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The case of alleged fraud and corruption at Ethiopia Commodity Exchange



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The case of alleged fraud and corruption at Ethiopia Commodity Exchange

The case of alleged fraud and corruption at Ethiopia Commodity Exchange

Is the government serious about fighting corruption?

By Wondwossen Mezlekia

The Ethiopian Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission’s annual report presented to the Parliament in May 2011 added Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) to the list of institutions whose practices are open for corruption, without disclosing what impelled the Commission to review ECX's working procedures and practices. [1] Curiously, what the Commission avoided mentioning is the purported scandal involving an international procurement worth 4,855,800 USD or 84,102,456 Ethiopian Birr, which led the World Bank to cancel the loan it had previously granted. In so doing, the Commission is apparently giving ECX a slap on the wrist for a serious allegation that warrants nothing short of a full and in depth investigation.

In 2009, the International Development Association (IDA) approved the government's request to funnel part of the money it borrowed for the purpose of financing the Rural Capacity Building project to ECX, and the latter floated an international Invitation for Bids (IFB) Number ECX/ICB/02/2009/01 for the supply, installation, and maintenance of a commodity exchange software. After a lengthy and messy process, ECX eventually awarded the contract to a Sri Lanka based company called Millennium IT. Before the signing of the contract, however, the World Bank rejected the contract award proposal and cancelled the loan due to alleged fraud and corruption during the bidding process.

According to the World Bank's Guidelines, a proposal for award will be rejected when the Bank determines that the recommended bidder has "engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive or obstructive practices in competing for the contract in question". When the Bank determines that the representatives of the Borrower of the loan were engaged in similar corrupt practices during the procurement of the contract, however, the Bank will entirely cancel the portion of the loan allocated to that contract. [2]

The Bank's decision along with other supporting documents pertaining to the allegation, a copy of which has been examined for this report, were forwarded to the Prime Minister's office in late December 2010, but there has been no formal investigation to date.

The Anti-corruption Commission, which is accountable to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, is discernibly influenced by ruling party politics and mostly known for its notorious travesty in applying the anti-corruption law to punish individuals who are perceived as threats to the tightly knit group of trusted associates or businesses of the ruling party and deride into submission others who are deemed essential. If the government was really serious about fighting corruption, and if the purpose of including ECX in the Commission's report was truly meant to mitigate corruption, it would have investigated the allegedly fraudulent and corrupt bidding process that led the WB to cancel the loan.

Alleged fraud and corruption at ECX

It may be difficult to know exactly which bidder should have won the contract without a thorough and complete investigation of the bid evaluation, but it is quite apparent from the dossier that the proclaimed winner, Millennium IT, could not have won the award had it not been for an act or omission “that knowingly or recklessly misleads, or attempts to mislead, a party to obtain a financial or other benefit or to avoid an obligation." [3]

The World Bank's Guidelines, which ECX was supposed to observe throughout the tender, states that "the Borrower shall award the contract, within the period of the validity of bids, to the bidder who meets the appropriate standards of capability and resources and whose bid has been determined (i) to be substantially responsive to the bidding documents and (ii) to offer the lowest evaluated cost." [4]

By this standard, Millennium IT's bid was neither "substantially responsive" nor did it "offer the lowest evaluated cost". First, Millennium IT's bid was not "substantially responsive" as defined in the bid document in that the bid security expiry date was shorter than required. According to sections ITB 17.1 and ITB 18.1 of the bid document, bids need to be secured by a bid security of ETB 400,000, or the equivalent in a freely convertible currency. The document also stipulates that "a bid security that expires ahead of the 148 days after the date of bid opening shall be rejected as non-responsive." In other words, since the bid opening date was July 12, 2010, the bid security guarantee should be valid through December 7, 2010. Millennium IT's bid security was due to expire a month earlier on October 9, 2010, but it somehow emerged out as the declared winner any way. Second, Millennium IT's bid price was the highest at USD 3,585,105 at opening. At the conclusion of the evaluation, ECX further bumped up the price to USD 4,855,800 – a mysterious increase of USD 1,270,695.

