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Remembering Lessons from Ethiopia’s History to Stop a Renewed Scramble for Africa?



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Remembering Lessons from Ethiopia’s History to Stop a Renewed Scramble for Africa?

Remembering Lessons from Ethiopia’s History to Stop a Renewed Scramble for Africa?


Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES)

April 18, 2010


“There is something absurd in the sudden Scramble for colonies”,
Lord Derby, English Colonial secretary, 28 December, 1884
“We must lose no chance of winning a share in the magnificent African cake”
(King Leopold II of Belgium, 1877)
“Whoever knows the history of a country can read its future.” (DT Niane, Malian Writer and Historian)

“A nation without a past is a lost nation, and a people without a past is a people without a soul.” (Seretse Khama, Former President, Botswana)

“The most important problem for the countries of Africa arises out of our aspirations for unity” (Modibo Keita, Former President, Mali)

“The glory which awaits Africa cannot come about until Africa is united. If we fail to unite, then a great nation will go to sleep forever.”(Kwame Nkrumah)

1. Introduction

2010 is 125 years of the Scramble for Africa. Is the Scramble for Africa over or does it continue under different guises and actors? After 125 years of the European Scramble for Africa since 1885, is Africa open for a renewed scramble today? What can Africa learn from Ethiopia, whose history of resistance and independence still fires the imagination of the African world? Never forget that Ethiopia has a history that can be deployed wisely to serve as an example to the African world never to surrender to another scramble for Africa. This history remains current and is a positive data to employ to resist any scrambling for Africa again.

2. Brief Historical Background
125 years ago something like 1000 self-identifying communities were carved up arbitrarily with the cynical goal of destroying trust amongst them by dividing and ruling them. From the Scramble of Africa that led to their colonization, 53 post- colonial states emerged mostly (a few earlier) from the late 50s to the 60s. In 2010 more than one third of the existing states will celebrate their jubilee anniversary.
The legacy from the Berlin conference still lives on. The post-colonial states inherited the formula of divide and rule. Still today, Africa lives with the challenge of communities that have been put together that should not be, and conversely, those that should have been put together that were split apart. The states that emerged did not transcend this dilemma. In 2010, Cameroon, Togo, Madagascar, Dr-Congo, Somalia, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Chad, Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria and Mauritania, will all celebrate their Jubilee anniversary. None of them are yet free from the burden inherited from the scramble of Africa. Can they overcome this burden fifty years after they formally became politically independent? From the divide and rule formula from the scramble of Africa, the existing states are likely to suffer civil wars and make Africa open to interference by outside powers.
3. The Shadow over the Jubilee Anniversary: The Scramble for Africa
The borders that were drawn 125 years ago remain artificial threatening varied forms of conflict to continue in Africa. The key prize for the European Scramble for Africa was the Congo Basin. The real fight amongst the Portuguese, the French and King Leopold of Belgium was over who takes control of the Congo River, the DRCongo and Congo-Brazzaville. Actually the Germans used the title “Kongoconference” instead of what is popularly known today as the Berlin Conference at the time. Frantz Fanon used to say: ‘Africa is like a revolver, the Congo Basin is the trigger. Whoever controls the Congo controls Africa.’ From the outset Congo’s independence was messy. The first leader Patrice Lumumba was murdered by those powers that have big stakes to continue plundering Congo’s wealth. It looks that the battle to control mineral and potentially electricity rich Congo is still going on. Never has the Congo seen sustained peace. Others use Congo’s riches, whilst the people of the Congo are left with the curse of war. Today, the problems fester on. Congo provides a vivid example that the plan concocted 125 years still lives on with no clear way out of the crises yet.
No other place in Africa exemplifies the playing out of the tragic drama of the scramble for Africa as Sudan’s independence in 1956. The moment of celebration was also the moment of rebellion that the British put together as Sudan. The Arabised North Sudan was celebrating freedom from Ango-Egyptian control. The people in South Sudan started the armed struggle. The Sudan problem festers on to this day.
Though Sudan became independent before Ghana, the African de-colonisation has been recognized to have begun with Ghana’s black star shining over its red, yellow and green flag flying high and the Union Jack UK flag coming down on March 6, 1957. Ghana declared that freedom for Ghana is incomplete without all of Africa becoming united and free. Kwame Nkrumah understood the more important challenge is not only to get Ghana independent but also to overcome the legacy of the Scramble for Africa by uniting all of Africa.
Africa is not without historical achievements to resist the continuation of the scramble for Africa today. Two distinct successful resistance historical data were achieved by Haiti, from the African world outside the continent, and Ethiopia inside Africa. In different ways, both held the African resistance, liberation and independence imagination for a long time. Haiti has been the first black independent Republic since 1791. Under the leadership of de Toussaint L’Ouverture, Napoleon’s 60,000 armed forces could not stand up to the power and force of Toussaint. Unfortunately Haiti’s independence took the form of a neo-colonial settlement where France demanded indemnity to the tune of 22 billion dollars that Haiti kept paying remaining the most impoverished state in the Americas. It has taken nearly 109 years to pay off this indemnity turning Haiti from a rich sugar cane producer to an impoverished nation, now for all to see a tragically vulnerable state. Haiti ended up attracting all forms of humiliation to a point now it has been literally exhausted having been turned into a real charity basket. One wonders how much her history of resistance has to do with this attempt to degrade this nation to a historical non-entity.
Ethiopia in Africa is the other inspiring country that held the independence imagination for over 500 years. Ethiopia was a kingdom and not a republic like Haiti, but it remained un-enslaved, un-degraded and un-colonized fighting all the powers that came to subvert its independence. In recognition of these, the Ethiopian flag has served as the flag of independence for 15 African states and the Organization of African Unity or now the African Union is in Addis Ababa. Like Nkrumah in 1963 Emperor Haile Selassie in opening the OAU said, “Our liberty is meaningless unless all Africans are free.” Bob Marley also changed the Emperor’s speech to the UN in 1993 to serve as the lyrics in his song ‘war’. Nevertheless, like Haiti, Ethiopia too remains an exhausted African nation for the price it paid for holding high the independence, resistance and liberation imagination of the entire African world. In 1991 Ethiopia became split into vernacular and ethnic enclaves and Eritrea also was split from Ethiopia.
On October 1, 2010 the most populous state in Africa, Nigeria celebrates its jubilee anniversary. Approximately one in three Africans is a Nigerian. So Nigeria can be used as a template to judge the performance, capabilities and potentials of the entire continent. Nigeria is also important not only because it has one of the most powerful economies in the continent, but also because it has the largest market. Is Nigeria out of the woods or is there a scenario of chaos within the country that would affect the entire continent owing to being unable to overcome the legacy inherited 125 years ago? Unfortunately, Nigeria has not been able to achieve a significant proportion of its vast potentials. It has had an unfortunate history of military dictatorships and serious civil unrests (including a civil war) as many other African countries. Its enormous natural resources- particularly petroleum and gas- have often not been employed for the development of the country but have instead been siphoned to foreign bank accounts by unscrupulous politicians and public servants. There has been a depletion of its public services in areas such as health, power generation, education and social welfare and development. All these drawbacks have combined to make Nigeria the so-called “sleeping giant” of the continent.
The most powerful achievement of the end of the 20th century for Africa is the coming of South Africa to the common Africa home. South Africa became free in 1994 from racial domination. Its re-birth combined its liberation with the lofty ambition for an African renaissance and the making of the 21st century an African century. South Africa is a potential leader in Africa given the huge size of its economy relative to other African states, and the access it has to many international policy forums that other African states do not. It is not clear how other African states see South Africa, as it is still not clear how much Africa is a priority in South Africa’s policy.
The issue of whether South Africa can give African leadership by prioritizing Africa over the BRICS and other states outside Africa remains an open question. As South Africa tries to go for the BRICS, paradoxically it has lost ground for China, India and Brazil and others to step in parts of Africa where South Africa is still yet to make enduring collaborations.

