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The art of bullying Ethiopians



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The art of bullying Ethiopians

The art of bullying Ethiopians

By Yilma Bekele

‘Prime Minster Meles Zenawi said on Wednesday Ethiopia could pardon politicians and journalists arrested under a 2009 anti-terrorism law.’ That news was reported widely including inside Ethiopia. Normally what we hear outside and what the people are told is two different things. This time the message was meant for the Ethiopian people. It reinforces the idea of the benevolent Land Lord.

What the Ethiopian minority based regime is doing is bullying it’s own people. According to Wiki ‘Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when the behavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power.’ Gaddafi was a serial bully so was Mubarak or Saleh. Meles Zenawi is a habitual bully. He uses lethal force as well as verbal aggression on a daily basis. His regime terrorizes our people both inside and outside the country.

No one speaks openly in the so-called developmental state of Ethiopia. Every body is spying on everybody else. It doesn’t have to be true but they all believe it is so. That is what matters. This is a form of mental terror. Those outside are not immune to this. In most meetings Pictures are shot from the back of the room careful not to alarm people. Most prefer ‘pen’ names or aliases when they write to hide their identity. That is true even on social media. It is not to belittle or make fun of our behavior but it is true and it is so due to fear. Real or imagined is not important but it affects how we think and act. It affects our inner soul.

That is what a bully does to you. Bullies instill fear. Remember agriculture (peasant farming) is the vocation of 85% of the population and accounts for 45% of GDP. We are the product of a pre industrial society. It really don’t matter where one resides that trait is wired into our behavior. Sometimes in haste we seem to forget that. The truth is that we accept authority with out much fanfare due to old culture and ignorance. We accept the importance of hierarchy and the virtue of keeping quiet and suffering silently.

This drama of “pardon” is nothing more than another ponzi scheme to play with our fears. The current drama started with the ferenji reporters. The regime had a hot potato issue in its hands. The Swedish reporters were caught in the Ogaden during a firefight between the TPLF Army and ONLF freedom fighters. Once they were caught alive they were never in danger. They cannot be made to disappear. You just don’t go around killing white people like you do with Africans. The moment their capture became public their own government and every European Embassy made it clear that the Ethiopian Junta is responsible for every single hair on the body of their unwelcome guests.

The idea of using the reporters to bully the Ethiopian people seemed like a winning idea. It has its risk but one can only deal with the cards on the table. The regime decided to use the occasion to send its own message to the Ethiopian people. The ‘anti-terrorism law was a perfect vehicle to widen the net. Ethiopian Journalists and opposition leaders were hauled away and bundled with the ferenjis. The West was consumed by their own kind and did not pay that much attention to the natives. I am talking about the Western Governments here and their big Media. There were plenty of organizations and individuals protesting loudly regarding all prisoners in Ethiopia.
We are always thankful to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Reporters without Boarders (RSF), Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) Doctors without Boarders (MSF), and plenty others that are friends of all those that suffer under all kinds of Dictators. Using the anti-terrorism Law the TPLF regime has arrested god knows how many Ethiopians. We have the names of all the prominent ones but to their friends and family all arrested are prominent and dear. We publicize the names of the ones we know but they speak for all the other thousands. Eskinder was picked up on his way to pick up his son from school, Andualem was arrested at his office, Reeyot, Wubshet and Zerihune were hauled away from their place of work. None were caught with any kind weapon other than their free will and their pen.

I keep Eskinder in my heart all the time. I have conflicting feelings about him. His stubbornness irritates me. His strength threatens my docility. I harbor a certain amount of anger towards him. That is the Ethiopian in me, blaming the victim. There aren’t many Eskinders on this planet. That is why we treasure them when they show up like the morning Sun, bright and warm. His determination against all odds fills all of us his brothers and sisters with so much strength while his jailers recoil with shame. Using the might of the State to bully one citizen is such an abuse of power and authority it makes the jailers look so small and uncivilized. He has been in jail since September 14. It has been over one hundred twenty days or over six months my brother has been kidnapped for no other crime other than wanting to be free to think, write and raise a family. His wife Serkalem and his miracle son Nafkot live in agony. We cannot imagine their sorrow. How do you miss someone you haven’t met but I miss him and wish him all the strength to live another day.