For a Commission that is guided by Article 403 of the Criminal Code which presumes that "a crime of corruption to have been committed with intent to obtain for oneself or to procure for another an undue advantage or to injure the right or interest of a third person," based solely on the act and until proven otherwise, ignoring the dossier which contains the details of the transgression is negligent and highly suspicious.[5] At the very least, the email exchanges – or lack thereof – between ECX and the bidders reveal a series of blunders and cover up attempts that should alarm the authorities. For example, soon after the award notification awarding the contract to Millennium IT was posted on dgMarket on November 21, 2010, Securities and Trading Technologies (STT) sent the following complaint to Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin, Chief Executive Officer, and Solomon Edossa, Chief Information Officer:

From: **********
Sent: 22 November 2010 09:22 AM
To: 'Eleni Gabre-Madhin'
Cc: 'Solomon Edossa'

Good morning Eleni ,

I have a complaint regarding your tender award, the first is the amount specified
in the award under STT is incorrect, STT put in a bid of $ 2 million and not $ 20
million. (see your sheet from tender opening )

Secondly I would like to know how Millennium received the award when in fact
they should have been disqualified on the fact that the guarantee validity did not
meet the RFP requirement as set down by the World Bank. (see your sheet from
tender opening )

I look forward to your response.


ECX did not respond or extend the courtesy of acknowledging receipt of the complaint. Instead, alerted by STT's email of what appears to be an oversight, ECX removed the award notification off dgMarket and sent out a new email to all bidders requesting an extension of the guarantee validity date for a tender whose winner was predetermined:

From: procurement []
Sent: 22 November 2010 03:23 PM
To: Undisclosed recipients:
Subject: ECX Commodity Exchange Software Bid (IFB No: ECX/ICB/02/2009) - Bid
Security Extension request due on Nov 29, 2010


We are in the process of finalizing the bid evaluation for an eventual award of the
contract to the lowest evaluated bidder. Therefore, we kindly request that you
extend the bid validity date up to December 31, 2010. Please submit the original
copy of the bid security document to the following address by November 29, 2010:

Ethiopia Commodity Exchange
Attn: Mr. Solomon Edossa
Office of the Chief Information Officer
Alsam Chelelek Tower 2, 3rd floor
Mexico Square
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone - +251 011/////////

ledge receipt of this email and your intent to comply with this

Thank you.

As remarkable as it is to ask bidders to throw good money after sunk costs, it is apparent that the ultimate winner would still be Millennium IT even if all the bidders had somehow agreed to extend the bid validity date as requested. As can be expected, the email prompted a wave of inquiries from bidders. For its part, STT inquired with astonishment:

From: /////////
Sent: 22 November 2010 03:37 PM
To: 'procurement'
Subject: RE: ECX Commodity Exchange Software Bid (IFB No: ECX/ICB/02/2009) -
Bid Security Extension request due on Nov 29, 2010


I'm confused by your request, this has already been awarded:

After this exchange, STT got a response to its earlier complaint, not from Dr. Eleni or Solomon whom STT's original email was addressed to, but from the "procurement" mailbox:

From: procurement
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 18:50:04
To: /////////
Cc: Eleni Gabre-Madhin

Good Afternoon,

The referenced notice in your email has been withdrawn and an automatic
notification email has been sent out to all subscribers of this information where this
notice was posted. You should have received this cancellation notification if you
and/or your staff subscribes to this service.

We sincerely apologize for this premature action and error you rightfully pointed

Thank you.

What the perpetrator(s) did not know in all this was that concerned individuals had already alerted the World Bank of the suspicious activities at ECX. On December 10, 2010, the World Bank passed its final decision to withdraw its no-objection to the award recommendation and cancel the tender.

>>On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 1:37 PM, wrote:

Dear /////////

First of all, I would like to thank you for bringing to our attention the document sent by ////// . concerning complaints raised against the bidding process of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Software .

The World Bank has now withdrawn its no‐objection to the award of the contract to Millennium
Information Technology Software Limited . The Bank has thereby asked the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange to cancel the tender and has removed the award notification from the dgMarket.

The World Bank takes allegations of fraud and corruption seriously. If anyone has evidence of such cases, they are urged to present this to the Banks' vice presidency for institutional integrity (INT). FYI, I have attached the contact information for the Banks' Fraud and Corruption Hotline.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further concerns or comments.


Communications Officer

A few hours later, ECX followed suit and issued a cancelation of the award in an email from, once again, "procurement".

From: procurement procurement
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 17:52:47
To: undisclosedrecipients
Subject: Commodity Exchange Software Bid Cancellation


At the time of bid opening, the bid security of Millennium IT Software LTD, the bidder recommended for the award of the contract, was not as per the requirement stipulated in the bidding document. As a result, the award of this bid to Millennium IT Software LTD has been withdrawn and the bid is now cancelled.

Thank you for your participation.