4. The Double Moment and Its Impact on Africa’s Future
So after 125 years of the Berlin Conference, and 50 years after more than a third of Africa celebrates the jubilee anniversary, the past lives on in the present threatening Africa’s future. We believe it is important to take this double moment of an infamous European Scramble for Africa and the Jubilee celebrations of more than a third of Africa to pause, ask and reflect: which way is Africa going? Is there a link between 125 years from the Berlin conference of 1885, and 50 years of the Jubilee anniversary in 2010? If so what is this link? Is it positive or negative? If negative how shall Africa overcome?
How does Africa’s past speak to its present? How does the past’s interaction with the present shape and frame the future? There is a need to look back in order to look ahead in the future.
5. Key Trends in Africa
1. The old Scramble for Africa: is it over or does it still continue in different guises with different actors and players?
2. The post-colonial states: are they robust or fragile? How can they overcome the arbitrary carving up and splitting of ethnicities and vernacular communities? Is it by degrading to vernacular and ethnic states or by upgrading to the unity, resistance, independence and liberation imagination as Africans? Which identity should take priority or first place- the African and the sub-ethnic and vernacular?
3. There is talk of the new scramble for Africa and in fact research is being undertaken on how and why rising powers such as China and India are re-carving Africa at least by searching to exploit Africa’s rich resources. How credible is this assertion.
4. The old European powers and the US are believed to continue to make concerted efforts to control Africa’s natural resources.
5. How will Africans navigate from a past that lives on in the present threatening Africa’s future to forge a 21st African Century? Can Africa claim the 21st century? Are Africans ready to be led by fellow Africans to construct Africa’s capability to deal with a world that has not related to them as an equal partner and has largely to date responded to them as areas for resource exploitation, without sacrificing Africa’s values and interests? Who in Africa should lead Africa by displaying the ability to command legitimacy from all?
6. There are a number of processes for integration: the Africa Union, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), NEPAD, and the Pan-African Congresses- in different ways they all keep alive the Pan-African imagination, even though real progress towards African unity is very slow .

6. Concluding remark
There is one important data Ethiopia can offer to Africa- its history of independence. This data can be deployed when the forces of injustice unleash their quest for a renewed Scramble for Africa. Africa must claim the 21st century as the African century. The lessons of the past, the challenges of the present, and the opportunities and possibilities of the future must be combined to bring African unity now. This is the real challenge confronting Africa. Ethiopia’s past is a great asset in supporting the African unity project. Ethiopia’s history helps Africans to find a way to come together to prevent another Scramble for Africa. All the positive energies from within Africa must be integrated to make Africa achieve agency in order to make Africa navigate in a difficult world. The energy from Ethiopian history of resistance must be promoted to prevent both the continuation of the old Scramble and the invention of the new along with overcoming the deficits of the current post-colonial degradation into ethnic states that will invite more scramble rather than closing this historical chapter.

As Africa had the rawest deal in human history and those that resisted the scramble for Africa such as Ethiopia and Haiti are even suffering from the harshest deal, all efforts must be made to make sure all of Africa or united Africa get a fair, just and new deal.

Before the year 2010 is over, there is a need to make the broadest possible education on both the scramble for Africa, the threat of the new Scramble, the opportunities for making Africa’s time this 21st century and gathering and disseminating the value of positive data that can be gleaned from the history of Ethiopia and others in the rest of Africa. Such concerted actions and education using technologies and various ways of teach-ins must be spread across the African universe.

Presented by: Mammo Muchie: and, and


Comment from: Ethiopiawi [Visitor]

Our story is heart breaking, since as a continent we’re blessed with fertile lands yet we perenially starve, we have an abundant of rich minerals yet we are forever poor and we consistently cry for justice, yet when one of us has his hands on the reins of power, he oppresses his brethren with an iron fist. Our problem comes from the fact that we have lost our way, adultrated our values and turned on on each other, all the while some are profiting from our spilled blood and natural resources.

As Africans we have an uphill struggle but it’s not impossible. Our destiny however requires a common goal, trust and purpose, which at the moment is severely lacking amongst us. The mistrust and self serving interest attitude that runs rampant among us are a consequence of historical injustices that have been committed by one group on another. The first step in our long journey is to create and nurture that trust among ourselves and to understand that despite our different appearances, languages, ethnicities, religions and geography deep down inside we all want the same things Food security, Justice, Equality, Education and representation to name a few. It is about time we understand we all want the same thing and that there is strength in numbers. Lets stop squabling amongst ourselves and present a united front afterall there is strength in numbers.

