropriate policies. It is not enough to perorate about this or that economic thought or this or that country’s experiences. Policy-makers must see the pressing need to learn to apply the right policy measures differently—this time around through genuine national consultations, instead of the usual Stalinist top down approach.
Bear in mind, in the 1980s Argentina, Brazil and Israel learned to control their huge inflations through approaches that were totally unorthodox—different from what were applied in mainstream Western economic settings at the time. It is in recognizing that the great economist the late Rudiger Dornbusch offered his view of that with two short sentences as admonition: “The economists’ scissors normally has two blades, supply and demand. But in questions of stabilization policy, that often is not the case.” The Ethiopian situation is far different from that of those countries, but stabilization follows similar principles, since the need for future growth has to be kept in mind.
Nevertheless, the message here is that the stakes are now too high and recurrence of these problems has become habitual and different solution must be sought. Consequently, Ato Meles must seize the opportunity to open the door for open and transparent discussions, not only between the usual suspects. But also this time in a nation-wide genuine participation, whereby the people that bear the brunt of sufferings should express their problems and make their recommendations, without fear of reprisals.
The prime minister holds scheduled meetings with businesses and is useful and essential. However, even that seen by its record, at no time has it been about addressing their actual problems of the gatherers. Therefore, as a part of his government’s approach in the search for solutions, this time he must allow people to express themselves. For once, he should stop pushing his solutions down everybody’s throats. Discussion is not a skills talent to pick who knows most and better, but to exchange views. This time, Ato Meles must listen to what citizens could chip in the solutions they think would save the nation. He should also recognize that, in addition to a number of policy-related destabilizing factors, the world grains market and food production in general has now come back with vehement problems of is own.
Food shortages and rising prices & the Meles regime response

Citing its barometer index, according to Reuters, on 3 February the FAO reported “price changes for a variety of staples, averaged 231 points in January -- the highest since records began in 1990…From its vantage point, Oxfam attributed the problem to reduced production due to bad weather, increased oil prices making fertilizer and transport more expensive, increased demand for biofuels, export restrictions and financial speculation.” That much for international analysts; no one sees the impact of poor and misguided policies on peoples in different countries.
The Economic Times of India recently wrote, “In what could give a big boost to India's efforts at food security, Ethiopia has offered 1.8 million hectares of its farmland to Indian investors that equals nearly 40 percent of the total area of the principal grain-growing state of Punjab.” The article was published in connection with the visit of the controversially demagogic Minister of Agriculture Tefera Derbew. The paper quotes the minister, who informs it:
So far we have transferred 307,000 hectares of land to foreign and domestic investors. Some 79 percent of this land has been transferred to Indian companies. This land is made available on a 70-year lease. We are now proposing to transfer another 3.6 million hectares of land to investors from overseas. And I am confident that more than half of the 3.6 million hectares land will go to Indians. How much land will actually go to Indian investors depends entirely on the interest of investors. If they come and take all the land, then also we will be very happy. Indian investors are very welcome in Ethiopia.
The Economic Times observes that land offered to Indians so far equals nearly 50 percent of the cultivable land of Punjab, often called India's granary. According to the paper, it accounts for 23 percent of its wheat and 10 percent of paddy output.
It seems that the Meles regime is taking its revenge for its agricultural policy failure by selling the country piece by piece. This has built frustrations of peasant farmers and patriotic Ethiopians to rise. It knows that they do not want to see their country sold piece by piece, for that matter to the lowest bidder! What is worrisome is that the contracts are long-term, the shortest being sixty years and the highest 99 years. Most of the deals the government has made so far with farm-renters are encouraged to produce cash crops so that it could pocket some foreign exchange, if not immediately, at least, after several years.
What has so far been kept secret has now become official. Land renters are promised and included in their contracts that they can export their produces to their home countries or wherever. Therefore the domestic market has nothing to look forward for from these deals. What state of mind tolerates this, now resulting in the displacement of our farmers and the destruction of natural forests, about which even the figurehead president has expressed repeated concerns?
The May 5, 2010 issue of The Reporter carried a story that the residents of Gambella had written to President Girma Wolde-Giorgis, asking his intervention to stop the takeover of their lands and the clearing of forests by farm companies. Incidentally, the land clearing company is state-owned and is paid Birr 9,000 ($670) per hectare (Addis Fortune, August 29).
Their letter states in part, “In a manner we do not know, without anybody telling us and consulting with us, our lands and forest resources have been allocated to a foreign company…The forest is our life, we use it to harvest honey, prepare our traditional medicines and build our homes…” The affected people also indicate that they do not want “the forests they have preserved this long to be destroyed in the name of development” [writer’s translation from Amharic].
What is interesting about this particular complaint is the fact that there is clear division between the people and the state administration. The local kebele (neighbourhood association) leaders are on the same side with the people, soliciting the president’s intervention. They have even been delegated to represent the people on this matter. On the other side are the local administration, the court and the federal ministry of agriculture; the latter saying studies have confirmed that there would be no adverse effects resulting from expansion of commercial farms on the leased farms and the clearing of natural forests. As protest and complaints are often interpreted in political terms in Ethiopia, The Reporter reports that the local administration was incensed and reflected the view that this was the work of anti-development and anti- democratic elements hiding within the people that are creating confusion.
Fortunately, the story does not end there. The president responded by writing a letter to the local environment protection agency requesting it to take urgent measures, taking into account the complaints by the residents of Goumare & kabo districts, in Gambella region. The local environment protection office wrote a letter to the minister of agriculture that the measures taken to give the land to commercial farmers were wrong. The minister of agriculture has not responded to the state president, because of which the president pursued the matter further recently writing his second letter to the minister of agriculture reminding him of the problem and inquiring if action was taken. The minister is a political cadre propelled to power not because of his capacity, but because of his service to the party as a political cadre.
This should serve as sufficient evidence that transactions in land are taking place in ill-equipped countries such as Ethiopia that lack capacities to assess the implications of ‘land grabs.’ This time, the state has sided the foreign farm companies. Clearly, Ethiopia does not even have adequate capacity, let alone to monitor its long-term consequences to millions of its citizens and the country's future itself, but also even how much land is rented out at this stage.
The source of the problem is that the fact that every region is its own master and can give land to whomever it wants, theoretically so long as it did not exceed 5,000 hectares. The country does not also have centralized data collecting system. Nor has it put in place appropriate laws and regulations to ensure follow up their implementations. Moreover, the task of land certification in Ethiopia has not been finalized. To date, only four regional states—Amhara, Oromia, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) and Tigrai—have almost finalised issuance of land holding certificates to peasant households, formally recognising the rights of holders of the certificate.
At the same time, the other five regional states—Afar, Somali, Benishangul‐Gumuz, Gambella and Harari—have not issued legislation how to ensure and protect the rights of farmers and pastoralists, or implement land-leasing arrangements. It is mostly in these regions that there has been serious disenfranchisement of the farming population. A very useful paper presented to the World Bank Conference on Land Policy and Administration in Washington DC from April 26‐27, 2010, Imeru Tamrat states, “In the absence of detailed land administration laws in the other five regional states, it is not clear how the landholding rights given to peasants and pastoralists under the Constitution is being implemented within these regional states” (Imeru Tamrat, Governance of Large-scale Agricultural Investments in Africa: the Case of Ethiopia, 2010).
The fact that this new enterprise has made African governments’ role as both middlemen negotiating land deals and the ones clearing the lands and pushing their people from their holdings no different from that of native slave traders who hunted their own people and handed them to Arab slave traders that in turn passed them for higher fees to European slave traders. It may sound too strong a judgement. Anyone that has problem with this need only go and talk to those uprooted from their ancestral lands and their belongings.
Finally, what should farm-renters produce? As far as Ethiopia, speaking through its State Minister for Agriculture Abera Deressa, is concerned, they should produce cash crops. On 26 October, in an interview with Bloomberg he announced “We want to increase the amount of land to be leased…We have abundant land available.” He urged those already invested and potential investors to focus on production of “high value” crops; in that situation Ethiopia could afford to import its foods using those earnings. Ato Abera Deressa was confident when he said, “Then we can solve the food problem.” Such is the state of affairs in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia under the TPLF led EPRDF government.