Government's inaction

Given all these evidences and more, it is curious why the Commission refrained from initiating an investigation to hold the perpetrator(s) accountable if found guilty rather than spending resources proving the obvious. After all, it is well known that ECX's working procedures have long been open for corruption; this is not a new phenomenon that the Commission could claim to have just discovered. In the absence of segregation of duties and strong internal control systems, the concentration of decision making power exclusively in the hands of a few individuals leads to corruption and opens the institution for manipulation by unscrupulous individuals tending to their personal advantages. For instance, it is inconceivable to expect unbiased and sound bid evaluation processes where the product's end user is also responsible for designing the technical requirements for a bid document, inspecting bid submissions, participating at bid opening, conducting initial and technical bid evaluations, and negotiating with bidders. This is exactly the state of affairs that paved the way for the recently alleged fraud and corruption at ECX; therefore, the flawed protocol needs to be corrected. But that is not enough. The allegation needs to be fully investigated and accounted for as well. By turning a blind eye to the allegations of substantial and consequential fraud, the Commission will only be perpetuating the existing legacy of corruption, and in fact, will itself be committing an act of corruption.

At best, the Commission's action is an apparent mockery of the anti-corruption law, one that can only serve the purposes of hoodwinking donors into believing that the government is fighting corruption. Had this type of negligence truly been the government’s standard for fighting corruption, thousands of current prisoners who have been imprisoned for less significant allegations of corruption would still be free.

[2] Section 1.14(b)-(c) of the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits, edition of May 2004 revised October 2006
[3] Ibid., Section 1.4(a)(ii) (Definition of “fraudulent practice”)
[4] Ibid., Section 2.59
[5] Proclamation No.414/2004, Article 403
Ali Sulaiman, Commissioner of the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission, Bereket Simon, Minister of Government Communications, and Laketch Mikael, Task Team Leader at the World Bank's Africa Region did not respond to repeated email requests for comment.

Millennium IT declined to comment. In an emailed statement, Shameema Akbarally, Corporate Communications Head said: "We would not comment on any commercial contracts that are not live."

Securities and Trading Technologies (STT) declined to comment.

All other sources requested to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the matter.
Read more on ECX and the government at:

For questions or comments:


Comment from: eselem [Visitor]

To begin with, the woman who is the head of commodity exchange is sitting in her position to facilitate this mercenary’s looting agenda. As I said before, she is not there to run the ECE fair and square.

03/21/12 @ 22:14
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

You never said a shit when they performing good for year and years .you never said a single good word when they making sure that the farmer get a good share of their sweat and hard work.
I am not trying to condone what could have happened here .I am just saying that I don’t have appetite for diaspora writers/politicans who are selectively selecting the sins of governing party .
Corruption should be punished and prevented at any cost .Don’t get me wrong.

03/21/12 @ 22:38
Comment from: Derese [Visitor]

Eleni Gebremedhin is a very corrupt woman who went back to Ethiopia to suck the blood of poor Ethiopians by serving Mekes and company. What this idiot doesn’t understand is the fact that she will be responsible for her crime against the nation.

03/21/12 @ 23:06
Comment from: Afro [Visitor]

Good  investigative reporting ! We need more of such reporting that expose corruption and power abuse and assure transparency and accountability. Such reporting should became a critical part of the emergence of active and informed civil society that make sure government institutions are acountable and transparent. Such active positive participation is not a mater of politics but of development partnership. 
Thank You

03/22/12 @ 03:09
Comment from: Wetu Enewta [Visitor]
Wetu Enewta

Ato Wondwossen Mezlekia

You have done a great service to the business community in Ethiopia by exposing the corruption that they already suspect is common practice but could do nothing about because they fear retaliation from the Mafia bosses who run the country. The value of your service to the ECX itself is also priceless. No Exchange would survive under the cloud of suspicion for corruption, and the only dignified thing left for Eleni to do is resign. It is disgraceful that such blatant acts of corruption can take place right under the noses of the corruption ‘police’ and within an institution (the ECX) whose only real capital is its integrity. Thank goodness that the World Bank is as good as they come! Could you imagine how many acts of corruption may have been concealed with ‘grants’ and ‘loans’ coming from China? These huge payoffs are exactly why the government is engaged in infrastructure development—they provide the biggest and best opportunities for bribes for officials at all levels! The next story coming out of Ethiopia? Corruption with the public monies collected in the name of the Millennium Dam er is it Renaissance Dam!

03/22/12 @ 04:48
Comment from: seble [Visitor]

Guys, you don’t have any clue why this women left World Bank and chasing good fortune opportunity. The only person who knows her motive was her ex-husband. He told her that he had never knows her for so many years and he decides not to the part her scandal against the Ethiopian poor farmers. The good engineer divorced her and continues to live his innocent life. Eline, you are drinking Ethiopian farmers blood and you will pay it back soon or later.