The regime used the their ferenji prisoners to talk to us. Bullying is how the regime communicates with us. Jailing our best and brightest is meant to teach the rest of us the futility of defiance. Meles and company to show us they can do whatever they want. They can even jail a ferenji and impose their will is what they were telling us. Observe and behave is the message. It is a government gone rogue.

No words describe the satisfaction when we witness the plan boomerang. It backfired big time. It is not a game changer but it has managed to expose the workings of the Ethiopian Junta in power to a bigger audience. It counts a lot. We the vocal Diaspora, the talkers and non-doers are very happy of this outcome. We take complete credit for the debacle. The exposure of the regime’s method of waging war on the Ethiopian people has become a public relations nightmare to their public relations firm. They are attempting damage control. They are trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Ato Meles and his minority-based dictatorship are feeling the heat from their enablers. The spring of TPLF style ‘Pardon’ is upon us again. Kinijit Pardon Judge Bertukan’s pardons are in the history books. I have to refer to Pardonoligists to determine if Judge Bertukan’s pardon is given one or two credit. Our two foreign guests are leaving us soon. They will be pardoned and let go in the next few weeks. The regime using its monopoly media will tell its subjects that the Swedes accepted responsibility and asked for forgiveness while showing remorse and they were deported. But the damage was done. Even the New York Times noticed. What we have been saying is sort of noticed by foreigners that matter. As I said it is a step forward but not a game changer.

The issue becomes are we going to sit and watch Meles releasing the foreigners while our people languish in jail? Are we going to suck on our lips and wait for the next drama from Arat Kilo? Do you feel helpless? Is it your helplessness that empowers the dictator and his gang? Is this a case of being immobilized due to fear? It is all right to admit it. We are all afraid. It is human to fear organized crime. By now you have realized the Meles regime is nothing else but criminals in charge of state power. Why do you think we are backward and starving? It is not necessary to have a degree in nuclear physics to figure this out my dear Diaspora do you?

I will give you a simple example. You as a refugee make ten dollars an hour and your rent is five hundred dollars. Your family consists of husband and wife and two kids. You pay for utilities, food, car and insurance. If your salary is fifteen hundred and your expenses are sixteen hundred you figure you have to adjust your life style or get a 2nd job. Of course you can ask for help from family and friends but for how long? You can also get further training and increase your income if possible. It is that simple.

Think of Ethiopia the same way. How does Meles solve this little problem? No 2nd job or no new training, that is not the Woyane way. Here is what he will do. 1) Get rid of a son. 2) Lease the daughter to a neighbor 3) Apply for welfare 4) Lease a bedroom to an outsider 5) Get rid of the car and phone 6) restrict use of electricity and water 7) With the savings hire security and paint the outside of the house. 8) Cut off the wife’s tongue not to hear her complain. 9) Burn the house for the insurance unfortunately his own security refused to let him out. This is the solution you have been raving about. We enable this idiotic behavior by our silence and a few by cooperation.
Arab Spring’ has made a few things clear. The people themselves have to conquer their fear and demand their rights. There is no other formula or recipe. What we saw was when the people slowly realize their power there is nothing to stop them from snatching it away from the usurper. How it is snatched is a whole story by itself. Think of Mubarak, Gaddafi, Saleh and think of Ben Ali. Three selfish bastards with three different responses to the same demand. Go figure who today is able to pray facing Mecca.

What is clear is that we are contributing our share. Make no mistake about our role. No one will pay attention to Meles’s crimes if it was not for us in the outside. Our activates on the Internet and on Facebook is bearing fruits. ESAT is proving how balanced, informative and educational we could be given the chance. ESAT is 100% made in Ethiopia. The independent Web sites are flourishing. Arab Spring was all about using every available means to create one big family focused and willing to act as a bridge to tomorrow land. I am sure an opinion maker like Mr. Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times Googling us will see the kind of people we are. We are passionate but we are not haters. We are probing for a solution that is acceptable to the many. We celebrate diversity. Our Free Web sites reflect that. The Ethiopian regime cannot say that. They block ideas they do not agree with. They are afraid of airing an opinion different from theirs. They win by silencing not by the power of their argument. A dammed down population is easy too bully. They keep our people in the dark by design. That is why some of us shout and scream. Looks like we are getting heard.