It is about time we revive the spirit of Panafricanism to enable us look beyond the current quagmire of clan and ethnic based politics that we are drowning in.

04/18/10 @ 01:46
Comment from: Ali roble [Visitor]
Ali roble

Long time ago before I exposed to the western environ and way of life, I used to fantasized and deluded African or black things, if there such thing. Practically there non whatsoever in the real world . I don’t trust about African things anymore. You will never know if he is black or white who is sell gonna sell your ass next time around. You know What I mean?

04/18/10 @ 03:39
Comment from: comment [Visitor]

It is a fact lack of education has deprived Ethiopians from even knowing their own history.

We must first know our own history and then Africa’s history and European History etc…in order to recognize our identity. One Ethiopian person in the US who was learning English was asked to write about Haile Sellasie, and she said she did not know him. Can you believe this and the terror that the American teacher had on her face? Sad

It seems to me the one element we can focus on is EDUCATION. We must bring the age of reason and knowledge into Africa, the age of enlightment has not come yet. We are living in the dark ages…

Educated people cannot allow a low standard of living or poor governance. Ethiopia has been walking backwards in terms of education. Communism was against education, we went backwards and today there is practiacally no quality education. Speaking to a graduate school students in Addis is embarassing assessing their level of general knowledge. Reasoning power is very poor.

04/18/10 @ 08:42
Comment from: Adal [Visitor]

Well, after the defeat at the battle of Mai Chew, the coward Teferi Mokenen abondoned his people and fled to England, while the gallant Arbenoch continued the resistance. Thanks to their sacrifice, the Italians were forced to be confined to the capital Addis, and due to this fact we call the five-year stay of the Italians as “occupation” not colonization. However, nowadays, Ethiopia could follow the path of Haiti. Foreing agencies disguesed as humanitarian organizations and under the pretex of democracy and free market economy tend to meddle with sovereign issues. Also, the reckless borrowing of the current regime may gradually subjugate the nation to a neo-colony of the 21st century. Therefore, preserving your pride, identity, and freedom is half of the job, while the other half is to relay on your own people, resources, find your own solutions to your socio-economic and politcal problems, and cultivate the mindset and culture of economic freedom. Peace!!

04/18/10 @ 12:31
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]

Abyssinian weak emperors had been tried to their best to represent the African people and their lands but failed due to their limited powers.However,in 1884 at Berlin,Germany the Europe colonials famous meeting of “The partition’s of African lands” Emperor Milenik II,the only African King who allowed in that meeting and participated in that dark day of Africans colonial partition in Berlin,Germany.

The colonials were in fact disrespected the only African Emperor who attended in their meetings due to known his less empowered military might,they thrown for him a dog bone and refused his lion shared meat.Although,some Africans critic the King’s participation with Europe colonial and sharing with greedy basters for anythings but,again to my viewpoint it was for the emperor a victorious moment.Because,first it was for him a big recognition.Second he got a some share of piece of African lands that robing the outsiders and the third,the king was smart and he expended his territorial ruling power.Although,that the king he didn’t benefit much the land he gained due to his limited technology but it was well severed for other purposes.

Especially,since then where the kingdoms of Ethiopia,which mainly used those lands a security buffer zones and the lesser habitat Ethiopians kept for manpower recruits and where fetched the men from those areas at each time that it had been attacked the country and the threatened the kingdoms from outside enemies.
So,unlike others I real don’t blame the Abyssinian emperors close alliance to the colonials powers.
At least,they protected and saved their lands and their empire kingdoms.And of course,they made her for Ethiopia a ” history & name” a good reputation and dignitary for that becoming Ethiopia,the first not colonized African country.

04/18/10 @ 14:26
Comment from: Scooby doo [Visitor]
Scooby doo

Why should we always have to label diversity and multiculturalism in to estheticism and tribalism unless there is a hidden agenda to control power and deprive the rights of other nations and nationalities? Unity only in diversity no more no less.

04/18/10 @ 16:36
Comment from: comment [Visitor]


You are right. We are a colonized country today as we are not self sufficient. Poverty has made many surrender their pride and sell their all to fereng. Sad…

04/18/10 @ 16:58
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

“We have created this spirit; it is our child. To bring it to its full potential We must, firstly define with precision and clarity the programmes which will advance us along the path we have chosen, whilst simultaneously avoiding those dangers which could frustrate what has been so laboriously won. And in order that these programmes be coherent and intelligible, they must be founded upon painstakingly articulated principles and policies which we, as African nations, must apply, not only in charting the future of the Organization of African Unity, but in directing our own activities as independent African states.
What do we seek for Africa? We seek to consolidate and guarantee our own precious liberty as independent nations. We seek freedom for our still dependent brothers. We seek Africa’s economic growth and development, the betterment of the way of life of Africans and all men. We seek the closest collaboration with those others–Asians, Europeans, North and South Americans– who share our desires and who are willing to co-operate with us. We seek that self-sufficiency which will enable us to play our rightful role in international affairs and live in full harmony with all men. We seek to make our voices heard and our views heeded on the the major problems confronting the world today.
Our quest, above all else, is to assure to Africa and to each African state the fullest and most complete measure of freedom–freedom from all remnants of colonialism; freedom from neo-colonialism, whatever form it may take; freedom from political and military threat; freedom from agression, freedom from interference by others in our internal affairs; freedom from economic domination; freedom from the danger of nuclear destruction.
This is easy to state; How infinitely more difficult it is to achieve!”
“It is not the strength or the power or the determination of those who oppose us that will delay success in this battle, but only the weakness of our unity.” The Father of African Unity HIM Negus Haile Selassie, Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!, Long Live the Organization of African Unity!, Fire burn down neo-colonialism in its two forms of economic and political corruption, Fire burn down the military threat of ethnic federalism, Rise with the Lion of Judah!, Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

04/18/10 @ 17:39
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

This is the best article i read this week. thank you!