03/22/12 @ 04:58
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

This crack head women Helen à shabia Troja hore is there t make sure ethiopians poor farmers bleed o death.

This is what we do when we take power. Hangd this bixcxcch right there by stuffing a dirty money from merkato. Burn down the the weyannes commodity down to ground and turn it to puplic toilet.

It is only weyannes looters and their Hoddams who got rich by this modern robbery called Ethiopia commodity robbery exchange.

03/22/12 @ 05:25
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Thanks for using the word “alleged", that is an improvement.

Eleni Gebermedhin is one of the most brilliant women of the century. Give up useless man.

She is not working for money but, a vision to change the course of history for the Ethiopian poor.


03/22/12 @ 06:34
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Shut up diasporas,
Leave this amazing woman and watch her from a distance while she contributes transform Ethiopia for the best. Just shut up Mezalekia.

03/22/12 @ 07:59
Comment from: Chala [Visitor]  

This woman, a grad from Stanford, went back to Ethiopia to rip off poor Ethiopians? Shame on her! really how can she live with herself? They all are the same!

03/22/12 @ 10:16
Comment from: Belay Zeleke [Visitor]
Belay Zeleke

I was purchasing manager in Ethiopia.Mellenium IT quoted its price in USD while its bid bond in ETB. The BB should be atleast 1% and be indicated in the bid documents. The BB should be 10% of the quotation price in USD or equivalent conversion to ETB using the exchange rate during the bid opening date. Therefore its BB estimated to be atleast USD 35,000 or ETB 700,000/depending on the instruction to bidders in the tender documents. Therefore, Mellenium should be automatically rejected from the bid during the opening date and the action should be announced to bidders/representatives who attend the bid opening. Without investigating the tender documents and details of the bid process, the company management was under huge corruption, even from this aspect only. Very surprising!!!

03/22/12 @ 10:48
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

C’est moi senait,
you even do not know the name of the woman you are undermining. That is the behaviour of whores like you.
She is not Helen; she is Eleni (PhD). She is not a prostitute like you.

03/22/12 @ 12:34
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

The idea of creating a commodities exchange in Ethiopia was a good one. But the insatiable TPLF looters used this institution to their advantage. Now ECX is one of the corrupt institutions in the country. It has become the instrument of TPLF’s robbing machine: EFFORT. Guna Trading and its affiliates control the coffee and sesame seeds trade with the help of ECX. And we all remember what happened to the 10,000 tons of coffee at the hands of ECX and first lady (leba) Azeb. Oh yeah!!! Our beloved prime minister shamelessly told us that the coffee just evaporated. He even told us many hands including those of TPLF cronies were involved in the evaporation process. He assured us clearly that since hands of TPLF cronies were involved in the scandal, he will not take action. Ironically, he told the business community that he will cut fingers of any merchant who is involved in corruption. Hence, I am not surprised if Meles and cronies turn a blind eye to the recent allegation of corruption at ECX.
By the way, did you notice how some woyane apologists in this forum try to defend ECX and its leaders? They call Dr. Eleni brilliant, visionary etc. but they don’t have any answer to the evidence presented in the article. Can you imagine a brilliant leader like Dr. Eleni sending those apparently contradictory emails?
አባቱ: ዳኛ፡ ልጁ: ቀማኛ: አለ: የአገሬ: ሰው

03/22/12 @ 13:13
Comment from: Elen Mekuria [Visitor]
Elen Mekuria

C’est moi senait [Visitor]

You always sound angry to me. What is wrong with you - YOU HATE. These people are trying to do their best. And they have done well. If what is said above is write the lady in questions should be accountable for her own actions. But there are honest people who gave their best to this institution and credit should be given where and when it is due. Lets all try to think positively and not with hate and anger. This will take us no where except to distructions. God help us all.

03/22/12 @ 13:29
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Woyane and its looter cadres corruption and stealing saga got exposed.

The Woyane looting facilitator Dr. Eleni running the Commodity Exchange got caught red handed stealing around 20 millions of dollar.

03/22/12 @ 13:55
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

Definite fraud and corruption brought on by the neo-colonial regime of ethnic federalism. With the alien puppets of secession claiming to own all Ethiopia’s rural land holdings which are supposed to provide the sustenance for Ethiopia’s survival. The regime by using brutal tactics of eviction and slave labour for wages below the poverty threshold continues to feed the ECX and export Ethiopias agricultural produce whilst neglecting the Ethiopian people with hunger to pursue selfish ends.