Comment from: patriot [Visitor]

W/t or W/o Genet Mersha:

Correction: State Minister for Agriculture Abera Deressa is a Dr, not Ato. He has a PhD in something related to Agricultural Extension – regardless of whatever he says regarding agricultural developing and land leasing issue in that country.
BTW, correct me if you are a Dr too so that I use Dr instead of W/t or W/ro as your title in the future.

02/05/11 @ 20:39
Comment from: postmycoment [Visitor]

Geram nefes kej, The Ethiopian people ♥ PM Meles Zenawi as he is the ONLY leader who has brought real CHANGE to the country in its ENTIRE history and i am not talking about the fake change Obama is talking about. Change in education, health care, roads and bridges connection every keble to cities on and on. No one can hide these changes anymore. They are visible to even a blind person. People are seeing and enjoying these CHANGES. The people of Ethiopia as of now will NOT even contemplate of overthrowing the government by force or protest rather they will embrace it even more. People aren’t fools anymore but you are! It’s been yrs since the seat of the power is decided by ballot and not bullets in Ethiopia and thank you very much you guys just keep writing volumes of literature style articles that only few people end up reading here in the diaspora.

Lam alje besemay wetetwanem alaye ale..How true!

02/05/11 @ 20:46
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

The new slogan at Mesqel Square to oust Meles and Azeb

“Enea Ethiopiawi Negn Kagerea Alwotam
Ante Ethiopiawi Aydelehm Keagerea Wuta”

“I am Ethiopian, Ethiopia for Ethiopians
You are not Ethiopian get out from my country”

Ke to Mesqel Square

Hung Azeb Gola at Mesqel Square

Hung Meles Zenawi at Dedebit

02/05/11 @ 21:44
Comment from: Jacob [Visitor]

Is this writer a female or a male? Follow up questions:Does she/he have a job? Does he/she have anything else to deal with? Does she/he think that we are jobless people to read this long article? Is he/she crazy? Last question: Does any body read her/his article? If yes, don’t you think that those who read this long long long article are crazy? As to me, I am not stupid to lose my golden time reading such long long long and probably useless article(I said probably for I did not read it and can not judge).