What we do with this knowledge is something to think about. Surely we think about the prisoners of conscience that are paying for doing what was allowed in the regimes own constitution. Do we double our efforts so the Eskinders, the Andualems, the Reeyots the Zerhunes, the Wubshets will be free and enjoy life to its fullest? Do we dare to conquer fear and unite in a positive manner to do good? Do we allow the regime to bully us into submission or rise up in righteous indignation and say hell no! Our individual tiny contribution in consort with other minuscule offerings becomes a tsunami when put together. That is what we learnt from Egypt. Do not let the bully get away with his rude and crude method of dismissing us but make him pay attention and watch him flail to explain the unexplainable.

Listen to Communication Minster Bereket Semeon trip over his words trying to explain who and how in the world he thinks he is entitled to regulate what we write and say. Watch the Junta leader confess that he copied the Law from the West so it must be correct. It is pathetic and so void of commonsense it makes you wonder how they view us. When you see the Kangaroo Parliament laughing at his tasteless jokes and moronic explanations you can see it is the blind leading the blind and our current situation of jumping from one crisis to another makes perfect sense.
There are a few fighting evil. We are not all docile. We are not all self centered. On the other hand it is true most of us are afraid. We try to cover that by being belligerent towards each other. Afraid of Meles and his killing machine we turn our ire against each other. That has to stop. It is not cute and it makes us so cheap and laughable. Being afraid to confront Meles and his people does not justify dumping ones anger against those that are resisting his crimes. Do you see yourself my friend? You lie down dead and blame those that fight back? Does that make sense? What are you going to do when the Ethiopian people rise up like Egyptians or Libyans or Syrians? Blame the victims and blame us for inciting? Some say why don’t you go back and fight? Really is that the best you can come up with? From where I sit most of us have three choices to make. We can help our people resist, we can sit on the side and pretend dead or join the TPLF as junior partners. Choose and act.


Comment from: [Member]


you seem very much captivated with panic. take it easy dude.
there are a lot of loosers counting on you. dont disapoint them. hung on, or hung yourself.

02/16/12 @ 22:50
Comment from: pio [Visitor]

What would you expect from a building contractor? Stick to one’s story and try to support your argument with proof.
No wonder you couldn’t SURVIVE higher education in Oregon state univ.

02/16/12 @ 23:59
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

yilma bekelle,
You look like a crow (kura) no one wonders if you crow/shout like a kura. It is natural for a raven to shout on daily basis. Few people notice it.

02/17/12 @ 03:57
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Ato Yilma Bekele, when did you graduate from Alemariam School of hate? He has been mentoring wanna be experts in the field of hate and prejudice for decades. One of the veteran graduate of the school whom we love to hate is Elias KIfle. He has written his thesis on this topic. “How to bed the enemy in the name of unity and democracy” .

Dear Ato Yilma, don’t you have any better thing to do in your life than spreading hate and gossip in cyber world. You sound like a hopeless person who got lost in the crossroads. The politics in Ethiopia is beyond your caliber, you got neither the skill nor the gut to do it. People like you are good in one thing which is the politics of copy and paste.

People like yo don want to pay any sacrifice for Ethiopia, you expect the poor to rise up pay sacrifice and pave the road for egoistic politicians. That era has gone, just keep on vomiting your remaining gossips till you drop dead. The EPRDF is busy building roads, bridges, railways, universities, hospitals etc. All these development when you waste your precious time talking rubbish.

I just don understand what you really want in Ethiopia, you always come up with gossips which you are good at. I have never seen graduates of that school doing some thing practical to Ethiopia except spreading hate and rumors, this is the weapon you chose to aust the regime in power. Will you make it ? will you succeed ? I say no not at all, The EPRDF has a strong tradition of dealing with the reality, its members are real men and women ready to pay any sacrifice to improve the well being of the people protecting it from inner and outer enemies.