United Nations Declaration
on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Article 26
1. Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.
2. Indigenous peoples have the right to own, use, develop and control the lands, territories and resources that they possess by reason of traditional ownership or other traditional occupation or use,
as well as those which they have otherwise acquired.
3. States shall give legal recognition and protection to these lands,
territories and resources. Such recognition shall be conducted with
due respect to the customs, traditions and land tenure systems of the indigenous peoples concerned.

‘In our own times, there are those expansionists who by shedding blood, desire to achieve their ambition and by dismembering themselves they are seen as tools for alien interests. Our people from Ethiopia shed blood, to save them from disintegration. Those personalities who believe in freeing a country by secession are selfish and prey to outsiders. We will not accept their motives.’ Selected speeches of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, page 426

“Neo-colonialism today takes two forms: economic and political. We recognize that economic dominance is not only often the more difficult to eliminate, but often serves as the entering wedge for political domination. We further recognize that, given the history of our continent, and the conditions under which we came to freedom, it is not unusual that, despite our best efforts, the economic independence which we seek is long and difficult in coming. Long-established patterns of trade are not easily or quickly reoriented. Let us not delude ourselves in thinking that these facts, for such they are, are of no significance for the future of Africa. But let us, at the same time, toil with all our strength to alter them.
When we consider political neo-colonialism, our desires, although perhaps no less difficult of attainment, are at least easier of articulation. We seek to avoid a rigid and inflexible posture which prejudices our position on major issues before the world. We seek to avoid alignment, to achieve true non-alignment. Our late good friend, H.E. Prime Minister Nehru of India, put it thus: ‘The only camp we should like to be in is the camp of peace and goodwill.’” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 269-70

“The fundamental obstacle to the realisation of the full measure of Ethiopia’s agricultural potential has been, simply stated lack of security in the land. The fruits of the farmer’s labour must be enjoyed by him whose toil has produced the crop.” Selected speeches of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, pages 492-3

“The aim of those leaders that is based on ambition for power and personal gain is one with no firm foundation and will, consequently, crumble easily.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 471

“The soil of Ethiopia is a fertile soil. And it is loyal and dependable. Given but the proper attention and care, the Ethiopian soil remains, however much it is tilled, a dependable source of livelihood and dignity and wealth. It is thus ill-advised and indeed unreasonable to abandon the honourable and rewarding livelihood of farming in quest of other forms of employment in urban areas. A renewed dedication and diligence in farming would surely be a venture of more rewarding and lasting value.
It is not only that Ethiopia is ideal for the development of agriculture but the preponderant majority of its people also happen to earn their livelihood from farming. Draft legislations aimed at accelerating the tempo of agricultural development have been therefore prepared, following a thorough study of the existing systems of land administration and tenure in the various governorates-general.” HIM Negus Haile Selassie I

“For those of you who possess the land and labour but lack capital, We have made credit available at low interest. For those of you who have the necessary capital but do not possess land to work on, We have, in accordance with Our proclamation which entitled every Ethiopian to ownership of land, established offices in every province through which you may be able to acquire land. Those who have neither land nor money will be granted land and a financial loan at low interest. For those of you who possess land, who have financial resources and manpower, We have made experts available to furnish you with the necessary guidance and advice in your undertakings.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 486

“The longevity and tenacity of a building can be judged by its foundation.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 495

“Every structure must be built on a solid foundation, for those constructed otherwise would soon collapse. The proclamation by which We made land grants to the entire Ethiopian people is the foundation of this scheme.” Selected Speeches of HIM Haile Selassie I, page 487

“Man can only begin an enterprise it is for God to dispose of it to a good end.” HIM Negus Haile Selassie I

Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live the African Unity!
Long Live the Charter of the United Nations!
Fire burn down the satanic star of secession
Beka! Tinsae Moa Anbessa!
Gasha for Ethiopians!
Long Live Ethio-Eritean oneness!
The Lion of Judah shall throw off the yoke of oppression and set the captives free!
Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

03/22/12 @ 19:00
Comment from: ozqualla [Visitor]

Bonjour,Madam Eleni-Inn;

Having anticipated madame Eleni might have been away from home for too long and might have missed the fresh air,the yummi injera fitfit,and the taj and talla,no one was hard on her,but she was throughly advised to not rush to going into Zinawi’s world,where she could be sucked into shame and corruption. what she missed out were understandable,but was even,begged to put off her adventure for a while and let herself give a chance and an opportunity to mingle with fellow Ethiopians and get second openion from millions of Ethiopians who live in and around the world.It won’t hurt.