02/05/11 @ 21:56
Comment from: baymeno [Visitor]

Jacob to all your questions, the answer is NO!

This is Al Mariam disguised in a woman’s name.

No sane person writes this long article just to say PM Meles respond to parliment questions.

Al Mariam and alike learn to say simple thing in a long,long, long articles from Mengitu Halemariam. At one time Mengistu spoke to Ethiopian people for 6 hours.

Go figure!!

Long Live Ethiopia!!!!

02/05/11 @ 22:29
Comment from: tibeb [Visitor]

i gave up @ the 3rd para! Sorry. i have 3jobs! i don’t want this article to be the 4th one:)

02/05/11 @ 22:55
Comment from: tewosolmon [Visitor]

this is an article that should be read on leisure time, too long , so cannot get time to finish it , and I did not get the Idea Sorry!

02/05/11 @ 23:01
Comment from: Gedaye kiros [Visitor]
Gedaye kiros

Melese zenawi is much better than obama or any other nation leader. Melese make us to be proud of our country ethiopia. Without melese our poor country will vanish for good so let us support PM melese zenawi till the end. Melese is half Amhara and half Gurage and 1/3 Tigere for those of you dont know and his wife is half tigere and 1/4 oromo. I mean this people are 100% for ethiopian people. Please dont curse our PM. dont take him for granted.

02/05/11 @ 23:05
Comment from: fenJi [Visitor]

OK Genet Mersha …YOU TOLD us The problem
now tell us the solution ….That’s what we are Laking ….we know the problem you DUMB
dispora burger eating GOAT

02/05/11 @ 23:06
Comment from: Thee X [Visitor]
Thee X

so is this weyanees developments of 20 years? 3.3 mil cell phone and 500 thousand Internet users out of 90 mil Ethiopian population? it is like they kept the young generation in darkness .information is a tool that enable the ppl to communicate, i wonder weyanees are committing all those crimes against humanity in broad day light and no one in the world knows about it. this is a 20 years developments of Ethiopia under the evil tegaaru empire.

02/05/11 @ 23:11
Comment from: She is Faceles Leba [Visitor]
She is Faceles Leba

Is this writer a female or a male?

She is not she. She is a faceles he. If she is a true Ethiopian, she should attach her photo to her ranting. At least we know Prof Al Mariam is a black man.

Do not accept a faceles someone writing & ranting about something!

If she can’t show us her face, there is no way she will go to MesKel Square and set herself on fire for the sake of Ethiopian people!

02/05/11 @ 23:14
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

You sound more like Egyptian leaders and elite who stuck in 20 century mentality (my way or no way) it’s not going work here nice try Ato/Wiyzero Genet.

02/06/11 @ 00:16
Comment from: Ras Thomas (Patariotic Abyssinians). USA [Visitor]
Ras Thomas (Patariotic Abyssinians).  USA

Genet Marsh you are lier, Males is not defending only himself but all security of our country. that is why you are here safe. singing with your bowl of shit. When your uncle Hailu Salasia and Mingistu was there you was not free to talk againist goverment. Today it is Males Zanawi’s fowl to give you a freedom that you did not know and not deserve. because you are fabricating non sense untrue.

02/06/11 @ 00:23
Comment from: hagerwedad [Visitor]

No one provides answer or solution to the problem that we are facing here in Ethiopia. Just simple self aggrandizing, arrogant and self serving garbage. If you really love your country come right over and help us build it from the ground up. We are buzy doing just that. We don’t want your sympathy nor are we interested with your condesending and disparaging scribble. Your dream of becoming some sort of political figure in our country and suck our blood and sweat is no more. Sorry to pop your bubble, but we are a lot more knowledgeble of our sitiuation than you would like to believe. We have been working and will work as hard as we humanly can to make our country better. We do not have neither space nor time for this kind of antagonistic and no-remedy garbage. We all know what you are after. SELTAN “POWER"! You will never, ever see that. Your intentions are clear and your ambition is obvious and we are very cognizant of that.

02/06/11 @ 00:29
Comment from: jazzman [Visitor]

Hello Mrs. Mersha, if you know that much about Ethiopia, you should also know a lot on what needs to be done, I guess that is kind of hard for you to even attempt uhh-
The doers are doing the job—you just hot air !

02/06/11 @ 00:31
Comment from: [Member]

A very good, well-written article. Thanks Genet Meresha. The traitor Meles Zenawi is selling Ethiopia to the best bidder. This shold be stopped. The Indian invasion of Ethiopia with the help of the eritrean Meles Zenaiw should be resisted with all force. Kill all indians and burn their farmlands!

Ethiopia is only for Ethiopians !

