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Remembering the Massacre of 424 Anuaks in Gambella, Ethiopia



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Remembering the Massacre of 424 Anuaks in Gambella, Ethiopia

Remembering the Massacre of 424 Anuaks in Gambella, Ethiopia

Remembering the Massacre of 424 Anuaks in Gambella, Ethiopia

By Obang Metho

Dear Friends and Colleagues;

December 13, 2012 marks the 9-year anniversary of the brutal massacre of 424 disarmed Anuak in Gambella, Ethiopia by the TPLF/EPRDF Defense Forces armed with guns and militia groups armed with machetes. Not just the families of the victims, but all Anuak, will forever remember that dark day that brought so many pains, tears and suffering.

Even after 9 years, some widows, some fathers, some mothers and children are still waiting to bury their loved ones properly. Some day their bodies, which were buried in mass graves, will be exhumed and buried with proper respect by their families and loved ones. Someday a memorial of remembrance may be erected in Gambella in their honor, to remind people that behind every name on that memorial, is a human life, given as a precious gift from God, our Creator.

Such memorials may be erected all over Ethiopia where innocent lives of Ethiopians have been taken. Someday, a large monument—a wall of shame—could be erected in Addis Ababa with the names of the Anuak and the names of all other people throughout Ethiopia who have lost their lives at the hands of this government that devalues human life.

On this Anuak Memorial Day, Anuak in Gambella cannot join with Anuak in the Diaspora in observing this day. It is prohibited by the TPLF or EPRDF government. Instead, they will have to look forward to the day they will be able to join together in a service such as the ones being held in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Kenya, South Sudan and in other cities where there are Anuak where they are free to remember the death of more than 1500 other Anuak who were killed in the next two years following the December massacre.

Because public mourning is not allowed, those who want to remember family members, friends and community members who died, must quietly carry out some kind of observances within their homes and hearts.

The TPLF/EPRDF regime wants to erase it from the memory of the Anuak, but this will never happen. Someday, all the details will be revealed for all to see on the shame-filled pages of our Ethiopian history books. Until then, Anuak are still waiting for those responsible to be brought to justice. As one Anuak who lost a family member recently said, “the TPLF and it killers have moved on, but we will never stop grieving or rest until the killers have been brought to justice and until our family members are buried properly.”

For the Anuak people and supporters of the Anuak, let us all remember this day together. Let us take this day of sorrow and make it a day of reconciliation and healing among all peace-loving Ethiopians. This pain we feel was brought because of hate, anger, envy and greed and we want to create a different Ethiopia.

May God bless all of those who are remembering this day of tragedy and may God help bring about an Ethiopia where truth, justice, freedom, reconciliation and harmony prevail over death and destruction.

Please take a few minutes and watch this heartbreaking video below: The testimonies of survivors and other witnesses of the December 13th Massacre.
Thanks so much for your never-ending support. Don’t give up. Keep your focus on the bigger picture and reach out to others and listen!
I am appealing to all my friends and colleagues to forward it to your friends. If you do, you will not just be giving a voice to our beautiful people, but you would be doing justice to our humanity. Knowing the truth is overcoming the first obstacle to freedom!

Sincerely your severance,

Executive Director of SMNE


Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Alawites of Ethiopia don’t care for the people. They just want the land. All Ethiopian Muslims should stand with the neglected, the poor, the forgotten and the decapitated, the insulted, the cursed, the secluded, the minority, the despised, the manipulated, the hopeless, the beaten, the down trodden, the infamous, the un-heroic, the abused, the mutilated, the guests, the un-welcomed, the uneducated, the illiterate, the maltreated, the malnourished, the leaderless, the Immamless, the lost, the controlled, the feel guilty, the victimized, the handcuffed, the imprisoned, the jailed, the massacred, the camel riders (?), the root eater(?), the shemane(?), the mechana nekash(?) , the historiless, the non Axumites, the non neftegnas, the non bosses, the powerless, the farmers, the clothless, and for the voiceless.

My deep sympathies to those who are being suffocated by Wayane criminals.

Time for Al Amoudin to switch sides. We are not against investment in Gambela or Benshangul. But we need voice and the

12/15/12 @ 21:41
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

The massacre in Gambella was not an isolated case. There were and still are massacres in many parts of the country during the current and Mengistu’s era. Likewise, Eritrea has its share of mass killings. What we learn from the tribunals whether in Charles Taylor’s case or Ruwanda’s should one day be an example in our case. But the inevitable and ultimate justice is from God.

12/16/12 @ 00:06
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]


12/16/12 @ 02:42
Comment from: just a tip [Visitor]
just a tip

Obang, T
The short-cut to power in Ethiopia is don’t even need your list of fictional victims to get help from Egypt, you just have to be there with a larg pocket and a promise to cause havoc on your people in the name of freedom…hurry up before Egypt collaps……

12/16/12 @ 05:07
Comment from: Bang bang [Visitor]
Bang bang

dear Obang, I don’t know how often you visit this web-site, but what do you think of the fact the first three of your cheerleaders to comment here are known Shabian caders?