Ethiopia is marching forward ignoring the prophets of doom and gloom. I hope those born again moron toxic diaspora “pro” and “dr"s will learn the abcd of the new Ethiopian politics and economics, those idiots in the diaspora haven’t been to Ethiopia for decades, and they don have a shame to launch venomous attack against the EPRDF. The EPRDF seems to have ignored them, those paper tigers can continue to cry, we know their attempts and wishes of seeing Ethiopia burn under the EPRDf has vanished into the thin air.

The EPRDF is building the new Ethiopia on the graveyard of the Dergue, Those who used to love the dergue and hate the EPRDF couldn’t accept the new reality in Ethiopia. Each minute and each day the country is being reconstructed brick by brick, Addis Ababa is now transformed from a big smelly village into modern cosmopolitan place. Now we are building a new Addis Ababa which is becoming modern and clean.

What will the prophets of rage like prof alemariam and Elias say when they hear this news. I am sure they will start panicking, their blood pressure will go up and up, I can see them getting agitated and getting ready for another venomous cyber attack against the EPRDF.

More good news is yet to come, Ethiopia’s export has been doubled in the last four years, the construction of renaissance dam, railway and additional 10 sugar and fertilizer producing plants is going in good progress. When layoffs are becoming the day to day reality in Europe and USA, Ethiopia is creating jobs. According to recent statistics, Ethiopia will be creating close to 1.3 million jobs only in the manufacturing sector. This is a good news, the lives of ordinary working Ethiopians seems to be improving from time to time.

The service sector like transportation, telecommunication, education, and health coverage has showed tremendous improvement in the last ten years. According to the UN, Ethiopia will be amongst the few African nations that will meet the MDG’s. Infant mortality has gone down, coverage of primary education has reached 95%, access to clean water has goes on and on. All these changes are being carried by our government and people in the presence of false and hateful prophets like Alemariam and Elias Kiffle, there is another addition to the list, another fake and useless Dr Mesay.

LOL, I just cant stop loughing out loud, very time I read an article portraying the negative image of the government one thing comes to my mind. The usual fukera and gura of the chauvinists who are good for nothing. I remember during the dergue era those same groups were saying this “yileyal zendro yeweyane nuro", where are we now…the EPRDF has successfully concluded the armed struggle in victory in 1991. Since then those ld guards of the dergue so called fake prophets have been trying to lead the vocal diaspora by copy and pasting colour and arab style revolutions, all their dreams have vanished into the thin air.

Thanks to GOD, we now know who is who in Ethiopian politics, we know who is the dog and who the camel. the saying goes like this ” the dogs barking wouldn’t halt the camels marching” .

Thanks to all who have been supporting Ethiopia’s economic development, we all need to express our disgust towards those prophets of doom, we should remember one thing, those forces have been and are still working to promote shaebiya;s self interest, lets remember in 2009 Prof Alemariam and Elias Kifle’s Eth Review declared Isais as the greatest leader in their website.

Those morons will continue to bed any one as long as it satisfies their egoistic needs. The desire to be in power, now I tell them this, they will never come to power, actually as time passes they are getting closer to death. They can even get close to power let alone get it.

02/17/12 @ 06:37
Comment from: obsa [Visitor]

Ethiopia is a fake country with a false name; its correct name is Abyssinia. The barbaric Amhara and Tigray tribes of the tiny early 19th century Abyssinian kingdom invaded with the help of the English and the French a great number of lands that they subsequently annexed, subjugating various Hamitic – Kushi’tic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

By renaming their colonial state as ´Ethiopia", the Amhara and Tigray Tewahedo (Monophysitic) Abyssinians tried to usurp a historical name that does not belong to them but to today´s Sudan and to the modern Kushi’tic nations of Sudan and Abyssinia. They did this in order to fallaciously portray their genocidal state, and use a national name that serves as ideal coverage of their hideous tyranny and malignant intentions.