04/18/10 @ 18:56
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene

God bless King Hiale Sellasse. He was the only one was given wisdom from above heaven, he knew how to rule the country, he knew what civilization, education, transportation means left the land with firtile, resources etc.
He knew how to live with neigbhooring country, he was the only king how to reconcile among us and the African nation who created and stablished the OAU.
May God replanish his soul mercy, rest in peace.
Down with all his enemy!!!!
Down with all his traitors!!!
Down with all Ethiopian & its people enemies.
Long live the Flag of Ethiopia Green, Yellow and Red forever.
God Bless Ethiopia!!!!

04/18/10 @ 19:16
Comment from: Not me [Visitor]
Not me

I think this history represent only and only Tigrians and Amharas and Nothing to do with the Kush’s… and its onther fack Habasha Propoganda to brain wash Oromos and others. Its too late to cheat us, Never again Kumatas

04/19/10 @ 00:22
Comment from: Mastawt [Visitor]

Pan-Africanism is well said than done. Africans are too poor to feed their children and grow healthy and get educated to transform their lives,Kindred Nation etc. How many from the diaspora are building a home in Atlanta, Denver,Minneapolis,etc. Most are at ease to leave here till death and don’t even plan to retire back home. Their children for the most part are lost to Ethiopia, they only know enjera that is just about it. Most go home and miss-represent and miss-inform as if they walk on gold street in the diaspora and don’t mention it is hard work;so many a youth plans to some how reach the promised land some where other than home.
If there is a people in Africa that should leave harmoniously united would have been in Somalia where the people share the same language and the same religion and same way of life, but it is a failed state bankrupt.
Black Americans in the US should be their brothers keepers, but black on black violence is out of control. Black Americans were more united, educated, and well behaved tight communities. They had their own Banks, Insurance companies, whole sale and retail stores, the professionals, lawyers, dentists used to live close by and others try to become like them. However, after desegregation the black elite migrated to the suburbs and got dispersed to become independent and self sufficient. They all became hiered hands of the white man and wealth creation is abandoned to the detriment of all. They start acting as whites and started looking down at the people in the ghetto, where they go only to get their votes. They don’t care about the situation of the poor blacks are undergoing, where 70% have been in prison and do not read and write and the coming generation knows they will have the same fate and start to copy their action at an early age. They have become affirmative action bureaucrats the lighter their skin the better and have become mass consumers. You here them on the home shopping net work disproportionately represented.
Ethiopians are the worst bigots next to the north African Arabs who still buy and sale southerners as slaves. This was the culture in Ethiopia-Amara-land till the late 1940s.
Is their any difference between the people of Tigray and those that call themselves Eritreans. There was no nation by that name until the scramble for Africa, same language and religion at least in the highlands. However, they try to cover their inferiority complex by telling themselves a mythology of superiority. This false image was preached over and over again at a young age and exploited by the guerrilla leaders and it enabled them to fight to death to prove what they were inculcated with. This bigotry of myth is believed as fact based, just only because they picked some on the job training from the Italian masters. Even after the defeat they suffered in the last war, even the intelectuals denied that they were bit. Today they have learned humility under the opression of a dictator and the myth of the Asian Tiger was just that and have come down to earth and are learning that they actually have gone down in all measures of achievement than the Ethiopians. The Tutsi of Rwanda also thought of themselves as superior to the Hutus and the result was some thing of a black mark on the conscious of all Africans. Kenyans were living at peace until the democracy that is preached by the west as the panacea to the African poverty resulted in the death of 1300 people. Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania are acting as the colonial masters in taking advantage of the instability of the people of the Congo.
South Africa is not free from apartheid it just became like the American Blacks the elite has become rich and is migrating to the suburbs. The situation in Kenya mirrors that of S.Africa most of the means of production is owned by the Indians and British so called Kenyans. Nigeria is the greatest disappointment of Africa it is as bad as a failed state, Eritrea will soon join Somalia and Ethiopia is in unchartered territory.

04/19/10 @ 04:18
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

:idea:“A nation without a past is a lost nation, and a people without a past is a people without a soul.” (Seretse Khama, Former President, Botswana).
A wise statement that must meditate the crime minister and his Thuggy Supporters who are considering Ethiopian Historical Heritage as a
pure Amhara Creation .

04/19/10 @ 07:34
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

what about “the scramble of America"..the country is being taken over by foreigners and few years down americans will be minority.

04/19/10 @ 09:59
Comment from: Jijiga [Visitor]

Abyssinian emperors like those European colonialist they invaded and captured by force or without encountering any resistant from land habitat peoples which were later on,all those gathered African ethnics by the force accumulated the current federations of Ethiopia.

In fact,Ethiopia internationally said,were free and never colonized but 90% of her citizens where been oppressed and were lived in the hell worst slavery.They aren’t healed yet from those wounds and those slavery scars remained until now.So those heroes of Abyssinian emperors were becoming internally the worst criminals and murderous leaders.Thus as an Ethiopian,when your hero is that king Halie Selese my hero’s would be the opposite, Ato Mengustu Haile mariam who killed that feudal monk and who liberate the majority Ethiopians from that old fascist Abyssinian kingdoms.

Therefore,We should ask PM Melese to forgave him Ato Mengustu’s and look for those his historic credits that he made for the millions and millions Ethiopians,that eventually he liberated them from that slavery circles.Of course mengestu killed a lot of people but remember the Russian liberator “Joseph Stalin” or the china’s leader, Mao killed lot of traitors to liberate their country’s from those silent killers and oppressor fascist monarchy’s from there lands.

Thus,similarly that brave mengestu liberate the majority of Ethiopians from that slavery circles.He brought for the free educations that many Ethiopians enjoying today and he brought the equality for all Ethiopians have it today,although that Melse finished the job,menge did the hardest part of breaking the feudal circle but of course Melse accomplished the great part of local federation systems.