Although,her presentation to the audiances was clearly impressive,she did not do it to impress the audiance;rather,she did it to impress Zinawi,her future boss under whom she was too eager to work for a mutual benefits.Madame Eleni broke trust with the audiance with whom she communicated through power point and animation.

Didn’t madame Eleni-Inn know Zinawi had been recognized by instituttes,organizations both profit and non-profit,and most importantly by Ethiopians both inside and outside Ethiopia,as one of the most corrupts and murderers in Africa and beyond the terirories of Africa?

Interestingly,she wrote down a message to all Ethiopians saying the same thing in different tones and words with a clear message to all out there like this: I am with Zinawi partnered with for the job that he wants me to do, and me,to provide him with the skills,knowledge,and tricks to do task of varieties complexties and degrees of difficulties to and for our mutual benefits;then,she left.She was like a passing cloud.Disappeared she into thin air.

Rumors are gushing out of every little holes, like purple blood oozing out of a wound on the knee.In the auditorium,mixed in with the audiances,there were Zinaiw’s agents in varieties of gender and syle;they were more interested in looking into the blinking eyes,the smiling face,the talky-talky or walky mouth,and the dancing of her body on the floor.At the very glance,the agents immediately found that madame Eleni deserves appreciation,a friendly smile, and a small talk and a hand shake;the agents did that and left being impressed throughly.

Zinawi’s agents juiced everything,from her smile, to her style, and to anything, and that and made a glass of juice fabulous for bright eyes and clear skin;the taste,they enjoyed,yet they sent her the carrot and the apple.

Definitely,madame Eleni has been a willing partcipant in the scandal to suck the money into her bank account;if she feels cold on her tongue,it means,he defense is weak enough.Well,well,well wheather madame Eleni likes it or dislikes it or hates it or loves it,she has become ginger biscuit or ginger bread to nobody but to Zinawi.The question is,what is Zinawi going to do with her? Cut the carrot into chunks, or dice the onion and add broccli to it?

Zinawi has quickly understood that the future trip with her is over.No international organizations will do business with him while madame Eleni is in the office;she is untrustworthy,she is irrisponsible,and she is bad on customers.That is it. worse enough,she might even not be able to find any meaningful job in the field she claimed she is expert.On her first day on the job,sitting before her mafia boss,Zinawi,he asked her one simple question,"Was there a time when you did not correct mistakes or errors in the tasks that you were doing?” she did not answer his question for too long and remained seated puzzled.That day,she left office with too many questiones coming and going out of her head.For the first eight months,she was a pain on the head to Zinawi to show him that she got it what he meant it to her at the very initial encounter of him in that unforgettable moment.She did not do a research into Zinaiw’s head;weekends were exclusively reserved for khat and Chaye,she was bugging him with numbers and graphes and shapes and clors of figures.Zinawi shook his head yes;it meant keep up the good job.

What would possibly heal madame Eleni on the head?

03/22/12 @ 19:25
Comment from: ulffizagodaz [Visitor]

Ms. Eleni w/medhin is anymore a woman to be worth mentioning by virtue of her involvement in stealing money and trust from the world Bank and the people of Ethiopia.

Years ago,the moment she set her feet into Ethiopia,she stood among the peasants,farmers,and men and women and declared to the world that she would make the peasants and the farmers rich;not even,make the peasants and the farmers self-sufficient.Look where she is today!

She did not post her resume on the net;rather,she posted pages and pages of rehoric in the form of personal history claiming that she was the product of a multicultural root or family;fine.But she did not reveal what excatly she was upto,apart from telling Ethiopians that she would soon make a miracle and a history.

Creating prosperity,energy,and joy what she told the world,but she didn’t practice what she preached;sin and crime what she committed.It is not too late for her to come out and stand in front of the world community and Ethiopians that she must apologize and resign right at the spot with no delay. Untrustworthy,irrisponsible, and corrupt;that is what she is.

03/22/12 @ 20:17
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

One thing this bixxch do not understand is that one sunny day she will have a bullet on her shabia head marking a gift of c’est moi senait. I will be coming soon. Addis will have a new colour from every Hoddam weyanne blood.

03/23/12 @ 02:09
Comment from: men [Visitor]

¡Well.. well.. miracle! Madam this time you are taken in by the very wise and dangerous entramp of Wayane , from this now you are very loyal servant, you cant move to any where becose they dragged and get to print your name at the big book thats corupted women and coruption book, and witch is one of the best method and tool of wayane to silence any profesional and trusts men who want to join one day voice for freedom of any injustices/well here your case is totaly different/,
Here.ther is no one big shame for one country to be located visible when its ofice and ofitials are taken handly by International finantial institution with finantial document forgery, that is big crime for our poor country when its done by very wise profetionals.