12/16/12 @ 05:12
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

We remember 13 of december for many rason.
1) They are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers.
2) They were massacared by the blind power thirsty of tplf
3) This is the way we stopp new massacar with out taking arms.
4) To show tplf’s bluff that how tigrians were massacared by derg but stil it excutes massacar.

Our solidarity for Gambella poeple is our guarantee that this kind of evil deed wont be repeated either on gambella or other ethnic group.

Love and respect for all Ethiopians.
My condolonce for all massacar victims.

12/16/12 @ 05:35
Comment from: UC [Visitor]

TPLF is curmudgeon. DHM is nincompoop. Experience shows Diaspora’s understanding is merely good for the way but real change comes only through domestic action.

12/16/12 @ 06:03
Comment from: Chelsea [Visitor]

Inventing genocides has become the new form of politics of these useless politicians. It is a new hobby which HRW will admire most. If we belive every genocide claims half of Ethiopias population would have been perished. The writer claims one day they shall be burried, they are not burried because no one is killed moron. OLF, ONLF, and now this guy are claiming non existent genocides. But you can hoodwink HRW but not us. What a bunch of crooks. I wonder how much subsidy you guys get as poor, in mas slaughtered ethnics who can not live in your own country. The reality is you go on vacation to Ethiopia twice a year, to a country which massacred millions of your people. You guys are only good of one thing: you have made a lot of prostitutes richer relatively than they used to be at the time of the Dergue.

12/16/12 @ 06:06
Comment from: get off [Visitor]
get off

No one beleves such fairy tell except those who are retarded and have our enemies agenda.Ethiopoa is doing perfect in answering the question of all nation and nationality.

12/16/12 @ 11:14
Comment from: Get in or Get out. [Visitor]
Get in or Get out.

People like TEDDY, Can you please go to the psychtries before you comment.

12/16/12 @ 11:19
Comment from: Abadi [Visitor]

Get lost Obang.ወንድ ከሆንክ እንደ ወንዶቹ መብቴ የምትለውን ማስከበር ነው። ቅዘናም ሁላ። ዝም ስትባይ ኣዳሜ ጥጋብ ጥጋብ ኣለሽ!

12/16/12 @ 11:41
Comment from: BURA KEREYOU [Visitor]

This is unbeliveable. As an Ethiopian-American I am really sadened to learn this horrific trajedy happened.I am surprised how noone told me about it before. Even Mengistu Hailemariam tyhe 9th worst killer ever in the world would not have shot harmless Anuak people. What was their reason? Were they doing target practice or what? I am an Ethiopian and will forever remember this story. We need to speak out more to the international community about the nature of the Woyane junta and the crimes against civilians.We need to go out and hold a candle light vigils and so on.We need justice and we need to bring it ourselves.

12/16/12 @ 15:27
Comment from: Hailu kachissa [Visitor]
Hailu kachissa

I used to like Obang few years ago now has been hijacked by old timer Habeshas. Although we dislike wuyanne leeches, we don’t want go back to the old system. Bring new ideas with new generation not old geezers

12/16/12 @ 17:02
Comment from: Girma [Visitor]

If u claim to be Ethiopian please remember also the Highlanders who are massacred by machetes by the primitive-tribalist- Annuaks. And also remember the Nuer minority of Gambela state who are always terrorized by your tribe the Annuak. We know Anuaks have been stealing Nuer children. A coin has two sides and you need to share both sides. When you fire at the Federal Police there is always the reciprocal.
Shaebia sidetegnoch stay out of this…go to Sinai. “yerasua iyarere yesew tamasilalech".

12/16/12 @ 17:40
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF Thugs vomiting your lies ,for your information Masse Murdering has
been comitted by your own bandits since May 1991 .Even In Addis ,they did inaugurate their new power ,by killing civilians such this 11 years old child shot at Felowa . Plenty of Awuzens ,even worst ,Human lives destruction and civilian casualities until today is daily being comitted by the evil creminals whom you are blindly sipporting . By the way ,Gitgit don(t you know your HYSTERIA complication needs psychiatrist medication…LOL !!!MORON ,WUSHA BANDA !!!!!

12/16/12 @ 18:06
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]

No, thew won’t be forgotten least by their survivors. Sure the lease money was imp’t than human lives. They simplr don’t have respect to human lives. One they all will be accountable.

12/16/12 @ 23:58
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu a.k.a. Gragn Ahmed,


Tenektobehal, mognehen lela bota felig.


12/17/12 @ 02:52
Comment from: my people [Visitor]
my people

The atrocities committed on the people of Gambella will never be forgotten.

The EPRDF/Woyane/TPLF brutal legacy shall never be repeated.

We all should fight to bring EPRDF members to face justice in the International criminal court.

The people of Gambella should return back to their families, land and neighborhoods.

The illegal land stealing by foreigners Facilitated by EPRDF should be halted and banned.

12/18/12 @ 14:32



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