However,Mengestu was a hero too for the majority Ethiopians,he defended the country and kept the country together.He doesn’t deserved to be lived for that long exiles his country.Melse should for give Mengestu and allow him to live his country freely.
Coming back to the topic,which pride history of Ethiopia we are talking still? Who is the Ethiopians still in the beliefs of those past and dark history of Ethiopia.It should be buried those slavery and dark history of the past.We shouldn’t remained the fellow Ethiopians their wounds that hardly trying to be healing.In which that, each times mentioned or want to be commemorated your Abyssinian monk leaders,you don’t know that you’re hurting the wounds of the majority Ethiopians.
There are nothing done for any good legacy that to be remembered as whole Ethiopians,for those past absynian leaders.

Therefore,please keep your heroes in local affairs and be celebrate for your local privately things.Otherwise,be known that you’re declaring or starting the Ethiopian local conflicts and dragging on that our existing clash confrontations.

And remember,except those mengestu and Melse,the country was under the slavery of your Abyssinian leaders.Please called them Abyssinian leaders and not called them Ethiopian leaders.

Because,it’s irritating to millions of Ethiopians oppressed under those Tonqey monk of Abyssinian aste,aste aste leaders.keep it them in your local offices achieves and be celebrated over there.

04/19/10 @ 11:06
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene

comment from Adal:
“Mai Chew, the coward Teferi Mokenen abondoned his people and fled to England, while the gallant Arbenoch continued the resistance. Thanks to their sacrifice, the Italians were forced to be confined to the capital Addis, and due to this fact we call the five-year stay of the Italians as “occupation” not colonization".

It so sad you are trying to twist around the histroy to misrepresent wrongly, whom you are trying to fool? is that the way Mosoloni and his comrade brainwashed you lies, lies, lies, lies while you sleep around. The Italian knew Tefferi Mokonnon/King Haile Sellassie was a powerful king, you and your ancessastors were kehadi and traitor, The Arbengonch you talking about those were real Ethiopian not kehadi Eritrean yeslato ashker.
The whole Africa knows about him, the whole world knows about him, do you have any idea how United Nation were shaken when Haile Selassie made a speech in those days they afraid of
too, because what ever he said it realy happend he was elected by God.
Also why you are lying ofcourse you were colonized, I bet you still you have that bus written inside for while only. Our people sacrified to free you. If you don’t know the histroy I don’t blame you may be you are one of those who grew up ende meda aheya.

04/19/10 @ 11:36
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene

Wadani, for Germany in Hitlor time
Abebe Bikela was engouh, still to these days.
God Bless the soul of Abebe Bikela, he lifted the country name of Ethiopia in that time.
Long live Ethiopia!!!!

04/19/10 @ 11:42
Comment from: Jegna [Visitor]

Good article but they didn’t direct the blame where it should be and that is our African inept and corrupt leaders. The new scramble (I don’t think it ever stopped to be honest with you) is one that is done in the shadows with corporations and foreign governments funding and propping up illegitimate corrupt governments. At least in Berlin they didn’t hide what they were doing with modern “diplomacy” and “aide”. We knew our enemy they came to our shores so it was easy for us to fight them. Now our leaders are our enemy, they look like us, the talk like us, and they are in fact us except for the fact they are willing to sell (lease for 99yrs) our land, and natural resources for the benefit of themselves or their party not the people. I always say this and I will say it again Western powers don’t need to use their past methods of bloody war to conquer African, almost the whole continent is for sell and for cheap so they can just buy it at basement bargain prices. THEY WILL NEVER RESPECT US UNTILL WE RESPCET OURSELVES. We don’t value our lives so neither will they and I don’t blame them for it I blame our cancerous leaders with their unquenching greed that a continent as bountiful as Africa has been incapable of satisfying for over 100yrs.

04/19/10 @ 14:43
Comment from: ankober [Visitor]

most of the current ills of ethiopia came from hailessellassie.he was probably the only emperor who fled a battle field leaving his people behind.after freedom he was busy building his own glory rather than doing someting to our country.he is may be the only emperror who ruled without any armed resistance (except the fascist occupation)for such a long time.shame on him and shame for all these people who worship him

the true ethiopian emperor is emye menelik .(my home boy).i really cant say enough about him.

04/19/10 @ 14:47
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene

Jijiga:- you said Mengistu Haile Mariam is your hero…oh no
how can you forget he massacered millions people especially in red-terror, please do not cover up tell the truth, he ran away and betrayed the country. Listen there are many mothers eye tears on the land, their children blood is on Menistu’s Hailemariam hand, you asking forgiveness for him, it may take time but no matter what justic will preveal. Are you his brother? what ever, he is no diffrent from Saddam Hussien so those who did the evil act with him are like Chemical Ali Justic must be serve accordingly.

04/19/10 @ 21:46
Comment from: mig2010 [Visitor]

What Africans learn from Ethiopia haha nothing Ethiopia is confused country with so many tribes, languages and the people has no love for eachother hateratizem is everywhere that’s why Ethiopia was a head but still behind.

04/19/10 @ 22:04
Comment from: Judge Feradge [Visitor]
Judge Feradge

“Bob Marley also changed the Emperor’s speech to the UN in 1993 to serve as the lyrics in his song ‘war’.”

Neither Bob nor Emperor Haile lived in 1993.

“Approximately one in three Africans is a Nigerian”

The population of Nigeria is 140 million, and Africa has over 1 billion people.

Yes, Africans should learn well their own history, we need to know our own history.

04/19/10 @ 23:54
Comment from: Ras Thomas [Visitor]
Ras Thomas

Answer to Jigjigawi.

Hey, I know who you are. you are one of Siad Barre’s soldiers who fought with Ethiopia 1977.
You are blaming our historical leaders and kings who founded what is
called Ethiopia today. you attacked our kings. and you praised Mingistu
and Males Zanawi, but, let me say you
If you don’t like Hail Salasia and
Malilikh then you don’t like Males
Zanawi and Mingistu also. but you
are full of WUSHAAT, a lier.
Abyssinia is our ancient holy name in
bible. Abyssinia is mother of our new
name Ethiopia.

God bless our Army Forces.

04/20/10 @ 01:23
Comment from: tewdros menelik [Visitor]
tewdros menelik

1993 is a mistake… it was 1963!
Africa’s population is not a billion yet
Nigeria’s population is 180 million and growing!