Ethiopia signifies Hamitic – Kushi’tic identity, culture and historical tradition, but today´s fake Ethiopia is a monstrous tyranny evolving around a counterfeit axe, namely the imposition of a Semitic, Abyssinian identity, culture and historical tradition on all the subjugated Hamitic – Kushi’tic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

Whereas the aforementioned makes already of this fake Ethiopian tyranny a racist state far worse than Nazi Germany, there is a religious dimension of the tyranny as well.

Not all the Amhara and the Tigray Abyssinians are Monophysitic (heretics who are not accepted as Christians by the Roman Catholic Church); ca. 35 to 40% of the Abyssinians are Muslims, who have irrevocably rejected the disreputable trash of Kebra Negast, the 13th century bogus-text of Satanist monks who composed a vicious, heretical version of the Bible. The Abyssinian Muslims have been greatly marginalized and deprecated in Abyssinia by the hysterically anti-Islamic regime of the Amhara and Tigray Tewahedo (Monophysitic) Ethiopianists who are the world´s worst terrorists and most inhuman gangsters.

All equations made, only 18% of Abyssinia´s population supports the nightmare of the Satanic Ethiopian unitary state, which institutionalized race-based odium, unpunished crime, racism, and barbarism. They are still divided into Monophysitic Amhara Ethiopianists and Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists, and because of this division, we can safely assess that the governmental party (representing the latter group) gets in true numbers the support of less than 6% of the country´s population, whereas the opposition reflects the wishes of slightly more than 10% of the country´s population.

Due to institutionalized terror, the ruling Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists will prevail over their opponents whose electoral basis is twice as large as the ruling party´s. This terror is supported by the European Union and the disreputable criminals who rule Paris and London, fooling the administrations of European countries with no colonial past.

In fact, the entire survival of this execrable and evil felony of Ethiopia has been due only to Freemasonic support provided by the colonial regimes of England, France and America. Today´s elections are not elections but a crime and a declaration of war against the subjugated nations whose identity, culture, historical heritage and rich natural resources are targeted with extinction by the genocide perpetrators Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists, who get the shameful support of the European Union.

02/17/12 @ 08:11
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,Afagni and Hyena .Bunch of thuggy parasite ,cricket ,vulture
BANDAS .Once again you’re proving your hates on the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia based on your
interest and confort garanteed by the
criminal Tyrant and his evil wife .While the majority of the peoples are starving .KERFAFA LEKAMI
BANDAS !!!!!!

02/17/12 @ 17:37
Comment from: Ewnet [Visitor]

Ato yilma - The fact that all tplf stooges comments here spouting out insults confirms what you wrote to be true. Please keep on writing to encourage those in the struggle. What’s in Ethiopia now is a time bomb to explode anytime. It will not be long these peole will destroy each other as their existence defies common sense.

02/17/12 @ 19:10
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Idiot, Heny dekoro and the rest of you slow heads …slow down you are going to have a heart attack ……. this is how free speech and the freedom to form an opinion without coercion feels like …. I guess this is strange to you to understand people have a different view than what Meles the dictator preaches to you and you come here to defend it??

02/18/12 @ 03:09
Comment from: Activist9 [Visitor]

My two birr, if it matters at all.

As as human service activist studying ethiopian law, I just got through reading the contitution and according to it precepts its illegal to arrest and prosecute individuals who are practising their beliefs, and if that includes journalism, the governemt owes its apologies to the many that have been thrown in prison. The constitution states that everyone has the right to freedom of thought and to manifest his/her beliefs. My heart goes out to all of the poeple who have suffered unjustified injustices.

02/20/12 @ 16:04
Comment from: Free Eskender Nega [Visitor]
Free Eskender Nega

Meles has been killing and bullying Ethiopians because they are not white.

We know now Meles is sh…ting on his pants now that he messes with whites. Call it pardon or release Meles has no option but to release them in humility and apology. He will be forced to let them go.

The bullying is all a physiological tactic to put fear in Ethiopians and to appear as a strong man but that is not working anymore.

02/20/12 @ 16:17



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