02/06/11 @ 00:57
Comment from: sentayehu1221 [Visitor]

Ras Thomas,
tell your uncle melata leba, slow down with his drinking of jhonny walker whisky. it looks like your uncle always is in the cloud 9 Balege!

02/06/11 @ 01:20
Comment from: [Member]

Hey Nazrets,.. I just saw a wikileaks’ cable released about the horn of Africa, which calls isayass a PARANOID, SPOILER and a rothless dictator.
While calling Ethiopia a strong stablizing force one can do business with. And our leader Pm Meles a genius and a great man.
You know when it comes to wikileaks it doesn’t necessarily have to be negative about Ethiopia. You need to post the positive ones too. I know there is no garbage or negative news on the wikileaks about Ethiopia. All anti Ethiopian websites were caught by surprise, who were salivating and waiting for bad words to come about Ethiopia.

02/06/11 @ 01:21
Comment from: Fitawrari Habesha [Visitor]
Fitawrari Habesha

Well nazret I didn’t know you started publishing books here now, that was way too long I started reading but I wanto to go to church tomorrow, not spend my weekend reading angry diaspora material

02/06/11 @ 01:25
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]


What happend to ur pridiction of Ethiopian revolution?

Addis Zemen
I copied that leak and pasted it at the last discussions blog and nazret decided to delete it :)
That will keep the hynas sleepless.

02/06/11 @ 01:40
Comment from: George [Visitor]

The women has the right to expresss her thoughts about her country. The problem as usual is the unreserved bias and negativity and even contempt for the government and for PM. The economic deterioration we are witnessing today as the women writer knows well is every where and Ethiopia is not an exception. The crisis we see in some countries is due to bad economiesy of countries. In fact compare to many countries the economic slow down, if at all, in Ethiopia is not as bad as growth is not unaffected. Yes, like every where in the world the hardship is more felt in low income countries and individuals asw food prices increased. What is disappointing about the writer is not the length of the deliberation only but the unacceptable intent to create havoc in the country by claiming unrest, hatred against the brilliant PM and his government, overall painting dome and gloom of the country. The naked truth is that the country in a better economic situation in its history. Even more disappointing is that she does not suggest any solution. I would like to inform the women that the main reason why the government is “under achieving” its plan is because of sabotage of some individuals from inside and outside who don like for the country to develop under the current government. Because if it grew and remained peaceful their ambition for power may not be realised because their chances are limited ina peaceful situation. I believe truth will prevail eventually and the dishonest will be ashamed of them selves.
Long live prosperous Ethiopia.
Long live EPDRF and PM Meles.

02/06/11 @ 02:22
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

IT is upto you to write any comments you like but you have to see to it that you stick with the said that there is no news coverage of the things that are going on in ethiopia.
can u do me a favor please go and check the news for the last three or four days in ETV.There is almost a daily coverage of news about what is happening in ethiopia.
It is one thing to write ideological analysis and completely a different thing to write fabrication and lies.

02/06/11 @ 03:35
Comment from: Robel Desta [Visitor]
Robel Desta

We (Ethiopians) are now going to have a total solution to the Amhara and Tigreans question. The programme is clear. It is total separation, total segregation! What does this mean? It does not only mean the total exclusion of the Amhara and Tigreans from the Ethiopian economic system… It means much more! No Ethiopian can be expected to live under the same roof as Amhara and Tigreans. The Amhara and Tigreans must be chased out of our houses, kebeles, and our residential districts and made to live in rows or blocks of houses where they can keep to themselves and come into contact with Ethiopians as little as possible.

They must be clearly identified…. And when we compel the rich Amhara and Tigreans to provide for the `poor’ of their race, which will certainly be necessary, they will all sink together into a pit of criminality. As this happens, we will be faced with the harsh necessity of eradicating the Amhara and Tigreans underworld, just as we root out criminals from our own orderly state: with bullet and sword. The result will be the certain and absolute end of Amhara and Tigreans in Ethiopia; its complete annihilation

02/06/11 @ 03:37
Comment from: [Visitor]

I see that a great deal of effort is spent in putting together the article. Well written, in form. I learned few new vocabularies, writing styles and defamation techniques. Thanks God, I managed to read to the end, Sunday helped. I blame my poor English and shortspan memory for not able to get the key message, solution. Why make it too long. Not everyone is willing to spare their sparetime reading 7-pages.

02/06/11 @ 03:49
Comment from: tazabi [Visitor]

here we go again anothr day dreamer!!!wether u like it or not nobody is not going to listen ure BS, if ya’ want do some about it come and do it.we Ethiopians are happy about the progress we have seen and all we want to do is trying our best in the making of the country not destroying it. while the rest of cry babies……

02/06/11 @ 03:53
Comment from: Free [Visitor]

Hey what an article. You made me relive the nightmares of this criminal man. My hope is he will receive raw justice one day.
Yes I remember the Highspeed propaganda. The next memorable tplf propaganda will be their promise of transforming Ethiopia into a middle income country in the next five years. I don’t think there is a word for shame in Tigregna culture. They are shameless people.

