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Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi Documentary Video Part B



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Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi Documentary Video Part B

Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi Documentary Video Part B

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Comment from: mewael [Visitor]

i was totally amused by the documentary film of the respected man. i didn’t know all this things he has been doing. that is a god emissary to the poorthing people; i will respect him the rest of my life. a wonderful man with natural grace and open minded to help the poor. lets all take a lesson from this deeds of shek mehammed . to be blessd, to be honored and to have a smooth way to heaven, as death is inevitable, though i wish him the age of matu sala,follow the footprints of the kinds not the talkatives.

03/06/08 @ 19:54
Comment from: Tilahun Haile [Visitor]
Tilahun Haile

Dear Sheikh Mohammed H.Al-Amoudi: May I express my sincer gratitude and thanks you for all you have done to all our pepole and to our dear mother land ETHIOPIA, MAY the almighty GOD bless you abundently with good health and prosperity like ABREHAM and I am very proud of you for all you have done after I watch your documentary video. GOD’s willing I will see you face to face one day and I am praying for that day to came by the grace of GOD almighty.

May GOD bless you in every thing through out your life with all your family members and with all our beloved country ETHIOPIA and its citizen.


Tilahun Haile

03/06/08 @ 23:19
Comment from: bekele kebede [Visitor]  
bekele kebede

I did not know all of his good works. I am proud of him that he is kind for his poor people. Lets God keep him from any problem for the sake of our poor country. I wish health and happyness for him and his family. God bless him!

03/07/08 @ 17:45
Comment from: Pasti Bet [Visitor]
Pasti Bet

What a fantastic video … Mohammed, you are truely a gem and genuine son of Ethiopia. May God bring you health and bless your children.


03/08/08 @ 10:50
Comment from: Mel [Visitor]

What a great hero on this planet he is. May God give him a long life time. I think no body will repay him what he did for those individuals who were on the verge of death and also for this poorest nation on the planet. I’m really proud of what he is doing. Good job Sir,


03/10/08 @ 02:24
Comment from: Hassen M. Seid [Visitor]
Hassen M. Seid

I was always greatful about Shehk Mohammed, but now I am very much delighted and very gretful about his blessed deeds.
What we wish to do for him,if possile, is to contribute part of our life(like 1 year from each Ethiopian) sothat he can live for millions of years helping Ethiopia for ever.

03/10/08 @ 11:58
Comment from: bahrua [Visitor]


03/10/08 @ 14:43
Comment from: mekonen [Visitor]

iwould like to thank those reporters or anyone who contribute for this documntary. regarding to me i had not have all this information before.but now i really understand what this man is doing in my country.i have been touched with all of the good things that he has done. my prayer for him is may the LORD give him more wisdom and capacity to acomplish all good things in his dream and left up this poor country to the coming days. God bless you Big man. Ethiopia deserve such a good man and much more.

03/10/08 @ 15:02
Comment from: nebiyu [Visitor]

Its interesting! I wonder where the truth lies! I guess the media is two face, they talks shit abt him b4, and now they r praise him like a smooth genuine Ethiopian. Come on citizens of Ethiopian …u hate this guy b/c he support a GVT(weyane) or wore a shirt symbolic to weyane. wow wat abt investment, money he pore in ET. I guess one can argue that he is getting it back with the gold, marble or the mining shit he explores. So what, at list he is giving it back 2 the people in the forms of charity. Man we Ethiopians are so blinded. Are we all pure? I guess we forgot that we all r human beings. And human beings makes mistake. May b he did sth wrong. Doesn’t u have some kind of belief that teaches u forgiveness? When does u think u gone apply to practice this beliefs of urs? Let me answer that 4 u, after life. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wake up and mind ur own business and appreciate u still breath this minute…retard bro, sis of ma fellow country man. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

03/10/08 @ 20:04
Comment from: wes [Visitor]

God Bless Al Moudi ! Eventhough he is already blessed by his wealth, I invoke further blessings in His life. May God Bless him by giving him long life. May God satisfy him with changing Ethiopias poverty. Above all, may God bless him by filling his soul with the spirit of GOD.

03/10/08 @ 20:33



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