04/20/10 @ 06:00
Comment from: Jijiga [Visitor]

Ras Thomas and alikes,

I agree those Abyssinian leaders were your heroes.But were not my heroes and I am a proud of Somali Ethiopian.You know that,Ethiopia it means a combination’s of different ethnics otherwise there is no way that it will be existing the Ethiopia’s that we having today.

On the other,Siyad Bare was great African leader who doesn’t like to see an African oppressing other African like your Abyssinian heroes who enslaved their own citizens.Therefore,that Siyad bare was supports for all African under the colony of the withe man as well those Ethiopians oppression by their leaders.He gave an equal supports for all African struggles which he thought as an African H.E.(Somalia) it was an obligation to give all African struggles the supports that they expected from all African H.E leaders.During Bare term as leader of the AOU, a six African country got their independent,while King Haile Sielse was bribing the french govern to either gave him Djabutit or be remain under his colony but never allowed to be their own free country or that to join Somalia.Haile selise wants too,that to expanded his slavery empire like they did it other Abyssinian and he tried through the UN and western supper countries but he failed,although he succored some portions,like those Eritrean and the Ogaden region.Go ahead and see in 1962,that the UN archives,the King Haile seliese application,that requesting Somalia to be part of his slavery empire of Ethiopia.Somalia was already a member of UN and a two years independent African country.Look how far that your God king Haile Silese,that he was a crazy fascist leader.Mengustu,wasn’t that kind but he was liberator.He supported the independence of Djiabuti and many other Africans who got their independence during his years.Unfortunately,both Siyad Bare and Mengustu were dictators and killed many innocent peoples peoples and as I said in my last comments,that was wrong(like Joseph Stalin of Russia and Mao of china)killed many people but liberated their own people and elevated the pride of their countries.It was a big mistake,mistrust and a lack of misunderstanding and communications.Siyad Bare thought Mengestu was similar of his predecessor feudal Kingdoms.Well,Siyad bare,going to Ogaden war,I do blame though because,his invasions of Ethiopia and his claims of the Ogaden region was totally wrong.He shouldn’t rush to the war and seek Ogaden region by the force he tried.Instead,he should try first in dialogs and in negations and thus, console with local Ogaden elder leaders.Because,the Ogaden peoples
were very happy with Derg’s revolution due to the Derg’s well favors with those all oppressed Ethiopians.But,we were against,the Red terror killings of the Derg’s to the civilian Ethiopians and that was totally wrong.Many Ethiopians were killed and died during this Melse regime too but I’d see always,the core pictures of the open context.

Do you think that Melse regime didn’t killed many innocent Ethiopians? or that less people than Mengestu Derg’s red terror? No,but both killed in different ways and there were a cause in both times.Well,in fact these both men have been made it a bigger difference and brought up the people of Ethiopian to the modern times.
Both leaders(Melese and Menge) were brought the peoples of Ethiopians from the dark ages and were in facts brought Ethiopia in a better stage in less than 40 years.
They brought equality needs the people of Ethiopians and Melse brought the best change that Ethiopia will be staying togetherness and that her peoples will be living forever with all equal prides of their Ethiopianwent citizenship.Viva hagare,Ethiopiaaa.

Nonetheless,as I said before,that each revolution changes happened in Ethiopia,it would be the favors for those who had been oppressed Ethiopians in the past under there Flags and so far,that PM Melse was brought up the best historic changes that for all Ethiopia ethnics would be living forever in togetherness,in there democratic federations system which is the fairer one and the best for all Ethiopians.There’s no more of one or two ethnic domination’s in Ethiopia and that Ethiopia,will never going back to her darkness days But, we’ll will go forward.

Finally,despite many problems existing,I believed that PM is the best leader that Ethiopia ever has it.Viva Ato,Melese Zenawi.

Viva Ethiopia and Viva Imaam Ahamed and many other Ethiopian.Why not! they are Ethiopia heroes too,like those punch aste each day listed here as they were heros for all Ethiopians.respect!
This is the facts that existed on the grounds of Ethiopian’s today.

Viva United Ethiopian federalism.respect!

04/20/10 @ 06:32
Comment from: Jijiga [Visitor]

Wey Ene

I do respect the pain of those Ethiopians mothers who became the victims of Mengust Derg’s during in his only 17 years.
Well,I’m not supporting of any innocent killed by Mengust or that in any decorators in around the world.

But,I was simply trying to remind those always be excited wither clan ship kingdoms to be respected there heroes victimized Ethiopians moral whom liberated during the military revolution of the Derg’s from that long time of slavery and oppressions.

Also beside all that,imagine for those who had been baptized and changed to whichever ways by the force without given any respects of their valued customhouses and cultures and changed their names to right and left in each Aste terms and kept in that ways for more than a 500 years and continues in that ways until the Derg’s come power and broken that ugly slavery circles.Well,didn’t mind to be commemorated the good sides of those kings,like the Adwa glorious victory day of that when King Millink II’s defeated the Italians fascist colony.etc. Well,those kind of commemorations are fine with me but when it comes though that some Ethiopian’s think King Milink or that King Haile Selese were a hero’s of everything’s and a heroes for all Ethiopians,that is the wrong ideas I would like to challenge and simply I was trying to emphasize the other side feelings of other Ethiopians.

However,imagine that,still when these masses Ethiopians lacks their respect’s from there fellow brothers and sisters Ethiopians.
How come a fellow Ethiopians would still calls in front of the oppressed Ethiopians,an Ethiopian hero their fascist oppressors?

Don’t they deserving to be respected and no hurting their there moral feelings?

Mr ankober,

Unlike that Ras thoms,thank you too and I real do agree with your viewpoint of that giving an admiration’s to King Milink II.Of course,with King Milink,I do have sharing with you and that giving him to some of his heroic moments.Like the Italian defeats in Adwa But,the day that he arrived in Hararage,Harar our terrible time have been gotten closed to Jijiga.
Because,as Somali Ethiopian since that arrived the woyane in Jijiga,we never administered that good or bad in our local affairs.
Melse and Menge both men took different paths and lead the country differently in those Abyssinian kingdoms.