02/06/11 @ 04:17
Comment from: Abay Mado [Visitor]
Abay Mado

Woizero Genet or Ato Gaynt/Satan/.

Is this your only job and who you are? When you are criticizing the most cleaver, smart and wise true and real Ethiopian child, PM Meles, concerning the economy, what is your practical contribution you are dedicating to Ethiopia?
Is it painting your outdated, backward and lack of understanding long rubbish writing no one reads it?

Why don’t you get a life? With or without you and your ignorant similarities, Ethiopia is heading towards transformation. You will stay destitute, angry, hateful, with dead spirit in abroad and die in vain.

Do you think writing this kind shit would make you a wise and useful person? No. It is a desperate act from someone who is not happy in life and has no idea what to do.

If you are somebody, go back to Ethiopia and be part of the nation building that is going on from boarder to boarder all directions. Before that you must clean your shit thinking and leave it behind.
Ethiopians have no time even to look at your garbage writing let alone to read and realize it.

Those who cannot do something good are capable of doing bad things and you are one of them.

Go to hell. The Ethiopian people need peace, unity, stability, light, road, school, hospitals and the likes. And under Meles leadership, it is getting better and better by day. Do you think Ethiopians are too stupid to know who and what is good for them?

This time Meles Is the best. Ethiopia is the first country on earth managed to develop her economy without oil/gas exporting. And she will continue this way until she able to use fully the most valuable wealth/raw material which is her abandoned water and fertile soil. The day Ethiopia able to use fully her water potential for development activities will be the day she figuratively on the top of human achievements as she is literarily to be found containing 80% of the entire African highland meaning Top of Africa in the middle of the earth.
Ask yourself about your life and Get a real life. Because the life you are in is giving you nothing but cheating yourself thinking you are doing something this way which is rubish.

02/06/11 @ 04:20
Comment from: Hewan [Visitor]

Is this woman still around. People say that she was in Sudan for about 7 years doing prostitution before she made it to the usa

02/06/11 @ 05:54
Comment from: sentayehu1221 [Visitor]

addis zemen,
you are not the driver here and you are just a passenger.
if you dont like to ride here you are free to go down.
stupid and shameless people like you doesnt feel shame to others just to praise and worship your devil dictator father.
yes! youre true “every body can make monkey business with youre leba pm and dont have any question about that.

02/06/11 @ 06:03
Comment from: [Member]

You sound Zenawi himself and remember everything has its appointed time of coming to an end. This is a law of nature and no one can escape this truth. Who gave Zenawi the “SILTAN?” was he elected by the people or he just staged a fake one at a staggering figure of 99%? Mubarak of Egypt was thinking that he became a president as a result of 89% vote but he was the last person to be convinced that those figures which appeared in successive elections were fake and you can see where he is now. I sow an amharic caricature once depicting Saddam Husain laying flat on the ground after being physically assaulted by an American soldier who was standing before him uttering the word jegnaw! jegnaw! and Saddam Husain replies “yeqen enji yesew jegna yelewm!” A time will come where Zenawi will be disgraced before the people of Ethiopia and the world at large as a reprisal to what he has done over the last 20 years. Husni Mubarak had the full backing of the Military but those soldiers could not save him from the people’s wrath and he finally conceded the grand plan of passing power on to his Son. When the people of Ethiopia rise up, Zenawi may flee to Ruwanda that is if he is luckey and it’s only a matter of time before this happens. I am about to write a letter to President Obama so that he can push the button and bring to an end the 20 years of loot and deceit. Our country is being skinned alive by a pack of wolves who are enriching themselves while the people are suffering endlessly. Not too long ago we heard that the nation’s gold reserve mysteriously disappeared form a highly secured storage facility and this time we also heard that 20 thousand tons of coffee was gone in to the thin air. You can imagine how many soldiers have been used to solve the logistical nightmare of moving this precious commodity to a secure location before it was shipped to Djibouti or Kenya. The day of reckoning is not too far away be not deceived wedi zenawi!! In the mean time, readers, watch this video….Meles is visibly stuttering when he addressed some merchants on the “missing” 20 tons of Coffee. This is getting sad by the day! Here is the link.

02/06/11 @ 06:43
Comment from: Werner2010 [Visitor]

@baymeno & tibeb,
you said it all, thanxxx. Most of the essay is just cut and pasted from elsewhere, anyway.

02/06/11 @ 06:58
Comment from: AGB [Visitor]

End of an era to the woyane regime is soon coming by force or will !
Shintam hulu.