This time coruption office dosent come in to any further measuer about this finantial crime beaose ther are conected hand from the botoom to top office, and also is gifited for next loyality. Today tanks to that finantial office was impssible to be covered by intrnational dólar.

Also that is very shamefull to learn some comments here witch are against to this visble finantial crime made to the ppl of Ethiopia.

03/23/12 @ 13:04
Comment from: wyzu [Visitor]

So far, Dr.Eleni hasn’t come out and stand before the world community and say a word or two,if she would resign from the post that she gladly accepted from a known mafia,who was a career criminal wanted for murder and terror.

Definitely,definitely Dr. Eleni is not a faithful and a trustworthy person in what she promised to the peasants and the farmers.She did manage to make the peasants and the farmers to trust her,initially;she bragged about what she achieved from colleges and universities,she bragged about for her making decision to be with her employeer Zinawi.But,this man hemself has had a history of taking donated food from the hungry and selling it for millions of dollar, and keeping the profit to himself. What sort of evidence and practical proof could possibly be furnished to Dr.Eleni to have had convinced her that she been risking her kareer and reputations being in the wrong man’s hands.Now,it is time for her to remeber the saying,We told you so.That is it.

Our of them Dr. Eleni was an educter and a mentor,none of them were law abiding individuals;the men that Dr. Eleni leaned to and whispered words and figures to their ears were robbers and mafias;in particular,the man she shook hands and signed for the contract with was the man who would take her career to the drain and her to the jail.

Sure enough,as Dr. Eleni took a quick flight and landed in the airport then into the hands of Zinawi,it won’t be that easy to come home;her home.In the bnquet,in her honor of joining the mafias,a party has been thrown,and lady Azeb Golla was resided and Dr.Eleni shared laughters and a plate with the congregation.Will there be a goodby party for her coming from the hearts of all those whome she mingled and shared corruption with? Time only will tell her;not us.

03/23/12 @ 18:47
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

As high level professional, an Economist as such, Dr Eleni Should have known better. The pioneer idea of Commodity Exchange in Ethiopia was overambitious to say the least, yet quite commendable. However, in order for the commodity exchange to work/function properly, the country should have been democratic country where Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency, clean decision making MEANT BUSINESS! I mean real SERIOUS business to democratically elected, accountable leaders/public reps

As TOP economist, world Bank expert, she should have anticipated this from the get go. Unless of course, she was part of the plan to create a bogus exchange to control the whole market, cut out all the Ethiopian middle men, centralize everything, channel the poor farmers hard earned money towards Zenawi & Co’s EFFORT and other TPLF enterprises while leaving the poor farmers out to dry in the wide, open blue Ethiopian sky.

… Unfortunately, under corrupt, totalitarian regime, the Commodity Exchange is doomed to fail & wide open to corruption, manipulation, dishonesty, unfairness, money generating platform for non farmers. As opposed to its core values, goals & visions to earn better profit for the average destitute farmer whose TOP produces i.e. coffee, cash crops, leather, cotton, honey, grains etc are making other folks, businesses, countries billionaires while the poor farmers barely make ends meet! “Black Gold"? Ring a bell? Such a Shame.

@ ozqualla

That was very interesting piece you wrote there.

@ C’moi

I find your comments so funny some times, especially “stuffing dirty money from Merkaro” in their mouth part. Hilarious :):) Hopefully, Signore Faviloi won’t get mad at me for this.

03/23/12 @ 20:44
Comment from: kilkil [Visitor]

What is the need of the moment?

The first reception was taken place at the residence;not at the grand residence because it is on construction.Both bread-winners,the man and the woman live in it;woyzero, Dr.Eleni, as a eureka guest, was residing for the dinner.

At 15, woizero Azeb Golla was smuggled out into the Sudan,living and working in the red-district,she learned every vandal and thief would learn and had mastered and sucked in every new skills that she was fortunate enough and exposed to ,in the red-district.After years of hands-on training on the job and later as a worker,she got a call and was taken back to where she was smuggled out;there,she lived in through witnessing murders and robberies,later was involved in varieties of criminal activities wherever her man was around;worse enough after she was taken into the new world, addis,she quickly began grand robbery and murder on a large scale.It is with this criminal woman that Dr.Eleni sat around the table and shared meals from the same plate and had wine, and pepper & papaya juice.