Honestly,that Melse made a new area for Ethiopia,and that many Ethiopians are happy in his democratic federations systems.

04/20/10 @ 08:18
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene

Listen Mig2010.

I know who you are, stay and stick there where ever you are. Ofcourse Ethiopia is a head not a tail. Without Ethiopia no Africa, Africa without Ethiopian history no African history. Why you are so jelous because Ethiopia has so many language and different tribes, we are not confused we know how to communicate and how to live and we are proud of it these are gifts from God like you see rainbow on the sky we are just like that.
Still one national language must be spoken Amarigna and one Natinal Flag Green Yellow and Red. So Africa must learn to appricate the diversity languages and tribes but honor one natinal Language for all people can communicate. Ethiopian people have love for love one, the so called outsider try to step in the land stir up the people by their lies, inorder to get their share to cut up the land for their own advantage Ethiopian are not confused you couldn’t get your way to bad.
Listen- Ethiopia is a Head not a Tail
Africa without Ethiopia no Africa
Ethiopia is African Grace
Long live Ethiopia!!!
Long live Ethiopia!!!
Long live Ethiopia!!!

04/20/10 @ 08:49
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene


I can tell who you are finally you took off your massscariad by changing your name I beleive you are Somalie kebebush husband. These are the type of people never have peace with their mind and with people, all they do is trouble trouble trouble trouble. Your hero Said Baire left to Canada abandand your land for how many years? please make stable your land first that where you belong right. Ogaden and Gode belongs to Ethiopia those leba Italian told you lies when they were defeated by our leader and when they could not get their way they made enemy among us and you beleived them, these what happend all over Africa.
History without Ethiopia No Africa
Africa without Ethiopian Grace no Africa
Long live Ethiopia!!!!
Down with all Ethiopian Enmy!!!
Long live Ethiopian Flag Green, Yellow and Red!!!
Long Live Ethiopian People!!!
Ethiopia Ejochuan wede Egiziabher tzeregalech esum yesematal!!!
Let the truth history of Ethiopia Reign!!!
Long live freedom for over 3 thousdan years!!!
God bless all Kings of Ethiopia!!!
Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!

04/20/10 @ 11:32
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

When I read most of the comments, I feel that we Ethiopians lack something. That is respect to other’s opinion. All of us should be given a chance to think the way we want. Our thinking should not be guided by others wish or thinking. We can be whatever we are, we can think in whatever way we want. Individual thinking depends on the surrounding in which one has been brought up. In principle there is nothing wrong as far as once personal thinking is concerned. We may not like it or believe in it. That is also our right. What brings people together is the demarcated geographic area they live in. That area has a name and in our case it is called Ethiopia. This name is dignified in history for which we should all be proud of. The failure in development and the misery we are experiencing is our own fault. Our major fault is not to respect the idea of the other and to work hard to get out of the deep hole of poverty. We spend our time in talking and doing so many unnecessary things. If we occupy our minds to create something rather than passing gossips throughout the day which is counterproductive, we might have been able at least to feed ourselves.

Let us avoid hatred, jealousy, backbiting, getting rich through the back door, selfishness, ignorance….and try to think as to how to lead a decent life, love our fellow human beings, respect the law, think positive, be creative, engage ourselves in doing something gainful to ourselves and to the society….then this country Ethiopia, that has good name in spite of all the negative propagandas, will be a place where not only Ethiopians but people from other countries will dream to live in.

Let us leave the past and work for the future. If we continue to trumpet the past and talk about our differences and shortcomings, we create another generation that is filled with hatred and the cycle never ends. To be frank with you most of the young generations are free from what we have experienced. So let us not intoxicate them with our evil thinking or vendetta.

For some of us it has become a profession to create confusion and division among people. Those who should do this type of business are people in a highly developed society where they have nothing to do. In our case we have so many things to do….. To feed the society, the make shelter and build roads and bridges… the list is endless. Why do we try to involve ourselves in a luxury type of work like creating a problem and trying to find a solution?

As our forefathers became a beacon of independence for which most of our African brothers and sisters are proud of, we, the people of the 21st century of Ethiopia should be an example of love, hard work reconciliation and development.

04/20/10 @ 13:24
Comment from: Adal [Visitor]

WEy Ene [vistor], what makes you rambling and ranting nonsense comment is infact hatred, the hate of historical facts, superiority coplexity, and perhaps schizophernia. Instead of fooling your self, try to use the white matter in your skull effectively. Of course, during and after the World WarII, the western powers were protecting and spoiling Teferi, not because out of respect to Africans, rather to protect their geo-political interest. I can see you hate the bitter truth of history, the truth is however, From 1935 - 41, Teferi was ejoying himself at the West Minister and Windsor Palaces, while the admirable Arbenoch like Belay Zeleke wer defending their people. Peace!!

04/20/10 @ 13:34
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene

Ankober:- we all know about Aste Minilik he was a great king not only for Ethiopia he was a great example for whole Africa too, who stopped slavery ruled all the way to Alexandria. But, why you discredit King Haile Selassie, I don’t have to tell you why he went to London, after all he was in the field fighting with aggressor too, you can not deny the history, just for your information go see or look read history book it was written by outside world, there are documontory movie showing when he was fighting in the field, you must be one of those traitor and kehadi, about being left behid what one can he do? when you preffered to be leftalone yourself as if you are different from the rest of Ethiopian people painting yourself with invisible color… like those northern part of Africa who claimed themself they are not blacks, you are just sitting on mountain dreaming the majic right, now you have a place to go you trying to open up you mouth with full of dirt enka enjera you are another kehadi
you must be yemeda wetete
you have no wene.
You and Jijiga can live together

God bless King Haile Selasseie he worked so hard for Ethiopia and for the whole Africa.
Africana, please sit under Nelson Mandela feet learn from him he will tell you everthing.

Down with Ethiopian Enemy
Long live Ethiopia!!!!
Long live Ethiopia and its people!!!