02/06/11 @ 07:07
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

Reading what Genet Mersha, Alemayehu G/Mariam,Birhanu Nega,Aklog Birara,Jawar Mohammed,Eskindir Nega,Getachew Begashaw,Yilma Bekele and others who sing nauseating songs of anti-Ethiopia hymns reveals nothing but their joint efforts to spread a message of hatred and division of Ethiopians within and outside our country. Pretending that they show concern on the well-being of Ethiopia, the forces of adhesion that drives them for this common purpose is their past committments to the political movements they once belonged, i.e the EPRP,MEISON,DERG,EDU etc and their dedications to which they now belong, i.e Genbot7 and the likes. As long as they remain dedicated to the causes of these organizations, they can never accept anything good that comes out of Ethiopia. We are living witnesses of what diaspora elites like Negede Gobeze, Haile Fida, Senai Like and others who in the name of socialist revolution came to Ethiopia and were the chief architects of mass murders unseen in the history of our country that still haunts us to this day. Similarly, these few diaspora elites have now joined forces for similar destructive intentions to cause havoc and mayhem in our country.
The everyday realities in Ethiopia are very different from what these cyber-warriors tell us everyday. It is by far better to watch (a24 hour live tv from Ethiopia)which shows the everyday realities in Ethiopia than wasting time and energy reading endless lines of politically motivated fictitious stories filled with hatred and bigotry.

Ethiopia shall prosper!!

02/06/11 @ 07:36
Comment from: Ogaden Kid [Visitor]
Ogaden Kid

One of the best reads EVER

02/06/11 @ 08:13
Comment from: Ethiopis [Visitor]

This all is in my mind.
Q:do TPLF really care about the spritual,educational,cultural,political and economic development of the Amhara people?
Q:but do they want to rule them?
Q:then what is their relationship?
A:It is colonialism pure and simple.But people call it this and that and are living with it.
Q:Ethiopia has 30+ million Oromos and 20+ amharas.Is it not good to live in a system where the future pm of Ethiopia must be drawn from these groups as they are the largest and gives credibility for the system?
A:Sure.that will be a must.
Q:But can you find Ethiopian who really believes in logic and truth and who really care about his people?
A:I am not sure.
Q:Then what will be the future Ethiopia without such kind of citizens?
A:I don’t know.Some people say -even today one proof that God exists is the existence of Ethiopia as a country with all her problems and they tell me not to worry since He cares about her.Some others say people will get enlightened at the end of the day and may start real work.

02/06/11 @ 08:49
Comment from: Jaleta [Visitor]

Hope this will be Meles’s last trip outside of the country as a tyrant and con man coming to World Capitals. His next trip should be to the Hague to face the International Court for his twenty years of genocide and unparalleled crime against the Ethiopian people. Needless to say I wish he and his wife be dragged out of the palace and shown the justice they desreve in the same way Chawchesko of Romania was sent to hell!!! With the unity and commitment being demonstrated in Munich, I trust the days of deliverance are upon us!

02/06/11 @ 10:06
Comment from: thomasd [Visitor]

Addis Zemen,
I hope you have read also what the German representatives said about Meles’ knowledge of economics after meeting him face to face. It sounds as if Meles did not demonstrate even the ABC of economics. No wonder that people are suffering from soaring food prices under his “governance.” Your arrogant Meles is simply a disgrace.

02/06/11 @ 10:46
Comment from: Azezo [Visitor]

What happen with 10,000 tone of coffee ready to ship that has disappeared with out a trace? The president told his party “they know who did it and next time he will cut someone’s hand if it happens again. Did any one help me understand how the legal system works in our land? No investigation, no legal action and should this be handled by justices system instead of the PM phony statement. I am lost

02/06/11 @ 11:01
Comment from: termoose [Visitor]

honestly I didn’t finish the article but i came to a conculusion it is uselss.

02/06/11 @ 12:15
Comment from: Derese [Visitor]

All woyanes,
You proved to us here once again how stupid retarded you are.You can not even understand the basic principles of governance and that is why you are blindly following this psychopath thug,Meles Zenawi.May be you need to be told in “tigrigna".

02/06/11 @ 12:23
Comment from: Arbegha [Visitor]

Oh!!!Tplf cadres what fear is shaking you so much ?all over Nazrate you hate nazrate but you post in it confused Tighrea cadres your days of ethnic ,tribal regime is nearly over thank CIA to send you to Adis Abeba since you serve them honestly as per USA guidance when the end comes as Mubarak your Leader {LEGESSE} { miget will be talked to do the write thing leave Ethiopia For true Ethiopians &run Fast to your cacoon Tighrea provice or Sahel dessert with you Aboy Issayas of Eplf we the people shall Win Death to TRAITOR TPLF

02/06/11 @ 13:35
Comment from: Abuje atir [Visitor]
Abuje atir

Always, Insults come out of hallow minds. As the saying goes “An empty barrel makes a loud noise".
I have proven that here at NAZ.Most if not all Meles supporters resort to insults and threats.If a comment does not fit them, then, it must be 100% Eritreans,a woman can not write this it must be 100% a male(chauvinism).And it is always only 100% Almriam who can write.Brilliant decition making!
It is sad that this regime is surrounded by people who do not critisize It constrictively.
More than ever, it is clearer that we are at the beginning of the end AMEN.
By the way enjoy the stand up comedy show “Melez senawi stealing coffee” on youtube.
I could not believe my ears and my eyes how this kind comment is given by a leader of a nation.Supporters lets here what you say about this plunder.