Woizero Azeb Gola is authentincally the wife of Zinawi,the robber;even,beyond that he is the superhero of hers.Whoever crossing the red light would get a ticket to hell.True,woyzero Eleni heard about Zinawi being a whorkholic before she flew to him in a rush,rush thing.On the other hand,woizero Azeb Gola on the other side of the world,she was constantly being briefed on with the coming of Dr. woyzero Eleni into the shared world of hers and her husband’s.

The robber sat down with Dr.Eleni consistently advising his business partner and an employee,Dr.Eelni not to be too American or very Eurpean when talking or chatting with his mousy wife;even, told her to watch her mouth-speak in a language only his wife can understand and be very attentive to what Azeb Gola speaks or talks or even thinks about.when Dr.Eleni was with bidders, auctioners,or traders,she would wear working cloth,very rarely,she put on a hat;no lipstick.For the first few monthes Dr.Eleni was too confused;not with what she was doing,with things coming in and going out of her head.She was constantly sending out an e-mail to her boss nothing but greeting,and a little task-accomplihed here and there on a few assignmentst that the boss gave her.Unfortunately,some of the greetings that Zinawi received were intercepted by Gola’ informants and was immediately transmitted to Gola as classified in the summer, early morning of that bad day.Gola was ready to take out everything from the blender and put it on the table&#59;Dr.Eleni, to self-serve,or wheather to process it in her mouth or, either to spit it out or to swallow it after tasing it.It was a battle,it was a battle;no winner or no loser;it was like a family feud.But this feud is clearly attached to the outcome that Dr.Eleni ventured out to.The spirtual and emotional path will remain blocked because of conflict of interest.

03/24/12 @ 01:54
Comment from: belew [Visitor]

Thanks Mr. Mezlekia for informing and educating us about the corruption allegation including the detailed e-mail exchanges between the parties. Although I do not have the in-depth knowledge about how the ECX operates, the taking away of all business from other groups and individuals and monopolizing the business by itself leads to corruption. We remember a few years ago when ECX was created, it immediately took away all the coffee, sesame, and many other items export businesses from other individual business men in the excuse of corruption or being ineffective. But it was clear the all that move was more political than any other reason. TPLF strongly believes in controlling the economy which as a result strengthens its political power. However, despite the above, I am sensing a conflict of interest within the TPLF itself once again as we have seen before. I am saying this (I could be wrong) from the previous experiences we have about TPLF. We know how TPLF used corruption allegation method to eliminate rivals within. Removal and imprisonment of Tamirat Layne, Seye Abreha and many others are in the pretext of corruption. The death of prominent singer, Eyassu Berehe of TPLF, is believed to be orchestrated by Meles group mainly his wife Azeb because of conflicts of business within TPLF. Learning from all this, I see once again a conflict of interest is arising within. This time, the display it going to be between Azeb and Eleni. I believe the anti-corruption committee will not dare to touch or mention ECX in the report without being told to pull the trigger of corruption gun by Meles and Azeb. Let us wait and see if Eleni will be the next Tamirat or Seye, although she is not a political threat.

03/24/12 @ 08:26
Comment from: chopak [Visitor]

Dr.Eleni can not save herself in a real world.What did Dr.Eleni save for a rainy day?

It is raining heavily,and won’t be a passing one until and otherwise Dr.Eleni come out and stand before the public and explain to Ethiopians,why the rain has not stopped.There is no need to waste time with Dr.Eleni because she has broken the trust between her and those who accepted her words for granted.She might get a bonus in millions of dollar from Mr.Meles Zinawi for transfering her skill and knowledge with practical real world application to doing corruption.

Who is making the sky rain tears?

In fact,right now,at this moment,the sky is crying while Dr.Eleni is singing blue in a key of C,corruption.

When it comes to corruption,our dear lord,God! the combo is deadly;me,me me;well Meles,with years of skills accumelated in the tasks he was good at,such as banditory,robbery,lie,and murder, and with Dr.Eleni’s sales and marketing skills,agin,my God,my God,these pairs or partners must really stand before the court to receive appropriate punishment tantamount to what they did to hurt the farmers and the peasants.

This law is amazing.Like attracts like&#59;Dr.Eleni,the shadow self of Zinawi.

Many thanks to the gentleman,Mr.Wondwoson for the job well done;if it wasn’t for your invaluable information sent out to the world,to the farmers,to the peasants,and to Ethiopians,Dr.Eleni would have continued doing unfair practice under the auspices of the crime boss,Meles Zinawi.Our dear lord,God the fire is put out before it burns down the house.

03/25/12 @ 02:12



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