04/20/10 @ 14:35
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

‘Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.
The fear of a king is as the roaring of a lion: whoso provoketh HIM to anger sinneth against his own soul.
It is honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.’ Proverbs 20:1-3
‘Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in righteousness.’ Proverbs 25:5
Long Live the Solomon Dynasty!
Fire burn down the selfish egoistic motives of those personalities who believe in freeing a country by secession.
Long Live the Kebra Negast!
Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!

04/21/10 @ 03:51
Comment from: jigjiga [Visitor]


Thank you brother, your comments has value and its cried out your best valuable talented wisdom’s which that God given to you. Thank you

Wey Ene,
Hey my fellow Ethiopian, I can tell you too and you have more me nick names. Well, we are friends when both we used our famous nick names. But, disagreed in most other times. Your worst comment is that when you remembered your old duty and used the nick named ” kabour Zabanya” that’s the time comes your true color.
Other thing, don’t mislead the readers unless that your call is ” Somalie kebebush husband ” to join the thread. I know that you even recognizing my rough writing’s, so if you felt to figure me out then why you didn’t wrote easily my famous nick instead of not coming forward and still trying to camouflage something.
My fellow Ethiopian, yes you’re right and I’m a Somali Ethiopian. However,that Siyad bare,Mengustu and Dear Melese being my heroes is nothing wrong and all of them are better than your fascist feudal bloody sucker Kings.
The facts is that Jijiga and Godey are free today from those Awrajja gashi Amrarochi!and first time in history the Somali Ethiopians are more happy in their lands of Ogaden region and breathing with their new Ethiopian federalism systems. Long live PM Melse Zenawi,And that Siyad Bare May Allah blessed him his souls. Amine

Despite of that killing many innocent peoples the Derg’s military led by that iron fist hand, Colonel Mengestu hard decisions taken were necessary steps for the country and crushing them those chronic slavery feudal kingdoms was the best legacy’s of mengestu Hailemariam to remembered.
He liberated the peoples of Ethiopians who lived in those darkness of slavery in days thousands years. Megengustu at least, deserved for that legacy to be given forgiveness and allowed to live his loved country once again in as free person.(please don’t feel that being offended. This is just a concerned opinion and individual view) so it could be wrong idea. Having said that, as Somali Ethiopian, we never had been benefited or had the peaceful times with Derg’s regime and remember that in 1977/78 the famous war in the Ogaden region erupted immediately as soon as that Mengustu took the power and overthrew the Tonqay king Haileselise. Therefore, this explanations is for, in case someone thought that the Somali region have been benefited with Derg regime too. No really, in fact it was the Ogden’s worst times during Menge’s era but my simple opinions was based on the general common core of issues of military junta revolutionary and how the impacts reflected and changed whole people of Ethiopia life stylish and thinking particularly the effects in the Somali regions. Well, I believed that, each revolution reshaped the entire country and so far we are on the right tracks but still on journey on the rough roads but on the right direction.

04/21/10 @ 08:32
Comment from: tewdros menelik [Visitor]
tewdros menelik

Unless Ethiopians recognise the good of their last emperor outweighs what ever bad anyone attributes he did, Ethiopia will always remain weak.

The Emperor did more good than what the 35 years of Ethiopia after he left has come.

It is not the Emperor’s decision, it wss the descision of the majority of the resistance bar a few for him to go to exile once our forces were beaten by the Italians in the war he led overwhelmed by poison gas. Emperor Menlik won,in 1896. Ethiopia did nott win in 1935. So the decision was not his. Blaming him is really evil and cruel.

Stop it. What are you doing eating Macodonald’s humburger and talking rubbish without doing any research and caring to know the facts. Such stupidity is what is really hurting ethiopia!!

04/21/10 @ 10:26
Comment from: Adal [Visitor]

With all your respect, Listen Wey Ene [Visitor], just calm down man, and try to free brain from ethnocentric views. Africa is a very diverse contentinet endowed with rich cultures and resources, and the pride of Africa is and should be a collective pride. You said, “Africa without Ethiopia is nothing.” Well, that is some sort of insanity. Respect and mutual co-existence is a two way traffic, and if you yearn your history to be recognized and ackowledged, respect and try to learn some positive experiences from others history as well. What about the history of the ancient Egyptian, Zulu, Ashanti, and Timbukti Kingdoms. Probably you don’t even have a clue. So, just chill down man, and try to learn. Peace!!

04/21/10 @ 10:37
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene

Adal: peace with you too. According to the title or topic I was trying to express the experience how many part of the norther part of African countries misled that they are not located in African continet for out side world may be you have no idea about it, for many years, but they have turiests every year, to show specially the Nile river they get benefit out of it without telling the truth where the root of the river coming from, you can see now the result they backed of to sign the treaty this kind of things backdoor business pushing Ethiopia out of Africa started from these countries, not only they benefited the river flow also the soile eroded every year with full of what? let stop it here we don’t to more deeper its engouh. The outsider when I tell them the river flows basin start from Ethiopia, they say no it is from Egypt and they tell me Egypt is not located in Africa, and I said Africa without Ethiopia no Africa.

My other reason is I tried to give the answer commented by Mig2010 for your information go back above read what he said about Ethiopia.
Believ me I am proud of Ethiopia is the part of East Africa 13 months of sun shine Almighty God whatchs over his children through his light Grace day and night thank God all glory to him.

The other countries you mentioned like Zulu South Africa King Shaka was defeated by British 1828 I have great respect for King Haile Sellassie who tried to give a humble heart for Nelson Mandela freedom fighter tried to take him as his own I don’t have to mention what he did but he was free at last even became a president.

Ghana Ashanti they were under British Empire until late 1900 got their freedom for 200 years.

Timbuktu Mali were colonized by French 1893.

It’s true Africa has full of diversity, in tribes, languages and resources, who benefited all these, did you get my point yet.

So Adal are you Yemeni are the settler in Ethiopia.

I will say it again Africa without Ethiopia no Africa

May Almight God peace with you.
Long live Ethiopia!!!
Long Live Ethiopia!!!
Long Live Ethiopia!!!
God bless Ethiopia and its people

04/23/10 @ 15:31



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