02/06/11 @ 14:16
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Banda are you kidding ,it’s not wikileaks but a simple cable of the US
Ambassy in which ignoranrt diplomats corps as Vicky Hudleston or Yamamoto
unshamesly are advocating an evil Tyrant and his regime in the name of
Regional stability .And moron ill educated bandas as you ,are spreading such childish lies .KEEP ON BARKING SHABYAN GARBAGES LEKAMI BANDA !!!!

02/06/11 @ 14:26
Comment from: Dejane [Visitor]


02/06/11 @ 14:33
Comment from: vvv [Visitor]


02/06/11 @ 15:34
Comment from: Yimer [Visitor]

Quoting Madame Genet

The population is approaching 90 million, but there are less than 1 million fixed lines in service, and a little more than 3.3 million mobile subscribers. The number of Internet users is dismal below 500,000 at the end of 2009. Communications service provision is reserved for the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), one of the few monopoly providers left on the African continent.”

Some times it is hard to know what the expertise of our Diaspora is every one of them write as if they are an expert in world economics or it looks all the malaise and backwardness of Ethiopian economy would go overnight if they sit at the leadership. They lecture us and brag again and again about the fallacy of Ethiopian government policy on the telecommunication sector, banking and so on…

This lady is discussing about ETC as if she is an expert in telecommunication. Let me ask you a single question and please if you know answer the question straight. Tell me which western country has a private telecommunication company? Is is US, UK , Germany, Italy, Sweden or some country where you get your education? Let me put the question in other way. Can a foreign company establish a telecommunication company in US? You may say yes you are wrong. A Canadian telecommunication company wanted to install a server in US and was not allowed by a national security agency has to withdraw. What does this tell you like national airlines telecommunications are national company, you may buy publicly traded stock on this companies but their operations are closely monitored by the central governments of their respective countries and are local companies. This is done for many reasons among them, national security , the nature of the operation control vital citizens’ activity and is best not to allow foreign companies.

On the other hand poor countries like Kenya, Egypt have their telecommunication operated by a foreign carriers. For instance Vodafone in Egypt , MTN in Kenya are major operators. Their operation is mainly on wireless and data communication and of course they provide efficient service. The question is will you be happy if Vodafone or MTN provide wireless service and charge Ethiopian peasants arm and leg per minute and siphon out of the country the profit? That will be a crime. Take the banking sector , when the private banks in Ethiopia are able to compete with Western banks then it is only fair to allow foreign banks into the country. What should happen is to allow local telecoms operators to flourish and when this companies mature then foreign companies can be allowed. Otherwise it will not be right to recommend a practice which endanger the Ethiopian national interest because you heard about it from the westerns.

02/06/11 @ 15:58
Comment from: abu anja [Visitor]
abu anja

it is very surprising to see responders complaining the article is took me 3 minutes and very educational.since all supporters of the regeim are all ignorant no wonder in the land of the blind the one eye man is king.if zenawi is gone they think it the end of life.that how much they defend his question is are there any educated persons either in the government or its supporters? thank you genet mersha exellent observation.for all responders complaining go to school and learn at least to read and comprhend

02/06/11 @ 16:10
Comment from: HAYELOM [Visitor]

Is genet mersha alemayehus new pen name.The article sounds the same.What is the rush why don’t you wait and see if it is feasible or not.genet in your diatribe you did not raise any significant point beside regurgitating the few economic words you have borrowed from your text.It is clear what you are standing for. genet like your leader birhanu and your public relation officer alemayehu you are against any kind of investment thatin ethiopia.EAT YOUR HEART OUT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STOP THE PROGRSS.and you are not going to confuse ethiopians they clearly know who stand for.

02/06/11 @ 17:56
Comment from: bilichita [Visitor]

To w/t or W/o Genet Mersha

Do u believe that the whole paragraph is read by all?
No one read ur article since it is boring and time consuming.

I think u are idle.
If so, please help me to share my over burden.

02/06/11 @ 18:47
Comment from: Abuye Atir [Visitor]
Abuye Atir

Always, insult comes out of hallow minds. As the saying goes “An empty barrel makes a loud noise".
I have proven that here at NAZ.Most if not all Meles supporters resort to insults,threats.If a comment does not fit them, then, it must be 100% Eritreans,a woman can not write this it must be 100% a male(chauvinism).And it is always only 100% Almriam who can write.Brilliant decition making!
It is sad that this regime is surrounded by people who do not critisize It constrictively.
More than ever, it is clearer that we are at the beginning of the end AMEN.
By the way enjoy the stand up comedy show “Melez senawi stealing coffee” on youtube.
I could not believe my ears and my eyes where this man is taking the country and us.


02/06/11 @ 19:36
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Okay we hear you. This is may be another propaganda machine. It may help to Dr.Almary in support his anti Ethiopian ideology. Other than that I think Meles the guy who changing Ethiopia is moving forward even for further stabilization of adjustments.

Meles please keep doing it what you’re doing.You know we love your action. God bless Ethiopia.Yeha

02/06/11 @ 22:00
Comment from: Tsere Meles [Visitor]
Tsere Meles

Those, who admire the dictator, ignorant, and not competent enough even to be a leader for his family let alone a country, are ether insne or egoistic.

02/06/11 @ 23:51
Comment from: dala [Visitor]

Ethiopia: Dictator appoints wife (Azeb Mesfin) CEO of largest business chain

Ethiomedia | April 6, 2009

ADDIS ABABA- Azeb Mesfin, the wife of anti-Ethiopian tyrant Meles Zenawi, is poised to taking over the largest business conglomerate that controls 60 percent of the Ethiopian economy, a source reported on Monday.

The online Ethiopia Zare said Azeb Mesfin was appointed Deputy CEO of Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), a conglomerate consisting of over 60 companies.

02/07/11 @ 02:28
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Ahya first of all prof Al is defending
the rights of the Ethiopian Peoples usurpated and denied by your leba master and his agazis .The only anti Ethiopian Elements are of course you ,
the TPLF Thugs ,the SS Agazis and the
Tigre Mafiosis whose days and nights are plotting against the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia .The only fact of the poor ethiopian Peoples more
the Tigre Mafiosis and agazis are getting fat more and more the majority of the peoples lives in misery .KEEP ON BARKING SHABYAN DEAD STOCK BANDA !!!!!!!

02/07/11 @ 11:57
Comment from: Maru Molla [Visitor]
Maru Molla

I read two articles by “Genet Mersha” about Ethiopia. The first was about the situation in Tunisia and Egypt, and where she/he makes speculations of a similar scenario in Ethiopia. The latest is also carrying the same message but the only difference is, it begins with an absolutely premeditated story of clashes of farmers and students against security forces. I visited Ethiopia and came back a week ago, and would like to know where exactly did the clashes take place. She also talks about the Ethiopian media starting to be critical of the governments’ political agenda. I think that should tell us there is a freedom of expression in the country. Therefore Genet and her likes soon go back to be a legitmate opposition force and by doing so they will make feel proud of our democracy.
Honestly, the unfortunate diaspora politicians are not very much eager to go back and fight for the people. They only want to control the situation in Ethiopia by using their TV remote controlers, flipping from one channel to the other seeking for action movie. Ethiopians have learnt a great lesson from the aftermaths of the 2005 (1997 E.C) elections. They don’t want to be extras in the movie to be shot by Genet and friends. People believe in the government that they elected and only Ethiopians have the right question its performance. All foreigners and those who carry foreign passports have to stop meddling.

02/07/11 @ 13:18
Comment from: [Member]


Thank you, that is a good and simple explanation, one can learn a lot from it, if the know it alls hard headed “dingay ras” diaspora opposition politicians can understand. Do you think these dooms day preachers don’t know that or atleast read that? Definately know everything you wrote. but these writers who are destined to write negative to anything Ethiopian govt does, the likes of almaria, etc,, are blinded with there power hunger and hate mongering.

02/07/11 @ 14:32
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

It is very funny to see all the Woyane cronies rush to condemn the writer without even reading the article. Rather than challenging the writer on the merits of his/her argument, they complain about the length of the article. What a pity!!!!!

02/07/11 @ 15:13
Comment from: kul [Visitor]


Just a friendly reminder:
T-Mobile, which is one of the biggest telecom companies in the US, is a German company.

02/07/11 @ 15:38
Comment from: abyssiniangirl4life [Visitor]

I am no fan of Meles but come on! Where the heck did you expect him to find the money to fund all those projects? Genet, were you the prime minister right now, where would you get the money from? Harvest it off of a tree? I hate people that are so vindictive that they lose sight of reality.

02/07/11 @ 19:31
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

Maru Molla,
Thank you for your well-balanced and fair comment.

02/07/11 @ 19:32
Comment from: gud [Visitor]

halafai mengedi and c’moi senait are shabia who talk like Ethiopians.Go ahead and hang anti Esayas activist in asmara ok!! aleklaki

02/07/11 @ 20:39
Comment from: MognBagegn [Visitor]

Asking the writter

“Tell me which western country has a private telecommunication company? Is is US, UK , Germany, Italy, Sweden or some country where you get your education?”

They all operate in a private telecommunication co. what’s wrong with you??

You can fool local folks but not us Jimmi.

02/07/11 @ 20:52
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]


Thanks for saving me some time; as I surf the net at work. As you mentioned in your comment, the Ethiopian people at home love the prime minister all across the land. Negative articles from Almariam, Genet Mersha and the likes are insignificant. People are working hard hand in hand shoulder to shoulder with the government. Just recently, many Ethiopians who live abroad went to their home land (Ethiopia) and sat down with the government officials and discussed and asked questions on several issues. My friend, it is good to respond to people like Genet and Almariam. However, I would not worry about them as the articles they write will not have effect on any sensible person. No matter what they write against the government, the people of Ethiopia will not turn against this government anymore. Rest assured!!

02/09/11 @ 03:04



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